Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. lhe F\ir Hul Female Bo*rdin? School The editor of the Star sttonded, on Thursday, the annual examioatfon of this institution, (iMr Brookvilie, Montgomery county. Md ,) which baa been in successful existence for nearly fifty years. It ij the female boarding sobool of the Friends' Society of tbe State of Maryland, and to it# accommodation the mag toificent Fair flill estate, the property of the society, has been dedicated for all the time mentioned above. As a residence for the young, Fair liill estate has no superior in ite country, beirg situated in the midst of the highly cultivated and salubrious region of Mon'gomery county. Md., where few others ?re to be found located but members of the Friends' (Quakers) Society. There wore there, during the term just cod ed, some forty-five pupils from all sections of the United States, half of them beingchildren of families connected with the religious org'.n iiation, whoso institution the academy is. At present, the principal is Win. 11. Farqubar. who. a* a man of science, sunds next in this country to Benjamin llaltowcll. who is, be yond d?ubt, the mo.'t accomplished und useful scientific man who has been identified with the Society of Friends in either hemisphere since Benjamin Franklin's day. Mr. quhar is also a gentleman of elegant literary attainments, and has devoted his life to the jfcj'nnthropic hl J philosophic labor of train leg ycuu lhe wifcof Rich'd S. Kirk, whohas the man agement of tbe beautiful estate oft bo society, and who is the sia'cr of Mr Fauquhar, is the matron of tbe instituMon and its principal instructress Tbis lady, like ber accomplished brother, hasdevo ed a lifetime to the cf instructing youth, and was lor jeirs en gaged in that capacity in the celcbra'od ia stitaiion of Berj^min liai!o<vell in Alexandria, Va, and was subsequently herself the heal Of a very successful female acarlemv in tho i*me city. 'Tho otfcer msrrucire^ CI tne jTair Hill institution is Miss Mary C<!a'li * Highly Mcojcpiiihcd member of the Friends' Seciely fro** the interior of 2Jew Vork. a lady of weil bafonce^ mica and lLose natits indus try, order, and gentleneas of tlomsanor, with firmness of character, which so distinguish the wall: in lifo of all consistent member* of that church or organiaatfon This examination, which preceded the an nual summer vacation, wa* attended by many members of the Soeis.y of Friends residing in the vicinity, ooe cli g'ntleuian of tbe organi sation, over nine'y year* of age, eorning all ?he way down from Jiow Market, in*ri:k couny, Ma , t-j Of- preieit tbo interfiling f>oecnoD -Ihere were also pcrecu. anc gmr ?.'ans from Washington, Georgetown, Alexan an?. a?.d itUdWha;? in et>endacce. Clas es ^reexamined in spelling renin*, ftvgn ?*?*. mtccil arithmetic. potany. chemistry, *.? -*?***. jrreajD, Ai, acquitting Eistory Us? themselves only a* yootn c?u, ... under the training of highly accomplished ana j -uilssonhic instructors. lhe examination on I Dranshtd o? acien^e was inducted with the | experimental aius r??30rted to in Mr rar^a bar's system oi instruction 3has, tboce who were examined in botany we:e questiono 1 upon the habua and peculiar '?hartcri'tics of plants taken up indiscriminately and shown to them. Ihosa w. o were questioned ia geology were required to name and explain the reculiar characteristics cf specimens tak?n indiacrimi nately from the valuable collection of the in stitution. The elimination in chemistry was conducted with tho proper experiments, in which the girls assisted with mu?h enthu siasm ; while that in geography "as conducted with the aid of maps drawn indiscriminately on the black-board which the children ex explained in detail?countries, boundaries mountains, riveis. lakes seas, cities, la ? without the aseid anc* of hiving tbe Humes before their e.,eg, showing that their memories were jropeily char;cd with tho figures tf countries, the courses ot rivere, mountains, A3 , and the location of cities, gulf- ses*. A* ' which are tho objects that should be chiellj sought to be fixed on the roicdj cf tbe youngin instructing tnem in the ear:h's geography, end that of the heaven*, in which tbry w?re also examined, by the by. At tho conclusion of the exercise; all ths large company present sat down to a repa*t, provided v?iih the proverbial bounty and bubst-niial oheer unioh mitu the wanner in which tc.e Friends proTcrbial v live. 3 The editor cf the Stir, having a child nt this institu'icD, has had occasion io note the peculiar foa'ures of its man^emen* wiih ca*e and solicitude and tho more be has informed himself c -ncerning them, the more alidicg are bis impress! 'ns that it is without a supe rior in tho eous'ry for tho purpose of th ee parents who seek to give their fomala children the foundation of the substantial education necessary to fit them to play their respective parts in time as useful members of sccisfj as daughters, sisters, Wi% e?, anl mothers. The proper example of self re-traint and mcd-ar ation is set them at iair iiill by all in contact with whew they are thrown, a:.d in dcicg all things order is as carcfully and necessarily in stilled into them as information fr ;m books The father of the present principal, a cele brated tea;her in bis day, long bad charge of this lime-honored institution, w heroin peace, food wil!. and contentment of mini mark ell that one sees and h-ar3 there. The tsrms charged are in strict accoid with the modera tion which is at tike foundation cf the charas ter of its principal pairona?the Friends' So ciety. Clohk Early.?For tho love of health and eomfort, Mej?r<< Merchants of the First Ward, do close ear'y in ?uch hot aeather. Your poor eici&s, as wo see taeai ?teaming and frying behind yoar oocnturs, acd your more worn-out looking selves, w 11 be grea'ly benefited by the hour or two of relaxatiua in tho evening thus to he enjoyed Your Ul'.ow traJe?ittn throughout the ci y have adopted tLe sensible J dan of cloairg at 7 p in , or near that hour, or the balance of mis _-ea-.>n of vorv li tie trade. You wi;i not sell suthjient ut nignt to pay for the gt^ you wuai burn to c.\tch the few rtrajvhnj eu'-tor'ers who are unfeeiin enauga to buy 0 ni^hta ?u such hot wenther^ and thus to encoarags clerical martyrdom. We repeat, for charity a suke. for tbe sake of your own health an J that of thoca whom you employ, we oare not in whkt liae of trade you may be, do not keep open your stores and ?hops, at this season, longer than twelve hours per diem AChahitads Movk?Welaarn that a num ber of accomplished mcsics.1 amateurs of our own acd neighboring cities are making ar? rangementa for a grand vocal and ioetru mental concert at Carun'g caiooi, ou Friday ??venug the Z h of Jjly, r tho oanitfof St. Vincent's and St Jc e; t's Orphan Atyluios. 8t Vinsent's A-y!.:ra. h* thU time contains nearly one hundred littlo orphan girls and 8t Joseph"s Asylum, designed for orphan boj9 is shortly to boopened for taeir reception. At this season of tho year, when thsro is a dear.a of amusemenu. we a*e snre Carusi's saloon 'which h^s ber-? Jy ? be piopmicr .?,tj)wu- cLaTrje, will be "1th the lovers cf g oi musto cn fha evaning cf this attractive foa.-t In addition to this, tbe eiu*e of the orphans will attract c.una'0c| of their k?ud friends to the concert to be given (of tueij ben-fit Tex Late RoB3ery ? lU>'eirckw have been made by the ifiicera in chaigo of the plans to arrest the thieves who entered and robbed Mr. E. Hug? ore ; but up to lhe present time they have no: met with iucce>s either in arres'tng the burglar or reeoveri: g the goods. Mr. lioghes inforon us that tne thievs3 must have been amateurs, as the cutting of the door was very roughly djae Aftir coring, they went Bkilfully to w ik, and selected hi3 best eloths, cashmeres and veatir.g, leavirg him the poorest exespt a few ar'iMrs wht.h he ceuld essi.'y identify. Mr. llurheseffer* S109 regard lor the arrest of the thiyf tud recovery of the goods Oar active o? n ,w have an opportunity of displaying their ta?t, nui win m paid if successful Many of thoso caiea where the officers labor hard fail to recom pense them even when sne:essfal. CaiuiKAL Count ?Satccel Shrkell and Andrew Kidwell, c-nvic ei cf larceny, have been sentenecd to sixteen months each at labor in the penitentiary, acd George Fvans. black, burglary, ha? been sect to the tame insiimte f^r four years. Sramrfcl ?Tbe dwellers is the vicinity of F street, near Seventeenth, were aroused on the night before last, about 101 o'clock, bj criei from the dwelling of a peaceable and worthy old colored man named Elkton Br<nt, next door to Mr Alexander's printing ofiice. 8-indry half grown and jut grown lad*, it teems, wore stoning the house, out ofmalioious miaohief. The cries brovght tbe watoh at len*th. when the assailants made off and sad denly disappeared in the immediate vicinity of tbe house of the Western Hose Company. We call the attention of the members of that company especially, to this outrage, and also assure them thit vro are constantly being ap pealed to to ask the police to put a stop to similar outrageous behavior on the part of youths congregating in tbe immediate vicinity of their engine house. We know that tbe mem bers of the company are too manly to be en gaged, even for the sake of "a lark" merely, in disturbing the public peace, and outraging and insulting d*ellers near them, white or black. Thty muft, however, stir themselves ro ascertain and point out those who hatging around their vicieity, so conduct themselves as to bring them (the hose comj, my) into dij repute. ? Summer Drixkb?Amy A Shinn?Green street, Qoorg-it'jwu?are extensively engaged in manufactuiirg at J furnishing to the peo ple of this District immense quantities of pfons *nt, wholesome, and consequently harmless summer beverages; such as premium mineral waters, champagne cidor and porter, and car b mated ginger, the latter a new beverage, which is so highly recommended by physi cian; of tbe Northern cities. The ready sale of tho^e liquids shows their deserved popula rity. -?e; are "ertainlv very nioe. As Ho*kst Woiiaw ?A gentleman tellsus that Catherine shorter, a mulatto washer woman recently found in the pockets of a pair of pantaloons of bis, sont to her to be washed, a $50 note, after it wai actually immer*ed in the wsh-tab, nni promptly returned to him by the hands of her equally hones' and de serving huabind. They were properly tj wardad. a9 thev should h?,V5 b??n- Tlicac who desire to and persons in tuat position, who aro in all ra*cosu laliab'* ? m.m >er th:m. , Fiodtixg is Marjtkt ?Mrs Pwyer w?s ar raited tLia u.orni3A and t&xen before Capt. Birch for disorderly conduot in the Centro market, She struck and kioked a German \romaa who happened iiaar her stand . Capt Lirch ordered her to pay a fine and costs, and give security for peace. She <hon nsko l for a warrant for her opponent, who she charged with bTeukirg her eg!?s The latter had not been taken when we left the station house. Directors Meetimo ?The di?e^to*"t cf tLe Chesapeake uii'i *<nio Canal Lad a meeting )e->teraayat the National Hotel re~ mnining in session a considerable time they adjourned until to day, when they will resume iheir buaiuc.-^. ' ? Pernio Amusement ?An cthlopian trf ape ooueiiling cf "Old Joe Sweeney. * Brown.! -??... js.ti.?i-t.? -? Sherman and m iheir line of busir o=?, will perform at Did Fellows' Hall next week The Marion were on parade las'" night, in full uniform and accompanicd by muiic; but the weather was so oppressively waim 'hat several of the members were obliged to leave the ran^s. The Packet Boat Cowgrcss will mike hor usual exeurrioa to the Great Falls to-morrow, starting from Georgetown, by way of the canal. Ninevkh ? Mr. Editor : Please state that the "Win Bird, ' whose name i? found in the lis', of Ninovites of the Soventh Ward of that ancient and vecerated city, is n->t the under signed, but some one of the three or four otb*rr of 'lint mine who lived on the island, in Nineveh, A C 1851. 'iho undersigned is and alwa\s has been a ocnsLtent opponent cf Ninevt'sm. Wh Bird, Bricklaycr, E street, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth, Juno JO?It (Island.) GSOIW LTOWN CORRESPON DEN C3 G2fiR?STowx, Jano 30,1855 Both branches of our city councils were in lesjion I&it nigh*, until a late hour. A mes sage wits recoir&d from the mayor asking that a statement, in relation to the condition of the sinking fand, be returned to the commission era of the same. Also, one in relation to the claim of G E. Grimes, against the corpora tion for repairs of bridges, Ac , and asking an appropriation to meet the same; refused. Another, in relation to email note issue of the corpora-iou. A message wa3 rooeived from the clerk in relation to the printing of corporation laws ; and one from Lewis Smith in relation to woll on Prqsj.ect street; referred A biil passed t>ota beards granting the right Df way through our city to the Southern Print ing Telegraph Co npwny. Another giving cc tain authority to tho commissioners of sink ing fund Another, authorising tho mayor to employ iin alditioual polioe officer foi Water street on Sundays Another, uuthoriiing tbe re-establishing of the grades of a portion of Washington, Stod Jard, and Roid streets. Mr. Bang', from commiUee on atreets, re ported a bill appropriating $250 fcr the re pairs cf Little rails road; passe l both Boat's. ?Mr Myers, troin the oommittee on claims, reported a biil appropriating #204 for tho ben efit cf R. Sheokels, f iii for the benefit of D. English, and $21.25 for the benefit cf G. E. irimea; passed Council. A bill passed both Boards authorising the uiprovementof footways on Washington street; providing alco for repaving and altering th? crnd i of that portion of tho same street which ies between Iiiijg? and G*j street] 'I ha sobsii'-ute <>f Mr. Langs for the resolu tions of tho (oisui'ttt of \*ays and qdiqi upon he sub.ict of the 2aetiopoli(an Railroad, was hea tunen up. Mr. Edes moved to lay the whole subject upon the tabla Yeas?Messrs Eies, Bittinger, Cameron, t'ickroil, and Grime^?C Nays?Messrs. Banga, Osborn, McCann, Welch, and Senamea?5 Laid on the table. A resolution Hppropriating $200, for the senefi: of L?wis Smith, vias discussed at imjt eagth, and then rc-sommittad to tho commit ea on claims. , Mr Pickerel! presented tie petition ot sua iry citijens oy iiarxftt street, arking for the luproveiaeat ot footways ; referred. Mr Lies ofi'orcd a rcsolation providing for he repeal cf the Lw authorising the killing >f dogs, fcund running at large, and subsii uting there.oi muaaliug ; referred to cutnmit* :e on polica Tbe fchewing bills parsed tho P?ard I \'.dfc*uien, an! wee ic u^jropnai* tom^iitees in tne ; for tLe lighting of streets with ?aa For opening and laying out of street 'rum lliah ic Cuu.resi stret-is. To continue ?rcu uudur cer.bin 'jtrceu. For improvement if Nor h street, A message wa3 received frcm the Board of tldera*cn. p opos ng a joint meeting of the .wo Boards for tho purf'cao of electing two persons to acsist iu the codiQoation of the laws if tho District cf Columbia, provided th? ^.junci! will confect tuat the Aidermon chall iavo tae privilege of selecting one and the Council tha other, and naming on their part Hugh Caperton. E.-q This message, though oot ac el upon by the Council, will, we in sline to believe, fail to moot with the views of % majority. Wo think it likely that both Boards will ad jurn tine die on next Friday night. To morrow (Sunday) being tne feast of St Pfcter and St. Paul, grand high mass will be ielebratod at Trinity (Catholic) church Rev. J. A Miguire, prtgideut of Georgetown Col ege, will preach on the occasion A rich ausidal feast way be expected from the choir, ed by Prcietaor Launas. W? U-irn that an Irishman employed upon :he Waihicgton Aque-inot was aun struck yes terday, and brought to his home In our city this morning deal. At Drover's Rest, this week, 100 head of &tef cattle hnve been offered, all of which cere sold at|3 75a$4 75 on the hoof, equal to F7 50. Lambs ?L 50a$S per head, Old "hwp 2}a4 ota , p?r lb. gTOW. Hogi fS 50a $3 75 The flour market remaits very quiet, and prioes oontinue gradually, though ilowly to doeline. Hald nominally at |9 75a$9 87$. No grain offering ihe infpaetiona of flour for the quarter end ing to day, will amount to between 46 and 47, 000 bbla. Spectator ALEXANDRIA COKRESPONDKNCB. Aluxasdria, June 30,1855. Thermometer, at 9 a m to-day, U at 93J in the shade. Oh, for the gentle lephyr or rude boroas! St. Paul a church, yo3terday, was thronged throughout the entire servioea Bishops Meade and Johns omciiited, and conferred priest's ordara on J. D. Powell and Chas R. Howard, of Virginia, and deacon's orders on T. G. Ad dison, R. T. Davis. Thca Duncan, J. E. Gram Holcome, P A Johnfton, and C. M Williams, of Virginia, John Liggins, of rennsyIvania, and E Ct Marshall, of New York. The ordination sermon, one of great power and beauty, wae delivered by Rev. Dr. Cuaasaingi of the Distriot of Colombia. Ihe ? ockho'dera of the A. C. Price made a fine excurfion in the boat on Thursday even ;c?t going as far as Indian Head, and return ing at a reasonable hour. To-morrow, July 1st, the transportation of 1.? greV. ?lh?rn mail over the Orange and Alexandria Railroad eommenosa Two traine W. ir Alexandria daily, the first starting a. fifteen imnutea to aeven in the mornlnr ?i.f a?i. Navy Yap.d ?The Qovomment euibar. go rn the sieam-hip Unite! States still con tinues The crew of the frigate Congress were ?naTd y?,,#rday- U 18 ?P"0ted that she will drop down fr im the v~ar*T v i to tb. North Rii?. Saturday, *vh?r? "In ni " , 7*v . W;I1 8311 d,re,Jt t0 th? Mediterranean, with five hundredof^oers and men, end aler^e number of boys Tioae having friends on that ftation in a/ #end letters by thia couvevanoe. Commander Ingrsham. late of the eloop-of var ht. Lom?, it is rumoredi will Jttsceej Lorn manner Hudson at ieconci in eommand of the Hrooklyn Navy Yard, as soon ns the term o. office of the latter expires. The steamer ^n Jacinto is now undergoing repairs in the United States Nav^l Dry Dj?k?iY y '/v btme. - . r from I|.uHI'le?0""purr?""tl.e"!r '" *"> P"ri:* the ?>lood whole v|? ayatem fr ,, Bowels, Liver, and the ??*? weauoui 1 die only of o'd Take antidotes early and thrust it from the eyetem, fcef. re it in vet ton strong to yield. Ayer's Pills do thruat oot dUeaae, not only whlla It In b"t Wh.? it hai taken a etropf hold. Read th? f'.i.nditi* aiHteiden,* ot ih<>ae who have ?*>en enrol by tbt&l fr.r.n dre.?.tful Scrofula, OrojMy, Ulcers, Skin difa'fa. Bhew tnatixm Neuralgia, Dy?|?p*|*, Internal Paine, Wlion* Ootn p. ilnts, Headarne, Heartburn, Gout, and many lean danj? r>.tia bri: still tliraateuiiiB iiilmenta, nuch a* ;dm|>'es on the face, Worm*. Nervous Irritability. I.. a? or appetite. Irreru iHritlen, Dizzinens Id the head, Coir!*, Fnvera, Dysentery nod Indeed every variety of compUiuU for wblclia Puraitlve ll?.i:wy t? re*|'itre<1. Tli-ie are no random statement*. bnt are authenticated b? yo_? neighbor* and yonrownphy.""." ' 7 Try tlieni once and y?u *-|l| never be witboot tbem Price 25 cent* per b<.x?? b.,*e? for tl ^Prepared by bB. J. C. A Y&H, Wwell. Ma..,, -Aud ?old '1.. P. QIT.MAN, Wa?><*nrtoa. it. M. LI.NTIIICCM, Oeerse'.o'xn. ?ve?y w^ereK * C? ' fr,d'r,cbl'?t ?nd by a'.l Orucclnta may ??eoin nr5D!:NJKn St*CCES3 -Tl.- ?xc1teiiiaf,? In b, . ? "nicer ? Preipiom littteni. to ir cre i-? tn ItirhmoDd well a. through cut Vlrgl ,i? rnr. t r {ssrs? .v.;r!;,?.r ?.,$> I'hrz'iXF rv 5?53T SSI Ordo: h promptly attended to by a ldreeninc k., Kicbmond, Va. r,... ui_ ? , OiPrcb Hill, Rlcli?,nnd, Feb. 1<V l?5? T?^C nueh~f * ???"?"*? H'-t my ?:f-, wh , |,aa -Xred t I ( frr>m "earalda, h?? rerrUed 5a I II n,'l . Pr..minm lluter-. and havii^ . x.* *re,it Hncc??*s in mimroer roivi?liint? withuy rkiMm, f t?k- great plexor* \? I i?m to tbe piiDlIc M a valuable ftirllv K om Mr. K. llaker, Proprietor. K"T' ^ BIN K0KD" . U'l-nrooud Poia l*-?. lis i<?? rota i> fe> certify that I ha.? o-?d H.Ker'a PiennnmRlt fr.d tb-n,Tl,.v h.u> maVeVpVrfectcTre''" 4 * f*ml y niediciiit tbey ?tind unequalled. Prl- e 5C cen'< t er Irttle r7NBTA*HATf'!1AKLf!!IJ'OTT * ?? - "aablncton, D C a si is i it H A i CH, tod S KTii ^ Hi vpv it -1 ? * ?' OruKiitK everywhere NCK, H^umore, and by _ eoSt ^?*T,Ki8HOWeakAJlI) S CE: .-BR*TKO OICRMA!? BIT 5?S SS ? I J? 7? ^"atunf^hl.'\y "*, rims.?'whitkhlrs-ps to'.-b at H Jf - -"a rT*l ^t,Ce<~ r i." rl" ?' '?ch 0{ ? . "afl* / ' % Klclimoii'1, aii'l Kfc ? York b.<bea; pre^la^. ?,. J. W.' for ,e.1r fnVerloT'y Mr w *" "WWttTpH elblblte.!. Mr. V, alno r?cel v*d two Medala at World's F ,lr Lot, dou, and. premlam at Cryntal F.Uce, New Vork * ye??pi^ 11 aw4r<1' lh? M?r'l?"d Iiisiiiute for three tyRSit. ???.. w.. - r?b 17 ^*"umH^V'KnR * ?PvIMarbU "'t!l Clothln* Kir.po ,i , l,1. ' Brcwns* Hotel, re?i>?ctfully aiinonuca r>aiy for InCJ^M n Hprl"?. V* Surr,Der ?'??thln? is D.,w V.-f,ud iVnT^ ' 5?5npr""LK ?? aaaoitiawt of Coa^. iTr^rUl end a?JKiia In stadr ei(^i??^i i?"? *<?'a:nau?h!p. To ,e .t?.Iri0M who staay exoe.leuc* wlkli ewmoicy lo fhihiouable articles, of . ror.(-'?" ??? U olfere<l from o.e of^ ?W; ???* attractive stock of rood* e\ercOe-^ It, this etty at a vary reduced scale of prices. 17 peksons sryrtBixo from hhkasks oy thl . *,rt',ia ?trr**t majority of c?*?<,, r, -npletol? ro stored to health Ly ? faithful trial of Dr. CI'IITIS'S HYOK ANA on InhalloK Vapor. By t,? Doctor's i.^ ms,". , K; ' : r , iB '! e ,,r*' ?*?"" brought in d!r j?-t ^.- tart adal efei t t,ld of ua-. la? a heae All drugi'rts p?'I it. See a 1 verttiemert ir '.h'r. par,ur h vokana u th? cx~i^ iHT5*?, D 0!LMAJ,'i I>rn,s-l?t, haa ratsorod to [18 Savsntb Dared ?pl,0?lw UJ P?t?oUe Bank, ar.d la cow pre I ^>Ull ail order* for Medicine* Palota Oils a*id QUrr PHENOMENA IN M SDiniNK.?Bronchitis ConKh Dy.peusta_Liver Oompiaints, Scrofula. *c.-For a;i diaeasei of the Parnate Eysteni It aUnda preeminent. A ? 5 !? Informs oa It has cured him of Bronchitis (.f a d?s|ieruto character??articular* herearter HAMPTON 8 VKUitTABLK TIM.TI BK-By Its It" ? Sc tlon en the atomacb, liver and k!d^< j j, wi:l l -8 :iy?n?a. ? "V CVit;.", H.on. hu' i.x :i* AWectVra fC.1l, In the I.a , wire ar.u fcrcu''^ OonanDiptlon. t-crolul*. Rl.aa uialUiu, bC J' taaralf.a, Putula, Bowel Complaint* files Woru^, and Kervow UeMUli-e-wtth *,1 di.eaaM irleitl from .yp?r? oi .od, and 1* the j{re?test lemaie aicdlclce ev' erkut wo. Ih.s tuvaluable muilcine Is working wonder* cton the!.nmanframe. Heeadveriiaementto-lay. iuar7 UAUR1EO. On Tlm.i-dav. tho38tn ln?r--; *u? u,.,. - ? ? MarU-, Mr. HKN'JOBD ? vja.' V, MAKV i ^AVTIXGLY, M ot*?*:' 4? Mtt* DJKR. ft,I|V.h?,rHy' ?5 Ll,? ofili,. i'9 h, in LOTT?' pVvVi i Miae CIlAK LOtThhWCLL, in the l?ih year ..flier Want?. \\ A^,EI' JUR OLI> POIVP COMFOIiT ? > V Two RIW>d Clianhermaiiis ami two women to * i?li and iron. Apply a\ WWud*' fiottS. JC J nut .*>1. W AN TEH?The a.ivertieer wi?he? to rf^a.i8 cheap Hou.<e and Lot, situated ?. .-i of 18th aire-1, betw. en I and X su. P. rsons hivtne such property for Kale will plea** ntait it.v i^t tT "."I o '?T,lt ca^,,, n"ce in a .ealed nole ai 8Ur otfice> addressed to 4-T 11 L." je C9?/t? \If AXTEIJ?A DHUJ CI,SKK, ONE WHO ",OT"u?-,y unilerstandj tfc,; business and is wii.iog to give u his eaure attcotion. Address ?e2K-1,. J.P.STONE, _ " corner 6ih and G etrma. Wanted?two ?k moueTaum hands, i?> wlf ?r i'ac ' r ^<ilance of the year.? wae with his wife wt.uid bs laktn, cupaLle of cook ing, Ha-hiiig ane ironing. Purch#* 11 N-Icro Woman of eideily or mi.l tle agt,. LLOYD 4t CO , Je 57 - 4t *?cct, oppoaita Uio Txcaiury. WANTEi>?EVERVCODY TO KNOW THAT t iey can g^t a lot 44 front by 130 feel a.^p, for the low price of $75?payable V3 a r.' jiih 7th at. ?lh?vn; h , rPl!ly r'\ IV^ i^nU Office. 7th at., arotw 04?1 Fdlowi IThJI. rp 38-3m JOHN kk-c. Tot Bale and Rent. PIORRF.NT-A NEW THREE-STORY PRICK W,,hA rn ,wen.VerTnont??eii?e *nd 15th m weft

Zo kSnt ?jJSimiB!e" WU,k of ?trf'dent's Sqmre wiT ?*' *?u"pAXsur i* jo 90?3t rAIttO fc NUURSE. K?ne?fR.hNT'~TnE "U'LDIKO on D sir-et T F?BRriHrEHnT~AT A HEDrTCE(l PRTCE, a One ?nd iS, J." ,u#r' Cf>rner Wa?achn?et'? avenue the city. Ap'iV^rOEO^TlNrTEY -ir-cu L> H?BHrk8nP(?iR KKX7'?A THREB STORY a n uft With a two fttorr b*ok buifl! ssi%v" ft rsryv"" ^ * ? now, iir-t street. Georretiwn If hn? an, ciods parlors and a commodious hall." ii ,s con#!' hri;uT?e''Tt":;rw'1 ?? ?JWii meiin??P. The premise* are now occupied bv thl! EKKliWri0" r~?- ?? * ? Al<*>, a substantial two story brick I!ou-jp w,ri> sion given on the 12;h July. ro*??* Applyto BLADEN FORREST, Je 25-2w? (IntH""1*' F 80 h F0IMMTr,?T'!l:l,A8EMKN'TO!''Pu""KsT JL UiUI, in Georgetown, and several rooms on first J?Vrsr,:;?&J";nr;n Je25?2w? _ V^ef'Fand^hy,, SMALL {-Rank HOUse and ??..\"x.tS?ss; vrrt%?zT;" Also, a ihrcp ct^? _ . liijh . -ry House and Lot h'n. N7 deen w.l h, c'<|r-", ''m'n,JT nt 22 fe*? "??l hy 1*50 !t I vjlj?., ? a along credit. ?0^on 8?oST " ?f Ge**eto? Building As , E. K. LUNDY, ? nwi.w.Zw'o"''?'Mr5"owa! or'E Al.KjtANLRIATvA.TTIMT iE be^tMdTn ?h0ry Bl!Cit f,OUHe' we" known as on (Smor 4 l{,e cay ,ar * h*?fel and restaurant on Cameron street, opipsiie the Market Home ??/< cZ^T'l K ?vr*!L23?i r Claim Address LLOYD \ Cu, Claim Agent, i5th st, opp. Uie Treaty, W^wn* " " maw ?* 1?OR RENT? \ ? Rttic Bricw ??- ' i'URE,--STORY A\^ '" J fith ?-l?>11 e' N,)- 35" C r.r*o., Mtween .-?o??? arable for a i_ t? 0 HAVENNER-a Bakery, jc 16 eo2w Q,! et^een 4^ a,,d Cih ,t?. T^OR HEVT-THE THREE STORY STORE town 86 Bridge street, Ueoree Apc?y to fltVv?,??/4'- Confection, ^y. Apply to AH 1Y, next door. it ay 2T>?eotf [> ENT3 REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMF* LVii'/xrm"" Ji' newt a,", convenient cot: ,?ca at K.-n-Ial! vi ieHtiWU tW? acr"3 ot Kr?1""1- stable, wood sh. d other conveniences attached. Pumps oi r,me ^I?^:Z*eS?0T> 8ni'- comn",,,!C'"t ?n had . u . W"? ? H LJl* eCTfnil. streets ?iib iLe' and afternoon, at the de^mtntt acconun ^Uon ofclcrfaia u,e TOfcOcnretbe advanJage of this gr^-', ? "S&SurSi?' "T? terms residences will b. w,id on liberal terms. VVM STfCKVEY, v n c i .. No 4, Kendall Green, rt. '>-? K<? t:Lv paid quarterly m advancc. Hpr 9, 1*55-11 I^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAIL, lorn ai,d Chnmbeni, with borrd. bmIthw.1?Vap^i"'?? ?T _ spy HO.MHS 1 <)it ALL.?li?MuuiuJly and heaiti'ilv located Bu.ldim; Lots, 2-1 fet t front by i:rO ncep, on graded ureelK, can, until spiai?, be botisiit at exc? edtng low price of ^75, payable .-'J Sir month. Titie indispittable. L'nioa L.aud Oihce, 7th ?? , , _ ? above *?)d Feilowa' Hall. Inn 9?bm JOHN FOX. Peeretary. NOTICE. OLR ciiRfmom are m.;n rc.^b:fu!iv nottr.ed h.. a? h TT a2.C0",ntS f'11 h4? Pa nted t,? oi! the S.4ih in.-tni.i. 1 o a!| ihene ? ho will have ti e kit!dn?-stf in call and Hettie their r<-n' etiv^. !;r, f.unu? obii'eli*1 ie ist ,,uly'wc *hnl1 be lAC"s-ir-g,y VVe have a number of account* rendered on ti e int January remaining unpaid, nn I would say to tli(>.^e indebted that, unle*s we receive the monev t< r l,\Vh Kill' k1 y' w' K,,:i" b('compelled to place such bill:i in the oands of an officer for collection jeai-iot ETT' NBVVTON' MAY & STEWARTS " QKVL1CHT DAGl'ERliEAN GALLERY.?We ,. ar>1 n,?h?a? splendid pictures lor lower pr.ceB than any other Ga lery in the eity. They are per ifcctiy lite-lik?t? and ?*iii?!;ict!on is always siven (ialieiy directly over M. VV. Gall's Jewelry Store Pft- ;,v' "M" j>- 1?In, AT HOME1 PETES SHANGHAI HAS BETURITED, _ Having taken up Ini abode at RYDER & PLANT'S Will i,e h?rpy to see his old friends at tho.'r es Fe^iowT'Tl'dL 8tVC"th 8lreK' ?PP^'?eaid ' v~"l? WATCliti:, JEWELRY. u ??. ni| n . ?0< SILVERWARE A. M. H.GALP & BRO. are coi-uutly receiving |0rge invoiced ol the above, rnd olT.-r every arucle ill thf!! Iiii^. fit raits. (<ULi> ANiJ SILVER WolLK of every df-iicrip t jl, wane to order, such as TESTIMONI ALS VK^TK^ic'rj' n^?aE?,r0prialP ^?L VfcK TE \ SETS, DINNER SERVICES, &c ? I nicious bloue* ?el in every styl<? howevr; w*ab ARAL'S, CRESTS, MOTTO? cut ft? etone ,n. ? M- ?v* ?Al.T u B'-O., je 14-ir * a' ^ 0,:lWtti,, 9,lj anJ 10lli ^U. r^spL^ of paetnershipT ft HE firm of,Myer? it Paker was muiually dl? in. nT' V ?n lbe ? Ju,,e' ^ A" Ptir-onj Lav h f "aainrt the hrm will pres.-zr ;bem to C. . . forP,>l,,eut? ard tho?* indebted to n^id firn will please cull and settle ihfir account* by ihe Lj o-August, as alter that time they will be pi eeci in the hands o. an oflietr for collection, a? it if ne cefieary to close the iu?>uie*s on or before that time CHARLES WVERS, _sami;i:l uakek. c. MYERS. j. yy jayEES. rpHE business will bereaner bj conducted under , name oi V. MYERS h SON, at ttie ?'d ?"-? "5 U^1 ?? J?ffewon,nn Water 6t., George, to^fl, cAce No 37, where we will be liappy to supply our customers and nil others who will ajve u> a call with as g iod an article of WHITE wVn ASH and DAIJ."IIIV or TIIANSITIOV t O " Also, HICKORY, OAK and PINE VV b-i bad iii the market, on as rr . *" 'P> *3 Csln niodating terms as c- .-e-'iiable ond accom trict. ~?M ??t: purcbas* d in the Pis C" MYERS & eRKAT 6ACBIFIC1S 02 DKY 000037" A T t:,e c.U8h Store,SidiMir u?>t of Seventh rt., ?f*. "PP'>fite tile* CVntf! Market ?We aie now closing out the stock of some tnenty thousand dol luis worth of liry Goods without regard toco?t. 11!.m, W'S *l!*k a,lwt b<- ^'?l within sixty day-, w ' r go?-d9 at 3uch piicen as cugl.t to indue. P?M?^I to b i Whether they want Dry Goods c i ^ n,ha w'?uld have bargains had bet er Si "" Sisn ?"C"" *?? ?"?' Terms *xcluetv?;ir cash. je 27-tw j. Q PITZPATRICK, Agen'. SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKISTON'S PAVILION WILL BE OPEN for the reception of vuitors on the 5th <.fng* juiy. The proprietor's ml. e will be supplied^! with the d abounding in the wateistil adjacent to BlakutonV Lltnd. lf? |,?pes kn en dehors to pleas- will insure him a share ofaatron cfty bu'"le 3t*ekl?S htallh or a ^ <;uiet from 1 he Steamers Maryland, Osceola, ard Aiiee C. P. ">e Fto^ regularly at his Landing. Termi for one week or more, $i 25 per day. For a shorter lime, ftl 50 per day. , M . . GEORGE W. BLAKISTON, Je 26?lm* Proprietor. NAILS?NAILS! KEGS, assort-d sixes, lor sale by I'ilj,. CAMfktLL k COYLE. PAR8ON8 ON CONTRACTS, vol 2 /^dor'* Times of the rhief lus uces of tho Supreme Oourt of the United Stata*? flret gri?8. FRANCSJ J AfLgfT AMEfflicAN SPECIFIC, T wH'^'"M ?f-"1'' c?"? ? ?*? ^S7^5?"M#,1VF* aVe0UC' Price?l Auction Bales. For other junction Stfn M fint pagt ff B jr OR KEN * fiftflT, A?ctlo??m. TWO TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSES AND . Lot at Ajc'i^i ?On THURSDAY, 5th of Jalr, we ilr II *fjtl, in front of the ai 6 o'clock p. m , hali of Lot 4, in Square No 343, fronting ?6 te*t 9 incites on '1th street we?t, between K street north and New Kork avennr, running back 99 feet 9 inch?#, airh the in./rovements, which are two r>o1 two rtory Prstue Houses, containing 3 room* each, he. Eich house will be aolJ separate with the lot oa winch It stands. Terms: One third cash; balance in 6, 12, aad 18 months, for notes beating interest from the day of lite aale. A deed given and a deed o! trust taken. ^ , GREEN & SCOTT, je 83 ?d Auctioneers. OF ORKfcS * SCOTT, Aactloaun. "VTALUABLE IMPROVED FROPERTY ON PA. f avenue, between 2d and 3d ?treets at Auction. On TU tSlJA Y, the ^.1 of July, we will offer for sale at 6 o'clock p. in., in front oi the premises, part of lot No. 4, in res. rvation No li, having a front on Pennsylvania avenue of lfi feet 8 inches, and run ning with that width hack 93 feet to a 15 feet nnvrd alley, with the improvement*, which ;a??istofa good two story Brick House, w"'? tack bu'ldmp ail'! paved yard. ? 1 erms: One foMrii. cash; residue in 6, 11, IS tnj 24 months, fir ?otes bari.ig interest from u* dav of tile sale. ** * tV"e^ *Vn and a deed of trust tikca, ".e indisputable mThu rroperty fc, i/*ated near the >1.1 Railroad Depot, ib one of the most busmes> parts of Uie avenue, an.1 is rapi.Hv enhancing in v'Vu?, , GREEN a. SCOTT, _?** ') ^ Auctioneers. ?'AS. c. WcGl'IllK, Auctiont?ri V^MALL FRAME HOUSE AND |.v>T ON 11th w uctween G and H street^ #k lf?hlic Auction ? On MON.iAY alternor.g, Jui> Si, at (l}i o'clock, f?? ihe r-e^i ,c#> f shall s. II part oC Lot fin. 13, in sqwire. Vo. JJ9, fronting 30 feet on 11th st, between (. and H streets north, running brck 9.1 (eet to a ;eu feet alley, with the improvements, coas'.c;^* M' A smalt two-story frsme house, (No. Terms: One third cash; the r^klue in 6,12 18 v4, :^0 and 36 month*, }or notes leartng interest and secured vy a deed of trust OJ J M9, C. McGUIRE, juna 2ri?d Auctioneer. By CllUKN dk. 8COTT, AnctlOB?kri VALUABLE BUILDING L^T oy \ORTH Vi I street at Auction ? On m'Tn'Ii*Y the J I July, wc tnLl a & t ' vV >w,,st Parl ?f L?i >*?. vil, in 8o*-.are .. 016, havinr a fro;,: va north K street of 20 feet running ba^k lis f? Pt 7 inehe* to a wide alky, be' tw'Cen a. a aad 5lh streets west. Terms: One-tourth cash ; fa'anr*. in 6, 12 an1 m >nth-, for notes bearing iq'c.orI froai the day ot the sale Title indispu'.&k!?. A deed c?v?o ar.d a ueed of tru?t tnki n. GHEEN k SCOTT, j** -7?d Auctioneers. )C. 8. WHIOIIT, Aactlonacr. VJkOvOtiOWN /^lANAL BOAT AT AUCIMX. On TUESDAY V J next, iulv 3.1, a' 5 o'clo-K p. ?u.. I slia'l sell. Without reserve, nt ilie Bo?? Yard c.f Capt. Moore, ill'* C anal Coat Capt. Y?,raltlea, in good repair. Ttrais at ill* aaie. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, Je. ?(l Aue ionaer. Hjr J. c. McOV<*l?* Auctlouaar. \7"EKY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at tt.e .MW'.er of 4.^ street and Yirjr'nia avenue?fin r'jRSDAY afie noon, Ju!v 3, at 6^ o'clo.-k, on the piemises, I shill f II .?uhdifi<io.iM Nos. 14, 16, 1?, V<>. -a, and 23, t Cordinal L"t No. 14. in Fquaie N<?. 495, irontmg re-peciiv. ly li and 16V$ feet on Yirgu.ia avenue and 4'^ streets, ruumtig buck van on- depths to ?n a ley These lots are situated in the very best j on the Ma id fur t uildinz purposes, are with the J grrdes, have pavements laid, u^i ^'e. beyond a ! d'-nbt, Jit most d :s:rai??e lota for &aie iu ibal becUou ? ??f the city. i Till? perfect an I sale jiisitive. T. rms: One tf.ird cash ; fc ;!at>ce in 0, ^2, and 18 j months, for notes bearing inlenrl,pecured byacte.1 of trust on the premises. JA3. C. McGUlRC, je 28?d Auctioneer. Rc^.rdine. J >OAIiI31^iG.?P tiw puinmer, | ) witii boardinx forfaault^s or single persons can j I" '?i l l#y early a.^'ication it KINiJ S, 303 ? or?h J ? rtrrft, hCHtt.i 3J ??iiU *1>4- *l'.?e house is de-j taUy sitUrftci, and ha-, u-t i.ern ibo.'juchly r? n- j ovat?"d?nd r-furni M?-aM iumi-heJ tu lami-! h?'s nnd day boatucr; a:c ;i:iin >J:i d on r as nab:e j I'?a. j-- 4 -l'i?* jVO TIC B.?I'OR KENT-PARLORS AMD i * Chamber.-, vxlui turd. Aiso, table aa-.i tran sient honrd. "vali a bathing room end shower baths and every aittentiou to ren<!or it most agreeable to lier iwaroeis. Mrs. p. G MURUAY, O.irtifr Pennsylvania av? hue and 4'^ st. ap 29?Ska BO A U Ll, Ac.-MRS. BATES, on the soutb w?:st corner of Pa. avenue and Vitt street is pr?v pared to occoiutnodate ntlemen witli rooms, witli | or without board. Every effort will be made to ren : der thuve conilort; lie who re y favor ber with their ' patronace. an 6?if m SP.BOOVEK, Ircn Hall lto<>t. Sine, and _ ? Trunk E -tat..i?4ii.ient. I have received thin day a laigsassortment of G* nis I'rench Patent Leather a -?i Calf Bo^ ta and 8lioe?, which I hi I sell tiic^p. Also, C?ns' Vouths, M.ii.1 Cbildrci'* i^HOEaofali descriptions. Ail in want plev?e call ait S. P. HOOVE*, lfon H&li U>M?t, SbO?. and Tr..nk Es aLiuha.enr, betvvetn irili au.i 20io sts. Je 1C hAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Ajjen: tor C>j4tU5, No. 514^ ! Twelalli street, witl five th^ highest c?ark? p* ce in noid ?i?r Lai; ! Wftnni;tJ pi K?lm* TO KUU3KK LBPKRS.?Persons wJlT irg to purchase suoeriur Table er Pocket Cut l^ry, heavy Sih-r plated or Britra.ia Wtre, fine Japanned T^a Trays or Toilet Sets, ua excellent Clocfc. Feather Lhi>ter, Hat S.and, Kaaui< led Ket . tie, Sauc. pin, G avy Strainer, T?a LeU, or anv of the hunJted ami one little f:ce;<m necj;d by every L.usekeejwir, are uivuej ;o call on G. FR AN CIS, j" H 490 Seventh it. t VTOTIGE.?We shaii as usual issui- all unpaad 1 bii!-- Hum our books up to Saturday, tbv 23d Ultimo. V?'<- respcctlully leque.-t that all to who.u ihrv Lei u:g Will promptly setUe th-iu oa or btiore the l--t of July. Ai! who d'-sirc to have their b?i!* texg ioui out will liuu them readv 4 or <U*k. je Id? dijyl CLAGETT, IMHMON* 4 CO. HArit WOUK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as IVi ufng, Chat, Chains, Breastpins, Enrni.js, Faigej Bitiri, maile to order, ??t' any desired deiign. All orders fuaibfuily attends! to. Spe^mens may be seen at my store. H. SKilKFN, No. 330 Pa. av.. between ^ M ir :*i | wo that have been in u^e for a !TtV bionttis for saie U| cu very ch? a:; ai.d rea ktuisuie terms. JldlN F. ELI<(S, 30 A Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and lOiii st*. )e ft?tf X; O I (CE-COPIES OF THE SPEECH DE l.\ '.ivered bv tiie Hon. J. R. Chandler oa tije oc rasion of the celebration ut tiie Landing of Uae Ma nlnnd PiUmns at St. Mafvrs, eau tie p o?u:i'< ac Taylor .x Maury'i, Franck Taylor's, \\ m. A Ken nedy's, mid Siiilltngtoii's bookstoris. Also, at Dr. Kidwell's DfU? Su a?. it26~.wit* GLEN iV QUO CEMETERY, C21ce No 292 Peufl a7o ,corjer lOLh strebt, (OVfcU THE SAVING'S BANK..) I'HIS CEMETERY is Hid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of Niw Y(j[U f and situ ated on the high ground distar* w cn,i a quarter u.iles noith of the Capitol?>?.:ria Capitol street lea in? directly to the gateway. This Compmy have securt g a charter rrom Con gress, aprmptiating tScir ground tor ever to bunal purposes, maKiug a fee tiUe to the p rtbaser, and p:ohit:itiug all er.?rpaclmi? .its Irnm hfisJati..u or otherwise, wiuch is of va;-t importam-eto those who wish their dead to repose wtiers ihey have piatred them, ?or it hps become a eastoaj in all ?itb< r cities, when the burial ground beeomrs v^leable for other purpose?, to sell it, and throw the dead |.roii i?c?us ly into larre pit, and legril measures cannot pre vent it, as u.i tiUeu are given ;o the ground. N B-r-Officc op? n troro 10 to '4 o'clock a. in , ? here Pamphlet, coniainnig the Chart r, Bv !aws, and a Map ot t!:o Grounds and a'l other infurr.ia tion, can *>e obtained. All orders lift with Mr. James F. Hsrvey, No. 410 Severth street, or ai,y cthtr undeauker, will be promptly attended to. je IK?ly MORTON'S SHORT Mb GOLD PENS of the finest workmaRstup and fiui:h, and very dif ferent in thOr actios tryip -riy other, suitirg many writers w^o *.aye h*thtrv? not b^eu aide to make use *j.Ay ou^Hic pen whatever. A'c<v, 'Ja*ley?s Gold Pen*, including al! the best Vatietica n.ade by that house, for it!e. wbolsal* or retail, at ihe EKcu'.acam'a Iinnci pftrrs In every FRANGk TAYLOR jef Land waukants v/amtkd, tor which the highest prices v?ib be paid by CUUBB BROTHERS, uay oi?U ^lntei; opp. (he Tioanry. TELEGRAPHIC. iiromn ron tbs DAILY ETERina STAB. ! I*'-. I ' ^^ "MT ? . ? 'J' j n " T Important r^liioc urder the Maine Law. Portland, June 3 .?Daring the law term of the Supremo Court at Aug usta. tbs etM of John Ilsrsham, who ?u ssntenood to floe ud imprisonment, for selling a glass of liquor, waj tried. Chlsf Jnitice Shlply, discharged tho prisoner, on a writ of hobs** eorp'tt. do? o'.ding that municipal judges and Justice! of the peaoe had not 'he jurisdiction to pnaieh liquor aellers; that iteoald only he done kj indictment, and trial by jury in the supreme Court. Tbia decision completely nullifies tho l w. to far u tho manter and form of ozeoa tioa haa boon tttemptod. Esparture of two Atlaatie Steamer* > New York. Judo SO ?The steamer ArieJoC Vander bilt'a lino, sailed at nosn fur Havre direct, with 170 paa;engerj and $11,000 in specie. TbO TTnion also aailod at tho s^feo time for Southampton aud Harre with 63 paarengsrs and $525,000 in specie. The Amenean Farty la Oeerfie Maco*, Qa , J-ire 29 ?Tho American State C. aneil fc?s adopted the Georgia platform' and nominated Hon Oa*rett Andreas for Oorerror. Tho Convention waa largely at tended, and groat enthusiasm prorailol. Baltimaro Markets Baltimore, June SO ? Flour?Sale* this morning of 200 bbla cf Howard street at $9.75 Wheat is doll; smill rale* of rod at $1 V3*$2.0I? -white. $2 05s$2 15 Coro?Saleo of white at $la$l.02?yellow, 96a9do OaU dull at 4Sa50c. > ? Hew York Markets. K?w Yon*. Juno SO ? CotU>? {a dull, with a declining tendency. Ploue nas declined 12? r sales of 3 250 bbla ; good Ohio at $? S7ft<$Vt Southern. $10 50i$l*. Wheat is unchanged, with a limited demand at previous rntes. Corn haa *?van<?ed a trifl-; sales of 33,000 husbelr, mixrd 9U93c. Pork is firm , old me*? 19.59 Beef ia firm. Lard is nnobanged, And ia moderato demand at preyious rates. Whisky is higher ; sales at 40o. Few York Stock Market New York. Juno SO ?Stocks are lower Money is unchanged, bales at the first board oi Erie1* at I>2e; Cleveland and Toledo Kall ro&d, y3i; Cumberland Coal Company, 29j; lieadiug 93j; Canton Sompany. 27}; Penn tylTaniM Coal Company, 112i; New York Cer tral. 100}; Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad, 00; Virginia 6 s, 101; b. GOd. Krnir.mow or Amkricak MAitcrxcTtrca* in Brazil.?Some time laat win'er we called the attention of the mechanic* of Philadelphia to the faot that Rev. J. C. Fletcher intended to Uke out to the Emperor of Braail spool mens of the haodiwork of oar artisans, for the purpoae of introdnring their uae into that country. The gentleman who bad charge of t^ese'articlta haa arrived out at Ria Janiero. and b*9 had the ezhibi'ion opened in e room Of the National Museum The Emperor bed a private view of tho collecti u, and then (be cititess were indulged with an exhibi tion, which lasted two days Each day the room. tbourh very largf. waa crowded by Brcsiiians, Eagli-h. Frenoh, and Axertcan* The question was frequently asked by the f>rmer vrheiher ihe.e articles were made In or England. Tbey c^ald not realiae that Americans could produce such spcsimens of art Tbe books, s eel engravings, o-.lorei iitho^raphs. and the ^?ap? of Philadelphia, tuanufac'ure w*re all ?bjarts of adtuira'ion F ne scapn can be imported from tho United ?s *nd ajld cheaper than those of t-*? F;ereh. but tbe heavy duties on that article f pre- eat are not very premising to trade Tiio cffect of the exhibition. it is believed, will bo favorable to tbe promo ion of a more ex tensive trade between the two ceantriea ? tkii. Lfdjtr. IMPORTANT TO PEP SONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING. "jPjSRSOXri r. moving fn m the city, and X to dbpo-e of thM' Furniture and lfc-*>2keep' in* Utensils, Stc , without the troubled ending Uiem 11 puiilic auction, cm <1?? so by otliing on us. axou. Htoit, 31Y Pa nvenu?*, cocucr of NiiiUi at , n - v.' arc prepared to bt:y a!< suca goods a- may bg offer ?"i llou-elit*eper< sod iUhi-a ??/l do wpII bv calling on us, as we w?U jav me tiign ot ca?.h pr .cr* foe ail aucheiod*. "WALL, BAKNAR^ a CO. j* ~? 3H. Pa. av? THE POTOMAC R\\?R STEA .1LOA V C'OVPANY*S 8TE ALICE U. PRICE, CAPT MML'tL BAKER, ? \VILL LEAVE VV\SHINGT< >S i T b ON'l.cCK A. AND Al. 'A ? n:?.iaAT 7 OHM.OCX A M. /.tS 'IUiJSDAY MOiJMVGS fof?Matt ix, Cut rV>oiaa, L. Mh'bodnc, Pin?-y Point, Kuioale, font. <>\ FtUDAV MOBNINUS Cbapel Point, Wicomico, Leonard town, Piney Poiot, St. Mary's,. Cone. ON WEDNESDAY (returnii*) leave Cor.*' at 4 o'clock a. in , l<>r? rt. MiryV, Piney I'omt, L?vu ar-ltowri, Wi.wmica, C'ba^el Punt. ON SATURDAY (rctu-uifg) leaving Coue at 4 o clock a. ni , tor?Kiiuale, Pmey Poiut, L. MXcba doc, t.nirioaun, Ulattox. Cabin* u lb- u?aal laadini;< ou ibe rivur aka tti^nuis aie made. By order of tbe Boar !: J AS. P. RMITU, Pr<-tudem Alexa*tdria, Vi, Jloc 1, lo&j. J? 15?if WATCIIES. JUST receivej, a large nt of L?d?*?' aaJ Genilemen's floe GOLD WATCHES ?t e?tiy mir, and Btanufacturc Tbe abovt- i* by tar ilm U# ar.d cJseapeiht ever or ftrul U) our customer'. M. W. GAI.T h. BIO., 33A Pa.xvjsua l>eiw. tftb am* l'Ub au. Je 21?if NEVT AND OLD PIANOS. WJZ have now in *t re tbe larf st aaa of fV PfAN' B efif ollere. in this city, fteau Ual ibi, Davis Si Co., itacon Si haven, and Knabe, Gcebre St Co *b celeUaud manufacton<?. Tbes? PianoH guarantee, and sell ujkju Vityea^y tern a. Alro, a t:cw Pi no usc.j only a few laontbs, wbtcb we oBVr at th? low ^ri ol .<^400 ca-b ; a tecoLj l*n?l iJiar.o, Ly Anc'ic n, f..r 675. A v*ry teconj aarji Cbickexiag fi%r.o lit lai- cr rent at a burgaia. Oid Piaiu ? tnkeu ia ezeban** fee rcw. Always oa haii>l, A-tols, Cuvcn?) Vioiuu, CiuiiM, Flutta, Accordeous, Mib-x. Ac- Wc. JC'dN f. ELLld, enriii\Iv.iitia avest', niay Id bet. tiih ?nd lutn t :r?-cia. SCflUTI'ER & KAH1.E.RT. ARTISTS,, D'corutivf, and c rry dt crtptio* vf DllNAKKSYAL P A I RTI NO. Orders l^fl witb RalJwui an<l, Arcbi ted-; will be promptly attt iu< a to. ie 8?<t 1 ??? MRS. CEOKGE, LATE from Goclaml, wishes to lufottn the ladiM* ar.d urn tl-men of Georgetown and Washington hat ?.he c^.n b:. co?>swlt?d <>u the ppj;t, pre<? nt unil ruture event-, at her residence, N'o. 25 Kir?t street ?elwecn Potomac xnd High ?trecu>, a few Uoora "roui For'e>t SI ail, Georgetown. Ladien 25?Gentlemen 5Q c^nts. From tJ in tbe ui'-raing uiiiil 9 o elock at night. Je - 2*" NEW MILLINERY. \C1S3 T1JOMPSON* hes j "t op? ?.e<1 our fourtn iJX '"v ice of Ni apr!;ta:i. L'chorn, Eng ten st!dw, L*c<\ Crape, and ?>t?ier Hun-ni: . HUKJ ?lais. t.ajli-* wh"? hav aat already xippli*^^|HP^ heneeives are invned to caJI and uuke ibeir ieleetiow. Al$??, >ust received a choice lot of Fans. W!k Milts, 6>ie Hiia G-oveis, Hosiery, lie , together with k variety e' articlehnot necciwary to enuin-rate, aad io all of wbicb we invite attenrioa. HUr?HIN??ON Si mcnro. Fancy Dealers, No. 910 Pw.iua. ai^ni' Jc2> MOREHUNi a t-lc^.tiBlif toftusy si/ Wato-c Scott. oOe \bbvXt's Hiitorv Of Napc4?oi^ 2 voU, no 93 'or.naace lleibeit. u novel, by Mm Je^sbtr> , /V The Con rovcrty between Hi r.ator Brook4 and Arcfa bi*ba," Uagiaes, i)3 caa f. je lii FRAMCK. TAYUO&,