Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING KTAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY J Ai tJia Star liadding, corner I'ennsyivanm mvnu* *wH Bl'V*ntk ttrref, nj W. D. WALIjACVT^ W ii i?e v.xft d to snUjcriber< in the citie? of Wash in G"orj? *own, Alexandria, Baltimore and P.:,l.vMphia,at ?IX AND A UIJARTER CBNTP, pnvible weekly to the Agents. To mall subscribers the subscription pricv in THREE DOLLARS AND PIFTY CENTS a year in odc*ncc. TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR V* THREE MONTHS. conaa o?? lUf. VOL. V WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JULY 2. 1855. NO. 778. THE WEEKLY STAK. Thi? excelwt family and New* jomwl-con udnia< a greater variety o( Int^rnting rendu* Una can befnnnd tn anyo*v?to pnMuhedon Saiur.Uy TfUI. Stogie copy, per anno* |l 4 .15 nmn?? ? ? a ft wr. i Trn do. _ Twenty do..,#Ma>? 09?Ca*b, urvaUA?Lf m advajk b (WSInrJ- copier (in wrapper*) can be procure at the counter, immediately after the i*sa<- of *>c paper. Price?tnua tin. Postmaster* wbo act as aftsu will W u-v \ a comic L*uon of tarenty per r?? BUilETLING WKW O DFli THE SUJ. CHARLES WERNER, Pennryh ftnirt .mmuf, oppnnie Bro'em' Hotel. HAS lined up toe commodious hall over Ins He? tvirant as a fim class L.AGSR BEER SA LOON, having pro-ure.1 a supply of every Jjiury pd comforts found in firrt claas establishments of tbe kind in the Norlhen cities. ili** RHINE WINES nnd French White W.wes, ?s w?dl M Ma Cinrets, Seenrs. Laser Beer, German. Uai'.an, and CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery <>iher appropr.ate luxury in *ueh an -stabliab Bient, is unsurpassed in this country. Ue solicit* a call tram his friends and the public. may 13-tf dentistry! RB. DONALDS >N. Deatat, late of the firm o< . Hunt !* Donaldson, continues to manufacture and ins?rt tlrv beautiful porcelain teeth, with or without ^unis, ?& inc apec inters of which (made and de pwitH by the late firm) ivan aw&rr^d the first Cmiuiii at the Mechauics' Institute F:dr, recently d in this city These teetii are carved and shaded to <niit each particular case, aid their resenblance to the n:itu ral organs is so p? ifect m to dcceive the most prac used -?ye. hrtmlir attention also p*id to filling and pre e>rving the natural t<rth. rkvp? moderate and all operation* warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D ci. -en traice on D. mar 21?6m ICE-ICE?ICE! CHARLES W?CRSB-{, on Pa. avenue, opposite Browns* Hotel, wil! kerp throughout trie reason a:i ample supp'v of Petti hone's t? lit ICE, which h** will k1I,ob call, in any quantttiee, at the Uiweit possible rates. miy 23?dt"?ep3Q PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. M\V. GALT fit BRO ca;l attention to their ? 'iimsLifJIy large assortment of Silverware, f.>nn:??.!iz of? Solid siiver Tea Sec, cwnplple Stiver Pitcher?, solid Silv< r Csstora Snier Cups a:td Saucers. Goblets Pilver Pi.-ii Canr: rr, and For'ie. Crnmn :'.*ra;^!3 CaKe Kniv s. Fruit Shovels. Siiu-fj J?>l'y Sp en-', Chees-' Seoups Pickle Knives and Porks Olive Spoor.-, Salad Tuny, Vegetable- VrrY* Fruit Knives, Ise Tony?, 1> ??*ert Kniv*? Soup, Cr-*ar<i and Gravy Ladles i<?e Cream Knire3, Salt Cellars Napkin lii^g, Bu?t.-r Knitvs, T-,*a Strainers Tea, Table, mJ Desert Spoon* and Porks of every variety breakfast an ! dn>ner Coflec Spoons, >e. Ai<o, a very !-tr?? P-<ortm.m of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for weddicz, birth day, ard otI:cr presents Tue above is ail of oar own manufacture nod is w irraatcd to be pure. M. W. GALT & DUO., Mi Pa. av -., bet'.v. Sth and i^iii ?ta. m; 31?tl" N^OTICK.? i received mis day a new a <t nt inent of SLEEVE BUTTON'S and STUDS, of vh?* litest r-tyles. Also, a variety of otlivr new : a" Ve-ot t'hains, Chitelams, Biacc lets, Pin? Earrings, RinfT', ?*tc. Gre*t inducements offered to purchasers. 1L SEVIKliM, No 530 1'a. avnv, bet. Sth an! 10th ?*? fty- Xe* Pai*ti put to GolJ IV nr 'snort notice, L'laiHu-nls re.nounte.!, and Jev/elry n n'; to order n?hr iJ?if PROSPECTUS for yi'.bh^hinL' a .nortthly Musical Tvor^ in tJi9 city of Washington. fTHS under tgr.ed, at the soSicitation i*fr.iacyol J. tli^ir ^steeiii ?d customer?, pro:io-e publi.hia^ a ro-ntbly *lusical Wort, eniilid The .fattoaal MoatWy tlttiicul Ma^isia? The ^iajaztne will contain irom otir to ?? \ pai?*? of Music, releeii d from tfc? b> s; European aitd \s ? v? CiniTv^ers In addition to the >"mio ?n extra ?heel will be added, containing th?.' l.-rf.?; Musical X-jw-. Musical Noticej, he The Magazine vvi.i pr.'it^-d on the best qtiaiiiv Ku>ic paj? f,aod u :':l \e printed from enzraved plates, m the .leateit in&> |( *? ?pv, s fir?t numHer of th ;3!uf i2ine will be r-jady Istot J tly, lfS3. Mr. S V' th* A?<:nt for the Work, wi'! ?ohcitau! ?c ''Ptl,,n ,rt>?o Uk citizen- of the DisUt. t (fCotaThu! a ^ ahow a apecimrn nuinl^r. Jahcs II B a ,a? No. 150 Bridge efeet, is tii?^ biumm k HITZ. Mosic Ikwt, cor. .*a- lv i a;"' " llV Star Bui:di: "V> VVa-shington, D. C. jnne 4? tf m A CARD. Economy t> the r*cd to Uroai Eeducdon in the price cf Hats ^ Ca?3 !*H1E VMterai(^3*:d, having made aira uctiir uta L witii a >"?w Yr.T'n Hat Company to V con Ptirtty supplied with the very !?? jt or okESS HaTS, g-it up ia ibe late t stylo, o. c'* ti.em at Uu unprecedented low price of we.-t:i t:o;n fMir to five dollars; MrcOiil quality. &t, worth frooB $i),50 to ?j-4; and a very i.ood ?.iehi? st able !lat at %??0, v.-.;rtii from $l to Also, l!e'?i?e & Co's (lata, at a aiuch less advance taan tliey have been here tot sold in this c?ty. Pir.>t r.ue beaver Hats 33,5'. A:: kinds of soft HATS ar.i CAPS v^ry liw. In order to n il at the above lov/ prires the ca<h rystem must be adopted; consequently th<^<y who pardiasa will not beenarged from Utteua to tvveuty hv- per cent, as aii offset lor bad debts. AUTHOR'?, (for ar.any in the employ of To Id at' ? No. 3, Columbia place, Vm jl, ap 13?tf 2d door north of Prnn. avenue* V i iK WATCHES. HAVING a?adc a ctu*ntfr4V..! auiliUoa UJ iay rtoek o! oclu acsTii?a f at*:st lkvzri, and ladiss' katchis .rrzr-*' - Jvf* r t Of first quality, heavy Id i i IPwIliiiiliftl cana. Also. SILVER WATCHES for I offer tiicia at gi^Vty rcdueed priCv'f. Th? muv menu arc sel- cted witii great car^, cjai every Watch is wtiiTcnled. Persons in want of a fine tiuiiieejver ire invited to e iaauac uy assorluieiit. IL Sf.*K2M, No. SS J Pa. avenue, betw. ^uia^d IjJi its. n..r jO RCESES EAGLil PLUAIBC-Ta AND GAS-PIT TING LEPtTi'. *I>HE rtbsrrlb^r re-pectfully anscuacea tT bta 1 friends and the public in general iLu h? baer? ceive.1 the first lot of the celebrattd DODGC'S DtiUBLE ACTING SUCTION AMO lOIlCL P1T.HP, which received tlie SILi'iLi 3ZHDJL at the late Fair of th* .Metropolitan Meclta^us' lr?-.l tute, and u? now prep ired to luiituu cJl wbomay rav tr him with a csll. His Mock of OAS i.; ?^asir in the Di. tii :t. Attn his i oroi competeut worini .* prid.ta ?mneii u> :i'l any ori^rj in ilic PLUMHINO AND GAS-PITTING in.emth protnptuefj a:id Jcipitcii. 4VAU work done wurran r l to gi?e complete JOHN RSESE, ?.jy J?tf cor. Blztli *t. aui l a av?-noo paosPEiirs cornet"band. ' S'tllS Baud u aaiuble foe say and all porpaaea, J. and is warranted to gi ve satisi^cuoa to all tiiihe w!,o may be pleased to engage tliera, cliie: as a Btass, Reed, or Cotillon band. Any num'ier of musii iana to be fcal at the short e*t notice by appiyuu to FREDERiC PROSPER:, Leader, at Taluivul;'* guxe, opiMsntu tin; Marine B;irrack? S. B.?Orders left at & Hitz's Music Ho ^ot, will be pn<UM,tly attended to. may aU-4m Ai'b KTila ?j^AKg vi. "ding Lit- en, ..iiooid sec Hitnt'-r'sCat.ilogue ct uie 4,'u/io-aues n| U?t Patent oSre. AlsOi t.ia br^r:p i.m P??well*? (Irnt Ptctur?*. HUM EK i> to be seen at 456 Ninth atreet. oiav ?k-3ai* PHILAdS'HI * LAU2K bhliU DEPOT, 3S I Pa avenue, h?tu:en 4,^ and UK ?|i. "TI, E have at alt times the test PHILAOKEPHIA v i 1. auER I'KiiK oj ha<:d and olirj it it?>w i??i ?i.;e for $3 per k> g, and in quart bo.tiej tot 31 oO per doz* n We ?end the beer free of esu to all parts ot the city. 4^ Many jdiysician? have r^cooimended this b??r as o:io of the best ieu*edi?i> for weak stoiuacha H* 13? Itn* EOUSS OF PAliiO ft !tOOJ^? Oyf-xite United Motet Tn-tmry. T.iOND^, Stocks aad other <**xutiuc,: pawnat>er ll and sold. Inteieai at th*: rale of in p?*i cent prr annum ai !o?e,j on depot,;a -vatu left i? 8? ?*!? ?* longer, ai tat Dr. L. K WRIGHT'S U5PAILTK0 " SCROFULOUS AMID0T5," Far the Permanent Cure of COySUMPTIOX imd nil other /arm* of SCROFULOUS DISEASES. r#'HIS Medicine is prepared by an eminent phyai I cian of eighteen years practice in New York city, during which time he has constantly used it wuh the nio-t unbounded siicce^, aa.1 create* for a reputation in private practice, unequalled in the history of medicine, ft acts immediately upon the ?H?rt, cleansing it from all scrofulous humors or iiu pmiti?'s, r? novating and. by its magic powers, IN IGORATING THE WHOLE SYSTEM, in prr-of ot w ieh, hundreds of respectable witnesses from the doctor's private practice have given in their tes tnn(?ny, and entreat those siifferiit!; from any scrofu lous affection, to call upon them a d satit/y your irtvcs A Treatise on Scrofulous d senses can be hud rrat-.s a? PRINCIPAL DEPOT 409 Broadway, and at Diug Storss uMieraliy. CHARLES STOTT 8c CO., Agents for Washington. 1>?. L n WH'OHT'H TASTELKSS ??LTQU?D CATHARTIC," OR, FAMILY PHYTIC THF> isth.- BEST CHKAfKBT.aM MOST EF FICIENT CATHAIiTIC EVER OFFERED 0 THE public. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nausea .ng rfl>ct of Pills, Oil, Senna, Stc.,) anil producing no griping or other painful rfleets Unlike all oth r purj^'ivfcs, it -earrlies to the bottom of the dis ea*-, thoroughly cleanses th* Ftomaeh, and leaves the bowels entirely free from c?>stivne?s. NO F MII.v SHOULD P.C WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readily and woliout forcing, atid NO MEDICINE IS M< U5E HIGHLY RECOM V1ENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY Give i? a trial and th?:n jnd?o for vonrselves It can be had wholesale and reta 1 at E H. STA RLER & CO'S. Baltimore, or CHARLES STOTT V CO., W'iv-hiniton, D C DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 40? Broadway, where the doctor an be on ultc? daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p. m.. without charge. ; je 13?Cm IKT o- 867. vVASGitJJTON ST'iVi !W ?NiTPA? T RY, S. U. corner of Pa. at. arul FJrvnth itreei, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD Si CO'S Warming ac t Veulilalin? Apparatus, M POND fc CO.'S (ot Boston) laiau DoubIc-()vr:i ?ooking Itaage, J. I.. MO TT'S (of New York) INVlNC'BlE oouble-ovln range. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, for heating tw > Ftories; Parlor and Ctiani her GKA PES, Enamel ed and 'Japanned Cooking. H.ill, Parlor, Chamber and Inning Room S OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WAKE; B'oek Tin, Planished and Ja,~inued WARE in (leal variety. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible rates,that will compare favora; ly with any EstaU ILslnnent south of New York. An examination of my stock i? earnestly solicited. a?i;{?3m J*S SKIING FCH TUB ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAll.I'OADS 11 1JE fubs'-riber1*GoacUosw llc3il lor Paa-.-nrsrs j wi>hingtoconnectwulithe ibove ^ Railroads. Mv Coaches connect with^ the pitimPM Tuos Coli.yfr or Gionoc >'? jsaiMt Tot, wliicii letue nt 6 a in (&- .Me-ils furnifhtd on ihe b >at?. Pi rsons wishing th* Coaches to call for tli.-in can leave Uieir natne ami renid'-ntv3 with Mr. John T Tillman, near die C.pital gaie; Mr Butt's dru? jtore. corner Pennsylvania avent?'. and 12th stiee!: or at Goo. !t Th ?s. Parker Co ? "tore. Coaches can be had for Pleasure Trips. :? j 90 -^;ii WILLIAM WHILST I^ANS PERl'l'MERY, TOfLEf ARi ICLE8, f" &c., kc.?We hav"! now in -V re a luge vari ety of line and common Fans, Ha/iioOn's m l Lu bin'sceleh'-ted Perfumery, Brtishes,l'<>ulb, I'ooth Powders, pi A nig and visitira Cards, fine Portmou nai-?*, Cib<. Cas?!*. Card Uu.s.jh, Baskets, Canes, ate ,&c., nil of wliich we are celline out at low pricM to suit the times at the Piano. Mu?ic, Sta :ioaery, Perfumery, aud Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. avenue, bet. 9rh :uid 10th sts. may 23?tf N EW BOOKS iiEoLlVED AT sHiLLJsaToirs. 1 he Watchman, will be found a titling c oflinamon to the p >puiar and simple story of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Marsrine for June?comnie.icea a new volume" 1 he Ml-sing Bride, by Mrs. South worth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heart .it ace liianch Lorwcod, a taie of modern life Vu'^iaia, Harper's Story Book lor June A &K!k m* 'i'niuuhts, Mtmorier, and Fancier, by Mi>i JaineKon Pcepi from k Belfry, or the Paris Skctch Book Leaves from a Fam ly Journal, by the author of At tic Philosopher in Paris joy iM'd Car-, a lnAntli/ book for young moiher^, by Mm. Suthill. All th-e new pnbii?hril received immediate ly afterwards, and every thins hi ih? stationery fine fcrsaitat SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstuic, Oiieon Building, ji> l Comer 4 ^ st. and Pa. av. MORE STA 11 G AINS. JUB!i 11. SHOOT, Drdft h reet, south sile near High. Georgetown, H \S jast received a limner sujiply of Ktaaouable Go? its, amongst wliich will be found 50 pieces "ood st>le3 fa>t colored Lawns at 12% 10 dp plain black and white am! black do. .?( do rich plaid Gii<Khams and Giiigham Lawna :?0 iio dotted and rich emb'd Mil-lias 50 do plain Swiss and Nm&jook do ?10 do Jaconet and Cambric do :*o do plaid kn-l striped do O^Gratis Lloin Skirt.; jo corded and dasiasU uo White r-iid eoiured Watered Moretna 00 pieces light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Bar? ?C ?le lvalues at 2 do Buff sluule Linen With an SK^ortmeiil of seasonable styles o: Hosiery, and many oiher vtry desirable G^ods, ti which the atteiitioo r>f ca^ or prompt cu^to.aers i< invited, as we a to constantly receivniE new givnlt; and aie -elJin^ tneia at price.) to su.t the 'in es. may 29?if ' H s\100l' MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! u. ?? Kk.n, Jtwtlltr, ?o 3JO Pa itvtnu , HAS lectivrd this da;, direct, the largest assort me nt of iiiMgriiUceiit Uoinao and Fluientiii. M iSAIC JEWELRY, winch has ever been offered ui thid city. Phe patterns are of the very litest st> les. The lot. beinr rather large for the advanced s ton, will be wild at extremely low piices. .Magnificent sets of Pi's and Rings, from ?6 rp lo ^iO. Admirers oi this style of Jewelry ate in vited to examine this assorment. j'' H DENTISTRY. Dr.. MUNSON respectfully calls puMlc attention to his nev/ p-?,I'ii.l. and GRKATLV IMPROVED tnetiiod of .- uin; AruSc;i.( T?. th, with Continuous Gum the Very PERFECTION OF THE ART. Thit style oi l eetti 1 has the following advanta^- < over all others, vi*: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM PORT, atd BBAUTY, vieinf with Nature in these re^pe<u, and in seine oai^rs excelling. Puldic in ?j.tction is respecti'idi> si.linltd. Pisa.*; call and see tjH cimens. CAUTION.?No mhor Dentiet in the Di-?ric: ot Columbia liu a riglit to n.ake this style of Teeth N. 3.?Tteth conttituiionally beiuUiy, plugged tjid wsnnwed for lifj. ufiio- aad house at No. 908 E street, near the corner of Pennsylvania aveuue and 14th street. 11 4 O a 1 WITH UttKltCTlVi vision are invnted to exumliie my itenuive stock of all kinds oi SPE'JTA ULES add EYE-GLA.JSES. Glassii. ^ of aav kind, r-ucli as cataract, Parsbola," Periscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored GUtsrt, put m at stort uotite, with great ? care) aud pi-rsons m want of glasses may be sure to get tiioke which beneflt the ey*} l * , ,rr-niani Cbvc V'u.oii," i-ratii at ll. S^JUKEN'S, 3S0 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and lOiii sts. I mar 20 IC Nlc UAtfKBfs?JU?I oitne.1 ? vnneiy ol Pic Nic, Traveling, Cart, Olhce, Work, tchool aud Toy Basket* _ . . ? a. Al.?o, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollt ?, bt. Harrison and Jules Hand, Philadelphia. Combs, Brushes, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Otses, Porte Monnaies, Jet Geo s, Poeket Cudery, L'a?es, Music, Musical Instruments, S auonery, *c JOIN r ELLIS, 399 P?. ??.. bet. 9ti> aud loth sts. Je 9~tf FOR TUB CURB OP Asthma and Consumption. ?VEIV AND VERY WOND tiKFUL!!! HYGEANA Brought home to tho door of the Million. A WONDL11FUL discovery has recently been /V made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in lhe treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and at! diseases of the Lunzs. We refer t? OR CURTIS'S HYGF. 4NA ?)P, INHALING IIYGF.AN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." With this n?w method, Dr. C. has restored many afflicted ones 10 healtn, as an evidence of winch lie has uiiiunitr.ible certificates Speaking of the tr -aiment, n physician remarks, ,4lt is evident that i< haling ?constantly breathing an a^rreable, healing v;ipor?the medicinal prc.jHrUes must come in direct contact with the whole ?rial cavitic of the lungs, and thus escape the muny an<' varied changes produced upon them when intrv duced int-i th-.: noma. h, ana subjtct to tbe process of diction " Tbe Hygeja is foi sale at ali the DniggM's throughout tbe country. - iY. Fork Dutch, man of Jan. 14 Tbe Inha'cr is worn on the breast under the linen without the least inconvenience?the heat of the body beir^ snfiieient to evaporate the fluid Hun dreds of cases of cures. liKe tho following, might be named One package of tbe ilygcitia ha* cured mr of the Asthma of six years' standing. i F Kcksbzrkt, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. I am cured of th e Asthma of ten years' standing by I)r. Cut'is's Hyg-nna. 3! aroaj'ut Gaston, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr?, Paul, of No. 6 Hammond street. N Y , was cured of a severe case ol Bronchitis by the Hy geana. ?My shut has been cured of u distressing cough of several years' s;and;u?. and decided to be incura ?le b the physicians. She was cured in one month by the Hyg* ana. J. H. Gatbbrt, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. CiwrTER, of New York, testifies cf our medicine in tiie foilo'vin* 'ariguaite : New York. Nov. 15, 1854 Der.r Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis >b Hygeana as a remedy in diseases of the throat and Lungs ? Having bad oome opportunity to testify its efficacy, I rid convinced that it is a most excellent medi c.".e both th : Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. S. Cmi? v/:it,s us as follows ? Gentlemen?I have recently bad occasion to test your Cherry Syrup ard Hygean Vapor, in a co^e of chronic soie throat, that had refused to yield to oth er forma of treatment, and the result ha* satisfied me that, whatever nriy be the composition of your prep-irtuon, it i? no imposition, tut an excellent remedy. I wi ;h, for the t>afce of ths afflicted, thru it ,:bt L>e brought tvithiu the reach of all. L'r Janus, one of the most celebrated Physicians ?n New York v.ritef as follows: Dr. Ccrrs?Dear Sir?Having witnessed th*? ex c"IIt nt effects ol your Hygean.i <r inhaling Hygean Vapor and Cherry Syrup. in case uf Chronic Iir? n ; at>-. ai d be:ng mnch iu !;ivor of counter irritation ai uk-cli'm". of \hs tlirnat, H.'oacbial tubes and lungs ' eai therein:*: clieeiluily recommend your Medi ca.ed Anpitnuus :ta beir.4 the most convenient and rfl'ucUiU .nodo cf app ying anything of the kind I i uave ever s^en. No doubt, thousands of per-ons may be relieved, and many cured, by using your meill. ines. i tt'M here be allowed to confess that I am op posed to proscribing or ubing secret compounds, bat t?us little neatly contrived article, and its 1 fleets in 1 the case above aJiu ieu tu, Lave induced mi to speak in its favor. You arc at liberty to u^e this in *ny way you may I think j-ioper. Respectfully, your?, fcc. C. ioh M D., No. 609 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package Sold hy cruris & PERKLVS and BOYD A PAUL No 149 .'hambera street, N. Y Four packatre.i ?ent ireu to any pari oi'tlie United States for ten dollars. N. H ?Mr. Curtif's Hjg.-ana ii Uie OPJC1NAL and ONLY GENUINE AKTiL'LE; ail others are bn ?: imitation*, ??r vd" and injurious counterteiu. Shun thm .ir would FOISoN. For sale iu Washington by CHARLES STOTT, Pa. av- nu<\ near 7th atr;-et ; and J. B MOORE, in tbe First Wai i. m:iy 22?6m JOHS R LLVAJg WILLIAM THOMP8GS EbVA-'iS it T!I MPsOH, DFALEMS IN HARDWARE, COAUII TRIMTNGS, Ac.. No 3:4ft P?nniiflrAuUavanu(i between XhUh arul Tent.l streeti, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING IIARDvVARE. Brilauuia, GcunHU Siiver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Desert Spoons Carver- a id Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out F irks Brass, Hntanma, BloekTicand Plate 1 Candlesticks; Shovel u;>d Twigs, V\ afll<; Irons, S..d Irons Maslm and Bet I Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Gridirons, Uvtns, fic. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rur J Cottage, Close , Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Blii:d Huig* s, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nans, Bolts Brad's Similar ScrcwB and Stubbs, Door Springs, Handrail .Screws, Do ji Knobs Bell Palls, D.'if?r Shruve.- ard Rail, ?c. CABI ET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curb'd Hair, .Moss, Gimps, Sofa and CliPir Sprinss VeniUan Blind Ho<ii;s, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, P.'aeketri, Furniture Nails Glue, L'.iflin Handles and Scn-ws, Diamoai Screw P ates, &c. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, S.iwa, Drawing Knivt-s, SpoiieshaveB. Chis els and Gouges. Plane Irons Augers, Braces ami But*, Boriog Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets, D> vels Bevils, Squares, Cuagcs, Axes, &c. rt .ACKflMITH AND COA? H MAKERS GOODS , Black and Bright Springs, Axlet,, Felloes, Spokes, I

Hubs, Bows. Slmus, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvtred ?ud Bra? Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, fop I'rops Curtain Frame*. Lamps, Inside Liuinss, Lining Dainusk, n^ainiiig Cords Tufts, I am is, Butt'tns, I acWs, Fringes. Laces, and Plain and Enamuiled Canvass Russia Duck, EniinHleu Lt-.Ath^r, Dash Leather, ke EL VANS Ik THO?iP.-ON, I?6"' 3X0 Pa. avt'iiue HISTORY OF THE CORPS OF ROY AL SAP pers and Minvrs, by CnDollv, Qua termaster Se geant of the Corps, 2 volumes, London. 1855 Sir Ucward Deuglaes ?,n Naval Opeiati..ns in tbe Rl tck ~e:i piniphict, London, 18.>5 The Anglo ln.ii .n Army and vliliiury History in the E i t, t>y f aptain I'.after, 1 vol, London. 1853 O'Byrnii's Naval Annual and Almana" for 1^55 ? a,al>Uity <;f S.raai'-hips, by A lierton, Chief En guieer, Woolwich, 1 vol, London, lc55 1 ebb on attack an?l deleuce of outposts Ottie 'd History of Re^iaikaiile Si'ges Bum's Naval aud itiiiiiary T-chuical Dictionery, en ar^eo 1 'ampbell's Dictionary of Military Science Gntbih'? Mihury Law Leech's Apoptln ams of Najtolcon lervis on tbe Kitl^ musket Boucher on the KiUe Thaek* ray's Ritlc Fuing N.aitland's Ball Pr<ciic:; R >bertsoti Kecruits Krasinski's Russia and Europe And other Military Works just imported bv J* >?> FRANCK TAYLOR. m GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES',GENTS', MISSES', AND CUIL I)RC.\:?' BOOTS AND SHOES,?The -ubs.-rtber belt g coiupelbul to remove from! w...' store he r.'.w occupies, efftrs 1?;s pr<;j i ;nt well-assoited stock of BOOTd AND 3HOES at greatly reduced prices. AH persons in tvant of the article will bnJ it to their advantage to ?all bctote purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 30-A Pa. av., uear 10th st., norih fide, may 1?3ui Fl^CUER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN 1ZED. HAVING now completed all my rrrangemenu for a tirst rate BaASS and COTILIjON BAND, I am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibit.ons, Parades, Pic .Vies, Balls, and derenades. All those in favor of a ciuxen's b: nd are rtspectfully invited to encourage , our en ei prise, here in Washmgtai City. P Flr^CH LR, Lnadcr. P S.?This Band, uniier tuj direction, is regularly uniformed, and troni a practice over twenty yean I cart give i-um!action to evnry one. UenUence, Pa avsnue, north sido, bet. Otb and 10'h slreels first door west of Iron Hall. L Orders left with Messrs llilbus fit Hits punctually | aueaded w. mx?j XI 1m* M. WTLLTAN, LADIES' iraESS AND TKiHMIIfO STOEE, Pa. avenue, between UK and MA atzeily. M WILLIAM would rcppectfullv announce to ? the Ladies of Washington, that he has iust reeeived Own the Northern cities a conijH. i? stock of GOODS, among which may be Ibniid? Hew style. French Dress Trimmings Pine French Flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets, in etlk, crape. and straw, of the latest patterns ' And an excellent assortment of hand*>me Embroi derir* <*f all kind" Dresses made in the lates* Paris faslii -ns at rea sonable ratex. I inking *nd Fluting and Kid Cloves ci-amd. Ladies Manilla*, ready made, and in "le to order, may 31?eolip SEASONABLE MANTILLAS"AT L'^W PRTrr^ Mantillas at $4 so, * Mantilla? at $5 JO, M nitilia<at $?> 50, Manillas a: $7 50, Mantillas m $t) 50, ? M ntilla* at $.0, fiic. flic. Beautiful styles of Summer Mmullas (new d -si?n?) hi Lace <na Silk at all theabov) very redn< e<1 prices, jn- reeeived, and now open for inspection in our Mantilla room- second story entrance through tbe ???*? MAXWELL Bl HRO , je -30 oc6t 323 Pennsylvania Avenue. WATCHES. JUST received, n larce assortment of Indies' and Gentlemen's fine GOM) WATCHES of every size. B'y|. and manufacture The above is by tar ihe best and cheapest ever of fered to our customers. M. VV. GALT fc BRO., a** Pa. avenue betw. 0th and 10th su je 21 ?tf HKOLIsli l UJEiif IPS & RDTA BAG A SLLDS. ? HE undersigned has just received directfrom the t grower*, h well selected s.oek of tbe fo'. owin-: saving's Liverpool tiwede or Kuta Csga, L.irg's improved do , Green and Purple topped do , White Gi. ic, ?Vbite mid Red Tankard, Orange Jelly, Dale Hybrid, White Norfolk, and othe.r Held Turnips Early 8tone, Early HroWba'I Pit Weeks, Fine Dutch, Purple topped Str.p letve.l Gvde Turnips, fcar y Vork, Large York, Fiat Lutcb, Drnnihe-id, Hf ar shaped with many new and Cord Cabb.ig< nil warranted fre-li, of finest quality. and are oJ'cred at very m< derate p'ices. JOH SAUL, je 22?eo6t* corner 7th and II streets. MAGNOLTA HAMS. have just eceived. we nelieve, the only lot * / ever sent to this city, and a;e certainly the "nephu ultra" of all ham? ever introduced here, be in* all selected and cured by C. Huffman, A Mary land, trom the old Hom aiead receipt, we arc sure cn ar.y tahle they will afford a delightful source of conversation Also, a btnail lot of tender Smok-d Beef, saccln rined am! spiced by new receipts, delightful for pic } nics a?id Excursionists, witli a general assortment ' ol all kinds of Crackers and Swectm* ats at KING'S Family Grocery, corner Vermont avenue and I st , A few tteps northeast Jackson Statue je 11?wir 1 ' ' 1 ? ?? ? - \T?-\V BUOKS received 'Hid for si!e at . SHlLLlNGTON>8 bookstore. ; The Lii'e ol Napoleon, br Abb-jtt, complete in 2 . vols. The Winkles, by tbe author of Wild Western Scene Con*' >":!t Corners, the Experiences of a Conserva tive Family Tales for lilt Marines, by the author of Los Grin i"s*. Missing Bride, by Mrs. {^outhworlh Moredun, a tale of the Twtlvo Hundred nad Ttn, by trir Walter Scott, llait Ballon'* Magazine for July. All the New Rook? and every tiling in the r-ta tionery liut*, tor sale at 8111 ISLINGTON'S Boolc^ore, ? o,',:0n Building, ear. 4'^ ;t., a.1.1 i*a. av. je 13?tr NEW AND OLD PUNC^ ? have r.c,w in store the !art?e?t a8SJ.-ln>cr.t rf W PIANOS ever olfere.. in this city from Hal lot, Davis it Co., Bacon &. Raven, ard Knabe, Gae(i!e &. Co.'s celebrated r.iaiiiiiactcruu?. Thesa Piao-M we guarantee, and sell upon veiy easy Uttu Also, a new Pi no used on'y a few months, which we offer at the low price of $200 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for $75. A very tine second hand Chickering Pivno fi.r aale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Always on hand, 8t??ols, Coven?, Violini, Gftil&r?. Fluie?, Acccrdrous, Music. .Vc. kc. JOHN F. ELLIS, SOO Pennsylvania avenue, mav iO bet. 9th and !0th streets. SCUUTTEK 4 KAULERT, - n T I S T s , I'reico, Decorative, an./ tjciy tle cripiion of ORMAMUfliTAL 1'AIKTINO. Orders left with Baldwin and Nennirg, Arc hi lecis; will be promptly attended to. te 8?dim* MRS. GEORGE, I ATE lioni England, wishes 10 infmni Uie la<Iies J and gentlemen of Georgetown and Washington that she can be consulted on the past, preseiii and future ev?uts, at hei residence, No. 25 Fir.-t street between Potomac inti High streets, a few doors from Forrest Hall, Georgetown l.adie? 25?Gi utlemen 50 cents. From 8 in the morning until 9 o'clock at nicht. je 22?2w* MICHAEL NOURSE, No, 461 Thirteenth ti/cci veU, Agent for the Mutual Life Ictcrauce Coupa cy of Harford Conn. oHOULD not every man d? pending for support O on hi? daily employment secure for tiit; tamil,, in case of his death, by iiisutingnis life, t? a certain amount, s .v $l,00u, by payui/ from six tJ twelve dollars per aunum? or, thould not the wife, if he omu? it,' ecure for herself, by In-r suving and ar propri Ation for that purpose lrom 5il cents m .^1 j>er montli (Organ) 1*21?law 12 w N DENTISTRY. DR. V SHINN. Gmm te of tbe Philadelphia College 01 Dental Surgery, respectfully informs fie resident* of Georgetown and its virimty that lie has located himsell am >ng-t theui fur the purpose of practising hi?- profe.sion. Office 121 Washington ??., above, G orge town, D C. je 25?eo3m* f No 540.J fiottcn of tkf. dixcontmunice of tk* United States Land OJico at Dcfiauct, in the State of Ohio OTICE is hereby givrn that, in pttr:uanceof law, and in view of the report of the land otli ccrs at DsriANCs, Ohio, thut the vacant land in said district ir reduced below one hui.drr.l Uiousand acres, the Secretary of the bitirior lias directed that said land ot&ce Rt Dkfi&kcc be discontinued ; and that tne lands remauimg uusol I at the time of the discontinuance be made subject to sfti.: an-1 entry nt Cuilucothk, the only remainii g laud office in the Statx or Ohio Lands remaining unnoKl nnd ttr>appr3prtiited by law, and subject to private eutry at the lam! office mow discontinued, will cea?e to be ..tibject to entry at sai.1 office from the date of the receipt of tin; no tice by the Uegisn r an t Receiver thereof; and the lan<2 officers at t'niLLtcoTiiK will give public none of th? day on which they will be prepared to receive appueatioaslor entries ol an, ? uch lane's at their t:f fice. JOS S. WILSON, Acting Commissioner General Ltnd Oihce. Wasuin itoh, D. C., June 18, 1855. Je 23? lawfl w LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and Louia janin have foiuied a co partnership under the firm of "Walker <1 Jan n," for the management and ar tumentof cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Court of Claiits at Washing ton City. Address Washingutn, D. C. n.ay 10?eo3m DO~YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CREAM t GO at once to AilNY, Bridge street, Georgetown, bo was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' institute, for ICE CREAMS, WA 1 ER ICES, and CAKES. may 85?-otf NOTIC '<*? Oar euatotnere are rcsp^vtlully in formed that on nud after this date, until Sep tctnber, we shall cloae our store ever? evening at 7jf o'clock. H1LBUS X HITZ, je5 Music Depot. AND WA1UIA?1? WAtt lKD, lor which the highest prices will be paid by CHUBB BROTHERS, uaj Jl?tf (UMl) Of p. tfl? TrosfUry. TRICK or A LOVES. One line winter evening, early in the present century. Colonel , and his maiden sister, Patty, were sitting on each side of a delightful hickory fire, enjoying their o/ium cum digmlaie, with out interruption, for at least an hour: and that, considering the sex of Miss Patty, was very remarkable. The Col onel was sitting cross-leggtrd in a great arm chair, with his spectacles on; and his pipe in one lmnd and" a newspaper in the other?fast asieep. Miss Patty w*> moving herself gently forward and back ward in a low rocking-chair. Close by her feet was the cat, while Carlo was stretched out at full length upon the rug in front of the tire, like his master, fast asleep. At length Ihe Colonel roused from his nap, took oil' his spectacles, rubbed his eyes, then, glancing at a very large pile of papers t'uat lay on the table near him. said 4,I wish Henry was here to help me about my rents.'' 44 Well, 1 really wish he was," an swered his sister. 441 can't expect him this month yet," yawned the Colonel. 44 Hadn't you better send for him?" said his sis;er. Upon this ibe dog got up and walked towards the door. 44 Where are you going. Carlo ?" said the old man. The dog looked into his master's face, wagged h:s tail, but never said a word, ana pursued his way towards the door: and as he could not weil open ithimoelf, Miss Patty got up and opened it for him' I he Colonel seemed perfectly satisfied, and was composing himself for another nap, when the loud and joyful barking of the dog announced the approach of sotat cue, and roused him from his lethargy Presently the door opened, and a young man gaily entered the room. 44 Why. William Henry, is that you?" said Aunt Patty. 44 Henry, my boy. I am heartily glad to sec you," said the Colonel, gettinc entirely out cf the chair, and giving his nephew a hearty shake cf the hand. 44 Pray, what has brought you home so suddenly ?"' "Oh, I do not know," said Henry, 44 it's rather dull in town, so I thought I would just step up and see how vou all came on " 44 Well, I am giad to see you; sit down," said the Colonel. 44 So do," .said his sister. '4 There, aunt, is a bottle of first rate snuff for you : and here, uncle, is one of those capital Marachme."' 44 Thank you, my boy," said the Colo nel . 44 Positively it does my heart good to see you in such fine spirits." 44 And mine, too,'' said his sister. Ilenry, ei.her anxious to help his uncle or himself, broke the seal from the top of the battle of cordial, and drew the cork, while Aunt Patty got some glasses "Well, my boy, said the Colonel whose good humor increased every mo ment, 44 what is the news in B ? Anything happened ?" 44 No?yes," said Henry, 441 have got one of the best stories to tell you that ^ou ever heard in your life." 44 Come, let's have it," said he, rilling his glass 44 Well, you must know," said Ilenry 44 tiiai while I was in town I met with an old and parti :u!ar friend of mine, about my own age. Abjut two months ago he fell desperately in love with a young girl, and wants to marry her, but dtres not without the consent of his uncle, a tine old gentleman, as rich as rich as Cicesus?do take a little more cor dial. 44 Why, don't his uncle wish him to marry ?" inquired the Colonel. 44 O,yes," resumed Ilenry, ?? but there's the rub lie is very anxious that Bill should get a wife, but he's terribly afraid that he'd be taken in; for it is generally understood that he is to be the gentle man's heir. And as for his uncle, though very liberal in every thing else, he sus pects every lady who pays his nephew the least attention, of being a fortune hunter." 4 The old scaup !" said the Colonel, 44 why can't hu let the boy have his own way { 441 think as much," said Patty. 44 Well, how did he manage ?" said the Colonel. '* Why," said Henry, 44 he was in a confounded pickle He was afraid to ask his uncle's consent right out; he could not manage to let him see the girl, for she lives at some distance. But he knew that his uncle enjoyed a good j>ke, and was an enthusiastic admirer oi beautj. So what does he do, but go and g -t hor miniature taken, for she was extremely beautiful, besides being intelligent and accomplished. 44 teautiful!intelligent! accomplished!" exclaimed the Colonel?44 pray what ob jection could the tool have to her ?" in quired the Colonel. 44 Why, she is not worth a cent," taid Ilecry. 44 Fudge,'' s*?id the Colonel?441 wish I had been in the old chap's place; how did he get along ?" 44 Wny, as A said, he had a picture taken, and it was about the time of <sol lecting rents, he thought it would make the old .nan good natured it Lt went home and offered to assist him; and so answering all inquiries, he took the min iature out of his pocket?handed it to his uncle, and asked him how he liked it? telling him that a particular friend lent it to him. The old gentleman was in an ecstacy of delight, and declaring he would give the world to see a woman as hand some as that, and thai Bill might have her." 44 ila !" shouted the Colonel, "the old chap was well come up with. "The best i joke I ever heard; but was she really 1 beautiful?" i " The most angelic creature I ever i saw,"said Henry, "but you can judge-1 for yourself. He lent me the pictui#, ] and kowing your taste that way. 1 brought it for you t?? look at." Here* Ilenry took it out of his pocket -handed it to bis uncle, at the same Ume ictl'lm^ his glass. Aunt Patty got out oi her chair to look at the picture. "Well, now." she said. ''that is a beauty." ??You mty well say that, fiater," -aid the Colonel; "shoot me. if I <lo not n i>h 1 lad been in Bill's place Den re take it! why did yo>J not get the girl yor-^'f Harry ? The most beautitu. crr?t"r<? \ ever laid my ey?s on ! I would give a thousand dollars lor such a niece." ??Would you?' inquired Henry, patting the dog. "Yes, that I would. ' replied the Col onel, "and nine thousand men- upon the top of it, and that makes ten thousand; shoot me if I would not. " "Then 111 introduce her to you to morrow,'1 said Henry. And there was a wedding at the hou^e ol the worthy Colonel the ensuing week; and as the el l gentleman was highly pleased with the beautiful and accom plished bride, it is reasonable to suppose t'.iat Henry did not forgtt his promise. THE AKTtVL *To MA II. Boston is said to be the most intelli gent and moral city in America. The Boston Herald, of a recent date, his the following: ?'We have amr.ngmea the artfal dodger who stops at nothing to accomplish hi.i I lans, and ameng f. raales the artful wo man, who hesitates at nothing to circum vent a man. The number of this class of women is neither fow nor small. 1 hey are cold, selfish. calculating, unimpassioned. They are not in any peculiar sens" harlots. bu? f>rm a separate ami distinct class. '1 heir custom is to array themselves in beauti ful garments, snd to study all the arts of seduction. They art among thv best dressed, and most distinguished-looking ladies who promenade th? fashionable s reets. Their diportment befcr? the public is modest and unexceptionable. one would suspect their true, any more than a Parisian lady, moving l i the first circles would be suspected of b3ing a spy of the police. Yet the French police have such spies, and Boston con tains many women?those oi wlum wc are writing?who are evexy way as art ful, as ciiticing, and as deceptive as any who ever received a bribe from Fouche. Tueir usual course is, under tho stim ulation of modesty and susceptibility, to fasten the;r foils upon a wann, impas sioned, open hearted, unsuspecting, lib eral uan, and upon him they begin to play the whole battery of their charms, i heir smile is for him ; their beauty is vr-.lued only as it is valuea by him : they ?>tudy his tastes, and conform their selves to his views These acts attract and en velopes the victim. He watches for her, pants for her, sighs for hfer, would die for her. Their eyes 6eek each other everywhere, and ?'eyes speak love to eyes which speak again." The man soon becomesinfeiu^'.cd?he is in a delirium of excitement. H>pey are raised which are never intended to be gratified, or if gratified, it is only th. more surely to entrap and las tea UK de luded man. Seductions are not contLaeu to the male sex alone. Female seduc; rs are quite as numerous, and the ruin they 1 accomplish is as great as that inllicu.i by the other sex?loss of property, of character, of self-respect, a heritage of r, morse, and a conscience that will know no rest. A P&&3EVSR13G bUIlO* A young man who left this city about seven years ag.., to engage in the pasto rial pursuits of Australia, was. like thousands more, soon suddenly at tracted by the gold fever, and proceeded to the diggings, where he was rather successful, and he soon afterwards for warded the means tor three of his breath ers to join him in his starch for gold. Having effected th<ir fraternal patnership, he opened a store, and began to think of a former " flame' that had warmed his heart in Old England, but which had never Ween fanned by him or attended to durir.g his long absence. He selected his choicest nuggets, and forwarded a bag worth ?50 .o England, for the young lady and her brother to come and join him in the gold fields. The tempting treasure reached her hands but her beat i was engaged to another who had gone out to America on a voyage of discovery, and had not written to h?r for neariy twelve months. In this dilemma of doubt she poudcred, and Lt r brother pleaded. At length the brother selected a sweet heart to accompany him, and the party of three persons engaged their berths, paid their fare, and forwarded their lug gage Lo the seaport from which tiiey * eie to embark for the southern hemisphere ; but, before the bride steppul on board, her American lover suddenly appeared, and detained her till the vessel had sailwl without her?her fare, luggage gone, and lriends too! But ** the course of true love never did run smooth," and so she at length con sented to be married to the present lover, oa the ground probably that 44 a bird i;i the hand is worth two in the bush : ' but the absent one, finding she was not in voiced to htm witli the rest of the ca' go. instantly took ship and started for Eng land. After a pleasant voyage ef three months he reached the abode of his fickle fair o e A few hours of powerful plead ing subdued the heait of the ii.constant one, and the gold-digger at once pro ceeded to buy the license and the ring, and the marriage cercmonjr wa> per formed before the oihvr confiding suitor ;ould be made acquainted with ttie fact. The htppy pair are now waiting for a ressel to convey them to their far-off home ; the bridegroom intending to pur :hase, in honor as a wedding present to lis wife, a handsome revolver, for the ?afety of herself and home, or store in *nt. Ibis enterprising young man we rust will find all right on his arrival a, 10mq.?Oxford (tug.) Chroindx