Newspaper of Evening Star, July 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 5, 1855 Page 3
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-EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tnr Kxow-Nothing Procksmo* left the City JI :ill for Knl>rHin.i shortly after 9 a. in , >esterdav. there to celebrate the day. Three military companies led the van?the Marion J?nd American Rifles of Baltimore, and the American Kiilcs of this city; all of whom made * very soldierly appearance They were fol lowed by the Union and Perseverance Fire t 'mpanie- among whom were apparently mingled inenil>ers of other fire companies; a doxen carriages, carrying their orator and reader. c : uni; tee of arrangements, Ac.; and then came a body of Know-Nothing citiiens of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria. Bla densburg, Ac . of all age*, from extreme youth up. numbering, a* they turned from Pennsyl vania avenue up 15th street, 710. The "Baby Waker" brought up the rear They left Washington in fine leather; but of course got as ' streaked'' as they returned, by the ram, as their fellow-citixene who remained here? I be feather* and bright habiliment* of the militaiy looking, on their returns like the gaudy pluriftge of rooster* after a hard sLower, which the case with the other procession. On the avenue, thoy paid the labors of the ?ditor of the Star in behalf of the trv? prin ciples of the constitution?civil ar?d religion? liberty and equality?the Veiy high compli ment of gr ?aning from nre eu 1 of their line of unadorned Know Nothings to the other, as they parsed l>;.m riding down in the opinieite direction. Tha very .-isht of him evidently ?ceiae.l to renew in iheir mind*, to the point Of cau-ing tlwui to groan audibly, the agony t^ey experienced fr .tn his Journal * exposure of the imj?osture of Know Nothing! -u. v, "cin it pwfesses to be actuated by a higher and h >lier priueipie of Americanism, than is inci dent to the hearts iud minds of those who x foit to f aspire secretly to commit frauds in ?;ecti<?ns. t > "estroy under cover of the dark ness of the night the tight of free discussion and the properly of their neighbors, and to swear fearful o;:ihs to overturn the constitution of their country, lie (ihe euitor of the Star) felt highly complimented at receiving treat ment from them, such as that which the gal lant and triumphant labors of Henry A. Wise earned for him at their html.*, on the memor able evening before Browns* hotel. The groauers were lair specimens of :Le class of persons in this region who admit the soft iua peachmeut of Know Nothingism. We are well content that the ttnfcitiatc:!shall form un opinion of the sort of people among us wLo ''go the whole Know N-thing *? swine " from the appearance, and conduct in the pr> cession of the mass of its members; though here and there we recogrited the countenanee of persons whose 44 Americanism " has not yet bee ome so intense as to induce them openly to Ret at defiance the rule of common dccen-.y and self-respect by which everv person rcallr lit to be intrusted with the sacred privilege* of American citizenship, is expected to be gov erned under our system, which is founded on the idea that all under its influence are com petent for self-government. We noticed in this procession a very discon solate bald eagle, anon looking down at its claws, as though sadly disconsolate at being forced to remain identified (by thong;.) even for a brief period, with such a cause. As he paased us, he appeared anxious to get away, and exceedingly iu >rtified at being forcibly com pelled, by his guardian at that end. to add tho pretencc of hie slorious symbolism, to the bud get of false pretences of which Know Nothing ism is made up. _ The advertised proceedings took place at Kaiorama. where Know-Nothing political mo rality. respect for the rights of others and pe culiar patriotism. were also duly enforced in im promptu speeches from the Rev. F. S. Evans. E- C. Carrington, e.-q., Mr. Jno. G.Wilmot, of Baltimore, and perhaps others. It is to be regretted that some one failed to Tead the Constitution of the United States after tha reading of the Platform; as in such close juxtaposition, the reading of the latter would have been l'k.-ly to have opened the eyes of tl % misguided men among them really actuated by disinterested and patriotic sentiments, to comprehend that the- ^elfish. office-seeking, and Unprincipled persona who are leading them astray, have impend on them a political faith, antagonistic in every respect to the principles for which our revolutionary fathers fought, bled, and died. P. S. Our talented, amiable, and ingenuous neighbor has not yet informed the world what Platform it was that wis read on this occasion; whether the Abolition Platform of Massachu setts Kn'-w-Noihingi-m, the ultra pro-slavery Platform of Georgia Know-Nothingism. or the \ersic?n of our in isrhbor's conductor s two-horse act. put forth at Philadelphia. It CA53IOT TELL tiik Tnrrn?We are re quested by Mr li'*he to stite, in reply to the paragraph in the "Organ" of the 31 instant, that upon hi.- fir. t entrance into tho office a? an a>si>tant. he wa- instructed that the collector had no authority to add ought to or take from th> tax book; that he was to use them in the ?ondition in which they came into his hands; that upon all occasions in which corrections were made in his own work, the entries will be found in red ink; that he is aware that nume rous erasures were made iu the bools for the yir K>1. but th y were made iu the office of the tax clerk, by t!io.-v engaged in making up the book for that year, and before they came int> th" hands of the collector; and he r? num ber* distinctly instructing his assistants that, il it became necessary to make a correction, it should ap)*>ar in red ink; and he believes that upon examination the facts will be found as stated With regard t?the pencil mark??they were plated up mi tho book* from time to time by the collector or assistants for their own conve nience and for a temporary purpose, and as ???>n a.-, that pur{?ose had been served they were removed; they were not a part of the record, and could have been of no manner of Ose in the collection of future taxes, as the memorandums related on?y to the curreut op erations uf t'uc e-tli'-e. Wueu the bo ?v for t.;c vear ls^j are made up and pieced in the hartd* of the coIlee.?r, they should, and doubt will. pr? -eut a tiue record of the accounts ?t t!. tax pa_,of the city. and f?ee fr >tn any marks or men. ?. andum* whatever. Tho tax books lor th-* year lr*o?? were never in the bands ?>1 the late collector; they a;e or should be made up by tL, t.'.x clerk, p.lor to t'ie first day of July, and on that d'?y delivered to the collector?.md that is the record tor the guid ance of the mw collector. Consequently it will be perceived that it was impossible lor the late collector to mutilate a record th3t had no 'XiHence during his incumbency ? f office, r.nd to his know.^Jgc has none at thi-8 day. We will only add to this statement, that if th<"sc now essaying to conduct the business of the corp ration collector's office are embarras sed in tuc discharge of their duties, the cause >s to he sought in their want oi' qualification ? lor -ucu labors, which are not within the com vjasof the competency of others than expert wleik* The Baltimore Military.?The two hand #oine and dariiin^ volunteer companies from Baltimore?the Marion and American rifle ?who came on to join iu the Know Noth ing celebration of tho Fourth in this city. breakfast*>d, at 7 a. in-, at Hamlin's capital house kept on the European plan, at the coi Kr of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street, ^?bere there w:i* *ct before them a most invit ing eutertaimueut. They were cordially and e iurteous'y received and escorted, throu^aout tke dny, by their friends, the Washington city American Kifles. whoM members severally ex erted themselves to render the visit of all their gue-ts as agreeable a- poe-ibie. They returned home in the afternoon. The Fraxkljx Target Coupixy paraded, *s per order, shortly after 4 a. m yesterday. Inarching through the principal streets of the city, and breakta-ting sumptuously at Cook's Well kept Military llall, on 1> street, between Jfinth and Tenth ^treets. They were dismissed *t their hall in time to jiennit the members to join iu t!.e other 1? siivities of the day. The Native Amf.ei? am Ctrl'* Pic-xic ? The 4th of July entertaiument of thU baud of cur young felkrW-vitixen* duly came off in the ? Woods a mile worth of the city boundary, out Pourteeuth street. The party filled a huge four hor>e ear uud numbered thiitj or toity as happy y>.ung persons of both sexes as one ?ften sees W e paared them in the Wo??ts in Ihe m>>rning, when they were dancing gleifully vvbciwi*; ?i>joyuig Tlia Editor ; In conse quence of the unusually unfavorable state of the weather, yesterday. (4th inrtant,) the fire works prepared at the Nary Yard and Arsenal Tor exhibition in the evening were somewhat damaged by the rain, but more by the mois ture of the atmosphere, (the extoi t of which cannot y.t be known,) and the preparations for firing them, already undertaken, were dis continued for a few days, when such as are found, or can be made fit. will be fired in Mon ument square, of which as good notico will be given as possible. Respectfully, Jonx Cleves SruvE*, Lieutenant of Ordnance in charge. Washington Arsenal, July 5, 1S55. Dids't see the Fireworks.?Last evening, a* early a- half-past seven o'clock, parties of m-n. women and ehildren-not few in num ber?wended their way to the vicinity of the mail, on the south side of the President s house, m order to secure commanding positions for seeing the fireworks, which, as it had been announced m the Star, were to be displayed on that occasion, in honor of the nation's at. niversary. The most extensive pyrotechnic arrangement; had been male for ttie purpose, u..d lie. Q3 th' public anxiety on that subject Icnc-ylvania avenue, and all the street* leading to toe Mte selected for the brilliant sj>ecta<.le. were, ior an hour or in?re, densely crowd*-1 with human beings, on their jovous way thither, and, among the thousands upon ? h-'usands oi the p mulace, were very many juveniles; some in the arms, ,-there in hand earn ag<>s. and not a few cloie to "mama's npron string.'' '? liurry on. my dear, you hcp the people crowding n there," remarked an 44 anxious mother to her tender offspring. 4'Oh, yes. I never see il'o hig rukets ar.d squabs; and arc they going to set em afire right off. mother ? "Yea, dear." - Oh, my ! " re spond-d fhr male juvenile, in a tono of sur pri-e. 1 he remainder of the conversation was last to us, as a gwntl^.nan, in white p~nf\ vitli a lady on each arm. and five or six of the fair sex in ? saaiu com pi ny, crowded leaving the atfeotiooute mother &bd the moussitive lad lur in the background. Everybody seemed to be in a hurry, a* if the fireworks were to occupy but five "minutes in the grand explosion. ? P\ rotcchnicj was the prominent theme, and the apptarakco of the frame-work (standing "ut in bold relief on the mail) to which the rirpective pices were to bo attached for rev* olm.onary, oblique, horizontal, and perpen dicular combustion, r.pparently heightened the anxiety which was so con.-picutusly manifested. A lively, elegant lime they all had, in antici pation ! As wo arproached the eastern gate opening to the President's grounds, we heard some one, who proved to be a regular of the company of Li/ht Artillery, say, -No fireworks to-night, ladies and gentlemen." "In consequence ol the inclemency of the weather," gruffly re sponded a burly old gentleman of low stature. . sncient aud venerabb lady leaning on his arm, recci\ed the sad intelligence with such a shock as caused her to exclaim : "Good Lord ! after our lor.g walk, ioo." Tho news ?<?on spread in the crowd of persons at that time lor ing au entrance int .? the grounds, and toe werd went from mouth to mouth, *4 No fire-works postponed!" The r.iore inquisi tive inquired a? to the previse time the fire werks would be -setoff/' This information i;ot being in tLe possession of the persons who were interrogated on the subject, th<*y re spectfully referred the inquirers to the officer* having the fir -works in charge. .S) soon as the postpone iner t of the pyrotech* nic display b<;c;?mc generally known, vity many perstus -j.-wiy retraced their steps home ward. while olheis pressed into the grounds in the direction oi the fountain, where th^ Marine Band w?_rc discoursing most excellent music. The mdody compensated, in part, for the absence of the lire-works, which latter, a it will be seen by an article in to-day's paper, will be ,4 burnt on some future occasion. Accident ?Ye.'teid.y afternoon, four little boys, troni five to fifteen years of age. were playing^wkh a -iaitridgc which Inul been ob tained, it i* <aid, fr^.u one of the U!rig;!zi:ics ??f th: a.ti lery corps, winra they were preparing to fire the salute at 12 o'cloJk. One ot tho boys laid the cartiidgc on the pave merit and applied a match to it. The othoi gathered round to see it explode. Supposing the fire had been extinguiohed, the lad pre pared to apply another match, the smaller leaning over t<> sec it done, when the ]>owder expi red, severely burning three, and singing the fourth. They were taken to their homes or dwellings near by on Thirteenth-and-a-half street, where ail that could be done for their relief wa? performed. The screams of one of the little sufferers could bo heard by persons on the oppo.-ite fide ot the >treet. although the house was closed at the time. The eldest b.,y. f?n ot Mr. A. Roux. i> the le;i>t injured; a son of Air It. Frere. is burnt in the face and under hi- chin. It i: probable he would have been killed but for the pu.-ition of his hat. which saved him from the lore- of the powder. The other lads are brothers, tons of a gentle nan residing near the Sinittaionian Institution building. They are dangerously, if not fatally injured. While writing, we have been in famed that the younger of those brothers died this morning at Lw ? o'clock. Pic Nil h of the .Seniors.?Yesterdav was i>io day selected by many of our citizens for the enjoyment of every -pecies of fun. Pic Nics and txeurd >:is were so numerous that it would require a mammoth sheet t?. publish tiit detail, of one-tlnrd of them. Every kind of conveyance was in d. maud; coaches, wagons, horses, steamboats, n-hooneis, scows and fkiff-. all in teivice at excellent prices. >? e regret tnat many ot our triends were so completely ducked, especially ladies, though wc think we have rcas n to rejoice tnat none were drowned in the tremendous storm. We navo heard ol but one accident which hap p;ntd t> any of the parties out. We were u Id that a party that went to the Great Falls 1 st a valuable horse by drowning; how the accident occurred wc have not been informed. A run.b-r of the companies returned to this city about d'ir?:, -? 11 apparently delighted with their sThij ts. ^i ' joking one another about the coU'iiti m of their ? good clothes." T'avgkrocs Assault.?Yesterday, three - 'or,,d persons mad ; n attack upon another named Tho:'. ltuiler, who, although he is dan geru'is! v wound >1. appears to be happy t'. at he escaped with his iife. Three attacked him. and iw.j held him while the third went cooly ti? work at his face ? nd throat with a rough looking pocket-knife. The wound upon his throat w..u!l h.ive been fatal, had he been c! >ser to the knife, us it began at the back of hi-1 ii ek n. i continued rou:-d over the jugular arteiv, as if th?- intention were to sever the h? ad from the bo<ly. The next cut be^an on the ehetk. near the ear. the knife penetrating thp.ugh the cheek into the tongue, inflicting an ugly wound from the beginning tc the month. Butler vas taken to the iufinnary to receive surgical attention. Two of the party. Jack li 'lloumn and C. Tasker. were arrested by officer handy, r.nd carried before Captain Birch, who sent them to jail. A Veterax"' Wheel?TheUnited States artille;y comnady, now in Washington, is, a? is well known, of tliat description of force which did su< h marked and wonderful flecu tion during the Mexican campaign. The-fifth wheel oi one of tho carriages contains the following inscriptions painted around the rim: Pu!o Alio. May N. l^lti; Resa.-o de la Palma, May 'J. 1H4U, Mcatvrey. 21st, 22d and 23d of September, Vera Cruz. March 9. 1S47; Cerro Gordo. April IK. 1H47; Churubuseo. Au gust 2u. 18o7; Melino del Key. September 8, 1M7; Chupultepec. September 12ch and Kith, lfi!7: Gareta San Cosuic*. September 13th and 14th, 1S47; City of Mexico; Duncan, if is a wheel of the efficient battery of that gallant commander. The mark of a bullet is on one of the spokes, and the hub is yet fit for service. The wheel is. of course, highly appreciated, a? a rolic of the brilliant past Jiivevile Sports.?The boys of tho citv during the night preceding, and all day fourth of July, and at uight, amused themselves by expl<M*ling fire-works iu the streets, each party acting independently for their own amusement especially, but relatively .or that of the wit nesses of the performances. The Ethiopian Troi t*e again perform at Odd Fellow? Hall this e vet ing 'Iheir per formauccj will doubtless amuse, aa the band comprises some of the most tale. U*! of tbftt dvtvripuvn vl mel /UiUi oxid [ua St. Mathrwr Scan at School?The chil dren of St. Mathew's Sunday school, superin tended by their reverend pastor. Father Jas. IVuelao, and oilier?, duly celebrated tbe great anniversary of American independence. The company assembled in a remote and shady place in the forest, about two miles from the city, to manil'eet that republican spirit which lias. at nil time*, characterized that youthful b:ind. The leaders tcft nothing undone to pro mote the happiness and comfort of all assem bled there. It was edifying to witness the de corum and regularity so we! I preserved throughout the entire occasion. The grnccful ress and ea^e with which the young ladies and their companions moved through tho merry dance was no less worthy of admiration. Un fortunately the rain falling very heavy dis Eer^ed the pirtv at an early hour, father kirn-Ian exerted himself unsparingly to shel ter the many who bad not where to t ike refuge, and thus expose I himself for the benefited his little ones. Were it not for this disappoint ment the affair promised to be exceedingly pleasant one. Sabbath School Celebration.?The Wcs l*y Chapel Sabbrth School spent yesterday in Berry 5 woods. hen the rain commenced falling, the children scam|K-red to the (Jlcn wh?1 Cemetery, where a number of them luund shelter in the sexton'squarters. Those of th? Ryland Chapi I were at Roche's spring, and ll.-d from the pelting of the stnrin to tin barn on the iireiafscs. Tho children of Mc Kendrec Sabbath School had their sport spoiled at Gales' woods. The pupils of the church of which tbe Rev. A. ?J. Carothera. is the pastor, enjoyed themselves in Ivibbey's w.ods. The riiin was the only bar to the en joyment oi tho -little people. ' many of whom had their clothe* drenchcd. We have heard of no other Sunday Schools who repaired to the woods for their lourth of July enjoyuients. Ejq?* \\ e arc compelled to omit to-day. owing to the pressure on our columns, our George town letter, giving particulars of the celebra tion of the fourth o, July, aid other matte.a of importance to th^ general reader. The following paragraph is selected from the com munication of our correspondent: " The fl >ur market remains very quiet, with but litMe doing; held this morning at $9.50 a Ml. 4 5 for standard brands. No grain arriving. Siles of new wheat to arrive ucxl week at >1.87i for prime chaff, red. Com would not command over "rd. The Market.?We have seen our principal market better supplied on many occasions than it was this morning, and prices lower. Now that there is an indication of excellent crops, itc hope that priccs will return to the old livin* rates. Although the seige of Sebastopol might j>o**tbly affect the prices of flour and meal, wc -Ion t see how it can affect the price of black berries or Other articles eqmlly as peridia^'o and which arc not in demand lor exportation. Pt'BLic ScnooL Ji\a it i nations.-?Mra Og de:: sMale Primary, second district, basement ?t the Church of the Attention, will be exam ined this afternoon, by the whole board of trustees; and to-moriow afternoon Will be ex miiincd M tie Primary, first district, (Mrs. iUhlier, teacher.) Luioii Chapel, between Pcmsylvania avenue and (i street, on Twen tieth street, by the whole board. Tiic Marion Rifles and Union (Iuarps.? These two crack volunteer companies paraded ft 4 a. iu., yesterday, through many of our streets and avenues. Their soldier-like ap pearance attracted the attention and received the pmise of all who witnessed their evolu tions. The Marions weie handsomely enter laiue 1 by their g.i!!:;nt commander, Captain hheckelis at his residence, ere their parade of 1 he day closed. , The Pi bmc Schools.?As yesterday was "tho Fourth," there will be no Washington ?public schools examined to-day. To-morrow toe school ki pt by Mr. Rodier, in the Union Chapel on Twentieth street, near the West market, will take place at 4 p. ni. That will will c >: c'udc the examinations of all the pri mary soh m?!s. The district schools will be ex amioji next we.k. The Light Artillehv will drill this after noon on the M ill, iu 5 o'clock. It was post poned yistcrday on account of the wet weather^ Criminal Cocrt?George A. Walker has beeu tried ?iud convietcd of st?alin*r twen^y five perch of building st-mo. Sentence tie ferred. . att H Rf.ti rns.?Elisa Flecher. runaway; jad. James i crry, out after hours; fino ami COStS. MARRIED. "id in*tn J'. 11VA* this city On the id instant, by th- Rev. Gideon II Dav E ,J H VATT to AN N L. WOLUK, all of DIED. On the .3th instant, at II) o'clock, EDWIN son of r!( had W. and Jane polkinhorn! l ne funeral will tike place at yu o'clock to morrow. the nth i:i>?ant. from the residence of hi> parents, on ]? street. between Sixth and Sev enth, north side. * ,Jti,no- at Moss Xwk' Caroline ^ hginia, in the 17th year of her a'e JANf. CATtlARI.NK, wife of James Parke (Sor bin and eldest daughter of the late John SpoU wood, merchant. 1 WANTS. W ? r 1. D?IJY A YOUNG WOMAN A '? Situation as Chambermaid, and to do tile ?ewing. Address -C," at this office _jy 5?It# WANTKD-TWO WHITE WOMEN, ONK . as>?'.,,k the Other as Chambermaid in a p ivate family (jood references required. Apply on Pa. avenue, 2d door ahove 21st str?-et jy 3?-it# ' | I lOI.'SU WA.M'Ki) ?Till* ADVKKT1SKR wishes l<? buy a snuill. cheap House and Lot. situated west of 1-th street. 1 jet ween I and \ sts I e,<ons having sueli pro|)er(y for sale will please state jts location and the lowest cash price, in a T -r u,e'.,a Ieft at liie StHr OUice, addressed to " r B L je 29?7t# WANTED-KVKRV BODY TO KNOW that TT they ( an yet a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet d~en, fer tile low pric .? of payable a month without interest Apply at theUnion I^and Office 7th street, atxive Odd Fellows' Hall ap2S-Gui JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING ]\TOTlCK-FOK RK.VT?PARLORS AND . t-'ham?ierH, with board. Also, table anil tran sient board, with a bathinjj room ami shower baths, and every attention to rentier it most agree able to her boarders. .Mrs. P. G. MITRRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 1? *t ap 23?3m OOARD,Ac ? .MRS DATF.S,ON TIUI S. W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9tli street i s prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms' with or without board. Every ett'ort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. apt) tf COME ALL YE THAT ARE WEARY AND Ql E.Nl ll YOUR THIRST. \R.NY 6c SHINN resp?-< tnilly return their most sincere thanks to their friends and the public in general for the patronage heretofore so liberally bestowed upon them, and announce that they are not only prepared to receive orders for their PRE MIUM MINERAL WATERS, but also for their superior Chamiia^ne Cider and Porter, bottled and draught Ale." R??ot Ceer and Mead. Imager Beer, in k?^s or twitles. Carbonated Ginger a new beverage, which is so highly recommended by physicians of the Northern cities. All orders promptly dispatched. I'nion Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, je*9?lw? Georgetown, D. C. Gold sleeve buttons, stlds, *c. Just received a large assortment of the latest style Mosaic, Cameo, l.ava. and plain Gold SLEEVE BUTTONS. STUDS, 4p.. unusually Hue and cheap. M. W. GALT it BRO., &JI Pa. avenue, liet. 9th and 10th streets. _je ,.,9?tr LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Agent for Claims, No. 52? 12tl? street, will give tire highest market price in gold for Land Warrants. je 7?lm* FIRST WARD.?All persons indebted to T. \V. Johnston Ac Co.. are earnestly requested to pay up their accoun's to the subscriber as their ac counts must be settled iinmediatert. T W. JOHNSTON, Je29?eo3t _ ^ Dr)'Goods Sstbre, No. 111. CLMBERLAND COAL.?For sole by the cargo or t>oat load, by HOWARD k POOR, Je25?eo?>t Alexandria, Va.

THE AMERICAN SPECIFIC, THE only sate, sine. ruU <tj<eeUy cure for a cer tain disease. Sold only at No. 110 Ta. avenue. Price f 1. J? *7?Ot FOB 6ALE AND BBBT. P)R rent.?A handsomely furnished House near the Public Department is offered for rent. To a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate The House contains a bath room and gas fixture* Enquire on the premises. No. 270 H strict, jy 5?lm? For rent?the building on dst., near the corner of Twelfth. Is for rent, either In part, or whole. Apply at the Star office. Je 20-tf For rent ?the basement of for rest Hall, in Georgetown. and several rooms on the Hrst door, Possession given on the 2d of July. The main Hall or Concert Room Is newly liein bed. and will Ik.- rented bv the night or season, on moderate terms. "B. FORREST, je 25?2w? comer of F and '211th streets, I^OR SALE ?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment. If not sold soon it "will be for rent. Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown, Lot -2t> feet front bv 160 feet deep; wilWie sold low and on a long credit WANTED?A few shares of Georgetown Build ing Association Stock. Applv to E K. Lt'NDY, No. 128 Bridge *treet; Georgetown; or No 100 E street, Washington jeV'l?tf IjiOR RENT ?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., that large three-story Brick House, well known as the l?e*t stand in the city for a hotel and restaur ant, on Cameron street, opposite the market house, and now orenpied by Mr McGonegal. Possession given on Hie 1st of July. Address LLOYD ft t O., Claim Agents. Fifteenth street, opposite the Treasury, Washington, I). C my 30?tf Houses f<>r rent ?a three-story Brick Dwelling, with a two-story back build ing, and all the necessary out buildings, situated in Cox's Row. Fir?t street, Georgetown It has spacious narlors and a commodious hall; and is considered one of the most desirable residences in the District. There is an enclosed lot, west and adjoining the house. The premises are now occu pied by the Secretary of the interior. Possession may lie had on the 12th of July. Also, a substantial two-story Brick House, with spacious grounds about it, situated on the south west corner of I and Twentieth streets. Washing ton. Possession given on the l*2th of July. Apply to BLADEN FORREs _jST je Corner of F ami "ioth streets. F Rents reduced to suit the times #150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and communication I* had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon. at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerk* in the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, imrnclintt api>lirt'ion must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his hou>e at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may l?e had and the house* inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on lite ral terms. WM.ST1CKNEY, No. 4. Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly is advance. op 9?cotf OR RENT?SEVERAL handsome PAR lors anil Chamliers. with Hoard. Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMlTn'S. SM3 F street. ap 9?tf Homes for ali7?beautifullyand healthily locked Building Lots. *21 feet front by 130 deep, on trrud< <1 streets, can. until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of S75, pay able sS-Tixt month. Title indisputable. Union Land Oitlee, Seventh street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. JOHN l'OX. Secretary, jan 9?#m I^OR RENT OR SALE ON reasonable Terms.?A three-story Frame. with basement, on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west. Also, a three-story Frame, with back building, on I sireet.north, between Fourth and Fifth streets west. Applv to J.imes W Barker, residence on II street nortli, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets west. DiCKSQN & KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. I^OR RI\T?TIIE TI!REE ST( )R Y STOR E and Dwelling, No. Hi Bridge street. George town, so long occupied as Einmert's Confectidti ery. Apply to VKN Y, next door. my *25?liiwtf I^OR RENT ?FOUR NEW AND CONVE nient Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, containing parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant s room, and live chamber* each, and situated on Thirteenth stnet, Island, n?-ar the public grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and the l>e,.artni< nts. Rent very mod erate. Apply at K. II Clarke's office, eorner of Sixth street and Louisiana avenue, or at D. B. Clarke's Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island, mar ?>?wtf W SPECIAL NOTICE. F would respectfully inform all persons hav ing accounts with us that they are all made off. and those that arc not called for will be ren dered in f ill to 1st J uly. when we very reasonably expect and most earnestly request that they will come forward and close them without giving us the trouble of calling a second time. In connection with this notice, we take this op portunity of expressing our thanks to those friends and customers who have so literally and promjrtly fiatronized us during the past six months, and lope for an increased continuation of the same by giving our personal and strict attention to busi ness, and conducting it upon f:iir and correct prin ciples. COLLEY A SEARS. 523 Seventh street, 3 doors north Pa. av. jc 25?efil FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. ^MALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 fort or more, in various parts of the City, and Georgetown, at low pricus, and tenns to sufl. LLOYD A CO. BUILDING STOXE, For sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves, in Washington. Georgelowu. or Alexandria. LLt?YD A CO. 15th street, opp. Treasury Department. jy g3?1y WATCHES. JUST received, a large assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's line GOLD WATCHES of every size, style and manufacture. The a>s?ve Is >?y far the best and cheapest ever offered to our customers. M W. GALT A BRO ., 321 Pa. avtnue, bet. 0th and 10th sis. jc 21?tf MRS. GEORGE, LATE from England, wishes to inform the la dies and gentlemen of Georgetown and Wash ington that she can be consulted on the jvist. pres ent and future events at her residence, No. *25 First street, between Potomac and High streets, a few doors from Forrest Hall, Georgetown. Indies 25?Gentlemen 50 cents. From 8 in the morning until 9 at night, je 22?2w? NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL fc BROTHER. OARUCII HALL, surviving partner of Isaac .D Hall, having on the 2>th day of February, 1855, assigned to the undersigned all the stock in trade and debts of the lirm or Hall it Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, liabilities, and engagements of said firm of Hall A Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rateably among such of the remaining cred itors of said tlrin as shall within six months from said 28th day of February. 1*55, execute and de liver to said Baruch lla'U full and absolute re leases of all indebtedness to them respectively by said Baruch Hall, surviving partner as aforesaid Notice is therefore hereby given to such credi tors of said rtrm of Hall A Brother, or said Baruch Hall, surviving jiartner, as may desire to partici |?atc in the benefit of said assignment to execute and deliver to said Baruch Hall full and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the |>criod of six months from said 28th day of February, 1855. RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee. Je 11?eotAug2Stli ____________ SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL. HAMPTON, VA., IS situated within two miles of Old Point Coin fort, with which place hourly communi cation is had by a neat and commodious Oiu- !"? nibus. of the most modern style,also by Boats, JBiSL Hacks. Ac. The Hall will "lie open for the recep tion of visiters on the 14th of May, at which time tiie proprietor hopes to Is- able to make comforta ble and happy the stay of all who may be seeking pleasure or health. Many improvements have lieen added, such as cottages for families, playgrounds for children, shade trees, Ac., indeed every thing that can con duce to the comfort of visitors. For health and beauty of location, this place is unsurpassed. There is daily communication with the steamers of Richmond. Norfolk and Baltimore Term*, per day 92 00 Terms, per week 11 00 Terms, per month, (per day) 1 25 je23?-eo5t R G. BAnks. PIC?N11- BASKETS.?Just opened a variety of Pic-Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Baskets. Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollos, St. Harrison and Jules Hauel. Philadelphia; Coiubs, Brushes, Fans. Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases. Porte Mo'nuaies, Jet (ioods. Po< ket Cutlery, Cages, Music, Musical Instru ments, stationery, &< . JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. av., betw. Ninth aud Tenth sU. l TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. REPORTED FOR THE EYES1KQ STAR. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER HERMANN. Four 4?T> !?*'r from Earepe. New York. July 5 ?The Steamer Hermann arrived here ;hia morning with Liverpool and London dates to Wednesday, June 20th. The cotton market closed dull at Livery**!, with sales during the three day? of lfi.OOO bale?. The market for breadstuff- wa^alaodull and prices lower, except corn, which w*? firm an'l unchanged. Consols closed at 9H. Well authenticated reports had reached Liverpool of a great battle having Keen fought in the Crimea, in which the allies were defeat ed with immense l??s^. (Particulars of this affair will doubtless be received by the steamer Amcrica. wh(?ac arri val at Halifax has just been announced. | There was a rumor in circulation that the Emperor of France was suffering from the ef effects of an appopleptic fit. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER AMRICA. Three Dny* Later frain Europe. Halifax, July 5.?The Cuna.d steamer America ha? arrived here, with dates to the ult from Liverpool and London. The news by this arrival, though scanty, is quite important. MARKETS. LlVF.nrooi., Friday evening. June 22nd.? Messrs. Brown <t Shipley quote the cotton market dull and prices considerably lower for lower and middling qualities. The former having declined i and the latter 3-16J. Or leans lair 7$ ; middling do. 6i; Upland fair 7; middling do fi|. The same circular quotes breadstuffs aa gen erally uuchanged, except corn, which has de [ dined Is. 6d. Ohio flour 4&. 6d a44s. 6i. ! Mixed Cum 19s. fid. I Richardson, A Co. quota provisos ' generally unchanged. Lird fiim at 4Va50s. , The Manchester market was dull. The money market was easier, and consols 1 hnl declined to y3j. State securities were I better. FROM THE CRIMEA. J The intelligence from the seat of war is very ' impoitaut. Tbe French and English made an attack upon tiic Redan and Great Malakoff tower on the 18th of June, but were repulsed by the Russians with great slaughter. The details of this important afl'air had not trauspired, but the fact was well authenticated. A largo new French loan is immediately re quired. In the English Parliament Mr Roebuck moved a vote of censure. Private advices from the Crimea and frag mentary intelligence say that the English loss in this last contest was not less than 4,000 men, including General Campbell and seventy-six ! officers. Other rumors were prevalent. Democratic State Convention. HvRRisHtac, July 5.-II?n. J. G. Jones, of Berks county, has been elected President of the Convention. The committee on resolutions made majority and minority reports. The f<?rmer avoided the liquor law and the Nebraska question? the minority report t<*?k strong ground on both questions. A motion to snbstitutc the minor ! ity for the majority report was negatived by ? vote of 15). nays H'J. A motion was then made J to amend the majority resolution* by inserting j the minority Nebraska resolution, but it was i rejected?yea.^ 4<l. nays 30. The majority re port was then adopted. Also, an additional resolution against negroes voting. Hon. Arnold l'lisinuier, of Venango county, was nominated for Canal Commissioner on the third ballot. | I The above is a telegraphic dispatch from the Pennsylvania Democratic State Conven tion now in session at Harrinburg. Arnold Plnnimer was formerly in Congress. He is a gentleman of great peitmal experience in public affairs, and renowned tact and abili ties. His is undoubtedly a very strong notui ' nation. The election cones off iu October.? 1 Ed. Star.] Serious Riot e.t Columbus, Ohio. Commbi s, July 5.?Yesterday evening, as a procession of firemen. Turners, and other so cieties was passing through the streets a diffi culty arose between the turners and a boy. near the United States Hotel. The alarm was quickly raisi d by the Germans, who all rushed b.ick and threw a shower of stones at the peo ple on the pavement. A general battle with stones followed, and the turners, being armed with revolvers, commenced firing pistols, dis ' charging about a dozen shots into the crowd. One young man wa-< shot, and died in half an hour. Several others were injured by shot and stones, but none dangerously. A most j intense excitement followed. The police have arrested some 24 turners. There is no sufficient excuse for the use of 1 pistols by tho turner?, and public opinion is decidedly against the action of the turners. Split in the Pennsylvania Know Nothing Council. RE.inixG. July 5.?The Pennsylvania State Council is now in session here and have devi ded. Gov. Johnson leads off for a Northern party, and the Convention has split. A num ber of the delegates are organizing a State Convention on the Philadelphia platlorm and great excitement prevails. Governor Gardner has written to Governor Johnson a letter inviting Pennsylvania to jdn the East, and the Council has repudiated the platlorm by striking out the twelfth article. ; Niggerdoin rules the State. The Fourth at Philadelphia?Drowned Philadelphia, July 5 ?The Fourth passed off very quietly here?ther^ was no public celebration. ^ Jacob Gouldy. a letter ctrrier in the Phila delphia Post Office, was drowned yesterday whilst bathing at Abseeom, N. J. Disaster on Lake Erie. Buffalo, July 5.?The schooner Mansfield from Milwaukie for Oswego, with 10.000 busheis of wheat, coinc in collision on Tuesday wi^i the schooner Telegraph, and immediately sunk. Indictment for Robbing the Kails. Culcaoo. July 4.?The grand jury have found an indictment against Mr. Dennison on the charge of robbing the mails. Hi* bail has been fixed at *5.000. tailing of the Asia. Bostom, July 5.?The Kteamer Asia sailed hence, yesterday, for Liverpool, with 200 pas* dinger* and $'J00,000 in speue.J BALTruonr, July 5 ? Floor? No sale# to re port to-dat Whfnl?Sales of WW bu-bel< bp* *t ?2 >u*2 24 for while, art ! *2 lfatl 1> for re J. New York Nirkiti. New York. July 5 ?The cotton market ha? be<n doll to-day. Floer h a trifle hijfher with sale* of 4.750 bblr Straight State at SS.12J. and good Ohio at $9 121; Sonther.i it firm with Rales of 8<?0 hhls at flftafll. Wheat?The market is unchanged Corn in inr?10.000 btt'helr mid Pork?Prioen arw a trifle l??w?hhls. iv?M. Beef in firm aud ?nchanged. Whisky is fiiu? at llatli cU Et?k Mar tut. New York. July 5?Money i* abundant to day. Exchange quiet. Erie Railmad M I: Hatfetn. 2VJ. Cleveland and Toledo. 93);Cuni brland, 2V|; Heading. M; Pennsylvania Coal Company, LI2. AUCTION SALES By J C McGUlRE, AitttiMir. \TERY YAH ABLE BUILDING l-OT OM IE nrar ThirUfalh sireel?On WED X BSD AY AFTERNOON, July fio?lk. on the premises, 1 shall aell port* of l<ot? No. II and 1-2. in square 2*1, fronting about -J" feet on north D street, betweeu Pith and l*h ^iwt?, ruu i?ini; Inu k an ?een??P depth of alKHit Tti fert Terms : On" third cash the residue in *? and II months, for note* twarinj: interest and secured ??y a deed of trust ou the premise*. J AS. C. McGUIRE, jyS?eoAd Auctioneer By J C. McUUIRE, Auctioneer FURNITIRE AND UOt SEIIOLB EF tects at Public fcale?On FRIDAY morn injr. July 6th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence ?*f Mr. H II Whaley, No. liii Pennsylvania avenue, he tween 12tli and l.kb streets. I shall sell all hi* fur niture and eflW-ts. comprising? Small and handi-ome Parlor >ulte of Black Wal nut, covered with dama*k Mahogany Arm and Parlor Chair*. Rocker* Marhlr-top Centre Table. Rout Tables Walnut Secretarv and Bookcase. AVhatnot Pair of <iiit frame Mirrors, Mahs aod Brackets Crimson and l^ice Curtain*. Miade*and Fixtures llandsom-- Frftrb gilt Mantel Clock,a very supe lior Timepiece Gilt Candclabras. Vases Mahogany French Bedsteads, Washstands Do Dressing and plain Bureau* F?-atber Bed?. hair and hunk Mattresse* Blanket*. Quilt*. Comfort*. Sberts, 4c. Walnut extension dining Table Breakfast do Mahogany Match Tables, Sideboard Do llatrack, Cuiie aud wood seat Chairf Refrigerator, Arm hairs Three-ply aud ingrala Cs"-neU, Oilcloth Silver plated T -a Se*. Castors Crtke lL'ket<, Tabic Cutlery China, Gla-v and Crvckervwire Cooking "adi^'or and ??ti?er Stoves TV'eu.ei with a gcueral a?sort.ucnt of Kitchen Ufa :sijs. Terms: and under cash; over that *>um a endit of J and I months, for note* satisfactorily en dorsed. bearing interest JAS. C McGUIRE, jy rt?d Auctioneer ^ ' - - ? ? Bv J C. McOCIRE, Auctioneer CHOKE COLLECTION OF RARE AMD \ a I u at<le Oil Palatiaas at Auction On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July Mb. at o'clock. at the saloon over Farnham s Bookstore, corner 11th stn-et and Pennsylvania avenue. I shall ?ell a collection of rare and valuable Oil Paintings, selected with great care by II N Barlow, Esq. from various galleries on the Continent. Aiuongut them will be found specimens of I>omenicbino, Velasquez, Sir Godfrey Knoller. a Van Wallies, John W ilson. Gainsboro', Murilia, Varnet, Pous sin. Thayer. Jr . and others The salo??n will l?e open and picture* on fre? exhibition daily until the sale Catalogue* uiav be obtained at the saloon or at the auction room. Teruui: SUM and under cash ?, over that amount a credit of m*'v a?id ninety da\-s for notes satiafke torilv endorsed, bt-arinji iutetwt JAS C. MAGI* I RE, Jy 3_?i jiaMWWf. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. TWO TWO-STORY FRAME HOlSE* and Lot at Auction.?On THURSDAY, 5ih of July, we shall sell, iu front of the premises, at4oYl'fc'k, |) in . Iialf of l/H 4. in Square No. :M:>. fronting > feet y inches on 11th street west, between K street north and New York av?-nue, running lwck 90 feet ? iach'??. with the impruve nu'iits. which are two good two-?tory 1'raiue Douses, containing 3 r??n?? each, Ac. Each house will be sold separate with the lot on which it stands. Terms: One third cash; balance in f?, lv. and l4* months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale A deed <iiven aud a de?-d of trust taken. GRLLN A SCOTT. Je JO d Auctioneers By J C. MAGUIRE, A ictioneer. (UIAV ERY KALE OF VALUABLE IM. J proved Real Estate ind Market Garden. Bv virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington county, niad?' in the cause vb-rein Marv Hoffman,adimn istratrix and heir-at-law of Thomas Moore, de c-ased. is complainant, and Hannah Moore. ;md James Moore, and Laura Ann Moore his wife, h irs-at-law of said Thomas Moore, deceased, a.-e defendants. No 1.UK7 inckancery, the subscri ber. trustee appointed bv said decree, will sell at public auction, on TUESDAY, the Jttth day oC July. l:- w. at 6 o'clock, p in., on the premise*, the whole of square No iii. in the cltv of *y?'h in:;ton. fronting 31t'fe?'t on each of lllb and l*k streets west, and 2U4 feet 2 iu? hes ou t?b of V and W streets north, and containing about square feet of groimd. with building*, improve ments and appurteuances, which cousist of a well and substantially built two-story brick dwelling house and fiaiue stable, Ac. The above prot?erty is eligibly situated and rap idly enhancing in value, and ha* been occupied and < ultivatedas a market garden for many V,'*r*j is in an excellent condition for that purpose, and with a verv short distance of either of the city markets, and od'ers to persoas desirous of obtain ing a valuable market garden or making an in vestment. a rare opportunity The terms of sale, as pres? r.oed by tbe saia ac cn-e. will lie one-lourth of the purchase money to l>e i>aid in ca*h, and the balance in t?, 14. 1" ana ii months, to l>e secured by the purchaser s no e. bt-annu interest froiu the dav of the sale, with se curity to be approved bv the trustee. I | on th ; full pavment ol the purchase money and interest, and the rati ligation of the sale by the Cot r , tbe trustee will convey the property to tbe purchaser j 11 If the terms of sale ?re not complied with in si* days after the sale the property will lie m>old at the risk and expense ol the purchaser, upon one week's notice. . All conveyancing at expense of tbe purchaser CIIAS. S vVALLACH, Trustee. JAS. C. McGI'IREj Jel5?eo&ds Auc.tloweety M. - ^ ' |irATtll?S, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE. *r M W GALT A BRO are constantly receiving larse invoices of the above, end offer every article In their line at tbe lowest rates GOLD AND SILVER WORK * Tran scription made to order, such as fwTIMU MALS. richlv eud*Uished. with appropriate de signs, SILVER TEA SET>, DINNER SER VICES. Ac. . w . K Precious Stones set in ever} *t)le, however ci?m. "ARMS, CRESTS MOTTOES Ac cut on stone M. W GALT A BRO , 321 Pa av , between Ninth and Tenth sts. ^ je 14?tf . SEW millinery. ISS THOMPSON has just opened our fourth invoice of Neapolitan. Leghorn. Eng- ^ lish Straw. I^ice, Crape, aud other Summerly Hats. Ladies who have not yet supnied^^p themselves are invited to call and make their se teciioM Also, just received a choice lot of Fans, Silk Mits, tine Silk Gloves, Hosiery. Ac.,together with a variety of articles not necessary to enumera-c, and to all t>f which we invite attention HUTCHINSON t MUNRO, Fancy Dealers, No 310 Penna avenue. Je M? IMPORTANT Tt| PERSONS BREAKING UP HOU6EEEEPING. PERSONS removingfrom the city and wishing to dispose of their r urniture and Honsekeep ing Utensils. Ac., without the trouble <rf seeding thein to public auction, can do so hy caUiagonus at our store. 317 Pa avenue corner o^h street as we are prepared to buy ail ?uch g00^ 11 ^llSStoeper. on us, as we will pay tbe highest cash prices lor aU roch goods ^ L BXRNARD k. CO je 7-am >17 Prap^ GREAT SACRIFICE OF DRY GOODS SdZir gard to cost. As the at such within slaty day* we whether prices as ought ?o induce would they Want Dry tioodsornot 1^,^,^, tbe have bargains bad better call \m . House. Sign of the Cash Sto?*. under the Avenue Mouse termsexclusivelj c?hFlTZPATRlClt. iv? Af?t' M i