Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1855 Page 2
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,EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MTlKniY AFTERNOON July 7. AOEMT9 FOR THE STAR. The following persons an? authorired to ci>n tract for the publication of advoriiseraent* in the Star : Philadelphia?V. B PALMER, N W. corner of Third ?n<l Chestnut streets. ? New York?6? M Pr.TTiseiLL A Co., Nassau ?fret. Ikston?V. B Palver. Scollay's Building. Advertisements should be handed in tj 12 o'clock, M . otherwise they may not ap year until the next day. ? ? mmm ? ? THE WEEXL* STAR For the week ending to-day, U trulv an in ieresting number, containin a record of all important event*, foreign and domestic, in cluding the new? of the city and transactions e-f the department-* of the Government. Terms- 51 25 a year, or three cent? a number. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Unum say? that England and France do Ji 't pretend to deny the terrible reverse their armies met in the recent attack on the Redan and Malu.koff Tower, at Sebastopol, and ac counts for the lack of American sympathy ?with the Allies, on the ground that they are no. torkm-ly fighting, not for Turkey, but for th<-ir ? wn aggrandizement. The Union also draw. a parallel between the French Revolutionary Convention, under Robespierre, that enacted a law expressly acknowledging the existence of a Supreme Being, and then brought to the guillotine every man. woman, and child within their reach suspected of being hostile to their measures or their principles, with the doings of the Philadelphia Know Nothing Natrona Council and the evident tendencies of the or' dcr, a? exemplified by Know Nothing Supreme Being resolves, election frauds, outrage? in the darkness of the night, Ac. The lntelligtnttf discusses. with the Charles Inn Mercury, the right of a State to secede from the Union, insisting that the federal com pact cannot be di.v-olved as merchants dissolve their partnerships, one member of a firm wish ing to withdraw. The editor regards the Union as being in the nature of a marriage contract, which i an rightly be terminated only be death, and adds that c\en if the States were willing ty dis.Mdve the l'ni?>p. if could only be legally done by and with the consent of all the people if all the States. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tho Inquisition.?Yesterday. we t?Hik ?*? ca.-ion tj lift the veil of secrecy initially, with which the Know Nothing members of the elec tion committee tne Buard of Aldermen aim to conceal from the knowledge of the citizens ?T Washington the character of tho act- by whi.di a large nnmbc-r of citizens adjudged by ILe I nited Stater Circuit Court for the district *'f Columbia t j be legal voters here were tie - fraaded of their right to \\?to at the recent "H a.-hiiigt<?n city Municipal elocti-m "He .-fyled the in inner in which tL-y have de termined to conduct the invcitl gation an in t^u'-itior. Can rc-nsiblc uaid fair men doul>t that it i being conducted it: fair keeping with the fraud" concocted originally in the lodge - ?where it wa- detentiined that n-ne but -sworn Members of the secret ??ath-b.mnd-politieal-s?> ciety should be permitted to act asc-'nimivi-ji er- of the election in the wards wherein the work wa- to be carried out?s jinc of whom re ceived the votv.jKnow Nothings, whom thev knew nf-t to be of the legal age, and all o; whom, at lo:i.-t in live of the seven Wards of the tity, refused even to keep a record of the rames of those voters whom th? y defrauded of th'-ir rights, as they were declared to be by the Circuit Ceurt for the DL-trfet of Columbia ' The acts of thi* c mmlttec. in refusing to ad init reporter f. r the pre-s in the r?m durin the progres.- of their mock investigation. and in voting to disregard the wt ll-known view., of cur bi^hc-t eonrt M t4, the righ|(J of those defrauded under the charter, i-. indeed, in fair keeping with the previous ?cli-u in the matter referred t > above. Inatth.- uninitiated in.iy comprehend h-.w i' >?* ?h*u in -t who hold ]r^itiotu> on thi? com mittee. only through the fraud- by which Krow Nothingi-ni wa? enabled U. pl^ee a ma jority in tho B?ar I ol' Aldermen illegally, arc acting in tUa u .y u.i ier pratMMS of <ii. thi.rgi.ig a publi;tmst. we subjoin a j-orion of the Kn? w Nothing ritual: 1 - ~ voluntarily rtnd freely do *;I?innlv rromi,e and -wear. before Almighty ."d .;nd these witr.csse-5 around me 1(ibh d 1 ?V,;I "Mt under any circumstance - w;..:t ? vc r utvulge or make known to any lterson or ] either directly ?.r indirectly, or t any l.uuian being other than th.^e I skill Ttn-.w t'. rn. gooti and tru- member- of thi f ' r- tii,; sa-e.ets, mysteries, orobjetf ? t the same, or can .? or allow the -ame to be yone by others, if within my l-wer to prtVent u ?y*lf under no ie-, i.f-n *.ty ian that of being excommu^icatcd lion, the Oriler. and having my name p0>t, d and Th A i ,!jr"u"'L, ut 11 ?? "'ifferent Coanci!. of the Order, cs a trnto,- perjurer to b <th my *.,; ai d cuntry and U-ing ,tr-wor;hy to ei ipl .yed, entrusted, eountenanet d. or "tiw portcd in any bu?r.t>s transacti m whatever nud a. 1-er^-n totally unworthy ,.f the tonft ,1-neeo ah g.^ men. and one at whom the fin^r of m: rn .hall ever be i^int.-d I m-. theraore promise that it I hereafter U tr m or leave this Order I wilt consider this obligation a* binding out of it ;i in it All of w|.v-h f regoin^ I fr,-..|y and wl untanly nbsenke t ?. > . hel]. nie .1 ' " " ,TiK'" ,".'1 f ' a" "ffi?Tcalb d the Judge Adv.--tr. ?f |?;e ?ther ?t .u r o?.r Wfr. ii:tra!i'_'u>-s ?ft rthi- manner My br tner the Onlrr wiiuh hssrnwr? rSZl* n> " " ?:th all pr - I 'i..-1'ie it a secret organizalion li . .,vr t , f f |h;|t ( ....... / -J*, y U eoiild l, I tJ?r, Uf , J name tin-o?,,..-t-. or the V,ret--o, that b ind of t.p.ther- among wh..niy.icr -n ? enrolled, a,v? fi.vrhcr than rl,;. wj...n".(U rerir#* from meeti? voU n.-i-t , ... # * faiilitk"* ::"id 1^Ve ,.d,''a " X x m "r"|t^, |ir zazr*" ? ''???. e.Tii.d In i-"iinnoi, ourM-lv- v ? ?kr-.w m?thing. ;.|?1 I t i( In-y..?r-tern t. lmi..n tlir .?^h lib to ? Know N .?)!,, K' Tr.e high and exalted duties Hhi-h v 2 T': Tf" -v",,r t* ?f V' V ? f,,1r..'hc l^n^; ^'t ti..- pre-er\ ation ??! lieerty r-quire.- t!,:,t Vou -b. u'd ?d.servet>,e oat?i which y. u b tve" thi- n. 'b Y*T.f i "i! ?'??"^Ition.- For The xour <v" 1 "r" ',Ji iu?p*>rt!iii?-e to I.J tl *V Ui' ''b,:,,rr" th;in ?hat ob ligati n whieh \ nh.neju-'t taken, t ? ore-.-rye American li -Mi.;;, .... ^y tijt el ,jr . j , ?j- ,l ttotct., The reader, if K i- a of integrity o,n?e in hi^ ordinary l.ana^iio,,,, Wlil'|t , irfa.-r.-ccomprehend thee..million ot th .ve wh L 'li' * l; ildpledged themselves to ooe., tb.s upauction of the judge Bdvoeatj mayber?n^?? to decide on the |e, d ri-ht- f cioceM oj p^vd to Xiiert, is no qualification to the ,-ibnvc oath and the equally binding pledge; for they must bo obeyed, whether the object be legal or noi? whether the acts or doings of the bulge* In consummation of which the original fraud? were committed, are legal or pot. Reader, if you or your' have aught t?> lose by the entire enbversion of the right? and lib ?rty guaranteed in tho American Constitution and the law*, reflect soberly upon the conse quences of putting our public affair- in.the hands of persons who have, by stealth, in the hour of midnight, deliberately brought them 8elre3 under such obligations es wo publish above, which are beginning to be manifest here, in connection with our recent municipal election. Tho Great Virginia Improvement.?We do not know where, in the United State*, a work of internal improvement of greater national importance is in progress than the Orangeaud Alexandria Railroad, now being so rapidly pushed to a completion That is, in connec tion with its extension, known as tho Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, and ruuning from Lynchburg to Memphis, and the latter road's connections, which are to ttrike the Quit ci a t?Jnt- branch at Mobile and another at New Orleans. These enterprise are not cLi meras, but bona J1J2 works, being rapidly pushed to completion?ti> be finished, by-the by. in a very short time. This series of great w >rks will o|>eii to the markets of tho world the most valuable agricultural, mining, aud planting section of the United States which is at present a sealed book to industrial progress, as it were, because, up to this time, having scanty water facilities for transportation to and from it, it has been lying locked up. being almost valueless from want of the means of speedy and economical transportation iu different directions to the great markets of the land. The comple tion of the series of works will be worth, it may be, u hundred millions of dollars in the in crease that it will speedily give to the lands within fifty miles on each side of its location, while the facilitic.. fur traveling between the North and the South, and the East and the West, which it will afford, cannot fail, at once, to make it one of the best paying series of rail r? ud-ever constructed in the United State*. To Virginia. Tennessee. Alabama, and Georgia < for it cannot b-j long before a connection is also made with the splendid system of iail road.- which Georgia has mow in progress of con- i struetion. anl, iudoed. nearly completed) it ( will he invaluable We cannot say too much in praise of tho sc gacity. economy, foresight and fairness with I which the portion of the scries lying in Vir ginia. fr?'ui Alexandria to the Tennessee line, has been managed up to this time. This may ! all be becausc Virginia is notoriously behind the ?? fast ' propensity <?! the age, fortunately, in the matter ?>t speculation; her railroad presidents and directors being yet simple man agers "i sacred trust? confided t > their charge, and not speculator- in connection with them. However this may be. it is certain that no where el e in the United States has so much in tnc way of r iilru??'l building been accom plished tor > little i;e?ncy, and with so uni ver?al sati-facti-.n t> ail?."State, e >uipaiiy. and anded proprict-! id"!ig the line?directly in- ( tcrest. 1 ia the progr-j-1 of the stupcnd*u-i work. Washington city. too. i; greatly inter- j ?stcd in this improvement; as it mu-t bring ! l.i'hi r. p< i'ha p.-, HMMXKI persons annually, wh<t ' but for its existeuce. would have parsed over t.ic c;;sty?i: slope oi the X<.rtii American C-.>n tincnt by s- niu more distant r *ute, failing to take our city by the way; all of whom mu-t leave among u- more or les. money. These I reflections came upon - ui mind on reading tho | following c .neisc -taterucnt of affairs of the f '>rang" and Alexandria i? *i!road. which ae;i- j dent.?liv f !i into ouj hand? a f. w days since Of0Hgt i\ A-> : ?? *.' li.i 11 nmd It s couth- 1 nr?i ttud r,. ,rnt tou ?Cost?Kx- j to Ly.u kin _?CoiaiUttinn.?Rcv i in/te. tyc j X>icl?ra!,ge ?i Alexandria Railroad unite. A.eXan u i:; and Lytic!-burg by a line which, wact. completed. wi" be lbrt miles long, und < can be traversed in d h-.ur.-. Il- re it . met ' ?>.tiii- \ ngn-ia A it dim <;o K ili ad, which ? will be completed ihis fad to the Tennessee | ? ???t*- lir- . 2?!o mill distant, and give a con- ' nectiui mith the Bailruada ot Georgia. T. n- ! ucr-ue. Alabama, and MN-is.-ippi. Tin- R >ad was built to Gord-m-viHe. Ks miles i I oai Ab xandna. u ,d. r t..o Charter ot hW ' aid am-udiiieias. ilt i. it connect- with ? Richmond i i trie East, and Charlottesville and >taui.ti.;? in the South?and \V\nt, by the Vir- I gmia Central Radroa 1.1, .w in i attoi. This Road i .t the tn-t class, extend- ! '"*?! h' V l"R'vcr. through the Covington ! A Uuio Kailr.a,, now under con-tru<:tiou et j the expense of the St ;t - ot Virginia, throui-h i wh'.-h the U. .1 a. Road wdl have a dhe'-t conn ct'on with all the Kentucky and Ohio h,i- I urwveaivnts. centering a? the tmmtk o? But .?jjridy an-1 at Point l'ka-.:nt , Tli ? -pit"' Stock, .? iiuthorized by the ?' Chart-'and aiu< ndiuents. was^1 1%?7 - ! ouu, >.r which -360.uoo i- a preferred" stock I he i 11V 1 - a -uh- , I,, ;?lt; ,,J tJ1R.c. tilths, amounting to >sj 1.5yo The r ute, a.-? now huiit. with its Branch of nine miles t . Warren: and its Siding* Wa ter Station*. OcjKii.-.. Engines, Cars. ?nd itn i valuable River prop,-rty at Ab-xaudiia, co-t tu. round sum oi' -2.ouo.uo0. This sum wa made up by the subscriptions, by the pr<eeds 'i !-'u ",l .-.nd by the net revenue ?i the iload to tins date. The grades and curves are favorable, and tnc tra. -is bui.t in ta. bt.-l style, as to rails. cro-.,i. - ballasting. Ac. The rail, nr.: of the I nj:ie-r ^'e i' lit<-ri,> rtcigh .HO ton- to the I I V.''d,'rVJ-C"?t a,,"ve na?ned was secured ' I t-y the Road being undertaken at a timo oft low prices ot Ubui. a..d especially of Railroad iron and by it-pricing, lor the great, i part, tnrough n lavorable coui;?ry forcuch work, as is evdent lr- m the fact, that more than tw.? thirds of u n;e on .^rai^ht lines, and most of ! til esc in long sections. It mav be safely stat'-d that the-?? results could notion he attained -hort of >2.otM?.000 Un this prep. rty. -o far. the only incumhrance a in .rtgagi- ( ,r the sum of - pm.doo before named ? Mual to -l oOO per mile, ot the main "T, *ll,i ,!lc Waircntoi- ilrunch, t? ? p?'r mile KVTKS^i.ST .LVm imi Kt., j l<<?r.lo,i- yilb- is vi-ry nearly th- airline I Lynchburg Between ? harl..ttc-v,!le ar.,'. Lvn.-hi org win I. is ?l?mt 60 mile- the Orang. and Alex inlii.i Railroad i?wpsnji are now at Work with a largo and ' 'laily increasing force of men and horse" 1 ni.- -e 'tion will be completed, with reason able pro-re- ui the early part of ISoS. and probably r Then- will then be a Contin uous railroad between Alexandria and Lynch ' '>ur; J ' i 1 uf L'u miles hoi,. Uordoii-v ill. to Charlotte-- ' V ar!' "? ground of very fa\orable character t-r a railroad, andean be finished in one-half the tunc nee.?ary tv,r tj?. other, provided it i^ a lie"'wit?V '/*L t0b,!l,,, ;' t? ack par tance ' U,ral ,{aiirvJ'1 f?'f this dis ai^-ldlt'ioi ^ Vl '"" ,h" ^'S'-lature authorized ??? tiii ; ? nt "i ttn-. aoou' "Tooooiiit h v>. i,.i ? ?h^ i ," ? bcLn secured in ... I ?*??' "bhx?tio,is f. subscribe. I which iiovt h.'in/ rc 1 ? j , I ^<(,1 "? and c.?n: tit ute ; ',M,;,f t.1"- *;v ",r "K' iuiu,u* the f.,D1 {. ti) ue i-in.1 hold* i s have.-ubs4r?ihed u ith uncommon liberality, and uianv of them are mga-e^r cither directly or indirectly, ir, tho mil ?hl ?ruJ,u4tl0n1 "J prospcct of lev. - | nu.v thi roadmaychallcniieacompari-onwir- ' 7n VW l,U'T "iV "r iu ? ' from til.,: i Ivfl-.,uic Iv it pasicj thryu^h tUv i counties of Albemarle, Nelson, ami Amherst, which are among the finest in the State, ali lying at the east foot of the Blue Ridge, or on its Mopes, aud corresponding in their agricul tural and soci>il character with Loudon. Fau quier. Culpoppcr, and Orange. It. lies on a (11 agonal line, connecting the northeast and southwest sections of this Union, and cannot be superseded by any other route. It can be shown in a satisfactory way, from the receipt* of other roads, that the annual revenue will not fall short of $8,000 a mile; which, for 108 miles, will amount to 51,344.000 per annum. Placing the net earnings at only 45 pvr cent, of the receipts, in order to be clearly within the limits of safety, and beyond any objection, we have annually at the dispo sal uf the proprietors 5604.300; equivalent to an interest of 6 per cent, on upwards of 510.000.000. The connecting lines of the South-West, which will be opened simultaneously with this if not sooner, extend to New Orleans, Memphis, and Mobile. To the former, for instance, which i- the most remote, the distance will be less than 1.200 miles, aud at 25 miles an hour, travelling time, (which is the present rate of speed between Baltimore and Cincinnati, and which we can increase whenever circumstances c ill for it.) a person can go between Washing ton anil New Orleans in less than 48 hours. Memphis, on the Mississippi, can bo reached at the same rate in 27 hours, aud Mobile in forty-four. The H auls proposed to bo issued for the Ex tension, amount to 51.200,000, and arc secured upon the whole line, with a first lien upon the new part of the Road. The sum of the two mortgages is 51.600.000. which is at the rate of 59.500 per mile, con siderably less than i- usually put uj?o:i simi lar enterprises in their early stages, without revenue, n:id with several unproductive years before them. The receipts of the Road for the last year, during a great part of which it stopt short of Gordonsville, amounted to upwards of >171,000. ^ In the present year, terminating in September next, notwithstanding that, in common with other Roads, the freights have been curtailed by the failure of the crops, the revenue will probably exceed 5210,000. Tha End of a Disreputable Trick.?We mentioned, some time sinoe. that the munici pal Councils of this city, a large majority be ing Know Nothings, had reduced the rate of taxation, immediately prior to the recent elec tion. from 70 to 60 cents on the hundred dol lars, and that immediately after the election the lower Bjard had again added on the 10 cent* thus struck off for political effect. It seems to be understood, that having once fixed fie rate of taxation for the year, their power with reference to it ceases. So their action proposing to restore the struck-off seventh of the whole necessary for the support of the city government and the prosecution of the im provements needed in Washington, (by their own subsequent showing.) was practically ille gal. and i'ur fellow-citizens are now paying their taxes at 60 cents on the hundred dollar5 The result is to be a heavy deficiency in the finances <; Washington during the ensuing fiscal year only to be made good by burden some taxation for the next succeeding fiscal year, or an almost total cessation of the im provements by the corporation in progress end contemplated. This state of things, it will be remembered, originated in purj>oscd fraud ujion the citizens *>f this city, who-c vote? were designed to be influenced by the false iinpre--i.>n that the Kn> w Nothings, if they succeeded, designed carrying on the city gov ernment at a l<- .< cost than heretofore. Thev have fallen into their own tiap, and must bear de served odium lor bringing tlio city heavily into debt or j utting a stop t. its improvement* Without there havi-ig been the lighte.-t neco*> "ity 1 T so doing, and only for the accomplish uientoi a fraudulent end Commissioner of the General Land Office. A portion ol the Know Nothing preps are ei. d-.'avi ring to create the impression that no one ha.- been appointed C >mm-idouer of the Gei 3 era1 L i:,d Office in the place of John Wilson, t.xj.. and, consequently, that the large bus', ness of the land office is suffering inconvenience and d* lay. To sati-fy ail per.-ojis wi:o mi^ht re el and put faith iu the partisan statements of these journals, we state that the President, immediately on the removal of Mr. Wilson, appointed Mr (ieorge C. Whiting Commis sioner of the Bureau, and that under hi-1 direc tion the vast duties of the oflLe are being dis charged with energy, promptness discretion, and large intelligence. Mr. Whiting has been familiar with the working of thi- bureau for many years, and, next to Mr. Wilson. ha? ) r ;h ibly as much acquaintance with its de tails a? any mar. in the country The energy or integrity of the bureau will not suffer in it- pre^eut hands. Nineveh.?We ag:in continue the li-t of t ie inhabitants and frequenters oi the Seventh Ward of Nineveh, 270t> years ago, a- dug out o! t ie i uiii.-'of thai ancient and venerated city March 25. 1*54?-John Willey, 21; 1? II, P. c Bart let, L. Right. 7r h: 11 W l>arnyclo\v, 3d; Charles Bisho: , W'. Ij Wri rf.? Auo- Bures, S. Saekford. Jt. F Meg. ,, fearee IVbj.I.\ lion son. S II Bureh. Win. T T? i77' Ji Wt V,!cc' 7ti,; w- D Cr iuipesy, ?! <> ? i\ ' i Merritt, 7(b; T Morri ^ : 7 V Fr!,r?3W Balmier, j h John V Hiito?, 21; W W Kifby. 4th: 1 JI W M igruder. P. C.; J II Wilson. </eor*. - town: James 11 Read. 2d; J B. Wheeler W ",lv W pthiiAV IE W?tcw' 21; J- P. Mur C-?. \r ' llambergcr. 7th; S. Norment. 4Cr Siviey fuasdalc, 7th: J F. B PurseII C F L W,y Jfh; John P. ttaub. James Watson" Il- 'iry Meer. 7th; Thomas G. Wheeler' ?H.;, ii.'tiw.jn A. White. Thus. Loury. 7th. Pleads Guilty.?The Post Office Department have advices that Capt. Dcuniaon, arrested f> r m,:i! robbery at Chicago, has plead guilty. Tho Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yert .rday, the 6th of July, were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department P>r th? Treasury Department...., 513.810 i?? tor the Interior Department 4.on> to r th- Cu-tons..... 10 Mar Warrants received and en Ur,? l 217.635 Of Drawn on account of the Navy.. 7,776 50 .Navy Appropriation Warrants..15,610,137 59 ???? ?>? ? PERSONAL. ....The Jlarrisburg (Pa ) Keystone has ill a I the name i.f George M. Dallas at to head ot its columns, as a candidate lor the I residency. ; A h tier from N vv York -iy.? General : >-;? i^Uyin^it Coz sen's. and" i, looking! ?j?i'te well; in fact mu h better than fora ve ir .?r two past, lie seems to be in exeeilant ' >l*u <t.?, and, the account Says, spent most <?t the ev.1'itiitgof the fourth of July in ;l r.uiet game of whi<t. ....Mr Buchanan received the de< rec rf Doctor ?.t Canon Law from the Univer.-itv of IJ.xtord. England, as al.v, did Chief Justice K tbinson, Oi <. anada. Sir Cln.rles Lyell. Alfred rennys-n, Del any Evans, Monkton Miles, et . ....Mr Overby. the Temperance canlidate for Governor of Alabama, has declined in fa vor of Judge Andrew?, the K N. nominee ....The following sentiment, by Co] Train. at the I o cest-r (Mx-s.) Celebration, is verv neat. -rnK LvniKS-May they add virtue! l.? :,i.;v?ul.traet envy fmm frionddiin; ! multiply amiable accompl^hments Iby <wcet temper; divide t.uie by so. iability ami e,-.?no mv. ana icduee scandal to the lowujt deu imi nation I ....Col Bonneville. U. S. A.,Bayavd Tay- ! N V.audW M Bui well an 1 fumilr. of! * are Willwa'Q Uotoi. * j Wm. O. Bugg?, E*q., Editor of the '?Democratic Expositor," at Springfield. Ohio, called in to see u* yesterday. Mr. I* i? doing effective service in exposing the iniquities of Know Nothin^isin in hi? State He assure? u* that Ohi" may he relied upon as against Knew Nothingisin thia fall. lNHErE?tF.NCR Day.?The Alexandria Ga zette says: '?The 4th was literally, here in Alexandria, dies nan. Tho r-trects, after 10 o'clock, wore deserted, and all the stores closed. There ! were no salutes, no military parade. The ( "stay at homes" were in the decided raajori ; ty?although many spent the day agreeably at Yeates' Garden, where there was a fine band of music, dancing, and other innocent recrea j tions. The stoamboats were running all day, to and from the White Ilou?e, and uot a few ' uiadc a river excursion." TEMPERANCE LECTURE.?MRS THOMPSON, of Ohio resp^tfiilly an nounce to the ladies and gentlemen of Washington that she will lecture upon the subject of Temper i ance on SUNDAY, the *th instant, at Temperate e j Hall, E street, between 9th and 10th streets, com mencing atb o'clock p. m. Admission free. jy 7?it# I THE PUBLIC.?After the repeated ; insults and indignities I have offered to j G. W. McCerren, I cannot descend to notice his i card of yesterday. I yesterday po?ted him. f?ft?*r giving him twelve hour's notice that I would do j so, at the City Post Ottice. and now publish my card As regards myself, I am willing at all times to give every explanation of who 1 am. and what 1 am. but hut certainly not to *o miserable a vrttcU a* (i. VV. McCerrtn. W. R ISAACS MACKAY. Washington City. 7th July, Washington, 0th July. 1~.? I proclaim Cnpt G W McCerren to be a Imr, a scoundrel. and a coirard. ? W R. ISAACS MACKAY. jy ?-i t* 1 r^^i^GPvAND PIC NIC OF THE tK2? MERRY BACHELORS, To t/ic White House Pavilion, Jl'LY 2b, 1*55. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 7?2t* 3-~a>LlTERARY NOTICE.?The Annual Exhibition of the Washington Seminary will take place at Carusi's Saloon on MONDAY, July 9th. at 9 o'clock a. m. The public are respectfully invited to attend. No boys will be admitted unless accompanied by their'parents. II. J. DrNECKERE. jy <??St President nf* l^NOTICE?U'dicatu,n Services.?The t Chapel of the Western Preshyt'n Cliurcl. ! will l>e dedicated to the worship <<f <J?hI next Sab bath. The dedicatory sermon at 11 a m. Pr?.ich in^ also at t p in., "by Rev Byron Sunderland, and in the evening at *- o'clock by the pastor This now ho ise of the Lord is to be a very beau tiful one. and those christians and citizens inter ested in the improvement of our city will hnd i? pleasant to encourage this noble enterprise l?y their presence on that occasion The Church is near the corner of Pa. avenue and lWh street. j yjtzl ^-^TIIE ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT tJs. of t he Georgetown College will take place on TI'ESDA Y, July H?th. at 9 o'clock a in On Monday, the 9th instant, the mem!K*rs?,f th?j grad uating CIa*s will deliver lectures on various sub jects of Moral Philosophy, at 5 o'clock p. hi The public are respectfully invited to attend on both occasions. U A M AGl" 1R E, Pres. jy b?3t S?-^?=*TIIE MEMBERS OF ??OCR CLUB."

fctvZS of Georgetown, D C., respectfully an nounce to their friends and the public, generally that they intend giving a grand Pic Nic and Ex cursion 'down the lVtomae on or about the ItitL of July. Particulars in future advertisement. The memlicrti of the said Club are requested to meet at their room in Forrest Hall on SATI R1)AY EVENING next. July 7th. for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing term. Kyorder: A \V WARD. Pres. Eft, KNK A SHEKEL!., ScC jy 5?-it ^Tlt.W ED OR STOLEN fiorn the ueighbo, | hood of the Catholic Bnrial Ground on North i Capitol s?r?-f. a grey Horse, with little black spots j lK>iug marked near the fore leg with a -car 1 will I -.i ve S>.? if retnrije?l to ine on O. tteiw. Ittl and -".th ts., or information left so that I ? -.1 him. ,?y 7?,tt+? CHARLES STOCKA.' TOOUNIL IN DEI EMBER L V^T. A SIL X vcrWath. The owner can get it by pftrvfug pmfieitv .old jK?yiti^ f?>?? thin advertisement. Ap ply on lili st., between II and I, No *J7?. jy t?if COAL. LUMBER. JLe. "VOW 1 mdiug a car^o of superior egg and stove I ii si/.e W hite Ash Coal. On hand, a full assortment of ail kinds of Lum ber. Also. Calcined Plaster, Rosendale Cement. Lime and White Sand All of which will l>e sold on reasonable terms. Yard on First street, near the west gate of ih Capitol. JOHN PURDY. jy 7?-'it ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON BOAT*. '1M1E Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will A leave a", the following hours. ? Fare IS), cents ft The THOMAS COLLYER, when not 1. V xvays engaged, v/d! make trip-, oa the route at al ternate hours. leave Washington at <?. -.9*,. 11 V,?V. 1.5*, and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7. 9, 19.*, 11;. 1 ?4-. an<! fi V: l*. S.?The Uoa' will leave Alexandria a*. 1\ f>. m . or immediately on the arrival of the cars jy_7?d JOB CORSON, Captain. I DICKERING 4r SON'S PIANOS. TIE -ul?seril>:'r has Lately rweive<l an addition a! supply of Pianos, which again completer his us:ia' larire and elegant a?i>rlin<'iit. embracing every variely of juittern and scale, from the old and r-;>owned factory <.f Chickering & Sons. B<>>ton ,it!-l fr<nu other approved lloston manufactor:< s J liy the packet which leave* Lost on on the Sisth instant, he will receive from Chickering & Sons a further supply of magnificent Louis XIV and par lor Grand I'ianos. These instruments have elicit e<l the highest enconinms from the lir^t artists n the country. Second hand Pianos taken in part payment. The miliscriljer can and will sell Pianos a ; low as they can be lxtught in the United States. New Music constantly received RICHARD DAVIS, jy ?co >t Pennsylvania avenue. T (i RAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. i'o given for the Benefit of St Vincent's & St. Joseph's Omhan Asvluws AT CAIWsrs SILO OX " ' On THURSDAY EVENING. July |??||. PROGR AM ME?past t. I Ovtrtiife?Norma (full orchestra) IJelliui S. Chorus?Semiramide Ros^iiti Soprano Solo?Charity C,lover j I. tfnartette?Riancoe Faliero Rossini ' ?>. Soprau.i ><>lo?An! non Crcdea .Bellini o. Song?The King of the Sea Ransford '? Soprano Solo Donizetti ~l- Solo anil ehorusr?Anna Bolena. Donizetti HKT It. j t Overture?Groves of Hlarney (full orchestra) j S. Soprano Solo '/ingerelll pi. \ i<-liu Solo?Air. with variations Meyseder i I Sop.-ano Solo?Annie Laurie . T"? Mcrcadanti j h >.'t?rano >(?!o? Iv kert's Swiss Song ! 7. s<.ioand Chorus?Elisire d'Aniore ...D.?nizttti ' >. Finale (full orches(ra) i Tickets oil cents?to Ih- had at John F. E!li>'s Music Store, and at the <lo<?r on the evening of i v concert Doors open at 7 o'clock?Concei t to begin at - The Piano to lie used on the occasion is of the manufacture of Hal let. Davis A Co., and has In-ei, kindly loaned from J F Ellis's Music Store, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. The use >>t'tlie Saloon h.i? boon kindly riven by Mr Caru>i without charge. jv 7?STuTh T SE\\ I NG .MACHINE AOENl V. AH L undersigned, having l?een apiiointed -ol< l Agent for the sale of Wheeler. Wilson A Co s | Sewing Machines in the District of Columbia re ? spectfully notifies the public that he is prepared ?o f irtiish any number that may be ordered a? sit. rt I nolle, . and to guarantee the instruction . that may . I*- necessary to enable the purchasers to work tin m ' to their entire satisfaction, and to keen ttjei., i, . |>erfect order. ' These admirable machines, having uniformly uretv d the highest premiums wherever they hav e been exhibited, can be confidently relied on to .ill the varieties of fjrmly sewing, a.s well as those of tailors, clothiers, shirt makers, nwntuamaker*. ! Al ; As .Wp Machmcs have succ^fuUv and ; satisfactorily used bv several families tn this cjtv | for some month. past to whom the advertiser cah icte, t?,os4. who may de.ire further mfo.iiiation in ''.i ,hH"' ^ deems ttie hi^h repntalun i \ . u slultaiu >'? 'be Nonuernrttie* now i',d I 1) establishea ncre aiso. | The price for a Machine, complete in all respects ; ha? been reduced to ?luo. P J STF.F.R, _ aiUingtou Placc. Scveuth ^ticot. I jy #?otaK-w 1 LIST OF LF.TTFR4 R'ma.H.rnmntki Pat Ofir*, Wn*k,m?ttm% n r. J "fit 7, IKW>. Mrrar^n# arpIrW f?r I. Uera In the f l!cw|ni Uat win l-le.t*e aay lhej aia At>? nam. ' *> ,u ?? lapik- list Br wn. V ia c?rrii-.a Rally, Mia# Mar* J Br .wn, Ml-a Ann H Kend.'l, Any Hurk, Mm Hai.h Klnr?y, Mia# Krld.-t Klalr. Mr# W K I ritfa. Mis K.iuW'li Berry, Mr* Jaaper M Locke, Ml** Mary * Ball-y, Mint Mark*. MI?m LHtllt Rarbwr, Mlaa KU?u C Uapp Mr* Indiana <*le, *?"? ? M.ora, Mi*? A .D ' oulan.l. Sfr? Mary M. >re, Mia# Lu. Inda ?.*>*, Mn FrancW 8 Manning, Mra CP ?arey, Mrs K Mnrphr. Mr. K;u*l~tb r?dT, lira it Hi.Jar. KlUa \ Cruinbakrr, Mr* J B McXally. Ml#- Sarah A OaWacer, Mrs Hautel Pry-.r, Mlaa < atharlne I ?Villain, Mra Mary ABdrewa Philips, Mr# K b?rta U*t7^i, Mr# Sn?a? Parker. Mr* Sarab pavla, Mr# J.b- RldgewaT, MI#aJti'U Ilatla, Mia# Frauciae M Kotlna. Mr# Mary Jam bimonaon, Mlaa h M C Smil' . Hi?i Miry A Kvaoa, Mra Harah T feel In., M!m K Bilnbeth, K*#t<>n Smith, Mlaa sarab Elmore. Mia. Mary A l?iTil u a. Mra K A Kvlns, ilrr Sarah 7. Sherman, Mlaa Mary French, Mra Jatuta ?tl?*?T, Mr# S M French, MU< Sarah B t Ktr-tlier. Mra Or* F tthufh, Ann L Mereu*. MraS Klrhar, Ml# S SiM-ett. Mr* Rachel U Oray, M!.. Alllc* ? Taylor, Mr* Anna i.uuld, Mr? Ella* Wiucriit, Mr* H?irW t?re<*n, Mi.. M A Vat. El.wick. Mia Sat all Hnlleran, Miaa M#r(*rel W->..ter Mr* H Ho?rar L ISM.Irtt Wel.b Mra Carolina Hubbard. Mr* O B Wrrlie, Mlaa B?H Juuaa, Ml* Aieballa H i. k?am. Mra It J.yce, Mr* sn. it. W-UI?a. Mia Ann ? Jobuaon. Mlas Mary 9 Warner. Mr. Ann* ORXTLFWKNS' LI*T A'tam*. Th?* P..rd, Pranfelln Tito# S \raialruag. J ?nirt KUraham. K H r-ile*..',, Me..: a Altn.m. IU.m-1 Or,-en, Noah PitehlyB, Ja<> K It -tnnioi.l. H ni D Gvwlat.d. j?.. g I'.wera J a. H I.1'1,1' ":uU Oam-r. UUm PLa'.; *, J no H.aln. ?r?4K. h r PutHI^ P*a JX.ij .e% C?pt Wm (.Th?rl*?i TiielM, E Br-.W" Win C Gayer, Pollou. CL-4 A S Hronley w H far??nt.*y, A Kayuor. Wlllot Kiilry Thrixlore Han.., Th .? Kran, Wa Baker, C-.ptSatnnal R-r-l, S|.j.,rty K M'.a<m. Win Uau ? ? w'fV" HaUiUtv*. .H ,ui nel Min#r, p.ter ;.ui".1? k, U I H.ukei,*, f..nnirl R. bli.a..n, J P Konuy. PellMai IUiia<>n. Klchai.l Hit*.e!la 0!!l~rt C I H*natlt-??, O U Keowk-k, K it Hmke Mr H M<n.i, David !, .7 i rt H?ime??ey, John Birl.y, t lid ward . L y Hiuci.brr-.-er, Wru Robinaon, An !r?w l", . V HaHmia??ii, Jer'b K?yn. '-la, A W Hamilton, t;?n J.- Mead. Bam ual jlru'*, R Hawley. Jno W bearer. CM Win u iT"* ?u? A . Hlrltoock, <i?t. E A Suaimry, Wn A Hak- r. J H. iler, Charley Sterensoa, Wm J tt- ywiy J.r.b K.wift.rhar? Hhanklau l, Tl.< * J?r wn, N Jot ^a, Rav h T Shale r. T P It ?t "m"'' Ue:,1>' **""? S A. 8haan.HI. 1 !i .a k T| _ J.ilm*..u. Jno j-U!|| van. Timothy U^-. w., CaptUej Jaruba, C rn< llm Smith, tir s P i|.rrrtt, HR J.rlinat..uAClavalakdKtevaua, Mr I.udc*, 11 if it M 2 Keating, Tt?o? S'lalu, Jos llntler, U Kennedy, M Siu tli. JoaC irown.Aji Kenu. -i. P.trlck hmlllia, Jataea ?7^ TwW K,Jl3r? W'rt f Uener. Jar b Coll II, lh..a KI.IUo<., Jauie-J Siuitii, Jno ? r-Uhu.,R C "err, John J W I hnrnaH.- Prter Knrruk, t??. t> SuUlran.'.tli C.ark. M A O. Kln>t-e!, Cha- Siifr, tiror?* t Klh-.i-rje J.."!. Kelly, T tnothy Oeo \, Mlcbael l>ewi?, Warner fatler, Haorge J t Lae, a Alame SUunt .n, K J C-ni.i>lley, J Londnnacu, H S She ?! an, Pan'ei Oamaley, J Le?, jno j Smith. O l Cftae C-ssriiT Jamx l.i.mi kin, Jbm Sull vaii, Chaa B l-irtei, c M? l??i:t/T,SJ Stewart, r.-m C'.f.m.jii, Ant nl'j DL* 'rent, B.*nj Spindle I; T :?"lai? v. 1 a lAxjett, A ar^ r: Tary. Capt Jno 44;-' ' K M .ore, Th'-.. P , Tf.oa ?! r V. o">S Miilon, K K Tu::y. Myle. M I. H Mai.ry, M I. T.t. ser. Hi M . 'm1"" N.? *?RM. J P Thrm.n, J V N l? >uUti^v M ?r-e, Iir^c h Tu+y+c. Juo M M ? it * kit-Airy M inify, Jno Tr;co|*l*?l. Jn:n?i* !!' o*Naliuay, Danlal l uckar. t.a.>r(? C ' . *V,L J Marywau, Cliaa T T.j-br, lira W t.?n, C..J-1 W R 2 MH'lel.h. A Tu< ker Ci.aa L t -lir-on, Iarii.tia.4WMrCln.key, Jam*. I mfcau*H. k K K'lor, Jr.c b McKiury, Jainei I inhannh. H? rbeit K^niaer, I M Hrj,,Ui Jm, M'arrei. k S.?u* K er.-t, K-lw.r l McC.-mnck, J M WV.vrr, ?ra I W r ?lion,, laraal M .'llatruai. Mi- in Wilaoii. 1'iul > i lei .'jn, Mr McC:a*ry, Robert W Utitu, J M.rk r-'Ut- n,!., A : ? n New ell. Ju^ Wktib. k, Ja# rrax.- Jwi C Natl, Franc's \ Walt, l.t j C F.rant, tl W M Ci N~.r, Th"# W,'Ir .n, llany i" ra(" ,;i, trtKi W Pi:i!!iji?, Wm S Or Clint- ri I J"'y ? JAHr.'i ?i. KfcKKhT. P. M. NOTICE. ^IlK iluti' ^ i.f my Acatl'-my ro- *n.?! St |'-tt*l?i?K>r .1. I'iio litt!a?i>oi til I'uiiiis i? hiiti'.ti to tw.'niy-tlvf Parents irtiardlutu win tlf^irc (<i avail thtriust'lvpK of the |>r:v:leac <?f |?iit iin^ stia* or wards under iiiv dinv tiuu and ^?v? rntiitiil. will pka>f a|?j?riv.. the uu>|. rs1^ne?i lit fore IUe cniuni'-nreiueut t?f lite n?'X? st ii'.lasTji \t?r, auil j)laei> shall 1h r?-^*rv.-?i i??r them I h?'t< riii> will 1?- >12 .>i |? r quiirter of i, \w> it.- for whicii sum mstruf iiori will Iw ^iven ii. 'li iii?' lira!i<:li*-? usih.llv tau^hl in s. !i<?-l?of;t hi |1. u'r iil" Imjih the Maiuiiiia'icdl and Cla^ieai L)<? lurtmeitts. l-'renob :?tnt l>raw;?s^'viil la an ^Mra t hfsr^t The service of thf K-? In-lruttors in the a??~v? tranche* will ?. retl r \V SIMPSON.">! Wi-si str.'Ct, Ot.t?fi;? *.'\eii 1) C J> *-U ' OL13IBIAX I OLLL(i!?', M aslti n^lon. D t Kev. J.t; Biwet. l>. l> . I'rrsidciit and I'rt.f-* ^<?r of intellectual and Moral i'hilusophy ^ li-!l * M i<l i.'.Li--. 1.1, .i) . Pk^BMf oi Mn iu. I. ic:d l*liii(.so|>hy and AsUrouvmv Hev A. .1 ilcMijfi.ioN A M . rroft>> of tfct ? ?ns k itinl in Lan^ua^es. ?'haRLH-? C. Jkhett, A.M., I'rof. ssor of RL'.-l orl-: and lt? lie* l/ettres. I.K'.vi-H Stv >ku. A.M . M I).. I'roft-.v>r rl <'hemi?i''y itnd Natural Phil?>*ot?fiy '?1* 1 Ri-ror.. A M.. Professor ??iMalheinat|r> *ViM.t a M i; J i l<on. \ .M . rrofe-v,,rof Mod'-ri:^ua^fa H i' Fox. A I! . Tutor in the <ire? k and I.atli.^ua'^es l .'i \-.<ii A M . Tear Ltrof the IV iiaral'-rY L>t partment 'Plii: next se<-i?.n l?e^iiis on the !a<t Wiiln?'*?la A in Sei?t?-inli?r. ami ronilinie- nine ni-'-nths ?tntil the !.i?? \V,-?lii^-day in June. <"anditLit? : ?r admission mny l?.> examined on Monday ::im1 I .!???.< 1.4\ prt. .'in*L' the op.-nini; of tlie s.^sion The t olh ??_ Co:irs?' rt-juir. s fteir \.-tr? to; Jiif desire of A. tl Thoat Wnhlnj^ lo dt *o m i oinlt the anrl?-nt iani'na^es ami purs i. .?tu-ientitU foaw Um ? yrmn f..r ike tagm >-f H F An ad \aiidil t:o,?rse i? alsoprovidtxl f.u th< tleirre*' of \ I S;i:d- i:'s may juirsin- anv |tartl< uLu i.rain h< - wj.ero tin", ?'?an d.? ??<> .indw ill iak<- ?tif Tieien stndi?*s fjily lo oceiipy Ihfir time, .isul re < eiv?- a reriificate of arinal attnliiui'-ni. A 1'rt-j.aiatorv Department Is e-iahlisheil umlet lite ireii' sutM-rvi-ioii ??!" the Faculty, with nil a' 1<? and ex|?oneii'-otl tt-arh<-r. ami ?(??? l;tl atte ntion w !! !? privfit to tlttinir pupils toent< r C?*ll.-_r? W ith a full ..iid aMe Faculty. sttid^ni> a;?- will . tn>Jid''we invlftil ??* the usual IwiK'tlls ..f ..ur Ja > .iisfitiitions. with thos?* ntivanta^t - pit uliar t.i lit. -??at of tii- lit-neral <iov. rrini. nl Circulars, with a.I need, d itiforntation. may Ik reet-iv.-tl by applying |ierM.>naily or l>\ I.-it? r to tn. I'reMd.-nt Jy T?.V-wCKv ioo.ooh t opiks:: Sr,<r>H'.o*t Dun.'.r, s;, ,u a. Strntft'uHit Utrttlury. r|Mii: I'udt ?rsii:n?tl hav.- now in ?-t?urse of pr^-pj ? rati.>n a n.-w STI-lA MIIOAT _ "" m IM K KCTOK Y. which will |y? i?- I su?*l in f?etober iw*t. the 1> ?>k will ? t rit.Mit ov. two h'indretl pair?*s. lllustnitftl ;u th*- U-^t stjle aiitl neatly Ismntl in a duraith* maitn. r I r w'lU BE <t\K OF the MO* T IMTKUKSTi N". Books EfFI Pt Bi.isHKit. and Will h- a hook tha' will la- int. r p:in- toal!. l.i>st^uf |teople. The STIiAMIH > A 1 IM K t.ij I (iK \ will contain a c.?inp|.-Se list .-mC ?o^eripiion <?f all th?- s-le.niiiMiats now afloat in I la* W . stern ami Southern waters The length, in.^i. I sjtecl. pow.-r a?!.l tonnage ?if ?-nch isiat. where and o\ whom l.uilt. th.: name of the h.?at. with tha trade* sii.- in AI*o. the names of Cafst-'ins ant! olfl. .*r?, h? ra-e.\. .Jcc The Direetmy wiU. -. i 'ain a llisittry of Mcamitoals and Si.antls-. tii.i oil the \\ estirn waters, si nee the ion oi ?t.-ain: als.?. a >k. 1. h of ihe tlrst h?w h.iilt j"Ur th. Ohio River, with the name of the builder, t-om mander and owner. The KIVKR DIRKCTORV w;U contain a list and de-crij^i'ii of all the stkamboat hi- ?TEi<v that have ore u rn*d on the wrktbrn and soith erx vvatkrs. iRautifiilly illustrated, with a i.t-i ok AJ.L THOSE WHO HAIR PERISH Kit RV TliEll BI-RVIN.;, ?!\ x IXU AMI E X Pi.o III N-;. Oil the AVesI ern ami Southern waters. The Direciorv will eontain Mai.s vt the Ohio. MSsissippi. Mis^iri lldnois. Arkansas. White. Il.d. Oua< hita. Yazoo and otner Rivers, xvith the Towns aMd Citi.-s Laid d ;w,i. with .orn-ft alistam-es: also, many oth.. H ivrr.nilt L??iiaa< r?' itt'ius of interest tot|."iN o p.e at lame. Tin :t.H>k will e.4itain the cards . f Ihe various F * Mail Boats, win, the trad, tl * v ?i e In. ?V? . \r. f he l>irect*.r\ will ai^oi ont?in a complete li-t of ;,U ih< r. Nn?,sihl, S-ean,lK,, eliM t! Oik* I S. their plares ,.f resitle,,. e ,v . ; the MV Mi-ainWt U?, its MuuireMewtM w-til r..mri|^nt.s. showini: wherein it n? ?/o-?,M/. f."f "ffir.r and !Jt/arr. t the r?Mr., ?? "tfir*r. Ac.. iVc.. and all the iiniHtrtaiit I* < Su preui. ? ourl Steainiioat Dee,sjons up to ,1 ,t?.. tt,* Kates and impt.rtau! Cauinnercial Pnvile-r,^. Rill o; |.adnio. in;tortant Ih-t isions of the v.Triot.s F . onrts ni reffardto Freights l^astanal l>'. al ... ,? w,Ml '"a?v other things ttf inter* -? Ihe will \* ilhisirat.d In th. U a i r hil"'i yr-"U'il ia.lliC ?na???-r The an nasforsiv v ears I teen tratherm .* together all ' IM* an.; itraM in irnnl to t!,.? naiBwiuaMi s|. ain.Hta' disa ters on the W.-stern and St?uth? n. ?.iters, and now intends publish my them in !h.| loiin I he price of the work will In-put the low sum . t'Orn Dollar Ten thousand copies wj? '?? lssneal f,>r the Itammten; all .Mh. t? desirous of >nl?* rlbinj*, will have to do so at a.nee. :<s now w;J! I?? print* <i ordertil in ndvitiKc Work i^ ales;in.d to have a tin itiation of ?ivei I.I'jII l'\ TBOFSA N D c.ipies, as the p'iblisheis are reeeiwino lartre numbers of KultscrilKr-. i. i mail, froui all {mats of the countiv. S.ho* of ?ts? eldest ?w?atm?-ii. as well a- nn>st's,-i.-miti men of the times, art. tontribulortt to the >t?- tm Ixint Directory. The DlreclVwv will W isstH?,| j,i tlctolier ami will Ik* an ornament to the parlor as w. II -.v M. ,m '*?t U? n n,iUI"? 1U?* Ihtllr.r (p,^i Will l.*ceive a eatpy of rt?. *|talVe w*.| k All eotitni.tnioaiio,,, ail,| Hh.mhl U a.l dressed to J a M I > | |.|.0 *, ,, A- c o . Co-i t?ta. e tiiuiding. Clot im, ?ti Onio jy .-im pl MBF.RLAxl> FOAL.?ror saU- hv tU rur^o ot boat load, bv HOWARD A POOR. i j? ^5?eo?>c Alexandria, V* j Bank af Wa.hiiuUn. illy ?. IW. - TIIK TniOrr* "f this Hank hare tbi? dar d? dared a dividend of thrvr per cent oul of ? in oflu of the Bank for the last mx month*, payab In ?torkholilfni on demand jy ?U-3t JAJ* ADAMS. Cashier WTR WFH ORSTOLF^ from the sulsrri v ??er. Mickael MunU, a dark Iwiv Mare. No furtlwr particulars can he iliven. but the si^n of the cart aini har n?-?s ft w w! :te h.ilrs on tb?" hut! of?_ her tail; aged about I'i yrw. Any p?T*on jrlvlny intelligence will be Itls-rally rewarded. Apply to MICIFaEL MI N TZ, \o ttl 0 street. iv <5?3t a Js? jy <5?3t? AKEE1CAN HOTEL, Fa. avrnue, I'twt'm 4^ amf Gfk ttrr*tt, S. IIEFLF.Bt* A L. T LOVETT, rKOJ R 1STOK* . jy 0?'?in < A BI N FT Fl KMTIItK AND IIOISE Fl KMMII NG (HM)OS \<r> I heap! rpilE fcu?*scril>ets would rail the attention of the A public to tb^fact tliat tl.ey are selling*-* their Ootda .it greatly rxlocea prirM. and V^L purchasers will iiud that they can nave *tMI least 2>i |?er ceut bv >rivittij k* a call Our* " ' stock emlirarai every article (both aew and wcoiid baud) usually kepi in a complete House-Furnish ing; Store. Furniture bought or exchanged * Repairing and Varnishing promptly attended to. HONTZ A COOMBH. Cheap Furniture Dealers. No. :*'?y 7th st . Jy t?? lw between I and K ] JORDAN'S WHITE M I I'M i K MUJIM, 1 FREDERICK COUNTY. VA?Opened on tin 13tb of J liar. From Baltimore, \\ a?h iu"ton or Cuiuls-rlaud in early morning train* ??& to llarficr's Ferrv, tb?nee toy \\ in<-bestenJEi^L Railroad to 8te;iliCDW?'? depot; from depot 1 % mile* in coaches to Springs in time to Jim samo day Kite'* cotillon band engaged. Sulphur t?aths. Mcxlicinal cff<?ts of water well known E CAR M. J OK DAN A liRO jy G?eoGw BAY RI M, German Cologne, Hair and Tootfc Krudhft. mij?erif?r I'oinade. Barry's Trteoph erous for sale at 4--1 Seventh <treet. JyS?3t I AMMt'ND. Toys fob the rail urn f..r?aieat . LAMMOND'S. jy s-3t LM)I K DOLLARS REWARD Strayed or ? stolen fkmn tin - hnflWANiCMri aliuUt ten year* old?white la k. hiyh r'linp and c'i .? k? d tii* turning upward^ with a piece of small rope on one of them. >\ li<> ever will briiu; raid Cow to me on Capitol IIill, n**ar St Peter* Chnrch. will receive th? above re ward MICHAEL M1LLANE. jy *-!?? . XJAILS?NAILS!?5uu k<^?. assorted fclw?. for 1^ sale by . CAMPBELL A COYLE ie 'Jti?jw* BANKING IIOI'SEOF TAIRH A NOIR5E, OrrOlltl CNITBD SlAlt- IRBASl'BT. B(?\l?s. STOCKS. AND OTHER SF.CI'FI TIES, Purchas'-d and S<?ld Interest, at the rate of si*j>ereeu? {?*r annum, allowad on de(*o?.ia wV ii left r?r thirty day# or longer. jan -I?<im IOST?TEN DOLLARS REWARD?A -A I'orlcet Book. CiHitainint; a ?tiiall sain of mo ney and pa;?T* of no value to any person but th? ow.ier Enqaiic at lVillardi' Hotel jy 3?'it* J. E. SHIELDS A t O., UKALKBs is RED ? WHITE ASH AN THBACITE COALS. a Lao. lift KORY. OAK AND PINE WOOD. \\jr OtBee. ^Mithwest cornrr of Ninth and II ?treeLs. Washington City. jy v??5t* RR ITT ANN IA AND PLAN''SHED WARE. ^I^EA and C;?(fee Frrs. Coffee 'in^jue-. C-^'-e A Biy^'lns, Cort'.-e i"il:?T?. CofT.-epots. Tea|s?t>, T-aSet*. Boiler*. Cbaling i'i?>li??. In>tierial Dish Covers. Soup Tureen*. Cantors. I'iuhers, A'ujw. t'andWtlek*. Se?'ar Ltinnt, Spit t???ii?. \ e .lit'lie H"UK.*kc?|?er"* F urn i?hinij Store, 19? S?*ventt street. OEO. FRANCIS, jy HORSE FOR SALE?A Uantlful dappled dun Mare, white mane and six _ y?> old. |ki?-e*: trot>. en iters under/Q y tiie ?addle. unl kind in harness ,\ flrst rate animal for a lady. Isv.nir v? rv kind and gentle. Inquire at I. COWLING'S Llvtry *ita'df. 0. bet U:h ,?ud Mth j y * t I RE rOR HOT \l FATIIFItT VRN\ S ICE CREAMS, C\kl . and W\ TER ICES, for which be wa* award*d a Medal by the M< :ron?.litan Mechanics' In-tl'ute, is highly rccotniiienaed f?r the above. Will Inj sent to any |?rt of tbe Uistric: fr?-e of elmr^e. S?- id your orders t?> *-1 Bridjfe st , Oe?iruetowB Jy -^'tf I^tHl SALE?A LIGHT BlU<>Y W VtHtV, one of Watson's v?-ry Ih-M. bo tor?. r 4P. ;B?^r h.iv run ??uiy half a dozen t1nu? It .s lb,- completf ^t aisd very choiroiai.d T?^t Ii^hi X\ a^on at this tiu?e In AYashin^ton It will ??e s?ild a l?ar^al:i. hk llie owner now iinds that t? has no furtlier use for it. 11 c an be *eei i at Andctw Joyce'# Coach Factory, on ltth strc-?*t. of l*a avenue For particular* enquire at thi? .-Ihee jyiw < OAL?coal: VCARGOof superhv li?-?l A-h Anthracite Coa!. e^rjr vlre. oil Imtrd S?-hot?ner D llavnt*. and for s;,lc at mj 41 |? r ton. if taken fr??m tli'e vesel J E SHIELDS A CO., jy 2?l >ttt- e <?>rn?'r Wh and II street* MAIll" FOR KHiKi- -A U|{ht mare, vety . active and Lirdv. j?a' e* under Middle, aid tiot- f.i-i In>* owwr having no umt f< i her will sell Luihutq below iier value Ais,. Lot for -;.!e. U in;r one of the nn?st l?a:: tifi.l on M. near loth siiwt Apidvat No. 3I?I I. str,-? t> nortL, ijetwceu S#tli i.i;d Ititu ??^rc<ft^ y &?1W# FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FO* GIRLS. Snrtdf S^;r?ng, ../? i y rtVA'f,. r|Mll. ninth t?.mot tl.. Iic-titut'?n m Al era# I me,tee on tl.e leti. day ?t the uiutli Bsiitb ^Septeniljei) 11 *1 Circulars eouiuMiin;; th?* ni"df 1 iiiformatioa i n^n'd lo tlieN iimildn beci1' acd b\ hof-# v ! o tie-ir? it. iiy luldn-iVili'/, OllM'V l*<?>?t tiRtc-, Motlt!;oll:?-Kr eoiil'.tv. .* 1 :i. i ialld. F S hllih cT \VM II F AR?It'll AK. Refer to Jiio r. Tower- Ijiiiler 'i'.te. W D. SVallach. j- ]0?'iasrtw > ARSONS ON I ONT" A? TV xo? 'i. I lander'* Lives ;tnd Tine * o| the Ci.v-f J tiees 4if the SllltretlK.' Court ? I" th-' I'llift d *"??' -? lir-t series. FRANCS TA* t.Oll. ie 27? I I^INE ENGRAVINt.S AVe lir?.ve leeentlf . rot-eiv, d a lar-e Us of line i'nnch. En^lW ? mi American ENC,RAVIN??*?. vii. n s? 11.:i:r o!f al es? udiii:;h law ra'?-s Jt'IIN I ELI.IS. jei! Ji?? Pa. avenue nrATCIIES. JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, t \I AV. C?.\LT A BRO. are K iistautly ncein.i, L rgt invoice* of the alwve. rnd offer every aiti i in their line .it the ioww r;it? - t.OLl) \M> >IL\ FR A\OKK <? ev? -l _ vriptiou iitade to tinier ?-ich a? fLSTlVl"* N IA1.S, ri< lily etuis iii?t.'-'J. with ilipnwUi ?i' * ?^iL'iis. SILA F.R TEA Sl.T"*, DLNNI.R S? K vt? r.s \r Pr?* ,(i'.i> Stones s, t in ev?-ry >*\le. orate. ARMS. CRE>T*? MoTTtiE*4- k* . est en s:e,ic \i A\ GAL'r * IJHO. liil Pa. av . h 'tween Nin 'i ai??l TeittL*t*. y ii?tf CHEAT sAt R I i H I OF 1 KY GOODS * T TIIE CAtslI sToRC. -Md. Oil west uf S-v ?V entii Mf*-et. op|K?-ite tie- C :itr?* Market?AAs are now closing ?>iit the st,ick ot swietHititt tli<si ?mimI dollars wo:tfi ??f DK N b<M'D> without r* 4ani to cosi Ak t!ie entire stm k iiiust sold within ?i\(\ davs \tv will olW jj^kIs a' surh (trices as on^ht to trulue,- p r? hik lo liuy wh*?ti*r ? ie". w.uit Urv if<l- "r hut TIiom- who woui'I have l?aivalns li ?l Itetiereall Imiiiedl.itely at 'h? Sbrtt of tl.eC.i->' "?'o.-i-, ruder th< Avenue IL' " Terms exelafcivi l\ e-.isii J. O FITZPATRICK, je 27?1 A^-nt rpt) ll?'l SEHEI I'l Rs?Persons wi?>t? I JSt^ehasC si,peril,r 'I'ltble or Pm ket 4 utlerv, heavy Si'.ver l'iat<d ??t llrittan i AA'an*. Bn- Ja |Kti:'ie?l I'i ,1 Tra\ > or Todot >el .. in exec!W'tit ?'l?<k. Featb< r Dust* :. Hat Statsl. Etiaiuehd Ke? Ie. S i.K epaii. l.r.ivy Stiaimr. T?a Bell, or .?ny of the hundred aail ?n?r li'tle ?t.*eteras necdid b/ every h??U's k'ei?er. ^re i?ivit?Mi to call on G FRANCIS, je 1- i'M S ven*h ?t it e?;t f?it t;: ( <11 ARI.ES WERNER. Oi i'j avt un.. opr J site Mrowiis" 11 ? ?*?!. will k?s-i?. through"- < ?''* ?e.isrttl. .111 ample siippl ?*f I'l ititMM'e s ts-st K'" which lie will >e'l. on e ,il. in any ?p an'j'h*-" the lowest js.sMble rate- iii.u' ?.I'VV^, St III I I r ll k h AHLLRl. K1 IS it FRESCO. iLcORATl?t i K1 ISi t FRESC O. L Lk - i\ ^ aV m. even* description U iM% > A .h i. PAINTING Oider> l?ft with Baidwin and ><.' ?>?Hf \\ ill be piom|>tly ettendyd ti? jc s?dliu*