Newspaper of Evening Star, June 27, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 27, 1855 Page 2
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rVFVTNfi STAR. WASUfN<4TON PTTY: W10V1IDAT AFTiKJOO* Jan* 27. ACSfCNTTA FOB THK *TAR. *' he roll owing persons are authorised o contract for the publication of adver twernenta in the Star; Philadelphia V. B. PAUm N w KZ?Y ,/rdc'nd Ch^tW^eet,. wT X<^r& M" P^oiu. * Co., street. 8i^|on -V. B. Palm., SooU.y'8 Aoyaansaiuurrs should be handed ui by 12 o'clock. M., otherwise they may ?ppe?r until the next day. BriBTT OF TH* *02* IRQ fKS?S The IntMigtmetr earnestly, and, we think, Juitlj, depiecatea eeotional political conven tlOQd " The Union grows eloquent in commenting on the oritioiama of the Philadelphia North Amriean upon the reoent removals in this wiLu.rr"of Know No,hbsi^ ^skjsss i 0f jQ9tiCr all the.? JSvlf b^d.uP?n practical boatility& MnelVeV ?rVR,1Ie Pr,nc'P???- It has no io t*'l. STi7 7 ?f a? P?*1 It P?ot, proscribe in public Ir ?P?.ee no eminence of virtue or imdlect in ire a-d ??T?: h *r,cour?S?i fnlsehnod shons tver.v manly qualify ?nd jenils'o Amorican firesides haselrfo, & kr\Z? frier dg It invokes religioo that ?"'!w ,mar cr?"? into office It affects to L ' J * }('nl *ad then destr< ja or vitiates the 6*llo: by hideous oatha Wc have *,.n u ip&re? neither ?ge nr>r sex In tbn very city of Philade]Ph?, where the Norh ,t elf i, pubU.hid, helllef. w,ieC th'e?rhr*Iheb-ra *'*"?* -ni0 theitre?t?'t*cau3e ^ Vu rovrrty for <beir religion, on fbe "'{jj** *n?*ns into place for their nativ * 7- Nor la taw system confi .ed to a si-cl* 01 y or a jiagle State. We have s.?n ?i?SI ?he la?t few weeks, high tonM eiti'ien^ of Lou.sura excluded from .he Kaow NoUiir* oonyn;.on far being Catholics! Th; who* popule'ioj of .Maryland. compoSdof I ? Luturlfai fuf 'heir deration to the ojuntry is Eoaght to ha disfranchised, a-.d ihl a.r3t od.ou* e*Iuicnie? are pat into circulation Su'.T SfflU'W'"- ""?? th h A huge Cargo.?A recent letter from France telisaa that the American ship "Great He. public," whieh. it will be remembered was burnt m the harhorof New Yoik, and rebuilt, !f "OW at taking in a load for the Crimea on amount of the French government She la to carry 500 borce,, 7l0 iceo, and 3 200 tona of other freight, at $5 per ton per month Her charters worth some $l*.ono prr month ! J*1*? tr0* th# ?^rPVi.P.atform: After the Sta w? put to preM ye:.ter JJlJr af. tycoon, we received a dispatch statin? that a. the muni ipa! election oa Monday in Nor , ' Vir*'??>?. U?ater Wood it. democrat, wa. elected Ma>or, ever Wm. R.ed, the Know a o bin? candidate. The majority for Flour ncy Uit month wa8 ne uly fuUr hundred. Comvo El*ct?os. The S'ate of Alabama, Arkareif Icwi Kentacky, Missouri and I?j. ?3, will hold their elections on ;he hrat Mon day In Aoguat; Tdnncsee oa the flrBt Thnr?w *nd North Carolina on theaecond Tfcura. of the same m nth On the aecond M ?. dayr, September, the -.lections in Maine oc our and that of Vermont on the flm Taesdav or the saxe month Oraaahcpperj, in coun iessLTsta* aresw*,* ???:? '? b.. >hejf?, lirt .V rr*?" "J:kaof bird which f-ed, U(!0C tiem ....About half past ten o'clock on Sunday a^e'Phio n^med Mar U bum., bor ,if. ? ,o I .... All ,b. (rifocan Io tb? j.i! ,t Emi| ;.v, j:?1;,!1' ?^?of.m. mh isss*?***h>j b? K" c WioHi*?. .z PuteMUt: c..'.""*;,'*' **tu """ia.iM by lb. Dtiao. ??r , d C'CU?'V,r.?f V"UU" '<" Mr wil * u lloalolJ for U Governor Mr Mtck^ffo baa ac ept#d the nominauon ....Lvckhart E Ilouaton, ij acandidaUfor ^ocgrers in t .e Abordeen (Mim.) distriet ....Rtv !>,. l'easdale, of the T.irreenth a reet Baptist Charoh, temporarily xosflnt from Ht'iZtf''*""* """" ....Ea Gov. Collier, of Alabama died afsw day* Bir.ce. in Tu?o?I;>c#a coun v li? h?H prwyly bo, r. hoBored with the h.ght. ^ ?iL '??? ?hiob t?? " J c,i"s T* v? c j H.l!L cl4 tlf* II"n p. Pow?ll, Crockfa v ' *nl u">?- 9- K. v-rocke., , %r# at miUfa-, hoft, ? ^..Ilon David L Yulee arrived io Waah ?ngton yesterday Coaaicvicor JcDuTuav -The House tf IF**1?*?' *' we 1<4rn frt? Hart ford, elec ed on in ita part four Jud ?cs for tha I>im "?h ^Urt' Ri ?L*>ren P. Waldo, O ? k Commifcsivner of Peosions ?re? Th?Jn . * ',kte a rLCmh#r ? cJn ? Metier, also late a member of iSSSS"dJ^onD Pwk-? tKTwo of tb* ?**larly neminared Know No thmg candidates w.r, defa?.?d. via - Si Htl'ihnL and Ch^I?? J McCurdy, the late Miftjj ?j to Aaatna. kL?tH-PlnMUr ^f'DiTiow.?A pri ??j? -c^* w^ib*? Jl" Jon? l4lh 1?W? la and u W lker ftbout t0 ,ini at Tiger SS;rKS"'-1-? Ue wife stated that sha "f tpadr* 1 the defendant a. me thir^n carried to had borne JT,; th,t **? of whom we? no?* originali.'Mc ^ nx? ?A14i asiiee or Ba tiaiore coaa# Cteen tyminw- news and gossip. J km .w.u.d m.! iriiT.1 oi d...ii? tf a. rBowrK, remtrk. i ?bU .NM.te t,f .he with ?rio.. i v '-an confidence in the troth of the "first g*M." Ooncerning them, sent horns fro* thw English and French armies Oar infidelity arose from the feet that, in every instance since their landing in the Crimea their first accounts of each rucoeeding exploit of theirs baa proved laughably far from the truth The mails which bring Russian accounts of the same sffairs (including taose of the Asia and Aiel, reaching our shorea subsequently.) explain that : h?so vauated achievements amount, in reality, to just nothing at all in the way of tho con summation of the reduction of 8ebastoj>ol or crippling the power of Rama for effeotive da fence. In these first accounts great parade is made about the movement cn the Tchernaya, a point whioh could have been quite as easily c inquced at any hour sinoe the siege com menced, and of so little importance in the movements on the chessboard cf battles that Russia had no fortifications there. It seems to be the opinion of military men here, that tha movement in question was the result only of the beginning of the want of water around Sebaatopol. In July and August there will be such a want of water felt in the berieging oampi of the allies, as that there will be immi nent danger that their armies will die of thirst and the pestilences incident to being compelled to gc without water, or to drink from the cess poofc into which all the filth, oarcases, and evefy eoaeievably nauseous tiling about the oatnps and entrer.chimnta have long been soak ing The English and Treooh papers are also making great parade over the capture of two Russian outposts, that cost the French alone, more than three thousand effeotive men killed and placed kors du combat. Now, one of these works was erected by the Rasrians only three weeks before; and the other, only two months before Ihey wtre not defences of Sebaatopol, but Russian worfc of assaults against the camps and entrench ments of the allies Indeed, the Asia's trail brought offiaial intelligence from the English war office that the idea of holding the.n and attempting to use them against the Russian defences of tho city, wm not dreamed of, as they (these outworks) were merely available against the allies, being subject to be destroyed at will by the city's defences. So these achievements bring theai no nearer the reduc tion of the city than they were months ago So, too, with reference to their enterprise against the sea of Asof. They (the allies) have been able to go there at any time ei:.oe the 1st of September last, *a the Russians have wholly refrained from fortifyirg the ap proaches to it, as its occupation by the allies is of not the least consequence in the campaign Its occupation will bavo no more effeit in the matter of stopping the euj plies of the Russians in Sebastopol, than the occupation of Boston bay and harbor by an invading army, would have in bringing abw? the stoppage of sup plies to an American army deluding Titts burg?not a whit more The burning of six millions of rations of the Russians which wore ?? transitu for the Emperor's troopa employed in Asia, will not in the least effect Ru.-sia; in somuch as owing to the blcekade of hor ports the granaries of the empire are groaning witb corn and all other descriptions ot produce, rotting ?v.r want of consumers England and trance, are. oven in tiiue of piace p urchasers rather than exporters of grains and other pro vi-ions, in quantities. During this war their troops, more especially those of Eug'and, have been kept half starved nearly all the time The allies were tadly in want of the provisions thus wantonly destroyed, suffi jient to provisi -n some fifteen thousand mtn for a whole year. Thus, they and they only, are to ba he losers by this almost unaccountable ac!. of folly on their part. The act reminds us of the conduct of an It iah mob on the temporary auspecsion of the Bank of England, who, to be reveoged on the institution, collected all of its note they oould lay their hands on, and burned th?m. The truth is, all these splurges?for they amount to little more?are mere effort* to satis;y public opinion at houie, long more than satiated with suoh glory as has resulted, and profit as may be likely to result from the Crimeaa campaign*. Voting at the Fourth Ward Foils. -It will be recollected that, some time sinoe, we had occasion to publish a letter written on the 3d of June, 1850, by the Attorney of the Corpora tion of Washington, giving bis opinion as to who had a right to vote, in accordance with which, all who were naturaliaed eitiaens on offering their votes, who had the other requi ?ito of a yeir's rerid'.noe ia Washing ton, (whish wis but according them their rights, as has since beta decided by the Cir ouit Court.) were entitled to vote here Sub sequently, there hu been sent to us a letter, purporting to have teen written by tha Con poration Attorney, affirming tha right of par doned convicts having the requisite qualifi cations, to vote in our municipal elections. It is aa follows : To ikt C?mmi*sion*r? ?fth* StvtntA Ward: Qmmmz The charter of the eity pro hibits from tho eleetive franchise all jwfons who skull have bean eor,vieted of an infamous crime \ on ask what ia tha effect of a pardon in suoh cases ? I answer, tha general principle of the eom mon law, to wb:oh I km.w no exoeption, is, thai a pardon, ^fter convietion and sentence restore* tha party to all his rights and priv ileM. * K Wherever this ia not the oase it must be by the foroe of some restraining stntuto. There to none ot which I am aware touohicg this particular disability ; and my opinion is, that error a pardon such a person is, in this citv restored to his right to vote, if he has tha other requisita qualifications Respectfully ivM. 4 my* AUor"' *? This letter ia worthy of note, only from the fact that it embraces nothing whatever eon earning the rights of those wh>wero noto riously defrauded out of their rigbts of citi xenship a* alwajs previously accorded in this oitJ> ?' sfirmed by our highest judicial authority on the morning of tha election, whioh decision, Judgment, or opinion?call it what you may?was known to nearly every man and boy at all the precinots cf the city within ed hour attar tha aetion of the court, above retorrad to. It does not appear from tha letter above printed that the Corporation attorney was asked for an opinion by the oommieaioners of election upon tha point en which more or Use of them undertook to ad minister ?he law by a naw reading af ft. sa is di*fraaohise and thus defraud soma h*n dreds af their boceet and reputable fallow eitiaens. The penitentiary bird.',. a ~rer, were brought in, legally, we doubt net under this daeiaLu, and we will agree to show a blaok ewan for every voter of who ?*eadej the pells, who failed to vote the straight-out Know Nothing ticket. ? We may sot forget to add that the above letter from the corporation attorney is sent to I as at a copy of the one reoeived by the com missioners at the Fourth Wards polls en the morning of the election, before it wae finally determined by the three Know Nothing com missioners there not even to receive and lay I aside to be subsequently oanvassed, the votes "ot atl:astone hundred citisens legally enti tied to the suffrage, who attended at and around the polling window for the Fourth Ward, in I the Tain hope of getting their right; many of them going away in disgust without reaching the window, on seeing how those offering such votes as theirs were treated by parties both in and outside of the voting place. Nineveh?As we dive deeper and deeper in to the reaords of this ancient eity, more won ders are constantly b^ing revealed. Secrecy I in the politics of its inhabitants was a prime object sought to be attained, and they accor I dingly did their best to "cover np their tracks," I a figure of speech not known in the year 18541 A. C., it having originated from a habit of thel aborigines of onr own land, a much morel modern people. They (the good folks ef Nin-1 eveh) little thought that in some twenty seven I hundred and nine years afterwards, spiritual* I inn would devise a plan by which thepolitioal treasures of their times would be made known I to the generation then living. Judging from I sijns found amid tho rains of that an-1 oient city, we ore satisfied that the Mr. Jno. I ft Eivans whose name was foand in the list of I its inhabitants published on Monday last, didl no long walk its street", finding very shortly I after he entered its g?tes, that participation I in politics on any side was not particularly I suited to a quiet business man. We have also satisfied ourself that the Mr. I Thomas N. Braehears. whose name was in the I list published yesterday, gavo Nineveh the I ?lip immediately after he had Been the winged I beasts, the cut of whore snouts by no meant; I suited his artistio taste at first eight. Aocording I to the records of that anoient city he sojourned I in it only one a single night, and then shak-1 ing its dust off his feet, became its mortal foe. I Tho following is a list of a few more of the dwellers in the ancient city of Nineveh, A. 0. 1854. As will be peroeived, their names, when I thus done into English, resemble not a little those by wbich men go in these latter days: H^nry Mcintosh. 1st Ward; Benj. T De-1 vaughn, 7th; J. T. Aubarey, 2d; John W. I Byran, 1st; Wm C. Hunter, 1st; A. J. Hurdle, I 4 h; Basil Bounds, 7th ; Thou J. Simons, ?tb; I Wm H. Dalton. 7th; Jno T Hoover, 3d; Geo. I Mitchell, 2d; Wm. M. McCauley, Jr ; Benja- I min Bra<hears, Prince George's county; Daniel I D Davidson. 7th; John W MoElfresh, 7th; B.l M. Hughes; G. W Gover, 2d; Christian Van I Coble; Hesekiah Kidwell, 7th; Tnos J. Holts. I claw, 4th; Jefferson Garner, 7th; H. A Chris-1 tine, 2d; W. ft. Reeee. 7th; Ju. A. Dunning-1 ton, 7th; John A Tucker, 7th; Chas Allen,! 7 h; W Gibson, 7th; JohnS. Mortimer, 7th; I Perry A. Garrett, 7th; II J Shiles, 1st; J W Shiles, Alexandria; II. H iieetty, 1st; C. M Hires, 1st; E E. True. 7th; Jos Davis, 7th; I John S Drummond, 7th; H B Clark, 7tb; I Tbos ftiston 7th; J W. Bnrcb; J. W. Karth-1 click. 7th; W Clements, 7th; Nathaniel M I Gonr, Prince George'r county; John T Lyrch, I 7tb; Jas. J. Fowler, 7tb; George T. Davis, 7th; I James G. Robinson, 7th; Burnet L Nevins, I 21 Apiil22?J*s S-mpson. 7; Henry Moore, I V* ; Will Yonson. 7th; H Middleton, 2d; I Rufus S. Payne, 7 .h; Geo. H Feaman, 3d; | Matthew Bramble. 7th; E R. Walkerson, 7th; I Abel J. Bird. Va.; T C Mclntire, 4'b; J. A I Sutton, 4th; Z Bowie, 7th; Richard W. Bruff, I 7 h; A F MoFaelin. Texas; Jno Poake. 7th; I Cha?. R L. Crown, 7th; Tho*. Hughes, 7th; I W. St an e berry 2d; Kenard A. Hu'Obins. 2d; I Jacob Sparrow, 7?h: Hiram Allen, 7th; Chas I Hanson, 7th; Wm. H. Leaque, 4'h; A C Kid-1 well, 7th; G R Cooksey, 7th; W. S Martin, I Sauuel Hopkins, New York; Jos D. Ward,! 7 b; Jos. Stickle, 2d; Isaac .Mister. 7tb; Joe. B. I Ray. 4th; Jno W.Disney, Va., Geo. Hilton, I 7th; Edw. A. Speigt, 7th. Probably a " Mistake-' Maliciusly Made.? I A telegraphic correspondent of the New York I UeraU writes to that Journal under date of I J^ne 25, saying: " I was informed by one of the order in good I standing, that at a meeting of the stcokhold-1 ers of the Anuncau Organ it was de ermined I *0 dispense with the services of Mr. Vespasian I Ellis. One of tbe editors was discharged on I Saturday The Herald'? article aooomplished I the business." We have no confidence in the truth of thel principal point in this sews. Mr. Ellis is I really au invalid, and too great a sufferer to I permit him to discharge the arduous duties of the editor of a daily paper in these days. It | is well known that he aeked for the leave of I absence acocrded to him to recruit his health, and that his return to tbe poet is expectcd on I his recovery There is not a man among the I shareholders of the speculation who it more southernish on the slavery question than Mr I E., while nure or lees cf them sympathise, I rather, in the views of Wilson, Colby, Hale, I Colfax, b Co. So the whole itory about hisl discharge is evidently a roorback. I The assistant editor, or, rather, the city re I porter, whose *ervioes were diipensed with on I Saturday last by the proprietors of oar tal-1 ented, eourteoas, gentle, and truthful neigh I bor, was discovered never to havs been inside I a Know Nothing lodgo in Washington. As I they will give employment to none outside of I " the order," he was accordingly sent off with I a flea in his ear. Apropos: That sort of work ia hardly eon-1 sistent with our neighbor's recent jeremaids I over the fact, that the Union oifice recently I dispensed with the services of some boys at $31 or $4 per week each, bocause our ingenuous I and veracious neighbor avers they avowed! ' American sentiments." The truth is, it was I determined to employ young women at $5 or I per week hereafter, to lay on the sheets in I the Union ofllee, instead of boys at $3 or|4| per week. Hence the discharge of these lads, I which our silly neighbor endeavors to torn to I political acconrt, in the face of its own avew I ed proscription of every person in its business I vrho fails to be a Know Nothing A Marine Corps Appointment and Diamia-1 sal.?Second Lieutenant Freeman Norvell,! Unite! States Marine Corps, (formerly of Miob- I igan,) having been dismissed from t-io service I in acoordance with the sentence of a court I mar ial at the Brooklyn navy yard, W. W Kirkland, of North Carolina, has been ap pointed to a second lieutenant of that oorps. to fill the vscanoy thus created. Menomoace ieserv; ?The portion covering nine full townships of tbe old reservation im mediately east of perntar4nt home of the Monomonee tribe on Wolf River, Wisconsin, having been re leased for Indian purposes, the necessary instructions have been issued by the General Land Office at Washington for the esiiy completion and retain of surveys of the eight townships, not heretofore surveyed, in order to open the lands to sale and location; and the necessary orders b?v*? *l-r> *"'ren ti> the land i ffioerr r.? *ujiv . j rc . ?r^e'o the rei&ainitg township nirtb range 17 east, prepared for market, and offered in 1846, bat whieh vu withdrawn in 1863, to opeotka same to private aotry again by giving two nonths public notice, to a* to af jrd an equal ohanoo to ail who wish to pure hue tho lands. It has boen decided that tho graduation act of 1864 does not apply to this townchip of land daring the period of its withdrawal from market Tho Hew Comptroller of Pan Francisco Andrew Jaokson Moulder, who has lately been elected Comptroller of the city of San Fran oifco by the Democrats, is a native of Wash ington, D. C , and son of the late John X. Moulder, and is a young man of high charac ter and fine talents. Land Warrants Issued ?The number of land warrants, under the laws of the last ses sion, issued at the Pension Ofllce up to June 28th inelusive; is 6,613. The Current Operations of ths Treasury Depar tment.?On yesterday, the 30th of June, thera were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $23,392 37 For the Interior Department...... 79.779 15 For the Customs 74 780 60 War warrants received and en tered 48,386 97 War repay warrants received and entered 139,347 15 Interior repay warrants received and entered....* 4 385 91 Drawn on account of the Navy.... 11,578 89 For repaying on account of the Navy 976 39 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 12,801 60 (iEORGKTOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gboeo*towh. June 27,1855 It will doubtless be regretted by all oar citiiens, tuat the very friendly and interesting practice of celebrating the Fourth of July, by a union of all the Sabbath schools, which has prevailed in our oitv for many years, is to be departed from on tho coming national holiday. This we believ* is mainly owing to the!act that no place suitable for such a celebration can be had within a reasonable distance The school attached to the Methodist Pro testant church intends spending the d;?y at the beautiful residence of John H King, E jq , on the Little Falls road, when addresses suit able to the oo .nt'ioa will be delivered by John T. Bang J. Esq ., and others; and the Wem Georgetown school oon'emplate spending the day at Ten ally town. These are the only two schools, so fxr a* we are informed, whioh In tend any public celebration The grand excursion to the Great Falls and Point of Rook?, by the oanal packet Congress, offers a first rate chance to all who may wish to spend the day pleasantly, and have a view of the oanal, water works, romantic scenery, At A colored boy, by the name of Mahorney, who was employed at the Convent of the Visi tation, was accidentally drowned while bathing in the Canal, near the stop-look, on Sunday last. A great cradling or reaping match is to ccme off on the farm of Mr. Joshua Bateman, some three miles above Tenallytown, on next Tues day and Wednesday the 3d and 4th July, be tween two men by the name of Nokes and Fenwick. A considerable amount of money, we learn, has been 8 aked upon the result This race, being somewhat a novel one, will, doubtless, draw together an immense ooncourse of persons We saw, this morning, quite a number of men with their scythes upon their shoulder*. en route for the country, to engage at bar vesting. V> e learn that in many plases as high as <3 per day is being freely offered for oradlers. We would advise all persons who havo val uable dogs to b3ve an eye to them We saw the pelice this morning pasting up a multitude of hand bills, declaring war to the knife, and the knife to the kilt, on all the canine race which may be found running at large Tho flour market is very quiet tois morning. Sales yesterday of some 400 bbls at $10 No grain f any kind arriving. Spxctator , EVENTH WARI> LNION ASSOCIA tion w^ll meet THIS EVENING at roto mac Hall, ci 8 o'clock. Jc 27?It Wtt. COOPEH, Sec ,UNION ASSOC IATION?An adjourned _ nr. erina of the above Association will be held at Harmony Hall in THURSDAY EVENING, the 28th instnut. C. P. WANNALL, Pres. Je 27?2t ,THE SJOTT GUARDS BEG LEAVE to inf nil tluir friends add the public gen ? rally that they will give a Cnnd Excursion and P:c Nic to the White House I'avilijn on THURS DAY morning, July 12, lk5o. PaMiculai* in a future advertisement. Je *7,28.19 3"JkJuly2 " Brown's Hotel, June 15,1655. TO THE EDITOR OF THE ETEN iD* Star?S:r: I would b-g respectfully to c II your attention to a mktake in the ninth line ??f your notice of me in the Sim wf this dav, viz: uith (he stars and tlripe* thjt shovrrd m? light? i.:strad ot no light, that had hern imeited. Please correct the mistake and finish by snyirg that when I an-. ?i?inj to my last I hope that the stripes and ?iars shall accompany my lat?t desires and aspirations tor Liberty Your?, in the glorious cause of the Constitution, 1*27? It JAMES M. GENN>8. .NOTICE. -WM. BUCHANAN was cx _ pe.'ed from the Young Bachel - rs Associa tion, of Alexandria, for non payment of Dues JOHN A. HUMPHRIES, President. Charles A. Chlplet, Secretary. je ?6-3t* ,THE UNI) R3IGMED COMMITTEE most respectfully annou-jce that the EX CURSION of th?' President's Mounted Guard will come off on th- f 8'h of June. Gentlemen who havo not procured their tickets can do so by applying to the Executivn Committee. ThP boat will l?-ave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard .it 2t?, and Alerandria nt 3 Rremti? Committ*e. CHARLES W. FEINT, BAMUEL W. OWEN, WM 11. HAYWARD, JOHN T ESSEX. JAMES A KINO, le 28? 2t F S. BARBARIN. DENTIST, GEORGETOWN, D. C.f( has removed his < fii e to No. 51) Con-] great street, three doors above his former place of business. Je 27?3t* PARSONS ON CONTRACTS, vol 1 EUnder's Lives and Times of the Thief lus tices of the Supreme Cuurt of the Unifd States? tirst series. FRANCK TAYLOR. Je 27 THE AMERICAN SPECIFIC, THE enly safe, sura, and speedy cure lor a cer tain dLease. Sold only at No 1 in Pa. avenue. Price ?1. Je t7?l?t I?OR SALE.?TWO BLACK KENTUCKY ; match Mar< s, 7 years old, well broke to harness, and fine trotters yWv AIho, Buggv and Harness. Can be seen at Birch's Stable, Hth street. L. F. GRIFFITH. je 27?2t* FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION. ALL those who desire to en oy themselves on that day should have a neat and comfortable Hoot or Shoe, and we would say to them that we have a good stock ea hand ot various styiea and are prepared to manufacture everything la our line. So give us your orders in time MILLS k BRASHEARS, 33.ri s. side Pa av., bet. 0th and 7th streets. JeS71wj 5&Z&T sacrifice of drt goods. VT tne Cash Store, 2d door m eat of Seventh St., opposite the Centre Market?We are now closing out the stock of some twenty thousand dol lars worth of Dry Goods * ithout regard to coet. As the entire stock must be sold within sixty days w? will offer goods at sueh prices as ougt>t to induoe persons to bu" whether they want Dry Goods wi not. Those who would have bargains had b*i ar call immediately at the tun of the Cash Store under the Avenue House. Terms exclusiv. 1? cash Ja 27?1 w J. G. P1TZPATR1CK, Agen'. NEW MUSio! AT JO SSiLLlNGToN'S BOOtk AND PERI ODICAL 8TORE aiay be found a choice col lection of cheap and popular MUSIC, by the n?o.t eminent c.imposers, ancient and modern. Tha i r???W ~ ? t Washington and vicinity a e rrspec r i. . ...i. vi i! ?'? ; 'xnmine hhi cauloge. -O SIIILLINGTON, Odeon BuilJina, Corn* r 4 ? street and Pa. avenue, je *17?0| [iatelfclfewa] FOUBTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO PINEY POINT, _ _ .T""?* The MBaodtau ttaam'r ALICE & FKICE, (Captain Earn? 1 Ba ker) will lake p?se??nce's fr m Warbiactoa ?-ltv (n TUESDAY MOR.VINfi, Julv 3.1. at 6 .VI rrk, ?<>d Alexandria at 7 < 'clock, for PINKY POINT Rc turning, wi!l rail for hem on Thurs.4*} m< ming thus sdording an opportunity to rH who mai c so disposed of spending a ?<ay at this delightful Wat? r in* r lure, and also an opportunity of viewing the beautiful scenery of our river by daylight. {&?- Passage for the trip $8. Meals e tire. ), v7?dtf-x Taa/iecmT Difiinim, June 96,1855. PROPOSALS will be receired at this depirin>iii until the ti7ih day of August next, al o'clo< k. a , for furnishing (wrought, fined, and delivered in a proper Mate to put into the building) all the m.ite rial for the exterior walla of the south wing of th extension of the Treasury Department buiMii; which wil be either granite or marble, a* roav heie aftcr be det< rminerf. The bidder whose bid i* ac cepted to have the privilege o* furnishing tbe mat- - rial for the outside of tbe remainder of tbe building when CongreM may have made the nrri iury spf propriati'ns for its construction, provided that it that time it U deemed for the interest of tbe Urtt d States to give it to hint. Tlie department renervme the right to reject the proposal* hereby invi ?d, should tbe interest of the United Slates r? quire it The stones mint all be wr ught 10 the i*iutiuii?< fizes, models, fcc.. which may b> furnished by this department, by which a'l measurement* will be governed. On the court or rear ri-!e of the exterior tbe walla will b? plain <t?hler, with plain window openings t equal height in the three upper stories, and crowned with a cornice similar t<? the rw of the pmei.t building, without the architrave and friero. On tb-* remainder of *he exterior walla, (lie e*! umns aid antae, (lieix capitals and buses. the #nta Matur<' and balustrade, the window and door dr?* sing*, kc., the style of architecture cf tbe pre*eni building. ?o far as ornatn-ntis concerned, will br preserv?d throughout, with the exception of ti e dor,r ami window op>cings, which may be varied. e< cept tho,e in the east end of the two winp?t Tj c sizes,#hap<-, and dimension* of the columns, an'ae. capitals, ba e?, an<1 cross section of the eat -blWtjp and b'luotrade will be the same tain tha rmeot hutldirg. If of granite, fne shaft of the colnm^s mar le either in one o? three pieces of equal lecgihi. Tb base and capita! of the columns and anta*- will e.i li b? in' ne piece. The areb'trave of the ent*blatin? will extend in one length from centre to centr.*. f antae or column, and those over the latt-r tolc composed of but one block, with both ride* and hoi torn w rought, together with such parts of tha t?p s s nip.y be required Those over the antae, the oi:t? r fare-n1 th : lop and bottom edge. Tiie face of the ashler must be perfectly wvonght to the sample, with all the necessary heads, r? b* < s return-", &c , required. The beds, builds, *nds, t c. rough h?mraered to tl e square. All rebatea,uu.uld tngi, ornamental and bevelled work mnsi be ?-ie; n wrought, and sgreeabjy to the directions given I y tt e superintendent It Hl'.rWe is used, |!ie shifts ofthe columns may b in touraml five pieces; the architrave in one Ir.ngth fr m centre tn centre of the columns or antae; ott over the former may f?e composed of three separ ate b!ocfcs, nnc flatwise, forming the under id* and the first m tnber on cach edge ; the oiher tw. standing on e ge; forming the inside and outside faces of the same. Those over the antae must be in '-ne block. The measur'ment of t 'e material and work de livered.ardttie pavro- ut thereon will be madeagrt-r ab!y to the following form and schedule, and ail bids mu?t be made accordingly. Schedule or rule forthe measurement of materials to be delivered, viz: Cornice, per foot in length, including coat of stock, freight, and trorkman>hip 0 Architrave over column, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Architrave over antae, including Ci>t of block, freight, and workmanship of cclumns, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Capitals of antae, each, including cr.*t cf sioek, Ireiglil, and workmanahip Base* of ar ta-, each, including com of stock, freight, and workmanship Bases >.f oolumn, ea-h, including cost cf stock, freight, and w<?rkmansh'p Shafu of column, in one piece, including c?iat *f siock. freight, and workmanship Shafts of column, in thr? e or m^re pieces, in cluding cost ol stock, freight, and workman ship Plain s eps, (with a cross section of 1' 7*"' by 6'/^ to B ioeh< s,) per f ?ot in length, inciod in? co?t of <ttck, freight, ?r?d workman ? hip Phaforms, 3 feet wide, lencth not exceeding 10 feet, including stock, freight, and work manship, per superficial foot cf aurtace ae.en For any greater width 3 feet, up to8 het, an increase of price per tupetficial foot for each additional 3 inches of width of All the other ston-s of the building whos>: width does not exceed liiree umej their thicknesi. will be measured as follows: The stock in al stones whose contents do not exceed 30 cubic feet will be measured and paid for by the cubic contents, at per cnbic foot t, For ail store s ejceedui? 30 feet and not ex*-* coeding 70 cubic f?e.t, f?;r each additional foot an additioaal price of, per cubic foot.. For all stones exceeding 70 cubic feet in con tents, for ea:h additional foot an additional pc ce of, per cubic toot ? For stones of greater wi ?-h than three times ihtir ilncki e?s, there will be paid an additional price of per c-nt tcr cach adiitional three inches ;n width. The w.Tk on the above will be mcasutnj ant paid for by tbe -up?rficisl foot. For each superfi cial foot of fine hammered gianite work seen, equal to No. 1 hammering on Boston custom house, per superficial foot m No a hammering on Boston custom bonse per superficial foot....'. No 3 haunneiuig on Boston custom bouse per supeficial toot No 4 bammerii g on Borton custom bouse, per superficial foot Kor all bjds, bnihls, ends, ba^k.^, tc., ham mered full to the square, as cidereJ, superficial foot Each bidder to furnish a sample?a cube of one fjot of the sione lie pioposes t? deliver, wub five faces hammt red, giving on four sides his under standing of the above four qualities of hammering ; ire finh side, his rougn hammering; while the six h may show the rough stock; and thi? will be used r.s a standard in ju^giii? cf the "l* ck delivered. If of marble, the face of the ashler must h? harn caeied in the iiiot>i p< ifoct in nner, agreeably to a sauiple of the sice anove named, to be furnish* <1 bv the bidder; and the surface seen will be measured and paid tor at $ p jr superficial fool. For hammering of beds, bu Ids, backs, lie , full to ths square, as per same, $ per superficial foot. 1*'the above is sand rubbed ? per ccnt. is to be added. For hammering of chnnnsls and rebates, not ex ceeding 4 by 2 inches, cent additional tier lineal foot. for hammering of mouldings of ene curve, per cent, a.ditioc.ol U|>gq the cost of pla n work; r,f two curvea, per cunt, upon plain work, ptr su perfiaial ft >t. Each arris on same, ctnti par lineal foot For hammering hovelled work, per cent td diiional to plain wcrk ; but U> apply only to tbe pari cutoffiioin the square work, and which Is in no case to be measured in the plain work. For hammering ot circular work, ??- par cent additional to plain work. Ninety per cent, of the amount of the work done and materials delivered, accord ng to the contr; ct price, (said amount to be ascertained by the ?ati maie or the superintendent appointed for that pur pose,) will be paid from ime to lime as the work proceeds, and ten per cent retained until the c< m pletion of the contract and acceptance of the work, fcc , by the superintendent aforesaid. Contracts will be awa dedonly to master builders or mechanics; and lis*: alignment thereof, except by consent ot the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of tb? same. Every proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signwd by two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the district attorney or judge of the sai l district) that the bidder will, when re - quired, if his proposals be accepts, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufleient secur ities, in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, for tbe faithful performance of the same, if for the whole work, and of a proportionate amount if for a part thereof Any in'ormation touching the matter can be obtained by application to the Treasury Depart menu Proposals will also be received up to tbe aforesaid dale for furnishing and deliv. ring at the site, by tbe perch, the rough wtonq for the foundation, cellar, and area walls oi sarj building, and must be of the very best descriptk-n for that purpose. They will be required in such quantities and at such times a will be most for the convenience ?if the operation ar the work, and in quality, to the enure approval of the superintendent. The department reserving the right to rej-cl the proposals hereby invited if the in terest of the United States should require it. The proposals must be sent to this depa tme t, directed to the auperintendent. under cover to the Secretary of the Treasury, (endorso.1 "MmteriaU tor tkt Treawry Building EUtennon." and will be opened at one o'clock, p. m , of the laat day fin d for receiving the sr me. in the presence of the bi? ? tiers, if any choose to attend. Enquirer, Hichmond. V?: Sentinel, Alexandria, Va ; Iaielligeneer *u?l Star, Washington, D C.; *c? and Republican, Baltimore Md.; Pennsylvamar, Philadelphia; Day Book and 8un, New Yorki Post, Roaton; Argus, Portland, Ma: Patriot, Coraoid K. HL$ antI Argus. Albany, BT. Y., two thrns each f2f dx * dln- Bills to ba mm to Cseretary of tbe Treasury. A. R BOWMAN, f A?Dl WARBAST8 WASTED, for a. j winch tbe highestj-rices will be paid by ^ CHUBB BROTHERS, ?yll"M ft**) Off. A, TrtMBry, OP AND EXCURSION TO T1R WHITE uon* ruvii FRIDAY, JtJIE 29 lifts ' . RE STEAMER TEniCE vrimm ^SjfiHtlNGTON will m.k? " ,n. above place on PAID \ Y. U. ? Wt h in?ui>i Washington at %% p ui , and A eiacdiia at lY? Fare for the rocnd irip 50 cw*a? The boat wi.l pa?? Mount V rooa and pmrwJM the Wbite II -UK. giving the pawagm t,?? 5 view the grrnt re?>rt f.?r the put,lie, aa<l ^.77 * Wa?hmgtou aboat mrn ? Coaci** wtN take pa** agem u> and tf^ brat " Refreshment1 to be had Tftwinp h made to arroMmodM* jje 9b?> JOB CoRSoN CAME TO THE SUB8rRIBER7Tir(Y>i^T ran'? Farm, near the toll gate, a itrt* ??>? * Cow and Calf. The cwr* r i? :< qur*^ to 'w f .ward, prove prnjerty, pay ch-rge, and ,u, r** away. J AME* o a E*?^ Je?-3,? uVr: REWARD ?STRAYED FROM THE fira" tjpc/ wrtbrr on the 20ih infant, a wt.ita COW with a few red apots, they csa hardly be ^ ? has a very short tail, and large bag of milk ? b. r JJ! are iplit. Tb? above reward w ill b* t lf^T turn< d to the owner, on .he corner of ii* ? ilwt?, D'rt Ward. TUOg McKa\Y JM*-** TO GROCERY MERCHANTS " r|MIOSE in w ant of a g>? ! W AGON will ft?d cm I to auit then by applyin? at the Wheclnebi Shop, comer 10th and E cu , No. a.*. je ?-3t* JO'IW WAHL. NAILS?NAILS! tAA REGS, assorted ai*>s, lor >ale by *Jl ?' ' CAMIB.LL k COYLl je afi-a<v NOTICE. " _ .^IT? ^THE steamer ai ice G Pild here on Tl Ej*UAY saeraiM itritiwr >i*urc i Landing, to enabe raaaenjr?r? a participate in tbe CBrfWlin at Moore's Laoda* on the Fourth of July; ictur.- tngon Thursday. ti!? sib. j* ae-dUo^a SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKISToN'S PAVIUON WILL BE OfP| fi>r the reee;tion of victors oa U>* 5th ofge Juy. The proprietor'! tnh e w 11 be (suppliedgj with tiie d li2<?cie* ete iindirg in the ?air"??S aijieeM to Blukiston's IsIjuk!. lie li-pea bK ea ir wor* to pleas- tviil in?urr him a *h?re of natron ac<> from those aeefcing health or a little quiet froa city bustle. The Steamers Marjlmd, Cse^ola, ard AbceC. Pi ice (sto^i regularly at his Lannmc Tenn? for one week or m ?re, $1 85 per day. For a short.-r tim?. fl 50 per .'ay GEORGE W. BLAKISTOM, )e CB?lm* rmprietor. Tissolution of pabtnershipT 'THE firm <>f Myers k. P.aker was muinallt dla ! ao.vcil on the 1st Juue, 1^55 AM persons ha? ir?c etnun" i%f?in>t th?> firm will prr^-n-tfcew to C. Mysrs for p vment, a??4 iho* mie(>ted to s<id bra will pieu*e call and aett'e thfir acoonts by the 1st of Aun?t, m after that time thev m ill be pi ce* la the liarits of an offic-r for collertnn, a* it is ?e cescary to c!o?: th tufiru s* on or Iwfore that time. CH*R1.E8 MVF.RB, SAMCEL BARER. C. NTttS. J. W. NYERS THE business will berrafier be conducted under lb# unnio ?.f C. MYFR0 k. aON, at the old ste.nd, at? .e l?ot of JefT? r^>n,?'n Wnter at, George town, office So 27, where v. e will be happy to fupply our cus"?mer > and ail oth? r? who will giva ua a call with ?? gx>d an anicle ?f WHITE, RED ASH nnd PAUt'HIN or TRANSITION COAL ,A1m>, HICKORY, OAK 4lid PINE WOOD, as caa b't had in tbe market, on a* r< a?onable and aeco? moUatine itrrcs a? can be purcha?f d in the Un met. C. .MYEKS k SON. jea#-1w KXCURSION TO POINT OF ROCKS BY CANAL. 1ST EDNESDAY, the 4th July, beirr the regular tf day of of the t,.trk'iW<Ui JHHJk Boat CONdRESS, fhe will, cSSdBIHil that dsy m iks nn excursion trip to the abuve Poiav, at j3 for the round tnp Meal.- on boat at 25 cents. The boat will atuve at the Point at 7 o'clock, where a! and good coulloa music has baei. pra vtH- d for the jdcasure 0f ujo^, who may wub to la duiire in duncu ?. CHARLES MEHRILL. r.pi. N. 0.?"i'he Corrre-s w ill also make he- usual el curaion to th" Great FdJIc on Sunday, July I. i" 25?irJuUt DLTfi NOTICE. MY CK'tomera are re?pec?ful'y notified that tbetr reapeciive accounu are made out a id ready for delivery. Ttioae who do not wish to have th*-* pre-?med will plraae call and receive them prenoas to the 28th instant, at which time tliey will be vat out. I earneBily requ< ? my friends to be pmapt in respondirt to tl i> rail an?i s^itle their r?specti*e bil n. cither by ra?h or nods at -liort date*-1 he cask greraly preferred. GEO. W. HINTOW, je US 3t 40^ fa avenue. COW LOST.?Strayed from the sobs? rtN*. aa Saturday, the 33d inrti i, a nd Buf i falo COW, hating no rje ts ? any kiadj ; bout .ier The fi' d?r w ll beam ahlyre ] WHTded by leaving tbe Cow at my hou>e, ctrner of Maryland avenue anj 12th street, or sending infor mation ao I can gel her. JAME* E MORGAN, Cnrrvr of MJ ?v< lu? and lt.h st, In and. je CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT UF BOCKS. THE Cftnal Packet CONGRESS havi^fheet thon-ugbly re paired nnd put itiVg^^^l flrnt rate order, (?be Machinery be ing removed and home powtr sul>siiiute?ij c< uuo uea mak'ne her r?'tu ar trips between Georgetown an=l the alwve place. .... m. u a The Boat will leave the wharf of W. .1. k H ?? litt?rtnr Point of Roeks on MONDAYS, W ED NEflnAYS ?n<l FRIHAVS at 6 o'clock a m : aed the P? int of Rocka lor Georgetown on Tt E8UA* f, THURSDAYS and SATIJRHAYS at tlie saaa hour atopping at the different landing" alorg the iim for the reception and landing of pan^engers ana freight, goir r ai.d rtrturruu*. The boat wi'l leave G<?*getr>wn at 7 eVIoc* an and arrive at tbe head of tbe G'eit Fi>lls at IT J*?J eca at 1. Edwa da' FerryJ'C, \tonoe-icw 5J|,aBnw Uii'b Ferry 6, and Point of Rocka at 7 o'ctwk P Retuminp. leave Point at 7 a. m . K"ow',"2. ry i.t 7V4, Monoeacy 8. t^wardV Ferry 11. ?*?** I, Great talis 3%, and arru-e at Giorgetowa w p. m. Parage through either wav $2 Mcais served regularly on hoard the boat erate r.ricea. CHARLES MERRILL, Caf*. }<? 25 - dtf IF YOU WANT CHEAP CLOTHING C>t D TO O'REILLY * CO S Stor. No. 81 B^T T Kt.-eet, G< orgetowu, *h. re jou wiIin t;plei.did assortment oi good ana fas. ioraD ? mer Clothing, together with Trunks. Ca?^ *?7 kc., at ten per cent l?*?s than in aay otber o m< n . in the Difctnct. _.i Persons indebted to the above fin* nf? a gri at favor hv calling and settling ihnr ^ (wbi h they will find reidv tor them by t (| July) and thus aave the propri-tors u>r penae for collection, kc , ? IfOCTOKi SHORT KIB GOI.P dlf. M finest workmanship and B)tny fereut in their action from any otllr* hl t0 nia^t writera who have hitherto noc beeu a ua? of any metallic pen wbitevt r. the beat Also, Bagley'a Gold P?ri>, includi ?' . je w ?anetiea made by thai house. " r ? ,vtry retail, at tbe mknulacuuor's^?e?^^rl^AVLOg je 83? ?? MRS. GEORGE. LATE fiom Ei.gland, wishes to ????? and eenUemen of Gcrgetown and ^ntf?d that she can he consulted on ;? ,treei, future events, at her reaidenec, >? JP f w doors between Po|..d.hc ?nd H.gli atrcew, ? from Forrest Hall, Georgetown. Ladies 25-G.-i.tlemen 50 nlgbt From 8 in tbe morning until 9 o clock * V joaa-aw* _____ - ?? ' NEW MILLINERY. MISS THOMPSON has j;st invoice of Neapolitan, L'gborn, Wg^?| lifcO straw. Lace, Crape, aiidndJJ Ju Hata. Ladiea who have not already aupp themselvea ur? invited to call and wa* selections. f pBB?. Si* Als*?, just received a choice i?h with Mitta, fine Silk Gloves, Hosiery, kc . log*' ^ u variety o articleanff necetaary to e to all of which we invite attention. HUTCHINSON k Ml > Fancy Dealers, No. 310 Penna je aa- ? COPARTNERSHIP- ^, THE undersigned have this day entereja 6lJ ??>- '"" "I "''* SHEARS, for the parpo^ ?f e?iry?jfj1 - ^ss and Shoe tn?de in all iu branchee^_ , pfloS^ faeture to order evary style of BOOT for ladies, gentlemen and children. All measured work warranted to pi , Call i. our mora, N >. 3M ?put* n'^-.rr betsrs* ow dw ? .st of Jcekaon k Bro% Grocery^^j, Otb and 7th kta (Uewa) Wn land warrants - ?tba highest pices ft* LA*" WARRANTS J. M. CLARKE A CO, corner Tenth street and Penn 'a avenue. Jt ^ WaahiAftofi Ony Sann^ i ?**

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