Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TCSSDAY ATtEMMiOM -***7 > SPIRIT OF Til KOM1KO PfcSM The Imttlligtnctr, on the authority of a Massachusetts gentleman, assarts that the per sonal liberty-act of the Legislature of that State will be inoperative, as the Governor, (over whose veto it was enaoted,) tot bettering It constitutional, will not giro the- requisite orders to lustra its due administration. The name journal republishes the following eard from General Quitman, appearing in the Nit ehei (MUs.) Courier: " ? Caen ?I have just read la the National Jntetfigonar of the 9th instant an editorial uoder ihe hesd of > Poohet Patriotism,' com menting, with vulture appetite, up n a calum nious ariole from the New York Sun. ?4 The authors vf these slanders know that, whatever may have been my connexion with the Cuban Junta it would not row be a proper time to make explanation*. 1 feci it, how. aver, due ;o oiht>rs, as well as my.-elf, to say that both the abave articles, ?o far as luey purport to rtflnt upon it. j ?o! f or iny iuaine dlute a&s<:oi*tes in tne Cuban movement, are a tissue ol barefaced and gratuitous falsehoods, for whioa no honorable min will make him self responsible J. A. QtUTMAR. " Monmouth, Jena 20, 1855 " The editor replies to this out burst of the General in calm and diguiiiad language, showing that the New York Sun, the accred ited organ of the General's late fillibustaring associates, (the Cuban Junta,) was the authcr of the aspersion on him in qu*stion?not him self (the editor or. the Intdhgeueer,) and takes oooasiou to make the fur fly in its quiet Way. The XJuvn republishes an oration delivered by Gen. Cashing in 1850. saying; in the course of its comment on il: " V ben the eloquent speaker alludes to the position of Massachusetts, and her relational to the ether S.atrs. be seems to lift tbe curtain which kiJps the future, and to pioturo the very soen*s and e?ents of the present period Massachusetts, isolated from her sisters, hos tile to bar own historical memories, the prey of ambitions knaves or fanatio priests?Massa chusetts. once tte fountain of revolutionary principle?, now tbe source of doctrines poi sonous to all healthy liberty?Massachusetts, among the earliest to move against the foreign foe, aud now tbe last to defend tbe domesiio peace?whit a spectacle is this to bold up to the contemplation of American youth on the sacred to-morrow! The pen that writes of her present position cannot do more justice to its worst features, or employ terms of loftier rebuke of her most trea>oaaole example, than tbe soholar w&o anicipatod and predio ed all those results from her early stubborn hostility to every doctrine looking to the preservation of the constitution and its compromises Who will say that this was no. tbe act of patriotic and filial affection? flow much beter and pnrer suoh an exhibi tion of coursge aud > f friendship than the ffi lanoa of the great minds of Massachusetts in this hour when btse ingrate men have anoompassed her with peril, and threaten to ataep her in the deepest degradation ? When the whole American people outside of Musa ohaseits look with horror upon the strait into whioh she has fallen, aad see the vermin of disuuion fastened upon her like living plagues, is thero no voi je from the great whigs of 1350 that will rise from the silence of ibis charnel house, and summon the past to rebuke the disgrace and the treason ot tbe present? Has tba success of fanauoism stricken them all damb? Let tbe inspiration whieh thrills through the oration of General Curbing be at once infu?ed into a thorough organisation agsinst tieason, and tbe victory tnat Webster achieved ever fanaticism on the <ame field will bo triumphantly re enacted, with solid and Crmaneat advantages to all portions of our ppy country." WUIllfttiTU* AND GOSSIP. Iba Fourth of July ?To-morrow being tha anniversary of our National Independence, we ?ball issue no paper on that day, in acoord a nee with our custom of encouraging the largo number of penons connected with the bu.l nees of our ofllce to devote it to the memory of those to whom, through Providenoe, wa owe tha unexampled prosperity, liberty, and ad van* tages which, as a people, we so signally en Joy. We trust that the morrow will not pass with its lesson unheeded by any capable of re. flection. Tha history of tha saven years events with which the occasion Is indissolubly con nected, and of the glorious results of those aveats, tails what may be accomplished by brethren of different nations and creeds oon tent to join hands for tbe establishment and maiateuanoe of true oivil and religious liberty aad eqaality. These results?tha American Union, Its Constitution, and the national pros parity, virtue, and enlightenment, whieh oameoutof them?were won by Episcopal Vir ginia Puritan Massachusetts, Catholie Mary* lond, Baptist Rhode Island, Quaker Pennsyl vania, by the native- born Washiogton, Adsms, Jeffirson, lianeock, and the rest of the galaxy of native born patriots, warriors and states men. whose pans aad arms were interlocked to that aad, with those of Morris, LaFayctte, D.Kalb, Montgomery, Pula.-ki, Kosciusko, tbe never to be forgotten Irish brigade of Pennsylvania, and others whn fled from the disabilities cf ab'olu.iim in the Old World U> win their rights as men, with their swordj, and at the coct of life it need be, on this ooatinent. We repeat, we trust tuat all will turn ovar iu their minds tbe history of oar Revolutionary struggle, and will lay to heart the lesson in favor of the eternal jus'iee and wisdom of entire oivil and re ligious equality among all ci titans of tbe United States, whioh it inoulcates. Col Fauntleroy's and lisat Col Vrain's Campaigi a ?Our attentive New Mexican cor respondent favors ns by the last bant a Fe ex press, with most iutereeting letters from that region Tbe foil jwit-g from his pen will com mand the attention of the whole oountry, wherein it describee tha recent campaigns in that quarter: Doa Fcrhasdss oa Taos. ) >ew Mexico, May SI, 1855 j Tho Indians are now beginning to leal mat wa era in earned with tbeu, aud that thoir fata is to be chastixd into submission and peaoe Ihe first lesson was taught them by the gallant Stargis last winter, id his hand some pursuit and chastisement of tho band of Apaobes, who committed their diabolical out rages on a number ot defenceless women, al most within sight cf ban a Fe. Ihe second lesson was taeg&t by the brave and unflinch ing Ewell. in whoso command tbe gallant Stanton fall; md now we nave to add a scries of unexampled achievements under the oom Band ot Col Fauntleroy. of the first regiment of United .nates dragoons This ofl;er left Fort Mas*achusctts on tho 15th day of March with his eemm ?nd of regulars and volunteers? tha latter under tbe immediate eomtnand of tbe gallant and beloved Lieut Col. St. Vrsin? aad. cn the lU.h, overtook aad engaged tbe whole forea of the Ltahs aad Apaohes, east of tba 8aa J nan mountains, when they were routed, seven killed, many womded, and flf? teea or twenty horses taken. After this en gagement, the two tribe* separated, aad tba Apeebes' trail was pursued- Iu five days attar, they were overtakes, aad, In various ekiimishes, several were hilled, a number of them wounde-i and abeut thirty hones taken. Tbia expedition was made at a most extraor dinary oason of the year, at J under the most i etnharrussin - oircuftiitsncea The weather was laolement almost. beyond example and it became necessary to fallow the enemy through driving snows, almost lmp?seable drifts, and a? the most preeip'.iou? otlffi of the mountains. Many places were explored. whinh had proba bly never before been se?n by tho while man, and whioh the Indiana bad etjoyad for cen turies as a safe ratraat from tba part jit of those whom they bad wronged The command returned to Fort Masstobu sett* about the last of Mareh, and prepared for another campaign, whioh was oommenced on the 28th by half of the command ncder Lieut. Col 8t. Vrain?Col. Fauntleroy in'end* ing to mora, with the other half, in another direction, and unite again at a point where it was inppoaed the Indians ooold be found. A large Apaohe trail drew off Col 8t. Vrain, and having, with great seal and perseverance, overtaken the band, ha oharged upon it, kill ing eight and taking many prisoners. Col. Fanntleroy, in the mean time, proceeded against the Utahs, and made one of the most extraordinary and suooea?fnl surprise* ever Attempted against the Indians. His command consisted, in pact, of a oompany of artillery dismounted, armed with rifles, and dismountoi dragoons, the balance of one company of mounted dragoons and two companiee of Mcx lean volunteers. He left Fort Massachusetts cn the 23d of April, and alter marchvng by night and day for six consecutive dsyi, ana having traversed one hundred and forty miles, he came upon the Indians in the valley of the Arkauiaa, and made a oomplete and over whelming surprise, at daylight, on the 29th of April, ihe camp, consisting of between four and five hundred Utahs and Apaches, was at tackod, and many were killed and wonndad, six prisoners and fifty six horses oaptured, and all tboir lodgos and contents were wholly destroy ed. Capt. Chaves, an officer of the volunteer troops, of great valor and skill, was ordered to searoh for and oount the dead bodies of the Indian forces, and he announced fortv killed, with evident signs of many having been se verely wounded. This blow will bo felt for a lorg time to ecme, and will exert n most salutary influenoe on the peaee and prosperity of this oountry. It has far surpassed si; other achievement m this territory, and das inspired the people with hope for their own safety, and confidence in the good faith of the Government of the United States The people in this portion of New Mexioo have been rejoicing over the bril liancy, promptness and sucoess of these cam paigns; and. doubtless, every heart interested in the suppression of Indian hostilities, from the northern to the somhern extremity of the territory, throbs with gratitude to the gallant officers, Col Fauntlaroy and Lt. Col. 8t. v rain, with their subaletrna, aud the brave soldiery under their command, for the rainbow ot Sromise with which kind Heaven basbespanned ew Mexico, in response to their patient straggles end pa'riotio sacrifices in behalf of their oountry, of justioe, and of humanity. The oommand returned to Fort Massachu setts, a few days since, in order to prepare for a renewal of the campaign, with the unfalter ing deter mination to ebattise the hostile tribe* until they sue, m good faith, for peace, and until treaties can be made with them, upon suoh a foundation as to secure a strict and faithful conformity to all their stipulations. Aviso del Pais. Consternation.?The new corporation effi cials are evidently frightened at the idea b* attempting to conduct the business they have undertaken, without previous instruction from their predecessors. This is apparent in the complaint in our talented and truthful neigh bor's columns yesterday, because Mr. Kobt. J Koche and his aisistants failed to remain at the City il^ll to that end. Mr. Roche and his assistants were always cireful to do every thing in tbo discharge of their duties fairly incumbent on them, ns all know who have transacted business wi h the City Collector s offlje for some years past. Being out of office their business was not in the City Ball, bu: elsewhere. Had the successor of Mr. Roche, or any ona else interested, called on the retiring officers and signified a wish that they should remain to instruot them or to give them any information whatever, it would doubtless have afTorded thorn (Mr Hocha and his assistants) pleasure to have done eo. No such request having bean made, they went where their own basiness called them, when their term of ofioe was up, like sensible men. NineTeb.?This afternoon we continue the publication ot the eensus ef the Seventh Ward of Nineveh, as discovered by the re searches of our familiar spirit, who has already dag out the lists of those who lived and habited in three other wards of that ancient and venerated eity, which we have in cur possession for publication bo soon as wa shall have finished with those of the Seventh Ward aforesaid. We feel well assured that oar kind familiar spirit will succeed in bring ing to light lists of the three remaining wards of Nineveh. The following is our instalment of the day, of the oensus of the ancient city's Seventh Ward : Solloma Bsllyer, Saml W. Bradly. K Burd, P bterrett, W T Porter. J. F Naylor. 8 Black, W Duvaugh. W Frasior, J. A Mas lean, G. Smitaon, W. W b Kerr, Jas. White man, Jos. R Quinter, John Jiurd, Robt. Muh, W. Bayly. John Cogswell, Thos. Walker, J T. Carroll, Wm Allen, <*. W. Cam bell, J E. N Leonard, 4tb; Thomas Lucas. 3d; Jas. 0. Bryen. 2d; Chas. Lemon, 3d; Alex Cole. 6tb; Kelly Harri?on, Va ; W.K Gray, 7tb; J 11 Sumiuurs 7th; G W S^rogxin, 7ih; W. G Lewis, 7tb; Edward T. Adam*. 7tl; Jofen Xhomaa. 5th; Washington Hall, 7th; Wm H Baum. 7th; L L Gil lev, 7th; K Cousins, lit; Enocti V Moram, 1st; Wm T Baily, 7tb; Wm. Bond, 3J, M R Berry, 7th; L Hail, 5th; Wm. Evans, 7ih; George W. Yorby, 4ib; T L. Lamb, 2J; James Ryan, 2d; P. H. Sims, 7th. Watering Flues ?We reoently published an interesting letter from Old Point Comfort, than whieh neither hemisphere contains at this time a more desirable and agreeable sea shore summer resort. In the 3ame vicinity are other capital watering places, which should not be missed by those who desire to make the usual tour of suoh establishments that may be within striking distance of ouch other. Thus, we have the l'iney Point House, so long a fa vorite resortof Washingtonians. Baltimoreans, Virginians, and Marylinders This establish ment was never better kept than this seasoa. Those who lore fishing, crabbing, and sailing in safe water, should by no means fail to stop there at some period of the season. Blaekis ton's Pavilion, on Bluckiston's island, further down towards the ocean, a new establishment, comparatively, is being kept this summer with great eclat One catches there all the delight ful breeser for which the noble Chesapeake is so justly celebrated There is also Dr. B-nks's celebrated Chrsapeak' Hall, at Hampton, tl most within a stono's throw of Old Point The doctor hts for years kept this establishment as the resort for those who are fond of the very best old Virginia living atid quiet, at a water ing place He has recently added/xtensivcly to his accommodations, and refitted the bouse throughout, ts well ad refurnished it. He is now prepared to entsrtain on a much larger soale than heretofore, and to afford his guest* a great many extra accommodations, comfort;, and luxuries. No other portion of the coast i?f the Uni.ed Statea is this se?ton so capitally supplied with agreeable watering places as the region of the Chesapeake, for each of these four astabllsbments ? Old Point, Hampton, Blaekiston Island, and Plaey Feint?is an surpaised in its paoollar style Charac tans tic ?In the session of lbs lata boaidof the Washington councils immediate Jj proceeding the recent election her#, th? Know Wothing mtjirity reda3*1 the ra c of tax&tioo fro? TA to 60 oents on the $100. ?u> terday afternoon, they Increased It to 73 ?aula ?fain, under the pre'cnce thai tha decrease had been mada under a misapprehension m to tha amount thai would ba required to oar ry on the dty government dorlog tha currant flsoal year. Tha trath is, tha raduotion was an ill disguised elaotionaariag trick, oonoeived only for tha diehonaet purpose of deceiving tha taxpajara. Suoh ooourrenoei go to show the entire want of ordinary integrity on whioh every thing that Know Nothingism does, is fonaded. - Tho PiUoa Case ?We have satisfied oursaif that the pothar with newspapers over tha con dition of the questions arising ont of tha Dil lon affair, between onr Minister in Paris and tha Franch Minister for Foreign Affairs, is all gammon. That is, tha oorrespondenee between t'ae two Governments on the snbjeot, has so far bcon of tha most friendly character. and that there exists no likelihood whatever of thelesat misunderstanding to grow out of it. All sto ries or rumors to the contrary, whether ema nating from Paris or Washington, are unwor thy of oredit. This may be relied on, as it embodies the firm belief in ihe premises of all the representatives of foreign governments here. Apprehension of Deserters ?In order to entitle claimants to rewards or expenses in the puriuit and arrest of deserters, there must have been an advertisement from oompetent authority specifying the reward, or an order from the commander of the fort from whiob the desertion took place, and the names of the deserters must be givon. The actual expenses must be sworn to by the persons employed in ihe pursuit. It cannot Tell the Truth ?Our talented, amiable, courteous, and ingenuous neighbor yesterday said that the new Commissioner of 1'ublio Buildings has employed two persons to do the work reaently performed by one lndi \idual. We have to say that this story is a sloer roorback?nothing mora. The General Land Office.?The floor of the basement story of tha west wing of the Patent Office building having been finished, wa un derstand that a considerable portion of the clerical fores of the Land Office bareau will at once be removed down there, to make room in the Trosoary Department for the socommoda tion of those engaged directly in its business. Land Warrants.?Eighty acre land war rants were this morning issued to the Seoreta* ry of State, and Judge Heath, E<q , Commis sioner of Pensions, to make up their quota to 160 acres, and a 160 acre warrant was issued to the 6?o re tar/ of war. The Chelsaa (Mass) Marina Hospital ? The bids for the emstruc.ion of this import ant work war# to have been opened to day at the Treasury Department. Tae Currant Operations of the Treasury Jepanaant.?On yesterday, the 2d of July, thsreweieof Treasury Warrants entered on the book's of the Department ? if or (he Treasury Department....1140.683 40 Kur the Interior Department 41 681 42 For tha Custonu l 7w2 42 War warrant* raoeived and en fcf** 244 010 12 fcor covering into the Treasury from misceilaneona sources;.... 216 00 Drawn on aooount ef the Navy.... 120.000 00 I'KjSNOMikL. .... R V. Van Eenssalaer. (son of the Albany patroon.) and wife, of New York, and Colonel Bragg, U. 8. A , are at Willard s Hotel. . ? ? ? Gen. Wilson, whoen conscience is sorely troubled on tha question of slavery, makes bis living by selling brogtns for the southern slaves. .... The death of the Rev. S. W. Capers is announced in tha southern papers. .... (Senator Cbarlea Sumner travela in the slave States with perfect impunity and great boldness. . .... Mrs -usan Decatur, rcliotcftn?gallant Commodore Decatur, lies dangeorusly ill at fcer residenoe in Georgstown, D. C. .... A monument is about to ba ereetad in Monument Square, Savannah, in honor of Gen. Nathaniel Graene, of revolutionary mem ory. Xr Laurita, the aoooiupliahed artist ol tae Pulaski monument, will furnish the de sign. ....Maj. Polk, the brother of the former President of that nama, is an anti Know No thing candidate for the Tennessee legislature. ... .John T. Flournoy memoralixas the Leg islature of Georgia, to pass a law legalising polygamy. It vera batter ba should immi grate to Utah. ... .One of tha Frenoh sifters of oharity u3 giged in ministering to the rick and wounded soldiers in the East, has fallen a victim to ber zeal and devotion, and perished. At her fu neral, the croas, which was carried before the coffin, was escortcd by Turkish soldiers with hints reverted. ....Captain James Maguiro, a well knowu o titcn of Baltimore, died on Sunday morning, lie it was who a faw years ago, erossed the At lantic in the pilot boat 4Roainer," from New York, on a special cruise, and astonished the authorities ot Cork by coming in and hoisting the United 8tates flap on what might almost have been called a fishing sm~ck. nr The Qerma'nn is the next steamer due. Her day of sailing was the 20:h ultimo. Io order to giva tone to tha stcmacb, it la recommended to swallow the dinner ball. Elopkmkht a?d Death.?lho Worcester Transcript relates that a man named Cutler came from Mancheeter, N. 11., to West Boyls ton, Mass. and found a home with Mr Nor man H GoodUe, where he was taken sick Alter his recovery, be left, as be said, to meet his wile in Albany In eight days he returned with a young woman who he said was his wife lbe couple remained at Mr. Goodale's about ten days, when Cutler was again taken sick acd died. Mr. Goodale, after conversing with tha wo man, suspected something was wrong, and sent a messenger to Manchester who returned with information that Cutler had a father, mo ther, and wife in that plaoe The girl for whom he had deserted his wife, also belonged to Manchester, and hu ? father living there These parties came to West fioylston to attend the funeral of Cutler, and the widow of the faithless found herself face to f->ee with ber for whom she and her children had been de sorted The girl was, after the funeral, taken to the house of har parent.?UotCon Ttte graph, Friday. Childues Killed and Eatem ar Hogs ? A Mrs. Abashaba Ellafield, wife of Thomas Ellafield, became deranged about twenty days a{o, and left home, taking with her two small eaildren, ona aged about two years and the other about four years. Search waa mads by ber friends through tha woods for a space of twenty days, when she was found in a fright ful condition, and tbe two children warafoond eatan up by the hogs. Tney had avldently Icon killed, as tha skull bonaa of eaoh had keen broken The maniac mother is now la charge of a friend a ooupleff miles from this city, in Perry township {[ad J ? aquifer, jfukult. Ed?" Happiness If a bird that owns no csge but tjie bowiip Doirzrric Lir? tH Maniocn** ?Weaxtra-i the following fro? aMelbourne letter: ?4J*ar ried folks oqjoy aaoh other's aaoi-jty more than In uj other part of the world. Were It not for the oaprleea of a earvant maM they would often be pat hard to it for a rnrjeot of eonrer* eation. Within the laat tin months we here had At*. No 1. A Dnhlin girl, oould not oeok, the oookiog where tha lest llred waa dona by bar mletreea No. S A wild Iriah erl; waa willing to do everything, hnt knew w to do nothing. No- 3 From the Cork rioor boose, I believe ; bed never done wash ?g, always lived where the waebiog waa done tut. Alwaja bad a girl nnder her, and oould never think of doing " by my ownself" the whole work of a family. No. 4. Quit* a gen teel Englishwoman, waa always allowed two bottles of beer daiiy, and aa muoh wine aa ahe liked; never lived in a family npon any other terms. Left home beeauaa her last master? to whoa ahe waa housekeeper, wanted to marry her. No. 5. Waa never accost'mad to rise at six in the morning; never liked mistreea to go into herkitohen; alwaja bed Sunday to visit her friends, end?end?ehe bolted with ?2 10a. Happy riddanee! Onr kitchen and eervant'a room are adjoining. I have often alipped into the kitohen quietly at aix in the morning, boiled the kettle, made the ecfTee, and per formed sundry other domestio duties witn aa little noise aa poasible, lest I should dia'urb her repose. Being now free, I een whistle 'Auld lang Syne,' whilat I boil the kettle, without any fear of a row or a 4 warning ' If any of your friends want to oome here ta 1 set tle his family, he bad better take to tho study of the domeetio guide and the onlinary arts." When may two people be aaid to be halfwitted? When they have an under atanding between them. MR EDITOR?The Rutchera end all 'other* attending the Northern Market having made p-e&aration for market will be in attendance on Wednesday, the 4ih inat., until 10 o'clock A MAJORITY OF THOSE ATTENDING. JF MERCHANT'S FXCHANGE?'There _ will be a mee ing of the Merchant's Ex change nt their Rooms over the Saving'* tank, THIS EVENING, July 3, at 8 o'clock. Members are respectfully requested to attend Jy 3 TUCKS. C MAGKUDER, Clerk. ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT ed Guard?You are hereby notified to at tend the regular ninthly meeting of the

Corps at the armoryon TUESDAY EVE NING, Jul) 3, 18^. Punctual attendance is required, jy 9?9t J. H. Mcf UTCHEN, See. MONTGOMERY GUARDS.?You are re queued to atteud the regular monthly meet ng Jof the Company on TUESDAY EVENING, L the 3d instant, at tt.e eriaory on 8th ?U, betw. l? s ud E. Also, to appear in full uniform with white pant?, on the nmrutiig of the 4th, for parade, and paitici pate in the National Ce el.ratiou Jy 8? WM. o'fULUVAN. Sec. M SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION.?You are her? bv ordered to appear at your armory on WEDNESDAY MORNING, July 4th, at 4 o'clock, in lull summer uniform, tor parade. The Constitution will be Hrict'y enforced against all absentees on the morning of the 4ih. R. *. JAMISON, Captain. JOHN KEV WORTH, Ord. Fgt. jy 2-8t CELEBRATION OP T E IRVING LY ceum at the Lecture Room of the Smith sonian Instilitte, on TULSDAY EVENING, July 3d, J665, at < k o'clock Older of llxerciic*. MUslU. Reading of the Declaration of Independence, by J. Madison Smith. MUSIC. An Address by..............B. R. Liokdax MUSIC. Oration by..._~... - Edward n*an.tY MUSIC The public are resp^cifu'ly invited to a'tend. Hy order: GEO. THOS. COX Pre*. Eli win J amis, See. je 30-31* ,THE SCOTT GUARDS BEG LEAVE to inf ?rm their friends add the public gen ? rally tbit they will give n Gr>nd Excursion and I'ic Nic to the White House Pavilijn ou THURS DAY morning', July 12, lc?5. Particular in a future advertisement. Je 97,*U9 30fc.Juiy2 THE BUTCHERS AND ALLOTHEKS all otners attending tha Northern Maiket being iiekirous of participating in celebrating tre An niversary of American Independence, giv? notjc? U at there will be no market 021 Wedn< ed*y, July 4tli, at sard market. Jy 2?9t* Washington, D. C , June 2V, 1855. We, the uuderrigned, cltigeas of Uie First Werd en:a?' d in various mercantile pur euits b< ing desirous of giving to tbe clerks >0 ovf employment the advantage of relaxation for the bal ance of this i-eas-n, have agrees to clo?e our htorea every evening (except SMnrday) rt 8 o'clock p. m, during the months of Julv and August. B. JOST, ROBT R- AYLMEft, 7. M P. KING, SAMUEL DUVALL, I 8. RIDER, THOS. COG AN, OWBN MURRAY, T. W JOHNSON, J E LATHAM, JOHNSON fc SUTTON, J W. BVRAM C. G. E. ROSENTHAL. Jy 2-gf IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING. PERSONS removing from the gity, and witbing to dispose of their Furniture and Hou^ekecp lag Utensils, fee , without the trouble of sending th^m to public auction, can do m> by calling on us atour Htoie, Uiy Pa Kvenue, corner of Ninth st, aa w ? are prepared to buy all hjcj toocs as may be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by callinx on us, us we will pav the highest cash prices lor all suchg-ods. WALL, BARNARD fc CO. je 7?2m 31T Pa. avenue. THE POTOMAC RTVER STEA^OAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. t'RICJS, CAPT **AR|UFL BAKliR, _ WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON 6 O'Ct.OiJK A. M., AND AL fcAANUniA AT 7 O'CLOCK A U. ON TUESDAY MORNINGS for?Mattox, Car, L. Machodoc. Piney Point, Kinsale, Cone. ON FRIDAY MORNINGS for?Chapel Point. Wicomico, Leonardtown, Piney Point, St. Mary's, Cone. ON WEDNESDAY (returning) leare Cone et 4 o'clock a m., for? St. Mary's, Piney Point, Leon ardtown, Wicomico, Chapel Poiia. ON SATURDAY (retu ning) leaving Cone at 4 o'clock a. m , for? Kinsale, Piney Point, L. Macho doc, t'urrioman, Mattox. Calling at the usual landing? on the river when signals are made. By order of the Board: JAS- P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va^ June 1,18&S. Je IS?tf SP. IIOOVKH, Iron Hall U00L Shoe, and # Trunk EstabludiaieoL I have received this day a large assortment of Gents French VH1 Patent Leather and Calf Bo<;ts and Shoes,f Ml which I will sell rl?e^. AIM, Boys' Youths, and Childre-.'s SHOES of all deeciipuons. All in want pleasu call at 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hell Boot, Shoe and Trunk EstaUi-biuen'. between 9th and 20th sts. Je 18 TO tlOUSUK ICBPILR6.-Persons wish ing to purchase superior Table or Pocket Cut lery, heavy Silver plated or Brittania W^re, fine Japanned Tea Trays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Feather Duster, Hat Stand, Enam>-led Ket tle, Saucepan, G avy Strainer, Ten Bell, or anv of the hundred and one Utile etceteras needed by every housekeeper, are invited to call on G. FRANCIS, Je 18 490 Seventh et. DISSOLUTION OF PABTNERSHIP. I^HE firm of livers k. Baker was mutually cl* solved on the l?t June, 1^46 All persons hav ing claims sgainst the firm will presen-. them to C. Mvxae for p ?yment, and those indebted to a 'id firm will please call and settle thtir accounts by tbe 1st of August, as alter that time tiiey will be pi ced in the hands of an officer for collrcti >n, as it Is ne cessary to close the uuiness on or before that time. CHARLES MVERS, SAMUEL BAKEB. C. MYERS. J. W. MYERS. THE bosiness will hereafter be conducted under tha name of C. MYERS fc HON, at the old stand, at t ie loot of Jifferacn.on Water st., Getftge town. office No 27, where we will he happy to supply our customers and nil others who will give us a call with as gwd an article of WHITE, RED A8H and DAUfHIN or TRANSITION COAL. Also, HICKORY, OAK and PINE WOOD, as caa ba had la the market, on as reasonable and aecotiw modting lama aa ooa ho purcbav d in tha Dla> tiiet. a MYBEfl * BON. HT- ? LAND WARRANTS. -T?S.W Af^nt lor Lialias, B&HT ? 77"^, jSf1* J*?1* K,Ts the blgbeet market 1 pice in gold fbr Land Warrants je 7-itn* A S LOST?On ihe (tramteg of the Bd fnsian'. betw. tl?r Northern Llbertl**' Market and Treasury Department, a OoM Amidst. Ik* fit.dsr will be UbsrsUv re?tftM bn leevtnf u at 41T certain ki PUBLIC WOTICX BY virtue of a wrii of venditioni erpo? I, t*reod by Janus Crnndtlt, ?>q , one of the jusrirei of the pesce In and for th? couny of West^nst**. in the District of Columbia, to a*e Greeted, ( *?'! **? Kin >ale one arre nf land, south of the Dwel leg m shunted near Good H?pe, ;n the c^mhiy of Washington, District of <'nluinhia, on TUES DAY, the S4th day of July, 1S55, at 12 o'clock in, for caah, the property of Thomas W. Tbunaa, seised and taken in elocution of she ol" Stephen B Plnmaili. C. A. VERMILLION, i.onstnbfe. J? 3 ?It Corns all ye that ara weary and queach your Thirst RNY li 8HINN re?i>p?ifnily re un their mo-t sincere thanks to their friends an.J the public in reneral, tor the patronage heretofore mo liberally bestowed npon then-, and anni unce that they .ire i not only pr. pared to receive orders ior their PRE MIUM MINERAL WATERS, but a!?o fori heir sii potior Chamiagne Cider and Porter, bottled and draught Ale, Root Be?r and Mead, Later Beer, in kegs or bot'lea, Carbonated Ginger?a new bever age, whlrh la so highly recommen d?d by physician* or the Northern citica. All orders prorrptly dispatched. Union Bottling Depot, 47 Green ?trret, Je 29?lw* Gcorgt town, D. C. TWO PIANOS that have b?en in m?e for a few months for sale upon very cheap and rea sonable term*. JOHN P. ELI.IS, SOB Pa. avenue, bet. 9tli and 10th its. Je 8?tf NOTICE IXTEEN FINE YOUNG MULES for sale, all r well broke to harness. Also, lour good Waton? and Gear if wanted. rail on C. WALRRIDGE, Esq , at lnglf?i>le,n* ar Columbia College, or Dr. H ith, at the Metropolis Stable*, c?Tuti of I.1 and 14th streets. je 29?4t* OLD SLEEVE BUTTONS, SPl D3. 4c. *" Jnst received a lane assortment of the latent sry|e Mosaic, Canieo. Lmv.-t.and |>lain gold SLEEVE BITTTONS, STUDS, h.c, ui.usually fine aud cheap. M. W. GALT h. HRO , SSI Pa. avenue, bet. 9.h and 10th it*. Je 29?tf FOR MOUNT VERNON ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. The Eteamsr GEOROB WASH IINGIGR will leave Washington for Mount Vernon at b and Alexandria su fe ; o'chx k a. m . and take passengers on that trip for the White House Pavilion an?i Fort Washington. Will land he Pavilion passengers and proceed to Mount Vernon, gi ring the Mount Vernon passenger* av out two houra then*. P:ta?eiicers can visit both |?l?ceF round trip tick- , ? ts.$. 5'J; Mount Vernon, $1; Write House, 751 cents. Peison* leaving Washington at 7 a m., caa take the George Washington at the Whit* House. > J3T Fleet's Cotillon Band i.4 engaged for the beat | ami Pavilion. It is a superior Rand je 29-4t JOB CORSON, Capt. AT HONE! PETZK 8HA50HAI HA8 BETUENXD, And unving taken up hi* abode at RYDER & PLANT'8, WilMie harpy to ##?e his old friends at thmr es tabiiclimt-nT, No. 409 Seventh FUiet, opposite O.ld Fellows' Unit. je IS?tf WATCHkl, JEWCLRV, FIL VER WJiRE, dr. M. W. GALT & BRO. are eonotantly r?ceivir?c large invoices ol the abov?', and offer every srtich in tb^-u line, at the lowest ratri GOLD AND SILV ER WORK of every dntrip- i lion, made to ord^r, tucit a^ testimonials richly embellished, ^ith r.ppropnate SIL VER TE\ SETS, DINNES SLR VICES, ho. Precious StonM eel ia every rtyH however elab OTkte. ARMS, CRESTS. MtnTOES, *c. cut o?? ??nc M. W. GALT A B< O., 334 Pa. av., bctwt en 9th and 10th sta. Je li?tr ______ XI OriCF..?COPIES OP THE SFEECH l)E liverf d bv the Hon. J R- t'handler cn the oc cesion of the celebration ot'the Landing of tbr Ma ryland Piijinc." at St Mary'a, con b?' procured at Taj lor k Maury V. Pranck TayiorV, Win. A. Ken redy'a, and Shilllrgton'* Book.tores. Afso, nt Itr. K id wt 11 'h Dhi? Store. je Sfi?eo3t? NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL fc BROTHER. B\RUCI1 HALI , surviviiiR partrer V' Isaac Hall, having, on tb?* h day rl Febmarv. Ih55. asfigncd To ?he undersigned all ?he nock in trade and deb'* oc the arm ot hui ?*? Br ?tr.Tr. to W e.oplied ro ttie f?il salirfactio*! ot cerum debt>?. hi li!lilie?, and engugi.ment- of tht: wi i firm rf Hall h l>rotiter, and tht eurp'u? to pay -nd d:ktnbute rate- | al ly among such o<~toe remaining crecitor- <:f saio firm as cliai! within s.x monthsTr.m .?an! 96t:i ?iay of February, 1*65, execute and deliver to ml<1 Ba tuch H?JI, full and abbotute release? of all indebted ness to them respectivt !y by said Barnch Uail, sur viving p?iuier e< aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to .-itch creditors of said tirm of Hall fe Bni'her, or snid Harucri Hall, surviving piirmT, as may desir? to participnte in tLe benefit? f said as^i^nraerit to eieeutr and deliv er m said Baruch llnll, full and nheolote reW?ea tm, ?>thln the [kthmI of ?ix worths finic said SClh davof F- bruarjr. 1B'5 ' RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee. Jo 11??otAu??2h P*~ABSONS ON CONTRACTS, vol 2 FUnder1* Live# and Times of th? '%hi?*f lus licesofthc Supreme Court the United States?] firwtserU*. FRANCK 1AYLOR. 1^ 27 For bale and iient. FOR RENT?A new THREE-STORY BRICK House, containing tight rooms, No. 3U L ?t north, bi-tween \rermont avenue and 15tli st we?t, wi.hin a few minute widk of President's Sour re, kc Rent ?au> per annual Fnq iire ?f the Rank ing bouse ot PAIRO k ftOUUSE. Je JP?3t x FOR RENT?THE BUILDING on D au>?t ne*. toe corner?f 12th, i-b.r rent,either in part | or whole. Apply at this < ^ee. jt QH t' F~(7r1<EN1'?TliE BA?EM ENTOP FORREST Hall, in Georgetown, ant* aeveral room" on fttst floor. Possesion given on2?l July. The main Hall or Concert Room ia nemly br-rched, anl will b rented by the night or season, on moderate terms. Apoly to B- roRBEST, je 25?2vr* Corner F and 20th eta. FOR BALE?A SMALL l-BAME HOUSE M?d Lot. No. L0 Lou sum avenue, VVasliirgton. It presents a mib op_^)iui-i;y t> e person wishing to mak> a good inve?inient. If noi soid soo?i it will be for rent. , Also, a three story Brick Honse and Lot No. 5. | Hush street, Georgetown. Lot Sfi t>et front by MWft di>'p. will be sold low and on a long credit. Wanted,* few atiarcs of Georgetown Buiidiog Ae ao -iution Stock. Apply to B K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridgt street, Georjetown ; or, No 400 E | ?treet, Washington. je 81? OR~RENT?Fn~AIjEXANDKIA, VA., THAT large thr?e story Brick House, w?-ll known as the best stand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market Hou?se, and now occupied by Mr. McGooegal. Posasession giv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD Ik CO., Claim Agent, 15th at, opp. the Treasury, Washing, ton, D. C. ???f Houses for rent^-a thres story Brick Dtreliing, with a two storv back build in.*, anil ail tne nece?saiy out buildings, situated in Cog's Row, I iK street Georgetown. Jt haa spa cious parlors and a commodious hall. It ia c<?oaid eied one of the moat desirable residences in the his. trict. There is an eucioaed lot, west and adjoining the house. The premise* are now occupied tiy the Secretary of thi Interior. Poaaeaa.tfn may be bad on ihu 12th tuiy. Al-io, a siib-tanti'l two story brick House, with spaci ius grounds shout it,siiua'ed on the sou'hwe>t corner of F and 20.h streets, Washington. Prsic, sion given on the 12th iulv. Apply to BLADEN FORREST, Comer F and 20 b at*. Je 25?2w* (Intel) T) ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. Xv #150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acrea of ground, ctaMe, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ol P?>'< water are near the door, and commnnicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afl?moon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departmenta. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application niunt be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at U& house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the kejn may be had and the houses inspected at any tim<. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM STICKNEY, \ No.4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qnarteriy in advene*. apr 9,1865-tf T^OR RENT^EVERAL HANDSOME PAR H lore and Chnmbere, with board. Also ThW? and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH*. s?a ? HOMES FOR ALL/? Boauunilty and beaithilv j0"Med]Boiifiing Um, u fbtt from by DO iWt ST-SaSSWw^ss ODD FELLOWS' HALL, WEDIE904Y EVE2IIFG, July 4U, im 3 VTXBXr, BKOWX * SUEKHAjra MINSTRELS I C nipNK) c<ii?*t*u of OLD JOE 8WEENY. Tfca ortrlna*or ?.f the DuM' JOE BROWN, and PAI L BERGER, Lot* of Kunkel'a Troup*. J. T. GARDNER, R. 0. HALL, J HH ICR If AMI Tickets 25 c*nt* Doors opea at 7*-Coonei e at 8V? procioelf. )? 30? WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA boats on fourth op july. Ths SUamer* OtOBGI VAII? INOTOW and THOt. COLLYUL will leave r.t me toilowing bourn, or as wea? tbra *? p The boat* make in trip* to the Wbtt* Houw ami Mount Veraon. and will Iaa4 pa? it Alexandria oa |eacb trip will ao. rem t? at tba Whart five minutes Be ready oa tba WbtiC f*are rents. Leave Alexandria <*, 7 if, 10*, 11 ?.2*. J*, Leave Wasktrgton ?( 6. 7, 8. 11,13, 3, 4,7*. J? >B CORfcON,- I SAMUEL GEDNEY, J caPulM jy a-ttt A PACKAGE, PREPAID, WAS MAILED IN this citv about the 10th April tml, addtuaaei to Chan A. I letnenmoa, tfererville, Tenoaaaae, which haa not reached it* 4-fUnattou. Po?to*rieri at tb(* distributing i fftces on that route are respect fully requested to ex&mine their depositors, and if found to forward the package as directed. It is val uable, and measure* have been taken to prevent tl ? c?nteuls fr m being frandulenily aaed at the Pennon 'lice. J. E. SHIELDS A CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in HILKOR Y, OAK 4' PINK WOOD. Alao, RED AND WHITE ASH ANTHRACITE COALS Oflre corner H and Ninth streets, Jy *?6f WASBinaron D. o. A For sale-a light buggy wagon, uf W;? twin's very best, no In* ben run only halt a dozen times. It i- Hie compl'tost and ?.ry ct?o?ee?t arto ?. ?t i*iil Wacon at tins time in ?Vnshington It will be aa'd i bargain, a* the owner now finds that be bus ao further use Tor it It can be seen at Andrew Joyce's r< ach Factory, on 14'h street, south ot Pa. avenae Por particulars enquire at this oflice Jy 2-lw COAL-COAL! CARGO of superior Red Atli Anthracite COAL. eR me. on board Schooner D. tlayne?, aad for fit! at ?ti 4"> per torn il taken from the ve*?U. J E. SHIELDS k CO., Jy 2-3t* OlBce comer ?ih and II atieeta. BRITANNIA k PLANISHED^WaRC. rpEA and Code Hidk C? tfee (,r~que*. Coffee H ( 1. c?n, Coffee Filler?, Ce fT-ep< u, Teapot*, *< ei Sets. Egg Boiler*, Chafing IHsbes, Imperial Dish Covers, e-ouri Tnrcen*. Castors, Pitciu rs. Cops, Latnp*. f acdlrmcks, Segar Lamps, ?>pit none. h.c. at the Housekeeper's Furni.-litnr Store. 400 Seventh street. GEO. PRAX IS, jy 2? JOE SHILLINGTON ho* just reoeived Harpers Magazine for July lutnam'a do co Or ah am'* do do Ladies' Gax*ue of Fashion do Cdinfer's i urnal do household Words do Gndcy'* Lady's Book do New Vork Journal do SHiLLINGTON'B Books^r*-, Jy 3-? Odeon Building. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWAUD ?I will five one hundred dollar* for the apprehension of he thief or thieves, aad rec. very of ibe pood- *a ken from m; store on Tbutsdav nighi last ; or fifty iloil rs for the recovery of the Good a, contLung of Cloths, Uassirtieres, Verting*, lie. te 30-3t EVAN HUGHES [COMMUNICATED. MRS. KNOTT'S ICS CRJCAM. Good people all, of every sort, G ve ear unto my song ; And if you find it wond'roua abort, It ratinot hold yea long! Good Mr?. KNOTT deceives a cail, F r making rreaias the bert, I prav you all, NMh great at.d small, Their tlCtiH act to teat. 8o coo inc ar.?i refresiung too, In this hot hi'try weather; Her Cr*an? is Cr*am. an l always n?w, And flavttred with Vaatlla. Her saucers, too, are full and fair, And parked, without a cr*vice; She doesn't sell you one half air, For ye ar good silver levies. Her modest shop is quite obscure, But Uiose who for it pusc, Phsll find the old French prcverb sure, That "good wine needs no bush." Or Pennsylvania avecue YouII find this pleasant *pot, Twixt 2d ard 3<i treeu, north side ; ? The si{u of "GLO. A. KNOTT " Je DO? Ik Ourit f LDswrra. FIRE CRACKERS. ' ONE Imndied b? xes (40 (tacks to ibe l>ot) of m penor quality Golden Chop, treah imponatiaa Just received from Boston, and tor aai? by N. W. BUR 'HLLL at L.ewis McKeme'a, Aleiaadna, ot at my *ture, near Jackson Statue. Z M. P. KINO, te 30?r?t eoroer Vermont avenue l&ih sL "VI OT I CLu?'lRcktuuraut ot the underaign> d oa G street, between 17th end 16th stretu, and near the War ItepartmeBU will not be open on tba the npproaebinf Foortn of July, except I t reaular boarders in the boase. J. BOULANGEB. je 30?3t (latkULioa) FAIR UILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOll GIRLS, Sondi Spriag, HontgotMfry county, Maryland. THE innili term oi tots lnsutu;.un will commence on the 10th day of the ninth mouth (Sepu>uii?erj next Circulars containing the uee.ltul information ia regard to the School eta be o uined by those who tivsifeit, by acdrest-ine, at Clney Po?-t OCce, Mont g merv county, Maryiaxd, R. S. KIBK, or WM H. FAfcQUHAR Ret. r to Juo. T. Towers, Lan.bert Trea, Wm. D. Wallach. Je 30 GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUTE. ICE daily b 'tween Waslnngtonand tue S.ut^ f via Frcdertcksburg, Sichm?iid,Peiei?bar<, Va., Weldon :>nd WilimngtoB, N. C., to Chariekton, S. C , and Augusta, Gi The traveling public is hereby informed that the Swift and comlortaLle Steamers _ B*LTiMo?6 ?. J'*k 4isK*adBCANi> MT VF.RNON^feaBC leave the Stermboat Whart at Washmgioi. daily at bam. and 7 pm. Arrive in Ricbnion t at 1 p. in., and Jam. Arrive al Petersbuig at 2)4 p. ui. and Sam 'i be following through tickets can be obtainau oa tioard : To Fredericksburg ? ?3 To Junction of Virginia Central Railroad.... 4 6.^ T?i Richmond, Va ...? - 5 J" To Norfolk, Va.._...~.. 6 Oo To Petersburg, Va - 6 00 To Weldoo, N. C 7 00 To Wilmic^ton, V 0 ? ..1' Ai FARE ON POTOMAC RIVER AS FOLLOWS: For each pasnenger? To Alexandria 25ceuts, and bttggage 12X cents. To MarbutVs - #1 M To Quantlcn, Saudy Foim, kc 1 cl> To Aqma 1 rpck...??...2 00 Muals and State Room* extra For further iafarmat on apply on board of tba boitr*. or to GEO. MATTINGLY, Agent. Je30-d2w In Washingt -a. Pi ANOS?PIANOS. WErespccifully request the attention nf persons rbc pui |?o*e pureha*ing Piai.os toour very ex - ien*ive as-orin?ent now in store, consisting of Plat >n? Irom the ol?l an I celebrated maeutaetnries of Ha'let Davis ft Co., Boston; Bieon It Raven, New York, Knabe, Gaehle fc. Co, Baltimore Th?-?e Pii ?e cuarauict in every respet t to be inl< ri. r to acaa others We take old Pianos ia part payment accept good > ndor?ed nrtt* f.?r 3. and 6 ui?<nu>t>, in lact make iliuost eny arrangement to tuu purchasers We hare also seve.-al atcotui band Pianos for w.le low and upoa ea>y ivrtns. Also, Guitars, Violins, /iutus, Accord eons. Ma ne, Smugs, Ac. Person* crtn have their Pianos tuned and repaired ij leaving their names with JOHN F ELLIS, te 30 300 Pa. avaaae. MAKE FOR SALE? a light b*y mire, very a*> tive and h rdy, pace# under th? a^.d lie sni trots fast in liameea The ownrr/sJJy Having no use for b?r will ??11 bur much beiowW ralua. Also, Lot for sal*, being oae of tba most beaunfUl Building Lots oa M. near l0?h street Apply at )??? ill L street north, between P.h aad 10th mm. jata-iw NAILS?NAILS! 500 KBCa' AM?k L*. if