Newspaper of Evening Star, July 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 6, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL IHHI1IOEHCB. v^t* Fltis? Artillery?The following communication from the chairman of the com mittee of arrangements for the national cele bration of the Fourth, has reference to the failure of thie troop to join the procession. He corrects our misapprehension as to the circum lunces under whien they were ordered hither, which arose from the iact that we knew that there were previously no United States troops ia Washington to fire the usual national salute cd the occasion. The question left in issue i" roly that of the propriety of permitting the troops of the United States to participate in tie affair, after one portion of our fellow-citi ijd? had determined to make it a party affair by getting up a rival celebration tone attended by thoae who act with them politically We lake it for granted that this wa? the only rea son why the Secretary of War countermanded the order which we now understand to have been given before the Know Nothings pub lished their purpoee of getting up a celebra tion of their own. Mr. Editor In your paper of this evening you say; ?'The United States Flying Artillery, that had been ordered to Washington to file the usual national salute at noon, did not take any other part in the ceremonies of the day, as had been -expected by those concerned in making the PRrrangement.? for the national celebration. A f standing army regulation makes it the duty of i United States troops, wherever they may be and however engaged, at noon of the Fourth of July to fire a military salute in honor of the occasion. As there are no United States troops or seamen here accustomed to manage field pieces or other cannon, the Light Artillery were ordered on from Fort M"Henry for th'it duty, which they performed Many of otii fellow-citizen* seemed much disappointed be cause they failed to join in the pnve^aion. It N struck us as highly improper that they should do so, as our Know Nothing fellow-citizens having determined to have u celebration of their own. tho original one wa? necessarily at tended by but one political party All pervuis of discretion will at once perceive the impro triety of ordering or permitting troops of the ti.el Sa:os to participate in anything smacking ot political party Upon reading this paragraph one is necessa rily led to the conclusion, that the United States Flying Artillery was ordered here solely to fire a saint* at noon because there were no I tr^-ps or seamen in our city competent to per form such a duty ; and that the committee of arrangements for the celebration of tho na tionall anniversary had introduced those troops into their programme without authority Injustice to the committee of arrangements I deen? it incumbent on mo to aasert, moat pos * sitivtly, that the.-?? troops were orde red to the city of Washington solely to participate with the citizen* in the celebration of the 4th ot ?^uly, and for no other purpoe?*?they did not come here either to hie <* calute at m?on, us is customary, or "on a trip of pleasure"?and that the eommitteo of arrangements were fully authorized to include them in the programme. L and fire morning. no^.n. and night. Why thia k.ffu not done. others. who can. may answer W If (when application wa- made I'.w the Artil lery to be ordered to thin city for the purposes mentioned' the request of the committee bad f been refused, or even if the committee had , been apprised earlier than 9 o'clock p. m . on the 3d inst . that the artillery would not unite in the celebration and give the salutes, they would have made other provisions, and they would have been saved much trouble and no little mortification I shall not attempt to counteract your views in regard to the propriety of Inited States troops uniting with civilians, iu celebrating the iourth of July, or upon the army reg-nla new* on this subject?but this I must say. that it would have been tar moru agreeable to ? the committee to have been made nwaro ol these opinions and regulations before they were induced to believe the United State* FS'ng Ar?ill?rp would ui.ite in the procession t I \wiaim, in making tUf statement, any dis I r?*pe<?t. or a desire t<. impute improper Motiv L to any one My ?fcyaet 1- to SMIMt the ini'or W ence? to lie drawn from tho paragraph in your T paper, and, at the same time justify my ' fellow citizens. a- well as myself, in the pait wa have enacted in endeavoring to celebrate our National Annivrrsury ina national mar. i ner, without refereu?*e or re^pevt to individuals or to party Hoping you will receive what I havo said, in the spirit in which it is meant, I am very respectfully. yauTS, 4c , Taos. Miller t Ths Assembly s Chircu Sabbatb hool had a delightful time at Kibbey s Grove, a lew miloe from the city. Tho rain did not prevent the company ^sorne one hundred and fifty to two hundred persons) lrom enjoying themselves, for they had the use. through the kindness of Mr Kibbry, of his large and spa cious mansion nearly completed and unoccu pied In the afternoon, on the extensive piazza alter invocation by the pastor, the Rev Mr. Carcthers, the Declaration of Inde pendence was read by M ister <i E Falconer, addresses delivered by M&stsrs M A Hoo ver auu the school sung finely The banner, and other piece- On invitation, Col C K Johnson, a member of the church, arid an old soldier of 1?12 tn*de s^ine interesting and spirited remarks At respective tunes, thite cheers were given for our country, th? Dec'ii ration, the Assembly's Sabbath School, our pastor. Col Johnson and the old soldiers. M: VVui U Powell then presented them, attc/ making some patriotic remarks, witn a beauti ful American dag which was received, accom panied with an appropriate add res?; by Mi. John ? O'Brien, one of the teachers. After giving three cheers for the American tl&g, the ?oeekers, the committee of arrangements, and tie proprietor of the grove, Mr Kibbey, the meeting was dismissed with the benediction; and about sun- lown. the school returned to the city delighted with happy trip. Cheap Pleasure ?Wehnveof lato noticed various parties of children and youths: of both ?ei?s. spending the day, a la pic-nic, iu the grounds surrounding the Capitol aud Lxeou ' tive Maa-i >n. all of whom seem to ojodmt | themselves a- th >ugh vrupulou-dv careful n.t I to render it nece? ary, t?y breaking flowers, branches, 4c . that tho?o incbargeof thesecon vanient summer retreats should hereafter pre sent the public grounds from being resorted to bj such parties I he little things, as they sit, he. and roll over the gta?*>. in the der._~o rhade w?w always to l>e found there, s?em to eny y the privilege as though conscious of its sJvai. / tagM to tacir b?iilv and mental health and \ Krength Itc < nothing, absolutelv nothing, lor the children of any family in \\ ushington to partake of this intense pleasure ami greut benefit to the ri-ing ^eaeration. I Bitte> ?r A&UU ? A Xn Kirk awid . went \e?terday to \L-it the grave of her Vtiu?band in the buiying-ground, r while talking through the tall gras.4 in the tn^lo-ur*' w:.-< severely bittea upon tho knee, ^ and fell attar w.tiki: ? tknw ? r har yarfs from where u occurred The wound instantly Availed and became black. The whole limb w&aalso swollen enormously. She wns carried over to the aim house, where medical and pn Khar as?ist:iin-t- was rendered to her. The physician is of opinion that tho wound was oc casioned by a sntkt-bite. To-day, she is able V> walk; tn> ugh, but for the f.ict that ?he re oeivcd medical ussistanc^ immediaUly. she would, probably have been a much greutei suffwie: Tak e ire t^ cany a doctor along, when y<>u walk through the rank grass anU We?.ds of the Coogie.-vional burial-ground' Riots. ?Anthony ?iray, Alice Gray, And Zachariah Beach, riot !-e< urlty for court. Thoe C Howell, profanity ; fine and co?t? | Henry B.a<*k and Paul Behlen. profjuity and f indecent language in the -trcet- fii,e and c.V.i J as Woite, andi'hos. C Ilowell, fighting an I d.^orderly couiiuct; security for peace. Jas Ku ly, atsault and battery , seounty for e<?urt. John Allen. ar?ult and battery on his wife ; he threw a pot full of hot tea U|?>n her, tut .-he not desiring to proaeeuU him the c&*e was dismissd ' All the above mentioned cases were tried h*f?>re Justice Bates on the two daysjust past; and the cffcn<iers were arretted by officers who i are among th^'e who Je cm credit for their } strict attention t.? duty on the fourth in.-t There are man} cases remaining to be tried ^efore this ju-ti .e of the peace. Flying Artillery Exercises ? Between six and sf-ven o'clock yefterdty evening wut ?tirring and an exciting time on the Washing ton National Monument ground* It having been announced that the United States Artillery would there manoeuvre, seve ral thousands of persons?men, women, and children, of both sexes and nearly all ages? were duly in attendance. The base of the Monument was thick with human beings, who had there taken their positions to be out of harm's way. and the roofs of the small frame building? on the premises were crowded with men and boys, from which elevation they had a fine view of the exciting and novel military evolutions on the beautiful and level green spread out before them. All were evidently highly delighted with the activity and accuracy with which the difficult and novel drill was performed. Three rounds of the battery of four brass pieces were repeat edly fired within a minute; while during the next, the gun? and those who manoeuvred them were borne a way and placed in position, some distanco from the scene of the last cannonade, and again, with wonderful celerity, made ready tor action. The horses, as well a* the men. seemed perfectly to understand the sounds of the bu?te, by which, in addition to tho voice j of the commander, the movements were con t -oiled. Tho boys, and men. ?jo, who had gathered near the tiring parties, stimulated by curiosity to gt t a good and satisfactory view, were again and again compelled to scamper, as the horses ^!.<l ttiuir artillery, and human attachments, flew from ?>ne part of the grounds to another, ?u the performance of their evolutions But tor the ieg activity of the last named descrip tion of lookers-on, some accident might have occurred, for in peace a* well as in war orders in the military department must be obeyed; and therefore the artillery dashed on, accord ing to the command, unmindful of human ob structions. Every b?nly was doubtless convinced of the raie efficiency of an aimy wing of the charac ter of the flying artillery The dreadful exe cution by this means during the Mexican cam paign lias placed it among the most successful means tor destroying life. As the design of war is to kill people by wholesale, (however much we may deprecate such appalling conflicts,) the purpose can be ? fleetuaily accompli hed. on a fair field, by the artillery, who fly from point to point, selecting their own mark- for the fury of their big guns The corps is under the command ol Lieut Me. hai.t, und numbers seventy-five man. The Sabbath School of the West Presby terian Chi r< a was out, on tho 4th, in tine exhibition of it; young life Its banner, rep resenting on one side a child at prayer, witli attending angels, and on the other an excel lently executed title of the school, was very beautitul. After forming in line, the children and teachers marched from their new churcb down Pennsylvania avenue to Seventeenth street, and thin proceeded direct to the rounds formerly ov ned and occupied by Gen. an Ness, but uow owned by the hospitable Mr. Green, of the Warrenton Springs, whfi opened his hviirt. his house. anJ all his prem ise.- to the lull and free enjoyment of the school This tho more grateful, be c ? u-e arrangements had heen made to spend tha day at Kaloiama. but which were de ranged by a celebrati >n of another charactei on those ground* The exeicises of the dav were attended thioughout with very happy interest, and all seemed to enjoy themselves very much. ? Ink Conclrt. to-night, at Oarnsi's Saloon, i >1 the benefit ol St. Vincent'.- and St Joseph1! Orphan Asylum-, promises t ? be both brillianl uu I -u ce-'lul. The musical entertainment will doubt'.e.-.; be of a high ordor , but apart from thi*. the object of it is in the extieuu degree commendable Tho orphan is to be the recipient of benefit to the- extent of the net loceipts of the concert Ca -e for Coprt ? Yesterday afternoon, a young man. about twenty-two ^ears of ago wn- arrefted by officer Wue. charged w ith as> sault and battery with intent t>commit a rape on the person of a child eleven years of age Tne defendant, John Carrico, was held to bail f ?r 0 .urt by Captain Birch. after hearing th* testimony >?! the complainant aud of her mothui ai d brother. - Hot sekeem..m. or those who contemplate going to housekeeping will find at the estab lishment f Messrs Boat; A Combs. Sevonth street, between I and K *tie*ts. an extensive variety of all articles necessary for domestic purpose?- and at price? so reduced as to make it un object to patronize those enterprising gentlemen ?? False Report?The ieport. which we men tionod yosterdity. that the little boy who was k badly lLjuieil on the 4th instant died on thi ath was incorroct. It probably arose from t'je suppo-ition that the little sufferer wa3 dy ing about that time Both the brothers sufl'ei greatly trvin thiir injuries. Alexander Ray, Esq . of this city, wa3, si u recent meeting of the ditoctors of the Lona< c.>ning Coal and Transportation companv, ol AllejtLany county. Maryland, held at Wil ltrds hotel unanimously elected presidont. The Criminal CoCrr was, this morning, engaged in the trial of sevoral individuals, w.i>se name? we did not learn charged witn having, on tne night of the late municipal eloctiou, marie a desperate assault upon Wil liam Tucker, (pumpmaker.) Watch Returns ?Ann L .wery, slave, dis orierly conduct fine and costs; Elizabeth Siuart do do. Those two girls w*re all the e.Hee for trial at the guard-Loute this morning President Pierce at Cape May ?The an niversary of our nution's independence was celebrated at Congress Hall, Cape May, with more than ordinary circumstances. The Declaration of Independence was read by Hon Wm. Biglcr, late Governor of Penn sylvania. Va .kee l>oxllefrom the band followed, after whi< !? the following toast v as olfered by Sam uel llotaling. Esq . of New York: '-The Piesident of the United States, the guardian of our national Union and the pro tector of our national honor " The President ro-e. expressed his surprih* at bring called upoii to ijpeak under the circum stances. thankml the gentleman from New York to whom he was indebted for the compliment, spoke V.riufly of the American Union, its origin i i the Revolution, the humble part which his ancestor- ha 1 taken in securing tho independ ence which they were celebrating; alluded to the value of the Union, tho importance of pre serving it, his determination to maintain it, and enforce all the laws essential tc? preserva tion, Ac , and took hi* seat amid general ap piause. His remarks were very felicitously expressed and enthusiastically received as we learn from the correspondence of the N Y Evening Post. The Fourth or Jn.v was celebrated all ?ver the codntiy more extensively, according t-i telegraphic dispatches, thau heretofore. We tru*t that the love of country and of the Con stitution has been increased by the becoming ? nd patriotic demonstrations A very Disastrous Conflagration oc curred in Baltimore, on Wodnesday night, by which property the amount of over I'CO.OUO was destroyed, and several of those who were struggling to subdue the C inies weic serious'? injured. It originated in the large provision warehouse of F R doson & Ca., situated on Paeu street, between Lexington and Fayette street.-. Gov. Rkeplr and Gen Sthingfellow The personal reucontro between Gen. String fellow 4md Gov. Reeder, of Kauss*. referred to by telegraph on Wednesday, is confirmed The [>arties met at West port. Mo.; Gen Stringiel ow demanded from Gov Reeder ft retraction ofenargesor imputations Liftde against him by the latter, in souie one of his eastern speeches Gov Reeder declined to m ike ai.y retraction, or to give satisfaction, and then followed the personal rencontre, in whL-h the Gove rnor was pretty severely handled. CjfRipe pe:iches, grown in Virginia, aro now being bolel in Richmond. At Stcubei VtUe. Ohio, waeat Ka> de clu ed from i2 Oi to si SO a tu hel, GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE g Georsstows, July 6. 1855. At a regular meeting of the President and Directors of the Metropolitan Railroad, held on Monday last, the following gentlemen Were chosen directors for the ensning year : On the part of Georgetown?A H. Dodge, A. H. Pick rell. David English, H C. Mathews, and Win, H Edes. Washington city?John T Tower^ W W. Corcoran, U. Ward, and J Monroe Chubb. Greenfield Mills, Md?Meredith Davi9. Montgomery county?F. C Clopper, of Middlebrook. liagerstown?D. Weisel. The annual commencement of the George town College will take place on the 10th iust., and not the 15th, a? heretofore erroneously stated. On the 9th. public dissertations by the students of philosophy : " Prologue," by A H. Loughborough; 4* Divine Providence," by R. H Gardiner; 14 Pantheism." by II. J. Gaston; "The Immortality of the Soul," by F Waters, "Miracle?," by M F. Hullihen; Natural Religion." by L *L. Armant; 41 Nat ural Law," by A II Loughborough; 14 Liber erty." by A F. Hullihen; 4' Duelling." by W. H. Gwyun. and F. Waters will conclude the exercises. These dissertations are always of a highly interesting and instructive charac ter, and never fail to gratify, in the fullest sense of the word, those who nave the pleasure of hearing them The exercises will be inter spersed with excellent music to lend addition al interest ti the occasion. The examination of the pupils of the Rev. Jlr. Simpson'a Academy commenced yester day. and will be concluded to-day We re gret exceedingly our inability to comply with the kind invitation of the principal, to be Eresent either yesterday or to-day We learn, nwever, from competent judges, that his scholars have thus tar acquitted themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit upon themselves, and the institution. Frouiacii cular of Mr Simpson s just published, we learn that he intends at the commencement ot the next scholastic year. September 3, 1855, to limit the number of pupils to twenty-five. Those who wish to avail themselves of the privilege of putting their sons under a carei'ui and conscientious instructor, would do well to make- early application The annual distribution of premiums at the Young Ladies' Academy, at the Convent of the Visitation, will tako place on the 11th in stant, at 3J o'clock. The exercises of this character at thi* very popular ii.?;titution arc looked forward to with pleasure by many of our citizens, and never fails to attract a large crowd of delighted spectators It really does seem to us that, with proper vigilance upon the- part ol our corporation offi cers, the disgraceful and demoralizing gather ing gatherings of boys, youths, and men which may bo daily seen among the lumber and wood yards, and near the outlet locks of the canal and elsewhere, for the purpose of gam bling, fighting dog*, and a general indulgence in the wop-t description of billingsgate, might be broken up. Arny A Shinn nre real benefactors of their race this hot weather. Their premium min eral waters, mead, and other delightlul sum mer drinks are perfectly delicious, and no mis take C Myers A Son are well prepared for the other extreme (coldt with an assortment of wood and coal not to be excelled in quality by any in this neighborhood Let the public give the commodities of both these firms a trial, and they will endorse all we say. We learn that but little hopu i.? entertained by the friends of the venerable Mrs. Decatur of her recovery. No change to note in the markets since yes terday. Spectator. The Poisoning Case is Scott Cocntv.?The Abingdon Virginian contains a full account of the poisoning of the wedding party in Scott county, about which u number of publications have Leen m.iue, and a good deal of interest excited. The custard had been sent to the well in a tin bucket to be kept cool. When it was taken out about one-half was gone, and it is supposed that soine person gave Anderaon the arsenic to put in the remaining half.? Thirty-three poison? were alfectod. The Vii ginian thinks that it' Anderson, who is now in I jail, is not punished by law, the people will take it into their own hands. It is stated a* an ascertained fact, that Mr. William Allen of Clarernont, on James river. Virginia, will raise for sale this year forty thousand bushels of wheat; anil, without s jine unforseen occurrence, five thousand bar rels of corn DIED. In New York, on the 4th inst , JNO D CAL LAGHAN, In the 27th year of Lis age, iatelv of WANTS. W ANTED?A WOMAN WHO CAN COME well recommended as a child's nurse will hear of a rood situation by applying at 4-25 E St., opposite the General Post Office. " jy6?2t* TirANTED?AN experienced WHITE " woman to wash and Iron Best references required Apply at No 89 Montgomery street, Georgetown jyft?3t VI r AN TED?A T THE AMERICAN HOTEL, Pa avenue n??ar 4% street, three quick and Intelligent Giris. (white) In the capacity of table waiters. It Is desirable that application be made immediately in person to the proprietors Jy 6?3t _ I1EFLKBOWER A LOVETT. II"A\TED?A COI.ORED FEMALE SER ?? vant She most be a quick and good wash erwoman. must understand something of cooking The highest rate of wages will be given for a free or slave woman, who can bring perfectly satisfac tory recommendations Address 44 P D,'' at the Star office. Jy ti?3t WANTED?BY A respectable MID dle aged Woman, a situation todoehamber worK and to assist in washing and iiouing, or to do the housework of a small family She has no objection to go in the country Address "M C," at this office jy 6?It* WANTED? A SITUATION BY A MAR ried inau and his wife, without a family, in town or country Apply at No 642 North Capitol street jytf?jt* WANTED?A WET NURSE WANTED immediately for a child about six mouths old. Apply at No iio Pa. ave., near Gth st. jy d?3t* House wanted?the advertiser wishes to buy a small, cheap House and Lot, situated west of l?th street. I*etween I and N sts. Persons having such property lor sale will please state its location and the lowest cash price, in a sealed note, aud left at the Star Office, addressed to -T B L '' je 29?7t? WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by KJO feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable ?3 a month without interest Apply at theVnion Land Office 7th street, aliove Odd Fellows" Hall apfc?3ni JOHN FOX, Sec BOABDING "jVOTICE.?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND ll Chambers, with board. Also, tahleand tran sient hoard, with a bathing room and shower baths, and every atteutiou to render it uio*,t agree able to her boarders Mrs P G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ st ap 23?3m Hoard.Ac ?mrs bates,on thes. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and yth street, 1> prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or Without board. Every etlort w ill be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. apti?tf J OE SHILLINGTON has just received Harpers Magazine for July Putnam s do do Graham's do do Ladies' Gazette of Fashion do Chamber's Journal do Household Words do Godey's Lady's Book do New York Journal do SHILLINGTON 'S Bookstore, jy ft Oduon Building. II/ATl HES, TF JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, fr. M W GALT A- BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices of the above, ?nd otter every article in their line at the lowenl rates GOLD and SILVER WORK of every de scrlption made to order, such as test! MO ,\ IALS, richly embellished, with appropriate de tuns. SILVER tea sets, DINNER ser vTc?s,*r Precious Stones set in every style, however elab orate ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES. Ac., cut on stone M W GALT A bro , :&1 Pa. av.. between Ninth and Tenth st*. je 14?tf FOB 8ALE AND REHT. EXCELLENT CHANCE TO ENGAGE IN the Grocery Business, at an old established Stand, in a good neighborhood?The store Is on the 8. W. corner of Montgomery and Dunbarton streets, Georgetown. At this stand any one of business habits, keeping a good assortment rannot fail to do well, there being no store with a good assortment in the neighborhood. For further par ticulars enquire on the premises of Jy6?3t A. H MOUNTZ. FOR RENT.?A handsomely furnished House near the Public Department is offered for rent To a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate. The House contains a bath room and pus fixtures Enquire on the premises, No 870 H street, jy 5?lm? For rent-thf. building on dst, near the corner of Twelfth, is for rent, either In part, or whole. Apply at the Star ofilce Je 20?tf ?*"* For rent ?the basement of for rest Hall, in Georgetown, and several rooms on the first floor Possesion given on the 2d of July The tuain Hall or Concert Room is newly benched, and will be rented by the night or season, on moderate terms B. FORREST, Je 25?2w* corner of F and 20th streets For sale?a small frame house and Lot. No SO Louisiana jvenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to inake a good investment If not sold soon it will be for rent Also, a three-sforv Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown, I,ot 26 feet front bv 160 feet deep: will be sold low and on a long credit W AN TF.D?A few shares of Georgetown Build ing Association Stock Apply to E K. LUNDY, No 129 Bridge street, Georgetown; or No 400 E street, Washington je 21?tf For rent-in Alexandria, va."That large three-story Brick House, well known as the besl stand in the city for a hotel and restaur ant, on Cameron street, opposite the market house, and now occupied bv Mr McGone^al Possession given on the 1st of July. Address LLOYD A CO., Claim Agents. Fifteenth street, opposite the Treasury, Washington, D C my 30?tf Houses for rent ?a three-story Brick Dwelling, with a two-story back build ing. and all the necessary out buildings, situated in Cox's Row, First street. Georgetown It has spacious parlors and a commodious hall; and is considered one of the most desirable residences in the District There is an enclosed lot, west and adjoining the house. The premises are now occu pied by the Secretary of the Interior. Possession may be had on the l2th of Julv. Also, a substantial two-story Brick House, with spacious grounds about it, situated on the south west corner of F and Twentieth streets, Washing ton Possession given on the 12th of July Apply to BI,A1)F.N FORREST, je 25?2w* Corner of F and 20th streets. Rents reduced to suit the times 8150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and^ther conveniences attached Pumps of f?ure water are near the door, and communication s had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon. at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immrdiait npyhrution must lie made to the undersigned, either by ietter or at his ho.w at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may tie had and the houses inspected at any time. Several ol' these residences will be sold on libe ral terms WM. STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Green N. B?Rents paid qua terly ix advance ap 9?eo'f For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with Board Also. Table and Transient Board Inquire at .Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street apO?tf Homes for all ?beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $>75. pay able *<3 per month Title indisputable Union Land Office. Seventh street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. JOHN FOX, Secretary, jan 0?6m 1iV)R RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE Terms.?A three-storv Frame, with basement, on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west. Also, a three-story Frame, with back buildin^, on I street?north. between Fourth and Fifth street's west. Applv to James W Barker, residence on H street north, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets west. DICKSON & KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown F^OR R EN T? ri#H TilR EE STORY STOK E and Dwelling, No '*> Bndge street George town, so long oct uni*si as Em inert's Confection ery Apply to ARN Y, next door. my 25? lawtf For rent?four new and ccT.nve nient Brick House*, brown mastick fronts, containing parlors with marble mantels, dinin^ room, kitchen, servant's room, and live chambers each, and situated on Thirt*-enth street. Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and the Departments. Rent very mod erate Apply at R il Clarke's office, corner of Sixth street and Louisiana avenue, or at D B Clarke s Drug Store, Eleventh street. Island mar 6?wtr SPECIAL NOTICE. "11 rE would respectfully inform all persons hav I f ing accounts with us that thev are all made off, and those that are not called for will be ren dered in full to 1st July, when we very reasonably expect and most earnestly request that they will come forward and close them without giving us the trouble of calling a second time In connection with this no. e. we take this op portunity of expressing our thanks to tho?e friends and customers who have so litierally and promptly {.atronized us duting the past six mouths, and iope for an increased continuation of the same by giving our personal and strict attention to busi ness, and conducting it upon f.tir and correct prin ciples COLLEY A SEARS, 5C3 Seventh street, 3 doors north Pa. av. je 25?eo6t FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. ^.MALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet or more, O in various parts of the City, and Georgetown, at low prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO J BUILDING STONE, For sale: deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves, in Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria LLOYD A CO. 15th street, opp Treasury Department. jy 23?*y WATCHES. L'ST received, a lar^e assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's line GOLD WATCHES of every size, style and manufacture The above is by far the best and c heapest ever offered to our customers M W G.ALT A BRO , 324 Pa avenue, bet. 9th and loth sts. je21?tf PIC-NIF BASKETS.?Ju?t opened a variety of Pic-Nic, Traveling, Card. Offire, Work, School and Tov Baskets Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollos, St. Harrison and Jules Hauel. Philadelphia; Combs, Brushes, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases, Porte Mounaics, Jet Goods. Pocket Cutlery, Cages, Music, Musical Instru ments, Stationery, Ac. JOHN F ELLIS. 306 1'a. av., betw. Ninth and Teuth sts. Je W?tf NOTIC E TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL A BROTHER. iARLCH HALL, surviving ,?rtner of Isaac ? Hall, having on the SBth day of February, lh55, assigned to the undersigned all the stock iu trade and debts of the firm or llall & Brother, to lie applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, liabilities, and engagements of said firm of Hail A Brother, and the surplus to j?ay and distribute ratcably among such of the remaining cred itors of said firm as shall within six mouths from said 2^th day of February, I.-,55. execute and de liver to said Baruch Hail full and absolute re leases of all indebtedness to them respectively by said Baruch Hall, suiviving partner as aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such credi tors of said firm of Hall A Brother, or sa d Baruch Hall, surviving partner, as may desire to partici pate in the benefit of said assignment to execute and deliver to saiu Baruch Hall lull and absolute releases as afoiosaid. within the period of six mouths from said 2sth day of February,1858. RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee, je II?eotAug2f-th SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE hall, HAMPTON, VA.f li I ;|| S situated within two miles of Old Point Com fort, with which place hourly communi cation is had by a neat and commodious Om nibus. of the most modern style,also by Boats Hacks, Ac. The Hall will "be open for the recep tion of visiters on the 14th of May, at which time the proprietor hopes to be able to make comforta ble and happy the stay of all who may be seeking pleasure or health. Mauy improvements have been added, such as oottages for families, play grounds for children, shade trees,.Ac., indeed every thing that can con duce to the comfort of visitors. For health and beauty of location, this place Is unsurpassed. There is daily communication with I t he steamers of R k h mond, N orfolk and Bait imore Terms, per day S2 00 ! Terms, per week 11 00 j Terms, per month, (per day) 1 26 ?*-eo6t R. G. BANKS. J AUCTION SALES. F By GEF.E.N * SCOTT, Aoci RAMF. MOUSE AMD LOT at AactUn On TUESDAY. the 10th Infant, we ?b*i] *11, in front of the premise*. at 6 o'clock j? m , Lot No. 5, in Square No W. fronting on N Hamp shire avenue near the corner of 21*t street, beiw north M and N streets The lot In large, the mete and bound* of which will be shown on the day of sale Also, the improvements, which are a good two-atorv Frame Dwelling House, stable, milk house. and a putnp of excellent water on the prem Terms: One third cash; balance in 6. 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of the sale A deed plven and a deed of trust taken If the piircha-er should fail to comply with the terms in five days from day of sale the property will be resold, at the risk and cost of the first pur chaser, bv advertising three times previous tosuch resale in the National Intelligences GREEN A SCOTT, jy 6?d Auctioneers By t.RF.EN A SCOTT, Auctioneers I7*Ot K FINE 111 II.DING LOTS at Auc 1 tion.? On WEDN ESDAY, the 11th Instant, we shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m , the following valuable Building Lots, vli: I<ot No 2 in Square No. 52, having a front on north G street of 92 feet 2U Inches, between 23d and 24th streets, tunning back to a wide alley, containing feet Lot No In the same square, containing 6,015 feet Lot No 3. square No 41. fronting 54 feet 10 in. on north H. between 23d and 24th sts , containing 7.2I? feet Lot No. S. square No 55, fronting 50 feet 10 in. on 23d street west, between 11 and I streets north, containing 4.592 feet The Sale will commence oa Lot No 2. square 52 Title indisputai>le Terms One fourth cash; balance '.nf?, 10, and 18 months, for twites bearing interest from the day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust t?ken GREEN A SCOTT. Jy 6?d ku tioneers Bv GREEN & SCOTT, Auctioneers. \TALL ABLE IMPROVED AND INIM proved Property at Auction.?On THURS DAY, the 12th Instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'c lock p. m . part of lx>t Nn. 14, in Square No. 455. having a front of 28 feet six inches on north G street, running back 121 feet 3 inches to a wide alley, lietvveen t?th and 7th streets west, improved by two brick Houses, 14 by 31^ feet, each one story Terms: $500 cash; ?1,100 nayable In mouthly instalments of per month, without interest; the balance a credit of 6 and 12 months for notes bearing interest. th? purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, properly secured Also, at 7 o'clock same eveuing, we shall sell, in front of the premises. Lots Nos 3 and 4. in Davidson's sulnlivisioii of Square No. 161, having a front of 28 feet each ou north L street, ruuning 13U feet to a wide alley. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash; the balance in 6, 12, and H months, for notes bearing interest from the day i >f sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, jy 8?d Auctioneers. By .1 C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON D, near Thirteenth street.?On WED NESDAY AFTERNOON. July llth. at So'clk, | on the premises. 1 shall sell jiarts of Lots No 11 ! and 12, in square 2SW. fronting about 20 feet on i north D street, between 12th aud 13th streets, run i mug back an average depth of about 70 feet Terms: One third cash ; the residu? in 6 and 12 1 months, for notes tearing interest and secured by a deed of trust on the premises J AS. C McGUIRE, jy 5?eo.r;d Auctioneer By J C M? GU IRF., Auctioneer (CHOICE (OLLEt TION OF RARE AND J ValauMe Oil Paintings at Aaction On P1IOAV AKTERNOON. July 6th, at 4* o'clock, at the saloon over Farnham s Bookstore, corner llth street aud Pennsylvania avenue, 1 shall sell a collection of rare and valuable Oil Paintings, selected with great can- by H. N. Barlow, Esq , | from various galleries on the Continent. Amongst them will be found specimens of Domeiilchino, Velasquez, Sir Godfrey Knoller. a Van \Vallies, Jolm Wilson, Gainsboro*, Muriiia, Yarnet, Pous ? sin, Shayer, jr.. and others i The saloon will i?e open aud pictures on free exhibition daily until the sale Catalogues uiav be obtained at the saloon or at i the auction rooms Terms 3100 and under cash ?, over that amount a credit >>f sixty and ninety days for uotes satisfac torily endorsed, bearing interest AS C MAGLIRE, jy 3?d Auctioneer V1 By J C MAGU1RE, Auctioneer CtHANt ERY SALE OF VALUABLE IM / proved Real Estate aud >lnrket Garden. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington county, made in the cause wherein Mary Hoffman, admin istratrix and heir-at-law of Thoma* Moore, de ceased. is complainant, and Moore, and Janies Moore, aud Laura Ann Moore his wife, heirs-at-lavv of said Thomas Moore, deceased, are defendants. No 1.0?;7 in chancery, the subscri ber, trustee appointed bv said decree, will sell at Jublic auction, on TUESDAY, the 10th d3\ of uly, at tt o'clock, p. m., on the premises, I the whole of square No. "JlCS. in the city of Wash ington, fronting 310 feet on each of llth and 12th streets west, and 2tr2 feet 4 inches on each of V I aud W streets north, and NMatata| about 62 U72 square feet of ground, with buildings, improve* i merits aud appurtenances, which consist of a well and substantially built two-story' brick dwelling house and frame stable, Ac The. above property is eligibly situated and rap idlv enhancing m value, and nas been occupied and cultivated as a market garden for manv years, is in an excellent condition for that purpose and with a very short distance of either of the city markets, and offers to persons desirous of obtain ing a valuable market garden or making an in vestment. a rare opportunity. The terms of sal?, as pre^ribed bv the said de cree, will be one-fourth ot the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the balance in t?, 12. 1- aud 24 months, to be secured by the purchaser s note, bearing interest from the cla\ of the sale, with se curity to be .ipproved bv the trustee Upon the full payment of the purchase money jnd int re.t, and the ratification oi the sale by tin Court, the trustee will convey the property to the purchaser in fee If the terms of sile p.rc nor complied with in si < days after tIt ?.ale the pr ipetv will be resold at the risk and e*i>ense of the porcha** ', upon oue week's notice All conveyancing ai exr^nse of t\e p "chaser. CHAS. S W A LI Vc'lf, i, ,iee J AS C McGL IRE, j je 15?eoitds Auctioneer. ; t'OME ALLTKTHAT %RF.WEtRY AND qiE.MH YOUR THIRVr. 4 R.N Y A MI INN respectfully return their most ' x\ sincere thanks to their friends and the public l in general tor the patro.iage heretofore so liberally j bestowed upon them, and announce that they are not only prepared to receive orders for their PRE i M1UM MINERAL WATERS, but also for their ' superior C bampagne Cider and Porter, bottled and draught Ale. Root Beer and Mead, Imager j Beer, in kegs or littles. Carbonated Ginger?a new beverage, which is so highly recommended by physicians of the Northern cities. All orders promptly dispatched Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, je 29?Iw# Georgetown, D C. [No 533 ] VOTIlt OF AN ESTABLISHMENT OF is an additional Land Ortlce in the Territory of Oregon.?In pursuance of the act of Congress ap proved February 17. l-a5. entitled "An act to es tablish an additional land district in the Territory of Oregon," to be called the Uiitpqua district, em bracing nil the laud lying south of the fourth stand ard |>arallei. it is hereby declared and made known that the land ottice for said district has lieen loca ted by the President of the I in ted States at the town of Winchester, ill said Territory, until other wise ordered. (Jiven under my hand, at the city of Washing - ton this 17th day of May, A D. laiD JOHN WILSON. Commissioner of General Land Olfice. may la?lawl2w G10LD SLEEVE Bt TTONv STL DS. Ac. I Just rece ived a Urge MMItWM of the lalmt style Mosaic. Cameo, Lava, aud piain Gold SLEEVE BUTTONS. STUDS. Ac., unusually fine and cheap. AI W. GAI.T A BKO., 32 1 1'a avenue, bet. 9th and loth streets. je 29?tf LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent for Claims. No. 527 12th street, will give the highest market price In gold for Land \\ arrants. je 7?lm* PERSONS WITH DEFECTIVE VISION are invited to eiamine mv extensive stork of all kinds of SPECTACLES and EYE GLASS ES. Glasses of am kind, such as Cataract, P&ra liola, Periscopic, Double Concave. Double Con vex. aud Calored Glasses, put in at short not ce, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye. 1T7~ Circulars ?'Defective Vision" gratis at II SEMKtN'S, 350 Fa. avenue, bet. 0th and loth sts mar 30 SCHUTTER k kAHLERl. Artists, frf.sco, decorative, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baidwm and Nenning, Archi tects. will be promptly attended to. j?&?dlju* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Additteaal foreign TafWtw I * w Boato* July 6 ?The Aminci arrived here this morning at 9 o'clock, frost Halifax Hsr mails for the South will be forwarded by the afternoon train f he L indon paper* received cant am nothing specially important in addition to the tela* graphic dupaL-h from Halifax The HtroUL *?yj that the biitiah troops carried the ont w rk* of the Kedan battery, but were stopped by a deep trench, where the j were expired to a marderon* fire from the Redan, ai wall u from the Mslakoff Tower, whose guns enl iadod the ontwork* of the former The 3hix*? in the harbor were laid btoadri<!?, and poured also a shower of shot into the rank* of the retreating troops. The British lose ia stated at from four to five thousand men, in* eluding forty offi *er*. The London Time* does not proU-ss to giva the particulars of the battie. bat says that lha Btitich I..F3 is believed to haye been greater than has seen sustained in any former action. Many ?fficor* of distinguished gallantry, be side John Campbell, were killed. The French lost twj general officers and & vn*t number of men in all branches of tha service. The London New* intimates that the Gov - ernment is in posees-uon of fuller intelligence, which it withholds. Convention of Veterans. Utka. Jnly 6 ?The New York Stat* Con vention of the veterans of the war of 1812 tneC here yesterday, and was fully attended. Among those present were aeveial individual* who bore a conspicuous part in the military service of the country during the war?Gene rals Van Renssalear, Verplanck and McFar* land General Van Renssalaer, of Albany, pre sided. and the Convention unanimou''y adopt ed a memorial to Cougress. setting 1 rth tba claims of the veterans of the last w.r with England, and calling for the passage o ' a law granting pensions to the surviving soldi*. , i and officers of the army, volunteers and r.iliti* and officers, sentnen nnd marines of the r vy, who were engaged in the United Slates ferric* during that war. 8hip Ashore. New York. July ? ?The ship Nebraika, from Bremen, went ashoro last night on Corner Shoal TLo passengers were all sevd. "id have been bn-w^ht tj this city ../ a stean. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, . uly 6 ?Flour?No sale* to re port this morning , holders ask $9.75. W h -at? Sales of new white, at *2 183*12 25 Corn ia duller; white l??2^U4r ?yellow 96alU0c. New York Markets. New Yore, July (V?Flour is a trifle higher with *ales of 5,750 bbls ; good Ohio at 59 1HI ; market eloeed firm with an upward tendency. Wheat?The market is unsettled Corn?tha market is firm with sales of 30 000 bushels at 90?y2 P.?rk is firm with ?ales of 550 bbls at $19.15} Beef?The market is unchanged with a limited business at previous rate*. Lard?The market is firm?45o bbls sold at 11 cts. Whisky is steady. Stick Market. New Yore. July 6 ?Sale* to-day at the first board of Erie Railroad at 52i; Cumberland Coal Company. 29J; Readiug Railroad, Canton Company. 2t?|; Harlem. 29L Cleveland and Toledo Railroad. 94i; Hudson River Rail road, 42f. MRS. OEOROE, LATE from England, wishes to inform the ti dies and gentlemen of Georgetown and \V ash ington that she can be consulted on the past, pres ent and future events at her residence, fio\tS First street, between Potomac and High streets, a tew door* from Forrest Hall, Georgetown. I .adies *25?Gentlemen SO cents Froin 8 In the morning until 0 a! night je 22?2w# * BRILLIANT SAILING MATCH. THE lovers of this beautiful and entertaining ".port are hereby Informed that the sub- ^a scriber contemplates getting up, on the 25th*** July, if practicable, a GRAND REGATTA Two chased Etruscan Silver Goblets wili con stitute the prizes The most valuable to be award ed to the most rapid boat in the race The next best to t>ear off the second premium The match is to be between boats belonging to Wa>hingtoa, Georgetown and Alexandria Boats having decks over 25 feet are ineligible to entry The proprie tors of l>oat<* must bear in mind that they cannot enter any boat not ow ned in the above piar** at this time Many boat owners are now preparing for the sp?_." to take place on the 25th July, and. from the apparent interest taken, it promises to i?e one of the most entertaining and rtchtrckf affairs ever beiore ottered to tne lovers of boat chasing in this city. Th?? f .llowing craft have already entered for the con.....: KNOW NOTHING WILL WATCH, (the light-heeled craft that bore off the pitcher last season triumphantly ) SKIMMER ' MARTHA A large and beautiful steamer will be chartered for the occasion, in order to attord all who desire to witness this beautiful sail an opportunity to be hold all its various incidents Owner* of boats, and others, desiring to enter thc-ir craft, or learn the manner and Intention of the Regatta, ortermsof entry, can be gratified in any manner by calling at the "City Restaurant, cor ner of Pennsylvania avenue and 15th street Fort Washington will he the distance de?-igne<t by the undersigned and returning to the point ot starting Price of entry to depend upon the sir?n{*r of con testauts W.M L JON KS City Restaurant, cor Pa av and IJth at je &?Sawtf VOTIt t I!) HEREBY GIVE* THA'i I 1^1 shall apply to the Department uf the Interior for the issue of a duplicate Land Warrant, No. lun.0641 for 4u acres, supplemental to Warrant No. ?1 tr?J5 for 4u acres, issued to Pleasant Lacy, with a blank assignment on the hack thereof, which was purchased by u.e of the said l<acy. and forwarded toauentleman in Washington City, on the 14th of May last, and which has not been received by him G D SEAL Pittsylvania C. II ., Va . June 10. 1*555 je 20? layvtiw* NEW >1ILLINEK\ . MIS!* THOMPSON has just oj>ened our fourth invoice of Neapolitan. Leghorn, Kng-^^_ lish Straw. I.a> e. Crape, and other Susuoer Hals Ladies who have not yet supplied rheuisclves a?e invited to ?all and muae their se lections. Also, just received a choice lot of F a as, Silk Mits. tine Silk Gloves, Hosiery, Ac , together with. a variety of articles not n^esKary to e? .meia: and to all of whi< h've invite attention. IlL'TCillNSON A MIXRO, Fancy Deairrs, No. 31u peuna avenue Je 22? IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING LP HOI *EkEEPIK<>. PERSONS removing l'romthecity and wishing to dispose of their rumiture arid Housekeep ing Utensils. Ac., without tbe trouble of ttsdiu^ them to puitlic auction, can do so by calling on us at our store, ih7 Pa avenue, ot Wth street, as we are prepared to buy all such good* as may tie offered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling on us. as we will pay the highest cash prices for all such goods. WALL BARNARD A CO. je 7?2m P? avenue GREAT SACRIFICE OF DRV GOODS a T THE CASH STORE, '2d door west of Sev. J\ euth street, opposite the Centre Market ?We ire now closing out the stock of some twenty thou sand dollars worthof DRV GOODS without re gard to co?t As the entire sto? k must be sold within sixty days we will otter goods at suck prices as ought to induce person* to buy whether they want Dry Govts or not Those who wo?nd tiave bargains had better call Immediately at the iign of the Cash Store, under the Avenue H * Terms exclusively cesh i. Q FITZPATR1CK, je 97?lw A?*

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