Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1855 Page 3
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evening stak. Local Intelligence. "Panne th? Pip**."?At the clo?e of an election oonte^L, the triumphant party always feel disposed to honor their succeeaful candi date* with a serenade; r.nd hence. recently, the afreets were, at night, enlivened by the sounds of instrumental melody. A young man, named George Wataon, on Monday last, without consultation with any person, ("aotmg on his own book," as be al leges ) got up a subscription, in order to pay the expenses of a serenade, as the heading of the list expressed, to Dr Magruder, Dr M<!ler, I respectively eleeted Ald?rmen frcm the Firs' end Second Wads.) and Mr. Hoc he, the Union candidate f)r re election as City Collector, lie, nich this view, called upon numerous friends of these gentlemen, collecting variona amounts from one te three dollars; bnt a con tributor. suspecting tbat there was fraud in tke young man's movements, took the paper from him, and thus put an end to a further prosecution of the badness. And the aforesaid contributor, who had promptly paid two dol lars, threatened to hare Watson prosecuud. unless he should return the money assessedcn the subscribers, which he did not do. Pa*sing by Justice (soddard's o(L *e, on Sit urday afternoon, we noticed a la ge crowd in attendance; much good nafn-e prevalent. There w;is young Watson, arraigned bef :re ;ie Justice, charged with obtaining money under false pre ences. Mr. John Wilson be ing tbe pro;ecMtor. Fourteen of tbo gentlemen who had sub. scribed were severally examined. to the fol lowing effect: Justice?Did jou subscribe to the setonade? Witness, (smil ng)?Yes sir; leave adollar. The young man cule-i on me, showing a pa per end saying that a serenade to I>n. Ma gruder, Miller, and others, was intended [Laughter cn part of spectators | Justice?Did you give the mosey for the purpose of the serenade only? Wi'ne-s?Ye*. sir; for no other purpose. Justice?Did tbo serenade t*ke place? Witnu-a?No, sir | Laughter ] Justice?That will ao Anotuer witr.eas was railed, and ho simi larly testified, saying, in addition: "I sat up late that nighr. and indu ed several others in tbe first ward to do the sams. so a* to take tho band round to the residences of tho persons to be serenaded V [Laughter ] Fourteen witnesses, one after another, were examined; their evidence, ad in the former case, occasioning much nwrimrnt. Tbe prisoner, on being interrogated, did not deny having collected money, but said all the ribscribers did no' pay, and 'hatonly twenty six dollars cai;e in*o Lis bands and he pro duced a witness, who said that, about euht o clock, en Monday night, he heard Mr Wat acn at Iron 11 all, engaged in a conversation with Mr. KicCher, tbe leader of a band, as to employing his musical for es for the serenade; but that the term? were too high, as Mr.-Wat son informed Mr. Fischer The question was asked by one of tho sub ?cribera to another, " When is the to take place?" and tbe an&rcer wis, "I don't know." Many jokes were cracked, and the victims indulged in immoderate laughter a' one another's expense. All but the prisoner were in high glee Tbe j stice leqaired the young man to give bail in each uf tbe fourteen cases, in tho sum of $100 ; in default of which he was committed to appear duringtthe present term of tho crim inal court. Col. Joi Shillthoto* ?-It was announced In the Star, of S?:urday afternoon, tha' our esteemed and generally respited fellow citisen, Col. Jue "Shiilington, was on tho ove of departure fur turope, and we now have to state that he lefi tba Metropolis yesterday afternoon, frr Boston, and at that port he will leave tbe United Sta'es in the steamer Africa Everybody who rea ls nowapaper* and light literature, in Washington, (as well as tbous aads of visiters to this city, especially during the sefsiou of Con<rets,) is acquainted with our friend, from wh"?m the choicest and fresh est supplies of the mental aliment are pro cured Ilia accommodating manners and friendly disposition have endeared him to a large circle of acquaintances, and given him a popularity, solid and unchanging, of which aey private individnal ought to be proud He is a generous, n< b!e hearted, enterprising eitiaen and as ,-uch is. we repeat, highly and deservedlv appreciated. \>e remember th^t, about fourteen years ago, Jce came to'bis city as tbe carrier and collector for the Baltiunie Sun; lut, tc:om ing weiry of that tu-iness he, after s'x years' of arduous ser ice. es ablishe-d himself as a dealer in periodicals and fancy stationery, in the Odeon Building, where he ha.- continued, and will c ntinue to carry on business, with, we trust, ample profit to hfm?clf; for be is ore of that cla*a who deserves tucce?s. being actu ated by honesty in his transactions with hia fallow man. Although Joe's "torguo is tipped with tbe brogue, a de'ii a bit baa he of the blarney " And it may here be stater, to his credit, that, oo the formation uf every nsw church in the mid s t of us ?uo matter of what nam.s or de nomination?he slwayseontriha'rain the form of a splendid Bibe. Prayer or Ilytnn Book, and for suck gi tj be Las received honorable mention, or votes of thank?. if the Colonel were row in this city, we should not make so froe with; bat n? will, although seme parens m ly consider it an abuse of friendship. tiius spe^k '-behind his back," and uko tha conscquasce* of tha indis tret.on, if tbe expression of tbe truth may be so considered Iha Colonel w*s born ia Ireland, and is now on bis way t visit tho ecanes o; his childhood and the "ould f-lks at home." designing to look in at Liverpool, London, Paris, and, most probib'y. the Crimea, where. trust, fcis military abilities will ba cabled in requisition to aid tbo allies in relieving thetnse ves from tbair unplaa^anccond .i<>n; <ud bei. atrumeatal in arrangicg ??tbo four pointa," thus ^ringing tte sanguinary conflict to an early olose. abuuld tn? war cot be ondal before be 19 re ceived with all the bnn rs dao lo his rank, at Sebastopol ?? ?Ju< WmitorTic Ctp?The Wa.hingt.n llighls nders' target-Miog. on Saturday, ior tha ??Winter a cup ' (a b*;?uti?ul specimen of plate from the jswclry estabiiahmont ol Mr. bioiv.el L*.wis.) was creditably sustained by tha members of the corps. The cup wu awarai to Second Sergeant A Baine. as being tbe shot neare-t to tea ball's eye ; but to ttie credit of J A Campbell the target proves hi-n to be the be?t tuark?uian in tea company; his three rounds, as a friend icforms cs. bei -g all planted in killing die;ance on tha targn, wbicn waa aig'atean inchaa in circumforshca. Laat Satur iay night quite a lively company were ai<eml-led at tbe LI Dorado hi uco to witness tbe recepUoa of tho very beautiful silver gobiat pra??nted to tba Highlanders l y Vin 11 Winters, Laq. It w^s, as wj have above slated, tbe piiao for the best kbjt at tbe late target tiring ot tba company, and won by Mr Andrew Bayna ii waa presented by Lieut Walter with a few appropriate re marks; after which tha gablet was titled with keycold'a best ebampngne a-ti ?>.< lapsed to the company. '1 be evening pas ed eft rxer hly, and tbe company parted at .1 proper hour highly pleased with tbe eaieriaiL tout. PraLic SraooLfi.?Primary school. Ko. 1, firs' district. Washington Ltorary, (Kleventh street.) Miss 11 <J Wells, teacher, is to be ex amined to rnorrcw afternoon, by Measrs. Ben nett. D*vi?, Bion. and A'Lee Also, j.rimary ach olNo 1, recobd district. Miss If Parsons teacher, school hture. Judiciary square; bv Mess:?. Mag->ider, iUtea, Dickinson and Pear aon : and primary No 1, junior department, third district. Miss J ? Acton teaoiiar ; pub lic school hcuie. la'e r irkat house; by Messrs. Hanaoo, Polk and Knight. Tu* Excinsios to tu? C-hkjlt Falls, yes terday. in Captain Hitter's fine canal pucket toat, was a most delightful entertainment. Tba oompany was not too Ur/e to permit all to be comfortable The boat started fr. sj Ga?jrgetewn precisely at hor appointed hour an?l arrived at the falls at 11 a. m., where dbe remained until 4 p ta The dinner cervei on tbe beat was cspital, and crcry thing went cn deli((htfblly ind-ed. Another each an excar aion is tut .^qtfT on ths 4 h of Jaly, vthea those fjfid of aquatio cxcursiors, who also have a srul for md^iiifi^ent scenery, should by ail means maka tho dtli^htfol trip. Cfwihal Corar ?The Jane term of thii Court?JudgeCrawford presiding?commenced this morning. The following named gentlemen compose the grand jury : William Gunton, foreman; Jeremiah Orme, Jamas L Edwards, Wm. B Magruder, Haroil' ton Loughborough, Zaohariah Walker. Wm M. Morrison, Ch*le? L. Coltman. Joseph Bryan, John H King, Joshua Pierce, James A Kennedy, Thomas Woodward, Augustus E. ''wry. T Dove, Francis Mohan, John L. Ridwell, Z&dok W. MoKnew, Henry Haw, V\ m. H. Tenny, George A. Bohrer, Richard Jones, George McNier, and Zadok D. Gilman. The following named gentlemen compose tho traverse jury: James B. Holmead, David W- Oyster, Walter Steuart. Stephen iiennon, Richard Harrison, Francis H Klwell, Wm. P. Drury, Peter Brenner, Joseph Lyons, James Lynch, Thomas Taylor, John Crulckshank, David Shoemaker, Humphrey 0 Wbitmore Aaron Divine, George 8. Noyes. David Davis Thome? Tannor, George McNaughton. Ibomaj J. Crane. Jacob Barker. Henry H McPherscn, jr , Samuel C E.^pey, Jacob llarshman, Gemg ilarvey. Theidoro Meade, Isaac A. Montrose, Jame* Barnard, Jeremiah Smith, and Jesse Li oscomb. No cases had been tried up to one o'clock. Mid witji Himself.?A mar. who bad born a little too friendly with Captain Whisky. on Saturday evening got to be so excited that be could find nobbing to rent bis anger upon but his own furniture. JI'S conduct aroused the entire neighborhood of Thirteenth and F strce s?smashing a clock on the pavement, yelling and cursing, he seemed to be trying bis beat to keep the neighbors aroused A gentleman, rcsidir.g in the vicinity, ma-Je him ?elf a oonstablo, ard arrested the offender, who was taken before Justice Clark, manaeed to gobor him sufficiently to dismiss him ou his promise to do better. Persons under the command of the captain, and are urged by him to such behavior, had better desort his company. Firkxux ard Alarms ?The alarm of firo on Saturday evening whs cauied by tho burn ing of a chimney in tbe Soventh Ward. We hive tarer seen the firemen m*re active and I rompt than they were upon this occasion lhe light from the ohimney was calculated to deceive all who saw it, and tho firemou sup* posing it to be a burning house, ac'.od with a deal of energy to be soon on the spot and afford assistance to tho sufferers. Our fire de partment, though ennll. is efficient. [COMMCSICATKD. Thomis C Donw's Statijmkut ?Mr. E litor: A communication signed T C Donn appears in the Organ of tbe 15;h iustan', in which he characterize-, as wholly inoorrect, the state ment of the S'.ar. in rega. d to the action cf the Fourth Ward C >mmissioner8 concerning cer tain perrvns whote right to vote .?as awaiting the decision of the circuit court Tho lan guage of his deciil fully substantiates every word's of the Star's statement. He says " tho second billot box or hat was to be u-ed, pro vided we received tba docision'of the court." Now if the court decided that certaCp persons were legal voters, and that their bailor ought to be revived. what neei was there for a sec ond box? Was it that the commissioners ar rogating to themselves supreme ju isdiction in the cjse intended to receive the decision un der protes* ? Or if. hs they so loudly protested, they ir.tonded to act honestly and fairly, why did they distinguish between legal natural ized and native votes in the manner of receiv irg theDj ! That they had anobjeo' and design in thus separating the votes none can doubt. Mr Donn etate3 the let er referred only to the privileges of pardoned convicts. Dies ho sup po^e the public to silly as to believe that Mr Jirai'ey would insult a tnazistratt, by icstruc ir.g him upon a law familiar to every school bey ' Or doe", any one. conversant with Mr. C?ad!ey's stylo, believe that he would waste ink and paper in writing three paragraph? or m jre, in slucidatirg a law so generally knowii, when a< nuny <fc:de convey his meaning ? It is a libel upon the public undemanding to hint such a thing Mr Donn partly believed so too, for bo expresses a doubt whether he re id ail that was in tbe le' :er. But if he did, he iiw no knowledge of any other sul j^ct be ing toucheJ in it. Ij not tuls equivocation and doubt, evidence cf certainty as to the tiuth of Lii era statement. He makes but a 44 poor out of it," and hu communication will but serve to strengthen the yublic, ei it his me, in the absolu'e trtth of the supposition that they had a other than honesty and fair deal ing, and that mere was contained in that letter than applied to convicts Mr. Donn rolled the certificate up, and ban led thein to me. His supposition of my having the letter will not, J fear satisfy the pn^lic; he shou'd be more careful of official documents when the lit>cr:y of the people is involved. It is duu to the public that e'ther the author or receivershould produce that let ter. R. B. OWENS, ill* Assessor. Watch REtra^s ?Zachariah Mitchell, col cred, drunk, lying in tho streets; fine and costs Samuel Taylor, colored, non resident; fine and costs. La^t night the appaaranco of the clouds drove five poor unfortunate persons to apply far lodgings at the gus'd house They were accommodated and dismissed tlii3 morning. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. ALBXAXDniA, Jane 18,1855. A pleasant shower, yesterday evening, re lioved the sultriness of the wcathor. and this morning the atmosphere is quite pleasant. Our ebur:he?, } oatcrday, were well fillod, morning and evening. Our Mothodint Pro tistant friends are bclding Divine service at tho Lyceum Hall whilst their house of wor ship is undergoing repairs. About 10 o'cloek. on Saturday morning, a fire broko out it a frame building attached to the extenMva cabinet wure establishment of Mr Charles Koones. but the firemen, with all promptness, were oponthe spot and ifler half aa haul's hard fight, ejcctedei in extinguish ing the fiiise*?not, however, until a frame stable bai be?n entirely destroyed, and the brick *hep ssrious'y hijurbd. Tha insurance oompanius lo.,e about $700 'Ibis morning, at 11 o chcif, the Aler^nlria Canal Company assemble at tho C >unril cham ber t? receive tha reports of tbe oanal officials, and to transact tbe usual business of their session. Tho examination of tho s'udents of tbe Vir ginia 'Iheolo^isi.l Seminary takes place ou tho 2j h infant end upon the 2U h the candi date* i'or ordination will receive orders Ami The Portland Biot. The investiguticn going on at Portland is elioiting some ourious statements Aooordirg to tho testimony of Captain Charlei E Rob erts, be anl Mayor Dow and two or three men belonging to tbe P.itle Guard, wont down into the cellar c^Jer tbe agency, on the night of the massacre, and, ky order of Dow, two of th? men took guus. Dow wi.'hed to fire up tarough the gr*.ings ! Capt. R urderntood ihey want down for that purpose But us the cellar was dark, nnd Capt Rohertft left befo'e tbe others, he cannot r^y whether any perron in the cellar firad thiou^h '.he grnMngs or not Williaia C. Ten Broock tes ificd that he raw the whelo nlfair from the window if tho Unired ?tutcs, and that the greater part cf tho erowd scumid to be spectators and Jo tako no acive part ii the proceedings 44 i'ou siy but a small part of tha crowd on. .{age l in acts of violence?did they re^rn to be determined, er was it mere boy's play 1" 41 ? Befvro the fiiii.g commenced it scorned to be bo}i play. I think tost before the lirirg that It any gentleman bad goue and spoken to ?h'-m toey wouid have dispersed.' 4- By Mr FefseBdan?4 Why didn't you go7' 44 41 wai afraid Mr. Dow would take me for a mob and shoot me [Laughter] Tho reat>on I think the crowd would have dispered is tha< A'dorman Thonras went cat the next evening and a-idressed the orowd, and they went away peaceably ' " Acctordicg to the testimony of John C Begg the orovtd bad no intention of doing anything except to tpill the liquor, which they Baid th^y might des' roy because it was not property. He saw the whole "riot," and bis evidonce u.akts the conduct of 4,the authorltiea'' appear ridicu looa as well ns wicked After the firing was all over, Mr. Begg bsjb : 44 Neat Dow came out, wringing baa hands, acd said,'In the name of tbe State I c< ta rn and you to disperse?if you don't, I'll fire on }ou instantly.' There wero about ball a doten standing round the door. NmI Dow followed me, wringing his hands. We backed off the sidewalk. A young man on the left of | the door on the middle street he ordered to disperse. He said he was a quiet oitiien, and he didn't see why he ahould be sent away. On that Mr. Dow ordered him arrested In tbel asme of the State. I walked o?er to the other aide of the street?a gentleman hailed me? laid Mr. Dow was crazy. He bad known him . to be to for fire years [Laughter 1 I said if | it was publlckly known he might make that hi* plea?insanity. At that time Mr. Dow had given orders to oharge bayonets where two or three were seen standing on the sidewalks, to clear the streets, and they did so." Singular Accidksti!* a Biflb Factort ? The Hartford Courant, of the 15th iust, says : " A most singular and fatal accident occurred yesterday afternoon at Sharp's Rifle Factory Mr Willis North, one of the workmen, was, clipping eff shavings from a bar or piece of j steel, when one of the shavings, as it was clipped off. struok him, producing at the mo ment but little Reeling of injury. After an , examination ot the place where the piece of steel struck him he remarked that he be lieved it bsd entered hid body, but neither he nor any of his fellow workmen supposed at the time that it was anything serious. In a few miuutes he began to show signs which indi cated that the injury was more serious than at. first supposed. He was taken out of the building and laid upon the grass plat, where he S30B became insensible, and shortly ex pired. The small bit of steel must have en tered his heart. Mr. North was about thirty five years of age, and leaves a wife and two | ohildren 44 It id but a few weeks sinoe one of tho workmen in this factory was instantly killed by an awl glanoiog and entering his heart." Awothkr Attrocioos Attempt to Thbow a Train or Cars opp thk Track ?An infa- , tnous a'tempt at wholesale murder similar to that which partially Puoceeded on tbe Western Railroad, near Worcester, a few rtavs since., wan tsnde on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on Tuesday night last Tbe Wheeling Intel ligencer of Friday says: "On Tuesday night a heavy piece of timber was fastened to tbe track at the heavy grade near nin*ty-nire mile post, between Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry. Tbe freight train, which reaches that mint a little after five o'clock in the morning, bat a short time in advance of tbe express triin. ran upon tbe timber and the locomotive w 13 thrown from ihe track a d badly broken The engineer and fireman na'rowly escaped with their lives by jumping from the locomo. ?ive, after they bad reversed i% and before it atrnck the timber." T~ r* MORK BVIDBXCE.?We have jnst been informed by a gentleman from the country with a lar.r?' family t^at he has h <<t ? >cr?.at many atterks of Knnimer Complaint, bnt uot In or>? Inst nice lis* he flilid in making a |?rfert our# in le?i than .1 hour", with HAKtK'S fUUMILM UIllEKS ? He bell- vw also, that |i0 would not have paid hi* doctor's bill -without the ttitt'rs. lie nay* lie never intend* to do w thi'Ut It in hi* family His name will be used if reijutrwl, bnt not wishing it published. Price 6C cent* ner bottle T ? l?e had of CHARLES 3TOTT A CO., Washington, n. C., i'ANBY tk nATCH, and SETII S. HANCK, Baltimore, end by M cvei vwliere. eoSt HOnri.AMD'ri CKLRbBAYKO Gsr.Miy ei; ' TEBy?Weak, nervous, depreise.l In spirit*, and a I prey to innnmerable tn"nt*l, a* well at physical evil*, the j ?etim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commlsneratiou. Yet it is at.jnrd f'-r htm t? deer air. We care not bow weak l?.tv, nervous, and f<-iit thle he may !??. thn cordial proper- i tics ol IIOOPI AMD'S GltlAM HITTERS, prepare* by Dr. r M. Jirk'on, I'iiiladelphia, aie str> ng*?r thau tbe many- j h' iial mon-ter wliich is preying upon his br>dy and mind; and tl i.b i too,** try litem, we -vill insure a speedy cure. Stt> adTrrtUesxicnt. ^e 7?tni T"7=A SKCKRT FOB THE LA HI EH?ROW TO PRR8EBVB B^anty.?Dou't use Cha'.k, Lily White, or any of the ?o-callid coe:netlcH, to conceal a faded or sallow complexion. [ IT yoa would l.ave the ro?* brought back to your cheek, ? 1 Clear, healthy and trausp?rent skin, and life and vigor lu fnsed through the s^stetr., get a bottle of Corler's Spanish Wixtnre, and t?ke it accor llng to directions. It does not taete quite as well as sweetmeat* ; but, if a^tor a few do?es yon do not ilnd your healtt and beauty reviving, your step eia?tl<- and vigorous, ai. J the whole system refreshed and ?m's'-sted 'ike a Hprln; morning, tl eu your ca*e is hop?- \ l?-a, ?'id ail tiie vaif;aL'.c Certificates we V sseas, go fur ! t>ao<ht. It Is the greatest pander ui the blood known. >s perfe> tly harmless, and at the same t'.uit powerfully eliica- : elons. *,*8ee advertisement. !V*~p?Z D QILM IN, Dngglst, has removed to 528 Seventh street, opposite to the Patriotic Ha-ik, and l? n->w pre , t.: 1!1 All ? r brs for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Glass on aroouiui' la'.liv; t tlis. b?rlct alientl n will be paid to j';y?1clan's prescilptlous at all liours of tne Jay and uljht. Tbo n!<ht bell u on thu right of the atom dtejr. ap 14?lm rr?=?A P3EX0MSKA IS MEDICINE -Bronch1t!?, Coti;h. Dytpei??ia Ltver' c.rpp.alntH, bcrofnla ftc.?Kor ail dia'-aees of the Pema'e System It stands pre era' cent. A ttieri) man Just lntorn.s us it '.iaa cure-i him of Brouchitld of a deepest ? chsra^er?oart'cn'ar* hereafter. BAMPTON 8 VKOKl ABLK T1NCTI EK-By lt? tcild ac-| (ion on the ttouiacb, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep sia, Ooigh, Asthma, b. nchia! and Lun< Affections Palut II .'ie ba^k. Bids and Bcea-t, Ooisnicptlin 8c,oiula, Bhen- 1 ?nailsJl, Oout, Neu.aijis. f'.stt'.a, Bu?e Conif'al'iti, P!le*t WiriDS, sal !T-rv us Deii'.lit'ea?with *11 di-ea?.a arising fro-n lropuro blood, and la tlie grtaieit feraale medicine ev er tr,<i'?u. Tliie mvaiushle med'.rlue Is working wondeta aia>n ?hehntnan tiae advti tlaemeat v -day. mar 7 , JZr PESillCMS AT TPfc K*IltS ?WHITEnrR9T3 still In the aaren-lauce ?Tliejurlee of each of the late fairs ai Bal'lci .re, Blchmonl, and New York awarded their hi*:'**-: premla:iiB to J. H. V?. for their superiority of Pho tt-ii a{hs, t?^*reo?copee and Dag^erreotypec eiiiibited. Mr. W. a'ro rec-lved two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don. and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. ? Ai*o, the tlrsi. awards of tue Maryland Institute for thre? past. W;. l;eliuret 9 Gailery Id this city its on Pa. avenue, beiw. ?' d 61b s'.re?'s. feb XT ir-^=*NOAH WaLKKK A CO.. Marble Hal! nothing Eaipo ' rluuj, under Browns' Hotel, t?*pectfuM7 annnsnoe tUa*. their display of Spring and Suaimer Clothing Is now ready foi Inspection, comprising an assortment of Onats. V,-?ts t .1 Pautalo-)iis of the newest and richest d-sigr.s In Riateria', tri-jimlug and workraanthlp. To gantlemen who stady exo?lience wit!, romnmy in tashiouabte articles of dre*s an opportunity for ?ele<-tlug Is o fie rid from one of >Le largest and most attractive stock of roods ever oTered In this city at a very reduced fecale of prices. ap IT 4JyJos S31U1S(T9I re<vj!ve? all thenew books and Newe rtpei> as fast as published. He la for Harper's andall jt other Ma<f-nii es, and our readers will always Had a l>rg<; and goo i asbortmeat cf blauk Books and Stationery at k * Bock. tore. Od^on BniMicg. cor !*a. avenne and 4H St. L?* b;u On vlifl 17th in-i&oi, MARIA L. WEST. The frleinJs of th" family are invit* d t<> att> nd i er f jr.?? al I'r m th^ rHsi(1? ?c?' of her mother, TYnth eire?t, belwi i n <; and II, at 4 o'clock, on Tueedi.y tf'ern?.rn, June 18,h. Want*. A youtig white girl, ten years old Sim in of ei c- IVnt di-<|H>sition, atiractable, ami make-i hersplf | v iv U4- ful for one of her me. What wants pditiuiilnrly i-- a good home Address "M" fleoice. j t >wri p.? r ja- 18 2t* Vht.-PKCl ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT a ndii-.tifn as wbiiIWM ami chambr maid or to ae-iei in w ur h.b^ and ironing. Addrts>? ' M ?!," at thie Ollu e. ie 18 It* i 1 Lh A (1/Ml'KlhM I'itL'U l.LtliK. Alsn, a liiug Store for ralo. Applv at Corner Sixth ami G sis, j*? Id 3t* lii,. ANT U I) ? A I'ARTNK.iTTO \V?)BK~A V t Htime Quarry and contrnct for aple ol Stone t;> Government and others, there being now great de- | iitand for rtcue. This Uuarrv is irtniediately oppr> ?!te Georget v?n. Larg- shanty, blacksmith <"hop, and every impUtnenl on the spot. Tl ih qu?rry lur ni.-lii* the '>? st and largest trut'k Stone, lie. A chance iH uow offered. Call or write to LLOYD CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. ihe Treajtiry. may 5?tf *?/ ANTED?EVERYItODY TO ANOW THAT] Yf tiiey can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable ?3 a month w.tliout intereet. Apply at the Union Laud Office, 7ih *t-, above Odd Fellown' liall. ap a8-3m JOHN FOX, Sec. JJoRidins:. 1)UAUDING.? MUS. CUDL1PP, south Bid< ot > i'a avenue, opposite the United Slates Hotel, bus several v? .tiit r.M>ms, .suitable for families or tin!!', geptleuitn. Gentlemen furnished wilhinfcult>. j" 1??3.* 1)OA?iL>lMO.?P'eagunt rooms for gutumer, ) with boardiiig for families or eiu^ie persons can lie had by eaily application a! KING'S, J'J3 north C street, between 3<1 and The. house is de hiiii fully situated, and lias just been thoroughly ten ova'ed ami refurnished. Meals furnished to fatni h ;>,n.d day boarders acconunodated on r. asinaUle t rms. je4 ?lni* A JUS. !ii O. OftBBHV Dofiruiii^ How,! ItI on Pennsylvania avenue, first bouse west ? f the Capitol ?;ate. Fine rooms ai variou- prices, and ev* ry pOi-ible attention and comfort be towea on ladies and pentlenie.i guests. may ?6?3#* \OTI iTk.?FOH~ KENT? 1'AKLuHS AND | i * Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient bor.rd, with a hath:ng room and shower baths an*! every attention to render it m<?t acr^? able to her boarders. .Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and \]/% st. ap 23?Jul 1>OAKO( 4Lc.?MRS. UA'i'iiS, on the soutli > tve.^t corner of Pa. avenue and "Jth street is pre-1 pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der thore cooKorU bie who may favor her with their lia^onaipv ' ap 6?tf ?t.L_! ... Foe hiue-for a tbrm of years, a ? o'.oreil Hoy; is strone and abie to do tfte work ot a man Inquire at 119 Pa avenue, betw. ISHb anJ 20ih k-s., over Jttoore's Drug Store. For Bala and Rent FOR BENT OR 8ALE?A hou-e on Virginia averue, between 9th and 10th streets, contain tea rooms, all private. Price moderate. Apply on the premises, or at Mr. Davie', next door. Je 18?3t* P. AIKEN. F???REo?~A HA*t>3oME NEW FRAME HOUsE, containing eight rooms, very pleas antly situated, on New York oTonue, (No. 16ft,) havmg every necessary cnncenience. To a prompt

tenant (none other need apply) the rent will be put at the low rate of $(50 per annuo). Enquire ad joining the premises. jP ig.3, FOR RENT?A HANDSOME NEW BRICK House, situated in the most henlty part of the City, on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and 10th s'reet, containing ten rooms, with c^lar and a g.tod putnp of water in the yard. The rent wiH be mo it rate Apply on L street. Imtween 9th ard 10th s ? , No. 504 GEO. T. LA NO LEY. je 16?at* A RARE CHANCE FOR TRANSIENT VISIT ERS?For rent un'il the 1st August, a two siory brick Cott:?ce, in tiie upper jart of the citv, a few steps fpini Petina. avetiue. and near Lafayette Square, with the use of the furniture, fcc., includ i g the services of rfjood cook, and a boy 10 year old ; at $ 10 per month. Apply to HOOE BROS k CO., or at the Star office. je 15-3t* TJOR 8ALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO 3TO ry and atiic brick house, with a two*s:ory hack building, containing a largo ha I and ten good rooms. To a careful tenant the rent will be verv moderate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP M \CKEY, corner Fourth and I street*. je 15? lm 4LARGE AM) ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner Lot, containing 14,000 square feet and fronting the Capitol {'ark for sale on acc mmodating terms if immediate application b<? made to HILBU3 & HITZ, Corner Pa avenue and lltl) st. Being ?o near the Capitol and but a few minutes' walk from the Car Depot, makes it mouadvantage ously situated for a large public House. Je 5?tf For rent?in alcxandria, va., that large three story Brick House, well known as the best stand in the city tor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street. opposite the Market Hou*e and now occupied by Mr. McGonegul. Possession ?iv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD N. CO , Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury. Wa liing ton, D. C. idrv 3ft?tf Rents rkdcjced to suit the times $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sh<-d and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are nenr the door, nod commuiucat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?treets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great redaction ot rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the liouj .s inspe- ted at any time. Several of these residences will b** sold on liberal term*. WM SriCKNBY, kis 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Re.its paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1(?55?tf YALIJABLE TRACTS OF LAND tMJAFTThe City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly M'uated tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acre* each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Wishington county, DC. opposite the farm of Jo-eph H Bralley, Esq., about 4^ miles from Washingiou, cuumutiicatin;' with it by a new and commodious road now unu? r con struction. The soil i< excellent, and well adapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. This propedy is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in liie city for be autiful country r**? idences. A pi it of the property can se seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living: adjoining, will show the property to any who may wi-h to see it. EDW. 8WANN, No lilft Louisiana avenue, near City Iloll. np 20 - eo2m ri*0 LET ?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL BENT j h:s House on I'a avenue, bet ween 17'h and id'.h streets, No 154, containing twelve rcon s. upon the most reasonable terms, either wi h or without furniture. Enquire on the premises, or of R. W. BATES, Agent. Je 15?eoTlt* (Or^an) >UILDIXG" LOtT- AND DWELLINGS? For J sale,Lots on Third street, near the City Hall; i F, tef.vjen Third and Fourt.i: op E, Ittweua First and Second; on Seventh, between I. and M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Fev^n'h, between L and M; on K. between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Fnnklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, hetwen Firai.d N. Capitol; First Ward, G near Twenty tirst; Virginia avenue, near Twtn'y first; N. Hampshire aveune, between II and I; also, two frame dweliings on Fourth between F and G, will b.- sold low for cash. Island property?Two small fiame tenements on I. between Four and-a half and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia svenue, and a variety in oilier warts oi the Lland and City, ail of which wrll be sold on term.* ace..mmodating to suit purchasers Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av , opposite to Browns' Hotel. may 28 Itren DAVID MYERLE. F^OR SALE?A LARGE MUSTEK OF BUILD ing Lots, located in all pa ts of the city. WILLIAM H. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Oflieo, 434 Pa. av., betw 4% and 6th streets, may 30?eo.fw 1 on I1EAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE ONE i, Fiame Dw. Iling Houre and Lot > n O st, 'be tween 6th ind 7th street* west, containing six good rooms, nearly new. One two. and one three-story frame Dwelling House on Mamachoset s avenue, between 4th and 5th streets. Two two-story Frame Houses ?n Washington st. Also, a very comfortable I welling Hou*e on Br&H street, Georgetown. All the above property w nenrl7 new. and will he Bold on accommodating rerun. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEATLEY, Lumber Dealer, No 37 Water street, Georgetown. may 23?eodlm f~*OR RENT?SEVLKAL HANDSOME I'AR lois and Chambers, with Isiard. Also, T.tble and transient boaid. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 833 F sire* t ap9 HOMES FOR ALL.? Beautifully and nenuiitiy loeated Building Lots, 21 f<?t front by KfO feet deep, on graded sireetn, can, until spring, be bought at tile exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per mouth Title indisputable. Union I-and Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Ian 9?fim JOHN FOX, Secretary. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING rr?-With each tram of Cars arriv ,i'. g in Wnthington or Alozan. dria.?'f lie r<re3n>ers T II OM Art C O L L Y E R f?r GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Wa?hingion at 6 a. m for U? Orange and Alexandria cara, and counect with' <i same train on their ai rival. Meals furnished on the beats. The Boata connect will) nil the trains from Bal tunore. SAU'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d 4 Lb SlUANUkltS visiting the City should see Hunter's Ca'alogu** of the Curiosities of the Pait-nt Office. Also, his De-crip'ion ot Powell's Great Picture. HUNTER is to be seen at 436 Ninth street, may 31?3m* FISCHER'S BAND FULL? OHO AN IZED HAVING now completed all my rrrangetnen'.s for a llrat rate BjiASS ai d COTILLON BAND, I uni again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exlubit.ons, Parades, Pic Nics, Balis, and Sertnades. All those in tavor of a citizen's band are respectfully invited to encourage our enterprise, here in Washington (,'ity. P. FISCHER, Leader. P S.?This Band, under lay direction, is regularly unionmed, and trom a practice over twenty years I can give satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9;h ar d 10th streets first door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with Measrs Hilhus Si Hit* punctually attended to. may 14?2m* SCIIUTTLR & KAHLERT, ARTISTS, Fresco, D cor at ire, and every description of OllNA&lUXI'AL FAINTING Orders left with Baldwin and Ncnning, Archi tects; will he promptly attended to. je 8 ?dim* IMPORTANT TO PERSONS LREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING TTjEKSONS removin? fr>m the city, and wishing to dispose of their Furniture and Heuse!ieep ing Uteiieils. &c., without the trouble of eeuding them to public auction, can do so by calling on us at our Store, 317 Pa avenue, corner of Ninth st, as w i are prepared to buy all such goods as may be olfered. Housekf-epers and otlurs will do well by calling on us, as we will pnv the highest cash prices for all such gods. WALL, BARNARD & CO. Je 7?2m 317 Pa. avenue. PHIL A DKLPHIA LAGEK BEKr1)EP0T, 381 Pa. arenue, beivten 4% and 6th sti WE have at al. times the best PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEER on hand and offer it now fo> aale fbr $3 per keg, and in quart bottles for $1 10 per dozen We send ihe beer froe of c:tt to all parlt of the oity. Many physicians have recommended this beer as one of the but K'mediea for weait gtomachs je 18?lm* Auction Sale*. Jiuction Salm km firtt pojtt Bjr J. C. ncOriHE) A?etlOBt?r. TRU8TF.E'5 SALE OP VALUABLE improved and uiamprov. if Krai Ertatc ? In parsuanc* of a decree o.'thu Circuit Court of Ihe District ol Co lurabia, nittinr in chancery. r*aised in a chum wherein Levin K. Powell ana Jeannette C. Powe!l art cotnpiait ants, an! William A. Bradley, Svilney A. Brsd ev, Charles Vf Tnruston, W.lliam Thrua ton, Horatio Gate*, Elita, Jeannette ami Dickerson Phillips Thrnston; H.rah Tbruston, Charles M.t Helen K., and Thomas W. Thruston; Fannie C. Thruston, Jeannette B., Aifnd B , tnd Sydney Thruston are defendants. the underfilled trustees, appointed u*d? r said decree, will proceed to sell at public auction, upm the premises, .o the highest bidder, the following described Lou and llcuse*, siuiated In the city of Washington, viz : On 'I HURSDA V, the 12ih day of Julv ncit, at 6 o'cl ?ck p. m , the whole of square 528. This square wiil be sold in lot* suitable for building comfortable dwelling, and each lot separately. On FRIDAY, the 13th of July next, at 6 o'clock n m , ordinal lot* 6, 7, and 8, in .?qnare numbered 69j. A portion of till property is improved by good sua tantial houses, the r*st i* nnimproved On MONDAY, tho 18th ol July next, at 6 o'clock p ra* lot IBard part of 19, in souare numbered 16 This property is < ligtbly situat d, and is improved by a well built time story briek house, back build inr. and stable. Tue term* oHhe s^id sa!?r shall *e as follows, to wn: Onefourwi part of the purchase money shall be paid at the time of slid sale, and the bal ance in ? ipal instalments, at t, 2, an 3 years, the purcha fer to give for sai 1 deferred payments his bond, with a -liretir* to be approved by the trustees, or such other security a? the trustee shall di em rufl eient I ! th" terms of the sale are rot complied with in four days, the trus'ces reserve to tin mselves the riglii t) seil again, at the purchaser's risk and cost. All conveyance at the co?t of the purchaser W B. WERH, 1 _ . JOS H. BRADLEY, Ir J AS C. McGUIRE, je 18?l.t\v3w:kl2,13,felGJ ily Auctioneer. By J. C? Mo'H I' K. Auctioneer.Q VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE AT I'i blic Auctioq.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June *6, at 6/4 o'clock., on the premises. I shall sell part of Lot No. 3. in Square No. 4-21. situated st tin corner of 8tn street west Kiid M street north, with the improvements, consisting ot a substantial and well finished two story b ck building, contain in; in a'l two iaree a ry parlors, dining room, and kitchen on (he first ti*>r and six ;ood chambers, t' gether w ith a ttable and wood shed at tr? re< r of the lot This property is delightfully situat'-d in one of the mo.-t pleasant ar.d he ithy p^its of the city tor a pri vate ; a row of shade trees surrourds the building , a pump of eic lien- water is near by and w an/ other advantages,rendering it a verv dfsira bir residence. T. rms: line-third cash; the rcsilue in 6,12,1^, an 1 24 months, with interes*, sccured by a de%d of tru t on the premises. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je 18?d Auctioneer. By J. C. Mctil'lRLl, Auctioneer. ( >LO JNG S\LE OK DRV GOODS at Auction \ ; On MONDAY. June 18 h, commencing r.t ;0 o'clock, ai the Store lat> ly occupied bv HaH.ii Bro ther, 7tli street, consisting of rich B'oea. e Si ks, p'aM Milks (Jain s,lks, Bereges, t^ilk Ti-?u?-s, Be reg?? IM Laince, bes". quality all w o. French Mous selnie Delaine*-, I.awns, blacl: lace Falls, black silk Lao ?, Staie Sh <wls, Berr ge Shawls, Tarlton Mae !iii<, Hark Kid Glovefi, SiIk Gir>v s, green Baize, large and small Cords and Tassels to go wilii Cur tains. Oilcloths, to be sold in quantities to suit pur oiixsers. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je 1G?3t* Auctioneer. BY J C McUUlHK, Auctioneer. rilWO NEW TWO-STORY FR\iiC DWEL L l"!R ili'u?es at I'aitlic Sal Ou WEDNES UAY alien oori, June LOUi, at 6* o'clock, >n the |ireu:i.< e, I seil or Lot No. 14, in Square N:i 217, uiili tlie i ?>provemenu, cousisiing of two new tra.ue uwclling li'juses, containinc four ro tins c?:eh TIksp houses are b tween loth an.i 14'.h streets we t, und north L s;rei-t and Massachb-inttsaveaiie, in the iianiediate vicinitv of Frankiia Kow, ani! ase neatly finished and pointed, inside and out. Tenes: Cii ?> third cash ; the balance in C am! 12 iiwntlis, satisfactorily stcuied, beurinL inn rest. J AS. C. UcfiUIU, j ^ 16 ?(1 Auctioreer. By J. C. .HeOUIllE, Auctlont*r. fs'liL'STEE":"! SALE OF STOCK OF FANCY ! (icio*1-, Ocld and Silver Wuches, Jewelry, Trhvelln^ Tninki, Harness, Show Cases, Ir??n Sa;e kc.?Oa THURSDAY in<?rr.irj{ June 2!et, at 10 o'clock, at Store No. 4iS, on the un.ib Mde of Fa. av. mi.-, between 4)^ an i ttili stre? is, the subscriber \-.!l sill, by virtue of a dc?ti of tiust duly made end recorded, all the valuable Stock and Fixtures, con i-iing is: pan r f? Fine G li! ami f iivcr Watchen Gold Chains ami L 'Ck tt Cold Breas:pin?. Earr.rig*, Siuds, Finger Rin^a Gold ai d S:lver I'encil Casrs Spli ndid lot of Portionn ties, traveling Cabat I urses, ike. of everv .le-cript; iu Lr.r^'.' a<sor:me? t of f imh^ Hair,' !o;hts, Tocth and Kaii Brushes, some very Unc Pilv? r pla'cd Sp' onr and ForVs, Cutlery Papier maol.e and iron front Clocks, Waiters IV rlumcry, fin v S.japs, Baz >rs ana Straps Frenrh Chiita Va >s. Ch'jcolate Cups Gentlemen'n 'Tndrr>:iiits, Cravats, Neck Ties Accordtoni, Spirit Levels, Rules Fancy Work Boxes. Pocket Mirrors 50 >upcri >r to!e-l':nthcr and ether traveling Trunks Vaiiscs, Carppt H tjs. Satchels Six seta sii gle Ilarr.tes Enaii li Bri-tl L^at'iers Together with a good uuny ariicles of Fancj goods not riecewttry to etiuuierato Also, Four excellent Counter Show Cases Oue superior lion 5afc, Slc. Terms : ?50 and under cash; over .$50 a credit of t ixry and ninety days, for uotea Bili?fact ?nly na dor?ed, bcu.i;i{; inierot. THOS J. FISlir.R, Trustee. J AS. ?. McOIJIRB, jc 18?d Aactfoaoer. By OIIKF.^ <tt SCOTT, Auctioneers Handsome new three story vrame H'-use ami Lotnn Ma.sf?ehu-ert? avcuve. at A net ion- ?(ku FRIDAY, the 82d instaM, we sha'l sell, at 6 o'cI?>ek t>. m , in Iront ??t the premises, j art ot L >ts Nes. 'J an .I In, in square sou h of Square No 5ti2, tr<-nting on Masiacbsi-elts avenue, In tw^en 2d aiiii 31 streets west, lui.nmg jack >o norUi it :-trs'>-4, Willi the improvements, winch are a new three stoiy Frame House, containing seven convefcteutly brrai ged rooms. Title iIldi^putable. T? rins: One fourth cash { balance in 6,12 and It months, f<ir notes beaiia^ interest from the day of the sale. A d?.ed giren and a deed of tnist taken GREEN Si SCOTT, je 18?tl Auc.ioneers. Sy GiiklO ct SCOTT. Auctlou??ra. H andsome mjuare of ground at Au.v lios ?On PEID IT, the Sid iasint, ?v? -1. a 11 st.ll. r.n the premises, at half part 6 o'clock p. m , a beautiful-quare ofcrouml, coulttniiti! over 10 000 square feet, bounieii by New Jersey avenue,3d aod 4ia and li' rtU O utreetn, 11 bving square bi2. Tb i above d sc ibe?i property is beautiiully loca ted <>n an elevated puMuan, and in a rapidly nrp.-ov iB2 part ol the city Terms: One Uiirdceah; balance in C, 12, and 18 months, fur noies bearing interest irotn the tlay of the sal*. A deed given and a deed of tnist taken. GRELN St Si OTT, ie lt? ?tl A jetioneer. By UHitLKN il SCOTT, Auctioneer*. rpWO HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS at Auc X. ti hi.?Uii THL'KSDAY, the filst instant, we shall rell- on ih premises, at G o'clock p. in., Lot No. 19, in Square No. 7^4, havii-j; a front ? n north D of AO teet, between 1st and 2l streets east, run ning buck to a 30 feet alley. Als >, immediately alter he sa!e of the above, nt 7 o'clock, >vf shall seil on the p.-i'mi^es part of Lot No. 4, iu Square No. 7j2, fronting GO feet on 3d St., ea-t by 100 f.-et on G st. north. Iloth ihe above described lot^ are handsomely sit uated and tlpvated. Terms: One-tourth cash ; Lalaace ill 6,12 nr.d 18 months, for notest b.aiing interest from the day of sal<;. Title indisputable. A deed ctven and a deed of t-ust taken. GREEN at SCOTT, je 15?1 Auctioneers. PkLlltJONS WITH Dk.FECTlVK vision are invited to examine mv^ ertensive etock of all kinds o< SPECTA-^g|W^>^ CLEa EYE-GLASSES. GIils:-^ 'lijMB of aay kit.J, such as Cataract, Parabola, Penscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasix s, put in at skon notice, with i;reat care, aad p: rsons in waul of glasses may be sure to get tho.-r which benefit the eye. Circulars "Dcfecuve Vision," gratis at H. d'-MKEN'S, 330 ?3.aveuue, l/Ctv.. 9th and 10th sts. mar .10 PIC NIC BASKETS?Just opene.l a variety of Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Wroik, School and Toy Baskets. Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apoilcr, St. Harrison end Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. Combs. Brushes. Fans, playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases, Porte Mommies, Jet Goo. a, Poekit Cutlery, Cages, Music, Musicii lustrument*, H ationery, fee JO IN F. ELLIS, 806 Pa. a?., bet. 9th and 10th sts. Je 8 ; if DR. TIIEOD. HANSMAN Keeps his offi 'e hours from eight t?ten o'clock a.m. No. 003 Stvtnth it.. epv.'OddlttiM nay 3d?lm* telegraphic. UrOBTBS FOB TBS jmtlt BV^ra?JBTAHL Ixt?Biive 2obb*ry of GoTMnment Henty Eostow, Jane 18 ? Jackson A Co.'? Erpree between PorUmooth und Boiton, wu robbed tbi* teaming of $6 000 of Government fand? There was $rt000 io the bap oo tho cm, a balance for paying off the frigate Con ? itution. Oaly one teg was taken. It is thought that the robber* left the care at a way station. Offloere have gone from here in a special trainin eearch of them Congmiional Homiaaboas. | Philadelphia, Jane 18,-The LtmlfYiiie Times announces that Hon. Win. Preiton, late whig representative from Kentucky, bat beta Dominated as the anti-Know Nothing oacdU date for Congrers. Marine Accident. New *ork, Jane 18.?The ecj/Vor<er? Pearl, f r this port fur Newbern. and Leuisr, henoe or rharlestea. came into oollieion off Chicoo t?gue last night. Both reasel* were eon-tder ?My damaged, but arrived here this morn i a* for repairs. Baltimore Markets ..uttl!*0*1 ^ne 1R-Floor i< declining; "''J morning of Uowerd street at |I0 40 im'ss24 Th? ?ark#t U da,? Wheat I*V? q*? fiv? ^ent?Per bushel; red at $2 30 a $2 3d Sales of 3 000 bushels S^lescfwhita ? ???? rat.F. Com i, decHring ?ioo j ti'oa o ty#,,ow at 1,00 % 1 02 whit* ..!? *" nrJ "lU' wiU' '??? Sew York K&rkets. ?Cotton is dull Floor baa declined 12 cents; g >od Ohio |9 3Ts9 34 - Southern is hemj at fllafll 37 Wheat it ?lull, wit a derhnirg tendency Corn ; We?t ?rn mixed 98 a $1 01. Pork <s a trifle higher e- 18 unchanged with a moderate demand at previous rates Lard Is dn'l, with a declinir* teudency. Whisky is unchanged. New York Stock Market. Niw ork, June 18?Stocks are better Mon^y is easy Sal?s at th* first board of Car ? I !?? 9*?rany at 211 j; New York Central. 9Si sot* 0hio L'f? Trupt Cotcpsn'* | 102: EneRsilroed 49}; Cleveland end Tv- edo Rai.road 873; Cleveland and PitUhura Kail. '??*'nf C,*rfUB<1' Columbus and Ciocin Da 1 ??>'!r?n Cumberland Coal Ccm> p*ny, 284; Reading Railroad, 90 Orrica Ci tes iioi-c; or kfUiTxrlnrti, ?2,postu" ??" ^ hi.1.1 Mord.iv, 2d ju!v Bfxt m 10 ???! . miSSS'"?* ,h* Wm 1,000 rcaiw bwfl or brown enrelop^ paper. *ni/Krtli abrf*r?, strong aad to'igfa, 19 bv 24 .ncne* In s 7.r, to Weigh not Je s than 2.1 pounds to the icaio. 500 reams tan* a* above, 21 by 25 inches, 20 poring* to the ream 100 reams Mrone and smooth mnm'Ja paper or 1 rno ro,"UOO,.h ha^W4rfc P?P^r. 27 by 31 mcbes 1,^00 reams white flat cap in half thefts Propo-alc for the sbore must nate the weuht end price per ream. Tee pap. r mu>t !*? d lirer> ,1 flit and in i-ucli quantities, and a* .uch line, b?twf<?n the date o, *l.e ? ontrart and rbe |-t rfav of N vvn,. ?> r n 'r:. as shall he #p-rifi^d by thi* ofhre , x. Ira chi'gea are a!l (w? i| for the delivery of the na h if' ^ 'leducuo? from the face of th? D, w!" b"- un"' tli-y siiai: be nas?e.1 by tbo Committee on Account". o. u , L Jor,N vv- FORNEY, je 18-1 ?ai,% lhe llou*e Repre^matirea. Dr. L. B. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING "SCROFULOUS AUTIDOTF,'* for the r^mcnent Cure r f CO.XSUMPTIOX and all otherform* of SCROFULOUS DISE-1SES. 'i^UIS Medicine i? prepared by an eminf nt phvet 1. cianof ?it>iiteen years practice in New York city, during which fine he has constaatly ustd it w<. b the nio^t iwiboundnd rucce?w, and create-1 f.?r it a reputation in pr.7ate practice, BnequaJl^rt in the n.story oi medicine. It acts immediately Unon tba h <K?d, f|eanci?i; it from a!l NcroAilou- humors cr im t.uritie^, renovatmr and. bv i:? magic power* l\_ VIGOBATIKG I HE WHOLE S7&ET iu proof (?t v.- ich, hunjre is ot respectable witneeoes frotu the doctor'- private irrac'ice h ive ^iren in their tes timony, and entreat those ?ufl> riiij? from any ?erofu Ioih affection, to call upon tke.n a d s*isf* vour telve*. - * 3 A Treatise on 8cro(uious dieesFe* can be had ?rati5 at PRINCIPAL IiEfOT 400 Broidwar tnd st D.'ug t'torss g< ru rally. 0!IARLE.< 8TOTT h. CO., Agents tor Wa*iun^ton. DR. Li. B. WRIGHT'S TASTELFSS "LIQUID CATU ARTIC." OH, FAMILY PHYTIC. THI? w the BEST, CHEAPEST,and MOST EP PiriGNT CVTI1ARTIC EVER <'FFEUED TO THE PI BLItT. " It i? TASTELESS, (thereby ar?ndlr.? the nausea ting ? fi?et of P:'li, O I. Senna, he.,) nn<! p oducmr no cri-iif- or other painful effects. Unlixe aH otb er purca-iv^e, it earehes to the l?nt?m of the dia ea**>, tnoMiughly eieanaes thft stomach, and leaves the bowels entirrly tree from ci?i?reneaA. y K : MILV SHOFLI) BE WITHOUT IT. Children .1iink it readily an1 wrhout forcinir and N?? MKOICINE IM MOKE HIGHLY UECoM MEVDEi) by the ULIMl AL FACULTY ?lire ir a trial aid tfi *n j'lilire fur vour^lves It behad wbo!ec?le an?| letaq at B H. KTA KLER k CO'S. Kaiumore, orCI1A4LE4 8TOTT >c CO., W.i-hinctixi, DC. DP. WHIGHT'* PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 4 00 Broadway, where ;he doctor hu I,e ? on ulted daily Oil (h taaes generally, tioai 12 to 2 p. m., wiih< ut 1 ll>fr- je 13-ftm A CARD. MrtS. K. PHi!.L5P",\o 401 Sixth ?t., between G and H, desirea to inform the ci'i a *nsof V\'*slmg:o!i and vicinity, that *iie ir new ; repa'?d to siv- ii -trucuons on the Piuo Forte. f?he hr^ tanjlit nsnaic in mirid ?f the principal itiee oi the Union, and na- estimnniaL sbowiuc that ?he is fully comp> tent to dinrliarpe theduUM ofl^r pr.> le?piiOij to to** entiM'actmn of those who may f vor her with their oatr<>nas*. Terms: $10 i?>r 24 le*-ons at her residence, or $*12 at Me r>*M 'euce <.f tier pupils. jc 12?eo3m* LAND WARRANTS. " TOHN D CLARK, A rem tor claims, No 007 rsditt >lr.. win ilVe t|le highest market piice ia cold fo^ Land Warrants Je j ) ? T*..? I' IC*- tusTTn KK? I Eit8 Ice Cream Mouldy Jelly Moulds Melon Mculde, Rice Mould-, Pudding MouIJa Pud.Ji'.r Pans. Cake Paas. Patty Pans, t:ak- Cuttcaa, at the Housekeeper's Pumti-hing Store, 4 00 7th street. Jc 6 G. prancis! IA DI K - ' WOHK B^MKTb ^ j Basket*, Traveling Rackets, h y Bnske> Kiuf.; Biisketrt, Cig r Ba?keu. Market Ba?het<?! Clotben Baskets, a lar*c varifty, verv low. a; iba Housektepti's Furiutbiug Store, <00 S-venth st"?- G. FRANCIS. j*: 6? FOR TFIE ORANGE it ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS G\P R MLbOADH THE Sub-. Tiber's Coaches w II call fur Passengers wi dur.g to connect with the above _ ,rr ? ^ Railrwads. My (,V<aciies connect u ith?flS5*geM the fteamersTno? Coi.tTta or Gioaoa M tssniie TO*, which leave Wellington ?t 6 a in. Cs/" fumi^bxd on the li.?t?. Persons wishing U^e Coaches u? call for them can leave their nau.u and r. Mdniee with Mr. John T Tillman, near thi Capitol eate; Mr. Butt's drug store, corner "riiusylvarua avenue and 12ih street' or at Gt*o. h. Tl.-xt- Parker Si Co's store. Coiich^ can be bad for Pleasure Trip<. aay 28 ? 2.n WILLIAM WH?,LTSY. PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND." " I^IIIS Band is sjiuWe for an, aii.1 aJI purposes, 1 anJ is warranted to give Hati?Uetou to all th<u>? u ho may he pleased to nn^e them, either aa a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any numbcrof ma^ieiaus to be had at the short est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at TaltavcU*B Store, opposite the Marine Barracks. N. B.?Orders left at nilbus &. Hitx's Music De pot, will be promptly attended to. niay 25?4m_ FoiTsALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 years old nertspring.well-bred,sound.rtyli?h, gentle, spirited and capital goira. They arc well-broken and perfectly free from tricks, and wilt particularly suit any gentleman who ia tond of diiring. The on-ner pans with thsm only because qis purpose i? to retrench his expenses. They out fr; seen at S mthron s (Ute Birch's) BtabU, on 14th Itreet, V nth of Pa. avenue. Pftr terms, or an op. portunity to trj them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a be>ea2n. ap 3?tl .