Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1855 Page 4
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KY ' STAR somrKT-TO ?T s. a. a. Who hath not marked the young Imperii rose On which the morn'* firm sunbeam, newly caof lit Lm? drowned in pern like dews, that i tfht had brou|ht To deck the sweetest, laircst flower I bet blows ! !o?e ot thy native city! 'round them glow* Aa equal lipht, in every rentlo thought, "That plays al tho*? heavenly fe.lures, fraught With the pure ra lnnce of the soul's repot*. Oh! it is well, that there are lovely flowVs For the poor wanderers ot the world to mil; And it is well that thmu.h our darkest hours, There dawn hrifht visions of the beautiful; While ?uch as thou are h ontnmg 'mid our bow'rs, Bath is no waste,life ceases.o be duil WIFE WAFTED 1 want a wife, Who, thrc.ugn her life, Was n ver known to have a flirt; Who 11 bring to m A recipe To keep the button . on a shirt. Wash Your own Lacks.?The diffi culty of getting laces washed right, es pecially out of a great city, is very great. fcvery lady, therefore ahould know how to wash her own thread lace. If any fair lady is ignorant of this art, we can teach her in a very few words. Let her first rip off the lace, carefully nick out the loose bits zf thread, and roll the lace very smoothly and securely round a clean black bottle previously covered with old white linen sewed tightly on. Tack each end of the lace with a needle and thread, to keep it smooth, and be careful in wrap ping not to crumble or fold in any cf the scollops or pearlings. After it is on the bottle, take some of the best sweet oil, and with a clean sponge wet the lace thoroughly to the inmost folds Have ready, in a wash-kettle a strong lather of clear water and white Oa>tile soap. Fill the bottle with cold water to prevent its bursting; cork it well and stand it up right in the suds, with a string round the neck secured to the ears or handle of the kettle, to prevent its knocking about and breaking while over the fire. Let it boil in the suds for an hour or more, till the lace is clean and white all through. Drain off the suds and dry it on the bot tle, and io!l it around a wide ribbon block, or lay it in long fold, place it with in a sheet of white papers, and press it in a large book for a few days. Sunday Schools.?The Young Men's ' hnstian Association have been collect ing statistics of the Sunday schools in Philadelphia, attached to Protestant churches. There are one hundred and ninety-three schools, four thousand eight hundred and sixteen teachers, and forty lour thousand three hundred and eighty seven scholars. The great d'sparity be tween the number of teachers and pupils cannot be overlooked. The proportion is less than ten chi'drea to each precep tor. It would stem, from this, that there is a greater anxiety among young people to become teachers than there is among the parents of younger people to send them to Sunday schools. The Sunday school is a usetul institution, and, with the superabundance of instructors, there no reason why the attcndaaceof pupils should not be larger ?Pkila. Sunday Dispatch. CC/" I sorrow that all fair thing* must decay. V'}Vv,ml>T? OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Lt uce Far Di.w. UuaK-r City New York..Havre Ju:e 28 Union New York..Havre June 30 09-The California Rteam>*ra l?av?* Vi? York on t: ? 'tli 2uth af each ntonui. AT PRINCIPAL POTEL8. Crswai' tlotsi-T- r. k a. tf?rr. T A B.rJ,IaJy and child, J P Fin', Ya N Y .VP Kelly, O J W Rny r, Md O S Arpieton, XT T Gla*s, do 1) J C ark, O Mia* I Humphreys, NY J P Pelot, USN O It Stevens. Va T Sinclair and d6iight*;r, VV Dcdly ft 2 tain, do Pa W Hir-h, Pa T A WiHam-, Ind >1 Com n. La II D VVn.i.:;u?, do (' T Taylor. K j a 51 tteicali It lady, Mass W A H.skiut, Tet ? Jami-oo. NJ Dr S.i.tlh, O T .Maxwell, do (?eu Su< kn?-y, do B L 'I iiooia-i, du J 8 Ston*. Ga J A Spelding a lady, NY Mrs A l.ud ow, do M do Mr- Z bannim. ch.ld a J A lncas.>n, <1o nur?e. Md J ? Warren, Del J P?-miitz a. t ladiss. Ire r Hna/t, lajy li 9 sisters, laod Va O W Hilary, Md Z B Reall, Md GHtL'earv, do WP Berry, do J P McNs. ly, La H M Bowie, do J FliSMl!, Md W (Herds' Hvtsl?a. a j. c. mUii> > C Deer;:*, USA K Taylor, NY A 1 alcou Va J II Hal', do J Bider NY TP Smith, Ms Hon A U Petminglon, Ni C tlib?->n, no Dr Bnsc e. Md I. W Cater Harm.ton Pa C'apt Uyiher, Va lir i ?udiard*. I7SN G A Pierre, .Ma W L run, aius, llel G P WeUi, U*31 W VV Mills,jr NY 8 V??ne, NY J 9 Bkerritt, US* W I) VV l>ck. do H A Ai' uii, jr, ao G W Kr.w'.and, Va J M M i h p? c Wallac .O M f O'Ht-rn A D Nelson, NY MQuinn, Ve H G Ogues, jr, o? \atloasl Holtl- i p. J E ram.ll, NY W K Hill a lady, Tata VV ?? Kev, La C H Roger. Pa U C Anderson, M i C B Uu.ig in, do J C Hrpburn, O C Ua/n*, Md M D Bowang, Md Dr R II Stuart, Va T G Paldwin, F.nj M: s Morriss, Pa 8 B Harris, Md Rev ATM l;olfe, lady, G S V\ ilto' , CO child a serv'l, Md G A Sim?, do T Chapline, Va P V\ ayiand, ir, Mass A Waics, Pa C Peur-,NY J Patterson, O 11 rain, Va J Puh. r, do W ? Boons Kiikvoo<i Hoaaa?j. h. a a. Eiarwoo* J W'h trey a lady, O. RC Gibson, Pa B Laurence. NY 0 Waller k s*>n. Ky A V\ pouil.fieiJ, Md G B Ki.ley a . on. Ill T It Prye. Ky T V I unwoody Min l W M?flit, Ya J Gr*? n a lady, Va Mr Davidson, do 'i hrift,do B Jotnam a family, NY J II in^dale, MY E W Col 11 ns. do C J lVm?n?, do J K Cnss, Mass PC Harris,do B T My?-?, do ^ satlnn llowsa, Alexandria, Va ? urru, raopaikTo?. Rev D Tyad, Pa H Green, Md G W Brent. Va B Dulany, Y'a P l>yl?, DC C W Blii:coe, do J B l aker, Va P Powell, do H II Lee, do T Steer* do H t arrns, do EC Marshall, do P II K??well, do A Puuaii, do C l< Henton do EC Marshall, jr, do B T Hiuart, do C C 1'ulany, do J B Kirn e^al, do J L B? wly, Pa W T P?ice, lady. 7 chil- L Douglass, III drtu a servt, DC Mi-s S V Broqn, Va J C do G H Neuton, do J H Pre, r G B Kerse Pa I W L'laxton, Pa J 8 Dickinson. Md B Edwards a lady, Md VV Williams, Wis 4 D Werrer, Va T L Edeleu, V? \ L Bogtr?, do Rev W Pendleton, do Willarda' Hotel?Old Point Comfort, Va i Vau Yoaat, USA S J jr, Norfolk <4 Mrekiuf, Ball Mw? B Lee, do R W Ldmon 'a, Norfolk Mi ^ M bray, do to Butts, do Mias L Eilock, do B I> Minn, DSN II Gray, do G o HoiUy, NO It C Crowt II, do OBTonn-y, Va .1 McCulloug ,, Wa?h Mrs Palw, B*lt U Stuaii a . e.v't, Uich Misa Pal!s, do muud A toanaflr a lady, NY W H Perklas and lady, Miss .Maliaffty, do ButAjoghaa M*-i Mabalfry, do Mlsa la Monroe, Kleh VV A Richar Iw.-i, Wash BKMid w t f-.. y ap I .srvam, Miss H Haxad, do MC Miss L Hazall, do N T ^nvil. Ua^ H<? B Ptatk,Va ? M I> v?u a lady, do FRENCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING SALOON. THE widereigoed respectfully announce* to the cit?en?of Washington, that he ban opened* Ontlemen'a Hair DreWng and Shaving Saloon, on Pa. avenue, between llih nnd 19Ui atreeta. where he is at ail tim?g prepared to accommodate them In all branches of the tomorial operation. Hair Cutting performed in the very l?e*t stjlee. He would call particular attention to his Win. Tonpe-s, Braids, Fnsetws, Whiskers, Mustachois, Sic., and is prepared to Oil all orders in the above line at the shortest notice. A food asaerimcnt con stantly on hand He respectfully soliciu a rail, feeli c a* ured that he cannot tail to plr-ase all wbn may so favor him. j? ??^olm JOHN HERBORV "? POTOMAC-pavilion, Piaey Point St. Mary ? County, Sf dryland. '?PHIS desiraHe place for hea'ih and rea-balhln* f will be opened for the reception of visitors Oa the l.Vh of June, with nothing left undone that will promote the comforts of its gurn. Many improve ments have been made since my last season A Lunch Room has bee*i built lor the accommodation of visitors at all reasonable hours, 'ay and night. Stables and Carriage Honses have been btiill to accommodate those at at a distance Billiard TaMe. Pistol Gallery, ^huffl-- Bnard. Ten Pin Alleys and Baths have all been improved, and are frc?* to rwiUnt only I :<ui thankful to the public for their patronage the lajt avo seasons, ai:d hop** to see ray old friend' himI many new face-* the coming season The Pavilion sha'l be clean ani well kept. Children with whooping cough or measles will not he admitted an boarder*. t?r*s n>- no a an: For single day 00 For three day# or leas than a week, per d y-. 1 50 By the week 10 GO By the month, p- r day 1 25 W. W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter !?oies haw bre- placed on all the Steam ers 'or the accommodation of visitors. je 5?eolin A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! 4 1-L ye lovra of the yoo?J things of this lite, ,v.d J\_ we will tel yon wlte*e you may obtain atlP i-t some of them. Thankitil for prist favors, I 'esptctfuliy ask a continuance of the same dur tic this Sprint and ?u>;imcr. 1 am prepared to funii 'h all vi ho will give me a call with t!ie sweet and cimI in; 1'everas* s in my line it ihort notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scbariotte R^use, Blancmange, 8lc < akes of atl kinds. Al^o, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen erally kept in well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. AI>o, Parties. B.tli< Excursion*, Pic Niea, itc , He., and upon r:o.'<.n abie term*. Call at the old stand, Ma-sachu?tu avenue, be rween 9th and 10th streets, Nortnern Liberties N. B.?Bo-t quality ICF CREAM ?*ld at #1 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3m _ JOHN W. RIGIITSTINE LAW" PARTNERSHIP." Robert j. walker and louis jam\ have formed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker 4 Jan n," for the management and ar gumeutof cases in the Supri me Court ol the L'ri led States, and before, the CouM of Ci.uig? at Washing ton City. Address Washington, 11. C. 9>ay 10?? ?i3ot IP YOU READ ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE notice that I have, fresh from he e.r tablishmeht in New Ye.He. ker'? Self Raij ing Flour. Ilecker's Grit.., flecker's Maccar^ni sih! VcriuacelJi, Hecker's Farim, one paper ot which, at 14 cents, *vdl make a up rior di?ii sufficient /or fifteen or twenty persons Also, < ?sweg'i Corn Starch and Corner a, a groat variety of M iilard's pteparntions ot' Cho. o ate for eating ?nd drinking Bauer's superior Cocoa p-.-ti from which, in a few minutes, hv pouring boiling water no it a very superior cup of Choco! ite can t? made. Wher. dollars :::;J c ats ar? wvle a study ai.d at the same tinitupetiot article for henlth and econ omy is required, yon wo-'dd? v< li t-? ' allat Kl NG'S t.roetry and Vr.riety Store corner Vermont av i nue and I streets, a tev jt^ps northeast f Jacks.* j Statue. mayll?wtf j CARJtlAGr S-CAHKLAOBS ]tlA ;'E r. <w on hand, a;;d tonsiautly f.ei-li.iit:. a j vary Ijui<<; nt j>rtt ui.t of Pleasure dn'io^C3S-|L/ j Faintly t ABRIAGES, of th. latest l'ash ! Ions, which I will tell a? low as the aauie qurJitv <>:' ( work ? a>i >?.!;? in p.ny oi the principal m^rketi oi* j th?* lTnite?l States. The subscriber if now der.lttu ? iclusive.Iy i t.'ui- j r .^es ?:! his own n>anut..i tMre, and all work IJ hv J him will be warranted, and compare favorably with j any work in this market. As 1 always !teep a larg* | ?e?sortment, I invite purci:ase?>. and others to *?x- j amine my rtock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order OM t'arriages ta^e-i i:s : eschan*t.*j or reoair?d at th ? shortest n'?t:cc. THOMAS YOIJNG, Sign of tne Golden Horse, No. 499 Pa. avenue and street. may 1 ?eo3m <">rvic? Clsks Hoes* or R?:-R*stnr*nvEs, June 1C, 1&5. SEALED rCOPCSALS will be rec ived at this office ontii Monday, 2d Jtt'v neit, ai 13 o'clock in , f'W furnishing for the use ot ih? house of R< prt sentatlves the 34th Conrress, folding p per as follows: 1.0W reams buff or browm envelop*- paper, smooth surface, strong :md tonph. ltf bv 24 incm s in s ze, to wi^h not l? a than i!3 jsjun' s to the ream. 500 ream*, same a? above 21 by -25 inches, 36 jiounds to the ream lOOrexms xtrong and smooth mmilla pap* r or smooth hardware paper. 97 Sy 31 inches 1 000 reams white fl it cap in half sheet* Propr. als f^r tb> abov? must ?tate the weisl.t aad price per fam. Tee pap. r must be deliver* d flat, and in sucu quantities, and as kuch times betwomi the da?? of \lie contract ano rhe l<t dav ol Novein H? r next, as shall be specified by this office. No ex tra charg'-? are allowed for Ute delivery of the pa p-r. A reason able d'ducttos from the lace of the bills will be made until they shall be packed by the | Committee on Accounts. JOHN W. FORNEY, Clerk of til*; House (V Representative*. Je 19?lawtful)*! t.Vo. MS.] Not' r* *f an tstabhskmr.nt O,' ?? additional font OJlrt in tkt Territory of Oregon I?i pu iu?n-s of th? act of C/>ag:'?s ?pprov?i Feb raury IT, 185^* ent'tled "Axi ?<* to Mtabl**h ?.o KfLli.ioi ?i laud d'St ict la the Territory of Oregon," to b cal'ed ib ? Uicpiua district, erabtaciio; all the Ian 1 Ivm 'vouth of the tojrth stfi.ndaM parallel, it la hereby d-clar?l ard ta^-i- kn^o ti>*t the laod 0^oe for aaii iutrict h;n I een 1' oat wl bv the l're-1 d?Dt of tn - Un'.t-d Mat n at tha taw i o* Wincber:?r in rm d Terr tory, until other* i?e ot<5??? I. i>iv-n ar.aer my h?nd, at. th*- city of Washin^um this 17th day of Alay, A. I?. l*f>6 JOM\ Wlf.5C>N, Commh^sloneT of .ienaral Lani Offlca. day II?lawl i-w TH* MUTUAL TIE"". IHSURAHCi: C >?PA HY OF THK I8TEICT OF OOLUMBIi, ("*HARTEhEl> by Congrc a, off rs to the property ? owners of the Duftrii t -afi-r and cheaper ?e.&u j ofMwaniiice than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. t'HAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. giiAsru. IJlysae* Ward John Van Riav/ick Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning f. Howard, Mathew (i. Ilmery. J. C. MeKeldrn. < Hlce, Columbia Plac**, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. office hours from 3 to 8 o'clock p.m. feb 90?eoif f No. 540. J N?t\r? of th* dtteontiuHmce of tke United Stitf * Land OJLc* at Drainer, in the tStal* ?/ Ohlu \0'l ICC is iitieby given tliat, in purruan^e of law. n.i in view of the report of the land oft cers at DariAica, Ohio, that the vacant i.iud in said district it reducea below one hundred Uiousiimi acres, th* Stcratary o/ tkt Int'rior has directed thut said land office at Defiakck be discontinued ; and that the land-remaining umol! at the time of the discontinuance be made subject to ndle and entry ut Cbilucotbb, the only remaini; g laud office Id the ST*Tt or Ohio Lands remaining tiusolJ and unappropriated by law,aod subject to private entry at the land office now discontinued, will cea*e to be subject to entry at said office from the date of the receipt oftbi* no tice by the Register and Receiver thereol; and the land officer* at ^hillicothe v. ill give p.iblic notice of th? day on which th?y will be prepared to receive app>Katious lor euirics ol auv . uch land* at their of flee. JOS 8. WILSON, Actiuf Commissioner General Land Office. Was>hih .to5, D- C., June 18,1855. Je 23?lawbw L. J. MIDDLKTOSI, DEALER IN ICE, Ofiirc and Dtvct touth side F. next to corner 1 itK U. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HANI) AT THE OFFICE, which can be had in large or small quantities. {K7- office open frcm 5 a in to 9 p. m. m 1?euQm rOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. ^?1A! L BYILD1NO LOTS of 10 ft-st er itcre, ir O , srU ot tL? 01 ty, a?:d G^cr^'own, a' l?a , r?'^ and' te tnlt 1.!>)YD 4 po CI Fl li 31 MO b ? n K , fti at tbi 0*b?., '.Vi ;? <v x W- b* ~ i,Cvrgetowv .* /Joxar lii.. LLOTOi Lu i?U: wtrttv Oepartia?ttl )J?-U PROPOSALS FOR LIVE OAK POR SIX STEAM SLOOPS-OP WAR. ' NAVY DEPARTMENT. ) of Cowrntnenow, Eqiti*S\ kc. > June S3, 1856. j SBALED PROPOSALS for one or more liva-oak frames of a sloop of-war?one to he delivered %t each ot the navy yards at Pensacola, Norfolk, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Portsmouth. N H.,?will be received at this bureau until tha 3u September, 1855 These proposals man bt endorsed "PropotaUfor Live Oak," and addressed to the " Bureau of Corv ifruci.on,'' that they mnv be <!i?tincuished from other business letters. The offer* must be fur the whole of one frame, estimated at thirty thousand cubic feet, and, a* requirtd by law, mutt be accom nanied by a suitable guarantee, the form of which is herewith given. Sureties in the full estimated amount will be required to sign the contract, and, a* additional and collateral security, fifteen per cent will be withheld on the amount of each deliv ery until the c< n tract ia fully completed. In all de liveries of the limber th* re mu. t be a due proportion of the DO<>t difficult parts of the frame, and of the principal pieces; otherwise th?re will be withheld such further amount in addition to the fifteen per cent, as may be judged expedient to secure the pub lic interest until such principal pieces an 1 difficult portions shall be delivered The remaining eighty five per cent or other proportion of each bill when approved in triplicate by the commandant of the yard, will be paid by such navy ag'nt as the con tractor n>ay name, within thirty days after its pre sentation to him. It will be stipulated in the ? r-ntract that If default be mude by iltc partita of the first part in delivering the timber named, of the quality and at the time ami place provided, then, and in that case, the con tractor and his sureties will forfeit anil pay to the Unif'd Stat-s, as liquidated damages, a nam of m ney equa' 10 twice the amount of the contract frice there agreed upon as the nrioe to be paid in cane cf the actual delivery thereof, which I qaidat*-d damages may be recovered or retained at any lime from the aaid parties of the first part or either of I hem. The timber must conform to drawings an-iinurur ii< na wi>h which the contractor will be furnished, .-'rid work to moulds and bevelling* with which be will be provided fmm th : United Slates nary-yard r>t Philadelphia. The whole must be cut from trees crowing within thirty mile* ot the sea, of which the < onimandant of the yard will require satisfactory evidence. Th<' frame timber may be delivered in tke form of promiscuous timber- that in, sided straight and fair, but roufjh hewed the rwuldinc wy, showing a lace of two third* the siding; ihe rin.ber need not be be veiled, b'U mu t be of sufficient nize to work the shape of the moulds and hold the bcvellings shown i on the bevelling boards. In the measurement, the full mouldingsl*e marked on the moulds (which fs on ? and a half inch larger than will be worked in the slup) will b? allowed, provided tb3 pieces will liol't that size; but no ad ditional size beyond that mark' d in the moulds or in the in?tnictia> e win be paid for Th?' tiding of the stern, apron, fore deadwood, stemson, deadw t*d knees, s?ern-|ev>t knee, and keelson* must be laX incher; the Merri|iost and after deadwood to side 29 inches in the largest place, and th" hooxs to sMe 14 inches. The string or Ihe I'm ins timber must be 13X to 14 inches, ard of Ihe promiscuous timber, one f 'iirth part must side 18 inches, nid Ihe remainder l.'ljj inches The throat of th? fl.ror timber to mould 17J$ inch es, at the floor head 1 i iochcs, and at the plank shear 7 inches The midship or dead flat floor limber has a curve of inches in 2u feet; the fir t futtock 4 inches in 17 f'-et; the seconl futtock 24 inches in 13 fe-t; the third fatt ck27 inches in 13 feet; Ihe fourth futtock 4 inches in 14,,and tho top timber 10 inches in 17 fret. The entire frame of each ship to be delivered at the respective yaids at the ri-k and expense or the contractor, subject to the usual inspection, to ihe entire approval of the bureau, and all to be deliv ered on or before the l*t of October, 1856. Persons wh ? may be disposed to offer for more than one thip will m">k? u separate proposal for each FORM OF OFFER. I, , of ihe State of , hereby agree to furnish and deliver a? the United States navy y.rd at , the whole of the ;ive oak timber for one hip, estimated at thirty ihou-<and cubiofeet, be the i-iine more or less, in rnnf rniity with the advertise- i rn^nt of th< f.un au cf Construction of the date of | 22d June, 1655 viz : Sfms, apron, stem.on, dea 'woods, stern post,sfern j.ost knees, deadwood knees, keelsons. and books, ntimaled to contain? 3,600 culiic ft, at ? per ft?? Frame timber of all other kir.ds, estimated at 20,400 tabic ft, at ? per ft? Pr miucuou- lim b r, amounting to 6 IKK) cubic ft at ? per ft? Total amount 30.0J0 $ (Total valu^ t<? b written in vrnr^ ) Should aiy ? ffcr be accepted, I request to be ad-1 die-sed at . and the contract for warded to the navy agert at , or to m>* at ? for signa ture and certifl ate (Hate.) (Signature.) roR\; OF GUAR \ VTEE , The undersigned, . of , in the State of | , and , of , in th~ Slate of ?, hereby pnaranty that, in case th* foregoing bid be accepted. , b?* or th"V will, within ten days after the receipt cf j the contract at the pot; < ffic?> na:ned or navy agent designated, ettcute t:.e contract for the Bame w-th sriod and ?tiffi jiei-t ?urcti s ; in case -aid shall fail to enter into contract, as aforesaid, *ve guaranty to nuke good the difference between the offer of the Mid ?? and that which may be accepted. car Signature of two guarantors. < 0 p (Date.) Witness. I herebv certify that the Jl B and C D are known ti me a~ men of property, and able to make rood th< tr guarantee. (His. ) (Signatuia.) To tignerf hy the Unitrt State* di?tiict judge, U wed States ili.tiie' cttorney, col eetor, or navy as en', <M*f no otkert.) iU .e 23?liwflw [No. &31 ] Notice of tk? bitabliskrnfnt of an additional land district in tke State of California WllKUKAi und?r the pr'vi iots of tfc? act of 0- ogress, appr Mateb U, >853. entic ?d. "An act to provide ior th? sur^sy 0( tHo publio laad in Caii ornia," Ac., th * I'r-sil-nt ot the Unite! ,?U'm U :?cUioric?l at such dme or times as |.i his judgment the pub..o iu'errrst may so imperatively reqnira, ? ? ? to divtd* the Ltat?> r f California into mo or three neparate laad dinricts, t*o cf r/hi h diptriota e*ub<ishrd nn dsr st'd att by puhl'i uotie*, dats<l 21s*. March, 1 -?n8; and wher?a? th? surv ? e aad s. tt emmts tare axt?n'l?l in Cs1ifornl? i o fi- r thst the conve ul-uee of the set lurs an; the public IntuPsst require the establishment of 'be threw Uift-lcts ruthctiaed by the aet < f 'be 2d Marah, IStJ, afcr--'?eia ? Now, therefore, he st ka^w.i, tha; uud 'r, s?id vy rutb~iity <>f the sai l a"t <"f Oosirrses of ?d M%reh. 1853 the President et the Unictd twt-s t>as ilrrcVd that the Hute of Calif ml a shall ba divided into *hre<i ieparata land districts, th*i boundaries of whifib ar? as fol ows, vis : All that part of the Ptsbi. o^mmeaclng on the Pa nifis on <st, lying n'rtU of tea lins betvaen tiwn fchip? (even aud el^ht (7 snd 8) north cf ileurvt Di Nble ba-<? lice, ttenc running *>ast on said line to Hie u<eridlan. thenoe --outh < n th i meridisn line to tha line dividing toarushipa three sn 1 fbur (8 and 4) ocrth of s?id baae li e, theaee east on s?Jd line be tw?en townvblps thr^e and four to the eastara hcaadary of the But', vlll fm ibu "Urm Uu inot," the land offioe f. rwhi^L h^obe-nestab^ahed at Marynille. All tDat part of the ?Ut* lying south of 'he above describel limits aod n><rih of Uiu i ne dlvidlog town| shipa teenty and twenty-one, south, (or flflh stand ard -tenth) will form the "Mimij Dibtiuot," the of fl e f ir which Is at Beni&a ; a d all that part of the State lying south of the ? th stall lard paraU-1 the "Low Di8TiuoT,"as hrrftof^re organize t, the offioa for vhlch is ea abli.-hed at Lot An^rlo*; and in tU w 'f tht< s?-ld <,ire<*;iou cf the l'r?feid?nt of the United ^txtee, under the act of Congress a'ore-all, the bounds.iea *b ve mrntiored hv.ll in lut^relie : garde 1 as tke limits of the said land districts re spectively. Given under r^y hand at the c'ty cf Washingttn, fbi-4 ninth day of A$ril. A. D. 1855. By order of the f resident: JOIIN WILSON, Commissioner General ljuid Office, ap li?l*wl3w A CARD. MUg. ?. PI111.L.IPS, No- *01 Sixth at., between G and H, desires to inform the cili zens of Washirgton and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give instructions on the Piano Forte. She ha* taught nin.-ic in som? cf the principal < ities of the Union, and ha? te-timonials showinu that she is fully competent to discharge the duties of her pro fession to the satisfaction ot tliose who may favor her with thHr patronage. Terms: $10 lor 24 lessons at her residence, oi $12 at the residence of her pupils. I je 12?eo3m* ORGANS FOR SALE." A SUPERIOR toned CMIAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now oo exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBi'N of New York. Fur terms, fcc., apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on I4cb street, north of F HENRY ERBEN. frb 96 eotf DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CREAMt ?~i O al once to ARNY. Bridge street. Georgetown, VJT ha was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute: for l(JE CREAMS, WA TER ICES, and CAKES mar *5- ~ tt ?.TTHEATON'S . i . V Uma f j tionat Law, i. iv Mtio i /\d<uus' Equity, new wdiu m, with American note jeJ FRANCE TAYLOR. WE WOULD NOT GrVK A DOLLAR For all the tiwcturb hampton ev er MADE.?That epoke n food man, but mark the change I L?t ?he nffll.ted Dear him, and then decide whether to suffer on or l>e ma.e whoia. Ta ptoftaatonal m*n, with nitnad health, hear! Re*. Jamb* W. Bvmnctrr, the talented and tale pendent editorot" that highly popular and extensive fy read pap r, th.: Christian Banner, pab'tsbad at Fredericksburg, Va., in hU editorial ot tins (8th 'if May, 1865. thus spenke of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE:

"Some time ago wa merely a!'ud?d to Hamplon'* Veiietable Tincture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the great r< lief we have our?elf derived from its nse During our collegiate coarse, owing to sedentary linbtt.-, we berate quite dyspep tic, and were very much trouhled with vertigo For more than twelve yearn after leaving colreg?, v.*e were laboring un ler these two afflirtitins In th? apnng of 185J, our general health became so delicate that it wu with great difficulty w? coulu attend to t?>e ordinary duties of our profession EverytMug we ate immediately turned acid, our digestive ? r fans became whoIlT deranged; losing xs it aeeroed to us, all their activity and vitality; we were con stancy depres-ed in spiiit, our ecerty almo't for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to action. We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our dieu and all to no We had despaired ol ever recovering our health, wli. n a female friend of cunt importuned ue to get * bottle of Hampton's Ve^ubl* Tincture, assuring us hat we would find great relief from its use. We I*1,If replied, <:wc would not give a dollar for all the Tine tvrr H impton ever made, so Ur as our own inrtind ual health wa? concerned." We had no faith in it nor anv other medicine in ?fleeting a care on u?. In the kindness of her iicori, however, without eor. suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle nnd urged utto accept of it, and for her sake, as it rould not possibly injure us, to u*-e it accor.ling t i di'ec tion for the hi^h regard we had for her ami her act of kindncs.-', wa promised to do =o. And wiii out exag??ralion we can truly say that before we ha 1 used tite contents of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifle- n bot tles. We were afraid to give it up, fearing our old disease* might return. Since then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, respond bilitics, and worldly cares will allow, our spirits have been buoyant, and we eat what we please, and as much as we please, and when we please? and all is well. For tho saiie of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the some relief from its use that we have. It should he liept in every family. No family should ever be wi'bout II \ M P TO .\"?3 VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lawycrt, Doctor'-, Ba - knre, Ministers, in all th? Departments of Stalk, Ladies and <>entk*in n in the highest wa!t;s . f life, us '.veil as ih >*?. moving in the most humble spheres, tpeak of th** eures on them selves a .d friends by this wonderful article. Call and get pamphlets *aUs, and free otirei o Cough, Bronchius, Rheumatism, Neuruiioa, L?v# pepaia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As * medicine or for ?Wicate children W\ lithe v It unequalled. Sold ty MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, Ht) Bain more su-et, Baltimore; and iM>4 Broadw?.v, N. Y rl Cbas. Stot? Ji Co., J. B. Moon*, D. B. Ctmi Claris 8s. Bov/likh. W. Elliot, and II. MoPnaa sow, Washington; also, by R. S. P. Cissai., George town, and C. C. Bcrrt, Alexandria, end by Bnsr giemevervwii: c. REV. JOHN I.ANA11AN, PASTOR OF TilF. EXETER BTttEKT, M. E. CHURCH?A shoii!? desire to benefit the afflictul induces lom thus to certify. We challenge any oilier mcdicim to pieneiit well a n-.a *s of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing c.' our own well-known citizens, who testily of cures of COUGH, BRON I UITIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, fcc Biltiioii, January 94th, lB5o. Hettrt. Mort<tner <V M'sirbray : I take pleasure in sa>*r.^ to you that I havo used > jur "Hai&pton'e Tmcture" with very great profit. Irrora a serious t.iroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when I com menced to use '? Hampton's Tincture." I found it.? effects upon rfty general hcaitli most salutary.? My nervous system snd oig' stive organs soon rijht ed np onder i?a nse. I have Fev ral tiiiiee r? coruineiided It to my fn?*nds, nni in every cu^} oh far as I hav?3 bev-n in formed, they have use it with pucccbs. Yours traly, John LANAnAN,Pnator Of Exe;?r t., M. E. Church. Baltimore. BLEEDING oFtHE LUNCS. Raui&b, N. C., Feb. 6, 18*.. .'iort; ier Sr Aloio'-ray : I do here y c-rtify that ?bout twelve months ago ( was taken ?vitb a severe hemorrhage of th" Ltn?t and had four rvtiacksof it I was advise J to try i'r. riampton7* ^''cjreiable Tincture. I procured ?'n? hoitle, and afior r:hin;j which, I was satisfied that I was much better; ami that, alicr taking the fourth bottls, I was entirely well, aud tow I enjoy as food health as ever ? did in my life. I can, and do,with out the least iiesitati* n. recommend the Tincture to unpersons afflicted n my way. Toura, Gao. W. WaazTar. CUPP! PITS?READ! Af^re to the Sick than Oold.?lToin onk ot the mr?st respectable Dnmlats in South Carolina. I^UARt ?9Tojt, S. C. Sept. 81,1853. , Tffc-ars. M^riixvr 8i Mowbrav:?The rale af your ilauii'toa'.i Vegetihle Tincture is increaaing every day, and ev^ry bottle ^old rucommv cds tlws valua''!e medieiir to the sfBictcd. Several of cur planters have tnc ! it 'n difcrent cases with aston ishing success, and are getting it by half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, and a vronderful cure has I?een performed on h vf ita bov, raff^ring from Fits. I vtnli fuiiiibh yuu vvith a iinciL>fr of certiflcatee ir you wish thern I aia, 3?ntleraeii yonn, W. G. Trott. Call and tin jmmplilets grntm, ?nd see cur s of Cou;h, Rronchitia, Fheury?, Nc.iraJgia, Pys pepaia, Nurvoiisueao and (icneral Weakness. As ^ female medicine o? for Jtllcal' children we believe il un'-^ualle.. Sold by MiiRTIMflU MOWBRAY, Mil Il.-^ti more 6tnH;t, Baltimore, and 3)4 Broadwsv, N. York L'uas. Stott 4. L'o., J. b. Moorm, D. li. Ct tiu.1, i-'i.Aaaa X Bownso, W. Elliot, and H. McI'iur ?o?. Washington; also, by R. S. P. Cr ?*l, Gcotje town; iiiid C. C. Btaer, Alexandria, and by Dmic giats everywhere. feb 21?tr Private Medical Traatica 6? TH3 PIZYFlOliOOIOAL VI*W 0/ MAURL4Q9. fl. ?. CPOII, 1ft. D? AhiiAyr. n r. 2A0 sail fl'ia Plain and OsJocod Litto i<r*Dhn bo: Platen. P?l?w aiel? frft C?aU "7ft Mr>Li?nt frc-- of pOKta/alu ?il parts cf ,ha O'Dicn-fc* CfJRAPU^T BOfllt ETKB PtJBLlhHfili, *ad ocni itziMg >sai'ly d uble uhe iUAility o* rxvilag biatt*/ that : t'l\u r;: ty GRMia on PU3UCaVI0N?. itt^etson the PHYSfOIA GY GJf L'ARHIAQll. and ths aerret )?Ar>i.lU>-saiul dhjoidsr cf voudi and maturi'/, ro aJliag L'jm exovseej, wlu* w S'rtMtraj Ihsphyai -.*.! and ai?a \'ital povava, with obr^rvatl .iit rc ninrr'aF:'-, !ti dn stid disqualifloitloua, an! thisir re^lic; with liihe^raphs, ISl^sUa'-iag ttM'jGui'j and physielCTTf. and dtaeaacs of ths rapK? iuoSvs arcane ci' both bsi/a, thaix atructur-, uses and f>;3<:t!or<a A pa?a1 ar and comnrahenmvt trr. tUa on thr doiicsi tuJ caHuaJ^'V. ? f single and a-^v ried Ula~happv and ?nij*;ul al':au*6, mcde cf e? firing thsm -lnfal'sitovL' n~A infertile one.i?t>ch abvianon and raitovi!?libTuzaait LlMa to tfco-? MOte^apUana, tluit will cvero' Eie oi> teotiou* to it; uor.:, t^c-Tcr. should Laka this .'m> portsnt s'rp pi 'taut irat cotBultiag ita pa^^> ?cmui#ntar'M< ot> tr-t olMs^eaacd meuicaJ treatment ol faa?l?a (rom 'risr.Sy to old a^e, w,h oaaa gTaph loally llluhuatoi :?? oe.- uiiful lMiographie plate*;? nervor.e dsbiriy, itc croms and our*, byanrvoaea at ortte. sj flails, *ifa and affsclus.! tltat i? Irupotisib's?mJru for daily manegemsnt?ku *c.hj on ^oonuctorrhute with KTuCrical obnar vatic tin cn s t*fcr, tna mors nucr^aoful of tr*etm*nt~-f?r? cautionary ldnta or. tLa evlla raeultlnK frcn? an jiii eal praotire?an eamy on all a-'rina tYMt ladiacwtion, with p"i?iin and simple rules by abieh all perroi:.- eur?> ihsaiK?ive? without SMxcary? reoieileg for tLo*e ?elf ir.^llctei nlscrlee and tli-sp polntod hope.; to uaf r.ooately prevalent in the Sourig. it l" r. tmitfol advisjr ta the mar ? -i and icae ocntamplc.tln^ carciaga. Ita peros*i (a par ticularly racoaiii^^d'd to petaona entertaining ?? sret doubts of th ;r nhysic?i -rooditien. and who arc oonaciona of taring r.h?.ard?J the hnalth, happlncj. and prlriie;.a to which every human Lels^ l? >ja. titled tO. Price So sents per ao?7, or Cre eopiaa fci enc dol lar. Mailed free cf poeUje to asy part of the Uni ted States. N. B.?Thotn who prefer may u/nault^r L? f!d'..a ?poa any of tkt diseases upon whinh hid Iko? ivjits ?ither perxtnally or by nail. Medicine sent to aa^ pmrt ?.f the Union according to directtaca, titVI) paekec ana caxefhlly secured from all observation Address Dr. M. B. LA Cp.0IX, No. 81 Maiden Lane Or Poet Offlce Bo>i 570, Albany, N. Y. 4V On ae (>??n daily from m m t? 9 p e, nud ca Sunday froox J astil 5 pm. I^OfllwHmuvad (ton No. C4 Bzgttt ct toll Ntldva Lese, M'juj, U.T. 4m T TJ RES I DEN T'S MoiUNTE |Tg1 taRD- QUICK" I 8TEP.?Tltis exeejleni pi?>ee of Music of the popular compoerr, Mr. Kobe-t Heller, has just teen published by the subscribe.^. : title pa-e ii mast elegantly embellished HILBUa U HITZ, Mosic Publikher?, Depot in Star Buildlnaa. Je 4 ? Y>^.kRVTTANI? r.fl.LOTT'8 ?T KlIFeNS m a. I i :?! n-non from the marnfnetur i. *, in dila way earurinc g??00 ?> ?- ?v-|i taa mm quality and ftaWi. of Ui^.d. II ANCk TAYLOB, DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CBLBBRATBD (German Bitters, rurtta n DE. 9. M. JACTKCON, Philud't , *%., vill Krr*rrr Alit ccu i, una cbspuwt, dyspepsia, uckbicl Chromie or AVvow# DvbiUty, ^trrwii of dkc tRdnty, and all disoaoe* arwiNf from a die ?rtlerod Litr or AoMfli Sucli u Coi*Uuatioa, iuward Pile*, Fiiline*-. or Rl<*nd ja the Hf*J, Ai idity of the dtouia'ii, Nan K>, Heartburn, Disgu*' for fo.?d, Fuilne*" or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructation*, ?nik ing or JHatMriof it the Pit <M*th?' Stomae i. Swim mincol the He?d, Hurt ed and difficult Breathing, Plu ?rii.jt at tin- Heart. Ch ?kuif ov Suffocating Scn-.aMoiia * hen in a lying Posture, tbmtiem ot Vision, Dote ot" Weba before the Sight, Fever ami Hul< P tin in the Head, Deficiency of Persy<ratfrn, Yelluwnes- of the Skin and Eys, Pain ia lb* Side, Back, Chest, Limue, Ac., "Sndd'-n Flu-it's of H-at Hunting in the Fiefdt, Constant imagin iu** of Evil, and pea: depr?*n.?i<>,. .jf spirit*. 'HE proprietor, in I line tne attention of tt.? publi. u? Lus preparauo??,die* so with at>- l '*?15 of Uie utmost confidence in it* virtue and ad ip t itiou to the dhK>seo for which it i? neotmmond* d It is no new and untried article, bat one tfcat l< t> ?tond the te*t of a ten y hr?' trial btrfore the Amen crh l its and Kile ie imiif?JJ?; o, any urntlar preparate-in extant. The testimony in iu favor civcu by the ni *a prornirent and well >ii.itvn Phy^ctans and individual*, in ail part* of *iie country is immcn- Tin: foiiowi'ig frota WortK Catena is respe. tfkilty sub itt- ?*., r-f"<Tring ati> who may stHi doubt, to my '?Memorabilia."or Prac tical Ren ipt Hook for Fanners and Famnie*. to be lad grans, of ad the Agents tor the German Uitterw. Principal office and Manufactory, ISO ArcL rt, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NOKTII t AKOLINA. '-?eftificrUr of Th. IV. S iiih. of Pint Hiii, Ruh mom? Co rity, A C . Piwk Hut, March 4th 1HS4. Uk. C. M. Jacksok, Philadelphia?I)?*a- t*:r: I <iavt been a subject of Dye; epwi>\, in it* W>r<i I no, tor lb** lft-*t five years. Such wi? my e?M?*i>< u l< twelve mollis thai the physician* and ail wbo kh lie said I inu.--t die. While iu ttu* tondiUon, Iwi carried to the watering placet iu Virginia, Tenm f see and North Carolina, but wa? not b^mefited by any water to which I wa* taken. U'hil* on ruy way home, I stopped awcek at Rntherfhr itou. h I village in .North Carolina, to try the ?flVct'..i itOHtu Cbalyt?:aie water in th.<t piacn. Ab<mt t ,< ?at.t of the week, 1 went inio a drug ntoie 10 tret jjoinc medicine for my and mys<;if. Thert wcr.; several of ihe village pby>>icians in the store, md one of them ^i-emed t?? take ^ome interest m in> ?as< and, after asking me some quej'tton^. said h iiad been 1 dyspeptic, and had be<>n itr-n'iy betii lilted by Uie u>-e of " Dr. H>kjA .ndV German let ters," pr-'pared bv yni, and be insisted that I would t?y the Bttt*r4 He also called the next day at m> r?oni, and in?i.-ted so much Lhat i would try tli^m t!>at T asked h^m to get me one bottle. He diii it, ?ind I commenced taking it as drected, and I do -iy I wii more ben?-fitted by it than all the water and saedicine I had ever taken. After reaching holm one of my "?ei?hbon- canif to aie fur a prescri|?tiun and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and 1 cava him ac-irly all the Bitters I had left, ?viich effected much good in his case. H?* ha* often - nMed on me for inore of lite t-ame k nd of medi ??ine, saying \rrw more benefitted by it than any >HUer he had taken, bat I have not been able to g t a;.y more for or myself V.therc wre, please ship me a d<jzen or mote as soon as ;><?.? sible. ReKj?ectf<illy yeurs, W.SMITH. i>. R. IIOOKF3, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., ? >rtober 94.1853. says:? ' Having exptrienred very jreat ben? (It fr'm the use of " H<jofland's German Hitters,"' in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and ita concomitant evil?, I am de*:/ous ol obtaining a luantity of it f'>r the benefit of my community. You will, tlieiefore, please (.eiij a lot. Ate. tic. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. HritTsviLLK, Yadkin Co,N.C, Nov. la, 1<!53. I>t C. M. Jackson?Dear 8ir: Allow me to tx ures* t?. y.ti ray sincere ihanks for your di^ovry of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has et t'ceted a cure lltat all other medicinej, the t I have aken. have entirely failed to ?lo. "Hoofla id's Gs r- | man Bitters'' have mired me of th? most siabNon and ag^ravat' d case of the film that, perhaps, ever fell t? ihe lot of man My er^e is out a siran^r in j tr;:s community, tx 1 3m well known in this and the -nrroundinn counties, and can truly sav that oiy r?? covery has ststount'od all my friends and relttioiu, hs I had tri^d evcrythtnerecommended, and nolhii g did me any po'd until I was prevailed upo>i ?o Uy th ?. Bitters. You are at liberty to rat* any u?e ot this con iuu< lie alio n, for the benefit 01' tii- afl>ted, 1 (?n laayth^nk proper. Trnly mum. WM. J. ATWOOD. Tbt so outers are entirely i^gr'aWc, Mey ir vig;.r?tr j and str-ngthen the rysite'in, never prostrate 1'., u d can bo used for infants as w?.ll as adults. For rile bv respectable dealers everywhere, and ry Z. D. Glf.MAN W*-h ? npton; j. l. kinwei.L, Georgetown; and J. R. PIEilPONT, Alexandria. niar 1 ?Iv CARTERS SPANISH MIXTURE. ll'.? ?mltei of ths blood! Not ? rti-liclo of Mtrcury Ia It 1b iKfc*iX'J<U *ojibi>t ior f:roful?, King's rrll, dbeuwi%tlsn?, Ol> .ji.ate Cutau^p-is Krbpdc:^, V'nn^'.ei r t Fuj.uks cu l ?? lVea, Blotehef, Trj\L, Okroals Pore > ;y*, Itfcj V.'crm cr Tetter, ' TUad. Bp'.-irre 3f*^t an'l ?a!n cf the P.onetfi J Jntat*. filnbfcrrn Ul-.-i.s, Syphilitic Diioricrr, Luabaro Sv u*i iUi?np?a nt?," and ail tlie diseifs hiix'tf from*-- inju-litncus use of M-rrurr, :o irr. 1 !DM iu i.iffc. or linpurity th* lliood. ^ H12 "srdta5. ?" M dicma, ?n:ch ha. Ww b :e? ?_? bri.t-1 U~ the cuuil?er of *xUt?. rdinary cui>s. "l'-~Ud tbr:ry!> i_' streasy, hs>- 'ndue??i the propn rj, ?t the urj nt request of their fii'ndflj t?ofT?r ?c io ?t? pilbl'c, which th.*y do vlrh tbs atir ?t ct =? S<i?Ti:s 1:a it i ?i:iu?6at.d t r-dortul curative proj. )rtl b Thn <%*rtittc.;tan, fe><K^ad irtsa a v^-s number, hewever, Rjrourter testjMOB .Le intra :.c l of ?L-e prorri'ter^; aal all r^m ^enticnen wr'l known ia t'..-ir'. :f the hlRhsst re^ets'alltv. ?ii-r.y of tb?ta midicg ?n the city of rt'einsc ?!. Ya. S I*0Yl), k of ths Exchange S?t*l, h 1 "h toccd, kooirm ererrvhere sayahe ha.;so?0 *fce l!ei l*lnn salkU CiaitA i lUAJiiL ilix.Tuaa.admvi#L-.-^i iu ovur u hiit-Jrc-i ca!^ti.. ii nearly all the diseues tor whlehit Is roocLaaeaded, with the n:c*t ih^n whin^ly good results S?> says it Is tha ui a\ki ? traardinir? neihiDC b* ha: ?ror sanr?. AGOI AND FriEhr?a?JU.f Cl'UB.?I tr.-b> rertify tlitt f>r Jir.>e j tars I had Ajue kh! P ^vti if tbs coft ikliatduRiptioa. I hii stver^l I'hv t?k I?r^f qnaa'^ties of Quiclne, Meieory. iziA I bal"?ve ?!i tti 'iocia aivart?H?d, but all wiui cct f ;nc.?neat rclisf. At lawt I tried Carter't tijitilah t*?o htvttU* ef vhSch ar-rtvi-.'l} '?red am, aud I u:i hi^y to aay I bars fctl licitt er ckilla ot favere Httao. I comader it th: bi:t lank in till norlii, ?r4 th? oc'y .^.edleiue thst -vex ?t:-edavrviS4 .JCSN LCSQI-^-. bJAVia ii;?oa. trsr 15! luiint.i. Ya. C. II- Mr'CiI, S??: , tt: w ia rity fif n'^tu!>z.3 to&l !&r i-^Aay ;iAi-- ;.1 tke >-o*: dlfto*, tis cutt ionJIdsncs In t!af i^tacy nf Oartsr' c.f?.iish Mlxturs. that L" oas t?iu4 jt upwards cf it lxctl?a, which La i>ui given aviy to iho sfh>cte?' ? iir. Look say s he hus never lacva it to f?Ll trhan ^ak-'n i?ttoitlii?g to iireyti^tc. Dr. IAINQ J, a prueUi'.nr trl foncerly C1 the Qity L'.ttal, lit tLs uity of P.iehin-nd, cays he i?ae vitneetad In a uumbrr of ir iranawtheeCSs^ts ol Cai'az'b Spanish ^lixture, whiuh ware qw tr;:!* starprising. He says t j t <nr9 cf Orasumntion, de p-irdrnt on the Liver, tha go.;-d eKec^ vtrt won darfc! <na*?l. BAMUXL K. DRINKER, of the Ann cf OrHifceT a 'Acrris, Hioimcnl, wu.< ourei ursd of Liver O'BU ? Jut of three t ecrs etandlcg, by the na^ of tnr bottlw of Oirtar's 3p:.c. h Mixture. GlLBAT 01)UK OK SCROFULA?The Hdlwts of the Richmond Republican h-d ? ae^vart ?upi:y<d in their press room, eured i f vicleut B<riofal?. a a. bfansu with !'.hei;r<a :ije, whieb eutiielr di^i'^J old from work. Tv bottles of Carle; ? Spaab^i Uixtnre made a perfect Cire of h!n, anl tt? fcdi tors in a public notice, ray they "eheori>i!l* r^r. w send it to ail vho are dCiicteJ witli jny ol the b!ood " t TILL A??0TREU "URI OP a0R01Lr^k.> r!s-1 a verv valtubltf boy eursd of gsrcfrl* vj 0Ciiu-'a Sr-anieh Mixture. I cinidder It traJy u v^IcaL-j ceaiciae. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Oaaicilr; th? U. P. and P. K. B. C Rlrhuond. ^ s. SALT lUUTCM OP TWkNTY Vit a 00/UCD Mr. JO 11a THOMI'ijCjC, reoUint.' i*> *"? city cl Richmcnd, wr.s Ljrtd ty three bottle? of Oat;?z'f Spanish Mixture, ol gait l.heuti, whloh h- iu.1 fcr nearly ttrecty \ t we and which all the (hystoiauf of the ?Ky tDald not cure. Mr. 1 homp*: n"? a we'.l kneou ?j.-tao^nt in the dty of Riohxnondi tud Id* is met4 r t-^arkable. W1L A. tuATTiilSWof lUnhsiond had a nerrr.n. ;ared ti ?rphili?, in the worst form, by Carte Spanish Mizturt. He says he cheerfully recota B'ndi It, und notLgiders it a very luvaluab's lae i cine. BDWIN BiJllTTA, <x iiitrH Von?r of the reven'i?-, ?ays he ha* ^eeo the good effects of Cartel's ^pac'sh Mixture in a number of ti; p hiii tic eases, and say* <t b a perfect eure fc r that horrible disease. WM. Q. HARWOOD, of Rkbmctd, cured of ola Sores and Uloere, wh'ch dlmbled hlsa frem wakii.^ Took a few bottler of Carter's Spacish Miztare, auu was eadkied to walk wiOiout a crutch,In ach-rt time petmaneu'ly enred. Prin"jpal L^epcu at M. WARD, CL08K A Oc,. Ko. 38 Maiden Lace, New York 1'. W. DYOTT A BOKb, Ko. IBS North ftecrind St.. Philadelphia BKNnYtT 1 PPKR8, So. 126 Main street, .Hit Mood, Ya. And for sale by GHARLSH 8TUTT, Warning:, n, D. C; HBNUY PULL, Alexandria, atnl b* Prw7gi?u everywhere |1 p?: bolt's, or c;? tot fx VI WOlKtS OP TOE CoUNTfettiJ OF ilLtiH iJJ 4nroi., by R. H. TRAVELERS* i IkMTURY. UV BAILBOAD DlBlcf TO TBC33 W Time bet veer wiuhlnrton^nd^i^^^ but 17* hour.! Rmtuang (??m Ltwr-n ^?kutfton Ciuetmwmtt 17 Wi?/ Through Tickets wid Bapgig* Checki to be h*d in W ashmgtoo!!! TJffi BALTIMORE AND OHTn RAILROAD U HAVING rruntty impr<.v??d 11# VTrc-m [ liOi H n .vr nffer* the tull*M iMu<v J*? travelers b?two? n Wa?hirt'"n, b*JL;fc<r, "J ? l<ortiona of ifce We*, the Nurtiiweai aud the 8< it' wfrt The connection between th? train* fr re u. , .ipton an<l the tmirn Nund ?r?4 tmm 'Iwm pmwip'Jy maO at the WmiiMx, (lM*.y cn?>? tan U'May H?>? 9 ^ J*a more. Tbia i- lie onlc ch?n *e of ran r?o?i ?wtoc Wa*lu:ijgti?n ai..i ;l?. < >Lm rmr. ^\r. ? h'Tltci through to tVbneiM| at the W " ?ta fnn, and r? checked and tr..i>-f< rrcd there ,T2? ? a?: pa?M?r;?r?) wth?>ut charge, for th<*? ?.hr uth ti?:k't* 'or poirtu< fwyomi. Tbe r?r,D, irun- l?ave Wanhinrton daily at C a. m. and q. On Hiitulay* at t??e latter hour only. * At Vvh. elm? dvrc.t 00?nkv ion is made ?,>k ,w. trains of the CENTRAL OUlo RAILROAD ? ttinjr from Re! I aire on the Ohio. car v\ htefaM Jironah Cambridge, Zhn^^ville and JLw*,k CULfMBlIS TtiM trains coimrt ax K*w%it with ilie case of the Ntwarfc. Mm-fiid and ftaadi^ uy Railm&d i"?*r rianu-ky. Toit.tta, Detroit. Chieam Si. Louis, etc. ' At Colutiiha* the C. O Ru.road intiM r.,aDf>ct Willi the fa? truins of the Lilt* Miami ?+i)rn^ >. Xenut, riNCINMATI. LOUISVILLE. et^A, A'e>u? (o?? l ittle Mwmt Rail-oad) ronn.-rnn? m l'*wud %?itta lho truno thriutrh Dtivfon, to INDIAN APOLIS T' rrf Haute, Latayette, Chicago,^ Island, Si. Louis, eir. tr" P*s???n?*:r* li. idn.s thr-iiif?>tlck?-utur Wr? fhU nrktbvrg, XaUkf, A'etr GrUaiu etc.. whirli ?re a)i?o ?-.ld rt lVa<hni)itfin - aie transferred at Cm ci'inati to th?- M.ul ^eaineni on the Ohio. Tickets ior liTaneville, Cairo, r.:tdl I,o?iii are wild fc* ih. route. d#*FOB CLRVFLANI), and via Olrrflnd ia r>?o1 ?, Uetrosr^ Chicago, elr , ttrk~t* are anu ?? h< 11 ii.e Oilm* ia i,ar>7&h:< lie wt-en Wheeling tad ^VH!rf'lte (forty mili-f) whei* a connectina wm ncfHnt.d J'.rd Fltt*!>Tirg Railroad ir made Traveller* arr requra-?<t to notice that wk> Una ie ihi- only n>nte :??1?? dine (hr.iiuh ttek-t* and < b?cka ui WaaliiKfton, it 1 ?l?i the a!>?*rt*-m, mwt ?i.d ilir- .-i to nearly ail ihr l?-adine p int- in b? ifreat TT*-<t. The distance from WashuiyKwi tnC? ??innati ia but 6.VI mil? s, hriug about 100 mi>? Mian ??rthan bvauv?>'hor mai'-t FAKE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM W4gR II*OTOK: T: Wh^-lir.i, o9 50; CotnmMi- 50 ?, !*ayton. |jl5 iiO ; CiHrinnnit, $16 ; Loumt ' ? by railm*" by -ternn' rl?r>oi 1 uiriiinat<,fl9; |B ? iiuatM'!!.-, 617 .V; I "levrlnnu, $12 Ur, T?H|?'. flS ??; D txo?' ."315 'JO: Chi>-a(to 66 an>' 919 5ft; tft. Lou4?, frit! 50 and $??, ,M?:u:(>bi?, $26, N'enr Or leans, f Sl. eie. ?*- 1 OR FRFJIEFirK and H ARPERf FERKY VtAUTINSRITRQ. HKKKKi.FY SI'RIX'CK, C'L'H P.ERLAN I>, R EDV OK I ? SI'R I %G*. Piedmont, < %k l.uiJ, atid Fainnount, paueafen may leave W'aab i-'Ztou a' 6 a id or 4!^ p ru. For the n.inor way ?t4tion>! h? tween l altiuiore and Wtiveiiug, take 6 )? m train from Wa.-hinpon A4r Fur tr;iin? to and from Baltimore, Aanap?4ia, etc., tee apecial adverti^^fn^nta. ??? tufili' r mforiMtmi, thr^ucli ilrketa, kc., apply to TIIOS. II. I'AKS^NS; \g n:. at V\ a*hu? loa Stai; >n. JOI1N II. ItoNE. Mwcr of Tran?)iortat<on fijii'tn.irr- and Ohio Railiuad. Baltimore, toav 3?tf VTASDII GION BfUNUU RAILROAD. CIIINOE OF FOI'RS. ON and aflcr Mondav, the iii! tnatant, the imm? wt!l Leave VVa-hmg; ii at 6 and 8)4 E- m < *"<1 3 tad 4Jf pa On Stindav at 4]^ p in Lfavr Baltimore at 4^ and 9^ a a , and S kad Ml pm On Sunday a* 4]| a m. ap5IS- tf T H. PARSONS. Ar-n' Met: Bedell's Lio?. & XEfT VORK.*Ll.X.*tiDRJA. TrjSHfSGTOt CITY, JIMj DISTRICT Ot COLUMBIA pjtcKnrs. ryms LI ICE or PACKLi'S sails weekly 1 from pier 14 Eatt Rjver, Ner/ York, and oftca? 1: n?ce-pary. and ar?* compo^d of tSicfi !lowing fcrw v.I3l.-? vewetp: *ew achr. A. V. BeiMl Bed* II. me^ter. New echr. MoT FrdeU. A. V. Tr?dwe4l. Schr. Jlr.i I)., Wm. Oliver, matter. Sclr. IVan.', L. A. Smith. BMMter. Schr. Commcnder ;n- Chief, Wofl jie, iaut'1 Sehr. Ormrnrcj, Wilxoa, "m.i-ter. Thefte venei* or-1 last -iiler*, o':-1 the men of experience tn the trade, and the only lar line or Wanhu jflrrn ? 'itv parketa. SlfaT BEDCLL, Wall no t, *. T. ?. a. MASTERS fit so.vs, Alexandria. Va. THOMAS BILEY, fob 1?<ni Wtrhinfton and D. C. GXAH02 AND ALOANrm EAILSiAS. On. C iw" after Tutsday, Piov. 7,1&54, ill* Chi iear^ AhM?lda dtily for O?rtoc? *11ie _ou i: tr 3?>ii .ie tatioaa at 14 o*c!x^, t. m., ct tba arhrs' ot tl?# L)a" Pvta Wn?l rff.rjanp'e tin* for ?.-eai:.*t in bo*r4 C?->? rectlnp at !faurai Juncti*a v :l j a f tja Icr Ptr*? Sar?, at VktCu;! Ju ction wit!i a train fct Wat*, r^xt'ia, end at S^r-lou-'.-ille vrltli tha traiT * on tba Yir;,ici? Outra! fjutrcad for d- h:^ot.?, Ui^r;- ?aa vjlla, md Stauii'.c:* Til? <stn 'ea^ 6ci *-ll? f>r A>i?ndria ?ndl ijtf-n?a<L-:e n: V' Htrr* "S, a. it,, 01 the artival of t^t tniun o< the virp&LaOeutra! rail rc>i from SJ-ljnC'fci, Cbtri t'.?cvtlla, aad cuuatea. TTIBObea TIOKKTi From Altxuc irfn to T. arrauton 42 00 * " Gndssr VI* 3 H ** H -Diarlottej.vUlB ~~~~ ? '?* u u fttktlar I 90 " " ? S U Lr^gbhaif III * 44 ?I (1 T .... | ? rew Market I 01 - - MMdlftlof lx?r ^:itnfcna; % to the t*m* ifMiiotLuTtlla, u?. Ucr^ .-a, ^ed*a?Ji.v?, aad W ifk rcr luraj an J ~*~nr Market, ct^nactir^ with u? i aj^t vt Oulpej?: *, l'oaidayis 1't.analayf, a&i ^ :raav. ?':r WiiKlivlat oopteotinf with tib#?tarkl at Piadecnt Per Midditbntf di'Jy, ccnca^tiag a lit ?i? ^ ' at tha l'laluj. Per ovdou i X*. U. bZOCKJPT, *??*? rxr T?itf , POITMOUNT VERNON. , Oa TUESDAYS u?d FKIDATS. jiKurc ruuad trip 5J; trom Ai??* at* -TSie VHOMAi OOLLVEK ^a?? Wa iingto'j t.t 9 ?ai! Al?i>: lrii *t 9'S ... C^aeba* I'*r? tha Caplt&i forth# :ct: at. c ua. ^ Jeaxh f-ire !0 ?*nti. .... ^-4. Person* viehitij iha wHl i*?v* t*dr isr.t* with Oar. H Thca. jTtrker H-fwrhr ??ti 00 ihe b-it. . ftot i>3?dtf <jA3FL OKLNRT, C?P? audrtii 11 v HIRE ??W VOPK dt LlVi-HPOOL L? UNITED STAT EH MAIL STEAMIRS. I th}^ oosfp*iBi?:o t:hs uss abi AYLANT/O, Oapt. West *AOiriC Carl EALTIO, Caot C^BMtMk, ^. . ADRIATIC, Oaf t. Qnlttm. . La*e bean Lui!t hj cv-atrart, atyeww 7 ir.r uovar'.ijjiant atrvka; evary oare bai , c ? tsieir e^ntrucjioa, an in tha tsgiae* tt ?Jf'rs atuw^th and ejvr*d, and their Kxaaw aoj" tnr Damo^ra ara eneqeabed for elepaw* raid ooeuort. Frtca of P?,(a^ fro* New York to LifwycfttJ irst cilia -.-41B| Set nd Oibta rt i^V Ufl80f iix*f' " 1 iron Ltverp^ to York fJO and L*. r? :*r?nenoed ecrgeon attaebed tc aaci ship wo dwth caa be aacur^J until paid :or. "T ttal^jbt ar paaaa^e apply to AT*H ARD k COLLINS A CO., 6t> Wall ftroet. New Tort BROWN. A OOn UmywI ?. 0. &OBRRT8 A 00 . Id Kiar't Arms laid. Ls&toA JOHN MUNKoi A 00. Boo Nofie Pane d?ii YJ. totres, Port OEO H. PRAPkH, Flirt*. Yba owoere of tr.w* eblpa *r !! net ajor*0* for gold, furor, boil ion, epacr*. jeaalry, pr?rf tUrns* cr "i< tali>, oaic+j tiilaaf lad.'-g *Jct ttD* tfcertfor. (si tfcB ills* tluufl ilarab oipraaa*i ??V ll~dlT Miso hoitsi or paibo a Bocwii Qmmtf OmBtd 8Uitm \>OND8, feto?ka and othtK D and aold. Inierext at tha rat* of ax n> # M?t p? aHwu**' lowid on d. pnalt* wbaa lert k* ft ftaya m ??** '?