Newspaper of Evening Star, June 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 26, 1855 Page 3
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evening star Local Intelligence. ja? CoC3Cils ?Board of Aldtmen.? The Board of Alderman mot y*aterday afternoon, os p?r adjoarnment, Mr. President Clark in tbo Choir. Tho Chair announced tha stand, jsg on J j-int committees. as follows: STA50I5G COM MITTBBS On Finance?Messrs Houston, Evnns, and Hinder. On Improvements?Messrs Pepper, Smith, and Bayly Ob Police? Messrs. Busey, Emery. and Drre On Claims?Messrs Pearson. Bay]/, and Marks On Schools?Momrt Mariu, Peppor, and Miller On Fire Department?Messrs Smith, Dove, tod Iretler On Elections?Msm. Evans, Pearson, and Miller. Oa Unfinished Easiness?Messrs. Emery, Houston, and Tretler. JOIST COM YITTEB8. On the Asylum?Messrs Marks, Emery, and Miller On the Health of the City?Messrs. Bnsey. Magrader. and Smith. Oathe Canal?Mess's Pepper and Houston. On Wharves?Messrs. Magruder and Pear son. On Enrolled Bills?Mr Bayly. On the accounts of the Registei ?Mr Evans. On the annoy transactions of the Corpora tioa?Mr. Bnaey. On the Count and destroy Doe Bills?Mr. Tretler To examine in'o the eligibility of the As sessors?Messrs Smith. Dove, and Popper. Mr. Pjpper presented the memorial of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad Ccai J>*ny for permission to is? roils along Mary in.l eveouo tiuo the Long Bridge to the Capitol, end thence by First streot west and Indiana avenge to the Baltimore and Obie ^Washington) Kail road depot; referred to the improvement* committee. >lr. Buscy prciened a position from Ottln gor A Co. for permission t> orcct a telegraph; referred to the police committee Alto, a petition from D. W Jieath, et a/, for b wooden foot bridge over Tibe- creet at it* intersection with tbe oanal at Third street west; referred to the improvements committee. Mr MiiJor presented the protest of R B. Owens again3t tho admission of Wm. Douglass B<a;ie?S'rcf the Fourth Ward; referred to the election committee Mr Magrudar presented testimony in behalf I cf Jao.b (iidoon in his oontejt f<;r tae seat in thii Board, to which Mathew (1 Einery Lai boeo returned by the election commissioners a* having been eiected; referred to the com BUttoe oa elections. Alao tho petition of Henry Saunders in re lation to certain damage done to his property; referred to the improvements commiuee. Mr Pepp-er prosented the petition of D. A. Hall, 't at, for a pavement on tho east and west aides of lToortto street, between Now York avenao and 0 street north; referred to the im provements committee Alio, tho petition of William Feeney, for remission of a fine; referred to the claim* committee. Mr Magruuer presented the petition of John Callahan lor tbe remission of a fine} referred to the elaims committee. Mr. Bayly presented the testimony on tbe part cf J. C. Fitzgerald, in his contest for a ?eat at this board awarded to S. C. Bu?ey by the election commissioners of the Fifth Ward; referred to tho election comcirtee Mr Bayly clToied a jr?int resolution direct ing too register to furnish tho now members of j the two boards with a copy of tho corporation laws; passed Mr Husey reported, frcm the police com mittee, a bili granting permission to Ottinger k Co to creit a telegraph along certain ?tree's; passed Tho Chiir lud fceforc the board tho mayor's communication, includkg the report of tho Intendan: of the asylum ur the month of May las", referred to the aiyium ccmmittce Mr. Peppor presei-ttd toe petition of Mrs Rebecca K.. BLiings; referred to the finance committee Iho Chair laid before the Beard the Mayor's eemmunication enclosing a letter from Thos Blagder. in ref?ren:e to the interest on a bil an;e of $100 duo ta tbe purchase cf Odd Fsl lows Hali. Navy Yard, in 16od; referred to the finance eorcmittoe Mr Miller presented a resolution for tbe prevention or the indiscriminate sale of poi sonous drugs la the City 0f Waahircton re ferred to tho health oomtnittee. Mr. Miller also offered a resolation rsq^est lag tno Jurveyor fo examine into tie cauce of I tho inundation. during tho heavy rains ol the property located on the corner of Twelfth and O streets, in the i-ncond Ward, Square 434 and ro report the best mod. of rem2?y ng the ?vj/ and tno cost thereof, Ac ; pas ,td 78 .n- ^^'communications, in reference to 1 CJ corporation (in print) wa ?"" Bwi; rtferred <? {rrtn lh? Raster transmuting the record of the names of the !? re0eLt eI#cUoni > "ferred to the ?lection commrtoe | Mr Bosey introduced a bill anlboriaing tbe IJES'Tf ^ * ??parintendoat of public schools, referred to tho public tchool oommit Ifc. Houston ctfered a joint resolution for the appointment of a joint committee to attend to the interests cf tne corporation boiore Con greas; agreed to. Era?! .CVirMe:srs Houston, u" n as "id comm-ttaa. u in:roduoed a j^iot resolution U regard to tho salary of Hoary U*. Ball, late city mrvoyor; whuh wa* parsed; as f.licwj : 7 %'tke "VU ?/ *nd . k? lijard of Co-muiox Council of tkieit j ?/ Washington, That the Mayor ce. aid hois norooy, authorised and requested to cause to no paid to the ?iu,w of Henry W. Bail, late eny surveyor, tt.e amount doe him br the cor (he date cf bis death, and alao the sa.-ry atu heu to the cffi;e of survoor for ?"'=? ??? f?rik*r. That the resolution ap 21st c,f b#>aci 1.^1 7'. lad ed' aci 13 ciie t,je amount tho M.' there*n bave been paid by fn?T,!JUr' aa Ctiaal 8U M <tul1 lt deduc.ed imm the amount now acthorissd to be i aid witS,..Prr Mkcd *ud obtained leave to tWr.-iu&JT'.'u? ,:UfP' """*<! f"< ottss?: "jwsa,o mr *?*???1 ito Board then ..ijourned. Owm IT*1?** (f tho holTd of Common Si *\ Ii?'' u?kX*id*uJcrowded out, I ?id appear t^-morrov.. j T? Mi?i^rC'will1.05 0P Coi/uBariOM. ?oos traajm . 1 tf or andtfi,^it: eri,l> tfle B ,:ird of Mermen ?UteaoBt lt' thl .irW?m#f ^oancH' u <-?tailed ?^'ancoof tho*in?r<i? Cjrportt'on. in Ittharwiih. "nnoal communication," to ?P*adi;arto f. VvUm^8 of reeeipta and 30, i? I 1 ^ear ending June n*coaa*rj .aru'V?*?' ?abraet.s the actual a-orca* aV' u Corporation only, with will ho Jer r- i 0^ re^cue to moot them adeted11 m*' le- he eaI" ^on all tho t " ,y ^ccar-4!? and reliable fcr Oar li^T 01 lo?ijla'.ion. " 10 proacnt Tie Ortiitata f r ,1' *ae interesting document tho voar <ini i r>>ceiP^ trom all courc&a for *>?*??, i. m>Mt,!" Wc45k? 4- a' 11 Pe"uDa? property, Tno "ixty cents oa tha $ 100. property 0f all Vindl ' ? au'' rjijr80Bal other atoeks (L 7k ' ,ndad^t5 ouak and lWA.ia *21 aij TM 30^ Joue, I^eld whan/. m'' i *hich was eet!uia'ed to for proio-1 dedu;tin* discount ^heiiio'ik^ teventy ceuts in Thi of 00. ' erty for the v??IalUV0t lJ,e?amokind of prop ; after doduo'ini# hi T,telJ whea collected, I . at ? ? ? g di500?at prompt payment, ?142 412 00 lJ**,*mi th? iatU of of the citV.; lr? udUl Indebtedncas k. ?bc?%Vi ?. .olu:r ">?tic" *?' (nil ,ol0V,,''J '* ?<*?** ihit tin statement cf ike aocvunte the Corporation. when ftloied, will show a targe re daction of the indebtedness with whioh the vear wm commence!, sot loci Is amount than $28 000. I According to the statements submitted, the following will be the condition of the Corpo* ?tion at the olo?e of the next fiscal year end ing Jme 30. 1856 : Receipt! from all sources, $229,204 Expenditures from the general fand, $174 236: general expenses of the sev eral wards, $61 G55; amount due the bask, $20 500?total, $250,301. Delciency ef rev enue, $27,187. . It will be observed that no est mate has been made for special improvements is the FCTeral wards ; and that tho general expenses of the Corporation, with the appropriations from the general fund, absorb nearly the whole revenue These appropriations are un usually numerous and heavy, but an examin ation of the itnms will rendor it exceedingly difficult to determine which, if any, oan best be dispensed with The amouot of unexecuted appropriations for improvements in the several Wards is $06, 692 Whilst the want of means to execute high ly desirable, and in many instances essential, ly neceosary improvements haa bean a source of great inconvenience to the citizens intercs ted?notwithstanding the large inorease in tho value of real estate a* returned at the last general assessment?still the gratifying fact ii demonstrated that, so rapid atd extensive is the growth of the oity, the increasing rev enne is cot sufficient to keep paco with private improvement and eiterpriso The Mayor, in conclusion, say*: "I have the pleasure to announce to yo l that Mr. Kan letc, the architect to nhcjn the Corporation swarded the premium for a plan of a new building for Centre Market, haicomple'ed his therefor, and the subject is now in a condition for tbe consida-atiou of the C uneil; and I sug gest that the oinmuteo appointed during the last Council to devise the ways and mean* to or.itruct the building be revived lam eatis fi?d thM this big lydosirable and long looked for improvement can be mvlu without recourse to the revenue of the Corporation, and that the committee will be able to report thereon in a short time." ??? Target Firing at tub Park?The Yea ?ers spent the day merrily at Uer Bcckerts in the Park, ye/.vtrday. There was quite a number ot ladiei present we aro informed ??ho were delighted with the sports of the day There were six prises offered and won The first, the arcuil medal, presented by Captain Schwartzman, was won by Mr. F. Stheighauf; the second, a handsome grid ring, presented by Lieu;. Debile wai vcoa by Mr P. Schweit tsr ; the third a handsome breastpin, present ed by Lieut. Neitzar, won by F Schlegel; the f urtfc, a gold pencil, presented by Lieut ilaap. won ly B Sander; the fifth, a medsl containing a likene-s of the Capta.n, prasci'tsd by Sergeant Rujrtl. wou by Mr. Geordon; tho sixth, a box ef cigars, presented by Lieut Neitser. won by D Nei zsr. Captain Schwarz man addressed the company in a uiunner that is highly spoken tf by all ?who were present. School Examinations ?The following pub-! lie school examinations will take place this afternoon * Miss II 11 Baker, ssnior department cf Primary No 3, first district?besement of Lu theran church, corner Eleventh and II streets; Me'Frs Bennett, Polk, and Bates. Mr?. E Myers, junior department of Pri raarvNo 4 second distriot?Methodist Church S ntb, Eighth street; Messrs. Baoon, Diokin son, and Pearson Mrs E Clark Primary No. 3, third d:2* trict; Messrs Davis and Knight. Mrs. Skidmore, Primary No 1. fourth dis trict, C r r?ot. (Island,) near Twelfth ; Meurs. AtLee, Magruder, and ilanson. Malicious Mischixp ?This mornirg at an early Lour, some person or persons unknown, besmeared the door of the dwelling of Mr. lloux. corner Thirteomh-and-a-il ?If and D streets, with ?lth, which scented the entire neighborhood. An eot of the same sort was pet per rated at the house on the opposite cor ner a few months sinco. If the parties were known, there is a liwfor their puniGhmen*, and a law that wculd hardly fail to be en forced by any jury summoned to act in the Criminal Court. Fire Alarms ?Last night a cumber of young men passed tnrcugh tho Socend Ward yelling fire! Incy wore no doubt anxious to get the firemen out of thnir beds, and have a run. Their yet is aroused a number of ci'i zens, but failed to bring out the companies We were told this morning that the blame should not attach to the young men. as Cap tain Whisky was the sole cause This is pos sible. as we know the captain is very mis chievous at times. Excursions.?Whatever other complaint may be male there can be none that inno cent, hesl'a-improving mcdes of amusement are not afforded to the inhabitants. To-morrow, aa appears by the advertise ments in our column!1, the Wesley Chapel choir and tbe (iorsuch Chapel Sunday School will make excursions down the river, starting in the morning Tbe former offers a line treat to tho lovers of vocal music, by the Euter peans; while the latter will have a superior j banl of music. Refreshment* will be fur nished at oity prices. Correctton ?We understand that tho Mr. Wiliiam Tucker, whose name was puolisbed in the Star yesterday amcng those who are on the bond of tho person who received the certificate of election as City Colhotr.i in the late contest, is not Mr. William iucker, tho well known enterprising pump maker and contractor of this city, as was erro neousl j stated in our columns, but some other of the number of oitiisns of Washington of that name IJard Road to Travel?The Avenue, eas* of tae Capitol, leading to tho Navy Yard, is becoming worse; at leiet some of the residents in thit section of the city say so. A little at tontion from the proper authorities would prove beneficial to thisa who have to travel [ that road daily Our neighbors of the Fifth aud Sixth Wards are indus'.riouH an J worthy citizens, and aa such are entitled to notioo from those who have oharge of their inteiests Criuiaal Court ?William Rolling* wei tried fur burglary, and acquitted; Aliohaol Lydin and William Kelly, for assault and bat tery on a negro woman, guilty; John Price, a bo?, fur asr ault and but ery on Emetine Brady, guilty, two weeks in j*il; T. (1 McQlue and ? M.cabee, for vi lating the scavenger law, gailty, eaoh fiaed $20. Sale of Property.?McQuire, aaolionoer, sold a: public sale, yesterday afternoon, tbe three story briok home on F street, south side, Letwoen Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. (5nt owned by Mr. John Furguson,) for $5 000 Tax CouvtzNceuuNT uf the Columbian Col lege is to take place at eleven o clock to-inor row, at the E street baptist Church. The oc casion will bo ont of speciu.1 interest. Rev Dr. Binney, th? President elect, will deliver an inaugural oratita, in connexion with the usaal exerciser ? Tna Ck.n3k Makxlt, t'.iif morning, was sup plied with all tbe household necessaries atd luzuries, creating the Impression that the high priccs were not the result of scarcity. Accident ?A child of Nr. John T. Given, aged about four years, accidentally fell, sev eral days ago, aad shattered its arm. Watch Returns ?Elizabeth Butler, color ed, drunk and out after hours, work house 30 days. W. J. Talbot, disorderly, fine and costs Mahlon l'aghe, do. do. A sailor, one oi the late crew of the frigate Constitution, "got on a beat" last night, and was brought in. Jack Uk?k Lis teat among the prisoners, this morning, quite unconscious of having vio lated the law. Upon his promi?ing jiot to be "hauled up" again, he was distnis ed with tome :<sw w?;ds of advioe from bis friends. Tbe high ptioes of provis?>n? are said by tbe physicians to exercise a very salutary I inlluecce over tbe population of our large cities, by restraining them from imprudent eutirg and bo preventing the usual afflictions of th* season. C&'An oxchaage ?&ya a young lady?a sen sible gi.l?gives the lull <wing catalogue of different kinlti of love: The sweetest?a mo ther's love; tbe longest?a brother's love; and the sweetest, longest, strongest, dearest love ?a love of a bonnet. ,v-?r*B3oi?8 anrrsaivo from diejusis or th* lnnr? ?r?s la a gnmt a^oHty of e*M?, eomplatal* re ?t*r*l? %Mttk by * falUNl trial of Dr. OOSTU * HTO* ? Vi or tsballneT?por. By th? Doctsr1* new method of tr<?*m*nt, the r.?d?r?l Moot 1* brought '.a direct oo?t*ct with the dirt-?* rait*. and oancot fall of having a bea* Ocui effect. Alt dru*f1?t? aolHt. ?.lverl *em?rit tc t'll* perw?r CaCTIO*.?Ur. OCBTI8-S UTGKA3A la the original and only r*?a'Q* article. 19 IS?lm rv-J?OLD 90KK8, ULCE1S, AND ALL IRCPTIONS and all dl*e?*e* arising from ac Impnre ant! depraved alat* of th* blood. Nee tha aztraordlnaiy rora uf Wm. O. Bar wood, a highly reepvctable cltlien of Richmond, Va., by Carter'* SpatiUh Mixture. He bad ulcer* and aorea of tha womt deaTlptlon, and Anally got ao bad, ha waa enable to w?lk. except on rrntrbe*. A few bottle* of CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTUBK, the great blood pnrlfler, cured him. aa It h*? cured hundred* of othera who have suffer*! with rheumatism, bad effect* of mercney, and pain* and nlcar* of tha bones and Joint*. ?#*9ee advertUement. _________ T~r?Z D. OILMAN, Driiggl't, ba? removed to BJS Seventh -*?' etrent. oppoalta to the Patriotic Batik, and la now pre pared to 911 all order* fer Medicine*, TalrU, Oil*. and Glaaa on accommodating torma. Strict attention will ?" paid to phyilcUn'* prescription* at all bonra of tha day and night. Tbe night hell la on tha right of the store door, ap 14?1? T"7?A rniXOMINA IN MtDIOIN* ? Bronchitis. Oongh. '?' Dyp?n?l? Liver Complaint*, 8crofcla. Ac.?For all dlee**"* or tin female System It *tanda preeminent. A Giergytnan Juat inform* bp it haa cured h1m of Bronchitis of a deepe'fcU cbsrarter?narticnlara hereafter. HAMPTON 3 VKuErABLK TtNCTVBI-By It* mild ac tion 00 the *tomacb, liver and kidney*, will cure Dyspep ?la, C>ugh, Aetbma, Bronchial and Lnng Affection* Pain* In tbe Back, Side aud Biea't, Consumption, Scrotal*, Bheo matNm, ?out, Neural*!*. r.atula. Bowel ComplalnU, Pllaa, Worm*, and Nervous Ue^llltlee?with all d1?*a*e* arialng from Impm-e blood, and Is the greataet female medicine ev er kaewa. Tula 'uvalaaol* medlcloe la working woudera npon thehnmanframe. 9e?advertiaementto-day. mar 7 fr-y?DR. KOOrtlND'S CRLKHBATED 6KRMAK BIT M*-/ TUftS ?Weak, nervou*, depr?*?td !n spirit*. and a prey to Innumerable mental, aa well r* physical evil*, the victim to dytpepala, 1* indeed an objcctof comn>l*?er*tlon. Yet It is absurd foi him t? clea|>air. We cure not bow weak low n?srvoos, and Irritable he may be, the cordial proper tlea'ol HOOri ANO'S GERMAN BrTTKRS, prepsred ty Dr. O. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many beaded mon?ter which 1* preying apon hi* body aud mind; and if he choose* to try them, wa wUl Insure a apeedy cure. Bee advertiaemeiit. J? rUEMICMS AT THK rAIR<?WHITKHCRSTS J*-' ?tui In tha aacendanee.?Tbe Juries of each of tlia late f?!ra ?t Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their hljoest premium* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Fho io^rhplia, S^re;?wfcpea and Bacuerreotypea exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Med*]* at tb? World'* Pair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. A'ao, the first award* ortbe Maryland Institute for three year* past. Wl'lfohnrtt'a OalNry la tlda city la on Pa. avenue, betw. i% and 6tb streeta. 17 T?r?GOOT> MKOICINES?It 1* estimated that AYER'8 OHKHRY PECTOBAL?m1 CATHARTIC PILLS have done more to promote the public health than any other onel ' cause. There cau be ao ijUMtlon that the Cherry Pectoral u?< by It* thousand on thousand curea of D)Ms, Coughs, Asih ma. Croup. Influenza, Bronchltla, 4c., very much rednce.1 UiJ proportion of death* from consumptive disease* In this conctry. Tba Pill* are as good a* the Pectoral, and will curemorecomplalnt*. .. ... Everybody need* more or leas purging. Purge tbe blood from Its iiapuritle*. Pur;:e the Bowels, Llvar, and the whole vlsctial system from obatrii 'tlon*. Purge out the which ftslen on tlie body, to work It* decay. But for diseases we should die only of o'd ago. Take antidote* e:irly and t'irnat It from the Bystein, before It la yet too atroug to yield. ... . ,. ? Ayer's PHI* do thrust ont disease, not only while It Is wei.k, bnt when It has taken a atron* hold. Kend the a* toinidiiiK ?tetem-iita of tho?e ubo h?v? beeu cured by them from dreadful Scrotala, I?rop?y, I Iceis. Skin disease", Bheo mat'.sm, Neiiralgla, Dyspepsia, Internal Pain*, Billon* Com 1-lainU Headache, He^rtborn, Gout, and many lesi dam;e roa* but still threatening ailments, inch as piuipiea on the face Worm*, Nervous Irritability, Loss of apreilte. Irregu larities, DI/siueM In tbe heal. C Id*. Keveri, Dysentery, and l.idaod every variety of complaints for whlchfcPurgative Remedy Is i-itjulred. These ?re no random statements, bet ma authenticated by yonrown neighbor* and your own physicians. Try them 011 'e and you will never be * ltbout them. Price 2* cent* per box?5 boxe* for $1. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYKB, Lowell, ilea*., ? And ?old by I. D. GILM *N, Wa*bin*toB. G. M. LINTHiOl'K, Gscrgetown. ? ? J AS. COOK k GO., Kre-ienckfDurg, ?nd by all DrnsglnU everywhere. _ *"*7 ?? n^?KOAH WaI.KKR a CO.. Marble Ball nothing Ktcpo t>?' riurn, U'jdar Browns* Hotel, reepactfolly announce that tlielr display of Spring and iummer ClotMns 1* now r-ady lor Inspection, comprising an a**>rtnieut of Coat*, V-<t* and Pantaloon* of the newest and rlchea' designs In italerUl, trimming and workmaushlp. To seutlemen wiio atndy eiceileace with ec?in?'iny In fashionable *rttcli? of die?e an opnortunlty for ?ele< .in* Is ntfered f<om one ofvLe largest and moil attractive atock of groda ever oBered In tbl> city at a vary reduced *cale of price*. ap 17 IAER1EI). In Georgetown, on the'Jlst mstan*, by th$ Rev. Mr. Sutherland. Mr. ANDREW J. IvKLLLR to Miiw .MAKGARET A. RYAN, all of Baltimore. J',a t. Sun pltase copy. UI1CD. On the 26?.h Inst, nflfr a llueerin? of five month-, which she b>re v/ith christian fortitude, Mrs. Cil AR LOTTE HI.ACKVv ELL,wile oi Arthur BlncKweli, in th* 4-Uii jt ar of her age. tsbe lived a chnntian am' died in the hope of a ?lor ous iinm jrtjlity. The friends and acquaintances of the famtlv are respectfully invited t<> attend her funeral on Wcd D* s?lay allercooa, at U o'?iock,on K bLeet, between 16ih ai?d 17th. * On theSOfi in-?tBnt,SAR\[I I *NE, w:f; of Wm. Hritder on, in ih>- 2 ?d yeir of her wge On th?-* 24lh instant, CORNEI.Ia UOSAI.INE, infant d: :?Rhter of W. Wallace and Virginia Kirbv. ajei 1 year Hnd 7 monilis. In Wilk m Barre, l?a , on tho -21st iiidiant. FRAN CES GERTKI'DK.wifeof Lieu:. Jno. U. B .umont, U. S Navy, a^ed 94 ye%rs. Want?. V\rANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NG W Woman, a eituaticn a* beacistresi and cbant buiinaid. ?>r n a?n3t i t tvashine and ironing. She ha.j no objeoti' n to make liLrstlf lueful. Aadresi ?'C P," ?>.i thin uflice. Je 2B- It* tlf ANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL A SITIJA \V tion to travel with a lady a* nurse. Heft of reference given. Addredu "M W," at this otft:e. ). aii- lr ?1TUATION W ANTED?BY A BOY FIFTEEN ^ y> ars ot aqe, in n tore or nfllce, *.h?-rt; he can niki' hiin-?'H it^eiul. G?i*l reference given En quire at M 1 GUI R .'S Hat Store je^tt ?It* \^rANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG ^ i an chain barmaid and sea oetreaa ? ^?.'ould d'> nur#!!!?. Tbe be-t 'if refe ?lice eiven. Pi? a !cr. >-i? a note to L," through George tov/n Pout Gffi e will rec ive attentiou. je 526?3t* S w do housework ir. f -neral. Whit" or co'nred. Apply to Cap: TUO?'. -I1UEEVES, No. 707 S< v eiitb blreei, b'.tween G and if, M?ut^i, Island. She ntirt h<- ot t?ood character andconducl. je '25 - 3t* WANT E D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Sione Quarry and contractor ?ale ol Stone to Government and others, there being now ureal de nmnd for stone. This Quarry i? immediately ojipo sue Georget wn. Large pbanty, blacksiuith ?iiop. and ev> r> implcinent 011 the sp<.t. Tf is quarry fur niches the best aud lurgot truck ^lone, 4tc. A chance u nov^ offered. Call or write to LLOYD h. CO , Fifteenth street, up|?o. the Treasury, may 3?tf tk TANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT W they can get a lot SH feet front by 13U lent Jm*P, for the l<?'.v priae of .*75?payable a m<>i,th witlsout inleroft. Apply at tl>n Union Land OUice, 7ib St., abovw Odd Peilitwa' Hall. up 3d?3ui JOHN FOX, Sec. EcazHug. BOABDnG.?MRS. S. A. TAYLOR, Lste of Michigan, has taken the hou?e formerly oceu pied Ly Mr*. Van Allen, 12th ?tr?-et, berween F and G PeriiMiient or day board can b? obtained on reasonable terms. je 'iC -3l* 1)(>ARD1SQ.?P'easant rooms for 6urnmer, jL> with boarding for families or t-ingle persons can be had by enily application ai KING'S, 3?3 north C siriet, between 3?i ?>nd i%. The hou?e is de ligli fully situated, and has :ust been ihorou^iily ren ovated aud rtfuruished. Meals furnished to fami lies and duy boarders accommodated ou reasonable MM. H > MUMN'J.?M.tS. KING, No. VIC F n. north, |> has st veral pleasant vacant rooms, tunable for fatuities, or f-in:le gen:lenieu or ladies. Gwmknicn furiu?hei1 with Maals. Tne Hou?e Is d^lighu'ully situated, and had jusl been thnroughly painted, papvrrd and lightest woh gas Je 21?eo3t* NO T 1 C hi.?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND Cham hers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths ano every attention to render it nio*t agreeable to ner boarders. Mrs. P. G. MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. ap 23?3in BOA 111>7 A>c.?MUS. BATES, on tiie soutli w?st corner of Pa. aveaue and l>Ui Btrect is pre parwd to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with or without board. Every etfort will be made to ren der those comforttble who may fuvar her with their pairoiiftz*. aD ^" JUST RECEIVED t?N CONSIGNMENT? 400 boxes Or.ingesand Lentous ICO b ifhels Ground Nuts Si'OU pounds Cream NuU 3U0 Pine Apuli-ii For sale by MURBAY Si SEMMES. jj 21 - co3t T U IlOUfekllk febKl* b.iiS.?Persons wish jt,g 10 purchase- supt rior Table or Pocket Cut l?*ry. he?vy Stiver plated or Brinania W^re, tine Ja;.ann??d Tea Trays or Toilet Sots, an excellent Clock, Feather Iluster, Hat Stand, Enameled Ket tl?. Saucepan, G.avy Strainer, Tea Bell, or an v of th? hundred and one little etceteras neoded by e*<fry hcusakeei^r, are invited to call on ' ' G. FRANCIS, fe 18 400 Seventh ft. Land warrants wahtkd, fox which the hiahest prices will be paid by CHUBB BROTHERS, way 31-U lU?el) (tff. Uiu Tc?M?ry. F For Bale and Kent FOR 8ALE.CFTE4P? A NEW FRAME HWEL iing, an ~i accommodating tern*. Apn'y to LLA^D WEBB, on Pa. avenue.7 d wn ? ??t of National Hotel. je 96?3t* HOUSE8 FOR RENT?A THRES 9T0RY Brick Dwelling, with n two utory back build mr, and all tbe necessary out buildings, situated lo Cox'* Row, First street, Georgetown. It has spa cious parlors and a commodious h;?tl. It ia consid eted one ot the most desirable residences In the Dis? tiict. There is an enclosed lot, w*st and adjoining the house. The premises a-e no* occupied hjr the Secretary of th? Interior. Poaseaa!6n may be bad on tbe 12th July. A'*o. a sob-iantisl two story brick House, wit'i spat litis grounds about it,situated on the southwest corner of F and 20 li streets, Washing!on. Posse?? ?ion given on the 12th Jul v. Apply to BLADEN FORREST, ? Corner F and 29 b atr. Je 25?2w* (Intel) FOR RENT ?THE BASEMENT OF FORREST Hall, in Georgetown, and several room- on first floor. Possession given on 2d July. The main Hail or Concert Room ia newly btnehed, an 1 will b rented by the night or season, en r?nil*rate terms. Apniy to b. Forrest, J*> 25?2w* Corner F and 20th at*. FOR SALE-A SMALL FRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washington. It present? a rate opportunity to a person wishing to make a *x>d investment. If not sold soon it will be lor rent. Also, a three sfory Rrick House and Lot No. 57 High street. Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 160 ft deep, ""ill b.> sold low an I oti a long credit. Wanted,a few shares of Georgetown Building As so lation Stock. ?PPI?J0o ? E K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown ; or, No. 400 E street, Washington. je 21? FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT large three story Brick House, well known as the best nand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, and now occupied by Mr. McGowgal. Posse ssion eiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD \ CO Clatin Agi.'nt, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa<hiue' D- V may 30-tf RF.NTS REDUCED TO HL'IT THE TIMLS. $150 a year will be received for the rent o( those new and convenient cottages at Kendall (?reen, with ^wo acrca of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Puinps ot pute water are near the door, snd corcmuiucat on is had with Georgetown by wuy of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afttrnoon, at the usual fore, for the accommodation of clcrks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either ny letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, aftfr office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses in*pe ted at any time. Several of these residences will he sold on liberal terras. WM. 8TICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Gteen. B.??? nta paid quarterly in advance. apr y, 1855?if_ J^OR RENT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVENI ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and live chambers each, and situateu on Thirteenth street, Island, near the Kiblic grounds, convenient to Pa. avvnue and the epajtments.^ Rent very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street aaJ Eouisiana avenue, or at 1). B. CLARKE'S |?ru* Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 8?wti FOR RENT-THE THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No. PC Bridge street, George town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confectionery. Apply to ARNY, next door. mav 25?eotf FOR RENT?TIJE STORE NOW OCCUPIED by Joseph Huggius, Jeweler, !*o. Sift Perma. avnnue. E. OWEN fit SON. je 12?eo2w 17OR RENT?A flNE THRE- -STORV AND attic Brick Hou?e, No. 35 6 C *tr?et, between 4J^ and 6th, with every conver.ienc? rfnirable for a private residence. A pump of excellent water ui the yard., Apply at . IIAVENNER'S Bakery, Je 16?Co2w 1-, I et^ecn 4V$ and Btli s'.s. Building lots and dwellings-For sale,Lots on Third street, near the City Hall; on F. between Third and Fourth; on E, between Fir*t and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Seventh, between Land M: on K, between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Franklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward, G near Twenty first; Virginia av -n'tie, nearTweii?y first: N. Hampshire avenue, betweeo II an 11; also, two frame dwellings cn Four h between F and G, will be sold low for cash. Island property?Two small f.ame tenements on I, between F??ur-and-a half and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia avenue, and a variety in other parts ol the IsUud and City, all of which will be sold on turns accommodating to suit purchasers Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av . opposite to Browns' Hotel. may 28-lneo DAVID MYERLE. A VALUABLE LOT FOR SALE. ON C ST., ^ V he. ween i.'hh and 13}$ ?tree;s. Title indisi ut able Size. CO by !S0 feet. For terms apply at 'the corner ef 13th and C st?., to Mr. PLANT. je.20 - eo3t FOR KENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambeis, Willi board. Also, Ti;b:e and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 833 F street 1 ap 9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by Cft feet deep, on graded streets, can, nolii siting, be bought at the exceedius low price of ?75, payable 83 per tnonifl. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hal!. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Recr^tarv. f _ ^ NOTICE. OUR customers are mo't respectfullv notified that their accounts will be pr?s nte'd to them on the 25ih in*taut. To all those who will h .ve tlie kindness to call and settle thtir respective accounts on or before the 1st July, we shall be exceetii:.gly obliged. We have u number of account! rendered on the 1st January remaining unpaid, and would s;;y lo those indebted that, unless wr> receive the money for them l>v the lat July, we shall be compelled to place such bills in the bands of an officer for collection. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. Je 21?lot SlF/WAHrs KYLIOIIT DAGIJERREAN GALLERY.?We are making splendid pictures tOi lower prices than any other Ga ler> in the city. They are per fectly life-like. ?nd satisfaction is always given. Gallery directly over M. W. Gait's Jewelry yrore ra- je 1?lm ATIIOMK! PETER SHANGHAI HAS HErUBNED, And having taken up his abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Wil be bar :o see his ?Id frieuda at thejr es tablishment, No. 400 Seventh stieet, oppo?ite OJd 1 cllows' Hall. je 15? jf AXCIIkb, JEWELRY. s m vv ? HILVKRIVJikE, A. M. W. GAL r &. BRO. are eon>tantly receiving larjje invoices ol the liixtve, aiid offer every article in their hue, at the lowest ralei. COLD AND SILVER WORK of twCry descrip tion. made to order, *uch as TESTI VIONIALS richly embellished, with appropriate designs, SIL VER TEA SETS, DINNER SERVICES, &c. Precious Stones set iu every &tyl?? however ebb orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, 4c. cut on stone M W. GALT <x BKO., 344 Pa. av., butweon Btii and lUUi sa. je 14-tr O P. fl DO V K ;r, Iron Hall Rot.u Sh<e, and O# Tiiuik E tsbu^iiut ui. | have received ? tins day a largeas&oruuent ot Gents French, Paiei.t Leather and Call Roots m.d Shoes I which 1 wi.l sell c hetp. ' Also, Boys' Youths, and Children's SHOES of all descriptions. All in want please call at S. P. HOOVER, Iron .!all Hoot, Shoe and Trunk Establishment, between 9th and 20th st*. je IB ? NOTIC K ?We shall as usual issue all unpai' bills from our books up to Saturday, the 23 ! ultimo. We re^pcctiully requcBt that all to whom tile* sToflfuly Proa?pi|y settle tham on or before All who desire to have their bills befote beinir sent out will find them ready at our oesb. Je 18?dtjyl CLAGETT, DODSON ft. CO. ACCOUNTS READY.?Cur customers having book accounts with t?s are respectlully notifird tnat ttey are now ready for delivery, aud will be presented by the 'iSth instmt, wh. n we eamestly |ioj?e tb it all persons so indebted will take pleasure in paying the same promptly. WALL & STEPHEN8, M _382 Pa- *venue, next door lo Iron Hall. je 5M? ol WATCHES. JUS r received, a hrgr. assortment of Ladim' and Centlemen's fine GOLD WATCHES of everv siee, style and manufacture. 7 The 3bovs Is by far iha beat and cheapest ever of. fered to oar customers. ? a* o M- W 0ALT BKO., Pa. avontiB bttw. liUi aud 10th au. r|'PlAKOi that huve been in Utc lor a X few months for sale uiion very cheat* and rea sonable terms. John f. ei.lis in b~u Pa' avenue' beu UUl aad 10th atv Auction Bale* ? Pbr ctktr ?fttciion Salet ??? fini peg*' Bjr K. S. WHIOHT, A uetlcnftr, GEORGETOWN. FURNITURE AND FIXTURES OP FORREST Hall Restaurant at Auction.?On FRIDAY next, the 2Wi init -nt, at 10 o'clock, I (ball tell, at auction, without rcnerve, the entire Furniture and Fixtures of Forrest Ha'l R' staurant, consisting of Large asior mcnt Crockery and Qlassware Office and Windsor Chairs Looking Glasses, Prin a Cooking and other Stores Oilcloths, Carpets Bar, Oyat- r Box, Tables, kc. Terms at the *ale. SANDUSKY Si THTVKFR, Prop. E. 8. WRIGHT, Jc 9? -du> Auctions r. By GKKKK * SCOTT, AncUaaaari. FOUR VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS In the Northern liberties at Auction ?On MONDAY the 25t i instant, we ihall sell, ia liout of tlie prein laes, commencing at 6 o'clock p. m., Lota Nos. 13 and 22, in Square No. 512. Let 1J fr nts oa 5ib at. and contains 8,Ml square feet. Lot '22 fioutt on north O s.reet, and contains 3WfetL Al>r>, Lot No. 30 in Squire C13, fronting north N stroet. and contains 6,576 fret. And past half of Lot No 4, in Square No. 5'5, on which the pale will be commenced. This lotfronts o.i north K street 29 feet 6 inches, between 4Ui and 3 ii streets west, running back to a wide alley. Title indisputable. Terras: One third cash; balance In6,12, and 18 months, the purchasers to five notes for the de hvrt'd paj ments, bearing interest from the day of the 6b1?. A deed |lven and a deed of trust taken. GREEN k SCOTT, Je 19?d Auctioneer. ?3- I HE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain until FRIDAY, be ?9th in slant, at the same hour. GREEN k SCOTT, Je 36?d Auctioneers. *y OKftCJCN * SCOTT. Auctlonscra. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH L street, between 4;h and 5th streets west, at Auction ?On MONDAY, the 25th instant, we ahull ?i II, in f out of the pre iusi a, at 6 n in , Lot X<>. 2j in Square No. 515, ImVihc a front on north L, betw. 4t!i and5;h atiecu west, of 60 fret, running bac* to a . 0 feet alley. Tr.e above described property i" handsomely loca te:! in a rapidly improving part of the city. Titlu indisputable. Te.tns: One third ca^h; balance In C, 12, and 18 months for notes bear ng merest. A deed given and a deed of truat taken. GREEN k SCOTT, Jel9?d Auctioneers. C7-THE /*BOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain until FRIDAY,the 2i#tli In stant, at the same hour. GKEEV & SCOTT, Je 2*?d Auctioneers. By J. V fitcGl'iiUJ? Auctioneer. \fTRY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at the corner of 4# street and Virg nia avenue?On TUESDAY afie noon, July 3, at 6|$ o'clock, on the premises, I sh .11 a II ruboisisions Nos. 14. 16, 18, 2n. 32, and 2:?, cf original Lot No. 14. in S.juare No. 495, iror.tmg reppsctivrly aiid tG1^ on Virginia avt uu.-aiid 4!^ streets, tunning back vari OU - depths to sU it ley Thejc lots are situa'ed in the very best locations on the Island lor building purposes, are with the trade*, have pavements laid, and at*, beyond a doubt, ilie most desirable lots lor iaie in thai section of the city. Title perfect an.l iuie positive. Terms Cne tMrd ca-h ; balance in 6,12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je 26?d Auctioneer. ?y ORSES 4l SCOTT, Auctioneers. Handsome two ^toky and attic Briefc House and Lot on the no>?h side of K street north, next to the co'ner cf*6th st eei we?t, at Auction.?On TUESDAY. the it> h instan', we a iali sell, at 6 o'cl.ick p ??., in front of the p/? mi sea, the abivc described property, bei?^ i^it No. 2 in Square No. 4, havicz z lr- nt on north K street of 50, runnirg back an equal width 110 feet 11 in.; the house contains nino good and coavenienCy sr ran/ed r<on>s and kitchen. The above described property is har.d.-cmely lo cated a little west, aad in me ixmediate vicinity ol, th Circle. Title indisputable. Tims: One Mx:h ca-di; bhl-mcein 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 tears, th? purchaser to ziire not ?? f?r the deferred payments hearing in'.er< si from the day of rale. A deed given aud a deed of tru?t taken. GREEN k SCOTT, je 20?d Auctioneers. ?ty ORIRH 4 SCOTT, Auctioneers. I BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION?On TUES > DAY, the 2dih instant, we te?ll, at half pa-t six '.'clock p m , on the premises, Lot No. S3 in subdivision fj r,... .ro No 5fc2. having a fnmt on af, oi >) feet, iu inina back 5? feet, cunubiiiRf 1,620 square feet. Term' cash. GKLLN &COTT, Auctioneers. ^!y GllliSJl at. SCOTT. AuettoneerT. PAINT SHOP TO BF. REMOVED at Auction.? On FRIDAY', iht h instant, we shall seil, at 6 o'clock p. tn? a good ruint Shop, situated on <Jih, immedbtc2y ophite Islsr.d Hall. !t i? to be r -moved at the option of the owner o! the lot on vhich it s-tanda. Term? GREEN k SCOIT, j* ^5?d Auctioneer^. TlIB POTOMAC RIVER STEA..1J.OAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. r'KICE, CAl'T. MML'EL BAKER, sr . WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON VT 6 O'CLOCK A. M., ANU AL LArtMiMA AT 7 O'CLOCK A. M ON TUESDAY MORNINGS for?Matt .i, Cur rior::an, L. Mnehodoc. Pitiey Point, Kindle, Cone. ON : ?.;daY MORNINGS for?Chapel Point, Wicomico, Leonardutwn, Piuey Point, St. Mary's, Cone. UV WEDNESDAY'(returning) leave Cone at 4 o'clock a in , for?St. Mary's, I .aey Pciut, Leou ar itowr. Wicomico, Chap?^l Poirt. ON SATL/KOAY (rctt'.ninp) leaving Cone at 4 o'clock a. m , for- Kiuaale, Piney Point, L. MatUo doc, l,'urriom;.n, Mattox. Calling at the u.ual lautliugs on the river when sig' taltt arc mad". iiy order of the Boatd: JAS. P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Vas June 1, le55. je 15?tf STEAMBOATS CONNECTING _ each train ci Car* arriv AuSHysi',C in WtcUioRton or Alexin* drm.?The .-reamers THOMAS 0 O L L Y E it er GEORG? WASHINGTON tvili make the above | connecuoiaS, leaving Washington at G a. m for ti? Oiangeand AleKaitdria cars, und connect With' .i sai>ie tra..i on their UiitVttl. Mt'ids furniahed on tUe boats. The Boaw conuect with all the trains from Bul tiniore. SAM L OEDMEY, C?pt. may 17?d NEW AND OLdTiaNUS. \%T E have now ia btore tlie largest assortment oi > V PI AN' >8 ever offere . in Uks ci:y trom Hal let, Dhvis fit (,o., (Sacon Sl huveti, and Knabe, Gaehle &. Co.'s celcbiatrd leauutactories. Ttiea* Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon vety ia?y terns Alco, a lieu pi no m-ed only a few months, which we oiler at the low price of ?2Ij0 cash ; a .econd band Piano, bv Andre Stien, for -975. A vi ry hae isccond hand Chickeriep Piano for sale cr rent at a bargain. OM Pianos taaen in escbanje for near. Always on hand, Steals, Covers, Guitar., Flutes, Accordeons, Music. 8<c. kc. John f. ellis, "Oo Pennsylvania avenue, l,m-' I? bet. ?Jin anil 10th str?-etii. ENGLISH XUL.NIP3 ti EUTA BAQA^EEJDS* rVUiL tti-dfitijueil lift: just received direct from the X arov.i rs, a well selected s.oek of the toliowtug:"s i.iverjuol Swede or Kuta Ra^a, Lane's improved ?lo , Gieen and Purple topjred do , Wluie t;i? bi, ?V bite ainl Red Tankard, O. ange Jelly, Dale liybnd, White Norfolk, and other field Turnip* Early Sume, Early Ssowb* 1 Mix We<;ks, Fin? Dutch, Purple topped Str<p iea*?1 Ga'^^ii Turnipa. Larly Vork, Large \ork, Flat Dutch, Drumhead, Heart shaped with many new and G*;d CaLbiges all waiiantrd fresh, of finest quaiity. aid are o iered at very nif derate piiecs. JOH SAUL, Je -22?eo6t? jnmrr Tth and II streets. IMPORTANT TO PEBSONS BRtAK P_Danv1NO UP HOUSEKEEPING. LRSONS removing from the city, and wishing to dispose of their Furniture n:id Heusekeep ing Utensils, ks., without tne trouble of seudinc tlieiu to jjuhlic auction, can do j?o by calling on us at our Store, 317 Pa avenue, corner of Ninth su, as Wi are prepared to buy all such goods as may Ue Offered ^ HoUi?:keeper? and othera will <^o w< il by calling on us, as we will pay the login cash prices f.?r all sucbgiods. V.'ALL, RAHNARD 4t CO. J* 7~aiq 317 Pa avoiiae. HAIR WOER. ORNAMENTS of limr, such as Rrr.relt ts, elains, Chains, lireastpins, fcir.ings, Pinjer KinK.-?, made to order, of imy deaired d' hijn. Alt orders faitiifully attended vo. Specimens mty be scui at ay store. w ?_ H. 9EMKPJT, ? 380 "? between Ska and 10 b sts. aTtr 30 NOTICK.C O^r cutuim?r< are respectfully in formed that on nnd after Uite date, until Sep teinner, we shall close our store everv evening ut 7* o'clock. HILBUS k HITZ, J* ^ Musk Depot. TELliGRAPHIC. UrOBTKJ TOM TBI DAILY EVENIIfO STAR Baltimore K&rkitt Baltiiioh. Jane 24 ?Floor is mors active Ixlay?aaleaof 1.200 bbla cf Howard ttraa' at flQ. Grain?there waa 10 000 buabala cf L>wa and Michigan wheat offered; i?1m of tbo fnrivor a' $2s$ 2 03 for rod ; Marylacd rod v $2.15a$2 2u ; wbi'o $2 20t$2 2i. Corn? ? ilea of jollow at $1 Olafl 02; whito at $1 01 ??l 03. Hew York Kukiti N?? Yo*k, Jane 26 ? Cotton It uncbicfe^, wi'h a limited basinets at prevtow* ratee Flour bn? declined 12fe ; aaloa of 7,000 bbla. good Ohio 75s$9 31 i; Southern ia *>? "v?nre1?moderate demand at previoe* rata*. Who>t H doll; lalaa of white Michigan i' j0*$2 5'j Corn i< a trifle lower; a? lea of 90,000 boabola?miied at 9So.aSl.0l. Pork U ??;ffer. bot not qoo'abl? higher; aaloa of 2 260 bblf new meia at f 19 Ml. Boof ia flna Lard is firm; ?al?? in barrola at lOialOJo. Whka kj?Ohio 33c. Hew York Stock Markat. New York, Jane 20 ?Stooka art rather bottor. Monev is ucch.iceed. Salei at tba 6:at"board of Erie's at 521; Cleveland and To ledo Railroad 95; Cleveland and Pitta turf Railroad 57; Cumberland Coal Company, 31; Reading Railroad, 92J; Canton Ccm^n% 23; New York Central Railroal. 101; U. S. 5'a of 18d8,119J; M ?souri 6 a, 97}. SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL, HAMPTON, VA , 13 siiuat* <1 eitb'n two miles of Old Point Comiort, with which place hourly comamn teat ion f"?| i.? had by a neat and commodir.ui Omnitoii, of^B the nu>?i modern style, al* by B^au, ilack?,JCK 3ic. The Ha l will lw for the rcepnon o' via mus on the 14th of Msy, at which line the propri etor hop*>s to b- abl* to hi <fce comfortable and hap py the stay of all who mvy he seeking pleature or health. Many improvement* have been added, such aa C<>t:ag*a for (amities, play grounda for childreo, shade trer?, &c , inleed eir rything that can con duce to the crtnf?rt of the vi? tors. For heaith an1 b nuty of location, this pl?te la un*u pa^s-d. Thi re is daily communication with the St- amer?o' Richm wid, Norfolk and Baltimore. Terms, per day SS oo Terms, per week II CO Ter.i?ap.rin>Blb,;pt:dayK..? ... 1 ? je 23??r>5; K O. HANKS. S^^ALATIONr poa tqb ami or Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WONDEHFUL Hi HYGEANA Brought heme to the door of the Million A WONDERFUL (luro?fry has recently been made *>y Dr. Curtis ol this city, in 'he treat hi**ut oi"l uaiumption, A.thina. and a'l dfwa?es of til ? Lune*. We retW tn DK Cl'RTlS'H UfCB ANA. Oil INHALING HYCF.AN VAPOR AND CHEKRY SYRUP." With this n?w method, Dr. C. has restore.! irany afflicted ones to botltn, a* au evidence ot which he ba-> innumerable certificate* Speaking of the tn*atsa*at, a physician remarks, ??|: is * videut thnt i haling?constantly breathing an :<ereenhlc. healiig vapor?the rn-dtcina! properties muyt come in direct contact wiih the wbole arial cavilie of the lung?, and thus escapc the many and vari<*d ch&ntes produced upon 10'm when intr?> ?lured int'i the ttom&ch. aWfuhji-ct to the proce*? olr.geetion " Th* hygena ia foi sale at all Uk. Dn.gjfi-t's tbrcugh<iut the counuy.?A". For* Dmtd^ Man Jan. 14. The lnha'er is worn on the breast under the lin<-n without the louat tuconTeiiifnce?the hi'at of tb? b sdy beit^ suftcient to evaporatP the fluid- Hun dreis of casea ot cures, like the following, might be Basted. One package of the !!yg?ara hae cared me of the Asibma of us year*' standing. J P KtiatiUT, P. M. of Duncannatt, Pa. I am cor><d of th e AnUma of ten years' atandinf* by l)r. Cu.ud'8 llyfeuaa. MiUim Earroa, Brooalyn, N. Y. Mrs. Tsui, of No. 5 Hanrarnd rftret t. N Y, was c-irjd of a ae*cre ca-e at BronchJus by Use Hy g.ana. My sister has been cared of a uistres*ing cough o?" si'veral y^nrs' standing, an J decided to be iurura bit by the physicians. t<ht was cured in one montli by :he llygoana. J. H. Giraurr, P. M Richmond, Me. The R''*. Dr. CntaTitR, of N-'W York, tt-*ti?e? of our medicine in the foll?i?vina langu&se: Nkw Yoaa. 11M Dear ^Ir?I think highlv of l?r. Oa^tis'a ll>geana c.s ? reim dy in diseases of th# tiirout and Lunp< ? Having had e?:me opportunity to (e>tify Us ellkcacy, 1 am cunTineed tnat it m a <nost eicellent med: fctae, ViUi lis. fj-rop und tie i?haling application to chest. Prof. F- CairriR writes us ai> fbllows: C-entleaien?1 Lave recently bad weapon to t? st your Cherry tiyiup and H>gean Vapor, In a caae oi chnmic sore throet, that had refuted to yield to eth er forms of treatment, and the result has satisfied ;ne that, wliater< r may be the composition of voar pr**paraucn, it is no imputation, bet ?n excellent remedy. I wt?h, for thu sake of the afflicted, that it mifht be broudLt widiui ll*e reach of all. Dr Jqen?, one of tlie ni<?st celebrated Phymtelan* Li Jfew York v.*rj?es as follows: Dr. Ccaria?Ix ar Hir? Having witnessed the ex crtleM rffects of your Uyg^nna <;r inhaling Hygeau Vapor and Cherry t*yrup, in <*as?'of Chronic Bron eUibs, r.nd bt scg tnuch in lavor of counter irntatiou in rfflfmlous of ihe tiiroat, Brouchial tub? s and lumjt i on therefore cheerfully recommend your Medt calad Anpaiattif* as b( ing lite most convenient and efffcCiual uiode of spp'yiag anything of the kind 1 havr ever eeeu. No doubt, thousands of persons iii-y be rtiievcd, and uaay cured, by using )our umdicmoa. 1 must here be allowed to ccnfea* that I am op poifd to prescribing or using secret compooRda, but this Uiue nentiy contrived article, mid its effects iu the care above alluded to, bave imiuerd me to speak i.i its favor. You arc at liberty la u-e thm inauy wsy vou may think propter. Uttjiecu'uily, yours, 9tc. C. Junas, M. D., No. G09 Houston sueel, M. Y. Price llire*- dollars a packavs Sold by CLBTid A PE;<klN4 and BOYD k PAUL, No 14* Chambers street, N. Y. | Four packagss sent tree to any part of ibe United Slue* for ten dollars. N. B?Or. Curti-'s llygrana ia the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE'ARTICLE; all others are ka*<- imitations, or vilr- and intmious counterfeits. 8hun th-.-ui you would POISON. F'-r tali: in Washiuctori by t-'il M.I.Eft ?TOTT, Pa. &v nue, near 7th street; and J. B 31OORE, ia the First Ward. nuy *1? Oui FH1LAD?L?HIA LAGER LEER DEPOr, 3 H 1 J a, avenue, letu\en 4>| end Ut. E have at all time' ;he b*-st PHIl.AliELPHI A I. A(.EH l!?>/u on hand sud offer it now for sale for .$2 per Keg, and in quart bottles for 41 M per dozen. We stud tbe beer free of to All parts of the city. Many physicians h.ive recommended UUa beer a- one of ihs bcol .emedies for weak atouachs le 13? lm* "VTiuW BOOKK received a ad for ?Je at 1> HIIILLINGTt.iN'S B0< kM0ie. The Life ol Napoleou, by Abhc-U, complete in 4 vols. The Winkles, by the author oi Wild VV?t<iii Scenei t^orn* Cui Cikih i*, tbe Experiences of a Cvaaer va tiv Family Talcs fu( Uie Marines, by tbe author of Loa Gun* gis. i M'fcing Brule, by Mrs. Pouthwortii I Moredun, a ult of the Tw< Ive Hundred and Tea, by Sir Walter Scott, Hail liailnu's Magazine tor July. All the New Books and every thing in Use Sta tionery line, for rale at 8 ill ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odccn Uuildiug, car. at., and Pa. ?*. Je 19?tr PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. I^HIS lland i? suiuble for an/and all purpaw?, and i? warrant! d to givr Kati^factioii to all Uion who may be pleaded to engage tbcin, either as u Brofs, Reed, or Cotillon Rand. Any number of uiusi? lans to be bait at tbe abort eat Uuticc by applying to FREDERIC PBOSrF.RI. Leader, at TalutvuLV Store, nppomte tlie Marine Barrack*. ?L B.- Orders left at Hilbua a llita'a Muaie l>? pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m SCntJTTKR ft KAULKRT. A XI T I S T S , J~rt>ro, Djcor<iin<e, anJ every d*rription ORMAIIKXTAL pAl ?TI*0. Orders loft with Italdwin an l, Aichi tects: will be promptly attended to. 6?dim* MOREDUN; a tale?claiming to be by Sir Walut Scott, 50c Abbott's History of Napoleon, 8 Tola, octavo, $3 t'onstance lierteit, a novel, by Miss Jasrsbury, 37c Tbe Con rrm-rsy beiwn-n Senator Brook * and Arcb bialiop Huchts. 35 ceata. jt it FRANCk TAYLOR*

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