Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. 000 KH0W8 IT ALL. In the dim receas of thy spirit's chamber, I* then* some hidden grief thou may'st not tell I Let not thv henrt forsake thee; but remember His pitying eye, who tees and knows It well, Uod knows it all! And art thou tossed on billow* of temptation, And would do good, but evil oft prevails j O think amid the waves of tribulation When earthly hopes and earthly refuge fails? Uod know j It all! And dost thou sin, thy deed of shame concealing In some dark spot no human eye can tee Then walk ia pride, without one sigh revealing The deep remorse that should disquiet thee! Cod knows it all ! Art thou oppressed and poor, and heavy hearted. The heavens above thee in thick cloud* arrayed. And well nigh crushed ; no earthly thought im parted, No friendly voice to sav, ''Be not afraid !" God knows it all Art thou a monrner. are thy tear drops flowing For one too earlv lost to earth and thee ? The depths of jfrief no human spirit knowing. Which moan in secret, like the moaning sea 7 God knows it all! m Dost thou look back upon a life of sinning ? Forward, and lren.?>le for thv future lot ? There's One who set-*. the end from the beginning Thv fear of penitence is unforgot? Uod knows it all: The? jfo to God Pouront yoar hearts before ilim. There is no grief your Father cannot feel; And let your graceful songs of praise adore Him? To save, forgive, and every wound to heal, God knows it all! LOVB, (iAKTKR9 AM> SaCSAGB*.?About >i 1 undri d year* ng j n young lady of Amster dam. named Wilhelminn Terschcling. was ri ding on horseback through the village of B>x laeer. when her horse became frightened and ran away with her. The young man who ac companied her. and to whom *he was betrothed, cried out that he would give a hundred ducats to any one who would stop the horso. The young villagers who were playing ball upon the green near by. seeing a wom;m in danger, threw themselves before the furious animal. One of them was thrown down and wounded, two others received contusions; the burse fell, and the beautiful Wilhelmina was Tolled in the dust. A young man who was passing, immediately threw his cloak over the lady before any ore else had time to perceive a finely turned leg and a pretty garter. Mademoiselle Terschtliug, on being carried home, had time to reflcct; and the result of Lcr reflections wae that there never must be two men in th?. world who had seen her garter, fche ?ont for her betrothed and said, "Will you kill the man who threw hid cloak over ine?" ??Who.I? What an enormity !"' "I thought vou would refnse. Then I.-hull marry him. When my life was in danger vou offered one hundred ducat* to save icr. Thij is the price you set upon my hand. Hero arc twenty five nuudred. Vou have made a good bargain." She then sent for the stranger. "M>n?icur," f;iid bhe, "I am rich and young, and (.-he blushed prodigiously while adding one of these hypocritical phrases by whioh woin?*n speak of their beauty) I am not considered repulsive. I wi.-h to marry immediately. I see that you ? re surprised. I have sent for you because you have seen my garter. You have rendered me ? great ccrvi'-e, Monsieur. Without you ?!1 the young men of Boxmeer would hay? *een it, and as I could not have married them all I should have killed myself. But if you are not free, or I am not so happy as to please you. I shall give my hand and my fortune to the mun who will kill you. l>o you accept' jes or no?'' ??Yes: a thousand times yes! a hundred thousand times yes!" The marriage took place, and wa<? like ul! ?ether marriages probably; we hnvc no partic ulars on the fcubject. All the young men of Boxmeer were invited to the nuptials, and sumptuously feasted At hear death, which took place in the course of time, the following codicil was found to her will: '?My farm, situated on the borders of the M^use, will remain forever, whoever may be the proprietor of it, subject to the following conditions. Every year, under penalty of for feiture, en the thirteenth of May, tables shall be prepared, and a tun of strong beer, anu twenty ells of the best sausages in Rotterdam, shall oe served to the young men of Boxincer. a* a token of gratitude that they sared my life, and of rejoicing that they did not see my garter ou the 13th of May. 1T50.*' Until the present time, that is, during it hundred years, the wishes of the testatrix have been punctiliou.-ly executed But th?? present heir, on the 13thof last May, attempt ed to elude them. Under pretext of conform ing to the decimal system, he gave twenty me ter* of rausage? instead of tweuty ells, whirl) made a difference of four metcn to the youth of B 'xmeer. Not to loae their fete, they devoured the twenty meters "under protest;"' but this year they have brought suit against the heir, and demanded thai the case be decided before tho 13th of May. ? fy-Wbt are you."' a.-ked a railway r?os teuger of an obtruso official. "The conduc tor ' 'What's your name?" 4'W?>od." "Pooh!" fxdaimed the querist, -'that cannot Wood is a non-conductor." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Nam*. Ltnrtt Fc Day. Hermann ...Southampton..New York ...June 31 A menca Liverpool Boston J une 151 Pa< ;tie Liverpool......New York...Jane30 North Star.. Havre New York....June 30 Ariel New York Havre June;?) l'nion New York Havre Juneao A?:u Boston Liverpool July l Arago Southampton..New York....July I Baltic New YorV Liverpool July II Hermann....New York Bremen July ll \lr The California steamers leave New York cn the otii and "JUth of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. National lletel? e. i> willaft) J B Mcquillan, DC T E William*, Aid C K Burkelow. Pa J L Bump, do J 1' Mnn^, Md W D Cwic, NO J W t'wan. NY Mr Weaver, do fl II Gordon, do J M Greene, Ala R Martin, do It M Harris, do S H Freweh. Va O W Shirley, Pa E A Marge, do J Duncan, Pa J P Johnson, ly 4 child, M H Carpenter, W is Ga J E King & lady, La A Foster. Pa J L Peyton, 111 A G Frink, do F N Boteler H A Prink, do J H Stansbury, Md W H Pendioton. Va J Bowes, do W N Smith, do J <i Mitenell. Mo J B Gaddes-i, do Dr P Minis, do Mrs S D i'arrish, Mo W B Campbell. NY F M M -lvrr, I'SCS II S Mitchell Md W It Lvans. Va G S Crawford, do Dr J C Hill, do J E Ball, Md A L Nelson A lady, do Browas* Hotel?r. r. 4 x. brown. M M Jully, Pa J J B Hllliard, NC J Turner, do W W Garrison. NY C Kearsley. Ia J G'Donohoo ft family, J J Skenett. Pa do J Autbony. Cal W L Walker, Va A Keller."NY J F Tompkins, do Miss E I*. East lack, Ta AH Boyn. do ? Miss Cutter. Mass T K Lack)*, do Mrs Crittenden, do W F Meade, do A McPherson. NY J C Greene, do R N Selden. Va J Ward, NY J M Barnes, do J H K> nuard, JO MNs Cuilom. do E Middluton, Md Miss LyVes, d> Willards' Hotel ?a., a. St j. c wnuis G W Smith. NY Mr Howl ,on. Md B Taylor, do Mrs Howison. do A Merritt, Fla D Glenroy, do B B Chapman, Neb W 1! Thoma*, do Col Bonneville. I'SA Lt Fauntleroy, USV P F Chatard. jr. Mo Mrs Dr Barnes, child'n "W M BurwellA family, & nurse. NY Va Mrs C M Kirkland. do J Allderdlse. NY Misa Alyn, do Miw Randolph, Va S B Hardin, Va KirkwooH House?: u 4 a. iikiwopd C H Oakea. Min J H Kri?ibell, jr, A fl Cheney A lady, N Y Uy, Mass A W Kasling. Man Mrs S T Wells. 4o A M BlxMiwa, Va S N Salomon. DC B Banks. Pa S C Gillett. Pa P Vaadanner. h Y E R Luabey 4 lady, Ud J R Parif, Fin Mrs Hoffman, do L'afttad Mates tfsteUi ?. laesaiT. ? VVl'mar Md J R CalwsL and famur CWRufh.Ark Md II R Burger V^ Mim Batty, do f C Taylor, \%la I Hughes, Pa GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUTE. rfnriCE DAILY BETWEEN WASHINQ JL ton and the South via Freder- n lekaburg, Richmond, P?ter?buT*,i Va., Weldon and \Viimington, t%. C., to1 ton. 8. C , and Augusta, Oa. . The traveling public Is hereby Informed that tha swift and comf >rtable steamers BALTIMORE AND MOUNT VERNON leave the Steemljoet Wharf at Washington dallv at 6 a. m and 7 p m., arriving in Richmond at i p m and 3am; and at Peter*burg at 2% p- ra and 5 a. in. ? .. , . The follow in*: Through Ticket* can be obtained on board the boats: To Fredericksburg ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ^ r; To Junction of Virginia Central Railroad....4 n. To Richmond, Va To Norfolk. Va " J*1 To Petersburg, Va ? W To Weldon. N.C -7 <*> To Wilmington, N. C 11 U> VA.RK ON POTOMAC RIVER. For earh passenger, as follows : To Alexandria 25 cents, and baggage 12,)*' cents. ToMarbury's $1 00 To Quantlco, Sandy Point, Ac 1 50 ToAquia Creek....' 2 <AJ Meals and State Rooms extra. For further information apply on board of the boat*, or to GEO. MATTiNGLY, Agent. je30?2w Washington. BY BAILEOAD DIHECT TO THE WEST. Time between Washington aud Wheeling but 17.^ honrsI Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours " THUOCilH TK'RETs ?NT> BAOOAOK THECXS TO BE HAD 12V WASHINGTON. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly improved it* Western connections, now offers the fullest ii'ducementsto Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE. and all portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound W est from Haiti more is always promptlv made at tbo Washington Junction (lately called the R-lay House) 8 miles from Baltimore. This is the only changc of tars required between W ashington and th^ Ohio river. Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at the Wasnington Station, and rechecked and tram here. rwith the passengers) without charge, m holding Throuch Tickets for points be The connecting Trains leave Washington ferred there for those vond '1 daily at 6 a m and 4# p ui. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At WHEELING direct connection is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD. running from Hellaire, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesville. and Newark, to COLU.M BUS. These trains conned at Newark with the< ar*of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago. St l.ouis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C.O. Railroad trains con nect with the fast trains of the L'itle Miami Rail road to \enia, Cincinnati. Louisville, etc. At XENIAfon Little Miami Railroad)connection is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis. Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Ruck island, St. Louis, etc. |fjr' Passengers holding Through Tickets for Memphis. ffatrk*zy Atv Orleans, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Lou's are sold by this route. J^jr- For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo. Detroit. Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and Wellsville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while this is the only route affording Through Tickets and Checks in Washington, it is also the shortest, most speedy, and direct to nearly all the leading points in the {.-real West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but OSJ miles, being about Krj mile* shorter than by any other route ! FARE, BY THROUGH TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling. S!? 50; Colum bus, ufl-i ?>5; Dayton, #15 6U; Cincinnati, $16 U?; Louisvili'. bv n?"n?ad. St- 65, by steamer (Tom Cinrinnali, ir- I J'. Indianapolis, J* 17 50; Cleve land, Sl'-J 5"; Teh-do. Sl-> 0; Detroit, *15 20; Chicago, JO65 and MM 50; St. Louis, JJ2H ?*> and *25; Memphis. $*'?*?; New Orleans. 831; etc. 'IS* FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER S FERRY MARTINSBURG. CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PIEDMONT. OAKLAND, and FAIRMOUNT, passengers may have Washington at ti a. in. or p m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take tia. m train frone Washington ictf or train-, to and from Baltimore, Anapulls. etc.. see special ad .ertisements. IJ~r"F?r f..rtii?T information. Through Tickets. Ac .apply to THOMAS II PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Baltimore may 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOIKS?On and after Mon day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at ti aud "a. in., and 3 and 4k p.m. On Sunday at 4 ^ p. in l.eave Baltimore at 4 and 9]| a m , and 3 and 5* p. m On Simday at Ifc a m ap?tr T II PARSONS. Ayent ORANGE A ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. ON AND AFTER TUESDAY. November 7, 1.-5'.. the Cars l^ave ALEXANDRIA FOR GORDONSVILI.E, and intermediate stations, at 7o'clock, a. in., on tie* arrival of the boat from Washington, giving ample time for Breakfast on board?connerting at Manassas Junction with a train for Strasburg: at Warrenton Junction with a train for Warrantor!, and at Gordonsville with the train-* on the Virginia Centnd Railroad for Rich mond. Charlottesville, and Staunton Tne cars will leave Gordonsville dallv for Alex andria and intermediate stations, at 3| before 12 a. m .on th?* arrival of the trains of the \ irginia Cen tral Railroad fiom Richmond, Charlottesville, and Staunton THItoroH TICEET6. From Alexandria to Warrcnton, ? . no ?? 44 Gordonsville, - .150 41 " Charlottesville, - 4 25 14 41 Siauuton, - -3 90 44 44 Strasb'irg, - - 3 50 44 44 Lyrichb rrg. - - f> 75 44 ,4 Winchester, * ? 3 50 44 44 Luray. - - - 4 29 14 4* New Market, - 5 00 44 44 Middle burg, - - 2 g5 For LYNCHBURG. e??nnectiii^ with the stage* at Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and F ridays. For i.URAYand NEW MARKF.T.conno ting with the stages at Culpepper, on Tue;days, Thurs days. ar.d Saturdays Fur WINCHESTER daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont 1 or M1DDLEBURG daily, connecting with the stage-, at the Plains. Per order. W. B BROClvETT, Agent, nov T?tf THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAMBOAT COM PAN Y'S STEAMER ALICE C. PRICE, CAPT SAMTEL BAKER. Will leave Washington at six o'clock a in ,ai:d Ai.EXAN- _ ,1!"^^ DRIA at 7 o'clock, a m.? Jr!S2U*2? On TUESDAY MORNINGS?For Mattox, Cnrrioman, L. Mai hodoc, Plney Point, Kinsale, and t'one. t)n FRIDAY MORNINGS?ForChapel Point. Wicomico, l.eonardtown, Piuey Point, St. Mary's, and Cone. On WEDNESDAY at I o'clock, Leonardtown. Wicomico, and Chapel On SATURDAY, (returning)?l.eave Cone at I o ?lock. a. m.. for Kinhale, Piuey Point, L. Ma choduc, Curriomaa, and .Matiox. The A C. Priee will call at the usual landings on the river when signals arc made. By order of the Board : JAMES P SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., June I, 1~55. je 15?If _ FOR THE ORANGE AND ALEX.\NDRIA AND MAN ASSAS GAP RAILROADS. THE SubserilM r's Coaches will call for passen gers wishing to connect with _ the above railroads. My tkiarh^SfS t'y contie*-! with the Steamers GEORGE WASli IMGTON or THOMASCOLLYER. wb^;^leave Washington at fi a. m JtJ5" Meals furnished on the boats. l'i rso:rs wishing thecoaehes to call for them can leave their n line aad residence with Mr. John T. Killman. n?ar the Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drug store, corner Pa. avenue and Pith st.; or at Geo &? Thos. Parker A Co.'s stor?*. Coaches ran I* had for Pleasure Trips may2*J?2m WILLIAM WIIALEY. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARRIV )D-I in XVashington or Aletan- ? ^117 ' k dria.?The Stennmrs TIlOS f i TTi"!8 YER or GEORGE WASniN<iTON^vilTimk> the al>ove connections, leaving Washington at 6 a m . for the Orange and Alexandria Cars, and eon nert with the same train on their arrival. ITT" MF.AI.S furnished on the bc-ata. The Boat* connect with all the tralni from Bal tlmoie SiM L UEDNEY, Captain may 17?tf Memoirs of thecountessof bles tington, by R R Maddan, M R I A., two vol*. FRANCK TAYL9R. DNESDAY, (returning)?F^?ave Cone k, a. m., for St. Mary's, Piney Point, *n. \\ icbmico. and Chapel l'oint. NEW ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAV ELERS. DIRECT FROM NEW YORK, PHILADBL. PHI A, AND BALTIMORE. TO NORFOLK, WELDON, WILMINGTON, RALEIGH, CHARLESTON. A N D A U GUST A .MOBILE, ANI) NEW ORLEANS. SUMMER A\D FALL ARRAyGEMEyT. Daily, (except Sundays.) VIA BAY LINE, and SEABOARD & ROAN OKE RAILROAD, to tho above mentioned places, the Schedule being no arranged that the Traveler la not subjected to anv night travel on the Railroad from New York to Wilmington, in North Carolina. THROUGH TICKKT6. From New York to Wilmington SIS 50 Do. Weldon 12 00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 8 50 From Philadelphia to Wilmington,N. C....14 00 Do. ? Weldon 10 00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 6 50 Frum Baltimore to Wilmington. N. C ......12 00 Do. Weldon 8 00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 5 00 For further Information and Through Tickets, apply In New York at the New Jersey Railroad Otace, foot of Courtland street; in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad Oince, in Liberty street; in Baltimore at the Otiice of the Baltimore Steam Packet Company, foot of Union Dor k, or on board of the Bay Steamers. Omni busses and Baggage Wagons are provided on the Line, by which passengers and their bag gage art: conveyed through Philadelphia and Bal timore free of all expense, and Baggage Conduc tors whose duty it is to give information and click the baggage to the several points on this route, accompany the passengers. Passengers froin New York and Philadelphia will have their baggage chts ked to Baltimore and thence on board the Bay Goatj to Norfolk, Ports mouth, Weldon, Ac., Ac. The new and splendid steamer LOUISIANA, 1,120 tons burthen, replete with every comfort and convenience, has been added to the line. THI?!?1NE BEING NOW COM- _ (>osed of the splendid ?=" r i .OU1SIANA. t'apt. George W. itussel, a::d NORTH CAROLINA, ('apt. James Canon, hav ing unsurpassed State Rooms end Berth Accom modations. The Norfolk or Bav Line Steamers will leave the Compauv's wharf. Union Dock, foot of Con* cord street, daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, p. in., or iMMnea lately after the arrival Of the Ex press Train which leaves New York at Ha. m., and Philadelphia at 12U p. m. The following is Leave ?? ew York at 9 o'clock, a. m. Leave Philadelphia at 12,^ o'clock, p. m. Leave Baltimore at 5 o'clock, p. m. I?eave Portsmouth at. 7^ o'clock, a. in. Leave Weldon at 12 o'clock, noon. Leave Wilmington at 9^ o'clock, p. m. For Augusta, Charleston and the South, via the Manchester Railroad, now finished. IT/"* Passengers for Richmond and Petersburg, or any other points ou James River, connect wilh the James River Boats early next morning after leaving Baltimore. !JU~ All passengers for F.denton, Ply-mouth, Newbern. Washington. Weldon, Gofdsboro", Warsaw, Raleigh and Wilmington, N. C., or any other (Ktint on the Seals?rd and \*. ilmington Roads', will liud it the most ' Baltimore, May st plea-ant and agri-table route. .M.N. FALL'o, Agent. 17, 1S55. FOR PHILADELPHIA. -ftl! Philadelphia. Wilming ton a Bal timore RAILROAD.?Passenger trains leave Baltimore daily (except Sundays) for Phila delphia at t.'i'J, (Express) and 11 a. m , and 7 p. :n. For Havre de Grace at H.30 and II a. m.: 5.30 (Havre de Grace AccommodationTrains) and 7 p. in ; 7 p. in. train runs every night, this being the only train on Sunday. 11 u. m. train has a s<<eond class car attached : fare in it to Philadelphia $2. No SECOND CLASS TICKETS sold in the cais. trains for Baltimore. Leave Philadelphia at r.30 a. m.. (12.15 Express and 3 p. rn Steamboat) and 11 p. in I^eave Havre de Grace at 7 ..'in a. in ; Havre de Grace Accommodation Trains 11.45 a.m., 3.15, 5.50 p. in., ai.d 2.05 a m. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. Baltimore. April 30?tr Ill?: NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL " ~ UL UNIT EI > STA T ES MAIL STEAMERS. 1M1E SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE are the ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Captain N\e, BALTIC. Captain Com>tock. ADRlA'rtc, C aptain Gnfion. These Ships have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every tare has been taken in their construction, a* in the engines, to Insure strength and epced, and their accommoda tions for passengers arc untrtjuolied for elegance and comfort. PRICK OF passage From New York to Liverpool, in thstrabin. $120 Second cabin, 70 Exclusive use of extra size state n-om-. - 3i*? From Liverpool to New York, - j?30 and ?20 An experienced Su(geon attached to each ship No berth can be secured until [>aid for For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K COLLINS A CO , 50 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , Liverpool. E. G ROBERTS A CO 13 King's Arms Yara, Loudon. JOHN MUN ROE L CO.. ?Jb Rue Notre Dame dt* Victoires. Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. The owners of ibnfc- ships will not lie accounta ble for gold, silver. ouUion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious atones, or metal*. unless bills of lading are sigiK-d therefor, and the value thereof therein ex press.-d. nov 16?ly ; MOTT BEDELL'S LINE. yEW YORK. ALEXAWRTA. roy CITY. A \lt DISTRICT OF COLVM HIA PACKETS. riMIIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEK Jl LY from pier 11 East river. N ew York, and ofiener if neresKarv, end is compoe-ed of the fol lowing lir*t-elass ve<?els: New srli'r A. V. B :dhli., Bedell, master. N ew Se b'r Mott Bedell, A V. Tredwell. Sch'r Ann 1).. Win. Oliver, master. S^h'r Vol*\T, L. A. Smith, master. Sch'r Comm\m>bb-!n-Cuikf, V/oglum, master. Sch'r Gekknway, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast filler*. and the masters are m?*n of exjierience in the trade, and the only regular liue of Washington ?" ily I1"'" kt ts. MOTT BEDELL, Wall street, New York. S. S. MASTERS .V SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb Washington and D ofC. FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRI DAYS?FARE, round trip, SI; from Alexandria ~ ' S. 75 cell's ?Th:.- steamer TlH ?MA'??,tfiiI!S <4 COLLYER leaves Washington at 0. and Alelaii drin at !?;? o'elock Coaches leave the Capitol lot the boat at o'elock. Coach fare 10 cents. Per son^ wishing tl.e coaches will leave till ir residence with ? ieorue A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. oct ?>?tf SAM L OEDNBY, CapLiln. FOR PHILADELPHIA. CITIZEN'S U N I O N LINE?The Steamer J OHIO. Capt. Trippe,will com- ^|T' nienee running oil this loiiLf-estab-St route, for I'hihidetnhia. o rijif ONTTaY , April '1. leaving Union Dock. ft?o? of Concord st., Baltimore, daily ^except Sundays) at 7 o'clock a. in., slopping at l'ord s Landing and Port Her man . f Fare Cabin'passage .<50 Fare Forward Deck 1 50 tnrBREAKFAST and SUPPER provided on Board. WM CRAWFORD, Agent. Baltimore. March 31?tr SEA BATHING AT OLD POINT COM FORT. ON K OF THE BALTIMORE STEAM PACK ET CO.'9 STEAMERS will l?-ave. the Union Dock, foot of Con-. ~ eord street. Baltimore, dailv (Sunuays excepted) at 5 o'clock p. in., for Old Point Comfort. Fare there and ??a< k "iti?giving the passen gers the privilege to remain the whole season. M. N. FALLS, Agent B. S. P Co. Baltimore, June I?tr PIANOS?PIANOS. I1TE respectfully request the attention of persons ? ? who purpose purchasing Pianos to our very extensive assortment now In >tore, consisting of Pianos from the old and celebrated manufactories or 11 allot. Davis A Co., Boston ; Bai^on A. Raven, New York ; Knalie, Gachle A Co., Baltimore. These Pianos we guarantee in every respect to l?e Inferior to none otuers. We take old Pianos in part payment, accept good endorsed notes for 2, S, andG months, in fact make almost anv arrangement to suit purchasers We have also several second hand \Piaaos for sale low and upon easy terms Also. Guitars. Violins, Flutes, Accordeons, Mu sic. Strings, Ac. Persons can have their llanos tuned and repaired by leaving their names with JOHN F ELLIS, je 3u? d)G Pa. avenue '(?age 1* moot ?lauantly embellished HILBUS A HITZ, Music Publisher*, Depot in Star Building#. DOCTOR HOOFLAND'I CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS, marAK? bt Or. C. M. JACKtOX, Philadelphia, Pa., WTLL *r**CTITALLT CCE* LIVER COMPLAINT, DY8PEFS JA, Jaumdict, Chromic or Mrtous Debility, Da taut of the Kidnryt, and all Distasn an wig from a Disordered Liver or Stomach Sorh as Constipation, Inward Pile*, Fullness, or Blood to the Head. Acidity of the Atomarh, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food. Fullness, or Weight in the Stomach. Sour Eructations, Sink

ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering ot the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in h lyin^ Posture, Dimness of Vision. Dots of Wens before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain In the Head, Defi ciency of Perspiration. Yellowness of the Skin pnd Eves, Pain in the Side. Back. Chest. Limbs Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning In the Flesh, Constant Imagining* of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. rpHF. PROPRIETOR, in calling the attention X of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence iu its virtues and adaptation of it to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial in fore the Amer ican people, and its reputation and sale Is unri valled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most promi nent and'well-known Physicians ami individuals, in all parts ef the country' is immense. The fol lowing from North Carolina is respectfully sul? mitted. referring any who may still doubt, "to the "Memorabilia," or Practical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis of all the Agents for the German Bitters. Principal t >tfice and Manufactory, 140 ARCII STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA Cirtijicutt of Dr. IV. Smith, of Pine Hill. Rick tnond County, X. ('. Pise Hill, March 4,1351. Dr. C. M. Jatkm, Philadelphia?pftr Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst form, for the last five years. Such was mv condi tion for twelve months that the physicians and :i!i who saw me said I must die. iu this con dition 1 was carried to the watering places in Vir ginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, but was not bent-lilted by any water to which 1 was taken, n hile on my way home I stopp<-d a week at K uth erfordton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect of soine Chalybeate water iu that place. About the last of the week I went Into a drutr store to get some medicine for my child arid myself. There were several of the village physi cians iu the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my case, and. after a>king me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic and had been greatly Iw-neiitted by the use of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prej^re,! i,v vou. and he insisted that I would try the Bitters, lie also called the next day at mv room, and in sisted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, ami I com menced taking it as directed, and I was more lx*n etitled by it than all the water and medicine I hail ever taken. After reaching home one of mv neighbor* came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dys peptic.) and 1 gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his case. He has often called on me f<,r more of the same ki?d of medicine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, lint I have not l>ecn able to get any more for hi in or myself since ? will you, therefore, please ship me a d >zen or more as soon as possible. Respectfully, yours, \V. SMI Til. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co . N C., October 21, Ibotf, sa? s: "Having experienced very irreatben* lit from the use of HOOF LAND'S GERM AN BITTERS in Chronic Dysentery and functional derangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of mv community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, Ac., Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM J. AT WOOD IIcstsviile, Yadkin Co.. N . C. ) . November 1st. 1*55. < L>r. CM. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to vou mv sincere thanks f.,r your discover* of a medicine which, to sav the lea-1 of it has . fected a cure that ail other medic..m-s. that 1 Lave taken, haveentirelv failed todo. HOOF LAN I>'?* in L N ?lTTE!t* have cured nie Vthe ,nost stubborn and aggravated case of the pilk- tmt perhaps, ev. r fell to the lot of man >i vc^.'u not a stranger in this community, as I im well known in this and the surrounding county ai?i can truly say that my recovery has asto,? i^; ;tV my friends and relations, as I I,ad tri fl. verythlr.' recommend* d. and nothing did me any yowl unT tii I was prevailed upon to try the Litters > ou are at liberty to make any use , f this f oipiii nit tion fir the benefit of the Jitflictcd. you may thi Ik proper Truly, yours, 3 ' * wm / at wood. These bitters are entirely regetpblr rhcr Invig orate and strengthen ttie systemf never prostrate It, and can be used for infants us well as adults. I* or sale by respectable dealers everywhere ar..i by Z 1> OILMAN, W ash lngtor?; Tl. K10 *1 h .fJeorKeU,wn> J R. PIER PONT Alexandria. nTnr !_,/' PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE PHILOSOPHIC AL?V1EW OF MARRIAGE ? BT M. B. LA CKOIX, M. D., ALBAXY, X. y., 1ET* 2o0 Page* and I3U Fine. Plain, wd Colored Lithographs and Plate? Pflee only Twenty-Five Cento. Sent l\ee of Postage to all parrs of the Umion. (CHEAPEST HOOK EVER PUBLISHED? and containing nearly double the uunntUvof reading matter in that of the FIFTY CENT O't DOLLAR PUBLICATION*. 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Y. dec 4?y UISTORY OF TI1E CORPS OFROYir Uppers and Miners, by Conolly, Oua'ier ?fthe CoriW' 2 voluim's- l^n Sir Howard Dougiass on Naval Ojjcrations in the ^ea, pamphlet, London, 1?55 The Angl^lndian Army and Military History In ' y pUln Rafter' 1 vi>1' London, O Byrne s Naval Annual and Almanac for lflilj Cajabihty of Steamships, by Atherton, Chief En gmeer. \V oolwieh. 1 vol, London, lsij Jebb on attack and defence of outposts Ottley s History of Remarkable Sieves aiUl Milltar>' T?-bnical Dictionary, Lee^ h s Apopthegins of Napoleon Jervis on the Rifle Musket Boucher on the Rifle Thackeray's Rifle Firing Naitland's Ball Practice" Roberts on Recruits Krasinski's Russia and EurOBe And other Military Works'just imr^.ed by -JeJ^ FRANCR TAYLOJt. pANS, PERFUMERY, TOILET iHTi bin's celebrated Perfumer,- ri "And l'n/ mil t ases. uasaets Jtc ?,it ^ 0ul at iow PrlCtt? r Ptano, MmIc, Station?nr; aud Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F ELLIS, may 1x1 ^ wd 10,11 T?ka??*t Db?a.stmskt, Juds J&, 1835. OPOPOSALS will ba reared *t this dM?tf X man! until tha t7Lh day at August next at 13 o'clock, m., for furnishing (wrought, fitted, and dallvarcd In a properctattto put lntothabuilding) all tha material ft>r the sxtarior walla of the south wliur of tha extension of tha Treasury Depart man I building, wblcb will be either granite or marble, as may hereafter be determined The bidder whose bid it accepted, to have U?o privilege of furnishing the material for the outside of the re mainder of the building when Congress may have made the necoasary appropriations for its construc tion. provided that at that time it Is deemed for the interest of the United States to give It to him. The department reserving the riffht to reject the ? proposals hereby invited, should the interest of the United State# require It. The stones must all be wrought to the dimen sions, sizes, models, Ac., which may be furnished bv this department, by which all measurements will be governed Ou the court or rear side of the exterior the walls will be plain ashler, with plain window oj?ening* of equal height in the three upper stories, and crowned w'.th a cornice similar to the rear of the present building, without the architrave and frieze, i On the remainder of the exterior walls, the col umns and antae, their capitals and bases, the enta blature and halustrade. tne window and door dres sings. Ac.. the style of architecture of the present building, so far as ornament is concerned, will bo ? preserved throughout, with the exception of the door and window opening*, which mav be varied, exccpt those in the east end of thetw.. wines. The sizes, shape, and dimensions of the columns, antae. capitals. liases. and cross section of the entablature and balustrade will be the same as in the present building. If of granite, the shaft of the columns mav W either in one or three pieces of equal Icnutb. Tin base and capital of the columns and antae will each be in one piece. The architrave of theentab lature will extend in one length from centre to cen tre of antae or column, and those over the latter to be composed of but one block, with both *id<~, and bottom wrought, together with such }>art* of the top as may be required. Thoseoveriheantae. the outer face and the top and bottom ?dge. The face of the ashler must lie perfectly wrought to the sample, with all the nco **arv h*ads re lates, returns, Ac., required The beds. build-, ends, Ac., rough hammered to thes<i?are. All re bates. mouldings., ornamental and bevelled work tii'ist !>e clean wrought, and agr?-eably to the direc ! tions given by the superintendent. If marble is used, tlie shafts of the columns tar.v l>e in four and five pieces; the architrave in one length from centre to centre of the column* or anta ; but over the former may be composed of three separate blocks, one laying flatwise, forming tin underside and the fir?t member on each edge: tin other two standing on edge; forming the insid and outside faces of the same Those over the antae must t>e in one block. The measurement of the material and wr>rk d? - livered. and the payment thereon will made v_'re? - ably to the following form and schedule. and all bids must be made accordingly. Schedule or rule forthe measurement of material* to be delivered, viz : Cornice, Der foot in length, Including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship "8 Architrave over column, including cost of j stock, freight, and workmanship t Ar< hit rave over antae. including cost of stock, freight, and workman-hip ? Capitals of columns, each including cost of ^ stock, freight, and workmanship Capitals of antae. each, including cost of stock, freight. an<^ workmanship Bases of antae. each, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Bases of column, each, inducing cost of stock, freight. and workmanship "?hafts of column, in one piece, including co<-t of stock, freight, and workmanship.. Shafts of column, in three or more piec-s, Including cost of stock, freight, and work manship Plain stc;^, i with a cro-s section of l 7 by 0^ to ?< inches.) per font in length, in* bi ding c;>st of stock,freight, and workman ship Platforms, 3 feet wide, length nut exceeding luf-et. including stock, freight,and work manship, per superficial foot of surface seen For any greater width than 3 feet, up to ?? feet, an increase of price per superficial foot for each additional 3 inches of width of All the other stones of the building v h<-??e width does not exceed three times their thfekn-s., will Is measured as follows: The stock in all stones whose contents do not exced 3u cubic feet, will l?e measur* d and paid for by the cubic contents, at per cubic foo? g For all stones exceeding 'Pi feet and not ex ceeding To cubic feet, for each additional foot an additional price of. per cubic foot. For all stones exceeding TO cubic feet in coo - tents, foreach additional footan additional price of. per cubic foot For stones of greater width ihan three tim<s | their thhknes*. there will be naid an additional price of per cent for each additional thr.e inches in width The work on the above will In- measured and paid for by the superficial foot. For each super ficial foot of Ei;e hammered granite work seen, equal to No. 1 hammering on Boston cu.stom-bv.19r. per superficial Foot No. a hammering on boston custom-house, |>er superficial foot No. 3 hammering on Boston custom-house, per superficial fix* N<?. 4 hammering on Boston custom-house, per sujierficial root For all l?ds. builds, ends, backs, Ac., ham mered full to the square, as ordered, per superficial foot ? ..... F.ach bidder to furnish a sample?acubeofot;e foot cf the stone he proposes to deliver, with ti\e I"ic<* luunmered. giving on four sides his under standing of the above four qualities of hammer in.': ? he fifth .side, his rough hammering; while tl.e sixth may show the rough stoek; and this will b> I us**l as a standard in judging of the Mock de livered. If if marble, the fare of the ashler must lw? ham mend in the most perfect manner, agreeably to a ??aiuple of the size above named, to Ik- furnished by the bidder: and the surface seen will be n?ea? ur?-d avd jviid for at S per superficial f<x>t. For hammering of beds, builds, i?acks. v.-., fui to the square, as per same. S i*t aupertlci 1 ! foot If the above L? sand rul?bed, per cm'. Is t0 be added. For hammering of char.nelsand r*Kite:-, not ? . ceeding 1 by inches, cent additional i- r lineal loot. F or hammering of mouldings of one curve. |>er cent, additional upon thecost of plain work; ? f two curves, i*y c^'nt. upon plaJn work, per ?i. l>erlicial foot. Kacli arris on same. cents per lineal foot. For hammering bevelled work, j? r c lit. ail ditienal to iilain work; but to apj?lv only to the part cut off from the square work, and which is m no case to t>e measured in the plain work. I" or liammcring of circulaf work. percent. additional t<? plain work. .\ metv Jx r cent, of the amount of tbe work dot e and material delivered, according to the contra t ! j^rice, (said amount to lw? ascertained by the esti j mate of the superintenden* appointed for that pu - ,) will be jiaid from time to time as the work proceeds. .!ud ten percent retained until thecxiii. I'letiou of the contract and accptatice of the work. Ac., by the sujierintendent aforesaid Coutnict < will l>e awarded only to master build ers or mechanics; and the assigniuent there?'f, ex cept by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury, ; vv 1'} Ik* a forfeiture of the same. Every proposal must In* accompanied by a writ j ten guarantee, signed by two res]N>nsible person-, (certified to Ih? so bv the district attorney or jud ?? of the said district) that the bidder will, when re quired, if his j?roposals l>e acc? pted, enter in.o a contract and Itoud, with proper and m.Eh i? n; s< - t uriiitas, in the sum of fiiiv thou-aiui dollars, f >r the f lithful |* rf..rmance of the same, if for the i w hole work, and of a proportionate amount if f >r a j?art thereof. Any information touching the mat j ter can be obtained by application to the Treasury Department. 7 1 r(Mmsals will also l>e received up to the afore said date for furnishing and delivering at the sit *, by the perch, the rough stone for the foundation, cellar, and area walls of said building, and niLst be of the verv best description for that purpose They will ?>e required in such quantities and ; t i such times as will be mo*t for the convenience of the ojieration on the work, and in qualitv. to the entire approval of the superintendent. The de partment reserving the right to reject the proposals hereby invited if the Interest of the United , I should require it. i The proposals must be sent to this departmcn', directed to the suiterintendent, uuder cover to the Secretary of the Treasury, (endorsed " Mauria/t fur the Treasury Building Exitji.w.oi. M and will be ofiened at one o'clock, p. m.. of the last d tv ttxed for receiving the same, in the presence of the bidders if any choose to attend. fenqnlrer, Richmond. Ya ; Sentinel, Alexandria, ! va ; Intelligencer and Star, Washington. !? C.j nun and Hepublican. Baltimore. .Md.; Pennsvlva' ^ j fallaadphla; Day Hook and Sun. "N* vr i_ork; 1 ost; Boston; Argus, Portland. Me.; Patriot, Concord, N H ; and Argus, Albany. NY. two times each week for sixty days Bill tubes ntti \ Secretary cf tbe Treasury. A H BOWMAN. Sup t of Treasury Building Kxtension J? 57?OawCOdaj-s. i FIXE WATCHES. ' I-IA\ I.\(5 made a considerable additiou to my ?vV\<^r?f??OLD BUNTING PAT- OS 1 Ec *J^vERS?w?d LADIES' WATCH- MKk i haavy 18 earat cases 3 *S1LVER WATCH ES for boN * 4M&' I offer tbem at grsstir rodueed prices | h? wShUw,,''"??' ?>- ? : "??"I'* No. 3|o P? avanoe, b??w Mb and loth sw i *441 I v PROPOSALS FOR LIVP- OAK FOR SIR STEAM SLOUPI.OI.W1B. ff AFT DRPARTMENT, I Bvuii ?? Ca*?T*w?Tio?, Konr'T.Ac., I Junce, IK3. > SEALED PROPOSALS fur delivering o?? or murt llvw-oak frviow of a sloop-of- w?r?on? UT be delivered at each of the ??*V yards el T'miss cola. Norfolk. Philadelphia, New York, fcaeieo, and Portsmouth, N ii ?will be received at tkta bureau until the 2d September. lf\S5 Tbcae proposals must be endomd ? Proj>tml* for Ltn Oak," and ujdrutrd to the " B wrtam of 1 Ccntirwrtion," that thev m?v bed s-fingulabed from other business letters. The offeVs moet U? for the whole of one frame, estimated at thirty thousand cubic feet, and. as required l?y law. must be accompanlcd by a suitable guarantee, the form of which Is hercwilh given Sureties in the full estimated amount will in? required to sign the coo tract, and, a* additional and collateral security, fifteen per cent will he withheld on the amount ? >f each delivery until the r*>ntra< t is fully com pleted. In all deliveries if the liiriier there must Ik a due proportion of the n.ost dHcull i>aru of the frame . and of the principal pWes; otherwise there will be such further amount in addition to the Cft'-en per cent as mav l?e Judged expedient to secure the public interest until such prlnrij*! fleces and difflcuit portions shall I* a- llvered he remaining eighty-five )<er cunt or o'tier pro Eortions of each hill when approved In triplicate y the commandant of the jard, will be {.aid by such navy agent as the contractor mat name, within thirty days after its presentation to'him It will be stipulated In tnc contract that if de fault lie mado by the parties of the first i art in de livering the timber named, of the quality and at the time and place provided, then, ar.d la that case, the contractor and hla sureties will forfeit and pay to the United States, as liquidatid dam ages. a sum of money equal to twice the amount of the contract t rice there a^re<<d upon as the price to be i?ia in case of the actual delivery thereof, which liquidated damage* may he recov ered or retained at anv time from the said parties of the first part or either of them. The Umber must conform to drawings and In struction* with which the contractor wul be fur nished, and work to moulds and lievelings with which he will l>e originally provided from th? I'ntted States navy yard at Philadelphia The whole must lie cut from tree* growing within tl.lrty miies of the sea, of which the commandant of the vard will rupiire satisfactory evidence The frame umber may lie delivered in the form of promiscuous timber?(hat is. sided straight and fair, but rcugh-I.ewed the moulding way, show ing a fa?~e <u tw <?-thi'ds the siding: the timl?r ; ne?d out I* bevelled, but must be of sufficient sice | to work the shape of the moulds and hold the | l?evel!ings shown on the levelling Uvirds In the measurement, the full moulding sice marked on the m< ulds (which ia one and a half ineh larger than w ill be w orked in the ship) will be allowed, provided the piece* will hold that size; hut no additional sire beyond that marked in iU9 moulds or in the instructions will be paid for. The siding of the stem, apron, fore dead wood, sternum, deadwood knees, stern-post knee, and keelsons. must IS V inches, the strm-poat and after dead wo? d to side inches In the largest | place, and the hook* to side 14 inches The fid! rig or the frame tiinlier must lie 13 If to 14 inches, and of the promiscuous timlier. one-fourth part most side it Inches, and the remainder K>)$ Inches The throat of the fioor timlier to mould IT inch?*s, at the floor h< ad 14 inr ties, and at the plank shear 7 inch?w. The midship or d?-ad flat floor timber has a carve of inches in JO feet; the first futtock 4 inches in 1? f?-et: the second futtock 31 inches in 13 feet* the third futtock 27 inch** in 13 feet; the fourth futtock 4 inches in 14>| feet, and the top timber 1U inches in 17 feet. The entire frame of each ship to be delivered at the resjiective yards at the risk and expense of the contractor, subject to the usual inspection, to the entire approval of the bureau, and ail to be deliv ered on or l>efore the 1st ?.f October, 1->J Persons who ma? be disposed to otTer fur more than one ship will make a sej-arate pr j?osal for each. ? FORM OF OFFER I, . of the State of . hereby agree to furnish and deliver at the Fniled States aayy yard at . the w hole of the live oak timber for one *hip. estimated at thirty thousand euhie feet, lie the same, more or l^es, in conformity with the ad vertisement of the Bureau of Construction of the date of '?M Juae, 1^35, vir : Stems, apron, steuison, dead woods, stern-post, stern-post knevs. deadwood knee?. keelsons. and hooks, estimated to contain? 3.0W cubic ft, at ? per ft?S Frame timber of all other kinds estimated at 2t',400 cubic ft, at ? per ft? Promiscuous tlm l?r, amounting to tf.CMJ cubic ft. at ? per ft Total amount. Sn.tuO $ (Total value to be written In Wwd* ) Shoe Id any offer tx accepted. I request to be ad dressed at? . ana the contract forwarded to the navy ugei.t at , or to me at Jtr signature and certificate. (Date.) (Signature) FORM OF GUARANTEE. The t.mler>lgned . of In the State of . and of . of . In the State of hereby guaranty that. In case the foregoing bid b? accepted, he or they w ill, within ten days after the receipt of the contract at the post otllce named or navy agent designated, ejecutc the oonirau for the same with good and sufficient sureties; la ra*e ?aid shall rail to enter into contract as afore said. we guarantv to make good the diflW- nee lie tween the offer of the *B)d and that which may be accepted ?gnaruneof two fmaxantors. (Date.) ' 1*. 1* Wltnr-? ? I hereby certify that tlie abo\*e-named A B C U are known to me as men of property, and able lo nuke good their guarantee. (Date ) (Signature > (To b* *?>#*// H the Vniud Starts rforrte# I mtt'd Stoiei district attor*,*. tolUrtvr or nn>y afmt. a*>d no ctktrs ) June *J2?lawtiw [No SM } A"OTIC F OF THE ESTABLISH*!FST i.v of an additional land district In the State of California ?Whereas under the provisions of t??? act < f Congress, approved Mairb 3. ls*3. entiUe.1. !' A" *rl. 'P l:r"vldr for lh? *urveV of the public land in California. \c .the Pr?-*Hlentof the I ni te?l Stales is authorized at such time or times as a his judgment the jiubllc mtcrost may so impera tively lequire, e % - * * to divide the Slate of Califoniia into two or thre* bei?ra'e land districts, tv.o of which districts were estab lished under said act by public notice, dated Slst March. 1^63; and wrhcreas the survrvs and settle ment* have extended in California so far that tho convenience of the s?*ttlers and the public luterest require the establishment of the three d stricts au thorised by the act cf the Jd March, 1^63, afore^ said? Now, therefore. l?e it known, that under, andbw authority of the *aid art of Congress of :M March* 1^*1. ?!??? President of the I'nited States has direct etl that the State of California shall t?edi\ided into three separate land districts, the lioundariesof which are as follows, via: ~ AH that j art of the S:ate, commencing on the Pacific coast, lyiug rn-rth of the line between towushi:* seven and eight (7 and ?.) north of Mount Diable l?ase line, thence running east on said line to ti e meridian, thence south on the me ridian line to the line dividing towmshipn three and four (3 and 4) north of said base line, thence east on said line letuivii tow ushi|*. three a'nd four to the eastern Isiundar. of the State, will form the " I'ppei Disi tier ,'f the hind odce for which has lieen established at Mnrysvtllt All that j?art of the State Iving south of the above d?*<Tiiie?l limits and north of the line divid ing townships twenty and twenty-one, south, (or fifth standard south} will form the "Middlu District." the office for which is at irm ? u;id all that part ef the State lying south of the fifth standard parallel the ?' Low lk Distkict " a* heretofore organ 1 y.e?l. the office for whi< h i* r?~ tablished at Li>? An^rlct; and in view of the said direction of the President of the I'niu^l States, under the act of Congress aforesaid, the boundaries above mentioned shall in future be re garded as the limits of said land districts respec tively. ^ Given under my hand at thecitvof Washington. this ninth dav of April, A D. Ihi5. ' w Bv order of the President: JOHN WILSON, Commissioner tieneral Land Otl.ce. ap 12?1awl3w N EW BOOKS RE( EIVED AT SIIILLINGTON S The Watchman . w ill l>e found a fitting compan ion to the popular and simple story e-f the Lamplighter The Missing l?rid?. bv Mr*. Southworth The Two Oi.ardians, by the author of Heartsease Blanch Lorwood. a tale of modern life. A Book of Thoughts, Memories and Fancies, by Mrs. Jameson Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves from a Family Journal, by the Author of Attic Philosopher In I'aris Joy and Care, a friendly ??ook for young tno'her*, bv Mrs. Suthill All the new hooks published received Immedi ately afterwards, and everything in the Stationery line for sale at SBILLINOTON'S Lf*)ksto,e, Odeon Building, cor. 4)^ s? and Fa ave. Je 1?tr ALL STRANGERS visiting the City should see Hunter's Cate? logue <tf the curiosities of the Paterd Offire Al? so. his DeseriptlMi of Powell's f?i*wt Pictures HCNTER Is to h? wen at Ob Ninth street may DO TOlf WANT k 1RSI RATE Ilk cream? Go at onee to ARNY. Bridge steresi Georgetown he was awarded a MLl'AL In tl)t> Metropolitan Meehank*' Instinite.lortck ntiMwi wiiu ic?, udfitii. m?\