Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1855 Page 2
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EV E NING STAR. W A-?'TNrtTON OITY: F3IDA7 Ai TKBSOOH June 29 ACJF^T^ FOR THE STAR The following persona are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements :n the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Paijcbr, N. W. eerier of Tnird and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pkttingill & Ck)., i^assa i street. D.x ion ? Y. B. Palxbr. Scollay's BuildiFg. ?7* ADv*s:;.iKMHKrs should bo handed it. Ly 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may tot apyvw until ths Uwlt day srr :ii cr Tiix jsoasise ?b?.ss. The Liion user. sea the pospecfeof the a'ii^s on CB2 ride and of Bu*na or: the other, as in the current war. describing and ca recent features of the ?amp^ign. Tbe I.itcU genc-.r .j devoted ts nasrs, Ac. io-day PATr...' Okpick Rkport ?We return our thanks u> tee Hon. Wm. II. Seward for a copy of tbe fir.;t pa*t or mecl-anici! portion, of the Patent cfS e Kcport for 1854. ?For tho first time in the history of Philadelphia, it Is .'aid, beef if higher there than it is in New York. Cattle ore selling at 52 50 per he-id less iu that city than here, l'jniiuilv the aLicals were driven from Phila delphia, tut tbe reverse is now t:e ?a?e. Nu* Orleans Llectios ?At tbe eloction for chief justice of the Supreme Court, held in New Orleans, on the 25ih ins'ant, Elgeo tauti-Knnw Nothing) received three thousand four hnr.dred and fif'.ee i votes, and Merrick (Know Nothing) rcceivei two hundred and hirty-foren. An anti.Know No'.hing gain of over ti-Ji thousa-d votes sines the last aleo tioL" Comment is unnece.Eary. A Ksmarcablb SriciDE.?The dead body of i C Staiubaek, Flour Irspcsior at Peters burg Va, T7B3 fcund in aiarga box, in the ceilar ei" hi* residence, cn Wednesday morn iug, horribly mutilated. It was perfectly clwr ihat he outae to his end by Lis own hand, ha- itg cut his throat from ear to ear with a rar r. besidaa cu'tix.g oj en his abdomen and pnlling out fcis bjweis ! Mr. S. leaves a wire and 6is ciiiidren 'lie Lirress states that 1 ct ers wtro Icuud uj~on his per&on neither < f which lurtish tbe slightest ciue to the ca.u3e of this awful raa ac'.icn. t'J{UMO> ....President Pierce ami Mrs. Pierce ar rivel at C:pe Islaed yesterday afternoon and took apir'w-nts at Cjcgreo* Hall. ' 'c rdiug to the lateii foreign advices, tbecaprjiij*-4eneral< cftne Basques and Bar gorua or iss.d. r-^jlved t ;givo Mr. Dodge, ii:o new American Minister at Madrid, a mili' tary es^o t to h^ aepiol; they consider this te isur? ccassary ca account of the disturbed itv.? of country. M; Fillmore was presented to Queen \ ic*o .-i ?? ihe Kail of Clarendon, at an "au diei.e. uud rubaequeu.iy was present at a "d.\i ,rg ricm.' Mr. Buc)iaii?ii accompa n;tu r.iLi Mr IitinK-rs afterwards dinci wth th'j Qu?en .... Lei fj L. V^vii. iuv? corporation coun sel ft .>t7 York, is ancou-ccd in the Lirdon 11E.C- a ivin^ bt-tn i resented to the Queen ai '-.?.r tUaorc s private secretary " .... i..s. L!iia Ih*-iuson, oi Va., Temper ance lec*?-er. is at tha National. .... G. J \i>i.mar uad family, A. Kivas. ?i .d?drat *-;d i&c-j, vi Caraccai, S. A., at Jur^woc::'* ? ??. il-3. Pierre Souie, Hun. Kobeit C. "Wir.'hrcp, H<.n< M Cook, Thurlow V, ctd I. q , did II II Vrt? iJyck, Erq . are au: tiie !e>idi' - r ditidaaa t?; the countrv whj l, v ?L;:oi New York within the c. s? fev d?i j .... I. ii re;or;od at Itoue that ths ei Ki"" ^ i ; Jlo ite? ? first illustrious aiior tr. u io ut to marry th^Ccenters Sp.tnr w ujw -.-0 L.a.ari*ii 'dinister ai Kome. and c t a Mr x>od*0aL .... A u:t iiC.i .r^it Luston. u ited yo:ter day, bays ta* Ltiha ci AU?jtt LawreLce is ic e., -oi tj]?es a/e euiertaiucd that ha will ! recover ! 0a t! ? trip oi the Ailanrio, Capt. ?? comp.e Lis 'wo hundred and tLirty. i ^.a Toya^s, r?icIi ij n ;out euual tu 708 0U0 lailes o! ae.ual cccan travel .... Heater W-jodij hia b??a iattalled into tue ttfico tl . .a/ar ol \orf?>Ik. A vcrdiot for i7 5?a has be-n cbta-ned ia Header,on eoun-y, Tsnn . fcg^inst tbe P.r.v, ? ?' <ru.if tailor ol tea Tenaessca ii^piiet, xor Aabel 1 3 ll1'" ^fPic.oia VcasEL ?Wo learn that A'r '' ; ^ : > !o. wt.ich was peiiea at ?iu. - ?; a Fur.daj, on fo#pici?a of ' -e ' a of men ?n .m it was in t< r, .-a t, d.cpatj i to the Crimea for sarrioa i t- e H L.y, 14 i j L? detainad uutil a full aad ?a ii.aj: y iovfejtigation can be had. Mr. or n 'hi co l?ot-r at Kig-iitowa, has ta ken v#adviri?of B P. H-tlibt, E q., of B?s t - [ bistt.or Attoraay, and L S Mar *" ;V la* Q-eili^n is eettl?d. John Bui! ? tc-iid be taayl.t ikatraeaaaot kidnwp q^q ft r. iic inLurope. SUm B d U * a mmdmrdl / Tmadmg. a -coTmn cr Com. i* Loo Cnco ?The - e: iner J< fc:. Hancock, lefi Wanchow cn ua la ct FeVuary, aa 1 r-ached Kelorsr jS*1.. ' ? .* 11 impus. iMo to induce U?c . i .1 .*rin th reto ^ive ui.y information in :e<ait ? ? I- oi; :s.i:.s3 oa the Island, the c3 ? ' ?' ?' ? i'i ;.nd visited theia They c*e J v>~ ? ? h;:l>, ?0:!y a cotsi. frcm u t(. f. c at 73 tii* t love!, and fcunil a Vti!. i-ai i. -? If.t thick at the entrance ? ? r i g ;uc t ?? ,?ea-t. and four or fita feet . -1? ?a:.??tlkid iif-en du^ out ecmo eiatjr ice; deep \ s^ijll quantity waa pro* cu; - * atou. vi ter ton. and proved to be *?? ? e^t tol; ceal, frco tre>ui sulphur and clLuktr. Crkditable AfPaistMKHT.?We tra giad ? i '/ rr* "*l 11?i ident Pierce hus conferred a -J L ju j n theL' i5. Array, opon'fho*. '? ty.aawtky Irktaa, t?li>?girg iu Con. ne: af.e.- tf'.-ci, j-:ari offaithf^l serviea lr.e arti!!erj. Uitj wes in tho wbon.l 'he Mexican war, and hit dovotion and I ra.-ry c .me unaer tho observation of <?<ii I t rcc, t>Q uioro hanoae occasion. This is r . .ed .. e iti'arce ot reuxmbered merit. aT ' ' ? Uai rd the ap( ??intmeDt, are ,r ilul V' '*** *' '-'den: tcr hid r^ady com p. ".;e shu li.^ueat?-Yew liavtn Kt . , j .K.i/ay ?'Wr.^TwiBD, Ho!"?H f Janes the fio ?.V P '?l' 1 ^ ec ijtin, is now lirirg at fb!> f Bay. in California. Tka Mlcvw, i?? from alattar ?T kla, t? % V" > Gr':tr8- * di-ativei of . ? ?'T* ? 7 ''^r-sity ??! have baen coa \r ??'1 : .?.? ? .sty Pac - ? ? b; t. _ie at " p t ^riiitr j rogrc s in that W c: 4V n.j westara pro ?5 " ? (hafai&s. ax I > -4:u. Mis *?est ot !-??' D1 :ny pc-i ivLly refj ej Jo go to tha -andwioh I Ian ii?. i-nd the br-.rk i# startirg iff ifij ra'ls aad iLiit ?3 l?? ?. r ihu:i i t\jr- a luwid to rcu...- '..i ,:r.; it 'bnt ! a u at a Ic3j JlOW .V 4, . .th> ^ i v.iltt WASHINGTON NBWI AND GOiSlP. The Removal of John Wilson?We do net knew when an event tun occurred that ?ave at more pain than on learning the fact that John Wilson, Esq , had avowed himself a member of a Know Nothing lodge, which he was too mac!)' to deny. lie ii oar personal friend?oar valued friend?and wo know that he his long been a very uielui employee of the Government' being, at least in onr estima tion, the belt Commissioner of Public Lands who eT?r served the Government in that ca pacity. The President and his constitutional advisers have evidently made up their minds to repaid connection with a political organi sation that practices upon and avows the pur* pose of proscribing every man, whatever may be hi? position, who fails to have identity with Knov7 Nothing'Pin. ns privia facta cause for removal from office. The Know Nothings have carried out tHs policy here, (not even sparing the scavengers,) and everywhere they havo obtained power. From Canada to tho Pacifio ocean, wherever they havo bees able tj mako removals, they have refused to spare any man holding politicil sentiments opposed to thsirs. Tair men will, at a glance, under such circomatauces, understand the political necessity resting on the present Administra tion to deal with them as they deal with others It is doe to the Administration that we should cill public attention to the fact that they re frained from removing Government officials Ion aca<.nnt of their connection with "the I Order," until it became apparent that it wa=' ictioxitly determined, when in power, to spare | no opponent uuder any circumstances v. hat ever. We feel very eurethuttje removal ofiir. I Wilson was made with great reluetaccc, in Ideed; and we feel equally sure, from our I knowledge of that goatleman c character,that I having joined a political organisation whoa I first principle Is tC bring to the block the head of every iaan who fails to P~2,T)athi" wilh 11 he will be tho last man in the world to I plain that his political opponents deal with I him as the political orgaa-tation of which he ii a member invariably deals with all others I I ersonally, Mr. \V. has always beau oppo-cd to removals from the service of the Govern I ?D P?litioal grounds. L'ut by joinicg a I ^now Nothing lodga he gives up his individu lality altogether, pledging himself to labor to J s-rrrgihea the policy on rhlch u tho order hat determined; to vote lor iis caadidatea nomi I to carry out that policy, A3. Oar talented, gentle, and truthful neighbor .ntimates that tho country holds no one elre competent pxeperly to disefcargo the du ties cf tho position. We are free to confer that we do not believe that any one can tet ter discharge them; yet there are a great I many capital bm-itess men in the land, end excellent land lawyers to boot. No removal will be sufficient to make men of common sense despair of tho republic in theue timet. Why, there aro from fifty to one hundred I members cl Know Nothing lodges in thiuc?ty I who proposed themselves to the present aa I ministration for tffieer of equal trust and re sponsibility, and equally difficult to be prop I erly fiiled. Two years ago, Then they were whining and b'.ustoricg by turns for place j around tne portals of the Executive mansion aud the Departments, any one of them on be ing told that ho was not quite as com etent as I John Wilson, Ejq., to fill the Commi.isiouer I ship cf the General Lana Office, would have j received tho intination as a personal it-^U VVe mention this fact on!y by way ol showing J up the hypocrisy of their prccjnt joremif.ds lover the alleged iujury to the public service done by the removal of Mr. W. We would repeat: No one oar regret more than curself that Mr. VV. has brought himself within the rule of doing unto know Nc things as they in variably do unto others, by which the admin istration feels called on, under existing cir cumstanced, to act. JineveL ? Our aiailiar .pint sti.l cftntiuu-:; labors am J the ruins of this ancient and ? ?t.eiabia ci.y, and not wuhout success. I: ! be iecoi.e::tu that wa pre^an.ed to ito readers cf tho Stir on Monday last an account of the bahoting amerg the patriots of ihe .-ovei ii \\ urd of Nineveh for a candidate fs Mayor, and explained that a public q irircj CK ol thaw ancient burg named ilill, be:.t Mr. lowers on that occasion. This is not ail tue information ;a this particular collection. Wjichouruever to be forgotten lamiliar F-Jrit lias da? up for us. His later redearchea show that though Mr. Hill triumphed over Mr lowors in this Trard, he was essentially used up in tae general etuncil, and taat from that time until very 1 .ear the next municipal elcc ?>niu Nineveh, bis ardor in the cause wa?. quit* cool. lie ugain bucklcd cn his armor n? the time came around to make the next uvmi nations, however, bo, at ieust, bly thschron icier of thi.i venerable and ancient city, graven on stone seme two thousand seven hundred and nine years only thiLk ef it! In the year lfcoi, A C , of which, in the connection of Nineveh wo Lava bean publishing of lata. Mr liui s for the suffrages of the city a patriotic, Mr. Towers was duly elected? sj the chronicles continue to g*y?the chisf magistral f f th? ancient and venerable burg Hut previous to that event, and after his tomi na'ion by the general coaneil tf tho patriotic, the patriotic of the originally contumacious ' e; J?th \V ard. (among whom thera were many indeed who couldn't be pervaded to take lit'Ie offices under Nineveh s municipal gov ernment.) hastened to make their peace with him, Eonding to hiui a ccmmitua tu that clJ. On a marble ttatue, created in hoccr of that even'. our ft.ii.ili ir spirit has, aftor much u.f tcul.y, d4cyphered an aidrr s then and thcru delivered, uad has communicated to us by a series of rupj ings under the table, in the closet, up tho chimney, Ac., tho following translation thereof, v;?: Mb Towers : 1 :iave been gelec od by the coramutee that waitud ?ip< n yon, to welcome T u among your b ethreu of tae tiovHn h >v .r i In the discharge of that duty itaffjida me great j Icasare to inform you that our council hi) this i.i^ht unacimoasiy ratified your nominatio n as a caadiaato for lue Mayor alty. You ara now, sir, our standard beirer, ana in you, fcir, we recog^iic one that wo aie p. cud cf. Olo that wo know il' our cime is success ul. will ccrry out thosa great and fua flanierils.! principles which we are proud of. Iplayirg fcob with tee const bies. scavengers, laborers, clerks, Ac.?Ed J Your position, sir! is a noble une To be tn? candidate of the ^mevite people for any office is a proud on* much more is your pctiiion Lt this time?bat tt <ae cand:datecf that jarty for the highest race m the gift of your lellow citizens. We pledge to >ou ? ar ward by a handsome ina j.nty. I tgiin welcome you in the midst cf your brethren of tho Seventh Ward. iho following is etill another list of those w?.o dwelt in or frrqu?ated the streets of I.ineveh in 1834, A. C ?only think of it! M y r?. lt>:4?Jno. Ma^?r. 21 Ward: Poter N Median, 7th; Wu: li.rd, Jr , 7.b,' J. li ^ *4'UUi ? I?: Alfred Ilunk-r 4tL: Jaiue -'?'.ntcr; ?th; J ^mci lt. N. Curtin, 7tli; Walter I! Stone, 7th; Jno. C JUokey, 7th; Washing, ton O Berry, 7th; Henry C. Frost; Sam M. Edwards, 7th; Jeremiah Simi^on?, 7th; Wm. H Cook?, 7th; Andrew R Bonnet. 2d; Iloratlo ti. Ru?s, 6th; James H Moore, 7;!?: Richard Wicloild, 7th. May 13? Clark Mills. 3d; Sol. Jialsnger. Va ; Smith PeUet, 2d; SamuOl W. Bradley, 6th; Ephraim A. Firor. 7th; E Bird. 7th; Preston Sterrett, 4th; Will. Porter, 4'h; J. S Xaylor, 7th; Samuel Black, 7th; Walter Dsvaughan. 7tb; Will. F. Frasor, 2d; John N McLean. Pa ; Qeo. Smithson, 7ih; Wm II S. Kerr. 7th; J as. II. Whitmore, 7th; Jno. Heard, 5th; Joseph K. Quinter, 1st; Wm. P. Bayles 4'h; Tho6 Tbomas, 7th; John S. Cogswell, 7th; J. H Walker, 7th ; Jas. T. Carroll, 7th ; Hobert Nash, 7th; Wm. Allann, 5tb; Geo W. Campbell, 5th; Wm. Warder, 7th; Peter Bop, 7th; George K. Elgin, 7 th; Jesse Williams. The Board of Naval Enginem?appointed to examine candidates for promotion and ad mission in the engineer service of the Navy, have reported the following for promotion: To be a chief engineer, First Assistant J. P Whipple; to be first assistant engineer*, Second Assistants Edwin Fithian and G. W. Alexander ; to be second assistants, Third As nistant* T. A- Shock, Alexander Henderson, Step lien 1) Hibbert. Geo R Johhsjc, Jameson 0. Hull, Edward I) Robie. H W. Spooner, W. B. Brooks, U. E. Winsor, and R. B Quiu. The fallowing candidates for admission ss third assistant engineers have passed a satis* faetcry examination.and willreceive appoint ments as vacancies' occnr in the order in which t'aey are named: l.TenEyck Biles; 2, Henry C. Victon ; 3, Charlt-3 H linker; 4. Robert McCIeary; 5, J A. Grier ; 6, Joseph Pilli^olly; 7, Wm. Rob erts; 8. Jacason MoElwell; 9, Win. II. Cush tnan ; 10, Glendy King ; 11, Samuel K. Rind ; 12, John S. Albert. ftcretary M?rcy ?It is not lurpriting that tie New York papers are so generally :n error in their original statements concerning affairs here, f s they are famous for " going off half cocked" abcut matters at hsma. Thus we find nearly all of them on the 27th instant announcing ?Ucretary Marcy as being at a hotel i? that tlty, v?ltji Messrs Soulo and Dudley Mann, late Assistant secretary of ytate. The Governor is, and Has at thai . . " work, as usuai, in tho State Do time, hara ?. {?artment here. Clerical Appointments ?After we went to | : rtiii yjstsrday, the following clerical appciit raenta were made to first o'aa?, ($1,200 per an num.) clerkships in tho Pension Cilice: Goorgo L. Sites, J. V. A. Shields, Thoe"M 0 Brien. A. G. Fowler, J. P. Davidson, f. 11 Crittec Jen. After examination, Aiiv Fowlor was pro moled to a second class ($1,400 per annum) I'laco. Tho Acting CommisaiotorsLip of tho (Jen cial Land Office?Joseph S. Wilson, the able, experienced, and efficient chiof clerk of the Land Office bureau, had tendered to hiin the position of acting commissioner thereof, on the removt.1 of his brother, John Wilaon, Esq , which he is said to have ueclincd. Bomovcd ?Wo hear that Mr John Ii fl nston, a $1,600 (3i class) clerk in the cffi;e Oi . ~e Fir^t Auditor of ths i renpury, has been rim e J , also Mr. J. A. M. Duacanson, a clerk of the tame class in the offieoof tho Sixth Au tor of the Treasury. TL? Current O pa rati 3 us c5 ;b ? Treasury -<p ultra cat.?On Wednesday, 27th of Jane, llier. '.ore of Treasury Warrants entered on 'lie bn&ksof t is -? For the Treasury DeT>artment.... f38.737 42 rorthr Interior Department 34 H4.i 21 .or tho Customs 3G,773 SO ???r varrauts received and ea- i t?161 07.343 66 W ur repay wamnts rec-ewed and entered 52 722 ii Interior repay warrants rtceircd and eniered 15 331 51 Covered into rbs Treasury fri?> Custom* 1,354.502 74 For covering into tho Treasury from Lands. 2,OOOCO cor cohering into tho Treasury from miscellaneous sources....- 7,600 35 Jc*s 23, 1855. L<?r V e7rea'ury B-pariment.... $::r.r, CO r or tho Inter;or Department 14.329 35 i ;f the Cuitoms 12 4^7 11 War wan ants received and en tered 52 "Hj 4t) vv repay warrants received *nd entered ^ Interior repay warrants roccivod and entor^dy 6''S 2? rVswncu account of the Navy.... 101,775 04 **or repaying on account of the Navy... 864 5Q r r covering mlo the Treftsury iioui customs 8 92 interesting Foreign Wows. By fHE BALTIC. THE RECENT SUCCESSES. Ii or er to furm acorrec' notion c.f tbo or. eration of the allies outa? 7th of June, j-^inst ?h>! Rusdan works at Sebantopol, it is de?i- a bl? to rofcr to the description of tbs^e works Every one is aw.?re that the ground bef.-rc Se b-jtopol is intersected by ravines CeioeEdinK to the got; these ravines being dividsd from each other by rtd^es, up^n which both the R-:ssuu works nnd the principal batU-ries ot thu bi'siogmg Jirmies aro erected. ihe ravine farthe't to the iiorth.ssr, and on Lo externa right of the allied p. Bition, in ? roLt or what id now called the Ickormaa at ?"C , is that descending to the Careening Uar >J' It was atone time Intended by tha al. ii?i to tcke J o.-sesbion of the whole of the north ridge do*n to tho Careening Harbor, but the Uiijsiaua crossed tho ravino with great deter ar.d ejtat-lirhed two works on the lower ilope ot it one :,t 800 yard* and tho othor at 40(i y^rds lrom the second parallel Xatse redoubts have probably ere thin fil c . into the hams of the allies, for i'eli^aier's dujpatch of June 9 says, "The enomy have completely abandoned the right ihore of the Cnro?n:ng liay." This is an important nosi uca, commanding the ships in jiwrt, and al m jfct intercepting the eatranco to the town iao ner.t ridge is that on which the Malakoff lower rlatds, and opposite to it at a distance of abou" a milo and a half, the Viotorii re ?our?t lias been erected by tho allie* i he \'ictoria attack oarried oa by the Frcnoh H directed lrom this point against the tower and aijoining wcrks. Descending nearer to tnetower, and about 500 yiirds in front of it is the Mamclon, which is deicribed ai com inar.dmg tae tower itself. The conqucat tPd oocupaiion of this hill by thi French is the result of the contest ol June 7. The Molaktff 1 Ter itself, being one cf the few works in a.sonry on the land side of Sebastonol. was ion? since rcduord to ruins, but it id now en closed by a very hi^b somi circular parapet of ti-rta pierced with 12 embrasures, and sur rouiiJed by a ditch. l-r.<m the tcwer to the Careening IUv there rt.ns a lot.g line of parapet, broken at halt , ??uy by a Nattery of 16 1?uq? on two faces, and < thus fi^Dkiug thu curtain between tbi-> point . ud.he tower Another battery of 12 runs i ? L .k- ubc3e C-reening Bay, is connected i wi h this woik by a further pura^et, whioh cx ends to the sea Wo apprehend that the works taken on the 7th June are outaide this lin* iae Ledan is separated from the Mala koil Tower by what is termed tho Middle Ra yr,.?, and srnnds upon tbo ridK'e between the ronzoff Ravine and this middle ravine. 1 J ? ? miuuto raviliC. i Oa tho riiga alj> stands the allied Crown i lottery, fronting the apsx of tho Redau, i which was further defended by an odditis, i and by a strong party of riflsmen lodged in a i atone 4uarry in front, of the work, and which ? ? ..rrr> was carried by the British on the 7th if Juue. Se'oastopol, it is to be remembered, is nut a fortress, but a town defended by a th tin of forts and field fortifications 1 i From tha Ue.-cription it will be noticed tbit < tho several at.aoii vi the besieging armiot' J _ liftM, are advancing part pa*sn on parali*. and that the reoent operations of the Frencn and English, although distinct, aaaist each other, and are essential to the suoeesa of the common enterprise?'he plan of the allies be ing to enclose the Basaian line of fortifica tions within aoorheT line which shall gradual ly advance until the besieged are driven into the sea. PRINCE QORTSCHAKOFF'S ACCOUNT. Priccs Oortschakoff telegraphs to St Peters burg evening of 8th June : Aft*r two days of heavy bombardment, three French divia;ons attacked redoubt No 7, at 6 o'elock last evening, and occupied the redoubts Kamsohatka, 8elen??hlosk and bas tion No. 1. Our troops retook the Kamschat ka redoubt, but the Frcnch poured in fresh re serves and took It once more We finally re gained master" of that battery,?the French holding a lodgment Dear,?whence we hope to drive them. Our soldiers fought admirably, in proof of whioh, I may stste tnat the enemy's It's exceeds ours. 1/e has lost 2.500 men, and we have taken 275 men *!?d officers prisoners, a* well as two French cannon. Prince Gortsohnkuff writes on the 0th The e:>nnon continues against the bastions Korniloff and No 3. The enemy has asked for an armi-tice, in order that he may bury bis dead, iiis lo3s on the 7th exoeedel 4.000 men. In n dispatch previously received, the Bus sian commander writers: Oa the 30th, the enemy's fleet, whioh bad attacked Geni:eC-V set suil, Tho Emperor's aid-de-camp, Prince Laba noil Bostovsky, then ordered tho troops to enter the city, with the view of extingu'shing the fire, and he had hopes to save a portion of the corn, which had been given up as lost On the 30th, the enemy's steamers approached oae of the lauding places near Arahat, and 6Ct fire to the depots there. A merchant vessel and several toasting vessels wero burnt by them. General Wrangels detachment re mains in the same position. Too enorny ha? not undertaken anything in the peninsula ci Kertsch. The F.^nch, it is said, lost three colonels and a general in the assault of the Marnelon and Careenage Redoubts Thi gen eral lumentod is M. Pecquex de Lavarande Letters from tho Principalities announce that the stage of siege which was sometime since established by the Austrian? in Waliachia, has now been extended to Moldavia. A Veritable Earthquake?Account! from tbc Country. The baltiuisre American, of this morning, baa the following particulars of the earth

quake, mention of which waB made in our tele ?*? yesterday: 12 o'clock yester. At about 18 minuter -n?ed from day morning, our citisens were u.?. ?? their elu nbers by an apparent explosion auu rumbling noise, which was by soxo supposed to be an explosion of a powder mill or maga line, arjd by others to have been the effect of ari f ar'liquake. Anxious enqu;rv was made in all direc ions in tho morniDg. but it y??? "oon ascertained that the powder mills boih on the Liberty road, known as Jatnieson's, and tfcoso oi Messrs Beat'y. on the Susqaehaana Rail road, were all in good order, and that the shaking of the etrch proceeded from an explo sion in a mightier magaiine tban tbo^e con structed by human agency. We elnce learn tfcat J '.micson's miTs on the Liberty toad are owned by Mems William Mason ?fc sons and that they are not manufacturing now At lo^k, Pa , we learn from passengers wfco came down yesterday the shock whs truly startling, rousing the whole population, and creating such an excitcment that butfow were willing to rotire again for lb* niiht. The shock and rumbling n ise that followed it causing a shaking of furniture and -nttling of windows, is said to have iasted fall 20 secondt &' York. In all sections of tho city the ?ensation war equally disinei and unmistaaeavly appalling, and we have met wiih bu: few who were net aroused from their sleep hy tl,n concus-ion and unearthly noise that fallowed ttio shock, which ia variously esimated to have las-ed from twelve to twenty soconds. The night waj exceaivciy warm, nad the atmosphere thick and muiky &?ny pers-r.s were std! abou't*io litreeu. while others were silting up unable to c.ap. J;J llii'tj <>ijd :to tv? cLuitii the shocli was belie , ed a* onoe to be tha*,of .-n e.irth^n.-.ko, aT it seemed t-j h?**e a s?ror.g*r and dot-par holl on the ea?ti thju c -Id hue bjen produced .frtm tho exploit un ox pr.wdei On Madisin avenue and at Mount Vernon Place the shock is represented to have busa v;;ry severe, initar.tly ronsing tho soundest el et per 8, and apparently jarring the houses to tluir very foundations. On Fell's Poict tl;e vibration was alio very *barp. und in some in stances tho people ran into the street* in their night clothi-ig. wuil? jrla ?er a-e said to have boen broken in aouie of the v.*iid >ns But we hav* heard from every part of the oity. pud it waa c*igtictly felt in all directions, canning more t r Ie?s alarm. V.'e hare hea'd of h uum ber of ladies having fainted from tho efLotiof tiie.-h -ck whilst s<yUio cf the negroes thought tK? TTorld waa coming to an et:d One oid black woman is said to have rushed down *Uir?, crying out,?' M&;sa ! ma?sa! judgment day has c.'tre, and I>inah s not reidy.'' We ka-n thnt persons on boats and st^am era comiLg up the bsy and river felt ths shock very diJiinctly, t.nd that the surronndirg wat?r was rot only greatly agitated, but that the fish even jumped up in tho water, appa rently frightened out of tbeir element. Tha plrs'er on the ceilings of some dwell ings in Watson street, bstwten ili^b and Ex eter streeta, was alaaost entirely knocked oil oy the concussion. The eh- ek was very sever? on Fell a Point ai ,*l created a j^ood deal of alarm fmong tho intikbit inf. At the corner of Alice Anna and Ann tho houses seemed to bemovin * to tjo nor.hwatd, the motion being undu lating, like that of a vessel in a sea way. The windows in thu houses ware ahAkcn, and many of the pouple iaft their premise fearful that i it would be followed hy another ana more se vere convulsion At the corner of Lxeter and ! Gratby streets it is said a bedstead wat moved several inches from its petition Un Fairmonnt bill tho ehook wa.i alto stn sihly felt, and uiore to in the noighborhood of Madison square, whore the people wero muob alarmed At Mount Washington, a few miles from the city, the shook was like ihoexpio.icn of heavy aram rment, followed by a rumbiing aj of dis tar.t thunder. The impassion at first was thai thepowdtr mill in that vicinity had exploded At the reaidence of Mr B. R. Griffith, near Woodbury, the whole fjfcly *0re aroused, but it v'as supposed to bo an explosion, &n. attracted no furthar cotiee. 'lho operative at W iahington factory were, however, gener iiiy aroused and mueh alarmad. A ramor was ourront through the citv yet erday afternoon that a bouse had been thrown iown in the wastarn section of the ci'y, but moh was not the caso, nor was the sbojk suffi. stent for anything of the kind. We learn from a gentleman raiding on the II111 en jrohu, about eix uiilat i'roui tiio city hat the shock was felt thcr? with great o?v#Tl ity, bringing everybody out, the impression prevailing that there had been an awful ex plosion of s, iue doicrip ion in theci y, many jersjns sa<idling their horses and coming to own to learn the extent of the supposed eata* .raphe. Ths Adoltehv Case.?The conviction and learv penalties imposed upon Dr. Grant, J Lroadweli, and Mrs Williams, for add ery. has caused no little sensation about town Jr Grant has been a Baptist local preacher md was, for a time last fall, a pretty promi' iaut candidate for the probate judgeship. He ?as onoe, about three years ago, mixed up vith a curious ease wherein some woman was. t we rosolieoc rightly, charged wi'li attempt' ng to poison him. Mr. Broadwell is a nephew ?f cx benntor Bioadweli, and a man of prop )T}y pablio do not seem to svoipatbiie nth the gay Lothario ?Cincinnati Cattdo it an. Fuom Nr.w Mexico ?Advices from New ttexico te the 30;h of May have been received >.??*? {?H ?D tS* 29th' Cul i'a-intleroy f D ?'ln,^f'fths Dtah" twecty miles iorth of Breucba Pass, killing forty and taking ix prisoners; he aleo captured thei. camp iquipage, with a number of horaes, sheep and provision ibe aame command, on the 1st of Hay, attacked a camp of thirty-five Utabi, in >honatch Valley, and killed two and wounded ind captured their provisions, horses, A.j ,?lso ne chiei ot the band. The camp returned to foti Muisachusyti* vn tbo Vib. j THE BOARI^OP DIRR'TORS OF the Union Cb"ir Association will bold a up# ?*?n? atth* HKhstree Baptist Church Tniil cialUK. ??0. o'clock (Friday! fcVfcj%?... Punctual attendance is w*.. . Til Oft B LLOYD, Je 29-It Bac. Beo. H~ ATTENTION, HIGHLANDERS ?You are r< quested to meet at your armory MONDAY EVENING, July l?t, at 8o'clxk,to make ar rangements for ibe celebration on the Fourth of July. Eveiy mrmber of the Compsny will be punctual in attendance. By nrd??r of the Captain: ie 29?It* Q. W. FLOOD, Sec. ? ^AMERICUS CLUB.?The regular mouth RvS Iv meeting of the Clnb will be hald on FRIDAY EVENING, at 8 o'clock, at the usual place of meeting. which the mf-mfrew are hereby notified to attend,, as business oj importance will be brought up lor their consideration. By ord-rof 8. p. RjBERTBOV. Pres. S E CcLva Sec. je98-9t -^FOURTH OP JULY NATIONAL c?C ehration.?'I he Committee of Arrange ments fr>r thio celebration, five from each Ward, ate requested 10 meet on FRIDAY EVENING, the99th instant at Harmony Hall, at 8 o'clock, to complete the Decenary arrangements and decide upon the programme Vo'un'eer companies intending to form part of the eer**t will n'e&se to send in their names, je 28-*t MONTGOMERY GtJARDB.?You are re quested to attend a special meetinf of the Company on FRIDAY EV ENING, the 99th _ instant, at their armory on 8th. between D ' ?=" streets, to make arrangements for the cele b, at ion on the V* of July. Punctual attendance i? essentially necessary on this 6C**??R? By order of Capt. Key : J? 23-?t \VM. O'Sl'LLfVAN, Fee. ^ THE JOURNEYMEN TAILORS OF Washington arid its vicinity an- hereby notified that Mwrs. Owen Hughes, and Hinton's Shups are no longer recojnized by the Society, eon sequen'ly no member of the ?arc?e is allowed to work for Suid shops. JAS. LACKEY, Sec. je 22-4Liw2w OFFICIAL. ?? ? Franklin Pierre, President of Ike Umled States qf ?America, to all nhom it may concern: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Dc*can Robertson has been appointed vice consul of Sardinia, for the State of Viigiaia, to reside at Norfolk, I do lioreby recognise him a* such, and declare him ftee to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and privilege* as are allowed to the vice consuls of the mod favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and thu seal of the United Stales to be hereunto affixed. Given under uy hand, at the eity of Washington, the 25?h day of June, 4. d. 1&55, and nl [l. s.] the independence of the Unltnd States of America the seventv ninth. TRANKLIN PIERCE. 'he President; . uj ... ~ a""rptary of State. W. I.. March,. ? - ? ? -* \lfILl.IAM OIB SON, a child 12 years cld.i?.. W his parents in Worcester county. Massachu setts, about mi weeks ?go. Anv information coin innnicated to his di?tr<*?sed mother, in Washingu-n, w-iil br i^nkfully received MARGARET GIBSON, jc 99 3t <Qr|ai't q>'A REWARD.?Strayed from the %n he fiber on I ' J Wednesday, the 27ih ?nstant. a large rdat. Cow, of ra'her muddy ca?t. Sh?* has horns, w h?eb ar? mode-n'ely turned up, and her ears are w ithout marks II?-r tents are snnll and pointed, with manv small warts upon them. II?r bag is fresh and large, i will give a reward of ten do'lars to anv one wh>i deliver her to me, c,r givs me fuch information as will lead to her recovery. W. LATH \M, r>91 cor. 11th st and Md. av? rue, Island je 29?3t* REWARD?Ranaway from the mcscriber, living on the L'an-i", on the 20 '1 ms'ani, a fcLA' S liOY, ab?ut 13 years of age, named Lew ij. 11*2 is a stout boy, and w.icn spoken O appears -rilv. Any ?r.e re'urning this boy to me at civ res-1 i.!?-nce, corr.< r offith ana E street*. Inland, will ie ceive the above reward. HUGH LEDDY. je 29 2t* ^TIMYLD FROM TliE SUBSCRIBER on F,i n day, th* 22 I instant, a bay Mare, in good <rder, and a rinn bone on hej tore fe?t. She is about 15 h ndstiigh. A suitable reward will be civn if re Mirned to me in Georgetown corner of Hridg" and fireen streets IIUGH HOWLING, je 2'J?3t* 77II8T WARD.?AB |?noN ?. deb??d loT. W T J"?hnsroi St Co are earnestly requested to pay op tli? ir r.oco i?h to :h<--tth cribtr aj their account must t>c sett!i:d immediately T. W JOHNSTON, je?'?-eo3: Drv G Store, No 111. NOTTOE. SIXTEEN FINE YOUNG MUL2S for sale, all l^.r well broke to harness. A'so, four good Wagons rnd Ge-r if wanted. <'a'l on C. WALBRIDGE, E-?q , at Insl??side,ni ar 'Vutnbia College, or Dr. S i;b. at the Metro{Ktlis Stable?, corner of D and 14th streets. j 29- 4t* | 10LD SI.EF.VE BUTTONS, ST? DS, Ac. vT inst received a large assortment of the latest r vie Mosaic, Cam?o. Lava, and plain goid SLEEVE I'.iJTTONS, STUDS, fcc, unusually fine aud cheap. M. W. CALT & HRO , Sl!4 fa. avenue, het. 9 h and 10th *ts. je'2?-tf Come all ye that ar? wetry asd quencn your Thirst A "XY & RHINN resp??ctfully re' urn their mo-t /\ ?tncere thank* to tiieir fn -nds ami the public in i?en?*r?l, tor the patronage heretofore bo liberally bestowed upon thern, an.1 announce that they are not only prepared to receive order* for th?ir PRE MIUM MINERAL WATCRS, k ut al-ofor their su P'?rior Champagne Cider and Porter, bottled and rtraught Ale. hoot Be?r and Mea?t, Lufter Beer, iu Lie* or bot'les. Carbonared Ginger?a new bever ace. wi.icb is so highly recommended by physicians of th'- Northern cities. All otders promptly cispatchcd Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, je 29?lw* Georgetown, D. C. "LUMBER?LUMB ER. FOR sale by the cargo, a iarge assortmer* perior quality LUMBER, consisting of White Firie. boards and plank ; Biding, Hemlock Rails A?h Plunk, Oak Boards and fiauk, Decking, Pop lar. fcc. Some parcels ws now hnve on the Wharf, are of it? l ent quality ever l-rouzht to the Baltimore mar ket CAR C, GIBSF. 6l CO , Commisitnn Merchants, No. 2i Spear's W narf, Baltimore. Also, 3000 hbls Bo?*r,dale C'en ent 500 do Calcined Piaster. j??0 3t* FOR MOUNT VERNON ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. -_U KThs Steamer OKOROE WA8H INQIOS will leave Waihlogton for Mount \ernoa at U and Ab x iadn* at o'clock a. m , ?nd take passenger^ on that trip (or the White House Pavilion una Fort Washington. Will laiid be Pavilion p..s*ecger* and proceed 10 Mount Vernon, giving the Mount Veruou pa?stng?(r'? about two hours there. PassepyerR can visit both places round trip tick ets, ?1 50; Mount Veruon,$l; Wrote Home, <5 cents. Persons leaving Washington at 7 a m., caa take the George Washington a? tbu White lloii:e. ft,' F leet's Cotillon iibn'4 i? ?? g- g> d tor the boat an>1 I'avilion. It is ast petior Hand je 99-4t JOB^ CORSON, t r.pu BRILLIANT SAILING MATCH. rjMlE lovers of iliis beautiful aud ent-r bining -nort i are hereby iiiloraed that Uie subacribt eontem;iUtet( getiicg up. on the 25tli July, ii^Sui practicable, a GRAND REGATTA. Two chased Etru?can Silver G-sbleu will conati tttte the prizes. The mort va'uable to be awarded to the most rapid boat in the r ice. Th? next best to b^ar off the secou.l premium The match ia to be between boats belonging to Washington, Deor?e town and Alexandria. Boat-1 having docks over 25 feet are inelligibie to entry The pioprietorsof b >at:. must b. arm mind that they cannot enter any uoat not owtn d in the above places at this time. Manyiica' owners are now pr?*panne for the sport to take place on the 25th July, and, from tne appa rent interest takeu, it promise to he one of the most entertain ng and ruhercJie allatrs ever before < ffored 10 the lovers ol" boat chasing 11 this city Tne follotving creft have already entered for the contct: KNOW NOTHING. WILL WATCH, (the light-l eelej craft that bxe off the pit her last season triumphantly.) SKIMMER M^RfliA. A large and beautiful fteainer w;l! be chartered for the occasion, in order to afford all who uesire to witness this beautiful sail an opportunity to behold all its various incidents. Owner* of boats, and ethers, desiring to entrf their craft, or learn the manner and intention of the Regatta, or te>m* of entry can be gratified in any manner by culling at the City Restaurant, corner ol Pennsylvania avenue and 13ih street. Port Washington wilt be the distance designed by the underaigned and returning to the point of start inf. Price of entry to depenj upon the number of con testants WM L. JONES, City Restaurant, coi. Pa av. and 13ih st. je ?y-2aw<4 &f\ BR WARD?Left ~Z . QpO Fridav, Jane ii*d,?, <* 11 y?&? and has not pom- h nre ^ *?M J? ?w ? Meek mirm,., jar k,, ^ h**W ?* W^?oB?veomeirU. UaJJ'.fT, *"? fal/ OWH W complete* ,c.* fc? J i.anc*. K* K. Ikl> ? 'om?VH^I I wilt give the at.oV4 rtwirj Un h?J safe recovery, or such inf'?rruatton r.a ,?--?? \ ihmantn. H McCAFFREY, G- ?" 'f?4 and D ate, lalend. ??-mv5!!*l 1 ?_ )* 2fe - 3j* For sale-until ? yf.ars old a FT pafcle healthy riri, rt'vrn year* and J* ? 01.1, restricted to IH-trict of CV'naiha < au?e her owner do a not wish 10 hold a U?\r? r qnite at t*is office. |? gJT i rOY8 FOR THE CHILDREN JA lara*"^ I bea?uf i| ccllecu ;n a; 4*4 9cvnth ?t 88-31 LAMMO\n I^X^ELSIOR POMADE fi* t1 -- ? ? k tja h j U\* no equ J, lor sale at H Seventh -t jc 83?3t LAMMQXp, \l"ARE FOR SALE ?A lifbt hiv nnre, vrr ?r lYj. tir?' and h rdy, paces under the *?<!- My ., die and tro?? fast in haroea* The ?ri-r "\V^ having no uk' for bat will aell nor much be?m\7. value. 1 Alan, Lot fiir rale. being one of the moat l>-ai?tifni Pnildine Lot* on M. near lOih street Apply 8- No 510 I, street north, between M and 10U> eu ' Je28 -lw* FOURTH OF JULY* OURSION TO PINEY POINT. V Th? commcd oui iteamer ALTCI 1?C. FfcIC*., (Captain E&bQ'I ?4. kcr) will take pacrenr^re from Wa^hinrto,, ntr or, TUESDAY MORNING, July ai, at cTll k Al-I-^drta at 7 o'clock, for PINEY POINT Re iurn:n*. will caJl for hem rn ThurMay moraia* thus affording an opportunity to all who may 1* ?o disposed o> fr^enflnig ad?y at thi? delightful War?r ?n* Place, and ajso :u opportunity of viewing be 1 ituul fcenery of our river bj da\light Pe-?a*e for tf.e trip $2. M<-a> eiua. )e ?7 -dfx EXCURSION TO POINT OF ROCKiS BY CANAL. WERN'ESDAY, Uie 4th July, bei ie the regular d*y or ninning o( the P*cknirT^ Boat CONGKEMj rh" will, that d?y raike an exourvion trip to uie ab.?v? Point, at ?3 for the round trip. M. alu on boat Rt 25 centi>. The boat will arrive at the Point at 7 o'clock, wher< a hall and go<H) cotillon tuusic hn.? b?en pro vided f?rr the pleu;ure of tboM- who may wirh to in dulge in dancing. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. **? B.?1 lie Cot grew will altm make h?T usual ei cursion to tli" Great Falls on Sunday, Juiy 1. je 25?dtJiiUS STEAMBOATS CONNECTING m. ^With each tAm of Cart ?rh? jti.tfL'rr g in Waahi^ton or Alezas. dria.?'Tins **;era THOMAS COLLYERr ?EOR(;iJ wa<hix<:t< )>' win aike Uie a^ikj connect.ons, leaving VVaabu^toe at 6 a. at for tp Orange and AU i itidrn car#, aud cuunect w.tlj' /? ^am<: train on th^r airival. McHNfurn:8h<'d r.n th** l#- ut?. The Bouts cornea with ail U,e trains frooi Bai . BAM?L GF.UXEY, Capt. may 17?d _ NOTICE. ip^^TllF STEAMER ALICE G. PBICE -?v;i h?*ic ?:? TUESDAY n <.rn-m nrit ire i?'s Lnndir.g. to pajriiCip-.s i:i 1 c "Vr'toni!? 11! Mnorc'c L<bi m( un the Fi-urifi <* July, rao<tmigo?i .. . SJI. * )e?-mMly> F. S. BARBARIN. DENTIST, flmrftoan, I?. <r., Iit.s retxi;?\t4 ! is o(fi?c to No. 59 Cr-n^refi etreei. thr-^c c<v ;g above hi.' firmer p!ac?* r.f bnstne?s. je z!?Ji* PAE-ONS CM COVTR \CTS, vol 2 Herder's Liv? s :?nl Tinen ol tt.e ''hief :u.^ ucea of the Supreme Court ?>f the I ' first seriea. PB(\NCK 1'AY LOR. je^7 ^ THE AMERICAN SPECIFIC, rHHE only ?afe. sure, a*:d speedy cure lor a ccr J tun hi- >n?i. Sold only at No. ll'J Pa. avenue. Price 51. je 27?*t FOURTH OF Jf LY CELEBRATION^ ALL tho-e w;.o de>ir?- to ?njc.y tlaauclvHi oti that t!ny should hiv? a neat and i 'iial'*r:&liV Hoot or Shoe, and we w-uld ;av to lh> m'hat ?r have a kxkI stock mi hand t varicas stylca yj are prepared to nienufat lure everything lu our '.ine. So give us your ordrra in uiiie MILLS U HRA^HFARS, ??*? ?. aide Pi av., bet. Rth and 'ih -treettf. Je 3? Itv ORJCAT 81CRIF/UE OF DiiY GOODS \ T t..cCnsh Store, 2d d<?-r w?.| c -*ve(iu. si.. x\ opi^wite the Onir Market ? ivt a - , v closing cut the block of t?i ? i.ty thousand c<! lars worth vf Ihy Goods without reeard to rt*i > ? the entire stock nu*t b? M.ld witUm ?iitv dav< v/e will offer go-Mi, at sack pric.-s us ongM ic induce p? reon< to hn? whether thev wa?it I?rv Co. > .r oof. ^ i hoc* sl'O w :u.u (wS** Ifirfiifl.^ iiail b- ( -r call immediacy at the fi^iiof tin Cash Store utdrr the Avenue Hfjse. Ter?h? excluaivi'l, c.-uli Je 27-lw J r.. flTZPATRICK, A?mr. NEW MUSIC! AT JO SHILLINGTOVS h< M >K AM) PERt OUICAL ST> RE ni;<y Ik found a chi-i col lection of cln apa:id popular MCSli ', by the u; .?t eminent con)po?tre. aocient and modern. Tn^ mu sical pul.'! c ol \Vaxl11ngtou and vicinity kr reao?ct fully invited to call and examine hi-?at*lose, JO. SliiLLINGTON, 'V-,?n Bmldinc, Corner 4 ^ street at.d Pa. ave?,u ?. jc2:?^lt [iMrifcKew*! SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKISTON'S PAVILION WILL BE OprN for the reception of tisitor? on the 5th * I m Juiy. The proprietor's tab e will b'- suppiied P j Willi the d'iicaeien abounding in the wateiaJSft adjacent to Biakistoo's Island. He hopes hi< en deavors to pleas-' will insure h.m a share of patron a*e from tho?e seeking health or a little quiet from city bustle. Tha Steamers Maryland, Oacrola, ard Alice C. Pi ice stoji regularly at his Laitdinc. Tertnc for one week or more, 91 25 per da v. For a shorter time, 91 50 per <*ay GEOUUE VV. BLAKISTOIT, 8*?Im* Proprietor. NAILS?NAILS !~ liECS, assorted stz? s. lur sale by '? ' CAMl'Bt LL *. COYLE. i? 26?2w# L ISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. T'HE firm of Myers k Baker was mumallvdis aolv. d on the lbt June, 1*55 All persons hav ing claims against the firm will present th<-m l > C. M vefs lor p \ lit) nt, and ilios- indebted to s<iil lim * ill please call and settle tb? ir accounts by tb" l?t if Augu-r, alt?-r that time tio-y wi I b?* |>1 ce<l in [he han-ls 0} an i-rtieer for c<dlecii i>, a* it is ne :essary to close the LUsiaesa on or before tint liuie, CHARLES MNTRd, _ SAMOEL BAKLK. C. MYEtt*. J. U. MYER^ HE business will herealf r be conducted undtr tlienetneuf C. MYERS ix SON, at tl?e old ithnd, at t V loot of JtflV rw n.on Waf rst., C.-otr own, otfice No 27, where v.*e will be bappv t4 ?upply our cus'oiuere aini an ou.-1- ?^i.o mil t yr is a csll with a? gx>d ail article of WHITE, RED I8H aM DAU.'BIM m TRANSITION COAL. \l.^o, HICKORY, OAK and IMNE U'OOD, a? can ??. had in the market, on a? r. u .;?d acf m liodating urn.s as call be purei.a-' d in the I>i? ?rtct. c. MYEttfi fc SON. J.- JG-itv DANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT OF IUH KS. I'HE Car. a I Packet CONGRESS hanr; le-.n thor. 1 dri| n h||i i y.'JU* irst rat?- order, (th- M ..? lu- 1/ t e - ng removed and horse |Kmi| snbstitu.eai co?oih n-s mukinc her rei>u ar trips t>ctweeii Georgetown m l the abort- place. The Boat wdl leave ilie wharf of W. f! k H litter tor Point of R<?rkF on MONDAYS, WED NESDAYS and FRIDAYS at 6 o'clock a : ? '? be Point of Rwcks forGeorrrtuwn on 'I CESD' ^ ?*". ' IIUBSDAYS ar d S ATCRDA YS at t! J?t ?our stopping at the dillVreiit Uinlinf<- a !o. . or the recipiioo and landing of p. - i ?s a*i<l reigbt, gon.g and returning. The b<<at wil leave Geor??>t w a* 7 oVl? ck 3 ni. ind arrive at the head mtthe ?;??? t; safll.F ?a at 1 E iwa-ris' Fe?rv3'", \ 1 c \ij| K': ?* LV .... JJ J n - / . ? . , ... ... r 1. m. Pasfage thioitxh either wav j2 Meais -erved regularly on boa'd th^ boat at moo rate orice#. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. je 25-dtf VCORTON'S SHt)RT \I K COLD P'*N> - I LvA finest workmanship and fim h, ai>>! erent in their action from any other, aunnt if. ri* vriters who have hitherto ri"t bw-u aMi t nii^' lie of any m*t <llie pen whatev. r. Al?), Bagley's Gold Pens, inclndinc all tee best anetiea made by tha: house, for *aie, w-T'sul' etail, at the Banu!ac:urer,s lowest pn<t< in evi-ry *?<. FRANCE TAYLOR J"?? r A'.u w A ?: a \ N TS WAS TFCD W I 4 W'uch the lii^tu-.'t t.rics wil! be i> ti I bv CHLiBB BROTHERS, way oi ?u ^lavei) 0pp.U1eT1o.w7.