Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. HAFPIHE85. TV not in h??nty, th.a will fade. And pas like morning dew* away ; TSa not in all the charms of fame, Which like the ??UBttmer flower* decay. TIj d<>( in |<4.l or rm'j WhKh .;*aale like th* au??a hrifht beams ; *Ti? not in pleasure, this wrJI paaa Like joya of early, happy dreama. But *tum virtue bright and fair, Whi.-h joya utfladiag can impart; It ia is kiixIneM?melting power, That ?o?tena down the stubborn heart. It i* m hope, which, like the ran, Make? earth with fairest floweret* bloom ; it .? in frtemUnip, warm and true, Watch lived the ?ame beyond the tomb. It ia in lov?, heavenly lore. The richest boon to mortala given ; That luva which tine can never change, But constitute* this earth a heaven. lawyer once approached a pretty Quakeress, and said she looked so charm ing he could't help giving her a kiss. 14 Friend," said she, 4* thee must not do it" " Oh, by Ileaven, I will." 44 Well, friend, as thou hast sworn, thee may do it; but thou must not make a practice of it." O* The object of all true education is to vitalize knowledge. Some teachers instruct their scholars very thoroughly, who never educate them at all. They teach them to commit the rules of their arithmetic or grammar by heart, but never lead them to comprehend a single principle; make them learn thousands of names of places, with out giving them an7 idea of geography. llow Trub!?You may, says an ex change, insert a thousand excellent things in a newspaper, and never hear one kind word of approbation from your readcrs ; but just let a paragraph slip in, of even one or two lines, that is not ex actly in good taste, and you may be sure of hearing about that. Delicious Bkyeragi.?James Keenan. in an interesting letter from Japan, says that44 sacie," the principal drink of the country, is supposed to consist of sour whisky, tobacco juice, and aquafortis. What a mixture! ?7* When it is recollected that the siege of Acre lasted sixty days, people may not express surprise at Sebastopol holding out so long, as the allies have many acres to attack in that large for tress. At least so says Pick. (^""Professor Mapes thinks dogs can reason. We doubt it. If they could, they would not make such asses of them selves 88 to go a mile in 2:40, just because a tin cullindtr is fastened to their tail. [?7*" The largest angel we ever read of was seen by Mahomet in the third heaven, which, the Koran says, had two eyes seventy thousand days' journey apart! (?7* The honest cows in the country have been giving ice-cream for the last few days, but sophisticated city cows only give frozen chalk and water. [?7""Do you play by the ear?" in quired a pupil, of a dancing-school fid dler. 44No, my dear; I play by the mgA/." (?7"A Yankee in Iowa has taught a duck to swim in hot water, and with such sue oess that they lay boiled eggs. CC7* Happiness can be made quite as well of cheap materials as of dear ones. MO YEMEN T3 OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Same. Leave For Dous. Quaker City New York..Havre June SB Union New York..Havr? Jane JO 00-The California steamers leave New York on the 5th and 20t'i af each mouth. ARRIVAL* AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. latloail ilcul-i d.> 0 R Semme-, XV I>r W Helm. Va J Kice, Pa J G Ware, do R G Undetwood, Mo J A Wiusion, III Mr* H D McLean, do C C Weston, Tenn R H Stuart at daughters, G Bolton, Ma.?s \ a J llodson, jr, NJ J C Butler, Ga Misa Peae*, Md V K Janknin. JC G W Newcwab, Va j y Cuabman, Mi R M Marshall, do > ? Brow as' Hottl-r. r. am. aacwa. C* Waller, Ky J Dreunaa, Ark W o George, do A Sell man, Md K Cartmc!>ael,do Capt A Foreman, NY C,B Henderson, M i W J Hunter K'Etunc, N V J W Merritt, Va C w Gajluna. Ya J T Buckntr, Mi C ^ Sch.ey,Ga> II Colby, NY Wluardi' f Xutci?a. a. a j. c. vuua> 1 0{iradft>rd. Man B S Van Ransalear aiid ' ^iwyk lidjr,do lady, NY JT'Crowell, NJ V A Snowden, Md J Pairchi>d, La M P O'Hern a lady, do J Moses, NY Mt? S R O'Hern, do Uf M?*e*, do R Pullerton, do '-t Col Braffi, USA J l.attin, Ct W MeSpaua::, Pa C Fitf, La Caltid Ftato Qotal-a. c. itcon. J Grant, Pa I* W Surntt, lady and P r*al,do daughter, Ala W G Boga}, O G C Taliaferro, Md G K Smith, NY W Cm by, do A J Walker, do J II Scott, do H Blackwell, Va Kltkwoa.1 !l<>dit?j. n. a a. ciarwooo J D^ugta-**. NY J T Mason, Pa Mr Moffilt, L'HN L F NcNon and daughter, i.apt J Faunc, Mi lJBokli.NY P i'lark, NY L Kubmk, do II H Rhodes, Va T C Bo*?, jr, Mass E W 11 tx trd. III Willarda' Hotel?Old Foiat Comfort, Va. 9 W Battle, la-iy, "J cfail- C IV Wilsin, Norfolk ?lren a - ser/'u., NC T A tiat'h, do Mum A E llat:l-, do C H Hew, lady a terVt, Mita P B Bxttlc and ser- Rirhmond vaot, do i L Miner a lady, Mo W F Dancey a servant, J J Biggs. Ncrlolk 40 L M WUIaon, do J P Brawn. NY Mim Taylor, do l)t AD Harwell, USN A A Cowdery, do A Whitine, Norfolk Purser I C Hunter, Ga II H Atwood, M&m J Hunter, do P Emerv, Mi K Hunter, Norfolk C C Merrill, Ct 11 Boyd, do J B Cardy, Norfolk It C M Young, do J William*. NY Miss E l>ick*on, do E D Each?, lady,child a Miss Wright, do servant, Richmond J I'i k on, do Dr Wm A Nrlson, USN J G Albmend. Bait Mr* Nelavii, 9 children a Mr Wn-d, Pliila aeivant, do I>r Nelson, N?irfolk Miaa Ungg*, do Wm G Dunbar, do R Baf<y, lady a arrant, H F Gallaher, ISN Petersturg G G G lUson, Va Mik Floyd, -to J E Tunis, Norioik C U <?lark, Millwood V D Grmer, do Mra Clark, child a s^r- II R Ma tiu, do vaat, do W B Hyde, Portsmouth Miaa -uiUU, Portamoutb J t* Sevay, do Mra Gooduian, NC T F Uw? na, Norfolk S T ttlaier, N^w Kent T GUI. NY H M Black, USA G W Hinron, NC C Bohu a b?jy, Waali F White a lady, Bait J Dumtt. Rirhmot d DrEA W bite, do B W Frarer, USA l>r Paul a scrvaat, Nor E J Harvie, do io(k J H Dick< mm)ii, do J R Collett, do Mra T M Farion a Mf- Lit ut Harold, do rant, Richmond Lkat Grahaiu, do Mra C Hieskell, Plula Lieut Aveiy, do T Enfliah, USA W G Lane, Mathews A C Gila in, do Miaa Humphrey, Lynch F Lacfciam', Pet< raburg berg T Gray, Bait W 6 Utvm do W T Bzi ey. Amelia VV S Sliepord, Mtchaond W Blair, lUchinobd '1 hot D Quiacy a lady, B G Whitall. uo W B Shack*! ord, do GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, OflU* No tM P*nn are , eorser 10th itroet, (OVKB THE SWING'S BANK.) I Ml I* t'ISMETERY U laid out oa the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, Mid situ ated on the liifb ground distant on?* and a qnarter miles north ot the Capitol?Mirth Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Conpany have secured a charter fyoni Cob (re*, appropriating their ground Mir ever to burial purpose-, making a fee tide to the purchaser, and piofiibiinig all encroachment* lr'?m UgisUtioa or otherwise, which is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where (hey hive placed th? m, for it has become a custom in all other cities, when t!ie burial ground becomes valuable for other Prposea, to sell it, and throw the dead piooiiscaus into one larw pit, and legal measures cannot yre I vent it, as no titles are given to the around. | N 11?ioffice open from 10 to li! o'clock n. m, where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By law*, *nd a Map of the Grounds, and all other inf >nna tioa, can M: obtained. All orders left with Mr. jHmeti F Harvey, No. 410 Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je 18?lv MORTON'S SHORT NIB GOLD PENS of the finest workmanship and finish, and very dif ferent in their action from any other, suiting many writers who have hitherto not b-cu able to make use of any metallic pen whatever. Also, Barley's Gold Pens, including all the best varieties made by that house, for sale, whoiaale or retail, at the manufacturer's lowest pnees Th ev?ry ca-e. FRANCX SAY LOR Je&3? ^ A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! ALL ye lovers of the good things of this life, and we will teli you where you may obtain at least some of them. Thanklul for past favors, I would respectfully a?k a continuance of the same dnr tig this Sprina and Summer. I am prepared to furnish all who will give me a call with the sweet and cool ing Beverajes in my line at short notice. Such a? : Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Schartotte R?-u%, Blancmange, fee Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign an-l domestic Fruits and Confectionery. gen erally kept ia well regulated establishment-? of the kind. ? . Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Balls, Excursions, Pic Nies, kc., fltc., and upon reason able terms. Call at th^ old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Best quality ICE CREAM sHd at SI 50 per gallon. may 7-eo3m JOHN W. PIGirTSTINB. PROPOSALS FOR CLOTHING, &c. UrAaTaaMASTaa's Orrtca. U. 8. Marinz Corps, Washington, June 23, 1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until Thursday, the Sfith day ot Ju'y, lbJC, Ht 1*2 o'clock in., for the suppl* of the following ar tides, at such tinee and in such quantities as may be required duritte the ensuing fiscal yew; to be de livered at the Marine Clothing Store, 57 Walker st.. New York, free of expense te the United Stales, viz: 5,000 yards sky bins kersey; to be in ali i expects similar to that used by the U. S. aimy 1,200 knapsacks; to have three coats of paint, properly varnished, strapped complete, and the letters "U. S. M " painted on the back 1,000 blue cloth fatigdd cap?, leather tops, patent leather visors, and the letters "U. S. M ." in iiraas on the front 1,000 uniiorm caps, with brass seal jj, ea&le, 6tc., complete 1.000 pompons 1,000 patent leather stocus 2 500 pairs army br< gan? l,uuO aray blankets, with the letters M(l* S. >1." in black woven in the centre The rls;ht to increase or diminish the quantity o! the articles named, as the exigencies of tee service may require, is reserved. All articles will be submitted to a rigid inspection aed must conform to the samples to be seen at the otli e of the Assistant Quartermaster Marines, 57 Walker street, New York, or at ihe office of Quar termaster Marine Corps, Marine Barracks, Wash ington, D. C. Bidders will state the name of two sureties i*> case the contract is swarded them ; if unknown to this nffice their Mifficiency must ba certiiiei to by some official person. To lie endorsed "Proposals for Clothing," ?v-c., and addressed "To the Quartermaster Marine Corps Washington City, D. C." je 25?eortJJuly THE MUTUAL FIRE IHSUEANCi C0KPA HY OF THE 1ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. /QUARTERED by Congress, offers to the property owners of the District safer and chcaper means of Ht.mrance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. MAli?IU. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Th?mias Blagden P. W. Browning I. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKclden, Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office hours urota 2 to 6 o'clock p. ra. ftb 2&?eotf HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, suc!i as Bracelets, Chat elain-, Chains, Breastpins, Earring.:, Finger Rincs, made to order, of any desired detu^a. All orders iaithi'uliy attended to. Specimens aiay be seen at my store. II. SKV1KF.N, No. 330 Pa. a v., between Shh and 10th sls. Mar SO FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALI. rOlLDINO LOTh of 10 f**t 4r , it rarioss j>*rt* ot the City, and Gsark-j*ow: , tow price:, tnJ Lena* to suit. LL0?2 M CO. BUiliDlMU DTO N J*5 , For sale, deliverable at tLe O&nr.l, or W i&rrc 1 ? Georgetown, cr Alexandria. LLOYI* ft CO. lith (treat, opp. ?r?t. ;i:v ^ *>4 >, jv :t?^ I No. 604.] Notics of the oHabli*kvunt of an ,idditionol laiul district in tke State of California WIIiiiK.vy under the prc-Tl-iona cf ti? v t ol O^ngrea, approved March 3, i&53. entit'ed. "An aetto provide lor the surrey o. the public land la Cali cra?V tfca President ot tfc? Unite MiVs is authorised, at such time or timr; ai i. Lfs jaigcient the ; ablie lnter?at may mo imperat! ?iv require. * ? ? to <Lvld? the State cf California into two or thre<: acuaraie ^u.r.d districts, t<oof whi' h districts were "tsbMshed uil der a^:d act ty pablis notice, dated 21st March, lH'U: aal whereit* th* hum ays atd irUeiu-rts have axUrulad in California so far that the ccn** nltncM of the settlers and the public Interest reqr.ire the ectat'.lKhmnnt of iho threw dittrlcta author'.i.d bj the act < f - ho 3d March, 1853, afore?aid? Now, th. rcfare, l>e it known, thv under, aid Vy autW rity cf the saiJ act of Congress of ,"i Jurth, 1851 tt * Prueiient efth* Cnltfd'-tateB htf? Mr^ct d that the 3UU> cf C*lif mla shall h* riivij-d into tfcren s?,p<.r^te lind districts, the boundaries of which ar-? hs tol cws, via : Ail th;;t p?rt cf the ?t?te, truiu<iiu!li!g en th Pa? cifle const, lying nc-rth of the line between t * . ahi^- seve J and ei*ht(7 and 8) north cf Mount Li able ba<e lice, thence running eMt on said lins to tlie meridian, thence sooth en the meridian lice to the I'd? dividing townships three ftur (2 and 4) north of said bass ll'e, th?nee east on F?!llin??b. tween to*n?hips three and four to the eab'erri Uhm dnry of the Stat*, will form the "Prpth ' u\ raicT," the land offioe fcrwhich hMbe-nestabii-hcii at Marytvillr All t'iat part of the Ftats lying scuth cf 'he abor d^ecribed limits nnd north of the Itne divldlrg towr.J sh p;- Uenty ?nd twen?y-one. south, (or fifth stand ard s'-uth) will f Tin the "Middle D:?tkict," th* of fl e fur wLiellsHt Btnicui; ard all that part ? f the ctate lyi ig sou'h of the flrth hUu lard p?ralUl th ? "Lowr-a Dis:a:cT,"a3 hrrttoforj r^rganize the offtco for vhlch is ?-? ablished at Lot Jngtlot; and i . view cf th* said direc.iou of the PrcMd'nt of tSe United HitH under the act of Congress aim ||(| the boundarloi ?b*ve m<mtioced th*ll in lutornbe r*gard?^. as the limits of the said land dutrlcts re spectively. Given un lar rry hand at the ??ty it Washington, tfci- ninth d-y ol April. A. D. 1865. By order of the President.* JOHN WILSON. Oommiesioner General Lanl Office, ap 12?law!3w [No. 638.] Nutirs of an e*taSluknunt of an additional Ij*u* Offic.i in tke Territory o f Oregon. IN pursuance of the act of Con,?rMW approved Feb miry 17, 185>. entitled "Au act to twtablirli sn adduivLal laad di*t let In tbe Territory ot t)re?r n," to b called th# Umpqua distr ct, tmbracia^ ml the laul lyiao south of the lourtli standard parallel, It is hereby d. clarai and made kaown that theiatd oSce for sail district has teea lcoated bv the Pre i dent of th? Cn ted States at the town of Winchert ir lu ?a'd Terr tory, until other*u<e ordered. Giv-n under my hand, at the city of Washimrtou this 17 th day of May, A. D. l?6fi JOHN WILSON, Commissioner of Qeneral Land Ul? n?. may 1??lawiiw POS'l OFFICE DtPAUTMENT, Tu June U3, lc55 Ub. rule anthorlaiof p4ta.tma*tet~ wh<we t lhces are not entitled to be turiushod by the dep.ut ment with signature poet btlu to leinil money to pay lor the printing of the aaaie is hereb) rescinded; unu trom and aiter una tl;.ie i,o money will l>e re ceived lor th it purpose by the deparrnn nt. ? o* i JAMES CAMPBELL, J* Postmaster General. WHELTON'S EkEMKNTH OP"liiTERNX" f f uiNial Law, new ediltoa Adams' Equity, new edfcina, witli Atoerican noie Jc-' f MAM UK TAYLOR. TiiiioiT DwaniKT, Jiids^I 1W. PROPO8AL8 will be received at this department unit! the ?7th day of Auzus: next, at 19 o'clock, for fon?W?fnc (wrought, fined, and delivered to ? proper state to put into ill* bolldtng) all the mate rial tor lh? exterior walla of The math wing of the ttxtension of the Trewnry Department building, which wilt be either granite or utsrtte, a* may here after lie determined. The bidder whw bid it ac cepted to have the privilege ot furnishing tbe inato rial far the outside of the remainder of the building when Congress uiay havu made the neccksary ap| propriati?nf for its construction, provided that at that time it is deemed for the interest of the UalVd State* to give it to him. The department reserving the right to reject the proposals hereby in vised, should the interest of the United States require it The stones must all be wr ughttotbe dimensions, ?, models, he., wbich may be furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. On the court or rear aide of the exterior the walks will be plain ashler, with plain window openings of equal height in the three upper stories, and crowned with a cornice similar to the rear of the present building, without tbe architrave and frieze. On tbe remainder of tbe exterior walls, the col umns a ad antae, their capitals and bases, the enta blature and balustrade, the window and door dres sings, lie., the style or architecture of the prevent building, so far as ornament is concerned, will be preserved throughout, with the exception of the door and window openings, wbich may be varied, except thoc'C in the east end ot the two wing*. Tbe sixes, shape, and dimensions of the columns, antae, capitals, bases, and cross section of the entablature and balustrade will be the same as in the present building. If of granite, the shaft of the columns may be either in one 01 three pieces of equal lengths. The base and capital of the columns ami antae will each be in one pie^e. Tbe architraee of tbe entablature will extend in one length from centre to centre of antae or column, and thoje over the latter to be composed of but one block, with both sides and bot tom wrought, together with such parts of the tep as may bo required Those over tbe antae, tbe outer face and the top and bottom edge. The face of the ashler must be perfectly wrought to the sample, with all tbe necessary beads, rebates returns, ke , required. The beds, builds, ends, &c. rough hammered to tt>e rquare. All rebates, mould ings, ornamental and bevelled work must be cleen wrought, and agreeably to the directions given by tbe superintendent. It marble is used, the bhaftsofthe columns may be in lour and five pieces; the architrave in one length from centre to centre of tbe columns or antae; but over the former may be composed of three separate blocks, one lnying flatwise, forming the unden-ide and the &?t member on each edge; the other two standing on edge; forming the inside and outside faces of the same. Those over tbe antae must be in one block. The measurement of t?e and work de livered, and the payment thereon will be made agree ably to the following form and schedule, and all Lids must be made accordingly. Schedule or rule fjrtbe measurement of materials to be delivered, viz: Cornice, per foot in length, including cost of stock, freight, and workmm-hip $ Architrave over column, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Architrave over antar, including c .ft of stock, freight, and workmanship Capitals of columns, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workman*! ir Capitals of antae, each, including erst of stock, freight, and workmanship Bases of a: tae, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Bas-s of column, each, including cost cf stock, freight, and workmanship Shift* of column, in one piece, including co*t rtf s ock, freight, and workmanship Shafts of column, in three or more pieces, In cluding cost of stock, freight, and workman ship riaio steps, (with a cross section of 1'7" by 614 to 8 inches,) per foot in length, includ ing cost of stock, freight, n'id workman ship Platforms, 3 feet wide, lencth not exceeding 10 feet, including stock, freight, and work mansbip, per supeificial tout if surtace seen For any greater width than 3 feel, up t <8 feet, an increase of price per superficial foot for each additional 3 inches of vidth of All the other stones of the bidding whose width does not exceed three times their thickness will be measured a? fellows: The stock in all atone* whos-e content* do not exceed 30 cubic feet will be measured and paid for by t.e cubic contents, at per cubic foot $ For all ston's exceeding 30 f? et and not ex ceeding 70 cubic feet, for each additional loot an additional price of, per cubic foot.. For all stones exceed!- g 70 cu'iic feet in con tents, tor ea.h additional fo'.t an additional price of, per cubic foot.... For stones of greater width than three times their thickness, there will be paid an additional price of per cent for each additional three inches in width. The w?>rk on tbe above will be measured ana paid for by the superficial toot. For each superfi cial toot of fine hammered granite work seen, equal to No. 1 hammering oa Boston custom-house, per superficial f M>t % No 2 hammering on Boston custom honse par superficial foot .. No 3 hammering on Boston custom house per supeflcial foot No 4 hammering on Boston custom house, per superficial fbot For ail beds, builds, ends, baoks, k.c., ham mered full io the square, as oiuered, per superficial foot Each bidder to furnish a sample?a cube of one f wit of tbe stone he proposes to deiiver, wish five faces hammered, givitu on four s:de? hie under standing of the above four qualities of bainmonng; t ie fifth side, his rough hammering; v/h'le the sixth may show the rough flock; and thi* Will be used as a standard in judging of the st< ck delivered. If of marble, the face of the ashler must be Inin rnered in the inon perfect manner, r^recjbiy :o a ' sample of the sixe above named, to be farnub*d by the bidder; and the surface seen will be measured and paid tor at $ per superficial foot. For hammering of beds, builds, h-teks, Sic , lull to tii* square, as per came, jj per superficial foot. If the above is sand rubbed per cent. is to bo aided. For hammering of channels and r* bales, not ex ce ding 4 by 2 inches, ?? cent additional per lineal | foot. For hammering of mouldings of one curve, ?? per cent, additional upon the cost of plain work; or two curves, ? per cent, iijkxi plain work, per su perficial fj it. Each arris on tame, centi per lineal f.iot. For hammering bevelled work, per cent ad ditional to plain work; but to aj ply only to the part cutofTfrom the square work, and which is in no l case to be measured in tbe plain work. For hammering of circular work, per cent. additional to plain woik. I Ninety per cent, of the amount of the work done and materials delivered, accord ng to the contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of the sup'-rintendent appointed for that pur pose.) will be paid from -iine to time as the work proceeds, and ten per cent retained until the cm | ideuoii of the contract and acceptance of tho work, kc , by the superintendent aforesaid. I Contracts will be awaided only to master builders or mechanics; and tho n-signment thereof, except ?iy consent ot the Secretary of tho Treasury, will be a forfeiture of ths same. Every proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signed by two responsible persons, I (Cfittified to he so by the district attorney or judge ? '/? Ale said district) that the bidder will, w.iuii re quired, if hi* proposal be accepted, enter into a e.onuact and bond, Willi proper and sufficient secur ities, in the sum ot fifty thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of the same, if for the whole work, and of a proportionate amount if for a part thereof Any information touching the matter can be obtained by application to the Treasury Depart ment. Proposals will also bo received up to the aforesaid date for furnishing and delivering at the site, by the perch, the rough stone for the foundation, cellar, and area walls of said building, and must be of the very best description for that purpose. They will S>e required in such quantities and at such times as will b?: most for the convenience of the o|terationon the work, and in quality, to the i nure approval ?f the superintendent. The department reserving the right to refect the propoSbls hereby invited if the in terest of the United States should require it. The proposals must be M-nt to this department, directed to the superintendent, under cover to the Secretary of the Treasury, (endorsed Jot the Treasury Building Eilmnati," and will be opened at one o'cljck, p. m , of the last day fixed for receiving the asme, in the presence of the bid ders, if any eboosc to attend. Enquirer, Kichmond, Va ; Sentinel, Alexandria, Va ; Inlelligeuoer and Star, Washington, D. C.; Sun and Republican, Baltimore, Mr; Pean^lvani.m, Philadelphia; Day Book and Sun, New York; Post, Boston; Argus, Portland, Me; Patriot, Concord, N. U.; and Argus, Albany, N. Y., two times each week for sixty days. Bills to be s^ut to Secretary of the Treasury. A. H. BOWMAN, Sup't of Treasury Building Extension. Je 97 -2a* 60Jays A CARD. Mus. K. PHILLIPS, No 401 Sixth sf.t between C* and H, desires to inform tbe ciu r.-ms of Washington and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give instructions on the Piano Porte. She has taught mnsic in soma if the principal i fties of the Union, and ha* tCcUmonials showing that she is fhHy competent to discharge the duties of her pro fession to the satisfaction of thojte who may f, vor her with their patronage. Terms: |M for 24 lessons at her residenc*. or $12 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eo3m* SI PKIUOR TABLE A?ID POCKET Cutlery, Razor*, Scissors, Ike.?A larga assort rtfent, towei than at any other pla??in the ctty. Por tood articles and low orices always call at tbe Housekeeper* Furnishing Store, 400 Seventh at 30 0. FKANl'id. W1 WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR For all the tincture hampton ev er M ADE.?Thus ?pnke a wise nn-1 "W, Hat mP.rk the change ? Let the afflicted near him, and.then decide whether to suffer made whole. Ye professional nun, with ruined health, Unas t Re*. Ja*e? w. IlcwmcnT, th" ttrlented and tnde pendent editor of that highly popular ami extensive !v read paper, We Christian Banner, pubashod at Fredericksburg, Va., in hi? editorial of the 18th of Mm lSS. this of HAMPTON'S VBGE TA !B LBTIN CTIJRK: "8on>e time ago *"? ?"*re,>' nMuiM to Hampton ? Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the peat relief w?? hav ourscif derivedfrom its use During our collegiate court" , owing to sedentary hab.u, we became quite dysprp tic, and were very mucb troubled with vertigo For more than twelve yearn after leaving eotie?e, we were laboring under those two affliction*. In the spring of 18X1, our s'-n.-rnl health became so delicate that it was with great difficulty we could attend to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our digestive or ?an* became wholly d.-ranged; losing as It wemed to us, all their aetiv.ty and vitality ; we were e?.n stan'ly depressed in spirit, our enerey almo?t for sook us, and nothing but neeessity urged us on to WWe had taken rtr >ng medicines, okaerred great Cticularity in our r?iet; and all to no purpoee V\ e despaired of ever recovering our bealih, when a female frivnd of our? Iimioriuned us to get * bottic of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assurin* us that we would find great relief froin its use. Wc briefly replied, "wc would not give a doUar Jor all the Tine ture Hampton etcr nurd*, so tar as our own individ ual health was concerned." We ha.1 no faith in it nor any other medicine in effecting a cure on u?. In the kindness of her h^art, however, without e<>n rolling us about it, she sent and got one b-tile and urged us to accppi of it, snd for h^r sis it coiiUI not possibly, to use it according to direc tiou. For the high reeard we had for her and her act of kindness, we promised to do ro. Arvl wstli out exageration we can truiy say that belore we had used llie contents of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. We were afraid I" eivt it up, fearing our old diseases niit'ht return. Since then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head cl'-er, and so far as our lalK>ra, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly cares v/iil ado* , our spirits have been buoyant, ami we eat wliat w* piea*:, and as much *s we please, and wh? u we please? and all is well. For the sake of th-i afflicted wc make this statement, hoping that ethers inav find the same relief from its us*'that n-e luive. It ?h<?uld be hept in every family. No family should ever b.* without IIAMPTO N' d VEWCTABLE TINC TURE," Lawyers, Doctor#,, Ministers, in nil ;b? Departments of Statd, Ladies aal (JeuUcm-u in tfce highest walks cf life, as well as those moving in the most hmoble spheres, <? peak of the cure? en them selves and friends by tli.s wonderfitl article. Call and get |Muiip?!eu> gr.iJs, and 6.;e rires o. Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatiani, Neuralgia, Dvs pepeia, Nervou?ness and t.ciiernl tt eakness. As 6 female medicine or for delicate children we bc-Lev "soldb^MORTtMSR h MOWBRAY, IW lUUb more fltre^t, Balumon*; knd 304 Rroadwav, N, Yor> CttAfl. Stott & Co., J. H. Moor*, D. Ct aRII Clae** fc Bowliso, W. Elliot,and H. McPhk* row, Washingtoa; aljo bv K. fJ. F. Cispbl, Cie^rr? town, and C. C. B*rky, Aicjc-iadria, by Drug ever) u he e Rev. john lanaiia:?, pastor c f thf EXETLK STREET, M. D. CHURCH.?A strong de?ire to t* nefit the affiled induces him tlius to cer?ifv. We chal enge any other medicine to present sucli a mass of testimony trom gentiemen and I.niies cf high sunding of our citizens, who te. tifv of cures of COUGH, UH1TIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, t*c_ Fjlltimukb, January '-24th, liw. Messr*. Mortimer iV Mow/rav: I take pltrasure in to you thfit I l.aY6 avJea y >ur "Hampton's Ti.ictnre" with very great rm'U. From a serious uroat affection, my genera! had become very ir.ucb impaired, when I com menced to use '? Hampton's Tiniture." I fouuu its effects upon my genernl health most cr.!utary.? My nervous system and dig* Uive oreans j-jon loot ed up under its use. I nave several times recommended it to Boy friends, and i:i every case, ;is lar a^: I hi7e l?>;<;n in formed, they have use it with s-kccs*. Yours truly, Joh* Lawmiaw. Pastor Of Exeter st., M. E. Church, Caluja< re. BLEEIilNr. OF THE LUTiCS. Bat.sigh, N. C., Feb. 8, 1B?S. Uesrrt. Mmtinrr <V Afowtray: I do here'.y certify that "bout twelve rtTfiiths n^o I was taken with a severe hemorrha^* of the Luv1. and bad four attacks of it 1 wu adv. je i :o *ry In. Hampton')! Vegetable Tmctore 1 procured one bottle, and aAt. taking vhieli, ! MUti-lied that I was much Letter; and Mia, "fter Ukin? trie f .urt'.i bottle. I wa- entir. \y weil, and now I enjoy r,s good health as ever I did in c:y life. I can. and do, witJi out the least hesitati'm. reaommoad the 1 inctur to all persons aflheted in my way. Yours, G*o. W. WiazOTi CfTPE FITS?READ ! Mcrttofb.s Sic* tha i CoU.?Trmm one of l!lo ir.fW mnootabU; Drnggbe* in Sou h Carolina. 0HARLrsT<v:, 3. C. .Vp?. 31,1H?3. Messrs. M?.rt;k*s & M ?wb*at:?The sal ? *i po'ir Hampton's Vegetcide Tinct ire is inertasiag every day, and evtry l? >*.tle sold ft coBoendj tins valuaMe medion': to tho t.ffiivi -'J* Several of our planters have tried It in different ca^es with aston ishing success, and are getting it by half dor.ens. Il has been found to be the greai est remedy for rhea tuatic affections, and a wonderful care has been performed on a negro boy, suffering Trom Fits. I will ."urnuh you with a number of certificates if >ou wi*i tbera I am, gentlemen, ycurs, W. C. Pfott. Call and g*t pamphlets pruti.?, and see cures of Congh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys I aepsia, Nervo^ucss ar.d iJent-ral Weakness. As * fcjr.aie medicine or for dciicatt children we believe h unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER 2t MOWKR Vf, 140 Balti mo ? street, Baltimore, and 304 fcroa.iwhy, N. York L'uas. Stott fx Co., J. U. ftiooai, !). B. ClaRUc, Clarkk Si Eowlino, W. Kluot, and H. McPitsn SOK, Washington ; al^, by R. S. F. Ci-skl, Georse town; and 0. C., ^ilcsandria, and by Drug gist? everywhere. feb 21?tr Privata Madical Traabca S3 Till POYKOLOOIOiL VrCW OP MAItBIAOa, rt ja. n. l* Ciroix. xl. a., ALBA ITTN Y. <60 JPagrr a&d ldd Yinu Pbur aud UoloreJ LitLo t.-! I Mate?. ?tl- P.'ia? yKry ss Csutt ?^Pt ??3xi fi^> WptsUgf to ill pr.ita of thjUnics-fl CHI. K PERT K00K P0??'j t.ill LP, oontxtnln>' io&4*ty d nb's the quantity <?' twins matter iA that of"tb? rurr.7 cn:;crf or. dollai; PUBLICATIONS. It tT.'f-M 7H UlS PIIYSI0-/O , OY 09 H Al;&.Ii.Gr, tad the J i?i?r mitien a"?d di?>! Jer , f y v:h icl joamiity, r* lliipkyidcal aad t;-?ir _ 35S?^ til po-R fii, wlrh oHsrvaWi; 6a marriage, its dutin? ?nd di.^a-Uiflr^aijns. ^.'d their rsmadtse: wifh lithomr>tis, lliasirkti.j^ Ui? anatomy aai physiology, atl dssoasts of the repro ductive oigart of Loth tt iiz ua-aetar ?, ujce and tUnntiocs. A po;ia!:.: 4-1 c<-tt,pxeaen?.'7a b?? ttse on ths dutJas ar.l catraal'Ine. f reaglc &u*l nar rind life?liappy and frcitxi1 a)'1*'.-!#!, mod* cf se curing them?infeonU ai .1 -i otisa?tbelt obvlsSon and raxaorai?l.'ii'a to th>?* ?Mtampiattng mstmurr y, that will overcome ci> lections to it; non3,hawer-jr. nhonld .his im portant step wi'hocl ecn-m'ttng its pne*? ecmmentariw oa the oinav.' fcr-l raedieal treats -nt at tansies frou iuiancy to old ? ?. ear.h ease ? "*r>b leally illns.r ite?l by iXKiut'fal isLt.<>.:-:apblc rlatei nervono debility, its cam'i3 i?r.u cas, by a p-cztzi at once so stu.-le, -ife ?JtJ effectaal, tnuc tiuiare is laposslblo?rules lt>.- Caliy mpu ^?>_ceat?ta ? c*n fipormatorrhesa idth :?:actkal overvaticur ca s isfcr, and more fa3;r?ftti m-jd? o* tfvitasct? sauticaary Lint! or. the gtIIb reeuitir.g ."rcn cmpiri oai practice?~;i eibay cn air arising from IndliKieUUin, \ntl? plsiu and biii^l* rcl':5 by "vrJjn all persona cau ?r?> tLea.ieWei vif!i->nt at itury? remedies ft>r those siJi infilcted luiseriM tr 1 oifij pointed hopes so unfortunately prevaUnt in ti? yoncg. It u a trrthfcl kItIm? to the marrfc d and ttoaecoatiaipiatl-,3 iaarrii(;e. Its psrePil Id ^ac ttoularly reeomnondrd so per-c^j eutenAiu'r i ?? aret doubU of tb?:r p'uye!:*! ccallt!. ?, ;^d whu ai? jonfcc'.oua of having naavrded tho health, l,uj f snd pririierts to whioh every huxun btiat :? en Mtl*d to. Priee af?e*rts ?)*: y-p?, '* fiv? ocples to: oti? dol lar. Msilad tree o. pci>ug? to any pt;l t<f tke L'u ted flUt?. N. 3.?Tboft* %Lc prater may corrui'Dr.LACici'. ipon any of Lhedicrsees cpo-.t *?hhh hli Icct 'wreiti either v>omoaiLy or by e McdJeln* ?,-ct to ait part ?f the baton awriMrr to db*?ticnp, caV.j peeked and earefall/ serared froie all otasi raU i Address Dr. H. B. JLa O otll, No. ol fidaidrc Laa< ?t Poat Oftce lioz 4T9, .Vlnar r, N. Y. tm- cmim or??a daliy fivm V a m to 9 p n, aai oa Sunday from S until 6 p ra. M* Ofloe Besiovid frors Vr. 16 Btarerct li tl Haldsa Laao, Alba. /, N. Y. P" RESIDENTS MOUNTED GUARD QUICK STEP.?This eicrllent pince of Music of the potmlar composer, Mr. liobeit Heller, has jurt been published by the subscribers. Tue title page i< most elegantly emkellishcd. HLLBU3 & 11ITZ. Music Publishers, Depot in dtar Buddings. . i**~?! ?-i FUULY*6 AND GILLOTT'B 8T -KL in variety, bought In pent ?n from the oiauufaetur- ? era by Um ?Dderaigned, In this way securinjj r no- J icenMs, as well oa the beat quahty and finish, off each brand, FRANCH TAYLOF, Mau AC DOCTOR HOOFLAND'8 CELEBRATED <&tnmm Bitters, ramaxn rr DR. C. X. JACKSON. mUdV, Pa., will KrrBcniAttr cc*? ip um coHPunrr, tvsrgpsn, jipwice, CApowk) or JWrotu /*e'/i"Z*/jr, [Httztn #/ CV? Kidney*, and ali dtwaM* aririmg /ni ? di* trdcrmd L\ver or Stomach. Such an Constipation, In wad PUfi, Fullneas. or lilmxl to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau pea. Heartburn, Di-krupt tor food, Fullne** <w w? ight in the Stomach, Hour Eructation*, Sink jiic or,FI uttering at the Tit of ihe Stomscti. tiwun min?of the (lead, Hurr < d ?in.l difficult Br? athi?K, Pluflfcnaf at the Heart, Chokuif or Si.docaunp Sensations *h?:n iu a lvu;g i'<utare, lliaaw) ol Vision, D .t? of Webs b? for*- the SvJit, Pewr and Dull Pain iu tlie Heart, Deficiency of Per?pir*tion, Yeliowne?? of the Skin and Eye*., Pain in the fcSide, Kack, Chert, Limfe, fcc., Sadden Ftu?h?* ol Heat Hunting hi the Fleeh, Constant Iiajgiu tn of Evil, ai<<! great U*;|truM?i(?n of Spirit*. 1'ILE proprietor, m calltug tue attention of the Dublic to tbu preparatio i,Jom ?o with a feel Tig of the utmost confidence iu n> vinaee and adap tation to the diseases for which it ii recommended. It it) no new and untried article, bet one that luw >toed the test of a ten years' trial before the Anieri ccn people, anil iu i<'|n:ui uii arid sale i* unn valid* by any similar preparation-* citai.t. The testimony in its favor given by the most ptoaiaeat and well K'lown Physicians and individuals, in all part* ol rlie country is imnun^. The following from North Carolina is res (>??<. tfttllv sub iiitt^d, referring any who may still doubt, to iny '?Meinoiabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Hook, tor Fanner* and Families, to be had gratis, of a'l the A genu tor the Cer:nan Cliters. Principal Olbee and Macula; lory, 1X0 Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FRO* NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. IV. SrrMk, of Fine Hid, Rich mcraf Comity, Ar. C. Fiwk i < ili-, March 4th. 1854. Dr. C. M. JkCKSf-y, Philadelphia?Dear S-r: I Itavt- b?:en a subject of Dyspepsia, in it* worst ivrm, tor the last five year*. Sncii was ay cooei*;rn for twelve months that the physicians ami all who siw rue raid 1 must die. While in ttii* conJ.Ui.p. I wa" carried to the watering places in Yiremia, Tennc? Fee and North Carolina, but was not twmelited hj any water to which I was token. Wiuie ou mv ivav home, I stopped a wt?k at Rutli?jrt"or?lton, a smsrtl village in North Carolina, to try the effect of soHie Chalybeate w?-ter in that place. About the last of the week, f went into a drug store to get some medicine for mv cl:.ld and myaeif. Th're w re several of the village pftysi.ians in the store, and ene of them t-eemcri to take some interest in my ca*;. ami, after aakiiij; tu<> roan; questions, said In had been a dyspeptic, and had been gn-aiiy how fitted by the u~e oi "Dr. Hooflsnd's German bit tern." prepared bv feu, and he in misled that 1 would try the He ui*o called the next day at my room, and insisted so much thai I would try them that I a$ked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, aad i do say I writ- more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I bad ev? r ta^en. After reaching home one cf niy r.eighlior? came to ine for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) a:;d i gave him cer.rly all ihe Bitter* I h^d left, which effected much good m his case. He ba.^ often called on ine for ruore of Ihe Fame k ud of rnedi chie, saying he wi; more le nefilted by ft than any utner iie h-?ji taken, but 1 l ave not K<'u able to get tay more for hmi or mys- : , _j, there lore, please ship me a or more as soon a< pos ;.t'le, Respectfnlly vours, W.SMITH. U. R. HOOKER, k->ger'? Store, Wake Co., S. C-, O.*tober 24. Itia3, ^ays:??' Paving experienced v?tj great benefit from the u-.?: of " liooffaml's German Hitters," in Chronic Dysentery ana functionil de rang?:ment of the Liver, and its conconi-tant evils, 1 am desirous of obtaining a -snantify o|" it for the brnefit of niy co.nn-iiiiity. You v.t!l, therefore, please <?end a lot. ixo. tc. CERTIFICATE or WM. J. ATWOOD. I!r?TsrtLL*, YtpgiK Co . N. C . Nov. l?t, 1853. f>r.C. M. JacWson? Sir: Allow in'- to ex press to you my sincere ihai.ks for your uiiicovery ?ifameaicine wtrc'u, to s.iy tile lca?4of it, hat ci lcc!e!i a cure that ail other 'nr.iici;i??, thi.t I hive lake;*, nave enurviy taiied 10 ?jo. "lii.ofl iiid's Ger man P.ittersn have" erred me of thj most fi'jbbom and aggravated 01'the nr-ts that, perfiaps,ever fell ti the lot of n?an My rase h not a stranger in ;:i:? community, as i am we!! known in this and the ?airroundipg couatiea, a?: J can trniy sav that my re covery has astounded all my friends and r?:latioi>s, I had tried everything recommended, and noihir.j; did me any go ?J i:n*il I was jm:vailed upon to try the Ritters. You ate at liVty to i?aWe aav ?Ke 01 this communication, lot ib? i> io*fit of U:e alPicted, > ou tuay think proper. Truly yours, WM. J. ATIVOOD. These bittern are entirCy vc?etihlc, they invisont* streupih'n tiie sv ;|cm, never prfi. j-ate it, and can be used fir a? ?.11 as n-' !u. F?>r>ol?by j^ spectaWe dealers evwjU'lwre, and by Z. D. GILMAV, Wa?lni "-.i?; ?. L. KIDWELL, GeorjetowTi; aad J. SL. Pi Ef PONT, Aietandris. m;tr 1?lv i'APTP *; SPANISH MIXTURE. T&4 G*?nt P?rlfi?r of th? (:lc?d S Eot % Paiticlb of Mercury In it ?a Dta*xiisia ?uut fov Slew's S*II, *t^(3Salte, ObatJaate 3 l-.aptioiu, P:?riy'M or Pusjui^ na tie tore. Ulot-he., Bc'Ja, Ciiroalc E-ore Ey<?, V.i? J Vfe3 ct Tester, Scald '1 Mul. Ithiftsnit ?c<i Pa^aof the l<oc?s snj Joints, BtuolXi.a tilers, D..vrd?ra, LuiiVipo Spinas Oon(>k nts, snl a-1 the dijiik'-a arldtg frornuiitju 'dcioo:- pf K ~--T, Im pzal ?t.? $a Tif?, cr Ix-:urit7 cf rh* i:iood. > illi" raluaUIt. il?-dic'ce, uhirh he* bfjont^cle* J_ braiad-or the aiiiol<er rf kztraordir.ury caree. jileettd through itt ajreucy, ui.1 lndoe?i tha prcpr. f.c-r:, tt th? crq- nv ri.;u f. rf taeir, to offer it ?o the pnoLe, wh'.ih '.. y do v jib tLe utmc-"t coc bdervjs in Its vircir* ani t-oudencJ cumhre urop. en! s The fblkHrinj; c?; tif ?*l?ci?J rrjsi a i^rgs cum her, are, cr, etic>D<tr tisnaor; ihj iaM* y>0Tt of :hs propr ? tor', and are a;l iTOia ; ?rtl?mnn veil Lno va la tuelr ic<aLUf*. ?.a.i cf the highest rerrruhlii'y, xuauy of tt-ai retei.ii? la th^ city of KIcLssord- Vs. Y. H0YDy.N, lt^)? r\f tin Krdissje Hotel, Rich ccad, kuo.rn Bi.jrthaluu?een rhe aleu> ;olnr c&lici L'AJiTcr. sapurtch .v .LSToaa,riiaisist(^eu La ever a hundred cu-e^, iu iamA* all tne 1i?Htes fcr n :.ich it NtunxniiiJ, uith the xactit whm u^uDkly good rcre-'.ts He says it ia iLaoiosisa tra*~di!5ar/ madlcine hi bv -vfr -ss^. AGUE AND F*/kK?0R2A1' 01TR? ?I hereby otrt\Ty iLat for three yesrf I h?! Afna arjl y^ver cf lL/s Lioet rialsrtt domtip'iou. I had Mreral Phv took lan|a qaant'tiaa 01* Quinine, Mnrarv, -iJ 1 beL3?eaii th* Tc?.ic i-lviituvi, batailvitli cat ^?sitiajien: relief. At Is't I triad Ci.rter'h =^'..i?h JiiTtuT, t fo lottltd cf effaotcej-ly tui^ 1 ire, *ud 1 uin hsppy ;c- sar I >.aT; !;*? neitlier :h:i!e or fevers dew. I oorsider it tba beot Ttnk in thu <?orld, and tha ooiy c.:-Ii^iac tiat ever Ki.ihe*l myes-si. HzAvau Liven, noo* f lcL'in. ud. Vs. C. B. L"?Ci, iU aor' >a t ? ciij of ii* biicc d tnu Tor uaay yean ia tr.e P>^t Ofl?e, bi^s such sootUccee iu tia hstcale}.ha^ of Carter> 5 pr vioi Mixture, tia^t i?e Laj bought pptratd? oi it boUUa, A-hkh Le Lm giren sway to the ullt-ned^? l"r. he Las uevei k?.^wo it to <?-'-? ?iie tal.: a it?bcrdin? t.i di.-eitions. T/t. MINGK, a ^rr-nl^-r/ PhyaJ lan, ttd formerly of die Olty botel, ia thj city of Richmond, cays he L-a? w!tae??t<l in a tiUiaher ct i'.tsruiceeth* efic, ^ oi Carttra Fpaniili Miiiarr, vitica were most trc'y "rariv-Wnj:. Ha seya la a case of Consumption, dw : and "at on the Livor, thj good eCec'.a vera won i:arfal indeed. LEMUEL hi. DMNSE2, tithe ikm of Dr.aker A >Iorrw, lUchiaotd, wan cared cured of Liver Ccta ckint of 1 tree tears standing, by the oae of twr bottled cf Carter's hyuni h Mixture. M Gi'.LAT CTJ1LB Of fcCROFL LA.?Jhr. Mtf ra cf the Hlciaaead llepuhlican bc^t a aensct *iai'.c?+d ia their pr*oJ roora cf viclec* ^rrcfula, crai L:nM with J-.hea^kaU.^t2, which ett'.roly disabtsd hiai troxa werk. l>o fccttlas of Cetera frrtrigh adxhin maile a perfect eure ol hin, tto jfcli tc:-. i j a public notice, fsv titj r<ecai uatii'' it to all who are afliicted wita ai? dlceiaa tf th-? blooa." hTILL ANOTRPRCURiO* 5CS077I \.~Ibad 1 rery vslnable boy ccreu cf Scroi'^: j ?? Carter'6 sparieh Mixture. 1 con?il*r ic iroly a vaiaahle r.eiidne. JA.ME3 M. TAYLOR, GcnCa^or un Ute tv F. and P. R. &. Co.. Richmcsd. Vt. BALI RSL'UM C* TV. SXVY YilABfi ZZlZZZll CUitKD Kr. JOHN THOMPSON, r?ril/as ^-.9 e*fj cf aichinoud, was cared by three bottle J of Ofcitsr'e ?partish Mixture, oi Salt Iheum. whieh he bad It: U'-ariy tzmtf yearn, and which all t?e ?hyeciaE( ol tli? Mf ccoid net core. Mr. Thompocu is a well kne. ? Mr??l;vit in the at/ of RiehraccdJ and h^ ta atsi irtafcie. WfS. Z.ifJ.TTliKVSV. cf Piclmord had t. larvsnt cared off Syphilia. In the worst form, by Carter'* Spanish Mixture, lie F-ava he cheerfolly rtcota mr-cda it, and oonaldara it a very invaluable metii cine. KDWIN" BURTON, coaixiaslacer ol the r?r?au\ ?5!6 be haa aeon the good ^ffectf of t artar's epanira fixture in a number of Syphilitio e^see, and says it (a a perfect eurs fr r that w>rntl? diswase. VM. tt. HA it WOOD, si Kidiuoud. eared of oil Boresaari Ulaars, which di*~ble<i him fi?m w*ikin^. look a <tw bctt.eo of Carter's Hpaaish Mixture, ax.d wm flexed to waU aithoat a crutch, in a abort time permanently cured. Principal Depot/ at ?- WA P.D, CLOSE A Co., R* M Maiden Lads, Mew York. T. W. DYO'PI A BONtf, No. 182 North Second at Philadelphia. bBNN fiTT A h?FJU,, I.'o. Ul Main street, Rkh lyivt, Va. And for sale by CIIAKLK8 8T0TT, Waahfnrtcn. D. Q; HENRY PJUCL, Alexandria, and by DrugzlrtJ S*evy*,h?a. " Friw $i par bottle, or atx bottles far 9* "kHOr'A OP THE COU*T*K^OP KLfcH, L ainfton, by R. ft. Madden. M. ft. I. a., two "*1 fi5in;i TAYLOR. TRAVKLIKg' I'lBMIOHT. BY R4ltB?AD DIRECT - - TO time batwaon Waahi?ften ?si Wheel!ag but 174 hours! Kunming time Aef?pt*n W<t<-kinfton mnd Cwnnmmtt 17 k?ur? ft Through Tickets and Baggage Chackf to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AXD OHIO RAILROAD HAVlRfJ p?Hy impr.>*^d it* WVnUfn cmorc tmiM uow off. r? the fullr-t lnducem-nu to travelers between IV*?I uirt'^n, Raftimnre, end *11 portxmd of tli*' Wvat, Uit- KartRweat and the Souh The cotinertion between the tr*m? frn?n W?*h in?tou ami the trains heard ir.?ra Ba'.:i*??>re m llwayn promptly niaiV at tb* tflnujinr Junction .(Ktely cait. ii ii?e Ktlay Huo-t) 9 mile? liom R*hi more. Thm i? the milr chnnce of cart r< quir? d be tweec Waidiin^ton and the Ohio nrer. bamf* ?e checked through to VVfici-ljnf at the Wifbinrtnii ?t%t>oii, and reetfebed and traa4m?4 1* re. (?nUi thd pn^ n:*< i!" wiih?iut charge, for thoae hoidrm ilirfueh ticket* for j*>inir< ke> ond The coiir.? etui* train* Uave \\ .^.tinncl-oi daily at 6 a. ni. and 4^ p. aa. On Sunday* at the laUei hoar only. At XTb'aliiii <?ire t ooi.n+c'ion is made wttb ' tniMoftheCKNTIAf. OHIO RMI.K"?An, m nine frotn Bellam; on the ? >hio. Mar Wh. enp(, through Cambridge, Z*m**ville and Newark, to COLIIMBUS. '!>??*? tr*in? connect at Smth.-* witii ihe iair of the Newark. Mmi*b- id ami SiKlit ky Railroad for t^uiuiusky, Toledo, I>etri . ;. Chicago St. Louis, etc. AtColumbu* Ore C. O. RailrnM tram* eonneet with the f??t of 'lie Little *4icmi ilaiiroad to Xema. <.*INCIN*ATI, LKJISVILLK etc. At Aenfa (on 1.title Raiiraad) ?o >r>< coon ie formed with the train* i?;. uj;L Dctyo*. Ut 1XT1 \N APOLIS, Tcrre Haute, Lafayette, CltfcJfO, R<?ck I land, Si. Louis etc. a* P; s?en<er* holding throne** t1?Mtet* for Mrm ?fhis Ihcialurg, .V?/e.Ve?, Vevr Orleans et< , urueh are a)-*o *old ai Washington - art* j-ar at On nnrati to the Mail Steam t-ra ??-the ojii.-. 'IVteaW lor Eviuiaviile, Oairo, and t"i. Lent* axe *-t> i L. :li.? route. 4arP0Tt CLEVELAND, an* v-a Herto Tulod"*. Detroit, Chicago. ctc , tkk?? r.r, ivhrn the Obio is navigah.* herveven Wlie^eng ard WelleTille (fort* rii?l?*) <*her* a ???Hinecivwi wub the Cleveland ai d PltT/.?.nr|! K^iin ad i? re; le. Travel tern are rrqim e j to notiee that ? >m liu, L- tiir only route .it! limine i.'-r.Hi^ti Uoket.- ai.d eh' e# ? ia Wa-hinftot.. it is ?l -o thr njotti tuo~: < > and di/cct to nearly nil th- i?adinp poor* i?i tr*'M Wt<L Th-' (*!<;uice uoni WamnMi i <?t'ia einnati if hnt 6".< mile*. l-Hiic lUo :4>ort er than hr :my o'h^r I FARE HY IHAU.HMl TICKET PRO* WASH IN'OTitK: To Wheeliii^. yj jy; C .luHinu- jCi 65; Itevtoo. #15 59 ; Cinctiinaii, $16 ; l<ottijrill? ty railroad J by . ir :n; ? ir.tri '"ioclnniti, fl?; In dlati:ipoii*, ?1 / SO: Clewhmd, (IS 15; T??*m1 >. $15 MO; D'trrif. ?j!5 U?i CJifraf... ,c-Jo and fit .10; St. I,oui>, f-2b Ut and 6-5; Memphi.*, ??jsiti; New Or leans, 9^1, etc. MW FOE FREDERICK a?1 HARPER'SFEBRy MAkTINSliL'RG. BERKELEY SPCINC8, CUM BERLAVT). RKDFOR|?FrRfNC8, K.^mont, Oak land, and Fain.ifKint. pa??*nc?Ts may !?-ave \\ ?*h m-ton at 6 a in or 4^ p. m. For th>-n.inor w?y "tation* N twei-'i Kalumore and Wheeling, take 6 h in train from Washington. For train" it? and front lialuiaore, Anna pi.I w, etc., fpi eiaJ adv? rtiM i.i-nk, a^arFor furtlier information, thr ?ush tirket*, ken anplv to THOfl. II. PARS'.iNS; ^ nt, at ^Vaxhinc tou Station. JOiiV H. IMiVE. M.vti-r of Tra^portntwin Baiumorr and Ohio Katiroad, Bailuiiore. tnay 3?if WASHINGTON LRA^CH RAILROAD. o Ctl *NCi: OF HIJCES. N and after M ou ?y, the it! uulanL. the traMM ^ will Leave Waahiiigton ai 6 aaj b% a. m., and J and 4* pm ? >n Sundav at 4*-% p m Leave Baltimore at Ijt and 'Ja a ns. and 3 and 5* p m (Hi Sunday at 4* a ra. ap aa-U T. H. PARSONS, Agent. Mott EcdeD'a I*ino. SSW V OR K,.? [.K\ JtXD R 1.1. WJl SUING TOM (.72 r, AMD DI*7Ti H i Of COLUMBIA PACKET'S. This line ??r packk;s pitls weekly fton pier 14 Le t River, N- w \ ork.and oftenei if neewwajy. and a* e coi:i[KN; i ot" the iollowtn^ tinrt cla?!> vo*k^:i?: New achr. Jl. F. Btldl, niajnu. N'W y?hr. Matt lirilei', A. V. TredwdL Schr. Ann U.. Wm. * -liver, ai?.-t?*r. Sehr. VUaKt, L. A. Stnitk, master. Sekr. 0*t*maridrr in-C.\uf. Wojriam, miitu'. Schr. Grt*n--'iy, Wilson, tuaier. These veaiels ar? all Citt aailera, and the ma?i>-ra Ken of experienc in t?ie trade, aud tie only r< ?n lar liae ot'WaUiinrU.0 City t. ul MUTT BEL ELL, Wall *treet, K. Y. t S. 8. MASTERS h. SONS. Aletaodria, Va. TIIOJIAS RILEY, fti 1?>ea IT ii Iiiiidm and D. C. Q&AJ&K AlfD A1EXASD3IA SA1IJL 10. 0:i and after TccuLy, 2\av. 7, 18M, rt"*XlE Caw lo?^8 Ai*x%n?:i? dnlly f;>r Ocr' :u? JL villa ai<4 int?ru.*U^be 'U'iow at '? J| od.^k, ft. cl, a-rival et *!./< i tt f- 'ta ^ jivingainpl* ta? T.r Ire. en tja-d Ceo D"*tln,e nt Mj.;? .'utj-t: with ? *rVu : ..? 9m ? bury, at Waneti'. .a - a c'lon >.?'? b t-*J*i ? .- T*r rrtwa. tt-1 a; G(-ruoc?rr'.l .? w ^ tl * 11 Cm Virginia Ontiui Bal'.ro^i loi nl:umobO,Cb:.rM,.ta? (!?)?>, lu)d t.^niLL u. 1'bf cara UaTe OrTi urrE a 5?l.y w A:?x^w.ia u>d biterir:?li?l? r..^ i'.e '1, a. Llie arrJial of tar, tr .1.?? n > .1* C ?? tnl n toad Iron CUJuaont, Oka:MM nl!?. aad Stautrtcja TfE^run tickets Freta AleyaA<nj?i i) v.'wre.itoc..~.~... .JT 00 * M .... u io ** " Cteloi^esvilU......... 4 ii m a fcutu icnM.M. 6 ~i ** <* 8 ea ? ?? LycJiliu*-. ?T? ? 44 l?l. rtnrtw 3 -a " 11 LlSfMlMMaMtM 4 M ** ?? i?*?y 'i!t;k?t 4 M ?* ? \:1j- :*u:g ....... ... 2 ii far LfkiM^toUJibUU ?iilt i^a-' u nti?l>tliZ7lUe, en L.CC--J , i^ujik}!, aaa FrV lava For Lar.) ?a-i h r ->r?r.Uwj w .b tha i aretat CuV.^ Z-*. .-a,Thur*.v,?<?tKt hak arvla^. For Wincfcfcrtar (Lilly, ?*Ui ki-c fft :t P.ocmoni For Mldai?butg till!/, conuL-sJug ai.h _?? ju^a it tLe Plaitu. Per older: TT. P.. BltX'W, /.^wct. nov T?dtf ^ FOK MOD N T V ERKON . On TTJEFr-AYS ir,d FKiHA t ??. ]?ar* mri tci^ 51; fro*. Alni o4ri? 75 ce^u II >!.LVK3 l?ava* irtMhln^tcn ut 9 i^.d .* Ir* o'cio-a. Coackts l^av* Hie ?>.:i tor tv.? Dvi? at t? CuL. 'r-chfc_re '0 rjtili. Pmodi witlilnj; .ia C^jrhr; will l?aTe tb?lr rw4 Uvrs with <?er. A Z'.:t*r. r.?rt^e2uaeQkc oa -i.? h'e.t oo: 38?dtf b/i *Tij OaCVkY. Capt filLi &RW YOii-H k LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES "MAIL STEAMSR8. riahElP.rC J'JP&Lir'ti THIS LINR ARB TliK? , _ ?TL AN TIC 0%i t. -> as'.. FAOIfit-. \MV'" L;-?, t _ AI'.JAVIO, Capu Graftoc.. 7^:?k Lave 'ce*ii Bailt bv contract, expraa? ?? titt dcv*:'TL?er.t b;vv'-;; ersry cwra baa ban aktu In t>eir eon :rnc-;a, m hi tba Ha?lna? ta aidr* etran >-b an 1 thut actommctia Iooj f-r puj?ngtru tre uuequaliod kcx titfua ad ouaicri. 'tiia cf Ire? hew York to cabin - 41* ac.nd Catin ..- ... Tl Ixriasiv* use ox' -xtm-:??> ??* -n# From Llv?srpoo! ta New Y: t Ui aoa ttU. Aa axpemnrv r u.-/?.n ?tu.:^ed to each k o berth can be a- . unu j*id for. Fci Irei^kt or ps*?*e apply to a^ivA&D k (uLUNfe a oo. 63 *a!l street, New Yocfci -H>TLMY a 00., m. o. EOBKRia a oo., 13 ivio.cV ina Yard, JOHN MUbiOUR a 00, 36 Ea? Notre Ds*ac dee Ti toirae, a BO. n. DIUPR1, IUtw. 71ie owner' of the e ?>b!rs vUl Kot b? aooosetahl* nt goll, oivtr. bullion, >.^4, jewelry, ;radona * Units or xjeLle, un'aw biila of lading are ftswai her*lor. an* ihe ^aiaa tiieraaf C ' !??dlv FINE ENGRAVINGS.?We have recently r? ceived a Urje lot of Rne French, Rnclteh, and I K.m? ?? -*a-?. "" . ? uifiwi, ama i Rngrav no, which wa ara ?ellmg off at iaaadiDMl; low ra ca. J NO. F. ELLIS, x )e ai WPt. avenaej \

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