Newspaper of Evening Star, 2 Temmuz 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 2 Temmuz 1855 Page 3
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inr i n lggsggggBs EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Ubaath or tii City.?Although Washlng ington has enjoyed remarkably good health for several months past, the season has ap proached when cholera morbus and other dls easee usually attendant on summer. may be antieipatad. The utmost care, therefore, should be taken to avoid them- Clean sheets and alleys are not among the least prevsp tives of disease, and disinfecting agents should be freely made use of to promcte or to pre serve the public health. The Set'itt'Jio American oontaina an inter esting article on the subjsctof aunltory sub stancea. and it ia as folio*! : " Aa the warm woatber ia now at hand, It will no doubt be very useful information to many persona to be told what are the best eub stanoes for removing offensive odors from sinks, Ac. Copperas, or aulphate ot iron, in a very exoelleat substance for slushing drains and siok3 By dissolving half a pound of it in a pail of hot water, and throwing i: into a eink once per week, it will keep down all of fensive odor; and from the situations of many houses in all our cities, it would greatly tend to heahh and pleasure for the inhabitant* of eaob to do this The chloride of lime, or the chloride of zinc, will answer just as well, but these are expensive substances, in comparison with copperas (sulphate of iron ) Lime is also very useful, and is no doubt a cheip deodor. iter, but ia not a very good one; copperas, tbere'ore, ia preferable to all these substancaa. But there is another substance which is far superior to either copperas, the obloride of lime, or sine. as a deodoriser, both as it re spects its qualities and ita economy; we mean charooal powder, made of ground wood char coal. Charcoal powder possessed the quality of absorbing ammoniacal, sulphuretted hydro gen, and carbonic acid gtises in a superior de gree to any oiher substance. Placed in the vicinity, or spread among decaying ar.itnal or vegetable matters, it absorbs all tbe offensive and hur ful gases, and keeps tbe air sweet and wholesome "We really hope that charooal powdor will soon come into extensive use as a deodorizer and disinfectant. It appears to us that u can be ground in mills in tbe timber regions where wood is cheap, transported to our cities, and ?old at a vry moierate price We are con vinced that a pientiful use of fresh ground wood charcoal for sinks, damp floors, and the drains of cellars, would greatly tend to prevent disease in many places, by the absorption of miasma." Public Scbools ?On Tuesday, 2*>ih ultimo, the senior department of Public scho<. 1 No 3, first distriot, Miss H. A Biker, principal, passed the usual examination, there being present trustees Polk, Bennett and Magruder, and a number of tetthcrs, with the parents and friends of the children. Of the examina tion as a whole we may say everything was in order, and exhibited a highstiteof im provement. Tbe singing was executed as children only, when properly instructed, can ting. The classes acquitted themselves cred itably to themselves and their teacher The history class did themselves honor. Arithme tic and geography are well understood. It is gratifying to the fnenos of public schools to see that they are teeing so high a position in respect to moral and intellectual culture. Ibursday. the 2S.h ult, tbe primary cchocl of thet'ourtn distriot was examined by the t us tees Messrs Magruder. Pearson and AtLec, who were assisted by Mr Tajlor, ot Kitten house aoademy, an ardent friend of the Public Schools This school is in care of Siiss A Adams, and consist* of seventy scholars The examination was very satisfactory, indeed, and proved what cosld be do^a by patienoe and industry. The children of thii ?3hool contribute eaah a penny monthly to the nati?nal monument, nnd this practice has obtained for the e;hool the came of Monument School On Fr day, tbe male primary school or ii* fourth diuxict passed through their examina tion. Thfs school is under tbe care of .Vr. John ?. Thompson, who has succeeded in making it one of the best primary school* iu the city There were preaint Messrs Magru der, Polk, and Pearson; Col. Randolph, an cfi'-ent me iter tf the late board; Mr. Thempsoa, of the fourth district school; Mr. Edson, junior department, second district; Mrs Oglen. Mrs. Myers, Miss McCarthy,Miss Lowe, and Miss llenahaw. primary teachers, Miss Milburo, of the fourth district school, and a lar<? number of parents and others. The examination was not oaly satisfactory to the examiners, and creditable to the ins rce tor and pupils, bul surprising to many who had no expectation that a primary school could be advanced to the condition in which this was found Firb ?Early yesterday morning, the large and commodious dwelling-house near "the Circle," in the First Ward, was destroyed by fire. It was formerly occupied by Mr Fox, at one time the Briti&h Minister near the Gov ernment of the United beaten, and subsequent ly by other foreign diplomats. The loss is es timated at from five to eight thousand dollars, on which, it is said, there was an insurance; and, further, that the property belonged to the estate of the late General Gratiot, and was latterly owned by Saiuuel Chooheaci The horn-e was unoccupied; and,from certain ciroumstances, there is little or no doubt that th^ fire was caused by an incendiary. Tne fire companies of Washington andGeorgetowa, with their customary promptitude, notwith standing the beat of the weather, were on the ground as early as possible, but their good in tentions were frustrated by a scarcity of that essential liquid in such cases?water. The good order of the firemen, aud their mutual efforts to suppress tue flames, are worthy of the highest commendation. Honor to the noble band. Irving Lvcbcm ?The reader's attention is called to an advertisement in another ool umn, of the Irving Lyceum, invitiug the pub lio to attend a celebration, on to-morrow even ing, at the Smithsonian Institution. It f rom iaea to be an affair well worthy of public at tertion, and from ithich both entertainment aid inetruotion will be derived. The Lyoeutn Is composed of youths ambition' of excelling, and who, for their y**"j (from lt? to 23 ) may rank with the m.-st proficient scholars of our city. Violbtiobs or Citt Laws ?Justice Bate*, ot the fifth district, disposed of the following cases, vis : Mary Peirce, selling liqu >t wi.hout license ; fined $20 and c^ats. Jacvb Lehmm, profanity; hoe and costs. J. M Holbrock, disorderly at the depot; fine and costs. N. Porter, do.; do. Joa. Codrich, do : dia missed John Kdd, do ; do Mary Eaton, colored, profanity; workhouse 30 dvys. Adel Williams, do.; do. Dsnnis O'Neal, do.; dir. missed. ? FcaxiTCRft ?Our enterprising neighbor, Mr. Lulia?, whose establishment is in one of tbo Star buildings, has on band about as com plete an assortmeut of new and second hand furniture precisely suited for this s a:on. as is to be found in any store of the kind in the country. Polite, accommodating, and atten tive, be is sure to please every customer, takin? pains tc that cnu sjcw ??? ?ew men in tsa&e will do. Those in want ot' such goods Cannot do better than by giving him a call. Stabbiso Cask ?Saturday night, a woman named Eden Jackson, was arrested in the Seventh Ward, aud curled before Captain Birch. Sha was charged with stabbing Rob art Samby with a butcher knife; but as the wounded man was unable to appear and give evidence, she and a man who wis her com panion, were sent to jail to await a lurther examination ? vior.a K^.io.?Our oity waa >kited with l *eary ;*in last Bight, whioh served tc cool the almoet Intolerably hot atmosphere Owing to the refreshing showers, which cominenccd a tew minutes before ei*ht o'clock, thero were tot few persons atteaaiaifa reit^Ku* ot'sorv ?n?es. and nsarly all of the churohes rrsre not ^?ea opened. ' ? Mabkiage? ?Ouring the month of Jane, seventy three marriage licenses were issued from the clerk's tffioe, City IIall. ** What love l<S If thou wnnl wx be taught, The heait mu?l t?*sch alone; T??o ?oule with but a flnftv thooghv? I'wo tear;* Uiai beut aj vne." " bvBoo:. Kxiaiaat::! ?Mr W. M JlcCath ran's male primary scaool, third diatrici, is to be examined to morrow afternoon, by the jrhele board of tri^tees N?w City Officers ?This moralotf Sam* ??! B. Douglass w? duly installed as Oitj Renter, R Flaley Hank u City Surreyor, and John U. MoCalle as Oity Collector The list named has appointed aa hi, slerks /are mlah Bepbmra and Jebei Wheeler. rtconair Death ?A man named Jacob Leh wM4,D#d *7 Bates, on Friday, for pro.anity in the streets. Yesterday he was conveyed to bis long home; an evidenoe of the unoertainty of lift, it is said he diea by sun stroke. nnlU* ?R0P"Tr be 8oId t0 morrow after 2: K7,Gr#eD0* Scotti 011 Pwnsjlrania arenne, between 8eeond and Taird streets, (see !rT?? w."a!ent,) offers a fine opportunity for a profitable investment, owing to the publio im provements in that vicinity F Ma. Kkplkr, the well-known manufacturer or root beer, has presented as with sundry bot. ties of his popular sommer drink; which, being tested by the thirsty in this establish ment, was prenounced exceedingly nice, being, at the same timo, innocent in its effects. Capt. Freuch Forrest has erlsred upon Ms du.ies as Commandant of the Washingtoa rj t. ? an<^ was ?n Saturday received with the ceremony of a saluto of cannon, and formally Introduced to all the master work men. . Pump! Pomp'! Pc*p!!!-Tbe pump on M street north, between Sixth and Seventh streets, is badlv out of repair, and has been '4? 11 th.? proper authorities seo that it is put in pumping order ? C riminal Cocrt.?J here being no osscs ready for trial, the traFerie jarers were, this morning, discharged until to-morrow. Watch Reti res ?Peter Iisrson, making a promiscuous charge with a pistol on the citi sens oi tie Northern Liberties, security for peace; W Ford, colored, profanity, fine and costs; Louisa Hill, colored, out alter hours, dismissed; Charles McDonnel, drunk, dis missed; Peter Gal away, colored, bathing in the canal, workhouse ton days ; R. Oaloway colored, do.; Nathan Bush, colored, non-resi dent, workhouse thirty days. [C01IMIJ5ICATBD. Tbeth vs. Leather ?Mr. Star: I aman o.d bachelor of eigh y summer-", without teeth, and am thus compelled to lire solely on vegetable diet But while f leave mv cai. niverous feUow-boardrr. to figiu over their India rubber beef and antediluvian chickeD, 1 demand, m the name of our glorious Coasti ? V *hal not L? chokpd Pota om fit only for grape-shot to he U6ed atSo. bas.opol When I lived with the "old folks at hoine thedyspepua nevercame within a bun .i!? -m r1.0/ Us ? If ,h? monsterLad only shown tbe tip of his nose our sable cook would have knocked out his brain* with the irying pan. No; if we had nothing but hickcry wood for dinner, it was sure to be boiled soft in my"teeth days" I remember I regu* Iariy paid the waiters lo give me the best pieces of neat, and others followed my exun pie, until finally every ho ly paid them, so that we were no better eff than before. I hav* since thought that the plaD, now so prevalent, of pajmg your board twice over, ij unjust* tur it one half of the b nrdors thus daily buy fromtho waiter the very best pieces, the other half must necessarily 3et daily the very icortt pieces; and this is not 'loving thy . eighber as thyself. Furthermore, when the nou paying boarders on the first atrok? of tho bell rush like rockets into the room, hoping for a .hare of the "spoils" and notwithstanding findI the ** paying plate*" already piled up with all that is eatable, before tbe arrival of the owners, while you are left to philosophise over the bones, is rather apt to raise mutinous feelings. Let us old bachelors call a mass meeting, wi-h Mrs Partington in the chair; ftlso let there be a grand pruceasion, with hard boiled potatoes and tough chicken for ban-1 net.. By united fC -r we cm thus put down U?? order of" Have Everything*," and bring [ bacE ;?a goidan ago of cooking. _______ Mkthuselar. j R B Normbrt ?It i? due to the memory <f Mi^. R B Norment, whose cairo is found in the lis* of Ninevites, published in the Star of Saturday, that our familiar spirit is assured, by one who should know bolter than any one else?by tne ghost of that individual him^clf that the gentleman in question abandoned ]>iceveh in disgust very shortly after be got an insight into the precise political character and aima of the inhabitants of that anoient city. AYoraa Ma* Sawk i* Two,-We deeply , j"f8r't to learn, by private advioas from Dun ham, that on Friday last, at E. 0 Brigham s saw m:lls, about six miies from that village, a young man. name i John Sj>ooEer, was sawn iln tw? b* a ovular caw 1 he saw was goiue very feat, and is four teet iu diameter The young man was stopping to pick something op, and lei I on tee carriage taering toward the aw. rSefore he had tirno to recover himself tne saw oaught him and cut him in two in fctantly. He died immediately. The youn* juian was employed about the mills This melancholy oocident should serve as a cau tion to all those who are employed in saw I mills to take care, as the lea?t carelessnesi wfdwdlif# -JUontre,u UcraU, frlauda, aud iu.u.1 if t '?* by *n?l .l^XT: pU*n 1 ul'a? -nJ ???? ??>v mXii . . ''ok l? rau* iui to my h? ,'tU , r.,? ?j, B'k,r- QPARLE8. S t ^*DU p"r bo?l? ?o.. t)r?SXl?te ?T?ryw(i?r? UANCE, K*)tlm?r?, ?nd by ___ ?o3t OK,'*bKA1k? UKSM iK bit vj :tlm lo dfibenela fa in i..'i ? . F^jaictl fevils tliH Y.t U I. ?b?T7fol\!'mtatX^rObJV.0cf.rerm^,rr*i,''n low, ?nd irritable l,?'ru?T t.Tco-il2?TrW"k; SS: J? ??2m nV thst ,rAIM-?wiiiTEaraera I <w. . ... "cndauo?.?^Tlie Jtrlw at oach of Uia ut, t M h?. Lklu"lor*. ElcliwoDd, aa l K?? Yort awarded th.!r J. H W. for ,oair of Z w* u,'^?"C?P<^ *n<1 Oacnarreotypa* axht'oite-l. A) A ro^Tad two Alad*la at th? World'* Kalr Lon 2i~' S Nl^ New York ' ya^pM* ' ?iU" iJiauinta tor ttraa ' ,a tt!" 0117 U ?U ?'?"O^tw. M*rble H*ll Clothing Rnipo th,.t tueir dlanUv /?*'? H?^'' r#-'^ctr"l!r nnnonuca ,'pf. of 8l?rtn? ?ancto?r ClotMnK (a oow ^ i for lnapartlon, oomprlniiiK an aaxcrtmunl of Coata Veata ao1 Pantaloona ortha newe.l and rlclirst> in' To cauttvmeu who r.--1y exoallanco with economy In taablonablu arUclw of dr?*a an ojiportunity for ??!?> iing |? <.n>*re<l lroai ovc -f Hit ?*"' ,no9t ?"r?caiw? atork of Soo<la oiterad iE thU dty at ? vary r-ltc?i aca!, ofprlc^a. apl7 ?7?rIRSOM8 9? frZHtSCr TR0)1 DISE.1SKS OP THE . *,r*''* 'fr""! oi?jorlty . f ca*.", c uaplatai* ?? ?Utred to health by a Nlthfnl trial of Dr. OITKTIS'8 HYUK A> 1 on Inhaling V*|M>r. By the Doolor'a ns* uittlio<l o?" "** U ?" -Hreat o..-,tart heUI JflVi *4 P*r *a c*noot UL tf Uvlng a Iwsa All drn(|f*ta aall U. (m* advert mar.t In thlt papor CACTIOM.-Dr. CI UT1S H HYUEANA I* U.? original and on-? genuine arUcla. J* W?1? 0- OILHAN, Dra*<1-t, has reniavad to S*T*nth atiaev appoalte to th? Patriotic Bank, and la now pre pared toSll all order* tor Medldnea, Paints, Oli*. and Ulaaa on ?cooniaiodatln)( term*. Strict ar?*nt?nn wi'l la paid to BhyslcUa'* craecHj," JC? *' t.,.zra of tho day ind nlcht .Lt u.xht t>?tl la od toe of b?oro u ap H?lea 0-OLD80RI8. ULCERS, and ALL i:KrPTIOX?* and *, '?e*a*i arising fr*>m an Impure and deprave*i atatc >4 l ie bl.xxl. geo tbe axtraordloa> y cura pf Wa O Har woo.1, a highly rnepecUble dtlren of ?!cb,i.<iu4. V?. by Carter** 8n?ol jt He bad Hi.-era and a..rt* of tbe oeeoi'ipti<>?, and anally got ?o IhuI, he w?a ui ?ble to %?alk, except ..a frtitcba*. A lewbonie* of CARTER'S j?PaMSH MlXTCak. lite gr?ac blood pnrlUer, cured him l' II ha* cu ro.1 hundred* of otters irho !.? . * <un?.r*<l wlU .-iieiunatiaBi, bad ?'t?*-ta of atercccy, auti j.?'n* *t.d nicer* of tbe bou?a anil > luta. '?^?bo* advertlaeuent. ff^A PHE*0*EMA IN MEDiaaa-aroTcbltU, Ooagh, Dywpe.<ela Llrer Oomplalnta, ScroftU*. S? -?<-- 1. g*?MM0fU>* Fema't Sy.iem It *uad* preem'nant. a ?TWffymaB Jtt*t in'ora* ?? It ha* <-nr?d hlai of Brouehlti* of a teM'tit di?racw?rurtlpa'ari hgrsi^wt, RA<ftt)!T? YEitn-ABLg TIH.i-fSS-By it* acw jfarttia tH?rb^llv^t ?ed Will cure D;ipap ?r, Orsjrh, AJlhrfta, Brooclii*; -fnJTn&t AJSacftm* Palfi. j It. St* Bark, UtU a(Mt TreaiL Oottaoaptloa ScrafMa, It lien m?*m, Oout. Meara'fla, FiHnU, to*ti OvplalaU, riles I w*r?> ?4 ?*n*M boblltw With all di?*?M* ari?lng tram Impure blood, and la tha graateet female medlMne ev mf knawa 'fnia lavalaabl* medicine ta working wonder* fpoa tVehauauftaai*. Heeadv?ru*ui.*ui to-4?/. autrl NATIONAL CELSBE AriOI FOTTRTH JT7LY. At Bunriae, noon, and sunset national salutes will be fired, aocotnpanied by the ringing of all the bells of the'ehurebes and fire oooopa ?lei The members of tha Cabinet, Foreign Mln liters, members and ex-members of Congress, and the officers of both Hoosei of Congrets and invited guests will assemble at the President's House at 10 o'olock a. m The Rev. Clergy, the Jadieiary, Heads of Departments, and Government Clerks will as semble ia the north enolosare of the War De? partment. Soldiers of the United States wars, Union and other -ifsociations in the north enclosure of the State Department. Corporate Authorities and ex Majors will assemble in front of the President's House, loath eide of Pennsylvania avenue. Colleges, Sohools, Ao., in the western park of the President's grounds Fire Companies east of Lafajette square. Societies, citisens. and strangers wishing to unite in the pn.csssion will meet in the east park of the President's grounds. The Military, regulars and volunteers, will form at the City Hall, at 9 o'clock a m., and, under command of Col. Win. Hickey, march to the President's square to form the escort to tho prooession. Upon the arrival of the procession at the Capitol, the Declaration of Independence will be read by Dr. A. T. P. Uarnett, and the ora tion delivered by J. M. Carlisle. Esq. The commencement of theae oeremonies at the Capitol will be announced ky a national salute by the United States Artillery. There will be a grand display of fire works at night on ths grounds south of the Presi dent's tquare. Tnos Miller, M. D. Ch'n. Jauks L Edwards, Uhorcb Savaok, Ukorgb McNeir, J C Fitzpathick, Committee of Arrangements. Wu. Jonxs, M. D , ) Tho? Millbr, M. D , } Com. of Reoeption. J. F. Callah, ) national Celebration of Fourth of Jnly. Ths procession will move from the Presi dent's Mansion at half-past ten o'clock, a. m , in the following order : Aids. Chief Marshal. Aids. Military escort of Regulars and Volunteers, under command Col Wm. Hickey, M D C. Committee cf Arrangements in oarriages. The Prosident of the United States. Cabinet Oiator and Reader. Invited Guests Foreign Minister!. J udiciary. Officers of Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Soldiers of UcJted States Wars. Members and ex Members of Congress, and Officers of both ilouse9. Heads of Departments and Government Clerks. Colleges and Schools. Corporate Authorities and ex-Mayors. Uniou Association. Fire Companies Societies, Citisena, and Strangers The procession will pass by Fifteenth street nnd Pennsylvania avenue to the east gate of the Capitol. Alter the ceremonies on tho ground the military column will re esaort the 4^;:eou'ivo. is , to the President's Mansion. Toe aids and assistant marshals will assem ble (mountod) at y a in , at the President's Mansion. W li. Masrodbr, Chief Marshal. aids to trk chief marshal. Col. Wm. P Young, Lieut. S. Nioholson, MejorS L Lewis, Dr J C Riley. ASSISTANT MARSHALS. H. Loughboronglj, A I. Newton. J I Ll.l??li Dr Gi^floo Tyler, yr J.ut K. Uurf?o It H U,k?), F. A. *lu|?rn. F Brown, BerreU, 9. I'uiuplirey. Ur. J J Uvct W.S WHk.,r, S NV T^l .r, M W. U?|t ' H* rron, IVm Miller, w ?A,'ert> "r- Noble Youbk, John Garrett. Dr A. W. ill ler, Walter D D.?IUSe, F MoUuo r J si' , " Hug?, Ja?r. a. bonnhoo. ' A t. Terry, j h Dr. A J. Klrbai.1 Pettlt Or Kobl. A. liufl, H s>w?,?y, An.lrew C?rro'il J. J IJpyl? A. H. 1'ier-e ttljocniaker Coruelia. Boyle, I>rWr.J.C.Duh?mel SicharU Waltecli. ' The chief marshal will wear a purple scarf, with blue roie'te; hi* aidi red scarfs, with blue rcsatie; thj assistants blue scarfs, with red ro?et:ej. All will use white saddle cloths. Tke marshal will meet ut Harmony Hall on Tuesday evening, at half paat 8 o'clock, where Marts will be read? for delivery. July 2?It Suddenly, on Saturday, June J?oth, MARTHA EMLLINE,^t daughter of Martha and (J. Si:u-.vden, aeed 10 months. On the 1st July, JOHN XV , t-on of U. E and Ari ana liaternan, in the Bih year ?l his age ? J>n the 30:h June, a: 9 o'clock p. m., at the re*l dmee of h-rson hi law, Mr. J.-nkin Thomas, Mrs. KLlZAIlEI II MEEM,in iLe Bfiib year of Iter age. She was a resident of Georgetown during the wbole period cf ber life. Want?. W A NIK H?A\ EXPERIENCED ANI) RE * ? "pcetable American or En^lUU Woman, to ta*e charge of an intavit. UecciuirteiidatioiiH ro quired. Apply at this office. iy -2_2t* \V A'^ , ED Foa POINT COMFORT - f ? Two g.*?d ciia liberal aids and two women to wash nnd iron. Apply ut WiHarda' Hotel. Jc Jo ? HOtJdE WANTED?The alverti?>;r wi?hen to Lay a small cheap Hou^e and Lot, t-ituated wedtof 18?:i 8tr?. t, between I and N stn. Persona having ?,uch property lor sale will please alatt ita loea'ion and the lowot cash price in a vealed nolo and left at tlie Star Office, addrjfsed to l'T B L " je S?9?7t* 11TANTED?EVERVHODY TO KNOW THAT T? they can Ket a lot 34 feet from l?y 130 feet deep, for the l?w price t.f .^75? payable ?3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th St., aoovw Odd Fellow.' 11*11. ap 28?.'ho JOHN FOX, Sec. NOTICE? ? . ?TT^" ^THR STEAMER ALICE O. PRICE ?I rm^?r3Citavea here on TUESDAY mornlnc ??? ai.!.?? wooiu's Landing, to enabie passenirera to partic tpate hi the ceremonies nt Moore'h Landinc lhe fourth ot July ; letun.inj on Thursday, the Je 2C?dtJulyO FOURTH OF JULY OELEBRATIQn! A LL those who desire to enjoy themselves on jr\_ that day should have a neat and comforiable Boot or Shoe, and we would say to them ihat we have a good stock on hand of various ?tylea and arc prepared to manufacture everything lu our line. So give us your orders in time MILLS K HKASHEARS, 33o a. side Pa av., bet. 6th and 7ih ttrcetB. Je 27 -lw FOURTH OF JULY !E3 ZS. O "CJ JEL Oil Q KT TO P1NEY POINT. m ** ^The censinodicuB iteamer ALICE .itind (Captain Samu 1 Ea la.Sr P"s? ??2ers !><>in VVasbin*ion city on rUL^DAY WOKIM1NG, Jtjly 3d, at (! o'clock, and Alexandria at 7 o'clock, for P1NEV POINT. He lurning, will call for sein c.n 'i'bursriay morning, thua aflor<t.n? ho opporta^ity to all who may i.e so t'upo^ed ot Kpcndiuit a day at this delightful Water ing Place, and also an opportunity of viewing the beautitui acciiery of our river by daylight. 0(7-Pa-sage lor toe tup ^ri. Mealsextia. Je ^7?dtex CANAL PACKET LINE TO FOfflT op roc^c, THL CauRt vttcact COMOKK33 having l?een thorouthly repaired hnd put inW9???jmrrrfc firrt rate oroer, (th-j Machinery be _ . ing removed and horse power 8ul>**tuuiuu> v?kMM iiea makins her recu nr trip? Ktv.'cfcn Ucvrceiowp an I the above olgpe, The Bom will leave the wharf of W. H. & II. G. hour stopping at the dilf rent landings alang the lint; tor the reception and landing of passengers and freight, gum| and returning. i he byui >viJ IttUVe ^S'lgf town at 7 o'olock a m. - arnve at the head of the Oio^t Falls at 11. Sen eea at 1, E?i\vn de' Feiry3V(, Monocncy &)(, Know lan's Ferry 6, ond Point of Rocks at 7 q'oiock p m. It. tumlng. leave Point et 7 t?. m . Jtnowlan's Fer ry at 7\^, Mctnocaay ll, Kd wards' Farry 11, Senece 1> ?re?i rails 2^ and arrive at Giorgoiow^ at7 p. na. Passage throoit ettlw way $3. Mmis served regularly on boa>4 rhe boat at mod erate t rices. CUAKLLd MERRILL, Capt. For Bala and Rent, , Furnished house to rent-Io iiio im mediate neighborhood ofth* General P. ?t Of flc*. The greater patt of the Rent will be taken fr> hoatd of two fWMtu, ftnm Jfeh July to lit De?em her, or longer If desired.. Address "Furnished lfou?e," through the Poet otflee, itemed:aieiy. jy?-n? _ For rent?a new three-story brick House, containing eight room*, No. 383 L et. north, between Vermont avenue and 15ih at. weft, wi'thin a few minutes walk of President's Square, lie Rent $200 per annnro. Enquire at tin- i;?nk ing house ol PAIRO fc NOURSE. jft 30?3t FOR RENT?THE BUILDING on D street. near the corner rf 12th. i.- f, r rent, cither in part or whole. Apply at this olTiee. je 28 t? Houses for rent.?a three story

Brick Dwelling, with a two storv back builrt ina, ard all the necessary out buildings, situated in Cox's Row, Fir* street. Georgetown. It has spa cious parlors and a commodious hall. It is ronsid eicd one of the most desirable residences in the ? trict. There ?* an endow d lot, west and adjoin'rg the house. The premises are now occupied by th<' Secretary of ta i Interior. Possess 6n m^y be had on the 12th July. Also, a sub-tautM two story brick Hon*e, wit'i ?pad >n* grounds nbout it,situated on the southwest comer of F and 20ih etreets, Washington. Poaser - sion riven oil the 12th July. Apply to ELADEN FORREST, Corner F and SO h it?. Je 25-1w? (Intel) For rent.?1the basement of forubst Hall, in Georgetown, and several niom< on fl'st floor. Possession given onQd July. The main lls'l or Conrert Room is newly birched, ?nd will b rented by the night or season, on moderate terms. Apoiyto b. Forrest, Je 25?Qw* Corner F and 90:h e's. 17*OIt SALE?A SMALL I KAME HOUSE and . Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washington, ft presents a rate opportunity t ? a person wishing to ma<e a good investment. If not sold soon it will be torrent. Also, a three story Brick House and Lot No. 57 High street, Georgetown, Lot 25 feet front by 160 It dri p, will be sold low and on a long credit. Wanted, h few shares of Georgetown Building Ae ?o -iation Stock. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown ; or, No 400 E utreet, Washington. je2l? j I^OR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAI . large three story Bnck House, well known as the best stand in the city tor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market l!ou-e. and now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Posssegsion eiv en on the first oi July. Address LLOYD fc CO , Claim Agent, l?,th u , opp. tiie Treasury, W t-h.n< ton, D. may 30?tf I> ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. $150 a year will be received for th^- rent ol those new and convenient cottages at K?nd.*>H Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pu'e water are near the door, and commnnieat on is lirs} with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?*%??? and Pern. Avenue, morning and nf\ew,t>o?, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the dc-oartment*. To secure the advantage of this peat redaction of rent immediate application must bo made to the J undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had jtnd the houses inspe-ted at any tira**. Several of tbe*e residences will be sold on libera) terms. WM. 8TIOKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. H.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr?, 1855-tf fjlOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAK lors and Chambers, with board. Alwo, Table and transient board. Inquire a'Mrs SMITH'S. 333 F street ap 9 HO&ES FOR ALL.?Beautifully ami healthily located Building Lots. A4 feet from by 130 f? et deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, b?- bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per tnontii. Title indisputable. Union Laud Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. jar. f)?fira JOHN FOX, Secretary. NOTICE. OUR customers are most respectfully notified tha* their accounts will he presented to them on the 25th iu?taut. To all those who wiil hive the kindnfss to call and settle their respective account? on or before the 1st .'Ulv, we shall ?*t exceedingly obliged. We ha^fc a number of accounts rendered on the l?t Jaunary remaining unpaid, and would r iy to those indebted that, unle?g we receive the tnon< y f<?r them hv ifie Lr July, we shall b>*cop'pell..t toplHCw such bills in the h mJs of an officer lor collection. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. Jo 21?1 Ot AT IlOJVf K ! FETEIi SHANGHAI HAS HETUS7JED, And naving taken up hLs abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Will he happy to see his old friends at tl:e;r ea tabUsiuneni, No. 409 Seventh street, oppose O Id Fellows' Ball. je 15?tf WATCHJCS," JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, iAl. M. W. GALT 8t BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices ol the above, and offer every article in th? ir line nt the loxcat rate*. GOLD AND SILVER WORK of every descrip tion, made to order, such as TESTIMONIALS richly embellished, with appropriate d -<ti?j?s, SIL VER TEN SETS, DINNER SERVICES, He. Preciotta Stones net in every sty!*. Ucwever eiab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, See. cot on stone. M. W. GALT fc Bt'O., 344 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th su. je 14?tr LUMBER?LUMBER. T70R sale by the t arro. a large assortment of f-j . p? rior quality LUMBER, contis ;n? of White Pine, boards nnd plank ; Si4in^, H mlock Cads, Ash Piank, Oak boards and rlank, Decking, IVp lar, &c. Some parcels tve now have on Uw Wharf, are of ?lie best quality e?er btoueht to the Baltimore mar ket CARS, GIESE &. CO, Commission Merchants, No. 21 Spear's Wharf, Bultinii.f^. Also, 1000 bids Rosondale Ceirent 500 do Calcined Piaster. Je S9?3t? NOTICE. SIXTEEN FINE YOUNG MULES for sale, all wtll brok* to harness. Also, four ?jood Wagons and Gear ifwr.nted. ? 'ail on C. VVALBRID3E, Esq , at lnglesi.'e,n?-ar Colutnhia College, or Dr. rt i.iih, at the Metropolis Stables, corner ??f It and 14ih streets. je 29?41* Ci OLD SLEEVE BUTTONS, STlDS.le. *" Inst received a large assortment of the la'est style Mosaic, Cameo. Lava,and plain go,d SLEEVE BUTTONS, STUDS, &.c, unusually fine ai,d cheap. M. W. GALT at i'.RO , C21 Pa. avenue, bet. 9 h and lOih ?is. je 09 -tf Come all yo that are weary atd quench your Thuat A IINY & SfUNN respectfully ro urn their mo-t A. sincere thanks to their frirnds an l toe pubiic iu general, lor the patronage heretofore so iiberally bestowed upon them, and announce that th> y arc not only prepared to receive orden for th-ir PRE MIUM MINERAL WATERS, butal?ofor th-irsu penor Champagne Cider and Porter, bottled and cranghi Ale, Boot Beer and Meal, Lager B^er, in kegs or bot'les, ("arb.:na:ed Gin^r?anew bever age, which is so highly recommended by phyBictaus of tha Nottliern cities. All oiders promptly dispatched. Uni'tu Bv'iUii i Depot, 67 Gteen street, Je 2irf?lw* Georgetown,l) C. FOR MOUNT VERNON ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. wThe Steamer QE0S0E INQI05 will leave Waahicgioa lor Mount Vernon at S and AlexandriH at 8 ? o'cloek a. m , ami take passengers on that trip for the W hite House Pavilion ana Fort Washington. Will land he Pavilion passengers and proceed ,o Mount Vernon, giving the Mount Vernou paf.-enj^rs at out iwo hcurs there. Passengers can visit both places ?n??ul trip tick ets, $t 59; Mount Ven\03, $i; White House, 75 cents. JV ?on? leaving Washington at 7 a.m., caa tak* the George Washington at the White Ho?i??\ Fleet's Cotillon Band is iu' \"h? boat and t'avilios. It is nau^ittir Band _jo_29- 4t JO*?, CORSON, Capt WlLLIA1*, GIBsON, a child 12 vtars eld, left uis parents in Worcester c< acty, Massachu setts, about etx weeks sgo. Any Information com municated to his di?irfrsed mo.her, in Washington, will be thankfully received. MARGARET GIBSON, je 29 - 3t (Organ) Q*X REVVARD.?Rnnaway from the suc-criher, IIP*-' on the Islano, on the 20:h instar.t, a BLACK BOY, ab?ut 13 years of age, named L<-w i . He is a stout boy, and w.ien spoken o^appears sutly. Any ?ne re'urninz this boy to me at my res idence, corner of bt!i and E streets. Island, w <H I?? ceive the above reward. HUGH LEI>DY. js 20 St* STBAftD PtlOM THE bUKS?CRIBKU ou K.? day, Uip S9-.I ios'taot, a bay Mare. In goodcrder. and a ring bono on bea lore fe't. 81m* Is bNni 18 hands iii^h. A suitable reward will be riven If ro-1 iU'ned 10 me im Gtorge.own, comer of Bride- rnd Gteen atrette, HUGH DOWLIN3. p W-** J mmmmmrm Auction Sales. tgT Fir otter Auction Salr* in fint fi?1| Djr OHMKS * SCOTT, AnetloaMri. TWO TWO-9TORV FRAMB HG09ES AND Lot at Auoti^n ?On THURSDAY, fch of inly, we ah> U rell, in front of ita preoosea, at 0 o'clor* p. ru , baif of Lot 4, in Squara No 343, fronting 9P teet 9 Inch ?* on '1th street we.1, between K street worth and New K >rk avroue, running bark 68 feet 9 inches, with the improvements, which are two good two story Frame Houses, containing 3 rooms each. Ac. Each hou?c will he ?4d separate with the lot on which it stands. Terms: One third cash; balance In 6, 19, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day cf the sale. A deed fiven and a deed o" trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Je 99 ?d Auctioneers. By ORKkS A SCOTT, Anetloassri. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON PA. avenue, *?etwt en 2d ard 3d ?treets at Auction. On TUt.SOAY, the 3d of Jaly, we willclfer for sale at 6 o'clock p. in., in front <>t the premises, part of lot No 4, in reservation N<v li, havtrt a front on Pennsylvania avenue of lrt feet 8 inches, und run ning with that width back 93 feet to a 15 feet paved alky, with the improvements, wh:eh consist of a good two story Bri? k liou?e. with back building and paved yard Terms: One fourth cash; resldoe -n 6. 19, 18 and 94 m?n!bs, for uotes b an tg interest from the day of the sale. A deed and a deed of trust taken. Title incispmtabl? The ahive de-n-nb^d f rcpeiiy N loca:ed naar the OIJ Hail road Depot, in one of the most business parts of the avenue, and i.? rapldlv enhancing in value. GREEN A SCOTT, je SI?J Auctioneers. By J AS. C. HcOUIKE, Anetioneerv OMALL FRAME MOUSE ANI? LOT ON llti. between G and U streets, at Public Auction ? On MONDAY alterno? n, Jul, 2i, at o'clock, on ihe premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 13, in square No. 319, fn ntisg 20 feet <>a lltli *-t, b? tween G an1 II streets north, r iming h tck 95 feet ?o a ten teet ..1!? y with the improvements, consisting of a small tno--tor>* i?ou.-e, (N?. 427.) Terns: One third ca*b; th-j residue in 6, 19,18. i4, ? 0 find 3G month-, for notes (.eating inter* it and secured by a deed of trust JAB. C. McGUlRE. June 28?d Auctioneer. By GRKKi 4t SCOTT, A net* oarers VALUABLE HUiLlilNG L? ?T ON' NORTH K street a> Auction.? On M' >NLAY, the 91 of July, we fhall ???!?, tu front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m ,'wrst pa*i of Lot ?o. ?9, in Square No. 516, having a froct on north K ?treet ot 20 feet, running hack 149 f.-^i 7 inches to a wide alley, bt tween 4 h acd Mb Mrert* wet. Terra s : One jourth cash | balance In 6,12 and 18 morihs, tornotes bearing interest from the day of th ? sale Title indn-prtsble. A deed given aji" * dctd of t-u* take n. Git SEN A SCOTT, s'. 27 ?d Auctioneer*. K. 8< WaiGIIT, Auctioneer. own (1 ANAL BOAT AT AIJCTI ?N. On TUESDAY J n?*it, July 3d, a: 5 o'clock p. m., I shall sell. Without reserve, at the Coat Yard of Capt. Moore, the Canal Boit Capt. Will den, in good repair. Tf rniK at the sale. EDWARD a. WRIGHT, i* 27?d Auctioneer. By J AS, C. NcCI IKK, Anctionitr. CIHANORf.Y StLEOF VALUABLE improved / Leal i'.-taw- a- d .Mok t Girden.? My virility r a fjKcree of the circuit Court of the t i-irict of Co in r.hia f >r YVa^nngtou county, made in the c-u-i* wterein Mary Il< (T.ridii, adm ni?trat:ix and heir at law of Thomas M-Kire, deceased, i< co.. pla'nat.t. ami H o naii Moore, and J ine? Moore, a id Laura Ann MtXrre his wi e, heirs j.1 law of Mid Thoaas Moore, dece sed, are d< f iuiants, No. l,0C7in< h>n cerv, til 'sub. cribtr tru.-tee app:iinted by ?a>d d - crce, will s 11 at public auct on, en TUESDAY the Idch .. ay of July, 18 5, tt G o'clock p. in, ?>u the premises, the wt.ole of -(mare No 30:i. in the city of Washington, fronting fee on each of llihand 12th ftn-et? weKt, and 909 feet 2 inches on each of V snd W .-treet* n rih. and containing about G2 6.2 pquare fort of gro.ird, witn buildings, improvements and app'irtenanres, uhlcJi coeri^t of a well und ><u;?s huiit two-cioiy LncK dweiiuij house and frame stable, kc. The. abov- projvny ?? el^tly ntu.itrd and rapid ly ? ui.?Uw.f.K .u va uc. tnd iia- b;'en occupied fend cultivated r.* a mark-t g;:rd?:n for many jei ft is m an eici-Uent co<idiri< n i';ir that purp le, atd win in a veiy short ?m ? itlier oi thu city mar kctii, hi'd uIFrtu to persons ile?r>0js of obtain n; a v:>lmt>!.* market carded or Lu-i&iug ao investment, The tej ij.i oi r.sle, ai prccribed by the -aid d? cttse, ?. i,l be one-fourth of ihe p?trchaf" ui<<T?ey to be paid mi ?t-h, the baUi,<-e in G, '9, 18 and 24 months, lo Le -tcU'^.l bv tho puroh:?*er's no^r, bei iii2 irileit^t fi?>ia ih<" day of tlie wtl?, with seru ray to \,t approved by the tru?tne. Up-ra ihe fhll payment ol the rarsfca^e money and mtcrest, an.i *ht iKtifl *atK>n of the ?ale by th. Crurt, the tiustee w:il convey th" property to iht purcha?er in lee. L'the terms ol sa<t< are not et.mplied wlt'i in fii diyi a ter (he sale the property will be resold at Ih'v n*k and expense of the^-tx, upon one noticc. All convoyanci ?g it erpen?e r/pnrchastr. CHA8. S. VTALLACH. Trustee. J AS. C. McGlTlBE, Je 15?eoA^w Auctioneer. 87 J.C HeUl'lKiT, Antlluncsr. \rERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS f,t the corner of 4Jf street and Vir* ma aves lie ?On TUESDAY afie noon, July 3. a: o'clock, on me premises, I shJI s II s-ubcifi*"ins N?>s. 14, IS, 13, s.'. ii?, and 23, rf < ritsnai Lot No. 14. in Pquare No. 495, iro.uijg respr>c;iv ly Id and 16',^ f tton Virginia avt uu * and 4J^ streets, louutni; back vari ou - d-p'Jia to sn a l-y These !otn are ai!i|,Vt?l in the very best locations on the hla^d f^r I'Uiidir.g ;*uri'o?ea, are m ith the jjraoc?, have pavements iai:?, and are. b -yor d a doub', "he inoet de^irabh l;?w lor rale in thai tecueu ^?S the city. Title petf<%?-t an<! sale pj.-it!ve. Tt rsar.: One tt ird ca.-.h"; in 6, *9, and 18 ii.or.ths, for note* Uarirj inttrcit, .vccured b> a de?d 01'trust on the premiss. J AS. C. McGUlUE, je9G? d At!,-i<-r. 1)tSArtljl\u.?p iasant rvoins tor t-un.w r. 3 with boarding l'orfamiliwa or persons Ci*n !?? had by eailv application at KING'S, 30 J 1 ortli C street, betwreu aJ *n.1 4^. The nouse iu ?ie ligh tuiiy situated, and has ih beon ilsoroufhly ren ovated and rtfuraished. M> sis furaislied to faini liesand day boarders accao.mooatid 011 r< t rms. Je4?ln?* rvo T 1 C E FOR RENT-PARLORS AND (Jham^ers, v/i:h t?oird. Al^o, table md trr.n vlent board, wsth a bathii.j room and shower hatiie and every artentioa to n-n.ler i' csvt ecr.^aLio u her boarders. Mrs. p. G MURRAY, Cora01 Pennsylvania avenue and 4)4 sl rp 93?3ui iV>AUD, *? MM, BAi I V m dM m \ve. t i orM?-rof I'a. avenue r.nd U.o street is pre pared to ae cot n mod ate gentlemen with ijoui?, with or without b.iard. Every floit will Ik- made to ren der those comt'ortrhle who iuav .a?or her viitl; their pa;rrna?e. ap 6?11" STEAMBOATS CONNECTING^ ?nc****iu With each train cI Cart arxiv iirRin Wajhiogtoa ?r Alexan. dria.?'ihe Sr?-aniers THOMAS C O LL Y ER *r GF;t>KGE WASHINGTON wUi make the sbove connections, Ieav,ne VVa?h.n?:on at o a. m for tl> Orange and Alexandria, and contact with' 4 same train on tbtir turivrJ. Meals furnished on thi- bests. The Boats connect with :dl the trains from B.d limore. HAM'L CEDNEY, Capo inay 17?d MARU F?>l{ SALE?A light ktv, very ac tive and h rdy, pace., under the s^d- AV-_ ule an t iron last in harness 't he owner having no use Lr her will ?tll h< r miich below net val :c. Also, Lot fin sale, Ih irg o;.e of ;ka tnost beautiful Bml(.'iitC Lous 011 M. necr lv?h urr-t t A) ply at No. 510 L street nor.h, be'.u'reu rf.h and 10U? sts. Jc 28 lw* ' ? 1^4B?T WARD.?All person^ irdebted to T. W. Johnstn 1 A ; o. are e^m^ly rrqoested to pay up thi ir aoensuts to ri? eu!> ciib?-r as their account* must be settled ii&biediately. T. W JOHNSTON, p. oo3t Dn- G-iod-- tutors. No 111. GRAND FAMILY EXCURSION. ^Tbe Bifsardcomir odiouj S:c:a ?tr OLGiiOit F GJ?, Capt E A. RYTHEB, wi'l make ber Second Grai.d Ft.miiy Ext'iireion oq I'UK8I? AV N2X r, h:.;vinL' her H>p f .ot 7sh st, at 0 o'clock p. m ; Comh's Wiiarf, Na vy Yard at 7; and Alexandria at 7>J o'clock p. lu Tickets 25 cents. Refreshments on board. Pro-pen's Hand ?til be la attendance. Je 93 -lswif ? CUMBERLAND COAL I7OB SALE BY THE CAI GO OR BO\T LOAD 4 bv HOWARD \ POOR, je 95?e< Bt A'.exaniiria, Va. NAILS?NAILS! KAA KEC3, assorted sizes, for rale by OU* ? . CA&1PB: LL A COYLE. )e PAIHO.VS ON CONTRACTS, vol 9 M^cdi-r's Llfi s rnd Tones of ihe 'i? tiees of the 6uprexe Court ot ?h? United States - hrst ?? iloa. FiL^NCK TAYLOR. TELEGRAPHIC.' i in? i ? ? ? ??????? ?? ?? ? ? ^ ?< Rr ruETKD roa rmt DAILY EVBVma STAR Lntcst from Havana New Tout, Jalj t ?Tbe Black Warrior with Havana dates of tbe 27ib, hM arrlrad. Tbe U. 8 steamer Fulton toocbed at Bmet cn the 25th, and ixilod the nex* daj far Key West. The health of Havana U nnnsualy good. Rumors were current at Havana that a de taohmsnt of trwpe were going to Porto Rieo, where it wag said another oatbiaak had oo carrei. . Fatal Affray Erojilt*. July 2 ?About one o'clock cn Sacdiy mcrnitg a fatal affray took plsoe at the oorner of Fulton avenue and Rayaocd street Cbarlee Jonson wai killed It bcrt Johnson mortally, and Patrick M.Doo'agb ??Terely wounded Michael Gormaa, Mienatl M:Oee, and Patrick Sorly wire arretted 1-3 light wii caused by lienor. Largj Steamer. Eostok, July 2?A m del of DosalJ Bo. Kay's new steamer baa teen in the Exobanga cews room for exbibi;ion This steamer i? in tended for a new line to Liverpool, aod will be 320 fett long 44 bread, and 31 deep. 7 ha Weather. Boston, July 2 ?The weather evottfcue* 0r. presiivtly hot. At no^n the mcrcury stood at 92? ia the shade Five fatal Cusiof sou stroke bare occurred . itoe Saturday noon Baltimore Market* Baltu<"p.k. July 2 ?The market? are rr.rf Jul*, thia morning. *.* well aa inactive Sale* ot 2 0 ka-re s of Howir-i ttreet flour at $S?.7 '. There were s^ioft snail talet cf wbeat auU corn At Saturday's rates. Kew Tork Markets Niw Yoex, July 2.?Cotton is dull. Flour, -a'es of 3 ate and Western brands to day at $3a$? 60; Southern. $10 S0?$l2 Wheat is on changed. wi h a limited demand at previous ratca Corn is a trifle lower; western whito, II; ytllow, V4hi?i. Pork u dull, with a de clining tendency Beef is firm L\rd is au> changed. Whi?ky i? fiem at 40|a4l. Few York mock Market New Yoec. July 2 ?Stocks are batter Money is un barged. irala* at ihe first board of Kiii'j at Cumberland Coal Coeapany. 29}; Keadirg, V3J; Canton Company, 27J; New * York Central. 101 i. P1 TUK AMERICAN SPECIFIC. rpflE only wfe, iuw, and aj.eedy cure U* a c?tf X tain di.ehse. Sol.1 ox>iy ai No 119 Pit. avenue. Price 41. Je 27-6i IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING EliSONH r moMiu fr< in tbe city, and wlU. i?a _ t i dupni'-Ci ttx ir Furniture and Hr awkr^jt i.iX Uteti?iia. Sic , w.thorn the trouble of mndmg tiiem t<> public auction, c.ui do ?o by on cU our tkoie. 31 7 Pa avenue, corn**/ of N.nin >t , a-> w; urn prepared to buy al! aucb po >d? a* snay b? ?fieri d Housekeeper* and others will do w.'ll by cal'Inf on u?,a* we will pav ihe liigaeM cash pric<? for a,l such 4od?. \V.%LL, BAKNARD fc CO. je 7?9m 317 Pa. avenue. IHF. POTOMAC RTVER STEa il.OA f COMPANYV STEAMER ALICS G. rKlCE, i'APT BAKKK, _ .fT^la Wil.L LEaVE W^HINGTO* G ovi.oCK a. M^ AND A'. >i? i ? il'MVLOCK A M t jN TUii DAY MOKN'IWSIw?Mati.x, Car riomin. L. R*arhr?*<?c. Pinrv Point, Ktn*?l)', Cone. ON FKIl?AY MOKV!N<;s? for?Cl?ai*4 P?ur,i, Wicomico, L?oti&>dtowa, l'u\? jr Po>ut, St. Mar) Cone. ON VVEI'NFSDAY rr-tantinu) leave Oon- at 4 o'cl'vk a m , for- St Mary**, Piaey Point, Lvuo ni'iirtwii. \\ ijowi.'rt, ? iiep? I Pu:nt. ON SATURDAY (retu-aing; leaving Oone At 4 it clock a. su , lor Ktn?al?, I'mey Point, L. Matiu Joe, i urfp'mr.n, Martos. ('?/i'Uc at th- t:*aal taudtc.^i (>a the rlvef ?h?n iP'TJ-l'' are tiiide. By order of the Boarc*: JAd P. KM1TII, Prvndeui Alexandria, Va., Jucr 1, IBM. je IS?if Sr. itOoVHK, Iron Hall Boot. Sb*, orwl , Tiunk E>tab:uli*KUi I tiivr r?-rp:vu-J ? tL. mis day a large h<?orW)i?n: of Genu Pr>-n hfi-3 I Patent Lca'.htr a d Ca!f B'? ?:? and Shoe?,f BL^ wbich 1 wi I aell the <p. Aleo, Bo\s' Youths, and ?ti'.ureVf rHOES of ail ursctiptiun*. AJI in wuiit p!.? ?*-e call at H. P. HOOVER, Iron llall B^rt, at.d "Irnrli Etft&hlLshatea', beta en &ui and 30iti i-U. Je 10 - J LAND WARRANTS. OHV D CLARK, Ageut tor claims, No 59f TweP'tti atre. ;, ?vi!l j;iTe the hi^li<-at mataet pricf in sold for Lnnd A nn i t* j<> 7?in* T-j noDSKKKtcpaim-rMsot wuii ?n? lo purchase Mipt r.or Tabic or Pnckct ('? iery, lienvv t^il-'er piatt-d or Btmania W. re, rtn? japanned T*r? Tra.n or T il? t dcu. an ????? Ilent Clock, Feather Du-ter. lint Stand, Enaia* k*<i Ket t!?, Kfcuc?.p:ui, C ?vy strainer. Tea Bell, or auv tf ihe hundred and one lit le etcetera* in:aJ -d by every h-ujer.eei^r, are iavittd to cill on <2 FRANCIS, jc 18 49U SeTenrh *. i ISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. 'Vl!E firm of VIvcr-i X Taker \ra? niuiuall ? ct* 5 mhcS ob tb? l>t Jmr, 14B All per ooa hav. !M2 claims agninst t^e fl-ra will pr?*-B- ibem to C. 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Mr- Market?We a>? u;*. rIodine out the rtork of ?>me twenty tb<>uun.l? -4 hirs worth of Diy tloort* wuhout reaarti toot.-t. Am ihe ?litre 8t??ck hiu-t bo ?<?ld 'VlUmi ??xty d^y* w will oiler g <od? at ?*m prfces aa ougtn io indoc>> ft?on? to bu oheii.t-r th.y want Div C?e?d? r nns. Tli'We nlm would hjv.? barsaina had b-t'^r call ifuu<slia't!> ul .lit of the t^tort und' r iljn Avenue ll ,uv^ Ter?*s exciurm.1* each j-47?lw J U CITZPATRU'K, Aceui. SUMMER RETREAT. " IJLAKISIONM PAUI.IO* WILL BE OPFN 1 I for the rec *?; turn of vi. itor? on the nf Ja y. 'i he propti?lc''< i^ihe will be Hipplicd "kJ with tf-e d ii:??c; ?- i.b .rig in thr- ** m -~ifci^ i.-fjneeat to Bl^ki^ton liiactd. H? hopes ie >vor* i<i pieaf will i??ure him a ?htf? of tMttrou ig- from those aceking health or a little quiet frum aty bu 0 ? The e??aa:<:ri VarylaoJ, OefreoSa, a< d AUc?* C. P. ice ntojj rccii'arlv at h a 1 .tadiniz T?m? for or.*- week or mjre, % I S5 pe? day. For a eb'?rler tint'. per w. blaki^ton, Je 95? 1m* Pro|ir>etop. NEA MILLINERY. MIS9 THO>IP^OV h-,? j ai opraad our .^urtli i?iv ice ?? N?a;> lii^n. L^h.^a, Eof (fcajj iiRn straw, l.ace, t'ra^e. an.l einer Bun n liatj. l a:: ? ?* In h^vc n ?t a:r?-iJy ?.ippl? nBF liMtnselvre are mvio dto cu!l aud aiake thur jel-ctionr. /?la?, j'J^ rer - ire.l a choice M of Fato;. Si a M,:u. fl ie Kik >? ? \f- , l!o-i. ry, . i jetti-r ?lth 4 variety o nucle; n."M ne^ee6 ?ry to ecu^^raiv, aod io < U of which w e i.inje j. ; >n. HUr.rtllNflON a MUNRO, Fnucy l>r?ler?, No. 310 Per,??a. aTe&u?. )e? c'..Jii<iu?lobeby Sir M'ai mJTORKDDX*a Di Scov.iJn ^htnaV liun if of 3*<Aa, nctST.x, $5 .Vmatancc- h?-r^e.t a novel, hy .Mi?s Jewabury, 37-. rhe Com Mver y between Scuator Broofc.aad Arc * t.LdtO'i Hufhe.-, So tent*. je U r&AXCK. TAYLOU*