Newspaper of Evening Star, 26 Haziran 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 26 Haziran 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, lEXCEPT SUNDAY.) At th* Star BmJding, corner P^mur^lwanm mvspu* and Eleventh street, Br w. D. WALLACn, Will be nwrred to fubflrribere <n the cities of Wash ington. Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Ap'nt*. To mail subscriber* the rabscriptiom price is THREE (COLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in ??i?vi.TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHH. {jt^-9inQi.M conn on oarr. * VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JUNE 26. 1855, NO. 773. THE WEEKLY STAR. 16 09 O^Caii, ihv aiuablt m ima?a Sm*le copies (in wrapper*) can be procarod at the coanter, immediately after the iaaae of paper. Price?mac cnrra. romtimti who act an ajraota wtli be allc ? rnmiritainn r%f !???!? ?? ? R. SOMTHIlfO WiW USDEB THE SU*. CHARLES WERNER, PenttTr/wmta arr+me. oF?o<Ue Broumt? Hotel. HAS rifted tip the com m od ion* hall ov?*r hi* Res taurant a? a urst class i-AGSR BEERSA LOON, having procured a supply of every luxury and eooifom fount' in flw cl.nss establishments of tf?e kin<i in the Northern cities. His RIl'NE WINES and Frf-nch White Wires, as well as 4>s Claret?, Shears. Laser Beer, German. Italian, and Sweiuer CHEESES, and indeed <f ev ery other appropriate luxury in ruch aa >-*stab!iF?i ment, i* unsurpassed in this country. He solicits a can from his friends and the public, ma? 19?if dentistry! B. DONALDSON, Demist, late of the firm of ? Hunt-fc DojsaJdaoo, continue* to mrfMtK and insert those trwtWiL porcelain teetn, wi'ii or without g'Tns,"^] for specimen!* of wb;ch (made and de posited by the iat<' fi.m) was awarded the first Cemium at the Mechanics' Institute Pair, recently Id in tb.s c iy. These teeth are carved and shaded lo suit each particular case, and their n .-^nblanre to the natu ral organs is so p*rfeci as to deceive the .m>-"t prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to fill in* and pre ?erving tto? natural teeth. Charges moderate and al1 operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D f trance on D mxr 21?fim LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE ?nje'signeu will pay the highest price for ^ Land Warrants. Stocks bought and sold on Commission. ?I A MILTON G. FAST, No.43? Pa. a?.nue, Washington. ?17 ?-lin (loisl.'r or) ICE-ICE?ICE! (^IIARLES WXKWK", on Pa. avenue, S opposite Browns' llotel, w II ke*p throughout the season an ample supply of P?-u?br?ne'a best ICE, which he w?l. set , on call, in any quantities, at the lewest fKM-ibK rates. nnv 23?iltHepdO PURE SILVER WARE~A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT & BRO. cu'i attention to their ? unusually large as&oruntrt ci titverwan, consisting 01?? Solid silver Pea Seta, complete Silver Piictiers, solid Silv.-r Castors Silver Cups and Saucers, Goblets Sdver f ish Carv- rs ard Fur'*#, Crumb Scrapers CUe Kmv s, Pruit Shovels, Sugar Sifters Jelly Sp ion', Cheese Scoops Pickle Knives and Forks ''Mive SpooAs, Salad Tougs, \eg"tai^e lories Pratt Knives, lee Tone*, Dessert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy i,ad>s Ice Cream Knives, Sa;t Cellars Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, Tiblf, and Desert Spoons ai'd Porks of every variety Breakfast and dinner CofTi'e Spoors, Sic. Also, a very largv; aasorim nt of Fancy Stiver ware. suitable for wed^ug, birth uay. and ? Jur preset'ts The above is all of oar own manufacture and Is warranted to be pure. .%f. W. GALT & BRO., * Pa. ave., be:w. D*Ji and lOtli - t*. mar 31?tr NOTICE.?I rec~iv?*J ibis lay a n?*w assort ment SLEEVE BCTTOr.S and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a %'ariety of outer new J'"?'*: M Vest Chains, Cbatelams. Brace lets, 1'Liu Earnn?s. Ri?p, etc. Great inducements ott*r ? to narchas^rs. ? ? M* SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa avenu;, bei. Ctl? and lUth st< OC^ Mom t*ninU wt to Go'd P*ns at short n^lic;? Diamonds retnouolfcu, at?a je\*e:y ui<tu*: to order. in <u 89?f PROSPECTUS For fulluhing a monthly Musical Work in tfio city of Washington. THE underfed, at the sclicitc!i?n of?mnyof their cneeMed rn^toiner-, propose publiahi:!" a monthly Mus'cal Worn, en'itird The Rational Sotuiiy Kcileal M<igaziaa. Trie Hagazine fro>a .our to six page. of Music, selected fnm tae btvt Eurc?p< mu aiulNa tive Cm >oseis Iii ?uiditi^n to the Muiic n.i extra sheet wi!! he ald^d, con'aiiiing the laiest .Musical News, Musical Noiiees, ftc. The .Majaxmu wi'l be pr;nted on the best quality Music paper,nud *v>tl be printed from engraved plates, in U.t nea'^st uiaif ner. Th^ first uum>>er of the Magazine will Le ready aboui tue 1st of July, 1S55. Mr. S. V. NVr*s, the ?.sje'nt for the Work, will solicit Mihecr>ption from tin; citizen-j of th? Di.-tri'.t 01 Columbia, tail show a specimen uuniber. J*"*9 '!? BrRjis, No. 150 Bridge street, is the ftgeut for Georgetown. HILBU3 k HIT2, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av., Kth and D sts, Sur Bu..dingv, v\'x,hingtan, D. C. loae 4?tf m A CARD. & #%<( Economy u th* to w*ltk." JQ Gr?t KeducUon in th* prico of Hata St Capi ?J'H E undersign id, iiav.ur ru Ue arransemeutj X with a New Ycra fiat Company t-> ce con Atntly Mippiied wiio the veiy Moleskin or tikESS HA TS, gin up in tue latest s?tyle, offers tuetn a: th-? aspf*ce?letted low priee of worth (rum four t?i five d.?liar,; nic&ud quality, nj worui from %J oU to 51; and s very grtod tashu-n abie Hat at w^rt 1 from .*3 to ?y,50. A.'so, Be?*be k Oo ? Haw, atisuih l^sa advance than tliey have been here 1 )i :rj ?olu iu t!lis cU7. Pirst rate beaver Hats 53,51. Ail kinds of s?it HATS and CAPS very low. la order to sell at the above- lew prices ca;b STsteui must be adopted ; coasiquehtly those who (rurcUass wdl not he charged t'ro?lS fifteen to twenty a*e per cent, as an offset for bad d^bts. ANTHONY. (for many years in lbe employ of Todd & Co.) No. 3. Cuiu&ibia piace, 7tli St., *P 13?tf ?l ooor north ol P.-u:t. avenue. H FINE WATClliiS. A VING made a considerable addiaon to my stock of ' ?0L? BC9T1HS fA rtHT f IVCEi, and utu)' witcs^s W*r?t quamy, heavy ii carat Also. SILVER WATCHES for hoys. I offi-r them at gre?OJy reduced prices. The ?ovements ue se'ecied with great cate, and every watch is isarrantai. ' Persons m want ?f a fine tUnekeuBer a.u ^avitad to exaaua^ my aasonmenu v II S EM KEN. ? 4r avenue, b>;;w. UUiai.d irfUi its. ??,f ?W REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND m..p . gas-fitting depot. T iS'r n?KCtfdly a.M,11CM to hL. ctw^h^ ?,Heraj c'*t Le o<ta,re IXJIKI F sVw m'!-<'Ci V.t,eLfauJ UODGE'8 Pl iap whi ?, SLcTlON and FORCE Uie li ri, , !C :rrd tht SW-KEii UKDJkL at WL Metropolitan Meehrnic-' in^tl w Iurmsh Wi,? ^ B^LMOeL?ittA# are utwur 111 the ot" roni(?eii i.t workman h< pi ides GA^^.nW.v U,V (>r(l"T" in U": AND ilNl' 'i-e wiui prorn, addeapaien. work done warrau'ed tu g^ve cotuulete JOHN RELSE; V *?tf cor. Biith .-t. a 1,a pa avi tae. M a card." Ii8 E. PIULLir^, Ne- 401 Sixth si., b*t?ven O ami H, desirts to iiilortu the om Washii gion and vicinity, that ?h? is now to rive instrucuons on the Piano Forte, 'iuight mr.sic m s<?m?J ? f the principal lilies |"rj* *-*tow, and lia? testimonials snowing that she ? t''"ipt:t?-n: to discharge the duties of her pr** k?. ^'.to lu* Wl faction of those who niiiy ( vor I. ?t? lb?*ir pair >nag*. ^10 for ^ ^ residence, or W SELLING OHF.~ co|?c|uded tj i|sa th? fancy silk trade, ?h*'l fnm. ,B onl,:f to ? ?ur large stock we ?f h?f, ?' "T tor enure stock tWT L,h ^ duJ Coi d Silks at AlJo' for less. ? v"8",15 "? *n i lh>? Cuods I.mJT 1 Ui^n furuur prices. puicii t^ers generally a.e invited to Uoos ZI a-.<M?rt.jieiil btl >reni ?k ?g thurselec. ? we are determined to idler great largam*. Vn 1. CULI EY k SEAks, }? 13-!^,^ Seventh st, 3 uoois north Pa. av. 8 *< AND PtICKKT ?W.tow.Vi 1 ' ? - *c.?A large assort aruci " *l "y oe"''' P,a <lu lfcc c"y- Fnt Bo?*ke*tJ?> aiJ I,r,Cr,, ???!' al th? Biay jy 'mnfcisj yu>re, Seventh st, U. JrJLiNCW. Da. L. B. WRIGHT'S UNTAILIKO "SCB0FTJL0U8 AKTIDOT?,'* For the Permamert Curt of CONSUMPTION and all otherfonm of SCROFULOUS DISEASES. fpHIS Medicine is prepared by an eminent physi L cianof eighteen years practice in New York city, during which Tine he haa constantly used it with the most unbounded success, and create*! for it a reputation in private practice, unequalled in the history of met!icmc. It acts immediately upon the blood, cleansm? i; from all scrofuloo* humor" or i?it puriues, renovaiinc and. by its magic powers, IN VIGORATING THE WHOLE SYSTEM, iu proof of w ieh, hundreds of respectable witnessee from the doctor'.* private practice have given in their t<*s titnoay, and entreat those suffering from any scrofu lous affection, to call upon them a d satitfy your telve*. A Treatise on Scrofulous diseases can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT 409 Broadw.iy, and at Diug Storas irenerally. CHARLES 8TOTT fc CO., Agents for Washington. DI3. L.. F WRIGHT'S TASTELFSS "LIQUID CATHARTIC," OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. IT^HIS is the BE-*T. CHEAPEST.and MOST EF l FICIENT C \THARTIC EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nausea ting t fleet of Pills, Oi!, Senna, 8ic.,) and p:oducing no griping or other painful effects Unlike nil oth er purgatives, it ?earelies to the bottom of the dis ease, tho-oughly cleanses th? stomach, and leaves the bowels entirely fre? from cwtiveness. NO F4MILV SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readilv arid without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RECOM MENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY Give ii a trial and then judge for voursi Ives. It can be had wholesale and retail at E II. ST A BLER & CO'S. Baltimore, urCIIARLEd STOTT St. CO., Wd^hir ::on, D. C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, whtre the doctor can be con-tilted daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p. in.. *itheut charge. je 13? Cm ]Vo7aQ7. WASHJWTON STOVE AHNUP.4WRY, 5. F- corner of Pa. av. and Klcvmlh itreet, Sole Agency for ClItl.SON, GOULD & CO.'S Warmins aal Ventilating Apparatus, M. POJ'D h CO.'S (of Bxton) Uui&a Doubie-'.lYt u rookiu? Rauee, J. Ij. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly flu hand, *rd receiving LATROBK STOVES, for beating hvi stories; Parlor and Cham ber GRA PES, ?nam<-l ed and Japanned Cooking, H ill, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room S ! OVE8: Plain. Tinned s.nd Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE: Biclk Tin, Dauistiedand Ja^anued WARE to greai variety. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible rat??-?, that will compare favorably with any Etta!* lisntuent south of New York. ? An examination ot my stock is earnestly solicited. _ap 13?3m J AS SKIRVI'VQ FOR THE ORANGE k ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS THE Subscriber's Coaches w.II call for Paasenrm wishing to connect w ith the above _ ^ Railroads. My Coaches connect * *'1 Ju?2ti??3? the Steamers fnc>? Collykr orGborgk Washino Toy, which ieav.- WaMiingi<m at 6 a. iu. ??_?. >? - _a_ ? i ? -? ? &7- Meals furnished on the boats. Perst ?ersori;'wi^hii g the Coaches to call for them can leave their nrme ar.l residence with Mr. John T Tillman, near th* Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's d.-ti^ store, coraer Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street; or at Geo. St Too*. Parker &. Co.'s store. Cc>acbes ean be had for Pleasure Trips, maiy5H-i.ii WILLIAM W7IALF.Y. Ej1ANS.~ IERt'1 WEUY, TOILET ARTICLES, ?e., kc?We li?iv* now in store n large vari ety of fine and eotmnoa Fana, Hnrnson's mid Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, i'ooih Powder., pluying and visiting Cards, fine Portmon I.aies. Cigar Case*. Card Cases, Baskets, Canes, fee , Ac., all of which we are selling out at low prices to suit the times at the Pianol Music, Sta tionery, Perlumery, and Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sta. may 23?tf XTEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT ll SIlILLINOTOll'S. The Watthmaa, will be found a fitting companion to the popular arid simple story of the Lamp Jiph'er Harpers' Magazine for June?com mt: aces a new volnmi: The Mis-ring Bi de, by Mr*. Southworth The Two Guardian*, by the author of Heartsease Blanch LorwooJ, a tale of modern life Virpinia, Harper's Story Book for June A Book of Thoughts, Memories, aud Fancies, by Mr? Inmc;r.u Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves trom a Fatn ! v Journal, by the auth >r of At tic Philosopher in Pari.^ Joy an 1 lire, a friendly book for young mothers, by Mra. Suthi'l. A!I the n>'w txK>ks published received immeriia-e ly afti rward*, un?i t-verj thing ? n ihe i>tationery hue ?alc at SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, ().!eon Building, J* 1 _ Coiner 4% st. and Pa. av. M OR EB A R G A IN sT UOI1N SI. tslftOOT, Bridge, ttreii. tenth ride mar High Geor^cluLij, HAS jast received a further supply of seasonable Go'xls, nmon^&t which will be found 50 pieces good st}!t-s colored Lawns at 12^ 10 do piain black and white and black do. M do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawnj ? h do datt'.d aud rich emb'd MuWilis 50 do plain Swis:: and Nainsook Ho 40 do Jaconet and 'ambrie do 00 do p!a:d and striped do 25 Graas Cloth SkirU 30 cih'ded ami dair.a-k do White end colorad Watered Moreens .VJ pieces light pietty styles Calicos 10 do Barege de I,nines at 12Uc 2 do Buff shn?!e Linea With an a?>ortm:;rjt of seasonable stylej of S'.orcj Hosiery, and many other very desirable Goods, to which the at:- ntion of cash or prompt customers lj invited, &> wo aro constantly receiving new good^, and an- selling thera at prices to suit the tiroes. may 2J?tf J H. SMo<>T. MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! II. MI.MKKN, Jeweller, Sio 330 Pa. avcuu*, HAS leceived tlii' day, direct, the largest t-fcort ment of magnificent Roman and Floreiuine .>1 >SA1C JEWKLRY, which has ever been offered in this city. i'hu piitterns are of the very latest styles. The lot, briMx rather larg*- for the advanced s son, will be sold at eziremely low prices. Magnificent sf ts ot Pins and Ear Ring", from $6 up to $50. Admirers or this style of Jewelry are in vited to examioe this assortment. je 11 DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON r*spectlui!y calls public attention to l is ni iv pat nt. and GREATLY 1 ?.PHOVLI) i i ;.i.'m ol se;:iug Artificial! it-Hi, wi:.; nii Gum?the very PEHf'fcC i lOW Ot i HE ART. Tkin stylo ol Teeth has the following aivuntages over all others, viz: GREAT STl'.b.SGiil, liLEANLINESS, COM FORT aud BEAUTY, viemg with Nature in these reap^cu, a a. I hi some otiiers excelling. Public iu specuoa is r- sr>;cuuily solicited. Plwaee ca!l and so?: ^pteitieuj. C'Ali l iON.?No other Dentist in the District of Cflum Ma hat a right to ..take this style of Te? th. N. 11.?Teeth coii;ututM>ually healthy, plotted au i vvarianted for life. Oftcc ai.d house at No. 308 E street, near the corner of Peansy!vania avenue and 14ih street, ap 24?tf PKRHOSJI WITH DKFE?'ItVK vision are uivited to examine my, extensive stoc< of all kinds of tfPE'JTA CLES and EYE GLASSES. Glasses^ of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, Periscopie, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glares, put in at short noticc, with great care, and persons in want of gfas sen may be sure to get thrs?e wmefc beiteut the eye. Circulars ' Defective Vis.on," gratis at H. ShMKEN S, 330 Pa. avenue, bctw. 9Ui and lOtb su. mar .10 PIC NIC BASKETS ?Ju?t ot*ned a varit.y ol Pic Nic, Traveling, CarJ, Ofiice, Work, School aud Toy Backets. Also.'a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollo.-, St. Harrison and Jules Hand, Philadelphia. Combs, Bniataea, Pans, Playing and Visiung Cards, Card Cases, Porte Monuaies, Jet Goo^s, Pocket Cutlery, Cajcs, Music, MudicaJ Iii?frument?, Stationery, kc JO .N F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. nr.. bet. Vib uud lWh ?u. jeB-tf Auction bale*. By J. G. PIcGl'IRE. Auit'oatu. TTERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE AT V Pt.blic Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon. Juoe s?6, at GX o'clock., on the premises, I shall sell part of Let No. 3, in Square No. 424, situated at the corner of 8t'i street weft nr.d M street not lb. with the improvements, consisting of a substantial and well-finished two story b ck building, contain ing in nil two larce airy parlor-*, dining room, and kitchen on the firrt floor and six tool chambers above, tcg<-iher with a slsble ami wood rlied at tbe rear of the lot This property is delightfully situated in one ol the rnoft p easant and lie. Ithy pirls of tbe city tor a pri vate residence ; a row of siirde trees surrounds the buildings, a pump of exc lien- water h near by and many other advantage*, rendering it a verv desira ble residence. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6,12,18, ami SI month?, with interest, secured by a deed of triut oa tilt- premise*. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je 18?d Auctioneer. By GKICK* A SCOTT, Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 27th ia stan% we shall sell, at 12 o'clock in , at the residence of Mr. Samuel I. Little, on south L, between 6tli am! 7th streets east, near the Navy Yard Market, a c tod assortment of Furnitn-e, vi7.: Mi.hogany Sofa, Parlor and Rocking Chairs Do Card, Dining, and other Tables Dressing and other bureaus and Toilet Glasses Wardrobes Wa*hstan!s Carie seat and other Chairs Frather Berts, Bedding and Bedrtraile Window Curtains and Veniiian Blinds Clock, China, Glass and Crocket} ware Gil. fnme Mirrors Carpets, Oilcloth, Hearth Runs and Malting Brass Acdircns, Shov?l aud Tongs, Feodeis Fir-t rate and nearly new Cooking stove Three Franklin Stove* Willi many other articles which we deem unne cessary to m umertUe. Terms cash. GREEN h SCOTT, j? 22?d Auctioneers. By 6RKEJI *. SCOTT. Auctioneers. rjHVO NEARLY NEW FRAME-HOUSES AND 1 Lets at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY, the 27th inetarit, we thai* sell, iu front of the premises, nt o'clock 0. m.. lot No. 37 and jart of lot No 38, in Square No. 500, with the improverm nls, which are t*v i two story trace houses, containing four cood siz- fi rooms each. They will b? sold separate'. The above described property fronts on south K, between 41^ and 6'h rtreets west, 3nd near the cor ii' r 01 4,'4 st. Tne lots run back 107 feet to a wide alley. Title indisputable. Terms: One fifth cash ; balance in 6. 12, and ^8 u.octn <, Icr note? kannn interest frimi the day ol the s ?'e. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, i*2I?d Auctioueeis Oy GK1EN * 8COTT, Aactlen??ri. \7~ALUABLE PROPERTY TWO SQUARES East of the Ca?itol,on East Caoitol Rtreet, at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY, the 27th ins ani, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p.m. three frame (inures, ailuanl at tbe ci.rn? r ot Hast (Capitol and Third rt'eeis ens?, and the lot on which . tii-y stano, being Lot No. i, in Squ-ire 7-i'J One of fie houses is a good business string, and | now occupied as a grocery store. j Tit'e indisputable, and the owner ob'igates him | self 10 pay all co*t of investigating the title il it j shon'd prove no: to be go;>d j Terms: One fourth cash ; balance in 0 12 and 18 ; months, lor notes bearing interest from the day of - the sale. A deed given and a deed or trust taKen. GREEN & SCOTT. Jc SI?d.*. Auction* era. ORKBS dc ICOTT, Auct]oa?<ri. 1 EXTENSIVE PAWNBROKER !? SALE oftiu j redeemed pledges?Go THURSDAY, the28th instant, we shall sell, at cur Auction Rnoms, at the corner of 6?ii street and Pa avenue, No. 3j7, at 10 o'clock a. iu , tlm fallowing assortment of licit and valuable Goods, lor account ol whom it may con eern, v:z: Gold and .silver Watches in great variety Kalis' t Cold Jewelry Gold Chains anu Pencils Fine Musicdl Instrument*, Gua& and Pistols Revolvers. Fancy Goods, kc. ALSO? Ladies' and Gentlemen's Dre.-s Goods R- ady made Clothing and elegant Shawls Mechanical Tool:', Clocks, Redr, Sec Tog-ther with aii^itenMve as orfinent of Goods too numerous to enumerate. T?-rms cash. IS A AC HER'/BERG. GREEN & SCOTT, je 21?eo&da Auctioneers. By OKKKX * SCOTT. AueOoueVrs. {ARGE AND VALUABLE BKICK HOUSE j and Lot, and vacant Lots, at the corner of 13:li ana H -'reels, 00 New York avenue, s*t Auction.? On THURSDAY, the 28th instant, we thai! sell, at fi o'cioek p. 111., in front of tnc premises, tiiat large and va!a::.)!e brick situated at the comer of I3i'i ?t west an I !1 struct no:ih, 011 New York avenue, witb the lot on which it Hands, it b- ing part of Lots N03. 1 and 30, in Square No. 250. havinc a front on II t>t of 25 feet, running wtth the line of 13th street 104 It. T ie house is a three story iirick, nearly new, con

laiuing seventeen good and conveniently a ranged rooms and cellar, with wide passage through the house. One of the looni.s is occupitd as a jrnsery sto.e, and wcil known to be one oftLe best business; stands Also, the vacant Lot adjoining cn the west, hav ing a front on II street 25 reet, running back to a wide alley, containing 2,474 square feet; and pari 01 Loi No 30, adjoining the above on the north, front ing on 13th street, running back to a 30 feel alley, containing 1,184 square feet The above described property is handsomely lo cited, and considered one of ihe most desirable and valuable pieces of propetty ne>w for sale in Wa^h iagton. ? Title indisputable Terms: One fourth cash ; balance in 6. 12 and 1? in intbs, the purchaser to *ivc n tes for the deferred payments, b-aring interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed o> trust taken. GREEN k SCOTT, 23?d Auctioneers. By OIUIOS * COi Dsltlmor.r OMNIBUS COACHES A'P AUCIION ?Will bo offered nt Public Sale, at tiie Citizen's Lu.e Si ibles, cDrner of Oib'on (now Eutaw street) and Hoffman streets, Baltimore, on SATURDAY, '.be 30:h June, instant, commencing at 10 o'clock, if fair, or if not fair, on the Monday following, at the same hour? 15 i;o?d second hand Omnibus Coaches Sevrral set? Harness, lot of Tools, Ike. Term-of Sale: One half cash; the baiance for notes, u ith approved endorsers, payable in 6 mouths with interest. WM. T. STEIGER. Trutiee. je lt)-d GIBSON h. CO., Aacta. By dAH. C* McOViRE, Auctioneer. C1HANCF.KY SALE OF VALUABLE improved J Real Estate and Mark t Gaiden - By virtue ol a decree of the Circuit Court of the I i?tri. t of Co lumbia fir Washington county, made in tbe cfu*e W nirein Mary Hotfuidn, adm nisiratrn and heir al law of Thomas Moore, deceased, is co.: plainant, and Hannah Moore, and J. mes Moore, and Laura Ann Mooie his wile, beirs-at law of said Thomas Mooie, deceneed, are defendants, Ne. 1.067 in chili eery, the subscriber, trustee appointed'by sa d de em-, will sell at public auct.on, on TUESDAY the lOtli ?.ay of July, 1855. at C o'clock p. m, on the pn.mises, the whole of squere No. 303. In tbe city of Washington, frontine 310 fee on each of llrband 1.1th rtreets west, and 202 feet 2 inches on each of V and W t-treels n' rth. nnd containing about squ:ire feet of ground, witb buildings, improvements and appurtenances, which coh^ist ol a well and f.u,?s aotially built two-story brick dweding bouse and frame stable, &c. The alxive property is eligibly situated and rapid !y enhancing in value, and ha . been occupied and eultivated as a market garden for ninny yea. s, is in an excellent condition for that purpose, and with in a veiy short distance ot either of the city mar kets, and offers 10 persons de<irous of obtain-n? a v*'u tiiie market garden ur making an investment, a rare opportuii'ty. The terms of sale, as prescribed hy the said dc ciee, wili be one-fourth of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and tbe balance in 6, >3, 18 and 24 months, to be eecuted by the purchaser's note, bea.iug interest from tbe day of the sale, wiib secu rity to be approved by the trustee. Upon ihe full payment of ihe purchase money and interest, and the ratification or the sale by th?. Crurt, the trustee will contey tiie property to the purchaser In fee. If the terms of salo are not complied wltti in six days alter the sale llic property wili be resold at tbe risk ani expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at expense of purchaser. CHAS. s. WALLACH, Truslee. MS. C. McGUIRE, je 1&?Auctioned* EVENING STAR. SAVING TWO LIVE8. From his boyhood upward, Herbert had always Had strongly impressed upon his mind, wh*n boating up and down the river, the horrors of the well-known rock at the mouth of the river Dart He knew how many lives had been lost upon it, how much property sacnfictd 011 its frightful altar : and whjle it is the won der of every one who visits Dartmouth that such a hideous danger can be lek unbuoyed or unmarked, everybody who passes up and down the Dart hears some fearful legend of its past misdeeds, and shuddering, gives it the widest possible berth. While Herbert was straining his ut most glance, watching for another gleam of lightning to reveal the scene once more, something like a faint crv was heard. "By Heaven!" cried he, starting to his feet, " that cry is from the rock, and it is a woman's voice." Without further hought,except to get to the scene of danger as quickly as pos sible, Herbert dashed from his covert. Heedless of the lightning, and regard less of the rain, he was speedily wet to the skin ; but that was t ivial m'atter. After divers falls and bruises, ha con trived at last to get down to the shore opposite to the point where he know the rock wa<, and going slightly up the river, so that the wind might convey the cry of the sulierers to him, instead of drown ing it, he listened for a moment, and dis tinctly heard the cries of? "Help, help? We are drowning, wo are drowning!" 4< Where are you?are you on the rock ?" J " ^es, shouted back a man's voice, 44 we are on tho rock?the water is rap : idly gaining on U3, and our boat has gone down. Quick?make haste, make h*;ie if you hope to save us." 44 Have ycu time to wail while I run up to Dittisham for a boat ?" 44 No, no," shrieked back one of the voices: 44 the water is above our waists already, and sweeping over us with such force that we must be washed away in ten minutes." 44 Can you swim?" " No,'- was the answer. 44 God help you! It wi.l soon be over," muttered Herbert,44 and I fear I shall be lost, too My poor mother!" said he, r( throwing off his clothes one after an other, 44 but it is a duiy to try : help me, God of heaven !" cried the youth, dropping on bis knees for one moment; then running down as far above the rock as he thought it was practicable, he shouted out? " I'll swim to you." He then plunged boldly into the stream with nothing on but his shirt and trous ers, having previously tied the latter round his waist with his neckerchief. At the time that Herbert took his leap, the tide was running strongly up ths river. He therefore swam boldly down the stream a3 if making for Dartmouth, proceeding slantingly across the river to wards the opposite shore, where the beautiful woods of Greeuway shaded the boyish steps of the immortal Walter Raleigh. In the course of'a few minutes, he lift ed his voice up, 44Where are you ?" but he heard no answer, for the westerly storm swept up the river at that moment with afresh gust and drowned the reply. In another second, the heavens were once more b-illiant with lightning, and Herbert beheld, two or thn.e yards un der his lee. the ragged point of the rock like some demon holding up his jagged head, while, clinging to it, in all the agony and desperation of impending death, was a young man, who clasped in bis arms a girl of some seventeen years. Strange it is tha . in a single glance the human miud takes in the whole charac ter of the face on which it gazes. Even in that awful hour, when the fearless grave that yawned beneath them ap peared about to swallow up all these three beings. Herbert detected in that countenance just the very face that seem ed to have haunted him in all the poeti cal day-dreiBii of his soul for years. Large, full, sparkling eyes, with small delicate fucw; long, flowing, and luxuriant hair, drtnehed as it was with rain, and anguish-stricken as those features were with the horror of such a situation; that single glance, while it illled hissoul with the deepest sympathy for tho fate of his fair unknown, nerved him with fresh courage to strive against the elements, and lit in I is soul a stem determination to succeed in saving her, or to perish in the attempt. "Ghetr up !" lie cried, as, relaxing his i swimming, he put forward both his hands to guard himself from being dash ed too violently by the roaring storm against the sharp and jagged edges of the rock; then, as he succeeded in placiug his foot, and setting his back against the stream, he said to the man, "Cannotyou swim at all ?" 440h, heavens ! no, not a bit." <4Where is your boat ?" "She struck and filled, and went down instantly, when the squall came on. We were trying to cross the stream on the Dartmouth side of the rock, when the squall tx)k us." "Stay," said Herbert, "what stick is that poiuting up ?" "Nothing but one of the oars entangled in the rock." "All right," said Herbert. "Now, listen to me," putting his face close to to that of these two unfortuuate peoplev whom he could yet scarcely see in the dark, further than just to discern the general outlines of their heads. "You have no time to lose, and you must fol low implicitly what I tell you, or we shall all be lost. I will pull this oar from its sticking place, and while you put your two hands upon it?and nothing more, remember?this lady must place her two luuylq uj>qu my left sloulder. j Now, before we start oft into deep water, 1 is there any amount of your clothes that ; you c?n get rid of ? The least thing adds 1 to your weight. Men's clothes are heavy, : ladies are light, and do not so much ?ig nify." j " Llow can I get rid of my clothes," they are all so wet and clinging to me ?" i "Well, I will help you; first of all j there is your coat. Cau you hold on by : the rock with one hand for a few mo ments " I think so." "Very well, then; first let go your left hand gently, and I with my right ! will pull that sleeve off; then let go your right hand and will pull that off." "But there is my pocket-book in mv coat." 3 "Has it much money in it?" ,4^ es, two hundred pounds." 44 i hat had better have been left on shore in boating. Is it iu notes?" "Yes." ??Well, first of all I will taka out the book. Let me feel. Oh, here it is. Come, it is not so heavy as I feared ; 1 will just slick that inside my waistband. Now. then, I am read/ to pull eff the left hand?take that hand off the rock. So ! now hold fast. IJow the coat sticks! Hurrah ! that is dene. Now, then, hold fast with your left han i and let go the right. Sj, there he goes up stream to Totness," said Herbert, as soon as he had drawn the coat from its late wearer, and thrown it to sink in the bubbling tide. "Now, what boots have you got on ?" "Oh, luckily, I have got on shoes." "Well, kick them off directly, then." "I cannot?they are tied." "Well, put one of your feet out, so that I can get at it, and break the shoe string. So, that is it. There, he is gone Now, the oiher." "Oil! how the rocks cut my feet!" "Never mind the cuts now. up with the other foot. I have h:m. There goes the second shoe. Now about the goid watch and cnain. Have you eot one ?" "Yig." "Well, give it to me, T will try my best to throw it towards Dittishain shore. ; If it does not reach the drv gtound, we may at least throw it it so far into shal low water that it may be picked un next tide." r v "Just take it cfi* my neck, will ycu ?'' "I will. Ah ! it's a nice watch. It is a pity to use it so roughly." "Oh, here is my watch too," said tb* : l?dy, 44 if you will take it over my head. ' | "Thank you," said Heibert; and galh ' ering the two watches up together in the hollow of h's hand, he gave them a good * vigorous cast towards the shore, and saw them sink a few yards from it. 4:Ncw, tho;:c will easily be recoverable to-mor row morning. Have you anything else about you?keys, or any thing of that sort?" "Nothing," said the lady. 441 have some silver in my trousers pocket,'' said the gentleman. ^ "Pitch it all into the river," said Her bert ; 44 this is one of those occasions on which money is a cur^e to a man." 44 Just put, your haud in my left trou sers pocket and take it all out. then." Herbert did so, aud produced a whole handful of silver, which he threw after the watches. 44 Nuw, then, we are as light as we can get. The water is rising very rapidly, tic rcr.dy to start. You must neither of you attempt to breathe through your mouth, you must breathe through your nostri'.s, and nothing more. Just hold your noses up as much as you can above the water, but do not attempt to lift your hanus above it, tor you will sink directly. I will take hold of the other end of the oar, and swim with you towards Ditti shain; but remember that both your lives depend upon not lifting a single finger above the water. If you do that you will sink ; if you do not do that, you cannot help floating. Do you under stand ?" 44 Quite," said the lady. " 1 will try," said the man. 44 llow, then, may God help u3!" said said Herbert, laying one hand on the oar, while he still clung to the rock with the other, aii?r a little difliculty he suc ceeded in extracting the blade of the oar from the crevice of the rock in which it had struck, and at once more floated in the water. 44 Now, then," said Herbert, getting it round into the proper position," just lay your two hands here, where the leather is." 44 But if I let go my sister she wdl sink." " No, please God, she shall not. Here, madam, place both your hands now on my left shoulder, before he takes the oar. Now, rest on me your full weight, and never mind swallowing a little water, both of you." As Herbert said this, he slipped round to the side of the rock where they were, aud placing himself on the lady's right hand, she took fast hold of his dress at the point ind.cated ; and, as she did so, she felt her feet borne away by the river. 44 Oh, I am sinking ! Oh, I am sink ing!" 4' Oh, no, you will not sink. Ketp your head down and rest on me. Now, quick, my hoy, clasp hold of the oar." 441 will! I will!" gasped the unfortu nate man; and the moment he did so away went all three on the bosom of that angry tide, right into the deep water. 4* 1 am drowning! 1 am drowning !" shrieked the man. 44 No, no, you are all right now; keep your courage up?we will soon bo on shore." And Herbert, getting suffi ciently out of his r t ach not to be entan glod with hitn, stuck the blade of the oar between his teeth, and struck out boldly for the little fishing village of Dittisham. Going up the river, with the stream and wind, the progress of tho trio was rapid; and as Herbert struck out with the ut most possible energy towards the lights that still gleamed from the cottagers' windows, where the beach shelved down much more gently thin in the adjacent parts of the nrer, he succeeded in about ten minutes in getting them into still water, made by the projecting race as it advanced out of that narrow strait of tho river where the scene of the catastrophe happened. In a few minutes Herbert 8lru-k his foot against the shore, and instantly n>se op, the water not coining above his waist. 44 Thank Heaven, ire arc saved !" said he, for the first time placing his ami around the waist of the gentle being who. without a murmur, had so implicitly fol lowed his instructions ; but when lie ex pected some reply, he found the excite ment of the scene had ended in her faint ing. Knowing well, from past lectures of his friend Drystick, what was the proper treatment of a lady under these circum stances., and that the best practice was instantly to lower the head, Herbert (no ways reluctant, be it confessed ) caught her ligiit and graceful figure in his anns, and while the long dishevelled hair fell down streaming with water, he raised her little tiny feet, as she U7 in his em brace like a pale statue. Even in that time of excitement, he could not Leln momentarily glancing, with nn admiring and minute ej-e, on the lovely features he pressed to his bosom; but the darkness was too grtat to do more than jrs a>si.-t the imagination in believing that noth ing that nothing could surpass her beau ty "Come along quickly, mv boy," said he, turning to the brother, who, to his as tonishment, was so overcome with the Hanger through which he had passed, that he remained floundering in the water up to his neck, unable to rise. "Help me, help!" he cried, "all my strength is gone." "I cannot help you, my boy, I have carry your sister. Ccme, jump up, like a mm; all the danger is over now?j?ut your arms around my waist, and I will >valk slowly to the shore. Cheer upmv lad; we will go and get a draughtof wine and some dry clothes at the villa r-i iuu, and you will soon be all right." 44< >h, I shall die! I shall die!" ' Nonsense, die! You were very nftr it just now, and that is quite enough for you. Come along, come; put your arm out; that is it. There now clasp"ine round the waist with the other hand?so. that i* it- ^iake an effort to come along. Y?iu will soon be out of it My eyes, what tremendous iiglitning! Ahoy, t'.ere ?Dittibham, ahoy!?help!" cried Her bert, shouting with the voiccofa steutor, oveijoyed an_l re^trung with the delight of havingsaved two more fellow-crea tures. That flash of lightning had done good service, for some cf the old fishermen looking out from the village had caught sight of the three stragglers, aud per ceiving a lady lying helpless in the arms of one, and the other floundcriug in tho *ater, two or three men rushed down. 44Here, sir, give me the lady," cried one. 44No, thank you -never while I live," said Herbert. "Here, you may take this gentleman off my waist if you like. I hat -s right. So well done. Now, run one of you over to the inn, tell them to make roaring tires in their best bed-rooms get plenty of blankets and mulled port wiue, aud if they have no wine, some hot spirits ani water." ' Aye, aye, sir," cricd the nun, hear ing at once, iroin the decisive tones of Herbert's voice, that they were shaking to one acuslemed to command, and iu live minutes more Herbert bore his love ly burden into the little village inu. and having moistened her lips with wi*. she eventuahy opened her ej'es, and Veered the won'iS, "My brother!" "A11 safe," said Herbert. ( A gentle pleasure of the hand returned the 'ady s thanks more expres ively than woids could have uttered, and if Her bert had doubted how well his heroic la bors were appreciated that doubt would have been dispelled by some words that followed. <4I don t quite hear, ' kneeling placing his ear close to her lips. -See to your clothe* before you catah cold." 44God bless you!" said Herbert; "t will, pressing her fingers to his lips: aud then, as he covered them carefully over from the cold, he saw her gentle eye* close, and the big bright tears gush frotty uuder those long and darkly frintfud lashes. ? J 0I1S R ELVAJIS. WILLI All THUMPS KLVAXS * Til Ml'gOX, dxalkrm in HARDWARE, COACH TRIMlNGS,&o So 340 I** a si t) 1 v ?t> I * imiici hetwtcn -VilliA and TaUk ttrccJU, Woc^iMgion, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING IIAMD.VAKH. Britannia, C<?ra?au S Iver, Atbata ana i iaioJ Tea, I'jhJr aud insert Spooun Carvers uud Emits, Steels, Kniv.>? m.ih ai.J w.Ua out Forks bra**, I riunnia, Block Tin and Plate I CanJit fticki; Shovi-I aod Tongs, V\ aifl* I run*, S ,,1 lr,uii MadUis aiid bell ul kettle;, Fur-. Oven*. &c. BUILDING MATERIALS Rural CotL g<\ Closet, Cupboard, Cheat, Till, Put and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, ard Blind Hing<*, Screws, Cut and VV Mugiit Nutis, Bolu Br;;d'? Sliu:ior Screw? and Stubba, Door 8pru:gi, Handrail Screws, Dn-.r KmoIm Bell Puiia, Door Sheaves and K .d, ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Da:r CI0U1, Cut., d Uatr, Mom, buup>, Sola :uu! Cliair S,.ri:izs Veiiitian Blind Hooka, Rack Putleya, Roller End*, Brackets, t un iturr Nails Glue, C Ihn handles aud 8cr? ??. Diumiui Screw Pates, he. CARPLNTEKS' GOOD?".^s, Saw? Draw :n* Kntvrs, ^pokcNhavea, Chis els and Gom-cs, Plane Iron* Augers, Braces ami tUtts, Bonug Machine, Uaui m?-rs, Hatch*!*, DevHg BeviU, Squares, Guagea, Axes, *.c. BLACKSMITH AND COACfl MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Spring?, Axl?*s, Felloes, Spokca, Huua, B?wr*. Suait-, Pole^ Sleigh Rnnner-, Sdv. red and lira-* BaoJa, Stump Joints, is lump Coilaif, Tup Propa Curtpjn Frames, l amp*, In-ide Luungsi, Lining Hilks. Da;nat-k, SraminR Cnrda ' Tufu, Taas*)a, Buttona, Tacks, Frngca, Lacet*, aud Plain and Exutmatled Csiivax Run. :a Duck, Enamelled Da*h I.<*s;hcr. kc. ELVANS k TH(?iP.m>n, 4 je l-fim 3)10 Pa. aw?a?*