Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1855 Page 3
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FVEXING STAR. Local Intelligence. TBI Ietbrestijo Case of th* four aailom, now cooflnel in our penitentiary by hr sen tencas of conns martial, has been praented by tb*ir oounsel, Col Cbas Leo Jon*s. to the consideration of tba Pre ,i lent. Ihe folio win x it a copy of (heir petition, settin? forth the law and facts of tbe oaso : To his Excllency, Fbahklih Pibrcb, Pr*sidrnt of the United Statu: Th? petition of Richard Biddle. Samuel Kays, David Hazard, and John McNennr, re s pec t fully represent*: ihat they are Amerioan seamen, and u such enluted in the naval service of tbe Uni ted States ; that Richa~d Biddle and Samuel Kays were ^ried by a naval general court martial, convened at Norfolk, February 23, 1854, and were convicted of the offence of 'mutinous conduct and language?' and sen tenced bj tbe said oonrt martial to be irnpris oned 1 at hard l,ihor in the penitentiary of the District of Columbiathat David Ha strd and John McNeuny were tried by a ?imi lar ccurt rc?rial, convened at New York. Ssj ? tember 27. 1864 and convicted of tbe offence* I of ** mutinous conduct1* and " desertion," and sentenced to be confined ' at hard labor" in the said penitentiary?in which said peni tentiary your peitioners hava been and still are eonfined They are informed by tb*ir coun-el learned in the law, that their impris onment u not only without law, bnt in direct violation of the express ensc ments of the law, as they are confined in an institution 44 exclusively'' and soiemn^y appropriated by tbe law of iti creation to subserve the enda of criminal ju*tice in cerrain sp-.e fi<.d cojcj and for certain tpec.fud ojf nets, and to no other end or purpose whatever. (See acts of Con gross, March 3,1329, sec. 1, and March 2 1831, sec 15) The offences of which your petitioner? have been convicted, are not, and never have been made ?'punishable teith iwtpri ijnrru nt and labor, under the lac?a of the United States or the District of Columbia;" but by tbe act of CongTefa February 23, 1800. making them offences thev are made punishable "at the discretion of a court martialThis dis cretion left to the o.>urts martial is nothing more than a sound legal discretion acting nnder the au hori y a d by tbe express man date of ?he 1<. w, and must be limited by the isage of the service, and cot an un.'imi ^d di < cretion to legi-'ite new punishments into ox. utence. It is :? well known and settled prin ciple, not only < f the anciont law of England but jure gentium, tha* where an offenc0 hu been committed to which no specific punish ment is affiled by statute, it ia punishable only by fine and imprisonment. This discretion left to the courts martial is nothing more than toe ordinary discretion of every conrt ef law So the criminal court of thL? Divrict exercises a wide dt.-orermn over both the kind and de g'ee of punishment appropriated to various misdemeanors, as fines from one cent to an in definite amount, impnsonmont for an hour or ror years. ?mj. x et thia court oannor imprison ia ' the penitentiary for tho District of Colum bia' tor an huir, unle? for >n tffence specifi cally made punishable under the laws of the I ri'ed States or of ths District of Columbia ' The artie es for the government or our navy with a fow modifies'Liu, uave been oopi*' from th->se established couturies before in ttreat Bntain In looking into the contrac tion there put upon thin discretionary powsr it will be found clearly laid down[Hiokman on Courts Martial p. 151, and Append x, No. loj >ba: the punishments icfl cted must con form to the usage of th- service. and that none other can be inflated bnt such as ha* been asual It would be superfluous lo eontecd ce.ore your Eiccllency agafnst such an ab surdity as that imprisonment in the reni'en fcary i? in conformity with such usa^e Ibecaseot your petitioners has been pre lented on n,b*as corpus to tbe judges of tbe circuit court of tbe District of Columbia. But that court, without onto ing into tt.e me rift of the case, and d-eading <he question presented to them, dismissed the application on the ground that tbey had " no junsdicttmn," and decided t-it tbe only redress for tbe petition 's must be 'by aj.p.*l to ths President While jour p-uitior^ers are tau-ht te abhor tad abvnainaie a ooctiin* ao monstrous, and oontrary to the whole svs em of our govern ment, and with indignation and mortification to re^re- that a decision so absurd should emanate from any court of justice, much lees aicircuit court of the United State*, yet they will honestly and candidly say, that so lone as theeffije of Chief Magistral shall be ad STSriJiL!!" *? distinguished for Humanity and justice. I" hr.I'7 C?DtWt t0 'Ub:nit their 2file"cy tJf th8 adiQd"^?a J^ar J^arli0Zen^y tra^ ,h?* their Md aZITVJ* the.e?rliwt consideration, IcL k. ? ? rec*,T0 ?h?ir liberty, they w"11 honorable dep^rtmen. in rratlTu-iL ? I? country, to display their patltude to \ ir Lxoellency Ricbird Bioulb, SaMCEL Kats, Davin Hazard. Jobn McNermt. ??Mn !f*ra Culonel Jones, tbe ooun th* *?" been re. i7u President to the Attorney Gen ?raUnd the ^reury of the Navy for their ?xanunarion Ptblic Scquolb ?Yesterday afternoon the sen. jr department of Primary No. 4, second district, was examine! at the room in which the scholars assemble for instruction, (Metho dist Church South ) Messrs Bacon atd Dickinson, of the trus tees, and Mr Abbott, secretary of the board, Messrs Haltday and Uarbaugh, ot tbe late board Mr. MsCu'cben, iaemt>?r of the Com mon Council. Mra Ogden, Mis.< McCarthy, Miss Low*. Miss Midd'.eton, and Miss VV ard, ol tbe teachers; John Seasford. esq, Mr. Richards, principal of the Rug*j Academy, and a large ooncourse of laiiea and gentle men, were present to witness the in er esting examination There are over 120 scholars attached to this school, which it un dsr the care of Misi Eiilings, a lady emi neatly qualified for tte statioa The axami nation yesterday ?as vary gratifying to all who were proseLt Some ha%e expreseai their opinions of tha scholars and their teaober in our presence in very fl.ttering terms It is pleasing to he<r good judges speak as they nave >poken of < ur public schools Mr Rich ards. of Kugi>y Academy, addraised the scb ars in a neat and appropriate speech, which was evidently interesting to the adults and the scholars present. *iaa Cbackeep i* Cities?We notice in oar exihasge papers that, on Friday last a uamner ? named Michael Flynn, was driving through Jersey City, N J., when his horses being frightened by a discharge of fir* orask* ?rs. ran off, and Fijnn fall, tb* wh*el?i pass ing ever him, which caused bis d*ath about an hour afterwards.'* quite the above for the purpose of say- ' iB|? in consectbn. that yesterday afternoon, while we were in the neighborhood of the tien sral Pj#t (>Seo. a boy exploded a oracker di P*ctly under tbe heels of a horse The ani starts to run, and dashed tba oart to *!>ieh he was attached, first to on* sid* of th* ?treet and than to ano'har. near by the *xca y*tion for th* addition to that edifice. For ?sverU moments there was an apprehension ?o the part of the bystanders that team and driver wiuld be precipitated over th* bank ; b*t, by th* efforts of th* boy, such a catas lr*ph* wis a.crt*d. Wa*t Whipping.?Twolsds, about tenyeari ?f age were taken before Justico Bates, this Burning, for attacking and bea'ing another of about the same age. One of the boys took a P>*ce of brick and out bis opponent's n*ad in aeversl places This conduct, which is initia tory to worse rowdyum. ia growing very eom ?;n among littl* boys. Ihor* ia as mueh *^idsne* of the want of a hou^e of correction at thia day in Washington aa any tim* hereto for* A gentleman happened in th* office at the time, and to aav* th* littl* follows from the county jail, became th*ir security to k*ep tb* peace ? Cbhtbb Market ?Tbe stands this momfng *sre beautifully furnished The supply of FtovWions is large, prices exorbitant as usvsl, ?td purohaaws numerous FornTH or Juit at Hakpbk's Perrt ? The City Council of Harper's Perry held a -p?:iAl meeting on Monday last. relative to the a proaohlng oelebration Among the pro ceedings, It was resolved to extend to the oiti ieni end military of Baltimore and Washing ton a most cordial invitation to visit their town opon the 4th of Jnly next. It was far ther resolved, that the Mayor, Recorder, and t'.<? members of the Covneil constitute a com mittee to receive, in an appropriate manner, the oitiiens and military of Baltimore and Washington, on their arrival. Harper's Perry is one of the most romantio spots in the world, and every one who can make it convenient should survey its beauties. Jefferson said that its natural soenery would amply repay a visit across the Atlantio. Why should our citisens go abroad when such at tractions are preionted at home. and at far less expense? Mhiy of o'li-friends will resort thither on the fourth of July, should the railroad com paey provide lor the issuing of round trip tickets at reasonable prioes, as has been done on the line from Baltimore to Harper s Perry. A Testimonial ?Professor Alex Dimitrv, formerly of Louisiana, and now a resident *oi this citv, has oonoluded, before tbe students of Georgetown College, a course of twelve Iec turw on the subjeot of tbe "Civilisation of An cient Greece ? Of the character of the litem ry production, it does not become us to pro nounce an opinion; but the fnet of its highly interesting character is sufficiently expressed by the aot of the students themselves, who, several days ago, in appreciation of his classi cal eff rts, presen-ed him with a silver pitcher, elegantly and elaborately chased, bearing a suitable m-cription. The testimonial took him by surprise Tho presentation as well as the acceptance speech was chaste and eloquent. l'fl* Editor or the Trpth, Aqai!?!-A . ATy Wo*der-Pleasant Looks and Mm K B??T<>"*CBer the Editor, Ac. The Editor of the Star will please to be so kind as to say that in future they will set np, and publish what I may send to them Accord icg to the principles of Justice, which is to the Copy"' *Dd 0orre0t any word Yesterday was a day of wondsr to many in this oitv. To wit: They wonder why it is thrt people annoy me as they do, seeing that I am not a Monster in size nor looks, but rather pleasing in looks and manners, and my acts W'll speak for themselves in reguard to the kindness of hear ?for last night t got wet in trying to save a Child from get'ing wet and it is the Seventh C'hi'd I have taken home to its Parents since 1850 in Washington. yet r.hoot one o clock I was covered over with flour by that lo.cAed Imp? spoken of in your paper on Saturday lasi?and that too \fithout Cans*. Learning 1 have done g*>od, and they tiate me for it?And last Saturday night is the Seventh 'ime I have wandered about seeking a place to lay my head, and found it not! !! J AM KB ROBW.TSOH A Rich Sckjcb ?On Sunday an exquisite of the flr*t "wa-ah" stepped into oneof onr prin cipal betels. and accosted the chief clerk with "waitah! give me a gla<=s of watah " Tbe o erk s anger was aroused in an infant, and. pointing to the oooler be replied, "d?n y;u mr; there's water, go help yourself !" While kids took the blotter from the register and tore it in two pieces, one piece he used to wrap around the glass, the other to save his glevea Irom the spiggot. After he had got bis (ill be turned to the clerk and remarked, "ah! waitah* that's line watah, very cold " A number of gentlemen were sitting around at the time, and tbo teen* caused a burst of laughter Examinations.?The following schools will be examined this afternoon : Miss II U Henshaw ; Primary No 5. third district; Ca-itol Hill. street; Messrs. Hanson. Polk, Davi*. Knight and Baoon Miss A Adams; Primary Ne. 3, fourth dis trict ; P..ur-and-a-half street (Island;) Messrs. Magruicr, Bennett and Dickinson ; and to-morrow afte noon Mr S J. Th.-.mpson; Male Primary, fourth dis trict ; K street. (Island;) the whole Uoard Highwav Rohbert b.'t a small haul ?On Tuesday night last, as Patrick Keen.m was r? turning with his hack from R-,ckvi!fe, be wae assailed by three men, dragged from his box and hid pockets searched Ii ham.oned lucki'y for Patrick that he had but 75 cents about him, whieh amount the rogues appro priated to their own pockets, and made off. Imvthe worthj hackman more scared than baa*.. Ho n leaped on hit box agaio, how* ever, and got back to the city "inajifiy." Pat sajs he will have accommodations for six the next time he drives on that rovi. A Mistake ?Two gentlemen, agents, got into a difficulty yesterday about a money transaction, and one chargod the other with getting bis cash, and had a warrant issued. I pon the evidence being brought before th* us iistrate, tbe complainant found his money in his owe pr-cket, and tho ca.'e was dismissed Both went off in a good humor, glad of the discovory. Old friends should be careful how they accuse each other. Viamao Men.?John Daily and John o Brien, general fight and assault on Mary Redden at a place north of the CHy Hall and Patrick Sullivan, engaged in the same fight, and assaulting watchman Thomas in tho dis charge of hit duty, were held to bail for court i*?** b7 Captain Birch in the sum of 1200 each. ? [COMMUNICATED Nci?A^E8-^r. Editor: Ihe proclama tion of the Mayor, in relation to nuisances, has t.een some time " before the peorle " It ?e*Q1i;.how#ver' but B'tention is paid to it. Why is it that those whose business it ou^ht to be to seo that the meets are kept in a cleanly condition, do not require that house *?*('?(?? d*si?t from the filthy practioe of throw .ng into the ftreets und gutters all the scrapings of their cellars and kitohens? Wbv is it that housekeepers themselves, will not, for 'heir own benefit, if not for others, observe the deoezoies of lite. aod abstain from a prac tice so abhorrent to every one bavin# any claim to respectability ? * 3 No one member of the community has a right to do tha? whieh is hurtful to all, and therefore all persons should be prevenUd from doing so by regulations. If there be any mu nicipal regulation governing matters of tbe kind ir surely ought te be enforced, so long as tLe taws of common decency do not prevail. A tiurrERCR , , . (OOXKVHIOATBD. Mr. Editor ?I wish to inquire through the columns of your paper whether the city an rities cannot do something towards repair ing the small brid/e on H street, North, be ,trMta #Mt'iD th# Pourth Ward, whioh is a {.erfect nuisance to the passers on most important roads leadicr into the couotry, and if not repaired soon, will oause some very serious accident to travelers over that road A Xax pAYBB Watc" Retcrn. -Daniel Knox, vagrant U^TkVmiL4*'' MichMl ^bsofand Mary Ann (1 bson, man and wife, vagrants, dismissed This loving pair were found by the guards sleeping in the footway of the mar 1?. ?nj botb wh.A; h?p?. Th., misied on their promise to leave the city forth Scicide or a Yochg Ladt ?Mary Erd. "r',^atlV!0f/ew York, in her fifteenth year, died on Sunday evening at the residence of her step father, Conradt Heyer, No. 150 l.?sex street, from the effects of a dose of ar [ seme which she took on Priday last for the I arpDse of self destruction. It appears that for about a year past, she had been devotedly attached to a young man named Henry Weia, to wnom sbe was engaged to be married but who, by the persuasion of friends, was indued to break ofl his engagement, and did so a few days since The announcement of his deter mination ac'ed so strongly on her feelings, that she almost immediately procured anenic and swallowed it?Albany (N. Y.) Knicktr ? j, journals state that an ex treordmary suicide has juat taken place at *k Bu ? * re?P?ct*t>le inhabit T^Bm r!?Wv thr#w h,ne ' int0 river . n, V;e'Vl,ng tied t0 waist a little girl aged five, belongiog to the found jng hoepital, and whom she had moat care lally dressed tod orowoed with roses (r^rWIICIDINTID 80COM3.?The exdtementla ba half of Baker * Premium Bitter*, centime* to leersaas Id Richmond aa wall aj throughout Tliflil*, aa a core fbr dyspepsia, torpidity of the liver, eonr stomach, nervosa headache, ague and fever, *r. To be ha'1 kl the principal Dr2f 5??!** the city of Richmond and the fltata ofVlfftaU. Order* promptly attended to by addressing E. BaKRR. Richmond, Va. Church Hill, Rlehmond, Feb. It, 1854 Dear Sir?Being aatUded that my wills, who baa suffered ??T ksucli tor sereral years from neuralgia, baa race!Ted lr*?' benefit from Baker's Premium Bitter*, and having ated them with great success In cases of summer eonplalnta with my children, I take great pleaanre la recommending taem to the pnnllr aa a valnabl* ffcanlly medl< Ine. From _ Rev. EKfBIN FORD, ?r. X. Baker, Proprietor. K'rhmond Poet Offlca, Feb. It, Wfit. TUli I* to certify that I hare used Baker'e Premiam Bit ter* In my family, which I fltid to be a very Talnabla medi cine In lo?a f t appetite, and giving tone and strength to the whole ay (tern. In ague and fere', whera I have adminis tered tfcero, they have never filled to mak- a perfect cure. A* a family medicine they aland unequalled. F. W. DaNFORTH. They are perfectly harmless, and may 1* taken at all tlmea by adult* or children. Price M cente per bettle To be bad of CHARLCH 8TOTT A CO.. Washington, D. 0., CANBY * HATCH, and SKTH 8. HANC*, Baltimore, end by Dragflata everywhere. *ott |T"y?*DK. HOOFLAKD'9 OKLKBRATKD OFRMAN BIT TBS9.?Weak, nervous, depressed In aplrlta, and a prey to Innumerable mental, aa well aa phyaical evil*, the victim to dyspepsia, 1* Indeed an obj-ctof commlsseratlou. Yet It I* abinrd for him to deapalr. We care not how weak 1?^. nervous, and Irritable be mar he, the cordial proper tieaol HOOFi.AND'8 GKRMAN BITTBR9, prepared by Dr. C M. Jackaon, Philadelphia, are etronger than tha many headed moRfter which 1* preying upon hla body and mind; and If be chooaea to try them, we will Insure a speed- cure. See advertisement. je 7?iu T"^ PRKXICMS AT THK FAIRS.?WHITKHrBSrS atl'.l In the aacendance.?The Jnrlee of each of the late lain at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their hlgbeet preuilome to J. H. W. fbr their anperlorlty of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Dagnerreotypea exhibited Mr. W. also received two Medala at the World'* Fair, Lon don, and a premiam at Cryatal Palace, New York. Aleo, the Orat award* of the Maryland Institute for three year* past. Wfcltehsret's Gallery In thta city la on Pa. avenue, hatw. i)t and 6th alreeta. fab IT fKy=-UOAH WALKER A 00., Marble Hall Clothing Empo rlum, ander Browna' Hotel, respectfully announce that their dlaplay of Spring and Summer OlothlDg la now ready for lnapertlon, comprlalng an assortment of Ooata, Veata and Pantaloona of tha neweat and richest deilgna In material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy In fashionable artlclaa ol dre?s an opportunity for *electlng I* offered from one ofMie largest and moat attractive etock of good* ever offered Tn Uila city at a vary rednoed acale of prlcea. ap 17 fpr?OOOD MEDICINES.?It la estimated that AYEE'8 CHBRRY PBOTORAL and OATH A RTIC PILLS have 4one more to promote the public health than any other onel cause. There can be no qneetion that the Cherry Pectoral haa by It* thousand on thousand cnreaof Cold*, Cougha, Asth ma, Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis, Ac., very much reduced the proportion of death* from consumptive diseases In thla ceuntry. The Pill* are aa good as the Pectoral, and will curemorecomplalnta. Everybody needa more or lets purging. Purge the blood from Us Impurities. Pnrge the Bowels, I.lver, and tLe whole vlaceral system from obstruction*. Purge out the dlaeasea which fa*tan on the body, to work Ita decay. But for diseases we ihould die only of old age. Take antidotes early and thrust It from the system, before It Is yet too strong to yield. Ayer's Pill* do thrust ont disease, not only while It la weak, bnt when It haa taken a strong hold. Re<td the as tounding statements of those who have been cured by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, Ulcer*, Skin diseases. Rheu matism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Paine, Bilious Com plaints, Headache, He-trtbnrn, Gout, and many lea* dange rous bat still threatening ailments, snch a* pimples on the face. Worms, Nervous Irritability. Loss of apnetlte. Irregu larities, Dizziness In the head, Colds, Fevers, Dysentery, and Indeed every variety of complalota for which a Pnrgatlve Remedy la required. These are no random statements, hnt are authenticated by your own neighbors and your own physicians. Try them once and you will never b* without them. Price 26 cent* per box?6 boxes for $1. Prepared by DR. J. C. AY KB, Lowell, Maaa., ? And et>M ?>r Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. G. a. LINTHICUM, Georgetown. J AS. COOK A CO., Frederlckaburg, and by all Druggists everywhere. may I?eolm n-^PERSONS SCFFKRINO FROM DISEASES OF THE US lung* are, In a greet majority ?>f case*, complete'* re aped to health by a faithful trial of Dr. CI KTIS'S HYGS ANA on IuhallDg Vapor. By the Doctor's new method of treatment, the medical agent la brought In dtreet contact with the diseased part*, and cannot f*H of having a bene Hciai effect. All drucflfts aell It. See advertisement In thl* paper CAUTION.?Dr. CURTIS'S HYflEANA Is the original and only genuine article. je 23?lis fK"T?0LD SORES. ULCERS, AND ALL ERUPTIONS and all disease* ari*ing fr.>m an Impure and d?j<r*Ted state of the blood, flee the extranrdins>y cure of Wm. O. Har ???>d, a highly respectable citizen of Richmond, Va., by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He had ulcer* and <or*s of the wor?t description, and Dually got *0 ha.I, be wa* nrable to walk, except on crutches. A few bottle* of C A R T E R ' S SPANISH MIXTURE, the great blood pnrifler, cured lilm, a* 11 has cured hundreds of others who have snffered with rheumatism, bad effects of men-ucy, and falna and ulcere of the bonea and Joints. I ?.?See advertisement. J ~V""Z D. OILMAN, Drn^glst, hae reraove'l to 528 Seventh I ^ street, opposite to tbe Patrlot'c Fank, and Is now pre pared toflll all orders for Medicines, Taints, Oils, and Gia-s ( on accommodating terms. (Strict attention will be paid to | physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day and night. ; The nlglit hell la on the right of the store door. ap 14?lm rc?PHENOMENA IN MKDICINE ?Reonchltls, Oouirb, lJ? Dy?l>epala Liver Coosplatiita, Scrofula. Ac.?For oil dlaeaaee of the Femaie Hysteru It stands pre eminent. A Olergyman Just Inform* us It has cared him of Broncbltte of a ilespe-ate ch'racter?t>*rt'e":ars hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TlNt.TUBB?By ita mild ac tion on the stomach, lt**r and kldneva, will cure Dyapep ala, Ooagr, Asthuia, Br' nc?ii*l and Lung Affections Pains In t'.e Back, Side and Broa-t, O-isn-option, Scrofula, Rhea mattsiu, Gont, Neare'xU, Fistnl*. Powel Cornpla'uta, Piles, Worme, and Nervona Debilities?with all dl?easee arising from Impnra blood, and Is the greatet; female medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonder* n!?n thehnman frame See advertisement to day. marT DIKD At ihe rrbidenee ol hid broiJur. Mr J.?hn Little, new thin city, on the 28 h in.<tantt BAM'L I LIT TLl*, in the 43d year o* his age The ftiendn?:f the fam'tie* arc rc;.-?prctfiillv invited to attend bis luneral to morrow (Friday) afternoon, at 3^ o'clock, from the residence tf his brother. Carriages will be wailing at the corner of 7lh street wsct and Pennsylvania avenue, at o'clock pre cisely, to convey friends who may dealre to attend. On the 27th instant, in thr 56th year ?f his age, Mr. JOHN W. CLARKE, formerly of H.tluraore. Md Wanto. T1 rANTED?A GOOD WOMAN TO DO CEV f 7 eral housework, while or colored Apply at J SHILLINOTON'8 Bookstore, corner 4^ ctreet and Pa avenue, or at No. 6-^3 Pa. avenue, near the Nsvy Yard. je 28?It* 11/ ANTED TO IiIRE IMMEDIATELY, a col Yf ored Woman to do the work of a family of t*o pert-ons. A Jlave fr?;m the couniry preferred. Wages liberal. Ir,quire at ihe Benevolent Em(>loy ment store, next door 10 Odd Fellows' Hall, on 7ih street, bt 11 o'clock, on Kritlay and Saturday morn ings. jt: 28 - 2t WANTED?A DKUO CLERK. ONE WHO thoroughly understands the business and is willing to give it bis entire attention. Address J. P. STONE, je 28?3t* comcr 6th and G streets. WANTED?TWO OB MOUE FARM HANDS, white or black, for the balance of the year.? < ine with hi* wife w<>uld be taken, capublc of cook ing, washing ane in.nmg Wanted to purchase a Narro Woman of elderly or middle age. LLOYD Ik CO , 15th street, opposite the Treasury, je 27- 4t 7 W AMI E li ?A fAK TNEK TO WuKK A Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there beiaj now greatde mand for stone. Thia Quarry is immediately oppo site Georgetown. Large ahanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the ?pot. Tl.ts quarry fur nishes the best and laigest truck Stose, kc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feat deep, for tbe low prioe of #75? payable a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th St.. abov?i Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOARD! MG.?MRS. S. A. TAYLOR, Late of Michigan, has taken the hous? formerly occu pied Ly Mrs. Van Allen, 12th street, be*ween F and G Permanent or day board can b? obtained on reasonable terms. je26-3t* BOARULIti .?P easant rooms for slimmer, I with boarding for families or single persons can be h-id by eaily application at KING'S, 393 north C street, between 3d and 4^. The house is de lightfully situated, and has iuiU been thoroughly ren ovated and r-fumished. Meals furnished to fami lies and day boarder* accommodated on reasonable **-nns. je 4 ?lm* [VU T ICK ?FOR RENT--PARLORSirND ?1 ~ Chambers, with hoard. Also, table and tran lient board, with a battling room and shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4J^ st. ap 23 3m BOAKii, Ac.?MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort wdl be made to ren d".r those coinfortrble who may favor her with their pMaaiH ap r tf OTICE?COPIES OF TUB SPEECH DK 1* livered by the Hon. J. R. Chandler on the oc casion of the celebration of the Landing of tbe Ma

ryland Pilgrims at St. Mary's, can be procured at Taylor fc Maury's, Franck Taylor's, Wa. A. Ken nedy's, and Sbilitngton'a Bookstores. Also, at Dr. Kidwell's Dtug Store. 26?eo3t* SCHUTTIR t KAHLERT, T I S T 8 , Frtico, D-corative, and every description of O It N A H IC A T A L fAIRTlAO Orders l<*ft with Baldwin and Nenning, Ar<'hl tects, will be promptly intended to. ? jt 8?dlg?* For Bald And Pent FOR KENT?AT A REDUCED PRICE, a fine Brick House, corner ol Massachusetts avenue and lOin meet. in one of the mo?t plea*ant parts of the city. Apply to GEO. T. LANGLEY, on L. ketwron Ninth and Tenth street, No 504 Je 96 -3t* For sale,cheap?a new frame dwel ll'ig, and on accommodating term*. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, on Pa. avenue, 7 doors east ofl National Hotel. je 3*?3t* Houses for rent.?a three story Brick Dwelling, with a two story back build in*, and all the ncccfanry out building*, situated in Cox's Row, First atTeet. Georgetown. It has apa cions parlors and a coiuoiodiou- hull. It is c n?M ered one of the most desinbie residences in the I -1.--1 trii't. Ther>' is an enclosed lot, west and a i jnininp the house. The premises nrc now occupied by the Secretary of the Interior. Possess 6n may be had \ on the 12th July. Also, a subtle nti I two Mory brick Hou-=e. with spacl >iis grounds about it,situated on the sou'hwcft | corner of F and 20'h streets, Washington. Posse - sion given on the 12lh July. Apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner F and 20lt str. Je 25?2 w* (Intel) I^OR RENT ?'TUF.RASEMRNTOF FORHF.ST | Hal), in Georgetown, and several room - on Hist floor. Possession given on 2d July. Th" main IIa!I or Concert Room is newly birched, an 1 will b rented by the night or reason, on moderate terms. Apply to B. P0RRE8T, je 25?2w* Corner F and 20ih sts. FOR SALE!?A SMALL tRAME HOUSE ani Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washington. It presents a rare opportunity t. a person wishing to j make a good investment. If not sold soon it w:!lj be for rent. Also, a three story Brick Ilonse and Lot No. 57 j High street, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by iCO it deep, will be sold low and on a long credit. Wanted,a few shares of Georgetown Building As sociation Stock. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown ; or, No. 400 E street, Washington. je21? For rent?in Alexandria, va., that large three story Brick Mouse, well known as | the best mr,d in the ciiy for a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron -treet. opposite the Market Hon-e. and now ?ceupied by Mr. McGonegal. Possession giv en on the fi^t of July. Address LLOYD Al CO , Claim Agunt, 13th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hin;: te.n, D. r. may 30?tf Rents reduced to suit the timfh.| $150 a year will be received for the re!(t ol thoMe n(w and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, staMe. wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water are near the door, and communicat nn is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pern. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the | departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at I Kendal! Green, after office hours, where the k?'ys j may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM SPICKNEV, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.~Rent* paid quarterly in advance. ap.* S, 1&55?tf FOR PENT?THE STORE NOW OCCUPIED | by Jo?? ph Huggins, Jeweler, No. 314 Petoia. avanue. E. OWEN & SON. je U'?co2w FOR RENT-A FINE THRE.?:-STORY AND attic Brick llou e, No. 256 C street, between 4% and 6th, wirii every convenience desirable for a pi ;v..te le-i l? nee. A punjp of excellent water in the yard Applv at HAVENNER'S Bakery, Je 16?eo2w C, t et?veen 4% r'pd 6th sta, FOR RENT-THE THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No. S5 Bridge stre< t, George town, s*? locg occupied as Emtnert's Confectionery. Apply to AH VY, next door mav 25?rotf Building lot* and dwellings?For | tale. Lot* on Third street, near the City II.-ill; on I", between Third and Fourth; on E, t-?:tw<en First and Second; on Seventh, between L ..nd M; on M, near Tenth; nn Third, near L; on Seventh, between I, and M; on K, between Fourth and Fifth; also, opt''??ite to FrinkUn Square; Massachusetts avenue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward. G near Twenty' firrt; Virginia avenue, nearT-v r'j first; N. Hampshire avenue, between II and I; alr-o, two frame dwelling? on Fourth between F and G, will b- sold low for ca-h. Island property?Two ?mall fisme tenements on I. between Four-end a half and Sixth; albo. lots en Virginia avt nuc, and a variety in other par>s ol the Islind and City, all of which will be sold on term* accommodating to r-tiu purchf sers Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av , opi?osito to Browns' Hotel. may 28 Imeo DAVID MYERLE. For rent or sale on reasonable Term# ?A three story Ftame, *ith basement on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets tvest Alto, a thiee etory Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts west Apply to James W. Bhrker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. DICKSON & KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambera. with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inqtii.-e at Mrs. SMITH'S, a33 F street apB HOMLS FOB ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front bv 130 feet dce:?. on graded streets, can, until spring, bought at the exceeding low price oi ?7.>, payable $3 j? i raouth Tit'e indisputable. Unron Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellow:'' Hnl!. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. NOTICE. * OUR customers are movt respectfully notified that their accounts will be presented to ttie-n on the 25th instant. To all those who will luve it-e kindness to cail and settle their respective accounts on or before the 1st July, we shall be exceedingly obliged. We have a number of accounts rendered on the 1st Janunry remaining unpaid, and would sav to those indebted that, unless we receive the uiouey lor them bv the 1st July, we shall be compelled !o place such bills in the hands of an officer for collection. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. je 21?lOt STEWARDS SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN GALLERY.? We are making splendid pictures for lower prices than any other Ga lery in the city. They nre per fectlv life-like, and satisfaction is always given. t.allery direclly over M. W. Gait's Jewelrv Store, Pa. avenue je 1-1 m AT 1105IXC I PETUR SHANGHAI HAS BETUHHKC, And laviiig taken up his abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Will lie happy to aee bis eld friends at their es tablishment, No. 490 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. je 15?tf WATCHKK, JEWELRY, STIVER WARE, A. M. W. GAL I' Ik BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices ol the above, and offer every articis in their hue, at the lowest ratei. GOLD AND SILVER WOPK of every descrip tion. made to order, such as TESTIMONIALS richly embellished, with appropriate deg'^ns, SIL VER TE\ SETS, DINNER SERVICES, flic Precious Stones set in every styl?t however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOE8, &c. cut on stone. M. W. GALT & B!>0., Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sis. je 14?tr P. llOOVElt, Iron Hall Bool Shoe, and ? Trunk EMsbliirfimf nt. I have received tbia day a large assor?nent of Gents French Era i Patent Leather and Calf Boots and Shoes. which I will sell cheap. ?%? Also, Bo>s' Youtlis, and Children's SHOES of all descriptions. All in want please call at 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe and Trunk Establishment, between 9th and 20th sts. j? 16? LAND WARRANTS. OHN D CLARK, Agent tor Claim.*, No. 53? Twelfth street, will give the highest market price in gold for Land Warrants je 7?lm* J T U MOVSKKEKPICRS.?Persons wish ing to purchase superior Table or Pocket Cut lery, heavy Silver plated or Brittama Wire, fine Japanned Tea Trays or Toilet Seta, an excellent Clock, Feather DustecgJIat Stand, Enameled Ket tle, Saucepan, Giavy fHrainer, Tea Bell, or anv of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, are invited to call on G. FRANCIS, je 18 400 Seventh st. NOT1C1C.?We shall as usual issue all unpaid bills from our books up to Saturday, th?> 23d ultimo. We respectfully request that ail to whom they bei >ng will promptly settle them on or before the 1st of July. All who desire to have their bills before being sent out will find them ready at our oesk. Je 18?dtjyl CLAGETT, DODSONk CO. HAIR WORK. / v RN AMENTS of Hair, such as Bracatota, Cfcat yj elains, Chains, Breastoma, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any jKred design. Ail orders faithfully attemlM to. Sp< cimcnsanay tie seen at my store. H. SEMKBH, No. 330 Pa. &v.( between 1Kb an?) 10th su. T A action Bales. 4#" fW other Jtmetion Salm sat jirrt W "CI By JAB. C. SeOUlF K, AaetlM??r?. SMALL PRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON 11th between O and H streets, at Public Auction ? On MONDAY aft?Tiio<?n, July 7th. at 6U o'clock, 1 on the premises. I ah"II sell part of Lot n?. 13, in ?quare Wo. 319, fronting 0 feet imllthn, betwe< n G and H ttrwu north, running b*ck 95 feet io a tea feet alley, with the improve menta-consisting of a small two-story fram* house, (Na. 427 ) T'rma : Onr third cn*h ; the residue in 8, IS, IS, >4, 30 ami 36 months, for notes bearing mtrrest and secured by a det d of tmrt JAS. C. McOriRE, June 28?d Auctioneer. Br ORKUN * SCOTT, Aaelloactri VALUABLE B1IILUINOLOT ON NORTH K street at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 2J ol July, we shall sell, in front of the premise*, at 6 o'clock p m , west part of Lot *o. 22, in Sqnare No 516, bavmr a front on north K ?tre? t of 30 fret, running hack *42 feet 7 inches to a wide be t^een 4th and 5th ctretti wot. Terns: One fourth cash; ba!ancein6, 13 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of ih* sal? Title indisputable. A deed given and a deed of to* taken. GREGN & SCOTT, |a 87?it Auctioneers. E. 8. WRIGHT, Auctioneer. utO O-.O.VN CI \NAL no \T AT AUCTI N. On TUESDAY j next, iuly 3d, a: 5 o'clock p. m, I bha'l sell, without reserve, at the Boat Yard of Capt. Moore, tue Canal Knat Capt. VV?5d?u, in good r? pair. Terms at tin sale. EDWARD 3. WRIGHT, J- 37?d Auctioneer. By GRE&EIV 4k SCOTT, Aaclloaisra. FOUR VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS in the N'-rthcrn Liberties at Auction - On MONDAY the 25t ? instant, we .hall s?ll, ia fiontof the prem ises, commencing at 6 o'clock p. in , Lets No*. 13 and 22, in Square No. 512 L< t 13 fr r.ts <m 5th ft and contain? 8,141 eqrarefeet. Lot 22 float? on north O street, and contains 7, 390 feet. Also, Lot No. 20 in Square 613, fronting north N street, and contains 6,576 feet. \nd east half of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 5'5, on r,h:ch ihe sale will be commenced. This iotfron" ?n north K street 5!) fe? t 8 inches, between 4?h and 5 h streets west, running back to a wide ailey. Title indi-:put We. Terms: One third ensh; ba'ance in 6,12, and 18 months, the purchasers to give note* for the de n-red payments, bearing interest from the day of the sal?. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN h. 8* OTT, je 19?d Auctioneer. *#-TllE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN cous< qu- nee of the r.-'in until PKIDA Y, he 29th in stant, at the same hour. GREEN & SCOTT, je 26?d Auctioneer*. By GStUKJf * SCOTT. Auctloavera. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH L street, between 4:h an 1 5:h stieets west, at Auction ?0:i MONDAY, the 25th instant. we sht.II 9i II, in font of the premis- s, at 6 p in , L.ot No. 23 in Sjuare Mo.515, h iving a from on north L, he!?v. 4'h and 5;h sli?.et? west, of 60 feet, rutK.iiig liacit to a iiO feet alley. Toe ah-jV>; lies rile d prop* rty is handsomely loca f J in a rapi'ily imp: ivi.ig part of the city. Title in'li'-put-'ble. Tents: Oi;? rd ea>-h, balance iu 6, 12. aiH 18 months ror notes h^ir mr uiitii'?t. A deed given and a de< <1 of trust tak'-n. G It SEW i. i<COTT, Je 19?<1 Auctioneer^, {ay THE ABOVE SALE IS PO-TPoNSD IN* consequence of the rain until FRiDA Y.the 29lh in atant, at ?be ratne hour. GRREV St S'"<)TT, je 2*?d Auctioneer*. Bj J- C iScCU2U2f<, Auctioneer. \JERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at tie corner of ?u?'et and Virginia avei ue.?On TUESDAY arte noo:i. 'uij 3. at 6J,? o'clock, ou the premises, I sh -M s tl .uiltdivisions No* 14. IS, 18, 20, 22, and 23. of nrii'tnal Lot No. 14, i:j Square No. 495, fronting rc^i* cav ly 16 and 16'-J feet on Virginia avenu ? and streets, running bsck vari ou- depths to sn a ley These Jots ar* sittm'ed in the v*ry best locations on the I lard Rn tuildlcc |H1l|KWW. ar? with tl.e erades, hive pavemenis Irj.1, and a?e, beyond a do-ibt, thf most desirable lot? for sale iu that scct?on ut" thp city. Ti;!e perfect and sale positive. Ttrms: (^ne t!?ird ea?h ; balance in 6. *S, and 18 months, for iK'tea bearing interest,secured byadei J of trust cn ;he prerr.ieet. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 20?d Anctioneer. OH KK1 41 SCOTT Ancttan??r?. PAINT SHOP TO BE REMOVED at Auction. - On FRIDAY, thr 29 h inc'a t, we shall yell, at 6 o'clock p. m? a good Pa nt Sh^p, situated on 6th street, immediately opposite Island Hall It is to be r-moved at the option of th>: owner ol the lot on which it stands. Tern a ca.-b. GREEN & SCOTT, je 25?d Aue. ioneers MRS. UEOKGE, I ATE from Ek>gland, wishes to iufomi the ladies j and gentlemen of Georgetown and Washington that *he can be co;:B!tlt< d ' ti the past, prtrent and future events, at her residence. No. 25 t*'ir?t street, between Potomac -no lligl) streets, a few doors from Forrest Hall, Georgetown Ladies 25?Gentlemen 50 cents. From 8 hi the morning until 9 o'clock at night, je 22?2w* IP TOU WANT CHEAP CLOTHING o TO O'REILLY h CO'S St( re, No. 81 Bridge " "I street, G.r.rgetown, where >ou wi:| 6nd a splendid asrortmen1 ol good and fashionable fc-'um m? r Clothing, together with Trunks, Cn'pet Rag', He., at ten per cent !e. s than in aay other estaalisti me-n' in the District. Pucon* indebted to the above firm would confer a gr< at favor hv calling and settling th ir a^cojnt*, (r hi- h they will find rendy for them by the lgt of July) and thus save the proprietors the ex.ra ex p? nse tor cclleciion, kc. Je 23?5t* NEW MILLINERY. MISS THOMPSON' has j st opened our fouitb invoice ot N< apr-htaa. Leghorn, Erg^^^. hsti straw, Lace, Cra;?e, and otuer Sununn pTOr! Hats, t.adies who hav?: not already suppliedH^^ themselves are invited to call and make tlieir^*^ selections. Als^, just received a choice lot of Fane, Silk Mitt*, fine Silk Gloves, Hosiery, &c , together with a variety o' articles not necessary to enumerate, and to all of which we invite attention. HUTCHINSON ft MUNRO, Fancy Dealers, No 310 averue. Je 2i? GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Office No 202 Penn ave , coroer 10;h street, (OV'i R TEE SAVING'S B\NK.) (HIS CEMETEttY is laid out on the plan of the ceUhra ed Greenwood, of New York, and situ ated .<? the high ground d st *nt one and a quarter nitlec' north of the Capitol?N. rth Capitol street lea iaj directly t?? the gateway. Til * Company have secured a charter 'rom Ct?n gre.^, appropriating their ground or ever to burial pnrpot es, making a fee title to the p ireUaaer, and pjohibitiug all encroachments from Icgisli.tiou or otherwise which is of vast im[s>rtaneeto those who wish their detid to repose where they have p'arrd them, or it ban become a custom in pll other cities, \vh*-n the burial ground h< comes vr.i able for oth< r fiurpv?sep, to sell it, and throw the tlea.1 proif.-isc*u? y into one larte pit, and legal measures cannot pre vent it, as no titles are given to the ground. office open from 10 to 12 o'clock a m N B ? I'amphlej with a map, the charter, ?nd by laws, and all oilier information can le obtained at he office. Also, all orders lor interment* left at Mr. J. F. HARVEV'S. No 410 iwwi arret, or any ither undertaker, will bu promptly atteudci to. je 18?ly IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSONS removing fr?>m the city, ar.d wi&hing to dispose of their Furniture and IIouseke*p ing Utensifs, Sc., witliout the trouble of sending them public auction, can do so by calling on us at our Store, 31T 1'a avenue, corner of Ninth st, as w ? are prepared to buy all such goods as may be offered Housekeepers and others wtll do well by calling on us, as we will pav the highest cash prices for all such goods. WALL, BARNARD & CO. J* 7?2m 3 IT Pa. avenue. MOREDUN; a tale?claiming to be by Sir Walter Scott, 50c Abbott's History of Napoleon, 2 vols, octaro, $5 Constance Herbeit, a novel, by Mi* Jewsbury, 37c The (i)ti rwrersy between Senator Brook* and Arch mhop Hushes, 25 cents. Je 19 FRANCK TAYLOR. ACCOUNTS READY.?Our customer* having book accounts with us are respectfully not fied that tbev are now ready for delivery, and will be preaented by the 2?th inst-nt, when we earnestly nope thit all persons so indebted will take pleasure in paying the same promptly. WALL ?i STEPHENS. 329 Pa. avenue. u?xt door to Iron Hall, je 22?6t WATCHES. JUS r received, a large assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's fine GOLD WATCHES of every size, style and manufacture The above is by far the best and cheapest ever of fered to our customer*. M. W. GALT fc BRO., 394 Pa. avenue hetw, 9th and lOtli su. je Wl?tf TELEGRAPHIC. DAILY EVENING 8TAK. Oil WIEX LvTSX rBOM SVROFS. ?nival of the Steamer Baltic New Yo*k June 28 ?The itwir Baltic, with om week's later intelligence from go rope arrired ot this port at half past twelre thii morning. The English papers eon tain telegraph ie de toils of the reeent naeoeM of the Allies before Seboetopol. The French, u before ?tot?d, eeptared the Mamelon and White tewe*s of the Russians, after most sangu'.nary figv tin*. Five thou and men nere killed and noundrd The French took siE'y two guns and 500 prisoners; and their new position enable# them to ihell the shipping in Bebostopol harbor. Simulta neously the English stormed and took the riflemen's wtrks in the ^carries, but they lost 600 men in killed and wonnded. Hioee then toe firing has been slack The ellied fleet* bare ucIsipTed new suocestee in the of Ai >ff; and hare horned the Ku sisn storor at Tnganreg, Manonpol and Oeoit sick. An expedition was being fitted out eg-inst P<?rekop The Russians are reported to hareeroea ted Anapa. There is nothing important from the line of the T.:hern*yo or from the Bailie fleets The London Times s?ys that it is impossible that Sebss'.opol can hold oat mooh longer, ow ing to supplies being cat off by the captor* of Kertsch. The Eaipress Eopenie has been formally announced to be tn dent* SPAIN Tbe insurrection has not been suppressed. A bsnd ef feren'y men left Pampe!ana for the Frenoh frontier to procure arm*. Tbe Madrid and Paris mails bed been burnt by 'he insurgents A hostile increment in Cata> Ionia is apprehended. Tbe Cortex bed rejected the proposition to censure the ministry. The assassination of Cardinel Antoselll lad I been attempted, but the would>be assouin I was arrested. ENGLAND Mr Fil'more bad been presented and tub ; requently dined with Q teen V>toiio Parliament has adopted a proposition for ! the decimal coinage of cents and milis, tbe 1 I 100 and 1.GC0 parts of pounds It w?e thcufrb' that tbe force nn isr <j3:a**l 1 Sir George Browx would return and join tbe ' force eaa. cf BalakUra MARKETS. Liverpool, J?.*e 15 ?Cotton?Tbe marked is quie at las! woek's quo'ations The p.?ce3 i of las: week were maintained, tbe aserket o osiig steady Fair Orleans, 7j The wa-'ke s-le-i reached 38,700 bales, including 17,000 bales taken on speculation, and i 900 for ex port Breids'uffs ?The market for breadstuff's Is dull and priee* hove considerably declined, owir.g to the continued lice weather. W bear is 3d to 4d lower; floor is 1* a2i. lower, and corn h is declined 6d to 2.' < Ro-in is lower; sales at 3j a9d a4s. for eom ? imon; fine, 6s r8s. Spirits turpentine is dull at 34s. If on is steady and orders rather plenty Sugar has declined, and the market cloaed dull. I Provisions?Tbe market is generally nn ; changed and quiet. Lard is quiet at 40? 61 a 50s ) Moeet Map.kbt? Lohdok, June 15?The money market is eosy. and the bank ra'es have been reduced to Jonsols cloeed at 9i. Supposed Jiarthquake. Baltimore, Jane 28.?A shock, supposed tj be that of an earthquake, was experienocd here at 1 o'clock this merniog, aroajing half : the city. Many fled to the streets lor secu rity. Id the eastern section some windows were broken. Tbe eh'>ck was followed by a rambling noise, and was felt in tbe oountry also seren miles from the city. [second dispatch ] The shock, last night, was undoubtedly an earthquake. In acme parts of the eity tbe ? people ran into tbe streets, in their night J clothes, ihe motion lasted oboat ten seaonds, ! the houses vibrating Many were afraid to go to bed again Tbe shook occurred at eighteen minute* pest twelve. The pjader milis in this ten ion bare been board from No explosion took place 12 o'clock, m.? It fcv been rumored here taat Beattya powder mills, eight miles from here, bad exploded; but from all we o?n learn, by the train of oars, which has jo*t ar rived, there is nothing reliable in the matter. Latest from Mexieo New Orleans, June 27?Brasos dates of tbe 2lst hare been reoeired. All the towns in Tamaulipas and Neura Leon, except Matamoros, Reynosa and Camaja have pronouneed in favor of the revolutionary party ; but no serious fighting had taken plaoe in these States. Few Orleans Market New Orleans, June 27th ?Cotton is un changed; middling lOiall; low middling 10a 10i; mess pork Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. June 28?Flour ? So'eg this morning of 300 bbls of Haward street at $9 87. When ?Sales of Maryland at a de cline of 15o ; red at $2-<$2 05?white $2.05a $2 10; sales yesterday of 7.000 bnshels of new Tennessee, red $1 95a$2?white (2 05. Corn has declined a trifle ; 'sales of white at $1 Ola $1 02?yellcw $lo$L 02. Oats are very dall at 50o56<3. Hew Tork Markets. New Tore, June 28 ?Cotton !s unsettled. Flour is firm with an upward tandencj; Males vf 4 000 bbls Ohio at $8.50a$9 00 Wheat is unchanged?limit, d demand at prerious rate*. , Corn has dec incd 4a5 eta; sales of 35,000 \ bu'bels mixed 95*96?. Pork i* upward and firm; sales of new mess at $19 50. Beef is firm Lard is firm with an upward tendency sales at lOiallo Whisky?Ohio 38o. New Tork Stock Market New York, Jane 28 ?Stocks are better Money is unchanged Sales at tbe first board of Erie's at 53|; Cleveland and Toledo Rail road, 93$; Cumberland Coal Company, 301; New York Central, lOlj; Indiana 5's, 864; Virginia 6's, 101;. Missourifi's. 98. TUE POTOMAC RIYffi STKAiujAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE (a. fRICE, CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON ? O'CLOCK A. M., AND AL T O'CLOCK A N ON TUESDAY MORNINGS for??att?x. Cor rioman, L. Macbodoc, Plney Poiat, Kin?elw, Coo-. O.N FRIDAY MORNINGS for?Chapel Point, Wicoeuco, L'onardtow*, Pmey Poiel, 8t Mary's, Cone. ON WEDNESDAY (moraine) leare Coae at 4 o'clock a. m , for?St Mary's, ftney Poiat, Leon ard town, Wicomico, Chapel Point. ON SATURDAY (returaingj leering Cooe at 4 o'clock a. nt , for? Kuuale, Pin^y Point, L. Merb>> doc, turrioman, Mattox. Calling at tbe usual loadings on the river when ?iguals are made. By older of the Board r ? JAS P SMITH, Prteideu' AK'tandria, Va-, June I, IMS. jel?-tf