Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. l^/h Isooal Intelligenoe. Citt CoTrwciLi?Boar J ?f Al4*unam.?The Board met yeat*rday after->oon at the anal hour, Mr. Prea drat Clark* in tba oha'r. The Major's communication eorerlng tba teport of tha inspector of fire apparatus for t ha month o( June last waa laid before tha Board; saying?tbat tba Pranklin'a engine is at tka shop cf t o Messrs Ellis for repairs. for want of which it oould not ba used at tba fire on Pennsylvania avenue on tha 24th ultimo that tba notion of tba Nortbarn Libanias re quires repairing; tbat that company have re ceived ?00 fea' of bosa, whioh is Ttrj food', that >he Colombia has not reeeived thair stw snotion from Baltimora, thocgh It is soon ax. ^ paotad. AUo, tha monthly bank report of tba Corpo ration, wherein it is shown tbat they are in* deb led to tha Bank of Washington in tha sum ?f $4 584 64 Also, an invitation from tba ebairman of tha committee of arrangements of tha Know Nothing party for tba calabration of tba ap prcaching 4th of Jnlj, to tha Board of Alder men to i ia therein. Mr Pepper moved Its acoeptanoe; agraad to- yeas 8, nays 3, as follows : Yaas ? Messrs. Tretler, Pepper. Emery, r Hon*'on, Busey, Pearson, Smith, Clarke, (President) ?3 Nave?Mesars. Dora, Msgrndar, and Mil* lsr?3 Mr Pepper raportad, from the improvements oommirtaa a bill for paring squares Nos. 611. 613, 614, 523, 623, ana 524; parsed. Aleo. a bill to pave tho carriage way from Third to Four-and-a half strsat wast, on C street north; panad Mr Bayly presentod tha mamorial of Messrs. Ousley and others in relation to the draining of I street north, in the Second Ward ? re ? ferrad to tha improvements committee. The Chair laid before tba Board a comma cication from K. J. Roche, lata oorporatioa oollaetor, explaining that in tha settlement of hia aeoonnt. he had ohargad three per oant. on hia aoliaationa on behalf of tha corpora tion; and that as there h ia bean some quos lion as to his right to make such charge, ha has mada a special deposit of the between bis eharga and tha two per cent, to which the Conncila had illegally attempted to >. raduce bis fees, to await the decision of tha P'opar legal authority Mr Bayly, in moving the reference of this paper o the inance committee, and tbat it be printed, addressed tba Board in explanation of the letter of 3?r Kocbe ; and, after farther conversation, in whiob Messrs Houston and Busey participated, it was agreed to. Oa motion of Mr. Busy, the bill appropri ating 9000 to purchase tba lot and building, now u-ed by the Western Presbjttriauchurch, tor school purposes, was taken up and parsed \ Mr Pearson moved a ie*olution, by order of the eleetion committee, authorising them ta ??ploy a elaik. Mr. Btuey opposed it, on the ground that no such clerk was neceisiry. lis was a party to on* of the c<>n:es's before it, and was wil ling to have his case decided on the testimony aa it had been presented He denied the au thori'y of the committee to summon witnesses, j though they migbt examine such as came be fore them voluntarily He would atiend to azamina wi:aesse? in the oase to which he was ft party, if reques.ed so to do. Mr Evans trom that committee, explained that the request from a cleik came to tha committee trom Alderman Miller, of tha minority thereof. Ha (Mr L*) was anxious that everything ahonld bo fauly done in the committee, and chat the oommunity should be satisfied tha; all had been done fairly there He had therefore cheerfully vielded to Dr. M request ' Mr Smith bad at first bean disposed to tic oedetothis request; but trom what bad fallen from Mr. Evans, ho was saiisfied that the re 2ueit for fc clerk arose from a disposition to ave a spy on the work of the commit e? The committee were honorable man. and had swern to do their duty. It remind- d him oi the effort to pet ap es in the rocm with othar oficers not long since Mr. Miller explained that i; was not bia purpose at this time to go into the merits of | toe questions the committee were ?o decide? rights of American citircn; to the suffrage kere, ta iio had acted sj ha de.^gaed act ing, enly as a sworn member of tbia board? not aa a partisan. He explained further, tha: tha original idea of employing a clerk had bean suggested by a notification Air. Ba'ey, tbat be desired to examine wirnos es there. There is to be a great deal of hbor tbe>e, as tka questions !n issue are of grout importance He wished that the board suould see and know that ail that had been done to ere was properly dona, as could be beet accom plished by keeping a proper record Up.n the iobject of a spy on the committee, ba treated ihat nothing was designed to be don? there which any honorable man would wish in jonoeal. For hia part he repelled the ide*. [and believed the gentleman (Mr Smith) could hardly have intended what he said. Mr Busey disclaimed having riven occasion for this request for a olerx. He had bran k misunderstood if that inference bad bean drawn irom what he bed signified to the oom snUae He wo opposed to going before the aommitUe, and nua been muuh surprised on receiving a notifioation to appear in person or byeoun-el if he chose. He denied the judi eial character ot the committee, and their do*. er to examine witneesee He denied alao that the qucation of American titisensbip was in* * volved it Was one only ulih reference to the right to vote under the corporation char ter lhere ws^e local (ward) questiooa In volved, whi h induced him to wiah that the rtport should be mads on Mondav. ""Mr. Kranr maite a few remerua m explana tion of the cirnumstaocaa whioh indasod him te favor the propoaition Mr Houston opposed it on aocount of the precedent. I bad economy \t l&rolvel. Mr Miller again addressed the board, ex plaining that a tittinjr member and a contest ant had bo h asktd irate to present tev.imcny and te appear in person or by counsel before the Mr. Pearson said that he had gone for th* Testation originally, but if he had known that it contemplated the examination cf witnesses kefore tbi committer, ua tboQlJ hi?*) opposed it, m ha did ool believe the com ma tee had power to do so. Mr Base j declined voting on the resolution, as he waa nnwiliing being a party in iasue, to iblaenee the aetiou of the Board in connection with the aabject Heaoletion adopted?yeas 9 nays 3, as fol tows, via: Yeas, Messrs Dove, Magruder Bayly, Miller. Eraae, TreUer, Pepper Marks' Mo-" floo-ton, nmith, and Clarka (Piasideti ) 3 Mr. Bayly moved a resold'ion requesting tAO mayor to execute (as law for the imple ment er Pour eenth street immediately. Afar debate between Messrs. B.yly, Ma <*ader, and Pepper, Mr Buaey m^ved to I ?*nka out the portion of the roeolution au* thoriaiog the mayor to anticipa:a the reve nue* of the ward to make the improvement. Mr Bajly explained tbat the immediate conatrection of the work was neceaaary, aa in seme plaeea the pavement waa cow submerged to the dep'b of four feet Mr Busey witharew his motion to amend. Mr. Saaitn advocated the p^age of the resolution; passed -yeas 8, n tys 4?aa follows : t ?w* Magruder. Baylf, Mil *er, Tretler, Pepper, Pear-on, and Smith?8. Meaa a Emery, Houston, Busey, and Clarke, (Preaident)?4. Mr Pears >n introduced a bill to grade and travel iwelith street between Virginia and Maryland avenues ; pacsed Mr Pepper presented the yeMtion of John C Smith, for the improvement of an aliev la aqaare 52$; referred - Mr. Smith introduced a |jint reaolution in relation to the grade of the west aide of square JM; passed The Chair .aid before the board an invita tation from the committee for the national aalebration of the 4<h of Jnly, asking the Ward to attend on tkatoocasion ; accepted, on motion ot Mr Houston. Alao. tha Mayor'a nomlctHona of corpora tton ofilers and servants for the ourreut Aaaal Mr. Bavly sored to ley over thaee nomlna ? tSoas until the next Monday; net agreed to? teas 4 nays 8 It waa than mored to dispose finally of tkoaa inflnaiirni pr Millar pretested against the ptopriaty ' oL^^,ng.?!hr<?f? tbe,% ???hidow WW. | i?i? * * opportunity to earn. 11 5 A . eg60't^tBomia*#*- Mr. Bayly I *n? ?*Krnde? also protested against this sum. j m*y iii inner of disposing of these nominees. | Tbebellotirg then prooeaded, end them? eral nonlueee were oonirmed by apart? votr. The Cbsir laid before the Board the lover Board ? jMnt resolution giving the Corporation printing and advertising to the Know Nothlne peper la this city; referred to the finanoe committee. Short!/ afterwards, they adjourned. Common Council.?'Iha Board net at the usual hoar. Petitions were presented^ Br Mr Abort, from citiisos of the First L?r,h If re or6?c? t0 th? of Seven teen'b stree: wept. B Mr Towles, in reference to the repair .!&'??? r# Pav?ment corner cf Ninth and Jf street*; reler-ed from J H. Teatman and others, in ^eferonce to certain laws: referred Reports from committees made Br Mr Clements, from the oommittec of ways and means, an ant authorising the ere ??"* ? ?poeial tax fund," by transferrins $5,500 from the general fund. Mr O-ms objected to its passage "'?Clements o^uld not batter explain it than by quoting from the nnyor's message that portion of it recommending it ,h,n""00 iu twrd By Ur- C. a'BO. from the same comm:ttee w* v-proTi(,1 for the P?jm?nt to the Bank or Washington interest on over drafts; read three times and passed. Also, from saaie committee, an aet Imtosin* S- [TW. Mil ?oPr?.?' to increases the taxes to sweaty cents in the hundred dollars j Mr. AtLee moved that it be amscded so a* to create a special fund of five eents on evert hundred for school purposes Mr Orme could not understand this system of legislation On the very last night of the Isit council a bill was passed reduaing the taxes to sixty oents Now the election if over and on the very first meeting of the council, a ' VfuJ a0cd laCT?M?ng it If the condi '!?n of tl*ing^ waj such as to justify ? reduo tion a month ago. why increase it now* After soma further debate the bill was passed. By Mr. AtLee, from the committee on claim', adversely on the petition of Jamea Mahonev and rwcmtnsnded that it do nrf pas?; agreed By Mr Ball, from the committee on nnlln 2.V? ??.?* 10 c?Mtrnct a eewer in square 533; passed. Also, from same committee, an act in refer ence to the improvement of Seventeenth street ^nd iroved that it be referred to the First Ward delegation ; agree! to The Mayor transmitted the following Uite meni with the Bank of Washington: l?gmntum.r Wo./Ungton in account mth a r j ?f Washington Ck. Sinking fund... 45 General luid.. .??i6 47 Fir?t \\ i.'.i .... 5.003 t.' |{ ,!. m'[i fund . j - jij 3,1 8.c??d Ward.. 9 W 17, -u.p.u, tund. !. tg! ? i hiri! Y\ ard... 2 ?,? **cli<>9l fun*i 4 oim on Fourth Ward.. 1,766 Lt Cotpow-,, iii'V u^M "a F.tll. Ward .... 5G?0 M Baliacf i'JJ a? filth Ward .... 3,1*5 ^ 4'*4 bl V-;nth Ward.. 4,854 bi canal lnteic.-i.. J,iJS (?t Com Asylum... l,lCd 2S,' _ ' as! fiXi fci3 5? Balance du^ liank ot Washington, ?4584 64. The President laid befora the Board a com munition from S. Yorke AtLee, Chairmen if Vh^f rh r f0"-,d t0 uQDite in lh# ??'ebr?tion Mr Jefferson presented the invitation from iw IT V' Chai'n?&n, inviting the Board to a similar celebration; which was unanimously accepted The bill from the Board of Aldermen rela Th^ KTlr"* certa:a /q??e? was passed. The bill .n m ?axe Board to pave a carriage way on C street, between Taird and Four and hilf sreets, was passed. Tue memorial of the Wasbing'on and Alex andria K.-Uiroad asking tho privilege of layine !/ raJL? In oerU,n streets, was taken ..p. Abort moved that il be referred ro a special eomrcrtee; and Messrs. Abert, AtLee. iowI:* Mrer# appointed A.r Bai;. ficu tLe oomiiiritee on unfloisbed basico's, tor-cried a bill for a puved footwav on L straot, from Twelf h to Twenty.flfth sts ? relet red '* Mr Jthn T. Clements was appointed on the part e. this beard to superintend the buildin i of the western market bonis. 6 kt M*al^erWf* aPPointcd to Superin tand the building of the ceatro market b-use. Mr Jefferson offarei the fjllowlng jdnt res olutions, which, having been read odoo, on motion, were order^l to be published with tbe oroeeedingti lor information, and made the order of the day for Monday 2ejt, Jo?T HaewLDTioas for obtaining additional powerj from Congress to conduct elections Kosjlwd 4-?, lhat the joint committee appointed to represent the interests of thi# eity before tongreas b?, anal they are hereby ajthorUod and lnrfuete<l to urge upon tblt body the p>-age of a lav, at au early period Hon! ,efal00' ??powering this corpora I tion to open the polls in the various Wardi of tnte e|ty. at our annuel and other elec:ions, at an ear liar hoar of tbe d ay than the hour ot^d w lh? Cih*rt8r ?f 1830 1 t0 diTldt ?*oh of aaid Wards two or more precincts, lor ?D#blin8 the votes in tbe w arde to be deposited within tbe allotted time: to appoint too add.ti^n&l laipestorM reuderot necessary by Pu;h change; and generally to ^:vrrh1ar;angem5tta ai ?? ?bm secure a full, fre?, and untrammoled exercise cf the elective fraochise, and at the same time allow a free ouallenge of persona whose right to vole is doaoted. 6 ll'Solved, further. That said joint commit authorised and in:trae'ed to a?k of Coogre?s at the same time such an amend ment or our charter privileges as shall req ui re ta&t, when a prominent politioai or other is?ue is likely to divide puoljc opinion in any ar. proaching election in this city, tbe inspe^fore who may be appointed to oonduct mcti elec tion shall be divided as ?7enly as practicable between the two chief opposing parties. Mr. Jefferson offered a resolution authoriiing the appointing of a committee to revise the rules of order of tbe Board; wbica was ad pi ed and referred to Messrs. Jefferson, Clement* and AtLee. ' The Board then adjourned. Frik.vdlt Demonstrations among Fir*, mbn ?A delegation from the Pioneer Iiook and Ladder Company of Baltimore, arrived in Washington yesterday evening; and were met at the railroad station by members cf tbe Columbis Fire Company, of this ?ity, to which organisation they wore dibpatohed for the per formance of a pleasant duty, namely : the pre rentation of u list ol the members of the last named efflsieot and popular eorps. Tbe frame is of massive rose wood, about Cva feet deep, with raised figures, and is of the Gothic style cf carving; its dimensions, sixty by thirty nine inches, surmounted wi h a g lden uun and the silver figure 1. Tbe roll U a splendid pieoeof workmanship, find contains the of the officers and mombors of the Columbia, that of M"s Pendleton, the patroness of the company, occupying a conspicuous place. The pretention addrers was made by llugb B. Jones vice president of the Pioneer Liojk and Lad .'er Company of Baltimore, and was felicitously responded to by Captain Tale, the president of the company. lhe visiting delegation and their escort then proceeded to tbe llamlin Houie, etmer of Tenth street and Pennsylvania avenue, where they partook of * 'upper, and enjeyed themselves to: several hours. A Handsomr Prisent ? Recently, Mr. S Handy, in behalf of members of the franklin Fire Company, presented to thsir worthy and efficient president, Mr. Bobert E. Doyle, a breastpin somewhat in the shape of the Amer ican shield; the dimensions an inoh by one itch and a balf It is made of silver, and ehased rcucd tbe edges. In the oeatre Is the gulden initial. <>F," on one side of which are the words '-we ?trivo," and, on tbe other. ' to save,*' wbicb constitute the motto of tbe Com pany; so faithfully observed by those intrepid spirits. At the top of tho shield is the iDseriiw tion, "Pr**!der.t" and below. "Robert B. Doyle,* "Ifttf;" the date of the organ iaa don. The breeatpin was manufactured by oar fel low oitisen, John Daley, and is oredltablf to his meehankal skill * % * CiLinuno* of raa for*? ?We reM our readers to tne programme, pjblltbed id yasterday's Star, for the particulars ttter.dlwj tba celebration to morrow, at the Oapitf 1. The proaeaeicn ?? to form as and mo7a f?oa tha ?t*aident's House The declaration q< la dependenoo will be reed by i>r. A y. P. Gar ae?l, a ad an oration delivered by j m Oar. lisle, Eaq. Tba " American party," par exc*Iftme*t will oelebrate tha day at Kalorama, maet'.ng at tha City Uall In tha roaming, and mar ing in pro cession to that delightful grove. The deciara tion cf independence will ba raad by John Wilson. Eaq , the "American Platform" by J. P Dickinson, Esq., and tha oration delivered by w u. m B-jrwell, Esq Tha Ban Franklin Target Company aod the Sco'* Guards will parade to-morrow morning, at foar o'clock and perhaps several otheroorpa will follow the example. Several of tho Ssbbatb schools will tpend the day in the wools, as horetofore. They never full to hare a delightful time. 'ibe packet boat congrats will make an ex* eursion (rip to the Point of Rooks by canal* The steamer Alice 0 Price left theoi'y this morning for Plney Point, the large company prooeedtng thither intending there 10 oelebrate the fourth. The steamer Geo ge Washington leaves Washington at eight and A'exandrU at half par eight, a m. o'clock for Mount Veraon A suitable day fjr a visit to that place hallowed by so many patriotic associations A part of the Krankliu Fire Company will sptnd the day at Castis's Springs, nnd there h" vd a barbecue; ibe other portion will amuse tbpm-elvflson a fishing excursion Various other modes of amusement w.ll be rrsorted to. Our hope is that all may epord tba day not only pleasantly, bat profitably, in a patriotic point of view. At night there will be a splendid display of fireworkson the mall, south of the President's house Public Scbools ?Notwithstanding tba hot weather, the attendance at the examinations during the pest week wan remarkably good. We especially commend the interest shown by the female teaohers, whose constant at tendance at the evening examinations indi cates ui interest in their ?profession, and a desire for improvement worthy of all praise, especially when it is remembered that seven hours of the morning are devoted by them to toilsome labors in 0I030, crowded and unccm fortable school rooms. The inquiry is natu* rally suggested, where am the aula teaohers, only one of whom, Mr Thompson, has shown a hearty interest and 00 operation in tha work whieb is now goiog on. We were especially pleased with the exam ination of M'S Skidmore's fohool, Primary No 1, fourth district. Like too many cf our pubiio sohool houses, the room is small, muoh too small for the health, comfort, end im provoment of seventy little ohildren, who daily assemble there. Thotigh working under great disadvantages, Mrs. Bkidmore ha--, by her tact and energy, overcome them. Tne order that prevailed in her school, showed thai, she is a good dUci plinarian ; and the manner in which her pu pits acquitted themselves was alike creditable to themselves and their teacher. From the thoroughness with which they had been drilled in the elementary s'udies. we wero cot surprised to hear the teacher of the di-trict school stato that the pupils which she from time to time received fratn this school were, on the whole, among those who were the best preptfted for admission into the hi?her olas*ea. The examination was conducted by Messrs ALie, Pearsm, Col Randolph. &ni the seo retary. Miss Milburn, the teacher of the fourth district school, and several of tbo mo thers of the pupils, were present. PnOORAMMU OF ffp.b./ork.S 0* THE FoDRTH or Jolt, 1q3&.?Courantino rocket, igniting mar run*; flight of rockets; 31 Bat;gola lights : 1st a crocs, flight of rocke''s; 2i, star picce; 3i, diamond piece, flight of rockets; 4*h, gor dian knot, eight-inch shell; 5tb,-*;j*l! sun, flight of rockets; Gib, pointed san, tight of rockets; 7tb. Chinese fan and parasol small bulloon; 8h, c iducie. el^ht inch !hell; 9th, ladies' shioii, fl;ght of rcckett-; iq b, pyramid of Roman oandlea, flight of for ktt*, ihh re verie wheels, cauraotioe eight-inch shell; 12th, wal'iiog piece, flight of rockets, ooe tci'weting rocket; 13th, cascade. flight of rock* ets. tw? towering rockota; 14*h, ysw troe, tight-inch tbell; 15th. spiral wheel, six head ed rockets; 16th. roroll wheel fl'ght of ricknts; 17th, large sun, flight of rr:iet?, 13th, festoon jriory e'ljht-iacu suell; 1V::i, tu itbeoiaiical figure, fii*ht of rockets; 20th, roee, flight of rocke'e; 2lst, locomotive wt?el, flight ot rook e's; 221, national picture, eight inch shell, flight of rockets, and four towering rockets; 23d. marron battery of thirty ono guns and national galaxy, large balloon; 2**h, aoun tain la eiuption, flight of twekets The ? tucli siaeii* are vaHou?'.y ornamented 'lhe flight cf '^tiiaaro variegated in equ b'r and in ornaments The pieces average a uiatoe'er of ten leer and 3' a therefore be well seen. exje;.t tae details of the national pic ture probably, from the grounda of the Man* sion Elkctiow op B.akk OprioERi ?The follow in* named gon'lemen were vebterd&y elected effpera cf the Dunk of the Metropolis: Thoa. Oar erry, president; Lewis Johnson. George Parker. geor^* W. Graham. Charles Hill. Gen James Thompson, William B. Todd. Stephen B Franklin. George Lowrv, and Robert P. Dunlop, directors lhe laet four are new members. Tne following is the result of tho recent e'ection for officers of the Patriotic Bxnk: J P Ingle, president; William Oime, Jsmss C MoUuire, a E. Perry, J F. Caldwsll. T. Ulagdcn, W J iiligden. W.J McDonald. D Standers, and John Puriy, directors. Tha gentlemen firs: named are new members. The Sixth Wabo A.nti Know nothma meetiso Last NiOHr.?One of the largest and mo?t enthnsiastio political acs^mblages evfl<- held within doors in the Sixth Ward rrsM 'hat which took place ipst evening in the lower saloon of Odd Fellows' Hall. Daniel Ratoliffc, fcq , by special invitation, addressed tbe audieroe Ilia speech was powerfal, elo quent, and effective. Centrb Market ?Tne principal market was very much crowded this morning, espe cially .it those plaees in the gangways whore >oung men meet tbeir charmers und converse, much to :ho inoonvenience of persons who wish to make their purchasea and go home The large supply of provisions makes no differenco in the prices. Sbcdkities tor Peace?Yesterday, a col ored woman named Elia* Clark w&s taken be fore Justho Clark, wliere she was charged with making threats against another It ap peared tbatahehad given security for peaca in the morniug before aaother magistrate up^u heiring this, tho Justice gave her a se vere wc'u.-e. end informed her that if the secu rity had been given before him he vvjuld have tent her to jail until Bhe gave bettor security. Map Shot ut Chicken Thieves ?We were informed this morning by an officer, that a colored mm who lives over the Anaoostia, was bhot by a fellow who was concerned ia an attempt to rob his hen house, ile had driven one out and was watching to see Dim leave tbe grouLd, when be was ahot by another who waa cor.cealed in tbe bushes. The wounds, we are informed, are sovere, but not considered dan gerous. Ibe affair took place a night or two sinoe - Wsbhisc-tom luoalakdeui ? At a meeting of this fine military corps last night, third lieutenant B ?>ne was elected captain, to sup ply toe vacancy occasioned by the lesignt* tion of John Reese; J. b Campbell was oiacted second lieutenant, vice Walker, re signed, and Mr Cone was eleotad third lien tenant iu the place of Mr. Bayne, who is pro moted to tha captaincy. The Cojitbhplated Celebration at Lao rel Factory, by the Odd Fellows in that \loii ? ity, bu, we learn, been postponed from tbe ich of Jaly to the 12th of Soptembar, in eon sequence of tha late flra in thai beautiful and v,eil .ordered Tillage. Fight a*? Aslbbsts ?Last night tevwral young men paid a visit to a restaurant ia tha Fifth Ward, and a miu aae saon manofaet mred, which resulted in saran of tba partiaf being arrested by officer Simonds. They bc^( , i^vlr esamunat^ob mmi erening at 7 o'olocfc, - - t , m PlTHta AnTiLtiPT ?Thara arrived fr*n Baltimore the fin? corps of flying artillery, which will join fa the prooaesloujmd ceremo nial to. morrow in ton or of the Declaration of

Aatrlmi Itdcpsadenoa. " Atrirvv Woo. Oii w. B#q., is to mad tbe declaration of independence nod R. H. Biggar, E?q , to dallver an oration, on the Fourth of July, befora this society. Criminal Cooet.?A colored woman was triad this morning and fonnd guilty of koaring a disorderly house. Wires Retctixs.?The docket wu dear of 0*>M this mornicg Nihiveh ?V e are aatborlied end request ai to xata that the ili- L Aodar.'on, who an pears by yas-erday'sStar to have been a Niae vite in tbe olden time, la no ancestor of Mr Leonard J. Andersen, No 2 Feur-and a h*lf ?treat, who has not. and never bad tbe slight est oonneetion with or Bymo*thy for Nine vitism We have to add, farther, that Mr Drane. whoso name was published in the Nir<eviti<h list on Saturday, shortly after en tering tho gttes of tbe nnoient citv, best>me convinced that it was corrupt, under tbe ?on trol of persona without character or prinsiole. aod aimed to pull dowo the constitution and liwi to an able bad men to carry out sinister ends personal to themselves So, bo *coord? i jgly shook the dost <ff his feet in disgust Riponrs having be?n circulated that I was a member of the order commonly known as the " Know Nothings," and such a oonces tion having been specifically charged. I herebv pronounce tho statemeot to be falsi ; and ( make this positive disclaimer, as tbe promui gation of that untruth is designed to irjare me. This Mitchell. July 3?It of (he Seventh Wa d. Ninevkh.?Mr. Editir: Having bean oen snred by my friends for being a member of the order of Know Nothings, 1 would mort pofitively assure theai that I am not, nnd never have been. I hope, therefore, 'hey will dry up their tears, and keep quiet?my mamma knows I am out. July 3?It Leroy H. Berrymax. Niwrveh?To tbe Public :?Having baen informed that an impreg?ion is current since tha publication of my name, amongst those cf tha inhabitant* of the ancient town of Nine veh, thrtt I have been guilty of practicing some dissimulation towards tha public, inso much that I was the ani-Ku:>w Nothing can didate for the Common Counoil at the late election in tbe Seventh Ward. Whilst tbe publication alluded to wonld seem to jui'ify the suspicion tba* I was at tho same time a Know Nothing, I deem it proper to settle tbe mittor now aDd for all time hereafter, by making this publication. I was naked, upon a certain occasion in the year 1864, to taie a to a certain place, under the mirer>ible false pretext that *'a? de cision of a hot ha 1 ben left to me, which to bo done, had to Bu^j?ct uie to the walk. When I arrived at the,place, my companion asked tho door keeper,' What is going on? ' The answer was?-'I don't know; do you?" Being ushered into the IIall the suspicion im mediately fl ifhed upon my mind toat X was in a Know Nothing courci!. As the Initiation was about to bo iuij oaed open ma. I protested against its form a< antagonistic to tbe Consti tution of the United S'a'es and argued against them with such warmth, that tha master of ssromoniea d ;nie I my construction tS tac Constitution, and misquoted tbi?t inatKument to me, to fhow the Oiucy existing betweia Know Vothiagism und too constitution. aur? L> remove my arruplea upon th* euhj-ct. I went throngh with the titrable legerdemain sfter a great deal of p?naasion. thinking that by so doing I mi^h? be the means of indue [og, during my - emk&rshin, tbe withdrawal ?f a g. ort'j r.umoer of deluded citixena whom t ^#riokl I?i be ivxicQ. ^1 never attended the Council since that Dight, but withdrew aft^sw.irds I voted at the mioir'j ?>'?':? i?;n f:?* Mr M^ury fur i;ju tea whole of she ai?ti Kuow Nothing can }ida;ej. and at >he late cleotion for the ITai'n Uoket, being m.vso'.f a candidate en that ticket In the Seventh Ward 1 uryed al. my frlen.'s; who were in tbe Council to wither" rap-.* ' tenting to some of ther T.t* vera tLemben of i 3liur:he^, th* c^e* impropriety of their q:t. | ueollen with vucii sn oig*rizati?n One of tre ! latter cIsej who was a ns.sdijare for tbe Knew Nothing BO'n.cktiou for the B->ard of Alder yea. ??d who referred mo to a cartxin lawyer, who is now tbe law officer of a municipal gov* jrnmcnt not fir r.ff fr?> i Weahin?tcn: ?o re move roy objections as '.mo antagonism of Rnow Nothin?i-^ and tha Cons-i tut ion, wj'.i that I riona every tbinj to indQ't lim ^ fjVil the pariy. on e>;count of Us p09:? | tior rs a professor or Since toy Ucelnratloo of opposition to the institution its members have puarcd out uptn me tbe viali of thair wrath They threatened, upon a certain night, to 41 rack my sbtnty," as they called my house. At the time fiverf, they drew up in la-go aiuobers in froct ot my resident*, and niude ni ;ht hid*ou^ with their groans " for tbe Lenediof Arnold and traitor to Americanism," a ? they were p'eisou t > style mo. A number of thcrn combined to pro?o> lb* me in my b .s loss, ar d to erdearor to brc*.k mo op, if possible I ha-;? tho nasnen of tl a eomhination, rtcoived from o oof thtir r.un: ber, who, since that tiite. bag Mitbdrswn fr^xn thoo'der Toua, it. will bo seen that 1 aic looked upon by the Km>w N itLiugs as worthy of thoir bitterest malcdiC ona, hs well aa their proscription, whioli would no' bo the ease bad I any conneotiou with tbeni whatever Soma Ja- us-taoed ealumniutor bis 1 c?"r.u a^.ed that if I had re:ei*ed tho K^ow Nothing nomination for A'derisaniu my Ward, I would have never abandoned tho order Tho falsity of this imputatii n is proven by tLe fact that 1 loft the party before the nomination cf Aluo;* man was made. I beg leave to itata that the basis of the the whole crgatii?a*ion isan Irreligious syrtsm of ljio;{ This Ij ovideaoed ty the lie about the bet, which was told to decoy me into the organisation, nnd the aucces-ion of lie3 after Whrdi told to me to carry out tbe oonspiraey deliberately formed to entrap me into ?he ordei. I submit to an honest public if such conduot does not entitle the party to the eon. tempt and condemnation of all honorable men. I om now end have always been a Demo crat?opposed to all organisations conspiring tha defeat of the triumphant Democrat y. This being tha principal incentive of Kne* / Notbingism, i am of course opposed to it But ] I am opposed to it upon higher grounds th?n those diotated by parry considerations I opposed to it beoau*e it strikes a treacherous blew at the fundamental principles of our re publican government; because It destroy? tb? liberty of conecieroe and Bpeech: becauae it libels the character of tho il'.usttifm foreign ers who aided our forefathers in tha acquis * tion of tbe liberties wo are now enjojinK i bc? cause it proscribes tbn;e citizens of lvroign birth who have assimilated themselves to us through tho wise forms of naturalisation pre scribed byourlasru; and because it changes that emiuently proper condition of things whioh leaves ' h man'a religion with Via tiod, and his politics wiJi his oountry." S PuypiTRET. July 3?It* e? auitiuu. On the 1st July, by the Rev. Juha C. Hmtth, Mr. BENJAMIN P. ti. WOUIJ to Mob 8ARAU CATH ElllNB CidSELL, ait oi lb:a city. ^ U1KU. On tbe ?8 h at?J ??th of June, CL ARENCE ED GAR and RAYMOND HBICE, the twiu etiitdren of Ceorgr. K. and Miria Ann Halt nged S months. In this city, ct iht- National Hoxl, on the 8.1 July EtiVVAKD. sop ot Juines tl anu Susannah Hor Sach aff it 9 yoVrs and 5 months. TDE AMERICAN SPECIFIC, rC'HE enly aal'd, sure, aad cure tor a ccr J tnia di.mti^. Poltt onty at No. 119 Pa. avenue. Price Al. ]h 87-IH etiAf SACRIFICE Of DBY GOOD3. t T t o Cash 8u>re, 8J door wrt-t of 8evmth at., J\ opiK>eit?i the C?nUH Market?We ate now closing out the block of muuih twenty iboa?<u><i Uol lara wotih of Iny t.ooii. without regardaeccsi. As the enii-e atoek must be bold within aixty day* w will olfcr goods at aueb prienc as or>?i>t Vo indu#? persons to ba^ whether th^y want Dry CocaJ not. ThpM who would have bargains bnd bet* oall Immediately at the sigu oC the Oaah Smut ?ad?r Use Avenue House. Terms excld**L'?y eeth. ^ ift-l* J. G. tITZPAT1IC*, /gea , Auction flalcs. ' /W oik0r A%etion Sow* m# 4rtt ?r J*Q. lAOrtRE, Amcttoi FURTfTruni a*!> ir0a*l'?0LD ErflCTS at Public iSil??On FRIDAY innrtlif. Jgi* pth,at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. H. H Wfwtiey, No ?65 Pen isrlvn'l i avenue, between ??tii tnd LJtn streets, I s-til m)I all bit furniture fed Effects, croprisinr? Small and bsnrf.r.m" Parinr Suite of Black Walnut, covered with riima^'? Mahogany Arm and Parlor Chair*. Rockers Mb'Wp top Onna T?bb?. Bout TsW> ? WijiBiit S? retary and Bofccase. Whatnot Pair i f Gilt framo Mirrors, Stab^ and Bra keti Oriros n and Lace Cnrtatnr. Sl'sile* and Fiitereu UaudKHji* tilt F" neb Mantel t'lrck. a Tfrf supe rior Timepiece Oilt Candelabra*. Vavt * Mnbocnay French Kedtfa la Wa?l. Minds Do Dre<>jo{ plain D ;"iu Feather Bed*. h*ir ard hu-k Mattrwses Blanket*,Quilts, Comfort*. Sheua, *C v\ air a' <>xi?n.ion I'ininj T?bie Breakfast do Mai) '?*ny Mitch Tables, Pi I Ixsard Ho Ha?r'.ck, ? 'ane and wood reat Ciiki-s Refrigerator. Am .hairs Ttiw p.'y en I in;rain Carpet.", OBcIdlS *d*er platrd T> a Set, Ca?:>r* C rke I5n?ket?, Tnbe f a l? ry Ch?na, G; 'ss and Crock- ry ware Co-'hirg, Rirfi itor ami other S ovri T.iR 'Uierwub a aa*. r.ment of Kitc?en IVrmi: MO fjis under ca b; ower that aum i? er? <11 o a aud 4 months, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, brarirg interest. . _ _ JAB. C McGUIRE, Jy???a Auctioneer. A?eTlo^..r. pHOICB COLt.EC I ION OF BARE A*D VAL r urn a w V" ?? Pcti.ic Auction?On f KiDAY afWncou. J ily f=th hi 4!^ o', at ifce 8aloo?ove, Fh nha,.'. Pookstore, confer llths. r.Ui ili a^*5* ' sha" ke" ? coiiecUoao! rare and n ii n ? a. lected win erear care b? If. N. duIo*v, E?q , from Tauoi? galleri* e on the txij.Unenl Awooft them will i* found*p. nmens Of Dometiichinn, Velasriiif.:, Mr Godfrey Kn.|!er, A. VuB Aiiliea, Jno. W U?n ??.uneboio', Muilli-, nil * f00"*1"' fbayrr. jr , and other* 0Pen the P ctureu on free ex. tbition daily until the ?nle. C atalofuea may be obtained ni ibe asloon or at the auction ro<.rna. 'r*Trrn': .?'?0 arid under caah ; over that cnouat a ere lit of Mxty and ninety days for i&otee ^Mlisficlu rtiy eudoraad, bearing int?-re>t. , _ JAri. C. McGUIRE, ?y t? Auctioneer. By CRKKSI A 8COTI . Attcilonain 1HVO TWO-STORV FrtAME iiouse^ and L t"! " ?ucf,on ?On THURSDAY, 6ih of July, wi: ?h II Mrli, in front of the iirrm^M. a< (o* lock p. tn , halt ot Lot 4, in t-quaru \o 343, fmntkM V(J icri 9 inch a on >lih str<?n we t, betw. ca K ? r?ei "nnh and Saw Kirk atrt'nut*, runradg ba< k s?S* fen 9 inches, with the lmprovementa, which ar? two each ' kc*'01^ Hooj?a, ccrraintug 3 room* wS'hSSI"1 bc' "?'??? One third ca?h 5 ka'ance in 6. 18, nrcl 18 montlM, for notes t*an?- tntcreat fto j, the day ci the ible. ' A giTin toj 4 ,jp^j nr tru., ?R)5Pni GREEN & HCOTT, { Astftioneer*. ?V Qa&MSiM A fcC i'fr, Anttir>uf,r? T/ A .l;A Li I.E IMPROVED IKtPEIlTY <?N PA. " Vtw,f, 9d ard 3.J stre< !s at Au- ti?>n. - . ,r S"^Y. Ibe 31 of July, we wiil offer for sale a? c'?c^ I ??. the prt rni^es. part of Im No 4. in re* rvaiinn No. I?, i.avir g a front Prjinsylvania a??-nu- of 16 fert 8 inches, ?t.<) ntn: with 11,at width back 9> feet to a 15 fewt p ivk-! alley, wah the improT^iueiaa, Wtsth coas.^tofa jo"4 two sitcry B.-ick ^.t,u uacJl i,u:lauit ar. 1 paved yard. * Terin^t Oaa ca?b; r^hine in 8, 12, 18 and jk n^Kutna, u)r note* b.uri.ig inei e.<t trout the day ?>? thf .-ale. ' A dead gireo and a deed aftta&l taken. JjUt >0<t?ap!itable Tu? ab .v^d?wcnbed prc^rtv i* located rear the Old Railroad l)C|?n, hi ?n?? of th* bmm burine?> piiU ??l tte avtuue, ani i? rapi<Mv ttiliancinj in value ORLEN &. ^COl l , j;; 21?d Aucti- ueer-i. S. WH1QHT, ' cct Ictiitr. ?v?SO ?*?'OWv pANAL BOAT AT AUC 'It;N. On TUESDAY "/ ii* it, luly 3.1, p. 5 o'eio -k p. m . 1 ?ba>l >???. Wii?1.)i:t reserve, :u the Boot VtrJ of Cap: Mcore. trr* C'iim! Ro..t f"*pt. VValdtn. in rtoair. T. ru.a at :bj sale. ^ . tfiVYA*,* 8. WKWHT, _ Je ar?a ^ Auctioneer. fir 4. V mcOPlKC,^ actlun?ar.~ renv valuable ByiLnr,G i.???^ at the J c-iriit-r ot 4% fctnet ;<:i l Virf ? '2 av. . ac ?tin Y al e no-ju, Ju y 3, r to': u'elo-k, on , tl;e im iiD^e*. ! ?h |i , ;| huboia..* N<* U. I?, ???. ^2. and '?3 cf crtsinal i.'?t No. 11 in fquan No. 49p, irontiiig reip.cuv iy 1G and 16^ f- eton Vtrgii.ui nvrnuear.d 4Vs strctts, iDniiin^ back vaii yj-il-pdift to?.;?u ley Tne?r Xu ar>- ^itud-ed ia tf?e re ry best locatior.a 01 i? ? l/l>vd for lii<!Ming pviw-cg, z?r? w iili tj-.i 4 C~dre, kv? rarpoirfUR Iand a.e beyond a j dotibt, he. i. .*i m ?;r.-.b!e 1-m ;ur tale in that sectivu i i?f tlie city, I 'lit?e perfect ail ? Pile positive T ruin: < me t. ird ca.h t bnianf e in ?. 12. and 18 ? anr.Uui, r*r notM hearing tuten-a* teenred byaaeod of iru?t on the premii??jit. JAd C. McGUIRE, jeaS?d A u<*<if>r; opr. V * 2c*?rlix-fc. t BOAK13IUG.?V ea.-^iit r->oiiis tor su<nupr, 4? i.u biianliuT for fatnili^a <>r \+fr*u9 can ?j ' i:ad by ?'%i!y application at KING':*, 3 93 ? onh C Firt*et, bi-:we?n 3 1 *ui 4^. The Luuae ij do ii^h luMy MtuHted. r.n.l has urtbMiiitnnHifbljr r? n ovp.ied ?r.d 1 -tuaiiilied. *!e?ta tar.iis-ted to taiui liepp.nd ?:cy bjarucii arc. gondii'd on r iu?- nable t rni." Je 4 tatf* v. r Tl; id'.?Ft r* ~t<iiN l~taKLoiieJ and Chnm'-nrp. with t-wrd. Al*i, lable and tr;m ii?iit boiirJ. vitli a aatiiin?/ rooio au<: chower bath ant every atmut;ou u rfntder it most ajr?euwic ui ue/ Mm. P. G MURRAY, Corner Paan^IvutiUt avaaue v;d 4'4 it. ap iiS?.'hn BO AKD, * Ti M lif, on the wwth v;-tut corner of Pa. avc:>ue and 9Ui a.rt? t jt> t re pa < -1 to nctcuinitnLjte ceiitl<in:en with roo;n?, wilh <.r wiiLuut board. Every e?T?i:t wji br raade to rtii i!er thorn comfnrtx idn whri a;ay lavcr w.ih th?'ir tia>ninAie. ui> <!??r * STEAMBOATS WNNKOTING ^ ,AT"ik*'tl1 fcBCl1 trMn ?' Ccr> a^riY g in Washicgtau cr Alrxan. .:ria.? i he sr.;au>cr? THOMAS (' O L L Y F.Jl *r GEORGE WA?UtNCTON wli rrakc the above conneutitina, leaving Washington ei 0 a. in for U> Oranj.: and Aiexaaaria rara, uuJ countct .1 same, truin on th^r attival. furnished on the bruu. The Boats ccnnect with ail the trains frcoi BtJ ttmore. bAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. inr,v 17?4 SPECIAL NOTICE. 1x7 E would leap cttully infoint a;i per?on? bav V* in^ accounts With ua bat the/ are all (bade thoie ibat ure not c .lltd f?ii will he rend*-r?-d la 'u.i to 1st July, when we very namK-biy expect and mOft earuii?tiy req terf that they will come for ?A ar.l r.n.S clo-f iheta without u? the trouble of< filing a sec?'*it tinot-. In (Giwiection with tliii nat!e* ue take ibis op [i<mui>i'y of expressing ?ur thanks to tli'.-e friends a'lti customers who have >:t literally and promptly pttMiiired ua during th- pu-r six months, and hope for an incr. a.-ed con tnuatiouot the m . e by givirg our p?reonal and strict nnention to Uttsun se, and coiiJutting it up--u fair ana coir ct piiaciple?. COLLEV & dEAi'S, 5ri3 Seventh stf 3 acorn north Pa. Bv?-aac. je 95?eoCt ~~CAKRIAGt S?CAI?RIA<iE3. Ill A v? now on hand, and cozutantiy i.i.i-iot.g, a very l.irye ass irtnietil of l"l? asur>- iitidr Family L AUR1AGE<>, of tl*e latest Ihj.u JSsSiF ions, which I wiii n il a* low as the **.tau quoiut of work ran be sold in any 01 the pnocti>&i rtarkow of Hi*- IJ luted mate*. 'i be (Oibpcrtber ia now deal in,; exciufively in < '?u n sites- o: bin own manuiacture, p.nd aii work . old by hiui will b" warranted, and compaie favorably with any work in this market. A* i a'wuy* keep a large | ?MonaKul, i invite pnrchaat m and utMis to ex- 1 amine my stock before purcha>inz elai wherr. Cu;rtagea built to order * ?ld Carriages t;.ken in exchange, ot repaired at the t-nurteat n ?oee. THOMAS YOUNG, flijjn ot the Golden ll ir-e, No, #90 Pa. avenue and 4^ t-trtx L may 1??o3m SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL, HAMPTON, I'.9 , IS Mtuao d mi tun two intl> a ot Old Point Courort, with which place hourly eoiniiiu::itati<>B???!j| is hsd by u neat and commodious t uambua, ofvi^ the m :M modern style, al??> by t.oaid, Hack* SSSL &c. The hail wiil b? open ?o/ tke r> ctptioa o> vis itors on the 14th of May, at which time the propri etor hopes to h* a>fe to make comfoitablft and hnp py the buy of all who uiay be teeiuag piesjure <>r health. Many impwrcirenta have be?n atMed, sock U Cottafff* for lamiltes, play grouuJit tor ckiM;?<u, rbadu ire- s, lie , iaJaed ev rytbi'>s taat eaa et-a duce to the c<>Bf**rt of tba vis ku<. For health and b aoty of ioeaiioH, this plae? is uasu ported. Ttierw is dailv ?oma>uTo< atmw Vtth tke fitiwwuo Ricirmot d. Norioife a?ul uioo 1 inns, pwd^T^. W Terms, per week ?c .n 00 Teruia per niocth,(pef (iay). ,, I *5 ja23-eoft. ^ G. BANKi. TKT.ROHAVHTO ?roB Til daxi.t HVEtriWQ Liter fnaa :*? Icdiaa Co^try, io ~ Br Lon.. July 1 -A party ofNm <* the rona fron P rt Cr.ics U> Pert Sanry wars at I?:jd .a the fir. of Slay, by a tacd of thr^ k?Jr?i .rm.d Bitot, ..d awpahul Qi.ncT. Illiaob wu killed, the reminder e: the partj were defined t^u.* time by the In 4..M Ut ..r. ^ ??d th.7 Fort 8..p, .f?r ?.?i ?uffarei tfrea'Iy en the rc? e The. fc ojz h.7# .bo congregated In great numbarsarniad Fv>rt Pierre. We ,aa B frou, port Lsaren(forth that 3d ? Crea, who ?hol .Malcolm Cltrk, hu b<*n muiea to j?|j, on the charge of aarder ted that bail was refused. Il U '?*>*?? tbatatblaat personal ren ooaua bad occurrcd in Karsa*, between Got Reader and Btringfellnw, and that the . iraor was badly beaten. I fell read /ocident Nashua * H Jul J a-La* are:,fcS a train on the Woreeiter end Nashua railroad when near Gruten Junction, wa, thrown of the track. Ike ecgine and Under were per cipiL- ted down an en.batk.neo', tfc, ,0ifin. ??r waa thrown oter a fcLoa into a meadow Mi tLe fireman wai buried benea h the of the tender, bat nei her ?tre fatally A flrtt clsss passenger ear wai considerably ^rfed, t?t none cf the passe^geri wcr nnrt. American Teasel Bar-t at ?*a. *N*? Yon, July S -The bchoos-r 8 S L,anard frrm Port aa P.ince. arri^wd be a tin mnuiag, ha in* on board Copt. Cole ar< be . ffiaera and craw of the ship Star tf tba Kepubtlc, which waa burned at sea on the lr when thrae day. oat of tnif port for UaUaston reus. 'Unmboat Explosion-Thirty fire Priori Wourded Bta"?stillb Ino . June 2?The stsax?r Lexington running between Looiarille a-d Si T" 10 ?t0IM DeM" ?r*pbaca"?.rt, hento ky on the op t<ip Jbe picket Balti osore has jurt arrive! from the scene f the IS*'*,""" - p~ ? Captein Ihronp and the first clerk Mr Da rlhT?:^ EaLCB< ,b?aa' ?ati *>oia wounded J he Captain kiBM that there w?re no m re ?clrd W 0Ut 0f lh* 100 wh > Wtr9 or ^card. Ihe ladiee wereali Karei uoharmed i be acoideot oocorr^d at 3 o eiook en Sundae ta^rniug Boat an*l o^rgo a total Iom Baltimore Markets. Baltikurb Jq!j 3 ?pionr hsi Jecltrel 6 ,9. "?r?. rr*' ? ea,e* lti? miri.iogof T 0 b^ r> ? uf Howard street at fy 15 8 u.j| of aheat nt ja teiaj'* Corn i* come ?bat ' JKh?ri ?*<? 7,099 busheli of wbite at * 1 ? U4 ? Kew York K&rkatr. July 8?Cotton is naojang^i. t i?.ar hat ?dtanced 12?.. fales r.t 5 COO tb > ?t ?S.I2>$8 62; gc??l Ohio at T8 i4. $V Sotthern >? firm; p?|e? of 70J bbis at $;o5J.$ll. ? *rifle lower; 8ja'b:ru wbi?? nt fJ.ij C>rn is * tiiflj higher; s.'l?* ot 40 COJ b^abela ?t SUaUii B?e: u na3h?d;*d. L?rd is Cta. Wti ay is firm ; ealei ai 4ia Few Yore stock Market Nsir Y?aa Jn'y 1 ??^o*k? ere Motey and eicb.'Pg* Is cn-e'tUd fc'a>? at the Cr*' bi"d of E i?'i at M# II irteaa K ?il road 29*. C'eTe;ar>d and lol. d j K?i rtM, ?4; (Ictnberiand C.-el Company Wi; Viraicie i> N_w York Cetitrj1. 1011. Canton C>a?' pany, 27i; M c^i^ao Ceu r?i :u:l cad Hi WflAtft. ;i AN! ED-BY A 8ESFECTABLK \OUHO t 1 ? oxtzu a eituaii .n ea v Mntinusaud 'ic.) ?rw?.?i?, * r touavil *vidi m lat.v. AO 1 . re k<!JV&iaitcfl^ ' |V % | ? ^t'AMED KV A B '>PSCTAHlR rKMgON * T a rt uh; o,i ar Ci.iui V of i t u>? c ji h.-rvr<?rk a ?<l fc?i?j,uryo trav-l wsih t cm.'f. I'eat ot rMrreace fi.rn if r.quired AJ Irm n M 11 mm ?IB j v 3 |. \Jk. ANTED TAO WHITE WuM?.v7?a? M * ? *-n?'k a 'I th-' "liter as Chaii:barmaid in n prt? vrit^ fintily. C.??d r ter- n rcqu r* d. Aoply nu fa avenae, 9d door 21 t *l ??et, p 'Uin uce. j, ? ANTEO?AN eX^EfilEMCKD AND hT~ ? ? hfect ibln Ame tcan or En iiUt Woman, t? t aao cl.urg ? ot' aa infant. Bee aaeidaiMtni rv <iaired. i*p;> at this ? flic*. n a- 9 ? 4 ANTED F<?R C!.D fOINT COMFUKT ^ * i T?v.? R ?od cna iibcrn;3i.u and tw?? vrau.rn to V *hli and trou. Apply at k\ l' artls' Hottl 30 - H??L3L WANTED?The a>e?tua r wi b<.? u> bttv a ?m?!l ch-ap H<iu<e and Lut, NtuKeJ w*>t of 18:1: s<r-? t, b??- rn I col V *u frr>ori> liavinr buch proptity far sale will . I. a>e *taw ua Jt*a'?oo and lb- owi?t ca>h pric- ia a ?<-?l^d noit i, and Irfi ai U.< istar Oflica, aodr^aed to "T d L " je W8?7t* * ( SI / ANTED?EVEBYBODY TO KNOW THAT* ?> tb.^y can g^t a Jot 34 fu?t tnwt bv 13u <f?t' ueep, for me low pre?> of ?75? ^lyabie $3 a v/itaoot interc-t. 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