Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1855 Page 2
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FVFVTNG STAR.1 *7 A * H t NuTUiN C i r V XOYDA\ AJTE&HCOR. June 25. SWTF1T 0? 7W& r0R!CTW0 .'HLS3 The Intelligencer denies the correctnesa of the allegation that the proportion of Northern graduates from the Writ PJnt Academy is greater than of Soathern, and argaes taat those who strive to draw such invidious dis tinctions are doing a grievous injury to the lnati ution in laying the foundation of seo tional prejudice against it?adding : " There ii still another consideration which ought to restrain tho pres* frotn making this academy a subject of sectional di*ousaioc It is a seminary of learning, established upon toe broadest t.rir>ci| Its of nationality open to you h? from every part of the Union lheir aas^iaticn there is eualuen'ly calculated to engerder national feelings and affections; Stains the nnat rsnntely ?eraratod ire brought closely trge Ler by the intimate acquaintance ship ana fiendly bond* *hich are tb?re forme j ; and this of ittelf would, in the cjurac of time. show i>e good fruits in disseminating a love ot the Union through all i a pans Bu'. if euch ? diacuaeion as that of which we are spe~kmg 'hauld be transferred from the presa to the achoo! (ubi-h there is b-me reus <n'.o tear,) tho cocaiqucnoet: might bs fatal to those kiodl v infl'iencai from which wo hare a right lo hope the most important benefit)." The Union arguca elaborately to prove that Kcow Nothingi-m ia bu; another phass cf Whiggary We do cot and cannot oome to that eorciuaion Up to the advent of Know Nothingi.,m he-e, the fi hig3 outvoted the Dem ocrat* usually two to cne Vet, ~;otwithstani. ing the fact that full one third of the lata v?o called) Deaa crats of Waahir.gton have joined the Knew N..things uuder the lead cf a doien perrons ??ceo cloima on tfiice were cut hon ored by l'r??ijest Pierce, at the rercnt elec tion the Knew Nothing* were fairly beaten by between two and three hundred majority But for the if . that a Itirge number of Whigs turned their back* ta them ia ihiacontent, thi* could aet have been the casj. Among tho?c ^ h ia* fee aie to, are the men of all men in our miliar who pefsesa iescrved influence here. The re ult it \ ia, v>Lcre, notwithstanding a large Deiedwtto defection, the Democratic msjjrity was ir^ro thin an average, heirs cut cur po-ttion A large wing of the Whig party voted fer Jar Wise, while ncother Iarg? w?rg refuted to voto on either aide. The vo-? :cr ~Ir Chandler, for Congress, shows'hat .a? co~se.-vati.-o Whigs in Phila delphia. te the sumber of thousand.*, refused to bow te the Know Nuthing yoke lhc po aiiion ?* tho Boaton A<*vrt:ser, and otbor Northern eearertalive Whig paper?, ?hows that Keew Xothicgiam h?s fail?d to absorb in that reg wa ite apino cf tho Whig partj; while the fact that Col. Preston is running ob the aati Know .Nothing tickc. for Congress in Ken tuoky. Mr K-rr in N*rth Carolina, and Mr. Stephena ia il.orgia, with tie p sition of he lion. J C. Janes in Tenaea ee, prcve clearly that tho Union ia mistaken In charging a com plete fiffili-ti p between the Know Nothings and Whigi. If ibo number of Democatiwho have g >ce z?*cr t-o g'd of Know 2?o'hirg>a in tho Distriot. Virginia, and Jtfarjland be a fair cri'eiion, ba: for the re fusal o: W t:*i to lcc:me members o; the new orga^ifitioo. the Democracy would have but a poor aho* isdeed, ia toe neat Presidential election Ihe Union furth'r defies that the New Tcrk Lv*i.i.Tg Post qaotea it correctly in allrgmg that Col Kicaoy a Expedition waa of a pre-iatcry and illegal character, and saja: ?? Makin* *p ?.ar opinion upon the lefv rma ?ion c mmuuica'.ed 10 uj by Measrs Pabeua and Kinoej believed the enterprise to he a peacttql at-d lawful undertaking As 'uch it had i ur tjmpathiea, and down to (bis time we have ser: n?othin.; that ha- chai-g d our original imjr-ffijca We have abstained from <iiaru ?:*-.? the milter in the Union be cause the iKU'iiiaeiit bad instituted Ir*al Brtcatdinfrs, ? hich were pending, to teit ite legih:> fcf the enterprise. Upon what evi dence .bv Oov^rn i^et t. regard- the rnterpiiae a? illegal we do not kn .w, rn: pr,-?niuing tbat it l?< me irdcruation a? full, justified the ie^al inveatigation ina.icuted. we huve re ferred to it a* evidenoo of tho vigilance and fni&ptne-r tf the Admiuiatration in ga.-trdicg our neutrality lava againat icfraeti>n. Wht ther t.?r :n<i?iuua! opinion as to the legality cf the tuierprise h correct or n >t will ba d? termmed tj the result of the le^al pr. aeed loga r.o?? per.d r.g. and un? I convinced bv ?fme hii g rn re tL<*u rumors or interes eii earner egaitit fillit.u.-terirg. we are content to re^o-o op e 'he ho j?f (hit the ecferp;i?e wa? not onl^ la ?iui but aucti ns ar.y i*w- .'bid ing u. c i^igst encourage w.tcaut censure." ^e rtgret Ua. khe L ruon has failed to teat the charaatar .f the Kianey expedition by ita ttt 'tary ceisrLia.-ioc3 t^sued c&i orders given, by the arrjand niuaitioaa of war it fca-caused tote eel acted, by Cvl Kiraey'a pubiiahed lettera to varicus parties propcaing to him. by his las: protuaciamcnto avo?r*ng a filllbu tering pmrpoae, i urportiag to haTa been wnt en cn ihe vesaal ia which be ia aaid to havo mide Lis e'eape from l^aw Yo/k, rnd Bore cspec.a:iy by tha fact that whea plaoei cn reeogniaacc-s, inateaj of meting the chitjj.- in the truth cf wuich our r eighko." dots tot yit believe, he abequatu'.med The J umal of Coinmeree until very re eaLt.y a be,ievcr .a the legality of ihc Kins^y eapednioa. oa the evideaae referred to ab ve. frankly admita ita error, and mak9a ha* e to repair the i. jury ?o the cauae of justice, to ehieh ita n-iaiake r.n ousted ? aijing : "It ia r t impr bable, in view of the di* alotutes itc ntiy made, that aome portion of cur eitiaent latended to c?rry mt ? deeign ot mia eD? ac ir, ?r.d that the muniiions vt war cn beard the .Magno;i? were con^eotei with thia c tjo? t V? to th? ?e peTs.L3 are we know ?ct bu' auip Ci?.n strongly oouneo'a the name ct Coi.*y with the enterprise Such an enterp>iie e? uld acaroely be conducted with the leaar cbar-e . f (o^ceaa at the present t;o;c, owing to itie n.utual aUpeiutaons contained in the contention ma^e betaeen (iro.i: Britain and the I ri'id ^atea with reapeot to a ?hip canal over the lethmns of Darier They s:ip n are tot te -occupy, or fortify, cr coloLise, or ?a<ime or exercise any dominion over Nica ragua C?tj. Itica, the Mosquito co**r, or any part of Cei trbl America." The firai ac ion of the <le>* err sent of the United Statea in ar ref'r i .ji Kinrey and his supposed Coadju t''a and ? ic\?ijtif? ite departure of an exne diti- n on * !arKe scale doubtlersaroee in part C?J. *!"e ,? lpu *:?oo?, the performaaco of which C? e^t Britain doub le-s gave notice that ?be ahou d require Ihe departure cf t.ol Kiulcv w^a t-r htated by the action of the Luted states tW:a m deciaing to dicpenae TMth a laige amount of bail, a aecis cn made cn the etrer g-b of his <>saenion that hia objeota Were peaceaMe not warlike "The conduct (-f the tiove.naent in re preMi"* all fn aic ej at the |o-?sea aioaa ot the woak powers adjaceot to the Uni ted State*, I- highly creditable to the Admin istratis Thi? p? licy n?s woo from Minieiera or other powers tleir warm approval The J^iciater from bpain baa taken occaaioa. we l?*tn, to expre?a to the Secretary of State hla satisfaction with the efforts made to atop tho acejcpts cf flliibuat^ra to revoluttoniae tte i?la: d of Cuba A great aervire ha? bee" rende ed to t&e feople of tha ! ?i._u by thta pol*ey. wui?b wo r . .: creditable and honorable lo the i res**, ui?". ?rtment.*' lie .Nt w 1'wa ^ stmdi in its old post ion on this subject, ?hcut ir1* ft>r the aequ'frttlon of more territory, wl^ch. being tropical, must of nec stity be cultivated by slave*. if in our hauJs Verily, poets and philcfopbera ere indeed prcne to ?vince little oonsistency and cotr.moDscnse In politics, as may be drawn from tbe Pott's per tinacity in shouting far tbe acquisition of an other slavebolding State iu embryo. kummox news m gossip. Shelton's Island ? The Mr Shelton, of Bo? tou; Mass.. the importer of Mexicau guano, v'ao was sent off bag and baggagn, from Ave* is! >rd, in the Caribbean sea, by the Ye'Jtiue l&ri Gove-nmeat is now urging the Presi dent and Secretary of State to take aotivo mea sure? to plica him again on the ialand named above. (which has of late been oaMed by his nam-,) aud to procure for bitu the damages he claim* >o have sustained at the bands of the Ventiuelan officials. lhe island, it will be remen *-e<i is a barren shoal iu tho Caribbean sea, son. .ve hundred miles from tho Vene suelan oast, about a mile square. aDd without fresh water on it. and wa certainly derelict, J under the letter and rpirit cf the lnw of na tieas, until Mr Shelti>n'p enterprisa led tim to tp nd a largo amount of moaoy to render its treasures?some twenty or thirty thousand hor.sof guano, remarkably rich in phosphate of lime?available to the agriculturalists of this country. He sent out laborers to dig and load it, with provisions and wafer, io., and I had loaded and sent off several cargoes when fa \enesaelan schooner of war dispossessed his I operatives. This was doubtless done under a J bargain with a Philadelphia company, who promised Veaeiuela $2i)0.000 and a royalty of $t per ton for being put into possession by that piwer, with a further agreement to defend J t leuiselves in possession and the sovereignty | of Veneruela over the island, but who, for reasons best known to themselves, did not pay the I2U0.000 through their agent ia Philadel ph'.a, as per agreement?that pers^a having failed to cash the draft. ihe cise, we arc inclined to believe. is com* plicated by claims to the island put forth re I cently by both Englind and France, neither of whom, if re are not mistaken,cat show ike I least Hpology for a titlo to it; this government J having met their respective claims by de J macdiog the production of the titles on which they arc based. We believe, also, that the I Philadelphia company are urging on the I President and Secretary of State tho propriety I of holding the Venesuelan government re J sponsible for alleged Ns^es on their part, I growing out of the alleged failure of Vece ; xuela to carry out the ?tlpulati as of the con tract under which she dispossessed Shelton. Our sympathies, from tho beet information J w.'hin our reach at this time, ara warmly. J with Mr Shelton, because all tho world know. fciia for a man of greit enterprise, who has I materially benefited his Country by bringing | into the United Siates markets large quanti ties v.f Mcxicau guano, wLich. but for his ex I ertiooj, might have remained through ali time unavailable for agriculture We hope thera I fore, that the President and Secretary of State wiil find it within their power ta prosecute I his clain with promptness an 1 vigor, and also to reinitate him ia possession of the so valua ble island or shoal lh*? Sagua la Grands Affair?Mr. Thomp I -on, the :ute American V ioe Con. ul cr Coriittlar Agent at Sagua la Grande, Cuba, ia tew in I tLis city, at Willard's lie comes, we hear, I to lay his case before the Goverr.ment. Th*it I if, his ciaim tor damages to his business, prop I er,,y> and person, tust&ined at the bands of the I Spani-h authorities in the affair mentioned above We take it for granted that they will be rated at a high figure, as it is :hat he ciajin? to hava lost much, pecuniarily, by tnt | treatment he received at ike ha^ds of the co lonial authorities. Ore not au fait at Wash- j I icgton has little id^a of the rumter and ex tent of such claims, which are annually laid before the authorities of our country, to be I urged by them on foreign Governments They are generally well fouuded, though they rare ly fail to be greatly exaggerated. Our coun I trymen. . nd even our officials abroad, a.e I mo. s sulj^et to abuse by the authorities of weak Governments that :e?piet neither tbe rights of their own oitlxens or others, when they think they may eMail them, than | those of either Krancior i.~g an 1( becuu.-e of <he comparative weakness of our naval I force, and also be^acse our Government has. until very leoeatly, been exceedingly slow to ?OLteni, abroad, for all tho rights of all its I cit.aens and representatives; a characteristic incident to our early ptiioy ol isolation, which is now, however, giving way to the necessities I of our to rapidly increasing oommerce in ail I directions Tte idaine Liquor Law in New York ?We uave private advices to day, cn which we rely, satisfying us that Mayor Wood Las determined I to be guided by the construction put on the J liquor inw by the counsel of the corporation | J ol New Yo:k, who is ot opinion that it Las no application whatever on the sale ef imported J liquors so there will be juat as much liquor as ever drank in New York after the 4th pro* , and perhaps a littlo more, (for spite.) I V.'e. are now, happily, exempt fro^i ail fear I of a violent commotion or collision in Wash ington over the Maine liquor law. A friend w.nt into ? Know Nothing lodge not long aicee, where he saw the lion and the lamb lying down together, *. t. Brother Uly?3? in the chair, supported on either side by two jolly good fellows ?Anjy H., tnd our clever fat fellow citiien who holds out on a corner of Seventh and 1l streets ! ~ ?CJp*taUd ?We have every reason to be live that aa order went from the Treasury Department some days ago, for ths removal from the Mobile Custom House of Gen. C. A Lradford, who was one of the delegates from Alabama to the recoat Philadelphia Know Nothing National Convention This, with the signs around as In Washington, le^dj us to conclude that the administration have formally concluded to make war to the knife on those whom they believe make war to the knite on tnem. Mr Joi6ph Hiss ?It seems that the Know Nothing Lodge, of which this distinguished gentleman ike last Know Nothing Grand Mikhail of the State of Massachusetts, is a member, i? determined that he shall not be martyrised to any trifling vulgar prejudices of socie.y So they have uotually chosen him tteir representative to the Grand Council of the State *>on to meet Where 1 oh, where a? Mrs. Paferson ? ror Aa,4 ? t-erv.ue- ftvsl oi;cis? in u u. city, that Captain Preach Por IM, V. 6. has been ox will roj shortly be ordered to the command of the Navy Yar(i In this city, vim Commodore Paulding trans ferred to the oommand of the Qulf squadron. No more acceptable eeleotion to the c??d people of Washington could be made. P 3.?Suob an order wai Bant him on Satur day. Reaearchci amid the Buins of Hineveh ? W? have taken measures to possess ourselves of all the remaining treasures in t' quarter, and already have possession of much which serves to elucidate the political history of that ancient city, which was divided as Washing ton is, into seven wards. We have made pretty extensive discoveries cf the political reoords in four of the wards of that venerable burg, aided by the spirits, of course. Nineveh, as surprising as it may appear, once had a Mayor named Towebs Tbe Seventh Ward of Nine veh, however, vcted against the nomination of T. in grand convention of all the oounsils of the city, because the Seventh Ward aforesaid in the lodge of the ward, h d expressed a pre ference for a Mr. Silas H. Hill This prefer ence was expressed on tbe 6th of May, 1854, A C ,?s e. before oar Lord?as Nineveh waa a very ancient oity. The following were the ballots on that occasion in thelodge of thesaid 6e venth Ward of the ancient oity of Nineveh, not only for Mayor, but for an Alderman : May ft, 1854 ?Proceeded to ballot for Mayor?S. 11 Hill, 107; J no. Towers, 23; Jno. M. McCalla, 13 Aldorman?P. M. Pearson, 58; Jno. L Smi b, 50; Wm. Riley, 9; Geo Page, 17. Moved and seconded to postpone the elec tina of candidates tor Council until Saturday evening next; carried?ayes 79, noes 13. As we have already enough treasures from Nineveh to interest our city roa^ora for a long time, we must not tire them in this connection to-dAy. It surprises us oxtromely to find how closely the names of the inhabitants of the ancient :ity oI'Nineveh resembled (hose of folks who walk tho earth elsewhere at this late day?as fallows : Jno II Baker. 7tb Ward; Goo Pchelton; Wm B Cooke, 7th; W C GoddarJ, 2d; Wm Clemonts, 7tb; Jsmos Hall, 7th; David Bants. Vi*.; Alfred Dolie, 1st; Lemuel Robey, let; rho.lore E. Owens, 1 -t; Henry 1?. Norris. 2d; Jno A Heard. 7th; I). W. Heath, 5tb; George F Hituipton. V? ; S C. W aiies, 5th; J. A. Mou'den. 7th; Thomas A. Lomax, 7tb; Jno H Davis, 7th; G W Torieace. 4th; Thos. J Williams, 3 i; John R Elvann, 7th; John Acton, 7th; Stephen Eddy, 4th; W W iiollingswor th, 4 h; John H. Clark, 4th; W. Wright. ? Web ter Will Warrick W. Bailey, W. Butts, W 11 Martin. W Wicks, ? Oxlev. Henry Gear, Peter Pope; Jno Hoskiup, S C. Espey, P. Murphy, Geo. Rowles, Geo. Culriih, R. J. Pollard, Geo. Hepburn. Henry Knight, Jno Tucker, Wm Burrows, J. E Lurch, Jno. Drummond, Jno Peirce, Robt. Drummond, Geo. W Payne, Richard Burdick. W Evans, Ju.j. 0. Joy, James Skidmore, L Smith / 'The Treaty with Japan ?Commander Henry Adams, U. S. N., who left Washington on the 30th September lest, to bear back for ratifica tion tho treaty with Japan, arrived at Hong Kong on the 1st cf January, and in Japan on January 25'.b, and made tho exchange of rati fi:ations on the 21st of February, as United Commissioner. He readied this city this morning, bringing back the Erni eror'a ratifi cation to the treaty, this beirg the first time that the Emperor ever placed his uignatnrs to such a document. Commcrder Adams is in oipltal health, and locks ad well after his lorg, rapid, and arduous journey as his many tienis can wish. He represents that the eal nsy with which our cffl:ers and seamen ware at first received bi.avanji.hid, snd thai that he was permitted to go wherever ha went, ihey (the pecplo of Japan) express great nxioty for the arrival of American merohant ehips Tho Extension of the Treaaary Building ? Tbe preparations for this great and important work?plana in detail, specifications, 4c., 4c.? bjing very near'y completo, it is to be for mally commence.!, we hear, within a fortcightt if not in a week hence. Our talented and truihful neighbor intimated on Saturday latt that the President had determined to refuse to execute the la~v under whlh this work ia t > le constructed purely for the intense grati fication he will enjoy in s'srving native born mechanics Our amiable, oourteous and truth ful neighbor ente^'ains a mo-t commendable horror for journals that don't etop telling < whoppers" when that course seems likely to aid them in making political capital. Our noighbor, all must admit, is consist rut % as well as talented, amiable, oourteous, truthful and knowiag The Naval Engineer Examining Board, having concluded their labors, were dissolved on Saturday afternoon last. Tea Current Oper&t?oaa cf Lh> Treasury Derailment.?On Saturday, the 2ld, of June therr* were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For'he Treasury Department.... $12 531 49 For tho Interior Department 9 241 00 Fr.r the Custcmj.169:9Q8 32 Wif warrants received and en tered 115,531 21 War repay warrants received and entered 2,347 31 Prawn on account of the Nary.... 202 68 For repaying on account of tho Navy 207 IT Mot covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 2,8o3 76 .... Tnero ia now living in Cattaraugus Re servation, New York, a Seneca Indian War rior. named Philip Seai qujJ i 101 >ears of ag?. haie an 1 hearty, lie waa in Buffalo tbe present week, as a witness in tbe Circuit Court. He was in the wilds of New York long before the arrival of any white tettler. ....Dr. A. J. Johnaon a resident of our oity, who recently graduated at the Maryland University, looated in Baltimore, has received a commission as surgaon in the Russian army, and started for Sebastopol. by the way of Bre men, a few days since. .... Tbe Hon Pierre Seulo is in New York, stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. .... George Law was entertained recently at the Metropolitan Hotel by a party of bis personal and political fiienJs. The Hon. K B. Baitlett, of Kentucky, President of the grand National Know Nothing Council, and several otbera from Virginia. Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, the friends of 11 Live Oak Georje," were present. They want to prepare the way to launch him ns a candidate for the Presidency. .... Mr. Goo. Theobald, of Louisville, Ken tucky, has just completed a full-sizo ttatue of Henry Oiay, at Mr. Baldwin's foundery, on Main street, whioh ia regarded as a splendid piooe of workmanship, and a fine representa tion of the great atatesman. .... Samuel Sumner Wilde, LL. D., died ? t his residence in Boston, on Friday, in tbe 85tb year of hia age. Tbe deceased was the last Burring member of tbe celebrated Hartford Convention. ....Col. G. O. Torbitt is the Democratic ?andt date for Congress in the Hermitage (Ten nessee) district tyBayou Sara, La., ha* b ,^n destroyed by fire. There ia net a hotel, coffee-house, or WtfttodH !?((. b9M IWiWO. ARRIVAL OF THS STE *.MER ARIEL The steamer Ariel, Captain Lefever, arrived at h?r dock at 3 o'clock on Friday aftornnon Capt Lsferre Uft Havre at 0 o'olook in the afternoon of Juno 9 The Arisl brings no political news of im portance The Paris Patria, referring to the resignation of Ave cf the Spanish Minister.*, says that the motives of thair retirement ara entirely par onal. and will effect no chauge in the polioy of the Spanish Government. In referring mora particularly to M Luturiaga. it s'ates that hid resignation is canted sjlely by bad health General Z tbala. who incoceds M Lumria the ministry of foreign affairs, possesses a fortune of eeveral millions of francs M Bruil, the sucoee or of M. Mad a, Minister of 1 inanee, is a rich banker of Saragc?sa, who recently offered to as?i?r the Spanish Govern ment in its embarrassment, by plaoing at its disposal the whole 0f his fortune The other three ne? Minis ers?M M Martins*, Fuen toandres and iluelves?are members of the Constituent Assembly, and are. no doubt, am^ng the m->stdisHngui hcd members of that body The Queen has given her sanction to all the?e appointment* ef Marshall Eipartero A duel recently took place between General Concha, brother of the Captain General of Cuba and the Marquis of Alhadia. Each of the combatants wi? slight'y injured by the di ctnrge of his pistol INTERESTING DETAILS OP TEE WAR NEWS. [i icm the Loud n Times' " Ow.i Correspondent."] Beforb Sbu^stopol ?May 23 UP M ? Abtuttwo hours ago, ? ?., at nine o'olook, Woicn is tde ?jost quiet pait of the day in camp, the soldiers having all gone to bed, the camp was disturbed by toe heaviest cannon aaewhich has bean heard since the last bom bardment and I am not sure that it was not heavier than tba> Cathcart s hill was =oon rsacbed by many anxious spectators, and then it was seen that the firing was frcm the very extreme left of the French batteries, acd was returned by the Flagstaff, the Garden, and ?be battery in the middle of the town. It was an extraordinary sight and one that many of our . riends in England would give a greit deal to see Looking from Cathcirt's hill over the camps you saw a wida expansa of WIth *hite fon'"? ,T '<* shone out c early and canspicuously in tho bright moonlight All looked quiet aad calm The ,ha; wtru he,iri1 00 this side was tha challenge of the sentry *r the neigh of a hor?e; burcn turning round and gating at ^obis rpol, you s-iw a .jroat contrast if?v,tibie war in aI1 stern real

!?? ?A th'c^ wh,t= clou I of smoke hung over the French battene3 and that part cf tho town wtnob was answering their fire. Lrigbt flashes ef Are gleamed through this smoke every sec or,d, as guns iw;e fir8i or eheiia exploded ibere was no cessation in the firing for an diat?l?!n ? ? slight lull, and imme diately volleys of muscfry were heard, wbi<*h r -f? Ts ?h?Ut ir;tSrmi8sion fnr time. Hne?l I ^Cre W:" Rn e*P'osion in the Hossian ba-ferien It seeded as if there had ? n !?J?/dor lortso uP?n th? ground, as there was enddenly a long bright sheet of UP of smoke Th a'.orher similar exnlc fmm hVh EUJICCer of 8b6!:s ,hat fi?d from both sides was onormous There were generally fivei or fix }? tbe air at one time, and ?xc9 I counted nine. The French ll-ed a zr-a' TolYu 0uqu?ta,'~n0t th0 bou,uets that are popular smorg ladies, but a flight of thells di^e^ionr1*16 ^ *nd by about in *" as?fr fh1" ~T^e tfrinK oon,inaes as fierce as ever, tne rnrm-se? about the cause of this Mn?h??r7U" 6iv ,bat tbe Fr?Deh be gan the firing, and incended to storm the tower SiaSk? ' ?f hi Cf^" lb? Kalians H glr?'9' * d wer? pulsed by (fB-fi ?h? Ja!,! S9en ,otne French ta^ed th^ ,h ay ,Ut tr'? at,,lcic Wfta Pr^medi t'hi i ? cano n to fire for an hour, and then the musketry to becin Thev did ab'e to Inah? "hje3t ?f ik? auaok- 1 ?h*11 l ? ?D^e to learn more to morrow of.n^^a"1 haveJu8t 'earned that the cau?e wishid tofiT.* " D,'gh' Wa"'tbnt the French K T ? position that aaaoyed them lerrVwii. JJ told you what a np"J? oannonade this gave rise to The wonn?"0 "a,d tf> ioet in killed and ^ oi 1 200 men. and the Ra. sians many more I believe tho French got able to'rf? ? P0?'*'0"' I have not been able to discover if they still hold It. ? U r',ni another t< respondent. 1 Lie*T Division, be'ore Sebastopol. May 14 i 221 " " ?l00k' P ??. on".! rrV,?. lIr S \l"J. K O" Ibe ei. treme lefi of tbe French lines, and the unin ib?LUrJaM?f?M<!" k0 *b0t aC(J Bhdl fhat i o'Vio^ ?n ?Uhm tbe,ish rauiPtin oea"y ^ o clock :n th^ morning .old tbar a fierce fh?!8 Wa". S"lDg ?n r,*tw"en our ally and the enemy; dunng tho d*y the cannoz/adir.J wa. pre ty muoh as it Lad lately been br tioIut|irsdo??tUh1 8t 1,1 t0 a(,Cfcrfain par ticulars of the moiemeots incidents and the fbTf M 8, 0CCUrr'ng ,n th# ,rench liD? but eorMAt^ lnRli ns briefly as posrble and aJ Tha Fr^T r 1 b !r9 UeL lb,oto _ j LFrench Lave Ififety been tannine to-1 struo^i"6 4tiDe bauery. acd had Lon I D o^h' ih* ?UtWOrke ,0 Protect their ap ? Mu h. ill^1Rali^laI'?, bad not in tbe mean Tences whi'h ,UCd ha' 1,1,0 mado 6om? d?' iences, whiah were seriously obstruotine the ffiheV' ''I b<,Sie?ar* 0d ' be night ogf the ofti?. !a?h 10 Kr#at for^ earried the" js -oles, but oould ooly hold the position till I i'ib"j ?? ?p ?i" "vM tho batteries, which played heav the dn.k'X'H?? 00np<f<luently retired in es imated Bnn > With ?Briou8 lo" '^e killed I?5 - bfr! arpe" ,0 be not ?ess in killed and wounded than 1 600 men but the Russians, who wero al.o - in .wa?U? ..f scribed "mn T* ' d*ad 4nd ar# J*" I sonbed me by an ty witness beinjc qui a im'h M'?( V1"'" following night (the 23d) . nocher attack wus made by our allies, acd #7*"*? 6IU0"?M' 'or they now hold tba h? Ay tilkcn th# preoejing night, vr^^h7? ,ro.wn "P su?b defetoes as will pre. vent their being expelled from them. The loss was on the ?eoond oeousion very great on both sides b'U I have not been ablftfobuJn an approximation to the ?e:ual number. PBIMCB eOBTSCUAKOKy B1CCOPMT. JSS T<r* is Prince Oor'schakoff'g ao. count of the important attaou on the 23d hitherto repoil6d only by ?ele>;rai h * "I Sbbabtofol May 21 -On tie night of the 21st -e opened at ranch as a oounter approach opposite to the ecmetery in front of the Cen ?f ?.un?uQliaruntil?* bastiona. and connected Jt with the former in ordar to operate a^aintt I ?b. right J.Dk of ,b. .-?..a.y'f ?o,k.fwo" threaten this bastion. Ihe bardne?s of the I ground prevented our digging the treneh deep enough On toe evaniug of the 22d, when our men were beginning their labors of coun ter-approaeh the enemy attacked us with sev enteen battalions, exclusive of his resales A most obsunatecomoaconsued that laa*?H ?ii I night,..d th. b^os., ?ks of"n Our soldiers?12 battalions fctron?-f0mr! t heroically and the affair ended with the'.l treat of the enemy, -.vbo Fuff,rt)d tremaadou, loss. Oar own los-t. unfortunately, is also vorv considerable for 2 500 men have been kiTSJ or disabled. Thegallant Msjor General Adel ,h rg^ W^? ?om.maild^ the second brigade of the Ninth Division, is atLong the slaiu Th? miscarriage of the attank h? raised the spir! IU of the garrison It shows the enemy hiw dangerous he will find aLor.-nin? nt-l w lopol'i fortiCcitlions, Biac, bi( < s ^'.h'"dSKTS?4 10 ,cki?8 " i"W mid" abipaof thl^5." ??.b* 2M) "* .boat 2D 000 troop, or, kamieech. On th^ 2't I fh.-. _j " 1 lighted from th? holgbn of y,ii'' " "ai IMPORTANT from THE BALTIC From tho Baltic wo aro iafurnjed by the tel. I egraph. via D.oi.i,, ti ,U4, booo odded ?!d? 1?1*' " ;:Lk,?b"?0* .blp, io tbe UriK, arooJSj all tiKUr , ' v 4-'r,> c>i"efly leden with CART).- The undesigned return- hi ?Ineere thanks ?o the Franklin Fir* ? jmrtv an<) th? Hook tni I.aider Company, f>r th lavalanb.e -ernce# r. od< r-rf by Urn -t rh>? fl-e o? list evening; a'?d <??t??*rialir to the Fra'-kMn Fire tomp-i.vishefndeb,., forun pro mot n.arner in Which tli. y got tt? *?ork, owing to which, pr*Ha ly his precol-es, adjoining, wer* rave* Hestnic 'Tas-if ** UAN(X*K ? ATTENTION. NATIONAL OHEVflTI^u here- y notifiento attend n social roeettii* of ihe Corp.; THIS (Monday) EVENING, the ?i5th in?tant, ats o'clocc. By order of LKM. TOWERS. Cap-am. Ja3CH ?*TOVE, 8eC. Je 25 ?It* AT j EN riON, CONTINENTAL GUARDS. I Th" reeul&r monthly meetingnf ihe Compmy | wi'l be h. "d ai Island Hall, on WEDNESDAY , EVEViNG, June 37th, at 8 <t"clock Every member is requested to be punctual as l?u? nie-s of importance is to be transacted. EDW'l) HAMMERSLF!/, > ?5 2t* Seen tary 3K2^KROVI A ? UTLASa TO A IMSTOL.? ~Si'?As I walked by last ni?ht I ci anced to meet a cock rooster, yet hs nor any cf his c m pantons could disturb ne, for I am that individual fr'im th j K? a I am not belonging to Bam I was raised nnder Uncle 8nm, but not Sam ; and if anv of Sain'* com panions want to fee me they ca-> see as fierce a lion wiifr il?e star* and ?'ripe* thut showed no light of :i d*rk dismal night through ihe forest, ?lidll thow rut light to my long home afterwards. No more from your dear friend, Je 25-It J AMC* McGINNIS. FOURTH OF JULY CELEBHATJOT THE COMMlTTE . OF ARRANGE ?0?\ ments for the National c? legation in thi? ciiy, announ-e tint on th?t day a Nafimal Halut will be tiied at sunrise, noon nnd aenstt, and nII the church and fire bells will he rung at the same hour. At 10# o'clock a m., a l ivic nnd Military proces moii will move from the Executive Mansion to the Capilot grounds where the Decla?atio* or Ixrsf ptsnrso:. will le read, and a*i Oration delivered ni 12 ril. To participate in lhe?e cer moiiies ibt-y respect fi'liy invite the President of (lie United States, the Cabin* t, ihe. Judiciary, ihe Foreign L?gallon*. the H? ids of the Executive Departments,and theMerks of the General Government, the Officers of the Ar my, Navy and Marins Corps, Soldiers of the War cf '819, and of other wars in which the United Stales have be n engaged, tho Corporate Auihoritics and Ex Mayors of ih<j City, the Kev Clergy, Schools, Colleges and S> m inane*. the Fire Companies, the citizens generally of the District and of the adjaccnt counties of Maryland and Virginia, Societies, Straii gets, and ail others who desire to unite therein. Ample arraiig m nts will b'- niudeon the ground* tin 'he ladies. The Military of the District are par ti"u:ar!y ii.vited to torn) the escort to the proces sion. By crder of the Committee of Arrangements : 'IHUS MILLER, M. D., J'" 25?it Chairman of Committee. ATTEN HON, PRESIDENT'S ?? >UST ed Giufd?.?Eacti and every member of he Corp< i- hereby Notified to attend a -&fc.?pecial meeting t ? be held at tho Artnor\ en It E3DAY EVEN'?X<3, liie 3|tli iruaot.ut 7 n'cl x'k. It h earnestly request* d that the officers ard members of the t'orps will be punctual in their si leadiiico n b;jsiiie-,s of vital importance will be traiiracted. I-J ordtr of the Ccmm. J. C. McCUTCHEN, je 21 3t Secretary. ( ^ow EOST?LEFT THE SUBSCRIBER. ON SdturWav, the U3d in?ta t. a red bald fare COW, havin? no spots of white or anyE+MT" ether color *bour .er The fi> der will beS^^x puitabjy rewarded by l*nvinj the row at rny hotre corner of MarylanJ avtn'j.- and 12th street, or s-n-l intorir.atiori to I cut pet her JAMES E MORGAN, Corner of Ml avtnue and 12:b t,t. Isiand. jr 25 -- e?>*l* " DENTISTRY. DR V. rlUSS, Graaaite of th? Philadelphia ? ollege of Dental Surgery, respectfully informs i!te r-^si: < nts of Georgetown and it.-j viriinly that l ? la- located himseii among-t them for the purp.?*e of prarM-ing hi- p'o'e ?ion. t.fficeiai Washington St., above Cringe, G lnwt!- D J>- 85^03.,.* CUMBERLAND COAL ?7?^ SALE BY THE CAkCO t?R BOAT LOAD ^ }>? Howard x poor, J ->> e"?l Alezantit.a, Va. EXCURSION TO POINT OF ROCKS . BY CANAL. Xli E^NE^DAY, the 4th July, being the regular * * d%y > f luin lng ol the par-ketwML, -~wrr~.? i Tlo.u C < i jV G R E > .S, ehe wi'l, u'ia: djv an eX urnon trip to the above foiiit I it -"tS f.?r ite round trip. >i al-1 ii b -nt ?t 25 eent>:. The boat will arrive at the Point at T o'clock, tvhere a hall and cotillon rnii-;ic ha? h?-n pro roed for the pleasure of those w ho may wirh to in iulge In danci g v n Tk ^ CHARLFB MEHRILL, Capt w. u ? I he Congress will al?o make her usual ex *jr' 2A ^d Jul Falls on Sunday, July 1. DUE NOTICJL VT Y eHMomeis are re pecifully notified that their I \.il respective accf.iints are made out a d readv or delivery. Those who do not wi*h to have them ire ?I.ted Wtll please < all and receivethem previous o tbe S8ih ins ant. n' whirl, time they will he sent ?hi. I eari enly regu?st my triendi to be pr >mr?t n rerpon lingto mis call and settle their respective .il s.eiU;er by cash or notes at short dates-ihe ca-h {really preferred. GEO. W. IIINTON le 25 3t 40^ ra avenge SPECIAL NOTICeT" \V E WOU,,, rr?P^cjfu"ly intorm all persons hav vv ing accounts with hh hat tl.ev are all made )fT and those that are not called for will be rendered ? fu.l to la July, wlien we very reasonably ?ipoCt I (nd mo?t earnbMlv r?qies? that they will come f?r ivar l and close them without giving as the trouble ;f calling a second time. In connection wirh this natice w, take thia op ^rttuHty of expressing our thanks to those fri.n.t. Hid customers who have sa li .erallv and promrth ? itr.?niE?d us during the past m months, and hopl i or an increased con umation ot i^e sa i e by givire iur p. rsoual and strict a.tention to business, and :onductii^ it upon fair and oorr- ct principles. _ COLI.EV it SEAr.S, 52J Seventh st, 3 doors north Pa. avenue. Je 25?eo#t CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT TOP ROCKS. HE Canal Packet CONGRESS havi-gbeen thoroughly repaired nnd put mWfc in.. iirst r ite order, (the Machinery l?e (ngL, ng removed and horse power HutsnLuI^I^TTiiir lies her recu ar trips between Gecrgetown Hi t the above p'aee. ? The I'oat will leave the wharf cf W. II. *. H G Kiit. r for Point of Boel.s on MONDAYS wrti NESDAYSand FBI DA * S at fl o'clock am.; a, d I ili^ roml (ft Ruck* forCwiftfPt^wn on TUB8IJAYH UURHDAYS and -ATURDAYB at fife sa^e' rtnur stopping at the different landings alanc the line Tor the reception and landing of passengera and rreisht, going and returning. 1 The beat wi'l leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a ra ind arrive at the head of the Greu Falla at 11 Sen ?ca at 1, Edwards'Ferry3^, MonocscvSk, Know Ian s Ferry 6, nnd Point of Rocks at 7 o'clock p m Returning, lea v.? Point at 7 a. m . Knowlan V Per-1 ry at < Konocac/ 8, Edwards' Ferry 11, Beiit-ca y*reat ^al!,i 3S? and ariivc at Gtorgetown at 71 Passage through either wav ?2 ?i??is served regularly on board the boat at mod "j" 25 dtf* C,,ABLW MERRILL, Capt PROPOSALS FOR CLOTHING, Ac. anAarERMAiTM'. Ornca, U. 8 Marihx Coeps, Washington, Juno 23, 1M5. Slo?LED wl" ke recP'ved at thia , ??r'; unl'' Th? ^ay, the 26th dav of July, 1855. ii J*m ?lOC< T ' ?r "uppl' ol u,e f,,I|a* ?ng er ticlea, at such tiire aud in such quantities as msv ie required during tbe ensuingfiscil >ear ; to b- de iew YorihefM"rir ^'"'^57 wilker ?. Stew York, l?e? of eipcnse te the United Sute_8 ? l is ? ? 5,000 vnrds sky-blue kers?v; to be in all resoeca i non .mmU" 10 ,hat u,l d b-w ,h? V 8- army 1,200 knap>acks; to h-tve three e >ata of paint properly varnish, d strapped complete and i fm K . r^ ",T S M " pau,,"d on the ^ck 1,000 blue cluth latign- caps, leather tops, patent leather visors, and the lettera 4,U S M " in i<ia?s on the trout 1,000 unl urin caps, with braa? acaiea, aagie, fcc., com pi. te ' 1 0<"0 pompona I wo patent leather stocks i 500 piirs irmy hngan; 1,000 gray blankets, with the lettera **U. 8. M." la black woven in the centre Ut ?ncr?aae o- diminisb the quanuty of _ 8 named, as the eii^enciea of uie a< rvice onay require, is reserved. All articles will be submitted to a rigid inspection nd must conform to the samples to be seen at the iiV 0 l'ie Assistant Quartermaster Marines, 57 Walker street, New York, ^r at the offlfe of CJuar ermaater Marine Corps, Marine Barracks, Wasb artou, D. c Bold era will atate the name of two sureties in :ase the contraot ia awarded them ; If onknown to bis office their sufficiency meet be certified to by ??ome official peraon. To be endorsed MProposals Ibr Clothing," k? ?nd addressed "To tbe ffinansrnMrtar Marine Ccrm A aabinguin City, D. O." je tft?eot--<Jnly LAD WARRANTS ASfTKD ~h>t wh:oh the highest price# will be paid by CHUBB BROTHERS, ?VM *??) ?PP.*0Timv. roe'i c fficb DtpARTMnrr. Jnnf C, ]|J5. 'I TF Hi'*. *?itl'o-ix rii [^fima?icr< ?lio?e ? 1 a-n ?? t mntlnd to b? AtinUMi by the depwv rn-nt w?th slannture p?r bill* t* r< oJt moMt k piv for Hip plntras c.f th?- . mi- i? hTel) re?rla4? ?""Ml r'rotn and a i?r th>? da?e nr? money will be rv Mired for that purpam bv the deparm- nt. JAM Li* CAMPBELL, jeB5?lawSw Po? imm rr General. EXOUR ION. - WtSLFY CH%PFLCHOI| < mdfff .1, accompanied by the EUTSRPX. AVS, will make nil Ki'-ar ion to tbe White Hou* I avi ion on WEi?NKS?A Y. the 27th instant Tbe lovers of Yoral Nu?ic and all who woo id *%. jny the day, .ire tnv.ird to accompany thrn ? a^P 50 cents. wjl i;rni-hed at the White House for 50 crnu I ..oat mi |<-avr Washington at 8 o'clock a m ?n-! for the nceonimo!;,,. n of -bncr who mi> ? V; 'm Te n' honr W,M re,urn .ww. * a^RCDER, je 43? 3.* ' ? ? ^ VIRCDER. J ?'T WVLOR, |COM""**? GRAND EXCURSION 60RSUCH CHAPELSUNDAY SCH OL TO FORT WASHINGTON, WKDHE8DAY, JURE 27, 1S55 ^The Comttit?ee of Arrangements khave nrich j lenmre in annonne* in< tr? ttcir Inrtd* ani the pnblic generally that tbeie first Excursion w.ll lie given a? above, if ibe w? ather |.rov. s favorab'e. 7 lie Committee p edge them*?lve* that bo effort on their pvt wt!i b ? > pa-ed to afford all vbo honor th'-ni with their prcatn.-e, u pl< a?ant and agreeable (nit;. A superior band of Music has b<en engaged fat the oc casion. KcfmlMHiit* will be on the ground and aold at Cl'v pricea. Toe profits arising from l!:e Excursion will go to lint Icnefit of tlte bcbool Tickets tor a lulls, 45 certs?Children half pres. The hiat will leave Page'* Wharf atHjf, Alsxac dm at 9. and return at 7 o'clock Committer of .f r rangers*?-1? G I. Hall, G W.Garrett, G & Vermillion j 22 r \ f11A l:e BBER W A * tfT * ELTj?. R ubber. Tuck, i ' ?r. ? ng Side, Puff ind Cbildteo'i Lou* C >Ljb?, IntiHible Ink. 6ii)?rio.- PoipkV. for dressing tlia h.r% f?*r >a'e low at LAMJtfOKD'ri, 7th at. I ? 23?3t BAY RUM?BAY RUM ! 9;1 CASES double distil Id BAY RUM ? U 5 live gallon demijohns dj. by Urn pu or ^Hon Jii:t re^Mv?-.l p-r bri-? fcab l!a, froui 8t. T'lOtca*, P. II , &od for >] (: low liy W.Li.lAM M CRiPPS. 61 LGUiiiitij are., bet. 6tb and 7Ui at*. Je 03 -Tit IF YOU WANT_CHEAP CLOTHING pO TO O'REILLY & C<rS Stor*, No 81 Bridge ' 1 ?tr?*et. C orcetown. wbtre you wnl find a spler.iid *?M?.-?rtinen' o: e? ' ?nd fashionable f'Bin mer (Jictbing, together ?iili Trunks. Carpet Bag*, Nc., n? ten jrf*r cent le^s than in any other e&tabluti m*-u in the Oi^rrjrt. Pt >fiM indebted to the ab ?v? firm would confer af t favor !>>'ral<mi! arid settling th> ir acrouKa, (wl.i h 'In v w/'ll find re .dy f^r them by the let of Juiv) and thus save il??* proprietors tne ax~<ra ex P" for i?4S<cti<Mi. he Je93?5t# M okton* ^ \i?: cold pens of tiw . finest workm::n*h*p and finish, ?nd very dif ferent in their a< u.m Ir <in any <>th?i, suiting many ^ rii?'rs wii ? have hitht rt<? not been able to make us-: of any rud iilic pen whatever. AUo, wac!eyV G -ld Pen-, includiiic all the beat virietir* made hv tha h'Mi .e. f. r *al<', wh<>l?ale or nt.ti!, at the aiiinu'aciuicr's lowest nrieea m every c*-f. FitAXCK TAN LOR J" 23 COAL-COAL. \ * TV. have nnn- <hi the way a careo of very anp?l ?V rior WHITE ASH t'OAL, which we will de' v r from th*- veaael at ?? p r ton. All "'rilrrs Sell e.t the Gri-tu vrei't, George t^wu, opposite the ^a- houn*; or, in Wa'hingicn. cornier ?#f I and SOih ftrc? t?, ?ill b?- rtrictlv attended to. b \RRON 8l STOVER, je 3T?3t* MRS. GARGET" rATE from England, wi<i>c? to iniortn the ladiea j anil ger tleinea of Geor*errwn and Washington t'r ? she rin be co;t?Tilt?d <?:; tLe pa?t. present and ? Trail, at bcr r^Mence, Ma. S5 Ki?>t street, bttw- n Pot nine nl sireet?, a few doors fro !i P-trre^t H tll, Qeorg<"own. I .a.iies 45?9 ntleuieu &) r< nta. From 8 i;i the morning vnul a o'clock at niaht. Je34?4w* * 9 NEvr MILLINERY. MIS8 T1IOMF.JOV his j ?? oj^-iied our foortb inv iceo* X'.cprrlitan. Leghorn, Eng. Ii< i .'?r;iw. La<' rape, ar..1 otner ffummeri Rda I aillea win bav- n!r?mdy eu; rtliedl t'l.-mv ivea sre invited to C3:i a?ii! make thetr select ion-. AI?->, ju?t received a chojre lot of Fans, Bilk Mi't-*, fl .e S;lk Glove?, flo :?-ry, fcc . together with a variety o' article*not m cessary to enumerate, and to :11 of which ?e invite ativntion. HCrCHINBOV k M171VRO, Fancy Dealers, No. 310 Penna. avenuo. je 22? ?JO ALL WLUM IT MAY CONCERN".?WR ? shill i?csac, an Usual, our quarterly accoanta duriti: he eouutig w;-ek. and respcctl'uily request that prompt ntirn'ion may be given to ?ho aaitle ment of the aame on or betore the 1st July. BLVANg \ TfH?MP!*ON, 320 Pa. avenue, bet. ? li and 10th sta. j" 22?3t (Or(^n) "T^UTICE ? 'ih? bills ol our ru*t<?rnen> will all b? iA male < W up to MonOny. the 4Stb instant, and rendered ou that day. M * W. GALT Si BhO. jettJ-Jl DistkIct of cx?lumbia, WaeHUBTOJi Cocwtt, To wit: I hereby certify that John B. Fmell, of the ea.d C'lunty. Uroag t b?-fore me, as e*-tray, trespassing on his enclosure*, a speckled fiay Mare, about t years old, twelve bauds high, a&d shod before, and ba* be- nmrked in g> ar. G? k en under hand of me, one cf the justices of the peice in ?n for aaid county, this 5t4d .lav of June, Ib&->. ROBLRT WH1TR. The owner of the aHove mare it> requested to prove properly, riay char?* s and take her awav. J' JOHN BULL I R1ZELL. COPARTNERSHIP THE undersigned have this day entered into a co partnership undur the naoB--of MILLH *? BBA SHEAR^, for ibe purpo-e of carr>ing on tne Beat and Shoe trade in all its branches. V\ e will manu facture to oider every style of BOOTS and BHORB for ladies, gentlemen and children. All measured wurk warranted to please. H. C. MILLS, T. N. BRAsHE^Ra. Call at our nore, Nl. 335 ^outh side Pi. avenue, one door e .st of Juckson at Bro'a Orocery, between 11th and 7th sta. (V. w?) jeBI?it LAND WARRANTS. E are pay in r ti.e higlicat n:ices for LAKD WAUR.\KTR. z'WS. W J A1 CLARKE k CO, corner Tcntli street and I'enn'a avenue, over Wa?liing!i-t. City Savic^'g Bank, la 89?7i* LAND WARRANTS. JOJlJf Ii CLARK, Arent tor Claims, No. 597 Twclith street, will give the highest market price iu gold for Land Warrants je 7?liu* GLEN WOOD CEMETERY," No 893 Fenn are , corner 10th street, (OVKR THE SAVING'S BANK.) rHIS ? 'EVihTfcIUV is laid out on the plan of the oclabra'ed Grttenv/ood. ot New York, and aitu aied on the hj^h ground dutwt one and a quarter milts north of me Capitol?N,.rth Capi:ol street Ice. ini? directly to the gm-:u ay. Tnis Comp iny ha?'e ncurrd a charter from Con gre appropriating their eiound for ever to burial parpoues, mukinc m feo title to the p1 ri-baser, and p>ohihitui|| all encroacf inents from htw'we or oth(rwia^. w.'tieh is of vast im|e?rtsneeio i/iose who wish their dead to rrpos<- wliers 'bey bsve placed them, 'or it has become a i iwnB in all other citfaa, k hen the burial freund becsaiM vi<liiablc for other puracass, to seli it. and throw tiie tl? ad pron i*c* ua ly into one l^r . ,.|t, and leSsl measures cannot pre vent It, aa ne titles *re g<ven to the ponnd. N II - Pampbi* " *,:h a maP>l,,e charter, and bv laws and a.l other inl -rmatioB can be obtained at lieoiiice. Also, all orders lor infrm* nt* left at Mr. J F HARVEY'8, No. 410 Seventh eireet, or auy other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. Oflbe open from 10 to !9 o'clock a. m. je If?ly ICE CREAM OF the best quality delivered to ffeailies, pri'e, Fairs, he , at 3T^ cents per quart, ltilA tai-cy taoulds Of pla n freeaem vT Exeurnonb and Pic Nica turmshed at $1 25 Y per gidloti. Gwe it a trial X M T. MARTINET, Tenth street, between D and E streets. la 12 -1 w* TO UOV8ILKIbi&Ph.Ka.?Pereons wish ing ?u purcheeti superior Tabla or Pocket Cut lery. hnry Silvnr plated <n Britrania W. re, flee Japanned Tea T*aya or Toilet Bets, an exe*llent f'lock, Feather Duster. Bat Btand, Enameled Ret tie, Sanoepa.1, G avy Strainer, Tea Bell, or anv of the hundred and one llttla etceteras needr-J hy every hi use keeper, are invited to call on & FRANCIS,