Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1855 Page 4
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*'.v STAR. THE OLD MAN Th? oid man leaaed on his fhe*aly suiT, With tot'ering step and slow. As be picked bis way, of a Sunday mom. ? To the Church wbtre he loved to go. His hair wu white, and he sea rely knew A fhend, a* be passed him by ; So feeble and frail his memory now, And ao din hi* clouded eye. He aat on a home made chair at rhurch, In front of the preacher's stand, And listened, as if in a pleasant dream, To the word* of a better land. i The sunlight fall on his silvery locka, And bis white hair :orned to gold? Snd I fancy a sunlight shone from Heaven, On the heart of that pilgrim old. But the autumn leave* havefWIm now, And the o?d man sleeps below? We never shall see him niw again, With his tottering ?tep and slow ASPIBATI01T AND DUTY. Ob. what is earth to those who I ng For higher, holier, nobler things ? I'd soar aloft on burning song Amidst the rush of spirit wings : But bush, proud heart .' While hero below, At Duty's call fulfill tby fate, And humbly, onward, upward go? So shall thou enter Heaven's gate Exercise Scene at a Weddixg ? On Tues da; evening a wadding took place at a house in Third (treat near Poplar. The happy con pie were both Germans, and quite a large party of their countrymen and women assem bled to witness the ceremonies It seems that the brother of the groom. Hani Bel km an by name, was opposed to the matoh, whether be <3au?e he did not admire the bride, or whether because he did admire the fair fraulien, and wanted her for himself has nol transpired At all events. ju*t as the company was drain ing hampers of Rhine wine and l&gpr to the health of the newly-married couple, the ex oited and indignant Hans bnrst like a meteor or a bomb-shell into the apartment, and mat tering between his eeth, " Donner and blit xen!" 4 Stu:m wetcer ! ' be ruthlessly seised the trembling bride and strove to drag her from the side of her husband. Great w is the consternation whicb retnited from this sudden and violent intrusion. "Don nerwetter! was ejaoula'ed from a dosen months, and a sjoro of Btalwart Turners gal lantly rushed to the reecue It was pull Tur ner and pull Hans for a time, and finally the latter, u> compensate for the disparity of force#, drew a pistol which he levelled at tbe Turners The intruder was seised before his weapon was exploded and taken to the station house, where he had time to cool. He was subsequently held to keep the peace \Pkila. Bulletin. MO\ EM?NT3 OF OCEAN STEAMER^. Leave For Dcui. Ariel H tvre New York..June 9 Quaker City New York..Havre June 2D Union New York..Havre Junt 30 Qtf ? The California steaasers leave Ne* York on ii.c an J ?0ih af each uoiitu. RIVALS PKtNOIPAL ?IUTEL?. Vatican a. v. w,n?sj K H Sa!i.-bu-y, NY T li Clagett, Va H Wi son, do P Wa?land,jr, Mass U f) F.cker, do j L Harding A lady, do Capt McCerrea, La li Wood, NY H 3 Henry, Pa F W Meirbach. Va W M Armistead, Md K Morris, Md J Garber, Va W W Rejraolda, Pa Mrs W H Garber, do K W Kaynor, Ilalifai Mm Garber do C W Blineoe, Va R H IH wall, Md J V.alder, Tlx Dr Maccubbin, do SB Matticw? anu lady. G G Williams k la<!y, '.o Ala Mrs Denison, do T K Reck k lady, do .Mrs Portiock, do Miss Mathews, do Muw L Try, \ a Mr-i Ellt?. do Mi-e M Nrel, iIn G P Eddy, M?1 Mass V Mathews, do A Su rer, NY W J Martin. DC \V CuUds J A Blayd-s, Ky J babe Mrs M K Warren, Mo A K Swartaeil, ia Miss M W drrm, do J 3 tame-son, ,r, M-? Mrs Birch IJr T .V irtll, do Mia.* Ksrca p Krarney. Ill Mt s Proat M Kearney, do G J Sadd, O AT Harrington, DC J WLilian)., j Lnnt, do J A Hclliiager, M l Si Miller, do H G Harbaurh, O KB Millar, Va Srcv*e? Uete!-T r. at k. brows. j E G Karly, Md R F Patterson, Tenn J P Bradley, Udy k child, VV Eirley k lady, do *Y D Reynolds, Maw Miss 8 Bradley, do C Young, IHJ Miss K Jotiuson, uo E A Staa!?, Va a A bowman k lady, Pa W W Turner, do J Barn's at -inter, NJ DB Ghnley, lena J Smith k family, do 7. H Bcall, Md B M Hull, NY l)r li L Sheeby, do G Bnwn, do C M H Lecour.jr, c?o B DebUchc, a<> J Chun:kill, Ky W 11 dlmre, Va J K riiro kinorurii, do B Haspel. dn W Seymour, Va R? v J Jones, 8C " Mitchell, do K Crane, da Dr R 11 Cabell, co O N Ogden, La 8 D McEnery, La J Barbour, Va J Vanstyne, Pa Vf H iocaa, Ky W Houston, Tenn M G McKinari and lady, Miss Houston, do do M?s Airxauder, do Miss Warren, do W H Pulkerson, do C 8 McKiane, do E Abbott, Mi A Sinedes, NC J Abbott, do A Moist , jr, Tenn "Wtl!&r<ls' Iloiel?a. 4. fc j. r. ir,uin? A 8 Hearu, NY C W Aby, U3N E Coeper, d.? W D Kennady. NY F L l hiiaes, do W P 8cott, Md 8 P Brown, tie Cum Engle, L'SN J G Burton. ,\rmy J p 8amh do C A Mai Murphy, Ga Rev T 11 Lambert* lady. B L Roberts Si laJy, do Mass L Bamberger J A lietelberr r, Md J K Cooke, Va G W Hazzard, do G T Wallace, do M A Rene, NY J McFarland, Mi J 8 SaluMturv, do Mr* H Van Wagner and J MaM >ch, jr, N Y NY Mr Williums, 1>0 D W Horton. Mass J Miloeans, Md S Lewi-, Pa , P Adam^, do J Gfary, do E Miller, Pa C C Spi-acer, Md Lt R B Riell. USW W C Spencer, USA M M Joly, Pa H Adsmj.Jr, USN J Cue, ladv and ?? rvant, B Lapone, 1KJ Ala Mi- C Colby, KB p B H.k^, do u ^ Byther, Va Dr A J Semn:es, DC R K Meade, do Kiikwooi; I Iota* e?j. h. k a. usawooa WOLmtheua, Md Miss S ffliason, Del MO Davi.;ran do Mis S Rotbw'll, do J M Standish, Va c M llammett, Md 8 Martin, Tenn 8 Debeache, do J Hendnck. FY J VV Preston, do s Hendrick, La JP Durpy, do A Orr, l a W Newell, Pa A W ^warnnger, 8C W Wa.1 DC E F B?*nn ??Nj i Warrrn, NY G VV Harn*..u NY M Mailton, do M M July, Pa* J E Brown, Pa A M Marti a, do ? L, L K Adams k lady, do ?ZL?X?> 'w L a?"< " I'Bltad States notel-x. c. naciciiar. P Derbyshire, Va || F.wter, Md O W Deliwortli, do Dr T II Moir, NY J W Harkney, do M W dusky, DC wTiSW* fO Reyacrfda, NY L. l vt * C Fo-ter k 'nend, Va G Nifht, do VV Foster do , J,. *r?Ve' ^ ? Strawbri^e. no j V9' 2 . J * do Va ?-juilan (ion* Altitad I a Niwros, PRorairroa. ? i vii?,n|UH,'.v* K ?'<*>*, nc MX Sam d" P B Va M: 1 Suiibi.r, rfo EM Hrax'to di| Dr Miles, Md Ci H Bibb, do G C Taliaferro, do a Fi.epberd do F Marti'.ry, do N Pn^, d?' U? B Bottler, do VV Hrrlc rt. do R L Right, Va F L, NY * J N?wton, do E W Maiey, R| . 1 Perry, do j Mai ?l>ury J Malone, do C Green, f.'a WilUrds' Hotel?old Point Comfort, Ya H Boyde, Portsmouth J II Williams, Bait ?r w do ^ p I' Fm:th, lady, child k r Montgomery, do servt, do H J Blake, do W Barter k lady, NY W J Baker, do Mi? E Baxter, do yMsTW.. m r II Portlock,TfaifcH j mjrr,n % Ca J Aatoer, P.uaburg Mu, J E M mil I, do r Li-iu '!'? Sl JSf. UNITED STATES MAIL. TERRITORIMOF NEBRASKA AND KANSAS rw OrruM Dinwinr, Jon* 1,1M5. T)P0P0sAL8 for carrying the mails of the United I States from Jie 1st dry rf January, lttfl, to the 30tbdav?f Jure. 1858 inclusive, on the following route* in the TerrLoriMi of Nebraska and Kansas, wfl' be received at the Contract Pflloe of the Poet Office Der?r'm???Jt, in the city of Washington. until 3p m., of the 1b* davpf Oetobsr, 1834. to be decided by the 10th ol the same m nth. TERRITORY OF NEBRASKA. /Vom IK of Jrnuary, I860. to lrf of July, 1868 !fo. 16601 From Oregon in Holt eounty, Missouri, b ? 8t*ph-n W. Story's, on ?he Missouri, be tween the t?o Namnhts, Mr. Purket's on Muddy Creek, John A. Singleton's en ths Great Nemaha, Mr. Bob?t's on the Oreat Ne maha, nod Marysvil'-} on Blue River, to Near Tort Kerney, en Plat'.e river 315 mi lee and back, od?w a week L??av< Oregon Monday at 6 a m Arrive at New Fort Kerney in 10 days Lesve New Fort Kern?v Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Or-gon in 10 days. Bids to run by a proposed schedule will be con sidered No. 15002 From Nehama Agency, in Kansas Terri tory. by 8 eph<n W. Story's,at 8tary'? Ferry. BTOvnville, Nebraska City, Weeping Water, Th*mpeoVs, at Thompson's Ferry, Platts t oath. B?llev1ew, Omaha City. Florence, lilacs bird Hill? and Black Bird City, to th,? mouth of Nyoway river, in the Territory of Nebrask , 250 mi es end back, once a week. Leave Netntha Ag< ncv Arrive at the mouth of Nyoway river I eave the mouth of Nyoway river Arrive at Nemaha Agency. Bidders will projosc aecbelule cf departures and arrival.-' No. 15003 From Bellr'ew City, by Omaha City, Fon tinelle. Pawnees on Leap fork, to Fort Lnra mie, 600 milrs and back, twice a mcnth Leave Bell view City Arrive at Fcr Laramie Leave fort Laramie Arrive at Bellvi w City Bidders will propose a schedule of departures and arrivals. No. 15O04 Frou Nebraska City, by New Fort Ker n?y and Afh ITolbw to Fort Laramie, 500 miles and back. tr i:e a m"nth Leave Nebra?ka City Arrive at Fort 1 aramle L?ave Fort Laramie Arrive at Nebraska (ity Bidders will propo?e a schedule of departures and arrivals No. 15006 Prom Lied an. in Atchison county. Mi* soari, by Jrhn Wcrland's and BenneU's Fer ry, en th* Missouri river, to Nebraska City, 40 mile* and back, one? a week Leave l.iadun Mond?v at 6 a m Arrive at Nebraska City same day by JO p m L?ave Nebraska City Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Lindun same dav by 10 p m Bid? to run ?wic* a week will he considered No. 1500A From (ll'nwood, in Mills county Iowa, by Cerro Gordo, low*, to 1'ellview Ciiy, 12 miles and back, three times a week Leave Glen"?ood Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at 9 a m Arri*e at Bel'.ville City same days by 12 m Leave Bellview City Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday a 9 a m Arrive at Glen wood same days by 4 p m Bids to commerce at Cerre GoMo will be con sidered Bids fir ones a week semes will be considered No. 15007 From Connrll Fluff', Iowa, to Oiraha City, 6 mil** and beck, t?uee times a week Leave Cou-ril Huffs Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at ^ma^a Oity <am* uay3 by 10 a m L?-ave Omaha City Monda7. Thursday at d Sat urday at 11 a m Arrive at Council Bluffs same days by 12 m Pi 1? for once a we-k service will be considered. No. 13008 From Oregon, in Holt county, Missouri, to Brownville, 60 miles and back, once a week Leave Oregon Tu sAaj at 6 a m Arrive at Prownville >ame dav by 19 p m Le ive Brcwnville Wednesday at ? a in Arrive at Ore_*on -am-- day by 10 p m Bids to rmbrace Lit dun on this route, and commence tne serric.. at ?.il oflc?aBdead at Bmwnville, will be considered. No. 15009 Fr>oi Sidney lo'v*, to NcfcraAa City. 13 miles and back, or.c? a week l eave 8:drey Saturday at 8 a an Arriv* at N-bra?k% City t am? day by 12 m Leave Nebraska City Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Sidney same day by * p m. Wo. 15010 From tJerro Gordo, Iowa, to Piatt'* Mouth 9 a)il'< and back, twice a week Leave Cerro Gordo Tuesday and Saturday ft 10 a ei Arrive it P att's Mouth same days by 12 m Le&vs Piatt's Mouth Tuesday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Carre Gtrdo acme dcys by 3pm B ds for one* a week rerviee will be considered. No. 16011 From oncra. Missouri, to Brcwnville. 5 miles and back 'tree ti re* a week I*av?j 8onora Monday, Wednesday, and Fridav at 10 a m Arrive at Bronnvil'e samcdajsby 12 m L?ave Brownvitle Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2p m Arrive *t ?'oaori !?n? d?ys by 4 p m Bidders will propose a schedule, and once a week wsrvio- will be . oa^id?r-d. No. 150i2 From Sonors, M:p ouri, toreb^ka City, 2d mdes und back, once a * e*k Leave Sonora Mon'lav at 4 a m Arrive a? Nebra-ka City same dav by 12 m 1 eave Nebraska City Monday at I p m Arrive at Sonora *an.e day by 9 p m TTiis route is supple I t,i be unnecessary. No. 15013 From Council Bluff Iowa, to Florence, 9 milr* acd back th*e? t m?? a we?k Leave Cwuacti Bluff, Monday, Wednesday, an! Friday at 1pm Arrive at Florence same days by 3 p m L~.?re Florence Monday, Wedn?*Jav, and Fri day at 10 a m Arrive at Coun il Bluff same days by 12 m ?dds to run by a pre posed schedule will be con s'.d^rsd, and eace a week servi e will also be carrider^d. No. 1#014 Fiom Florence by Todge City, to Fenta nelle Si miles and back three times a week Leave F;oren re Monday, VVedaeeday, and Fri day at 8 a m Arriv* at Fontanel^ same davr by 6 f m Leare Fontanel^ Tuesday, Thursday, and 8 c turiay at. M .i m Arrive at Fiorenc- samedsys by 6 p m Blis for once a week servio. will be oorsidered No. 15015 From Glenwood. Iowa, to 1 latt's Mou'J?, 9 mile* and b*ek, twice a week Leave Glenwood Monday and Thursday at 12 m Arrive at 1'latt's Mouth same d*ys by 2 p m Leave Piatt's Mouth Monday and Thurwiay at 3pm Arrive at Glen^oo ? same days by 5 p m Bid- f r once n week service will b? consi iersd. No. 15016 From Sidney. Iowa, to J. D N. Thomp sou's, at Thoxpson's Ferry, 16 miles and back, twiej a wefk I^ave Md ey Monday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive^at Tbomj on's Ferry same day:, by 12 m I>sa%e Thcmpaon's Fcr.y Mon>lay and Friday at lpm Arrive at Sidney same days by 5 p m B:<Sfl for onre a week service will be considered No. 160 7 From Vagnolia. I wu, to Clarence, 30 miles and ba k, once a week Leave Magnolia Tue?c"ay at 8 a m Arrive *t Florence sam*day by 6 p m L-ave Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Magnolia same day by 6 p m No, 16010 From Magnolia, Iowa, to Black Bird City, 45 miles a :d back, once a week Leave Magnolia Friday at 0 a m Arrive at Black Bird City fane day bv 9 p m Leave Black bird City Saturday at 6 a m Arrive atMagr.oi'a same day by ?p m No 16019 From Sarg^ant's bluff, Iowa, to Blaak Bird City, 20 miles and back, once a week Uave Sarg?ant's Hoff Tuesday at 0 a m Arrive at Black Bird City same day by 12 m Leave Black Bird City Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Sarg*ait's Bluff aaoie day by T p m No. 150tt From Leavenworth City, by Mtanler'a, Mooney, Grasshopper PalK Rock Point, Vt? million, tc I>yer*s, on big Blue, ? miies and back Leave Leavenworth City Arrive at Dyer's Leave Dyer's Arrive at Leavenworth City Bidders will state distance and ptourme a sched ule. This route is supposed to be in Kanras. No. 15021 From Atchison to Marytville. ? miles and back Leave Atchison Arrive at Ma-ysville I/eave Marysville Arrive at Atchison This route is supposed to be in Kansas. No. 1602i From Sargeant's Huff to Florenee, 80 miles and back, once a week Leave Saryeiint's Bluff Arrive at Florence Leave Flor-nee Arrive at targeant's BlufI Bidders will propose a schedule of deperture* and arrivals. KANSAS TERRFTORY. No. 1520*3 Prom fla rt Joseph, Mo , by Highland, to Murvsvllle, 130 miles and back, once a week I eave St. Joseph Vouday at 8 a m Arrive at Marysville Thursdnv by 9 p m I<?ave >1ary vtl'e Monday at 6 a m Arrive at St. Jf*eph Thursday by 9 p m ?urP<,ee'l to Lo superse<led by i an^if ??>'t will not be let to contract. No. lfir.or Inn Doniphan, by Wo f River, to ni?h lard 25 nrle* and hac\, on w a we-k L-?vr Doniphan Tburaday at 6 a m Arrive at H|g*>lan1 same day by 10 p m 1 ?ve ft rh .n-1 Prday at <5 a m . i-?v .!?>?> 'nr 10 r m No. s,). rt ,, ^ I ... BjMn, If. -- "V. '"'i" 1 rgifJi! oacj a <eek Leave auUmu Maaday at 0 a m Autre at Graeahopper Creek same day by 10 pm Leave Grarahopper Creek Tuesday at 6 ft m Arrive at Atchiaon um? day by 10 p. m. No. 15A09 From Rtekapoo, by Marlen?burg, to Grass hopper Creek, 17 milee and back, throw Mmes A week Leare Kickapoo Tuesday, Thur*day, and 8*t*r day at 0 a in Arrive at Grasshopper Creek Mmtt Jays by 12 m Leave Grasshopper Crerk Tufaday, Thuredty, and 9atnrdiy at 1 p m Arrive at Kickapoo fsdih days by 7 p m Hd* to ran ono* a week will be considered. No. 15110 From LeavenworthCitv, by Nuato Sh'lds Osawkee, Whitfield, Loring. Ilallet. Saint Mary's Mission, Vermillion River, and Shan non, to Pawnve, 140 miles and hack, once a week Leave Leavenworth City Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Pawnee Sa Urday (6th day) by 6 p m Leave Pawnee Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Leavenworth Saturday (5th daj) by 6 p m Bids te extend to Port Ri'ey, one mile further, will be considered. No. 13211 From Westport, Mo., by Franklin, Law renee City, Tokeska, Douglas City, Lacomp ton. and Tecumseh, to Whitfield, 79 miles and back, three timea a week Leave Westport Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Whitfield next days by 10 p m Leave Whitfield Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Westport n?xt days by 10 p m. Bids to ran ono? a week will be considered. No. 16212 From Westport, (Mo,) by Bull Creek, Black Jack, One-iiundred-ar,d-TB 1-MileCreek, and Council City, to Council Grove, 126 mile* and back, once a w?ek Leave Wes-port Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Council Grove Saturday by 6 p m L?ave Council Grove Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Westport Saturday by 6 p m No. 15213 From We?tport (?Io..) by We3 Mission, Osawattcmie, Miami Agency, Oen^Teville, Su gar Monndv Mine Creek, and Little Osage, to Port Scott l09 miles and tack, onoe a week Leave Westport Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Fort Soon Weinesdav by 8 a m L*ave Fort Scott Wednesday at 12 m ? Arrive at Westport Saturday by 10 p m No. 15214 Frcm Osawatt^niie by Henry Sherman's, to the Sac and Fox Agency, 60 miles and back. once a week Leave Oeawattomie Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Sac and Fox Agency same day by 10 p m L?ave Pac and Fox A^-rcy Tuesday at 6a m Arrive at Oeawntt mie same day by 10 p m No. 16215 Frcm West Point, (Mo.,) by Thomas Polk'e and Old Ca'bolic Mids-Inn, to Sugar Mound, 40 miles and back, once a week Leave We#t Point Thur day at 6 a m Arrive at Suear Mound same day by 10p m Leave Sugar Mound Friday at 6 a m Arrive at We?t Point same d?y by 10 p m No. 15216 Frcm Tekumseh, by Wacharu**, to Sac and Fox Agency, 90 miles and back, cnce a wek Leave Ts-kumseh Arrive at Pac and F.>x Age rj Leav* Sac and Fox Agency Arrive at T-jkunueh Bidlers will propose a schedule of departures and arrivals This service Is supposed to b* unnecessary at present. No. 16217 From Douirl*s, by Oiawk'e, to Highland, 80 m*?es and buck, once a we-k Le%ve Douglas Monday at 6 a m Arrive ?t Highland Saturday by 10 p m Leave Highland Mo day at 6 a m Arrive at Douglas Saturday by 10 pm No. 16218 from For1: Scott to Catholic Mission, in the Osage nation, 40 milrs and back, one a week Leave Fort Scotf Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Catholic Mission same day by 10 p m l??aye Catholic M;sa:on Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Scott.'am# day by 10 p m No. 15219 Pro n Fe-t 8oot% by Thoma* Polk's, to West Point, (Mo?)40 miles and back, once a week Leave Fort Scott Wednesday at fi a m Arrive at West Point Fame day bv 10 p m L?ave WVt Point Thursday at 6am Arrive at Fort Scott ?aina d*y by 10 p no No. 16220 From F<Tt Sc tt. by Rj<? Dry Wood, to Neoeho, (Mo.,) 75 miles and back, once a wepk Leave Fort Scstt We-lresdsy at 6 a m Arrive at N-o?bo Friday by 10 p m Leave Neo?hn Sunday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Sc^t* Tue-day b? 10 p m No. 15221 From Leavenworth City, by Kickapoo, Atchison, roniphi.n, 'nrf Criant, to White head's, 52 ales and back, once a week Leave Leavenworth City Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Whitehead s next day by 12 in I^avo V hitehead's Wednesday at 3 p m Arrive at Leavenworth City next day by 10 p m No. 16222 From IMwnee to Marysviile, 100 miiee and birk, ono-? a *?eek Leave I'awnee Mocday at 6am Arri-e a: Marysviile Saturday bv 6 p in Leave vinryville Monday at 6 a m Arrive at IV.wree Pa'urJay by 6 p m. No. 15223 Frcm Couucil G-ove. fcv Fort Kiley, to Pawnee, 40 miles s? d b^ck onee a week Leav* uoufcil Grove Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Pawn ?e nex- day by 12 m Leave Pawnee Tuesday at 3 p m Arrive at Council Grov* next day by 10 p m biis to run twice a n.ek will be considered. No. 15224 From Weston (Mo ) to Atchison, IS mileg and back, twi<e a week L-ave Wes'on Tues lay and Saturday at 6 a ml Arriv? at Atchi on earn-' days by 12 m l eave Atchiion Tu^wJny and Saturday at 3 p m Arrive at Weaten s,me day* by 9 p m TUs route is suppostd lo be superseded by No. 16281. No. 15225 Fr-m Tecumseh, by Baptist Mission, Uniontown, and Wauptu-e to Pawn-e, 82 miles and bs-cx, (.no- a we?k L?ave Tecr tn?eh Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Pawnee Wednesday by 6pm Leave Pawnee Thur<day at 6 a m Arrive at Tecumseh Saturday by o p m. No. 15220 Frcm Pawnee to iteeiler, ? mllej and ba?k, once a weex Leave Pawnee Arrive at Ite-der Leave R?eder Arrive at Patrn?e Bidders wlli propose a sohedule and state the die te nee. Ne. 162.7 From W. stport, (Mo.,) by Powtll's Store aud ft. Baruarl, to Sac and Fox Agency, 60 miles and hack, one-) a week Leave Weetport M >nday at 12 m Arrive at Sac *nd Fox Agency Wednesday by 12 m Leave Pac a^d Fox Ag ncy Wednesday at 3 pm Arrive at Wct-tport F Hav by 3 p m. No. 15'<28 From Kansas.(Mo,) by Wyandttte and Jacksonville, to Osawkee, 60 milee and back, once a week Leave Kansas Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Osawkee next day by 12 m Leave Osiwkee Tuefday at 3 p m Arrive at Kansas nrxt day by 9 p m Bide to run three times a week will be consid ered. No. 16229 From Independence, ( ijo.,) ! y the settle ments at the mouth cf tbe Haei/ano, on the I'pper Arkansas, and Little Salt Laki Settle ments, at the head t f the Nicollet River, to 8'ockton, Calif.-rnia 2,400 miles, once a month Leave Independence Arrive at Sto< kton Leave Stockton Arrive at In ependence liida t) run by a propo.^ed sehadula, and to pa*a other pointa in Ueu of thoie uamud in the route, bo aa to convey the mails in the short eat posaible time, will be considered. No. 16230 From Saint So?ph (Mo ,) by Great N# mabaw Agency and <Jrbaona, to Marysviile, 85 miles an 1 bauk, on'e ? week (*ave Saint Joseph Priday atOam Atrlve at Marysviil* next day by 6 p m L?av? Marysviile Junlay at 6 a n Arr've at Saint Joaeph next day by 6 p m No.16231 Prom Weston, (Mo,) by Jafon, to Atchi son, 18 milea and Lark, twice a week Leave Weston Monday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Atchiacn same days by 12 m L-*ve Atchi?on Monday and Friday ?t 1 p m Arr-veaT Weston same days by 7 p m Bids to run once a week will be considered No. 16232 From L*av en worth, by Stranger Creek, Crossing, Hickory Peint, Osaukee, Whitfle'd, Soldier Creek, Silver Lake, Catholic Minion, Keck Creek, and Blue, to Fort Riley, 130 milee and back, twice a week Leave Fort Leavenworth Monday and Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Riley Weineeday and Saturday by 12 m ' Lexva Fort Riley Wednesday and Suturday at 3 Arrive at Fort Leaven worth Friday and Monday by 9 p m B da to ran onoe a week wi:l be considered. No 16233 From Fort Leavinwerth, by the settle ments and towns or Liwrence, Wilson Hpnn^s, Pot^awftttam!e% fcnd Sugsr Creek, to ? ?or^ 8?ottf 125 miles and b ck, once a week l?eve Fort L?av.jnworth Wednesday at 6 am Arrive at Fort Scott Friday by fi p m Leave Fort Soitt Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Leavenworth Monday bv 6 d m No. 16234 From Kansas (Mo,) to LawrencJ, (Ka? tas.) 40 milee and back, eix tinei a week Leave Kanfa-i daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m Arrive at I^awrence name days fcy 9 p m uV?,e9 dally, excej t tundey, at 6 a m Arrive at Kansae saiat- day? by 0 p m Bide to ran three times, and once a week, will be considered. No. 16236 From Fort Keott. by Sngar Mound, Oen treville, and Henry fch?nuan's t> Hibbard, 50 miles and b??k once a ve^X L-ave Fort Snoft WeJneaJay at 6 a m Arrive at Hib??ard Tharsdav bv 12 m ' I eav? Hibbard Thursday at 3 p m Arrive atFort B-ott Friday by 9 p m No. 11236 From Port Atchison *o Marysviile, 120 miles and baek. threa tis-ee a we?k Uave Atohtaon Monday, W^lne d'sr. a?)i Fri

day at ? a m Awlvejk* Mar^wrHls Wedursday, Fridsf, and Leave MarrsvlUe Wednsedsy, Friday, and Sun day at tl p m Arrive ?t A.*?hi?cm Friday, Sunday, and Tues day by 9 p m Bid* to ran one* a week wW be oooeiderad. No. 15234 From Whitehead's, by Highland, Iowa Point, to Story's Landing, 40 milee and back, onoe a week Leave Whitehmd'a Fl1ay at 6 a ?a Arrive at Story's Landing same day by 0 p m Leave '?torr'^ Landing Satnriay at 6 e m Arrive at Whitehead's t'umo day by 9 p rn. No, 1823* From Or?gon, (Mo.,) by low* Point, to Highland, (Kansa%) 12 mil* s and back, onoe a week L?ave Oregon Saturday at 0k m Arrive at Highland sime day l~y 12 m Leave HigManJ Saturday at 1 p a Arrive at Oregon ?ame d*r by 7 p m. No. 15239 From Fort leaver worth t> Sac and Fox Agenc7,100 mills and back, once a week I?ave Fort Leavenworth Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Sac nnd Fox Agency W?dnesday by 12 m Leave Sac and Fox Agency Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Leavenworth Saturday by 12 m. No. 16240 From Fort Soott to Fort Atkinson, ? mile- and bark Leave Fort Scjtt Arrive at Fort Atkinson Leave Fort Atkinson Arrive a; Fort 8*ott Bidders will state the distance and propose a schedule. Ne. 15V41 From Fort Scott t? Crawford Seminary, ? mil-s and birk L?ave Fort S-ott Arrive at Crawf rd Seminary Lea -e Crawf>id Seminsry Arrive at Fort Scott Bidders Hill state the distance and propose a schedule. No. 15242 Westport to Fort Bcott, ? miles and back Leave Wesfport Arrive at Fort Scott Leave Fort So tt Arrive et Westport Bidders will ttate the distance and pr jpoee a schedule. For forms of proposals, guarantee, and eertifl case; also, instructions and requirements, (em bracing conditions to be incorporated in the oo? tracts to such extent as tbe department may de?m proper,) s-e advertisement Inviting proposals for mall service in the western and southwes'tirn States, dated 9th January, 1854. JAMES CAMPBELL, june 4?lnwlw Pr?tma*fsr n^neral. WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR I^OR ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON EV ER MADE.?Tb'is spoke a wise nnd good man, but mark the change ! Let he afflicted hear him, and then decide whether to suffer on or be made whole. Ye professional m?i, with ruined health, hear! Rev. James W. Hcksicpt, the taiente.l and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive !y read papr, th:: Christian Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va., in his editorial ot the ISth ot May, 1855. thus speaks of HAMPTON'S VEGfi. TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time ago We merely al'uded to Hampton's Vegetable Tiucture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the great rrlief we have onrseIt derived from its use During our collegiate course, owing to sedentary habit", we became quite dy?pep tic, and were very inncb troubled with vertigo For more than twelve years after leaving college, we were laboring un !er these two affliction' In the spring of 1830, our general health became so delicate that it was with great difficulty we couid attend to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our digestive or gans became wholly deranged ; Ruing as it seemcj to us, all Uieir activity and vitality; we were con stantly depressed in spirit, oor energy almost for sook us, and nothiug but necessity urged us on to action. We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose- We had despaired of ever recovering our health, when a female friend of ours importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton'a Vegetable "Tincture, assuring us that we would find great relief from its use. We briefly replied, "we would not give a dollar for all the 7\nc ture Hampton ever nunle, so far as our own individ ual health was concerned." We had no faith in it nor any other medicine in effecting a cure on us. In the kindness ot her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle and urged us to accept of it, and for her sake, as it could not possibly injure us, to use it according to direc tion For the high regard we had for her and her act of kindness, we promised to do so. And with out exageration we can truly say that before we hal used the contents of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifte-n bot ties. vVe weie a;raid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Since then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, ..lid bo far as our Sabor.*, toil*, l.ahili'ie?, rrsponsi bilities, and worl fly cares will allow, our spirits have been buQyant. and we e-t what we plea,,.. and as much as we please, and when we - and all i* well. For the sake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others may fled the same relief from its use that we have. It should be hepi in every family. No family should ever "b^ AMPT?N'S VEGETABLE TINC 1 LI Kb." Lawyers, Dorfirrs, Far.ktre, Mini%ter?, in nil the Departments ot ^utn, Ladies and Gentlemen in 'he highest walks of !ire, as well as thoge moving in the most hum Lie spheres, -peak of the cures on them selves and friends by this wonderful article. ' all and get pamphlet* ???atls, and see cores o Couch, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dvs pepsin, Nervousness and General Weakness. Asa >emale medicine or for delicate children we be!i?vi it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, 140 Baiti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway, N. Y<>?k Chas. Stott fc Co., J. B. Moors, D. R. Clarks Clares Bowliko, W. Elliot, and II. McPpir ?oh, Washington ; alio, by R. S. F. Cissel, George town, and C. C. Ecut, Alexandria, and by Drue -vervwiezC. * REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF THE EXETEU street, 'm e. church -A s?rong desire to benefit the afflictcd induces him thus to cer if>\ VVe dial* enge any other medicine Pr.e8^nt SV a ma-s3 testimony from gentlemen and ladies ot high standing of onr own wml-krown C.lii?Ln8' who testify of eurcs of COUGH, BRON CHITIS, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA, kc. ?AirT,*0R,? January 24th, 1855. Af?j8ys? Mortimer fy Mowbray ; I take pleasure in saying to you that I have uw.i } jut '? Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit r rom a serious taroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when J com menced to use ?? Hampton's Tincture." I found us effects upon my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs aoon right ed up under its use. ^ I have several umes recommended it to mv mends, and in every case, as far as I have beea m formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, Jon* Lahahar, Pastor Oi Exeter St., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. ? ? .. Ralsiou, N. C., Feb. 8,1855. Ueuri. Mortimer \ Moyobray: I do hereby certify that about twelve months ago l waa taken with a sevcro hemorrhage of the Lungs djid bad four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one bottle, and alter taking which, I was aatistied that I was much better; and that, after taking the fourth bottle, I was entirely well, and now 1 enjoy as good fcv"rJ 4*" V1 ^ I can> and do, with out the least hesitauon. recommend the Tincture to allpersons afflicted in my way. "ars> Q*o. W. WiaiuTi CURE FJT3?READ! Hart to the Sick than GolJ.?7rom one of the mow raspoctable Druggista in South Carolina. Charlssto*, B.C. Sept. 21,1853. Messrs. Mortimer & Mowbray The sale ef your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends tlS valuable medicine to the afflicted. Several of ot? planters have tried it in different cases with a.'Unn tolling success, and are getting it by half dozens. It baj been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a negro boy, suffering from Fits I will furnish you with a number of certificates ii von wish them. I am, gentlemen, yours, VV. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cure? of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia Dy pepsia, Nervousness an I General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe U unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, md 304 Broadway, N. York Cuas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moore, Clares, Clares & Bowlihs VV. Elliot, and H. Mr Pu,*-' son, Washington; also, by R. s. F. CVssl, George town; and C. L. Bikrt, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. leb gj?u FOR POOR AND LABORING^MEN. i\ ui i i itnimiw/i r ..r-.. _ . Cf MALL BUILDING IAVT? Cf 10 fo?t or more,k p various part* ot tb.City, and Qacr^town,5 low prices, and term to suit. LLOYD A 00. lOiLDIgu gTOHI. For sale, dtUverab!a tt th-j Canal, or 4 i* WashlagtoTi, Oecrgetcwn, or iJsxa?,d^ ia?v ??. ? LLOYD * 00. ir it I- ^ opp. Trfaso; / Dnjartnsct PRot?p m?unted GUARD QUICK STEP*-This excellent piece of Music of the SK,HTrfr r' M,r" R,,be,t^HoIIt, haajiiHt betn published by tbe subscribew. Ttitle m?Mt elegantly emkelliubed. ^ . - Li. . HILKUS a 1-ITZ j? i^,"8,c Hepot ui Star Buildings. r)ERRY?9 AND GILLOTT'8 8T -EL PEN'S m s1 *"""sskttffisst*' DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CSLEBKATBD (German Bitters, raiFAMn RT DR. C. M. JACKSON, PMlad'*.. 1^, WILL BV7BC1XALLT CCBB ? V, LIFER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, atlBICg, Chronic or Jftrvota Debility, DutiMt o/ tht Kidney, mmd all ciiVarri artn'ny from a di+ mrdermd Liver or flfcwuoi Such an Constipation, Inward Pile?, Fnllnt-s*, or Blood to tla?r Head, A>nditv 01" the Stomach, Nau tea, Heartburn, Dia*u?i lor Fullness ??r weight in the Stomach, Srnir Kructationa. Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pu of llie Stomach, Swrni iningfaf tiit: Head,Hurried ami ditii?ult Breathing, PluAring at th?; Heart, Choking or Sufiocating Sen*atioiia w hen in a lying Posture, Dimness ol Vision, Hot* of Webs before the Sight. Fever and Hall Pitin in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of tbe Skin and Eves, Pain in the Sid>', Back, Cheat, Limb*, .He., Sudden Flushes burning 111 the Flesh, Constant liuagin injs of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. r*lHE proprietor, in calling tne attention of the J. public to tins preparation, does so with a leel ?vg of the utmost confidence in its virtue? and adap l.Unm to the diseases fbr which it is recommended. It is no new and unified article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the Ameri ctn people, aiid its reputation and isale is unnvalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor civen by the most prominent ?T.d ?ell fc:nwn Physician* and individuals, in all parts of iftfc country is immense. The following from North Caiolina is respectfully aur>? itt?*d, r?;terring anv who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt B<mk. for Fanners and Families, lo l>e had gratis, of ail the Agents tor tbe German Bitters. Principal Officc and .Manufactory, 180 Arch at., Philadelphia, Pa. TR3TIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certiorate of Dr. W. Smith., of Pine Hill, Ruh in?n& County, N. C. Pirn HILL, March 4th. 1R54. D*. C. M. Jacksoh, Philadelphia?IVar Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst t nn, for-the Wt five years. Such wns my coutliui n tor twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me said I must die. While in this condition^ I whs carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tenor* see and Nonh Carolina, but wa- not benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I ?'topped a week at Rutherfor?iton, a enuR I village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and aiya?if There ; were s?-v? ral of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my c.ase and, after asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fited by the use of44 Dr. Hoofland's German Bit tern," prepared bv you, and he insisted that I would try th*> BiU-M H*" also called the next day at my room, and insi.-ted so much thai I would try th^m that I asked him to eet me one bottle. He dil it, and 1 commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than all tbe water and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to ine tor a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic.) ;.nd 1 gave him ntarlv oil the Bitters I had left, w t'ich effected much good in his case. He hasoftm called on me for more of the same k nd of laedi cn.e, saying he was more benefitted by it than any otlicr he had taken, but I have not been abie to get t^y more for him or myself ifii.?, V..'. , ? , tbete fore. please ship me a dozen or more as soon as nos r'bie. Be?pec?fiil!y yours, W. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C.f I October 24. Ib53, rays:?u Having experienced very great benefit from tbe use of " Ho^fl.ind's G?rrmau Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and us coi.comiumi evils, I am desirous of obtaining a luanuty of it for the benefit of my community. You will, thenaorc, plea**- send a tot. ?e. &e. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. HrirrsviLLit, Yabkih Co , N. C, Nt-V. )st,lSiJ. l?r.C. M.Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow roe to er (.rc-ss to you iny sincere thanks for your discovery of a ninlicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure thai all other medicines, that I have :ak<*n. have entirely failed to uo. uHoofland'.s Ger man Hitters" have eured me of the most stubbu?n ami az?ravated case of the pn.ics that, p< rlia-js, ever fell t<* the lot of man My ease Is not a rtmnger in this community, a* I am w* II known in t!i?s and the -unrounding counties, and can truly shv that nty re covery has a^tound?d all my friends and relations, as I had iried everything reconiiii' n<i -d, Knd nothing ihd me any good until I was prevailed up <u to tr> t;:e Bitters. Yon are fit liberty to make uny lw?* ol th:; com manic at ion, lor the benefit of tLe af2:ct d, you mav Uiink proper. Truly yours, WM. J. AT WOOD. I btrw: li'ttem are entirely vegetable, they invigorate and Etren^then i^e system, never prostrate it, and c.n hi- used for infants as wt!l as adalis. For si'e ty resectable dealer? everywhere, and hr Z. I). GIL^fAN. Washinron; J. L. KIDWSLL, Georgetown; and J. R. PI HP PONT, Alexandria, mar ' ?1 v CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tli%? C??ar 1' of tha Illood I Rot a Particle et ttorcury In It U I.fHk'.ur..* Riyrov lor Scrofula, King's SriL, '."r.eoaiatj<d, OSs'loat1) Cntinems Eiuptiaua, r*iai?les or Pustules ou thr :-cr. Blotches, Foile. 0;r--ai'* Sore JSyre, f.isg Worst c-t T?^tw, Bcald Ee& l. Knlargflni'nt aui Paia of tbe Boris? ti:4 Toirrs, Btntfccru U'oers, Syphilitic IH?crdere, Lumbcijra Spinai Gornpl* cts, all the dif^w?^ srinvs front's iojudicicue a? of Mepnury, In 1>rr.A ?!"* iu ? iit, or Impurity of the Blood. !* -HIS valuable M"diciae, ? hich has toe cm t cel?* l.rat~l fcr the number c* -xtra- rdioary curea efr-rtrd thr^ u^h ite ajoftscy, has icdaced the propri etor?, ot tbe nrg nt r^jii's't of th?ir friends, tc o4er it Uj tht public, which they do with the utBtc?t con fidence n Ite virtues 33 J wonderful curt tiro prop J srti'E Tbe Llitr* inc certlflcaleii, !ei<ctod trosn a | large number, n*, huvctr, ctronger teo'lsibn" tbac the mere wot .1 oftKe proprietors; mcl ate all trota wntlerren veil move in tl.flr locaiitlea, ?id of tfc* highest reepecUiLili^, rr.?t.y vl th-m retidliig Ie. .U? clt / of Rictaac n-i ? ? f liOTDKN, lifq,. of t.h# Kx hange Eotel, Sicb Cloud, knoicii evsrvrhere r:?ys he baa seen 'he Mai* iciii? called C?JiT3tv s Srama3 Muttnsji,adijiiciatere-i in ever a hunirtd caMr', in raarlv all the disitaec for *bioh it Is recomiaer.dod, ?itJ the moet astrn >hingly good reeults He says it ia the mott txaardia^ry m"?dicine be hiu ?ver teen. AGUk. AJ?D IL7Kli-4.:idA!: GDilS.?I bem>j certify that for torae yean: 1 had Ague ani Pe?ei cf the uioct ?iolsut ds^j'npika. I had several Phv eic'.aM, UcJi large quaz.tit.iM of Quinine, Mercury, tT-11 be,!eve a'i the Ton!'> a1vettLr-ed, but all with oct permanea; relief. At la."t I tried Carter's BpiuicL Mixture, two tottiee of TThlfh effectually eared me, and I ari b^ppy to say 1 hate had neither ctilLs or fe?ers auioe. 1 couaioerlt tbe l>?et Took la thin world, a^d tt3 culy cetlitiae Last eve* ralliedJOJN L02ISDSN. Bsavih z tar Bicijiufal. Va. 0. B. LUCK, *;~q . nov ,u the c ixy of Siclifiecd and for ir.a>iy years u tbe Post GflW., haa snefc 9cn!ld*nor. iu tbe tstoninliltir iSlcaey of Carter's Sptiish Miitare, that he tpwards of Ic bottle, which be hr.s gireu *w?y to the *2iiil?*i.? VIr. Luck aava he bae aaver knorrn it to fail when trken aocordiag to directions. Dr. M1NG8, n practiding Phynclan. an3 formerly pf the City Hotel, in tbe city of Richmond, aaya he hc.4 iritaesced ii a cumber of I-.stances the eflecta ol Carter'a Bpaaiah Mixture, which vera Boat truly jurprlaln? Ur naya ia a care cf 0eabruption, da panic at on the Liver, th*- seed effecta war# won darful indeed. 8AMU2L M. DltlNKEH, of the Arm of Drinker & Moi-ria, Bichmcad, war cured cured of Liver Ooia plm it of three yeara stauilicg, by the a*?e of twe bclUec of Carter'a Spani h Mlxlure. GUKAXCUKR Or ^jEc^FUJ^A.?The Bdilrra of the Rlchciocd EepublW an h-d: rervaat tmf lf.yel io tbalr prees room, cuthI of Ti lent Bcrefaia, coo. bined witii Rhounit'Lnic, vakh ertjeeij* d!aab\^3 him from work. Ta-o bottlaa c.f Gsr^src f Mixture mada a parfaot cu^e of bii9, a^d the Sdi torn iu a public uoaiic, ?i#^ thav "tJ_r?jrfuuy rxi-m mead it to all uho ?.re a.^licied vrttJi arj CUMU3 c! the blood * MILL AN0TH1R OF BCXOfUUL?I !?t4 a vary valuable boy curt-d of Porc.fala Ij Curtrr*t Bpam*h Mixture. 1 coi 'lder it truly ? val-'abla medicine. JAMBS M. TA if 1/?B, Conductor on the B. F. and P. R. ?L. Ccr. Richmond. Va. SALT B.HSLM Olf TWKMT VLAlUi OTJBSD Mr. JOIIi; THOMPSON, reaidiag la ibe rtt7 .d Richm.UMt, waa cure-t by three bottled of Ciitar'f gpaaiah Mixture, of halt Rheum, which h.> Lm<1 fur n^aily Iweotj years, and ?hich all the piiyaiaiaat of tha aculd not care. Mr. Thr>mpaon ie a well kaowt, ?*?&?hant in the city of Lirtuacadf and hih i? niiot St*-caikable. WM. A. WATrHKU'?, of Richmond had a r?rvant oured off ''jrphiliH, in the worat form, by Carter'! bpaaiah Mixture. He pays be cheerfully rerrjr. meuda it, and oonaidere it a very invaluitbla meui cine. ? KDWIN BURTON, commi8?i<)ner o< the raveno* says he ha? eeen the good aflbcui of Carters .-panUi. Mixture in a number of Syphilitic c*s?, and c?T3 ic a perfect ?urr for that horrible diaeaee. WM. 0. HA3W00D, ef Richmond, rured of old gores and Ul<vrs, which diMOled him t?m ??lkia? Took a fcw bottlea of Carter'a 8paniah Mixture, ??? waa euaMed to walk without a tritteb,in a short time permanently cured. ,, ?. Principal Depota at M WARD, CL<*E * Co? ?0. 83 M^ldaii Lima, Naw York. . _^w . , T. W. DY(?Pr * No. 1M North i^ud at ^JSNN^kTT * BBKlJ?, No. 136 ?t?et? Ri-h "And for sale by C11ARLK8 8T0TT, WaahingU.n, D. 0; HBNKY PKEL, Alexeodria, and by Dtuctfiata ffSel!Jl per bottle, or ?il brtM - f-r $S: s?p 21?Iv |O^S * >P THE COUNTESS OP RLE?*. ?tu|to<i. by R. K. Madden, M. S. 1. A., two PKfiNCK TAYLOu, I? TRAVRLKJU*' IJP.F1 TOKY. BT RAI1.K9A1I DIRICT TO T lima between Waibioftoa and Wbaaliag bat 171 hours: Running tims *ef?*r n Wtixh'ngton and Ctnrtnnati 27 hours 'J hrough Tickets and Bacgage Cbecks to be had in Washington ?!! TRS b ALT I MURE AND OHIO RAILROAD UAVINO cr. >:1r miprovd its Western eonnec Hons now tin fullest inducements in travelers between aehii)rt>?t Baltimore, um< *11 portions of tfw Wert, Uic X^ntiwest and the Sooth wf?L The connection betweei. the trains from Wub ? wrtnn and the trains bound ?> <i frrc.o Raltimoie M always promptly made at the Wa-iuiirvw Junction (l uHy called tlte Relay Hou>e) 9 m,w? Btlti iiiJK. Tbi? i' ih?- uat> rb tnr? of c*n required be iwnec Wa^iingtnh Ui l tli- < >hlo river. Baggage m i*heefre4 throngh lo Wbtdinj at the w2bSmM stt inn, and r?<hfeltfd and tnmfrntf th*r?- (waJi the passengers) without chary-, for lho<w> holding *.!.i iuj?1i ticki tc for points IW->nnd. The conn*rung (r un<- Uave Washuiat'.n daily at 6 a. m. and 4^ p. m On Saudaya at the latter hoar only. At Wheeling dire t conneeiou is iua?le ??Qi tfc* franie of the CENTRA I. filllo RAILROAD, run uing from Bellaire on the Ohio. near Whteliag, throuch Cambridge, Zan< -ville and Newark, to WLl'MBl'8. The??- trains connect at Newark with ihe ears of the Newark. ManafteM and Sandua ky Railroad to. Saatiuoky, Toledo, Detroit,Chicago St. Lotus,etc. At Columbu? the C. O. Rni'road trains connect with the fast train* of the Lift'e Miami Railroad to X.ira, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenia (on Little Miami Railroad) conn?*iioo w formed with the train* through Dayton,to INDIAN AI'OLIS, Terre Haute, Laiayette, Chicago, Rock 1 land, St. Louis, etc. 9f- Passengers hiding through ticket* lor Mem ((\i? Jlrkshurc, NalcAe*, .Vete Or.V<?w*. etc., which 4'.- aino sold ai Washington- are transferred at Cia c.inati to the Mail Stea:n< rs ?<n the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvilie, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold by this route. *?-FOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to T.ited ?, Detroit, Chicago, etc., ticket# are sold, vlfn ihe Ohio'ic navigable bo:w?on Wheeling and IVellcriHe (forty mil?*?> where a cwnection with the Cleveland and I'hutrorg Kailsoarf i? made. i'ru velars are r< q?ef i:4 to notice that wkile this is the iitily route >iding through tickets and cb?ckt iu Washington, :: i? aleo the s*.?orte*t, ir.o*t speerty, and direct to nearly a!I the leading p >uiu< in ihe jr< at Wes?. The distance from Washington to Cm ctnnati is hut 653 miles, being about IMG nrles short er than hv any other roof ! FARE BY THROUGH TICKET FEOM WASH IVQTON: To Wheeling, JJS SO: Columbus 5# 66. Dayton, $15 50 ; Cincinnati, f 16 ; Lonisvitln, by railroad ?1P65. by ^teann r (mm ? incinnau. $18; In dianapolis, *17 .v>; l1eve]tii'l,$lS 15; Toledo, f 15 80; Detroit, ?'.5 20; Chi?"ai*o. 65 am) .ai9 50; Sl Louis, Q22 50 and $".?5; Memphis, $26; New Or IcHni, $31, etr. FOR FREDERICK aiH HARPER'S fERRV V \RTIN83U1LC, BEHKEI.KY SI'RINC8, CUM BESLAND. REDTORD SPltl \G8, Piedmont, Oak ln*?.l, and Fairmount, pa- < tiK>Td may leave Waste ingto?i at 6 a in or 4^p. m. For the n.inor way *MUons b? twe**n Baltnaore and Wheel.?g, take ( a in train from Washington. Vjr For train* to and fntn Baltimore. Aonapolis, etc-, ?*ee special advertisem^cis. For further infr?matior, through tickets, Iu*., apply to THOS. H. PARSONS; ^g- nt, at VVa?hiag. ton Siauou. JOHN H. DoNE, M".-ler of Trarxportation Balumop and Ohio Uailroad, Balumon*. may J?tf WASHINGTON BRANCHRAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOCRS. (\ V *'id after Monday, ?iie 23d instant, the I 4 7 si!! I .-aye Washington at 6 and a. n?., and 31 4* p m < ?n Sunday at 4% p m Leave Baltimore at 4 M and am, and 3 and p m (?n Sunday a: 4J^ a m. ap23? tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. Mott Bfidali ? Line. NF.IV VORK.JtLKX^XDfllJl, B'.*^UiSGTOB CITY, JiS'Q DIXTKICT OF COLUMBIA Mcnnv. rpillS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY I from pier 11 !Ia*t iliver, New York,and oftenet iJ i?' ccpsajy,and aie compfiecd of thR Mlowing fiin cla-s vitfseis: w n."hr. J\. V. fioteil, Hisdell, master, Xew s?hr. Mott Bedell. V. V. TirdwiJl. Schr. jJr-.t J}., Wm. Oliver, mast*'. S^hr. Vr-lftn4., L. A. Smith, master. S' ur. Crjm'rnun^rr in-CA'e'. Worlurr. master. S:hr. CrctH cay. Wil* n, ira?^r. There vt*e?:ls ar^ a*I fi.-i sailers, rind the masters mc. o? eip? rif-nce tnt:i? :rad'\ and the only rcgu !-r ?iif ol W ^hinrton Cr.v packets. H irf I'-EPELL, Wall stre-t, N. T. P. P. MASTERS fc Sr'NS, Alexandria, Va. THOM ?H RILEY, fca 1?4m VV;<**?aci8n and D. C. 0R*H82 AiTD ALEXAHDRIA PAILiOAD. Ov ciiid after Tit winy, Nov. 7, 1854, "f^CE Cars luro Al*xsndris daily fc-r Gr?doii? 1 *113^ nnd iutemsfistt ctat>cns at 7J^ o'clock, n n ., cu tbi fcrnw o! the boal fn-ta WashingVin, r-visgaaple tlas- f>r l^kfart on board. Co?. t'viK at ilkui- -is .iu>icu?n wiih a tr. la for ^traa> t?rt% at Wm?--?qc9?i Ju- cticn witii m train lbt War t"DUE, *Ti l a : Onraofjjr. l- with ihs -.rfc?as ca ths Vire^ia C^arral RailiceJ Jbr Aj^i-aondjllbarbtt^w ?Hi's cci Ptsaa'.ot Ths car? '?*-?? Qer>los~v{'la dsli" fr.r Alexanlrla end i&tersseAiat. JtAtion:, ut ^ b? Vs 12, a. ra., oa tie ai riva; of the trr^ti c! tin Vire'^la O'atral rail roar*, m a Uic.La.jyi, Chsrloltejvilia, i>sJ bcaccton THBOrcn 71CXKTB iTcm Ale*ar-?x*? to Wan*ntoa $3 00 u u Gerdocitiri#..^ 3 to " " CoArlo.itrfTi'ta 4 26 *? Stauit&i..^. 6 90 ? u *' ? trap berg a hO t-rnefchurs 6 7ft * ** ^tLe^?st?r t ftO Loray 4 24 '* u New Mark*. ft 00 u " HldJlebarg S 2ft F"? T.yac^ibtug., coi'iitctlcr with tos sts^ss at C-r.."icttesrllle. on Moi^l*.?- V%Jna.days, and Frt dart. For f.nray ar.d New 'farket, ornneetlcg with ths 9 t??r t,t Culpeper; oa " oeedaj*: Thi-redsys, and Sat urday. for TTizich utter dtil/, osnMctlug with the stagas at I'isjLiont For MldllsbUi-g iailj eiri.wt'.ng with Uie rtag?> at the Plain?. " Per onlerr W. E. HIIOCXITT, Ageat rov T?dtf FOiTMOUNT VERNON. Oa TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fai* rcind trip $1; from Ala* anUrle 7ft cent*.-The THOMAS COLLYER leave* Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. C t#v?vi the Capitol tor the boht at t % o'elk. C-^sih fire '0 csnts. Persons witihin* .he Coaches will.leave thalx real 5?r?cs vlth Geo. S Thos. I'arke: Eefreflhmenfcc on the t?at fsiHi?<:tf CAM*L GSDNVY, Otfl UIKMKW YORK A LIYEKPOOL Ui\i'i'ED STAVES MAIL STEAMERS. ?T'Dl KH1PU 00MPRI81N0 T*!IB LINI 1 Tiilfc? ATLANTIC, Cap*. PAOUTiC. Oapt. Nys, II ALT 10, Capt. Osmstock, AD Hi A.vIO, Capt. QraJton. lass# ahif.i Save been built tract, express ?j ft?r (JoT*rntient berri'e; e?er- ears has b??a Ut^ea In their oenrtruetton. m in the Itngtnes to iEssre rtreu?lh and :?pmd. and their anrommod* ticne ft?r ^a^eengsre are nnequaLed for eiepanee an j oomlort i-rire of ras? <e trcm Ne? York to Liverpool, til Ci^oaMn ? Pucond Cabin - _T" Exclusive nw ol extra sia* uta * r"5BS...M.??? 30? ^om Liverpool ts J??w York ?-? and ?20. Au sxperienosd s jrgeon attached to each ship. No ber'-h can be secured until paid tor. *er tnitb*. ?r nansase apply to *1?WaSd K. COLLINS k CO., ftC WaU rtreet New York; nnOWN, HUIPLEY t 00, LirerpooL >. 0. RObhKTR ft 00., 13 King's Arne Verd, L ndoa. JOHN MONRO* ft 00, SC Eue Notre Dw dee Ts toirat, Farla. GEO. n. E RAP it R, Hstb*. The owuere of them ships will sot Ls a^ornubls for gold, Mlver, bullion, rpecie, je-aelry, precioa* stones cr metals, nnlee.- billn of lading are etgwed ther#for. an i Jie Talus thnreoi tlw rein expraused. no? 16?dl v BAVKIH6 HOD8K 07 PA ISO ft H0UE8J, B Opposite Untied Stmte* 7Vwa?'? ONDS, (Hocks and other s*:et.i'u?s fwschai^d and sold. lnt? test at the rate of ?i prr ceat per annuir al lowed on d? posits wheu left ro? M d?;t t* 1 fa bUMui