Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1855 Page 4
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V?- NING STAR. "THE LUT LSAT " ?T OLIVER WSWDILL KOUflS. "I *aw him once before, At he by the door, And Hgain The pavement stou s resound," As he totters o'er the groud With his cane. "They say that in hi* prime, Ere the pruning knife of Time Tat him down, Not a better man wis found, By the crier on hi* round '1 hrough the town. "But "ow he walks the streets, And he looks on i II h? meets Had ami wnn; And he shaken his feeble bead, That he seem* an if he said They arc gone. '?* The tnou marlte ratt On the Hps that he hat prett In their ?*r<J the names ht iored to hear Mate h'en carred for many a uear On the toirifi. "My xr^ndmama has said ? P<K.r lady she is dead Long ago, Tba' he had a R^man nose, An J his cheek was lika a rose lu the si.^w. "hut now his nose is thin. And it lest upon his chili Like a staff: And a crook is in bis back, And a cj- lauch .ly crack In his iaugh. " I know it is a sin For me to sit and gnn . At bun here; Hut his old three-cornered kra, Ar.d his bn cches, and all that, Are w> queer! " And if 1 should live to be The ]??{leaf upon the tree In the tpring; L*t them mile, a* I do now, At the old forsaken bough, Where I cling." ??? Forbeab.a.n"CB.?A dispute arose in a coti'ee-housc between Sir Walter Raleigh and a youn? man. on some trivial point, and the latter, losing his temper, imper tinently spat in the face of the veteran. Sir Walter.insteadof running him through the body, as many would have done, and as he himself would most assuredly have done some years before, or challenging him to mortal combat, coolly too out his handkerchief, wiped his face, and said, "Yonngman. if I could as easily wipe from my conscience the stain of killing you, as I can this spittle from my face, ou should not live another minute." he young man had his good qualities, and he imediately begged Sir Walter's pardon. XT* foppery is never cured : it is the bad stamina of the mind, which, like those of the body, are never rectified; once a coxcomb, and always a coxcomb. OCT^'very hour is worth at least a good thought, a good wish, a gocd endeavor. JET* should always set God before us, and ourselves before Him. iiOl OLLNTs OF OCEAN STEAMERS. A'tia; Lent for Days. <l?iak? r City New \ ork. .Havre June Union New York.. Havre June 'JO Off- The LViiofxia steamers leave New Yoik on t ;.?? "Sib and JMi of each inontb. iiUUVALh AT PRINCIPAL HOTEL!?. ftaticu*.1. s d. w;nus R Mart:n, NY C II Carter, Md J !*ir< m. La Mi?s Paloier. Va J V Hmiih, do Col L Boyle, Md J D Barber, do Mrs M ? r, Ga P M Ctonh, N Y J lh?bbin<?, Jo I> Cu-lnnf, \ a J A Crrtn, in W Stoneba^k, jr} Pa Ki Mitchell, M . P Hlakeake, jr, do E Ba:ley, do ri D Morrison, Cal J Johnson. \a J White, DC J Wii!<ams W Anderson, DC J *| Ciou^h, <io T McCaus.and, da S P Wa-iti.r, Tenn 8 Tste, do J S Walker, jr, do W Li IMdrtih and lady, In W F Getty, Va I) P Clarke, Ga J Eockweil, NY" T li J?'hc.-on, Pa W II In>, NY E P Goulo, DC W G Rmsjnld, do W 1> Sftij>inan, Ct J 11 Jones, la L M Wiison, Mia P M Small, DC J P. Floyd, jr, Va G Thoinan, jr, do C L Matthews, A!a K G Morn*, <J(> A llarbert, Va W W Herbert, do XV A Eliason Crowai' II it?: Ctt Wa;fcacba?d frietd, L'sA J L Larkin.-, Vt P A Bowain, do J A Hint k. lady, NY C J Hunt, d i 8 A Man., do J H Whitehead, Ca A Whitehead, do Miss Manly, NC Miss Giston. d? Mm* Wei!-, M 'is W Hollirter, NC D G MarRae, do W Psnni.i Va M II L?*kn, Pa r. J Arni.trtng, Va J t arliuo, do A L Bo>J at lady, NY Mus Boyd, d:> Mr Peebles U White, Va C \ McEvoy, i.o J 8 Saunders, NC B Vlal%lf ? r. & y. nmrrr, G Q Karrick, la J ii Eati'ii, Pa A A Marshall, Cal W J Lancaster and lady, Md W C Thompson & lady, loiva H 8?cu & lady, Ttnn 8 I) McEntry, Pa A E Carter, DC W Johnson, Sid D A Davis, do J A Hines, do J Barry, NY W liarvey, do T Bryant, NC A It Stith. do J Pierce, Va P J fate, Pa I d?* Zuuora, Cuba A Mcome, Scotland J G i-'aundcri, Va J L Browne, Ind T d Wat kins, do Wilier.*?' r<o:?l % 9Gall<ip, PI W E Pines, do W I? Phipeen, Ct C"?>! Part?r, Aiiny Opt li .-ath, do B J Pr?*t!>mar, III K S II, Nicutagoa fTHfib n J :? Graham Capt II A Adams, L'siN P I 4 l.atr.rd, |r, M t J W lit aiy, Pa Ci'l J Ilamuioti and lady, NY B P DuVa; k. lady, Ark Mis M Fie!<l, do II 1 Fwat, Aki W M Anuur"r.g, T'.nn W F rmiin, UbA ?J. a. t 3. C. WilSAtS E H G111:1 .md, Tenn W II Miller, DC J L Ramirez, lady <k sis ter. Cuba fs K Roiuag<;sa k. son, da C D Simons h. lad} , Pa Mish C Yimous, do ?? L Garneu, NY J G Whitney k. !a<ly, Va J C V\ tuiney, do Miss M Whi n?7, <1o J G < ?tto, Eajjlai <1 B M Otto, do J E Mason k. 'ady, .Mass Miss Ci-ck, do J Horeman, Va N C ?>rnck, do G W Gcrri?h, Mass ? Bind stain T I*. Glajett, Va W Cl>Glb ( f!, Cc ll'.n U McCalliiljr, Pa N M i lat??, d>> Mr Bik> r X lady R II 8sck.rU. I) * i? B Brnwn, Mich B Koa^-ll, Va ?1 BUi k'.vell, <)o K B Winn, do D Fi*rrtt, Pa M P Morten, do P W Couts, do ^ liotcl?r. c. Sicznir. C >nith, Va V 1! Holding, da T T ITf rrey, do J W Hanse, do J W Ccnover, NY II L Grov??, Va Dr fl.x.k, do F Cain, do ^ Brady, do J T Biady, do <2? H W Lucu?, Ttx iti.kwoo*: lie>. W R Siuitli, <j L T- nn 'I' D 2*trj{? nt, DC G G Glofer, NY A Ma?-key,d?? I! VI Uruncian, Pa Vi K Pa*-, Va I <r Z .til ra, Havana ti W ThriB, Aia G W H^rry, Va xc?j. n. a a. i:ixw6c? H W Goodrich and lady. DO Mis* A Hodman, M J H R Rowie, do W 8 l'uompaoit, do Dr lieges, alo II D King > trn, Pa T P C'iis ji;.r. Va J W Mohler, Md Wiilardi' Hotel?Old Point Comfort, Va. 8 2 B -rum, Norfolk D Pan!, do T G Haylor, d<> R Taylor, do A] a j B McCn.lock/Tei Ji.o S Darcy .<r,d seivt, NC Juo toyce, SC II C Ja.rttt, CjII TPPUa ant?? 4o M:?? Palmer, P*tert>bur2 Mis* Branch, do Jn.i R Branch, do T I* I.ranch, do Mum Ren tgh, Lynchl urg Maj R 3 Gamut, USA T V Hane-, Hicbui >nd ? 'ha.- t Wallers, Norfolk T Lu ML do E C Kobmson, do D McCarty^wife ? child, B P Harri oa a lady, Pe Waah J T s?le.ver a, do Wn II Tace Nort ;!k Mrs 4 Face, Jn Mrs IThrick, Unit J ? Ceor^?*, NC ter?b?ir* Misa S E Harrison do Miss J Hrawley, do Mr* A Dennis, do R Harrison, do J Gait a daughter 6C GLEN ?V OOD CEMETERY, Office Ho 292 Penn are , corner 10th stroot. (OVER THE SAVING'S BANK.) r'HIB CRM ETERY is laid wit on the plan of liie rel?i>ra:ed Greenwood, of New York, and situ ated on the hirh ground distant on? and a qnarter mile# north of the Capitol?North Capitol street ??'a ine directly to the gateway. Thia Company have secured a charter from Con grew, appropriating their ground fbr ever to burial purpose*, anfcinc a fee title to the purchaser, and piohibitiug ail encroachment* from KftiilriUon or otherwise, which ia of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where thev Lave placed them, for It has become a custom in all other cities, when the burial ground becomes valuable for other purpose*, to sell it, and throw the dead pitwi i?c?u? ly info one ltr*e pit, and legal measure cannot pre vent it, as ni> titles are given lo the ground. N B ?Office open Irom 10 to '2 o'clock ?. m , where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, Bvlawf, and a Mapflf the Gmunds md ail other informa tion, can he obtained. All orders l?i\ with Mr. Jamea F Harvey, No. 410 Seventh atreet, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je 18?ly MORTON'S SHORT NIB GOLD PENS of the finest workmanship and finish, an.I very dif ferent in their action from any other, suiting inan7 writer* who have hitherto not been able to make use of any metallic pen whatever. Also, Bagley's Gold I'ens, including all the host varieties made by tha; hou-e, lor sale, wiiolsalu or retail, at the manufacturer's lowest :>nena in evary c??e. FRANCK TAYLOR je 23? A CARD.?LOOK HERE !~~ A LL ve lovers of the pood things of this life. ar?;l .ajL we will tell you where you may obtain at lea: t some of them. Thanklu! for past favor- I would respectfully ask a continuance of the sarue dor ng this Spring and Summer. 1 am prepared to furnish all who wiil give me a call with the swe?>t and coo! iag Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scharlotie Reuse, Blancmange, &c- Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, pen erally kept in well regulated establishments ot the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnish in? Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties. Balls Excursions, Pic Nics, Sic., &c., and upon reason able terms. Call at the old stand. Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Beft quality ICE CREAM sold at $1 SO per gallon. may 7?eo&n JOHN W. BIGHTSTINE. PROPOSALS FOR CLOTHING, Ac. Quartermaster's Omci. U. S MaRIN* Corps, Washington, June 23,1865. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office lint-! Thursday, the 26th <1% oi Ju y, 185.', ?.t 12o'clocx m ,for the suppl . oi" the following ar ticles, a: such tirr.e and in such quantities as may he required during the ensuing fiscal year; to be de hvtred at the Marine Clothing Store, 37 Walker s:., New York, free of expense to the Ur.iloil States, viz: 5,C00 yards *ky-Llue kersey; to he In all rejects simitar to th;?l used by the IJ S. cniiv 1^00 kaap'acks; to h ive tlir e c s of pairt, prviK-rly varnished, strapped eGaiplf-Tfc. and the letters *:IJ S M " painted on the back 1,000 blue cl .ill I'aiigu - cap-, I.Miher t?-?>?*, pMc..: h ather visors, and the letters "U. S. M " in i.rass oil the fron' 1,000 mil- 'ha ca; -, with bras* teal. s, eag.e, kc., complete 1 0C0 p wnpors 1.000 patent leather stocks 12.500 pair- army brr.gans 1,000 gray blankets, with the letters "tl. 15. M." in b!a?*k woven in the centre Th-; ritrht to increase o: ditnioish the quantity o the arieles. named, as the exigencies of use rvice may require, is reserved. All aittc'es will be submitted to a rigid inspection and must contnrni to the samples to he seen at t'.e effi e of the A*-i?tant Quartermaster Marines, 57 Walker ^tr< et, New York, or at the office of uu~r termaster Marine Corps, Marine Barracks, Wash mrton, 1). C. Bidders will state the name of two surctii ? in case the contract i< award -d them ; if unknown to this office their svfficiency mist b: certified to L-j some offi i! S IS S To be endorsed "Proposals for Clothing,'* kc , and addrrr-ed "To the Quartermaster Marine Corp Washington City, D. C." je 25?eor'CJuly TBS MUTUAL FIR- IrfSU&ANCK C >r:PA ITT 0? THF XSTKJCI OF COT.^UBI V ClIlARTERED by Congrese, oflTer-: t'j the propert > t owner.) of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. CLYS^ES V/ARD, Piesi.ier.t. CHAS. WILSON, f?f<r. tar/. MaTIIEW G. r.*1KRY,Treasurer, xixicnt. IJlysse? Ward John Van Rijwick Thomas B'?gd n P. W. F. Howard, ~ Maihew G. Emeiy. J. C. McKelden. Offiee, Columbia Plate, co.v.- r Loui: .a:u av .? ?; ai.J 7ib ftreet. Office hr>urj frnra 3 to 6 o'clock p. in. feb SH>-- ?^itf HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Ch.'it tlaiiis, Chains, Breastpins, E^rrtn^s, Fnigei Bin its, made to order, of any desired design. All orders Ciithfully atieu led to. Specimens may be Been at mv siore. H. SEMKEN, N'?. 330 Fa. av., between Stall and 10th su. Mar 3?? FOS FOC)R AND LABORING BI11N. SMAuL BUILDLNQ L0T3 of I'd lest o: . .i varloo.? farts ct tbsttty, Mi l oim * iotr pr.:?J, ar. J tram ts suit. I to! ?> t 00 BUELOIKQ 8 T 3 S F;, let ua.'6, iiiivai i"oi? at the Clc%., or \VhM:ref> ? Wai^-stoa.or .VI?ra:;Iri-. T t A 'T? ? fn i;.p. T.*eter^r- n+.+,.t ;..rt \y [No. 531 ] Notice of :hs establishment of an additional | land diMtricl in the Stele of Califor/iiii. WIIKU^AS under the pr-vid^os of the act of i C ?|NH| appr ved Ma:ch :j, 1853 ?? tit ed I "An a^. to provide tor tte surrey o: tho publl? .'and | in Cnii'oroi"." &c.. tb? l*r-?di-nt nt t\i? Uni* - States is anlLc-itoi et su-b time or lira * as j . ti jadgeneat the jiubiic interest niiy bj ircper?fif-.^ requira, ? ? ? to dMlafia fitnte :>tCal!f>ni!a Into two or three -ate li; ?? dl:trict?, tars of wb.fh districts vere ?--t*?i* ish^d d'r s? d act by pufcli: iiotie*, dau.d 21st March. I*s3: *n-l wheruas tli? surve-s an 1 sett om i.r laate sxt?nd?d In California :>o t*r that tint c:av? id'in<>- of tbe -et'lers hiii tue {iuLfClaurcft require tie rstalillshnibnt of 'he thre^ dL tricts authenz -i by th^ itct t f "ho March, 1853, afor^i 1 ? Now, therefore, "orf It kcow.?, thr.: uir.^-r, nt-d 7 autk i.i> of il.e t'fcil a't of C'cngress of b-J Mar -h. 1853 the PiM' dmi rfth- L uit-d tki^-3 has 'iiect d that the Hlstr cf C^Mf rnia Le i.ridMl iu'< chr? ? e>;par:t>j lani distrkls, tiio iK.ur a.iritd oJ which ar- an rul ows, via : All mat y.-irtofthe U.U, c laia-uti^^ on tii - Pa rifle coiSt, 1/iag a. rth of the liu? betweoa t sbif cston uc-i ei;ht(7 and 8) north of Meant De able ba-si l.i.e, tuenc* runnir* on uid iint o Uie meridian, thanca south cn th? iD<?ndiun lino t - the llne dlvidicg tosrsaLlps 'hrte i.n-1 four (3 i>oo 4^ uerth of b .id I a^e !i ?, thp^ce ?t;st oa iJ iln ? L tween to<rai'hi;a three and four v> lh? . ?? boacdnry of the Ststf, wiil form the > 13 Twer," the 'and ofBco far which has be-aesii>l.j..he j at MuryivilU All ti at; oi"lh? Ptat^ Ivin,? south r>f "h? a^ova dse rifce . liiai.? aid a. rth oftht iins divi Li 4 ta^nj sh'ps tweaty and twenty-one, :^>ulh,(or tilth ftaal ard - uth) will f rci tiie >*>!ib^ls D.'ttRiCT," th? 0: fl-e f)r vhicb is at Bmicia; a d all tb??r part ( f tb< dtatu lying sou h of the ii lii f'.?ii 'Ard p?rall-i tk( "L>wkb Distiuct "a-? h'r tofore < rganise:, he office for rhlch is tn ablished at Lt r Angelos; and i 1 view rf the s.di Oire-vion of the Pr.-Kid.-ut of ti*e Cnite<l .Ttite?, under the art of Cong, im afore aid, U?e bcutida-ltia -b ve in^ i.ioied ?.h 1- in lutur he r??Krdei hs the iiui?t?i of the said land d tr els r?* ap^ tlVriv Giren uud?r ny Laid at '.'i? c'ty ct "\7a?LIn5*or. thb tin h d^ ?t April. A i.'.lCcj. Ey (rdar of tue I'rt.udfnt: J01IN WILSON, Comwisconsr General Land 03:*. ap U [No. MS.] Notice of c.u estniltsknunt of ati additional La/ic OJfice in tie Territory of Oregon. | K piarsaanea f tiis ?ict cf Ccngr- gpprnvei Feb 1 1 uiry 17, lSS'' entitled 4Au f.-t to astabl*(b ?n *? Hi. i.v.i.l lanl rtist'Tctin the Territory of Oregon," to b- called th* Umpijua diutrict, embiaeicx nil land lyin<eo?*tli of ilie tO'irth etai?da:d paralUL, U is hereby d^elarei nnd invl^ ksown tbat the iu d o^tee tor sai l district has Leen \> cate-i bv the ?'ra.-l dent of tft- I'n.t-d rdates at tho town o* V.'in.hs^ttr in said err tory,natil other-o:de-ed. Giv:n as^er my hund, at the city of Waf-bingtoii thia 17 tii day of May, A. U lHi5 JOHN WTLS0:', Commiprioner ofasnoral Land Offiee. may 18?lawljw I'OSi OFFICE OLPARTM ENT. 1 June 23, 1K>V 'HK rule> >iostm;i?tPi^ whose offices are not entitieu |o bu furni^ii.-d by the depart ment w.tii aignteiure post bills t? remit tr.on"y to pay l>?r the pruning f tbe is hereiij n eindi d; and from and aiter tins date no money will be re ceived iw that purpose by lius department. , 0 JAMES CAMPBELL, . je 2a?laajw Poutmaa er General. XJtr HELTON'S ELEM KNT* OF INTlTi<N A f | lional Law, new (-dition Adaina' tquity, new edition, with American ante I je5 f RANCK TA VLOR. PanwJii^M ^FA,T*K'",I 1855. ? V . b,; ??ce?v?i at this department nnUI the *7th day of August next, at 12 o'clock, ??., for furoi'hing (wrought, fittnd, and delivered ia a proper state to put into the building) ail the mate nal for the exterior walls of tiie .*outh w ine of the ? xtnsion of the Treasury Department building, which wii. be either granite or marble, as niav here after he determined. The bidder whose bid ii ac cepted to have the privilege o> furnishing the mate ria] for the outside of the remainder of ?he building wten Congress may have mar?e the nec~sarv apS propria; itna for i;s construct >n, p.avided that at that time it is deemed tat the intere-q of the Uflit- d States to gire it to him. The deiinrtmcnt reservim: the right to reject the proposal ~ hereby invi .d, hhould the interest of the TJmt?,; States require it Th? stones must all be wn uglittnthe 'dimensions,, mod-Is, &c , may b? furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. On Hi.! court or rear side of t ie exterior the waite w <?? Pfain ashler, with plain window openings of rqi?i? height in the t?iroc upper stun?.*, and crowocd ^uih a cornice similar to the rear of the Dre-ett building, without the architrave and frieze On the remainder of the exterior w tlis. the col umns nad nntae, their capitals and ba^es thi* enta b uture and balustrade, the window and door dres sing*, &e., the style of architecture of the present building, ho lar &h orniioicnt is ^poctffo?d? wt'l be preserved throughout, with the exception of the door and window op<nings, which may be varied, ?'Tccpt those in tlin i:\et end oi ihe two wmrj Tte *!*es, siiape, and dimensions of t .e columns, antafe, capitals, ba?cs, am: qro?s section of the ent'bl -lure and balustrade wi|lbethe same as in the ..resent building. . It ot granite, tne shaft ot the columrs mav b<i cither in one 01 three p eces of >qial lengths. The Iwse and capital of the columns and atiti:- will each be in one piece. The arcintraTu ol 'be entablature will extuml in one length from centre to centre of ?ntae or column, and those over t e latter to be composed of out one block, wiin both sides and bo? i ?n wrought, together wiui such pari., of the t*p n* may be required Those over Ihe antac, the out? r face >ind th*i top and bo.torn edge. T lie face of the ashler mti-t be perfectly wrought to the sample, witii alt the necessary heasls, rebates r t j: ii?, &.c , required. The b< ?L*, builds, ends &e. roi:gh hammered to the square All rebates,mouUV mtJ, ormunentai and beve.hed worn must t>e ctein wi iusht, and agre? ably to the Piven by ti>e superintendent It marble is used, the ihr.lts of the columns may be >h lourand five pieces; the architrave in out l-;i-?th irorn centre to centre ?if the columns or antae; lii't over ihe fornn rmay h? composed of three separate Mocks, one ?ay,ng flatwise, forming the und'r-idc nd ilie first ni :mber on each e-fg?; the other two "tandinc on e'?e; forming the inside an 1 out si ??e t*ces of the same. Those over the antac must be :n ne block. The mea-ur^ment of t te materiil and work dc liv-red,iinri the payment (hereon will be madeagrc ib'y to the following fonn aad scln iul?. and all Lids nust be made accordingty. Schedule or rule f>)rt.:e mea^ureuieiitof nutPria * 10 be delivered, viz: Cornice, per foot in -er.gili, nii luding costcf nock, freight, and wotkni tu-i.ip .<1 Architiavc over column, including cojt of stock, freight, ard warkmaiialnp VrchiPave over antac iucluding c? st of stock, t ci^lit, and workmanship Capitals of columns, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workn;-iii"Mr LapiUils of a..t&e, each, :ni;iu^ii:j cost of st.?ck, freight, an I workmanship Uttse* of artae. ea/h, incloduu c?.st (.f ftaok freight^ and wiitaiwdilp s <Scolumn, each, inclu iicpcott of stock, f - i^ht, and workni.ui-li Shnits of column, in one p:? ce, including uobt ^.f siock. freight, and workman, hip.. :liafts of column, in three ??r u:i re pieces in cluding cost of stock, freight, and woikman ship Tnn s eps, (with a cr< s ?ec?i m ofr*7''try ti;4 to tJ inches,) 5*;r loot in length, inciinl ing cost of suck, freight, a ;d wtirkman i hip Platforms, 3 feet wide, length not exceeding 10 feet, .nclitdins stock, freig':!,; ,j work manship, per superficial foot . f ?-arfac?? Been For any gr.*a?-r wi.Jih t! an 3 feet up ti8fi ??V. an increase of price p-r s;ipc;fi ri'al luo! for ??acii additional 3 inches of width of All the other stores of rh" buil iing wh. Je width ? 'or; not ejrco'M tliree timcj thick:i? ss Will t.e iea-nred as f Mows: The stock in al. siones wlio/-> cent n*i d ? n< l exci ' d 30 clinic feet will be n? ; nr-.l ami paitHor by ti:e cubic content^, ?t p?r cubic foot for all store s esce.-din* U) f<-t and'n-'t ex ceeding 70 c:ihic eet. f-.r ?-:?.?}, ffdditi^ni.l 4'iot an a lditio\al price of, ?er cubic foot.. For ail htoaea exe< edieg To cubi: : t in con t^nts, for ea h additional foot an additional price of, per cubic rV-ot For stones of ^rr^ter width than thr-e timei their thicluices, th'r: ?ill be paid aa additional price of per cent for each additional three inches width. Tne work oa the ii?o\e will b ? mnasitNd and irnd for by Ue -upirCcial lo-a. For ? ;?ch mperh jai loot of flue hiiiiiiitred at anile work ?een, equal to * o. 1 iiticimeriiip on Bint^ti custom house per superficial f ot No a hitnm' nng on it.?Moii custom per superficial foot No 3 hammering on C -ton cu.^oin houaj p? r snpeficial toot No 4 hammering on Bo >ton cu:'tfj'n h<nuse p? r superficial foot ......! t or all b?.|-, builds, ends, ba.;L-;, &c., ham mered full to the square, as oidcred. i er sufierticial foot Lacli bidder to funii.-.h a sam[i!e?? a cube of f?an f rot of the srone he piopoge.a to deliver, with live citca hammered, giving n f.;ur sides nis under standing of ihe above four qualities of hammering; me fll'Ui Side, hia rougn kSNUMriag; while tii- > x;h may show ihe rough stock; and thi.? will be uscu ua i standard in judging of the ?t< ck deliver* d. If of marble, the face o- the aphl'T must ??e him iaeied in Ihe mo?t perfect m liner, a;Te?',i.iy ,x simple of the size abeve n lined, t > be farm bf tDe bidder; and tue suri'ace seen Will be measured .hi ! paid air at 5 psr buperfleial foe.t. For hr?mmpring of beds, builds, hick-, . full !o th? square, as per taint, $ per sujieilicial fort. lr Vlio above is sar.J rub";? d per cent, h to be ?i. Jed. For hammering of channels and r> bates, not ex re- ding 4 by 2 inches, cent additional pc.-lir.eal fj-jt. 1 ?ct bamir.eiiiig of mouldings o> 4.11^5, ?? ,i':r cent, a.ditional njion the ct t ot i>ia n work; *>t i wo curves, jM.r cent, upon plain wurk, per'su pt-noial fi iL Each arris on same, c nti per lineal foot For hammering bevelled work, per cent ad ditional to plain worii; but to apply only to the ua.t cut off trom the square work, amt which ia in no ca ?! to he measured in the p,ain work. For hammering of circular work, per cent A titional to plain work. Ninety |ier cent, of the a noimt of the work done nd materials delivered, a-rcord r.? to th" oontr'Cl price, (^md amount to be ascertained by the ysti iiiat?- of'he sup-r.iit' iideiii appointed f??r that pur ,?OHe,) wili l?e paid fiom ime to tiaie liie work urcceeds. and ten per cent retained until the cm pletion of the contract and acceptance of the r.ori:, *c , bv the icperirtemicnt aforesaid. Contracts will h;; av.'U'ded only to ms.'1ct builders ! or mechanics; and the r-si. nm. ut thereof, except r.y consent of th? Secretary of the Treasury, will be a f rfeiture ol the same. Every pro(K>sal must be accomp in!rd by a writ l> n guarantee, e-gned by two n.v^onvible p?>rvons. (certified to be s > by the di tn t attorney or jad"e ?f the sai.i district) timt the bidder will, w. en re quired, it bis proposals be accepted, ciiter into a ' Ontract aiitl >>ond, with proper and BUlScv*nt secur ci'-s, m the sum of fif.y tli >usar.d collars, for the

faithful p' rfoimance of the same, ii lor ihe whole work, .mi of n proportior.ate nmour;t if for a part thereof Any information touehin? the nutter cau be obtained by application to the Treasury Depart merit. Proposals will also be receive ! up to the aforesaid date for furnishing and deliv- nii^ at the site, by the ;serch, the rouj^h stone for the foundation, cellar, and area walls of sai.i buildinjr, and must be of the very best description f>r that purpose. They will be required in :uch quantities and .t such times .'t - will be most tor the convenience I'ftlie operation on the work, and in quality, to the uitire approval of the superintendent. I tic ci pirtnuit r<> rving tha rieht to reject the projKisals l:? reby invited if the iu terest of the Uuitea Stat's should require it. The proposals iuu?t be sent to mis, directed to the superintendent, under cover to the Secretary of the Treasury, (endorsed "Maiet i-.h jor the 7V aiury Building Exltmion," and will be opened at one o'clock, p. m , of the la*t day fixed tor receiving thesini", in the ptesenco oi the bid ders, if any choose to attend. Enquirer, Hichmond. Va; 8en'inel, Aleiamlria, Va ; Intelligencer and 8<ar, VVa<hin?toa, D ??.; ^un "nd republican, Baltimore, Md.; I'enns*Ivanian, Philatlelphia; Tuy U..ok and Sun. N?-w York; Post. Hosioa; Argus, Portland, Me ; Patriot, Concord, V. II.; and Argus, Alhiu.y, .V. Y., tw? times each wi ck for wix'y days. Hills to be i^r.t to Secretary of the Treasury. A. H. HOVVM4W snp't of Treasury Bonding Uuemton. Je 27?2aw60.Jays A CARD. MBS. ID. PHILLIP *, No *01 Sixth at., between G and ti, desires to inform the citi zens of VVashn.gion and vicinity, that she in now pr? pa-td to give instructions on the !'iano Forte. Shn has taught music in suina ? f the principal ities iOe Union, and ha- testinionials showing that she '? fuiiy competent todisciiurgc theduties ot her pro 11 . .?ion to the satisfaction ot those who may f:Vor her with their patronage. Perms: ^10 lor 54 lessons at Jiur residence, or ?12 at Ui? rtsi.ienct Wher pupils. Je 19?eo3m* SL'FICltlOfl TADL.K A3ID POClffiT Cu'lery, Haiors, 8ei?sors, &.c ?A larjie assort ment, lowet than at any other plu-e in the city. For fond articles and low orices nlwars call st the I Housekeeper's Furnishing Siore, *00 H-*riith st Ui>y 30 0. FRANCIS. WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR FOll ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON EV ER MADE?Tlius a in i good man, but mark the change ! Let <he afflicted Ik 11 iiuo, and then decide whether to sutler on or be made wLoie. Ye professional uian, with ruined health, hear! Rev. Jam*s W. UowmrtTT, the talented ?nd inde pendent editor of that highly p*pu!ar and extensive ly read pap?r, tli-r Christian Manner, pnb tahed at Predarickstoura, Va., in hi* editorial of the l(?th of May, 1865. thus speaks of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time ag" w^? merely al'ujed to Hampton'* Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of roticin* more particularly the great r? lie! we have our-elf derived from its use. During our collegiate course, owing to sedentary habit*, we quitedyitpe [h tic, aud were very much troubled wuh vtrtigo For more than twelve year* after leaving college, we were laboring un ler these two afflictions In the spring of l?5a, otir .jener:.! health tn-came so deiic::te that it was with great difficulty we coul 1 atterd to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our i!i*e?ttye or gans became wholly deranged; losing a* it seemed to us. all their activity and vitality; we were .con stantly depressed in spirit, our almo?t for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to action. We had taken strong medicines, observed gretit particularity in our diet, and .ill to no purpose We bad despaired ot ever lecoversng our health, when a female frimid of ours importuned us to i?et ? bottle of Hampton'# Vegetable Tincture, as suring us that we wou*d find great relief from if? use We bri? fly replied,"we would not give a foliar for all ike Tin. tun Hampton ever ina<le, so lar as our own iriiiiv. ! ual hcaiili was concerned " \\ e had no faith in it nor any other medicine in effecting a cure on us. lit the kin<4? ss of her heart, however, Without con sultinc us about it, she stent and g-.t one boule r.nd urged us to accept of it, and for her sake, as it cottlfj not possibly injure up, to use it aeeor.iing to iirec tion For the high regard we I?a1 lor h-r and iter act of kindness, we promised to do o. And Willi out exngeratiou we. can truly say that before *e had used the contents of one bottle w< ielt like a new inan We used, consecutively, from ten to fi,?c ? l>ot ?i-s. \Vv were afraid to ;jive u up, fearing our old diseasea might return. Since ciitn. our digestive organs have been uniformly cori r?. our head el) ar, and so far as our Inborn, t>,iN, ii;:!uliuu?, response bill ties, and worldly cares will ai.o*, our spirits have been buoyant, anil w eat what wc please, and as niucii :ir. we ni.' and when we plea*-! and all i? well. For tfte -ai?e of the affliet'-d w. make this statement, hoping that others mav fit.-d the iame relief from its u.-e ti;;?r ?,? l:a*e. h >b<mld be hepi in every lami'.y. No :ir>:i?v s'.?mj!i! < ver b. v?i lK)ut II M PTO N't? VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lawyers, D-ictrs, ?a kre, Wxi.'ers, in nUilo Departments of State. Lauie* and .'Jeiillrjon in the higtiefat walks t-i iif?!, u* '? as ti. -i'* moving in M.e MUbwbli sphetr . paark of the cures on theai selves ami friend by t!..- iroedi ;fo! article. Call and u-.i i?arnrHi?,i? ur.itl-, and ?,.:r ? Congh, Rmnehitn, Hbeueiitien, Xee? n ,.i j p'-paia, Nervousness and Cer-ral s Miuiale medicine or for delicate efc.'.iici- ?v ; -!i-j it unequalled. Sold by MORTI.Vi: ? 5: *-.)VV3f;A V, 110 ? - ... i.:oie street. Ualtiiiore; an i I'.C t Kror.?;w.-y, K. Yo'k Ciu.8. J?roiT & Co., f. "3. Voork, l?. R. ;;%4-gn CtARTV b. ttbWUKi!. W "f.t.TOT, ? d H. We.Pu*p. ? oy. Washington: al?o tvB.9,F.O!KU,Gi rn town, and C. C. biKKV, A^-xandna, u;id by 1-ruc 41^-u e very t? he e. F)EV. JOHN* I.A^AHAls', .'A "I R Of THi: li, EXCTEii. STREET, M L. CIIURCo^-A ?.i'On? de.sre to Lee fit th- a.'ilir;' d induces ::im 'hen to erruV. V.Tt- cha!" *!^e any otlj< r rie<!ici ie 10 present s;?fh a tn^..* of ?j;t.? : .? ?, "erit'i j:ieo .-.r, I ladies of high tstaiid-;ia of oni y\v vv> ; | ..wtt t 'izens. wini testify 01" cnies t'COliGl:, i;KUN LII1T18, RUCUMATfr'.M DVSI'EPSIA, Xc lauuary 24th. Uji'. i'etrr*. Mmtitnrr <V ny : f take pleasure saying to joa tint i havo tired y-mr''li-uuptoc's'i'iactur{vvi*.! .< t ? profit t-ou? n serious t irost ..Teetinn, ici Ij-.: rS. keillli Liid become very much imp.'.itei;, wl.? n I eo- ? ;.?>-iie::d to use " fjftnipv: aV '1 . tare." I fband ?' effects itpoi- my gecer^l health mo t sa'inary.? Jy frrvous ajTHteat .n.l i si"<; o, jatis t^on r.2.ti e<i up under its use. I have s-ve.-ti times recc i.i; nt<;d it to my fr rn.'s, and ir. every east,. - fa. .s I iiave ?>.-fcn iu" forme J, tlii-v have us?: it v: :j sue. ?.?. Yours truly, Jourt Litru'tr, Of Ercter at., if. E. Cbaich, -re. BLEEDING OFTi:u LUNGS. Ralkiob, W. C., Feb. 8, iB35. Ktszrt. Mcrti'.i;t ' Mow.r. ;: 11I0 hero y '. tidy that a? (Kit:sreive nMhl . 1 v/a* taken irtk tienrtorihagc of the Lnafij c-id had four nt-ack^ of it ( v/. j ;;i(v;- %l ??. sr.- i)r. lisjnpt.n'p Vi.t.-t-Me Tinctui-j I pneu . i on. fcnie, ?fl after i kiBRwb eh l *ai .1: . ., 1 that 1 was meh i)? n r; rn I th It, tfug t.:l:ia2 te- i :<ir?i 1 bottte, 1 W115 e.'iUreij* -vol:, -cd w.\/ t ? ijoy tl h<-Jlth a? ' ver I d'd :p my lif". ? efcn, ?.-.d do.with ojt the least he^itati'.e. recomntinul the Tia;turc to all persotw atliictid tu my way. Yours, Geo. VV? IVziKuiji CURE rmi-UiJAD! ftferc is> Sici; thai fj I.?*-r in r.nv of la, i;ot m-pectiMe l)rL?? in K'.o;: Cxro'iai. CniKHTOM, J;. C. M pt. 51, M'iaTi??rf. a. **:::?? uar :?Ti?e - ale ?.? yaar Hampton's vegetable i 13 iucn.-.v: ? every tl^.y, J>7irt every b<.i*i? b-.I<1 n. nnui"te:* in: valua' Se medicine 10 the ad'ic. .d. Several of cjr p ..Hi' i3 bavi* tr. jd it in d;h? iciit 1 *r *. witii ast in uhing miecese, ami are *..:!] $ ;t by half dozni:. ?t' ha<> been found to be the ^reat^ i ic n-dy for rheu matic affection--, and a wond -f;i! euro ha; be: n pcrflirmed on a re-jvo h iv, ?uff?iir.g froni Fits. I wdl furnish you with a numlur if 0 . rJScate* If yon wLih Picin f tun, gortlemen your*, W. C. Tuctt. Cull and get [i^niplde-.s and fee;; s , ; C'iu:rh, Uroiichitis, Rheuni;iti?ui, Wt?nra!pi Pys lepsia, Nervousness and Cese d AV ke \ A?: ,? ?ncalc medicine or for debase children v/e 0. Su ve I- ??..i"H?a!!?<i. iJold ;?y MORTIMER JV. MOV.'il AY, 140 rr?ore street, Babiiuore, ;.r?d . :} y, fv. Yerk Chas. Htott U Co., J. I!. ?). ,.ti Juui k Inruii, W. E-.ui.t. and (I lle Pava re*. VVashineion : h \*i. 11 R. .S. F. C? ? v-j. C.; w town - sit'J b. 1.. Al': ? *enui ?&. and by Drug-1 ^ints everywhere, fcb*l?tr Friva?o Mocic?.! - * PHY^ICUOOiO^ t V ? ' i ^ If, C i. '?>. i Aih^-s, w, v. iS'j tar.d -i ?. .0r.?? gti.rbn fc*?d I'll tin. "L-J'Titul V -?? * '?. "? fh< i j' . jfi/il. ht.GK .1 \ li.t /r ??' T-<' ?1 ? '!1; * ?,! />?*- :r u. jT-' -' * .'.*/??, l<r ,,1 ?' , ,7 * * flj' >> ** ul?^ iiiw *4? *i? ?-? y '' t:'- r?~-v; in il?to! y-JUiu ard r?u. ii y, (?i .itm, f Lhi 1. i.toj t ui'li?.ra HHi^ltnl ?? it ' 0l?>rfivUt.J3? 33 matn?ge, Ic. uut.ii and .-is, r.?i ttsi*1 r^dei**. * witti livii?;. . tlin uj u.r inetoR.y and phwielo- ? ; ! ???r*..??? ?;. .Uf 1 ?pro lr:eJveort*(.Dd c. b>'ih ? ?? ' ?t ur ?, a?j ? iid f iMcvioai. .4 po>: - - ? ' .'h-.t; n ;he cut^e& -Jad ? t v. s. d . t'.r rki! l;f??1*??P7 ?:iU f. 1 ??; , 1 3 c? r> curing th~na- inf?i'?- . '!i>3 ?tfccii Ob7li.tjon fcnd tocioial--at i.s:s;s to tLc** oaatomplstiiig tut: -iicc f f. *1 vlll orerv .:-* ;h jtcxiona w it; nen-j hew^.^r, ut.ocld tfikc tr.iiim* rortmt Htop wt- aoui tivt c :iir'c.; ij c? ?!:? ' ie>3' 'J :r. rr>- . >t fom d*? tecs: !&haq . ? * * m ? 'a., -nfli IciMy Uiastr^Ul by c-inl't.i: . ptife i>b.t?? rr onsdsbli ty,Ihi MAM A byapr ? itonuc f<OFim;Ie, c-."a and .uilcrei* Inv.idule?ruie'i for luily ui*r.*^,,is; -it- -Xji ti^sy su BwtmatoKiKna **Itb i? *?.i> -a f ?.: en ? ??for. and aiorr dtie^.isfui ia> dar |- ^nr^~~prf -?.uti^aar* hLnU or. th? e;'dr rfmliici:: ? n ;-!vi Cfcl prv.tlcc--* ?? ou ill &cis .'idiricre'.lua, v*it?J pUui and 1 riil^ hj *cioti lul pesjuiii ot.n tr* :r tt^Jist .j- ?; hr.u-" r.,e?jry? teT3.-viieffcrlb.KC ?tli iiisl ?*u .. jer's.-! a^u ?Adnwd h-.f-cJ to unfcriuu. dj ^?>*.s-!.iif- In tht Vca-<(. It 18 '.mt.iitl s.d7l? ir .hr. r.;r .ii ?hors o-jnt-itipl^iin;- ic--rl; lit L j-_r dijulnly riowavend-d :'j ptrr.^- i ? rrei doniioS ot tLe:r r"iyt >al :oa J.i a. ajd >tlia *?:_ cnfcoic.n.1 cf having o;.T^rd?i th 1! fc'tr-, pp>.? ?*. ir.i pii^il%ft- ? to wlush every hoaian b.Li; ii eij. Wci?<i 10. Pvi* 26acV?e ?;<? op;, f -3 _U.: ++ <fol inr. Ma!i?d ft-ee cl pos^o 50 a iy p#* t vl .ac t'iu ?ad 3. K.|U*4bw*k mtmay ost.t.iIi ,'? 1 tv.v;s open atiy rfti i dlrrjsM ojw *? hV;h fcJ. ujoI eitLeT Hereon:/ cr ty mall. Matoiii* acai to ar.j pert of tho Urion ajooiiiez %:? dii^ctloiMj Lif 1* caciel an?. carefoLy i;ecar*d rroir. nl! ; !, t.vtLcsl. Aiilrey Dr. M. 3. I. * CROLi, No ; l f'>wd<t- Lii< or P<mt Oftcs Bor 67f?. Alranr J. T. OGim owa lal.y :'0'jt II * iu io 9 p m, az.d on Sunday $ euUJ { p ta. ?r Oracs Stnitaov *a fr.-ti :?o. cS Ctavtr eL. to SI L?<?. AJUj. K.Y. 4e? T CK of the F;RES1DENT'S MOUNTED GUARD uui BTF.l'.?This ezt clknt piece of Muiitc of uie popular composer, Mr. Rokeit Ucller, baa jupt been puuiUhed by the aubecrilters. Tae title pa^e is most elegantly emkcliuhed. HlliRUS *t HiTZ, Music Publishers, Lu|;ti in Sur iiuildin^?. PERRY'S AND GILLOTT'H fcl EL PKNSin variety, b )uaht in person from the manufactur- j era by the unders.gned, iu this way securitij ^enu-i iueneis, ns well as the be?t quality an?l fi iisli, of each brand. FRANCK TAYLOR. 0ty96 . DOCTOR HOOF LAND'S CKLKBRATKD German Bitters, rr.tvM.Kr* bi . OS. C. M. JACKBOH. jw ? will *rmcrnALt,r rr*? "* \ OVER C8WURT, DYSPEPSIA, JiniKTE, C\rvr.%c or AVmoua Dt'Alitf, of tit ETidnn/u, and aU ar%ai%g from a d%t nriier^i Lirrr or C'-U-m^cK, Such ns Coi. tipiiti?a, Inward Pile*, PutUm*. ar Blooii to th? lit ad, Acidity of the Stornsth. Na# sea, fieanburn, Diagoat for food, frlillne-w or weixht in the ('tumai'ti. i^out Kruciatioita, Slllk in* I? FiUlUTH.f at ttt.- Pit Oi u>r (IMMl'tl, S* llfl min i of ;r?* aud dtfiicuU Breathing, Plu Wring at tli- Hi-jirtj Utokiag or 'in;: ?S. a.?auona v>hen in .1 IVwturfc, Jkunut-a<>. Vision, lfc>i# of W. ^ b'-rVi- the y"ishr. P-v?- ad Halt P.:iu in tiro Hf*1, Mil'jmcyof Pfwfifahon, Y?'l!fia'n*-s? of tha Hk;it and II;. >*, Pai?; ih t!rr Hide, Hack, Cheat, LiflU, h-c., ^u?tiiii F1idn ; ol ileal Kurn1114 1.11 Urt I', call, iu<:i?ia me* ul Kvil, tiiid fiiuU ikpreiewH of r*j?ir.t>. ?" ? HE proprietor, in c*itii:i; tee ntt> rtUosi of th' L jMbctiin pKpanttM,^ ?? ?ith a ;Vt' of tii? uunr??t cw^dfih.* in i?- virt?i<.-*? md ulap t .?ioii 10 Hit' tor which il is r-eoii?m>.i?tltx:. it i.- no nrw and umri.xi nmde, bm t!?at bu s; *?d i;n 1 r nfi-n y- ai?' tri<U U.soro il??* %nieri c; 11 p?ti(U(r{ . it* xipat >uou and aaic i> ani.vallt -! .? ? aay : mi ? ,. ^ i!.<?:i.- ? '.m:i:. T!?' tflaUBoaj L'i it< (av?tr civcii i?y iht* n. -t (*<truim.;it i ad wcll - io?m Pfiv-miaai and iudivit<?al4, 111 all part? o1 1 ac country i? iiiiuicd-*. Tiie Mrihroiag fr 1 i\urt Cmolina is tuuliy tu!i iu d, reii-rii.ig any who raay t-till '0 my ''Mom >'obi!ia,"' 1 r Prac tical i!<'i!i'ipt Rook fi:r r ;?n?.and Painoic--, to Ih b id eraiis. of at! the Aitont* ti>r the Urruu BiU?ts. Principal Office and *ta?.ul<iCUiryf 1 40 Arch ?i., PLi'adeiptua, t'a. TraTIMOKY FROM NORTH CAEOLiNA. Certijvr.cJe of Dr. iy. Stmi:*, of Pine H>'lt Aic.1! CoMty, <V. C. Pink Hill, March 4tii. le.?4. Dr. C. M. JiCU*N, i'hiiadflH' i?D^.^r t'-r: J ."?STe Ix-ri. a stibjf't Of L?jr?pepsin, in it: ?'? rs f nn, !<>,? th** i;.Kf fiv>; y-urv, ?ite*i tay 1 i t'itinn 1?" '.wr!v* biontha ib'tt tne p<iy?4' ian* and a:l who siw nn* <itid 1 ?i-U; t die. VV"i.;ie in tai* ? on<.iU". . J earned t:i wiituruii; place* in Virginia, Tcnne ?*??? and North Caroi:u?, l>ut was l t t-.wef:tcd by any*r U> wlii>*h 1 waa takc-n. Whi'e ?>u a:.. \v > h^iiif, I .Ttopj>?:d a w^?'?: a; R*:tiH*rfor<iroiiv a < vil!. i ' in N*.r.h CarnHf.s, hi try Ih" i f'baiy^ate :u Uiai pi ace. Ab?nit tiii ia>t of th?- wvp?, t west imo a oruj; to t- ' , .'me r ??dicuif I'-ir my ct.ld ar..i Dijfif. Th?*r? wcr < M-viTtl of th?- vi fnphyincian* in tn* ->nd^-.;:eof ihcm *??mi d t'ltak*1 ?orr>^ inter >t in my c?m- ami, ri"'*t a?-|(int ?i?- c-'im- q;.-stion ?iiil l-? bid l>een a d>!?p?:pt?r. and h-ni b?M'n jsre:?iiy b 'lii. fi'red by lb* u-e ?d i>r. ti<-ofl.tnd's Gonun Bi: t'iJY." prepared by ) 11, a:.;l in in.-i.-tmi tb i' J wmM tty tee Bittur- lb;?' -! called iae a?x: da? u ?:> f?ra, an.i in^i-tod so umcb that 1 would try t?ii ;n that 1 i-Kr-dlirni lo ft rn<? on?? b Rtlf. Hp did it, r;nd I commenced tnkii." it as Jir^ol, :?n-! I do .?r,v I waii nn/r-1 b?,r?:rt!trd i;y it ii;:iu atl the w?,ter ani i:i?viicuii: i had erer uk?*iL Alter rea luiic bc-ou- one of my neighbor* ,-aam to ! iu". Ur a ^rescriptioii and n'cdicine, (be .1 dv?p? i? tic,) ac<1 1 ckvp him iieariv a!! tin Bittcs I bad l^it, | r lich offoeted much send in liif ca?''. f!" h i=r>ft?u f. lilnd on me Mr m"*e r f the emnc k nd tnedi r:ne, sayini? w.-,j rv.f b^negited by it than ary oui:-r he bad tak-n. hut I have not b*?o . fc!^ to ft ? ./ ni'?r?* f'?r him <?r tuyedf y...Z~, ... . ? ..,.iftert - ? ?. ; i?:ii>e ;;hip raa a duzt.n or iuor?' ai ???on a ? r.: i". B ???v-tAslii J. 'i. , W. RSITH. I). R. B-igerV H.ntr, Wak-; i"o.. >' C., ? tcber 24 18.^.'!. >ay-: Flavin/ ?-*t?eri?>nceri wty benefit f?">rri ttis* of <: liiNtfi'ind'.0 G^rrr ;n liittr re,"' in Clironk Ihirntity and fciictixnal de -a: ftrn'-n- of the Uv-r uid 1; concoia tanl i-rilj, a 1'^-.rous of id>Li inca :uantiiy <4 it f?i Un f?*. of my c^T&nsv' iity. You v.ii', tiir-wfop-, p!i a-p prnd a lot. 5tat. CnUT'FICATn r.F\\jf. i. A'i'.VtK)!). !l-STTni-.K l> . N.t!, Vr.v. !v. 1^53. In. C. M. Jack >n?!?? :.r J:r: Allow m-. to cx ?.?* t? y?i?t my siaciT'* Ush.m>? for ; 'tr ?!:-r;,?"rv of . Bt>dicioe whit *?, to nay ti e l?.;i-toi it, Ua e.r tectul a cure that aii ml- r inec cip- ?, i. rt I have ^ikitt^re titl-r?l) P>i!- 1 to <ic. "II il*ui>; * Cor tain f>itt? r?" havi- ti-jicd me of th< .ost stni'vi*n it i az&:i' .">>?! case of th" rn r-j tn'vt. r>=. ?*??! i? II tn th" lot of 11 "in My ct>e is nr.t r t in t ~ coinmunity, 1.. I aniw? U 'awn m thi undiLo -nirountdn^ countir^ and can truly -:iv shit inv re covery has a-tound* -' si! c y'trr ctix r-nrl n Jation?, a* i h.ttl Ui^.i cvervthinir n ^ muacndcd, and .loiiiirtf di iiii' apy ?i??d until I ??? prt-vailed up^t to try IbeWtten. Vnan itlikeny to; .;k> anyt?*eoi thv c: ru3iunieatk?n, for 'if b* r.- 1t ot th' you ccy tinuk pri-jK/. Tm'v v*itJnt. AT ?VOOL'. ri i?? sj x iv iyfi 15? v * li si J'ji.'V I ?.> it%-^ a* 1* *cavt. 1' 1 :t\-t ? cst c--?? 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TaYL^it, O-'tfi.i'.jrr . a iLs K. ?. and P. X. R. Oo.. Hlchnjci??. Vt. iLul laliKUM 0* TWibTX L2*i:2^< Ct Mt. TL-0'11 iA)!1* ( t'iiinj ri ft * iiihaoad, vi-a cuie.I Yy thr.v tUifja ; t Out-''ft 'PaaUh V.Lxtura, of 2a'r ', ht? LaJ r.t ara-iy .irfK.ty >sar?. and wki'h ill tx-3 ?i /flcmi ot the net jure Mr. Tbospju:; u t aal kntrr -Jttln.ct in ti j aity cf -.kbr.' u lf W ?oi. -rwabi-. WH,a. st AiratiWi, oi aiebrtond bad - 'sr- iti ^yrhiils, iu th? mor?: f>rni, by Carter'i SpaV' .-'.i Mixture He 6ays t.? dtwritiiy :?v?b? at it, aaJ oot-oie.*- it a T-sry i^Talua-le ui?J: . 'in*. ftUiiroiv', ccairsl. :ca?r ul the tn sua?*, tujrs b? ka^ sw?n th ) gc. d ' Beats ot Curv-;'a ^.t^Ld Mixture in a number of HypbilHic caeca, aad ?a;t .t is a p?nS*:t -uro frttbat hcn.b.i dt3eade. Hal. *}. HAKW00D,rf Riciiaond. curoi of olii Brrt-i ajtfl Ulcera, wb'rh disable J bid f"-aa w.lkioK T?>oi. a fcv. bottlM of Gait?r*a dpaniah ivii.iur>i, ano wan enabled to walk -rithoui a crotch, ia a ?hcrt tins cu-^1 Principal Depot ?t A. WARD, CLOSk A Co>. N& Uaidaa Lan?-, Haw York. T. W 1)Y077 A fcCt.3, No. I$? North S^ td bt Philadelphia BKVVETT k BE2KS. IJc. 126 Main etr^t, Xioa OiCad, Va. Ami fcr oh by CI&ARLC9 8T0TT, Washington. 0. 0; HkLNRY PKXL, Alaxaacrta, aod by Di a^.th ??atrwbare. Iriea $1 per bcltia, or fix bcttlea f>r $fc *+p til?lr BMOltUS OP THE OOUKTlTftd OF ?i7l.^, sinxlon, by R R. Ma-ideu. M. R. T. A., 'wo I rvl^ TAYLOR. TRAVfcfXKh* t 351 WEST. Hat kctWMU Waahirgton and WueelUf . bat 174 boari! Running time h Washington and Ctvrinnatt 27 hours !! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE HALT 1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAV?.;U?trvaUy jwpn.ved in Wwteni connrc tram ii.?w wfl', r? i!n* lullen wducmoaia ui L.veieni ixtwr?r Warhinctm, Batamorr, an I all p rtious ..filif W~*t r*>* H nt'ivem and the Sooth R'fft. Tlir rnnr ret. n beiA'~n ibe tram* from Wash '? fft'W a.I.i ItM* U<ilil> l> 411 > HfH | ? >M| || VWJW pr-u.-pUjr n?.*de a: t \\ &-ttin?Mai Jnootkvi (I u< Ijr cali^d Ik K lay He j~ ) 9 unit , t o? Bait' more. Thw i? ihr r.alt rfeuii ol' oar* r< qutr??d U ;???**? Wn<i'ir?Mi and Mi- ??; HJT;v. r Jr^ifria - Iwckcd through to WWo- at th?* Wvbimm m'H*, an?l r cb't k^l and tra:i?i? rie.t t*??r? , ^v?:th Cm pstfaeaieer*) w ihuct th-ir*-, a.r Hi m li-d-lm* ? uvii licfcrt* 'or pmitir bev? i?t TW coMatcting .r ail- U.i/i- V. a*fn;ct.u at 6 a. iii. and P. ji. i ?r (mJayi at th? Uitiv l"?ur only. At \V>*-elini: <f;r* f <o>.r. p , .n in t ith ibn far* ?.fi;.r ?T.ntihi OMIO BAfl.BOAO, nin iwiis ?>oiii H?*flair<* < n :fc ? mar WtoeSt*, i'i?oata Camkndre, 7.:im nl!? and NVwatk, inLliMElM. Ttir-r train* c?#t>rct at N?w.iik wiili can* ??f t|?.; N.'.uaH, M.iii?fi. Id ait. Sandra ay Uallr>?ud for Saadti-kv T'drd?t, Detroit. Chicago St. (/KM, .tc. Ai Cclu:<ib;i? t'ir f. O. R^iV'il ror.iK,,,i with the I'M r. l.ns lit'tiie LHl>t Mu im> K euro id t>i Vrntn, CINCINNATI, |4<'UlSYIIXK, etc. At Xenim (on I nie Miami fc>il?oad,' Wiii iciioii n imeiwW .'i" c : uvoatii /Aiy on. t<> INDIAN ATOLl-S, Ti ir?* Uaute, Lauayctte, Ckkaga, Rock ! jafid, Lou.*, ? 'c 94* Pas-? n,- r* h-ildir^r fhrotisb ti<*lc? t* ???r i'iritfcf);, Yi'rirs, Vrw Ortaaisa ?*fr.. wtlib ;.r?* *J*n mid t VI'sdiiMioi- are tr.)?i!?i.*rr?o at Cm fiiuiatl to t!:^- Mail ti|?*:im< rs oil U)'* (l ick>-.? ?yr Hvaiu'iiiic, <".ur-j, a:?u l/'iiu ar* autj by Uiu route. 49*rr>n CLEVni.AMO, ar. 1 vi? n?Ti iand to '/?.^?d', It- rinit t ii. m . nc , tivfc' :u tirf au'd, v. Uv < >>io I'.iVi; lTt*>r? ;?:id (('ty nni??) w?fi?- a ?-.>nnc?'i nu ?iiii lie I'lwlmd and I'ltls.-UiV i<ji!i<vii1 n fra.l '. Trawl?c -fl m aoi>c that *k,.l? this i; .iii* oi'ly roon lirk< u nod t h'Tk* i.i a bir-Kto;,, i? i? fii-n :i. s5fl:lr-t, mo-t and djr ? t U> f.!' t'*?? If '!:i:r p-*!!!'*- in iih* jr al V* i <r. TI ?- f'">rr V. IKHinfnntoCta '?iiin?u is by' 6S3 tniU"s K??*:i^ at*"it 10A w.:l^ rh'irt <?> timii bv 8nT oOnt ! FARE ?!V THR'lCGll JICkETIUOM WASH ' vgton : T WiH> !tU? 1 ."<0; I uri.ou-- *0 US; [Ifjnmi, T?1; Cn ? i i .- li? ; l. i:,*vil'? hy rlib?ad ?M6.~>. bv rt^anx rfrom < iaeinpali. $18; In ??i:oktpnl:<?, f-17 .r-1; ?"!? v? l^arf, %I4 15; | <?|j l? I. H'S ??. ? >i"as??. S-.rj Gi? ai?>i ?* SO; Hl ii" SM alio ^ -w, taiui^iit, ?V-^i Xcw < 'f ICoAtl, $.^1, t'f. t-ir t-ntl KRTM-RH K ar <* "\r.rr.R*? ?: {?;V WAKTI!?.<?BU1 ? Rr.Rkl:< : V -THJM;.- ('( v. hkri Ks\t. hrNFf ?:r>s: t,r r,-:. r. ^:jn..m,oak Ihi?.I, and ^au uocot, j?a mjr leave >Va*-h iaxton a* 6 a la or 4i< c. m. p.?r tb< n inur wav kuo<hi? b?'tw-?-r Kaliim.Tt ani W-K^.jy.uki 6 i nj tra n fn<ni W.!:U!!ji-* -a. ??.r train- lo an i f;. Hi jaur^ .lar.aptln, etc., ? ?,-? ri il arfvi rti . (,i atj. f inbT infonii t . ibr Mth ticket*, kp. ar.j?!y toTHOS. H. I'AKS*'V ?; 'f r,t, at U v* <?. i?.:i Station. JOHN N l?O^E, M i-i r i.i Tra.t?fttrt*;j<?a Baltimore and O: ^.lUi.iou; BkiuoMr*. ja.\y 3?tl 'vastjingtoj: bhasch v. .vane ad! Cli \NCF. r>F M ar d jP r M-iiio* uk. Sj/ .< ?\zu', tbc tr* u.t L-av; Wa?iiinr-"'t a: (i and *. at. and ? lad p'? On Su.idav a: 4}.< p in L?:aw HaJtiinor- u*. 4if ;yj<: a s ^ ^ ^,4 5Jb p hi On Suui'ay at ? m. >2?~u ' T. II. r r^xs. Agon:. r^ctt Bsdoira Lino. <y>L yr:n- rcR.r..?r::y.-k 1. ?? ?. isn;yor*>M CITY, J*.A-f) Dir rr.ri'r rj- cclltmhia pjtCKfrrs-. niiij unf. < r pack; r - 5..^ wlX:?..t I p>i r it iZa.-! Itivri ?f >'.? ^.n<j oA'-n<*r i(iince^?a;'.an j ;.r. ct ?.. of ..k, ut|( Arirt ' ;rl vj vocjf!.<: ?'.w sciir. 7*. ;.?? 1;;~^_t? r. Ncwuchr.y/I.' fe:!, i. V tw? !U ^chr. Jf/m Wn. Oliver, ni. w-i. Si'lr. I'oJonf. I.. A. fmitii, lii^rff. .a<,hr. Co?maii^i?? >-? a /, v\*- .m, laasier. ~'r!?r. Grim -fty, I", iIimh. Iir i?Iit. wesw ar?- a I ..???< s 'J-, ;"<ad the hi,-i?-r* .!:? 1 ??t" t xt>*.'rirn' t in t ? ? i ? *. ;bi jiJv rt gu lar ">o ft We.?' 'oi^oo t 't - ? w >?->. MOTI HF!,FI.L. IVaJl street, Jf. f. *3. 8. KASTLKtf & SOVS, A!< T^ndria, Va. TUCSl 'J "ILL-/, fell 1 ?u~i ^ad D. C. 07?S3 i"5 P lLV2.ii HVL~A TLWLRjKD. r^r ? *mS:. ^>t OMf cUtr V^'fSrtr17, ATot. 7, 1854, VD Pint N ' ? i. fib u:; ? . 1 tt?K ?Vvk. s TT.. < t tr ? I1t.11 Vf? hi?#-t -J 11- -ii."r -ti ct !k?r] i e.ic j .Mr.u'.Trta t .:ii a t?!v mr % r.. . -cm 1 ~ ? .or. ?.-?.i t, a; vs . ,. t'lu-.u. -h 1 ? . liwricat ?l!.s a*!.i Stitcki. . .:iv ?rr A ?z.<LIa A_V ? -?-.?-?:?? 1?. a. u., c? tkiwrfwl -< ? vnLiaC*"tra. .< ??i *i.< u ?. eAu cM&ua rwiicu-.i* ?ifa ?'.? "srt rr-.rc?.\ >... M..$s c: ? 1 ? u9 1 .>v '<Uc *m ...?? 4 *> k . UTI^/1 ....... ?????.? & ft' ; "fcs 2 W " r-r.rg..^...^. C m.t ? u u 2 f - --*1" i " J Ou a M T ?? ? ? . #? ?- m 3 J. f ? .a-, -a. *.itaririrc.-tiL**, cz tiv. :y*s arJ tr <,?"? j -?'^T vc:i? f.rj 1.43 i . . 1 zt wiL? vti: S (,'fi 1" t ..7-. 1 i.ctnlkfB,uiii+l ?May >? -r iii"?i!c!itJ ? --'i - * .ia; alut ?2n . ? at V> f ? di'J", . ?iti? 'ia ;?ac* m - M ?' M. E. 1 LoOiiTT, k'-at cot f?dtf * * FOit MOUi.T VS?,1>0N. ^J.^r-ep M 3 *bl -t *Jl, c'-'ck. t o&oh*; Imi Itit -i-j ,u:i u/t tiicboit a. c'clk. Caaafefcis '? cent*. P. rs. to j ,h-r th; tkejr reai CW, c U 7i,v ;. u'.i. Smi ' ' SL-'Crt'tU, Oil U.? l. *.*. C~. Vi-d.f fcA\I*L GHB%*L* CafU -R? KKW I'Oit.K A <$??&& USHJTED aiATJiS MAIL ST^AMERST TUP 831 pa OOa^RISD 1 THI'i ID'B Ala TliJP? ATLA!^IT0 CS;' tr - -t. af JLc.i 1 t*. t .** ? Bi.LllC. C - oMUti ct, j? Ii'LiASIC, Oipi. ? hesari.:: I iia t : littkyee ?rp. ?; lor (ktsnarkt r?rncj; nv-ij tut b -ktu In th-sit ena:'.ra(idc j, us it ttaa ?iuiaaa to innn ttr?iiClh ani -nl fu?lr Oona ibr nwnp: i are ua?>^n*iJ*d for ?'eir nc* *?.tl aoaitcrt. ?rVa of pi>=-^vB Xc? Yoik ta Idra* >rl. !n '.t C'li... .......?.|i ....... 1 0 btladn aatafextra ?:*?* ? .*'?-? rj* lirera Livrrpool t> N 't? Yr~^ ' . u.:l f An asi?rtoflMdl wr; < ? 1 . 1 ' ? ~aj' : hip* So i f rtb c*a "?1 ..'al. " u>r. 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