Newspaper of Evening Star, July 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 10, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WA8HIWOTOir CITY: TUESDAY AFTERNOON.. July 10. AGENTS FOR THE STAR. The following persona are authorized to oon tract for the publication of advertisements in the Star: Philadeipbiar-V. B. Palmbr,N W. ooroer of Third and Chestnut streets. N?w York?S. M Pkttuou-l & Co., Nassau ?trect. . Ike ton?V. B Palmer, Scollay '? Building. Q^ADTBunrfvEHTS should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M , otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. r SPIKIT OF THE MOBimrO PBE88. The Inttlligtnctr republishes a fourth of July oration delivered by General Cass, at Detroit, of which it says: "Besides being, from the characteristic beauty and vigor of expression of the distin guished orator and its patriotic sentiments, ?worthy of being spread before our readers, we think itt due to our elder statesmen, when they come forward on national occasions and speak to their countrymen, away from the topic? and trammels of party, that what they paj should receive the respect of general dis semination and perusal." The Union calls attention to the fact that those journals which in 1852 arraigned Gen. Pierce most vehemently for the Catholic disa bility clause in the constitution of New Hamp shire, are now the most violent persecutors of Catholics and most earnest in their appeals for the introduction of similar disabilities in the organic laws of all the States. Tho same paper thinks that the so-callod Bussian bar barity at Hango and elsewhere, is not to eom pare invandalish ferocity and brutality to that which characterized the conduct of the English along the shores of tho Chesapeake in 1814 ; of which it says: " So monstrous were their deeds that one of the British officers, shocked at the spectacle, compared them to the atrocities which in a bar barous age marked the Danish invasion of Eng land. The burning of houses, the destruction of produce, the cutting cfF of all stragglers, the insult and outrage upon defenceless wo men. their choice pastimes on the Chesapeake, were fitly followed by the destruction of the Capitol and the President's House, and the firing of a vast amount of private property in the American capital. All Christendom exe crated these outrages, and such was the hor ror they excited in England, that Mcintosh, the eloquent statesman and standard historian,* declared in the House of Commons thdt "it wus a succe-s the burning of Washington? winch made our naval power hateful to all Europe, which gave the hearts of the American E;opfe to every enemy who might rise against n^laud; an enterprise which most exaspera t d a people, and least weakened a govern ment. of any recorded in the annals of war." WASHINGTON NEWS AHD GOSSIP. The "Higher Law" in Washington ?There was yesterday laid on the table of the mem bers of the Board of Aldermen, a printed pa per addressed to F. S. Evans, chairman of the election committee, purporting to be an opin ion or advice from Joseph H. Bradley, the Know Nothing counsel to the corporation of "Washington, with reference to the questions in issue in the contests for tho scats from the 1'ourth and Fifth Wards, filled by the perpe tration of frauds on tho 4th of June ult. As this document is too long for insertion in our columns; we extract its pith only. It com mences with the following avowal that our highest c< urt of law?both judges thereof? have declared, a? their opinion, t'aat the natu ralized voters who wero defrauded of their rights in tho late election, were entitled to vote here. Ac. This avowal is as follows: reply t-> y..ur request for my opinion on The 5th section of the charter of 1848, and to ?^Jour question, whether a person must have been naturalized twelve months prior to the day of tho election, to entitle him to vote, it is proper to state that both matters have been very fully discussed before the Circuit Court, and the opinions of two of the judges have been had upon them. No case has arisen in which the court could judicially decide these questions, and what they have said has been perhaps extra-judi cial. Still, as the opinions of judges entitled to great weight and consideration, and whoso province and duty it is to expound the law of ibis district in doubtful eases, they are of more value to you than those of private counsel, and although not in a strictly legal sense oblig atory as would be the judgment of the fame court, pronounced in a cause over which they bad jurisdiction, yet they ought to be followed, if you can do so consistently with your sense Of duty. 1 therefore give you, as I under stand them, the substance of those opinions. 1. Every tree white male person, residing in the city ol Washington on the 31st of Decem ber, iu each year, being twenty-one years of age, whether native, naturalized, or alien, is liable to be assessed for a school tax. 2. If he shall have been omitted, by acci dent or design, he has a right, at any time thereafter, during the next ensuing year, to have his name put upon tho assessment list. 3. If, at the time of the election in June next succeeding, he is a naturalized citizen, and has all the other legal qualifications, he is entitled then, upon his own demand, to be placed on the poll li?t. and on complying with the other requirements of tho chartcr he is entitled to vote. 4. It is not necessary that he should have been naturalized for any certain period of time before he iffers to vote, and it may be Immediately before, and on the same day. These I understand are the propositions contained in the opinion of Judge Dunlop, and in which Judge Morsell expressed his concur rence. They seem to me to cover the whole ground of the questions contained in your letter. , It is, however, my duty to present to you jny own views of these question*, and I do so with the utmost respect tor the opinions thus expressed, and with a profound seusc of the res|>onsibility thus devolved on me. 1 cannot absent to these propositions, except the firpt, and my judgment as to that is not entirely clear. It will bo perceived that the higher judicia] tribunal (in determining the rights of citizens of Washington) than the Uuited States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, 41 cannot assent to these propositions [opinions of the Court delivered in open session?En.] except the first; and my [his] judgment as t) that is not entirely clear!" This individual then goes on to make an ar gument in justification of the action of the Know Nothing election commissioners in de frauding persons of their right to vote, who have been declared by the United States Cir cuit Court for this District to be so entitled. The advice of this attorney is evidently at the bottom of all that was wrongfully done by the Know Nothing commissioners on the day of the election, except, it may be, the reception of the vote of his son by one of the commis sioners. sworn to administer his trust accord ing to law, whom he (the father, sitting as a judge,) knew not to be of the age to vote according to the decision uf the Court. Eva if the counsel for the corporation were a disinterested individual, hit assumption of the right to advise, in his official capacity, the un learned committee-men, members of his score t midnight conspiracy, to *> disregard the ad mitted opinion of our highest court in deter mining the rights of his fellow-citizens, would ftt't ffjtfltPi feip, jg vgj j^g J ment at least, unworthy of holding any plate of trust in this community. But as ha is wall known to be the very head and front of the secret oath-bound political organisation, to carry out whoee ends boards of election com missioners in this city were "packed" with secretly sworn men, all of one side, who resort ed to many illegal and fraudulent shifts to re turn, as elected, the candidates of their oath bound order, his assumption to over-ride with his partisan " opinion'' that of the sworn and highest adjudicators of the law here, passes the point of political management, and becomcs dangerous to the rights and interest* of all among us who have rights and interests which they are endowed with sense enough to value as the rights of American citizenship should be prized. To characterize it as in effect a mere partisan opinion of the most active partisan of tLe secret oath-bound, prescriptive, political organization in our midst, will hardly express our views of it; as, if the opinion of an indi vidual partisan lawyer is to over-ride that of ?ur highest court in this case, why may it not as rightfully have the same authority over other secret oath-bound and "instructed" quasi judges, in the jury-box ? Or, in other words, what need have we of the District of Columbia for courts of law, if their opinion is not to weigh a feather with inferior judges, against that of a member of the bar, noted almost more than any other man in this community for the vehe mence of his partisanship against those de frauded of their rights by the plots concocted in Know Nothing councils, whoso rights the disregarded opinion of the court affirmed ? As lor the part which the corporation coun sel has played throughout this whole affair of Know Nothinglsm, we leave that to tho judg ment of his fellow citizens. They know what outrages of law, decency, propriety and right have been perpetrated in this city, not only in connection with tho recent election, but with the nffairs of the Washington Monument Sxiety, Ac., and they doubtless also know to what points to trace the machinations, bring ing as their result, such disgrace on this com munity as never before marked its history. In conclusion, we have only room to spread before our readers the grounds on which the counsel for the corporation of Washington ad vises his follow members of Know Nothing lodges on tho election committee of the JJoard of Aldermen, to over-ride the opinion of the United States Circuit Court for this District, in older to confirm in their seats his fellow Know Nothings illegally returned thereto: But there remains another question, and one of exceeding nicety and difficulty. I do not think there is great difficulty in the woids of the 5th section of the Charter of 1848, relative to the citizenship of the person claiming to vote, taken alone. But we must take tais, also, in connection with the received construc tion of the same words in the Charter of 1820* and the Circuit Court has said, in the case of Mackall vs. The Corporation of Georgetown, that we may resort to that lor the determina tion ot a question of doubtful powers. The words are, ' Every free white Male citi zen of the L nited States, who shall have at tamed the age of twenty-one years, and shall have resided ini the city of Washington una year, Ac. Who is the person whoso resi dence is thus prescribed? Not every free white male person?nor every free white male resident of Washington?or citizen of Wash ingt.,n~but every free white male citizen of the United States. He must be, duriii" the whole time, not only free?free white?free white male?free white male citizen?but he must be a free white male citizen of tho United States. This is the clear grammatical con struction. It may be said we would thus mako an un yjit discrimination between a native and na turalized citizen, and Cong.ess could not havo lntci.dcd that, and therefore it is not a ju-~t construction. But this not only begs tho ques tion, l ut is not founded in sound reason. A nativj could not acquire the right to vote un less he had tho residence prescribed by the " a.t. It is then putting them both precisely on an equality. A foreigner, notwithstanding his declaration of intention, is still a forciin-er until he is naturalized. It is doing him no lpjuitice to say he shall acquire the same right y residence which a native can acquire, but no higher, or better, or earlier right The grammatical construction and the rea 9 >n of the rule concur in giving this interpre tation, that he must be a citizen of the United States for a whole year next before he offers to vote. But the same words are used in the 5th sec tion of the Charter of 1S20; and under that Charter, as I am informed and believe, the ? jte of every naturalized citizen has been re ceived, if his name appeared, as assessed, on the book-? ol the Corporation for the year end ing 31st December next before the election. The result of my inquiry is? 1. That no man is entitled to vote, unless he ? was returned on the books of tho Corporation during the year ending 31st December next preceding the day of election, as subject to a school tax for that year. 2. That if he is so returned and has the oth er qualifications, is native or naturalized b? fore he offers to vote, his vote ought to bo re ceived. I regret that I have not had time to collate all the passages in the Charter, bcaringon these questions, or to refer to authorities, or even carefully to revise the language of this opin ion. Tfee argument, and the facts on which it rests, and which arc within tho reach of the Committee, are but the abstract in part of what I have lately had occasion to present in the Circuit Court. They did not prevail there and you must take thim for what they appear to be worth. 1 r Thejo views were deliberately overruled by tho court, as being unsound. Yet they are set up by his fellow Know Nothings on the clcc tion cominitlcc, as of more binding cffect in this community, than the action of the Court in the premises. The question remaining is: Have we prac tically a Judiciary here ? Or are the rights of all citizens of this District at the mercy of the Higher Law of Know Nothing lodges in our midst, in which such oaths and obligations are taken, as we published a few dayg since ? Sutlers Claims Against Deserters.?Cer tain sutlers had furnished supplies to soldiers who had deserted, leaving a portion of their pay undrawn. The sutlers requested that their demands might be paid out of the sums ' due the soldiers -t the time of desertion; but the accounting officers rejected tho claim, on the ground that the act of March 3, 1837, took away from the sutler the power to acquire a lien ujK)n a soldier's pay, as well as his right to ap]>ear at tho pay table and ask payment of his demand from tho paymaster; and that as a deserter's pay is forfeited to the United States, the sutler might, with equal propriety, request to be paid his private demand direct ly from the United States Treasury. U. S. Ship Constellation.?The following is a list of officers of the U. S. Sloop-of-war Con stellation, about to be attached to the Medi terranean squadron: Captain?Charles H. Bell; Lieutenant*?Cicero Price, Win. M. Walker, Lardner Oibbon, John P. Bankhead, C. M. Fauntleroy; Surgeon?John A. Lockwood; As sistant surgeon?Wyatt M Brown; Purser John Jjhnson; Master?Richard L. Law; Passed midshipmen?Edward T Spedden, 0, t Stanton. Franklin Shepperd; Midshipmen ?Philip Porcher, R. W M. (Irahan, T McK k * ^ Eugene Mack; Carpenter?John Jarvis; Sail, maker?Franeis Boom. The officers are ordered to report at _Norft>lk on the 25th of July. Wineveh.?To day, our familiar spirit sends Ua something of a variety?tho beginning of a list of the most active and efficient officers and members of a secret-proscriptive-oath-bound ! political-society existing all over the country of which Nineveh was the political metropolis. Our kind and laborious familiar spirit has dis covered in tho catacombs under the ruins of the ancient and venerated city, tho copy of the lift sent to that burgh from the commercial em I p^rium of the country, in the fall of the year 1H54, B. C. It is in the handwriting of a per son known in thoso days as C. H. Deshler, who signed himself as Secretary of the Grand Coun cil of the United States of North America. The purpose of sending tho list to Nineveh was to inform the brethren of that ancient city who wero most to be confidcd in over the country as octivo workers in the cause, in furtherance of which, they had sworn, at midnight, to de stroy tho Constitution under which they lived. We, to-day, give a few of tho names found on the list, as follows : J. W. Barker, President Grand Council U. S. N. A. W. F. Chapman. Secretary of State Council of New York. J. H. Lyon, of Jersey city, President of State Council of New Jersey. J. A. Nichols, of Newark. Corresponding Secretary of State Council of New Jersey. J. S. Ditinan, of Newark, Recording Secre tary of State Council of New Jersey. Hon. W. A. Newell, of Allentown, N. J. J. Cocks, Esq., of Trenton, N. J. A. Livingston, of Trenton, N. J. I>r. W. H. Rossell, of Trenton. N. J. Dr. W.M. Whitehead, of Elizabethtown, N. J., (editor.) J. S. Cameron, New Brunswick. N. J., (ed itor.) ' v E?Sfr?' Arlington, N. J., (editor ) v r A^<,Ck'wurl?gt0I1^N- J ' (editor.) N. C. Arthur, Wheeling, \a., Correspond ing Secretary of State Council of Western \ irgima. Clinton, of Grenada, Miss., deputy for ! Mississippi. r R. Gray, of Covington, Ky , deputy for Ton- I nessee. C. W. Slack, of Boston, Mass., (a trump.) S. J. N. Smith, of New Orleans, (full of I energy.) Rev. R. Westbrook, (Secretary of tho Amer ican bunday School Union,) Philadelphia. The "deputies" noted above?so say the records of the Order which our familiar spirit lias placed in our possession?wero persons au thorized and enjoined to get up Councils in the States set opposite to their names. We "hall continue this list for perhaps a day or two. and then leave it, to go on with the puh lication of tho lists of dwellers in and fr? | quenters of the ancient city of Nineveh 2.70* years ago. Only think of it, reader ! The Contested Elections?for scats in the 1 Board of Aldermen, were not disposed of yes terday afteruoon, as was anticipated from what passed on the subjcct in their chamber nt the last previous meeting. The Know Nothing majority of the Board merely reported a reso lution affirming that Samuel C. Busey, the Know Nothing incumbent from the Fifth Ward, is entitled to his present place in the Board, and the said report was laid over until Monday next, to afford the anti-Know Nothing member of the committee an opportunity to make his minority report, tho free use of the papers in tho caso to that end, having been denied him up to that time. The Know Nothing majority of the Committee expressly declined giving any < reason for the opinion to which they profess to havo arrived, contenting themselves with sim ply affirming that they kad come to the conclu sion embodied in the report. With refcrcncc to this fact, we need hardly remark that few men of common sense, who know how earnestly an xious for office under the present National Ad ministration P. M. Pearson, a Know Nothing member of this committee, was, ere he became a Know Nothing when no such office fell to his lot, how loving he was towards Catholic Pat and infidel lians in tho old Jackson Democrat ic Association of this city, until it turned out that that coursc would not procure for him tho. desired office under tho General Government, and how active and efficient members of tho the secret political society which requires oaths of fidelity to its purposes and of devotion to its interests and those of its members above and beyond any other possible obligation, the ma jority of this committee arc?how those, we say, who know theso facts, ever expected that any sort of testimony would extract from them a report in favor of tho contc?t antt, is more than wc can easily imagine. If such a thing was ever dreamed of, we ad vise the credulous individual to peruse the' ritual of the Know Nothing order, and, then, tho testimony in the famous Lowell oasi, wherein a Know Nothing witness avowed that the obligations lie had assumed as a member of the order compelled him even to perjure himself in tho witness stand, when tho inter ests of the order so required. Wc may not inappropriately add here, that dread oi the comments of tho Star upon such apologies as would necessarily be made for the report in question, had it been attempted to justify it, evidently formed the reason why no such cfl'ort was essayed?as F. S. Evans, the K;jow Nothing chairman of the election com mittee, declared, in tho few remarks he made, that he had refrained from accompanying the report with a scratch of a pen, as he knew that whatever he might say in justification of it would forthwith be distorted or misrepresented to the public. Such was the substance, if not the letter, of what he said. We rejoice that tho Star is such a terror to evil-doers, and only regret t.iat it has not the power to prevent such outrages on common honesty as frauds in elec tions, destruction of the property of the Wash ington Monument Society, combinations to pro scribe persons engaged in lawful business, swearing to commit perjury in courts of justice where that may be necessary to carry out the ends of the Know Nothing lodges in this city, and many other infamous acts to destroy the operation of the religious equality clause in the Constitution of the United States, which men concoct, in these times, in the darkness and secrecy of midnight. Gen. Washington's Sniff-Box ?We had the opportunity of seeing Gen. George Wash ington s "Snuff-Box.'' which was presented to him by some of the English nobles, as a token of their love and respect for him as a great and a good man. It is one of the queerest contrivances that we ever beheld. It is said that very large sums of money have been of fered for it since Washington's death; but it was impos.?ible to purchase it any price. [Hel/sttille (///.) Advocate, July 4. Singular Bequest.?An old lady named Brown, who died at Needbam last winter, left a will bequeathing the bulk of her property, between five and six thousand dollars, tj be expended in enlarging, beautifying and adorn ing the grave-yard at West Needham. The decoosed had been a resident of the town for upwards of seventy-five years ?borrow Trav J GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georoxtows, Jaly 10. 18M. The philosophical exhibition at the George town College, yesterday afternoon, was well attended, and the young gentlemen of the elactt evinced by their composition that they hod been no laggards in the speculative fields of philosophy. At the conclusion of the dis cission, an interesting *ene occurred, which we did not see announced in the programme. Mr. R. Comb* stated that the class in philoso phy had, on the 20th of June, resolved to give some testimonial of their oiteom to the Rev. Prof. Ardia. as an able teacher, and one well worthy of rospoct and esteem, and had depu tised A. 11. Loughborough to perform the pleasing task, which he did in a masterly and feeling manner, and was responded to by the reverend professor in a manner which will not soon be forgotten by the young gentlemen of tho class. The memento consisted of the works of Shakspeare, in four volume*, beautifully bound, with tho names of the members of the philosophy class for 1855, neatly inserted on a blank leaf in front. This morning the exhibition hall of this noble old institution wns again crowded \rith a bril liant audience of ladies and gentlemen, some from almost all sections of the country, to wit ness the winding up of the scholastic yoar. And doubtless all present will ugree with us when we say that the exercises throughout were of no ordinary character, but such as to do last ing honor to the young gentlemen who partici pated in them, and reflect credit upon every instructor and manager of this time-honored college. Never before have we seen so deep an intercut taken in one of iu Commencements, and such a general desire among our citizcns to be present. Our limits will not permit us to publish the programme of exercises. However, they com prised the delivery of eloquent addresses, on various interesting subject?, the intervals being occupied with music. The ceremonies conclu ded with graduation and the distribution of premiums. Tim degree of M. D. was conferred on the following gentlemen : Jos. C. B. Clark, Mo.; Joseph A. Smith, Md.; Louis Sour, D. C.: J. Grey Jewell, Mim.; J. Edward Willett, Md.; Charles R. Queen, D. C.; Johnson V. D. Mid dleton, D. C.; O. A. Dailey, D. C.; Michael R. Shvne, D. C. The degree of A. M. was conferred on the following: John 11. O'Neil, Ohio; Edwin F. King. Texas; Jos. P. Callaner, N. Y.; Bene dict J. Semints.Md.; Jesse F. Cleveland, S. C.; Geo. W. Fulincr, Ind. The degree of A. B. was conferred on the following students : Rich'd H. Gardiner. Md.; Frank Water", Ky.; Alex. II. Loughborough, O. C.; Alfred F. llullihen, Va.; Alphnnse Beencl, La.; Robert C. Comb?. Md.; Hugh J. Gaston. N. C.; Manfred F. llullihen, Va.; Leopold L. Annant. La.; John F. Boone, D, C.; Manuel Garcia Zuniga, Uruguay; Emile M. Tauzin. La.; Wm. II. Gwynn. Md.; James M. Spellissy, Ireland ; Edmund P. Z inc. Va.; Fhos. Killeen. N. Y.; John McAuley, N. Y.; John O'Brien, N. Y.; Joseph Woode, N. Y.; Orestes Brownson, jr., Ind. Waut of time and space prevents us to-day from noticing the many rich and handsome awards of merit which weiJ bestowed upon the students, at the close of the exercises, by the excellent president of the institution, Rev. B. A. Maguire. The house of Mr. John Hawkins, on High street, was entered by thieves a few nights "go. and robbed of some S150 in money. The | villains effected an entrance by broaking open one of the windows in the basement. We learn that suspicion fastens itsrtf very strongly upon a oouplc of a youths, who have >ince been seen in possession of considerable quantities ol spccic. Mr. II. is a [>oor man and illy able to lose so large a portion of his hard earnings. At 9 o'clock to-morrow morning the exhibi tion, and distribution of premiums, at Trinity Institute, (Mr. Hunter's,) will take place. And the distribution of premiums, and exer cii*es in music, at tho Indies' academy, at the Convent of tho Visitation, at half past three o'clock. The flour market this morning is firm at *9.75 f?.r standard brands. Salon altogether to home trade, since our last, of several hun dred barrels at the above price. No grain of any kind arriving. Spectator. The cver-nctive and restless power of thought, if not employed about what is ?o<>d. will naturally and unavoidably engender evil. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGE' merits of the National Celebration of the 1 ourlh of J uly Hive from each Ward) are request ed to meet at Harmony Hall THIS (Tue.Miay) E VENING, the loth instant, at S o'clock. jy 10?it 8f-^2,ADJOrRNED M E E T I N G ?TH E members of the Sixth Presbyt'n Church and all persons interested in the snccess of the gospel in that portion of our city, will meet in the session rooni of the church at 7 k o'clock THIS EVENING. The Rev. Mr. Sunderland will pre side over the nieoting. Punctual attendance of the members is earnestly requested Uy order of THE TRUSTEES, jy 10?It jjK^THK WASHINGTON HIGIILAND crs \*<r leave to inform their friends and the public generally that they will give their tirst Annual Excursion and lMcNtctothe Wnite House Pavilion on THURSDAY, Atfust Jd, lfe35. The Steamer George Washington havin-r 1>een procured for the day will leave \V ashinirton at 9 a. in., and 2 p. m Particulars in future advertisement. The members of the Company are requested to be punctual in attendance at thesr armory Thurs day evening next. G. W. FLOOD, See. jy 10?it# r^THF, MONTGOMERY GUARDS re spectfullv announce to their friends and the public generally that they will give their third Annual Excursion on THURSDAY, the 2d day of August next. Further particulars in future advertisement. The members of the company are requested to attend a special meeting on TUESDAY EVEN ING, the loth instant. jy 9 ?ft -?^THE ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT of the Georgetown College will take plare on TUESDAY, July loth, at 9 o'clock a. m. On Monday, the 9th instant, the members of the grad uating Class will deliver lectures on various sub jects of Moral Philosophy, at 5 o'clock p. m. The public are respectfully invited to attend on both occasions. B. A. MAGUIRE, Pres. jy 6?3t *-~a,GRAND PIC NIC OF THE iCST MEIIRY BACHELORS, To the White House Parilion, JULY 30, 1 ?33. Particulars In future advertisement. jy 7?St* I IT AS STOLEN FROM MY TRUNK BE ? ? tween the 3d and 9th instant, a small Brass Hox, containing a Porte Monnaie with !f61 and son e receipts. The money consisted of three g-20 gold pieces, and four Mexican dollars. 1 hereby give notice to the woman who committed the rob lmrv to return the money forthwith, or I shall pro ceed to prosecute her to the extent of the law. If ' the same is returned within three days there will be nothing more said, thereby savingher charac ter from exposure. JOHN F. STREEKS. jy 10?It# Lost?on Monday afternoon, in going from 1. ?>etween fith and 7th streets, to George Harvey's Paint Shop, on H. between 7th and Hth street*, a Gold Watcn, detached lever, li! jewels, made bv Tnhi?? , .. uwu, ucuicucu lever, jewels, nia?te by Tobias, with a common steel chain and a nrass key attached. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at JAS. F HARVEY'S, No. 410 Seventh, bet. G and H streets. jy_10?2t# C REWARD.?Ranaway from the sub scriber on the Slst June, a black BOV, named Lewis, calls himself Lewis Fenton. Lew is is about 13 years old, stout built, sour counteu ance, and thick lips. It is likely he is gone in a vessel, either a wood craft or sand boat. 1 will give the above reward if delivered to me In Wash ington city, corner of 6th and E streets. Island, or secured in jail so that I can get him again, jy 10-3t# HUGHLEDDV. Aq REWARD.?Ranaway from the subscri SpO ber on the 4th instant, a negro BOY named Pompey, about twelve years old. Pompev is very black, and when spoken to holds his head down He went oft' in his shirt sleeves, wore a pair of blue pants, and an old whitish furred hat. 1 will f;ive the above reward if taken and brought home o me. Pompey has been seen at the railroad of fice on the arrival of the cars, and very frequently on both sides of Pa. avenue, bathing in the canal, Jackson Alley, 6th and 7th streets, Ac E. H EDELIN, corner G and 5th eta, near City Jail jvjo?at* G JOS. W. DAVIS, ROCER AND PEA DEALER, corner of 9th and E streets, oilers, at the lowest prices, Pre serving Sugars; Java, Maracaibo, Laguayra, and Kio Coffee; Claret, Sherry, and Madeira Wines, *c. OFFICIAL. Frmmklin Pierce, Fr**i4tmt of tkt Umit*d States of Amtriea, to all trhom it may content: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that J. B. IltRjxshas been appointed consul of the Hanse&tic Town Lubeck, for the State* of Pennsylvania. New Jersey ?nd Delaware, I do hereby recognize him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and privileges as arc allowed to the consuls of the most favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof 1 have caused these letters to be made patent, and the teal of the United States to lie hereunto affixed Given under mv hand, at the city of Washing ton. the Tih dav of July. A. D. 1SS5. and [l. s.J of the independence of the United States of America the eightieth. ? . _ franklin pierce. By the President: W. L. M arct, Secretary of State. While .many of our merchants are complaining of d.ill times aud tell us they hare more clerks than customers, ti FRANCIS, 4f0 Seventh street, is rapidly selling off every thing in the way of Housekeeping Hardware, and al ways gets the money. He think* the times are certainly improving The truth is. he sells low, and the people are beginning to understand it* If good articles, low prices, and every eflort to please will suit purchasers, he is determined that his customers shall be satisfied. jv lu $190?PROCLAMATION !JJ TO THE PRESIDENT AND THE PEOPLE I! ROF. CHARLES DeGRATH, of Phitadrl ~ J>?,ia:_has *ent an on with his celebrated "ELECTRIC OIL, who will apply It to anv severe case, at the National Hotel, and will forfeit S100 if he cannot cure every case of Rhevmatism. Netralgja, Nervocs. Spiral and Bronchial Complaints. Salt Rhecm. Ertcipelas,Scro fula. SWELLED CiLAXDS, STIFF Jo1*TS.PaL PiTATios, Broken Breast, Sorxs. Bcrxs and Paixs of all kinds, Ac. Come and see. Have you heard of the wonderful cures made in Baltimore ?. People come from 50 to 100 miles to see the Doc tor in Philadelphia, and he cures them Come and see Prof. C. DxGRATH, 39 south Eighth street, Philadelphia. Light shall again the faded eye illume, And rosy health the pallid cheek resume; The infant moaning on its mother's breast Shall fondly play, or smiling sink to rest. jy l(i?it* PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Department of the Interior, ? Washington, July 9, IS55. \ OF.ALKD PROPOSALS for furnishing the sta ? ^ tionery of this department for one year, ending the 15th August. 1.-56. will be received until 3 ? P on l'ie ^lay of August next Those unaccompanied by satisfactory testj mo n .als of ability to fulfil a contract will not be con sidered. All the articles must lie of the very best quality samples of which must accompany the bids : and the department reserves the right to retain such samples and f>ay for the same at the price* stated in the olfer, or return them, at its option Each proposal must lie signed by the individual or firm making it, and must specify a price, and but one price, for each and every article named in the schedule. Should articles be required not enu merated, they are to be furnished at the lowest market priees according to quality. All the articles to lie furnished and delivered without delav when ordered, and to the satisfac tion of the head of the office for which they are re quired. ' The department reserves to itself the right of or dering a greater or less quantity of each and every article contracted for, as the public service may re quire. 7 Bonds, with approved security, to be given bv the person or persons contracting; and in case of a failure to supply the articles, the contractor and his sureties shall lie liable for the forfeiture speci tied in *u<;h t>oiid as liquidated dania^et Hie subjoined list spec ifies, as nearly as now can be done, the quantity and description of the arti cles that will lie wanted, viz: 15 ream* folio nost. satin or plain finish, faint lined, and trimmed, to weigh not less than 1? lbs., per ream 50 reams foolscap, hand-made, faint-lined, and trimmed, to weigh not less than la lbs , per ream 10 reams foolscap, plain, machine, faint-lined, and trimmed, to weigh not less than 12 lbs., per ream 10 reams foolscap, blue laid, hand-made, faint lined. garden pattern, commonly known a? despatch or consular laper, to weigh not less than Hi lbs., per ream 150 reams quarto post, hand-made, plain, faint lined three sides, per ream 125 reams quarto port, machine, plain, faint lint d four sides, per ream 5 reaius quarto post, hand-made, plain, faint lined four sides>, per ream 5 reams quarto j>ost, French, faint-lined three sides, per ream 15 reams note paper, gilt, per ream, large size 5 reams note |>a|ier. plain, per ream, large size lit reams note paper, gilt, per ream, small sire 5 reams note paper, plain, per ream, small size 120 reams envelope paper, yellow or butt, royal per ream 60 reams envelope paper, flat cap, white or blue per ream 10 reams large brown envelope, per ream 20 reams blotting paper, roval. per ream *25 dozen patent blotting paper. per dozen 20 sheets drawing paper, antiquarian, per sheet 25 sheets drawing paper, double elephant per sheet 1 50 sheets drawing paper, elephant, per sheet 50 sheets tracing paper, largest size, French, per sheet ?21 sheets drawing paper, royal, per sheet 5.0OO binders board*. 6j(|' by 10]^ inches, per M 450 dozen cards Perry's tiest metallic pens, per dozen cards ?250 dozcu cards of all other manufacture In use. per dozen cards 40 gro*s metallic pens, per gross 15,000 quills, No. -0. per M W dozen ever-point?-d pencils, silver, per dozen 10 dozen ever-pointed silver desk pencil", with rosewood handles, per dozen 10 gross of leads for ever-pointed pencils, as sorted sizes, per gross 75 dozen Contee's best black-lead pencils, grad tiated. per dozen 100 dozen Monroe's or other manufactured, grad uated. per dozen 10 dozen rea-lcad pencils, per dozen 3 dozen drawing pencils, assorted, per dozen '20 dozen folders, ivory, 9-inch, j>er aozen 60i> dozen red linen tajie, assorted, per dozen 60 dozen silk ta--te. assorted colors and widths. in hanks, per dozen 2 dozen pounce boxes, of ivory, per dozen 1 dozen jKiunce boxes, of cocoa, per dozen 20 dozen paper weights, assorted, per dozen I dozen quarto portfolios, with locks 1 dozen cap portfolios, with locks 1 dozen cap portfolios, without locks 5 dozen liest gold pens, with silver cases, per dozen , 12 dozen sand boxes of cocoa, per dozen 10 dozen sand 1 nixes of tin, per dozen 15 dozen wafer-stands, or boxes, cocoa, per dozen 25 dozen erasers. Rodgers A Son's, ivory han dles. genuine, per dozen 30 dozen penknives, Rodgers A Son's, four blades, buckhorn handles, genuine, jier dozen 5 dozen desk knives, Rodgers tc Son's, one blade, ivory handles, genuine, per dozen 6 dozen wafer slantps, ivory handles, per dozen 5 dozen wafer stamps, lignum-vlue handles. per dozen 1 dozen office shear*, 11 inches, per dozen 4 dozen office scissors, per dozen 12 dozen inkstands, Draper's patent, movable tops, per dozen 4 dozen inkstands, cast iron, large, double, per dozen 2 dozen inkstands, cast iron, large, single, per dozen 600 bottles ink, black. Maynard A Noyes's, in bottles, per quart 75 bottles ink. black. Cooper A Phillips's, or anal, per quart es ink. red, Arnold's or equal, in K-pint liottles. per bottle 120 bottles carmine ink, small 6ize, French, or equal, per bottle bOOOO wafers, large red, for office seals, per >1 100 pounds wafers, common size, red, pr pound 150 pounds sealing-wax, best extra superfine. scarlet, per pound 50 pounds sealing-wax, snperfine. per pound 15 pounds sealing-wax, black, per pound 40 pounds India rubber, prepared, per pound 5 pounds India rubber, unprepared, per pound 300 quarts black sand, per quart 150 ounces pounce, per ounce 1 dozen India ink, best, per dozen 2dozen camel's hair pencils, assorted, per dozen 2 dozen sable pencils, assorted, per dozen 1 dozen Osborn's best water colon, per docctr cakes 400 pounds twine, linen, per pound 11*1 pounds twine, cotton, per pound 50000 pocket envelopes, of white or yellow paper of the following sizes, vix: ek by 3k in ' per hundred * !??*">?. 30000 pocket envelopes, letter size 6dozen rulers, mahogany, round or flat, per dozen ' 2 dozen lignum vita, round, per dozen 5 pounds sponge, best, per pound 10 pounds gum arabic. best, per pound 10UJ white card envelopes, plafn, per hundred 5000 small size white note adhesive envelopes, per hundred 5000 DQtc adhesive envelopes, per, p? buadiei P * GRAND VOCAL AKD nrSTBUHDTTAL C01TCI*T, T<J b? given for the Benefit of 8t. Vinoent'? A St Joseph'* Orpku Asylum, AT CARUSI'S 9ALOOIt. Ob THURSDAY KVENIJi?,l?lf ItUu PROGRAMME?f a*t I. 1. Overture?Norma (full orchestra) Bellini 4. CboriH? Roanini 3. Soprano Solo?Charity Glower 4. ((uartetie?Bianco e Faliero Rossini 5 S?prano Solo?An' non Credea Bellini ?. Song?Tli*' King of the Sea . Ran?fo??d 7. Soprano Solo ....Doniietti 8. Solo aitd chorus?Anna IMena Doniiettl rtir ii. 1< Overture?Groves of lllarney (foil oecbe^ra) 4. Soprano Solo. Zln^wlll .1. Violin Solo?Air. with variation*... .Meyseder 4. Soprano Solo?Annie Laurie 3, Trio. w Mcrcadanti 6. Soprano S<?lo?Eckect's Svriw Song 7. Solo and Chorus? Kltsirc d'Amore . .Donixetti 8. Finale (full orchestia) Tickets 5?> cents?to be had at John P. Kill*'* Music Store, and at the door on the evening of the concert. floor* open at 7 o'clock?Concert to begin at **. The Piano to be used on the occasion Is of the manufacture of Hallet. Davis A Co , and has been kindly loaned from J F. Ellis's Mimic Store, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth street* The use of the Saloon has been kindly given by Mr. Carusi without charge. jy 7?STuTh The lady who pirchascd two fine Feather Fan* on Friday, the 6th instant, from a Fancy Goods Store, between 1Mb and l?h streets, on Pennsylvania avenue, in respectfully in formed that the note she gave in part payment b?s been ascertained to be a counterfeit. and as in all probability she obtained it in exchange wMlst making previous purchases, she can remember from whom she took it, we trust she will coma forward and relieve us of it. jy 9?-3t Lost, on sati rday morning, be i tween the Northern Liberties' Market-bouse and Ricbey's Fancy Store on 7th street, a gold Breastpin, containing a daguerreotype likeness of a gentleman Anv one leaving the same at tkla office will be rewarded. Jy ~ LAND WARRANTS. LAND Warrants wanted at the highest rates by KLLLLR A McKENNEY, 15th street, opposite the Treasury. jy 9?lm? CHILDREN'S WHEELBARROWS and Rocking lion*-*. Jumping Ro|ies. Whips and Canes, with a general assortment of Tovs for tale cheap at LAMMOND S. 7th St. Jy t*?3t CARRIAGES. I HAVE on hand some handsome light and con venient family Carriages and Bug-cJfHKA, gies. A two horse Carriage and Ex press Wagon Those desirous of purchasing any of the above described articles cheap will do well to call on the subscritier immediately, as I am de termined to sell low for cash, or on accommodat ing terms. All work warranted. Repairing done at the shortest notice and in the most approved manner. 8. FLYNN, No. 2U5Dst.,bet 13th and 1'kh, jy ???lm opposite the Kirkwood House. FIFTY DOLLARS-REWARD For the apprehension of my boy Jeff Fauntleroy. who absconded from my house about the *>th of June, 1W55. He is about 5 feet b inches in height, cop per colored, has a fine open countenance when spoken to. Had on when last seen, blue frock coat, metal buttons, black cloth pants and patent leather shoe*, blue cloth cap. I will give the above reward if taken in the town or county of Al exandria. and S1UU if taken beyond ihat GEORGE SNYDER, Jy P? Alexandria, Ya. NOTICE. THE duties of my Academy will be resumed September IsAi. The number of Pupils is limitol to twent) -live. Parents or guardians who desire to avail themselves of the privilege of put ting their sous or wards uuder inv direction and government, will please apprise tlie undersigned before the commencement of the next scholastic year, and places shall be- reserved for them The terms will be s?12 do per quarter of eleven weeks, for which sum instruction will be given in all the brandies usually taught in schools of a high grade in l?oth the Mathematical and Classical De partments. French and Drawing Mill be an extra charge. The services of the best Instructors in the above branches will be secured T W SIMPSON, No. 101 West street. Georgetown, D. C. Jy 7?it SEWING MAC III NE AGENCY. THE undersigned. having been appointed sole Agent for the sale of Wheeler, Wilson A Co's Sewing Machines in the District of Columbia, re spectfully notifies the public that he is prepared to furnish any number that mav be ordered at short notice, ar.d to guarantee the instruction* that mav be necessary to enahlethe purchasers to work them to their entire satisfaction, a ad to keep them in perfect order. These admirable machines, having uniformly received the highe>t premiums wherever tbe\ have been exhibited, can be ? onfidently relied on to do all the varieties of fa>nily sewing, as well as those of tailors, clothiers, shirt makers, mantuamakers Ac. * As these Machines have l*-en successfully and satisfactorily u>ed by several families in this city for some months past, to whom the advertiser can refer those who may desire further information in regard to them, he deems the high reputation which they sustain iu the Northern cities now ful ly established here also. The price for a Machine, complete in all respects has been reduced to $1UU. P J. STEER Washington Place, Seventh street. Jy 7?3tawJw < OAL, LI HBER, *e. ]\TOW landing a cargo of superior egg and store size White Ash Coal On hand, a full assortment of all kinds t?f Lum ber. Also. Calcined Plaster, RosendaleCement, Lime aud White Sand. All of which will be sold on reasonable terms. ^ ?rd on First street, near the we*t gate of the Capitol . JOHN Pl'RDY. jy 7?3t ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON BOATS. TMIE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave at the following hour*. _ ?.?,' ? ^ Fare ItU cents. The THOMAS COLLYER, wh^' not Jhe? ways engaged, will make trips on the route at al ternate hours. an^eave Washington at 6, 8, 9fc, 11*, **, 4, 5*, 6 Leave Alexandria at 7, 9, 19*, 1 *, , 4 %, and P? S.?The Boat will leave Alexandria at 1 ? p. m . or immediately on the arrival of the cars. Jy7?d JOB CORSON. Captain. STRA\ ED OR STOLEN from the neighbor hood of the Catholic Bnrial Grouud on North Capitol street, a grey Horse, with little black spots being marked near the fore leg with a scar. I will give So if returned to me on O. betw 4th and 6th sts.. or information left so that I can get him jy 7? CHARLES STOCKA. Bank of Washington, July 8, 1SJ*. THE Trustees of this Rank have this day de clared a dividend of three per cent, out of the profits of the Bank for the last six months, payable to stockholders on demand. jy6?3t JAS ADAMS, Cashier. UTRAYl'.D OR STOLEN from the subscri *3 ber. Mickael Munt/, a dark bay Mare. No further particulars can be given, but the sign of the cart and har ness. A few white l.aii- on the butt her tail: aged about 12 \es?rs. Any person giving intelligence will Ik* liberally rewarded AdoIv to MICHAEL MLNTZ, No 021 G street jy G?3t? A MEEICAN HOTEL. No. 466 Pa atmue, 4* and 6tk ttretU, S. HEFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETT, rsoraictoR*. jy??6m J" R*,TI^e and hoTse. FIRNISH1NG GOODS?Very Cheap! rpHE Subscribers M ould call the attention of the n i P". . ^act tliat they are "ellingssa their Goods at greatly reduced prices, ana purchasers will i?d that they can save at fpl aK? 5*' Pfr cent by giving us a call. Our ? T ' article (both new and second im^Store111^* a COInP^ete llouse-Furnish ^urnitnee bought or exchanged. Repairing andVarnishingpromptlr attended to. BONTSrA COOMBS, Cheap t umiture Dealers, No %9 7th at . . Jyft?lw between I and if f ICE?ICE?ICE! CHARLES WERNER on Pa. avenue oono site Browns' Hotel, will keen, througboutthe season, an ample sapply of Pettibooe'a bewt ICR which he wifl sell, on call, in any Quantities u the lowest possible rates. may 2^?Sep? NAILS?NAILS!?soo kegs, assorted sizes for ??l&. CAMpSLLTcOvTi ue Ruuntn ?a? SCHl'TTER fc KAHLERT A RTISTS, FRESCt>, DECORATIVF sn<(

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