Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1855 Page 2
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? VFVTNr, STAR. WASHINGTON ?' ITT* THUlf DAT APT June 28. 7be loll owing persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adrer tiseu.ents in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palku, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttinoill k Co., NaH*au street. Boston ? V. B. Palms*, Scollay's building. IT* Advbatisucbhts 6ho'i\(l be handed :? by 12 o'clock, M,-t otherwise they may t 4 appear until the next day. ? :YV>T OV TBF UOfcF'JiG P&2*a The l?t?Uig?ncr of this morning discusses The "Character and Incidents of History taking for its text the lecture recently deliv ered before tbe "Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts," by ex Pres ident Tyler The subject selected by Mr Tyler for bit discourv; was ? "sketch of some of the iuoit prominent characters and inci dents of our history from 1812 to 1836," a period embracing certainly "some of the most prominent character? nnd incidents*' to be fourd in the whole volume of our annals a* a nation Of the distinguished lecturer tbe In ulligfvcrr S3J S: "Ihoagh we hare rot always agreed with ?be ex President in hi? political views and opinioos, we have always be> n disposed to re spi*et him for his honorable bearing and tbe firmi>ers with ^fcich he maintained his posi tion when he believed himself to be rig l. We have kno*n him for alongseties of years, In pub ic and in private lito, and it affords us plea *ure to bars ? hia opportunity of l.earing testimony to tbe e iimabld qualities of head and heart which social intercourse with him never failed to call forth.'* The Unon t leader is " Ihe curtain lifted from the mysteryhiving reference to Know Nothing!-m. saving, smong other things : " The machinery of tbe miserable drama is now regarded witheontempt even by the vota ries <>f the masquerade; and thousmdi con gratulate thetaselret ci'her that they are re. lsa.-ed from their rows to such a farce, or thai they w?r? not teiLpted to engige in it;" and that '? there wig not a disappointed ofhoe hun tor, not an intriguing waua^er. who did not ^o into this orier aj a last resort. Sac a are *?n.e of tr.e discioi&rea produced by the de ola ati-.-n in favor of opea action on the part of Know Nothiug*" PaoHiBiTio* i!? I*diasa.?The Prohibitory Law in Indiana ^eetns to ^e going ioto opera -ion without producing much publio ex.-ite rnent. Mi-et oI the dealer* are shutting up shop, though many of ?r.e crewers and distil lers oondnuo to manufacture, intending to romest tbe ua.onstitutionahty of the ena:t mant Gold Coin is California?The large coin age now taking place in San Francis jo, both by the United State; mint and by ihe private mm ?, of which three are in operation ?amounts U nearly $j<>0,000 per week- ihere la still a great ui gold coin io- ciioalating purpose* in Cal fornia, and a suspicion peem* to {ervMie the mind there that very large aa^unu are hoaraed \ x get alls ^bipiiknt ?Twenty five hun dred barrels of potatoes, peas, snaps. aop'e* -to , were . hippid to -*ew York, frttu Norlulk on iatu*. ay. This shipment will yield a re turn of ten or twelva thousand dollars; r.nd the freight alone au.cunts to nearly $1000 Tee Ns?roiMi)LA*D Tblbsbahb ? ihe baik Sarah L Bryant, of boston, has been chartered in London to convey to North Cape, Cape Breton 3oO tons wire cable ftr t: e pro posed telegraph be ween Newfoundland and Ireland Bbitisb Waacaa.?A return just published in ?ugland thoaa that the number of vessels wiecktd in the xtocth ot May 98; in April 109, in March 14J; in February 164; and in January 238?making a total of 758 veseels wrecked during ?he p-esent years ETTee repored ? ffonccs in the New Toik pa; Ltd .>f ycsteriay, embrace aim at every graau of oiime, showing a -eplorable state of moral; there QST'liie Connecticut Senate Las confirmed ?he House $ election of Me.:rs. Waldo, fcey iaour Park, and Butler, as Superior Court Judge,. 'iti* vote was 13 to 8. CaoLAHA.?Duritg the last waek. there were forty-tigbt deaths by cholcra in Mew Orleans. ? k? ,"\ iL,. ....Hon A C Pennington, N. J , and M P. O'Uern", E q . of Md , are at Millard's II .itl Be. Air Koiie ani family,ot Md , are at the National Hotel All arrived iu this city yesterday. ....Mr John Connelly of New Haven, ? g?r iener, who for y ears baj been very ueaf. recovced h loa: ?cr sc ahcut a aetk sincc. Wi lie walkirg i.i ihe street, he wa^ a'artled by hear<.rg keccund of a earriag* paxsing by, since ~*h.cb time bo has been able to heir per fectly well. ....General Fyueniiau Moore has been nomin ited as the Democratic ca di late lor Coagicfd in thefouith jistrictof Alabama. ....Hon Abbot Lawrence is ao seriously III that he u not expected to rooover. ....The Ladits' Calhoun Monument Areo eiaticn at Charleston, S C., have now some $6 000 in their treasury ....Hon Samuei Wells has accepted the nominntivn 1 ?r (iovemor ef Maine, tendered him by the recent Demoeratio ?tate Conven ttOB. ....Major-General G. f Wool baa returned to San Francisco from a tour of impaction through the territories of Washington and Oregon .... A man recently died at Stanford, Conn , leaving five children, all of whem were born after be was TO years of age. ....Mr Charles H Stanley, of tbe British Consvla'e in New York, was arrested on l ues day by ii? cf Var?hal 11 Uyer's deputies, anc plact-u under $I.UOO bonds, to answer a charge cf enlisting recruits for the Crimea .. ..Madame Adele Maseon, a French lady, 27 years of age, committed scicide in New Orleace Wednesday, in consequence of being deserted by her husband. Eow to Mak? Be?k ?The Bostou Cultiva tor (ives the (ublic two receipts for making a hea thy and ( aiatabls drink for warm weather: } 'St: White spruce beer which id mads as follows? Three pounds of loat sugar, four gallons of wator, one ounce of ground ginger, s little lemonpee', enough ot essence of sp uoe to give it a flavor, aad a cup of good yeast, and when fermented, bottle it close. This is a delightful neverage. Second ; I mortal ginger beer which Is m^de as follow*? Cream of tar ar, one peaad; ginger, two ouu-e ; "h'.te i^ar seven pounds; UMence of .etc it t ?: ir i- water, "tx gallons; yssat, ha 1 a pint, botJe and ti? the corks down THtmHfiWN <igw* HP w,sir, Our Neighbor ?We sincerely regret to hear of theoontlnued !U health of the reaponei ble conductor of oar talented, courteous, indenti ons. truthful, and knowing neighbor. Qa if ?aid to hare been an invalid ever tinea the Virginia election, an eveu, as it resulted, by no mean* calculated to quiet the nerves of an excitable gentleman on the Know Nothing side who had felt so sure of tM aefeat of Wise as to bet h^nda^tonW apon the happen* ingof thatevtnt. We fear, too, that the condi tior of hie health was not benefited essentially by those aroasd h m on his return from the f bi!?delph\a Convention, when?itmi't have been solely for the malicious purpose of an noying him?he was told that the Stir had aa sailed him, personally, is his absenoe?a story wholly without truth, (notwithstanding the conduct of thoee left by him in temporary I oharge of bis journal towards the editor I ot the Star,) a* he will realise on taking I the trouble to look over a file of the I Star during the period in question. His I two horse act in the Philadelphia Know J Nothing ocnventioi?his eff.-rta to build a plst= 1 form (for such it was) that should be satisfac- I tory to Judge Cone, of Georgia, and Mr. Cun I ningham, of South Carolina, on the one side, I and Messrs. Wilson tnd Cjlfax, on the other ? I was freely oommented on in the Star, as wc I thought it deserved to be. The idea wcs I 1 mghably " greetf '?that n, the idea thnt the Know Nothing people of the North and South I oould be brought to harmonise on the slavery I question, because the real strength of Know I Nothing hopes for success consisted in out J abolitioniaing in future the avowed abolition I party ; while in Southern State*, where Enow I Nothingism has arrived to the point of respec- I tability in th? number oi adherents, it has I only done so through fervent avowals of its I readiness to eat fire redder, hotter, falser, and 1 more of it, than any blood and thunder orator I of the famous Nashville convention ever I dreamed of eating. I A slave quostion structure, therefore, with I a pi ink in it for the South to stand oo, snd I another for the North to giand en, virtually I yielding up Kansas to satisfy the North, and I rofusing to consent in go many words to hoist I tue flag of a Mitsouri compromise, the suid I refusal being to satisfy the South, was finally I termed by us a two bora* not, infinitely more I anueirtr [rom the eviden' entbtlsiaclio desire I of Vts framer to brleg men togr'her who were I hopelessly asunder, than happy in its results I We have always enterulnei kind feelings for I our neighbor's responsible oondutors, und do I even yet, notwi'hstanding the amount oi I slush wblch has been clayed to be thrown I upon ns fr m other pens in it- columns, thus I forcing us, a? it were to enlist for tho war in 1 oar own defence, snd to show practically to I its proprietors and editor that they had noth. I ing imaginable tc gain by ccmpciliag tbel Star to become active in the political arena. 1 The editor of our neighbor tells the public I that theccndition of his health requires him I to abandon his post for some time He has I our best wishes for itsspeeiy reutoratnu for I personally, we entertain only ibe kindest foel I ings f??r him. Politically. his *iaws aro re I garded by us as being outrageoua from one I who claim* to be a defender of the rights oi I the South under the constitution, and we I shall do our best, God willing, to shoet then. I down as they rise to fly ove' the country, poi* I Soning the public nu^d wherever they g- I His views with reference to the future rights I of our fellow citizens who urn Catholics andl those who were born abroad?wi;h reference I to the scheme of making re'.igion and birth- I place political que3tion? hereafter in this I country, have met, and shall oontinue to meet, I our earnest disapprobation whenever we may I feel called ou to refer to them in the Star's I columns It is autboratativeiy announced that Mr. I Burwe'l, formerly the editor of the Wash-I ington Ktpublic and lately the editor ofl the Baltimore Patriot, has been called to I supply the place of the retiring editor ol I our neighbor, as the latter intimates, until I his be&lth shall have been restored. Wc I eorgratulate the Know NothiDgs of Washing I ton. who respect them-eives, thai they have I been aole to secure the cervices of a gontieman I of Mr. B 's well known 'alents and oharacter, I and anticipate that under his guidance how- I ever much the northern wingof their party maj I iqairir. under his lead, they wiil read nothing I from bis pen squinting towards approbation I of the exclusion of slavery from Kansas, ut I less, perebance, Know Nothingism has entirely I remodelled his ancient habit of thought Necetaity for a Change ?Under the present I division of ceres and labors am ng the several I Executive Departments there remain more or I less of them on the State Department which I really have no application whatever to i't I Legitimate functions They were placed <jn*t| in the eaily days of tho Government, when 1 our foreign relations were simple and not ex I tensive enougu to require I alt the minds and I hand, for thtlr due care which they bow no- I ees.arily occupy. An effort will be made, we I presume, next winter, and we trust a success I ful one, to induce Congress to eo remodel the I duties of the several Departments se to place I toem where tbey properly bolong?thus giving I |ae duty of preparing the Biennial Begister to | the Interior Department, t gether .uth the I distribution of the laws kul Congressional I documents, and the transaction) with and con- I earning copyrights To the Treasury Depart- I merit, the annas! reports oc passengers and I seamen , and to tho Attorney General the I business oonneeted with pardons under sen- I tences for tffenoes agftinst the lsws of tho Uni* I ted States, and the reml. lions of fines and pen I altiee; and to each Department the duty ofl issuing commissions to all the officers subject I to its own jurisdiction, leaving the State De- I partment to be exclusively oooupied with the conduct cf our foreign affairs. Such was the original design of Mr Mndi son tfie execution of which was delayed in his dsy only berauseat that period i f our his tory the State Department had ample timo to attend to all the duties really out of place in its hands, mentioned above Bussian Literature, Antiquities, fco.?The Smithsonian Institution bas jist received, in exchango Jor its owr publications, a magmfi cer.t donation from the Russian Imperial Public Library of St. Petersburg, consisting of five large folio volumes cf plates and one of text, illus ratlng the manners, customs, habits, and antiqui'ier of the Russians. 'lb?* plates a:e elegantly illuminated and the whole work Is flniahed la the highest style of art. There ara portraits of the Osars, together >. . minute represen'at* jui of the royal aypard, eqo* *? age arm r, Ae , the thrones of gold, silver, aad | Iwoij; coats of mail, iaetrumante of ww. s iyle | of dress to different oenturies, facsimiles of in scriptions en eaatant monuments, Ae The fcxtls in Russian, end theearloae will be inter* ?'ted in examining this rare end valuable work. There are also two large folio volume* of the Mut? i% Tmartkof seto ou rotUaion ri'annfs d? ta maje*t? LEmpereur 4* toutet It* Kustiet, with 180 plates These contain rep mentations of the oriental arms in possession of Russia and the oollection in this museum is said to be unequalled There are more than 600 Arabian. Turkish. and Persian in scriptions. translated by the ablest Banian scholars. Visiters to the Smithsonian will be gratified bj examining the books we have briefly described, and hare a better idea of the Russians than oan be derived from any other sou roe Hine*e* ?Oh thou oity of untold treasures! *ay gates of old were resplendent with gold, ?o at least says tradition Tradition, however, fails to say that the inhabitants thirst*! after gold, (in the way of salaries for fat offices ) as no other men ever thirsted after the root of all evil, until a party arose in their midst, com posed, every man of than, of pure and disin tsrested patriots?men who couldn't be per loaded to have an office, however well it paid?men who never held offioe orohanged their politios on losing one, or on being dis appointed in getting an offioe. Secrecy was the weapon with whioh this trnly immaoulate parly fought, fortiGed by sundry oaths, the prccige character of wbioh <rn? viciously in-' clioed Henry A. Wise took oooasiun?A. C. 1855?to expose to the world. The politicians of Nineveh had high times, indeed, in the year 1854, A. C.; that fs, those of them who met in secret Jn the Seventh Ward of that ancient and vnnerated rity in those very ancient times, the so purely patriotic party to which we refer above, took occasion, on the night of the 24th of Juno, or that of the Istef ?Jaiy, (A. C. 1854. as before remarked,) to elect officers tor the lodge ot the ward, and the contest for those places resulted as follows : President?Robert Keight. Those unsuc cessfully voted for being Jno. L. Smith, Wash ington Wright, and Thomas Duttou. Vice President, Washington Wright Those unsuccessfully voted for {or ;hat position being W II. Brown, B Kintey, and C C. Tucker. Secretary?S C Espey Treasurer?Jno Webflter, W. Bird, and S. I). Simmons, (beating W. Warrick ) Assistant Marshals?W. Warrick and W. Germon, beating W. Gray and W II Dalton These were nil capital selections, so tho re vealed records say; thit is, for the purposes for which those who chose them meant in the darkness of that memorable night The following is still another list of some of tea dwellers in the Seventh Ward of tbe an cient oity of Nineveh in those ancient times : March 22?Edw Dors?y, John G Smith, Ed*. J Dorsey, Jehu W. Elliott. Jap P.Joy, Zopher R. Smith, Samuel KiluviD, Ilarel Ben nett, Thomat Hill March 27?Lewis Bioth fjrs, ihomasB Oreighton. Henrv Vernon. Wm i tikidmo-e, Tbos G. Donaldfon, Cbas W. Brnciet', Wm Tucker. Andrew Minetry, Wm. AMerson, John MoKim, Alfred Murd'e. Wm. Whitmore, Thr mas J Smithaon. William B. Jones, John W A Miller,Jas W. Donaldson, I ib P Mcintosh John F Mitchell. Dandridge C. Beacbam. Joshua Uibsor Apri> 3?Daniel G Hirkey, James White. George W Hin'on, Maion Piggot, Cuerard J Oxley, Chss Kern ble Wm Lawsor, R chari Bilinges. Lewis F. Sk'.dmore JohnE Porter. Wobiey Balingas, ^Vm Borrows. James H Lewis, John A. Davis, John F Horseronn. Chas R Drum m'.nd. Edward L S?st, James W Horseman, Hsary Leo, A. W F Carlfi, Wm. Soiled, W'm. Mortimore. Evan II Umnson, Henry M. K.oight, Wm B Whiting, Mahlon Ashford, John Asbfoid. Samuel T Lnrcomb, Walter Holt, Elias Stone, Jobn Sommers. John T. Russell. The Very Recent Election!.-?The results of the elections (municipal) in San Francisco and Norfolk, Va , surp.ise no one who under stands the philosophy of politios. as all suoh are aware thnt a party built up on the prin ciples of Know Nothingiem, und composed of any such elements necessarily be short lived in a country with an intelligent population and free speech, and a free press oon.'titutienally guarantied. In proportion to population, the Know Nothing majority In -ran Francifco last year was equal to that ,n Philadelphia. On thij occasion it has loet the majority in the city councils, and mora than h tlf the tffi 'ers elected oy general ticket. In Norf lk, on the 24'h ultimo, Flournoy's majority was 260 Thong'1, the anti-Know Nothings expected that Hunter Woodis would greatly reduce tint majority, they entertained, ar. we know, little hope of his triumph. He wu elected by 65 majority, the contest being wholly on the Know Nothing queeticn A large proportion of his supporters, though run ning as the Democrntio nominee, were among the staunched and most respected Whigs of tb<? ancient borough. Survey* of tho Public L jlus in California. Returns to the l?t of June. 1855, have been received at the General Laud Offioe, showing tbe rapid progress of the surveys in California anl the Clear Lake country, fifty or sixty miles north of the Bay of San PuehJa, and about seventy or seventy-five miles in a south westerly direction trom Murysvillo, the seat of the Land office for what is known us the Op?or Land Distriet of California. Also, shoeing extensive surveying operations in the southern part of the State, In the immediate vicinity of the Tulare Lake in the Lower Land Distriot, the Land offlo* for which is situated at Los Angelos, some fifteen miles from the Pacific coast. The field note* and plats of numerous townships have reaohod the Depig ment Tbe township plats of surveys indicating high professional skill and neatness in their exeoution. ICOHMtmiCATIOS. Hulliilcation?Will the Star enlighten the w<>rld by indicating which is the organ in ohief of the party of " Sam, Satan and Sc. louque?" So many jewshurps and other small instruments are playing, each one to its own tune, that it requires an experienced judge to distinguish which among them is th? organ. Even with the very best of eyes it seems im possible to disoern whicn is tkn platform of to is immaculate paity. When thesa points are determined will the Star persuade the real Simon pure organ to decide tbe following questions by one square rule of the acoeptsd platform: Can a State claim all the advantages of the Union without observing tbe conditions of tbe nstional eo partnership ? Whei a State repudiate.! the oonstitution with all the powereof her sovereign capacity and denies and resists au-hoxity of Con gress with the utmost form and solemnity cf her State action? it uot become the right and the duty of Con<rf?s to refuse the repre sentatives of the seoeding SUta a seat in tbe body -he ignores, and the protection of the oonetitation whioh she outrages and defies? Bacxwooosva* W D, Waiiecv, Esq V tut -4'I urd'C* 0." ? f ?! j-n durlii^ tic | reseat il rMt. 1- AsLlund Oo., Ohio, moreraia fell during the fixst twea* ty-two days than did in any hundred days of the past jut. The streams are very high and maoh damage bas bHn doM to erops, roads, I bridges, *e Wo liftro that already there baa boon a fall of over inck*? of rain daring tbo present month, at rooordad at tha Smith ?onlan Institution rapartura of the President.?After our papar was pat to press yesterday afternoon, the President of tha United States. In wen pan y with Mrs. Fierce, left this ci y for Baltimore; thanoe to proceed to tha country or to the Jersey shore, for the benefit of her impaired health. The President will probably be ab sent for a week Eemoral of Mr. Wilson ?This gentleman was, yesterday afternoon, removed by the President of the United Sta'es from his posl tion as Commiatloner of the General Land Of fice, on political grounds; and Geo C Whit ing, Esq , ehlef clerk of the Department of the Interior, has been temporarily appointed in his place Temporary Appointments ? I>r Charles 3 Frailey, has been appointed, temporarily chief olerk of the Depa tment of the Interior, in place cf George C Whiting. Esq , the not ing Commissioner of the General Land Office. Charles ? Mix. E-q , chief clerk of the In dian baresa, has been ap| ointed acting Com missioner of Indian Affairs, daring the ab sence of Colonel Manypenny, who has left the oity on a month's visit to Ohio. Commercial Agent App inted ? Chas Rey, of New York, has been appointed common; iai ogsnt of the United States for that portion of the inland of St. Martin, in tbe West Indies, which pertain? tho JsetLerlands A Spirited Fpistlo The following is the extract of a letter from a gentleman in thi* city to a friend in I'rince William County, Virginia, which h*s beon furnished to us for publication, by the writer, at our request Tbe epistle h explanatory of itself, and therefore needs no comments from us. Wo may say, however, that it is "as rieh as erram " Washington. June 22.1855 I notice your pl?jtnly'r<r in relation to the oowfor which I ain iu treaty with ywu, that she is of ? genuine Whig Know Nothing stook, and that, theref >;? she m?y not be a* accepta ble to yoor taste as in former years." How muob jou mistake me, my friend H?*e??*. I eball value her fer her milk alone, knowing that it will accelerate the growth of my b ys into stalwart republican?, and that. her ' yielding udder" will not im {>art poison to the inuocent lips of my be orcd children, nor disfranchise, nor mark them &s felons in their own. their native land, papistical as tbey are, and as I daily pray to Almighty God they may ever be in

life or in death Therefore, again I do not object to her cowship on account of her Know Nothingistn ; for, believe me, I hold it altoge ther excusable in cattle, where the God of wisdom has located it, but wholly unpardona ble in mat , upon whom he has impressed bis own image aud likeness and to whom be has imparted his own divine attributes, that aro to oe. in weal or w >e, co eternal w?th hitn>elf. Might I not, at the present time, be pardoned for exclaiming with tae noble old Roman Sen* a or: " 0.! thou art fled to brutith beasts, ind men have lost their reason." I frankly av?w, that until the result of the late gloriouH election in dear o d Virginia, the bulwark and Sebaetopol of American freedom, I had never fully appreciated the dignity cf my birthright. How proud the distinction ! A native, to the manur born, of that dear soil on whioh had beon stayed the wild, ungovern able midnight ehout of fanaticism ; and in her purified m?jori;y, under God, she has vouch safed to tutin another ;;u*rantee that he may repose in and eoofiJencn under our glo rious Con.-titii.tion. and worship Him unmo tested according to the dictato of hia owu con science. A glorious privilege inseparable from liberty ! C Anothkr Ma* Orar. Niagara Falls ?The fact that a man wen', over the great Amorican Falls duricg Saturday forenoon, was eommu nicated by telegraph the same afternoon. The Buffalo Expr s1, of the 25th instant, has re ceived the following letter from a friend: Niagara Falls, June 53?10 a u Another man ove; tho Falls ! Bachman. at the grist mi l, a tew >ods abjve tbe Cataract House, saw him from the rear of the mill, coming down in a boat. His oars were hang ing in the rowlocks, and he was sitting with hin arms folded, screaming for help Mr B Oailed to him to ?ei?? bis oars. A few well d.rec'.ed strokes would hare brought him to the shore; but on he went until ne oame op posite to tbe baok pian of the Cataract House, where the boat was cnp-iaed. He was seeu to come up once and throw out his arms Mr. B. say* he was a youig man about twen'7 years old. Tbe probability is that the poor fellow, hav ing by some lueanu that will never be ex plained, found hicoself in tbe rapids, beoame paralysed with horror, aud was unable to use any txertioni to prevent his awful fate. Who can imagine h s emotions as be neared the fatal preoipice, whose roar sounded like a de ?tn knell iu his terrified ears, or the mad delirium that seised upon him at the thought of certain and terrible destruction it was all done in a momen:? a struggle, a chnek a plunge, and a soul went home! It was all done In a moment ?but it told upon eternity ! An Agtd Itdian Witness The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, of the 20th of J one, nays : " Dating the past week a suit has been going on bclure tho oirouit c??art, now in session, concerning the title to lauds on tho opposite side of Buffalo Creek. At this trial several uf the early settlers in Buffalo and vicinity have been brought forward as witnesses,from whom were gleamed m&uy facts in regard to the early history of our oity, which were most interest ing Among ibe witn-sse? was Philip Scaja quada, a Seneca warrior, who has arrived at tne age cf 101 years From him the well know creek near this city took its name. He was b'jra near Tonawasda, and lived there till?using his own language? be was so? high.' raising his hand uhout three feet from the floor. Tbe first war of which he had ;iny recollection was the battle between the Cher okeee and the Senccas, that took place near the basks of the Ohio river, when ho wss about eight years of age trcm his home in Tonawatida he went to Fort George, opposite Fort Niagar.-., during the Revolution, and was engaged with the Briti-h and Seneoas against the Americans 2he foiuer were driven be fore the Americans, and Scajaquada came up and se.tied at this plaso below ibe Salt Lick, on the Buffalo Creek. He was in tbe en gagement at Liule Bearistorm, in 1770, where General Sullivan repulsed, af?.er a desperate struggle, the British and Indiana He was also present at the trea'y of Fort Stan wix, on the Mohawk, held in October, 1784, for tbe purpose of negotiating for peace At this treaty were present ited Jacket and La fayette; the former strenuously opposed bury ing the hatohet. He epoke of tbe great eclipse in 1806- At tbat time he was hunting among tbe Allegany mountains, one bright summer forenoon, and?to use his words?'soon all oame dark.' He gave many faots of the oon ditioa of this portion of the country before the arrival of any white settlers Tbe Allegha nies weie iheir hunting grounds, and Fort George their plaoe of rendesvous This 'relio of antiquity' nas been living for a number of years on the Cattaraugui Robert v.ion, and is to-day hale and hearty ih?usrka of age have made bat slight Impression. HU eye sight is good, his voice strong and clear foi one so old, his form bat little brat ! "A tew days ti oe i.e was Invited to go, into '? iM ? . 'rot attheejoeilentpor ? .. . v ?? 1 K- . 'Ve celebrated Chiel i - . ?? tv- v After looking et t: t 5' uk' .0: ~ aent, be turned away with tke expression, 4Ugh! gone up,' and left." / Cvmiort TrTOEArticAL Kanoa ?Prof* sor Trench. In hla lateit work on the English lang !,*e. points out * eartcas typographic ?1 ?rrot In Jpih verse of tb. jjd chapter of Mat thing. The word* ' which strain it a jra*? Md fWiillofi csmul," the nnfejaor think* contain a misprint, wMob bavlcg hivlrg bfe pissed over in the edition of 1611. has bald U gjound ever tinea Tha translators In'ende to s?y, -whioh strain out a gait and mallow , a camel, ' that being tha eo. reot rendering t f! the original, an appears in Tynsdale's and Cramnat's translations, both of which have it '??trained out " It was tba oustorn of tha stricter Jiwt *o strain their wine, viaegar. and other portables through liaen or gn-<ve lesti ?aawarea they should drink ?'own some little unolean inaect as a gnat, aod thus trinrgrer* the Levi;leal law. It was to this custom the Saviour allnded, intending to aaj that the >Soribes and Pharisees, while they strain on! a gnat from their drink, jet would swallow at a gnlp Pollen Okdk&s ron Plod*.?The Phila delpbia Ledger says: 44 We learn that orders have been received from France to bay floor io this market the moment piiees fall te a certain limit?said to be $8 per bbl. Our orop prospects indio*te thst this limit will ?oon be rtached " Common State flour that sold a month arrr in New York at $10 40 can now be had at SB 25 The deslice in ?h)t ci'y during the last two weeks ban been 62*a87*c. per bbl. In the loeer grades, and H7it50c. om the batter grades. Old wheat is neglected, and has fallen in the fame time 5al5o. per bushel HxApine Machivcs ?We hare been in formed by a manufacturer of agricultural im plements. one who is excellent authority, that j hetween fif'een and sixteen thousand retpiOj machines will be manufactured and sold thir year in our country. The demand is no grea that manufacturer* oannot make tbtm f-r enough for their orders This affords evidence of agiiculmral prosperity, as the cost of rhe*e machine! will amount to nearly two milliont of dollars Our farmers exhibit wisdom ir n*lng ar.d patronising machinery A reaping machine will save the price of itseit in one season.?Srunujic Amen ran. A SiseiRO Pbast ?Oar German friends have had quite a time in New York, for the pibt two days, with tueir "Singing Feast." The number present oould only be reckoned by thousands. Thie city wai represented b\ quite a formidable delegation The affair ha'p parsed off in a very pleasant manner, rowdy, ism beiDg repressed by publio opinion. The Herman take* to singing as naturally as a car.'?iy bird. Tbey have a paaaion for music aiid ex ract ehsium from an entertainmen* that "Young America" would vote "slow' and slightly old fogyish. ' The Bostonians are talking of establish ing a lir.o of teamen of their own between that port and Liverpool Boron is a da\ nearer England than Newark, and he^e'e the di ect passage of a B. ston tteamer would he at least twenty four bovrs shorter than that can be made under existing arrangements. The English steamers stop at Halifax, which makes their voyages one day longer than would be tbose of a dircct line between that port and Boston. jAMEIilCUS CLUB.?The regular month i.-UiTTv,Lin^"",! of lhe Club w?" he'd on . KlbAV EVEMNtj, at 8 o'clock, at the u^uu place of meetm*. which the members arehirebv notified to attend, as business of importance will be brought uf> for their consideration. By order of 8. p. ROBERTSON, Pre* ? wii.l, 8fc. jc 98 - 2i ERP81C H ORE CLUB^Tbe member, ?o o1 ih6 I trpsicliore * Jul> siro r?*cjnested ?"end a oa ll d m^e in* to be held ,*t Coluuibin ii' MU! on FRIDAY EVENING, un. h. 1855 It iw hoped ihat evry tneuiber wi t t?? l?r. rwnt, as hn*ine?* of .'mportunc1 wdl l?c lul l be l'or<* ih?; m-etin/. Uj- or?l?-r ol be Provident: <e oa PHILIP J. EMKIB, je^B?li Secri-t Secrutary Nabkokt Hall, June!)**, 1855. j.AT A MEETING OP THE UNION A8 Faciaiiori held on the 96tli in-tant, thi- fol lowing Coinmtir.icntion \v*i r?r>eiT d Sl)(i read . h.'.tional cai.aaF.ation or rocam or jci.t. a. .. W*-hinpton, June -.2, '855. Sirs?The Citizens of Waxhineton reHprcUu'ly i vite you io unite in ineir cHebratiriii of th? A'-n: %ersarv of American Iuduju ndence, on Wedne*.|&v. ?bc 4in proximo; the rer. monksof wiiich wiil con si-t of a Civic ;.n.i Miotaiy Process on froai the t'x ei:un?e M nwn to the Capitol Ground*, wb r an Or*t|. n will be delivered and the Declaiation of ln<lepeadeace read. Very respectful'?. Wn Jnica.M D., Tana. Mii.lir, M D , J. F ClLLtX, Commilt ? of Inti'ation 1 o ihe lTn:on Ao^jciaiion, Washtr.atou, D. C. On motion th * Invitation was cordially aeceptc?< and Z. K. Offutt, Georce Savage and Wm Morjan' appointed a Committee with power to make all neceaenrv err:<n;ements on behalf of tLi? Aaao nation. On motion, when thi-Asarciatkm adpurn it adfourn to meet at the Mime plare on the r8iii in gt^nU c Q C. P. W ANN ALL. Ire.. Cao E^Kts*. ?ec. je 88_it ?f OL'RTH OF JULY NATIONAL CEE - ^? ebration.?i he Committee of /.rranp.* mtnts lor Uiiri celebration, Ave from each Wrrtl are requested to meet on FRIDAY EVCNING tb?- *l. iiiriant nt Harmony Hall, at 8 o'clock, to cofaolete the noeeasaxy aira..?. me-ita aad decide upon the progreinme Volunu er companies irten^mg to form p*rt of :ba eswv t will p.ea.-e to ?and in their oamen Je 38?St IMONTGOMCRY GUARDS-lTm a^ re quested to attend a special meeting of the Company on FRIDAY EVENING, the 29ih inbuilt, at their armory on 8th, butween I) and E Mreen, to make arrancmenu for ihe cclc b aiion on the 4Ji of July Punctual attendance i? essentially nec> ??aiy on thia occasion. By order of Capt. Key: J" 28~at WM O'SULLIVAN, 8? c. UNION ASSOCIATION?Ana"d|]i7ru7d ui-etmzaf the a?<-r?- Association mil I ?? he'd at Harmony Hall cn THURSDAY EVE VINO the 9Sth inaunt. C. P. W ANN ALL, Pre* ' jc 27? jTHE S^OTT GUABD8 BEG LEAVE ? to inf rm their fnends add the public can erally that ihej will give a Gr.nd Excursion snd Pic Nso f?the \^'hite IJou?e Pnvlltori on THURS DAY morning. July 12, 1-55. Pa ticuiam in a future ad\ertiaement. je 27,iS.I9 30Sl luiyi ^NOTICE.?WM. BUCHANAN was er ? P? >d from ibe Young Bachcl-rs a>? hj. tion, of Alexandria, for non payment of Dues JOHN A. HUMPHRIES, President Charles A. C'riplkt, S?cretan. Je36-3t* , FRANKLIN FIRE COM PAN V?The regular mon.himeeting of the Pranklin Fire Company will beheld on MONDAY EVEN ING, July 'ii, when all membera in arreant are her by notified to attend and eeitle toeir account*, or, by a reaolution pat?e<t at a former meeting, they wn! be expelled and Ui ir names publishta in the daily paper*. B* order ot RO^'T E. DOYLE, PreajJ't. Gxo R. Caoasnar.n, Secretary. je 96?Tu,TTifc8 MISLAID OR STOLEN on Tueaday morniNK. between 10 and ll o'clock, twenty five pair of Carpel Slippers and a Basket A auitehle re ward will be given if returned to HUGH MURRAY, Store at the rouoa top#, corner Pa. ave and 24th ot je 28?It* Cja REWARD?Left home to go to 8c hoc I on Friday, June 2id, my son THOMAS, aged II years, and han pot couie home siaae uor beard froes. He wore a black i ummer jacket, green siri p?d pantaloon*, somewhat failed, black Jaaed eap, fair complected, son complected soft mi d counte nance. The impression is that be went aboard of tome vessel. I will give the abave reward for his eate recovery, or such information as will lead thereunto. H McCAFFREY, Grocer, corner gj and D ata., Island. je 28 - 3t* FOR SALE?UNTIL 30 YEARS OLD. a Ca pable healthy airl, eleven yeara and 5 nonths old; restricted to Di.-trict of Columbia. Pold be cau-i? her owner do a not wish io hold a slave Eu quiie at this office. Je 28?3t 'TOYS FOR THE CHILDREN-A large and I beautiful collection at 484 Seventh ft Je 28? 3t LAMMOND. EXCELSIOR POMADE for Rasing the hair has no equ J, lor *ala ai 484 SerentJi w. je 98?St LAMMOND. ARE FOR BALE ?A light bay mare, very aa Uw and Imdy, paces under tha tad die and irota fast in harness The owner having no uaa lur b?r will tell her much below her value. Alwi. Lot fbi sale, being one of the moat & auufta) Bud ii?g Lors on M. near 10th street Apply at No. 510 L suvet north, between 9th aad 10th ir? je?~Iw? M FOURTTT O? JULY EXCURSION TO MNEY POIKT, Tb? cMmitMBir ALTC1 C. Fh IjEj (Capuis Paa?*l U, k*r) will mite p->?scr>f? * t'~m Wi?bin#ton cityr* T0S9DAY VORNIJflJ, Ju!y *1. at fi ,'clock mt Mrxaitdriu nt 7 ..'clock, h* PI* FT POI*T. fe? turning, will ? i'I for m on Thunrfay *< tbua tnorf mj; ?.i opportunity * i all a ho mm i t ?? ':aro?efl rtf rjwndmf a My a? thra Waiar ?ng Place, and al?*? ' ? ?f?prtft? y >J ?"rwL |ti? be tutifut *c? mrry o| our tiv? f by 1*1.1. Q&- I'd ?Hit for trie trp Jf9 ilcwa< at?t. H* W?df? t GRAND EXCURSION TO TU WHITE HOCif PAV L'OW, FRIDAY, JOfK 29 1156 ki he err.* vlm ceobgk waph l?l N'UTON full make a trip to th* lUwve place ?.ri Pl<ID \Y, th* *Ph it a?a: t. leavii^ Washington .it 9 % p. m , an?t A. et anuria at 1 |t. m Pnre ft the round irip 50 tnts?Cbtklrv* HI pricf. Thf boat wi I paw M< ait Y~rn?n ir4 proread to ?be White Hons. , t'.e r*~<?irer. lt?r.e to view the rroei reaort f.-r ibe puu'.ic, u4 tetura v> 'Vwhlntioii ab >u' ?*in?et I wtrf? Uki- |i'k b(*r? to and from the u at (H/- Refreshment* t?? be hvl on rt.e 1^*1. Tt?i? trip ii iutd< l? a.diiiii.t'^lti" t j-96 3: JOH CORSoN,Ca[?m. EXCURSION TO POINT OF ROOKS PY IAKM,. \ ITEWNESDAY, the 4ih July. hei-.g tho reguia, IT day of ipart-ig ol t?c rTk??W?^ J'.ttp'V IIuM' n N O K Et* A. "he * ill, t?pKWHH that d?y nnke an e?<or?ion trip ?*> :r?*- eh ?? Poln, at $3 for the round trip. M ala < a bmt at 25 oeira. The boat will arrive at the Poii.t at ? o'clock, wh'-re a hall and good cotillon mtiah ha* b**a prv ti -I d for the H-'i>ar? ot'tiiooe whe ma/ wwb to to dulge in dun< 1 g CHARiXd MF.FRILL, tape K. B?l b- Corgr ?*< t\ tl! alee make h? r uaual *i . U'?<on to ?h?? i;.f? Fill* on Htirfaj, July I. Jc 25?Jr Ju < 8 ?OTiOB. THP. rTi.AMI.K ALICE PliOE ?v'< !i?'tc <?? Tt'EHi>/V morniai i.*il Imi Laaii^f, to en.ib'c n i<i par'teipai* in h ceicr.f.nn a at M'w re'a Laadiag n the Fourth ot July; ictumin( on 1 tni'??i?y, tk? j.b. je ???<hJuly9 F. S. BARBARIN. OEKTIHT, ?^ei?ff>'t<>?n1 D ^ . haa r. moved hi* rffi-?e -o No. 58 fnicr'- meet, thr?-c rt<ot? aixive hi* f??rmi?r place of b^f n^ef. }< H?'A* PARSONS ON CONTR M Tt?. *ol 1 Lirra sn-l Time* of the ? hi?*f ina nco? of th?: rtti;> aoie Court <?f the I nit? d W?a?e*? Unit xriew FRANCk l AYLOk. je 97 THE AMERICAN SPECIF10. fl'HE "iily nura, ano cu.c tct ? ce? Jl tain ?ii 'i*. ?M only at No 110 Pa. menue. p;ice ?1. Je?7-*t {'OR|8AL*-TWO K1NTUCKY BLACK match Mnr^,7 year? old, w*>U bruke ^v' to hMrnea#, a: d An* trottora A'w). Hurf> ami lltrnw Can Ik ?? -n at Birrb ? Hi-b:?j l?rh >:rect. L. F. GKlFFfTH. j" */i a.* F URTQ OF Jt LY CELEERATIOlT VLL lb')-* who d f-ire to en 17 ikjitrivn on thai day ?.vnild h.iv? a neat aud c<>mf<>nablo !Jo??t or Sho?*, and arr would uy to iktm kktva have a fo'xl atock ?u haod ot vait.HW %tyt?a and ara MM to mamita< tor ? v io oar lu t. 80 give u? your oi.l? r? iu uuie MILLS U HRA.-HEAW, 335 s. e de Pa a*., b? t 6C1 und 7;u ?UceU. j-27 lw OsLKAT SaCBIF CE Of DRY GOODS VTt'C Cacti Htore, 9 {tfoor w??t of Scvaritb at., opp-aiite the CVnit? Market?We ara onw clotflng out the Mtoi k of ?omr twenty tlmu?-nd do| lara worth of llry Cood* witiumt regard to coat. At CMfea ?i"Cli M b<- i?'iij uithin M*ty day* wa will offer g'KMla at *urb prices aa ought to induce r?on< to ba- h they vtant Dry Good* ?r ? or. Tho*r ?bo would have barcaiu* had b?t er < ail immediately at lb *lru of tbe Caab Store uadrt tho Aventac Hawe. I rr.;'? rgcluatv I r ?- jib j.17-1*. J O. ITZPX IRH'K, Ag*-nt. NEW MUSIC! 4 T JO SfllLLINGTONH HOOK AND PESl OlilCAL SToRE may be found a choice col l-cucnof . hi ap and popular MIJSI?by the moot t minent coinpo-^rs. ancient and modern. Tit" ma > - al publ c ot lVa?tiio?t"n r.n.i vi imiy are reapecv fully invited K> call and examine I i? cat iloee, JO. RI1ILMKGTON. t)J?*-.n Kti'ldm *, Cor?? r \ % street nn<! Pa. avi aue. Jeff??3t [l;>tHSiN< *n| (tA*.U TO Tilt SL'BSt RIMER, ON CORCO j rau> 1 arm. car the toll gate, u lar^-e White Cow and Calf. The r.vrocr in reqnent. J to coaae f ward, prove Lrotcrtv, pay clw*rf<? anl t ?ke their a v.-ay. JAMP.S OWENS, je 96?3t* BP.VVARD.?STUAYED TROM IHLSUB O*-' wttl'ter im thr SUib uiMnnt, a" 'Ji'W, with a few red spot*, they can haroly lie t- -r?. She h i- a v? ry ? li??r. tail, and \ritf bar < t inlU ; he, < tr< arc >pl!t. The above r? w^rd wtU b ? give? 'f r+~ turn^d to the ", 00 .he con"?r ?< Hiti and P at??et?. Fi'rt Ward THt.'S. McKAMF. je96-at* TO GROCERY MFRCDAXia 'S^HOSE in * ant of a g >01 Wi(I(i\ wil' r?nd oae * to amt them by upplyine a. the WI.eciiigLt Sh p. corner 10;h and B nta , No. a?*. j.-j 2???t* JO IN WA11L. B rM SUMMER RETREAT. LAKIBTONW FAVILK*N Wli L BS OPEK f- r the n*? e -tion of vinito^a or tfi- 5tb <4\ Ju y. '1 be propria rabe wi'l S<e ?rppl??>d[ Willi tue d-li:scieo nbcc'iding in C - aater* aljaceatto ItlukutonV UinnJ. He h p** hu r> 4e .v.?r? la plena*' will infur'- him a ?h<?rt of natroo ag> from tho** xceking b< e' h or a lut'*: from city bustle. 1'be Sueaniern Maryland. 0*c^?la, aid Ahc? C. P ice ftUf> regulaily at hia Laniu't 'f'erma for one week or m ce, fl 25 p? r cay. For a shorter tim?-, $1 50 }K;r dav GEOKUE W. BLAKHTOK, j?; iff?lm* Pniprktor. NAILS?NAILS7" KEGS. a.-siited sisec, tor cale hf CAMPBELL k COYLE. k -6?9? * 500 '^SOLUTION OF PArTNEUSHtP. f'HE firm of Myer? Ic Lak- r va? mutually dla ? aoivud oa tb? 1st June, 1*55 All [K-imtit hav ioj elaima agaiurt the firm will praaei: tin r>i to C. odvKf a for p >m?nt, rn-d thou'4 indebted to *'i4 Prta ?ill pleaae calf and aeule th?ir ac-ou.ii* liv ib; l?t O. Aiifnt, lufctt r tiiat time thev wai Im: jd <c1 is the hio.Uoi a# officer for colhcitw, a? it a ne cMaury *? eloae th-: ^utineea on or bofor ? tha? time. CHARLES MVEPS, 8AMCBL BAhEtt. C. MYER*. J. W. MYEB9 r|^HE bu*ine*? will hereafter be eon^uctod undar ?R the name of C. MYEKS k Si'N, at the aU utann, at t e !??ot of Je0Fr^*cit(<n V rr rt y GfOT* town, office No 97, where we wi*l be to*r?py to huppl> our euatomera and all nth' is who ?..i *iva lino crll with aa | w>d an article ?.f WIUTR, ASH nnd DAl'T HlV or TB.ANSITIOS (OAL. Also, HICKORY, OAK and PI*E Wo?)D, a* < an b had m the market, on aa reaaonable and accom modautig teiua as can be purchase A m the Dm C. MYERS It SON. je 98?1 w CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT OK liorK H. T^HR Canal Packet CONGRESS btvi g beea ihorouchly n paired and put 11 first rate order, (th Machinery fe j|SB3SC9 iug removed %nd horae poner au'-.-tRu^eo; c? ?t?a ue? mak<nc ber r**cu ar in pa between liotrgeurwD and the above place. ??.?.? The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H ? ?? '?? Ritter lor Point of Rocka on UOWM" WED NESDAYS and FRIDAYS at? ?**??* *S!JLST the Poiht of Rocka for Ge.?i*etow" '^1 Tt RSDA YS, THURSDAYS ?nd SATOTlMYB at the aaao hour Mopping at ibe drfTereat landinga along tfu lino lor the rVceptHMi and landing ol paaM-ngera and freight, going and retur*'"* The boat wi'l h*ave G??rgetowii at 7 o'clock a m. and arrive at t&e bead oi ibe C-eu Falla at 11 S?n eea at 1, Edwaida' Perry 3?<, Monoencv 5Jg. Know Im'a Fcrry6, and Point of Rocka at 7 o'clock P "? Keturning, leave Point at 7 a. at . Knowlan'a Per ry at 7J<, Monocacy S, Ldwarda' Ferry 11, Scaoea !, Gnat talia 3^, and arrive at G<orgetowa at7 p. m raa?ag? tht mgh either way $9 Meroa served regularly on board the boat at mod .ruer ricea. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt je 25 dtf Morton s snoBF nih gold PENrtnfiba fineat workmnnalnp and ffao>b, and very dif^ ferent is their action from any other, aiming ??> writer* who have hitherto not beeo ablt to ?:?e of any metallic pen whatever. A>so, ?agl*) 'a Gold Pent, including all tbe bt* vinotiea made by tbar bouaa. for sale, wboiaale ar Ftttt!. at tbe taaairtaatum'a lowest nrioaa in evary ?a<e. FRANCS TAT LOB je yv IAND WABRANTI WAIT*? * j whieh the hicbeat i-rieeo will be pai-l by O&UBB BROTHLHK 1 ?ay5l-? H*Mi)