Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1855 Page 4
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K >'!NG STAR. THE STARS, THi BI3DS, ATID I Tii?' st^rs arc rhinm? l?rj$htlir, From ?*it th" iWp Woe <?ky; Th v Nd th-ir vifil* mihtl*. "J" I* iii tiiujk hfjoif -ire nigh ; An.! i rt? witch nm k^fpinr, I'pmi I In* unpr?<m'd earth. Wort o'iinr ?}*>.* are tlreping, An<t ?il*nt i* *arb hf.inh ; Bar t..'i i<: i:.e** stars with guuin<*H Th? ir ctm>tsnt vuplj k?*p Mvh?nr i* mMn* with sa lce*. I va:ck, dae. to we?*p! Tf b rds at" swppil? *in?ir.?, Ob 'Vtiry ?r < uwo??I tm?, An<t liul arid t!a> aw ringii.j, %'.Vith lu;;eful mdodjr; * n?l I ray l^y ?"??tcUir^, iii mluudo MifaraVI, .Uy t: ?rl*a wild mii^ie As it that h? art 'twonll hur t;? Bt't wntle ihihf hinb with ptadiit-*, Their v. in s lift 03 Myh .?rt is eJotird with i-adm-*?. And brtalliis it, but t<> tfigh. Oh! ?tt?}71-"II phinf :i Mgfetly, ?Vh< n 1 wat- 1 n-i more. ??! ' i t i.-, yt'U .-iii^ -unzLtly, \Vh?'n n ! r: r^t^s ar>- oYr_. H it b th btr?J and phufc't, H iv - pii vith time away, V : F.! i!iV ptimeval t^t::niie H?:h rr elf t'l -I'-tay, Wf iji >rr rv J 1 lit .1 with eladues* ? ii,?? ry<'? nil! \iri! keep. My ?? ":ri n^ndMw, Wi.ti j ?)'.< f*ed mn*ic l?-;ip. OCT" A story is told by ihe California Pioneer ?' a fai hful old member of a church m Mac>ichusetts, who was fond of exhort in jr. He always commenced b}' saving t* at he was quite unwell, and did no: ft el at all 1 ike speaking, bat would say a v. ord, and then give way to his brother I).: and then he would go on, roaring lo'idiy and swinging his aims f r at lea>t an hour. At the conclusion ot one of these harangues, " Brother i).'" slowly ro e, and, in a most solemn voice, said: 441 should be amazingly in terested ;o hear cur friend once when he was in fail health." This finished that netting. IT/" iujc'.d Servian Chief Kmesanin rendcted important military service to the Emperor of Austria during the IIuh garian insurrection, and received from U:e hand of that sovereign, the knightly order ot Maria Theresa. Kinesanin, al though made an Austrian general, could nrith?.r read nor write, but made his up ward vay among a rude people by po litical saracitv and native energy of c aar - Sent Back.?The Boston papers ad mit tl'&t more than 113 alien paupers r\re s*.r.t Lome to il^ropu from Massa chusetts, during the administration of Gov. Vr aihb rn. The numb"- is proba bly gr.atcr tlian that of ail the black "fugitives from service.*' sent back from all the States c>f the Union in twenty years. ?IT""Rest is a very line medicine. It biats sarsaparilla. L?t your stomachs rest, ye dyrp ;.tics. Let your brains rest, ye Teat ied a*id worried men of business. Ke>t your limbs, children of the soil: You can t ? Cut -oti all superfluities of appetite a^iu fashion, and see if you can't. 1 He ancicat Roman ladies are said xo have sometimes adorned themselves by tyinr' a live snake around their necks. The ivptiie, in that case, may be said to hars been the lady's live slod. ~*~s/ It woi t do to conclude th?* m iua ; is iiwjr^ narpy WRcn hi- is "smil ing, or that he is a house builder be cause you always find him with a ' brick in his hat." 8p~ i'- i -vc ijt'aing against ar~lher but u^?.j:i good a itliority : nor report what Tuiiy hur t another, unless it way t>e a gT< i > r hurt i- others to coaccal it. i he Ine of a fc l could no mere go on without excitement, than a panto mime could without music. f w,ii ciiitie no heathen in the world, h it my>elf, against whom 1 know roost,>. 'liine is like a verb, that can only hi n,ed in the present tense. ?? |Hr IN I IMNIIL -4 MO^ lMEMTS 070CKAH8T2A1HR& e y^y Fjai Qut<%i 11 ::y ...X?h Vork..Havre Jure'i^ ' ' ?" ? . W JL" ? M ' ? ; " ' ??? ' -s J0i7e .New Yw.k on t' ?' ?)?..! vmi't :c i liiOliUi. UU i ITALS 1 MMCIPALHOTIL& i^ro tu: r.ti ? E-antoaii, MJ ??;" ' '? > t:'J -I kwrdiuii, jo ? ?< ?" "J;' 1 * '1 O *.I . ? AS ?I KMcinw. Uie, Ky V n.f in. pa I i F F J'"?ta 41 l^ii>, dn j . . ' 'k ' u' '? and la.Sy, J <? Lu/ii .ir, ir, a > XV J VVtw.-ow, i.a ? i? Goodaiaa, ,!? 7 ' ? ' ' " l! i.? v? v. J 1 t .} n, K \ \\ jj ,.0l.k< Va 8C' Ur.wu, i'viii i J iV * ,, * P Ui?uaBck,<lo - B : a ? & i ? i y Va w i; iUU r, wi * , ? ? JBW?ki,W y^.u^y.v* w;.v!5pw,iij:i'-nd,ady' "S ki t:; 11 c. !-???>, Va Uli T?M 4i laity, du *i.*s . ;J D- ?viLtJ.*9 : -.-1 iNatLH CAImk.Ii ?J Goody, La A Mai, .i.-?n,IV J . 8 SwiUifc *?, La , I " 1 ? ?? " N Mi rv. n;k, lift ? . "1 ' * ' ^ I' liiae, ijn U ii I rctit, un Et WW, d?? ? * a i , T" i u i > ii**, )?, J r \\ i !? - ,i;?. sC'.yt! i: ? H 1. L*.k, Va '\ " "? '? ' T C'aajtf n*, it ? )) ': 1 " ^ ? K V-utrin. hi ?V l:..i^uud, !Md "> ' i L?* I" ^Jllll^, lHi J I- J ?.? . i i j T Markhiim. Ky i ft R-'i .4,}-. t i H Hawley, SV '.i:< !. J1 ? ii-; V j J t '?-r' ?' ? c??"?^.1 j. i, wiiuii ',Vi ^ Cofiia, XY 11./ .iv d ? A T Jn-if,jo T ft,< > Mr FaiH, jfd It 8 . M. ti. -, t ? .Vr F?i:tax, Vfn C'lii u i:in. ,T'snM ti H ! ,:jre f" A it:-r y,\ a v wt.Mv.L?t a?.i i?-;y, h (? L' t> ft ^ \ f| ? TI) <>rii{ii), <J?? ?;l i>u!lw3jnrr, I \ ."Wi* Ei>d, da It d ->-r. Si j e-j Cap* i. A Kj '.her. v Gi, V.llette, du **d t ;< td t.otat-r. 5, b4C2mit. r. t; ? rn .? lar' , Ca t' H ? arlt-.n, O \V H M. Tt > , A, i E lVndleioa, do Mi-a K Ii do K l?fi mi. vtas4 *1 I c'iv.ri .>, \ a A r.irk^r, MY W t: I" ^3 u i?r li niii!, J i 1! ,>j Bi. il, u'<i i .. er, AUtMdrlt, V*. ? xiiTsr, rM?iitToi, T r I a, ,!.. A V OhAeai-?J,, v? t? V.. ? }5i.. do J A Wuhingrou, !. . i ,,jir, 1<rv " i. ? jr Vu G\VHr. Mt V.i a v f r'it fc' ff'iTarit, do Iir Vlait'-n, d ? j \\ *j,, !:..]? BPl riM '.tfii T > ka'l. ..o H \\ Ph . -U1 is, ?!j r \\ Co J Cinm, ?lr? \\ rutncati, M <3 l>in, d?i AL?-r . R, \% L Taj ???r, ,i0 J II L iii.-, lu.'y U thUd. W J llri'n.1 '? j ai!; , ii i.'n n- :Cf i V ? ; v t., M f J Nu-Ctr, do J fa FRSMCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING SALOON. rpHR tin announces to the f_ citizens "f Washington, thai he hv openH ? GvUmcn'i Hatr Drcsstnf and Hhannj Satoon, on l*a. aft-itU'. between 11th an<112th streets. where h* :s nt ntl time* prepared to accommodate them I" b'I branchi? of the tnnsnrial operation. Hair Jutting performed in the very latest styles lie would rail particular attention to bis Wigs, Toupees, Braids. Frt*rtfes. Whi?ktr<, Mustacbois, v\c , and la prepared to fill ail order- in the above Hue nt ihe sh?.rre*t notice. A good awurunent con stantly on hand. He respectfully solicits a cull, f?* In g assured that h-? cannot ful to p! 'a?? :i!l who nnv so tXvor him. Ja??eolm JOHN BERBORN. POTOMAO PAVILION, Piney Point, St. Mary ? County, Maryland. I'HIS desirable place for health and sea-bathing I will Im opened for the reception of visitors on the15th of Jnn?, with nothing leit undone that ^Vill promote the comforts of iu guest. .Many improve ment* b.t /e been made since my I a* t season. A Luii-Ii ?oj;n h;u Ik en built lor the accommodation of vi itors at all reasonable, hours, cay and night. H tables and Carriage Houses have been built to accommodate those at at a di tanee Bi liard Table. Pistol Uall^rj, - huffl ? Board, Ten Pin Alleys and Baths have all been improved, and an- free t'> ri*ifnri only. 1 am thankful to the public for their pitronaire the last two s^a^ns, and h"?nr to see my old friends and ninny new face- the coming season. The Pavi.lnn shall be clean and well kept Children with whooping cough or measles wiil not be admitted as hoarders. terms or board : For single t!ay ?2 (? For three days or It <* than a week, per dry.. 1 f.;> C? the week 10 0J By the mouth, i^r day 125 VV. \V. MX. Proprietor. Lrtti r Boies have been plac* d on all the .Steam er* for the accommodation of vi-uors. je 1 wall ~A~DARD.?LOOK HERE ! A LL y< lovers of tie* jrtod tilings of this iifX an;1 XV we wi!l tell ynti whe'e y. u may obtain atiea-i some of them. Thank ul fo? pr.?t favors, 1 would respectfully ask a continuance of the same r":ir n* this ttprinp and Summer. I am prepared to furnish ail wno wiii civ*1 me a er.ll with the sweet rid coo! it*K Beverages in my line at Mrnrr notice. Such n? Ice Creams, Water ices, of all flavors, ^charlotte Keu-'C, Blancmange, Sic fakes of all kind... Also, ! foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery sen e'filly kept in well regula'ed establishments of th" k:r.d. Particular attention will be. paid to f-irni-hirs Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Partie.?, Bali F.xcur io , Pic Nics, Sic., h.c.t and upon reason able lerrtt*. Call at thp old Mand, Massachusetts avenue, be t?.e> n 9th and loth streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Bc-t quality ICK CREAM E"ld at $1 50 p r gallon. may 7?i o3;n JOHN W. RIGI1TSTINE. PROPOSALS FOE CLOTHING, Ac. Quartermaster's Ornca. U. 8. Marik* Co*p?j. Washington, June '23, ltJSa. SC1L1.U PROPOSALS will be received at this oJlic ? cnt.l Tbu tday, Jh<- 26tti d:?y of ,'u'y. lP.".r?, ?.? 12 o'clock in , t">r th?- sapi>l7 of the foliawin" nr tic:?--, !>' fU'"h t:rre and r? s<ie|i quantilies as nia^ he ri'?ju;r<*d d:ir:>!. :he e:i-uittt: u>i r?l year , t<> b^' <!.? livtrt-d ::t tile Mrriee ClothingBto>e,Wa'Uer s-t., v \v York, free of eip< nse to the United Suites, vii: 5,000 yards skv tiutt ker<-ey; fo be in ail i< pccts ^<mil?r to that ust;:l by the I", s*. wi.iy 1,200 keapsack*; to h v> tlir>!?- c-ass of I'air.t. ??rOf>eriy vami-hrd, strnop<d complete anl ii?t it tt> r? ?>U. f M " painted on Ihe naek l,GC0biut> tl tii i&tiga ; cap-, leatner t??t?s, !? ather visor=. and tuc letters "U. M " in nrass on tf<* .MM l,0t0 uiil cr.ii < ij?, with bia?s scales, engie, 4tc., eompl te l.OCO pr.mpon:; 1 .'MA' pat' nt lealli? r s'.o- ks 2.500 pairs ?rniy br? ssns 1,000 <?r;?y blanket , with th?- b :te.-3 "O. rt. M." in b'a-. k wijvtn in the centre The right to increase o diminish th-* qii ?ntity ??? th?- Krti: i?-s iia:n< a the esijf^OCies ol itiv gcrtic mnv require. i? re-? rved. All articles will he sti'>*n!'.t?"l to a rigid in-pection and mu-t ci-ntorin t<> tii?- samples to l?n s?*en rt li e otfi e of the A slant <t'>aM?.rnia?ter Mariiies, 57 Walk**r strt-et, N?-w V.or at thii orti :<* of eiuar tenuaster M Corps M&rin.' Barrack", Wash ington, I). C. Bidders will stite the name of two -m.-h.-s m case tb>> contract is awa-ded theni ;if unknown iu thu office their fUtfici?ncy iux-t be certitieJ to by somt- ottjciai person To b.- enihT.ifd "Propor ils i". r Ciothinj," Jtc., and addrr -~ed 44 l'o th^ Uuait<:rma.<-ter Mariii' Curp Washington City, 1?. C." i. Oreo ? Ci.ikk lloc?i ?(>'nKi-aesKVi itivks. June K>, lt.5.i. SEALED PBOPGSALfl will let noived at tfcii _ office uii.e Monday, 2d J>i!y or rt, at 12 o'.l'i's <u , for turn.-dilns f a ih'- ure oi thr Uou:"? of K pre x-ntatlvn dur.iij; th>: irlth (.*?;iigrc.-s, tolciij; p p?-r as follows: l.OOj rnai- i>nff or brown cnv<i p?> ps;-er, smooth surl ice, htrone ai.d to:.ili, I'J by U4 ii:< n?-n i'i s s,-, io weigh u >l le. s than 'i3 pounds ;? tlrr f a?n. 500rtfa!i.r, same a* above, i-l by ij inehes,2i. [?oynib to iJ'" i< ja 100 rtmi" p'rong ana unooth Manilla pap r, or m ,'?.-itt? hardware p;p?,-r. 117 by "J1 in-.h^s l,0<rJ rtanc white fl::t cap :ti tiaif ilietts Projh.-al-t;rtLe Jjove mu>t -iate tiif1 u. i^ht and price p*;r r* ati. T> <: paper i:i?-t be ib liver* d flit, nud in such ?}uai?Uiirs, iud ?s $ucb time.: bffv? <"u the dat: of i e contract and the I t dav ol Novem brr n?'^i,?!iall be sp?-cilted by ttiu> e. No ? x t a chitre> an: allowed tor tnc delivery of tl.e pa pi r. A re is'.ntbl.; d'auction from the face of tli?* I.ills v> .i b ? made uutd tl.? y -hall he passed by ihe Coiuuuaeeuu Aceoui.t'. jmiin w. folm:y, Cleik '.f th*: li>;ufo ol U-'pr sentalivc.: je Id?ldwUolv2 | No. 658.] Noiise of art ts'a Wi-thnual of u.i additional Lanf. OjficA i.i the Territory of (Jregon. purauao'-s r* th - a?t oiCnn.e. approved Feb _ aary 17. 111%, rati?.1*4 " * ? act to MtablMl an iHiiM in-. 1 di it * h tbo TioMm; a OngML* to !.? ra! vJ. th" L'mpiu* dl:;trict, eaihtaciv:K all th? lanil '.ir ?!. .h ;f the to-nth "-'anda-d j sit?lj?l. lr is h-- by l-e'tnrt ?.t.d made known that the iar d o'aca :or i dis'iict h&* t (en It rated fcv the l-re-i .f-ntrf tn- Una a r*tst p at tLe f wno' Wiiehmur in ti.?d T'-rr tory, otL^r^iF? o-de"e l. ?):v u un.r my h?nd, at. the cily of VVitthiuiU-n '.his 17ih 1 y of >la*, A. I>. Ie55 JOHN WIL80V, ConiiaLiiionor cfOtneral Land utEoo. ir-y M?law 1 iv TUB ICTUA.L I'liiK IH^DJtAKC* C0MPA uy Oi'thn iisrHicroy Columbia. (^HAKTLBF.Ii by Cratressj offers to ute p.? :j.iy j owiii r> of the Distri.'liiai r sad eheupei :u< una of HiT-iitance tlir.r. any oti:? r ?' j.ap.-ny. l'ljVKSi,ti VVAUl), PrtHioent. < ll A>. WiL.SON, tineretary. MATHM W O. i:\iilBV, a r'eaturtr. IlKlOtM. IJIyuej War.1 John Van Riswick TbOii.r ? B.aj.i; a P. IV. Browning P. How:.rd," Mathew G. llinery. J. i;. MelcUn, (yS?:?:, tr?.l?;iiibii? t'lacc, coruer Lnoisiaaa avenue end 7th street. Office h-irs from U to 6 o'clock p.m. It-b 2'?? eoif [ f No. 541) J JVoflr* of th? a 'tanlt i nine* of the llnutd St.. .v* O ffice ai D ? titer, in th Stzte of Oh io kj i)1 II' . i-- hci'by given li-M. io p?tr?tn!ii'"e of i^sl :?? i Vi? w oj'tir r?-t?"il of th?- l?nrt off* i?rs a? ?>?? ?:, "hto, thwt t..? vacaat land in taid <!i-ir.- i i- reduced below one huudiad thcus;<nd aereii, tLe SrcrrUiry of the Interior has directed that said l&al office at LlkriAKC t be ducotitinued ; end ti<at tbe lar 's remain:r? unsold at the umo of the ius'.*ODtinuance be msde >ubjwi t-? sak* and entry fit CailKMn, ihe oul> MMhil - land offict in the Staik or t?a'o L:?i:ds remainiag un?oi.l unJ uiiappr}priau*d ny law,d ubj< ct to private entry at the land office now ii. vor.turned, wi I n a e t ? be >ubject to entry at saiJ 'tOire froia th-- d^te of the receipt of thi< no tice by t:i>-?? gi.*u r and he<-eiv? r thereof; and ihe land i.frier.; at Cjimji-iitiie will 2 vc public notie of t.. day n wn'< tT: y will b" ;?f??pared torec* ive app toatioi. I ?( < nil ? - < I anv .-u.-Li Saul's :t thtir *if tor. ju<. s. WILSON, Acting Coriinn-?>ioiier i>en? ral Land (.?ffice. Washiwjtom, I?. C., June ltf, j. -lr.^bJV !.. J. XIUDLKIOX, DEALER IN ICE, CMi< * and D'jx t ?outK ride F, ne-.t to ccr.ier 12<A ?t. ICH KIIPT CONSTANT!.Y ON HANI) AT THE ?iFl'lCE, which can be- had in larjr-: or small quaat.'tirs. Hue open lr.?m 5 a m. to 9 p. m. in I ? eo'lin FOK POOR AND LABOBINQ MOT SMAl J. BUILDING XAJW cf lf? feat errt-r -,1* varimi^ p&rts ol cbt City, a:.d H?-n. a k'W i tkX' 'eriai' w? ru*.t. KLOTD A VO sjiiiDi a o ivomi, frr ral-, dsl|-?i -at!s it the Oanal. 1- VVbi.rres is ^Mbia^c-a.Oecrii'.U'Trr, cr ^Ifa-.tria. liiO'i'I) & ?'0> p j. Umftsr.rr P?paet:ci t. ?? HBATON'H F.I.F.VEVrtf t?F 1NTEUXA lioaal Law, new edition 1 'Ada111*' u?or cdiu-?n, with American note I J.:i kkam;k WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrtc? W'AsamoTON Aqckdcct, \ Wa.bingu>n, March 7,l&w. J PROPO^ M.8 are invited for graduation, stooa and brick masonry, dmis, tanneU, and other work* of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to the 8th of May will be opened at noon of that day. Mops, pr-'-JJles, and specifications of the work will l?i re.'dy for examination on and after the iiOth liay ol April next. Proposals will be Moeiwd for the work of particu lar culverts, hrid-es, h.c., us described in the plans tpocification*. Portions onlv of some of thv works can bo com pleted under the present appropriation, but all th? contracts for unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Engineer re - rv< s th<- rignt to proscribe the amount of woik to be dons and rate of progress tinder such contract for each appropriation, and, in ca30 of the appro pilation not holding out sufficiently, to decide wfteo and what works ahull bt: stopped until fund* become available. In ease of the entire stoppage of any pii'.irular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per cent, will be paid, if, in th' judgment of the Engineer, the woik has been properly executed so far aa it has fOBO. Payment* will be made in specie checks upon the United Staus Treasury, uj?on the monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will he a condition of .ill contractu that the workmen shall b* paid their full wage? monthly and in specie. All b:dn rh'Uld be -ealed and endorsed ?< Propo ses for work or? the Washington Aqueduct." Th? United States reserves me right to reject any or all the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangera* nt? t? 11.ay he considered niodt conducive to the progress 01 the *.ork. Every offer must be accompanied by a written 'ijnuiue, signed by one or more responsible p*-r to the ePW-t that he <-r 'hey uuderiake that the t.n-iier or bidiui < will, if his or their bid be accepted, tut r into an obligation, within ten days, with good and sufficient sureties, foribe completion ofthe worn undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied by the certificate n' t!i? l':.;ted Urates district judge, United States district attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Cov; rnment or individual known to tnc Engineer or l>epnrtn?ent of War, that t ie jruanntors are able to make kimhI their guarantee. Tills will be opi ned in presence ot bidders if an" tin-in cboosc to be present. F-wiii cf CkiaruiJt*. To Capt. M. C Meigs, U. S. Lngtaeers : We, the undersigned, resident* <?l , in the State of , hereby, jointly ar?d sevciaiiy. cove nant with the Uii.tnl Siates and guaranty, in case toe forcgnitig hid ?>i ? he arce|jted, that benr t!i;\v will, within ten da .1 after the acceptance of ? *'d bid, ?ieout? a commit for tte 5ame, with good r.nd sufficient rur-.tirj, to perftom the wora or tarnish i!ie articles proposed, in contoimiiy to the t'-rms of the :ulv<!rliwmen| under which it was 1 aafle; and, in case the said should fail to enter into contrac as aforesaid, we guaraniy to 1.take go"Hl the difference between the offer by the ud aad the next lowest bidder. A. B. C. D. I hereby certify, to the best of my knowledgr and belief, the above named guarantor* are go d sad sufficient. E. F. M. C. MLIUS, Captain of Engineers m Charge, mar 7?eotSSayb&wif PROPOSALS FuR STATIONERY WahDepai'.t.ytm, Wa->-iigt..n.J?ne? 13:5. FK ii'.'J' VI.? -ri'l h.- r*>iv<M at this d pa'truant ontlSo'c.Wk 0.1 Palutday, th*3l? h of Juce Instant, fcr pnrpl in,; tte stati-.-nery d?3Cxlt>el in the ?che!nl?below. The Stitiene'v rn?t be of t!i?quality. Haz jh s ^iu?t a"e:mpanv tli? bi s. iKe s'ccessiul bi ;der w: 11 be rrqu:r*d to piTe hoad, ^ ith approv- -X wwi'i, f r t'.-e's tlifnl tul riilm?nt el his eoctrzct, and the twill re er~i-ths ri^ht to order the arii<'!>-* 't snch tin ?, a "d in Mir:"- .iTantltvs a? it rur.y de rj rropfr, and to lLCrei.f or dix nisti the qoant;t?ff! Oelo.-s rtalfl Piip'r.! ina<ir of limn stock. 1 teaas folio t. ru ?d, inarhine male, welgh 'pg 17 poun 's, pe*ream CO reauit singl<? cap, ruled, nurbiie maid, wei^h in : 12 p .und , pe* reira 12) reaui^ quarts jhjs% ruled, mad ineaiaJ*-, irei^li ing pound- p r r^-ain ?-21 rtasis quart-> post, i, i.and itale, welgb Iriir j pond* per r ara 2 ) reams m?e pap^r, per ream e r iEi" e >pTin j p:p*r, per r^a a ?'? ream-; bio ti.:c o~. per r-'am 10 r<r?;ias Ur^n"'-. ir^i-h re iui.h i,iff ;i?vtit-j'e pa f>r, p?T ream 200o0 envelope4. (7u w-ighirgon" ponn I.) i^rl .OJO 'M t n hrd' PTry's pt-ns. p r dotea car Is ltfodcten c<nLs 0 he.- metallic peu.', rCo-ea canl 2)00 quill-, No. SO p.r 1.000 60 do?m Coute c? ? ?"c-:'s 1.-&4 pcneilf, per d' zeo ?Jdoi^ij ivcry fjldrrs, p\u:\ p rd^cn '2 doz *n era iors, ivrry ha -d'e~. per 1 zrn t 'tr ? ? l?vij *v & r * riunij , ^nri ?? i.?u i dc 1. n cocoa ?at,d t-ox ? p r it-?. 1 !S (Itseu 1 1;! i-.le.l ka Vf s, UjJfuIa ? ^ ? di Z'TX 0 it01 C lllkst.l'd. 'i icc'l eij . flay.-, r.. y J(,- n l'1 il ii'2 I- op?-r u 1': i lib's, Pnrc or o li >r llr'e? 1 k, i q^sr'a, p^r d z n 1I> dozen Fr:Tich C.rxiceink, ia oau.e r'a!?, jur d ma 1 doi>-n cop - in ?r d zea <1 _y r- ftt9,1 , -or lij^rtMit Nil, p r l/M SO {ovuls ~a an, iocj^ij ti s ro, ver pOBbl r t? *<? iliag wax, rcirirt; perpoa id 1?J nil Itdia mlb. r, prep?^:.d .a p'.vu.i. p:r fOTid 5 oune?s pumice, per ounc^ J p xks black s,nd, p. r pick ^ K e 1 tit iSfor el, prr tl(7t<[| l'W acu?n t.?n-, H ncrt d t zee, j -r dcz.-n j ? 11?lawi* ii(j# [ No. 5117 j Notice, oj the dincovttvucinc.r nf thy. Ut'lltd States land ojjir*y it Pal'stir.t, (Juim/, Edioard^ville.y Chtcu^u, mid D'ixjti, Illi nois IfNllEItT HE PU< ?ViH1i ?V=? OF'PIIH 3F.COM) > section ot the act of (Tongreiss ?|>|?rovtd June li, 1S4), which declare "iliat whenever the quanti ty ol public land remaining unsold ;:i any la..<l cis tri.^t Mhall t>?* r> duced to a nu hrr ot acre< k-s than lie hundred thou-and, it aball he the ?!uiy of tb>* :'e-r? lary <?! thi- Treasury to discontinue ttie land ofiic. t?if Sin h disii ict; ..ud r any land in i':y i-ue-' ii.-trict ahall remain uns-dd at the time of the dis continuance Of a land office, the suae <hali he cub 1 ?? t to .-'ah- at aome one of ibe ??xistint; land offices, 100.t convenient to the di-trict in w hich the land "ffice s.'iall have b< <>n discont-nue 1, of which :lie Secretary ot the Tren.-ury .-hall give notice ?ir, i HiSsiu'ich .a.< tn;-. 7t.': section of the act approvd 1th September. Idtl, authaiitoS the Secretary ot ?ha Treasury to continue anv land dinriri in rdiich ij ~ituati <T the seat of govt rnment of any one of the ?'tat.*s, notwithstanding the quantity of laud un ob! in tueh district may not amount to one hundred vhon^atid acres, when mi hi- opial ?n 1; Coniinu ance iliay be require I by public conyen.-rice, or, m rilei to clone the lan<l system in such State, at a coiivem-iit p mi, in.dt r the provi.-lons of the act on Hi *t subjret approved June 12, ltJKi; un.! inasmuch as the duty o'-oi* required hat bern/i<nolrt*ion the &e rreUtry o f the lotrrior bj the k act lo t+taUi-ri the home <lr/< rimciit," approved 3d Mjrch 18-1J): Notice i? according)> hereby giv> n ,ln,i in view of reports ;rom tti? land "(& ??..- t: l'ah .tine, Uuincy, Eiliv.irdsville, rhicam, and llixon, that the eacant land in tach of said districts is ri dicid beb.w ,.ne tiundred thousand acres, the S* rotary nfth. Int.ri ;r ha* directed that the land 1 ffi. c's jit Palestine, Uuini v, Edwardaville, Chicago and Dixon, in the State ot Illinois. be discontinued, and the lutidi re m lining unsold at ihe tone of the discontinuance lie 1:1 ule hubj* 1 to sa'e at tuc l^r.d office at Springfield thr seat ofrov? rnuient in said Mat? Lands remaining unsold, and 101 .ppr ipua:"* Ly, and .-ubj. ct to private entry within the limits ot uie di&tricta now di.-continued, ut:i cea^e to be -uhject to entry aa heretofore at those offices from the date of the mcei'it of this notice by the rript-ters and ' eceivera tliei i-of, aurt ihe ? fficurj at Spring field will yive pubh? notice of tbe uy on which they will be prepared to receive apphcttioiia for entries of any such lands at their office. JOS. S. VVILSOV, Acting Commiisioner (ien'l Land Office, je 1J?lanUvv LAW PARTNERSHIP. TIOBXP.T J. WALKEIt and LUIJia J.\NI\ ari"' j a? r under the firm i \> a.krr k Juu <?, for th? man^eniPiit and ar fluent or cases in the Supr. me Court of the Ua ted -tates, and before the Court ot Claitvs at Wa-hiuc 'on City. ? Addresn Washington, 1). C. nay 10~eo3m A CARD MJI S. K. PTi3lLiljlP.?i, No- 401 a.xtb at., J vvT Kn d.e9,re? ?o the ci 1 ?..?of Waahii gtoti and vicinity, that she in now pri jaied toeive instructions ?n th- 1'iano she has taught music in somt! ,.f ,he prit,cipa,. I t te I 1 uon, and ha- testimonial* showing that she ! * '"lly ^uipeteut to discharge thedutiea of her pro fession to the satisfaction of those who may f4vor her with th? ir patronage. Terms; ?10 tor 44 lessons at htr reeidence or tl2 at tlie residence ofl,er pupUs. rtei4*tnce? Mr je 12?eo3m* 1 V DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE I0E _ ^ CREAM? fx V? ,CE c?5;>S^2,A ^DPKKIOSt TABLIC AADPOCKttT - 'aillery, Kaaors, Scissors, fcc.?A large assort ?Meat, lower than at any othei pla-ein the city. Fi>r p10! orices'always caJ ci th" '.?-u^kf-eper's Furnishiim d.ore.^UO Seventh et. O PlUWCiB. NOT lo ?c. ? ()ur itm>u>mers uru re* pec tfuU ^7 lormed that on and after tills date, until Sep l^'tiber we sfiall close our store every evenin" at |7j? o'clock. UIMIUS & HITZ, Mu?ic Depot. WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR P"fKB MAn^H5-hTlNCTURE "AMPTON EV JL ER M ADE.-Thus apng* H w??e aud good roan, but mark the change ! Let the j.lfliet*d bear him! and1 then decide whether to suffer on or be made W!tole. Ye professional in?, with rained health, Re*. JaVia W. Hcwmrnr, the tinted and Inde pendent editor of that hifhlv popular and eiten-ive !y read paper, thn Christian Banner, pabliahed at Fredericksburg, Va., in hi* editorial ot the 18th of TA&I.LTINaiVft"" ?f

"Some time ag.-. we merely aPuded to Hampton's vegetable rincturr, wi:h a promise of noticing more particularly the great r. lief we have oursHf derived from its use During our collegiate course owin? to sedentary habit?, we bfciirwe quite rfypep-' tic, and were very much troubled with vertigj For mure than twelve yearn alter leaving college, we were laboring unJer these two afflictions In the spring of 18X1, oar genenl health became so delicate that it was with great difficulty we could attend to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our ilj^tiv nr eans became wholly deranged; losing a? it set-nun! to us, all their activity and vitality; we were con stantly depressed in spirit, our enercy almost for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged u? on to action. We had taken wrong medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had despaired ol ever iecovering our health, wh -n a female lr.und of ourn importuned us to get a bottle of HamptonVegetable Tincture, assuring us that we wou;d find gr<Mt relief from it* use. YVe briefly repli-*tl, '(mp would not give a <hilar for aU the Titic ture Hampton ever made, to tar ns <ur own individ ual health was concerned." VVe had no faith in it nor any other medicine in effecting a eure t.n Ud. In the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one battle and ur ?*d us to accept of it, acd for her rake, a* it could not possibly injure us, to use it according to niiec tion. For the high regard we had for her and her act of kiiidne**, we promised to do so. And wu'i out exageration we can truly t?ay that before we ha l used tha contemn of one bottle we lelt like a nt\v man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen hot t'< p. ?Vo were afraid to eive it up, fearing oar old di^ease^ might return. Since then, our digestive organ* have been uniformly correct, our head cl? ar, apd so far ns our labors, toil*, liabilities nsponsi biiitiif, and worldly cares will all'-*, our spirits have been buoyant, cod v.e rat what we please, and as much aa w? please, and wtuu we pieaae and all i* well. For the sake of the afflicted we make this FStftrmenf, hop:n? that others mav find the same relief from its use t!,at we have. It should b- hept in every family. No fniniiv should ever b* witlmut H \ M P TOM'S VEGETABLE TINC i (J RE* Lawyers, Doctors, E i .k vr, Minitlcrty in ail th? Departments ol m.ittf, Ladies and <!t:in*n hi the highest walks rf life, an ?we!' as those moving in the most humble spheres. speak of the cures on them selves a*id friends by ihis wonderful article. ?'all and get pamphlets gratis, and gee cure* o, uourh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Nruian-ia, Dvs pepsia, Nervousnet?s ami Geueral V\ eakuesp. As a h-malc medicine or for delicate childi^a vv bthcvr it unequalled. ?Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 110 Fait! more street, Baltimore; and :*>4 Broadway, N. Vork Chas. s'tott &. Co., J. B. .Win*, u. {]. f laikm Cmrkc a Bowlimo, W. Elliot,and II. Mci'iikr son, Washington ; ai.o. by R. S. F. Cisrkl, Ueorre t'-wn, and C. C. btLHr, Alexandria, and by 1)iuj tirU ever) vi bete. f>EV. jO.'IN LAN A HAN, PASTOR OP THE L EX El CR STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A ?tf< lg deeire to benefit the afflicted inducts him , Is lf' c,3ri'>;. Wi; chal cngi' any other medicine to i'fO'-n*. ? a mass ot t -eimoi-v from sentlemen a? d Ir.dies of high standing of <?ur n ?v.;|j Known ci??ze*ts. who testify of curei ot COUGH IlKfiv L.iiTIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA,' ?te BALTtieoR*, January 24th. lt'55. fll???r*. if tJouhrcy: I take pleasure in saymp to yoa that ( havd used y'ur' Haniptoa's Tinctitr;." witii very preat profit. t rom a s .'rie;:? t.iror.t affecri m. my t neral bealth uad b come very much impaired, wiitn I coin iiiereed to use II .mpton's Tincture." I found :!< effects upon my general health most salutary.? y.y nervous system and digestive organs tiO'in riiht cd up under its use. I have several times recommended it 1o my ;ii -.nrtj, and in ev*ry t ntr, as far as i nave b.-en in !ot liied, tiiey have use it with success. Yuurs truly, Jon* LA*Aai.M,ra3ior Oi Lx<;U;r st., M. E. CJhurch, Baiumore. BLEEDING OP THE LIJNfJS.". W. C., Teh. 8, IBM. mtfssri. Mortimer $ Mowircty i I do lier-j y certify that an;,at twelve montns ag-; I w;js taken with a severe hemorrhage ot Hie Lung and bad four attack? of it I wiiKadvited to try lir. Hampton s V?'gi-(a!de 'I inci'iit.* ' I procured on?' t'^alVml?ii"V;coaiait;?J W T?nT5re t) all pt iiyjits atihe. i?i a,y ?vay. Youi"' Cao. W. Wi.sliTi ? . ? ?C(/RS K'^-ECAD! .ft i t'.e G?*l.?y.o.a o"t of iV> tj-'-t Urptx:;.?.I-U! |Jru?gi>>t? m Joutl. :iro, na. ' " ' CCARI c.:M IJM Morot. M 'Rtihsu ic M.jWbfiy ;.'Hf j-oar Hampton's V. ^ table T.;: -;rc ,a* ! fy e*? ry honi-i sold recommend-tlu v.daa .la ueoKtne t > the afflicted. Sov? ?;! of nor r?!anti ra have tri.-d it in d.fierent y-.^, r uuccesJ and ar - gi ring it by l.a;i doaens. It h:^ ?von found to be the greatest t. m. dy tor rheu taaue aatcuocs, snd a wonderful cure has been performed on u iieg.o fcov, front Tits l will Atttush you wiui a uu'mber ofcerU^cs,*. u vou wirib thent. I atn, pn-Jemen. yours, IV. G. Tkott. wUj. and get pniunhlets rratis, ami ctnsol Kr?)nc!)ii'3, li^nr?utisai. NVunt'?iiii iiy^ pepsia, Ntrro:ur *. - ;-d (Sen. r-.l Weakn^s. As * r male nuviicinc or for dti:es*e chJd. .-ii v. e believr r oii-'quaii 'd. Soid by MORTIJIER MOWBi'AY, 14<) Balfi more street, B::lti:v<*c, nn<} ;*r,4 Croadvrp.v, N. Vork ? ha-j. Stott Si Co., J. B. D. 'A Ciin'tr Mi:- * A B >w W. Ei.uor, ;?:;u II. &j< Pa- ? a on, VV atlliingtMl; a:-o, by R. s. P. Ci sx'., C. o, ?? town; and C. C. 'lauav, Alexandria, taid cv Driic (tLUi everywhtra. feb 21?tr Frivala Medical X*cati?B Cif fiiu rHYfllOLOQICAL TIMA Of KARRI A3 8, Hi. S. LA CKOIX. M. ?? . ALU A XT 11; J-. ?v0 I ty3 as<l 130 *\a* C L*in ici Coiirii Uth> giaplu an; PiaN,j. JKP Qcitfj. -ry c-jr nbc. pofcto all p?i?- (.f tu? UuT. ? StOOU ?VBL .if' iJ r"*"-. ? * fcriuC?tai:iiiU! ^ Ui? -ivMuin / ci < aiutter in ilu?t of tin nrti^i ;"U .I'oLLAi: uiiTttr^i, ? 1110 i'ilY^ICLTV iUj u?' -?i>.iuJA:jiJ)i,{ni t3(? I ?tf -tftfc 1 ? Li j;Li'<iiiii ..i-'jidsr I of yoa^i cvi^crlty, rc TfLi.'l I rcy '*ba(hj >. a; sni&cn ? ? ? pOTr^n, ^itii ob?t;viUo"iS Ofi iui dwitl^ a^l nrfi tlirir raicediej; vita li:h?gn)th', i:ia.,jra!;>7g tn? an*:ojny a^i fhjalc^y, and u^,dU of tho rern?. iu^tlre org^uii cr bote e?a^a, r^ir f tiv ctar^ ume ?nd fatcLucs. A poauitr *c l c,..n' i.)u#awTe t.-? Hw ou the du?u t>od ?, f uv .j., tnsj t-!adli?fr~bappvaiJt:uit.::l ? c.c le cr 6c syiaa tutua?lafel!dto;t3 J'J inrs/illr. cuos-th^lr Obviatlon i?nd r?3 orji?'.ir.r-rt^r.t lihita to tho^ OOniflMp!atl;igniati-icjri.y. tu.t wih ovirc.vie ob jf<Ctioiu to it; Bona, 4it?ar''f,; aho?ild ttfce thla in. portant ?*p vrl'hout tc,z ^uraui^,; ... .e._ ciamfntan?? oa U:o oifls^-.nuvi m^dic-l u?*ua?nl ot ir?;u ir>:*nc:j to old *.'^t ,.." h CfrTOEo d8ld.!ty, It* ClilWD ??- 1 - L I Lj f% a, on?; #0 eiaar's, rafe and ofi^auAl. V:J iJlox? xpuoi-.-s?rins# for dail/ r".i:inr.-,j>?t??t--?? ar,r? 30 3porm^ts:rUt*a viifc pr&rtical ol.;.ir?ut;s-s c'u I lafer, and lucre cuci>?ir'a;. i-;ode 0/ tuatiieiit ?rrt* tauucmtr> iain!> on Uo tflli ra^^uij faoci Jauiri Ml procii^a?m 9Sf*7 tm all aridng iadiso-'cticn, v;in plain and iur.;de .-u!ei by *rhlcl: ali pC^B* j euro witbout xoerenry? reintolfs lor ealf inflictr J nJscriafi tad disa:, to*.nt?vl hc^ eo uafoK?~-^i?ly pr?valfnt In t?t young. It id ? iruthfnl adrieor to tb<j trari.^u aad ffctei iMhai|ilil1a|Man<n?. In p?r?i?i \n par tKulariy roc-iiiiiipcdrl to i>?i60Ei in:?ri?> > sret doubts of iheir phyaloti ooadH:?n, an-S who *ti xia^rioui of Laving u.unlM tha bMllb. hippin* j{ ?cd pririit^.o to wiiicJxorery tciu? b ??> titled to. 0 I ri<? ifi tt.T.16 pfr 2:57, cr Ctp eoplej for eta dol <*t. Mailed free cf ^ ar>y part of tfca Uai !M tiUwCS. N. D.~Th?M wbo prefer Ki*7 PooEuItiVLiCEMJ B:-c.a acy of the :!!/**:.?, up?a *hich Ly brok ?r-tw mtn^r perwn^ly or by ami. 4t?Uiii:e sret Uj ani part of t.;? vnlnn ^-wording to directions, f irnh puctea card,illy iMItwjlrom all ,?5 Addrwe Irr. M. H. L^ CROIX,No 31 M^ld-n Lmw or Post <)fiice Bos 673, Albany, N. Y. Olfcea cper <Uj)y froxa 9 a in to b p n, mid on Sunday frets S antil b p m. from K?-? n?*Tw aL, 'UoT !-*???? Albaay. N. Y. PRENT'S MOUWTEl)"cUARD QUICK JL M LP.?This excellent piece of Mujic of the P?E"? compoaer, Mr. Robe.t Heller, haejtwt he?n publiHbed by the subscribers. Tae title pago is meat elegantly embellished. ^ __ , ^ ,. HILBU8 It HITZ, je 4_1 Publishere, Depot in Star Buildingg. PERRY'S AND CILLO I T^ BT -KL I'ENts in DOCTOR HOOFLAND'8 CELEBKATKD Carman Bitters, rtCPlttB IT DB. C. M. JACK80K, PMlad'a., F?., WILL BrrBCTTALLT cru V UYEB COMPUHT, DYSPEPSIA, JiWDlCE, Chronic or Ntrvju* Dthilily, iHe+a+t* of tin Kidnty$, and all dittos** writing from% a dim- , trdcrnd Liter or 8<0tMck. Such m Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness, or illood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nan sea, Heartburn, l)isgu<t for food, Fullness or weight in the Stomorli, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Plutteriiig at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim nmijof the Head, Harried and difficult Rreathinf, Flutfering at the Heart, Chokins or SufFoentin* ?>en?ationa ivben in a lyinu Po*ture, Lhutnees ot Vision, Oiid of \V. hs betore the sig lit, Fever and Dull Piin in the Head, Deficiency of peroration. Yellowness of the Skin and Eye*, Pain in the Side, Bark, Ciie?t, Liiut>s, &C., Sudden Flu she* of Heat I'.urntiig in the Flesh, Constant Imagin incs of Evil, and great depression of HpintH. F1^HE proprietor, in calling t/ie attention of the J. public to this preparation, does so with a feel 'nj ol the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the disei?sea f?ir winch it is recommended. Jt is no new and untried article, but one that hue ?tK*l the test of a ten years' trial betore the Amen cro people, and its reputation and sale i* unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well koowo Physicians and individual*, in all parts of j t ii.' country i? immense. The. following from North Care Una is respectfully nub; itt^d, referring any who may still doubt, to mv "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Hook. for Farmers and Families, to be h8d gratis, of ail the Agents tor the German Hitters. Principal (Hike and Manulactcry, 1X0 Arch sL, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. IV. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich mond County, K. C. Pi*i Hill, March 4th. 1R54. Dm. C. M. Jack tow, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst r-ric, lor the la-it five years, r^uch wii tny coi.ditn n lot twelve months that the physicians and ail who saw me said I must die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering place? in Virginia, Tennes see and North C.iroliua, hut wa? not benefiled by any water to which I was taken. VVhiie on my w.iv home, 1 stopped a wee's at Ruthcrfonlton, a ernal I village in North Ctirolinn, to try the effect of eomc Cbalylieate water in that p'ace. About the last of the week, i went into a dm? store to get some medicine lor my child and n.j'seif. There were several of Uie. village phyetciMta in the store, and oneofibem seemed to take some interest in my case and, al>er iL.king me some questions, said he had l??-en a dyspeptic, and had lie<>n pre??Iy bene fitted by the use of "Dr. Hoofi-nd's German Bit ters," prepared by y?u, and he insisted that I would try tne i$itt<irs ife also called the nut day at my room, and inci ted so much that f would try them !'ipt I asked him ;o pet me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced takin? it a-; din?t^ii, aad I do say I was more benefitted t\v it than a.i tne water and medicine F had ever tuk> n Aner reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i rive him nearly ail the Bitters I had left, which effected muc h eoo { in his case. He has often c:^?ed on ine for more of the same k nd of medi cine, sayins he was more benefitted by it than any 'tRf.T he hsd taken, but I have not been sble to get j:.v more for him or myself tiCC, there fore, p'eane shin me a dozen or mors as soon r>spc?s clile. Respectfully yours, W. SMITH. i). U. HOOKER. Roger's Store. Wake Co., N. C., < f-to'uer lJ4.18511, says:?" Having exp.-rienced very rr. at benefit from *.!?? use of " H >ifland's German Bitters,"' in Chronic D> entrry and functional de rangement of the Liver, and it" concomitant evils, I am desi:ous of ohiaimng a -juaiitity of it lor the benefit of iny coiuraur ity. You will, therefore, ple&se scni a lot. Slc. Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. SlcHTiViLr.*, Yanrrx Co , N. C ,Nov. l*t, 1 c33. iJr C. M. Jackson?I)e:?r Sir: Allow ine to ex oress t<> you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say t!ie I r*.?t of it, has ef fected a cure that all othef msiticiiicj, thitt I have Uik? n. have entirely failed to ??o. ??H^.fland's Ger man Hitie^*' have aured me of thj most siubb<Rn and a?:7ravftted en<^e of the pilks that. }?-rhaps. r v*r fell to the lot of man. My oa>e is not a suar.ser >n ti is community, a? i am well known in .ins and the ltrroitiiding counties, and tun IfUiv iuiv fi>y rt._ covery astounded au my fr..?nd? and relations" evftvtlhn,T ^rofnrn^n^d, ?nd notNiii** d;a la** otiy >a unit! l was preyaiic-a to try the. Bitters. You arc at liberty to r"a?ie any usi* ol this communication, for t'.r titr-fit o: On- afflicted >ou may tmaa proper. Truly v.irs, wa. i. AT WOOD. nr SM* ?bitters ar- eafr.r*!? v*gcta}>le, th? y invigorate and strengthen the system, never jirosirate it, and can he used for infants r.s w^ll as adults. For n!* b? re?r?c?nWe dealers snd by Z. U. OiLm sN, ;Va-?iir.i(i..d: J. L. klDWELL, f'. orgetau a; a;;d .'. ii. PlSHi'OiT, Aiczsoitru. mar l-lv 0 VP f * v SF A NISH' Ml X' PURE. G.f*r Ptrlfltr of the Hiood I Eot r, raitidd of Ilcrc'iry In It *.a ioL> fc..- Sjrofuis, Eiog'a Eril, Hteumatf'0L3l;ritf Cutac^. -* Piiurieaor ?cctul?aon th" l?:\ B'.otsh?, lk?UL?, Gh*c?:i'i Sore Eyes, l.irg Wcru er Tetter, ScaW TIsid, diil*.rgeaetiL ftud Tsin of the Bones and .loiata. Stubborn UWrs, Syphilitic Di.orders, Luiaha^o Bpiual CIcmpla'Tits, sn' all the uweaere trvkt. aa ix^ciVi^ns u'e of Harcort, lm pnid 'h<?*- ic Lljw, cr iiipumy oi sliced. i'-ITl5 raluaM* M-di^re, h.'i becca?e?lc* l;i?.i for th? Dcnbtr cf fcitracr '-rary rcrea. -Tvt^d thref rh itt ajTsncy, lcdm^?l the j-roori - c.r:, st th? orf-nt r-*i?est of ih?-ir frienlB, to r fler i". t:- the roM vhWi th;-y do ^ita tt?? utmort eon aieac* in ite ti'rtwi,'5 ?'>i cond-K.J rurntive i ro? ?rii 6 Ihe followinr rertiiomei, e*tecU? Itzi a lar$* maih'T, its. 1?ot*v?t, ?tr.-.u*sr t. -clr:^cr the s:-r* tc"? oi ?h? vrc-prict.? <; ??.? J et ; tl' ?r" i jru icnra vc.ll known la th- loct'.idea, rd*! sf t'ae hlntest rsspc :tubuUy, uany ct .hect raoldirg iu the dry cf ii!:hicord. Va. F. tlOIDLN, #^q,, of tli* Exchange I!ot?l, Eld> taor.d, hnpwa ?verr"?rh*re Rayths har ne?n the M*!? 1-Jne callvi Car fax's Prariiu Uirrous.admiaiatere'l in over & }.??r><lrel okM?,ia cear'y a;l ti# tor vhich it ?a recomiieaied, viih ths most e.non i.bia^ly Rf?i traits Be r.-.y? it U tL? met'. ?*? trv?r .iiii.r7 me^clnehsa ?Vr -cwi. A?ua AN1> FSVBK?GR3AV OcUK ?I hrr?by -ortUj Viiai icr tire- year.: I L^i .^jTis end of the ui t-i viclect dessripHon. I hid uer?ral 5^v hlaaa*, took Ut je quuitit:e?i of Qalulns, H?rcurv, t ad i bwl eve all tlie rionI< - acreitlsed. ba: >11 trlth vui pf.iruu.ent lellrf. At l?>t 1 ined Otrirr*? ipiclsh '-listare, t*TO bot;lu of vhicr. 4(I(>;taa:iy c... ' ? an, st: l I um L-. iy .o r!*y 1 have hni neiuier ehiilscc r^rst 3 uuuo. a .iKld;? 1* ?V? Tonic n vhL i>otU, Bad tiia otuy i. -.itoir.e ism 'isz ie:'-hidt:7cfci?s. JjlIN LOlvJvs^N. I. u/si. Bitcc. ucar Va. (!. H. LliCE, i?f j , uov ia fie cily cf Bichsccad ar. l for yeais in t':e Pcjt Oiffca, l.&s Er.ali err.i".'.frr.i tn ih* sKt^aLlihig cf C^tUr'.' fpviieli aliztttitt. that ha hz* ccjght uj srard." fee kaltl'V, wh'.zh ho h:_i gl?:n i%sy ic 'bs aUliclae..? IU. Locj. he nv u'Ts: kuorn ?t to lui rht.i a to dlrecticuri. hs. ei tho J, a practosfri l-ntr :.-l-n, sad ro?ta*>ly cf thf- Oi j Uotr.l, iii the iicy of Uhhinond, m?s he tu wiQ0?2i'l in a ii'dab*: of Instances the effeo'j of Car'er'3 3pani?h Mirtura, ?rhloh wer.? raoa: truly .'arnA'Dj. lie r*ya lit a cur ox C->r?-;u:piiou, de pcad'-~t on lha Liver, tho gaou eSacU were won darfel ludMd. rfAMUSL M. !]r.S,n:21S, of the urat cfOrlntar 4 Vonia. iUchincsi, w.i; carta eur?J A Liver Com Vl*5r.t of three t ears standing, fcj the n:c ui tw< Soltltr r 'O-rter'e Lcani-h Wlxture ORL'i-i- OUUli Olr SuitCSi'LA.?" ho cf the Richmond Republican Si-^1 a rerrtzt ?r:plofrJ iu t!?ur pru?i i*c.-.a>, cared i f vS'.lent If i'jIi., c. ta b'.ccvl wj J* LheuzuaiL m, vMch tiiiiiiy dl>*hli?d Lira ftcra vcrh. ?????.? yotile? of Ck.-t?r'B ri;*ar.l?t Mixture made u pet-Sfst cure of him, acd t>* Tti tcro la v. public notice, r-ay they "tjiwrf.-i'y rc<?a t:f u-l it to ail vho are *2LeU4 v1<^i v. 7jUI cf the hlood." ?T1LL ANCTflXB Cjr.3 GJ ?-CEr iK.TJ..?Ihal e T?rv r&l'iibhie boy cored c.f tkacJzl* s/ Carier'i bp*anlfa Mixture. I con.'ller It tsaiy ? tneaicine. J ASE3 M. 'iArLft>i,0>tti:U,'cn th? Y end P. R. It. Vo~ Rlchmocd. Vr . SALT KILStM OJ Tl/KNTY YkAh2 ITk>.DDT3 CDiiKD Mr. J0H>: TilCMVSON, rwldlc? !r. *ihe u'-y ei itijhrn^nd. wns erred by taree beiii-jrf Clarisr'e 8psrJai U.ituiB, cf bait t'd^uo, e-iii-.h ho had ic-r ne*.riy j;renty yean;, tci whi. ti ad the jiLynleu^f of the C.jf tculd not cute. Mr. Thoxap-x Ji is u woli hscvu r'sfihant in the oit7 of bichmcalf and hi? Is raot;: sM*arh<ible. WH. A.UAT7tlKWr>, <?? Richxaond had a forrant rurtd ol Fjrphilia, in tin worst form, hy Carter's Epan^h Mixture. He saya he cWrfutly recom ia? nit it, and considers it a very icvaiu?hia mod: cine. ISDWIN STII1T0N, oomaifldener of the revenue, sa?? he ha3 coen tie f?ood sffwtb of Carter's epenlel' Mixture in a number of Syphilitic caueB, and says it Is a perfect eure f r that horrible di^eue. H'M. 0. HAftWOUD, el Hichmoad. ean? of old Borer axd Cloers, which diruhtei hio f;?m walking. Tcok a few bottle* of Carrer'e dpanleh Mixture, and waa eaob? to wallt v ithout a crutch, in a ahcr! time j?H5aarien ly cured. l?rintipal Depots at M WARD, CL08K t Oo? No. 118 (daidaa l^ne, New York. T. VV. DYOTT * SONS, No. 182 North Seoond ?L, Philadelphia. BKNNXrr * BK?R8, No. 125 Main utrwt, Rich mond, Va. Ana for eale by CHARLES FTOTT, Washington. 0. 0; H1!N KY T?J6L, Alexandria, and by OrwggictE everywhere. Frica $1 par bottle, or aix bcttiea fcr <t*.p 21?lv BMOlKtf OP THE COUNTEtJtJ or HLEi* . aington, by B. K. Madden. M. R. 1. A., two vwlaj rRANCH TAYLOB. TRAVTLFRS* PfRtCTORT. H* BAII.HAAD DIRECT TO THE W Time between Wuhicgton ud Whaelit/ but 17 t hourt! ?***? ?unx?u? (i<v bstwt/n. Wa*kiKgfn and Cincinnati 27 hourt Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD U HAVING greatly unproved its Wwifm coring tior.s now t^rs th* (ulic< ir<lu^f??nit' travelers betwe?*n WlihiBprHl, Baltimore, n.n(j ^ portions of Ike Wwt, the Norm west and the west. The connection between the trains fm? vVaab it.gton and the trains bound wm trom Baltimore t* always promptly made at the XVashington Junction (lately C*ll?^l the Relay l!ou?e) 9 miles from Balu cnore. Thi* i? the only chance of can r? qmr><j be iweec WaaiiinfMi and the Ohio river. k*gg*g* ? checked through to Wheeling at the Washington ?t a don. and n checked and transferred there, w-,j, the paswaftcrs) Without charge, for thuw | oldi*. Uiiough ticket* for point; leynad. The enamrtmg train - Iwavc Washintfoo daily at 6 a. in. and 4U u in. On Sunday* at the latter hoor only. At V^b elinc direct fonnocHo* is made m nh ^ trains nftke CENTRAL OHIO KAILBOAli. nins from Bellaire on the Ohio, near VVb>eli*^ through Cambridge, Zane-vtlle and Newark, u, COLUMBUS. Tlw*e train- connect at Newsrfc with ihe cars of the Newark. Mansfi- Id and J^ndut ky Kailroad for Saudusky, Toledo, lietroit, Ch.rago St. Louis, etc. At Columbus the C. O. Railroad train* connect with the fast train* of the IMti* M>nmi Railroad to Xerin. CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At AVntd (on Little Miami Railroad) conn-cti<m la formed with the train* through Dav' INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Inland, St. Louis, etc. !>?- P*!*eiutr? holding throorh tickets lor Ifem f.hU Utdksfarrg, Watches, Sev Or leant etc., which ?r?- ?J-n M.ld at Washington? are transferred at Lia -.r.nati to th? Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evan^viile, Cairo, and St. Louis ar? aold by mote. *J-F(?R CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toled", Detroit, Chicago, etc., ticket* are mid. wh? n tlie Ohio is navigab.e between Wheeling and Well*ville (forty miles) where a connection with tire Cleveland and PItt*burg Railroad is made. Traveller* *re required to notice that wki'e this is the only route aflording through tickets and checks i:i Washington, it is al-o the "Jiortr-et, moot speedy, tn;l direct to nearly all the leading point* in ?he gv-at West. The distarcefrom WashingtontoCin ciunati is hat 653 miles being about 100 aides short er thao by any other r?>ut?-1 FARE HV THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON : T" Wheeling, 50; (Vdumbu^ 85} I-avion, 815 50 ; Cincinnati, $1(1 ; Lomsvilia, by ubxad .<18fi5. hy tt<-Hin>'r from < 'incinnati. $18; In .?*?;?Tafioli?. 017 f?C; ( leveland, $12 15; Toledo, $13 tO; D troit. .?j 15 vO; Chicago. $*2;' 65 and $19 50; Sl Loan, 50 ai.d $'<?>, M?;mphi% $26; New Or lear.!", $?<!, etc. *J- t-'OR rREDCRirK and HARFER'S FF.RRY MAUTINSniJRC, ItKRKF.LEY SI KINGS,CUM BERLAND, BLDF OKI) ?PKI NGS, Fiedaoat. Oak land, and 1'airmount, pa^jngera may leave Wash incton at 6 a to or 4V$ p. m. For tlie n.inor wa* riuuons between lialiimore and Wheeling, take C a m train from Washington. For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc<^ ar<" c:?e''iHl advertii?ewi< nt*. *.rf-r.?i tun her informa'Kfi. thnogh tickets, fcc., a <ply to THOS. H. FABSONS; *g nt, at Washing ton Station. JOHN H. I?< >NE, Master of Tr&nspoitation Baiuoiorr and Ot:i>j Uailr>ad, Baltimore. may 3~tf _ WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD CHANGE OF HOURS. ON and after Monday, the ?-!&! m^unt, the tr-:r4 will Leave Washington at 6 and L mi *,l<5 3 **4 IJipm On Sundav tt -SV^ p m Leave at ** ind jg a m, and 3 jud ?' t "r in Oo Snrd^y at a m. ap it? tf T. &. PaHmuMS. Ag'-nt. ?dt> Mott Bedell's Line. SKlf FOR-V, JILr-X.1 XDRM. IVJFmSG '09 CITY, AND DISTRICT OP CO LC Mil A PACKET*. rpHIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLT i from pier 14 East River, New York,and oft' ;e* it' nec?.?aarv, and aie coaiposed of the lollor. lag tLn4, c'ass vHxa'1':* M Ur. J!- V. Jir>'rU, B. t|l li, lll!L<Hti New scfir. Mott F.fJeU, A. V. TredwcIL Sciir. Aun D.t Wi?i. e?'jver, m.tstT. bc'.i'. f 'ol-zn?. L. A. Srti!th, mister. Schr. Commaruler ii?-Chirf, Woglutn, master. Sehr. G'resn"w/, WiUon, master. These vewaels are rj! fast sailers, and the men of ? *p. i.? In ti- trade, an.^ the ? fca Ur iitse of Washington Citv paek. u?, MO'IT BBUELL. Wall pfeet. N. Y. S. P. MASTERS h cU?Ns, A'exandrta, Vi. TII0MA8 RHLLY, feb 1?8ra Wa*h: 'vrsn and D. C. DIL&SGE AHD ALEX2FDEI1 E AILS J AD. Chi Gtui after Tuesday, -Ncv. 7, 1854, rynr Cira >avs A>xandiia da'Iy ' r rtc lor.fc J[ v.l;e aud iate-arjiste 't-iti'-i.* at T if o'durk, i. thj nt ti * Y: t'. rr^n tcipi*" t;t o-enai;-t eu < C> ??? : v-tc,, sl Itiaabi*as ? t?:.b a tr*is ?or ? tar^, e' V7atr<tiU?i .'n ction w.t* a train kir Wne fixa,Uj\ rt tl; d'n>T:ij* w.;-> ."-jtralrs -n (Im ^ l-<'.al? ?> . tal Itidlruai :oi *J. .:-.cna,Chi.*: tV? rii'.e, au i 6.?mab n. The earn iww {krd-zrri!!* daily Al<?x?.i.Jrtn bid int-iiisdleN statl:.c-t, at 'i I stor" 13, a. m?, oa the cit tjI nf tha t:a!n; ot ths Vrr^inla Central rnU > -'tj beta ki^tsoad, Charh.tU: vniis. ^Laoatoa. T:iS0U'jn TTOK^TS Ta ~l Al'Xa-rlica U Wawsatoc^-. ~..$5 00 *" " 8 iO ** '? Chart J iitxr Ills 4 Si M '* 6 80 41 " fetraabui * 8 M " 41 Lyr-bMu-^...^....^.^ ? Tl u u V.incba^r.S M M M f n/aw A 'H ??????*??????????????? v ?? 44 ? Naw i: .Ikfci, ft ? ? .... I":? ? T-eoju;' wi-j th? t'+gts at PhirlotCsjrllla, oa t \Vraiu^is; s, and Fri iav?. tor 1-t.n j i.vJ it'r* Msrk^, ?mrx(inc vlib tha i n?.' tetCu ; .pa*, tu ?'- -Jtjfc,'I.iUi- is;i?,aiAbdb ur^r^. Ft Kincireiir Cu;, conasrllug nlti Jbt au^ai Vie i'*' ' ?r For ililt'ilaVoTj dfcUj, e<mcacl!r.z *ilb &? eU^sa it tr.s Piait.a. F?t oris?: W. B. BEXSUr, A*w?C acv "?d'uf FOE MOUNT VilRNON. - * On TUESDAYS and riUDAYS. rJ-rcur.i trip |1; from Ai?* tOairir. 76 cciitt ?Tk? THoMAi; C0LLTE& laav^ r7a<-liE^tca ?t 0 a^J ai.-ui.arti at 6^ o'c!ock. C<a;bff toav* CajpitolCcr iLaboatat SJ| Calk. >?.J. l;.r* 1C ierta. Perujur -*? s.''ti .l. Ua?r ttA lecca a iui wk>. .* 1i*j. t'l-itK. oa the bo^t cot 25?dtf &A 35*L OIIXSY, Ca?t ?HB ai?W YOK2L A L.I V K.KPOOL U111 TE D 5 TA TL3 MAIL 3Ti2AME2S. r?na r uAi-s co:4riw?i:?<i tew u^b Tim? i.iLANTIC, CHl-I. Wru-L PAUlaTC. tHJLt tijZ, lieLViC Ca;?t. Otcitock, ADi.lA.nC, Capt. Graltoa. ei!^3 l.a?s K?ta tcilt by extract, expr?M*> f ftc Gcvt.-niatnt wrvi.?; every care ha? bo?>a fc5e j !n tl.t4r o o*trcu.ion, au ia the Cagtn?$> to <n ;rr* etrei^tb and ?;>eel, aui tuulf auxmiaod*. iens tzr pia*:c^ers aie aae^oalied fur ?'?e/an a na crtsfort. r*rl:e cf p4ft-a?9 frcai Xrw Tork to Liverp -cl, la fir id flab?*.' ... ?.................. i............ *....... *31 *ocnd Cabin 0 IxdHsire aft? of ex*ra sise *?- te ro^^- Sow Iron Liverpool to New York ?.? and ?iU. An experienrtd turvon rt art ed tc ach siu;% No bertn Caa h? e??-ir?i c :?ii paJi lor. For freight cr ? ?^lv to lDV7A.iki> K. OC'LLINB A 00 . *fall itrast, New York taOWN, ^IlIPLIX * CO, '?verpocL K. 0. K0BKET8 A 00, Id King's Arms Yard, Lonlow. JOIiH MUKBOE A CO, 39 Bee Notre Dacae d-? T|i toirM, Part*. 0E0. H. rRAPr.R, Havr*. The owa^r- of the?a ehlpa will ??? bs aoeranUb.'a or gold, silver, bullion, rp<vie, iewalrv, pracioaJ itcne? cr metals, on lees Mils ?f lading are si^Md her?for, and th? value thereof therein axpr??*-i. 11-41? FINE ENGRAVINGS.?We hav? recently tor ctived a l .rge lot of fine French, Cngluli, and iBMtriran En/rav nj;-, which wc are selliug off at ixcoediuvL low ra ?a. J NO. F. ELLIS, Ja 31 M Fa. avenue.,