Newspaper of Evening Star, July 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) . ?t tkt Star rorner of P*nn?ylv*nia acenm and EUvtulk Strtet, By W. D. WALLACH, Will be served to nabaorlbere by carrlvs at SIX A.NDA QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served in packages at 37% cents per month. To mall subscribers the sub vert ption price Is THR EE DOLLAR9 AND FIP - TY CENTS a year in advance. TWO DOLLARS lor six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for less than three months at the rate of X2% cent* a week. ID* SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1855. NO. 784. to ucu. Flveeoplar ?ls on Ten eoplea ? mi Twenty copies tf gy Cash, tivituut n a&vakcb. .C7- Single to pie* (U wrapper*) can be procured at the count**. fmiMdlntelv after the Issue of IL? paper Price?Tbbbi Cists Postkastbks who act a* scents win be allowed a oominisslon of twwty per oent INHALATION FOR TRI CrRE OF ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION. NEW and VERY WOyDERFUL .' ! ! .Brought home to the door of the Million ? A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis, of this city, in the treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and all diseases cf the Lungs. We refer to Dr. CCRTIS'S 11Y <?EANA. or INHALING HYGLAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYR1P With this new me thod Dr. C. has restored many afflicted one* to health. as an evidence of which he has innumera ble certificate Speaking of the treatment, a phy sician remarks, "It is evident that inhaling?con stantly breathintr an agreeable, healing vapor?the medicinal properties must come in direct contact ?with the whole serial cavities of the lungs. and thus escape the many and varied changes produced npon them when introducedintothe stomach, and subject to the process of digestion.'% The Hyge ana for saie at all the Druggists throughout the country.?JV. Y. Dutchman Jan. 14. The Inhaler is worn on the breast under the lin en, without the least inconvenience?the heat of1 the bodv being sufficient to evaporate the fluid. Hundreds of cases of cures, like the following, might be named One Dackage of the Hvgeana has cared me of the Asthma of six years standing. J F. KEESBERRY, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. 1 am cured of the Asthma of ten years' standing t>y Dr. Curtis's Hvgeana. MARGARET EASTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. MRS. PAUL. of Nor i Hammond street, N. Y., was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hrgeana. My sister has been cured of a distressing cough c4 several years' standing, and decided to be in curable by the Dhysicians. She was cured in one month by the H\geana. J II GAIDERT, P. M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. CHEEVER, of New York, testi fies of our medicine in the^ollowing language: Nkw York, Nov. 15, lisSI. Dear Sir: I think highly of Dr. Curtis'* Hvge ana as a remedy in disease's of the throat and lungs. Having had some opportunity to testify its effica cy, 1 am convinced that it is a most excellent rem edy, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. S. CENTER writes us as follows: Gentlemen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hygean Vapor, in a cam cf chronic sore throat, that "had refused to yield ^ other forms of treatment, and the result has satis fied me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it Is no imposition .but an excel lent remedy. 1 wish, for the sake of the afflicted, Chat it might he brought within the reach of all. DR. JOHNS, one of the most celebrated Physi cian> in New York writes as follows : Dr. Ccrtis?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the excellent effect* of your Hytreana or Inhaling Hy 8*n Vapor and Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic ronchitis. ana l?ing'mu'ch in favor of counter ir ritation in affections of the throat. Bronchial tubes nr.d 1'injr*. 1 can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medicated Aparatus as being the most con venient and effectual mode of applying anything ef the kind I have ever seen. No doubt thousands of persons may be relieved, and many c\^ed, by Using your meddncs. I must here be allowed to confess that I am op posed to prescribing or using secret compounds, nut this little neatly contrived article, and Its ef fects in the case al>ove alludtd to, have induced me to speak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way you may think proper. Respectfully, yours. Ac., C. JOHNS, M D . No. (JO9 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Soid by CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD & FAUL, 141) Chambers st., NY. Four package* sent free to any pnrt of the Uni ted States for ten dollars. N B ?Dr. Curtis'* HvgeanaistheORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are base imitations, or vile and injurious couuter lfeits. Shun them as you would POISON. For sale in Washington bv CHAS. STOTT, Fa avenue, neur 7th street, and J. B. MOORE, fa the First Ward. may IB?6m DR. L. II. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING "SCEOFULOUS ANTIDOTE," Ftrr tht Ptrm(m?nt Cure of COXSUMPTION and all other form* of SCROFULOUS blS EASES. TH IS Medicine is prejwred by an eminent Phy sician of eighteen years practice in .N ew ' ork eitv, during which time he has constantly used it With the most unboundt-d succe**. and created for It a reputation in private practice, unequalled in the history of medicine. It act* immediately upon the blood; cleansing it from all scrofulous humors or impurities, renovating and. by Its magic low ers. INVIGORATE TflE W if OLE SYSTEM, in proof of which, hundreds of respectable wit nesses from the doctor's private practice have giv en >n their te*tlmonyf and eutrent/hoete suffering from any scrofulous affection, to call upon thrm 4uui satisfy tkems:li-?s. A Toatise on Scrofulous Diseases can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, end at Drug Stores generally CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington. DR. L. B. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS " LIQUID CATHARTIC," OR, FAMILY PHYSIC rpHIS is the BEST. CHEAPEST, and MOST 1 EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nau seating effect of Pills. Oil, Seiina. Ac.,) and pro ducing no griping or other painful effects. Unlike all other purgative*, it searches to the bottom of the disease. thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leaves the t>oweis entirely free from costiveness NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readily and without forcing, md.NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give it a trial anil then judge for yourselves. It can tie had wholesale and retail at E. H. STA BLER A CO.'S, Baltimore, or CHAS. STOTT A CO., Washington, D C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, where the doctor can be consulted dally on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p m., without charge. je 13?6m FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGANIZED. HAVING now completed all mv arrangements for a ttr>t rate I1RASS AND COTILLON BAND, 1 am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions. Parades, Pic Nlcsj BaL? and Serenades. All those in fa vor of citizens' band are respectfully invited to en courage our enterprise, here in Washiugtou city. P. FISCHER, Leader. P. S.?This Fand. under my direction, is regu larly uniformed, and from a practice of over twen ty tears I can give satisfaction to every one. Residence. Pennsylvania avenue, north side, be tween N nth Tenth streets, first door west of lion Hall. Orders left with Messrs. Hllbus A Hit* punctu ally attended to. may 14?2m* PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pl<as< d to engage them, either as a Bras*. Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the short est notice, bv applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Taitavull's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks N* B ?Orders left at Hilbus A Hitz's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. _jnay *5?4 in GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES'. GENTS', MISSES' A CIIIL DREN S LOOTS ANDSHOES ?The?ifc* subscriber has remove <1 to the store on the SB J corner of Twentieth street and Pennrvlva-f fcla avenue, where he is selling his present well assorted stock of BOOTS Jt SHOES at great ly reduced prices All persons in want of tho?e articles will find it to their advantage to call befoie purchasing elsewhere. A H. SLOAN. Corner of 20th street and Penna. avenue. may 1?3m V*HLADEL"HIA LAGER BEER DEPOT, Pa. avtmu*. *t$xc<:en 4* and tok t?s. llfE have at all times the best PHTLADEL ?? PHIA LAGER BEER on band, and offlsr It now for nels for 82 per keg and In quart bottles ftar *1 St) per dozen crty * ** **** ** r?"* 10 P*1** ? (Lr Many nLytlclans have recommended tk? beer at one of the best remedies forss-eak stom - j, 13?Im* CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. T11E GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD! SOT A PARTICLE OT MKHrl'HT I* IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula, King'* Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutane ous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the face. Blotches, Boils. Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Ilead, Enkmcutcnt and Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Sy philitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com plaints, and all the* arising from an in judicious use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of the Blood TIMS VALUABLE MEDICINE, which has become celebrated for the number of extraor dinary cures, eiFected through its agency, has in duced the proprietors, at the urgent request of their friends, to offer it to the public, which they do with the utmost confidence in its virtues and won derful curative properties. The following certili rates, selected irom a larjre number, are. however, stronger testimony than the mere word of the pro r>rietor* : and are all from gentlemen well known n their localities, and of the highest respectabili ty, many of them residing in the city of Rich mond. Va. F. BOYDEN, Esq . of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, known everywhere, says he has seen the Medicine called Carter's Spanish Mix ture, administered in over a hundred eases, in nearly all the diseases for which it is recommend ed, with the most astonishingly good results. lie says it is the most extraordinary medicine be has ever seen. AGUE AXD FEVER?GREAT CURE ? I hereby certify that for three years I had Ague and Fever of the most violent description. I had sev eral Physicians, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all 'without permanent relief. At last 1 triea Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually cnred me, and I am happy to say I have had neither chills or fevers since. I con sider it the best Tonic in this world, and the only medicine that ever reached mv case. JOHN LONGDEN. Hewer Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Rich mond. and for many years in the Post "Office, has such confidence in the astonishing edicaey of Car ter's Spanish Mixture, that he has bought up wards of 58 bottles, which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Luck says he has never known it to fail when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician; and for merly of the City Hotel, in tnc citv of Richmond, "ays he has witnessed in a nuiuWr of instances the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says in a case of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed. SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the Arm of Drin ker A Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of three years standing, by the use of two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. GREAT CURE OF SCROFULA ? The Edi tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, which en tirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture mad* a perfect cure at him. and the Editors, in a public notice, nay they '?cheerfully recommend it to all who are amictcd with any disease of the blood.'' STILL Ay OTHER CURE OFSCROFULA. I had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M TAYLOR, Con ductor on the R. E. and P. R. R. Co ,Richmond, Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED ?Mr. JOHN' THOMP SON. residing in the city of Richmond, wascured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty Year*. and which all the physicians of th? cily could not eure. Mr. Thompson is a well known, merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure is most remarkable WM A MATTHEWS, of Richmond, had a servant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully recommends it, and considers It a"very invaluable medicine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the reve nue. savs he lias seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and -ays it is a perfect cure for that horrible dis ease. WM. G. HARWOOD. of Richmond, cured of old Sores and Ulceus, which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish M ixture. and was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A CO., No Jt .Maiden I<ane. New York. T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No 182 North Second "ia. BEERS, No. 1"5 Main street. street. Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEE Richmond, Va. And for salebv CHARLES STOTT, Washing ton, D. C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere. Price #1 pcr'buttle, or six bottles for $o. sep 21?ly GLENWOOD CEMETERY, Office So. 2W2 Pa. are., corner 10th street, (OVER THE 'AVI HQ *S BA NX) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol j-treet landing directly to tho gateway. This Coin(>any have secured a charter from Con gress. appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have piaeed them, for it has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as uo titles ure given to the ground. N. B.?Odice open from 10 to 12 o'clock a. m . where Pamnhlets. containing the Charter, By laws. and a Map of the Grounds, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey, No. 410 Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. * je It*? lw CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I II AVE now on hand, and constantly finishing, a very large assortment of Pleasure and Family CARRJ AtiES.of the latest fashions, which I will sell as low as the same quality of work can be sold in any of the principal markets of the United States. The subscriber Is now dealing exclusively in Carriage's of his own manufacture, and all work sold by him will be warranted, and compare favor ably with any work In this market. As 1 always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to examine my stock before purchasing else where. Carriages built to order. Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 41>9Pa. avenue and street. may 1?eo3m NEW MILLINERY. MISS THOMPSON has just opened our fourth invoice of Neapolitan, Leghorn, Eng lish Straw. Lace, Crape, and other Summer llats Ladies who have not yet supplied themselves are Invited to call and make their se lection*. Also, just received a choice lot of Fans. Silk Mits. tine Silk Gloves, Hosiery, Ate., together with a variety of articles not necessary to enumerate, and to all of which we invite attention. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, Fancy Dealers, No. 310 Penna. avenue. Je 22? IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING. PERSONS removing from the city and wishing to dispose of theirTurniture and Housekeep ing Utensils. Ac., without the trouble of sending them to public auction, can do so by calling on us at our store, 31? Pa. avenue, corner of i<th street, as we are prepared to buy all such goods as may be offered Housekeepers and others will do well bv calling on us, as we will pay the highest cash prices for all such goods. WALL, BARNARD A CO. je7?Im 317 Pa. aveaue. lfOKEDl'M; A tala?claiming to be by Sir Walter Seott. 60e Abbott's History of Napoleon, 8 volumes, octavo Con vte nee Her boa. a novel, by Miss Jurrtsiry, 37^. The Controvawgr between Senator Brooks and Anhbishop Hughes. 26c jelft- fKANCK TAYLOR JOHN R. ELVANS. WILLIAM THOMPSON ELVAM tc THOMPSON, HEALERS IN HARDWARE, COACH TRDUCIKQ8, ftc., No. J26 Pennsylvania trranr, between Ntntk and Tenth rtt, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia. German Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted, T?a, Table and Dessert Spoon* Carvers and Forks, Steels. Knives with and with out F orks Brass. Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons Maalin and Bell Metal Kettle*, Farnaces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Collate, Closet. Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shqjtle. Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbe, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys. Roller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Collin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshaves, Chisels and Gouges. Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bjtts, Boring Machines. Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guagee, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered ami Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames. Lamps, Inside Lii.ings, Lining Silks. Damask, Seaming Cords Tufts, Tassels. Buttons. Tack-. Fringes, Laces, and I lain and Knamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather *c- EL VANS A THOMPSON, Je * 326 l'a. avenue. CANAL PACKET LINE TO VoiNT OF T ROCKS. HE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired and put4 ? in first rate order (the inachiner\] being removed and horse power s uTTsuulted fcoi 1 - tinues making her regular trips between George town and the a>>ove place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H A H Q Hitter for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS WED NESDAY S and FRIDAYS at 7 o'clock a! m; and ae Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUES DAY S, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS ;.t the same hour, stopping at the different landings alon? the line for the reception and landing of passen 'e-s and freight, going and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a m . and arrive at the head of the Great Falls at 11 Seneca at 1 Edward s Ferry 3*. Monocacy 5?'" Knowlan s Ferry G, and Point of Rocks at 7 oci k n. m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a in., Know Ian s Ferry at 7 J4, Monocacv 8. Edward's Ferry 11, % eneca 1, Great F all^ and arrive at George* town at * p. in. to Pamige through either way S'2. Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod erate prices. CIlARLES MERllILL, Capt. je 25?dtf ' 1 PELL'S LONDON GRF.E.N GINGER WINE 1YI K. ? l" F A C T r R E D F RO*t F R EN CI I Tf, 'RAPES, GREEN JAMAICA G1NGLK SEVILLE ORANGES, Ac.?This delicious lev erage becomcs the greatest favorite wherever it is introduced. It is equally palatable, more whole some. and not half the price of other foreign wines Many physicians use it exclusively, and recom mend it to ail troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debility Cramps. Diarrhaa and 'Dysentery Persons subject to Chills, or Jiving in districts where Ague or ChoU.ra prevails, find its occasion al use a plenum and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little Iced-water, it forms the most refresh* in* and wholesome cooling drink in warmwiaLti that can be taken. Price 50 cents per bottle, *5 per dozen. N B Country Druggists. Grocers. Ac., find this w ine an advantageous addition to their stock it's a first rate article, sells well, and gives great satis laction. * sT^vtvl0^1, * CO., Washington; PEEL C1S9KL' ""gsrsr DENTISTRY. RB DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of ? Hunt A Donaldson, continues ,yp manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain teeth, with or without gunis for specimens of which (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the naiu n.1 organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac Used eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. ? Charges moderate, and all operations warranted Office southwest corner of Seventh ajul D streets Lentrance on D. niar -il-Gm DESTISTRYi nR '^UXSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent and great- ^ u ?? lv IMPROVED method of setting Ar-jfej^ ^ Uficial Teeth, with Continuous Gum,^^BT?pT the very PERFECTION OF THE ART^fhis style of Teeth has the following advantages over all others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH, CLK\\. LI NESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in these respects, and in some other. ited ' Put>'iC lnsP<,ction " respectfully *olic Please call and see specimens. CAUTION .?No other Dentist in the Dlstriot of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth N. K ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. 1 ** ^)tflce and house No 200 E street, near the cor ner of Penna. avenue and 14th street. ap 'it?if A CARD. R? E No- 401 Sixth street, between G and II streets, desires to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that mvoTJi^sh0 Rihvc i,?8,rUKtion8 on the fiA.xu rOKTb. She has taught music in ?ome of the principal cities of the Union and his testimonials showing that she is fully com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with j their patronage. : for 24 lessons, at hoc residence, or i 51- at the residence of her pupils. je 12-^eu3m? R(it)nnJ;AW PARTNERSHIP. OBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JANIN I r?r",t;d a CO partnership und?r the firm ; Of \\ alker A Janin,'' for the management and argiiuient of cases in the Supreme Court of the < I.!11* States, and before the Court of Claims at ; >V ashington City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m [No. 540 ] } ]VOT'^E?OF THE DISCONTINUANCE t f ^ of the United States Land Office at Delianee iu the State of Ohio.?Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of law, and in view of the report of the land officers at Defiance, Ohio, that the va cant land in said district is reduced below one ; hundred thousand acres, the Secretary of the In /trior has directed that said land office at Defi ance be discontinued ; and that the ^jh1& rcmaiu i lng unsold at the time of the discontinuance be j made subject to sale and entry at Chillicotue 1 the only remaining land office in the State ok | Onio. f Lands remaining unsold and unappropriated by and subject to private entry at the land office office now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry at said office from the date of the receipt of this notice by the roister and receiver thereof, and the land officers at Chillicotue will give public notice of the day on which they will be prepared I to receive applications for entries of any such lands at their office. JOS. WILSON, ^Acting Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the public in general that he has received the first lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute, and is bow prepared to furnish all who may fevor him with a call. His stock of GAS FIXTURES are unsurpassed in the District. ' With his corps of competent workmen be prides himself to fill any ordsr* in tb? PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTiNG llrte with promptness and despatch. IT7' AH work done warranted to aive complete satisfaction JOHN REESE, nay 3?* coraw tftb ft. and Pa. avenue. EXCURSIONS, &c GRAND FIREMENS'. CLUB, & CIVIC EXCURSION, TO THE WHITE HOUSE. The vigilant fire company, of (Georgetown, will eive their An nual Excursion to the White IIouim^,^?. Pavilion, on MONDAY next, the 16tli instant, the line Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON having been chartered for the occasion. The Doat will leave Georgetown at ; Wash ington at 0; Blagden's Wharf at 9K. and Alexan dria at 10 o'clock a m.; returning before daik. ^Prospcrl's Band has been engaged for the occa sion. Dinner and Refreshments will be served by an experienced caterer at city prices. The Companv nledge'tnrmsclves to make the excursion one or pleasure to ail who may favor them with their company. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, wlmittlng a Gentle* man and l?adics?to be had of either of the com mittee or at the boat. Committee cf Arranginumti. E. S. Wiight, H. Rodier, Jao. Shackelford, J no. Folev, H. O. Reaver. Jy 9?dtd ~ ' GRAND FIREMENS' AND CIVIC MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY. THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY rwpect fully announce to the citlzcns of Washington, Georgetown arid Alex-. ^ andria, that they have chartered the swift alia spleJtdidSteamer GEORGE washington for an Excursion, on MONDAY AFTERNOON, Julv 33d. to the White House PaTilion. a seasonable hour, aad touch at the alx>ve place*. The Committee have made the most extensive arrangements to render !h!i excursion one of the mo?t pleasant of tlie season. Tlie Refreshment department will be conducted by a competent and accommodating caterer, Wk. Coke. F ishcr's Rand lias l?een engaged for the occa 4oa. Should the ?lav prove unfavorable, the excursion will be po-tr^n?cd until further notice. Tickets ONE DOf.LAR. admitting a Gentle man and Ladies?to be had of any of the Commit tee, or at the boat on the day of the excursion. Committee. Edmund Henly, Jas. Linkiiu*, F.Iloltzman. jy ft?eotd* VLLSTRANGERS visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of tlie curio?kf?'? of the Patent OlBce. Al so. his Inscription i f Powell's Great Pictures. HUNTER is to be seen at 456 Ninth street, may 31?3m* SFARKLING SUGAR, For the preparation of genuine Soda Water. C1 GAUT1ER has the honor of announcing it >? has become a "fised fact" that the prepara tion which he submitted to his friends and pa irons a short time since, under the denomination of Sparkling Sut^ar, ;< the best sul?*tituie for the uisiantancons preparation of Soda Water ever of fered to the public. The report* of the Agents for its sale iu dtiiei'eiit sections of the country, all say it h; - been received with universal favor, and con cur in the opinion that the Srda Water prepared from the Sparkling is net only a most inno cent, pleasant ami agreeable summer be\crage. equal in all resjiecLs to that from the mos! approved fountain, but in manv instances positively beueh cial and healthful. It is warinlv commended by ihe most eminent medical faculty of the North, West and South, and In fact wherever they have had an opportunity of testing its qualities. C. GAL TIER will not resort to the usual mode of putting his preparation. It requires no such ad ventitious aid It carr'.cs with it its own recom mendation and let it once have a trial, and he ventures to say no family will without It at thift season of the year In addition to Its intrinsic qualities, the SPARK LING SUGAR is cheap and within the means of ail to purchase. A glass of Soda Water prepared from it, is cheaper than if purchased at the fountain. To travelers and summer excursionlststhe Spark ling Sugar will be found a most admirable "row j>a<?on At eayoge," it being put up in small glass jar*, which can be carried about the person with out inconvenience, and whether in the parlor, chamber, steamboat, or railroad car. if cool water i an be had, a delicious ghu* of Soda Water con he instantaneously prepared. The sparkling' Sugar is flavored with I/emon, Ginger. Vanilla, Strawberry, Sorsaparilla, and the usual variety of Sirups at tlie best St-da Fountains. C. GAL"TIER is now ready to til! all orders with waich he may be favored, at No. 25V! Penn sylvania avenue. jy 6?ee?3t SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL. HAMPTON.VA., IS situated within two miles of Old Point Com fort. with which place hourly communi cation is had by a neat and commodious Oin- 7nB uibu*,of ihe most itK>derii style,also by Boats. j?jL Hacks, jtc. The Hall will be open for the recep tion of visiters on the ltth of May, at which time the proprietor hopes to be able to make comforta ble and happy the stay of all who may be seeking pleasure or health. Many improvements have been added, such as cottiigefl for families, rlay grounds for children, shade trees, A.c.. indeed every thing that can con du< e to the comfort of visitors. For health and beauty of location, this place Is unsurpassed. There is daily communication with ihe steamers of Ricnmond, Norfolk and Baltimore. Terms, per day 5*2 ?> Terms, per week 11 00 Terms, |*t mouth, (perdu). 1 33 je 23?eoot R G BANKS. NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL A BROTHER. BARUCH HALL, surviving partner of Isaac Hall, having on the 2fth day of February, 1nV>. assigned to the undersigned all the stock fn trade and debts of the firm or Hall A Brother, to Im: applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, !iabii{li?rs, and engagements of *ald lirm of Hall A Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rateahly among such of the remaining cred itors of said firm as shall within six months from said 2wth day of February, lh5.5, execute and de liver to said Baruch Hall full and absolute re leases of all indebtedness to them respectively by said Baruch Hall, surviving partner as aforesaid. Noticcis therefore hereby given to 6uch credi tors of said firm of Hall A Brother, or said Baruch Ilall, surviving partner, as may desire to partici pate in the benefit of said assignment to execute and deliver to said Baruch Hall full and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the period of six months from said 2f-th day of February ,lH5a. RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee, jell?eotAug2cth SPECIAL NOTICE. WE would respectfully inform all persons hav ing accounts with us that thev are all made otf, and those that are not called for will be ren dered in full to 1st July, when we very reasonably expect and most earnestly request that they will come forward and close them without giving us the trouble of calling a second time. In connection with this notice, we hike this op portunity of expressing our thanks to those friends and customers who have so liberally and promptly patronized us during the past six mouths, and nope for an increased continuation of the same by giving our |>ersoual and strict attention to busi ness, and conducting it upon fair and correct prin ciples. cGlley a sears, 523 Seventh street, 3 doors north Pa. av. je 25?eofit JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, ImilDERlCK COUNTY. VA ?Opened on the 15th of June. From Baltimore, Wash- lj inglon or Cumberland in early morning trains to Harper's Ferry, thence by Winchester Railroad to Stephenson's depot; from depot I^ miles in coaches to Springs in time to dine same day. Rice's cotillon band engaged. Sulphur baths. Medicinal ett'ects of water well known. E. C A R. M. JORDAN A BRO. jy G?eo6w WJ rAT( HES, JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, fe. M. W. GALT A BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices of the above, and oifer every article in their line at the lowest rates. GOLD and SILVER WORK of every de scription made to order, such as TESTIMO NIALS. richly embellished, with appropriate de signs, SILVER TEA SETS, DINNER SER VICES, Ac. Precious Stones set ia every style, however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS. MOTTOES, 4e.. etit oa ?tone. M. W. GALT A BRO , 35M Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth at*. Je 14?If DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE III cream* Go at once to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, he was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, for ice CBgaMS, waie* jcjm, aadcAUt. may 1$?eotf EVENING STAR LENGTH OF HT7XA.N LIFE. An article in the Inst number of Black* wood's Magazine. on the above subject, holds out the idea that the age of man should be one hundred years iu stead of three-score and ton. The author says: "We do not simply die: we usually kill ourselves. Our ^-habits, cur pa*iions, our anxieties of body and mind ; these shorten our lives, and prevent us from reaching the natural limit of human exist* ence." Gluttony, he asserts, destroys more live? than inteinperjte drinking, aud yet, 14 it is the fashion to restrict tho term sobriety to the moderate use of liquors.'' A sober life implies moderation in nil thing*?in eating, drinking, and in the enjoyment of all the plea sures oi life. Hut although we hare heard much of moderation in eating and in drink ing, the difficulty has always arisen in our minds respecting the true standard of modera tion. What is it? who will define it? The standard suit&blo for one is not for another. No man can doui>t for a moment the benefits of moderation?temperance in all things. But no man can or should set up his own standard for his neighbor. And yet it may truly he stiid, that general tules for temperance may be tet down, which if followed, would %e of immense benefit; such as not to cat to mnch as will unlit the mind for its usual exertions; or so much as wi.'l make the body heavy and torpid. Nor to pass hastily from one extreme of living to another, but to change slowly and cautiously, te c?t plain and wholesome food, and to proportion its quantity to the tempera ment. the age, and strength of the eater. Not to allow the appetite for food or drink to regu late the quantity to be taken, but experience, void of sensual desire.*' These rules, if fol lowed. will tend to promote health, and thus load to a greater length of days and years in man's existence; still there is a nalurxl period for man to cxi.-t. ami neither food, drink, nor sobriety can pla?*e him beyond that. We find that each sprcies of animal has its boundary of life, and so has man. He has its infancy, youth, middle age, old age. and then comes comes the winding sheet and the narrow house. But how long does his existence last ? how many years encircle his natural life' These nr.- important questions. We find that thirty years is considered to be a generation; that is, the whole world is re-peo| led every thirty years with a new race, and a like number de parts fit m it in that period. But no person considers thirty years as the natural term of man's life?sevorty years being generally set dowu as that limit. A book, however, recent ly published in P.tris by M. Fiourens, which has created no .-mall sensation in that city, places old n^c at eighty-five ycrrs, and the complete n.iturnl life of man about a century. places first manhood between forty-five and lit'ty-five. end sc.?ond manhood from that to .-e\ eiity. instead of old age at that period. Wc are inclined to accept hi.- view of the question ar the nioft c ?rrect one. BnC-u. the natural ist. entertained such an opinion. The rule of lite laid dovn by him i-, that animals live from six to seven times the number of years required to complete their growth, such as the horse, which complete its growth at four years, lives fr< m twenty lb twenty-four years, and a man who take- eighteen years to reach his full growth may live more than a hundred years. There are uut few men who live to a hundred years, and ju-t as few horses that live to twen ty-four. 1 ut that affords no reason why many men. and almost all men of sound constitution may not live f-r a century. The tabic of M. Fiourens relating to life is a* follows: Man grows for 20 years, and live? 90 or 100. The camel 8 44 44 40 The horso 5 44 "25 The ox 4 44 " 15 or 20 The dog 2 44 14 10 or 12 This is somewhr.t different from Bufl'on. but he sets it down as a fixed rule that all the larger animals live about five times longer than the time required for their full growth. This question is one of deep importance to the whole human family. It is one to which the ingeni< u> Frenchman has brought a great amount of knowledge in investigation, and he holds up seiencc, as presenting to all men a life of sobriety, a very extended fund of exis tence.?Scientific A merican. A Black-Heauted Villain-.?In to-day's paper wo publish the resolutions of the Ches ter (III.) Macoido IeKlge, exj>elling one Dr. Wm. A Gordon, for gross, immoral, unmaaonic, unprofessional and ungentlemuuly conduct. The hietory of tho caso presents ono of the most diabolical acts of villainy ever perpetra ted in n civilized community. The following particulars are derived from a gentleman who naslon^, bfcen intimate with the parties. This Gordon graduated in one of the medi cal schools of tnis city, and removed to Ches ter some- years ago, ami there wont into prac tice with Dr. Ferris, lie has an amiable wife and several children. From sumo cause, the son of Dr. Ferris disliked Gordon, and they remained enemies until tho death of Dr. Fer ris. Gordon then made friends with young Ferris, and became intimate with a beautiful young lady to whcai .he wits engage*! to be married. Ferris removed to Cincinnati, and during his absence Gordon used every art in his power to seduce the young girl; but failing in his hellish designs, he administered certain drugs, and thus triumphed over her virtue. By threats of exposure ho forced her to contin ue the criminal connection, and received from her letters acknowledging her guilt. A short time ago Ferris returned to Chester, and think ing his betrothed still innocent, mariied her. Gordon?who had really never forgiven Ferris the injuries of the past?placed a package of his wile's letters in his way, which told the whole story of her crime. His first thought was to tuko tho life of the destroyer of his poace, but not meeting him, and reflecting that his wife might be equally guilty, ho lett the village, ami has never yet returned. The excitement growing out cf the affair was intense and the Mueoi s promptly exjadledGordon from their Lodge. The c.u?o is one in which the se verest penalties of the lynch law would l?e justi fiable, and wc sincerelv fcojKi the brutal fiend will get his deserts. There is no other law to reach him, nud he :>hou1d be hung, without judge or jury, to the highest ilmb on Chester Bluff. The rained wife and her destroyer re main in the same town?she an object of pity and com migration, he hated and condemned by all who know him. lie is known in this city, but wo advisw him to keep away?he may not fare bo wcil here. There is no punishment too severe for such a black hearted miscreant?St. Louis Herald.. The Last ok tub Beavers.?It will excite the surprise of many to find, by the following letter, written to the Southern Planter, by Mr. R. Irby. of Nottaway, Va., that beavers atill linger in that State, lie says : "You will deem my situation a very pecu liar one when I tell you that one of the great est hindrances I encounter in keeping my flat land dry is da bis made by beavers. I would not err much in saying that I have had as many us twenty dams on my land, which are rebuilt as fast as I pull them down. The courses of larg* branches have been changed, and the whole flat laud iuundated in some in stances ; and, not sati-ficd with branches, the community has become so l%rge as to put * dam across the river, selecting a rock founda tion, which no freshet will remove. This would not appear so strange if the bank of the river were not cleared ; as it is, there are only a few straggling trees for a mile farther. ? fence offers but little impediment to tfeea, at they toon cut a hole through." kick's classic contributor thinks thai1 wnen a young lady i? offended with a kiss, the only remedy is to give kar another aceording To the theory ?imi!ia; similar?6t<* euranturr Very likely. &HZ CHANGED HER KlYD. There arc Mune persons who are never nick without thinking tnem selves very much worse off thiia they really are. Of thin Haas w*? Mr? Hrakins. a young married lady, and the mother of two fine T><>yg. On one occasion, being visited with a fever, the ovmiequcnoe of imprudent exposure, she gave herself up to the tucUnehely fancies wlwh usually a*Miled her. aud persuaded herself that she ?u goin,; to die. Id conscqucnee of this melancholy pratenti meut she assumed so woe-begone an appear ance that even her medical attendant wm .-tartled into believing that she was really much Wv>r?e, from her sjmptoms than he ha I judged her to be. L uder these circumstance* he advised her to muko what earthly preparation she hud yet to make, while there was time to dw so. Mrs. lla^kins was an affectionate mother, and the thought of parting from her children, to whom she was so warmly attached, at ? thnc when, more than any other, they needed a mother's care, was peculiarly distressing. "Their father will be kind to th<-m. no doubt, and see that they are amply provided fur, but nothing that he oan do will supply t> them thu lobe ut a mother." Gradually the idea of a stepmother sug gested itself to tho lady's imagination, and such was her care for the happiness of her children that she became reconciled to an idea so repugnant to most wives, and actually be* gan to consider who, amoug her acquaintance*, was best titled V< become a second Mrs. Hoe kins. At length her choice fell upon a Miss Par kor, an intimate friend of her own Feeling anxi<>us to have this matter satisfactorily set tled. fhe dispatched a messenger, post-haatr, for Miss Parker, who, alter a brief interval, made her appearance at her friends bedside. " My dear friend." said Mrs. Huskins. in a feeble voice, " I have sent for you for what, p^rhap?# y< u will consider a slight reason. But oclieve me, it is a mother's anxiety for her children that prompts me. I am very sick, aud shall not live long. So the doctor tells me, and iny own feelings tell me that it must be no. The situation in which I shall leave my poor boys, who will thus be deprived of a mother's watchful care, distresses ine beyond measure There is only wr.y in which my anxiety can be relieved, and this it is which has prompted mc to send for you Promise me that when I am gone ywu will marry Mr. Hoskins, and be to them a second mother. Do not refuse me, it is my last request." Desirous of comforting her friend, Mitf Par ker assented to her request, adding: 441 will comply with your request and the more wiiliuglv, lor I always iked Mr. Hoe kins." ?'Always liked Mr. Hoskins!" exclaimed bis dying wife, raiding her.-elf on her elbow, h r fecliigs '?{ C 'i ju a'. je?b<u-y for a moment overpowering maternal affection, ' you always liked my husband, did you * Then I v< w yu shall never marry him. if I have to live to pre vent it. Aiid Mrs. Jloskics did live. The revulsion of feelir.g resulting from Mi<w Parker * unex pected declaration acc omplished, in her c*e*t what the .-kill of phyoicians had been unable to effect. There is an old saying, which, like most old sayings, has in it not a little truth, that "when a woman wills, she will, dopend on t; and when she won't, she won't, end there s an end on't." So it was in the case of Mrs Hoskiife She was determined that if Mr. Hoskins ever does have a second wife, it shall not be Mi.s* Parker. A* IxClDKST?EXPKRIBXCBS I* FeHOOt, Tbachibg?One day I saw a little fellow with his arms about a little witch of a girl, endeav oring, if I interpreted the manifestation; right, to ki>is her. ^ " Tommy," said I, " what are you doiiv thore?" "Nothin", sir,'' spoke the bright-eyed little witch. " he wath tryin' to kith me. that ho wath. thur," and she eyed him keenly. " Why. Lucy, what prompted him to act so ungentleinanly right herein school ?" I usked, anticipating some fun. "Oh! he hithched up here and thed he wantod me to kith him. and I told Mm I wouldn't kith thuch a thumthy boy as he itb: then he thed he'd kith me, and 1 told him h? dathn't, but he thed he would do it. and I told him 1 would tell the mathter if he did, but he thed he didn't care a thnap for the mathter. and then tried to kith me tho hard,"{and the little thing sighed. " Why didn't you tell me, as you said yvu would?" J asked. in a pleasant manner " Oh !" she replied with a natrtc I did n?tf. often see, " 1 diln't care much if he did kith me, and tho I let him " Here the whole school, who had been listen ing. instantly broke out in an uproarious laugh, while our little hero and heroine blush eddeeply.?Cm. Timet Yocxg America m Petticoat* .?The K niek erbocker Magasine tell* the following :?A lit tle girl of scaroe three yammers called in at the house of a newly married couple, neigh bors of mine, and finding the lady a little indisposed, after talking a few ininutea on some other matters, very politely and sympa thetically asked, " Do you think you will aie, Mrr. II"Oh! no. I presumo not now." "What-would you do witn your clothes and furniture, if you should die:* I should let Gorham (her husband) have them " "What would you do with that white bonnet of yours ? I think it is a very pretty bonnet " " I should let Gorbam keep that too." "Perhaps be might marry again!" was the little one s laat query. Wasu t that decidedly " fast?" Mblakcholt Death bt Dbowkixg.?On Wednesday afternoon (the Troy. N. Y., Whig of the 6th instant says) a number of quite small boys were bathing off Fish Island. Be fore they left the water they were joined by four larger boys, including* Charles Perkins The latter party had been in the water but a short time when tbey discovered that two or three of the smaller boys appeared to be struggling in the water and drowning. They immediately went after them, and Perkin* succeeded in bringing two boys to the surface after they had gone down. In this effort Per kins apparently became much exhausted, and was observed to be struggling; and as he let go one of the boy % w bote life he had saved, he himself went down to rise no more. Tha death of young Perkins cast a gloom over a wide circle of acquaintances. Domesticating Dki .ikexxbss.?The Fyra ' ouse Standard says that the quantity of liquor sold in that city, during Monday ana Tuesday was very greats?estimated at not leas thau twnty thousand gallons, which, averaging atone dollar a gallon, would amount to 530,?00. Owing to the demand for cheap liquors being greater than the supply, a larre quantity baa een manufactured, which, of course was vil lainous stuff. What a significant commentary (itexclaims) on the Maine law, and the loud-mouthed pro fessions of its advocates, these facts present! We venture to say that there are not a score of householders in this whole city, who hare not laid in a supply of liquore for future use. Albany Atlas. Tbb Timer i> California?Bants have fal len in California two-thirds in one year, and wageealmoct in proportion. Servant women can get fSO to S30 per month, according to ea paoity and wertb. fS per dasan is now tha standard price for washing. A good dwelling house, lathed and plaaMiad. can now be k?d7 with every convenience for a family, at tiO per month. Food is cheaper in California thau il it in the Atlantic States

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