Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1855 Page 3
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t STAR. ^XoQ, n 0 0 ? Mir>f?D acARDi'ExccKiioN ?The steam deont? Washington left the city. yesterday *r?ooB. vitb upward of three handrel Sosi of b<*h of ?bout ?qaal num ?lL.for the White Houae. Ilenoning thet resort, the company danced aeveral Kri a?ay to the deligh'ful music of Proa j cctiiloa band. Half-past seven o'clock. Sere was* copious shower, which had the -L'j effect cf cooling the etmoaphere. Mean ?. le the pavilion waa the aoena of the d??eiBg exercbee. Avery fine supper glad ded the excursionist!?a part of the pro which never cad be conveniently flmi.tol oc such occasions. careen six and seven o'clock in the even ,g the Alice C Price, with flying colors, and 3'a wry large company on board, pawed d'wn tie river. Cheers were given in ccm ?ji ffiect to the happy spirits cn the shore, which were returned as enthusiastically by ?he recipients of the oral honorg The White House premises have been con riiermbly improved of late. The undergrowth hu been cleared and the tress whitewashed, rivit* the place a refreshing, cloanly appear. fncf. Swings have been erected, and a *owl tzg saioee openea to the lovers ot such gym nss'ic exercises The Geo-^e Washington made the run home in an hour and a half, notwithstanding the iiJ# was in the reverse direction. Halt-ROM) Accidest ?On Wednesday after noon a sad accident occurred on the Haiti nt^re and Ohio Ilai'read, in coneeqae?30 ci wnith Mr Charles l'uvall, of Ante Arundol flinty lost one of Lis legs. The Baltimore American say* he was discovered walaiag on the track- *nd engineer blew tbo wbtstle to warn him to get out of the way, but he paid 20 attention to the alarm, and was struct by :v,e locomotive He fell upon the track, wteu t ?ro of tfce tra: ks pa?sed over his ancle, crcih ' lt l2 a, horribie manner, so t'o?t his leg *"*i to be asputated below the knee. Mr. t "Qrail i? a man of abouf sixty yesrs of sge, igsiflicted with deafness. wbich a^countB tor his cot leaving the track when the whistlo wu --unded. He has several tinibs before narrwly escaped being run down by the trains though frequently warned against milling on tbo track He was as oomforta. hie vestarday as he could be under tbo cir cumstances. though it is probable, with his \ ?g?. it will be a long time before he will en tiieiy recover. Ptblic Schools ?Yesterday afternoon, Primary So. ?">, of third distriot, was examined tha-s-hooi room, on B etree'. north of the Capitel. This school, under the care of Miss H C ilenshaw. has been in exia'enco about ine year, and in charge of the present teacbcr tnij two n.ontha There were in attendance tf tha trustees Messrs Polk. Hanson, a:.d Baeoc. of the teachers, Miss Mildleton, Miss McCarthv. Mi's Lowe, Miss Billings. Miss Mere. Miss Acton, Ui-'S Ashdotvn, Mi-s El Ivans, Mrs Ogden, and Mr? Mye'S 'Ihere were six'y two pupils present at the exnmi . rm %_ ? I. !>.? a 1_ ? ? - - ? LM?M??aa nation > ae Kuwi .? a ue* ?u..?ot t* o"* of the trustees had some diEcalfy in indicg its The tru:tees aro an.^ ious to m^ke this school equal to any of its grade in the department, and their ellorts will, d;>uktl*g. prove successful. Time and labor will certainly gain for them the desired re mit. Hospital for tub Issasr.?This institu tion. located in the District of Columbia con tains. ws believe, core than tfty inmafe.. Although the buildings are not jet finished, tha unfortunate sncjec's fur treatment are c:mfonably accommodated with proper atten H???ts in the tevera! (tn^artaients. Th? if:s:? ? un?cr tne charge of Dr Nichols, a g?nt.<ui?fl of experience elsewhere, who came reeomceaded as having the e-sential qua'ifi cation' f r a chirge of sach grave iaipcrtanct, The President has appointed the following aa&e<i ^SLtlemeu to be visitors ct the hos pital NN W. Corcoran, Jacob Gideon. John C. Rives Daniel Katpl.ffs, Thomas Miller, Graft, n Tjie* ard lienjamia S B^hrer of the f Dis'rictot Columtia; \villiam Whelan of the U. S.Navy ; Robert Wood, of ?he U S. Army. These gentlemen, w? learn, are to meet at tbe ^epariiuent ice intcriir oa Mouday Be^t. to make axrangemcuts for the fuliliment ol J their duties. EaiLLiasr SstLtte Match ?We refer cur readers to the advertisement which appei ri in another column with this caption by which it appears that Mr. We. L. Jones contem plate getting up, on tho 2ith of July, if prac ticable. a grand regatt.?two chased Etruscan silver g:bieta conautating the prices. In N?rta;rn ciiie.s, su^h regattas are con \ '"ucted in brilliant style, and ?fford an ei' c *icg and r.greeable means of amusement while, in aduitioc, the tendency is to encour. aze improvemert in boat-building. A lar^e and beautiful steamer is to bs chartered foi the o'ea?ion, in orler to p.ffjrd all who de-lrt to witness the contest an opoci;un:ty to be held tho various incidents. It ia reasonable to presume that the ladies here, as elsewhere nn s?sh occasions, will avail thecisslves ol Ue sight seeing. E-*bth jCakb!?It appears that oar neigh bors of Baltimore were especially viaited wi'b an earthquake yesterday morn ng. at a fen m.cutes past midnight, and. according to iomi of the accounts, the hou*e< were violently 'shaken, and peop'e. aroujed from their pleas ?*c si .rnbers. ran ia'o the streets in theii . f't d* 7 uit f O her occurrences are re lla'ed ; and though doubts were at first eater ktacei by our newipuporial neighbors, thej .0V7 agrae that it was a veritable earthquake '. A dispatch was tent by telegraph to thii L'itv inquiring wbothsr the sh ck was felt here land :ae response was an emphatic " No.' |Th*-e was, however, some in th< public Departmsnts, n b?ing near 'he Cr?t t?l ['the mouth; but b^youd this we havo no par tic iulars Li kolalt ? Late last night, or early tb'i [morning as Li suppc sed.) the merchant tailor K .g establibhment of Mr. L^aa Ucghe.c, or the nrrthe is? corner of Pennsylvania avecuc [and Thirteenth s*re4t, was entered bra bur g ar or burglara, who hr?t cut a hole in the . r *:.d :hea putting in the hand, unlo.-.keii [it iae act was accomrli^-hed by pers<>r?s ol exrrr.e . e in that .in? tf viliiiuy L'kth.-, Bilks, satin*; ia fi.ct, every deseriptioa * f ar |i:led to be tound in an establishment of that nd. were stolen, to the extent, it is said, ol I for Imj thousand dollars' worth { The Coj.rx?TiD S :.\ts j.h thc Boabi> of Euiun?The ilea iwWtn ot the ^arj of A ldera en met in the Board's chain rin the City Hall cn Wednesday afternoon [ast, and took up tbe cue8ti.>n of the ri-j'nt ol he present occupants or the contestants tu he tea's from the Fourth nnd Fifth V.'a-d , illed at the reoent municipal eleotioa It wa? greed that toe parties tor both sides to tba | nre-t be heard in person or by aoun-el oa j-? afternoon of Friday, Ja!y 6, and that a I lark to tha committee be appointed Doo S(.arcHTKR ?We perceive, by our ex aange pipers that several of the large citios ?ve oomtnenced a warfare oa the dogs. >uriog the t ast m >nth. nearly a thousand logs were slain in St L' uia. 'ibis weak the 'killers in New ^ ork have ccn.mere?d the work of extermination If an onslaught be not made on thecanines of Washing ua it will pot be because there are *o few of them! At [lue progress-vo rate of increase our city, in me ceur?e of a vary few years, will cuUtrip Constantinople itself in the magnitude of that ' peculiar institution ' PIC-IKS ar > the order <'f tLe day. Hall a doten at leaat. have already taken placo this week. Yes e.-lty ti.ere was one at Custis'e >ptings. t?ni there is to be another there to Bday; wti tie at lloovor's beautiful country re?i Kdence. over the aqueduct, a party cf about a Ihuofed are enjjyicg tbemielves. I PoSTCrrtje ExTE?i:o!?.?Workmen have InoBmenrel laying the granite foundations cf k*e aidi'-ions to that beautiful e lifice Ace-Td ? g to present appearances, tho utmost care pii been taken to r nder the w.lis mote than jpaua'ly aalid and ensuring. Criminal C^rET.?This morning. George "jtaffori wa.-- trie! acd found guilty of an as *ult having iomi time ago, taken part in a *ial U.tle agat. Mooslmht Division.?We trust that <mr city shall not be reproached with affording no game for the sportraan. With a view of fore closing the metropolis from such a charge, we state that this morning, between one and two o'clock, a gentleman, on returning home from an ezoursion down tbe river, heerd two startling and sharp cracks from a rifts not far from his residence, lie was unable to as. certain the cause of the firing until a later hour, although from the orj of " Kl i, kl-i-i," he suspected the character of the proceedings While passing along, he saw the dead body of a dog, and tracks cf blood. It is suspected that some wertem hunter, debarred from the deer sports to which he has been accustomed, found substitute game in canines, a species of animal frightfully abundant both in and < n the outskirts of this "village." Moonlight enabled him to descry the objects for his "fatal tabe." Larcery or a Gili. Net?Yesterday a boatmaa namjd Randolph Otis was takes be f?re Justice Uoddard, where he was charged vith the larceny of a gill net, the property of E. Weaer. It appeared that Weser had laid uuthis net in the river, and alter wards fell asleep. Upon being aroused, he found his net was gone. The net was sold to Mr. T. Lucas for five dollars. Upon fining his net, Weser discovered that it had been detached from nis boat by some charp instrment. 0 is saj s he found the net afloat in the river. He returned the money to Mr Lu*as, and was sent to jail by Justice Uoddard. lie has rin:o been bailed out by Mr. Stone, his em ployer. We are told that Otis has always been regarded as an honest and industrious man. Fighting ro? Fr?.?Yesterday, several of our joan? oitizons met on Seventh street, an1} began joking with one another. The fuu was carried on as amicably as could be desired until one, who 6tppoaed ,;all jokea freo in harvest," called his companion a name that be considered a reflection upon his ancestry, which led to a fight and three were soon en gaged. The battle ended, however, without veiy serious damage to either part. \Te would advise friends to be careful with their j ikes, and to keep cool,4' if possible, during the present hot weather. Fourth ok Jclt.?We learn that James M. Carlisle, Eiq , has consented to deliver the oration on the occasion of the celebration of tbe anniversary of the fourth of July, on the Capitol grounds. In addition to other cr rangementa, tbe Marine Band has been en gaged, lhe Flying Artillery, from Baltimore, and several of the military companies ot our city, are expected to compose a part of the procession. Seresade.?This morning, frnm 1 o'clock till near daybreak, many residents of the Second Ward had an opportunity of listening to come excellent music performed by one of tbe fine bands cf this oity. Tho musicians were serenading various persons fn the Second , W ard. Since writing the above, a friend in formed us that tbe ser-n&d ng party was com , posed of Fibber's bai d. a new organization, , composed of talented amateurs and professors. That'll do ?An incredulous gentleman, having been told repeatedly that the weather Wad warm, thin *- * * . , _..0 i- oK me trouble to consult the thermometer to satisfy himself, by which means be actually ascertained that his friends o a spoken truthfully ; for the quick silver indicated eighty one degrees; ninety at noon! [commpsicated Ma. Editor : Having learned yesterday that a report had been very industriously cir culated iu tha community that I was a mem ber cf tbe order known ad Know Nothings, you Iwll sts:a that I am not now, never have been and never will b*. a mtmaer c? association of the kind, and that X do not agree with them upon any political principle whatever; and | that whoave* assorts to tbe contrary is guilty of publishing a faise/iood. Juno 25)?It. Siueo* Mead. [COMMfNICATED Mil Editor In your researches iu and through "Nineveh," you have secured the | body of one who. from the similarity of name, was in all probability a relative of myc?n For this act of kindness to tho unfortunate old gentleman, please accept my protcuod thicks Fearicg lest the "spirit'' with whom you are . allied, (and who probably aids in dieentomb ' ing these "relics of by gone days,") may be tbe unwilling instrument in leaving an im ' pressiou unfavorable to tbe consistency of tbe 1 doparted, allow me to s'ate that 1 shall en. i deavor to enter the city dr.ring tbe coni'ng week, and redeem (if possible) the character 1 of my once mortal ancestor, which means, in > tbe language of the present day. just this: From and after this date, 1 wish it to be dia ? tincily and emphatically understood, to pre ? vent misunderstanding hereafter, that the , John U Elvans, of tho firm of Elvar.s A lhomp ? sen No 1123 Pennsylvania avenue (no uuHfer ? what may hare been the action of refcpected ' ancestor,) is, and washes to be always -ensid. > ered, a full-blooded member of the erder known (A. D., 1?65.) as Knew Nothings, his ) " qaiet business" tendencies to the contrary nor withstanding f Very respectfully, Ac , June 2w?It. Joan R. Elvanb. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Qborsetowm, June 20,18&&. ) . The annual concert of tke Qeorgetown Fo - male Seminary came eff yesterday evening in r tbe spacious hall of the institution, which was ^ crowded to overflowing with tho parent? and > relatives of the young ladies and invited guests. I he exercises eonnstod in recitations In ' prote and poetry, exerciscs upon the piano, ? and singing. In each of these exercises the f young ladies acquitted themselves in a manner * whieh perfectl. delighted the entire auditory. At the conclusion of the concert a number of I handsome medals and prizes were bestowed ? upon tbe most profisient as awards of merit, i J he following are the names of tha young la i dies upon whom whom the awards of merit were bestowed; > Rector's gold medal, to Miss Maiy OJen, I representative of wholo school Fi:?t silver f UibdaJ, to Miss Mary R. Douglass, reprerenta , ?iva senior olasj ; second da do., to Miss Ann - P. Atkinson, representative of middle class; : third do. do., to Miss Clara Laub, and fourth f do Jo, to Miis Friscilla Worthington, repre sentatives of junior class; fifth do do., to ili.;3 Anna Liuthicum, repre?er4a'av3 of pre 1 puratoty department; sixth do do , to Miss i Miry lUmoad. representative of the Fxnoh cla.-s; seventh do do., to Miss Julia U Kin ney, representative of first class in music; ' eighth do do , to Miss Anna Shanks, reprt i suntative of second clacs in musio; ninth do. do., to Mus Alice Warring representative of ? Lird class in musio lhe following are the prises awarded for c.?mporition and neatness: First pr>ze to Miss Kaio Middleton, poetic composition ; ?econd, to Miss S. Marion Beall, proso; third, to Mis? Octavia A. W. Paiaon, pr>se First priz?> for neatness to Miss Eliza W&de, and second to Miss Julia Warring ' lhe following arc tho namei of the gradu ates : Miss'S. Marian Beall, of Oeorg'-towu. D. C ; Miss S Virginia Daw, do ; Miss Kate Middleton, of Wuabing'on, D C ; Miss Clara ll<>lmead, of do ; MisaJMary R. Douglass, Chi e.igo, 111 : Mi.?s Rachel E Morton, of Charles County. Md ; ML=a Gertrude Lee, of Clarks burg, Va. It is but proper wo should say that the young ladie^ generally, in each of tho claases, wet e so very proficient in all their stud!as, that moit of the beforo mention medals and prizes could only be awarded by ballot. Ibis institution is one of the most useful and flourishing of the kind in this section ot country. It ia entirely under tbe contrel and management cf tbe Rev. Mr Clark and his wife and the number of pupils has increased one hundred per cent du-icg the past year Since our letter of Wednesday, wa have learned that the flenrithing Sabl ath School of tbe Bildge street Presbyterian Church intend eelebratlrg tbe 4 h of July in a beautiful grove, near tho residence of Mrs Barber The Declaration of Independence will be reid by Sir. James Cridler. and an oration deliv ered by Mr Wm Dunlop The scholars will aieo perform a series of pleaaing exercise*? singing, reciiat'ons. Ao. They ?ill be a<voa panie.t by ?he Market atrae; Musion Chapel School. Wm. Lairdj delivers tho or a tion for th? Methodist Protestant School. Mr. Laird i> ?n ?*>lo and pleaaing ppeaker. and will doabtleec attract a large ooneoarae of per. sons to hear him John T Bangs, Ejq , reads the Declaration of Independence. At a meeting of the Vigilant fire company last night a committee wus appointed to make arrangements tor a grand excursion down the river. Mr W. S JnineT resigned as first vice president, and Mr. C. H. Rodier was elected to the vacancy. The flonr market this morning is very quiet; holders and buyers are both waiting to see what effect the foreign new? will have upon the northern markets?held at $10 for good brands. No salei since our last. Small salei of very prime red wheat at $2. which seems to be the very highest figure that the article would demand. No samples of new have yet oome in. Corn held at $1, none offering. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, June 29,1855. Exoarshns and pic nics are now all tke vogue. The White House Pavilion and the grounds adjaccnt were, on Tuesday, the scene of one of the picasanteet scenes that has ever graced that home of gayety. The Y. C. F. Society and their friends spent the day there; music and dance, song and feast mndo the day joyous, and lent their charm to many hour? nf the moonlit night. On Wednesday, large nutabejs availed themselves of the two excur sions to spend a pleasant day at the White I!ou?e or Fort Washington, and yesterday the Methodist Episcopal Sabbath school gave a delightful pic nic on the green sward beneath the ramparts of Fv>rt Washington. Tho gallant firemen of the old Friendship are preparing for a fair early in the coming autumn. TUey de-erve sucoess, and the belles of Bell'haw.n have decreed that they shall have their deserts. The Methodist Protestant Church, now hand somely refitted, is opsn every night for reli gious service. Several eloquent divines have already filled the pulpit, and been listeded to by large congregations. Tbe St. Mary's Sunday School distribution of premiums ook pipes at St Mary's ohurch last night. R<jv J. P Donelan, with tho p&E tor and superintendent, distributed tbe med als, rcsaries, Ac., to the deserving scholar-1, the children, under the lead of their gifted musical directress singing some heiutiful hymns, and tbe exercises were concluded by a very appropriate address from Rev. J. P. Donelan. Raligieus ?ervice v???e ke!c\ at 3t. Paul's church, preparatory to the confirmation ordi nation services oi to-diy. Ami. _ - ? ? . _ . rr^?i?K. HO^rr.tNn's crlkbbatkd gebman bit TEHS ?Weak, nervous, depiessed In spirits, and a prey to Innumerable ta*nt?1, as well vs physical evil*, the to dyspepsia, I* in leed an objector comuiisseratlon. Yet It is 1 f>r hltn t? despair. We care not how weak low, nervon*. and irritable he msv be, the cordial orcpsr tlesol HOOFuAND'S GERMAN UITTKKS, prepsied by l)r. C. M. JackMin, PI Iladelpbla, are stronger than the nuny Leaded monster which 1* preying upon bl? body and mind; and If he choose* to try them, we will Insure a speedy core. See a J vertisernent. Je 7?iu. ?r"-'?.-wKiT.Bnm I (air* ....ance?Tne Juries of each of the late ..aitim >re, Richmond, and New T^ri ^warded tlielr huhe?t premium* to J. H. W. for t'uelr ispsr&iity of I'lio tOfCrafli*. Stereo*;o|Mj and r>i.-::rr?e ..rprs exhibited. Mr. W. alao r?-?i? ??! two at the T7orld'? Fair, Lou fiju, *u<l a pieiniuna at Crystal i'aiace, New York. Also, the flrst awards o> the Si?rj;?iud tusU.Qle for throe ye&ra past. Whltehuret'* Oallery :n ttila city li on Pa. avenue, betw. ?3i and 8th streets. ffeb 17 j-r-^-NOAU WALKKR A CO., Marble Hall Clothing Empo ' rluin, coder Br-iwrn." H'.tel, respectfully announce that tiielr display of Spriri? and Hummer Clothing i* now ready ft>r lu*pect1on, loniprislt.K an assortment of Coat*, Veate and PantaW.or.t of the newest aud richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To Kentlewn 7l. ?tady exce'lence with economy in f??M~-K,-i 4.c<ci?r> v* dresa an opportunity for sslt ' : .ere?t of Mi* largest and most Ml-;. .ivt ?.t?ck-af ?ncds ereroCeea.' this city at k ve y lotnctC ccaU of price*. I rK"T?I'EKSONS SlPFi:RINO FROM DISEASKS OF THE U--/ long* are, In a creat majority "f case-, roinpl?te!y ve ctored to health by a ftithfi'l trial of Dr. CI HI IS S HYOK AN \ on iDhnlinx Vapor. By the DectM*! new meti '. tr?-aliiient, the nied|ci.l a?e- t i? brou -ht in dlr et ontacf with the diaea?e l parts, tad canaot lall of UaTlug a bfue flcial efle^t. a.l dr?i<?1et< ee'l It. M?e advertisement tr. t'l's p?per. CACTION.?Dr. ClSTlvs HVOEANA la the original and only genuine ar: - 3? M?lm (V~^?ni,n HOURS, I I.CERS, AND ALL KRCPTIONS and ' all dl?e.i?es arising from an lntnare and .letirared uttie of the blood. S^e the t xlrai.r I iary enrr* nf Wm. ?}. Fir wood, a highly re*t.e t.ible itl^en of Rl'-hmond, Vi., vf Carter** Span Hh Mixture. Ho b^?l u!^tr? ????' ? ?;* "" worat?ieacrt| U. a t R?Mi. <<?'? -? ??d, t.? wm ? walk aicei't on crnt' li't, A l*:W bottle* of I! A I'. T r. a S Sl'AN'lHH MlXTl RK. tne great blot>d ptiritter, cured him, a- It h** cured inn ir*ii "f <.||i?r* who lmve miffer** I with r * ? ;iiat -m, h . ' '? 'T-' of lut: icy, ;iirl piiul and ulcers of Uie b<.ue* arid y ':it*. ?#*See advertisement. fr?-p>7 P OILMAN, I?rr.^gl?t, haa removed ti ?28 Seventh street, >p|>os1Uf Ui the Pitr1*?tic l*aiik,end 1* now pre pared tottll all orders for Med'.^i1 en, Paink*, Oils, and Glass on accommodating t<jriDs. Stric t attention wlU bs paid to physician'* prescription.' at a'l hours of th* day and night. The ntgbt bell Is on* Uie ilebt of the store door. *p 14?lie _ rr~p*A PHilNOMKNA IV UTTIHfTINK?Bronchitis, Congh. Dysper.sU. Liver f onspialnta, Scrofula, 4c.?For all d'seasee < f the Feaoa'e ;ty*tem It *tan<ls pre eminent. A Glergyman Just Informs ns it liw cured him of Broncliltli of a desperate <-fi .racter--Dartlci'?r4 hereafter. HAMPION'S VEGETABLE TIN?riTHit?By its mild ar? Uun on the stomach. lUer and kidD?-ye, will enre Dy*pep ?la C<'Ugh A'tliuja, Bronchial and Afertlon*, Pains In the Ba ii. Side a*id Brea-t. ONsn^ilUI, 8? '.'nla, Bh-u rnatlsm, tiont. Neuralgia, Fistula, Sowc O.y.ila nW, Plbs, Wort-is, aud Net *ous I> >11 d'.seeiaa arising from ulpare bi >o?l, a:. 1 Is the -rei 'est uiodlclti# ev er known riil* Invaluable njed'elue Is wotklug wonderi apoa ttiahci&a'i frame. tjeeadveitUaraentto-da7. mar 7 13 AHH.1E.D. Ob tkettkiMtent, ky tbe Upv. Mr l-ra^l, Mr. ZA< IIARt All 11 WHITMORI2 to Miss HE8T'4R E HUl'CiilNdON, all of ihu city. * On thf 2tJth in'tmit, Vj the Kev Mr. Or ffln, Mr. CHAKL.EH U. FLOY1J t?. Miss VARAH C Mlt. STRAD, ilauahter ct Tiios. Mtlu'.ead, Esq , all cl tli'r city. Ob tt??* 2P:h lngian*, bv R< v. R. I.. Paslii?-ll. Mr. JAVU:a ARTHUR to Muh ELIZARETU GAITH tlt. t> ?th "t 1'rineH G-orge CO., Md At Jones^or i', I linoi^, nil thf I9tb, uy the R?v. Mr (iriswold, Ik HUGH McVEAN to Mi^u VI AGGIE, duugli??r of Isaac ilolliincJ, Emj , of thi? city. Wanto. HOUSE WANTED?T:m atvuriii^r wi^he8 to huv n Piiutll eh?ap Houvp and Lot, fiituatt.-d w^??t ot IHih In twi en I and N 8tn. P. reopg hiviiis Buoli proptfty tur will | gtatL Ha location and ihe lowest csnIi price in a ???alul note, and l?*ft m the tstar Off ce, addressed to "T B L." je iD?7f \&T ANTED TO HIKE IMMEDIATELY, a col V? of*d Woman 1<? do the work of a fau.ily of t ao per-.ou*. A iiava f.-hi the cuirry prefemd. Wajet liberal. Inquire at ih?* itenevolent Eoiploy ineDt Hioie. next door to odd hVlinwx' Hall, on 7ih ?trebt. at 11 o'eluck, on Friday au l tsaiiirdav nicru ings. ie 2d -2t tir*ANTED?A DKUd CLERK. ONE WHO \Y thfiroiiglily unilwrstanit* the bmim-as %nd i? willicc to i!>ve it his eatire ut',e;itii?a. Addrcsa J. i'. 8TONE, j? Sjj?3i? corner Cili and G sireetd. WANTED?TWO ()? MOKE FARM HANDS, wliitK nr h'ack, ''or the halauct: of the y< ar.? OneMtth his wife would betaken, capable U'cook inir, uasiiipg ane irnning Wanted to purchase a Naero Woninn of tldeily or middle age. LLOYD Ot CO, 15;h Urctt, oppobite the Treasury, je 27?4t _ WA X T E D ?A PARTNER TO \V'(?Klv A f i;me Quarry and contract for tale ot 8tone to Gove rum out and ottiers, there heing now great de Di.iu l for stone. This Quarry it immediately oppo site Georget un. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every impleoirnt on the >;pot. Tl in quarry tur uishes the best and largest truck Stone, &c. A chance is now oflercd. Call or write to LLOYD &. CO, Fifteenth street, uppo. the Treasury, may 3?. f WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOvV THAT they can gi t a lot 25 feet front by 130 feet d< op, for t'.ie low p>-i<v? of %7.1?payable 5-1 a montlp without iniere t. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7tli st., ab<>v? Odd Fellows' ilall. ap*J8-3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. I)OAllUINQ.?P easnnt rooms for summer, ) with boardiu< for f.noilivs or ?im;le persons can lie had by ea:ly application at KING'S, 303 north IJ street, between 3d and 4!-$. The house is de ligh fully situated, and has u-t been thoroughly rtn rtvaied ami rrfurutailed. Meals furnished to fami licsand day boarders accjimnodaud en riasr.nable terms. Je4 ? lm* \|() '1' 1 C Bs.?FOR KENT?PAKLOUd AND L^l Chamber*, with ho trd. Also, table and tran lient boArd, wish a bitiiikg room and shower baths mid every httention to rentier it mint agreembie to acr boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAYi Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. ap 93?3ui 1)OAKI), dk-c.-MUS. "ATEB, on the south J west cornero( Pi*, avenue and yth street is pre pared t3 *er nnmodaic g?ntlenieti with rooin?, with >r without board. Every eft'ort will be made to r?n jer those coinlofU ble wiio may favor her ?iin their ptirciidge, C?U For Bale and Kent FOR RENT?THE BUILDINO en D street, near the corner of lath. is fir rent, either in part or whole. Apply at this office. ]e 99 tf 1JOR RENT-AT A REDUCED PRICE, n fine / Brick House, oorner o( Massachusetts avenue

and 10th street, in one oi the most pleasant parts of the city. Apply to GEO. T. LANGLEY, on L: between Ninth and Tenth s'.reet, No. 504 Je 28?3;* Houses fur rent.?a threk story Brick Dwelling, with a two story back build ins, and all the necessary out buildings, situated in Cox's Row, Fir*t street, Georgetown. It has spa cious p riors and a commodious hall. It is c* nsid eied one of the most desirable residences in the I "in flict. There is an enclosed lot, west an4 a ljoinlng the liou92. The premises are now occupied t>y the Secretary of the Interiot. Possess tin may be had on the 12th July. AWo, a substantial two story brick House, with spicims gronnds ahont it,situated on the southwest corner of F and 20th r>trefu, Washington. Posses sion given on the 12th July. Apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner F and 90.h s;?. Je 25? 2w* (Intel) FOR RENT?THE BASEMENT OF FORREST Hall, in Georgetown, and several room- on fust floor. Possession given on 2d July. The main Hail or Concert Room is newly b,r.cbed, and will b rented by the night or season, on moderate terms. A poly to B FORREST, je 25-2 w* Corner F and 20th sts. TX?U SALE?A SMALL I RAME HOUSE and J Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washington. it presents a rare opportunity t ? a person wishing to make a good investment. If not sold soon it will be for rent. ANo, a three story Brick House sad Lot No. 57 High street. Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 160 tt. deep, will be ^o!d low and on a long credit. WanteJ.a few shares of Georgetown Building As sociation Stock. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown ; or, No 400 E street, Washing'on. je 21 ? IjlOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT . large three story Brick House, well known as the host stand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, and now eceupied by ?!r. McGonegal. Possession civ en on tin- first of July. Address LLOYD CO., | Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa>hin<r ton, I). C. mav 30?4f T ? ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. XV $15*) a year will be received for the rent ol taose new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres ol ground, staMe, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps oi puie water are near the door, and commumcat on is had with Georgetown by way of H ana Seventh ?trects and Penn. Avenue, mo.inn" an<t alternoon, a.t itie | usual fare, for iue accommodation oi wrk* u? the department-!. T?? secure the advantage oi tiiis prent reduction of rent iwi^ediut* m must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at h;s hou?e at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be hail and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences wiil be pol l on liberal terms. WM. STICK VEY, No.4, Kendall Green. N. R.?Rents iiiid quaiterly in aJvcrue. apr 9,1655 - tt I T.ior rent.-fouFntw~ *\'n"To-VL.Vi 1 ent I.riek Houses^ trowu i.onts, con tnlntcz oa'.0V?i with innfo.oai'tels, dining room. Kitclo ii, servant'? k>:.i, ?ive chambers each, and situ.u-<i oj? Thirteenth strtet, Island, near the I ujic f^rouiius, convenient to Pa. av?uuc aad the M-partnients. Rent very c. i?;rrU". Apply at R. U. CLARKE'S offi/e, corner of Sirth street aid EvU sirma avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Dru* feior , Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?wit FOIl RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lor* and Chambr rs, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inouire at Mrs. SMITH'S.a 3 3 F st reet an 9 Homes FOR A!.' ?Iitsuti!>iHy and healthily . locate'' I'< %*?: -^hts, 24 f? t front by I-Jw feci **?'" :?? st^r.i streets, ran, Holii eprmg, be height *."e eieeodtuff i-.?w price ot $75, payable per montfc, 'J'jt!** indisputable. Union l and Office, 7th st., above c chows' II?."'.. Jan S?6m JOHN FO':, -Jiv.vary. NOTICE. OUR customer* are most respectfuily notified their accounts will be pres nted to them on the 25<h m.-tarit. To all those who will have ibe kindness to call and sette their respective :.ccouau on or before the 1st July, we Khali be exceedingly obliged. We have a number of account? rendered on the lit Amuji remain ri ? nwa>4. a-.|d hmU b*? in those indebted mv. uniCtJ wi receive Hie man y for tii..rt, ?.v ?i.? l- t July, ?<e shall be compelled to pSact stnMi bills in the h-oid* ol an ?lfic? r for collection. CLAGEPT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. je 21?lOt STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERRE iN GALLERY.-We are masing splendid pictures tor lower prices than any otlie< Ga Itrv in the ciiy. They are per fectiy, and satisfaction it always ^iv? n. Gallery directly over M. W. Gait's Jewelry Store. Pa. avenue j- 1?lm AT UU.nEI PETER 8HASOHAI HAS RETURNED, And iiaving taken up his abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Wit be liar py to see his old friends ;?t thoir es tablishment, \o. 4VOjl Seventh street, opp?isite ?>1d Fellows' llall, jc 15?tf WATCIIJCP" JEVVE1.UY. SILVERWARE, <f.. M- W. GALT St BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices ol th? above, and offer every article In their line, at the hueil raUs. GOLD AM) SILVER WoJSK of ewtry desenp tion, male tj Oidir, sucli as TESTIMONIALS ;icli?y embellished, with appropriate designs, SIL YEU TEA SETS, DINNEK SERVICES, &c. Precious Stones set iu every styl^ nowever elab onf. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, &.c. cut nr. stone. M. W. GALT fc HI ?? . 3*44 I'a. it., between 9th and 10th sts. je 14-tr SP. UOOYJuH, Iron Hall B<mu. Sliot, mid ? Trunk Establishment. I have let ^ivec A ? this day a large assortment o? Gents French Patent Leather and van Boots and Shoes.' which I will sell ciie^p. Aiso, Boys' Youths, and Children's SHOES of ail descriptions. All in want please call at S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot. Shoe and Truuk Establisliiuent, between 9th and 20th ?ts. je 16 ? LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Agent (or Claim*, No. 53? Twelfth street, will j;ivo the highest market price 1:1 g<dd for Latid Warrants je 7?lm* Tl) HOUHkOK LEPKRi?Persons"wish in,} Ui purchase eupurior Table or Pocket Cut Ury. heavy Silver plated or Brittania VVrrc, f.iu Japanned Tea Truys or Toilet Sots, ?a excellent Clock, Fealtmr liUftvr, Hat Stai ?1, Eiiam< led Ket tle, Sauct pan, G avy Suainer, Tea Bell, or any of the hundred inidoiie little etceteras nee.i? u by every housekeeper, are invited to call on G. FRANCIS, Je 18 400 Seventh gt. "VfOTXCK.?We shall as usual issue all unpaid bills from our t? >oks up to Saturday, th y *uu ultimo. We resprctlullv request that nil to whom they bel 1.4 will promptly settle lham ou or Ltfore the 1st of July. All who desire to have their tiila bcfoie Icing scot rut w ill fiud them ready at our i.eak. je 18-d.jyl CLAGEIT, DOMSON Si CO. HAIR WORK. ORNAMEVi H of llair, such as Rracelds, Chat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attends to. Specimens may be seeu at my store. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10:b sts. M*r 30 MOREDUN; a tale?churning to be by Sir Walter Scott, 50c Abbott'^ lli.-;o;jr of Napoleon, 2 vols, octavo, $5 Constance llerbeit, a novel, by M?ss Jewsbcry, 37c The Con roversy between Senator Brook, and Arch bi>hop Hughes, 25 cents. jejy FRANCK TAYLOR. WATCHES. UST received, a large assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's fine GOLD WATCHES of every Eize, style and manufacture. Toe above is by far the beat and cheapest ever of fered to our customers. M. VV. GALT & BRO., >34 l'a. avenue betw. Vth and 10th su. i? 81? tf NEW AND OLD PIANOS. T?TE have now in store the largest asaorUBT?t of V? PI.AN"S ever offcre . in Utw from Hal l*t, Davis fit Co., Bacon ? iUven, and Knab?, Gaehle Si Co.'s celcl>rM.>d manufactories. Thes? Pianos ws gu^rTintee, and sell upon vei y easy terms A^-', a new Pi 110 u?ud ouiy a few months, which We offer at Um low price of i*i200 ca?h j a second hand Piuiio, by Andre Stien, for|i75. A very fine second hand Chickerinf F'ano for ?nlc or rent at a bargain. Old Tianos taken in exchange for new. Always on hapj, fctoois, Covers, Violina, Guitars, Flutes, Accordeou*, Music, he. Ike. JOHN t'. ELLIS, 300 Pennsylvania avenue, may 1(J Vlit and ltkli J Auction Bales. 4#- For otker Sales tee first page By ORCBI * SCOTT. Aactlo>Mri FINE BUGGY AND DRAUGHT horse, Dray Cart and Harness, rurnlture, Tea, Cigars, Watches ami Jewelry at Auction?On FATUR DAY, the 30.h instant, we shall sell, at 8 o'clock a m , in front of our store? A larg^ assortment of Furniture,TV* and Cigars And on aecotint of whom it may enrem? Eijht new gold and silver Watches, and a large as sortroent of new Jewelry, Breastpins, Finger and Ear Rings With many other articles, which wc deem untie cessary tj enumeiats. Also, a fin* young biy Mare, perfectly gentle, works fine in buggy, dray or cart And ft good Dray and Cart, aud Harness. Terms cash. The fale of Horse, Dray, Cart, und Hairier will take place precise!) at 10 o'clock. GREEN ASCOTT, Jc29-d Auctioneer*. By GRkKN * SCOTT. Anctlon??ri 'IUVO TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSES AND L Lot at Auction ?On THURSDAY, 5th of July, we sh*ll Fell, in front of the premises, ai 6 o'clock p. m , half of Lot 4, in Square No 343, fronting 28 ieet 9 inch 's on ? 1th street wc.t, between K stn et eorth and New Kork avenue, min ing back t*9 feet 0 incites, with the improvements, which are two good two story Frame Houses, containing 3 rooms each, he. E^ch house will be sold separate with the lot on which it stai.ds. Terms: One third cash; balance in 6. 12, and 18 months, tor notes henting interest Irom the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed ortru.-t taken. GREEN k SCOTT, je 29-d Auctioneer*. By QRKKN dt KOTT. Auctloaicn \rALUABI.E IMPROVED TROI'l RTY ON PA avenue, between 2d aed 3d streets at Auction. On TUESDAY, the 3d of July, we will offer for sale at C o'clock p. m-, in front of the premises, part of lot No. 4, in reservation No. 12, havirg a front on Pennsylvania avenue of 16 feet 8 inches, and ru?1 mug with that width back 2 > feet to a 15 feet p .vtd alley, with the improvements, which consitt of a good two stoty Brick Hou:c, with back Urlding and paved yard Terms: One fourth rash; residue in ii, 13 and 24 months, for note* b.ari ,g interest from the day ol'the tale. A dee-! g-veu and a deed of tru-:? taken. Title indisputable. Tim; above described properly is located near the OKI Railroad Depot, in nti? of the uio.-t bt'iinen pain of the avenue, ti^l ii rapidly enhancing in value. GREEN h SCOTT, je 21?<J Auctioneers. Uy JAS, C. McUl!.'i'.K< Auctioneers. SMALL FRAME IIOCSK AMI i.OT ON 11th between G at-d H streets, 4i Public Auction ? On MONDAY aftemoou, July 7U?, at C1^ o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot fin. 13, in square No. 312, fronting 20 feet on I lib rt, b? tw<-? n <; an I H stre-ts north, running hrck 23te?-l to a ten feet alley, with the improvements, consisting of a small two story frain?' house, (N?. 42"*-J Terms: fine third ca-h; tK.e 6,12,13. 24, ."*) and 36 mouths^ Jj, notv* beating interest and $<.c?!ied by a ''.en ?t tiust. JAS. C. HcGUlXi, jure ?d Auetioneer. By ORKBH A HCOTT, Auctioneer*. \7"ALUABLL BUILDING LOT ON NORTH K slreet at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 2.1 ot inly, we shall wmi, in fror.t of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m , wrsi part ef Lot v?. tS, in Squar. No. 516, having a front on north K etre.-t of 2u fee*, running hack 142 teei 7 inches to a wide &'.*ey, tc t veen 4 h and 5th str*. t* west. Terms: One fourth cash ; bV-??cc in i, 12 and IX ni mths, for notes hsarici interval trout the duv ol ib" ?al?' *i?ie ii.oirpcirit'!^, A deed git<& ft:id a deed of t-iigt taken. GUEEN & SCOTT, je 27?d Auctioneer*. k'i. S. Wl'.lOIlT, Attyt^ustr. OKU Of iO'A'N / 1AXAL BOAT aT AUCTION. On TUESDAY " J ????t, July 3d, a' 5 o'clock p. m.. I shall fell, vfiihout reserve, at the Boat Yard of Capt. Moore, the Canal Boat Capt. W;?!d? ti, in good repair. T nils at the sale. EDWARD S. ?VP.?r5riT, je 27?d Auctioneer. By GtllCE** Ot SCOTT, Auctioneers. ljtOUU VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS it. tli N( itherii Lib-ities y Auction - < Hi MONDAY th?25t:i i->J.i?.t, w.t iliall *ell,:? tiout of th" i-fij, commencing :it 6 o'clock p. >n , Lots Nns. 13 an I 22, trt N ?. 512. Lot KMV itls on 5th : t. aillt I *1 I-1! un..:? f- ? l.ot 2-j f'io^t.- i n nort.': t) s:ree', aid coi tains 7, 300 feet. Al <>, Lot No C'j n ?.,u tre 613, froi/inj uorth N stroet, :tnd C"Tit*t!Tia 6 f.-et. Ami east hall of Lot So. 4, in Square No. 5'5, on which the sale will be commenced. This lo* front o i north < stre'-t 29 fe? t 8 in< hes, between 4th and 3 h Htreets \v- st, mnnir.g brtek ;o a wide aiiey. Tiile indisptlt b!e. Terms: One thud cssh: in 6.12, and '*j mont'iM, the purchasers to cive notes for the de ferred paymcnu, bearing interest fr.-a tie day of tli< >.al*. A deed fciven and afi-;eJ o? uu^t tak- r. GREEN it SCOTT, je I'*?Auctioneer. fei-THE ABOVE S \LE IS PO?Tr??NF.D IN consequence of the ram until FRIDAY, sh? -9th in stant, at the saint hour. GRF.EN & SCOTT, je 26?d Auctirn^ers. By UHKiCll A SCOTT. Auctioneers. \7"aLUAELE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH L street, between 4;h and 5th streets west, at Auction ?On MONDAY, lh<: 25th instant, we uhnll , a< II, tn front ol" the premises, at 6 p ru , L??? No. 2:1 | in S juare No. 515, having a front on > ortii L, betw. 4ih and 5th strrcu west ol 60 feet, running bac< to a ."tO feet alley. Tlie above d^eer:bed prrp? rtv i.<, iiinJ^omely loca ted in a rapidly improving ;>art ol the city. Title indisputable. Terns : One third cash; Li.oi^c in t?, 12, and ie months for notes bear og tr.'krest. A deed givett aad a d -??d of trust taken. GuEKM &. SCOTT, je Auctioneers. Ct?-THR ABOVE SAI.E IS POSTPONKD i\ consequence of the rain until FRIDAY, th^ -Jikh iu staut, at the same hour. GREE t' & O'l T, j, 2'?d Aueuonww. By J. C. llcQl'lllU, Aocllonctr. \fERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at the a corner of 4# street and Virginia avenue ?On Tt'ESDAY ofte.noon, Ju'y 3, at 6J^ o'eio'k, on the pri'uiities, I sh.ll s II Now 14, 16, 1<!, 20. 22, and 23, cf original Lot No. 14. ifi Fi^uara No. 425, trout'iip resp clively 16 and 16'^ I' d om Virginia av. nue and 4-^ bireets, lunniu^ back vari ous depths to iin a ley These lot* are situated ;:i ti?e very be-;t locations on the I.J and t*?r bunding purposes, are wnh i!:e grades, hiiVb puvements 'aid, ajid a-e, beyond n unubr, tlte most dcsirublu lotj for sale la ibst sect.on of the city. Title perfect am! sale positive. *!'?.rtiis: i ?n<- tiii.-d c.?: h ; bat l:i 6, 'j, aa>l is uionths, for notes b? a.::.g initr< ur* d byadccJ ofiru^t on the neniMl JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 2i>?d Aucuanecr. Ry UUfaiUib * SCOTT. Auctioneers. "OAINT SHOP TO BE REMOVED ut Anciioa.? a. On FRIDAY, th?- 2fth inata: t, we sliu'l sell, at 6 o'clock p. ni.. a 2uo I Pa nt Mic;-.. situated oi: O h btreet, immediately opp.isite Island ilatl. It i*to ue removed ut the optiou of the owner ol the lot on wbieh it stands. Terms ca=h. GUEEN k SCOTT, je 25?d Auc.ioncers MRS. GEORGE, LATE from Eegland, wishes to iuM?nii tlie ladies and gentlemen of Georgetown aad Wa-hii gton that she can be couj>:l:< <i on the p tst, present <m>J 1 future events, at her ret-Kte nce. No. 25 Kir?t street, | bctwet n ?o;on,ac and llicii strut?s, a few doers from Forrest Ilall, Georgetown. Ladies 25?Gentlciuen 60 cents. From b tn the niorning until 2 o clock at niglit. je Si?Slw* NEW MILLINERY." MISS THOMPSON has j st opened our fourth invi ice of Neap ditan. I.egiioni, Eng lish straw, Lace, Crape, and ether Sum?uei Hats. I.adi s wlr hav-- not already supplied themselves are invi'.ed lu c^.'l and uiakc their selections. Als^, just received a choice b?t f?l Fans, Silk Mitts, fhw Silk Gloves,Ho>ie:;, &c , togethtr with . a viuiely o articles turt necessary to eaumeraie, and to all of which we invite attention, HHTCIHN80N y MUNRO, Fancy Dealers. No. tno Pcnnu. eveuue. je 22 SCHUTTER Jt KAULERT, ARTISTS, Fre co, D} cor dive, and terry dtcrij-tion of 0 11JMAB110MTAL PAINT1HO Orders left wilh Baldwin an I Nenning, Archi tecU; will be promptly attended to. je H ? dim* DENTISTRY. Dr?. V. 6HINN, Gia. u >te of the Thiladelpbia Coil-ge of Dental Suri e?-y, r^pecifully inl 'ims t ic r. si.Unts of Georgetown and its virini'.y that be kat locaud himsell aiumgs; theiu for lite purpose of prae Isinc his p'ole-ston. ? ?tflee 121 Washington s ,t ab'^ve Bridge, G o-ge towu, D. U. Je icUiu" TELEGRAPHIC. uroBTSu rot i hi DAILY EVENING- STAB. Whig Nominating Convention 1'oRTLiSD, June 29 ?The 'tralghtlnt Whigs ye?>rdij. in their Stats Convention, nomU iiited Hon. Isaac Heed, of Waldoboro, f?r Qovercor. The mooting wae Urge and har oioni^na. The revolutions were deeidedlj anti Nebraska, an'! Know Nothing, end op posed to the present liquor lew, although they favor stringent lews regulating the trafio in iatoxiceting drinks. Later from Havana NkwOblaim, June 23 ?The Cretoeet City with Havana dates of the 2Sth has arrived; but her news is unimportan.. Sugars were C m with an upward tendency Freights were a shade lower. Mass&chasetu Kcc * Nothing Convettioa. Boston. June 28 ?The Know Nothing State Convention meets here to day et 1 o'clock. There are a large camber of delegates^ pres ent A preliminary meeting held lan night was attended by about one hundred persons( including Messrs Wilson, Gardner, Bank.*, ard several members of Congress An address wa? submitted, which puts the party, mi the platfrm of the restoration of t^? Missouri oompromise still ealling it the ^merioen per ?y ; end callirg for a mss convention to nsrfet in some cen rei place. Ei'ViCioro Markets Bii.TivoTiij, June 2S> ?Flvur is dull Snail Salec of Howard street at $9 75. Wheat is dull aa?i ucchai^d. Mary'and re.1 Oj : xhlte, $2 05a|2 10. Corn is do'.!, and He clintd 2a4o. , yellow, 5Sa$l; white, flefl 02. New York Markets New Yobic, June 2V ? Cotton is dull F-?or is firm, wi'h an u^w^rd terdency; sales cf ft.500 bbls. Ohio at 12i Southern ?? firm. Wheat is dull C rn is a trifle lower; sales of 121 000 bushels mixed 91 iaV2s ; yel low. 93. Pork is firm. Beef is unchanged. Lard is unchanged. New Ork&ni Markers. New 0blea5S Juca 23 ?The tteamer'* nrws ha? dej re.-s^<i the cotton marker, end rrtees are weaacr; sVe? of 500 bales before the arrival of the news, but none since; prices *ero easier but cot quotablj lower Corn? Western mixed is lower?sales et 60*863 ; white 90c. Pfime tierce lard lOto. Freight*? Cotton, to Lirerpool, i. New York Stock Markec New York, June 29 ??-*eck? are lower. Money is eisy. Sales at 'he first boatd of Eric's at 52}; C'evMawl and Toledo Kailroftd, V3|; Cleveland and Pitisburg Railroad 58, Cumberland Coal Company, 29i; Reeding 925; Ne* York Central, 101Virginia 6's, llH)?; Missouri 6's, 9Si, b. 60a. GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, CSlce No 292 Ps?*n av? , corner 10th street, (OVkti THE HAYING'S BANK.) IUn* *"?MI2TERY is laid out on the plan eftbe . fdibra'fd (jrei'iiwooil, of \>w Yorl., and situ a'-?l on the high gr utid do-tan t one nnd a qnart<r nuloj nouh of" ihr Ca< t'ol?N<rth Capitol street ka> ia? directly to the gateway. This Com|-.iay have *ccureo a charter from Oon err-?, aj^irornating their ground for ever to burial ^urjw.-'js, making a tire titte to the p?rcha?er, and prohibiting ull rncmrhuwntu trom Ief0!aii'>n or i therwise, wtuch is of vat.1 importance to those who wish their dead to rejo-e w!i? f? they h'-ve placed t.V m, 'or it has become a cu<ton in all othrrciues, wrh<n the burial protmd be?Hti?? * doable (or other purposes, ta sf-ll it, and tiirou itoe dead pro.-i i*c?u? ly into on- lar-e r-it, and lejal m**a-u ?s cannot pre v< nt ,1, kit n i titlet arc riven to the ground. N B?Office o|?a trom lit to -i o'clock p. m , where Paetphie-, coin uning the Charier, Bv :a*>? atid a Map ot the Ground* and all other inf >rma U w, can 'e cl.taiied All otilern Kit wuh Mr. - "*'SiV. No. 410 Sev? "th street, or anv O'.t t'r lllldOftAiitTj \iiil !??, |rt.l^ ?kL'.ukCi lU. Je 1H?lv IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BRtvAK 1NG UP HOL'^EKLOPING j">ERs'f>Nd ri-.i,o' irn: fr-ni t^r c?iv, t?rd wUbtnr J to di^tAtse *>f thi i' I'ariii'ure and llou. ehcep in<r ru-i-iiA. &c , w tlHNit the trouble of t?-nd:r,( 'ticai to pul>i<? auction, c-a ?1o so by eMllint on u? X' uik s'toic, J17 I'll avmue, corner ot N n'h tt, a-i w ? arc jtn partd lo l nr nil such i?oodi a> may be irti'eu .1 ?!? ?u?? keep' r^ and o' ji'rs wiU do xvi-B by calling cu u ?, as we Will pev the lii? >t -h pnc?a lor all snebzooda. WALL, I5AKNARI) h. CM. ? 7?iin 31T Pa. avenue. SEASONABLE MANTILLAS AT LOW Pkirc^. MANTILLA3 at #4 50, Maixiilas nt ?5 50, M iDtilla-' at *<> 50, M liiiilla- a_ ijJ. Mantillas at 50, >1 <nt lla. at $ 0, Stc lie. Beautiful 6t}l?v? of Srntr.ipr M uiuUa* (new designs) in Lace.?nd!<ilkat alltheatmv* v.*ry r \1nred pnc?s, juu rec?-ived, and bow "pen for itupection in ouc >1 .;;itiiU ro??ai?secoud ft"rv -? tlirouch the Hire MXXWfcLL k ttRO , je a) - e< 6t 1128 Peanaylvanie Avwut. ~M.Tvii.LIAN, LiDIIS' DK2S3 AND TKiMMTSO ST0XE, Pa. ai eriu;, hetveen "7!k a,id Hih street* M WILL!AN would r?-t;??'ctfully a-.aoun^e to ? the Lridiesot' Wael.itifftan, tli: t he ha? just received Iroai the Northem cui?*s a c.ompktj stock ??f GOODB, a.nong which may ht focuS? N \v*-t)le Kr< nch Ore Tnn*t;?nga i-'iii*- Fr? n. U Flowew ; Ui'mms A iar.e lot of L< no. t?, iu ?i.a, cMjh.-, auJ sL?W, of tha Ihteu patu*ri:j And an exc? lieu; a i-ritiur.t of hindsu&e Emtroi d< -ricu cf ali kind-* Dr?d?-< ataue iu tne la:< ?i rari? fa.-hi us at tea nu aV.c < hie#. | Pmkuif! 'itid Fiutins and Kid Gloves c'? aneJ. Ladies Mantillas, ready uiade, and made to order may ?eolm MICUAEL-]NOUKSE, No, 461 Thirler%:u w. ret vat, Agent for the M'ztuj.l Life InauiALce Comp4 sy of liar ford Con:;. QilOUtn not every man ?' . -nJing ftr support on bis daily eusfioyniritt u<e for tl<e lamil.", in case ot'hu ri** ith, I > ii^uiiuf hi* lite, tti a certain ui.t. s-V iljOCJ, by psyr:r fn.u ^:x t;? twelve d'iiiar* per aunuin?or, ?t.uul.i not ite wife, if h3 ?n.iita it, tecure for liei . lf, hy i< r t iving and ap rrnpn lUon for t.'.ai pur|?tsc Uc>ai J' cents to ?1 per (Uigaitj |s 21?lawTtw T1IE POTOMAC RTVTR STEA li.OAT C<?MPAN W STE.X VI'.it ALIC^ G. i rtlCE, CAPT. ^AMUt L HAK.a:, _ ,rp? ^ WILL LLiVG WA'rTNGTO?} 6 O'l'lAit'li A. M., AND AL Q.A.Mn i.i /* T 7 O'CLOCK. A M. \Jone. ON WriiNF.FDA Y (returning) leave Coa* at < o'clock a. in ,1'or-ifL SlaryV, 1'inty Pout:, Lecu ar-liown, Wicomico, 4"hap> S P'Mit. ON SATt.'KUW (retu nine? lenVitt* i^oni* at 4 o clock a. in , f'<?-Kniulc, I'iney i'oini, L. Mai h > doc,' ittriouiaa, Mattor. Calhnf at the. u^ual lauUwigi o.i the rivirwhen signals are made. By order of the Roar J : J Art P. TUiTII.PmNdval Ale^andna, Ya, June 1, ltii3. je 15? tt' URAKD FAMILY V XCURSIOS. _ #vTbe ?<f9a^dcommodious 8teim ?vCZJSLU'T OEP/kOK P 'OB, ( apt E BVTIIEB, will r.a^e her J-^-ond Grar.d FamMy Ex:un>?oMo^'|-n?Hi?AY Nt'XT, lehvms ber 7ih St t ht 6 o'clock p. in ; Comb's X/harf, Na vy Vard at 7; and AieX'indna at 7X o'clock p. ut. Tickets S5 cents. Helre-hii.t i.ts < n bnard. lYieperi's Haiu will b: (u aUend&ncu. j?2l - lawtf COP ART N ERSLIIP.~ THE undersigned have tin* ??ay entered iii'o a cn partnership uii>l?r the nr me cf MILLS Ik BRA SilLALs, tor 'he purpoa*; ? f carrying ? n tee beot and ?hoe trule in a!l its ?=. We will nanu fa-ture iu oider ?? .ery style of BOOTH and SHOES for latiee, g? cilenten an i chiMtta. All manured work warrabt< J to pl-at*:. H. i'. HILLS, T. N. BR1>1IEAR9. Call at our fiore, ?. 3?5 south >ide Pa avenue, me dmr of Juci. - u k Ur./s Gri>cery. b?-tweeu 6lh L2d 7;h rw (N<w> jeat-Ot CUMBERLAND OJAT, For sale by tue cakg^or pt?\r loafs b* llOiVAHl) h. ''ijOR, Cv6i ', \'a.