Newspaper of Evening Star, 30 Haziran 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 30 Haziran 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR.' WAMilNwTuN I'XT1: MWttil AlgMCXfll Smi 30. j A?K!fT8 FOB Tlia (STAK. The following persons are authorized t5 contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmrr, N. W. comer of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. PjcrxixaiLL & Co., Bissau otrvet. Be;,tnn ?V. tj. pALJ?E:it f?oo!lay's ?DUliuUlg. ADTjiiTT^SMaNTS should be ks.ndod ty 12 o'ciock, M., otherwise they mav KOt apprr.r until tfc? nert day. THE WSIKI.Y SIAK. The number for the present we?k contains the usu-l vflf.c'y of nows tad n isccIIf.neou3 iun.:, ot a highly ia.oreiticg character, in ? uiing o chapters tn "Kice^eiv' ?o inter ring to tLs politicians of the pre?ent day. The at q tantly itcreasicg number of sub. ficrioers t-j tha publication aH'-Js an evidence of the higa estimation in which it is deserved, ljheli. T?> m:. $1 Zj a voir, or three cents a single number, to be obtained at vur counter ia wr.i| pcr?, if preferr d. 5.It IT OF YH2 iloc-NlSG Faires. Tie Umicii ia vCry indignant against the proposition mcoici in the Philadelphia Knew ^?it^ing Convention. locking to a peaceable dijjolu ion of the Union, with treaties of em-'y and eemmeroe tstwern North and Sea-b, in ca-e tbo two ecctions cannot satisfactorily so;. lie tha Slavery qucilion next winter in Con grcid. lae Ini Uigtvcer seems iaoliaed tocensuie *k? Admic.jtfstioa for its summary measures, tasen t-j prevent the sailing of recruits for the Allies ia tha Crimea from ports of tbo United;s. It sfr:kc3 us that our respected neighbor manifests no lit:le incursiftsncy ir: thus 4i blowirg cold" upon tha policy of the Government whra applied to the Allie;'. which it very p: ?perly extolled when rr.piied to any and ail othcrj. Wailku I'apxEs.?\V'e almost daily rcceiva noted fr? u. subscritjers, eta-.itg that they hate ief? the ci y for a t.hort time and wish their paper sent to them. It ?ou!d be well r,r ail roca to Ir^ar in mind that our terms arj ei?/t, ard by fendirp 37i cents it will be sent for ere month ; for lee? time, 121 e?nf* per week. We h-ve icceived lioia Joe fcailling. ton's perlvihai :?nd ErWi agency, riarpors' New ii.e.L y iViegaxiae for Ju'y. It opens wi'h an acconntof Jcbn Panl Jone?, "Beau Eronturl ' snu some account of'-Taylor's Bit tltj ia J.iAic, ' 'a?oifc*r wilho'.her articles, are Laud-cnxcly i'luatraied. I !? ^r-cb num^ ter A'?-. frrns the Jan;- establishment, I'rank l?e2:;e j Li^i;j ofPtriiJ, L'jnd.n, and Aew York ra-Lir>r;. Ta?. MfiK p.utAs -We havo received from ???> publisher, tir. John Murphy, the July nu'al ;r of tue Metropolitan, a monthly zna azice, ei'to.i by a company of iicpra*y ^ I. 0-1 rjjji;u? items of in~ tertst. ? A.i .tuii. K-U3 VicToar, over inz L;rT ? A a eljcti.^n rsocttly to>k pi.icein a UiS.xict '?? ). <, ci'Xpriciig iij cotintle*, the qioi ion tj.d fiaiiwatuj being KnoTr Kc.hug ird auti-K-.o-.? Notiiing, the latirr beir^elected by svme t:n ihou?and majority, bo they ?o Or The *!<}U3r law lately voted on in Ilii iioij wna pie- e ?if legislation. If a ttrp:i;7 voted iu i's fsvor it wrj to iato effect ir. l:ij ; if a rnij ri.y rr>toi evainst it, ?twas :u U:. fate tffi't is :Ji7. labiilikt ?hj^ht. >?bo t;_vo out that ho wonij preich c-.t; ?-ab?,a:u, tfce L^rd willirg, and iwu ve;ksiroiu tbs.t time anyhow. - ...Homo of the c:tiier.a ot tluittord, Conn., fcivs p.'o;crf?J i. C. Bafaet, ono of tl-o bar ta's i to open hIh shop on icud^v. *iiuH hi't-i .l'i6 >li.iLi)ui| fiifj,iu tckss oi ijc r approbation t: l?i3 3i>nduct. ????At cla:?; ^L:? meetirg in San Antonio, tho nomlnati rt of ?ie L'i'n'.. ville Cjuvenfion IerO.?rern r. nd Lieute^ant-^CTemor?Peare and Dickin^^?t??re nnai:'^ cu'ly confirmed ....The IT^ust-n Telegraph ii juthori?ei to atmooeoe 0 \7 Backloy candidVe for eleation to C .ngre^ ftcm ;be Weitein DijtriuC Ot itlti. ....\ictor C Bilderitt and hia band oi" Jiench a.cialLjto Las arrived atl>uiidj, 'lex?a ....Barcn Da B^ttcnberg has been appoint cd(icne in Canada, and procee ia ?oc',;uL.:8 t:.e c;v.l f^r.:ej on aa eflijiantluot iDg. ....J.EO I; Caldwell, Whig, haj wuh dr|.wn.from ?t?-- C-:ig.e^siyaal canvass ia tbe * h Ci.iii-; cf 2\(/itii Caroiixia, in Ihvcr of Craig, l>su ....O'coa Hyu-j, or.e of tbe Alormoa aaintii, U t .v in ft 1,-aljfor the purpose, it said, of i/jr:3iErf t welve more wives, to whom ho is atj itecwJ ....Dr. V,"ool?ey, a diugrlac of Evanaville, Isdiai-a, Lr.d a "t^^eranca man, recently suf :* i :Lo t r.alry of the law for efcllinga pint of al johol na ''barniagfluid.", Muzr, U. 8. N , Judge Pirtle atd lady Ky., C 1 Samuel llimbleton, Md , ?nd Com Perrj, U. S. N., a-e a: the National llotii. Fktu isiT LAtE.?The Shir Lake mails for I'?y ?.! d Jure fca\e ariivcd at lr.dcpcnden:e. Mifc- mi. J l.t u... 1-ar.y reports the Indians' *s ea arour.d tbe tJlack ilills. ^od that ti?y \. oro mi?? ? al .rjiod oa icouat of the ti.t? ?.i ; - United K'atcs trooja, and ??r:-dt :r us i f j.-ica. Ibey propose to jrive tp Jl.e aui lflr rs of the mail p<-a? list fnh^ Hack e tiistc I hi ia:t iiuke as vtil o-f li^cp . on accouut of the r.l Itfid dkcittij i. ,>isl aim in the vicinity lilUl rater pi ?. -? J i.e iep i t . - o many i?^r;cns havirg beta kill>\l ty iLo i diaus ?ra all mcro faorica tiar IIhe ct*,.:era Lad broken oat aniccg the iior mon tribe; I ocs a.*j L.t'\an;.A5.s oit PaorauTr.?Sinc3 the tnl'.iitirert of the dog law, s'.ray a^i uals icog^ixed by iig provision.* have been pr^L.p'. j th-cs*. r i;h:n the cr.closuio ^iep^roi for tlam. ibir y fiita s^rosr, aid in ui^ny c.fei have Imd M t. red to lllulf by redtmn ti >3 or j ircaiM ihe ide ? reemi t<? i.Tve be e' u;e r<; . .r th..t 5in.ll d ?;s mcy cod tribute et;entit.:y u tho itiur.... cf;ty froia the .?.n c. burgiar', by ili?> txercl-e of tlit.r i?arr?. g , ?opc: .-Hie*, forwhicb ir.nuy of thc ;ai- caaiaenUy qnalifiod; and the d;i? xnaticei hrt continued br-sK through< un the wck bI'1. lluc!tna!i.-E8, Cr small do acriu'ioLi. :o hi ier?ar:d, not a fevv d?j?8 are L.Jei>rc 1 li r their pa'ei?. Ihe timidity of thc? ? t;ii ? .. . > ii iquiv^sal to tbo shv a;;? farviity t f ianjor c; c.:, white th > e^pan?? ot th*.r wii.t. a-SDca i> corsiderably lesa.? jV. F.Joar \J'jwiwterre. I"2": he su?p;n-io3 bridge in couree of ^rec titn at iuiainnai, a?rcs? the Dslawara river, fe:l J ?y jf *rrooo, earrymg wi'h it ten jbu j -Xcf w_ >-.c*e fce'Io s\) iiijartd WlSfllNCTfl* NEWS A Si? GOSSIP. The Mutilated Stone of tbe Washington iSotumtnt ?A corespondent cf our talented, amiable, and truthful neighbor, hr.vicg al luded to tho rumored proceedings before the grand jury for this District, la or J*r to bring to justice tbe bcrglars who stole ?nd destroy ed tbe blcrt'k of marble for the Weshington monument, the testimony of Pius IX to tho virtues and patriotism of Ocorge Washington, tbe property! the Washirgton Monument As sociation, we fee! called on to correct the u:is staiemtnts on the subject, evidently designed, by which tbe writer aiun to conccal the t'-ict the legal proceedings ia question prove that men who have heretofore claimci po=i tion as refutable members of thij community, declare, on the witness' siand, th&tt'aeir obli gations taken in Know Nothing lodges arc sue a as to induco tbein to refuse to tellt' the tmth, tho whole truth, and nothing l>at the truth," in accordance *vith tho oath they take so to do, on going before the grand inquest. We knowjio particulars ot what has trans pired in this .connection in the grand jury room; but. such are the rumors arising from the conversations of tho particular witnesses theraselve3, as to sat isfy us that more than one I erson ???n being questioned w ith reference to this &2Tair, ha/, refusod to answer on the ground that fco conceived the obligation of his oaths taken ia the lodger, superior to that taken before tho legally consiitu.ol bar of justice, This fact furaEhes matter for re il:ciion oa the part of those who have interests at stake in society, and shows that we have not been too severe iu^cur condemnation tf. and warning agains:, tho tendency of this secrct conspiracy against those who differ from them politically, and rgainst the constitu tion and the law. It ^eems t> be generally understood that eufiisient testimony of a inoet conclusive kind hau bceu obtained to warrant tho indictment of many individuals who par ticipatei in the burglary in question, an 1 wo foci very sure that when they shall be tried, it will be made jlain that it was uoliberately schemed in t'.o lodges, as were the fr iuds per petrated for their benefit at the late Washing ton municipal election Soiled Iron Baani: ?Tho results of the ex periments made in thi3 city principally ly c mpctent scientific officers of the Government with Cooper aid UowiU's wronght (re'led) iron beams and tjirdcra. ha\e doteriainei tbotc chuvgc-*.ith designing and constructing tho various tuiiding.' whih are b?.ing eroded for tho government ia various quarters of tho country, almo3t all of waioh auu=t necessarily bo fire proof, to dispense hercaiter wi'h wuod en beaias. girders, fl -oring timbers ?Lj., using the new articles named above, where ever they can be conveniently nnd ecojiomicaly obtained. m 'I be node of the'r ccnbt ru:tion is ex'remc'y simpi: and at tbe fame lime perfectly eocuro Tho advantages a:o, 1st. Economy?costing only one half more thiu vroodon beam?. 5-wrr aid girders 21 Security?making .iccu-ylcto ly fire proof structure 3d, Durability?being made of an indcstruclible material. 4th. Con veniens 3 in removing a.' the building in ly 1 c t ;ken arart wi'hout injury to the be^ms and girders, ihey arc lurnisued at abou'. half tie price per pous i of rive'/ed be kins an 1 of ierrt weight and greiter strength. 'ihty have al ready t>een used by the l?. S. Government in the construction tf tiieN^w York Asr-sy ofDc*. and in Oi?ny piivale buildings, ac in tbe r.ew establishment ?>f Ilarper <3b Brothers, New Ycrk. For strength, security and ilurabilpy, combined with economy, thcsaccnetruc'ei ?;i L tbem are not equalled by ar.y buiidirfc inNtw x ork It E said among "iron iaeu," that it c~r. thj hou-einunufactuiing thorn at least se.enty five thousand dollars to perfect ihern previous to venturing to th?:u to be put into a building Tni? tact tclia the cost cf g. oxi indu-Lrial iniprovemeoLi. A Corrcciioa.?The pressman of tho Nation al Era ofTi ??, who it of coarse reepoasiblo for the Ei .nccr in which ?us b ys under him j;s chargt their dn'.,;, and who by the by, ia or.c of to i worthiest and ni^st rci;< :od ^..chan iu ?V ashing; u., the [. iIjwi g. "An ariiclo appou.ei in iho American Or gi^ ci the 2-3i_ in.-*', stating, ; laorg other itircs, that oa ibi d>y beforo tfce l%te elcc ti^n, a boy t.ks ciipmissdi from tho < lflco of ??;h? >h*iioaal Era," b^oauie he eioressed American abniiuientj, ?u i tua'. thic circuia s,anco give the Knowisotuingikkctfl.o vcUs ia one shop. A boy was di mis:cd about thotimnnamed, coi u: avowing "American tk-n:imeuts," oi any otiier jt?.t!a:'anto. but f..r having r<otn ab pent on .^sveral occi^onc when the netc?pt.ptr jo tn was rta"l" fvr , . The boy was well aware ttiai. was the roa.-on why his place wai: *i'?'?U ^ aauttior w!so is Bioro aitentive to his work. The boy surely pt!?(5?ihed ? In?.* on the man who gutheis grist tur tne Organ, while at tbe i.axnu ho wus making a little capital icr hiaa:eif Oao of tho gentlemen connected with the Org-n cCiOd Vu.s requited t ? h?-ve tho falso stftemont eorrecteu, but declined f'oiug so. MokV, pitkiog up >mall i;eu.s. like tins for Ibepurp'uo of electing Kaow I^otbii.g candi dates, is a very small gamo to pl-y at Hut iincw .No'hing morality seems t) oe not to tci:h eaiia?ftu to tell tno truth, and to honor and obey their parents; but to tie - y and hate thosa parents if bora outoitho UnUud biatej " Nineveh ?We are so trowded to day a; to prevent u? from commen'ing on the progress f the labors of our kind faiailiar S[ it it aiccng tho ruins of Nineveh. V? e, hcw&v**, c.r.tiutio to spread bofore tho Uta. '# readers the culsus of that ancient ana venerated city, in the year lbJ4 A. C , sa follows: Potcr M. Plcrson, 7th Ward; Sil^s IE Hill* 4th; Bamuel C. Ponnin^tcn, 7ib; Jkmjs tt. Skivinft 4-h; William I>rL4!9, Cj; It. iar-l. 7th; J llradbum, 7tb; .lamed 11. Lu."by, Jcseph I> Wiliiamp. 7th; Jo n Enzel, 6th; hracci? Lamb, 21; Luther lllake. Alabama; Albert Pike. Atkrnsas; Horatio M. Steele. .'Id; James V? ardir, 7' ; Jamea Jondj, 7th. Ihomas Maddox, Virginia; Anfliony Ar.dntson, 7'b; John E S-i.ilh. 7th; Janie.^ II Ford. 7th; Dmiel A. binailwood, 71V; Albert (*. Collins, A b; NcEon C I>river, 4:h; Jotn P Eaannorn, '2i; Vi'm. G. Brock, 7th; Eenty D. <iutinel!, 7t'j; Sanrte! W. Sloan, 7'h; Jam?s F.Tims 7?h; Jaa 15 Eokcy, 7ib; S Goldin. 21; John 11. 'Jhorn. 4'b; Th?>mas Tukey, 7tb; it. 15. Nornit't. 4 b; U k' Peregory, 23; 'i. 1-V Gla.k, 7i?;; C. E Peak, 7th; E Anderson, 7rh; Janits E- om n 6th; 0. \\. Sac ford. 7th; B. S Kir.sey. 7th; Z W Euck 7fb; S K l.owi.-, 7;a; Jaiacs Coats, 7th; John 0. Nt)iU, Ealti a Y.yli,g ?Yecterdi/ wa3, by long odds, the hottest day of the season, 1 thermometer being a. noon, iu tao thrue, and ia Executive mnsion, the cosiest reeiienoe we know iQ Warhingtcn. quilo up to degrees of rahren heit. Indeed, it was tho iEat rtiily old-fauh ioned hat day we have bed this summer. W? do not know that w? have aver suffered more from tbe heat th:.n on that day, nnd ro found almost when It waa car fortuno to meet ie u eimilar stuto cf?melti'u la. VbJ ronsEn Cffics.?It ?eemj that the Utuit'i U4J >r;oag ^as wo:l us the Star Et' j quitting it) in announcing the recent appoint, j met is (made on the day before yosteriay) to j clerk b;ps in tb? Pension turcau After ex i animation, the gentlemen appointed were not all rated as first o!a?? clerks, but rb fellow*, via: 13t claw, ($1,200 per annum)?Thomas M O'Brien and James P Davidson. 2i do., ($1,400 per V. A. Shields, A. G. Fowler, George L. Sites, and Timothy 11. Orittenden. The new Commissioner cf Public Build ings. Dr. John B. Blake this morning took j tie oa'h cf office. It was administered at the court-house lie ha"!, ve learn, given secu rity lor the performance of his duties, in the cum of 120,000 as Commissioner, and $39,000 as dishurser of I ho Patent Office appropria tion ; Dr. Wiiliam Jones and Jobr.son ilellen, c.?q . being his sureties llo has appointed K. J. Bocheas his clerk ;n placa of Capt. Wil liam?, and William P. Mohun superintendent of tho out-door work, vice Richard Stewart, removed. \\ il'iam E. Spalding wi;s an ap plicant for the last-named situation, and was strongly recommended for the position, but, With tha view of disembarrassing the now Commissioner in his selections, ho withdrew h;i Explication, which act, being creditable to that gentleman's generosity, dese/"ves to be mentioned. Clerical Eemovils, Appointments, and Pro motions.?Tho following changes in tho em ployees of the Treasury Department were made this morning, viz : Secretary's Office?Isaac Strokm, 21 class j e.crk, removed; Philip 11 Van Wyck promoted ia his ctos.d from 1st to 21 class. Register's Ojjict?John 11. ix ourse, 21 clats | clerk, removed. Ihtrd Auditor's Oj/icc?Jos. B. Plcas.xnts, | Ji class clerk, removed; J. L. Duke promoted n his stend; Chas. T. Dull, of Virginia, ap pointed to a l3t class iu placo of Duka. Sixth Auditor's OJJic:?W. II. Sullivan promoted to_a clars clerkship in place of J. A. M. Duncanson, removed; J. 11. Somervell to a Ji class in place of W. II. Sullivan, pro moted. btftk Auditor's Ojjict?J. C. Pickett pro moted to chief clcrk in placa of T. Mustin, re duced; T. Mustin to a 3d diss cierk in place ji John II Houston, removed. Win. C. Uoddard, watchman, removed, and .James Pool appointed ia his sieatd. An Important Resignation - -We hear, ai d 'mva every reason to believe, that Juii^e Ma ? n, cf lo^a, has rei.gncd 'he CommDcionsbip oL Patents, to tako cfiec: on Thursday next It is said that Judge ?1. ha3 acquireJ n large proparty through the v?ry recca; decision of a law suit in favor of a land company i:i which be was interested, and ihe management of the | compccj 'o affairs has been tondered to him on advantageous term*. llanca his rcEigiatiot' |o. tho CommiEBiunship of Patents. A KflW Treaty.?Col. John IJ. Wheeler, U. Minister to Nicaragua, i. expected io arrive in tl:o United States about ihn 10:h j ronitno bearing a new treaty with thai power, which i. is thojght here, he has by this time nego tiated. The Cusibarland Arrived ?~_ha U S. frt Igalo Cumberland, Commodore Strirghama dig ohip, arrived at Boston th-s n'orning or 11 ast evening, from'th-i iJcdUcrraae *.n. Com modore S. returned Loire ia her. . The Detroit Mtrii? Hospital ?The propo lis for the construction cf this iup<ria).t Government w irk wero rpened and compared at lha Treasury Depaituici.t this morning. /ppcintment and Esiignation ?Col. John H. Baylor, of Ir3$9tti county, Texas, hes been appointed special Indian Agent for tho lc dian? of that State, vico Major G. T. Howard, resigned. l'ae Curr?T.t Operation* o* th? Treasury Pe-.u: x ext. --L r. yesterday, the 29ih of June, the.9wereoi T/e>,-iun War?cnta en'.ered on hi bi.j'i^of the Department? For the 'lreasury Department.... jil.m 41 for the Interior Department 27. HI oi-i for the Curtoms 'J *J3d 30 IV ar warrants roceitsd and en fold 7S f.tfl Co tt ar repay warrants received and entered 1 4'JO 07 *.->r covering into the ludcciy from miscellaneous sources.... 8,31)6 63 For covering into tha Treasury frnai Lands 614.390 31 I ia* u on account cf tho Navy.... 23,753 On OLD POINT CORRESPONDED Cfc. Old Poikt Coiiror.r, Va , Juno 23. Old Point Comfort is a charming place of 1 resort during the summer month::. | Nothing can be mcro delightful and invig ??.i'.jng that tho eoa breeze whioli, united with tho line ?^der n an ob.oct t': tho in. " * | . i v?Ud to make a vifit tu... * j To thote who travel merely for reor I and who wi;h to "fleot the timi carelessly," ;i.o b?ll room is oxceoaingly attraotive" for hero thoy tir.j ?? a sound of revelry by ni^Lt " .mi, .iloj. " gulLsrcd there much ?' beauty .uid chivalry," " ani bright the l .mpa" shine ?? o or fair women and brava mon " llow many hearts " beiit happily," rra are scarce awaio, but certainty? " V\ h. n iiiusic aroFe wilh iw voluptuoiu swell, t;<-U Lyes I tok?!d I jvk to sye? v/hicM f|?ol;e a -ain, And u l wi-ut merry us a marnag- boll." * At least 'cwai so when we wsro la3t a look or on We know not if the poet whose staosn Mft oavo jubt mutilated, would bo olfended at !ha liberty thus taken, woro he amongst us; but we truat he would not, ?ince it would be a scarce ot deep sorrow, to i>flV-nd even the spirit of one of Nature's beat and loveliest interpre ters. If eome of tho thougtha breithcd ia the fct.viiia suited the oooasicn, wo i ee no reason why tboy chould not be brought into uso at tbis pariicular Point. To tho lever of poetry and romance " tho d**P aad dark blue ocoan" u always charm itg. At tho hour of tunsut, as the twilight approaches, those who love to indu'ge in fairy dreams prepare for a walk on tke beach, to lis.gor hy tho cea shore till the srarlight comes' nvi the mccu sheds her soft, brilliancy on tho waves, which break in ^eritio tiurmurs at our ie it, making aweet mu8?c that s:eals the mind from earthly care for tho time The hotol is well kep!?the tablo being sup pi .el wita the choicest provi-Ioa curved up in iLa nicest possible style?while the waiters are all atteution. The sleeping apartments are perfectly neat and comfortable, and entirely f.ea from rnus quitoes during the seaien. Tho Messrs. Wjllard are exceedingly oblig it g anu attentive to their guests, and we trust uoh very po;ite and gontiernanly proprietors wi(| mco. with tho most liberal enooura?{e ui.-rit. If order, neatn-ss aod profusion of eatables sire recommendations at a watering pl ice, the h<*fe! at Old Point muei t^ko a high position, for tfccio aro surely to bo found there. A Visitor. rE^Th* taking of the Mamelon was known to a Mr. Lesmout, in Calais, beforo it was ec-rnmunioated to the ?jjtperor Ue announced in a paper edited by bm:?elf. and oallcd the Prr/>icateur des < olmdu Nord, on tho 8th of Jene, that the oscillations of tho barometer upon the 6th convinced him th'*t a tremen dous %&(\ decisive .cannonade hid taken i lace at SotMtopol, The Brooklyn Suicides The excitement Attending the late myste rious suicides io Cle'inont avenue, Eait Br ick lyn, fa>8 the New York Times, continues uc. abatod. It is the topic of general conversa tion in the pcblio houses and private dwell ings, at the ?treet corners and in the public conveyances?everyiche-e, in (act, the matter is canvas'e 1, and opinions and ^nrmi^es with out number are expressed, but thus far with out any practical result, wi'h the exception of ascertaining the name of tho unfortuna o fe male, supposed to have been Sarah Ellen Watts. Coroner lieddiDg, aided l>y Constable llorton and others, havo been active in endeav oring to t&row all tho light possible upon the mystery that enshrouds the case It is definitely ascertained that the female's namd wa3 (or what sha has been called forfi~e years pnst) Sarsh WiWams, an inmate o! house No 130 i>uane street. N*w York, (a Louse well known by reputation.) 25 years of age. and is t-apptsej to have been born in England Tins house wis visited cn Inurs day by the Cor^nor who obtained the truck of the downed. atd found therein a large nam ber of letters written to her by Henry Wil liams. the Piine .turned by Hora'io N Gus iin, moslly love epi-tlrs, w;itten from .Mu oa tino. Iowa: and from them it appears that this female haj relative? or friends in Illinois While living in Iowa, he repeatedly urg-.d her to j?in him. The intimacy between the parties must have been kept up for several yearn; but the cause that impelled them to commit suicide does not appear. He was evi dent in embarrassed circumstances, and at times cf dissolute htbUc. At 4 o'clock the funeral cf the unfirtunaie woman, Williams, tork piece at the Church ol tho Messiah, in AdelpLi street, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Tho church was filled to it* utmost cspacity, Indies uocapying all the seats ar.d most cf the spaco in tbo aisles 'J'here were probib'y five hundred persons in the building, whilst outside there were near ten thousand persons standing. The servicee were eoaductod by Rev. Mr Walker, the Hec tor of the Church, who made a brief discourse. At thee one lufcicn of the service, the coffin wa^ opened on the ebi vHI;, where the assembly took a view ef the cor pee. Oa tho coffin pl-~te, in tori l>e<i " The Unknown, aged ?. I>ied in Brooklyn, June 27, 1855." The New York Commercial Advertiser, in commenting on the fatal occurrence, says : " The young man's character appears is even a m re unf ivorafcie lis~' than wo tup posed, nr.d it is highly probable tu*t the re port of his having a good reputation a: a m^m ber of the Baptist Church v?..s untrue. If trua. | his hypocrisy is but a darker fo.ture ia his ' eharaoter. Bat let h'ui sleep, lla was per fitted to sink into ft dishonored grave, and we have neither rigbr nor inclination to die - . turb ?is rest or further wound the hearts tfI his relaiiven, already too deeply lacerated. It | is with tbo other auioide that we hare to do She was exalted into a. heroine and & martyr Ti?her all public honor wa"? shown. Suicid; ihough she was, a clergyman c* th? Protestant Episcopal denomination offered his church lor the reception of Lor remkin^, and volunteered his services and a funeral sermon. Money flowed freely to purchase adornment p.nd dec oration for the corffo A lady, a wife, too. and a mother, wo believe, opened her h'tus? for the funeral ceremony. An undertaker came forward wi?h the gratuitous services cf his establishment The body was depcsT'ed iu a ccffin of ' rich m tho/acy,' end on the plate was inscribed: ? Tho Unknown. Aged ?. Died June 27,1855.' At the faucal, the church was filled with ladies. And who was she? On that coffin plate inscribed?Sarah Williams : a Prostitute and Self murderer. Tank ber Life, in Company with a Paramour, Juoe 27 l;i55 " Such vaj the woman. inch were the taeta, wi'h which the populace sympathizr.i; which nearly two thousand per.'Ons, mott of, h< noro.1 fo far a3 they ould ; which a clergyman extrav-gamly eulogized! Sarah Williams, thus honored, almost canon ized, was a well known woman of tbo town. " a public woman," r?s ono of tho witues-cs described her. hid been su'h for fiveyearj. and it is by no weans certain that she did net .allure her coir.ranion to tne crime by which they both parisbe !. A few vaeks ?j;n u E0 torious pugilist of this city was killed in a! drunken brawl, and a like fr.lse eeatim&iit wa. manifested respecting Liai. yOUVG CAIMOI.K'S FRIEND F(> . 'ciety?" ; " ni'i:-r i>nn.'.!"(T z '(| rlti*? >oeie y wili be T'? MUHKOtV (Sunnay) EVENING, ui 5 o'clo k, Ht : t. Mary's ? hurcli. VV. J. F1TZPATRICK, je 20?It Herniary. MBOIi'AL SOCIETY' <?F TI E DIS , | tn< 11 1 Columbia ?'I h- rigular m?." tint; | ol the .Soeiety will be bcM at tlie ianrniary AJO\ DAY, July 2, at o'e'oc-< tit. A IIOI.MEAD, M. I)., j<* ;)0?'it llrt. Krc , G- O i*?Ma?;-nenu Encunip.u nr, No. I 4 having heen faioved, to tt.e E i. -aiij instil r om ..t ').iil F? liuvv.--' Lli 'I t?n etw,, the I m-.\f Htat d thrr-'i .viil b.- uii M"N'DAY ?\ July -2, at a o'cbivk, wti?:n aud wberu we Fairivdi art: requested to a*i< n i jeao?at WM V<;';i'EB. Scri*e ^IJL'I.EwF ATH )X OPT . E 11! VIVO LV I 0.- -^ci'um at tiie L? eiure Ro'?m Ui? mvl1 Institut**, >?n 'I IJE*U)AY bVi>N'l.\Ct, July oJ, JC55, ul V\ o'cl'U'k Older of Exercit**. MtTsit!. Heading of the D?-elarai;an of iri<!cpcu(iunce, by J. MaD18?iN fc'MlTH. MUSIC. Au Addrt-fs by Rzorpam MUSIC. Orawoai<y.. Edwaru U^ktlky MUrfiC. The public are ruspeetfu Iy invited a'^nd. ltjror*er: CEO. TilOS. COX Frea. l'BWIK J4KI>, 01". je;iO --iit* FKANKi.lFittE TTTviPANY ?llTe regular inoii'hi v mi'Hlliif ol'ibe Frarikbn Eire Company will beheld t>n MONDAY EVt.K ING, July 2.1, v.lien ail inemb* ra in arrears arc her* by noiilied to attend and aettlo their accounts, or, c,y 9 r<|alation pa j at a fooaer mrrriaji tb^> w;l| be e.tpeneu aaa tii-.r jj-Nwaed in the ?*i*?lv par^t-i. *--?? iloRT b. DoiLE, Prcsjat. IWorut-. <,L.-V Gfo. R. CaossriitLi), '* je 96?Tu,Th&3 ' tt-^-^THE SCOTT GUARDS BEG LEAVE aj*03k to inf *rm tht ir friends nilr) the public gen ? rally that tbey will give a Gr-.nd Ercurfmn and P;c Nic n the White II; u*e Pavilion on THURS DAY morning, July 12, !;>&>. rarticulais in a future adveitLsuiicnt. Je a7,-2d,l'J,3UA.July2 ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD?1 v/i:i give oue hwndred dollars liir th? apprcheuaion of he thief or thi^Tt^, ar.d re^.very of the good* ta ken from m> store on Toutsdav ni^iit last; or lifiy doll' rj for the recovery of the Coodu, consisting ol ClotltH, CiiBsi.nere', Ve?tinga, Ike. je J0-3t EVAN HUGHES THE SPECTATOR IJtOR to day (June 30 h) contjiirn t-ie lat and 21 part' of a highly in ereutiu^ novelette, by a Iiu:y ?>t Waahingtan, entitled EDITH'S HEART. It can be fouu<i for anle at the Periodical Giorti. je 3o?It [OOJIML'NICATID. ^ MRS. KNOTT'S ICE CREAM. G?<fcl j,eopl? all, nf rvstry aort, G ve ear unto my torn;; And i'"you tin4 it wond'roiis ahs>rt, It cannot hold you l<>ng ! Good Mrs. KNOTT deserves a call, F> r masing creams the be>t; 1 pray you all, b th great and sma.1, Their excellence to lest. So coo tog and refreshing too, In tbid hot sultry weather; Iler Cr.'am id Cr'-aiu, and always new, And tlivored with Vaniiia. Her saucer-, to?, are fu'.l and fair, And packed, without a crevice ;

She doesn't sell you one half air, For your good silvtr levies. Her modeit snop is quite obscure, But those who for it push, Shall find the old French proverb cure, That ''good wiue needs no bush." . On PcnnKylvania avenue You'll liud tbis pleasant rpot, Twixt 2d ai d .Id streets, r.oilt) ?ide , The sign of "GEO. A. KNOTT." je30~3t OL-vea Goldsmith. 1 o FIRE CRaCKERS. NE handrcd b"xes (40 jiacKs to the box) of mi 1 perior quality Golden Coop, Ml impor'ation jir-i received from Bostoii, and tor sal* by N. W. liUR'JHBLIi, ui Levi-i Mc Ken lie's, Alexandria, or at my store, neti Jaeks^u Statu,;. Z AI. p. KING, ^e JO?corner Vermont avenue 15th sU MKT OF I.KTTERK R(matniti{ in (A? Pott Ofise, If-v Kington, P. C.f June 9), lSu [Orderedto ti odvertiWin the" Evrmso Pt ? p.'' agreeable to lfe? foll&uing taction of IKe P?ti Of Law?U Icinz the nevnp?ip*r Karing the largest <*#rr?i lotion of arm daily payr pvblithtd in W"a?Aifi &tn: S*c. 5. .4nW *>e it furtker enacted, Tbal the Ii?t of i#tteM remaining uncalled for in any po#t ollce in any city, town, or village, where newspaper* ?'iaII be printed, thai I, hereafter, published ohcc only in the n?w^pt r which, b?'lti5 i*?ued weekly, or oOenor,*ka!l kav* the large t circulation within th<> range of the delivery of said <.ffice,to be decided hv tbi' postmaster at such office.] ?v-rersons spplyfn* frf t*ttes la th* following list, will pl?AM say tlit J are LAPIS** LIST. Ailira', >1-1 F.mllla A*hby. Mm KUen li Mrown. Mto Mary K It roan, Mis* MsrfaretE Brown, Min A F Rurn*. Elirsl-eth H*?4!er, K"?* Rally. Ma. the a Butter, Mr* Ther?*s? Brifrtm, M|S? Mar's J Mi** talT :< Rlumer. Mi*s Amelia liro*eley. Virginia 11 Rrsdy, Ellr-'beth M Rutler, M?rjr Rutier. Laura l.?e Gisheil. ill" A- .j'-'itie Chtpmu, 11 i#p h.4t? ClreL Mr* Mery C>n?w*y. Mm Louisa ('randeli, Ml*? St Davidson, Louisa M llrclurd, Mr* C lltrt, Jiillt Ann F!?h*r, Jane Kalian, Mrs M W Frank!and. Mr* Sitreli Kartell. M*ry, Fitzlmgli, *1 r s Oiean, Mint Mi'lette Garrison, M-s Ortner, Mr* K Hn*h<**, Mr* Anne Hud?in, Mis* K H ?\ sal. Mr- Murv A Hatri*on, Mrs A M Jotir- 'B, Mrs Tlf-ma* IC Johnson, ilr>Anii.? M Jwk?'l, Mr- R'-bec-a K.ilrht. Mis* M Karl, Mi?* Kins, Mi?* SrH-|? I. Keiae. Mis* S H KueciBiel, Anns K Lowineyer, Mi?? Msry L< win, Virginia Lcverick, Mrs K Letisr, M1?* Cafttarin* *?, Mi*s Ann L.I/_? M Ills. Mary Jao? M-retsnd, Mis* Mary t i* M.U l.ell, Mr* Isaac W M.**wetl. (*ell? M hall. Mrs H Kr|?iii!?l, l/>ul?a Mcli'-mell, Ann M. Cafry. Ml** Othari*>e Norton, Elisabeth Noyes, Mr* Kllen N*ylor. Ml** Mary P Owen, Kliiabe.h A P erce, Mi** V-r> V Pain. Mi*j a. c* Plat?, Mrs J K Pe,-k. Mi* Kary M Pee?.a. Mrs (Ml* Pail-rsou, V ** Sal..? Vj'ieco, Mis* Pll*a Row. Mr* Mt-psrot arch. M if* M*ry Fras.i* k <c*r*. Mi** J C klncirold, Mr*So?a i HatLbun. Joinnsb H MoliltiSuii, Miss Amelia Roys'., Mrs hmllli Mr> ? *. ah Sa art/ M rs Sal.U hiiues, Mia* Marl* Kheckel*, Mrs J L l*nii;tneni. Mm .Susan Kinder, Mr* Mary k M:-- M*:(Caret Tli in ??, Mr* Wiliiaiu 1 11* ro*s, Mr* >a? sti A Tl. in;>*?n. Ml** Alloa 1 i?!i?r, Mrs Henry Tallfar*, Mr* Ann Vernor, Mr* 8 Wrurl.: M iaa Anoett* W W iBlilngton, *?!?? Abu k M'nlkin*, Mrs A WilllsMts, Mis* A<t* Williams. Henrietta Walker, MUs CorJeha GK!?TLKM?XS' LIST. Avery, Col W W i Karrapat. Cspt lid i! .Manns, Owen Austin, O Fi ;e**, Chrl?t"plmr Mr Keac<>g, T M T A>under, Mr Fitz, Otisrle* McKoberU. t is An^rUst, Mr ?<1r>no. J-ulfl 1 McG??. Chan A mire. Mr Oantt, S X Xier. F A licrdi. Dn Jnan ? Oray, 11 H Norwood, J Ourley, Kev II II 6 N<*1?, Jartj tirnliun. R II i. (N, M W (irah*ra, James w.t.0^- r, Ca^l U< r d.ol C*rllnae, 10 O rai.ii, D 3 i:ill?-?p!e. M*t A H Pefpei", M 0 If.-v-niJ, i W Oil: 'l ie. A let Hamilton. V.'m ll.irvey, Wm C Hii'lsuM. T D ?larr:*, ^isplien BW, ' * HuOttr, Ruheit llo'a:i, i"'illl|i H-rd, 5 A ll*y<t4n. N HuLt.ard, M M Hbcy, J no Heu.iersou, J >* Hurd Jt>o Allen, Ra^^ey A?l:!< n, H W R^rnri. Win Bryan, W li Uurwnll. T 11 iiier, T W Rrown.,8 P lianyer, L P I'.i-'. her, H RarUer, K i> llarliieT, K ymimfl'ld, L C i;,,i^r. I'.?idr (John A Kr ?ly, J .1 111.idle. Ij. J a. S 3 Brown, J I' nter. Bow ley. J i, Rucktier, Jno 9 R"ir. *, J W Henry Bialiop, G?*> 8 Rarre, Oarrfet U Piiteti, F A Kmiisoii, Br iJ Brnot, Jn<> H ( orrie, Wm 0 Cannon, \V:j 31 t Carter, T'.oii Cntbert. 1 !<>* Ceiey, 3 K 2 Creato, P-;t;r CoruUi, * ij CilnrS. 6so W Carjieuter, Judta Cook, Jos A Crult, J Coyle J x Carter, J A Caiiipi*Bil.JH'?BtCl-S K i u?-, J to T Codricli, Sno K-lly?. J iti'-s Cine. Ifet.rv Kiit'r, J .nies I' Ctiori . iinlnc, Maj k iioxl, Jan:e* Gh r^e 2 Kenniey, Ivlwaid Ciiit< >ar.Ooleman Knap. Clits Clark, i. o iieilwf, l!.j* F uiib?j| Cooler, mint wall Lw.-,ffW N-rker, Jno N. ? n i *e, C J Niemano. H P O'ti niual, Micliael O'Sullivan, Jazu??i 3 irncci, Wm P.ii rnerlee. J K Preston, J B tr*a<oii, Jno Prior, J K Pi'oitr, f. R Kenaham', ? t W f Eea-liur. K m *7*?i, TireoThT But"VIS Re til y, R * i'-an, Nlrholaa Rtttenia/; J-io R*l> y, Ja* 1 * Keaan, Jhijv-s Ban.-ay, H Asliton fi?r<*f.ira,lr Juo B Keed. Uonrn Mowar4, il T iiyarh, T X H.<l. Ce.i Ilkhtrltbii, F. A Hraley, O P A Bi- nlaii, l)tc!>u Hlr^t'i*, FrinV lti.Ii*, B H.iu k i ti a, C*|.t Kdw Smith, Wm P 'tcliklss, a A Johnaon, T s J Jon-s, T S Jone*. T W . ?r?s| A Green J'rden. la, J \ N Jorrtoil, Dn^irt J Johnston, h li Ji'O"*. A Kin.-, H'tn Cirler, C H Clark, it K Cook, i: F Cuilr^th A II Camoa. A H i/fk. W ?. I'?lly, \Vin,- v, Wm Htsiiv}, R. l-ert l>e?-ker, Fhil-p I> Tld, Patri-'k. Utiii, Jno A Pej).-*', Mr n.iveraont II I. Dnvall, Oen I'en itf I?a:il lit! vail. Col Bn iUilaaey, O m U I Puis Alfr. d i>nr.i*::, a v* t'oUileOll, X. J Eg**, Wn? E !,?. JS tweli. J * 1 O) tlran, Geo I,??'!*, I M l-KHMS, Mi I.jtL liu, J D i.??litrt, J I.umley, J S Urt, Juo 3 I e<*. Jo^n latdHh J A Mti hatM, li r I^Kan, O T W l-ee, i'at>t s S J Locket. K Llndsley, Clelaud I-"iisr. C..j?t l.syne, B J Morgan. W31 M Moriartliy, J/.s ZJoarn, Sijfnr r Mo^t<vmeiy, R Mason, Ric.isrd V-nor, Lt P Millar. Hai'ra MrdJ. J H C ? M vruder, Jno F Moiit^omeiy, Jas i. :a ..ifc-u, L'rrios M*y. Jaa U hi:t, Lnatrd E flirlnr, J II Flood. 8 C ? F.eoer, R r?r!ey, Pea*r.a Faulkner, Mr Fallon, M W Kr ui-r, Jno A 3 Ma .re, C*pt Jno Mii-tiu, J S Jlundy, J?me* R Morris. Com H W >:e.<t II J Jt iikr, Henry s m-lair. W m, i'SN S.-liaefer, T Scott, Sai'dy Mevf-ns, Panl ?SinltU, Marvin Sinftti, Juo R MaJ J.i* W i Killlivasi, Ji'i smith, Jat H Kinltli, Jos C StrVu, Lt J O stnif. Juo r' Mn i ja, J \V Saniter*. Henry simt'i, II k j fitejihens, H?i W Steinlle. F Hwartcail, A H Hieeaiii. Pilwin Peitd*. 2nuei i fciaiu. , C \? S-nd*. I t B F a HprluK. Arthur Hlir .rr, A L TeUba, U H Ti avla, E>foph Tliom it, Wm R Taylor, W O Triplet, Wt^t-o-ton Tin mpsou, TbcKp> ?on Tlioatr" "? Rl< tiar4 Toter, Henry Tbuas. Hsr\e* WaiJbridce. Wm Welti, Wert W W.ll. Tb. * Wi.l-on, Band il;-h Winters, K J Wei ias A r. |< Witman, Mr Wiro, J a ? 3 Wh.s'ir, J..ria:bau Walker. Ilioma* Walker. Jor T Well, Jno William*. Htllcry Wilt-.ts, Barry Wa.corner, MaJ CJ 1 Wi leon, Gao W Wl'.'Jams, K II 2 M iIikib, Calvin G Wllacn, C H Wli-^,|?.r. AI< XAL tar > ..ui.r, Wm Younq, A K ili!i*be?. tli J M Martin, Henry W Fink, Henry Morr?a, R F Fitcosbora, Henry Martin, Alfred F.xk, Oeo A McNett. A J Fiirrar. F II 3 !!? Gl ister, Etrkley Yaacie. Daniel K't^^'t hoii.E-tmr.iid ?ic?Jntrk. Jno Yonn^, A T F.iruswortii, K McOinni*, M Mi sal INITIALS. " ivii Un O'Liuli Au:^ "lv .is ; ^oUtlnim M*nTif.t (urers* Rank. Juaato JAMM G. BERRET. P. SJ. \ OT? ?E.?The Rcetaurart ol tbuundcrtigned on _L\ tJ s;ree:, b-twi-en 17th eul 16th street, and ?.? ar t!ie VVn; l)en?rtmrnt. wit! no* be op? n on i|j?* l?i.: opprti&cliiug Fourth of JuJy, er *ert !? i r^>uiar Loarrters in the boure. J. bOl'LAXCLU j1' Qt">?8t (Int*Urjon) FAIR LULL BOARDING SCH00L~~ FOK Sanity $yrin%, Motitgitnery county, MzrylawL TUT,math iHtm oi thu Inrhmuon will commence on the 10;h day of the uiuili iiiv nih (September) nt st Cirrular-s rontruning the ti(.-ediul information in r?(2ard to the School c^n be o tiitn-d by tl?H?! who d.eirc it, by a^drewing, iti Claey |?o?i office, .Vluut g. merv county,, &. 8. K.IKK. or WM. H lAiUUilAK tevirr to aim* T. Towers, LaniVrt Tre?, Wm. D. V/aiath. je 3C ODD FELLOWS' HALL, WZD^li5i)Ay EYFNISG, JuJy 4th, 1655. 3 WEENY, BROWN 4- SHERMAN S MINSTRELS! Vi.t .*? corsieiH of OLD JOf: isWCBN * . The originator ? f the bairo: J(jA HHI'JWV. ' liAMiUJii.*, i ak w - ? a A 91 Lite of" KutiU-i'* Troupd. J. T. GARDNER, R H. HALL, J gHEHMAM! Tickcts 5i5 cprtB. Doors opt n at 7^?Coaimeacc at r*eciliely je 30? GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUTE. a irt ICG daily between VVa.- the $<)U h 1 via Fr?;dencksburg, Richmond, Pcter^Lurf, Va, IVeldou and VVilinington, N. C., to Charleston, S 'J , end Aucu?:a, Gi '1 he traveiin^ public is hereby informed tbat the 5wiu and comlortaLle Steamera ^ IALTMOI1 3k AND MT. \ LB NUN eave th*? Stenmboat Whart Bt^ion daily at I a. m. and 7 p in. Arr.vo iu Richmond at 1 p. i?<*, tnd U a m. Arrive at Pitirfcbu-g at 2ft p. m. and > a m, i he foilo^ing tbiough u.kcte can U; oLtained on >oard : I'o Frcderick?bui? %3 (d I'o Juiicuou of Virginia Cenual Uaiiroad.... 4 &llX l\? Richmond, Va 5 50 I'o Norfolk, Va 6 00 I'o PeieiKburp, Va 6 to Po Weldon, A. C 7 10 Po Wilmington, N. C 11 00 'ARE ON POTOMAC RIVER AS FOLLOWS For each passenger? i'o Alexandria 23 cents, and basjruao 12)f cents. Po Mirbary's " Z ?1 00 To (iuantlco, Haady Point, He, 1 f.0 I'o Aquia Cr< ? k 2 0u Meals and State Rooms extra For further informal on apply <"'n board of tbe ?ont?. or to GEO. MATTINGLY, A?rent. jf 30 -42w Li Washington. PI 4N0S?PIANOS. WE respectfully requent the htlcntioD of person who put pose purchnMne Piano* to our very cx ensive as-ortmenttiow ia sioro, consisting of llanos rotn the old an i ceiebrated Bianntartorie-s of HaJlei >aFi* ft Co., Uofton; llacnn k Raven, New York, Cmbe, Gaehle ft Co., Baltimore Tiieje Pianoe ve (juarar.tee in every retpeei to be inftrkrto uont > then. We take old Pianos in part payment, accept good ndorsed n?tee for J, 3, and C month*, In fact make Irti.iat any arran^t inent to fuit purchaser*. We have also several stceud hand Pianos for ale low and upon ea-y tsrins. Also, Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Accomaoiis, Mo io, Suings, *o persons can have thrir Pianos tuned and xepaired iy leaving their nanus with JOHN F ELLIS, j3 ?0 300 Pa. avecuc. WILLIAM GIBSON, a child 12 rur< cl4.^ hi> parent* H Worcester erwnty. Muh^ abmit pi? we*K* rgo. Any in'o'rnttina c?v irwnicatrd to hi? n:ob?r, ih V% >' ?11 th'itfall) rece?vr?1. " MARGARET CJ8S.1N Jetf-3t (Organ) ykin RF.W ARD.?Strayod I row th? wWrrnUr | j O ?' * Wednewlav, the 2?th Inatant, a large Cow, of rather muddy cavt. Hh* haa horn*. ?tni are m-Nie-ately turned up, and her e?r? tr? ?bor ;uark.? llrr tenu .we and ; omte?i, with oru&Jt warta tif-oii lli'ji. Her ha? i? lre?h and lar( f frill eive a reward of 'en do'li^r* to an v one ?t will deliver her in me, or give n.. such in'otiuuit as will lead to bcr recovery. W.LATHAM 591 cor. lltb .4. and lid. aviar, l?Und je 20-3l* Q C RF-VVARO ? Ranaway from the norrU,, O* ' l:vir c on ?lie l?laa<t, on ibe 20th ir.? an; , I BLACK BOY, al>*ut tear* of *e?*. named L?* i?. He U a a:o?t bqr, and w ten spoken t? *rp*i '<*<1?. Any ?ne rr'urnin; tbi* boy to me at air >> i.i< n<-e, corn. r of bilt and ? ftltH', laland. ? M' ct-iv the Above reward. HUGH LEIWY J?->9 Jf ^tTRAYEO FROM THE f?Ult?CRIBEt on ?,,. dav. lh? 'Ml m<snt, a ha? Mart*, in gn-^4 red* *.nd a rint hone on lifj tw (e-t. Sh? i* about 1} 'i*ndt high. A piruhle reward will be pivea af re turned to me in licorgetown. cnni^ of Bridr* it* Green rtr^ta HUGH DOWLINC. je 29?3C NOTICE. SIXTEEN FIXE YOUNG MULES for rale,*! well broke V hirnt-e*. A!*o, (oar good Warn*# Gear if wanted. Call on WALRRIDUE, Emj , r.t !nei?**, I',*.* Oo'ii'n?da College, or ttr. 8 ith. at tbe Mt lropuM Stah!<??, corner of l> and 14th atreeta Je 33?f (*OLT? SLEKVB BUTTONS, STl. 1>? Ac. M J*?rt weiwd ahr(e 9'-wu.ioi?t of the la*-?? r<v?e VoKhir, Cameo. I.nvi.and plain r>i?i SLEE'>| t:f*TTONS, HTUP3, %-r. nno^aily fine ?? Cheap. M. W. GALT h. BkO, S2I Pa. avrnue, b?t. '3 b and I0;h ?u. je 29-tf Come all ye taat am weary ?l? ?,uencb yet: Thirst A RNY k PHINV re?s??*etfully tc urn tiifirn-<( /V ameer* tha"k? to their M< nd? and th^ puo.i^ in general, tor th- patronage hett t ? ore an lit>era ? t?e>towed ii|?on tlo in, and annt tince that the* nr not only pr. pared to reetirc on'er* tor tli?ir PfcR. MII'M MINERAL WA1 ERH. t ut iboCir thHrw p. nor Ch:impt*n? t'lder and Ponrr, tion'.-d aac nraucht Ale, Root Iterr and Mead. L?fer lleer, t| keen or but'les, t'arUinated Giaier?anew be?e? are. which i? ?? hiffhly ri commcntivd by pbyaiciau ol" the Northern cities. All ord?-rn prorrptly dispatch* d. I'uion BoitUug l?epot. 57 Crr. n etreet, i? 90?1 w* Georcetown, D C LUULCE?LUMBER. "S^fiR ??!e ?>v Th^rnrro. a l*r?-e. ?- ?(t?t.l r'r: " p T*or ?jua)'ty L'!MIIER, -coa^'iaf ?f Pine. ?vd plank: s?i"int, Hualort En ? ???? Tiapfc. t?*a fiovdii And M?nk. I#eckin?, Ft a-?. f i j. fcc *? I <H * zkj ? w. i . 8<t?ie parcel* we n?w I avc cu die IVharf, are ?f ? he bc?tuaatity evt* hr> uch? to Ui? Ralttmere ou* ka. CAR .t, CIEPF. k CO , CoaumUxtoa M. rrlinnu, Vr?. 21 Fpr<a'~ Wharf, Calurucre. X]mi, IIkki htui 5>h) d?? Cai-vU-fd i Ia?\ei. Je ?11 -?? FuR MOUNT VERNOJTON THE FOUllTH OF JULY. W1 o'rli.rk i ?. ""4 ^,r*<n(7ru at V^vil ll u ?*k-.,^n?rWc. that trip foj "j*?** . . . n,yg favnoa ana Fort WaAiann \)h*" tar!,,?n p eeenfcra and preceed t0 Mount \en ?a, RirmgUje Mou^t VctMa m*pcbm about twii hours ther*. Passrnsern cmi vi^it both round trii tiri ?*' 50; Mount Vernoa, %l; IV^V,^ *2E? Weehieptee ?.t 7am, caa iu< tb- Ot i>rj??; Wiijliiadea a' tb?> U'iiit? llocir ?tr V'"11"" , ,,ff 'r*d (or Uic beat and I evtlion. It ia s-tp^inr Pand. JOR CORSON, Capt ") ARl'?1 'r: '' me e W , tnday fun.. 23d, my ?'?{, j IIoM AH. ^r? r? u I010"** hr-tOK Mi.??e tor h??ri from. 1!-^ wore a b!.ica i-urrnx r jacket, green -tri pr ' pantaloon*,aomewhst fad. d, black riase4<a> ' S"tl >ofl m',d n- ree. 7 he inrprp g..,n i? that he vmm ab< ard f fnfrVec'nv'rv ' KlVr ?he h,WVr r,,*ard for >>" ,, rteotery, or vU,.? m*or?atinii a? will lead a^Tn"- "^ArfkCV, Grocer, cor^r S ffiNi I) ilp.| Islind. ,,, \CAf I OR 8ALL ?A I.Klit bar MUt, very ?c i.?X tir?jtnd Ii rdy. pacer under the ud ifv cle. and tioia Mat i.i hartiesn 'i'be owner 5J,^ 110 to' l?* HUI a?U her much bel^r^r !?r '*'? ** ttie moat teau ,u I.uiluiiig Lotf ot. M. ne;u 10th ttrwt Apply ai Xu. olu L "treet borh, b.twteii 9;b and lOtfc ?u. FOURTH OF JcIy cunsiosr TO PINEV POINT. ?i^Thecos:aicd oo8 iteamar ALTfl Pblci., Captain Sanau l ii k? r> w.'i tnke pn^en.-rH r.-m w^nrnrtori cit n TUESHAV V.ORNING, J i'y 3d. at t. 'T-k aU Alexandria at 7 c.Vk? i<( t?r riVEY POINT. I? tom i i, wi I ca;l (or hem to llur^iiy morniu r:i..rdiap aa opportunity t^ ai! \> b-'mny te - il-!<po--.l os e;iei;d!i ; a Hy at tins d? li^h'ful Wa? I iacf, acii i 4 ? p(.(Htuiui| of % .twin* \&t lejiurui uvry ui our riv r by da: lijfeu Q*?~ Paesajc for li.e trip yu. iieaia exua. 1^ ?dt< t EXCUIUilON TO POINT OF ROCKi BY CANAL. EDNRSHAY, the f h Jo!v, being the re?.i' . d^y or running o| the i a<"ketWfc? rrr- ^ Hoi! C HMfl|;c.-8 -he will, , that d*y m'l,- an excursioa trip to u?c ab^ve P. u J it t-i for the roand tup. M? rU en boat at &5 cent*. The boat will arnvo nt the Point at 7 o'ci wj< r?- a hall and g e-d cotillon tuu^ic iia? b?en nr. n ? d for the pleasure of Uxmc who may wi>h to in lulge in dancing. w n _ CHA-.LEP EfEKSfLL, Ca-t. M. b ? I be rongr,.?? w.ll a a<> wake h? r :urs;oii m il.e Ortat Fails oa Haodai . Jaiv 1 Je 2S?diJulyk _ " u,t* steamboats connecting" aach train of Car? trr.v 6hhS<^*iinf? in W-.ihingtoa or AloXfcu .riH.- 'l fe M. ?aiere T H I ? ?! \ ? COLL Y I K ??! jLOEIJE \V.\Mfl\GT< N' w i!i make tiie at v? ^onae'-tiotm, l-aritig \Yrji;ii:gtoa at 6 a. m lor tl> Aicnalria ???;??, conccct witli* ?i lUuf tr-.r. on w.?*u lleals Turauici ou the botu. , Tba Boaia connect wiUi ;.ii :he tratr? rrnm * SAW 'L GLUNEY, Cape mtv 17?d notice. w - h/THC STEAMER ALICE G. I'RF?^ i 3Sm * h?r<' f it TUESDAY in<.nn< text tor nu tre'D Lindiiig. to erat) e pa>-eni?r*? ?ariicipate in tbe ceremoniea bt Mor reV LaM<< >n the Fourth ol July ; tcturning on Tli jnxlay. ti? 5*Ji. Je Qfe?diJul>? FOURTH OF JULY CEL.EBRATION. ALLUio^ewt.o desire to ?njoy tlwnwlw* ?* that day should buve a neat *.t:J coui fort a be SoutorSlioe, aud we w.uM say to thrm tl?at * lave a gjod uUK-k ?u bi^id ol var. f dpd V jrepared to maiiutactorr evtr>Uiing In our lia^. So give us your or?'.?-ra ic uaio MILLS L RRAfllEARt*. Si5 e. rule Pa av., bet. 6:ti uud 7ib rtrrta. Jc 27 -1 w ? _ ^ANAL packet LINE TO FOlM OF CCM Kt*. rHE Canal Packet CONG EESfl ba.T r tborou^Iily m joirod and put u ' irst rati; cr or, (ta .'^acliincry le | ngremoved atd h<?r?e power >-u; mini imnaknitherKflar tripi betwecu Cecrgti??? m 1 tbe above piacc. The Boat u2l l^ave tlic wharf of W- k If litter (or Point of Rnel s on M(Wf>AY8, VVLl* ?ESUAVSand Fill l?A\ S ai 6 o'clock a n.; ad he Poiat of I'wckj loffl^?ff,'i"M'11 0" 1 CEHliA^* iHCRSDWri end H%T(rRnAY8 at the M?r tour rtopping at Uwd.fferti.t land:nc? a!o::c theli jr tiie reception and landing ol p?*ien(eri> a nt reieht. gouig and returning. The bt?t will l??v? G o-rei wi. at 7 o'clock a nd arrive nt the head of tbe C'?it Falla at II. Fen-,' ca at L Edwaidr^' Ferry dU,. Mui'tcary SJg, miV FcrryC, art' Point of Rock^ at 7 o'ciock p m. j texuming leave point at ? a. m . kr.onlaii'a Fer-1 f at 1%, Mnnocacy 8, \ d wards' Firry 11, 8?re? , Great FfciU 3*^, aud airsvc at Ccorgeiowu a:7 . in. Passage t^igh cither way $2. Mexxs served re^ui-riy on "i -?a*d the boat at ?#^*| t.ite orice?. CIURLEB MEkKILL,C?^ Je 25- dlf b^ult BALE?UNTIL 30 YEARS OLD. A ??_, pable bealtuy ? il, eievtn yeara ami b ? orttn* I Id; reatricted to Dutrtcl <>f Columbia. jj* ause her owner do f not wish io bold a ?Jav?* I' Hire at thia r ffice. J? F*OY8 FOR 1 IIe CHILDREN - A largf & tteaoufil c?.IIectl<in a; 4e4 Seventh ft ,.n J-aP-fr L^MMOkP EX' ELHIOR POMADE for dreanng tN ^ baa no equ*|, lor iale ai 484 Seventb ?4. je 2b-3t LAMB?*" <