Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1855 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY. JUNE 30. 1855. NO. 777. THE WEEKLY STAR. This Family nn4 N<*wa Juwu ?cn?^ Uuning * *r. mat ?arkty of mionwun* readme Ui^a cm be round in any other?U published on jfetnnliy r mi. eopf, pc* annum fl M TO CKII. fi?c copto.... Tell ^OwwMinwu.wti tutu Twmtj Ac MMMKHX ? * Mllll L5W C^Oa?B, INVARIABLY (? AHVAirrs. ?in*le c<?f i<"? (in wripprw) can br procarv! at the counter, inirn<*i:.ttHy after the if ue of 'j? paper. Price?masa cirrs. ro^TMASTBM who art a- ac-itu will be alio* 4 a coaratartn* of twntv pei c?*nt. SOMETHING WFW U*DER THE 8U!f. CHARLES WERNER, Penisyir'inia r.tcnue. Opposite Hro ms' Hotel. HAS fitted up the commodious hmil over his Res taurant a* a f.n?t c1?lm L.AG~:U REEK S \ iiaviDf pfOffure"! j supply of pvry luxury and crniti-rte found In fir?t .??lass establishments of the kiid in the N.>rt>?er.i cilie*. ilis KIIINE WINES and French Wane Wines, a? well as bis Cl*rets, Serirs. Laser Beer, Germai>. Iualtan, anl Swiuer CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery other appropriate luxury in sn~h an establish ment, is unsurpassed in this country. He solicits a call from his friends und the public, mav 12?tf DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDS' ?N, Dentist, late of the firtn ol , Finn* & D maldion, continues to . manufacture and insert tlin?- hea'.itiluI.'^faa^L porcelain te?-tb, with or without guim, '~?\7 for *p-cime>i? of which (made and de posed by the latf firm) was awarded tlir first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city The*1 teeth are carved and shaded to suit ea~h particular -as*, and their resemblance to the natu ral organ.- is so peri-jct .?s to deceive the most urac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre ?eryinf the natural teeth. ? halves m-Hi'-raie ami ail operations warranted. Office southwest comer Seventh and D sis.- ea trance on D. mar 21?4?in ICE?ICE?ICE! ARLE^ W'Clt NkiH, on Pa. .avenue, J opposite Browns' Hotel, will keep throuehoiil the season an ample supply of fetti bone's b st ICE, which he wili sell, on call, in aiiv quant t>e*, at the lewest possible rates. inay^g?dtSep30 PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT it BKO. ca'I attention to their ? unusually assortment of Silverware, consisting of? Solid silver feaSets, complete Silver Pitchers, solid Silv r Castors Silver Cups and oaucers. G?;blols Silver Fish Carvers and F >rK*. Crumb Scrapers Cake Kniv s, Fruit Shovels. Sugar S.flers Jelly Sp on<, Cheese Scoups Pickle Knives and Forks Olive Spoons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Foriu Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs, It saert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladles Ice Cream Knives, Sait Cellars Napkin Uin^j, Butt r Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, I able, and D.\-"ert Spoon; and Forks of every vanely Breakfast and dinner Coffee Spcor.s, \c. Also, a very larj* assortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wedding, birth day, asd other presents The above ii all of our own manufacture and is warranted to be pure. M. W. GA1.T &. RRO., ?a* Pa. ave., betw. dUi and 10th et?. raar ;il?tf c NOTICK.?I received this lay a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of th-; latest styles. Also, a variety of otlur new G>od?: as Vest Chains, Chatelams, Brace Jets, fias Earrings, Rincs, etc. Great inducements offered to purchas, rs. ? if. SEMKE.V, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and ICth sr? ??" Xev Poin/t put t.? Gold Pern at short notice. Diini ?ods remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar 29?tf PROSPECTUS For publish' tig a rzovtkly Musical Woik in iht city of Washington. 1MIE underpinned, at the solicitation of many ol their esteemed cu-tomerv, propose pu'jfi.-hiug a monthly Musical Worn, entitled Tt& National Monthly Koiicwl Slaguziao. The Mipine wiil eon'.tm front four to mi pages "f Mssic, selected from the best European a:td \a t've I om.iosers fn ad l.t.on t<? tli?" an extra eheet will be added, cmvairtini the latest Musien^ News, Musical Not! ??*, lie. The >1a? h i-I '** print*d on the b-^t quality M'l'i-: paper,and will be printed frorj engraved pij'j. s, in the ueatest man ner. The first number of the Magazine will &?: ready about the 1st o? Julv, lc55. Mr. S V. N*.?T??. Hie Agent for the Work, will fcoiicit suhscnpti->n from i** citizens of the District of Columbia a-,,1 ^|,ow a specimen number. "? Beam, Xo. 130 Bridge stre ?, is the agcut for Georgetown. ? w ?II,BUS h HIT/, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av., and iJ Star Buildings, Wa-hitigton, D. C. iune ??tf M A CARD. in Eecncny is the r9ad tj waith." 0% Great Redactjou in tie price Hau ft Cap*. '11H E und reigned, huvin-; nude arrangem> ittt J. witn a New York Hat Company to b? con A^nVy supplied wth ih- very be?t Mo^Hin or l>KEcS HATS, u.? in th?: latest style, offers U??ai at i'i? aupreeederted l.j-v price (>r Wwt t If'ttti l^ur ttj live doliars; second (quality. 4J, w?>rt.i imu ,-*.l,5u to ~i; anil s very Juaiii^n abl" Hat at l^, w >ri:? frora 5:) to $d,aO. Al>*>, tie-be A Co's l!at-?, at a uttj.Ti k.i? niv than they have bee.i here tot .r* sold in tii> city. First rate beaver H its %3,:> <. All kinds of .^it II \TS und CAPS 7.-ry low. In order to sell at the abowc low p, .ccs the cx;li ?ynem mu.-t br atio-'ed ; const!,>1. uUy Uiose who purcliaja will not be ebarbed from ti:ieea to twenty five per cent, as in i lor bad debts. A.NT1ION V, (for a any years in the employ of'1 odd ii Lo.) No. 3,Co:umb?a place, 7th it. ?p 13?tf _ 2d door aorth o! P. i.n, avenuo. FINE WATCUES." 6 cwuid.nble addiuoa to ray o jlp nrsT-ta patikt unu, <<s and i.uui' war- r.u ^ Of first qua.:t>, heav> L6 earat|^SBSsSi2tf]|^^ ca?e4. Al?o. SILVER WATt IILS for boy#. I Hfer theu, at greatly reduced piictn. TIj.* Eiov- menu or- seie- t-J w.ih great caze, every W atch is jurrrunt vl. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper ars iivitca b> examine my a^iru ient. it sEMirr.v, w>. tso Pa. avenue, tetw. y^iaiiu lttii its. nur .fci REESE S EAliLE PLUMiiINU AIID GAS-FIT TING DEPOT. 'I^IIE sub crlf>?;r re p?.*cUully antiettacr* *0 hi# * ln? :.d-> and the public in nerr?l Ui^t r.e re cuvru the I: st lot of the celebrated :?0;#:;l,'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FoiiCE PUMP, whteh received the bILVLJl H.E.LAL at Uie laie Fair of ti..- Metro, oht 111 Mechanics' tute, and is ii'iw pn jtaie.d to furnsfc a l w?;o may favor him with a t II. His ?ioc< ofCIAa HXTlXlfia s:e UiiiU." p;ifed m the Dtsi-irf. With his corps 01 ;*;?aip? tent woikm .n he pridei. ntm^eli to hi) any ord-rs in the PLliMBlNU AND GAS-FIT'l INti ..tic with p:?H..ptneiSund deh^ itch. 4^Ao work djne v.a/ran 1 t:> *.??. crr.;ilete MtisTaruon JOHN" uEl^E, _ J?tf <*or. Sixth ?t and p? av. nue. PROSPEKl'S CORNET BAND. T'lllrj It.nd is nifribie for an. and all purposes, ?I ^?d w.irr ititi d to give iuti4ii'Uu'i to all tl.n. t' wiio may be|>iea->* J to en?*.e them, either us u ?ra"?s, keml, or Cotillon !4and. Any number 01 n,u?n ta.i.s to be Lad at the 6hoi! e?t neuce by applying to FKEDEKIC PROSPEKI, Leader, at Isluvuli's Stor?-, "p|s?^ue the v u Marine Harraiks. v. H.-Orders left at Iliibus 5l Hitz's Music De P'Jt, wit: be promptly attendt-d to. may Z>?4ai A L,L,_ " haxomuh ~~ ?,ln, lhe City -u.Mild see Hunter's? ":Ualoi*ue A,",> ,,,# hrvrvu . V " <*?eat Picture. mav ^-",'.V SiDlii 1 HILA jbLFHIA LAUEH BliES DiPuI. 3H1 Pa. arenur, A^ a>1 m ^ W' iftulS "?%*'a?J -1?? wirTi 5 c. We^ud 1 he beer free ef cist to all p.ifU of ,Ue Many physicians have recommended tin6 ^ ?ne ol th? be-l nrmedies lor vvcak stomachs |e 13?I m* BAlfXl5a HUDSK OF l'AIBO & KOOiiait BOj/siirfe L'nUr! StUn iVeoMry. ONl?S, Stocks und otlior ?o a.iuee y?rcha?? r and sold. Interest at the rate of s'.i p< r cent ptr annum al 'owed oa d. posits vshen lelt lot 1* iaya w hjajier. 1ai? 'M-thu Dr. L. B. WRIGHT'S U5FAILI5G "SCROFULOUS aMIDOTF," For the Permanent Curenf COXSUMI'TIOXa'td all other formt of SCRCfFL'J.OUS DISEASES. fI'HLS Medicine is prepared l?v ~?n eminent pi;ysi 1 cianof eighteen years practice in New York city, during which tilne he lias coustar.tly used it with the most unbounded success, a?.d created for it a reputation in private practice, unequalled in the his'.ory of medicine. It H^ts immediately upon the b iM>d, cleansing it front ail scrofulous humors or im purities, r?*novniine and. !?" its mafic powers, IN VIGORATING THE WHOLE SYSTEM, in proof of w ich, hundreds of respectable witnrss?-?i Ironi the doctor*- private practice h ive given in their tes tuii >ny. nnd entreat tltos-- suffering from any t crolu Icus affection, to tall u/<o? the in a d satu/'j your teleei. A Treatise on Seroftilous diseases osn be hi.l prat'* at PRINCIPAL TiKPOT 409 Broadway, and at Drug Stores fencraPy. OHARLF.-t SToTT fc CJO., Agents for Washington. i?:- l. n wftJoiiT'S TASTELFSS "LIQCiD CATHARTIC," OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. THP* Hthe BE^T CHEAPEST,and MOST EF FICIENT C \TUARTIC EVF.U OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoidlnc the nnn-ca tin^ effect of Pills, Oil, at.ami producing r.o griping or ether painful effects. Unlike all oth er purga;ives, it .earenes to the bottom of the dis i a-;'?, thoroughly cleanses th1* stomach, and leaves the bowels entirely free from c?*riv??.Ms. no family should he without it. Children drink it n-adtlv aul wuhout lorr-ng, and NO MBDiCINE I* MORE HIGHLY RECOM MENDED bv the MEDICAL FACULTY Civ> i? a trial and then judge for voursHve*. It ran be had wholesale and retail at E H. ST A BLER & CO'S. Baltimore, or CHARLES STOTT J& CO . Washington, I> C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 40? Broadway, where th^ doctor an lie ton tilled daily on diaeut'j generally, irom 1*2 t ?2 p. in., without charge. jc 13?6tn Uo.2Q7. WlSfflKTO* STOVfc JUM'PAi'T BV, S. ?. corner o/" Pa. av. end Elc.nUh street, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD it CO'S Warming anil lentilaliu? li paratus, M POND & CO.'S (ot Boston) Uaiou Dooblf-Ovcn rooking Uange, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE D0UBLE-0V?N RANGE. Constantly oil hand, ard receiving LATROBE STOVES, for heating tw i storie:-; Parlor and Chaw her GRA I ES, Enamel ed and J.ip. nned Cooking. Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dminr Boom S OVES: P!.:in, Tinned anJ Enam-lled Iron HOLLOW W VK2; Bine!; Tin, Planished and Jaf anned WARE in great variety. All of which wiil be so!d at t!ic lowest possible rates, that wilI compare favorably with any Eotab lulment ?outh ?.f N? w York. Aa examination ofmyatock is earnestly solicited ap 13?3m J NS SK!KYIMJ_ FOR THE ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS CAP RAILROADS THE Subscriber's Coachetw Il? rdl for Pas-enwr< wUhingtn connect witli the above P.ailn?.'ji9. My?*oacti?-< connect v it. the SteaineniTiio* Coi.t.Tta ? rG?.?Ri;u ?V ashino to*, which Washington at 0 a in. (tgu. Meal> f>inii<h?d oa the l?oatJ. persotif wishing tflf Coaches t<? call foi thet.i can leave their name ami widei.A* with Mr. John T Tillman, near th* Capst d ra'e ; Mr. Ri.tiV dm: store, corner ftnn?ylvai:i:i aven a:'d ]2th slre.jj; or at Geo. A. Tn*?s. Parker h. Co v-t ?re. Coaches can b>.* had f?-r P!e:.^?,. r-ay28-2:a VVI1 MAil WHALEY J VAN'S. PERFUMERY, TOIL I 1 ARTICLES, jt' 8tc., fiic.? We hiv* now in -t r*? a larpe vari ety of fine uid ci>intiion Fan.^, Hi.r;icon's ??nd Lu Ua's celt braied P?-rfuinerv, Rr:i- <-9, < ni'is, t'oo'!i Powders, playinz and vwitmi C-.rd - hue Portinon i'&ies, Cijrar L'a-^s, Lard ( a.-^s, Ea-k?t-, Can<!3. ftr ,3io., all of whieti we are llin:: <>?i? ai low jir;ces to (.uit ilie tiuiex at the ?\a?o. Music, dt? iionery. Perfumery, aau Fancy r >? ?!>'? >tore of JOHN F. ELLIS, 206 F.t. avenue, bet. 9th and li'tii at.", may 33?tf \TEW RUOK6 RECEIVED AT i>| SII i 1 \GTOW'S. The Watchman, >i.'il l?e found a fittin; companion to the p>pu'ar and *lui|*le ?toiy of the Lamp ligh:er ilarper?' Ma^axiue for Juac?cemtfli'icca a n?w VCluiIlrt The Mi viiu* Bride, by Mrs. Sourtiworth The Two Guardians, by tti*- author < f Ileart'?at)e Kuach Lorwru) ], a talc of mod? rn li."*i Virnima, Htrper'a Sto-y Book for June A CooS. of 'i ii ugliU-, Menioricf, and Faiicie.1, by Mrs Jaui? <oti Pe? p? from a Beit'iy, or the Pari? Sketch B :ot Leaves from a Faui ly Journal, by the auth <r of At tic Philosopher m P.ns Joy and Care, a fneiidiy book for young mothers, b\ Mrs. "Utllill. Ail ine new bookn poi.Iished received immediate ly afterwards, and every thing in le utatio* ery lia< tor ?ale at SIllLLINGTON'S, Bookstore, O icon Buildn g, je 1 Comer 414 el, antl ' *? av* M ORE B A R G A I N sT JOiiM ?!. KWOOT, liritl?'street, iOtWi sule war High, Gemcloiru, HAS ju-i r? ceived a further supply ol ?eacon?hle Goo-iH, ainoni;?t which will he iound ?U pieces i?o<?d .tv;. * I'art colored I. .wna at 12}^ 10 do plain Hack and white and black do. do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawns :<0 do dotted and rich finb'd Mucins do piani Swiss an-' Na:nsook do 40 do Jateoiict and Caiiibric do ;*? do plaiil snd striped do to GracJ Cloth Skirts corded and d?:!iasl. do VM.n. ?nd colored Watert ! I?io.-ef.n.s i iecei< lijiit pu tty styles . 'alio.>3 10 do llart ge de I.aines at lii>?c 2 do Buff shade Linen Willi ao assortment of seasonable styles af uiovu Hos.rry, ai.d m..ny oilier very desirable (.' ,uis, i<_ tli?* atu-ntion of ?*?h or pn>iii|it cu. tf. .?ers u iuv.ted, as we arn coiistantly rec? ivinc nen c<s>ds and an; >elling tii' in at priceb to suit ;ti< liao s. uiay iii?U' J II SMOOT. MOSAICS ! MOSAICS!! ti. *, Jttvellcr, Ro 33U Pa avtuu*, H.\rt ieceiv?-d thii day, direct, the lar^> ?t a-,.;.rt metit oi uiagmAc**iit Biannn and FIcm-' tin< M ??iAIC JEWELRY, which has ever been offered in this city. l ac patterns sre of the very lat( ?t .-t> l?-a. The lot, be'.n; rather lar^e fer thf advanced s ?t?ii, will be sold at eauri-uiely I ?w prici a. M.ajf:iifl<-ent sets of Finn anJ Ear lti!i;s, fioni $C up to ?j0. Admirers o? this style ot Jewelry ate iu vited to exam ae this as^ortuieiit. je II DENTISTRY. "J"fcH. MUNSON r?specitul!y ca!l> public attenhoii _| ) tohi- new. pitei.1, a;;.l GIIEATI.N ?& 1 tlPEOk ED nn lIi aI of setting Arti^cia.tZpMUK* Teeth, wiih Ccntifuotis Gum-the r?.ry FEUFEC 1'ION OF TiiE APT. Thi--iyle ofTeetl. has the loiiowmg 'dv ii.i.ia. s ?!V. r :.ll ot'iers,\iz: CHEAT SThESGi"*I, I LEAXLINESS, COM FORT, ami BEAUTY, viemg with Nature in thr-c resets, i;ad ui soiuo otli- rs excelling. 1'iiblic in i|i?ttioH is [.jptcUulijf Eoiicited. i'lua c call and it* S|M'CIUICIiS. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District ct Columbia has a right t? make thes st> le ot Teeth. N. B.?Teeth comnioiuoually healthy, plugged and warranted lor iifb. Office and hou?e at No. Jl#8 E street, n< ar tl.'j comer of Penn.-->ivaiiia avenue and 1 lib street. ap*J4?if 1| K il k O H 4 WITII UkFtCXtVk visiuii are invited to examine my_ extensive stork of all kttlklsoi SPECTA . CLES and EYB-CLASSES. Clas;;#-.*' of .~.ny k:nJ, such as Cataract, Parabola, Pertoc^pie, iM'Jble Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Gla??i s, put iu at short notice, with ?reat care, a:>d persons in want of glaascs n?*y be sure to jjet tho-"e which bent tit Ihe ?-ye. jrf- Circulars "Defective Vision," fr.itis at H. SLMKEN'S, 330 ra. avenue, betw. 9th unit lOiii at?. mar oO irrSuT rt \SKl. 1 s.?Ju?t o;? ue4 h Variety ot Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Offtce, Work, School an i Toy BasketH. , ? _ Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, fr< :n Apoilur, bt. Harnscn and Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. CotnLs, Brushes, Fans, Playing and V:s;tinf Cards, Card Cases, Porte M iJinaies, Jet Goo:s, Pocket Cuiiery, Cases. Music, Instrument<, S>', fcc JO IN F. ELLIS, 3V6 Pa. a v., bet. Vth and lOtii sts. je(J-U FOR THE CUBE OF Asthma and Cousnmption. NEW AND VERY WON I) C.KFUL !!! HYGEANA Brought home to the door of the Hiilioa A WONDERFUL discovery bat recently b?*m made ty Dr. Curtis t this city, in tin; Uiat- I ment of Con-mnption, Aotlnna, and :"i| diseases of the Lungs. W> ret. r to DB CURTIS'S HYOE \NA OR INHALING IIYGEA* VAPO?: AND CBEKRY 8YBUP.W Willi this mM, Dr C. has restored many afflicted ones to he ilth, a< an evidence of which he has innumerable certificates Speaking of the treatment, a physician lernarks, "It is evident that i' haling?constantly breathing an agreeable, healr j; vapor?tho medicinal properties must cow in direct contact with the wl*tde ferinl e.ivirie of the luny, a id thus escape the i.nnv and varied chant-"** pr ? Icccd upon them when intro duced inti the rftmucn, and sui?j<;ct to the process of digestion " Trie l!yg?nais tat sale at all the j Druggi-t's throughout the country.?-N. York DtUc!>? \ man of .Ian- 14. The Inha'er ii worn on the breast under the !inen without the least iucoiivenier.ce?the heat of the b >dy being sufficient t.> evaporate the fluid Hun druls of ctues of cores, like tha following, might be named One paekngf of the Hygeana has cured me of the Asthma of six years' standing. J F IvlKSEEKKY, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. I nin cured nf th e Asthma of ten ye;trs' standing by Dr. Cuitis's IIyj,eana. MaksaRZT Eastox, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Faol, of No. 5 Hammond street, N V, was cured o?" a severe ca-?e of Bronchitis by the lly gcaiia. My sister has been cured of a distressing cough of -everal years' standing, and decided to be tncurn >!e b, the phy?ii ian.s. L-ue was cured in one month by the Il>2< ana. J. H. Gavpert, P. li] Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr.CuiisviR, of Ne;v York, testifies of our iucdicine in the following language: Nxw Yoru, Nov. 15, 1851. Drar Sir?I thir.k hi?h!v of Dr. Curtis's Hygeaua as a remedy in -en of th? throat and Lungs - Having had dome opportunity to te-iify its efficacy, i am convinced flint u is a most excellent medi eine, both tlij t'yrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. S. CEirria writes us 33 follows * Gentlem- n?1 .nave recently had occasion to test jour Cherry Syrup ?iid Hygean Vapor, in a case of chrrnic sme throat, that had refused to yield to otii er forms of treatment, and the re ult ha* satisfied :ne that, whatever may be the comp >Mtion of your preparation, it is no miposi'jon, but an cicellent remedy. I wish, for the take of th- afflicted, that it nueht be brought within t'.;e teach of all. Dr, one of tho most celebrated Physicians in New Yfrk writes as follows: Dr. C'ltTi??Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent ffii ots nt >o?ir iiycaua -r inhaling Hygean Vapor and ? 'hrrry Syrup, in caseol" Chronic Bron chitis, ;.nd mueti in favor of counter irritation ?n affections of the, Bronchial tubes and lungs I cm therefore cheerfully recommend your Medi .afed Apparatus as feeing tiie most convenient and factual mo le of applying anything of the kind I hav ever seen- N-i doubt, thousands of per-or.s may be relieved, and many cured, by using your medicines. 1 mu-t here he ailov.eii 10 cornea* that I am op pesed to picibcnbiii; cr mane secret compounds, but tins little neatly c? uriv?J :. :ic!-*, and it-- < lfects in the ca*e above alluded to, fcfitre iaductd to speak i.i its favor. Yoi are at liberty to u >e thi? in any w?.y you may think proper. Respectfully,*, &c. C. loans, M I)., No. G09 Houston street, N. Y. Pn<*e Ihre*1 dollars a package add tiy CrilTlrf * PCKKINrf and UOYD X PAUL. No HI* ? hunbers street, N. Y I-'wtir packag<suit ireo to ar.y part of the United States for ten dollarj. N B ? I?r. Certi 's llygeana i.; the ORIGINAL ir.d ONLY <JI \UINE ARTICLE; all ither are as?-itriia-itui . or vi'e r.n-1 injurious counterfeits, ^hun them . n; v/.iuhi POLJON. For sale ii: IVashliijinn by Cil ARLE ' STOTT, Pa. av'tme, ne- r 7t:i street;" and J. 11 MOO HE, in the First Ward. may 22?6m 11 JOHK B. r.LVASS. WILLIAM TUOliPdOH KLVANS * T?1 MPSOS, in HARDWARE, COACll TRlMTNGS &c.. '* o ii'tU Ha- i?*j Ivaiils *vnn?i between Airiifr ami Tcnt\ streets, H'athington, D. C. HOIJ.-E FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, Gi-rni n Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, I ?bl?- and !?? sert Spoons Carvet and Forks, S:eels, Knives frith and with out F'?rks Rra-s, Hritimnia, ?>?'?ck Tin and Plat' 1 Candlesticks; Shovei iiid Tongs, Waffle Irons, S ol fro-i" Ma-li'i and Ct I ,'detil Kettles, Furnaces,Griduo..d, Ovens, Jke. BUil.DiNG MATCKl ^LS. Rural CotUge, Close., Cupboxd, Choet, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Dor r, liniid ilin^cf, Screws, Cut and v\ roug.i: N.UL-, Brad's Siiutter Sciews and Sfubbs, Door Spnngi, I landrail Screv?s, Loer Knobs IKI1 Pu'ls, Dor.r Sheave- at'd Rail, ?c. C4BI ?ET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Ciottt, Curled ilair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Sprints Vcnitia:i Blind li i.iks, Back Pulleys, P.ofler Ends, f a Rets, Furniture N.tils Glue, iflin Handles and Screw.;, Diamond Screw Plates, He. CARPKNTE-IS' GOODS. Planes, Sawt. ifruwiug umves, Spoki shaves. Chis els and Gouges, i'lane Irons \ugers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machin'JS, Ham n. ri, Hatchets, Devels Bevils, S<?uar?.s, Gu.iges, Axes. Sue. B..ACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Ax!> s, Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bo*s. j :<alli, I'oIcj Sleigh Runners, Silvered and P.ais Bands, Slump Jo.itlr, Stump Collar*. Top Props Curtain Frames. Lamps, luide Linings, Lining Hilks, Damisk, s'e.jiiiug Cords Tults, Ta*seis, Huitons, : a-.ivs. Fringes, Laccv, aud Plain and Etiauibiled Canvass Rusit.a Duck, Liian.ell?J Li-jther, Dash I.rather,

&.c. ELVANri &. Tlln *1 P.-ON, je 1?Cm 3 '43 Pa. avenue. I STORY OF THE CORPS OF ROYAL SAP p-.:rs and Mxuers, by (Junolly, Uua termaster gcant of uie Corps, 2 volumes, London, 1855 Sir ll' Wtir ! Douslus on Naval Op>-rations in the Black "ea. pamphlet, London, 1^5 The Anglo Indian Anny and vl.Iii try liotory in the Ea t, by Captain Kafier, i vol, Loudon. Ib55 O'B)rneV Naval Annual anil Almanac for 1^35 ? a,.abili;y of S?am>liips, ty A>licrtou, Chief En gineer, Wotdwich, 1 vol, London, le5o lebh on attack ami defence of outposts I mle-'s History o! It- :a.. kable Si- pes Bura's .Vavat aud Miiu ^y T chnical Dictionary, tii'ur^eu Campbell's Dictionary of Military Science Cntliiirs Militaiy Le?<-ti's Apopihe-*a,.4of !\a|.oleoii lervison the l.itl> mneket Bouclnr on the Bilie l lia -k' ray's liifl>- Firing Naittr.i.dV Bait i'racticu Roberts <-n KeciuiU Kix-ui-ki's ltu-sia and Europe Ami other Military Works just imported by Je iti FBANCK TAYLOR. GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES*, GEM'S*, MlSSEtS', AND CHIL i DRENS'BOOTS AND SHOES.?The ubs rrbi-r b?:iu2 compelled to temove fro'iili-^ I ? he j-tote lie now occupies, otters 111? prea V faj ?nt well-asM?ifed sto< k of BOOTS AND t at greatly reduced prices. Ah persons in .vant of the aruele will iin<l it to their advantage to ?all b?;fote purchasing elsewhere. A II. SLOAN, No. 304 Pa. av., near 10th et.,nurUt side, may 1?3m FISOUER'S BA1SD FULLY ORGAN 1ZSD. HAVING now completed ail my ; rrnngements for a firpt rate B.vASS and COTILLON BAND, Iain again nt the service of the public to aitend Kxcursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parades, Pic Nics, Balls, and ten nades. All tho?e in favor of a citizen's band aie respectfully invited to encourage our en erprt^e, here in Washington thiy. P FISCHER, Loader. P S.?This Band, under mj direction,isrcgularly j uniformed, and from a practice over twenty years 11 can give satisfaction to every one. Residence, Fa avenue, north side, bet. 9th and IO1I1 streets fir t di?>r west of Iron Hall. 1 Orders left with Mcsurs Hi.bus k. lliu punctually I aucnded ty, ma j 14?Uu* SFA BATIFNG. CIfF.5APF.~4KE HJtl.t., HAMPTON, V.I, IS situated within two milt * of Old I'oiii. Comfort, with which place ho.iriy rnniurjnicaii<m?*? is had by a neat and commodious?minibus, of the most irodern style, al-o by I'oats, H ick;- +L? &c. The llatl will l?f? oj.en lor -lie r- oepii n o? vis iters on the I4ih of May, at which tiBf the propri etor hopes to he able to id ke comiortnfcle -?.??,! hup py tl.e stay of all who may be ?eefcing pleasure or hefc'th. Many improvements have been added, such as Cotias;. s for families, play fronml:! for children, ! <hade tre- s, Eic , in leed ev rythiog that can con duce to the comfwu of the vis tor*. For liralth and b amy of location, this place i? uihii Th<re is daily comuinnieation with the Steamers o' Richm'Utd, Norloik bultsoioie Term?=, per day |8 00 Tmhis, p-*r Wfplt . il 00 Terms per m uith,(per day) 1 25 je 23?eo.V. K O BANKS. EXOLIiH T UKNIPS & BUT A BAG A SEEDS. ri HE uri'ersicned has just rereivd rirrectfrom i ;e ? growers, a wt !l -elected s.oek ot the tnltowinc: 8limii(*> Lin n o* I Swede or Kuta Kag?, Lang's improved ?'o . Grren and Pnrpl" topped do , \VHit G>, A bite and lieu Tankard, Orange JlIIv, Dale Hybrid, White Nor'..!k. and other fielo Tun.ips Eaily Stone, f'irly Srowha I Six Weeks, Fine Dutch. Purple topped Str?p leived C.ude Turnips. Baily York, Large \e.rk, Fiat Dutch, Drumhead ll^ar' shaped vitTi many new and G ?"d Cilbige*, all warranted fre-n, of finest qu tluy, and are oJercd at vert ia< derate prices. JOH SAUL, jp 22?ci?6t* corner 7th r.nd II street*. MAGNOLIA IIAMS. i\J E hive jiist eceive.l, we .e.uve the rnlv !.)t \ f i;v> r sent to this city, and are certainly t*-.' "neplus ultra'' if ail hP.tus ? vi.r introdtiL:*,i here, h - im? all a* lected mid cured by C. Huffman, ji Mary land, from the o'.d Horn ru n I receipt, wt are suir that on any table they willafford a dc;i?htftil source Of conversation Aiso, a til Kill lot c.f tender 3 ? ok d C.ef, sr.echi nnej ai?d -by new r ccipls, uehghuu! for |iic d Excursionists, with a general assortment of all kinds of Crackers and Sweetm* a:s at hI No's Family Grocery, comer Vermont avenue anil I st., A few jtepj northeast Ja?.k*oii S:atue je 11?wtr \T1( W B ?i. Ks received f.nd for sale at SHlljLlNljTON'S Bookstore. Toe Life o: Napoleon, b? Abb *tt, comp ete in'2 vols. The Winkles, by the author of Wild Western Se ?!)<?? Cum- Cut Comer?, tin Experiencei of a Coascrva live Family Talcs for the Marines, by theauthi r oi Los Grin* Missing ilrido, by Mm. Focthworth Mcredun, a taie oi the Twi Ive Hundred an 1 Tec, by sir Walter Scott, ha:t Ha'iou's Magazine tor July. All the New Books and every thins "?n tlie Sta tionery line, for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Rookstore, Odecn Building, c*r. IV. ?i , and Fa. av. _je 19?tr CAKRIAGtS?CARRIAGES. IH A v E in)W on haed, and i-on^tanil\ fiei-l'.'iu'. a vi ry lar^o p.s*.)rt:n< nl of Measure :,-iitlrJS?_Jlr. M - Family ' AkltlAGH:'. i.f the iat' st fash ion.s, w!ijr}> 1 wi.l ri--U as low a* the Fame ij.t.Jav .<t work can be so|t! in any of the principal markets ;>! the Utiiicd S'-itiv. The ?uh?er.ber i? now !? alinj ex^ltisiv- 'y ;n Or riatfes ot his wn manufacture, aroi ;i'! u oi < .old i v I hiRi W!il Le wan anted, <u:-l ce.npar*> fi**o i".hl .--i ?i i any work in t!:n !n&rl:et. As I .tlway s!: ? a ,. 1 ?' as.-mrtti>e!iU 1 iuv.te )>urcli.iS''i ? anrl cther> l> amine. n?y .stoc k be?. re p-urchusrtvuere. Cmia|tf Mlt to <?4er UM Caniag s ukea ir. exchange, cr repaired atth" shortest n. ,. <m. TIIOMAo VOI'aG, ^ign oi' thr Gol.:en Hor---, No.-tttW iJa. avHiiae a:;il \ stieft. nny 1?eoilm NOTICE TO TEE CREDIXOTCS^OF HALL is. 'IROTl'.r.K. I liALLi, survivn.' p.rt -r ie j a? Hill, taviac* on t.. 2C 1? dsf of FeitrCiiry, i 1655. signed to ih-.; umlen>i(;i ? .i ah the stock n | trad*- imI deku >>i (hi lm i ?' It all Br >t!.' t, to be ap; )n d to tin; full .-.a. ; at.i-n of certain Ji eta. I; i hilitics. and '.r'.' ii?cments of the sai.i firm nf H til U. Brother, and tile surplus to pay ;;:.d dirtrihu'.e rai-' ntly a:n< ii^ siieh ei the r' ajx.iic^ cr?vlt<.r> of tin.i !..i ?!iHil wi?!ii:i six tnotit1'''rotn ?ai.t ri^tli o t\ of February, lrio.1, execute and deliver to -n .1 l!.j : ucli H ill, full and absolute n leases of ill in ? ne - to tn. i>i re- ;> -etivrly by -jaid liann >i r ul, sur vivma pa ti er a aloresai!. IVotiee is therefore h- ri-ity given to tnch creditors of said iirm of'1:11 & HroiJif-r, or s*?id 1'amch Hall, surv.vir.c p!.;rn' r, as may desire to partr-ipai ? m tt.e bent 'it t -aid a; -;eminent to exer uu ami orliv ?r to said Hann ii Hall, full -i d al -oinj.- relea es ps aforesaid, w ;:hin thf peri 'J ot .sii u.j t!is fn.m suiu -Wui day of F bruare. I .-.ifj FICllAbD WALLACK. Trt-.tce. je 11?eotAiirfH'h SPECIAL NOTICE. Ur L woul.t :? sp' cttully infmm all } c,-s.,hs hav iitg ie;on:i!s with M ! at the. are all n td*> oil iiii.1 tiiose ;?re n*?t c *lied ?. will tie r* m.? *?'ii ih tuU to Li July, when w< vt-rj ? xp?-c? and nio?t eariih. tly r< i| jes' that tl.ty will com ' tor ward and clo ? thirin without giving us the U* tub t.f i aliil.Jf :i si (.'.a li;; e. Ir. ronuection wth thi- r'.tice v.*? take Ihi- op portui.iiy ot eij rrssin- mr in >nk- to those tij. ntl ?i.d cuituiners who have r.i ln.eraDy and pr itiptiy p.itr <mr.< d us during the pa>t -ix month?, a. d ti'spe i >r an increased eon uiuationot ihe sa-i e by nivi- ? (?ur p- rsi nal and ^ tr;el a'lention lo i;o ua.-i-') and comiuetiiig it upon fair mi l eorr- ct principien. COLLEV c? SUA! S, oil Seventh st, 3 unors north I'a. atmut. je 25? J Mo. ii U | IMctirr. of tke di'ecntniu/-ire of thj Un .Uti k.hutn Land at Dcfianze, in th* Siat of 0.',u ^O FICE is hereby p'iyi n t;.-at, iu pursaaii.".'- ?.t 1 * ? sa:l in view oi the report of lm;). ri.l ei!? j ttT' at Di/usce, Onto, that the vacant Iuii I it. j district i reduced below one hundred l..ou ::i.d acres, the Secretary of tht Interior bas dire. :> d i;lut said land otliee ai Dkfianoe li. disei.iiiii.ii' l; and that !anuj r'-muuiiig uuttoil ai tin; time of ih ti.siontiiiuanct: b.; u nit ? i>? sal^ amt ?i.iry ti ' 'UiLLicoTUK, the tuil/ remainii g land office in ihi Sta f B Of I 'U1J liHiCa r< uiainins unsold und unappropr-.'.t,?! h-. law,and bubj.-ct to private entry at tin* ta.;ii r.hiee ?iow uLscoiiUnui d, v. ill cea-e t > be subjeet totiitry :;t sai ? e iV^n the date of the recti; t < fthi i.o t:ce by the i>< r an.l Recclv. r th( :c:.>; a;:u in land oGceru at <'wilucothk will s.v< of tin d;:y <m whieh they ?ill b ? i r.-pared to r : ? i appiicatitnu lor entries ol anv ueit ln.;:?. at ti.ctr .,f ice. Jtis S. WIL80K, A :in^?:onnnisii >ner (ieneral Ltud OUlcc. Wtsam iton, I). t;., June Id, lfc^,. je 2J lav. t .v lOS't OFFICE D^PARI Mi.VT. Juiik '23, ltaTi '"J^LErub auliioiizin^ postnia ters vnht-se i iliees | ur.- not ctilitleo to b . I'un.ished by the ?(.'pad Hit lit w:th signature p-jht bill- to remi* ii: ini y t?t pay (or the ptiiUta^ ci the same lo b- ivbj re-eoidt alio froiu ami a:ier thia date ltd morify will bo re ceived for that purpose bv the dep irinn iit. JAMES CAMI'HEt i., je 35?law'!* Fostntatiier General. li. J. /*l luDLKTO.1i DEAL K 11 IN 1 0 E , Ojflre and D -tK t south tide 1\ next to corucr 1 %2tk st. ICE KEPT GOMSFANTLY ON HAND AT Tlifi OFFICE, which can be had in larye or small quantities. ii(/~' ?flice ojien from 3 a m to 9 p. m. in 1?eirim LAW PAIiTNEKSUIP ]1 UBEBT J. WALKER anu LOIJI3 J.ANIN t It.tve fonm d a eo partnership under the firm tit a!l?cr u Jan n," for ih? uiana^eiiini.t and ar ganient of eases tn the Supreme Court of tlx: Cn ted States, and before the Court of Ciauvs at Wabinnc ton City. Addre-s Wii=>hiiii?tt?n, I). C. cay 10?eo3m DO I0U WANT FIILSlrRATE ICE ' REAM f O at onct: to ARNY, Bridge street, Georgetown J he' was award j a MEDAL by the Mctropoli irttt Meeh-lines' Institute, lor ICE CRSAMs VV \ TER ICES, and CAKES. Mt, ,,tf TyroTit;*.. Our cm .mers arc respectfully in i.1 formed that on and alter this date, until S* p tember, we shall closc onr store every < weeing at 7* o'clock. HILBUS & HITZ, je5 Musir l?erw?t WIIEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA tional Law, in w edition Adams' Euuity, new ediu<m, with American notf; jed IrKAMCK TAkLOU. KV KNING STAR WHERE 18 FATHER? Harry, a noble boy of eight years, leans orer the little sewing-chair, where his mother sits with heaxy eyelids, pale cheeks, and listless linrers, bowed ever her stitching -trying to divert her mind from some great sorrow?and exclaims, with a wistful look: *? Mother, what makes you so sad and so silent i You have scarcely noticed me or little sister t in* several days ; don't you love us any more, or are you sick f" 41 My child, God only knows how precious you are to me," murmured the mother to herself, as she arose to hide the convulsive feel ings that were struggling to relieve themselves in tears. ?'Tou are all the happiness I have; and vet, (heaven for give me!) I would bless the hour that these eyes could see you both pillowed on Moiher Earth's bosom !" As twilight ga tiered slowly about tho little lonely baud, suggestive of home and everything sacred and beautiful Harry, in a subdued trne, persisted in his inquiries, " Where is ;athtr ? Why don't he come home J" Unable to evade any longer, and unwilling to dissemble, the mother replies ?' I don't know," and the child is left to his conjectures, a: d to revolve in his eager mind, the prob lem that some day, sooner or later, must be solv< d for him! ?tep with me into this home-paradise, where the Serpent of Evil has trailed over so many buds of promise, and blighted so many Hosi ers of peace. En ter this elegant .suite of rooms. Ilere are paintings, flowers, birds, books, and every luxury n* eded to m*ke home a'.* tiactive . but they ar*. i!i?? fruit of a*i un lawful labor, and (.rod s blessing rests not thereon! When Harry's father was a child, not a better, happier one could be found. W hen the holy Sabbath came, he walked by his mother s s:de to church ; he ac companied her to the evening prayer meetings and sang with her the sacred hv inns. With unpolluted lips, lie prayed 44 Lead^ me not into temptation ?no woio uf profanity or 21 reverence escaped them then. But he was earlv sent away from the counsels and influences ot hi" parents, to scnocl; and here he gradu ally forgot to keep the piomise made to his mother at parting, to read his Bible every night, and to say " Our Father.' Out oi school-hours, games were the res??rt?.-uch as pitching cents, quoit- , ^c.?simple enough, and harmless of themsches, peihaps, but belting was in troduced to r.nder ihern more exciting, . and then, how fascinatii g tiiey becaiuv ! ; Playrn at cards was the next initiation, and f lneUmt.i lor money: and thus tie iirsi fata! step was taken! Who 1 heen 1 tered college, ?e was fuliy prepared fer the accomplisL?r.cuts of bowling and bil liard playing, wlieh he very ?o<.n ma - tered. This habit, con trie ted so easilv and so imperceptibly, had gaimd such power over him that it deadened every noble ambition?it had become his mas ter, now ! ^ successfully, lor a t:me, he concealoH the truth !rom his dearest friend?: bu* developed itsi#U in ail it* me auckoly de formity very soon atter marriage. When the duties of a husband and lather ap pealed to him, to say nothing of his n.* gkcted profession, the griming table held him with a spell he seenud ui able to re v .-t And thi., it is 'hat kec.'S the father so long away?that makes the mothei grow pale, and her heart break With a constant corroding anxiety audsorr w? that makes the cni.dren taik in 2 whis per. as they steal alongside of pocr, su k mother?that makes the bright er,enin.; light, and the vacant eluir, and the un read books, and the silent piano, a drea ry mockery 1 They bring ;io father of ten, and v. hen they do, the shadow of guilt hangs over th. ni all. Bat Harry i., taught by hi.i mother to avoid the lirst step to uuy wrong: and i.? told that a crust of bread honestly earn ed, is 1:1 finitely sv.*eeter than the .u^urK el an Epicure bought with the plies ci honor ai.d integrity.?' t'aUpendeut. OBTAiSINO LEV?*.GL\ Mr. Snarl resides in Forsvth sti\et Mr. Snarl is an old bachtjior, with an Irish girl lor a housekeeper. Suail lives in good style, hut ha> come queer no tions. He dislikes dogs above ail things organ grinders and beggars excepted. ^narl s nert door neig bcr Is Harry S-.mpson. Now, Harry is the veiy op posite of old Mr. Snail. He sets a h ^h \alue on a dog. and there is 011'y one article equal to a Mewl* midland, and that's a woman. Hairy has several spe cimens of the canine race. The other evening they got up a howling match because the moon was eclipsed. They commenced about 1() o clo. k and kept it up until the t^un got an inch and a half abo\e W llliamsb irg. 1 his so annoyed Mr Snail, that he !>ad llarry jerked up for "a nuisance."' and lined ten dollars. Harry paid the money but resolved on re\engc. The next morning t^o following advertise ment appeared in the Haiald : Wanted?At Forsyth street, two Bull Dogs, and four Fpan of pups. For full blooded Dogs the highest price will be paid. Call between 4 and 0, p m. Jamks Snarl. We need not say that the advertise ment was inserted "by Harry. lis rea son lor making the calls between 1 anu p. m., was because Mr. Snarl was always out at that hour, taUing an airing around the Battery. At the hour specilied, dogs and pups might have been seen going up the Bow ery to Grand, to Foisyth, and up For syth to the mansion occupied by Mr.1 Suarl. I he first person that pulleel the doer! beii was a butcher boy from Centie Mar-1 ket, with a pur of bull dogs ihat would 44 tear hell out of a tiger." Maggie an swered the b< il. wneu the following col* loquy took place; ? ?? TWs Mr. Snarl lire hore ?"' 4'He doe*. Why do you ax ?" 44 have got somo dogs for him." 44 Dogs for Mr. Snarl?mother of M i se?*. did you ever ! you've mistook the door." 44 Devil a bit of it?read that." Here Syksic t ok out the morning ?4 Herald, " and showed Maggie the Ad vertisement Maggie was thunderstruck, there was no denying the advertisement. She accordingly told Sykwe *o go into the back yard "wid the dags," sod await the return of Mr. Snarl. S\ksie did so. In about two minutes Margie was again summoned to ti e door bell. 44 What do jou want ? 44 Mr. Snail?I've got them d< gs you wan'ed. 44 You have: well, then, go in;o the yard wid the other blackguard " N.?. 1 followed No 1. No 2 was seen followed by No. who was succeedfd by lots 4, and 0. By half-past 5 the back yard contained twenty one bull dogs and fourteen spaniels. I he form r got up a iuisund< rsunding, and by if e t me Mr. Snarl arrived, i-cven spaniels had been placed hors du combat, while abrmdledog from Fulton market <va, going through his tbi'd fight with a ?4 yailar tamer ' from Mott *tre? t. Mr Snarl reached homy a fewminut- * l?efore t>. Msiijiie op'-nci the door, ard burst out as follow*: 44 For the love of the Lord go bark and slop cm. Tbey arc ateim* ons another up, and if not ch?>k d oil' will devour the cistern. Since the daysol - rumiuel I've not sean sn^h huliabaloe entirely." S: a 1 4 w n back '?Snarllooked into the yard a id would have sworn, but he could not lind oaths suffifien ly power* ul to do justi p to h s k-elitr^s, When we left Mr. SnaM was emptying " t'ie oack yard'" with :in w-i.elve. I he r.ext morning Hairy S inpson cor.ij lained of uiin fir xiav.n* a,4d.>g fig- i' oil hi* rv.mi.MS ^Tiarl was lined twent\-live dollars- fifte.n <i liars lor having " su i; a fight," and ten dollars for being 44 an ? Id hypocrite." It is nec.ssary for us t j say that Harry Samp.- n slept letter that ni^ht than anv nizht -nice the war. with Mexico. ? \. V. I) I'cf^uon. Wondeuf i. Pens ?Dr. Warren, some years igo, hapei ed to be in the -hop of an eminent stationer in the Strand; Londou. when a member of the Commons purchase d a hundred quiUsfot Os When he was r<\ the I? *m >r ex claimed: <40, the luxury of the age-' t.hiliiu^s fur a hundred qaills ; vi hy, it never cost me a sixpence f>r quills in my life.*' "That is ?evy surprising. Doctor, obseived the*: tattoner. -your work- aie veiv volumift us. ' 44l declare.' rep':: ?! the Doctor, 44l*wrote my ccle :a-tioul ?li- o v.' two volumes iu folio. a*vl my 4l>i?seitat;on oti the bock or Common Prayer,' a largv' f lio, btnh the tirst ai d scco-d co] ies with ? ne single pen. It was an old one when 1 begun, and it is not worn out now that I am tin-vied This rrlati'?n -vasspread ubr< a?I. and ?ho meriiof this pen was esteemed t?o h gld^ thata oelcbra'^d countess beggrl he D' c?or to make her a p:es- nt of it. lit" did so and her ladyship had a goIdc*.-e made, with a short lustory ol the pea w ritten upon it, and placed it in her cab inet of curiosities Byien wrote h.s celebrated poctu of the 4 Bride of Ahydos," ?n one ri'^ht, and without mending his pen This pen is \ct preserved in the liri ti>Ii Museum* John Elliot translated the entire biblo into the Indian language and wiote tho whole of it wilh one pen We have sotnewheje, thc:gii we can not now reuumlti ui.- ie^u ii an . of some ponderous ilSS foho wh.cU contained on the las: j-age these hues: ?4W ilh rtf.* ? V.J* p-.-n 1 *?ro> ti::? ;'OOk Si A fivU ' g eye ?? - quitle; V p?-ij il wi ft. > ur.-t a |i?u l le-v- icensl " Before ti e era of :net ?llic {.c-us. which havccaused a resolution in th_* art of wri ting. ?^rcat pai'js wer given t) the pre paration ot pen*, auda very extraordina ry excliLsiveness was indulged in by wri ters. Some used c.nly o.iiii.h hath?i>: oihers, zuotw* amb.iious ?:ill, e-onh.ifd tlKm.?tlveS toeogie'sfeRihi-is: aiilloehvi:? woul i only write vu ha pluu.? from a heron's winj, while tiie ladies u>cd scarcely any other description tha i crow quills. An AxriiiciTV and Mistake.?> There was an ingenious gentleman living in Boston something m??ie than one hun dred years ago. named ltowhnd Hough ton. He havi inveuied a theodolite for suiveyiug, for the making and vetieiii r of which the (ietnral I'ouri mado :-ole proprietor f:r divers years. . b ul 1732, he turned his at: liuon to ti -e en gines, (then cilled by their lighi name, v.ater engine-fi ) B ore Mr. Houghton d reet? d his tln)ueh;> to the-e* instmnients it was wry ditiiouU to underi^aud uhal soil of things they were, and of what ef ficiency they we're to elting ii^h (ires, iiut the year last named tl.ere ptar^l the following notice, wtiih wc Ii..d 'a Lrake's Ldstory ?"?<! .? :.;:q?iitu s Bcs t jn, page*5< 2: ? there is newly tnc.ed in the town of Bo-ton. by Messrs. John and Ihomas Hill a v. a' .r engine at their stiil-house. by tie advice and directions of Mr. Rowland Houghton, diawn by a horse, which deliv rs a large1 (jiianti' V of water tuc.r: J eft Jrom t'uc giuurut, which is the lii-t oi the sort m these parts." ileuce to loini a loleiahle ie]ea of what water engiucs were beioie 174li is not very difficult.? Trunset ipt. [CT* A courageous ram took it into his head to resist a locomotive. The brave old sheep heard the whis'le, th;; iwii. and the rumble: he sa v.- the shower o. til o and glaring eyeballs (.1 the monster he curled up his m>j :;tic head, and he battend his Lrovr into the f umtuous foe. Alas ! poor ram ! r.ot a lo^k ol wen.l ne>r a juce ol hern could he found. The owner, in lamenting the los> of |K>or rammy, said: 41 admire his pluck, bu; coufvund his discretion.'