Newspaper of Evening Star, July 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 9, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tk? Btar Buildings, torner V Ptnnsjfltamim avenue ami EUvnth it reel, By W. D. WALLACH, Will baaarvod to aubaerlhara by oarrlarH at UX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payabl# waakly to tha Agents; paper* sarved In packagaa at 37# ^cots per month. To ni&U aabacribara tha aob acrfpUon priaats THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CUNTS ajraar*wad?<M?c#,TWO DOLLARS toi six months, and ONE DOLLAR for thraa inontto; for laaa than threa month* at tb# rata of centa a week C7" SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C.; MONDAY, JULY 9, 1855. NO. 763. THE WEEKLY STAR. Fan*? aad N? t* fooad la aay otfcar?4a pabUabad oa Satar *? ? ? v? ' * X, ft , i TIIM. iQm SI 25 TO CUM. Plveaopiaa fi m Tan eoptaa. L ? u. Twenty aoplaa IS Ml ID" C*aa, iiuiuaiT is AprASca. lL/~ Sloglacopiea (In wrappers) aan baproearad at the aounuir. Immadiataty after the Usee of iLm ptpar, Price?Thki* Cura. romumsi wboact aa ageeta will be allowed a ocramlaaJon of twenty per cent. IK HALATION loa tub ccbb o? ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION. VBW AXD JERY WOyDERFUL ! ! ! HYGBA N home to the door of the Million? AWONDERFUL discovery ha* recently been made by Dr. Curtis, of this city, in the Irat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and all diseases of the Lung*. We refer to Dr CURTIS'S HY GEAN A, or INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP. With this new me thod, Dr. C. ha* restored mm/ atllictcd ones to health, a* an evidence ?f which lie has innumera ble certificates. Speaking of the treatment, a phy sician remarks, "It is evident that inhaling?con stantly breathing an agreeable. h? aline vapor?the medicinal properties must come in direct contact with the whole serial cavities of the lungs. and thofl eseape the many ard varied changes priduced upon them when introduced into the stomach, and subject to the process of digestion." The Hyge oaa is for sale at all the Druggist* throughout tLe country.?N. Y. Dutchman Jan. 14. TLe Inhaler is worn on the breast under the lin en, without the least inconvenience?the heat of the body being sutflcient to evnporate the fluid. Hundreds of cases cf cures, like the following, might be named Om package of the Hvgeana has cured me of Qxe Asthma uf six years Handing J. F. KEESUERRY, P. il. of Duncannou, Pa. I am cured of the Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. Curtis's Hvtrecna. MARGARET EASTON, Brooklyn, N. Y*. MRS PAUL, of No 5 Hammond street, N. Y.. whs cured of a severe case of .Bronchitis by the Hyg*ana. My sister has been curcd of a distressing cough of several years' standing, a:id decided to be in curable by the physicians. She was cured in one month by the Ilvgeana. J. H. GAUdERT. P. M. Richmond. Me. The Rev. Dr. CHEEYER. of New York, testi fies of our medicine in the following language : N'kw Yokk. Nov. 15, la64. Dear Sir: I think highly of Dr. Curtis's Hyge ana as a remedy in diseases of the throat and lungs. Having had soma opportunity to testify its etflca cv, 1 am convinced tnat it is a most excellent rem edy, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. 8. CENTER WT*:es us as fallows : Gentlemen?I Lave recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hvgean Vapor, in a can of chronic sore throat, that "had refused to yield other forms of treatment, and the result ha* satis fled me that, whatever may be the composition of Cir preparation, it is no Imposition, but an excel t remedv. 1 wish, for the sake of the afflicted, that it might bo brought within the reach of all. DR. JOHNS; one of the most celebrated Physi cians in New \ ork writes as follows : Dr. Ctbtis?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the excellent effect* of your Hygeana or Inhaling Hy gran Vapor and Cherry S\TTip, in case of Chronic Bronchitis, and being much in favor of counter Ir ritation in affections of the throat, Bronchial tubes and lusgs, 1 caa therefore cheerfully recommend your Medicated Aparatus as being tne most con venient and effectual of applying anything of the kind 1 have ever seen. No doubt thousands Of persons may be relieved, and uiany cured, by UMa<; your mtdic nes. 1 must here be allowed to confess that I am op rowed to prescribing or uflny secret compounds, rrat this little neatlv contrived article, ana its ef fects In the case above alluded to, have Induced mc to speak in its favor. You are at liberty to u.?e this In any way you may think proper. Respectfully. yours, ic., C. JOHNS. M D . No. OW) Houston street, N. T. Prtce three dollars a package. Sold bv CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD A PAUL, 149 Chambers st., N. Y. Four packages sent free to any port of the Uni ted States for ten dollars. N. B?Dr. Curtis's HygeenaIsthe ORIGINAL ?sd ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are base Imitations, or vile and Injurious counter feits Shun them as vou would POISON. For sale In Washington by CHAS. STOTT, Pa. avenue, near 7th street, aim J. B. MOORE, (n the First Ward. may 23?Om DR. L. R. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING "SCaOFULOUS ANTIDOTE," F&r tke Permanent Cure of CONSUMPTION and ail other forms of SC HO FL'LO U 8 DISEASES. THIS Medicine Is prepared by an eminent phy sician of eighteen years practice In New York rtty. during which tlm<s he nas constantly used it with the most unbounded success, and created for ft a reputation In private practice, unequalled in the history of medrine. ltac;? immediately upon ?be blood, cleansing It from all scrofulous humors or impurities, renovating and, by it* magic pow ers, INVIGORATE THE WHOLE SYSTEM, In proof of which, hundreds of respectable wit nesses from the doctor'* private practice have giv en m their, testimony, and entrvat^hose suffering feom any scrofulous affection, to call upon I Attn anJ ?aiiify tKtmselves. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseases can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, iM Broadway, and at Drug Stores generally. CUARLES STOTT A CO., Agent* for Waehlngtot DR. L. R. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS " LIQUID CATHARTIC,* OR, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS Is the BEST. CHEAPEST, and MOST EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It i* TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nau seating effect of Pills. Oil, Senna. Ac.,) and pro ditfiag no griping or other painful effects. Unlike ^li other purgative?, it searches to the bottom of the disease, thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leaves the bowels entirely fre^ f.f>m costivenes*. NO FAMILY SHOULD ilii WITHOUT IT. Children drl^k it ai.d w ithout forcing, fid NO MEDICINE ir* MORE HIGHLY 1th COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Givs it a trial ami then judue for yourselves. It can be had wholesale anu retail ai E. li t TA BLER A CO.'S, Baltimore, or OH AS. STOTT A CO., Washington. D C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT. Broadway. where the doctor can be consulted dally oo dUease* generally, from 12 to 2 p in., without charge. 13?tlin FISCHER'S HAND FILLY ORGANIZED. HAVING now completed all my arrangements fur a first rate BRASS* ANu COTILLON BAND, I am again at the service of the public to atte&d Excursion Parties. Exhibitions, Parades, Pic Nlcs. Balls and Serenades All those In fti *or of eltixens' l>and are respectfully invited to en courage our enterprise, here in Washington city. P. FISCHER, Leader P. S.?This Band, under my direction, is regu larly uniformed, and from a practice of over twen ty rear* 1 can give ?atisfoctiou to every one. uekidence, Pennsylvania avenue, north side, be tween Ninth ajul Tenth streets, llrst door west of Icon Hall Orders left with Messrs. llilbus A Hitz punctu ally attended to. may 14?'2m? PROSPERI'fc CORNET RAND. THIS Hand Is saitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all Ovose who mav 1* phasftl to engage them, either 9* a Brass, lteed. or Cotillon Band. Any number of musician* to be* had at the short est aotke, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER I. Leader, at TaltavulTs Store, opposite tne Marine Barracks. N B.?Orders kft at Hilbus A 11 Ill'sMusic De pot wlllbe|ir>mptiy attcinled to. may GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTS , MISSES'. A C1IIL DR K.N S BOOTS AND SHOES ?Thr subscriber has removed to the store on theBHl eomer of Twentieth street and Pennsylv?-f nh? avenue, where he is selling his prt^ent wWl-a<ee?rtedstorkof HOOTS A SHOF.Sat great ly reduoed prt?*es All persons in want of tho?e articles will f nd il to their advantage to call bef re pu-eha^ng elsewhere AH SLOAN, Corser of 20ib street and Penna. avenue, may I?3m PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEER DEPOT, Pa avenue. btt*rren t and Or A sts. TIT. have at all tlui^s the l>est PH1LADEL ?? PHIA LAOFR BF.F.R on hasd and offer it aow for sale for $3 per keg, and la quart bottle* fer SI 50 per docen ^ e send the beer free of co*t to all parts of the r*T 117' Mwy f'Lysicjaus have recommended this be^r a* one ?l the best remedies fcr weak stom je U?l?|?s CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD! HOT A PART1CLK OF MIBCCBT IN IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula. King's Evil, Rheumatism. Obstinate Cutane ous Eruption*. Pimples or Pustules on the face. Blotches, Boils. Chronic Sore Eye*, RlngWonn or Tetter, Scald Head. Enlargement and Fain of the Bones and Joints. Stubborn Ulcers. Sy philitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com plaints. and all tLe disease* arising from an in judicious use of Mercury, Imprudence In Life, or Impurity of the Blood THIS VALUABLE MEDICINE, which has become celebrated for the number of extraor dinary cures, effected through its agency, has in duced the proprietors, at the urgent request of their friends, to olfer it to the public, which they do with the utmost confidence in its virtues and wnn drrftil curative nrojwrties. The following certifi eaten, selected from a large number, are, however, stronger testimony than the mere word of the pro prietors ; and are all from gentlemen well known in their localities, and of the highest respectabili ty, many of them residing in the city of Rich mond, \ a. F. BOYDEN, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel, Richm ond, known ever) where, says he has seen the Medicine called Caster's Stanisb Mix tuhe. administered in over a hundred cases, in nearl\ all the diseases for which it is recommend ed, with the most astonishingly good results. He says it i* the most extraordinary medicine he has ever seen. AGUE AND FEVER?GREAT CURE ? I hereby certify that for three years I had Ague and Fever of the most violent description. 1 had sev eral Fhysicians, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's S[ anish Mixture, two bottles of which elTectuallv cured me, and I am happy to say I have had neither chills or fevers since. I con sider it the best Tonic in this world, and the only medicine that ever reached mv case. JOHN LONGDEN. Beaver Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Rich mond. and for many years in the Post Office, has such coniidence in the astonishing efficacy of Car ter's Spanish Mixture, that he has bought up wards o1Dottles, which he has given away to the afflicted. "Mr. Luck savs he has never known it to fail when taken according to directions. Dr. MlNGE, a practising Physician, and for merly of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he has witnessed in a numner of instances the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says in a case of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed. SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the Arm of Drin ker A Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of three years standing, by the use of two bottle* of Carter s Spanish Mixture. GREAT CURE OF SCROFULA?The Edi tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, which en tirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carter's Snanish Mixture made a |>erfect cure of him, and tne Editors, in a public notice, say thev '?cheerfully recommend it to all who are afflicted with any disease of the blood." STILL ANOTHER CURE OFSCROFULA. I had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Con ductor on the R. F. and P. R. R. Co., Richmond, Va. SALT R1IEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED ?Mr. JOHN THOMP SON, residing in the city of Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians or th? city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure Is most remarkable WM A MATTHEWS, of Richmond, had n servant cured of Syphilis, in the wor*t form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture He says he cheerfully recommends it, and considers it a*very invaluable medicine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the reve nue, savs he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and "says it is a perfect cure for that horrible dis ease. WM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old Sores and Uloer*, which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was enabled to walk withouta crutoh, in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A CO., No. Maiden i<ane. New York. T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 1*2 North Sccond street, Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEERS, No. 125 Main street, Richmond, Va. And for sale by CHARLES STOTT, Washing ton, D C.; HE.\RY PEEL, Alexandria, and by i Druggists everywhere. Frio# SI per bottle, or six bottles for 85. ewp 81?ly SLENWOOU CEMETERY, Office No. Fa* ave., corner 10th itrMt, (ovia THE saving's bam.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of tne Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to th? gateway. This Comjany have ttocured a charter from Con gress. appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repo>e where they have piaced them, for it has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no tides nre given to the ground. N. B?Office open from 10 to 12 o'clock a. m., where PamDiaets, containing the Charter, By laws, aad a Map of the G rounds, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All ordc.s left with Mr. James F. Harvey, No. 410 Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je lb?lw CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on band, and constantly finishing, a very large assortment of Pleasure* . and Family CARRIAGES.of the latest fashions, which I will sell as low as tne same quality of work can be sold in any of the principal markets of the United States. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Carriages of his own manufacture, and all work sold by him will be warranted, and compare favor ably with any work in this market. As 1 always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to examine my stock before purchasing else where. Carriages built to order. Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 41K) Fa. avenue and street, may 1?eo3m PURE SILVERWARE -A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT A BRO. call attention to their ? unusually large assortment of Silverware, consisting of? Solid Silver Tea Sets, complete Silver Pitchers, solid Silver Castors Silver Cups and Saucers, Goblets Silver Fisn Carvers and Forks Crumb Scrapers Cake Knives, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sifter# Jelly Spoons, Cheewo Scoups Pickle Knives and Forks Olive Spoons. Salad Tongs, Vegetable Porks Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs. Dessert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladles lee Cream Knives. Salt Cellars Napkin Rings. Butter Knives. Tea Strainers Tea, Table and Desert Spoons and Forks sf every description Breakfast and Dinner Coffee Spoons. Ac. Also, a very large assortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wedding, birth day, and other presents. The above is all of our owa manufacture aad warranted to be pure. If. W OALT A BRO., 334 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th streets. nmy 3U-tf IfOREDVI; A tale?claiming to be by Sir .1*1 Walter Scott, 50c Abbott's Mistory of Napoleon, 2 volumes, octavo fj CoiistnHve Herben, a novel, by Mi*s Jewsbnry, flic. > TUe ContrOtorsv between Senator Brooks and Archbishop Hughes, ttSc J? FRA.NCK TAYLOR I JOBS R. BLVAXS. WILLIAM TUoMTSON. ELVAMI 1 THOMPSON, DSALKB8IX HARDWABE, COACH TRIMMINGS, Ao Mo. 326 Pennsylvania avenue, bttteten Ainth and T*Mh its, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver. Aliota and Silver I'ia tod. Tea. Table and Dessert Spoons Carver* and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons Maslin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet. Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges, Strews, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knob* Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, &c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth. Curled Ilalr, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Veaitlan Blind Hooks. Rack Tulleys, Roller Ends Bracket*, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes. Saws, Drawing Knives. Sj-olieshaves. Chisels and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts. Boring Machines. Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'OOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts. Spokes, Hubs. Bows, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames, I<nmps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks, Damask, Seaming Cords Tufts, Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces. and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, Ac. ELVANS A THOMPSON, je 1?6m 326 Pa. avenue. CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT~OF ROCKS. THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired and put* in first rate order (the machinery! being removed and horse power substituted^con tinues making her regular trips between George town and the atx>ve place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. II. A II. G Ritter for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, WED N ESDA YS and FRIDAYS at 7 o'clock a. m; and the Poiiit of Rocks for Georgetown on Tl'ES DAYS. THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at the same hour, stopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. p m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a m.. Know fan's Ferry at 7)tf, Monocacy 8, Edward's Ferry 11, Seneca 1, Great Falls 3#, and arrive at George town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way J*2. Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod eratejjricgs. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. dentistry?" RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of ? Hunt A Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those bfantifnl/ porcelain teeth, with or without gums, for specimens of which (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held In this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular ease, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so }>erfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate, and all operations warranted Office southwest corner of Seventhand D sheets. Eentrance on D. mar 21?(im DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent and treat ly IMPROVED method of setting Ar-/9S<?^r'2i tificial Teeth, with Continuous GumSJTm'^Tt the very PERFECTION OF THE ART This stvle of Teeth ihas the following advantages over all others, viz : GREAT STRENGTH. CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in these respects, and in some others excelling. Public Inspection Is respectfully solic ited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. N. B.?Teeth constimtionally healihv, plugged and warranted for life. Office and house No. 2t? E street, aoar the cor ner of Penna. avenue and 14th street. ap 24?tf A CARD. MRS. E PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth etreet, b^ween G and II streets, desires to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that ?he is now prepared to give instructions on the PIANO FORTE. She has taught uiusic In ?OOM ef the principal citiee of the Union and kas testimoniads showing that she Is fuily com petent to disoharge the duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with th^ir patronage. Verms: glo for 24 lessons, at her residence, tr #12 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eoJin? law Partnership. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a co-partnership under the firm of alker A Janin,' for the management and argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Court of Claims at Washington Citv. _Addres* Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! All ye lovers of the good things OF THIS LIFE, and we will tell you where vou may obtain at least some of them Thankful for past favors, I would respectfully ask a continu ance of the same during this Spring and Summer. I am prepared to furnish all who will give me a call with the sweet and cooling Beverages in inv ite at short notice, such as ICE CREAMS and WATER ICES, of all flavors, SCHARLOTTE REUSE. BLANCMANGE, Ac. CAKES of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic FRUITS and CONFECTIONERY, generally kept in well reg ulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Balls. Excursions, Pic Nics, Ac., Ac., and upon reason able teritis. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenne, be tween ttth and 10th streets. Northern Liberties. N B ? Best quality ICE CREAM sold at SI 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3m JOHN W. RIGIITSTINE. [No. MO.] Notice of the discontinuance of the United States Land Office at Defiance, in the State of Ohio.?Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of law, and in view of the report of the land officers at Depiascb, Onio, that tne va cant land in said district is reduced below one hundred thousand acres, Ik* Secretary of tki in

ferior has directod that said land office at Dbfi abck be discontinued; and that the lands remain ing unsold at the time of the discontinuance be made subject to sale and entry at Chillicotuk. the only remaining land office in the Statb of Ohio. Lands remaining nnsold and unappropriated by law, and subject to private entry at the land office office now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry at said office from the date of the receipt of this notice by the register and receiver thereof, and the land officers at Chillicotub will give public notice of the day on which they will be prepared, to receive applications for entries of any sueh lands at their office. JOS W ILSON, Acting Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. Je 23?laww REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS. FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the punlic in general that he has received the first lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute, and is now prelum! to furnish all who may favor him with a call. His stock of GAS FIXTURE# are unsurpassed is the District. With hi* fwnpeteat workmen he prides , hlirmflf to fill any onftrs in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FTTTlNO ltne with promptness and daspalPh fO" All work done warranted to give complete satisfaction. JOHN REESE, inay J?U twutx flUi at. ud Pa. avenue. EXCURSIONS, & c GRAND FIRE MENS' AND CIVIC MOONLIGHT EXCURSION WESTERN KOSE COHPAKY THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY respect fally announce to the citizen* of - Washington, Georgetown and Alex-J f andria. that they have chartered uie *w irt ane splendid Gainer GEORGE WASHINGTON for an Excursion, on MONDAY AFTERNOON, July 2Cd. to the White House Pavilion. The boat will leave Georgetown at 1% o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard at2,\; Alexandria at 3; returning she will leave the White House at a Reasonable hour, and touch at the above place*. Th? Committee have made the moot extensive arrangements to render this excursion one of the most pleasant of the season. The Refreshment department will be conducted by a competent and accommodating caterer. Wm. Coke. Fisher's Band has been engaged for the occa sion. Should the day prove unfavorable, the excursion will be postponi-d until further notice. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gentle man and Ladies?to be had of anv of the Commit tee, or at the boat on the day of the exam Ion. Co mmtttee. Edmund Henly, Jas. Linking, F.IIolt7wan. jy C-?eotd* EXCURSION OP THii AMERICAN PRIEKDSHIP ASSOCIATION. TO THE WHITE HOUSE, On TUESDAY, the 10th of JULY, ISM. TIIE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave Georgetown at P o'clock _ a. m . Washington 9 a. m., Naw V.^.i Yard 9 ?, and Alexandria at 10 o clock. The THOMAS COLLYER will leave Washington at i p. m., Navy Yard at 2%, and Alexandria at 3 o'clock. Prosperl's Band Is engaged. Tickets for a gentleman and two ladies?ONE DOLLAR. tinner. Supper and Refreshments will be served by Wm. Coke, Proprietor of the White iIou.>e. Dinner 50 cents: Sapper 25 cents. Jy 5?ThSM FIRST GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION AND PIC NIC OF T1IK GOOD WILL CLUB, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On THURSDAY, July 19, 1S55. THE memlwTs of the Club take great pleasure In announcing to their friends fS and the public in general that *'??" fiV3- * | have chartered the Steamer GKO'kTTe WASH 1NGTON. and will give their first Grand Excur sion and Pic Nic to the White House Pavilion on THURSDAY, Julv 19, 1-55. A superior Brass and String Band has been en gaged for the occasion. Refreshments and Supper will be furnished by an experienced Caterer. Omnibuses will lf-ave the corner of 14ih st and boat. Tickets ONE DOLLAIX?admitting a gentle man and ladies ; to tie had cf the meixibers and at the boat on the aay of the Excursion. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 1, Washing ton at 2, Navy Yard at 2j^, and Alexandria at 3 o'clock. Committee cf Arrangements. L 1 homts. Wm. Elwood, S. Moran. G. Dubant, J. Franklin. Jy 5,12,17 SPARKLING SUGAR, For the preparation of genuine Soda Water. Ct GAUTIER lias the honor of announcing it >% has become a "fixed fact-' that tl.e prepara tion which be submitted to his friends and pa trons a *hort time since, under the denomination of Sparkling Sugar, is the best substitute for the instantaneous preparation of Soda Water ever of fered to the public. The reports of the Agents for it# fale in different sections of the country, all say it has been received with universal favor, and con cur in the opinion that the Soda Water prepared fro*i the Sparkling Sugar is not only a most inno cent, pleasant ana agreeable summer beverage, equal in all respects to that from the most approved fountain, but In manv instances positively i?eneli cial and healthful. It is warmly commended by the most eminent medical faculty of the North, West and South, and in fact wherever they have had an opportunity of testing Its qualities. C. GAL TIER will not resort to the usual mode of putting his preparation. It requires no such ad ventitious aid It carries with it its own recom mendation, and let it once have a trial, and he ventures to say no family will t?e without it at this season of the yuar. In addition to Its intrinsic qualities the SPARKLING SUGAR ischcapand within the means of all to purchase. A glass ol Soda Water prejiart*! l'roin it, is cheaper than il purchased at the fountain. To travelers and summer excursionists the Spar k ling Sugar will I* found a most admirable "rorrj paamm dt ??<!," it being put up in small jars, which can be carried about the person with out inconvenience, and whether in the parlor, chaml?er, steamboat, or railroad car. if cool water can be had, a delicious glat* of Soda. Water can he instantaneously prepared. The Sparkling Sugar is flavored with I^emon, Ginger, Vanilla, Strawberry, Sarsapartlla. and the usual variety of Sirups at the best Soda Fountains. C. GAl'TIER is now ready to till all orders with which he may be favored, at No. 252 Penn sylvania avenue. jy G?uuit PEEL'S LONDON GREEN GINGER WINE MANUFACTURED FROM FRENCH GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, SEVILLE ORANGES, Ac.?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest favorite wherever it is intrtnluced. It is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half the price of otherforeign wines. Many physicians use it exclusively, and recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debility, Cramps, Diarrhoea and Dysentery. Persons subject to Cntlls, or living in districts where Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al use a pleasant and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little iccd-water. it forms the most refresh ing and wholesome cooling drink in warm weather that can be taken. Price 50 cents per bottle, f-S per dozen. N. B. Country Druggists. Grocers, Ac.,find this Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, it's a first rate article, sells well, and gives great satis faction. Agents, STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; ClSSEL, Georgetown; J. BALMER, Baltimore. jy G?tf MOTHER AND STEP MOTHER ; a new story, by Dickens A new book entitled "Which; the Right or the Left," exceedingly^popular and destined to have a large sale. 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HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, Faaoy Dealers, No. 310 Penna. avenue. Je23? IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING. PERSONS removing from the city and wishiag to dispose of their Furniture aad Housekeep ing Utensils, Ae., without thstroable of sendiag them to publis auction, caa do so by oaiUagoa us at our store, 317 Pa. aveaue, corner of 9th street, as ws are prepared to buy all such goods as may b? offered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling! on >i!?, as we will pay the highest cash prices for all such goods WALL, BARNARD A CO je 7?2u; 317 Pa avcauv. I EVENING STAR. BLESS THE B AB Y . The reader may be curiou* to know at what period the event I am about to relaV occur red. Reasons of delicacy, however, prevent me from gratifving evon so reasonable a de sire; and I will onlj eay that the harrowing circumstance took place in the summer of a certain year, between the time of tbo arrival of the first bear at the Zoological Gardens in London and the present day. I had been a midshipman on board the well known ship named after his Majesty King Wil liam the Fourth; but, receiving letten. fr?m home announcing my father's death, I had just returned to take posFttmon, as well as ft minor could, of the family estate. I wan not very well acquainted with the worbl?ex<*cpt the liquid part of it?htving been brought up in a country-town and shij n?d in boyhood; but to mi>k* up for that I had an excellent opinion of myself. and watched both with pride and anxiety the sprouting of what I con ceived to bo a promising moustache. One evening, after getting myself into full tog. I was displaying my horsemanship near the Z oological Gardens, when I saw in the path leading to tho entrance one of the love liest women that ever appeared to tho eyes of an ex-reefer. What wu* that to me ? I do not know. It was a thing completely settled in my miiid that I was a full-grown man. and that a full-grown mar. has a right to look at my woman. In short, I di-m'-unted. gave my horse to the groom, and followed my divinity. A little girl was behind her, walking with tLc nursemaid, who had another child, an infant, in her arm*; and to my gn at satisfaction tl i< careless servant put the baby presently into the unns of the older giil not much bigger than itself. I watched the proceeding, saw the little creature whose walk was but a totter at the beer, ewaving to and fro under her bur den, and the baby a long clothes trailing on the eround. ''Madam, said I to the lady, touching mv hat in quarior-dcck fashion, " that babv, I fear, is in dangerous hands ; you are pe?hips not aware of it She turned round instantly. It wikf what I wanted ; but the flash I received from her beautiful eves had a world of haugh tiness in it; and although she bent her head slightly and said - Sir, I thank you," I did not dare to continue the conversation, but rap idly walked on. In fact, it w:u? obvious the woman thought I had taken an ulwarrantable liberty in criticising the arrangement* of her walk ; and as when turning aw.;y I caught a smile at ray discomfiture on the face of the nursemaid, who snatched tho baby roughly away, indignation mingled with my awkward ness. Who was this lady ? Was she tho mother of the two children? Was she the governess? Was she a relation ? Was she single or mar ried f She was single ; she was the mother's sister?I decided upon that. And after nil, was her haughty lo<>k Bo very reprehensible ? Had she not been addressed by a stranger, and that stranger a man?a man of somewhat du tingne. ligure and most promising moustaches' I relented, and us I saw her enter the gardens my heart gave a great leap, for I considered it uncommonly likely that a lion would broak loose, or something or other occur to draw forth my chivalry and extort her gratitude. I whs not in error in my anticipation*, although the circumstance that did occur was too wild even for an imagination like mine. Had it come suddenly I almost think I should have shut my eyes, held my breath, and stood still; but as it was, I had no time to reflect. The up permost idea in my mind was, that I would do something heroic, something desperate : and when opportunity offered I instantaneously did it. The party, with many others, were looking over the enclosure at the'bear on his pole; and in order that all might see, the nurse maid had the little girl in her unns, while the little girl bad the b?tl;y in hers. This arrangement was not very reprehensible a* a momentary freak; for the maid of course had got hold of both the children?the elder of whom was jumping with glee?and my attention therefore wad exclu sively directed to the lady, who st?K>d absorbed in the spectacle before me; All on a sudden, there was a scream from the little girl; the un fmuuuto baby was over the enclosure, and lying senseless on its face in tho arena, and the gigantic bear was hastily descending the pole to secure his prey. To climb the inclo.-uro and spring into the arena did not take me many moments, but it took mo too many. I was at a little distance from tho spot, and before I reached it tho bear had caught up tho infant, whose littleface wa*. buried in tho far, and, on my approach, made for tho pole, and began to ascend with great rapidity. I followed, without giving myself time for a moment's reflection, and while I climbed caught hold of the long clothes of tho baby. The action wad well-intended, but the consequences were dreadful, perhaps fata!, for the bear loosed his hold, and the poor little thing fell to the ground. I began mechanicallv to descend, but did not daro to look at what was in all human probability a corpse. And presently I could not look, for the exigencies of my own position demanded my everv thought Tuc bear above was descending with huge strides and angry growls, and another below? a great black monster, ot whose presence in the lnclosure I had not been aware, was shambling along to the support of his comrade, and hau almost reached the pole. The fix was terrible, but it larted but an instant; for the keeper now made his appear ance, and with a few hearty wallops sent the black bear to tho right about, while my pur suer stopped short with a terrible growl. "What are you doing there?cried the keeper, as I staggered upon tho ground. "I must give you up to the police for a lunatic!" "Never mind me," said I faintly, ' look to the child, for I daro not." "The child! What child?" "Are you blind? There!" and I forced my eyes upon the hideous spectacle. The creature's head was off! It was wax! I hardly know how I got over theinclosure. A sound of laughter was in my brain, as if I was made ot ears, and every ear was ringing its loudest. The nursotuuid enjoyed the ad venture more than anybody, but the little girl in her arms clutched at me furiously, as it" charging me with the murder of her doll; and was not pacified till the fragment* of that sick ening baby were handed to her over my shoul der. I darted away; and it was high time to do so, for all the company in the gardens were rushing to the si*>t. The fair cause of the miscjiief was standing a little way off, leaning on the arm of a tail, noble-looking man with moustaches ten times as big as mine. She seemed choking between recent alarm and present mirth, and as 1 passed, 44 Sir," said she, with swelling cheek'1 and unsteady voioe, *4 my husband wishes to thank you for our little girl's doll!" But I was off like a shot without even waiting to touch my hat; and thankful I was to get out of the gate; for many of the spectators, on seeing me run, followed mechanically. It would be vain to attempt to describe my reflections as I sped rapidly along. But in the midst of all. I knew what was before mo? I had an intense consciousness of what was to be done. My resolve was fixed, and I felt an insane joy at the idea that no possible inter vention could prevent me from exccutinir it As soon as I reached home I went straightway to my own room, locked and bolted myself in. eat deliberately down before the glsas, drew forth my razor, and shaved off my moustachts Afhiov. |*^* The Chinese are a queer people to go fn TAatket. A friend at Canton writes Unit a. neighbor of bis had just laid in his winter's J revision#?a hind quarter of borw and two arreli v{ bull dogs. A FEENCH DUEL. (Translated from the French J The morning was cold and rainy, and seeing before hitn a " chalet,'1 through whose win dows shone a glorious fire, and wh<*e euriotw external stairway descended even to hi* feet, ;is if ooquetlishly inviting hiin to share moun tain hospitality, Dupont did not hesitate to mount to the door; lie found the key in the lock, opened and entered A man wmt seated at a deak with hi* back to the door?at the noise of the opening ho turned his head, and, recognising the intruder, cried : " Ah, it is yon Dupont! we will take a t?rs immediately." It wa* Fvurnier who thus ?poke. "Faith, I am ready." said Dupont. F. took his sword from the corner of the room; they fell into position?they croased weapons. All this passed in a moment?to see, recognize and provoke, and attack each other was ns natural and spontaneous as to breathe. It was only between the pauses that they conversed. 441 thought you were rxupb yod in the inte rior," said Fournier. " The Minister gives mo the fourth divl 9 ? t ? S'.OT. ' "Indeed, how fortunate' I command the cavalry there. So you have just arrived ?" *'This instant.'' "And thought of me the first thing?how amiable you aro!" "No, really. I did not know vou were here ; seeing a fire through these window*, iw I was about to pass. I slopped to warm myself." '? This cxercUe will warm you sufficiently.'* The tight b?came fiercer?i uuruier haianled a pan, which Dupont taking advantage of, pushed him so vigorously that he was forced to give back step ly step. Dupont advanced steadily within distance, crying : "Aha! You rao! You run'" "Not at all. I only retreat. Do you think I am going to let you spit me like a sparrow." " Tne room is small, I ahall drive yoa to the wall!" "We shall w!" "See then!" and as Dupont said this, he pressed Fournier literally into the corner, and his sword piercing the muscles of F.'s neck, pinned him to the wooden wall like a family portrait badly hung. 44 The devil!" ened the spitted general. '? You did not expect this said Dupont. " On the contrary, it is you whu do not ex* poet what will happen." 44 Indee<l, what is about to happen, then'" " Why, the moment you draw out your sword, I shall thrust rniuc into your stomach, and you will fall." " Tnie," replied Dupont, pressing his sword with great force into the logs of the cottage wall. " Well, what the devil are you piercing the wall for ?" "I am taking precaution again?! your lunge in mv stomach. " l ou cannot avoid it, the moment you with draw you die!'' 441 shall not withdraw till you throw down your sword." 44 It i* impossible for you to keen your arm thus strained for ten minute*, It luust drop, and you receive my thrust." 41 Vou are unreasonable, your blood is flow ing. iu ten minutes your tyes will close." 4' We shall see." 44 Very well. I am not impatient " 44 Nor I. We will abide the result "* This contest would probably have been pro longed to a fatal termination, had not the noise of their dispute at length been heard by soma officers in another part of the houae. who, coming hastily nnon the scene, separated with much difficulty tne obstinate combatants. When parted, they each claimed the vic tory. and finally demanded, with great gravi ty. to be replaced exactly as they were when separated, Dupont promising to refix his sword through Founder's throat without in creasing the wound. They were finally obliged to foroe the latter to bod and the former out of the chalet. Kbmarkablb Escapi pbom Dbattt?We have been furnished with the particulars of an exciting scene whioh transpired in the town ship of Columbia. Lorain county, on Saturday, the 90th ult , which should operate a* a cau tion against descending into wells. A lad about fifteen, named Jarvis Noble, do* s?-cndod iuto the well of his grand-father. Wm. E. Smith, to recover a bucket which had falleiu and when part of the way down he reached tho noxious gas, and instantly fell to the bottom, where wore four feet of water. An alarm was given by two lade who were watch ing Jarvis, over the curb, drew the family from the supper table Ou seeing the dyiu? condi tion of tho boy, his uncle, W. A. iMnith, en tered tho well, being letdown by the windlass, and found Jarvis in an upright potation loan ing against the wall, with hi* head and shoul ders out of the water, but in a senseless con dition. The air immediately affected Mr Smith so that he could render no aid, and called to be drawn out, which wu done, he not being able to stand when he reached the top. Calvin Smith, a brother of Wm A., in the excitement of the momer.t. then went into the well without any rope, but bad got down but a few feet, when inhaling the gas he fell to the bottom. The fHther, Mr Wm E Smith, then entered tho well to re*ue his son and grand-son, being let down by a rope tied be neath his arms The curb was knocked away to give the rope length enough to enable Mr. S. to reach the two bodies, and the father suc ceeded in getting an extra rope around his Hon Calvin, out could not tie it neforo the gas overeaine him, and the three seemod dvTt,g together. Those above?for Mr Thomas Pea chey, William Nioob? and other neighbors, had rallied?balled to the elder Mr Smith, but he was speechless; and drawing up the rope which held him, they raised the father and the sen together?the grasp of the former upon the rope passed around the latter was a death clutch?but before getting to the mouth of the well, the rope slipped through the hands of the father, and Calvin fell heavily back into the water, and the father whi drawn out senseless, yet alive. Then William A. Smith, having recovered from the effects of his first descent, went down a second time, having a rope fattened to his bodv, and was enabled to past another around his brother Calvin At thin time, Jarv is bad been in the well an half hour, and as the rope was passed around Calvin, from some cause?probably the agita tion of the water partially lifted the noxious gas from iU surface?J arris revived sufficient iy to make one struggle for life, and climbing up Calvin's back, got hold of the rope, and the threo were drawn upward. When half way up. and about twelve feet from the mouth, Mr Thomas Peachy was let down by a rope, and sucoeeded in fastening another rope round the lad Jarvis, and all were final ly, one by one. drawn (rvm the well. We are giad to know that the four who suffered from the gas are all recovering. We suppoee the agitation of the water prevented a total ex tinction of life. It is a fact worthy of note, that the young man, Jarvis Noble, entered the well about two weeks since and thorough ly cleaned it. The extinguishment of a light ed candle, or torch, or any other flame, is a sure indicator of the presence of carbonic acid gas. ?CImxlaiui Herald. Rrt-ba&b Mai* alabs ?The fallowing is * recipe for making what is said to be an excel lent marmalade: Pare and eut into very small pieces 2 lbs of rhubarb, add 1# lbs. of loaf sugar, and the rind of on* lemon one lemon eut very fine and into very small pieces; put the whole into a dish, or other deep Tee *el, and let it stand until next day, then strain otf tho julee, and boil it from a half to three quarter* of an hoar ; after which add the rati &rb. and boil altogether ten minuter