Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1855 Page 1
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the weekly star. Thtt witoM Family and Newa Journal? tatrrtng a |i'<W rwUmtr of tatrrwdaf readme thai run b# focr Unaayoilw?tepuLlisbedoe Pauirtajr 4 ? _ ccrpj, per auuun? tt TO cvrM. fire nty mw?????????!??>?????? *13^ {. IITtKUlLT t> tDVtfri. CzT" Single copiea (in wrapper*) enn be procr*^ at the counter, immediately after the lmb* of Uio paper. Pn??*? Tiiaxi caara. Form At Lf%a wh? art *? afent* wflJ he alow jJ a .-on:. *??-? of tw. ntt r*e? e ?*ut.? - ? .??-? ? -j . .u-?, 'p'jm ?J?' laftlmi tttt: ttentno star pobmsehd F.VEr.y apterkoop, (T?XC0PT SONUAF^ AX ihs Star HuStlJrjr, renin* JV?fc*W?*w?A mvtnvs ani F'w h *tre*t, Br w. D. WALLAfH, Will he ?erv .1 to anh-criten In the r(tir* of Wa4? H.y>rz i nm, Akxiuulris, an^ P'.naif -Iphia, at 8!X AND A UlMilTER CENTS, piynh!e weekly to the Agent!. To mail M?b*Ciiber? the mibecription price ia THREE DOLLARS AND PIPTY CENTS a year in advarsr, TWO DOL LARS fhr SIX MONTHS, and G\B POLLAR <or THRFE MONTHS, ft^-^iauut Ct>?ia? cm? CCWT. vol. v. washington, d. c., tuesday. july 3. 1855. no. 779. SOJIETHIIce HEW THE 8TJF. CIIARLES WERNER, Penni\tlvonr2 aven'tt, ojrpcAte Haiti. HAHfitr?1 ill the :-o;nm.Td:ou.? I"nil ovsr his Res taurant a? a first cla??s LAGiR BEt'.R M* 1.0>N, having pro-*ired a supply of every luxury and cotnf?>rta found in first e!ass establishments of th9 kind in th?? Narth*rr cities. Ilis RHINE WIX ES and French White Wines, as w<!l as his Claret*, S-sar-*. Lager Beer, German. Italian, ani Sweitaer CHEESES, and indeed f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an establish ment, is unsurpassed in this country. Me solicits a call from hi3 friend* and the public. cay 12?tf DENTISTRY. RB. DOXAI.DSOS, l)enust? late of the firm ol ? H int &. Donaldson, continues to __ manufacture an J insert th'fcte beautiful' porcelain teeth, with or without gums, ?' for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was award?d the fiivt y rem i ana at the Mtchaaics' Institute Pair, recently held in this city These teeth are curved and shaded to suit e3ch particular case, and their reseral-lance to the natu ral ^mns is so perlcct as to deceive the most prac ti? ?1 eye. Particular attention aim paid to filling and pre ?erring the natural teeth Chnr?es mod rate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Sev??iUi and D sis. -en trance on D. mar 91?Bin ICE-ICE?ICE! CUA.KL.Kj WV1US?, on Pa. avenue, opposite Cmwos1 Hotel, will keep throughout tne season an ample supply of T. Uihone's b st ll'E, which he will scll,oa call, in any quantities, at tlie le west possible rates. may -29?<it3rj>30 PURE SILVER WARE-A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT 2t RRO ca'.i attention to the;r a unusually large assortment of Silverware, ^onsialing of? Solid silver Tea Sets, comph te Silver Titcucrsolid oiiv-r Casiors Silver Cups and Saucer-. Goblets Silver Fish Carvers and Forks. Crumb Scrapers ?>Us Km* s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sifters Jelly Sp -oc-, Cheese Seoupe ^hililc Kntvea and Forks Ofive Spoons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Fori* Frmt Knivrj, Ice Tong?, P ssert Knives Soap, ??ream and Gravy Ladies !<*? Cream Knives, Sa t Cellars fiapkin Rings, Hu't r Knives, Ten Strain-rs Yea, Table, and Desert S^ona and Forks of every variety lirenifx-t and dinner CofTec Spoons, fcr. Also, a very largs . -ortment of Fancy Silver ware. siuUcic iot w<.ddiag, blitii day, and other presents The ibove is all of our own manufacture and Is warranted to be pure. M. W. GAl-T Ji BRO., 814 Pa. ave., betw. 'Jlh and 10th sts mar 31?tf T^OTICK.?I received this -ay a m?*w ussori .ll m nt i?f SLEEVE BUTTONS an? STUDS, -f tr.e latest styles. Also, a variety ol other u? w i r >oJs: Vest Ohtiss, Ccatdauu, fiiaci lets,rin. pirriajn, R:n^$, ric. Cic^i iadaceaents offered to puicl*a?-?Ts. if. SESKEN, N-> ?30 Pa avrrne, V?. 9ih in-. 10th n Sew P ?inftr jnt t;? Go'.*, P*n-? at -hort n'?iic? Dirnio!!-*? re-nouiiTcJ, ar.d Jewelry ria.1 to ord-^r mar ZJ?if PROEPE THS b'sr pul Us'.wig ?* *19 nt hi* fli jitoA T7>. k in tk* city of W?Mhi>,ztc:i. ^IIL " '! <1, at the sr'!^<ntiua of many ot X their ?.-i. xai^i! '.u to .I --;C:n pubii"h:ug a monthly Mnslcnl 'Vi>;jg, entitled Flu fTitioaai Mo-athiy 3?tuical V:cdsina Tne Ma*aame will c->i?'ai"> *>ur to b.i pai* - of Millie, -*lecied fr?nr? ?ri. *??*?; Curoji#-an a?i^ Na litre ? on' In a-lditi m to tOe Music an xtra ??h?'^t will l?e a-lled, cm*atnin*.' th?- ln--s? M ? -ic-?.! N"w-. Musical No;ieea, Sic Tuc ;"si?.ine w?'l b* pruUr il on th" bv,t qualiiv M'jsic pap'-r,a ?d will be printed from engraved plates, :u tho icarv uer. The first num>?r of th-n Ha^ax;ae ^*i!l pc rettdy Rbout the 1 n of July, 1*455. Mr. S V. None, the Aaent for the V,'ork, will solicit sniMcrip^oa trom tlie citizea- of ?i;e Ui--tri u of Coluotia. and fUow a specimen nuuibi e. JaXcs il. Brats, No. 150 Budge slre-t, is the aceci for Georgetown. BILBUS K*TZ. Musie Denot, cor. Pa. av , l .th and i> -t?, Star Building.3, Wtohinrton, * C. fune4-'tf m A CAUL). sg Economy is r?ad to uraat Sod&ctioo in tiia price of Eata a C ;p-a. '''|l? undersigned, havag tu^dc a:r<t< cements X. v/:th a N^w Y?jrk Kit ljtim?a&y iti t>c con trimly suppli-jJ with thi v??y Lest "oiesUia or DRESS UATS, got up in the lai-.'st oftt-rs litem et U13 u-precc.iente.1 low price of .*o,50, worth from fmr t-> five do!lan; second quality, $3, worth from ^1.30 to ; a il ? very tr? ^d fashion able Hat at $3,5;). worth from $3 to yJ,r,J. Also, Be 'he i Co's. llat^, at a in'ith le;is advance than they have bs?-"-ri here tol -ra sc.'J in this city. First rite beav r Hats $S?j. All kinds *?f s? it H \T-> and CAPS very low. In or!-t to *ell at the above low prices the cash system mu-t l?e adopted ; consoq?er'ly those who purchase v. li uoi be cUargf .1 fru.n Ulti.en to ttventy dve per ccct. az aa for uad d~.St:. ANTHONY, (for many yrats in the employ of Todd & Co.) Na 3,C luutbia ; ;ace,Tth st., ap lit? u 2d doir north of Penn. avenue. n^K^'ATCin^r HAVING made a Cbnsitlerabli; addition to my stock WOL3 arSTtttii HTIST I *7?*S and LAn:?' watches Of first quality, b -vy 13 carat| cases. Al-ow SILVER WATCniSfor l^y*. 1 olfer theai at greatly reduced priin The novemenu are selected with gTeat ca:e, and every Watc.t is vmnmxUd. Persons in want ?f a fine umskeeper are iavl:ed 10 ?.xamin<. ray asborimcnt. 11 SEMKEN, No. S10 Pa. avenue, betw. *Jui and lutb sts. mar 90 REESES EAGI.E^PLUMBING AND GAS-FITM\G DEPOT. rl^HE subscriber re-pectrully announces to his I iriend* and the puLli * in g?rer?l that he has re reiv?-i the U.t ?.t" tie celebrated liOOGE'S IhiOBLE MmNO SUCTION AND FOMCB PUJIP,wMchr cdved the M?Xktt tt the ?t?e Fair of th*- Metropolitan Mecbsoict' Insli tnte, ?r.d is ??)# pnrpnred to turaisu all who may favor h.ra ? aib a call. Hw stock of UAH FlXTiJWIH ui nn?ur ;,iftu:d in liiu I>is|rit4. With hu. < <x ,-a ui c^inpi'tcnt wotkmen he prides himself t? fill Hiiy orders in tin- PLUMBOQ A*fD GAB-FITTING Imt witli |:rw.ptBMan 1 dc. pat*:'; ?Mr~Ali v%ork done war ran rd 10 (live complete fcatistaeiioQ JOHM KfiicK, may J?u* cor. Willi ?t and Pa &s>r,ir PROScERI'S CORNETlBAND^ ft'HIS t>'?i?d is .-jiiubie lur an. ami all purposes, f aii i la war. anted to give aaU?iacUon to all wbo m*y be pleaded to ? nc*ke thcui, either as a brass, Keed, or Cotillon band. Any nuinber ?f mttsteinns to be had a: the short ? #t notice by applying to FKLDEIUC PKOSPEkl, Leader, at TaitavuU's dlore, epptsate the >1 rm> i$ tfiiicks. X B ? Orders left at Hilbud S. il.ta's Music Do p?t, woi dc urouipo) attended u>. iMjr 'ia?4 in AlsK stuanglks viunng the Ciiv sh^aia iec Hantwr'sCanJogUr ei uie ?*urio--tti"? of the Tat-nt Office. AIsj, ius lic?crip . 11 ol Powells Gr..u lh< Hue. liUM'EM is to be set,a?4 *35 xutlj, *.?%<?(. may 31 ?Jin* PEILAiliClFHIA LAQ?? BE^u DiFOr, J^l i*a aienue, beW*er. 4^ ana \Jk. Ehnvestal" time*Ibebes* PHil.AUKI-PHIA Vv LA?;Flt K-iEH ou liaud ana utler ii'iow : .? e for 93 per fcti,. ktid a ?j 1 t- uien jo per d'B.'ti IVckcnd ?he beer free of c?-t to ail jwrta 01 the Cfc} Many pliy*ictaiis h>ve reiommend'jJ this beer n oae ol trio best temedbts tor weak a >maciu is 13?1??* BAHK15H HOUSa OF FA1&0 ft JNOUBSft Ofyor.itr Untied State* IVesMry. UONDb, Stocks and other saennuss pnrchase^ J) and sold. Interest at the rate of *ix per cent per lanuiu al lowed oa deposits wheu Ivlt tor 9V lava or loage't laaJ4-bin Da. L. B. WRIGHT'S UT^AItllfO "SCROFULOUS AiTIDOTF," tor Ik* Pirmantnt Cure -f CONSUMPTION and al. -nhrr/ornn of SCROFULOUS DlSE.iSES. 1MIIS Me^klne j. prepared bv an eminent phyei c.anof eighteen year* practice in New York "'"'-'h tiine he has constantly used it wi li the m<Kt unbounded success, and created frr it a reparation in private practice, unequalled in the ll-l)l!2iry ?' "ie,,,C!np: ,l acts immediately upon the l> ood. cleansing it trom all scrofulous humor* or im r, ?ova'i"^ and, hy its magic powers IN fV;??AT'N(; THB WHbLE SYSTE^ ia'r;.K>f .J. a . ' Jlun<?rrds o, respectable witnesses from the doctor * private practice have given in their tes timony, and r-ntreat those suffering from any ecrofu 10 ?a" vPon ***"? a d tatiffy your A Treatise on ScrofuJous disecn^s can be h?? J rRI*CIPAL DEPOT 4 0? Broadway, and at D. ug Stores generally. CHARLES STOTT fc. CO., Agents for Washington. DR? L. B WEIGHT'S TASTELESS "LIQUIDJCATHARTIC " T Oit. FAMILr THYS1C. HW n the BEST. CHEAPEST, and MOST EF thb'^i$tuaetic eve!? ot*bbed . '* TASTELESS, (thereby evoidlna the nausea ting ? fleet of Pills, Oil, Senna, flic.,) and ptoduciiu no griping or other painful effect-:. Unlike all oth er purzatives, it ?earehes to the bottom of the dis ease, thoroughly c!eanses thn stomach, and leaves e,!-!rr|y free from costivoness. ^!S,FA JLy SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. irn ^ ncadily and without forcing, avid SwainSS^?? 19 MORE HIGHLY RECOAI MENDED by the MEDICAL FACL'LTY Give it a trial and then judge for yourselves. ri rn"'1^'1 *?p!mI' an J retail at E. H. ST A 2 AV? Baltimore, of CHARLES STUTT ? CO., Washington, D. C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 4 09 nn?^iiWuZ' W "m6 doCtor 40 consulted daily 2h.?? *cnera!l>'? "001 12 to 2 p.m., without c je 13?6m WMmMSTOH STOVK llRUVAiT RY. S. E. corner of Pa. uv. and FJcvtntk street, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD k CO.'S warming aai Vsuliiating Apparatus, M POND & CO.'S (ot Bo*'tcn) Inion DoGbIe-!>Ttu *cofcinjr Ranze. J L. MOTT'S (of New V.^rk) INVNC'BJ OOUBLE-OVfeN RflNSfc. .^:'s^int!v ?" ha"d, and receiving LATROBE 2Ir??V? h;aUKS,tw ?? Chiun hJ.Pp ES Enain. J ed and Japanned CVofcsn;: Mail, Parlor, Lhajnber and Dilute Room j? OVI",< wa!,,,;t.'Io"nedJilid Enamelled" Iro? HOLLOW W \ RE; B <iek Tin, P' lnI^!itrd ftitdJu ,an:ied W * RK "t great v.met; Ah .?l whi-h ?di b? sold ai iht lowest uoaiiblt nes.'hat ? in c in pare favora ly with any Estak ! -hnitni ^?urh of Nrw VorK An ^zu-iuiiriDou ,uv ?iH>h ^. arn.-sijy -olicite.l ai) l'~ J\S SK1RVI %G FOR THK ORANGK & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP HAIl.ROADS 1 HL ^ub ?ib?!r'j<:..sclie^w IlcaH for Paa*<-n;?n . wishu sioc'.iineet vviili the above ?. K-'.nrv.i la. My >ach?-5 c.-nn-ef tbe Steamer: Thob l on-:, r. uv Cr.,.EOK a 4bMS?i: to*, which Wt.?4iii;({i<.n -u 6 a ui M? ?!? f?n.i'h-,l on ine boat -. ;vr.<onn w.ihifig uie Coaches to call for 'hem can ? .ye m, ir name ? d re^idenc with Mr John T i llmai, iie-'.r ih C pir I n c; Wx Hi.rt'f drisi c, rri.-r ennsjivonia ;.v?:?iu- 12ih strei-' ?r at G"?. h. Th.?? P irk^r a Co ?-?t?rj'. ''"eh-is can he iiiiu l.?r Plyc-are 'I'niw ' nv * WILLIAM vV U -1, F.Y C*AlfS EHK' VEllV, TOIUBT AITiCLIA i sc., -v\ e hav- now in stnre a la'ge vari ety of fine an.i cmnmna Fan?, HarriwMi's and Lu pu? s ? elebraied i'. rfuuiery, Brushes, c-hrSh, I o*d . r#, pia^nc and vi>iisug Cnrds, fine Portmon raie?, LiCar Cases, i,ard Cues. R.vifts. Cum, *c,xc., all ot Which we are tilling out at lo* micr* to suit the !iree? at ;he Piano. Miunc, Sta .lOnt-ry, 1 ertuiaeiy, and Fancy Goods Stor? of -.nrt i? JOHV F' 21.LIS, . o-i r a venae, be;, ihh and 10U. sts. ciay J?ti N ew books received at , SIULLISOTf>K?S 1,J Watchman, wdl be lound a fitting eoHipanioj to ihe p pular and simple sioiy of the Lanju ugbier r f^ iriers' Magazine for June?commejcea a new volumo The Mi*,iug Dride, by Mr?. St>uthworth 1 he I wo Guardians, by the anther of liearSea?e olaiich Lor woo i, i lale of modern lif?! V.rcmia, Harper'- Siopjr Bor,k f(,r June A By* of Thoughts, Memories, and Fancies, bv Mrs Jatnr'?nn P-: eps from ? Btlfry, or the Paris SkeUh Book Leaves fnra a F un ly Journal, by the auth ?r of At. tic I hilo^oph<;r in Pang Joy ??d Care, a friendly book for young mothers, bv *Irt "Cthlll. Ali tie new books pnbU-hed received immediate <y ucrwards, au-j ev?-ry thinr in h. Kationrry hm ** saic at SillLLINGTON'S, . . Bookstore, O leon Budding, . Comer Ft, and Pa. av. MORE BAR GAINST JOHN II. SSOOT, Bntge ttr-et, totdh tuU rsar Hi;h, Georzetfimn, IX AS jus: n ccived a lurth? r supply of geasonablt U- Go?k1:-, am on est which will be found 30 pieces good sty.'ce fpst colored Lawnj at 12i< UJ do plain black and white and black do. ?n j I?c'1 P'*'1' a-ul Gingham Lawns ??0 rio dottsd and rich einh'd Muslins ? do plain Swics a*;d NaiBsook ?Jo | 40 ao in net end Cambric do M plaid and striped do 2a Grass Cloth gk*n? JO corded and damask do White and coio.ed Watered Moreen. 50 pieces light pretty styles Calicos J Bar?ge .!c Laities at 12lic 2 ^o BulF shade Linen ' With an a*.orun;.'iu of seasonable Ptyles of Gloves Hosiery, and mauy other very desiraole Goods, tc Wiii.h the a'tention rf cash or prompt customers is invited, u wc ar? constantly receiving new Roods and are sellii-.g tiicm at prices to suit the tiir??s. mav J H. SM6QT. MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! H. alCRKKN, HJeweller, So 3J0 P? avenue, AS leccivrd tins day, Jirect, the largest assort ment cr niaginflcent Homan and Flor-ntini M ?SAIC JEWELRY, which has ever been offered in tnis city. Phe p-ittcrns are of the very latest styles. 1 b lot, being rather large for tho advanced i son, will be sold at extremely low prices. Magnificent sets of Pins and Ear Ring-, from $t up to "*50. Admirers ot this .-tyle of Jewelry are in vit- .i to eianunc this ai?sor:ment. je li DENTISTRY. Dr. MUNSON r-kpecttuily call> public attention .J" i';*,!ew p?c?m a?J greatly ^ m method u: .^ tiing Artificial |w|| i in, Willi Cout.iiuoui) (iiiiu iiie t'EhFECri'JN OF THE ART. Tbisst/le ol ?-,?u iinrtV advamnat-s over all others, viz ?ES?a .^EANLINE.,S. COM ORT.aud BtALrY, VKing with Nature in tiies* respects, and ui sotuc others excelling. Public in spection is respectfully solicited. lJUase call and 8ce^ specimens. CAUTION.?No other Deuust in the District oi mU?11? ha* " ri*ht 'T,ak'* ,h" #l>,e ?f Teeth N. B?Teeth cons.i-.ationally siealthy, pluneii a.?d warranted for life. . " v w Ufficeanti tiou* at So 498 B street, near U? c?-*aer of Peniisylrania aveunn and i4th street. *P 24?tf |> iv ?? - Mrt<B OkVlfiCTiV* *? visivti .?r? .uVKid to examine u?y ?xteii^ivt kim *. .! all kinds oi SPKCTA ' CLi.-- .i;^i e. V E-t?L A .-*SE Gla^see^ ol aMy kill I, such a. uarat t, Par.b?>la, "VjE Pi ri^eiiMic, Uou* le Concave, Double Convex, an. Colored Gia-svs, put ui at short notice, with rrea' care, a.-d persons in want of glasses uiay be sur? '? get tih ? wiiicti benefit l.t eye M* Ctreulaxs "Ucfctuvr V Uiion," gratis at H. S..MKEN'S, J30 Pa. avenue, betw 9ut and lotb ste. mar dU JJ'*' Mt H \SKE'l'S ? Just oj?ne.i a variety ol f . '!,lc Nlt. Traveltug, Card, Office, Work, School and loy Ua?kets. Also, a lot or Presh Per nmery, from A polios, St Harrison and Jules Hand, Philadelphia. Combe, urn-dies, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Cart) *' '?g'lics, O wn, Pocket Cutlery. ?-age*, music, Musical InMrumeou, Stationery, fcc JOHN F. ELLIS, je 8?tf aT'' h** ^ and U>th 8tS' FOR THB CUUK OF Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WONDERFUL!!! HYGEANA Brought homo to the door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been /V made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in the treat ment or" (Jon-unipuon, Ast'imn, and a'l disvasMi of I ttie Lung r. We refer t? Dk CURTIS'S HYGE f ANA Oil INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." VVith this new method, Dr. C. has restored many affiicted ones to health, as an evidence of .vhich he has innumerable certificates Speaking of the treatment, a physician remarks, "It I is evident that i?haling?con-tantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?th * r^e?licinal properMes must come in direct cont?~* th the wti-it iai cavitio of the lungs, and-* ...iiape the many and vftried changes produced upon the.ii when intro duceS in; ? the stomach, and subject to the process ofdijtt :i a" The llygena is fot sale at all the Drugget's throughout Uie country.?jN. For* Dutch man of Jan. 14. The Inhaler is worn on the breast ucder the linen ' without the leavt iuconvonience?the heat of the body i.'-ing sufficient to evaporate the fluid. Hun drens of cases of curc?, like the following, might be named One package of the Hygetra has curaJ me of the A. tliaia of *ix years' standing. J. F. Kcssbiprt, P. M. of Duneannon, Pa. I nra cured of th e A thma of ten years' standing by Dr. Cutis's Hygeana. 1 MaROJIBZT Ea.PTOK, Brooiiiyn, N. Y, Mrs. Paul, of No. 6 Hammond street, NY, was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hy geana. My pi?ter has b*en curcd of a distressing cough of several years' standing, rnd decided to be incura ble b? the physicians. She was cured in one month by the Hygcnna. J. H. Gatbrrt, P. M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Chkkvib, of New York, testifies of our medicine in the followins language: Nsw York, Nov. IS, 1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtl&'e Hygeans as a remedy in di eass*? of ths throat and Lungs ? Having had some opportunity to testify ila efficacy, I 'm convinced that tt is a most excellent mcdi eiue, :>ath the Syrup and the inhaling application to the clust. Prof. S. <'x*tcr writes us ?s follows: Gentlemen?i have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and ilygeun Vapor, in a ca30 of chronic sore tiiroai, that h.'d refused to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and the result has satisfied :?!? that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. I wish, for the sake of the afflicted, that it rni^Lt be brought within the rcach of all. Dr J ohms, one of tie: most celebrated Physicians i New York wn;es as follows: Or. Ccf-.Tis?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cIIcl; r v?c* i ?;f y?ur Hygeana r inhaling Hygean apor - 1 Cherry Syrup, in rare of Chronic Bron ci.l!5, and L" as much in favor of counter irritation i atfcrUrns throat, Bronciua) tubes r.nd lungs mi rtJ.i.e cheerfully recommend your Mcdi .-?ted Aj?[K.ra:us u being the most convenient and ffactuai mode of app.ying anything of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of persons may be relieved, and ro ioy curcd, by using your medicines. I must here he allowed to confess that I am op po.-;? <1 to pre scribing or using sccrct compounds, but this little neatly contrived articlc, and its < fleets in the ca.-e above alluiid to, have iuduccd me to speak in its f;:vor. Y oo are at liberty to use this in any way you may i hisk proper. Respectftiily, yours, fttc. * C. !OHNfl, J.l D., No. e(ffl Hou.-t.tu street; N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by CURTIS & I'CkKINS and BOYD fc PAUL No 149 Chambers street, N. Y Four paeka^v s lent tree to any part of the United States for ten dollars W. n ?l>r. Curtis's Hygrana i* the ORIGINAL in'l ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others ars ha-i- imitations, or vile and injurious counterfeits, -"rum them a? you would POISON. For sate in Washington by CHARLEd STOTT, Pa. av nne, near 7th sueetand J. B MOORE, in tJc First Ward. may 22?6ni J03H B HLVAH8 WILLIAV TH0Kr80B. ELVAJIS * TH IdPSOXi deai.krs in hardware, COACH TRIM1NGS,?c.. No 340 f<i)iu*ylv&ula AVruue, between Xintk and Tenlk streets, H'asAington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDv*. ARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Tab!-; and Desert Spoons Carver-1 and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks rJrass, Britannia, P.lockTinand Plate' Candlesticks; Shovel and Tong-i, Wnffle Irons, S%d Irons Maslin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid^0!is, Ovtus, &c. BUILDING MATERIALS. ttural Cott ge, Closei, Cupboard, Cheet, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, l>?or, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and StuSbs, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, *c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chau Springs Venitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller End<, Biackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, fcc. CARPENTERS' GOODS. planes, Saw", Drawing Knives, Spokeshavesj Chis els and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts, Coring Machines, Ham mers, Hatcheu, Devels Bevils, Squares, Guages, Axes, &c. Ht.ACKSMITIl AND COACH MAKERS GOODS.

Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bows. Shafts, Poles Sleigh, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props Curtain i'r.imes. Lamps, Inside Liruocs, Lining Siiks, Darnask, tuning Cords Tufts, Tape's, liutions, Tacks, l-'ringes, Laoes, and Plain and Enamelled Car.vass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, 8tc. EL VANS k THOMPSON, je 1?Cm 390 Pa. avenue. History of tue corps of royal sap pers and Miners, by ConolJy, Quartermaster Se gcaat of the Corps, 2 volumes, London, lfew Sir Howard Douglass on Naval Operations in the Black Sea, pamphlet, London, lttj5 The Anglo Indian Army and Military History in the Ea?t, by Captain Kafter, 1 vol, London, 1855 O'Byrne's Naval Annual and Almanac for 1855 Capability of Steamships, by Alherton, Chief En gineer, Woolwich, 1 vol, London, 1855 ebb on attack and defence of outposts Otlle; 's History of Remarkal.'e Sieges ii'irn;s N^val and Military Technical Dictionery, eniargea ampbcll's Dictionary of Military Science Griflith's Military Law Le?cb's Ap<>pUiegiDs of Napoleon ervis on the Rifl.; musket Bouchfr on the Rifle I'liaeki ray's Rifle Firing Naitland's Ball 1'racace Robertson Recruits Krasuiski's Russia and Europe And other Military Works just imported by J<- W FRANCK TAYLOR. GREAT BARGAINS #1 j^N LADIES^,.GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL DRBNS' BOOTS AND SHOES.'?The utM -riber being compelled to remove from ! e store he now occupies, oflers his pres { ni well assorted stock of BOOTS AND ^HOES at greatly reduced prices. All persons in want of the article will find it to their advantafe to all before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 30* Pa. av., near 10th st., north side, may 1?lint FISCHER'S BAND FULLI ORGAN IZED. HAVING now completed aH my rrrangements for a first rate BtlASS and COTILLON BAND, I am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitons, Parades, Pic Sics, Balls, and Serenades. All those in favor of a citizen's band are rCkpeciAilly invited to encourage our enterprise, here in Washington City. P FISCHER, Leader. P. 8.?This Band, under my direction, is regularly uniformed, and from a practice over twenty ym$ I can give aatvfacuon to awry one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side. bet. 9th and lOUi euaets, first door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs Hxlbus fc Hits punctually attended to, may 14?8m* POTOMAC PAVILION, Piney Point, St. Mary's County, Kuyland. ?I'HIS desirable place for health and fwa-bathins 1 will be opened for the reception of visitor* o-i tbe 15:li of June, with nothing left undoa:: that \\i I promfile tha comforts of its guest. Many improve ment# have been made since my Ian season. A Lun.h Boom ha? been bi:ilt tor t!ie accommodation of visitor* at all KamMble hMUl, lay and rirht. Stables and Carnage llon^cs have been b'lilt to accommodate those at at u distance Billiard Table. PLtH Gallery, j-i.ifte Board, Ten Pin Alleys and Bath* have all bctn improved, and are firee t ? vlsitm t orly. I ura thankful ti the public for their pitronage the la."t two capons, and hope to eee my old friends *t?d many new face the coming season. The Pavi.fon shall be clean an.i well kept Children with whooping cough or measles will not be admired as boarders. Tinas ok board: For ringle day JO 00 For three days or lew than a week, per d:y-. 1 50 By ilte week .. .. 10 00 By the month, ptr day 1 2j \V. W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter Boxes hav. beea placed on all the Steam ers tor the accommodation of visitors. je 5?eolm WATCHES. JUST received, a iar^e assortment of Ladies' rnd Gentlemen's ft:* GOLD WATCHES oi every size. sryl> and manufacture. The a'jovo is by far the best and chcajxst ever of fered to our customers. M. \V. CAT.T \ BRO., 334 Pa. avenue bntw. 3th and 10th els. je 21?tr MAGNOLIA Jims. T?7E have )ust >ec? ived, we brieve, the onlv lot V J ever sent to this city; and are certainly the <{ne;'!>is ultra" of all li.ims ever introduced here, be ing all selected and cured by C. Hoffman, ^>f Mary land, from the oid Homestead receipt, we are sure that on any table they will afforur. Jc:i?htful touicc of conversation. Also, a smail lot of tender Suckcd B> ef, saccha rincd and *pieed by r.ew rt ccipr ?.eli?litfi:? for pie nice a::d Excursionist?, with a aen. ral a-sortinett of al! kinds of Cracker? and Sweetmeats at KIStJ'?' Faeiil" Grocery. e'>rnrr V? rni"n? avcu-ie aud 1 st., A few step* northeast Jackson Sta-ue jc 11?wtr "\JK\V IlOOIiR received ami f->r -lie tt i- il ir?Ii il-L! N li P(>r? ll(K>k&tO!e. The Life g! Napr Icon, Lr A!?btt, euu-iicf: in 2 vol?. The Winkles, Ly the author of Wild We-tern Scene? Cone Cut Corners, the Experience; of a Conserva tive Family Tales for the Mamies, by the author cf Los Griiw gos. Mining Bride, by Mrs. Fonthworth Moreeun, a tale c.f the Twi Ive Hundred and Ten, by Sir Walter Scott, Wait Ballou's Magazine for July. All the New book* and every thing in the fc'ta tioiiery line, for sale at SHILLINCTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Ruiidin^, c?r. 4% st., and Pa. av. Je 19?tr FRENCH IIAIR DRESS ING AND SHAVIXG SALOON. ; I' HE utt'ltttipied respectfully announces to the ! I citizens of Washington, that he h*- opened a Gentlemen's FLiir Dressing and Shaving Saloon <"?.! Pa. avt riue, between 11th and 12th stre-Mf, where h ? is at ail tim.-s prepared to ar.commot'Htj in a'l branches of the ton?orial operation. Hair Julling performed in the very latest styles. j He would call particular attention to hij Wigs, i Toupees, Braids, i'rix-nts, Whiskers, Musiachci*, I \c , and is prepared to fill all orders in tho above I line at the hhortrst notice. A good ass :rt;:i< t.t con stantly on hand. He respeetfu'iy solicits a call, feeliaf assured that he cannot fail to pleas? a!l who may so favor him. ju 6?eolm JOHN HKKBOKN. NEW AND OLD PIANOS. V1TE have now in store the largest assortment of f f PIAN' 'S ever ofiere . in this city, from Hal let, Davis & Co., Bacon fit Iia\en, and Knah*, Gnelile h. t'o.'s celebrated manufactories. 'J'he.~* Pianos we guarantee, and fell upon veiy easy terms Also, a new 1'i no u?e<i only a few months, which we offer at the low price of *"200 ca?!t; a second hand Pirmo, by Andre Stien, for ?75. A very hue srennd hand Chickering Piano for sale, or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Always on hand, Su-ois, Covers, Vioiuit, Guitars, Flutes, Accordeons, Music. &c. kc. John f. ellis, 800 Pennsylvania aventte, may 10 bet. 9th and 10th streets. SCIIUTTER & KAHLERT, A K. T 2 S T ? , Frc:co, Decorative, and tcery description of ORSAJ1BNTAL PA1ST1KG. Orders left with Baldwin and Ncnuiiig, Arc hi tects; will be prot'iptly attended to. }e 8??I1 m* MRS. GEORGE^ I ATE from Evgland, wishes to inform the ladies j and gentlemen of (Jeorgetown and Washington that bhe can bo consulted on the past, present and future events, st her residence, Km. 25 First ftrcet between Potomac p.nd Iligli 6trcet>", a few doors frain Forrest Hall, George town. Ladies 25? Gentlemen t<0 cents. From 8 in the morning until 9 o'clock at night. je 22?2w* MICHAEL NOURSE, A>0, 161 Thirteenth, t'rcct uxst, Agent for the Mutnal Life Insuracco Coaipa sy of jxartford, Conn. SHOULD not every man depending for support on iiis daily employment secure for the family, in case of hu death, by insuring his life, t? a certain amount, say ?1,000, by paying from six to twelve dollars per annum?or, thouM not the wife, if he omits it, secure for herself, by her saving and ap propriation for that purpose from 50 cents to Ql p.;r month. (Organ) je 21?Iawl2w DENTISTRY. DR. V. SHINN, (iraduite of the Philadelphia College oi Dental Sureery, respectfully informs the residents of Georgetown and its viriuity that he has located himbcil amongst them for the purpose of practising his profession. Office 121 Yvashington St., above Bridge, G- orge town, D. C. je 25?co3ni? [No. 540.J Notrct of the discontinuance of tke United States Land Office at Defiance, in the State of Ohio ?V| OTICE is hereby given that, in pursuance ef iawj> ?nd in view of the report of the land olfi cers at Dkpiarci, Ohio, that the vacant land in said district Is reduced below one hundred thousand acres, the Secretary of the Interior has directed e.iid land office at Depia.nci be discontinued ; and that uie lands remaining unsoll at the time of the discontinuance be lgade subject to sale and entry at Chilucotuk, the only remaining land office in the Stat* or Ohio Lands remaining unsold and unappropriated by law,and subject to private entry at the land offie.e now discontinued, will ceuze to be subject to entry at said oOiee from the date of the receipt of thn no tice by the Register and Receiver thereof; and tbe land officers at Chilucotbk will give public notiCH of the day on which they will be prepared to receive applications lor entries oi any tuch lands at their ?f fice. JOS. S. WILSON, Acting Commissioner General Land Office. Washimhtoh, D. C., June 18,1855. Je 23-law6w LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a?co partnership under the firm of "Walker A Janin," for thw management and ar gmnent of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Court ol Clainra at Washing ton City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CREAM? GO at onee to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, he was awardea a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute, for ICE CREAMS, WA TER ICRS, and CAKES. may at?eou \TOTIt)?. Our customers are respectfully in Xl formed that on and after this date, until Sep tember, we shall close our store every evening at 7* o'clock. U1LBUS & H1TZ, jeft ' Music Depot. Laid warrants wanted, for I which the hijhiMt prices will be paid by CHUBB BROTHERS, may 31?tf (Intel) opp, ibe Treasury, ?V RISING STAR. IHDFPKHDVKCE DAY. 1TRIT PS OILMAN. Hail, our cou:i:rj*s natal n^rn ! Hail, uur rprr-aaii.g kindred born! Ha:!, thou biniK-r not yet ten, Waving o'er tfce fre?! While til's day in testa! tnrong Mii!ions ??e:l the pr.triot s -iuf, fciali n< t wt tin aoti a prolong, HaHou'cii jubilee? F*!hsr?, ha**e ye bl?d in rain? A gee m.;et v d:?'>p ejain ? Makcb, eltali *v<- m*tily ?t=in t>!e#M?j* sr lit by tbee * No! reccive ottr solemn vow, Whi.e bf iQf?s.thy ihr ? * we Law, tvir fo'jun, a? new, Unto*?L'.bkktt! THE TBIETD AND THE EHEMY. BT JOHN NEWTON, JR. An inte'Hfrcnt loe is ke:ter man a stupid friend.? J.i cl inn Pro cerl. There was onco in Cashmero a ccrtaia prince, who had a favorite ape, which he petted with princely caresses. Th* af fection of this r.nimal was so great that it ntver left its master's side, and at night it would stand by bis pillow with a .sharp dagger in its hand, aud there watch with patience until morning. It happened one night that a cunning robber, from some lar-off country, en tcreJ .he city, and began to wander from house to house and street ;o street, in search of plunder. About the same time a foolish thief, who lived in C ashmere, came forth from las dcu with the same intuition, and soon after fell in with the stranger. As they were both engaged in the same pursuit, they agreed to work together that night. Suid the traveled rebber to Lis companion; 44 Friend, in which district shall we be gin, and whose house shall we roblirst?' The foolish one answered: 44 In the stable of our city governor there is a (at and swift-focted ass, which is highly valued by its master, and which is win! secured by a cl ain, and guarded by two slaves. My advice is that we go. lirst of all, and steal the ass. After that, Ictus repair to the shop of a certain glas> maker, who lives at the corner of the street. There with his glass we will bad the ass, and taking it home, make money." The wise thief was astonished at his friend's discourse, and was considering whether he had not spoken in jest. But just at that moment the co'rwcl (a kind of constable) came in sight. The dis creet rascal prompted by his cunning, hid behind a wall; while the senseless rascal stood still, and w.ts taken pris oner. 4- Whither do you go ?" asked the officer, 4' and who are you ?" 44 i am a thief," he replied,44 and I am going to S'eal the governor's ass; and after breaking open the house of tht glass makea, 1 shall make the beast carry home the glass." The coitii'ul burst into a laugh, and said: 44 For the sake of an ass, which is se curely chained and carcfully guarded, and for the sake of a few worthless glass vessels, ol' which ten may be bought for a tvcca (a coin worth about a cent and a half,) you have thus cast yourself into the whirlpool of perdition! But this foolish design is as wicked and danger ous as if you had intended to plunder the prince's treasury." W ith these words he tied the man's hands together, and took him olf to prison. When they were gone, the wise robber took vs aming from the words of his silly companion, but profited by the remarks of the cotacai. 4- That thief,thought he, 14 was a dangerous fiiend; but the co'.evcal shall prove a usefal enemy; for now that he has mentioned it, I wiil go rather to the treasury of this very prir ce." With this intention, he made his way to the prince s palace, and began a breach in the wall. After a long and toilsome labor, he at length finished a hole large enough to admit his body. When he entered, he found himself standing in a bedchamber ; before him was the prince, stretched in sleep on a golden couch, while jewels lay scattered around him, mingled with the riches of many lands. The apartment was hung with curtains of Cashay, aud camphor lamps shed their soft light on every ob ject. But after looking about the room a moment, the robber was not a little amazed to sec a inonkey standing at the head of the royal sleeper, flourishing a naked Uade in his hand, and he gazed from right to left with a careful and knowing air. Unable to comprehend the truth of the .natter, the housebreaker became alarmed. 4' ilo w can this wretched man," though t he, 44 save himself from the murderous weapon of the beast ?" As he thus pondered, multitudes of ants suddenly began to fall from the ceil ing of the canopy upon the sleeper's breast. The prince being annoyed, in voluntarily, in his sleep, struck his hand across his bosom. The ape instantly Cerceived what was the matter, ana, urning with rage, and was about to plunge it into the coverlet in order to de stroy the puny intruders. 41 Bold, you cowardly villain !" shout ed the robber; 44 would you slay the Beauty-of-the-world ?" And he rushed toward, and seizing the uplifted hand of the monkej, held it in his own tight grasp. This noise awoke the prince, who started up, and seeing the robber, cried out: 44 Who are you ?" 441 am your wise foe," was the reply. 441 came here to plunder your house; had I been a single instant later, this sense less brute, your foolish friend, would have filled your drcaming-room with blood." When the prince heard this, be was overcome with gratitude, and with many thanks, exclaimed: 44 So true is it, that when the pity of Allah would save a man from destruc tion, he causes even a robber to become % I The prinoe then took the robber into favor and made him his confidential a protector of life?even ? foe to bew.ic merciful !w friend: but the ape was ever after chained in the stable The thief, who set about with diligence to rob the prince a treasury, received from the ro~*l Han ' a robe of state while he whom his master once fondly regarded ?? 1 is g dian aid his friend. was hurled frota -hat high position, and stripped of hi* hon?r! Moral.?Let a man employ w: dom in forming hi* friendships: and above oil, let there be many a league bftt t' him self and a fooliah Irieud.?Bainis Pre toria*. R. forked Men*.?Lb it not men gira up rice, and strut-*1 \ the witching Tempter's v ?i. e - m., has ruined the most brilliai.' intellect and come out boldiy and she* h?ir ?1 low men lnw to avoil her u oe?>iiv# smiles which allures on to ?uin Ye# vie?sbc isth monster?an I ifce jc. i?~ man who dares bid her ftrrue.l, ha~ 1 greater minu than the weak liberie w?:o wishes to r?f>rm, but dares not. ilea l ave reformed, met with vicc the second ti'uc, anu have resisted?have died?\j& f>rc they would again c:abrace uer evil ways. 1 Sis is the spirit that marks u, great mind in men?to die for v.ruc's >ske. Our greatest men have been >?v ju by the opportune smile of virtue eveu in women, sometimes, whose sympathetic nature is alweyR alive to the secret suf fering Oi this class of unfortunate no n. She known that brilliancy in men is dan parous and often leads to ruin. Straptre but tho greatest tnen say that whenth-y were were most applauded and flattered, then was the time they fell?addin-, that to think of deprivation and reforma tion frightened them?to suddenly prac tice self denial, death would follow?to keep on in the vice would consume them -and they resolved if death must come, that they would meet her in the ri^ht path, and reformed?and there are noble chnmpicns now, struggling on,and whose continued self-denial, after great excesses, is eating like a canker-worm upon their very vitals, and whose motto is farewell forever to their former dens of iniquity, .^ucccss to the noble modern martyrs, who thus toil on, with supernatural en durance, suffering bccretly for Refonua ' ion's sake. Success always follows this class of men. both in the spiritual and temporal world. t'ULr Sentiments.?A anity never died yet of a surfeit. A parent who strikes a child is like a man who strikes the water?the conse quences of the blow arc sure to Cy up i?? 'iia own fice. Iie!orra is an omnibus that's alwavs "just going to start/ Friends, li!:e tumblers in frosty weath er, are apt to fly at the lirst touch or hot water. It is with faded beauty as wi*h a clock ?the more the face is enamelled, the more clearly do we see the process of Time. The most uncomfortable house to live m is a house full of pets?such as pet dogs, pet canaries, fiet squirrels, parrots and cats?but, worse than ail, pet child ren. Cerberus must have been a box-keeper originally, at a theatre. There is no one so long-lived as your delicate fine ladv, who is always ' d? ing." f have general lv found that a ?'little party," with a "little music,and a4 liti t!c sinking." with a ??little whist" aft.-r that, followed by a "little supper." and lastly a "littlegrcg ' just before goin?* home, carry one up to iive or six o'clock in the morning, and invariably end in a "little headache" the next daj'. S ;mo years ago. a noted wanior of the Pottowaitamie tribe presented him self to the Indian agent at Chicago, aj one of the chief men of his vilage ob serving. with the customary simp/icily of the Indians, that he was a ver? <;. \l man. and a good American, and ? n cluding with u request for a dram of whisky. The agent replied that it not his practice to give whisky to gOrd men?.hat good men never a?ke?i f r whisky, and never drank it when voiun tarily offered?that it was bad Indians only who demauded whisky. " Tlieu," replied the Indian, quickly, in broken English, 44 tve d?d rascal/' Fexseveeakce.?Mirabcau once sail? of Robespierre, That man wi'l succeed in his undertaking, for he believes even word he says." It is remarkable, on scanning history, to iind what great works have been accomplished by the indomitable perseverance of single indi viduals. io a man of tho right stamp setting out to achieve an object with the determination, "I will accomplish it," all obstacles seem as chaff before the wind. When a man is in earnest, and knows what he is about, his work is half done. CC/* There are certain exciting epochs in a woman's life that are never forgot ten?such as, for instance, the first time she carries a parasol, the first time she re ceives a valentine, the first time she goes to an evening party, the first time a pro posal is made to her, the first time she wears a velvet dress, and the first time sh? puts on the wedding-ring. 0C7*<k Halloa, Sharp," said Pop, meet ing him the other day In the street, "you hobble, my boy ; what's the matter with you?" 44 Oh, I had my feet crushed through the carelessness of a conductor, the other day, between railroad cars? that's all." 44 And don't you mean to sue for damages ?n 44 Damages; no, no. I have had damages enough already, lladn't I better sue for repairs ?" (fcr Money is defined to be a eowposi tion for taking stains out ot chamctcr.