Newspaper of Evening Star, July 10, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 10, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAB. ("From the Philadelphia Sunday Mercury ] TO XT FELLER CITIZENS. 0!f LICK** 1ITSIIII'. I sang about the "Skwlrt" lately In stravnes that tuck; And now I tewn my harp To uther subjecs. The greatest evil of the day Is drfnkin' licker ; And 1 rayse my warnin' voice To all ray feller citizens, To warn them of their danger. There's hardly e young feller About this town out loves To take a soshel horn, and Sometime* too, thev get upon a bust And break things all to smashes. Now doin' so is what I want to make 'em Quit, For jest as shure as tney j Keep on, they'll waist tnelr Time and rnunny, and prehapa Injur their helth. Thar's an old feller Reals about the strete* Most evry day, that cusses Dr- tie, and its licker Makes him do it. Now ef You don't intend to do as he does, You mast quit coin' to The grocerysand imbybin', Or you may get to be like him. "A HIGH OLD FOURTH OF JtLT."?The Alba. ?y Knickerbocker says: "Anong the gentlemen who went In for a 'high oi?l Fourth of July,' was a man by tho name of Snyder, of Sohcnectady. Mr. 8. left home for Albany with a new suit of clothes and forty dollars in money. He returned with no money at all, and a pair of nine-shilling breecncs. which ?>iiic body got him to put on to 'run a race with;' Mr. 8. being, as his friend alleged, 'too heavy for speed' with his own pantaloon*. Mr. S. says ue docs not care for bis money, but he should very much like to see theui trousers again'?cause why, in Ike right-hand pooket is a letter from his 'Betsy Ann.' which he would not lose for a 'world of gold framed in with alabaster.' " Many years ago. not far off. a certain justice war* called to jail to liberate a worth less debtor, by receiving his oath that he was not worth five dollars. 44 Well, Johnny," said the Justice, as he entered, " can you swear that you are not worth five dollars, and never will be ?*' " Why,'" answered the other, rather chn grinnod at the question, '? lean swear that I am not worth that sum at present." " Well, well." returned the justice, "I can swear to the rest?so step forward Johnny." Maryland Harvest?Our exchanges in the counties continue to bring us favorable re ports concerning the crops. The Howard Ga xettte states that harvesting is nearly over in that county and adds: "The harvest home' is more abundant than has been known for years past." Tbo Annapolis Republican gives in three line?. the ?'harvest nearly completed" in that cour .y, and the promise ofa "fineyield." r^' One of the curiosities to be sent from 1'r.igue to the Paris Exhibition is a mite of jewelry, consisting of 1?,000 garnets, which vary iu dimensions from the smallest site to suoh larger ones as are to longer to be met with in the trade. Added to the garnets are 6.000 other stones, and the workmanship is said to be as exquisite as unique. . & A beautiful thought this which we find in one of our exchanges : " If there is a man who can eat his bread in feaco with God and man, it is the man who as brought that bread out of the earth. It is cankered by no fraud, it is wet by no tears, it is stained by no blood. Gbxkral Shields a Farmer.?Qcn. Shields pays iu a late litter to a friend, whioh we have been permitted to see, that he is farming a settlement about fifty miles from St. Paul, oa the highway to St. Peters, where he expect? *>oon to have one of the best settlements in the territory.?Chicago Frets, July 4. , The uniform of the colored soldiers of Liberia, as prescribed by President Robert.-, must make a spleudid show in contrast with ebony. It is yellow leather gaiters, from the ankle to the knee; red cloth pantaloons down to the gaiters; iron-gray cloth short ooats, with' Ted facings ; blue cloth waistcoat*, and red felt caps with blue strings. JjPAn Irishman who had been fined sever al weeks in euccesaion for getting drunk, cool ly proposed to the judge that he should take him by the year at a reduced rate. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAS STEAMERS. Same. Leaves For Day. Hermann....Southampton..New York ...June'JO America Liverpool Boston J une 23 Pacific Liverpool New York...June30 North Star. ..Havre New York.... J une 30 Ariel New York.... IhLVTB JuneSl) Union New York.....HaVre June3U Asia Boston Liverpool J uly 4 Arago Southampton.. New York.... J uly 4 Baltic New Yorx Liverpool July 11 Hermann New York Bremen. July 14 d7" The California steamers leave New York on the 5th and iuih of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. National Uetel? x n. wauil. W M Dodge, NY J Oakos, NY Mrs Kingston, do R Martin, do Mr Florentine, do Mrs R Young, Pa il W Marshall, do B Grisl, NC 1) M Buliard. Mass C Kelly, Po C Cartee, U9N Mrs Kelly, do R W Harper, Md Mrs Russell, do C A Peters. NY Miss A Kelly, Md J C Taylor. Va Mast Kelly, do J B Fitigerald, Md T E Williams, do Rrowns' Hotel?i. r. A m. brows. N A Wallace. NJ J B Lancaster. Pa R H Kuhn, Va H Wilton, 111 It T Page, do P B Garesche, Mo M Cohen. Md L Decke. Md C E Wort ham and lady, W Blake, NY V a A Blakemore, do J A Hunt A ladv, NY J Smith A lady. Del H L Zeuicha, lady and W S Thomas, Va sister, Pa Miss Thomas, do 11 L White Miss Williams, do W M White II V Young. Md E Vance & family, Va Miss M A Kirk, do Willards' Hotel?h.a. A J. c. willard. Col T C Hye. NY W H Baker, I* P M Baker, do J A Rockwell, Ct P R Camngton, Va II W Barlow, Pa A II Cole, fla J C Devareux, NY O DuBois, La BD Daniels, Md J W Allen. O J C Jenkins, do Lt Col Hardee, I S*. H McCrea. Pa Col Bennett, do L Lopex, do Lt Col Johnston, do D H Clinch, Ga W Burgovne. NY R Anderson. USA TARosi.'NC Miss E M Anderson H W Miller, do J McGuire C M Fauatlcroy, USN Kirk wood House? j. b. A A. KIRKWbOB. Y. W Speir, NY F. L Roche, Md S Howren, do G W Thrift. Ala B Hazlitt, Md R J Duvall, Md G D C rum mill. Mas* T Connelly, do h F Curtis, Mo C W Parker, NY Valted States Hotel?a. c. hacxsxt. W II Clark, Ct J A Gendall A daughter, Col D Bond, O Pa , J A Thompson, Va G H Isler. Va J D Bruc*', do J W McGee, do J 11 Scott, Md Willards* Hotel?Old Point Cearfert, Va. E Jordan, Va L L Shreve A lady. Ky J G Burros*, do F F Shreve A daughter. B F Gallaber. USN do R H Lewis, NC T R Dawson, Pa J H HodiiM, Vt A Smith. DC J J Kindred, do Mise 8 P Smith, do T R He/wood, do AH Mechlin A lady, do R R llood A svt, do Miss F Mechlin, do J H Andrews, do . Miss G Mechlin, do P H Daughtrey. do Miss C Corcoran, do Maj Gwy oe, l^A Mast t fcjchlln A B vt, Lieut W lUon. do do H Boyd, Va F o Robert**, * J W Atwater, N Y dau, Va G Hoichkiw". Ct Miss V C Wright, 4* R H Adams, lady A dau, B F Hud^ioe, do Ala G Cary. do Miss H E Whiting, Va A Condry, do Mrs Sheppard A servant, K Biggs, do do Mrs Jarvls, child k svt, W 9 Brownley A ly. do do Mrs Speed do Mrs Shreve, Ky M W Jacobs, do KShepard, Va J Dt La Coota do W Gn*g A lady, da GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUTE. TTWICE DAILY BETWEEN WAWUNO A ton and the Sooth via Trader. _ JP'" ^ leksburg. Riahmond, Petarthum.AtffiBBpi. Va^ Weldon and Wilmington, NT C., to ChatSa. ton, 9. C., and Augusta, Chi. The traveling public is hereby Informed that the swift and comfortable steamer* BALTIMORE AND MOUNT VERNON leave the Steamboat Wharf at Washington daily at 0 a. m. and 7 p. m.. arriving in Richmond at 1 p. m and 3 a. m.; and at Petersburg at 2# P- m and Sa m. The following Through Tickets can be obtained on board the boats: To Fredericksburg S3 TO To Junction of Virginia Central Railroad ... .4 62 To Richmond, ?' 5 50 To Norfolk, 6 00 To Petersburg. Va 6 00 To Weldon, N. C 7 00 To Wilmington. N. C 11 00 ritl OS POTOMAC RIVER. For each passenger, as follows: To Alexandria 25 cents, and baggage 12 v cents. ToMarbury's .77!;7r.........Sl 00 To Quantico, Sandy Point, Ac 1 50 To Aquia Creek 2 00 Meals and State Rooms extra. For further information apply on board of the boats, or to GEO. MATTINGLY, Agent, je 30?2w W ashlngton^ BY EAILROAD DIBECT TO^THE WEST. Time between Washington and Wheeling but 1T? hoars! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 honra!! THROUGH TICKETS A>'D BAGGAGE CHECKS TO BE HAD IN WASHINGTON. The baltimorITand ohio rail ROAD having greatly improved its Western connections, now otters the fullest inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Washington Junction /lately called the Relay House) 9 mile* from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked ana trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tickets for jxnnts be vond. The connecting Trains leave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and 4^ p. m. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At WHEELING direct connection is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Bellaire, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesville, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with the cars of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad trains con nect with the fast trains of theLifffc Miaini Rail road to Xenia. Cincinnati, Ixniisville, etc. At XENIAfon Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis. Terre Haute, l^afayette, Chicago, Rock Island. St. Louis, etc. JO" Passengers holding Through Tickets for Memphis, Vicksburg, A'atchtz, New Orleans, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold bv this route. ID* For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and Wellsville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while this is the only route affording Through Tickets and Checks in Washington, it is also the shortest, ino>t speedy, and direct to nearly all the leading points in the jrreat West. The distance from Washington toX'iro innati i* but 65:3 miles, being about 100 miles shorter than by anv other route! FARE, BV THROUGH TICKET, PROM WASH IS GTON :?To Wheeling. 89 50; Colum b is. S13 65; Dayton, ?15 50; Cincinnati, ?10 HI; Ivouisville, by railroad. .?1S 65, bv steamer from Cincinnati. SI4* IX); Indianapolis, *?17 50; Cleve land. ?12 -50; Toledo, 815 *0; Detroit. #15 tU: Chicago. *20 65 and S19 50; St. Louis, and #25; Memphis, 8"Jb; New Orleans, 031; etc. ny FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER S EKRY. MARTINSBURG, CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PI EDMONT, OAK LAN D, and FAIR MOUN T, passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m or r> in For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. in. train from Washington. |D"Por trains to and from Baltimore, Anapolis, etc.. see special advertisements. ID*For further information. Through Tickets, Ac , apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOURS?On and after Mon day, the 23d Instant, the Trains will I^eave Washington at 6 and a. m., and 3 and K P m. On Sunday at 4# p. m. Leave Baltimore at 1 # and a m , and 3 and 5* p m. On Sunday at 4 If a m. ^p 23?tr T. H. PARSONS, A gent_ ORANGE fc ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. ON AND AFTER Tl ESDAY, November 7. IS5i, the Cars leave ALEXANDRIA FOR GORDONSVILLE, and intermediate stations, at TV o'clock, a. in., on the arrival of the boat from w ashington. giving ample time for Breakfast on board?connecting at Manassas Junction with a train for Stiasbnrg; at Warrenton Junction with a train for Warronlon. and at Gordonsville with the trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for Rich mond. Charlottesville, and Staunton. The cars will leave Gordonsville daily for Alex andria and intermediate stations, at K before 12 a in., on the arrival of the trains of the Virginia Cen tral Railroad from Richmond, Charlottesville, and Staunton. THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton. - - #2 00 44 " ? Gordonsville, ? 3 50 " 44 Charlottesville, ? 4 2-5 ? M ?* Staunton, - ? 5 90 " 44 Strasburg, ? - 3 50 44 44 Lynchburg, - - 6 75 44 44 Winchester, ? ? 3 5? " 44 Luray, - - - 4 25 14 ,4 New Market, - 6 00 " Middleburg, ? - 2 25 For LYNCHBURG, connecting with the stages at Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For LURAY and NEW MARKET, connecting with the stages at Culpepper, on Tuesdays, Thurs days, and Saturdays. For WINCHESTER daily, connecting with the stage* at Piedmont. For MIDDLEBURG daily, connecting with the stages at the Plains. Pfr ord?sr: W. B BROCKET!', Agent, nov 7?tf THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAMBOAT COM PAN V S STEAM ER ALICE C. PRICE, CAPT. SAMTEL BAKER. 11/1LL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIX ?? o'clock a. in .and ALEXAN- k DRIA at 7 o'clock, a. m ? JfldUEUSEL On TUESDAY MORNINGS ?For Mattox, Currioinan, L. Machudoc, Piney Point, Kinsale, and Con?. On FRIDAY MORNINGS?ForChapel Point, Wicomico, Leonardtown. Piney Point, St. Mary's, and Cone. ? On WEDNESDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. in., for St. Mary s, Piney Point, Leonardtown. Wicomico, and Chapel Point. On SATURDAY, (returning)?i?eave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. in., for Kinsale. Piney Point, L. Ma chodoc, Currioman, and Mattox. The A. C. Price will call at the usual landings on the river when signals are made. By order of the Board: JAMES P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Vf., June 1, lbo5. je 15?tf FOR THE ORANGE AND ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS. THE Subscriber's Coaches will call for passen gers wishing to connect with r m the above railroads. My Conch*' connect with the Steaniers GEORGE WAS1I INGTON or THOMASCOLLYER, which leave Washington at 6 a. in ID" -weal* furnished on the boats Persons wishing thecoaches to '-all for them can leave their name and residence with Mr. John T. Kill man. near the Capitol gatty Mr. Butt s drug store, corner Pa. avenue and 12th St.; or at Geo. ? Thos Parker A Co.'s store. Coaches can be had for Pleasure Trips. nay29?2m WILLIAM WlIALEY. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARRIV lng in Washington or Alexan- ^ drla.?The Steamers THOS. COL-Ahm^A YER or GEORGE WASHINGTON will make the above connartions, leaving Washington at 6 a. m . for the Orange and Alexandria Cars, and eon n~? ;vith the same train on their arrival ijt? ^'EALS furnished on the boats. The BoaW oonaaet with all the trains from Bal timore L OEDNBY, Captain may 17?tf NJ-RMOIRS OF THV COUNTESS OF BLES M .u^on by R B NEW ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAV ELERS. ?i & 3?Bi 3HK DIRECT FROM NEW YORK, PHILADBL. PHIA.AND BALTIMORE. TO NORFOLK, WELDON, WILMINGTON, RALEIGH, CHARLESTON, AND AUGUSTA,MOBILE, AND NEW ORLEANS. SUMMER AND FALL ARRANGEMENT. Daily, (except Sunday*,) VIA BAY LINE, and SEABOARD A ROAN OKE R AIL ROAD, to the above mentioned ?laces, the Schedule being so arranged that the 'raveler is not subjected to any nlgnt travel on the Railroad from New York to Wilmington, In North Carolina. THROUGH TICKBTt. F rom N ew York to Wilmington S15 50 Do. Weldon 12 00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 8 SO From Philadelphia to Wilmington,N. C....14 00 Do. Weldon . 10 00 Do. N orfolk and Portsmouth 6 50 From Baltimore to Wilmington, N. C 12 00 Do. Weldon ... 8 00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 5 00 For further Information and Through Tickets, apply in New York at the New Jersey Railroad Otilce. foot of Courtland street; In Philadelphia at the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad Office, in Liberty street; in Baltimore at the Office of the Baltimore Steam Packet Company, foot of Union Dock, or on board of the Bay Steamers. Oinnibusses and Baggage Wagons are provided on the Line, by which passengers and their bag gage are conveyed through Philadelphia and Bal timore free of all expense, and Baggage Conduc tors whose duty it is to give information and check the baggage to the several points on this route, accompany the passengers. Passengers from New York and Philadelphia will have their baggage checked to Baltimore and thence on l>oard tne Bay Boats to Norfolk, Ports mouth, Weldon, Ac., Ac. The new and splendid strainer LOUISIANA. 1,120 tons burthen, replete with every comfort ana convenience, lias been added to the line. THE LINEBEINGNOW COM- - jjFT"? posed of the splendid steamers ..g'Li LOUISIANA, (apt. George W. Russel, and NORTH CAROLINA. Capt. James Canon, hav ing unsurpassed State Rooms and Berth Accom modations. The Norfolk or Bay Line Steamers will leave the Company's wharf. Union Dock, foot of Con cord street, daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, p. m., or immediately after the arrival of the Ex press Train which leaves New York at 8 a. m., and Philadelphia at 12% p. m. The following is the schedule: Leave New York at 8 o'clock, a. m. Leave Philadelphia at 12% o'clock, p. m. Leave Baltimore at 5 o'clock, p. in. Leave Portsmouth at 7? o'clock, a. in. Leave Weldon at 12 o'clock, noon. Leave Wilmington at 9# o'clock, p. m. For Augusta, Charleston and the South, via the Manchester Railroad, now finished. ID" Passengers for Richmond and Petersburg, or any other points on James River, connect with 'he J amps River Boats early next morning after leaving Baltimore. 117" AH passengers for Edenton, Plymouth, Newbern, Washington. Weldon, Goldsboro', Warsaw. Raleigh and \\ ilmington. N. C., or any other point on the Seabord and Wilmington Roads, will find it the most pleasant and agreeable route! M.N. FALLS, Agent. Baltimore, May 17,1855. FOR PHILADELPHIA' PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON A BAL TIMORE RAILROAD.?Passenger trains leave Baltimore daily (except Sundays) for Phila delphia at 8.U0, (Express) and 11 a. in , and 7 p. in. For Havre de Grace at 8 30 and 11 a m.; 5 30 (Havre de Grace Accommodation Trains) and 7 p. in ; 7 p. m. train runs every night, this being the only train on Sunday. 11 a. m. train has a second class car attached ; fare in it to Philadelphia $2. No SECOND CLASS TICKETS sold in tLe cars. TRAINS FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Philadelphia at 8.30 a. m., (12.15 Express and 3 p. in. Steamboat) and lip. m. Leave Havre de iirace at 7.30 a. in.; Havre de Grace Accommodation Trains 11.45 a.m., 3 15, o.56 p. m., aud 2.05 a. m. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. Baltimore, April 30?tr THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES 3^i&MAIL STEAMERS.SmSUBi The ships comprising this line arc the ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, Captain Cotnstorlt. ADRIATIC, Captain Orafton. These Ship# have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every care has been taken in their construction, as in the engines, to insure strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. PRICK 07 PASSAGE. From New York to Liverpool, In first cabin, $120 Second cabin, ...... 70 Exclusive use of extra size state rooms. - 3(iO From Liverpool to New York. - X30 and ?20 An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or {mssage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 55 Wall street. New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. E. G. ROBERTS A CO.. 13 King s ArmsYara, London JOHN MLNROE A CO., 26 Rue Notre Dame d?s Victoires, Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. The owners of these ships will not be accounta ble for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are sigiK.-d therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. nov 16? ly MOTT BEDELL'S LINE. NEW YORK. ALEXANDRIA, WASHING TON CITY, A ND DISTRICT OF COLUM BIA PACKETS. rplllS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEK J. LY from pier 14 I^ast river, New York, and oftener if necessary, and is composed of the fol lowing tirst-class vessels: New twh'r A. V. Bedell, Bedell, master. New sch:r Mott Bkdell, A. V. T red well. Sch'r Ass I)., Win. Oliver, master. Sch'r Volaxt, L. A. Smith, master. Sch'r Commander-in-Chief, Woglum, master. Sclrr Green wav, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the masters are men of experience in the trade, and the only regular line ofwashington City packets. MOTT BEDELL, Wall street, New York. S. S. MASTERS A SONS. Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?6m Washington and D. of C. FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FR1 DAYS?FARE, round trip. SI; from Alexandria ? ' 1^ 7.? cents ?The steamer TilOM ASjgrfr *? r^n COLLYER leaves Washington at 9, andAlexan dria at o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8If o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Per sons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with (ieorge k Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the l>oat. _oct 28?if SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. FOR PHILADELPHIA. CITIZEN'S UNION LINE.?The Steamer OHIO, Capt. Trippe. will com mence running on thi< long-estab-,,? ... lish'-d route? for Philadelphia. oii^ffONDAi, April 2, leaving Union Dock, foot of Concord st., Baltimore, daily fexcept Sundays) at 7 o'clock a in., stopping at Ford s Landing und Port Her man . Fare Cabin passage $2 50 Fare Forward Deck 1 50 1ETBREAKFAST and SUPPER provided on Board. WM. CRAWFORD, Agent. Baltimore, March 31?tr SEA BATHING AT OLD POINT COM FORT. ON E OF THE BALTIMORE STEAM PACK ET CO S STEAMERS will _ fc, leave the Union Dock, foot of Con eord street, Baltimore, daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock p in., for Old Point Comfort. )?/" Fare there and back :j$f>?giving the passen gers the privilege to remain the whole season. M N FALLS, Agent B S. P. Co. Baltimore, June 1?tr W pi Inos*_pianos. E respectfully request the attention of persons who purpose purchasing Pianos to our very extensive assortment now in "store, consisting of Pianos from the old and celebrated manufactories of Hallet. Davis A Co., Boston: Bacon A Raven, New York ; Knabe, Gaclile A Co., Baltimore. These Pianos wc guarantee in every respect to be inferior to none others. We take old Pianos in part payment, accept good endorsed notes for 2, 3, and 6 months, in fact make almost any arrangement to suit purchasers We have also several second hand Pianos for sale low and upon easy terms. Also, Guitars, Violin*, Flutes, Aeeordeons, Mu sh1. Strings, Ac. Persons can have their Pianos tuned aid repaired by leaving their names with JOHN F ELLIS, Je 30? 306 Pa. avenoe. VEW MUSIC ^-ThePresident'sMountedGuard il quickstep, composed bv Robert Hellar, has just been published by the subsoribeta. The title page is must elegantly embellished. HI LRUS A HXTZ, Music Publishers, Depot la Ster BuDdlnge. )?? DOCTOR HOOFLAIID'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS, BT Dr. C. HI. JACKSON, Philadelphia, Pt., WILt IIHCTVAltT CVM LIVES COMPLAIHT, DYSPEPSIA, Janndiei, Chronic or Nervous Debility, Dig eases of the Kid**and all Distast$ arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach. Such M Constipation. Inward Pitas, Fullness, or Blood to the Head. Acidity ot the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust'for food, Fullness, or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing. Fluttering ot the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when In a lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Doll Pain in the Head, Defi

ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes. Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh. Constant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. THE PROPRIETOR, In calling the attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence In its virtues and adaptation of it to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial oefore the Amer ican people, and its reputation and sale is unri* vallea by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in'its favor given by the most promi nent and well-known Physicians and individuals, in all parts of the country is immenH. The fol lowing from North Carolina is respectfully sub mitted, referring any who may still doubt, to the "Memorabilia, or Practical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to lie had gratis of all the Agents for the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 120 ARCII STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. IK. Smith, of Pint Hill, Rich' mond County, N. C. Pine Hill, March 4,1BS4. Dr. C.M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst form, for the last live years. Sueh was my condi tion for twelve months that the physicians and ail who saw me said 1 must die. Wnile in this con dition 1 was carried to the watering places in Vir ginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, but was not l>enefitted l>y any water to which 1 was taken. While on my way home I stopped a week at Ruth erfordton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalyheate water in that Slace. Alwut the last of the week I went into a rug store to get some medicine for mv child and myself. There were several of the village physi cians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my case, and, after asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic and had been greatly benefitted by the use of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by you, and he insisted that 1 would try the Bitters, lie also called the next day at my room, and in sisted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did It, and I com menced taking it as directed, and 1 was more ben efitted by it tnan ail the water and medicine 1 had ever taken. After reaching home one of mv neighbors came to rne for a prescription and medicine, (he a dys peptic,) and I gave him nearly all the Bitters I nad left, which effected much good in his case. He has often called on me for more of the same kind of medicine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get any more for him or myself since; will you, therefore, please ship roe a dozen or more as soon as possible. Respectfully, yours, W. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., October 24, 1853, savs: "Having experienced very great benefit from the use of HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS in Chronic Dysentery and functional derangement of the Liver, and its'concomitant evils. I ain desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. \ou will, therefore, please send a lot, &c., Ate. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Hixtsvillk, Yadkin Co.. N. C. ) November 1st, 1855. J Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I have taken, have entirely failed to do. 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A msnt until th? 27th day of August next^at if ?'?lock, m., for furnishing (wrouiht. fitted, and delivered In a proper state to put Into lbs butiding) all ths material for the exterior walla of the aca?h wine of the extension of the Treasury Department building, which will be either granite or marble, as may hereafter be determined The bidder whose bid Is accepted, to have tba privilege of furnishing the material for the outside of the re mainder of the building when Congress 11*7 have made the necessary appropriations for its aonstrnc tion. provided that at that time it is deemed for the interact of the United States to glee it U> him. The deportment reserving the right to reject the proposals hereby invited, should the Interest of the United States require it. The stones mn?t all be wrought to the dlmsn sloos. sires, models, Ac., which may be furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. 0"the court or renr side of the exterior the walls will be plain ashler, with plain window openings of equal height in the three upper stories, and crowned with a cornice similar to the rear of the present building, without the architrave and frieze. tin the remainder of the exterior walls, the ool umns and antae, their capitals and bases, the enta blature and lialustrade. the window and doordres f'^V. 4c 'tbe *** ?* nfchitectura of the present building, so far as ornament is concerned, will be S reserved throughout, with the exception of the oor and window opening*, which tnav b? varied, except those in the east end of the two wlnge The sizes, shape, and dimensions of the columns, antae, capitals, bases, and cross section of the entablature and balustrade will be the same as in the present building. If of granite, the shaft of the columns mav be either in one or three pieces of equal length. The base and capital of the columns and antae will each be in one piece The architrave of the entab lature will extend in one length from centre to cen tre of antae or column, and those over the latter to be composed of but one block, with both sides and bottom wrought, t??gethcr with such parts of the top as may be required. Those over the antae. the outer face and the top and bottom edge. The face of the ashler must lie perfectly wrought to the sample, with all the neeessarv heeds, re lates, returns, Ac., required The beds, builds, ends. Ac., rough hammered to tbe?quare. All re bates, mouldings., ornamental and uevelled work inust be clean wrought. and agreeably to the direc tions given by the superintendent. If marble Is used, tne shafts of the columns may be in four and live pieces; the architrave in one length from centre to centre of the columns or antae; but over the former may be composed of three separate blocks, one laying flatwise, forming the underside and the lirst member on each edge; the other two standing on edge; forming the inside and outside faces of the same. Those over the antae must be in one block. The measurement of the material and work de livered. and the payment thereon will made agree ably to the following form and schedule, and all bids must be made accordingly. Schedule or rule for the measurement of materials to be delivered, viz : Cornice. per foot in length, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship ? Architrave over column. Including cost of stork, freight, and workmanship Architrave over antae. including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Capitals of columns, each including eost of stock, freight,and workmanship Capitals of antae, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Uases of antae, each, including cost of stock. freight and workmanship liases of column, each, inducing cost of St* ' freight, and workmanship shafts of column, in one piece. Including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship.. Shafts of column, in three or more piece*, including cost of stock, freight, and work manship Plain Stejw, 1 with a cro?s section of 1*7 by 6% toe inches.) per foot In length, Inclu ding cost of stock, freight, and workman 1 ship Platforms. 3 feet wide. length not exceeding lofeet, including stock, freight, and work manship, per superficial root of surface seen For any greater width than 3 feet, up to A feet, an increase of price per superficial foot for each additional 3 inches of width of All the other stones of the building whose width does not exceed three times their thickness will be measured as follows: The stock in ail stones whose contents do noi exceed .it) cubic feet, will be measured and paid for by the cubic contents, at per cubic foot ' ? . For all stone* exceeding 30 feet and not ex ceeding 70 cubic feet, for each additional foot an additional price of. tier cubic foot. I- or all stones exceeding 70 cubic feet in con tents, for each additional foot an additional price of, per cubic foot For stones of greater width than three time* their thickness, there will l?e paid an additional price of per cent for aich additional three inches In width The work on the above will be measured and Said for by the superficial foot. For each super ?1 to hammered granite work No. 1 hammering on Boston custom-house. per su perflc ial foot * No. '2 hammering on Boston custom-house. per superficial foot J hammering on Boston custom-house, per superficial foot 7TT. No. 4 hammering on Boston custom* house*. ^ per superficial foot ' For all beds, builds, ends, backs. Ac "'ham mered full to tfie square, as ordered, per superflcial foot _ r ?acJ\,J,i(ldeT l.? r,,rnislj a sample?a cube of one foot of the stone he proposes to deliver, with five faces hammered, giving on four sides his under standing of the above four qualities of hammering the nith side, hi* rouirh hammering: while the sixth may show the rough stock; and this will be ilvSred 8 k,andard ^ Jud?inK <* the stock de If of marble, the fare of the ashler must be ham mered in the m<mt jvrfrct manner, agreeably to a samrie of the size aWe warned, to1* furnished by the bidder: and the surface seen will be meas ured and paid for at ? per superficial foot. 1 or hammering of bods, builds, backs, Ac . full tothe square, as per same $ per superficial beladdedb?Ve '* Mnd rul,bed' per to For hammering of channels and rebates not ex fuSfoof. by 2 inCh<*' Cent addUlo?*1 P* I" or hammering of mouldings of one curve, ?? er cent, additional upon thecost of plain work; of [i^iS foot" CeBl' Up?n ,>lam work- ?* Each arris on same. cents per lineal foot t or hammering levelled work. per cent, ad ditional to niain work; but to appl y only to the part cut ofl'from the square work, and'which is in 110 case to be measured in the plain work. For hammering of circular work. percent additional to plain work. N inety per cent, of the amount of the work done ana material delivered, according to the contract price, (said amount to lie ascertained bv the esti mate of the superintendent appointed for that pur pose.) will be paid from time to time as the work proceeds and ten per cent retained until the com pletion of the contract and accptance of the work Ac., by the superintendent aforesaid. Contracts will be awarded onlv to master build ers or mechanics; and the assignment thereof, ex CeJ?i crni**>nl of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Ever)- proposal must be accompanied by a writ /?n5^ar?llUT' 8i-ned U>tvvo responsible persons, ( ertified to be so by the district attorney or judge of the -aid district) that the bidder will, when re quired, if his proposals be accepted, enter into a contract and bund, with proper and sufficient se curities, in the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the faithful iierformauce of the sains, if for' the w iioie work, and of a proportionate amount if for a part thereof. Any information touching the mat ter ran be obtained by application to the Treasury Department. - Pronosals will also be received up to the afore said date for furnishing and delivering at the site by the perch, the rough done for the foundation' cellar, and area walls of said building, and must fet'i description for They will be required in such quantities and at such tunes as will be most for the convenience of the operation on the work, and in quality, to the entire approval of the superintendent The de partment reserving the right to reject the proposals should ? -f inUjrest of "?e United ItauL should require it. dir^^'rt?P?vSal'< mU8,t ** ^Qt to thu department, superintendent, under cover to the Necretay ofthe Treasury, (endorsed " Materials hJ LriflZ' V ry B*'1ldin* Er Uni??") ?nd will be opened at one o clock, p m., of the last day 1 fXi receiving the same, in the presence of the bidders, if any choose to attend. Enouirer. Richmond. Va ; Sentinel. Alexandria, va.; Intelligencer and Star. Washington, D. C.; ^ un and Republican, Baltimore, Md.; Pennsvlva v- ?2 Ihiladelphia; Day Book and Sun. New ^ork: Post Boston; Argus. Portland. Me.; Patriot. Concord, N. H ; and Argus, Albany, N. Y , two times each week for sixty days. Bill to be sent to ?secretary of the Treasury. A. H. BOWMAN, Sup't of Treasury Building Extension, je i;7?Vav^tdays. FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a Considerable addition to mv stock of GOLD HUNTING PAT- A ENT LEVERS.and LADIES'WATCH. J&K EE*, of first quality, heavy 18 carat casss 3 aiso^ si lVer Watches for boy?. I oner them at grsady reduced priees The movements are selected with great cars and every Watch Is WiiunTiD ' ^ nu/jo ,veDlu!J b?S l?U iidliGi tu re. twi KOrOllLR FOR LIVE OAK roft MS kTUM ftLOOP6.OF.Wi NAVY DEPARTMENT, > lBAT 07 C0*?T*VCTI0?, E^riF't,4? . J juacn, imi ) CJEALED PROPOSAL* for deliver^ om roow llt?-c?k fnw of t iJoop-flf w w be delivered st Mcb of the navy yards at Pmm* ?ola. Norfolk. Philadelphia. Now York, Boston, ud Portsmouth. N 1! ?will bo received at Lhi* bnreau until the 3d September, 1SS3 Tli?f proposals murt !>? wd( rssd " tr sp?*el? | /er Liv* Oa*.'' and addressed to tbo 44 Bmr?mm Confirmnoa," that they roar be diatkj^atehoC. from other business letters The offer# meat be tor the whole of one frame, estimated at thirty thousand cubic feet, and. as required by law, roost be accompanied by a suitable guarantee, the form of which is herewith riven. Sureties la fbe Nil estimnted amount will l* required to sign the con tract, and, as additional and collateral seeurttv, fifteen per cent will be withheld oa the aiwnt of each delivery until the contract la folly eo?n pleted. la all del-.varies of the timber there must Lea due proportion of the most difficult parts of the frame, and of the principal pier as; otnerwtse there will lie such further amount In sdditioo to the fifteen jur cent as may be judged expedient to secure the public Interest until such pnnetpal pieces and difficult portions shall be aelivorsd The remaining eightv-five per cent or other pro {?onion* of toch bill when approved la triplicate ?y the commandant of the \ ard. will be paid by such navy as the contractor mat name,* within thirtydays afler It* presentation to him It will be stipulated in tne contract that If de fault be made by the (>art?es of the first part la de livering the timber named, of the quality and at the time and place provided, then, and In that case, the contractor and Ms sureties will forfeit and pay to the United States, as liquidated dam at;<??-. a sum of money equal to twtoe the amount of the oontract price there agreed upon as the price to be t*kl in rase of the actual delivery thereof, whicn liquidated damages mar be nesw ered or retained at anr tinie from the said pari tea of the first part or either of them. The timber must conform to drawings and In struction* with which the contractor wul be fur nished, and work to moulds and bevrllngs with which he will l>e originally provided from the United States navy \ard at Philadelphia. The whole must be cut from treee growing wlthla thirty miles of the sea. of which tne commandant of the yard will require satisfactory evidence The name timber may be dcllvetvd la the form of promiscuous tim>?cr?that 1s. sided straight and fair, but rough-htwed the moulding way, show ing a fore of two-thirds the siding: the timber need not be bevelled, but must be of sufficient site to work the shape of the moulds and boid the bevelling* shown on the bevelling boards In the measurement, the full moulding sue narked on the moulds (which Is one and a half inch larger than will be worked la the ship) will lie allowed, provided the pieces will hold that slse* but no additional siia tieyond that marked In the moulds or In the Instructions will be paid for. The siding of the Mem. apron, fore dead wood, stetnson. dead wood knees, stera-poat knee, and keelsons, must lie 1FV inches; the stern-poet and after dead wood to side 'M inches in the largeaC place, and the hooks to side 14 inches The siding or the frame timber must be 13U is 14 Inches, and of the promiscuous timber, one-fburth part must side 16 inches, and the remainder 13 Jf Inches The threat of the floor timber to mould 17jf Inches, at the floor head 14 Inches, and at the, plank shear 7 inches The mid?h1p or dead flat floor timber has n curve of inches in 2U feet: the first futtock 4 tne bee in 17 feet; the second futtock 24 inches in 13 fee*, the third futtock 27 inches In 13 feet; the fourth futtock 4 Inches in 14^ feet, and the top Umber U) Inches in 17 feet The entire frame of each ship to be delivered at the respective v&rd* at the risk and expense of the contractor, subject to the usual Inspection, to the entire approval of the bureau, and all to be deilv. ered on or before the 1st of October, I860 Persons who mar be disposed to offer for more than one ship will make a separate propoasl for each ? FORM OF OFFER. I. . of the Slate of ? hereby agree to furnish and deliver at the United States navy yard at . the whole of the live oak timber for one ship, estimated at thirty thousand cubic feet, be the same, more or less. In conformity with the ad. vertisement of the llureau of Construction of the date of ttd June, 1855, vlx : Stems, apron, stem son, d end woods, stern-post, steru-iHmt knees, dead wood knees, kfrtaonr and hooks, estimated to contain? 3,000 cubic ft, at ? per fl?f Frame limber of all other kinds estimated at 20.4W euWc ft, at ? per ft? Promiscuous lim ber, amounting to <1000 cubic ft. at ? per A Total amount, jn.oun (Total value to lie written in words ) Should any offer be accepted. I reqneet to be nd dre*?>ed at . and the contract forwarded to the navy agent at , or to meat , for signature and certificate. (Date.) (Signature ) FORM OF GUARANTEE. The undersigned , of , in the State of ?. and of , of , in the State of hereby guaranty that, in case the foregoing bid be accented, he or they will, within ten days afler the receipt of the contract at the post office' nan ted or navy agent designated, execute the contract for the name with good and sufficient sureties; in case **id shall rail to enter into contract as afore said. we guaranty to make good the difference be tween the offer of the said and that whieh may be accepted. Signature of two guarantors. I * ? (Date.) ? ^ U Witness t ^ I hereby certify that the above-named A B aad CJP kr' ^ "* ?? of property and able to make good their guarantee (Date.) (Signature) (To be tign*d fry tk( Vnittd Etmttt dtttritl J+dge, f Ml ttd Stntet district attorney, eolittor or nary agtnt. and m> otlun ) June 22?lawtJw [No 534 ] TVOTITE OF T1IE ESTABLISHMENT ^ additional land district in the State of California ?Whereas und-r the provisions of the act of Congress, approved March 3. 1853. entitled. ? An act to provide for the survey of the publto land in California,'*&c.. the President of the Uni ted States is authorized at *uch time or Umw as in his judgment the public interest may so impera tively requite, * a a a' to divide the State of California Into two or three separate land districts, two of which districts were estab lished under said act by public notice, dated 21st March, 1853; and whereas the surveys and settle ments have extended in California *o far that the convenience of the settlers and the public interest require the establishment of the three districts au thorized by the act of the od March, 1863 afore said? Now. therefore, be it known, that under, and bv authority of the said act of Congress of 3d March 1853 the President of the United States has direct ed that the Male of California shall be divided into three separate land diMricts, the boundaries of which are a* follows, via : All that part of the State, commencing on the 1 aciflc coast, lying north of the line Wwm townships seven and eight (7 and fc) north of Mount Diable base line, thence running east on sa.d line to the meridian, thence south or the me ridian line to the line dividing townships three and four (3 anil 4) north of said knue line, tbcn<"< east on said line between townships three and four to the eastern boundary of the State, will form tho ??IrrER District.'- the land effice for which has been established at Morymllt. All that part of the Mate lvlng sooth of the alsive described limits and north of the line divid ing townships twenty and twenty one, south, (or fifth standard south) will form the " MiDfrLS Distbict,'' the office for which Is atfratsia, and all that part of the Mat* lying south of tho fifth standard parallel the** Lower District.' a? heretofore organized, the office for which is en tahlisbed at Lc* Amgelmt; and la view of tbo said direction of the President of tho United Slates, under the act of Congress aforesaid, the boundaries aliove mentioned uiall in future bs rw garded as the limits of said laud districts res pec Given under my hand at the city o Washington. this ninth dav of Arril. 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