Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON (71TY MOHDAY AJTiKHOOH July 2. AUEKTH FOB TUB RTAB The following persona are authorized to contract for the publication of adftr tijements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmkr, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttingill & Co., Nassau street. Boston ?V. B. Palmkr, Scollay's Building. TT ADvmtTismnurrs should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may sot appear ontil the next day. SFIHIT CI THE MOEJflHG PRESS The Union defends the Administration against the censured of the Intelligencer on account of its summary manures to put a stop to British recruiting in the United States for the Crimea. The Intelligencer preesnta its readers with a history of " Mason and Dixon's Line/' now ?o ofton referred to ii connection with current politics. It is the original boundary between the oolonle^ of Maryland and Pennsylvania, first traced in 1761 and 1762. In 1663 they bar gained with Chas Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, "two mathematicians or surveyors'' to come ont from Ecgland and retrace the line. They lam . ed in Philadelphia in November of that year, and at occe entered on the work. Their line did but vary an inch from the one previously rue. **Ihe line* whose history has thus been given were directed to b3 marked in a partic ular manner, both by the agreements of the parties and the decree of Lord Hardwieko; and the scrveyors accordingly planted, at the end of every fifth mile, a stone graven with the arms of the Penns on one side and of tho Baltimore family on tbo other, marking the in* termediate niileo with smaller stones having a P on one fide an an M on the othor. Tbo stones with the arms were all sent from Eng land. 'ihis was done on the parallel ot lati tude as far as sideling Iiill; but here ail wheel transportation ceasing in 1765, the further maikingoi the line was the vista of etghl yard* wtde. with piles of stones on the cree-s of all the moun ain ranges, built some eight feei high, as the tumtait of the Alleghany, be yond w?>ch the line was marked by posts, around which stones and earth were thrown the better to preserve them A Tbily Wo*DKnrrL Uabdew.?The value of a point in writing, and cf the relative po sition of wcrds in a sentence, was never bet ter illustrated than in the following ssntencr^ extracted not Iwtg -ince from the lnttlh gtticer. as follows 41 Fifty strawberries were picked latt week frem a g arden in Pound Brook which filled a quart measure " This is the firs: time we ever heard of a gar den that only filled a quart measure. Xac MaasacacsxTTg Kjow Nothing Stat* Cockcil * ave formally severed all connection with tue maj>;i:y of the " National Ameiioan Council of Philadelphia " Scs-stboee ?Toward the close of the last week the. e were deaths by sun stroke in the etties of New Y ork, Philadelphia, and Haiti, more. ....We have seen it stated in Knew Nothing papers, that Samuel Cole, B*q , the highly ef ficient anl popular chief clerx of the Pension offic;, is i foreigner Even if he were, we are ?t a loss to conceive how this ouuld be a crime; lor certainly, iu that case, he oould not have rreventei *ce * accident of birth'" We al ude tu this subject merely to say, in connex ion, that the weapons of falsehood are made use of to iojare valuable public offl:ers So far, however, from Mr. Colw's being "a fur ?igucr," he was bjrn in Sara:wga county, New York, and even hi3 great grand parents were natt.'es of Americaa soil, and some of bis relatives of distinguished Kevolutionary fame. . ...W.n. Stap'etin oilpd in Memphis, lenn , last week, from the effects of taking * quan tity of the tincture of yellow jessamine, fl-ld j him at a botanic drug store in mis.ake for whiskey. ....Edwin Forest, the tragedian, intending to make bis native city?Philadelphia?his fu ture permanent residence, has purohased the ?plecdid brown stono mansion at the corner of Broad and Jlasier streets, lor the sum of $38, 600. ....The *oldeet inhabitant" in Maryland Is $lr Kichard Crandell, who is nearly one hundred and eight years cf age. .1 he' Black Swan" is singing in Hart. ford- The Bcston Post says she sang in the last nauifcd city, and I eft printers minus to the tune of their adverii-iog biils. ....The Whig3 of Maine have nominate! the lion. Isaac Kcei for Governor, ( heir can didate last year ) und resolved against the Knew Nothings and againet tho Maine Law ? ... .Col. Porter and Captain lieath, U. S. A., J. W Geary, E-q . Mayor ofSan Francis co, Cal ; and Col. J Hamilton and lady, of N. Y. are at WiiUrd s Hotel. Gen. Wal lach, U. S. A. is at Brown's, and Hon. it. McAllister is at the United Sutes Hotel. The Lr.uh.LYK Scicideb ?The excitement in Brooklyn, relative to the doable suicide, is abating Several pious citiians, who made theiiiSeUcs quite ontpiouous at tho funeral of tue female yesterday, begia to feel a little un pleasant, since it has been discovered that she had been a public girl of the town for over five years, ihe developments thus far show the whole effair to be a disgustirg one, and it is apprehended that the Indies of Brooklyn will, hereafter, ue a little more careful how they attempt to manufacture martyrs out ot fallen angels. It ha* been ascertained that Sarah Wil liams, the female, had deposited in the sav ings bank of Broadway and Chambers street, $2,350, all of which, at different times, she gave to joung (Jutrtin On one ocoasion she ?eut hi in a draft lor $400, to meet a bu?iness liability, ihe Tufsiaj night previous to theif death was passed by them in New Jersey. In a letter writtsn by Gtulin to her, dated Jane 1*53, he aays : ? My brother Jot seea me taking supper with >ou the other night, and he told the old man he saw me wi h two towa girls, and me and the old man hid a muse. The old man told me to go out of the hou^e and never oome into it again; and I went 1 am now a gen tleman of pieasuie." J here ate letter; in the possesion of the Coroner that will, it Li said, tend to elucidate the matter Tan Kissry Expedition.?In the United States District Court, New York, on Saturday morning, the oounsel for Mr. Fabens moved that he bo discharged from arrest under the charge ocnnecii&g him wi'h unlawful designs upo? the Govern.neat of Nicaragua Tae Dii'riev Attorney said that he had previously stated hif detet initiation not to try Mr. Fabens without Cel. Kinney, and, as the latter was tpou est, Ly dire*'ion of the Ccurt the recog nisance of Mr. Pabfas was discharged, and aleo the wi'.neaaM. Bexabkible Mu CoXTJEOb ?XLa Brunf wick Telegraph ttlls a good story, which, it aaye, is literally true, ot a young widow down on the Kennebeo, who said to an aoquaint anee who waa condoling with her upon the Teoent death of n?r spouse *T hope you'll ex cuse my not crying out tho fact Is. crying al> fffUjfi* 7.y HJS* OUtd " WiSffliOTOS HEWS IK ft GOSSIP. The Coast Savvey.?We have had on hand tbe follow^ communication Ibr some weeks; a preesur* of "oopy" having pAvemted as from some. spreading It before o?r readers, we do '4 now, because In oar original article that called tbis forth, it might be inferred that oar design was (as it was not) te reflect on the manner in which the predecessor of Professor Baohe discharged the duties oomsaitted to his charge: Ta the Editor of tk* Evening Star: Sin?Your paper of the 18th fnst. contains an article on the Coast Surrey which deserves from rue a little notice, not that those who know the work are not atrare of the almost overwhelming difficulties contracted with its cresrtion, but that many, who do not know it, will take for proved as correct, that which upon an investigation would be foand to be an error. The portions to wbioh I shall con fine myself are. fir9t? *' Before he [Profeseor Baohe] "was called to the head of this important branch of the pub* lie service, tho work ie said to b.ave been pros ocuted on a single base line* requiring the labor of nearly all engaged, on tho coasts of one or two States only for some twelve years Thus its progress was slow and! unsatisfactory, evidently, to tfce navigation interest of the country. He (Professor B ) however, adopted the plan of having many bare lines, connect ing and verifying them as required." I quote from Report No. 43, House of Rep resentative?, 27th Congress^ 3d eemion. Select committee on the Coast Snrver- Committee ? Hon. Messrs Mallory, Ct\shing. Wise, Aycrigg, and Helmets: Thu'sdav, March 24, 1842 ?Examination of F. R. Ilassler continual: Question No. 4 Is there any objection to the publication of deftnite and successive parts of the work as they may be oompleted, as the map of New York now in the eRgraver'B hand ? Answer No, n'it in the le^st, so soon as the engraving is finished. Q 5 Is it necessary to oomplete the survey of Delaware hay before it ean be practicable to publish a chart of Long Island bound? A No t'>5 You have said that the latitude ard longitude of Cape liatteras were erroneous in tfce chart3. How did you ascertain it ? A. By having attempted, in 1S28, to mako a union of the northern and southern maps, which join at that place Q. 76 What is the object of the second base lino? A. The verification cf the whole work, which is i* the *ystem of such works. Q 77. If the objwt be to verify the survey, and suppose it doe3 not agree, what is the con sequence ? A. Xhat the error, if any, is to fce investi gated Q. 78. It ij stated in one of your reports that the f urvey ex'eods over 11,000 rquare miles; is that mapped ? A. Yes to be sure. Q 82 What distance from the ooast have they carried the sounding* 1 A. Until they wero out of eight of land I mean the points givon them as guides ; those points a-e made to be *ecn as far aj possible ?Ve eleva'e *ignal3 30 feet or more. Q 83. You hate ai-unded from Point Judith to E/g Harbor along the coaft; have th* soundings been extended as fa- aajoQ intend 7 A rlhey are complete for the de ailed maps, but tbey ?.ave cot been carried out so far a* I intend Q 84 How much further do you intend to carry the soundings ? A: To the G*U stream Q 96 D) you regard the survey as a great sciect'do enterprise, erubraciog delicate prob lems of Geodetic research, beyond what is ne oersary to an aeeuraie survey of the eoa3t ftr nautical purpesea A There is not a tingle movement in all I do ai-ch is not necessary for the honorable and faithlul execution of the work. 101. Cannot the surveys of the bays ani rivers t e postponed without injury to the gen eral wurU, till tuo purvey of the coast proper is completed'' ^ A. It is impossible, because no accuracy could be got fo.- the coast. 44 ProferSvr B , we bear, is obtaining charts? the results of the labors of his many aifiist an's ard subordinates?much faster than tbey can be pu'rdi&Led, owing to the scarcity of suitable engravers in the United States." Q 105. How miny engravers do you em ploy. A. Two ; 1 would havo more if I had the money. Q 10b Cannot American engravers put on copper all map engravings whieh can be puf. on paper. A No. Q 120 Do you think that, uudar the most favorable circumstances, and with a continu ance of a yearly appropriation of $100 000, Jhe survey of the coast can be completed in twectv yeura A- Perhaps tbe progress is slower at first, end the mce )? increases as the work proceeds. It *i!l appear fr?m ptiblic docum?nts tha< tbe whole anuo int of ajprpprtuiioas during the croiting of the coa-U snrvCJ fJ9?n Augu?f, 1832, to November, 1843, (the daiC of my father * .eath,) was, say $s2().C00, averaging for eleven years, say 575,000 per year?tho present ni;.ur.l app-opriation applicable to purpose* forming a part of the Atlantic coast survey : Appropriation for 1853, say $23o 000 Do do. 1854. 2?r?,000 Do. do. 1855 206,000 Equal to COO direct appropriation, including pay anu **mcl uments of officers cf tbe army and navy, ana petty ifn:ers and men of the navy employed in <he work Granting that from July. 1844; to Ju'y, 1853, there was not over 9100,000 an nuallv voted, wi have? From" 1844 to 1853 $900,000 From 1*53 to 1855 tfH2,00d ? 81,611000 which shows that of the twenty years' dura tion cf the work at $100 000 per annum, six teen years Lave been expended in thirteen years. Inere is this year $315,000 appropri ated, equal to the whole amount given in 1833, 34, '35. '35, 36, '37, '38, '3tf, which wag $310 000, sir years of the eleven of my fnther's superintendence in making these remarks, I do not wi h in any wxy to detract anything frusu tfce valu able labors cf all, or any, now engaged in the coast survey employ; but deem it my duty, when an error in priut arises which ioay re flect upon my father's reputation, to correct it; and believing such mus: have been the ten dency ef tbe article in the Evtning Star of the 18th instant, I submit these remarks for publication. Yours, Ac., May 23, 1855. T. E Hassleb. A Great Ado About Nothing.?The readers of the may re?t assured that there is a great deal of humlu<rgery in tfce story of tfce New Y'ork paperc, saying that there has been almost a diCculty between Louis Napoleon's Minister cf Foreign AlTairs and Mr. John Y. M*?in, cur Minister at the French Court, upon he alleged determination of France not to re spect the rights of ships of noutral Powers in tbe Baltio, according to the declarations at d stipulations laid down in the ord9rs in council in this connection, promulged as the declared policy cf France some months ago. In these orders Fiance came very near to the doctrine on this subjoct so long urged by this Govern ment as tho only proper reading of the law of nations upon the tubjeot suited to our ad vanced ago. We feel satisfied that op to this hour not a w^rd or a lice has been received by tbe Government fcero from which the im presaion tfcat France is disputed to fly from her pledge m~y be fairly drawn. The fcieign ui:uist<rs in this city all dis crefit tbe s'ory, and they never iall to be wei' informed in eueh matters. If onr government had u?ei?od anything to justify a belief in the oorrecttiots >'J : tj New York MtraltTs stories on the ftljcct, our readers may rely on it, the mail that brought tho ilispateke* W ihe St?tt Department Would al;o bring fall aooounts of them to more than one foreign embassy In the federal metropolis. The whole mist to the Herald moucu simply to a itotj got op almost solely on the strength of Nesselrode's late effort to make a diplomatic point against Franoe by assuming to charge on her a deter mination to riolate hor engagements with neutral powers, and thus to ereate bad feel ings towards her on the part of those govern* ments. Uineveh.?We find our columns so crowded for room that we shall, for some time to come, content ourself in this connection with mere* Ij presenting the Star1* readers with the record of the dwellers in that anoient and venerated oity, as they are vouchsafed to us bj our never-U^be-forgotten familiar spirit, who is stilll laboring among the ruins of the Seventh Ward thereof. It ((rapped out" for us to-day an additional lint, as fo lows, vis: April 8 ?James Hall, John A. Heard, J. A. Noland, Thomas A. Lomax, John H Davis, John Aoton, W. R. Gray, Thos.'H. Summers, 0. W. Scroggins, Wm J. Leanor, Edw. T. Adam, Washington Hail, Will Weaver, Wm. H Baum. L. L. Gildey, Henry Dudley, W. T. Bailey, Miohael R. Berry, W G. Norris, Craven Ashford, Chas. Matlock, Wm Evans, Palin H Simms. April 15?Joseph W. King, Thomas A. King, Win T McNeir, Jas. Ennis, Tobias Walbj, W. S. Doniphan, Joseph Good rich, P. C. lleily, John A. Tunnell, John N. Berry, Henry Bates, Isaac H Bretton. Iliram Camming, Obid V. Waplo. George J. Hall, Uoht. H Johnson, John P. Gill, G. B Clark. G. W. Crump, Allen Fanney, Wm Randal'. April 22?James Sampson, Wm. Johnson, Rufui S. Pavne. Matthew Bramble, E R. Walkerton, Zach Bowie. Richard W. Bruff C. It. Q. Crown. Thomas Hughes, Jacob Spar row, Htram Allen, Charles Hanson, A. C Kid. well, G. R. Cooksey, Iaaac Mister, John Hod gins. Our Prophecy Coming True.?Our talented, courteous, entertaining and knowing neigh bor, already finds itself in hot \tater on ac eount of its offer to surrender the interest of the South in Kansas, under the flimsy pretext that the grapes aro sour, any how. The Rich mond Post, the Virginia central Know No thing organ, very broadly intimates that its party m the South are not willing to be sold with their eyes open, to Wilson, Colby, Hale, Colfax A Co., for the favor of the Northern Knew Nothing members of the House, for the organ, who, to a man, are opposed to the le galisation of slavery in Kansas. The Pott 1 takes the view of the present position cf our gentle neighbor on the K?nsa? question, takon by the Star immediately after that in genuous, enthusiastc and entertaining sheet ! turned a short corner to keep the party at the i South 11 National;" or, in other words, in line with the Northern wing of the organisation, 1 which has with unprecedented unanimity re pudiated and apat upon the platform, wherein i that ventured to squint favorably towards the dea that Kansas should be admitted into the ! Union with a slave-holding Constitution, if applying under one, and that it is neither wine, prudent nor patriotic to labor to ] ablish the Missouri restriction with reference ] 0 Kansas and Nebraska. We presume that ' t>y this time the " Association,'1 who hope to [ slutch the printing of tho next House by 1 sending, in the name of the South, to the * wishes of Wilson, Colby, Hale, Colfax A Co., W:th referenoe to Kansas, have had their eyes i >pened to the fact that the Southern Know No- < hings intend the so desi- 1 rable prise, tfuy shall not bo sold, body and ! ueeches, to that end. i Appointed ?Robe't T. Hamilton, of Ken- < ucky, ha? been appointed a first class (jl 200 1 per uonum) clerk in the Pension Office ; and ' B L. Corbin, of New York, to a first class tern* | porary elerkship in the General Land Office. Our I itutions ?A friend, who wa< in \ Baltimore on Wednesday night last, described j in oocurrenoe at Barnum's which giet so far < :owards illustrating the true character of our ? institutions that we cannot help repeating it , here. It will be recollected that the Presi- ? lent left this oity on that afternoon with his 1 wife, who is an invalid, for Cape May. Rest- \ ing in Baltimore that night, and having ar- < rived there without previous announcement, ] nid unattended, he was seen around the hotel, 1 inducting himself in all respects as quietly - find unobtrusively as though he were some ' v eitern merch&lt, just arrived per railroad, j Dur friend, who had fallen into xcversdtion 1 Kith a traveling foreign gontleman, recently . arrived id the United States, incidentally took j o:casion to point oct the unassuming fellow* < traveler, who was asking at the office for z j iheet of writing paper, as the President of tie 1 ailed States. The foreigner stared and . turned pale with astonishment, and alter oon- 1 t*mplating the President so engaged, and quietly tai?n? turn to be attended to, I iinong half a dosen guC.'* Of the Loupo who were standing near him?exclaimed: "Mice j Jot! mine Got! I see it all?I see it all;" ] neaning, evidently, that the sight before his j >jos had enlightened him, instantly as it ] were, upon the philosophy of the institutions >f the United Slates. ' Tho Platform.?Really the Know Nothings . tre astonishing platform builders They nade one in National Counoil in Philadelphia recently, a pig or puppy platform, whereon it a-as arranged that those standing might turn charming faoes either to the North or South 'The party" in the two sections seem, however, agree only to repudiate it. In Georgia they ] lave just erected a second one, based wholly >n hostility to the north; while in the ocuncil in Massachusetts they made a third Know Nothing platform based wholly on the aboli* Hon views of Senator Wilson; or, in other words, on hostility to the South. A pretty 'National party," truly! A pretty party, ( this, to harmonise the conflicting views of 1 the two seotiona of the Union on the alavery |uestion?thus turning in, as they are doing in all directions, to obtain power merely by pan. dcring to loeal predjudices and interests The imposture of its nationality 13 already exposed 1 through its own aots. i The Insane Asylum.?Dr. Bohrer was to day elected President of the Board of Mana gers of this institution, and a committee (of Managers) was appointed to draw up by laws for its government. Slightly in Error?Our talented, amiable, and ingenious neighbor is flrmly of opinion | that in the reeeut elections in New Orleans j aad Norfolk, Know Nothinglsm was not the > real issue, though in both cities its formally nominated candidates were in the fleld. It i turns out, however, that Mr. Elgee, the anti Know Nothing oandidate so triumph***!? oboson in New Orleans, is an Irishman, w-rfle Mr. Woodii, the nawly elected antl Know Nothing Mayor of Vorfbik, Is a member (4 ? Catholic family. If Know Nothinglsm is not the issue with such oandidates running against iU nominees, we would like to know whether it will tvtr bo in issue again. It wai not in is?ue either, we presume. in the rsoeot elec tions is Sao Fracoisoo, Illinois, Michigan. Buffalo, aad Connecticut Tha " dodge," ait fol aa ft la, Is bj far too traajparen t. Tha Currant Operations of tha Treasury Depert*t?t.?On Saturday, the 80th of Jane, thers were of Treasury Warrants entered oc the books of the DepBrtment?? Portlie Treasury Department.... $15 072 16 For the Customs 28,420 03 War warrants received and en r 112 516 89 Interior repay warrants received and entered 20 283 63 For oovering into tbe Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 2 401 32 Covered into tha Troasury from CuBt0lM 131,60S 69 u 1?? .^? learn from the Court Journal that Mr. Fillmore appeared at the Queen's Draw ing room, not in any fantastic costume, but in plain evening dres* His personal appear ance is highly complimented by that burnal which is *li-> somewhat astonished by tho ab sence of lickey-Iiko deference for him on the Part of tbe Americans. Wo copy a paragraph: t??,.*5!?!?1100 of an ox pr?8ideut of the tfte United States at our Court is an event which deserves a pawing note. Mr. Fillmore looks to be even a yoHnger man than Mr Bu chanan, the American Minister; his hair is not so while nor is there any appearance c.f baldness. He eeetnp apparently about fifty j eight, ia smaller in stature than the Miniator, but with as handsome and intellectual a coun tenance It is amusing to see the tang frcid with which tho former chief of this powerful tfovernrrent is treated by the officers of one of his succescors Tho republican principle in this matter is no fijtion ; and the ex-Preei. dent has really and actually becon-.o nothing more than an American <ntiaen Mr. Fillmore , s> however, been received with much oon siteration at Court and with great dislinction ??y th? MmtBters At tbe brilliant assemblies ot the \ lscountess Palmerston and the Counter of Clarenden there is n ? doubt the ex-Presi dent will be the personage of the <iav. When presented to ller Majesty, Mr. Fillmore wore a plain dress suit." two bud red sub bribers have been secured in Boston to too Lr*fLV 0 'S*50- AKa<iai*. announced ss forthcoming. The Transcript says- '?A riend tella(that Prof. A. is not lesj astonished than graufiod fcy r.hat Las been done and is doing, and is now writing to Humboldt an ather great men of science in Europe, to as onieh them al*o, and to teach the world through them, that the people of these Cnited states know as well how to f.ppreciate and ?upport science, as how to acquire wealth ant power, to secure prirato rights and regard 1c iustry, to promote education, and to maintain the rights and the honor of their country." IWb?ZE -.Statu* Wafui50T0* ?On rhursday afternoon, the first experiment of 3?i!XiT? m a* Hubbard's foundery, and although the mat'er was kept, as be th u*ht juiet, before the hour had arrived for tapping ne furnace, Smi'h's band made their appear wee, at once produced a sensation of enthu

siasm among tho workmen. This scei.e wo lhall long rcmnnber, and love to remember as HnhhSrf OIE^n i? Vlr8icia: *e shall honor dubbard, and glory in the thought-tb&t the irst bronse statue ever made of Wesbir.eton ttVch*Enq mBtr?P?li? ^hia native State! Too Airxiocs, by Halt ?An amusing affiir lappened lately between a coal dealer and a Jurchaser The Utter was very anxious -J th* m , K former did not rh'at him, so te he purchaser) inspected tbo weighing of tha perfotlr htul* tha? legot his full allowance without any ctesire >n the part of the coal deiler to "shave." lowever, vrhiJo the coal was weighing. the Irivero. the team could not help lam-bin* iware at the time, that the purcharer wad par toti ar about his full weigh: of coal fLo Eot'CiaS 'he !an<bing of tbe driver, uked him, when ne received hiacoal, what it vasall about^so tke driver told him: "Why." laid he, " when ycur c ;al was weighing y. u rare standing onthe. sales and was weighed i f iV* P?reible? whv. I weigh learly two hundred found-!'' "Well it" aid tho driver, - y. n ere sold " " Yea'" tiw reply "and I have bought mVsJf, rfk*B?A^iDRL4 Bail.roah. The completion if the Kailroau from Charlottesville to Lynch >urg, has, aa wa learn from a gentleman just rom Lynchburg, beet placed b^ond all qioi ion. The Orauge and Alexandria road, un ler whosd charter the Lynchburg extension s constructed, has been constructed, ha* t=o lured a loan in New York city, of % 1 200 000 7asum sufficient, with ?h# gpecly construa ion of this important litk in the great North srn and oonthwestern lines of railway. The rork has been conducted up to this ticaa with mergy that has been uaaxpe-ted, under the jrevlous peeun?ary embarasaraents that ia ?olved the road ?Cfuirlottewih'f Advoeat*. ,rHh i.urcHcua and aj,i. othkhs all ctnr>rn aii.-ndin? the Northern Market M.oiig drtMrou- ..f partioipaimj in edehratifif t;,e An lSrri?.,Arn-an civt noiioe SZS'24"^?"*"""w"'"' ^!f" jNOK I HHUN L1BEUT1?S? FIRK CO.? -? Tl^ro will t/?? meeu '<? ol thi? .ompany THI8 tVLMVfi at Hi. .r ?cmmsbiw rtque^u-d to puuauat ,? ih. ir ai " I'-M J T. HiLUKCK.Ko,: OTI<'K ? A slated meetiL^ ol the Mfdl c&l Alumni AsMiciatiOti ct Oforg. town -olkge wi|! be hHri .it i oilt'ie lial!, F cUft-t TUIH Monday) EVENfNK, at o'clixrk. A lull ami ?uactual attendance i^ reqiifstcd. i V. D. .MlODLETtlN, Jy 2?It* it. c.Src. >A MEETING OP THIS JACKtioN - Democratic A^nociation of tho riixtb U'ard vill be held TH in (Monday) EVENING, July a, ut I o'clock, in the Hull, basement Odd ?Vllova' llall, Navy Yard. Add red will be dMivreri hy Daniel KaicliflV, 5p<j., and other di-tinrui?hiMi apeakerK. The Association will continue to ?t,eet on every douday evening until furthei notice. jy2? It* K. ODER, Pec. fd i WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY A S A monthly to?"tin^ , r tii? (?<>riis wiil be In Id 7 f?JTHI8 EVENING,at t o'clock It Jl Punctual attendance is requited. jy a?ll* b. p. heeBS, H?-c. A'lTENTION, PIJESIDEKT'S MOIJpTt JBL. ed Guard ?-You are hereby notined to at tend the regular monthly ineetinc o: the f " Cori?s at tbe rrniory on TUESDAY EVE NING, July y, ia'5. Punctual attendance is required. Jy 2?3t J^'l. Mcl-IJTCHEN, Pec. MONTGOMERY GUARDS.?You are re |que?iie<l to attend the ri'eular monthly meet ng of the Company on TUESDAY EVENING, lbe 3d instant, at tte armory on 8ih st , bciw. J i lid E. Also, to appear in full uniform with white pants. >ii tl|e morning ot the 4ih, tor parade, and partici ?ate in the National O ehiation jy 2~ WM. ti'fULLlVAN. Sep. SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION.?You are hereby ordered to appear at your armorv on WEDNESDAY MORNING, July 4th, "at 4 o'clock, in full summer uniform, tor paraae. TO-NIGHT (Monday) then; will be a meeting ol he corpj. A lull attendance ia expected The Constitution will be strictly enforced against ill absentees on the morning of ilr' 4Ui It. JAMISON, Captain. JOHN KEY WORTH, Ord. Sgt. ly V-2t HA T T E NTIO N, M AUlON RIFLES?A called meetiaf qi the Corps will be he'd at the armory THIS (Monday; EVENING, at 7k o'clock. Punc'ual aiiendance is required. By order: WILL. H. 11 TOtVERS.Sec. Jy a?It ' Wtsuixuros, D. C., June 211, 1B55. ^?TJiaWe, uio UDdor.ic^ed, citizens of the Fir*t Ward enga^e?l in various ir.ercR.iuie pur tuits b. ine desirous ot'(;iviug to il:<< clerks n oi r ?mployment tha advantage of relaxation for the bal ance of this peasi' n, have, asreed to close our stores every ewepinj (except San rday) M 8 o'clock p. a luring the months ot and Acfust. B. JOST, " ROKT R. AYLMER, T. M P.KING, ^AMUEL DUVALL, i a. Kit'ER, VSU8. PAGAN, ED WD MUBRAY. T. W JODN^ON, J ? LATHAM, JOHNSON "if SUTTON. J. W 8VRAM Jy i?It* TRIAStjRIR'f IfATEMKMT, Shoving tAs amount at hit er*dtt m *U Trtasmy. ?ntk troaivrn, amd . niUd dfwiitortAj, and in the Mimt mn<i brnncku. hfr*twrits rtrvircd to Mo*4r* j*~ 25, 1355; tAs amoumt for vMjcA draft* hst* hw mmW, but *~ri, tkr* l-i-nj * lA? amount thon romaininq tubjttt to draft. Skomtnf, also. tk* amount of /?tar? ^ fort to mnd from dtpontan**, as ortUrod tor tko S*cr+t+ry of tk* Troantry ** la what pi ?????????????1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ????? ? ?????? Treasury of the United State*. Waahinjrton.D.C.. Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts-., Assistant Treasurer, New York, Sew Tork Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, l'enus) Irani*. Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina ...... Treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana........ Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, Missouri Assistant Tre<i?urer. San Knmriwoo. $198,830 67 Depositary at Buffalo, New York P,?i>o#it*ry at Baltlunre, Maryland Depoaitary at Kichmoud, Virginia .... Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia. Depositary at Wilmi.igtou, North Carolina...., Depositary at Savannih, Ueorgia Depositary at Mobile. Alabama. Depositary at Nashville, Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pitt#bur#, Pennsylvania Depositary at Cincinnati (late) Depositary at Dubuque, Iowa.. Depositary at Little Rock. Arkansas Depositary at Detroit, (late) Depositary at Chicago, Illinois ........ Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida A i ay office, New York ? Branch mini, San Frnncisoo, Cal Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Pea'n. Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N. C Branch mint of the United States, I>ahlonega. (la Branch mint of the United states, New Orleans, l.a fv>09,7W 11 d, 62,51* 74 1,12.1,5:9 96 >.24.J V9 134,71* 19 73 3,425 671 49 W?,U3l IV 4.0ii 68 ?m,33o 11 76.931 tt> ??i *62 th 26 262 71 61.614 ?? 101 i#6'j t.9 41,471 11 5-^91 67 ll,3?l 3J i0 29 4*2 ffe4 51 10 > 045 29 6 9y.> J6 60,725 70 121,136 71 4?,tS3 09 3,744.500 00 7G8 78J 66 2,&!3 354 16 32,<>0U 00 30 .V.O 0.1 2>".? 722 51 (34^41 18 94 7V9 27 694 *>66 23 7.K30 40 30 64i" b| 2W685 66 511 693 50 M7.H6I 86 3.n?0 32 5P.676 83 64 AO *.9fVl 00 2.937 i0 10 J97 64 1 h2 Mi 87 9,195 rw *13 05 81,321 96 24.169 22 56 216 4* 30 669 69 3 379 37 !??????#????????????? 2.600 t o 3l) ,000 00 Dadnc-t overdraft, *c ?... $l?* 830 67 i ?,892.250 36 | 2,364,037 46 l*edurt difference in transfers... Net amount subject to draft... 813.43* 3 <k. 37^ Jt | 9.913A 1 ~~ o W] 8-'<5 6 J >6??| 57 ?i ?,3ti 41.217 , 92.6 0?r 41,K" a 41,1k ? 11,* 94 a 4 ?1 ..'<1 -J NJ.S7I r ?91C* 56 6(? / ? '.4-r,, 3H50-(| 3," 44 :*q ?6S TO ? *** 14 1? 32 0? ?o 9" .94 U3 2,5H5 7tJ ;i 1*,7Koq7i 15* %% 171 ie^j?.sn i Mf Tr?n?fers ordered to trearury i.f th?* Unitel Wn?hinptcn, D. C...? Transfure ordered to assi^taOt treasurer, New York, New York Truiirfira ordered ta amftaot tretfuror t! CLan?eton, S.C Transfers orJeml to a??i'tant treasurer. New Orleans Loaiaiana. Tranters orlered to assistant treasurer, 8t. !<>ui?, Missouri Transfers ord? rwi to assiati>n: treasurer. Psn Frenci'co, California - Tran^r? orderul U? branch mint of the United States, San Francisco, Califc-ruia. |1M38,7|* A 200 000 | 760,now i V'.Ik O JO i:?? 'joo I 3Do.<iOO 1,7IO.OUC ' 900.000 U, f3^ 15,000 00 Transfers Trausfers Trar f^'ers Tnnsfcrs T r>insf?>rs Transfers July 2?It ordsred from e?i-tant traararer, Itostcn, Massa lius?tts orlered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York ordered from assistant treinurer, 8t. Louis, Missouri..... ordered fr-im depositary at Dutu<;ue, lo?wa or lereJ from dspo*it?ry at De'roit. Michi^an...^ ordered trom mint of the United States. Philadelphia, P??Et>yivan a. 672 OHj 00 1 4316ft) ttl 846,00" <? 60,1410 <?> 16(??' i4 370.00U *) |H.404 M* Od MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE DIS 'rict of Columbia?Th* regular nie<tinf <?l tile. s*ocieiy will l?e held at tiie Inhimary MOi* DAY, July 9, at 12 o'clock m. A IIOLMEAD. If. D., je ,i0?2t^ Roc. Sw ^1. O. O. F.?Ma^^nenu Encampment, No. 4 having been r^irored, to the Encamp ment r ?im at Od.l Fellows' Hall on 7th street, the next stat d session thereof will be on MONIMY EVENING, July 2, at 8 o'clock, when and where tlie Painarchs are requested to a^ttni j 30?2t IVM. COOPER, Scribe ()' 8 i1 53=: CELEBRATION OF T IE IRVING LY ci.uin at the Lecture R ?oin of ih?* Smith winia.i Institute, cn TUESDAY EVENING, July 3d, 1865, at 7* o'clock Older of Escrciie?. MUslO. Eeudlng of the Declaration of fudep-ndence, by J. MAitisoN Smith. MUSIC. An Address by - B H. KtofcDAX MUSIC. Oration by Edw*kd H&rtlkt MUSIC The public are respectfully invit-d to a'tend. Hy orrter: GEO. TUOd. COX. Pn-s. Edwin James, Se<n je30-3t* STHE S:;OTT GUARDS BEG LEAVE 'to inf ?rin their friend-, add the public e< n ? rally that they will give a Gr nd Excursion und i'ic Nic to the White Hou-e Pavilion on TllURS DAY morning, July 12, lt55. Pa'ticulais ?n a future advertis* menu je 97^8.19 ?lkJuly3 NE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD ?I ? I give one hundred dollars for the appreheriMi* or he thief or thieves, and rec-.very of the g??od-1 ken from in store on Tnuisdav night last; or fir'ir J doll rs for the recovery oi" the G<>o4e, consistim I Cloths, Cftssnnere.", Votings, 8c. ;e 30?It EVAN HTCIU [COMMTNICATBD MRS. KNOTT'S ICE CRtAM. Go. i.l per pie nil, of every s irt, G ve ear unto my sooc ; And if you line it wonJ'rous kbert, It cannot hold you l< ng 1 Good Mrs. KS<?TT d^crves a call. For miking cn-ams the b?*-'; I pray yon ad, N-tu great ai d ?ma I, Their ???ceilence io test. So coo'inx and refreslung too, In this hot su'try weather; Her Cream ij Cream. anJ alwa>? b w. And flavored wi:U Vanil!a 1 Her saucer-, to?, arc full and fair, And packed, without a crevice ; She do?:?n't sell you om- hall air, For yc ur good silver levies. Her mode?! shop i- quite ohscare, But those wliu l??r a pt;*.:. Shall find the old French p-ovtrli sure, Thai '*good wine needs no bu?t..M On P'linsjlvania avenue You'll tind this plea?a?t ?pot, Taut 2d at d 3.1 >treei?, nodli ?nie ; The si^n oi "GEO. A. liNOTT " Je30-3t OuvU CoUU.t the JOURNEYMEN 30*1 \Va--hinrtori aid iu TA1LO&S OF vicinity are hereby i:??iifi?-d tliHt Mcsata. (/wen (lushes, aud Million1* Sltwps arc no longer recognized Uj the Society, con sequenUy no member of the same is allowed l<> w< rk for scifl f-hops J AS. LACKEY, Sec. je 22? A PACKAGE, this citv about the PREPAID, WAS MAILED IN , 20th April lart, addressed 1 t? Oh as A. Clenientson, SeverviMe, Tennessee, ' wiiich has not rsaohed its d stination. Poatinastera j at the distributing < ftices on ihat route are respect fully requested to examine their depositors, aod il I f jund to fin wftrd the package an directed. It i-. v^l- ; nr.ble,ani1 measures have bf*n taken to prevent tl e C"oteuls fr m being frcudulently used ai the Pen^-on ! ?ifice. jv 9?2i* J. E. SHIELDS & Wholesale and Retail Dealers in HICKORY, 0,1 K tr AIco, RED AND WHIPB ASH COALS. Offi-e comer H and Nin'h streets, jy ??Si* washinuton, ?. FIRE CRACKERS. ONE hundred boxes v4'> packs t<> th' 1k>x) of prior quality ?. Iden t bop, fresh mi, or.a >ai ju>t r?.'eeive?l frwiii hovton. .o.d i?ir sal- I.) N. ^ IJURHELL at Lewi- Mi Krtzle's, Aleiaa4na. at qt >tore, ucar Jackson statue. Z M. P. KING, |e30?3t wirrer V^rmoni avenue 15th r' N1 J CO., PISE WOOD ANTHRACITE CURE FOR UOT WEATHER. A RNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKB, and WATER /V. ICES, tor wiiich h^ was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanic.:,' Institute, is highly re C'lmme.ided for (lie above. Wili be se nt to any part of the I'istrict liee ?t charge. Send j ocr ordei* to 64 Bridge A., Georgetown, jy 2? e?itf IJOR SALE-A LIGHT BUGGY WAGON, rao ! o: Wataon'a very i^esi, j.o to, has been run only hall a dozen tiweajjgbJte* It it- tiie completer! and v ry choicest mm ???>: iictn VVacon ft tins time iu >VasbiugtJ>n. It wili he sold a l.argain,cs the owner now dnds that be lias no (ikliter :j.e for it It can he seen at Andrew Joyce's t'< ach Factory, on 14'h street, south of Pa. avenue. For particulars enquire at this office Jy S?1 w HORSE FOR SALE.? A heautilul dappled dun Mare, white man- and tail, six years old, paces trots, and canters uuder the saddle, and works kit d iu harness. A first rate animal for a lady, ^etng very kind and gentle. Icquire at E. COWLING'S Livery Stable. G, bet. 13th and 14th bts. jy 2 ?ec3t* (Intel) COAL-COAL! A CARGO ofaapeiior Red Ash AnthraciteCOAL, egg size, on board Schooin r D. Haynes, and lot ?a!e at A6 45 per ton, il taken frc-m the vcmm.1. J. E. SHIELDS fc ? O., jy 2?5t* Office corner 9th and II streets. BRITANNIA & PLANISHED WARE. I^EA and CofTe Urns Colfe" Gr.ques. Coffee B-g gins, Coffee Fillers, Cuff. ep? ts, Teapots, 'I ea Sf ts- E?g Boileis, Chafing Dishes, Imperial Dish ('overs, Soup Tnreens. Castors, Pitclicia, Cups, Lamps. (. andlesticks, Segar Lamps, Hpti'o?ins, fcc. at the Housekeeper's Furci-htnp Store. 490 Seventh street GEO. FRANCIS. Jy9 WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA BOATS ON FOURTH OF JULY. Oi l JE.? I he H- rtaurant ol the undersign' ti street. betw?-en 17th and lHih aticitu, near the War D.,i?artir.ent. will not be open t the approaching Fourth of July, ?*x.-ept t r rrf boarders in the buu*e. J. BOULANCLK je 30?3t (IntkUi ion) FAIR LULL BOARDING SCHwf FOR GIRLS, Sandy Spring, Montfomrry county, .VuryiW. THE uintn term o' tins Institution *% iH c< ri i-1 on the 10th day ot the uinih month (Sttpitxurrjl next Circulars containing the needful u forma. r. ragard to the ^choil em tie o tained by tl .v desire it, by 8 idrt-a.-ing, at Cln' y Fo-t Office V ? J ir 4uerv county, Maryland, R. S. KiUK, or MM FAKUUHAR ft, Ref? r to Jno. T. Towera, Latubert Tree, W'aA Wailach. Je .< ODD FELLOWS' WEDIE8UAY EVENIKO, IIALI, July 4lh 165J S WEEMT, BROWN \ SHEKMA^ 2\ MINSTRELS! Tbe Company consisui of OLD JOE SWEENY, The orlrina<or < f the B^njo' JOE BRoWN. and PAUL BERGER, Lite ?*f Kunkel'a Troupe. J. T. GARDNER, R H. HALL, J SHURMAN! Tickets 25 nts. Doors open at 7)t? C'ommcn;e at preosi'yJ je 30? GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUT *| M ICE daily b.'tween tVasbingionaiid 'h :^ I \ta Frcder<cksburg, Richmond, Feterthurr". Weldon <nd VVtliuingtoii, N. C-, to CharleMon, C , and Augusta, Ga The travelme public i? hereby icformeJ ti?s: i Swift and corifonal ie Sresiaers _ BALTIMORE I^SaBEAND MT VERNON, leave the Steamboat Wbari at Wasbincnui 0 a m. and 7 p m. Arrive in Ricnuioi|4 at 1 f a an J 3 a m. Arrive at Petersburg at 2,'^ p ? ? 5am i he follown.f through ti K?ts can he oht- ?? board: w. To Frede?lcks>iuif 4* ", 4 9 ??? F JINOION and 1H0S COLLY BR will leave . tihe following hours, or as nea- them as possifcl-. The br?at? make str trips to the White j House nad Mount Vernon, and wul land pasteuge.e i" Alexandiia cn ".each trip will not rem in Jitthe Wharf five minutes Be ready on the V\ harf. Fare 12U ceuta Leave Alexandria 6#, 7*, 10*, 11*, 2*, 3*, Leave Washington at 6, 7, 8. 11,13, 3, 4,7%. JOB CoRc'ON. I Cantains SAMUEL GEUNEY, j u*Plam" Jy a-9t JOE SH1LLINGTON has just received Harpers Magnzine for July Putnam'a uig. To Juiicuon of Virrmia Central Railroad. ^To Richmoml. V a ............ Fo Norfolk, \ a - ., To Petersburg, Va * TO W e|dOn, ?1. ...... IIIW..H M.IMtl.MWM. * ' "i, To Wilmicgton, N. C "" ma trATtv nv DAT?Mir< RIVER AS FOLl * V FARE ON POTOM AC For each passenger? The Steamera GE0EGE WASH Jo Alexandria 25 cents, and bagpipe 12, r*'f To Marburt's To Uuanilt*o, Sandy Point, ac... To Aquia Crrek ? Meals and State Rootis extra Fcr further informal "n i|?my ?? h?*r4 A hosts, or to GEO. MATTIN?LY, A.? I je 30 - d2w U WasloagH PI ANOS?PIANOS. WE respectfully r^gnesi th# attention Whopui i>opr purclia>irg Piano.. t?. m;-?_ 1 ; tensue as-orunentnow in suiie,conatstu g j J from the old an I ce?? hrat? d manutartorie.. Davis * Co., Boston; Bicon fit R v?m, N * do ?"o Graham'a c>q do , Ladles' Gazette ol Fashion Ou Cnamt>er'a Journal do Household Words do Godpy's Lady's Bool; do New Vork Journal do BHILLINGTON'S Bookstare, Jy 2? Qdeoq Building. EXCURSION TO POINT OF ROCKS BY CANAL. ? Knsbc, Gaeble #t Cvo , Bait in or* TIh?? l'^ v we guarantee in every respctl to be int? r. i others. ' We uke old Piaaoa in pnrt pa\m?nt s. , f ndcrscd ''"tes for J. Z, -oj ^ monrhs, t? * , almost any arraiicctnait iscgk | o?? r?- .<? We tiave also aevcral ncond hanti r.a?' ; sale low and upon ta^y turms. I Also, Guitars, Viol as, f Jutes, Accorti'e0^ sic, Strings, Ac P< :><cn8 can have their riano* tuned ai?^ r by leaving tnei. naa<eswiu ?? 30 JOHN f El Lie XJtf EBNESDAY, the 4th Julyf hei'>g the regular dh ?, \ m-oalU - Str?><-M iwtrt lilt ^plvJ Wednesda day of riinning of the packet Boat CONGREs^. she will, that d iy make an excursion trip to at &3 for the round trip. Meala r n boat at 26 cents. rrrn ay, tbe 27 Ji 'luUnl. ' Cow, of rather muddy cait. Wie has t di?ove Point, are modeiately turned up, and her earr ?' marks Her teats are sai^il and * , ^ small warts upon them. Her hag ssfl T!i? hont mil arrive nt the Point at 7 o'clock, I will give a reward of ien do'lars / where a hall and good eonilon rensic has hwen pro- will delive r her to mc, or glvs ms sucb "r Tided for toe piaaaure of thoat who nay wkh In- s> irill kad to her recovery. ., dulge In daneti^ - 1 V. LATH*t CHARLLt, MERRILL, Capf. Vil ?**. llih nn4 *d even*. J*. ii?dUulyt r ! ' ,