Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1855 Page 1
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L the evening XrausBiD evirt ArriKNooir, f (BJFCEPT 817NDAT.) /UttoBtm Biuld%nc. oomtr Penru^imanis end B/ix7Uk stmt, Br w. B. wallacii, w rrred sn aubecribm In th? cJtiw of Waafi h**. C ni|iMRB, Alexandria, Baittmor* ?nd fMipkM, m SIX ABTD A QUARTER CKJTTS r pjaMt ?? ?h* A?*nta. To mail robJri^.' * .T* ?WrnjK)nn pri<* I, THREE DOLLARS AVn FIFTY CF.XT9 a rm i0 TWO DOL L1W for !?IX MOVTH3, and OXE DOLLAR ta THREE *o*rR9. route oj^ 0??T "* VOL. V. WASHINGTON FRIDAY. june 29. 1855. NO. 77fi. the weekly st Ail. Tfeto firiflw Ifcat&r va4 Jtewi Joamrv ? greater mirxy of tntereeUn ke ftmnd in anyotecr ta pnMiabedon *??*a?MMa F!re< Ten " *>. Twenty 4n. .? KM'iii, uttauablt ta i?T*aci. .MOV copit* (In wrapper*) can ke r??? ?I the counter, tmmrdinteijr after the inane of U* paper. Price?mn curra. Post Ma itiii who net na aneata eHB ?n??<? SOMETHING UVDXB TBI SUN. CIURLES WERNER, m. i ftnwiflecnia acentu, Off mi t Rro-mii' Hotel. A? fitted up tile rominodiou- hall ov*r hi* Res uurant as a first clans IMAGER BRER SA i,. ^. i. having pro-mre 1 a supply of ev^ry luxury and comforts found in first ela? establishment* of rte kiR'i in the Norton cities. His RHINE WINES aad Prench White Wines, in well m his CIww. Seear*. La?er Beer, German, and Swiuer CHEESES, and indeed of ev ery outer appropriate luxury in such an vstablifh cneot, a aawipMwd in i^?s country. ae Miicit!* a call from his friend* and the public. aay H-tf DENTISTRY. BB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of Hie Arm of , Hun: * Dooald?on, continues to aaaufacture and insert those beautiful.' ?iwe?la;n teeth, with or without gums, -Xi for ?p*ciaiens of which (Made and de rated by the late firth) was awarded the first prvaiim At t!ie Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently (?id in this city These teeth are carved nad shaded to suit ?aeh particular case, and their re semblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. particular affnnon also paid tu filling aa<I pre serving ti??* natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranto]. Ofice southwest corner Seventh and D s'?.~en trance oo D. mar 21?gm " ICE-ICE?ICE! CHILES WRRSKfT., on Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, will ke*p throughout tneswn an ample snpplv of Pettibone's b^ut ICE, wtneb he will sell,on call, in any quantities, at the tosrwt p.?awible ra'es. may 29?dtSep30 PCRI SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT & BRO. catl attention to their , QDBsually large assortment of Silverware, rossisnnf ot? Smid ?'ver Tea Sets, complete Btfvw Pitchers, solid Silv- r Castor* Silver OfN and Saucers. Goblets Silver R:h Carvers md Forks. Crumb So radars Caie Kaiv s, Fruit Shovels Sugar Sifters Jelly ?p on?, Cheese Scoupa Pickle Knives and Fork.* Olive 9pocn?, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forks Pn:t Knives, Ice Tongs, D *?sert Kniv?a ?nap, Cream and Gravy Ladles let Cream Knives, Sait Cellars Vtpfcin Hints, Butter Knives, Tea Straln-ra Tea, Table, and Desert Spoona and Forks of evary variety ktast and d>.ner CoSVe Spoons, Blc. Afro, a very larga isfortm^nt of Fancy Silver are, witable for wedding, birth day, and other pwscati The abovs is all of our own manufacture and Is war raj ue J to be pure. M. W. GAT.T fit BRO., 394 Pa. ave., be;w. 9tli and iCih stj. ?w 31?tf Notic ??I r**ceivei U??? * ? ? sk91 9f SLR?"** " , - '-ay a new assort tte Intest .'tyles ^ Akin UTTONS and STUDS, of ?*>? as VW rhA ;.,1 vanety of ^er new ^atelams, Brace let., Pins Cmi '4u<:en?%BM offered to purchasers. ? H. SEVIKEN. N-w V f3 4Tet,u?? *?? 9th and IWt ??. J0>*? mit to Go:U P*iH at soon ao'ict DtETT. s rrnouMied, and Jewelrv ir. <ie to order. iTfl-U' "prospectus ~ firyuUiking a monthly Musical Work in t city of Washington. THSund-.signed, at the solicitation of many cf i ieir ? te.-aied cu<tOQen?, proixia*: r.uolL-bit^ a ?otibly Musical Wora, ersutlei * X-4 .'itiCEil Moatiiiy Muioal .'j* ^ittine will contain froci four to *ix pazes r-luasic, selected from ihe best Europ^nr. and Na uve i In addition to tlie Music an extra a-?nwjl b^ ad led, coniatuuijr the laies: Musical Musicd No ioes, fcc The Magazine wM , r,r?? 4 on the best quality Music pa>-r, and will ? (Kicirdirom engraved j-lales, in Uie ucate.-t uiajv fie irst amuHer of tli< Magaaine will be rcadv *wut uie I^t ot Jul?, li55. 3 Mr. S V. N ras. thr Atent for the Work, wil! I sKctot jur^nptjoB rTitm ^ Cltiaen, of |>Irtrict 8 1 ;l Ml 8tl,,rtr a fpeciaiea numb r. i-r''.nnS!!i? 130 Bnd*"!s w? . _ BILiUS fc KITZ. Music Dep^t, -or. pa. av . and D M-, 1^ ? SuLdings, Wa.-> ington, D. C. a A CARD. ? ticonony -,s ihe ruad tc '?* )'riv2-i?3:ion io pric? of Hat* k Cat*. i ' tha?"u UJ*'1" arrangements . .. a Y<*k Hat Cociriany to be con wH'!> t' e very L ?t Moieskin n. ISs HATH l\r L;n or sr.. ' *h up ,a ,he latwl ? ??pwedented low pnee of 13,50, I' c uL>tJ d ."a:s; se?nm<l quality, $3 *i .. l >--*'? trom A3 to S3^0. thu.Tn'i. ^L 8 "ats, at a mueii If* advauce a they have b?-en h^r?; lot ir? s<dd in Uu>; city. Tint rue weaver Hats $UJ. J. f All s.rvnof mu hats aad*CAP3 vrry low. s%itl ^ above low caui ?ystea Blast be adopted ; consequenUy th.^e who N.^luss wili aot be charged ft.,m 4itec"n to twentv O'r. pat ceau m an offset for bad debts iy . AXTHOWy, Uoi aiaay year* in the employ ?f Todd * Co.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th >,? -M li~ tf ** door nwtfc ot P?nn. avenge. I'lNE WATCHEaT KAsIl!2;O0?e*e 8 C^"uo*,awr addition to my ? to IITTTiae P^JCBT Ltvais, acd LaDiXs"watcbii Of first quaiuy, hacvy lo caiat| Alau^ SILVER WATCUlid for bojj. fcl' ^eaiiy ??*<lureJ jjrfi; ci*. The ?s?2^i22:wd -* ?"?? ??=! ?'"r ?5ss.V^2i2r Un"t?^ ?? <*??* - H. SEMKBN, ?? ? ?T??, b?:w. ath ai.j ljfji -u. WEESffS EAGLE PLUMBINU AND GAS-KITTING DEPOT. r^ P^ctfuJly annou-ce, t^ h:? eeivid^ m1-and tae pulblic m yrneral thit h-- hasra t\ r 6'S? lo? oi ihc cultural*} DOI)flF*tl PCM? wi SUCTION AN J FORCE 1"v"'*biclireceived the SIL\rER M*"DJIT. tut? a^d lh^ Metro^oblau M-:cha;iicfc' inru bAriAati ""w"-? Uct wnrtri^ i.e prides WAS-PiTTlNG7,n;t'r' ,0 lhe AND ^An work --P?ch. miisfaction *an*ated to gHe . uuplet* nay 3 tf . JOHN RFLJB, ror- "''tb sl m,H pa av. nue. PK08PERI-S CORNRT BAND. rKKDEWC prosperi, Lead?, at Taltavuli's Store, oppo^,, lhe ^""S1ikte^s. w?mpUy att udtu to. ?a*|r^Ui-^ra A LL ITliAaQitRj a k <m< C?ty should see Hunter'sCat?iA?n ^??-r-itin the Palfni am -e. ??ti ^T,T;:." Cell's ?r. ?t P,< ture 1<W' mm^ " rn ai 456 N,ulto 'H^lDkLPHlA LAuEjJ BEEE DEPOT, W3 " 1 Pa. aitnut, l*:,nten 4J< and 6tK Hi. Lsreu lt'S b"* fHILADBLPHIA y. RE?R on hand and cfler it now lot Jcdr *v >>r *' *** ,0 qu;al iMXUc* Ah fi M ^ *.4d .b? oeer free of c irt to all pdris of tte ^tlciar* h'Te ^"-nn^^.d tills for weak stomachj UMKaJt 2?a,fK 0F * *0UJW* BONP^^sj1yum"V ** ""l"ll>" F^^taw i: t!" raK' '* "x y* <*??* p*r aanum tt Db. L. B. WRIGHT'S U*7AILIirO "SCROFULOUS ANTIDOTE" Far tk* Permanent Cure of COXSUMPTIOK aLi all otk*rfornu of SCROFULOUS DISEASES THIS Med,cine m prepared by an eminent physi cian 01 eighteen yean practice in New York c"y? doing which tune he haa constantly uacj it ??h unbounded succeas, and created to it a reputation in private practice, unequaJIed in the tUlST \M 11 acts imr"ed'?tely upon th? b.ood, cleansing u from alJ scrofulous liuinore or im purities, renovating and. by it* VIGOR".ting the H nnr.E svirEr"'-^ 01 w.nch, hundreds of resectable witnesL? u* do,,?-. F??t? timony,and. ntreat those suffering from any i-croS STn * 10 upon a d I A Treatise on Scrofulous diseases can h? h?H gratia at PRINCIPAL DEPOtT i0? BroaJw^ and fit DiU( Stores generally. 0'IARLEs 8T0TT fc CO., Agr-nta for Washington. L WRIGHT'S TASTELESS "LIQUID CATHARTIC " OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. ' mHK B1SST. CHEAPEST,anil MOST EF TV) THK p{jBL?(:THARTIC EVER 0FFERED ?< '*ir ^3JELESS, (thereby avoiding the nausea ting of Pills, Oil, grnna, fcc.,) and producing ? effect" UnIikP? aH oth* Pu"**uve"?? ?e*reh*8 to tiie bottom of the dis SThfJleu""? f1^8*8y1*"tomacli, and leaves m.t ? y ree from f'^ivenc^. pvi/ i'* w .SHOULr> BE WITHOUT IT. vn ?I-7\ rj!!*Jl.r,:adi,v and w,Thont forcing, and NO MbMcINE 18 MORE HIGHLY KFt'fiM MENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY Give if a trial and then Judge for vourselves R1 FBM/pn4Wu ^Wle and reUi| M E H 8TA v rn w4jt,n,0rp' "'CHARLES 8TOTT a CO., Washington, D. C. DR WRIOHT'S PHINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway,. where the doctor an be con-ulted daily on diseases generally, trom 12 to 2 p. ra.f wiihout J- 13?6m WAHPIGTM STOtB JUJiCPACTlRY, 8. E. corner o/Pa. av. and FJttvntk utrect, Sole for CHILSON, GOULD k 00 ?S ?* arming and lenlilating Apparatos, , M- POND k CO.'H (ot Boston) ldioii Doable-Oven fookins Kaafc. J. L. MOTT'3 (of New Vorh> INV;NC!BLE DQUJtjLE-OVEN RANGE, ?TO^^oVZaXVDjork"S-' LATVZIe Har|lGpari^3/ h Q"^d ert " ' *1 "dr ?"J Cham Pli,n ~ * , ^'a J*panned Cooking, Plain -uoer and Dining Hoom S i 0VE8 W'Arfp'liJ1"*!. ^4fld^EnHm'"eu rron HOLLOW in WARE U,e k"*"t P?iN* JSss.^ssNKvsr^1'w"",n'Eii" jiTigsj"*"0* ?Ayga^a* F0RaJi?S,??^NQE 4 ALEXANDRIA mHpX WAS GAP KAiLKOADS. 1 !3j ll 'b*?nher* Coaches w II call tor Pas*"n?ere I Meala tumuhad on the boat3. ' wL'h:r,f lbe Coacbea to call for them can -ave their aatne and ruudenoo with Mr John T o,.Vg;oT ?ZWZX.'WX li? n oan be had for ^'eirare Trip-i. mayae-Sui WILLIAM WHALBT. K\Nr8 ^^^AiTiCLES, ?o, rArSzsz azxstzfws RSKS'K f'''"km r'j2r }r"f andf.n,'!l^ Card., fine Ponmon (??tea. Cigar Ca.?^?, Card Cmos,>t* fanpa ke , ?c., ?ll of which we ?re o? ?t "?w f'lZVV"!!,he ;imes at lh^ ^.miLcJZ uonery, Perluaiery, and Fancy C?o^>c!fi Store o/ aft, _ JOHN F. ELLIS, mayfS_1? "vetui-, b*>t. and 10th gts. ^fivv b<k>ks ?.ec::iv;:d at , KUILMKQTPRS Watchman, will b<* .'oun l a fictinj; companion lighterP?l'U ?Jnp> stoiy of the Lamp a new Thf bv-Mr"- Bon-Jiworth 7H. 7i i G?*rdicna, by the mhor of Hcarr?taje Man u L' ** r^vi, a t*je Cf mo(^, rn jjf<, Virginia, Hurper ? di?-y ?Jo.>k for Jm.c ps,r'"ekKtch uvok ~ b> ?" - <**<? "" <"? <<>"* motilert, b, lytfW?w?ST iZl5 puMi/h"d immediate ^ itr ; y a""-f ,B h? "tatioru ry line K*ia]?at SHILLINGTON'8, . , Bockat??, O.teon Building, Corner at. and Pa. av. more bargaiiTs^ ? . . ?foil* H. smoot, tu .t Hi.\, Goortetcvn 4f '??ceived a lurther sut.pjy of a?*Monahife Goods, an:ougjt vHieh will bi m p.Cvio* c.v. j |B<t colored Lawns at I9U I m ^ ,Waok and white and black do. '? 1? df/l Pj*'J Gingham* and Gingham Lawua ? di dotted a-d rich ewbM Mu-hLa 4o h P rtw,M ?,ld N?'??o.Jk <o JW do Ja?metmd Cambria do -t> do jaaid and atripod Lrase Cloth 8k;rts corded and d*<na*k do White nnd eulored Waterad 1? P!fnCeM g P'f "? Hty,e# Gahcoa q do ^*"8e * Lainta at iawc I*/*!0 *badi Linen ? as^rtment * seasonable xtyle: of Giorea I Invited, as Pr'MBp? cutomw. u and are' ae'lm* the. aTSicL^? D,L,',CW 80?d' may 9U if pr??-es to suit tfte tunui. 7 " J II. 8M0UT. MOSAICS! MOSAICS" li. ?ic *> i? *-; >? SJew?H?r, Wo 330 P*, ar.?,.. Ari received Una day, direct, the larg?"iUir <AIc"jEWfiLRVCwbtf?0.maU M,:d F,cr^lin?: in this city. *b?ch has ever been offered Th!! IM!" are of tbe *erJ luest styles ?"x[riV"?^"rCe" ? up u S?teAamlJo?[ u'"I,** nted to eiaunno this aa^oruB^.t. t>ry jj* *? dentistry. QA1I ^ Dt"WM0? rwpecuully call, public attenuon rRnvsn E^?*ia!,d - " ?? ?? nwh ihh pCt??d ?' 8t 'Mr'? Artirtcia'.-SSk PMFi!?r?nvR?5IM ?2S zi&zsr?' ?" r> V^No other Deniiat in the District ot taM. risht to male this Sy?of ?SIS." J! w?7ante?f^U,UO,,al,y ?,lu??d Coinrr of1 Prrn??tv " N?* *?8 E "treet- n"? tbe tp ai tf y a aveiiue aad 14th btreet. P ^ ^ "?"" WltH liKFKCVlVk R vision are invited to examine my extensive stock of all kinds of 8PECT K CLES and EYE^LAS8Eh:^ Gl2JL^SSS^ "f aay kind, auch a? Cataract, Parxboia ^JiuT rZTT& DoUNe ConclV('. f^'Oble Convex, and C^ored Glasses, put in at short nouce, witn L-reat ,ld ptf"ons in waDt of glasses may be sure to gel tbo#e Which benefit the "ye. Circolors "Defective Vision,** gratis at **n n . U- ?' MKEN'8, mar 30 p*-**enna, botw. ihii and Kith aw. Hp'ic Nie C.AHh,K l ri?JU,t a v?reiy ot id J oy B.lJil"'mi' C"rJ' 0ffiC0? Wwrk' >ch??l Hamtn ?' clSftoE'S C*?"; ??? *?? ??, fct. tui uli'iw! ?u. FOR THB CtTBB OF Asthma and Coasnmption. NEW AND VERY WONDERFUL!!! HYGEANA Brought home to the door of the Killion. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently bern male by Dr. Curtis of this city, in the treat meat oi Consumption, Asthma, and all dwiuen of the Lungj. We refer to DK CURTIS'S HYGE ANA. OR INHALING IIYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." Willi this n^w method, Dr. C. ha* restored many afflicted ones to health, as an evidence of which he ha* innumerable certificates Speaking of the treatment, a physician remarks, "It is evident that l^halin^? constantly breathing nti agreeable, healing vapor-the imdicinal properties must come in direct contact with the whole erial cavitie of the lungs, and thus escape the many and varied changes produced upon them when intrv daced lnt*. the nomaeh, and eubj;ci to the process af digestion " The Uygena is for sale at all the Drugget's throughout the country.?,N. Fork Dutch man of Jan. J 4. The Intiatar is worn on the breast under the linen without the leaat inconvenience?the heat of the body being sufficient to evaporate the fluid. Hun dreds of casta of cnrei, like the following, might be named. One package of the Hygeana aaa cured me of the Asthma of six years' standing. J P KxisBiatT, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. I am cured of th e Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. Cuitia's Hygetvna. Mi.RflA.KtT EaSTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Pael, of No. fi Hammond street, N Y , was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hy geana. My sister has been cured of a distressing cough of several years' siandiup, and decided to be Incura ble b* the physicians, the was cured in one month by tho Hygeana. J. H. Gai b-ht, P. M Richmond, Me. The R.*v. Dr. Chmver, of N? w York, testifies of our medicine in tho following language: i New York. Nov. 15,1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis'ti Hyg^ba as a remedy in diseases of the throat and * " Having had sorrj'i Opportunity ??? -" -.utigs ? I am convinced th?? " -- ?cstify its edicacy, eine. * "V". a excellent meJi U,t chesu ? ' - :htlnMu'? ?ppli:au0n u Cetttk* writes us as follows! ynufrteDr^V^nrr?e;,tly h-aU tension to teat nhmn - !in!v a"d Hyt~7' Vapor, in a ease of pr ~.nt had refused to yield to oth u-eatment, and the result has satisfied me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, Jut an excellent remedy. I wish, for ihe eake of the afflicted, that it might be brought within the rcach of all. Dr Johns, one of the most celebrated Physicians in New York writes as follows: Dr. CcKTia?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent effects of your Hyeeana or inhaling Hygean Vapor and Cherry Sytup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis, and being much in favor of counter irritation in affiictious of the throat, Bronchial t>it*?s and lungs I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Mcdi cited Apparatus as being the most convenient and <?CtiCtU2i mode of -?pp"yii?c anything of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt, thousand* of per.ona may be relieved, and many cered, by using your medicines. I must here l>? allowed to confess that I am op potted to prescribing or uein* secret compounds, but tins little neatly contrived article, and iu ? {feci- iri the case above alluded to, have iniuccd me to apeak iu its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way you may think proper. Respectfully, your*, he. C. Johxs, M. D.. No. G09 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by CURTIS ft PERKINS and BOYD h PAUL. No 149 Chambers street, N. Y. Four package!! aent Iree to any part of the United States for ten dollars. N. R?Dr. Curtw's Hygeana is the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are bane imitations, or vile and injurious counterfeits. Shun them as you would POIfii iN. For sale in Washington by CHARLES STOTT, Pa. avenue, near 7th street; and J. B MOORE, in the First Ward. may 22?Cm JOE* B. EL7A>8. WILLIAM THOMPSON. ELVA*8 *L THulllPCOX, DE.1UCBS IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS.&c.. So. 340 Jesiittkylvanla nvnut, Mvetn AwU/i and TcrJJi ilrents, Wcuhwgton, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, Otto-ih Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Desert Spoons Carver.-'and Forks, Steels, Kiuvee with and with out Forks Brass, 'iritanma, BIr-ck Yin and Plate 1 Candlesticks; Sbovel r d Tongs, Waffle Irons, S-^d Irons Manlin and ileil Metal Kettle*, Furnaces, Gridirons, Ovens, (kc. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottnge, CI we:, Cupboard, Cheat, Till, Pad andTiunk Locks Shottle, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bults Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Shcnves and, ?c. CABINET M AKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Uair, Moss, Gimps, Soia and Chair Springs Veuiti ui Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, Biaeket*, Furniture Nails Glue, C- ffln Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw P.ates, fcc. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Sawa, Drawing Knives, Spoket.haves, Chis els and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Him, Boring Machines, Ham mers. Hatchets, Devels llevils, Squares, Guik-s, Ares, kc. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS OOOD8 Biack and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Spokes. Hubs, Bows. Shafts, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered kiid Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps, In-ide Liniun. Lining Silks, Damask, teaming Cords Tufts, Ta*?eis, Buttons, Tac ks, Fringes, Laces, and Plain and Enamsiled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, *c. ELVANS * THOMPSON, 1 3*46 Ha. avenue. History of the corps of royal sap pers and Miners, by Conolly, Quartermaster Sergeant of the Corps, 3 volumes, London, Sir Howard Douglass on Naval Operations in the Black S'ua. pamphlet, London, 1855 The Anglo Indian Army and viilnsry History in the Ea t, byOiptam ?after, 1 vol, London. 1?55 O ByrneV Naval Ar.iiMl nnd Almanac for 1855 Capability of S-tains.'iics, by A herton, ChitjfEa gin er, Woolwicb, 1 vol, Ijondon, 1655 Inbb on attack and defence of outpo&u Otile-'s His;ory of Remaikable S:egus Burn's Naval and Military Technical Dictlonery, en'argej ('ampbeii's Dictionary of Military Science Griffith'* Military Law Leech's Apoptvgniy of Napolecn ?'ervis on the Rifle inueket Boucher on the Rifie Thackeray's Rifle Firiitg Nattland's Ball Pr?ctico Roberts on Recruits

Krasinski's P.u->siji and Hurope And other Mditary Works just imported by je FKANCK TAYLOR. GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES' GEVTS', MISSES', AND CHIL DRESS'BOOTS AND SHOES.?The iubsc(ib?r being coiupt'JIed to remove from ShSt x Uie store he now occupies, oilers lna pres W rai T ent well aseorted stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced prices. All persons in want of the article will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. 11. 8LOAN, No. 304 Pa. av., near 10th st., i.orth side, may 1?3m FISCHERS BAND FULLY ORGAN 1ZED. HAVING now completed all my arrangements for a first rate ILtASS and COTILLON BAMD, I am again at din service of the public to attend Excursion Panic*, Exhibitions, Farades, Pic Mies, BpIIs, and ?ertnadefc. Ail those in favor of a citizen's b; nd are resprjttully utvited to encounge ?ur cn erprise, here iu Washingu^n City. _ P FISCHER, Lender. P- p.?-Thji ?And, under roy rfirecrton,fcirefrtMly unlfbrmed, and Iroin a pu>cuce over twenty years I can give sauslacuon to every one. Residence, fa. avenae, north stdn. bet. Oth nnd lOih streets, fint ?loor we?t of Iron Hall. Orders I aft with Messrs Hilbus k Hits punctually ?o?>ded to, nay IV-Um* Auction Sale#. By 0IB3O* * CO.I Baltimore. OMNIBUa COACHES AT AUC1 ION ?Will be offered at Pub'ic S^lc, at th~ Citiaen's Line 81 tbles, corner of Gib?on (bow Eu:aw street) anil Hoffman streets, Baltimore, on SATURDAY, the 30th June, instant, commencing at 10 o'clock, fair, or if not fair, on the Monday following, at the name hour? 15 good second hand Omnibus Conches Several sets H >rness, lot of Tools, fcc. Term-of Faic : One-half cash; the balance for notes, with approved endorser?, payable in 6 months with interest. WM. T. STEIGER. Trustee. Je 19?d GIBSON fc CO., Aucts. By JAS. C. IcOlilUK, AnctlOBier. (CHANCERY 84LEOF VALUABLE uupr red j Real Estate a-id Mark-1 Garden ? By virtu-f of a decree of th>' Circuit Court of the J Strict of Co lumbia fir Washington county, made in the c u-e wherein Mary Huffman, adra.tiistratnx and heir ai law nf Thomas Moore, deceased, is complainant, and Hannah Moore, and J.mes Moore, and Laura Ann Moore his wi e, heirs at law of sod Thomas Mnore, dec*! seil, are defendants, No. 1,067 inch-n eery, the sut>Kcriher. ttistcc appointed by said de cree, will Bell nt punlic auct.on, on TUESDAY th? 10th !.ay of July, 185, at 0 o'clock p. m , until1 premises. t*v: whole of tmiare No. 301, in the city or' iVu?hin8tonf fronting ^JO fee on oacn of llihand l-'-th stP eta west, and 202 leet 2 inches on each of V and VV streets n rth,?nd containing about 62 6'.2 square feet of ground, with building*. Improve icents and appurtenances, which con-1st of a well and sups antially built two-story brick dwelling boose and frame stable, t&c. The above property is eligibly situated and rapid ly enhancing in va'ue, snd ha< been occupied and cultivated as a market gr.rdcn for many yea s, is in an ezcelleat coml'thm for that purpose, an.j with in a vety sh<-rt nt either of the city mar Rets, and otters to permits de-irous of obtain n? a valuable market pardon or making an investment, a rare opportunity. The terms of sale, as prescribed by the said de cice, will be one fourth of the purchase money U> be said in cs-h, ind the balance in fi, 3. lb a**1 "* months, to hp seca?ed by ;?? ???--? . bea-ine interact fro*# u?e .wll ?.rr's note, ritrjo b? an&"*"- } of the sale, with secu .vu bj the trustee. Upon she full ,..icnt ot the purchase money and interest, aiul the ratification r.t the snle by th ? C: urt, the wuaee will convey the property to the purchaser In 'ee. Iflhe terras of s%ie are not coapiied with in six day* after the sale the property will be resold at the risli and expanse of the purchaser, upon one Wfcfk's notice. All conveyancing r.t expanse of purchaser. CH.acI. 8. WALLAOH. Traetee. JA8. C. McGUIRE, Je 15?eofcds Auctioneer. ~ SKA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL, HAMPTON, VA.t 18 situated wnhm two mil* so! Old Point Connor!, with which place hourly communication is had by a and commodious Omnibiw, of the moet modern style, also bv Boats, Hacks.JESK he. The Hall will bs open for the r ccpiion o? vis itors on the 14th of May, at which time the propri etor hopes to bn able to make coin'oitablc ar.ri hap py the stay of all who may be seeking plea.-ur? or health. Mahy improvements have been added, such as Cr>t?n*es fir families, play grounds fir children, shade ire's, 3ie , indeed ev rything that can con duce io the comfort of the vi* tor*. For health and b a'l'.y of location, thm place i iinsii-pass<rd. There is daily communication with the 8t aanersor Richtn -ad, Norfolk and Baltimore. Terms, per day $2 00 Terms, per week. .. ? 1 CO Terms per nior.tb,(perday).. I 25 ]?23?enfr. !t c;. BANKS. ENGLISH IUKNIP3 & RATA SAGA SEEDS. 11 'HE undersigned has just received direct irwii the I growers, a well seiecied s.ock of the tolowin*: Slirving's Liverpool Swede or Ruta Ruga, Ling's improved do . Green and Purpl ?: topped do , VV litre U? l>A hite and R'-d Tankard, O ange Jelly, Dale Hybrid. White Norfolk, and other fielo Tur .ips E.i.Iy Stone, Early Srowfca I 8-x Weeks, Fin* Dutch, Pmple topped Str-p leav.rc G-ird Turnips. Early York, Large York, Flat Dutch, in urn head. Heart shaped with many new ana (i >'d Calibty*, ail warranted fre-ii, of finest quality, and are olered at very m-il- rate prices. JOII SAUL, je 92?ei tit* corner 7th and H ntree's. MAGNOLIA HAMS. WE have just i cc< ived, we relieve, the only lot ever F- nt to this city, and aie certainly li e I "neplus ultra" of all haras ever introduced bere, be ' ing all selected ami cured by C. Huffman, of Mary land, from the old Hom< steal receipt, we arc fUre that on any tahle they will afford a delightful bource of conversation. Also, a tmad lot cf lender S-rok d Bref, sacchr,? rlned aud ?pioed by new receipts, dcllghtiul for pic nics and Excursionst-", with a gen- ral a oortn.ect of all kittdf of Crackers and Sweetnv a?s at Kl Nii'S Family Grocery, corner Vermont avenue and i St., A few steps n^rtlieast Jackson Statue, Je 11?wtr NKm W BOOK received and for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Lookslore. The Lii'e oi Napoleon, by Abbut, complete in 2 vols. The Wtnklut, by the author of Wild Western Scenes Cone Cut Comers, the Experiences of a Conserva tive family Tales for the Marines, by the authcr of Los Grin gos. Missing Bride, by Mrs. South worth Moredun, a tale of the Twelve Huudrod and Ten, by Sir Walter Scott, Bait Baliou's M:.gazini! lor July. All the New Books and every thing In the Sta tlouery line, for *ale at SllILLINGTON'8 Bookstore, Odecn Cuitdiug, cor. 4% st., and i'a. av. Je 19? u OA RBI AG; S?CARRIAGES. I HAVE uow on hand, and constantly finishing, a vary large ass ortment of Pleanre andr^gC^tgty Ftucily CAUEIAGES, of the lattsi fash - Ions, which 1 will sel! as low as Uih faitte qualuy of work can be sold in any of the principal markets of the United States. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Car riages ot his own manufacture, and all work ?oid by iiiai will be warranted, ami coiruare tav'.nibly wtib any work in this market. As I always keep a large assortment, I Invite purchasers and otiieis to ex amine tuy stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to oider. OIJ Carriages taken in exchange, or ret>aired at the shot test n< tics. THOMAS YOUNG, Fign of the Golden Horse, No. 460 Pa. avenue and 4^ street, may 1?en Urn NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL fc BROTHER. B\RUCH HALty, surviving partner of Isaac H?ll, bavin;, on the 23 n day cf Pchiu^rv, 1855, a-o-M^ncd to lite un lersigned all ibe >tock in trade and deb's ol the firm of Hall & Brother, to be applied to the full eatMnctiOn of cenniu debts, lia bilities, and enKag.:m'?nt!> of the pai<t tirm of Hall &. Brother, and tne surplus to pay and distribute rate ably among such of toe remaining crecuors of said firm as shtit within six mon'.is from ?ai<l 28th day of February, 1855, execute and deliver to ?aid Ba mch Hill, full and absolute releases of all indebted ness to them rcspectmly by said Bnruch Hall, sur viving partner a * afetesaid. Notice is therelore l.trehy given to scch creditors of said tlrm of H ill & Eroinei, or oaid Barnoh Hall, survivinc parrm r, as may desire to participate in the benefit < f said assignment to execute itnd deliv er to said Boruc'.i H II, full and absolute releases as aforesaid, within lite period of six mo-Uis fiom said 28th day of F bruary, 1855 RICHAKD WALLAUH, Traetee. Je 11?cotAug28ih SPECIAL NOTICE. WE would respectfully inform ail persons hav ing accounts with us <bai tbev are all made off and those ihat are not called for will be rendered in full to 1st July, when we very reasonably expect and moil earnhstly req ies? that they will come for ward and close them without giving us the trouble of calling a second time. In couuectioa with this natice ws take this op portunity of expressing ..ur thanks to those friends and customers who have sa literally and promptly patrouiztd us during the post ?ii mouths, ard hope for an increased coiru uauou ot the sa>i>e by givn.g our personal and strict ntientioa to business, and conducting it upon fair and correct piiucip:e?. COLLEY k. SEALS, 523 Seventh st, 3 doors north Pa. avmue. Je 25?eo6t rOSi MFHUE DEPARTMENT, Jun? 23,1655. THE rule authorixing poetma-ters whose sffl.-es are not entitled to bo furnlshHd by tfce ilepatt ment with signature poet Mils to remit mon. y to pey loi the punting of the same is hereby rescinded; and trom and alter this date no money will be re ceived tor that purpose b> the department. JAMES CAMPBELL, je 25?lawJw Paymaster General. EVENING STAR. | CA8TIJVG OFF FRO* LIFE'S XOORI^GF. , In 4?The Watchman" figures the Jack tar, who is designated as old Jenkins. 6 character is well drawn, and the writer shows himself well acquainted with the sailor character. We give be low the death scene cf " Old Jenkins:" <Ur?! ^ ?J? few years' however, the rheumatism began to play about the join s of the old sailor, and his limbs grow stiff, and he was no longer able to perform his duties oa board of the yacht with his former aetivity; by and bve by slow degrees, these p*,ns and the con comitant infirmities of age increased upon him, and the yacht had to be given up altogether. Then in the ample chim* ney corner of the servants' hall; in the ior<Wnp * mar.sion, in winter, and on a s^t coyered wnh an vbor, overlook ng the fish pond, which Lord Mordant had constructed for his especial benefit in hun'rmer;Pire ol?.m,an P**"*1 bis waking hours-telling,hi3 battles and adventure! by Una and flood over ar.d over a*ah! |or yeais until at last he was confK to his room-then to his bed. lie lingered, however, for a Ion* while and Lord Mordant, who had ?* greatly attached to him. - -ccome an hour by b?a w * -v-quently spent *' - oedside. He was present - ?.ne old man died. No one sup posed the last event was so near at hand. Ilis lordship, upon entering the room, a^ked Jack, as usual, how he felt. 44 1 am drifting ashore fast, your honor," was the reply. " eld Jack Jenkins will 80on be stranded in eternity." " Keep your courage. Jack," said his ordsbip, ?? I hope you 11 be with us for many a day yet." 44 No, your houor. The orders b*eo passed to slip old Jack's cable, and the chain s already bitted." " Uau I do anything for you ? Iiave you everything you wish ?" 441 should like a pipe of 'bacca, vour nonor. Ihese varmints of servants won't give it me, though I've axel it twent\ times; cos why? the doctor says bo* it. s bad for my cough. The cough wa. plaguey bad last night, your honor." Alien, Jack, I think they did light, lou Know they must follow the direc tions of the physician." Ail right, sir. I don t blame 'em. i never ax*.d for a pipe these three week till yesterday. I kuow it's a seaman V duty to obey orders ; but when a man's on his beam ends, and all the doctors in the service can't set up his rigging again why then, I think it's hard ufthw^t I.;-, humor. I shan't see daylight to* morrow, sir, and I should like one pipe ?uore I drops off the hook. May be 'bacca am t served out in the other world. Jack said this so earnestly yet so inno ^is lordship, notwithstand ing that he saw the old man was rapidly sinking, could scarcelv forbear a smile, and he ordered the servant to bring the much-coveted pipe, which Jack smoked with nuch apparent pleasure. Then, laying it aside, he said: Licca and me s cut acquaintance, your honor ; that's the last pipe old Jack Jenkins 11 ever smoke. Now. sir, please to send for the parson, for the tide's ebb ing last, and at low water the soul of the oid sailor '11 take its departure for the unseen world."' "Do you feel so very bad, Jack?" asked his lordship, with gi*at feeling expressed in the tone of his voice. 441 /eels no pain, sir ;" but I knows that my cable's almost run out, the last bight is close to the hawser hole, and there aint no timo to spare. I should like to make my accounts all square be fore I sheer oil." Lord Mordant sent immediately for the rector of the parish, who soon arrived at the abbey, and was shown into the old man s bedroom. Lord Mordant would have retired, but Jack bigged him to stay. '? IIow do you find yourself now, Jack ( said the clergyman, to wham ?,l,d sa>lor was personally know.2. " I m dym*, your reverence-dying? slipping away-quietly and comfortablv ?but rny glass is nigh run out/' you* rtA(* to ^0U' or rray with " Thank you kindly; you may?I shall be glad to listen ; but first I would like to ask your reverence a few questions ?" W^katare they, Jack ? rpeak free ly , said the clergyman. 44 Is jour mind at peace with the world ? Do you pos sess the hope of happiuess hereafter ? ' 441 am perfectably comfortable that way, sir as comfortable as a man may well be, who is passing, as I have heard you say, 4 through the valley of the sha aow of death,' where all beyond looks hazy through the spyglass; hut there is one thing troubles me sorely." 44 Then tell me what it is, my good old friend, and relieve your mind from all earthly cares." ihis aiat an earthly care, vour rev* crence," feebly replied the uld man, whose life was evidently now fast ebbing away. ? 44 So much the better, Jack. It is well, |v at this awful hour, vou had b?en ena bled to forget all earlhly cares, and to turn your thoughts entirely to thai fu ture, whose mysteries you are so soon to solve. What is it you would speak to me about?" , f .?ne those, sir, as I should like to have my mind made easy about before I slips off. I've been spliced ?n two women, your reverence, and bo h havu slipped their cables afore me What troubles me is to know to which on em I shall be lotted on to when 1 gets up aloft." 6 44 In the future world there is no mar* nage, neither is there any giving in mar nage, repued the clergyman. 44 Let1 Sunow'"fliDg thouitlu occu-?y y?nri Well,' replied Jack, 44 if your rev erence says so, and the Bible says so, I suppose it s all right. Not but what I have liked to hook on to my first w;fj ? cntctnfiffici of twrvty pet oe?*. again, poor thing! bat it would hare been a terrible thing to have had to hook on thiough all eternity with old mother ShipVy's daughter. I could never hare heard the songs of the ange'.s while her tongue was agoing, your reverenoe." '? Have you anything else trouoling ycta?" asked the clergyman, Vf iih diffi culty repressing a smile, notwithstand ing the solemn ty of the occasion. "No, your, nothing. I've never harmed iny ono willing'y, and though, maybe, 1 haven't done all that I ought to have done, I hope the Lord '11 have mercy upon me, and take me to himself. You've eased my mind consid erable, sir, in telling me as I shan't be bound to Sully Shipley when I'm ?one from this. But kneel and pray, sir; I feel my breath falling last; the cable's almost run out: Ujc last link 11 slip through the hawse-hole in a few momenta. Kneel and pray, too, your hoaor," ad dressing Lord Mordant. ?? Pray with his reverence that we may all meet hap pily hereafter in heaven," The clergyman knelt, ani poured out his soul in prayer for the dying man, who occasionally responded " Amen" to portions the petition?but at lerg h he Riient. 1 he prayer was long and earnest, and when the clergyman and l/)rd Mordant rose from their knees, they found that while the petition in his be half had b?cu ascending to the throne of *race, the soul of the honest old sailor had passed away. Oriental Custom op " Dropping thi Handkerchief."?The signification of ;he oriental custom of dropping handker chiefs befoie females is well known. Un der the reign of Napoleon I., the Turkish ambassador, or. visiting Versailles, threw his handkerchief before a lady whom he met walking in the garden, and was as tonished that she did not take it up. In the Turkish war of 1S12, the Pasha of Rustchuk, being taken prisoner by the Russians, and then escorted by a Captain Markow to St. Petersburg, stopped on his way at Z.tomer. General Ivomburly, the then Governor of Podoii*, invited the Pasha to an evening party at iuo own re.- idence. lit re the prisoners happened to be farcinnted by the charms of a young lady, then only fourten years old, and af ter the oriental fashion, dropped his handkerchief on her while she waj sitting on the soft. The young lady ielt c infused, and took it up, whereupon the Pasha immediately left the company, and returned to his quarters, there to await her arrival ; but not seeing her come, aud suspecting treachery on the part of Captain Merkow, he grasped his kindjal, and furiously menaced him. Represen tations were made to the old Turk, that such a custom d:d not exist in that coun try ; but the Pasha would not be per suaded, and was so incenscd against Cap tain Marko v, that it was dfemed adv-sa ble to appoint another officer to t*cort the prisoner to St. Petersburg.? The Moslem and Christian. The Famished Wandkrer?"Ishould ?ike very much to hear a story," said a fickle and thoughtless youth to his teach er, "I ha*e serious instructions " "Listen, then," said the teacher. ?'A wanderer tilled his travelling pouch with savory meats and fruits, as his way would lead him through a wild desert. During the fir?t few days he jonrneyed through smiiing, fertile iields. But in stead of plucking the fruits which nature here offered (or the refreshment of the traveller, he found it more convenient to ef t the provisions he carried with him. lie soon reached the desert. jour neying onward a few days his whole store of food was exhausted. He row began to wail and lament, for nothing sprouted a spear of grass; everything was covered with burning sand. Afcer t-uffriing for ;wo long days the torments of hanger and thirst he expitc-d." "It was very foolish in him," said the youth, "to forget that he had to crosa the desert." "Lostthou set more wisely?" asked the teacher, in an earnest tone. "Thou nrt setting forth on thy journey of life ?a journey thai leads to Eternity J Now is the time when thou shouhUt seek after knowledge, and the treasures of wisdom; but the leader afri^hts thee, and thou dost prefer to trifle sway the springtime of thy years amid useless and child'sh pleasures. Ccntine to act thus and thou wilt yet. on the journey of life, when wis dom and virtue lail thee, fare like the hopeless wanderer." Idleness?Its Dangers.?There is au old proverb ihat tells us, " Idleness is the devil's pilk?w," and well may it be 1-0 esteemed, fjr no held ever rested !eag upon it, but the lips of the evil spin; were close to his ear, brta.hing falsehood and temptation. The industrious mau is seldom found guilty of a crnae, for he has no time to listen to the enticings of the wicxed ones and he is content with the enjoyments honest efforts afford. It is the vicious idler vexed to see the for tunes of his industrious neighbor grow ing while he is loungiug and murmuring, who robs aud inurdeis that Le may get unlawful gain. It is the merry, thought less idler who, to relieve the nothingness of his days, seeks the excitement cf the wine cu{ and the gambling tab'e. It is the sensual idler, whose licentious ear is open to the tempter as often as his ttack crosses the pathway of ye uth and inno cence.? Miss Chandler's Elements of Character. Espionage?The Bangor Journal re ports that the City Mai.-hal of that place, in search of l.quor, broke open the bag gage of a Mrs. Dana, of New Orleans, who is a daughter of one of the most re* spectable ciuteus of B ingor, on her ar rival in that city. A box of lo**?ng? glahses belonging to Thorntoa JicGaw, E?q., was also broken open tne tame officer. _______ D7*UtUe minds -J*0* over the errcra of men of genius ** tne rejoices at ai\ eclipse.