Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAIHIWQTOII CITY: SATTRDAT AFTERMO.I July U. AGENTS FOR TUS.STAJI. The following persons are authorised to con tract for the publication of advertisement* in the Star: rhiladclpMa-V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. it?et* Yotk~S M P*ttuiqillA Co., Nassau Won?V. B. Palme*, ScoJlay's Building. Q^AnrrBTisKiiEifTS should be handed in fcj 12 o clock, M , otherwise thej may not ap pear until the next day. THE WEEKLY STAR, ?"or the week ending to-day, contains its usual variety of choice news extracts from American wll'as foreign papers, in addition to articles of a literary chnracter, ?nd the always inter esting record of events at the national metrop olis?both domcstk* and political. Term."". $1 25 a year, or three cents for a single copy. SPIRIT OF THE MORHIHG PRESS. The Vuto/t, commenting on the phase in which Know Kothingism exhibits itielf in Louisiana, says: he!dTie<?tK"OWn Nolhi?S? Louisiana have Stii t? kL V? CrnuVcnt,on' ,1RV0 nominated a t F ticket, and have constructed a platform ^rtenrme.U^ -A- Know No^ingism is coc will Sot K ? ,"?on?st*ncies, our readers will not be- surprised to learn that the regular <fovein?r f 1 No.thin? candidate for ? ? "l L,,ul',anaL >* not only a French cm>!e but he is a member of the Roman Cath the Km"? V t> anti-Catholic sentiment of }:,frX"i0* ^ot h ings is just now beautifully il ? IT> , 0 rractlccs of three of their Gubernatorial nominees. Derbigny, ofLouisi XTtf wc h*v* J".jt jtatcd, ia a "member of the Catholic Church. Morchead, of Kentucky, shows his implacability to forci"n L"'"8^ ' aRdt? Romcin Particular, ?by marryflg in succession two of the spiritual 'laughters WK i brug?c> on a certain occasion, proved so very captivating to the gallant cor' que? of Mexico. Gentry, of Tcnne *cc de the unfortunate Catholics with the ve hement eloquence characteristic of the mm* t?i r ? samcrt'u,e he not insensible to Tw?Tof fci? hii t ie colleges and schools. Inn ! r " 8r^- or were a *hort time P Vf anL,n?t,tution ?im>l<'r to the ore made iamous by the visitation of Hiss and hi companions. Such are the proftSoM anrf practices of Know Xothingisin !'? Dd The luion also publishes ancmphatic anti Know Nothing IcUer from the pen of the hon orable G. S. Houston, of Alabama; and the *peeche< delivered by the Spanish Queen and the honorable A. C. bodge, on the occasion of the presentation of the latter to the former wherein these distinguished individual* tickle each other amazingly. Ike iHtrlUgeucer copies from tho Journal of Commerce, with approving comments, the Julio win;?: Of ter l^.m baT V? Might in war the let r irom an American gentleman in Pari* t? lligerKcrCUfiinl<>"uYt the National In terrihl^?n ? 1 lhtre be*lli to what a jm!JSTS??,.*" is lhe war bet^e? Russia and the Allies grew oat of nothine it lin diplomacy and presump tion Neither party expected to get iLto a w-Vr ?m\\, WfcS actually begun; nor even then ? . ey expect it would long continue. Each ?:n fx ''r< that the other would recede tid they were mutually involved beyond the h pe o t reconciliation. At present the war! learlu/1 L**! k* ?"d dtadlier lhau *ver- Tfae befcSiJS' 'btt U n?hD 1Sth JUne * 11 " ^ l Sin-. ^'"ning Of the end. The Ult ou lhat occasion will onlv ~JF?b,!r.m?2L'na Me Klh i'aiJ!S **er3evere ?n the d^ncc8? ^Jeanwklle ,tappe?ni thatthe Russian Govern p^k.?ni"? r -w' "sir;,;! thaTficM ^^^^^henng to ?V1"-?!->"<?, .he' "Xfp,!k? '",rm Which to us at a distance w?..M-1 C0UrS6 > vcrjr wniueu! of "heU :ir of the butchery." y ^tators Dismissal of School Teachers of Foreign Birth. A telegraphic dispatch from Louisville, Ky., July 13, say<: ? The B"aid of Trustees of the Public School)* of this city have dismissed several teachers of foreign birth with Catholic proclivities." and it b added, "their action has occasioned much feeling, and incite with general condemnation en the part of the members of the old Whig party. Thi> reminds us of the fact that when tho Kn< w N"thing!* of Philadelphia succeeded to p?'wer. they pursued a coursc similar to the above, but the public indignation demanded the restoration *?f the teachtrs who were dis jni.-.-cd merely because they worshipped God accordingU> th? ir own inclinations; a heinous fin. in the opinion of tho new regulators of religion aud American politico. In Baltimore time after, a movement wa.-* made to cffcot like ?>l ject?'. bnt the board of scr.*w>l trustees happened to have, at that time, the discretion to atav their hands from the ioAu-lioa of such injustice. Th?- hoarl of school trustees of Washington have n'>t. as y?.t, been guilty of proscription of tcochcrs for the reasons which have influenced rut bleat bigotf of oth^r cities. New Wmiat. of a fine quality, begins to come to the Alexandria market. It is, how ever, rather too damp for grinding. A faithful dog. belonging to the coach man of a banker, iu^ Rome, recently picked up a package in the ytrcct, which proved to con tain four diamond studs, presented by the Queen to one of the officers of her house, on a visit to that city, for the recovery of which he had offered QN) reward. At Att*active Novelty.?Wc understand that a gentleman connected with tho Cunard line of steamer^, at the earnest solicitations of *cveral of hi.* friends in Boston, has brought out a new and elegant "Hansom Cab," with a suitable harness, and that it will shortly make its appearance for hire in our streets. It attracted an admiring crowd wherever iU stopped Every one who has enjoyed either in Xtiverpool, London or Paris, the eomfort of these truly sensible and convenient vehicles, will be pleased to anticipate the revolution in public conveyances, particularly for short dis tances, and mpid driving, which this event -will be almost sure to effect among us. These cabs have nearly superseded all other livery vehicles in the cities of England and France, and we feci assured from personal experience of their superiority, that their introduction will become general here also, a? soon as the public become acquainted with their many ad ?antog^s,- over existing modea of conveyance. WASHINGTON 1TEWS AlfD GOSSIP. Coal for Locomotives.?The experience of I the past year has demonstrated the fact, that I Cumberland coal must very speedily take, cn- I tirclv. the place of wood for burning in 1>>co- I motives, wherever it is possible to transport it, I except under an enormous expense- It is well I known to our readers, generally, that the Bal- I timore and^Ohio Railroad Company, long since, I discarded wood for this coal, laying far more I convenient for their use than for that of any other railroad corporation in the country. But. I within the last year, it has been tried in New England, New York, and elsewhere, with a*- I tonishing and perfectly satisfactory results. 1 On the Boston and Lowell Railroad, the saving I in the cost of the fuel has been found to be I about fifty per cent., and the managers of the I Norwich and Worcester Railroad report that a locomotive using it will accomplish in the I year as much work as when burning wood. I and do it, too, at a cost of one thousand and I twenty dollars per annum less for fuel. The locomotives of the Hudson RiverRailroad con sumed in 1854 nearly 5200,000 worth of wood. I or some 40.000 cords, and its managers now estimate that had they used Cumberland coal I instead, the same amount of work would have been done at three-fifths the expenditure for pine wood. The cost of the wood used in the joconiotives on the Hudson River and New York Central Railroads is from S3 to S6 00 per cord. It is, therefore, reduced to a certainty that nearly all the locomotives built hereafter for u.-e on the Atlantic coast railroads, will be I constructed with their boilers and furnacesar- I ranged to use coal as fuel. This extra and large demand which will I spring up for Cumberland coal will, of course, I increase the value of all the lands in the re- I gion of country in which the mines lie. This I extra demand will, we take it for granted, in- I spirit those charged with the construction of the (Virginia.) Alexandria. Loudon and Uamp- I shire railroad, which is at present designed to I be constructed no further than the great Hampshire ecal fields, which lie for mining as well as for transportation, when this railroad shall be fini-hed. much better than the Cum berland coal fields, of which they form an ex tension; the coal in them being, in all respect.", identical in its qualities and characteristics I with that from tfle mines. j The cost of this railroad, when finished, will not reach more than a fifth of the cost of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad to the Cum berland mines, and it will be much straightcr. I and have much easier grades, all of which J facts will, of course, enable the company to I transport the coal profitably to Alexandria at much lower freights than arc necessarily I charged by the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad I Company, for transportation between Cumber- I land and the commercial capitol of Maryland. I This Hampshire road. too. is being constructed I through the very finest portion of Northern I Virginia, where lands are destined to rise rap- I idly in value, the want of means of commani- I c:ition with the great markets of the land I having, until this time, kept their value quite I low comparatively. We note the progress of I this great enterprise and the so-rapidly in- I creasing demand for the description of coal I which it is designed to open to the use of the I world, with equal interest. ! Unpaid Letters?It is surprising that, in spite of the well published requirement of I pre-payinent on all letters mailed, the col lee tion of letters detained for non-payment con- I tinues to average from 5 to 10 a day at our Post Office. i I We arc informed by Mr. A. Schucking (an j attorney and agent of this city) that, iaconse- I quence of the loss of a valuable letter to him self in the New York post office, by reason of non-payment of postage, the idea was suggested to him. to make it a business to advise parties to I whom letters detained are addressed, by eireu- I larot the fact, offering to pay and forward! them upon their enclosing tcu cents in postage | stamps or money. He ha? earned the thank? of many recipients I in this city. But the matter having been mis- I apprehended in some quarters for a bogus af fair, we are requested to make this statement, I in order to remedy such conception. With reference to the so stupid practice of failing to pre-pay letters with the law on the subject standing as it does, the New York Courier and Enquirer says: "The Post Okkick.?Complaints are fre-I queutly inadc of the failure of letters to reach I their destination; but it will be found that generally the failure or delay arises from ti e errors or want of caution on the part of the writers. We frequently receive letters from I places having names similar to towns in other I States, and without the particular State beiiig I named in which the writer lives. This is even I a frequent fault among bankers, who should I of all classes, be explicit in their address. We I observe uumng the advertised letters at Buf- I falo, re tat tit/I Jor wuut ojptejxiyment of post- I tree, letters for one of the banks in this city. I This is no doubt a frequent neglect, and tool much caution cannot be observed in having I the writer's card or address distinctly printed I on his envelopes, so that in case the postage is I accidentally not prepaid, the Postmaster may I know whom to uotify of the omission.'* I We arc informed at the Post Office Depart j mcnt. that it is the duty of deputy postmasters to forward as addressed all post-paid letters to I which a three cent stamp, or greater fraction of the jKjptage due upon them, may be affixed, even though they may be addressed to Cali- I fornia ; but to treat letters on which a cent stamp may be affixed, as if they were wholly unpaid. ; ? The Threatened Indian War.?The accounts received in Washington from the frontier with reference to the purposes, the whereabouts and the means of the Sioux and other bands of In dians, that would be openly hostile if they dared to be. arc somewhat contradictory. One mail bring* a report rendering it almost certain that General Harney's little army will have bloody work on their hands, while in two or three day- newsofan opposite character reach es u*. The only certain conclusion that we can draw from those advices is, that the au thorization of the four new regiments has been most fortunate to all on the frontier entitled to the protection of the Government of the Uni ted States; all accounts agreeing in represent ing that the news of the preparations which have thus been made to give due protection to the frontier, has had a salutary influence on the minds ot most of the tribes disposed to be i hostile at this time. The Conntry.?The region surrounding this city never looked brighter, thriftier, and more lovely than at this particular season. Sea sonable rains have more than repaired the in jury done to the labor of the husbandman by the drought which afflicted us up to nearly the beginning of June. They came in time to make the wheat crop much more remunerative than usual, and tn biing all the summer vegetables to j* i fre tion. as well as to make the c.>rn (In dian) leiaajkably liuviaul up tv title Line. All nature around us wears its richest and most genial smiles. It does us good to look not only on the profusion of source^ of com fort and plenty, which nature and the hand <?f man are just now producing from bountiful mother earth prr/mnd Washington ; but also on tho air of contentment, if not unalloyed hap piness, which are worn on the countenances of all one meets in a ride, borrowing their aspect as it were, from the smiling fields, cool dells, and waving woods by which they are sur rounded. We, as a people, have, indeed, much to be thankful for, though those who do not avail themselves of the opportunity for seeing na turo and the busy world in their most fasci nating conditions?that is ,in the highly c ulti vated environs of a city like ours?are certainly losing among the very best of the blessings of Providence by which they are just now sur rounded. ? " Nineveh.?Wc continue the list of the lead ing sympathisers with Nineveh in various sec tions of the country, B. C., 1854, as furnished to citizens of the ancient and venerable city itself by the Secretary of tho Grand National Council of "the order" to enable them to know precisely on whom to place most reliance in carrying out a plan for the establishment of a newspaper with a view of getting the printing of the by and through its advocacy of the principles (or rather want of them) men an I measures of "the Order Hon b.iin. Houston, Austin, Texas, Deputy for ?) 0. Gartland and E. R. Bowen, Chicago. III., Deputies for Iowa, Wisconsin and Min nesota. II. G. Clark, of the Evening Bulletin, Phil adelphia, Pa. J. D. Taylor, of the Cincinnati Times, Mayor, (was to have been, but there was a slip 'twixt cup and lip.) ltov. G. M Bain, Portsmouth, Va. lion. C. Miller, Lafayette, Ind., (editor.) J. Q. Fellows, New Orleans, La. lion. Daniel Mace, M. C., Lafayette, Ind. George Duffy and W. W. Williamson, M. D.. Alexandria, Va. lion. R. T. Conrad, Philadelphia, Pa. City ^ ^ CiiailuocJr Schafler, New York lion. W. W. Valk, M. C., Flushing, L. I. Jlon. Jackson Morton (then) U. S. Senator, now (then^ in Washington. Death of an Army Officer.?Lieut. Samuel Ivinsey, of the 1st Regiment of U. S. artillery, who came to Washington from Fort Mcllcnry on the 3d instant with the light battery of his regimsnt, died this morning at the residence of Mr s. James Hoban, (the sisterof Capt. Win. II. French. U. S. A., who commands at Fort Mcllcnry,) in this city. Ho was prostrated by the typhoid fever, at the quarters of the company, on Pennsylvania avenue, and was promptly removed, to be under the kind care of the family of Mrs. II. His remains leave the city this afternoon, accompanied by big parents, for their residence in Bristol, R. I. Tho Commissioner of Pensions ?Shis gen tleman. Hon. Loren P. Waldo, returned to this city last night, and has, we hear, definitely determined to accept the position of a judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, to which he wa.s recently elected by the State Legislature. He expects to retire from efficc h^: about the first of next month. The regrets of a large circle of friends will accompany him. He has made more character as an Executive officer than was ever achieved by any other gentlc ii.m, in the same length of time, in tho em ployment of the Government, in this city. Generel A. C. Dodge.?Mr- Perry has writ ten to friends in this city, saying that the Spanish ministry are exceedingly pleased with (?en. Dodge, whoso frankness, courtcsy, and intelligence thus favorably impress them. Wc notice the receipt of the letter, to which we r fer above, with peculiar pleasure, because it bears out all we have said of General D. in refutation of the absurd and malicious efforts of a portion of the press to create the impres sion that he is a inero illiterate and vaunting western bore. A Mistake.?It is not true, as represented, that the Russian Government have refused permission to Major Mordccai and Capt. Mc Clelland (officers of the U. S. Army, despatched by this Government to the scat of war for pro fessional observation) to pass to Scbaatopol. They have been kindly received and have bad e ery possible facility afforded to them by the Russian authorities. The Government^ here ha* full information of the facts. Cel. John H. Whoelor, U. S. Minister Res ident to Nicaragua, is to return to his post in Central America by tho next steamer for San Juan del Norte. He will probably leave Wash ington for New York to-morrow afternoon. His health is not as good as his friends desire, as he is apparently suffering from tho condition of debility which for a season afflicts all in be coming acclimated in Nicaragua. Ap pointed.?Wm. L. Boggs, Esq., has been appointed by tho President postmaster at Sj ringfield, Ohio, vice C. D. McLaughlin, de ceased. Tho Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 13th of July, t'aero wcro of Treasury Warrants entered on t'ie books of tho Department? For the Treasury Department.... $9,769 74 For the Interior Department..... 16,393 31 For lh? Custons 25,192 War Warrants roccived and en tered 154,393 12 Appropriation Warrants for the Interior Department 1,346 50 Drawn on account of tho Navy... 120,231 84 Covered in from miscellaneous sources 6,123 61 Covered in from Lands 275 37 Navy Appropriation Warrants... 1,38165 PERSONAL. .... Hon. C. J. Faulkner, of Virginia, is at Willards'. .... The Hon. R. Broadhead, Naval Officcr for the port of New York, is in Washington. Also, Mjjor Ben. MeCullough, U. S. Marshal for Texas?of Texas Ranger fame. The latter stops at the Kirkwood House. .... lion. Calvin Wheeler, who was a mem ber of the New York Legislature fifty years a^o, from Saratoga county, died on the fourth of July. .... J. N. T. Tucker, the insane editor, who killed his son Vincent, at Brooklyn, in August l ist, escaped from the State lunatic asylum at Utiea, (where ha had been consigned by order of Judge Moure.) on Wednesday last. .... Dr. Thos. C. Bunting, of Philadelphia, a benevolent and generally esteemed gentle man, died in Wales, on the 29th ultimo, having left this country for Europe, on a tour for the benefit of his health. .... Miss Murray, sister of the Scotch Duke, who is traveling in this country, is not a maid of hdnor to Queen Victoria. Miss M. Is sixty years of age, and was Maid of Honor to Queen Adelaide. .... Leavenworth, the wounded duellist, a despatch from Buffalo says, " is*recovering l'uiily, and that the lev in which he was shot will he shortened one inch"?a very nice cal culation! ....IWy, AU, Milbtuae* hto to tho Hou*e of Representatives. has taken up his rosidenco in tho city of New York. He is at present at Saratoga. spending a few days with Chancellor Walworth. He is to deliver lecturcs before tho Lowell Institute the com ing winter. .... Among the passengers who left in the Baltic on Wc?lnosday, wa? II >n. Henry Wager, of Rome, Oneida county, who goes out a* the delegate of the United States and the New York .State agricultural societies to the great Exhibition at Paris. .... A correspondent at Georgetown, Maw., writes that Rev. Isaac Braman. of that place, who has reached the advanced age of 85 years, preached on the Inst Sabbath and took part in the communion service. He was ordained over this churvh on Saturday, June 7. 1797. On Monday near sunset he might have been seen in his shirt-sleeves busily engaged in putting up his hay in the old Puritan style of hay making. ? OFFICIAL. Franklin Fitrre, President of the United States of America, to all whom tf may concern : Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Cbristi/is Honolp has been appointed consul nf the Kingdom of Wurtemburg, for the States ol' I Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, to reside at New Orleans, I do hereby recognize him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and privileges as are allowed to the consuls of the most favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof 1 have caused these letter; to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Givcu under mv hand, at the city of Washing ton, the f Itii day of Julv, A. D. 1855, and [l. s ] of the independence of the United States of America the eightieth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. M aect, Secretary of State. id U. (II. F.) C. A.?Capitol Circle B fvS U. give an excursion on TUESDAY, August 7th. Particulars in future advertisement. jy M?4t* >?' ">N OTIC E.?The Jackson Democratic \ssori:if ion of the Sixth Ward w.ll meet in tl?#?ir Hall on MONDAY EVENING next, at o'clock. Addresses will be delivered by several distin guished speakers. F. OBEB,Sec. jy It?** ftT3=5>THE EMPIRE CLUB TAKE GREAT arOH* pleasure in announcing to the public that their Second Annual Grand PIC NIC will take place at the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY, August 6th, 1^55. Particulars in future advertisement. DANIEL MACARTY, Pres. S. Lewis, Sec. jy 14?3t ?-^=S>F RAN KLIN FIRE COMPANY?A called meeting of the above named Com pany will be held at the Hall MONDAY EVEN ING, July 16th. By order of R. E. DOYLE, Pres. G. R. Crossfield, Sec. jy 11?*2t ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT ed Guard.?You are herebv notitted to at , , ...tend the regular weekly drill at the armory. iliiton'lUESDAY EVENING. July 17, at 7^ o'clock. P. S.?Commissioned and noncommissioned of ficers are particularly requested to be at their post. Hv order of the Captain. J. PECK. \Y. II. Hayward, O. ?. Jy 11?3t SKJ^MK. EDITOR?Permit me. through the Wv!S> columns of your valuable journal, to re ply to a paragraph in that truthful sheet of yester day's date. known as the Organ, in which I am represented as a Roman Catholic, and of Irish ex traction, and of having discharged Americans off public work. To these charges 1 plead guilty, but I would remark for the information of our Iruthful neighbor that I have employed Constitu tional Americans in place of those referred to by our worthy friend of the Organ. jy 11?It \VM. IV MOIIUN. NOTICE.?The Washington Columbus Building Association will meet on next MONDAY NIGHT, in German Hall,at8 o'clock, at which time the officers of the Association are to be elected, and the first payment on shares is to be made. The book is to remain open until that day, and any one wishing to subscribe will have ait opportunity. jy 1*2?3t a-^^CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE Fourth Ward?Notice is hereby given to the parties contesting the seats of the incumbent members of the Common Council, from the Fourth Ward of the city of Washington, D. C., as well as to those persons whose votes were rejected at the Municipal Election held in said city on Mon day. the 1th ultimo, that a hearing will be given in the premises on TUESDAY, the 17th instant, at the Council Chamber, in the City Hall, at 4 o'clock p. m. SAMUEL YORKE AtLEE, Chairman Committee on Elections, jy 11?dtt7 Board of Common Council. 6AA RIIWARD.?The al>ove reward will be paid for the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who. on the nights of the 11th and l-th instant, maliciously destroyed the Excursion Bills of the Good Will Club. L. THOMAS. WM ELWOOD, G. DI BANT, J FRANKLIN, S. MORAN, jy 11?9t Committee of Arrangement^. (?HEAP SUGARS, TEAS, AND COFFEE. J Claret, Madeira. Malaga and Sherry Wines. Superior Brandy at 92 per gal., worth S3. Bacon, Butter, Eggs. Ac. JOS. W. DAVIS, jy 11?It* corner 9th and E streets. hops: hops: hops: FV?U R bales first sort Hops, growth of 1-.53 and '51. for sale much lower than the usual price if applied for at once. WILLIAM M CRIPPS, 61 Louisiana av., betw. 6th and 7th sts. jy'??3t SUPERIOR ANTHRACITE COAL-96.10. CHEAPEST IS THE CITY' WE are now delivering Coal from the vessel at the atxive low price. JHT* Orders left at the Yard, corner 9th and H streets, will receive prompt attention jy 14?3t* J . E. SHIELDS A CO. NOTICE. PIMIE firm of Williamson A Osgodby having I been dissolved, the undersigned has taken a Shop in the immediate neighborhood of the for mer place with a view to permanency in the trade. Thankful for i>ast favors so liberally bestowed on the late firm, ne solicits a continuance of a share of the patronage heretofore received. N. B.?Shop on l'Jth, between Pa. avenue and E street. Residence on 10th. between G and H sts . No. 113. JNO. B. WILLIAMSON, jy 11?eoSt* \CARD.?To those of our customers who have . had the kindness to settle their accounts ren dered the Sfcjih of last month we return our sincere thanks. All those who have not yet settled will oblige us very much by doing so as soon as possi ble,Vithpr with cash or notes at short dates, as it is important that we have all accounts now due us closed by the 1st of August. CLAGETT. NEWTON, MAY A CO. jy 11?6t DENTISTRY. DR. V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully informs the residents of George-^ town and its vicinity that he has loca- , ted himself amongst them for the purpose of prac tising his profession. Office 121 Washington St., above Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. je'25?d'Jm&eolm* 50 BOTTLES SOLD IN ONE DAY!!! OES IT DO ANY GOOD, THOUGH ? READ' D Prof. DkGRATH, Philadelphia?Dear Sir:? All the 44 Electric Oil" gone of the 83U0 worth re ceived a few day's since. Send me 8500 more at same rate, and 1 will pay for it on receipt. Yours truly, SETIfS HANCE, 10e Baltimore street. READ! Still more cures performed in onr midst by Professor Charles DeGrath's Electric Oil. Mr. Conrad Scliuler, of Mulligan street, cured of a se vere pain in the side and breast, pronounced by three physicians to be consumption. Mr. Oscar M. Wood, music engraver, 14 Low street, cured of severe pain and loss of the use of his arm. Fully restored bythe contents of asingle 81 l>ottle. Hundreds cured daily. Coine to lUfc Baltimore street, and see the proof in writing. Be careful not to forget there is a saving ofabout '200 per cent, in taking the large bottles over the small ones. There is also a considerable saving in the 50 cent size. Sold wholesale and retail. Same selling in Washington at the rate of '20 a day. Jy 14 FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS.?A collection of Familiar Quotations, with complete Indi ces of Authors and Subjects, 91 Memories of Youth and Manhood, by Sidney Willard, 2 vols, 9*2 Ellie; or the Human Comedy, by John Esten Cooke, author of Virginia Comedians The Prophet*: or, Mormonlsm Unveiled, with illustrations, 81. ' . TAYLOR A MAURY'S jy w? ttookitere, , LIST OF LETTERS Rema tnmg in the Port Washing torn, D C July 11, I?5. W"nreons apply ii>{ for letteis In tks following Hut, will plaaeeaay they are mitrinr. LADIES" I 1ST. Mies Ann* Bt'.;, Mr? Hannah K-tt, Mia* Martha Blrfcert. n, Ml** nrdnta Kenedl. t. Mia* H *

Howl*, Mr* Mar; 1 Rn*ie, Mra HolU, Mr* P Hunt n, Mr* Mary M Clarke Mia* Maria Crosa, Ml** Mary Caw a, Miaa Mary C!l*son. Mrs Ann Oa4y, Mr* K Carrlere, Malame Ofraid Crawford, Mra s*i*h C Cr-wnel, Mn* Kllra ( nrrei\ Mr* fciieii Coopi>sr, Mia* IUlHM-ca Carpenter, Ml** A K C^mledtre, Mra II B Ilitnl, M:? Snsan Duffy, Mr* EliutheGi Dat in, Mi?s PranrlsC R?M, Mia* Margaret * Fall, Mr* ft nil, M:*a Mary KitBr-'iaM, Mary Persley, Mr* Pitzhngli, Mr* Ellen P*r<|iiliar, M*as M Uraraa, Mra Catharine T, Uraney, Ml** Mary Oriolu, Mra Clarissa (iarlanrt, Mr* Mary T H-da, Mr* M * lltekmsn, Mlaa Ann M Hicke, Vim L K Ha/el, Mi-* C A Hirrls, Mr* Sn<an W B 'pkln*. Mr* J A Hilton, Mlaa A A Johnson, Mrs Catlisrlue J>'|ina>>a, Ui?* M C John eon, Mi s C a J"lday, Ml** Ells'* tlnjt, Mi?a OlivU J K? ?r?i , Ml** Josephine Lowe, kilts Su*?u I.eallughani. Chr!stla~a Lyon*, Mr* M * < caret Lawren.**, Mra Francis J Lamer, Mrs Mary I. Lambdone, Mi** Catliarl ne Mills. Mi*a Kluilx tn A Mldleton, Mi* Margaret T Minor, Mlse Margaret Alime, Cltrlst'r S Arraaiit, Gen J HI Armani, M<>na Jno Amis, Jia H A r n?-!i J A bey. LtC W Archer, A I? Al^tna, A W Andarw n. G?n A ! Bj rn?, W K Bnrwell. Hem W H Hi) in, Wm ? Bennett, W C Items, W m W Bc?.ke, Wm Br< wn, W C Bird, W Wallace BaOcktt, T P Br clit, R Itroiiaugh. Robert Bn.iinicham, Pat Briaco, P Bi'Winer. P, Paul Rr inu(tn, Jno W Burr lie, J C Houkwith, Jno Btrney.J B> al'T, J' ssy B irnes, t?eo M S Bl hop, , F Bummer. Frrd'lt Berklev, Eoog c Bcal I, D L 2 Bohleber, Burld Br<r|c.-ti, c. Q Berkley, 11 Belt, A S CI irk,W Catnaiau, W D Cook, Rev Wru Ci eves, Tlios Cw.k. T J Crowley, Patrick Cran^ie. Michael C':<l>:n. M F CI. rk, Jos C Co< k, J oa Calvert, J Ale* Craig, J no M CV*. J Pl?r?Mt!ua Crawford, Maj J Coudict, l?r H F Cummins*, G R MaHiiewe, Mrs Matilda J M?i?ter, Mrs P A B Melville. M:ss Mary M?-ier?<ter. Mi?s Mary A McCoy, Mia* Emily McDonald. Mi** Catharine MKVnll, Mr* Anna Maicee, Mtra Kmlly McBonnall, Ann Na*h, Mra K liabeth T Nail*, Ml** B P N?is?n,-M?* *] lillila ? ? Orma. Mi** Iaaliel J O Hrvan, Mrs Jainaa O'Bryan, Mlsa Mary Ann P ??!. Mra l.acy A Patch, Mr* Ann .raturson, Ml.sttallla Peaia..n, Mrs K P' aey, Mr* Catharine Palmer, Martha A P"rtley, Bridget Penrey, I*ah?IU Rocha, Mr* W A Rea Mrs Reed, Mrs Mahaly R>-ed. Mrs Martha Riiay, Mi*a Mnfau Rupi'iecht, Mrs Msry R twlina, Mrs KMred R ? ????*, Mias Catharlna Reynold*, Mrs Mias HcvU, Miaa Mat ilia Kcott, Mra Kiizal'Sib Hmith, Mr* K B Steele, M rs A Smith, Mias Millie Knitth, Miaa HcCen Summera, Ml*s S <plii? Ft.?:ih"|?e, M la* l.lzzla S.nn-.n, Mrs L Smith, Mrs Joaoph H l>a\ ate, ti'en Tallfaro, Mra Ann Thotnp*?n. Mrs Ellen Tnly, Mrs William II Yaaa. Mia IV>ii(iii W?hi*, ChMatiaua Wehb, Caroline Walter. Mr* Anna Williamson, Catharine i Waltera, Mrs M Wiilson. Mr* Susan O Woodworth, Miss Ellen Walker, Mi s Catharine ? Walker, Mi** Roi.Iy M 1 YvBtii. Mrs QeurlatU E rtEVTLEMEXS' LIST. tirayann, Dr H (iihann, lleo UII'?on. Frank til*!*, K r tlardrier, K C t?ar*t, A A Uillir. Denial Piatt. S H Proaira, Lncaa Po'naett. Joel Pl?j?eaiit.?. Jon B I'arry, Dr Portar, D G Poltnn, Rev Ch.i* A i lainn, *r% i u ,? GraiiiborJMia**!, D Putnam, Maj R A Gill. *pl?, Lt A II H- -i*ehacU, Wm J Hilton, Wm K HoiiHtnn. 8 F Harrid, Sidney Harri*, M Hn^aJ>, J Poor*. B Perley Peck. Caj.t ADS Pacettl, A K Qulnn, M i RoW>, W H Riley, Rvhard Riley. Patrick Hernandez, Gaueral R^lley, Phil K Jua M 3 Hfii.lcraon, Jaa Hai'aon, J II Hoyt, Jaui< ? E Herboru. Jno B Holme a, J L Ha?|.-r, J II Haasler, J J S Htiiuplirei**, J? 9 Moleiuati. II Ro*er?, Cipt J W 1 Rovillo, Jiio R Ron-an, J W R. I>erfaon, Jmo Kay, James K." khoid. Jno C Rl^Vy, B K Ross, Klland Retumous, Ham set Sharp, S Hn:;:?r, l".| Mi'l H CRUMns, Samaal I Harrl*. (ieo P Ilor*eman, G<-o Harrison, Geo B HaatirK*, Geo H Jenk-. Win lto:ra!iam, B T John on, Albert Kiinbrriy, Jno L Ke-frr. W F Kiu^. Tl o* B Rinscy. I.t ^ King, B Uirt Kehoe, Micli*el Kenne?ly, Michael Kammercr, G 5 kolw-II, DrC F M Lawrence, Z Lynch, RoU-rt Lancaster, J II 1 Stewart, R K Sommervllle, R A Strong Robert Seule, Pierre S flulliran, Michael Sonnd, Lao Sonnerle'den, John Stnoon, John 1 Stress, Jno T Phea, Jamea Nn>ith, Jamea H 3 BfciHfllssa T P Smith. J W Saunders. Jno 3 Syma, Jno Sonnenblter, John Stul'b*, J R Smith, Jno Mantnn. H B l.avago, Don Gabriel Schad, (*eorge Lansiiale, F I .ark en, Andrew Liles. Aaron Morrison, Win Mann, W W ? Smith, E a Bchon, Rev Dr S Smallwood, W Shultz, Augustus J Slo... A G Marshall. WV?ley C Sj.roeaser, Adam Moore, Wm H Ma^eo, Wni Cayalt, Sijt'r Fre-l k Mill urn, Wm CI i"k, E C Cuinmina, Lt E H C"'ion, Cal?in Ci oily, B Car roil, Andrew J Cla k, A Del.aren, Satr.'l 3 Drenoae. Oil Jno D/.de, John Dr.-las, Jaa Doim, E W Duvall, Cliaa H Dulaney, C->iii B D:\ ice, Aaion l)u itt, Alex Mix, T M Mitchell. Thoa Morlarty, Jno Mettee, J R Morfartv, Jaa Mattlngly, Jaa Hindi. J H C 3 Munt/, James Miller, Joa H 3 Marr, Jrnies H Mitchell, HeiiilricL Morria, I>m Murray. Lt F K, Kdmund Moffat. D J Darken, m i| A-.ron Malwuey, Daniel R. win, Jacob -i B eretL Hon C H Kai^eubur*, Cal>t T W Pioyd, Hon S C K cmins, Pat P-iiwick, Jautea C Kll.aa, Jacob Martin, Andrea M< CausUnd, C .f t A 3 M Intire, C C McCarthy. Daniel McK-n.ey, (i IT Mciimnls*, James McCeil. Thoa Pounce, Mesar*UAH McCain, Robert PUka, Geo A French, Dr C O Gt?odear. W H Grammar, Rev llr tieer, L J Gin-vchio. Lnlgl lilaribrook, J tin:natty, J Ool laboro, J R Qraiiam, Jno M Gordon. Hon J,ig Goodrich, H A Stimern. a 1 ban C Taylor, W ? 2 Taylor, W p W Turner. Thoa ? Tvlar, R.'l.<>rI t hompeon. R E Torreiica. R P Thun, rani R Turner. Mr Tooll, Jas P Trice, Geo J Tyooit, O I'n.-er, C D Warwick, Wm D Warnlck, W Z Whitaker, W J Williams, Thoa J William*, Thoa 4 Williams, Lt Tho G Williams. T W Walker, S Percy Wm nie M Tope Wheeler, Mr While, M M W Uon, M L w:i*..n, Jno W.aidrnIT, Joa White, Jno Ward. Jno H W..lf*te!ner, Jacob Wilkinson, J F M Withera. J Waft, U1C Wtber, Henry Walker, George Wliaoii, Geo W Wiinaarlta, (reo Wstera, F J Wlielan, DaoKl N!< liol.t*, Th"S Ne-ta, FK1 O'Xelila J no 3 Oliver, W G O r.a.l, Lt;k.iea O'Bryon, Jatuca 2 O'l^ary. Jno O'Bj ron, K Ottlujjer, C M Oliver, Andrew Pllil'p*. W J Phuir*. w d IMIIAUL Tirk *h General Osnaul; bu*lnes*Eow; Se retary Colum bia l-"dge. Ho. Id 1. o. O. F. ; R A. L . W. T F Jl}|y " JAMES G. BK8RET. P. M. 373] IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. [373 On* Dollar's worth Goods for 75 cents ! \ S we cunteinplateenlaruiny and otherwise im proving our store, we will commence from thi> nate arnl continue until the loth of August next (at which time the improvement is to coin in. nce) to *ell our larj'e and beautifid assortment of Lawns, Tissues. Bareges, tientlemen's and Hovs' wear, a:>d in fact our entire stock of Sl'M Air;R GOODS at greatly reduced prices for cash We have also on iiand a complete assortment of '-?dies' and Gentlemen's Summer Gaiters and K;i.icy Shoes, which we are di-posed to sell at least per cent, less than otir usual prices. Persons wishing to save money would do well to ^ive us a call as thev may confidently relv ou obtaining GREAT BARGAINS. R. B HALL, No. 73 North Seventh ?t., one door above Jy 13?eoJw r . G . Hyatt's. TO THE PUBLIC. CRAY'S NEUTRALIZING CORDIAL! THE GREAT BOTANIC REMEDY! FOR I)iarrha*a. Dysentery, ami Sum hit Com plaints of Children rati lie had at CHARLES STOTT * CO.'S, Pennsylvania avenue. This preparation is unsurpassed for the ai>ove diseases. No family should w without It during the summer season, when the a hove disease* are so prevalent. It is particularly rcceinmended for children. Trice 25 cents p<>r l?ottle. Prepared and old by JAMES GRAY. No. 2 Water street, Baltimore, Md. jyH? ^ CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER. (^ENTLEMKN wishing to consult economy in having their Clothing made to order arc invi ted to visit our salesroom, where they will find every variety of Fine Cloths, Cassinieres. Doeskins CashtneretU, Drapetcs, Alpacas, Tweeds White and colortd Linen Drill*, Russia Ducks White, buff and colored Marseilles Veslinns, Jfce. Making the largest aRsortment of fashionable piece goods to l>e found in any one house in this city, which we will make to order iu the most su perior style of workmanship and finish at a saviuy of at least twenty five p#>r cent, to the purchaser WALL & STEPHENS, 332 Ta. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, jy 11?3t ORANGE Ic ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Leave Alexandria If Leave Washington Leave Alexandria GREAT SOUTHERy MAIL USE! TWICE daily between WASHINGTON and the SOUTH, ria ALEXANDRIA, GOR DONSVILLE and RICHMOND?no night line on Sunday. I-eave Washington J,' before 6 o'clock a in "7 *? a m 44 7 " p m 44 8 44 p m PARES BY SIGHT LIME. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gor donsville $3 25 From Gordonsville to Richmond 2 25 Travelers will find the morning line the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious route to the Greenbrier White Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm. Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Warrenton, Charlottsville, Staunton, Straaburtf. Winchester, Harrisonburg, Lexington. Weir's Cave, Natural Bridge, Luray, New Market, Mid dleburg, Ac. PARES BY MoaXIXG LINE : From Alexandria to Warrenton. - ? 92 00 << ?? Gordonsville, - 3 50 Charlottesville, - 4 50 Staunton, ? - 6 00 Strasburg, - - 3 50 Winchester, - - 3 50 Luray, - - - 4 25 New Market, ? 5 00 Middleburg, - - i 25 OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey passengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for ALEXANDRIA, a distance of ? miles, allow ing ample time for meals. H W VANDEGRIFT, JX Gen. Snpt. DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE IC* cream ? Go at once to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, he was awarded a MEDAl. by the MetropolHaa Mechanics' Institute, lor ice cat am, wan* test, ?a4 can. n?jr O j n <( 44 44 <4 44 ?4 44 44 OtiD FELLOWS' HALL, MONDAY EVENING, JULY lft, 1M?. COM F LIME ITT A RY CONCEIT TO MR. GEORGE W, TAYLOR, The eeccomplisbed vocalist. by bis nui friend* and admirers. The following talented artists will appear. B GRENNUP. S. CROSS. C. GRIFFIN, and . JULIUS KECK. Tbe celebrated Guitarist. The popular and delightful v<vali?t?. the JEOLtAN ar.KE CLVB, Messrs TAYI.OR, T II BENNETT, F. PRl'. ET, aud E. JONRS. |< of admission 25 rents poor* oprii at 7-^omnh nrf at a ?V leek. For particulars of programme wc bill*. jy 13?3t IOST-A CAM BO PIN. on tbe 12th Instant, at Carusi ? Saloon, or on I2th street, between D and II. Tbe tinder will be rewarded by 1 earing it at E. EVANS1*, corner of 9th and 1 streets. jy 13?3t* Lost, on tmf afternoon of the llth instant, wi E street, ttetween 9th and ItKh streets, before the residence of Secretary McClel land. a lady's Breastpin. Tbe flnder will be re warded by leaving it at the office of the Star. Jy 13-3t* COAL!COAL! 'IM1E undersigned is prepared to deliver COAL 1 of the best quality, at w 50 per ton. II C. 11ARROVER, 3d street, 3d door south of Pa. avenue, jy 13?lm A CARD. TIIF. Arm of Williamrnn A O^odby baring been dissolved, tbe undersigned will remain at the old stand, northwest corner of E and llth street, where he hope* to meet a share of tbe pa tronage so liberally borrowed on the late Drm. jy 13?tf _ _ THUS W. OSGODBV. LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. rpiIE subscrilter* will loeate I .and Warrants A either in Ohio, Indiana. Illinois or Iowa, and and give a correet description of the land located If, upon examination, this description proves in (orrect, they will themselves lake tbe land, giviug for it another warrant for the same quantity. One of the firm resides in the West, and will i;ive the business his personal Miiiterintendance. MILLER A BROWN, Tth s| , opposite 1'oat Office, Washington jy 13?ea3in ATTENTION, t O.VL < ONSl'MERS. WE are now discharging Coal from vcasels, and will be for the next three weeks All pet rous wishing to lj|- in their winfctr supply wonld do well to give us a call, as we are determined to sell as cheap, and on a* good terms a* any other dealers. Our coal is of the best quality, both White and Red Ash. suitable for Furnace*. Sto>ca and Ranges. WASHINGTON A KEYS, Corner llth and C streets, near Canal, jy 13?F.SAcolt THE FACQl'IFR WHITE SILP1IIR SPRINGS 4 RE now open for the reception of Company, -A and in a far more attractive condition than they ever have been A gross misrepresentation against themJliuL having been published in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Haitiinor^ Sun to the effect that they were cl<?*ed for the season is now traced to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice. It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it. The subscrilier trusts that he will not be made the victim of such malignity; and the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transferring it to tbelr columns will disabuse the public mind through the same medium. ALEX. BAKER, jy 13?'2m EXTRA TIMES?GREAT EXCITEMENT. Cextbeville, Md . June 1?. 1&S5 There has been a yreat excitement here for Prof. CHARLES DkGRATH S ELECTRIC OIL, from Philadelphia?it having performed some ex traordinary cures, which becoming very generally known, all rushed for a bottle. Physician*. Mer chants and Servants, and quite a premium was tendered for the last. Tbe following speaks for itself, a* all the parties are known throughout the Slate, being among the first citizens of Centre vllle; Cextrevillb. June lfi. 1^55. Having had a painful and difficult swelling oq iny kne*- about nine years. I sent for a bottle of I'rof DeOratL's Klretrtc Oil. which reduced the -welling and removed all pain In twenty-*** hours 1 have also applied it to one of my ser vants for the worst kind of Neuralgia, which it ef fectually cured in half an hour, and produced no disagre?iPle sensations, but quite the contrary. Albeit Jcxr. Albert Jump. Esq . who signed the above. Is one of cur l?est known, credible and responsible ?itizens. Whatever he says may be implicitly re lied on. IlorrsR A Wilxer. Druggists R. G OD D "BO bo v c? 11, M. 1) Tmos J. Keatixg, Attorney Wm. F. Parrott, Merchant Tuos. Haighey, ? do Gbo. C. Palmer Thos. Alhcox. Jr. Jxo. H Rowlexscx. Ed. 'Sentinel*' S. E. Scluv^x, Ed. "Times ?? Still another .' Every one speaks the same ! Chestertowx, June 15, 1*55. I have applied I'rof. DeGrath's Electric OH la a very severe case of Neuralgia, which it cured in ? wenty minutes, and has never since rctured For other things I have also used it with like results. I am satisfied of Its immfdiatt efficacy; besides it is by no means unpleasant. Thai Q Piimioii. P- ^?I am glad our Druggists have a supply. I had to send to Philadelphia for it. One of our ??blest ph<%ieians gut a dollar bottle to day to cure his wife's breast. Prof DeGrath, Philadelphia, will warrant hi* ELECTRIC OIL every time for Salt Rheum, or Tetter, and everything <orr or painful. Sameexcitemen in Washington, at STOTT A CO'S Druw Store; also. OILMAN'S, and at the National Hotel. jy 12 3te Lost, either in the academy or on the road to It. on vestcrdav. a large mourn ing Breastpin, worked in roses and leaves on the margin. A suitable reward will be given If deliv er* d either at Mr Chas Trunnell s, 81 Frederick street. Georgetown, or at the Star office. jy 12?3t CHAS. TRUNNELL. rpOYS FOR THE VOL NT. ONES, a beau. A tiful collection and very cheap, at LAMMOND'S. jy 12?3t Seventh at. LEMONS! LEMONS! ? I ST received a few Itoxe* of very fine Lemons. ?' of the last imjtortation. for sale,'wholesale and retail by. ti. W. MAN KINS, jy 12?3t Market Space. Georgetown. 1JEWS IOR SALE.?A few pews have Wn A added to Chiist Church, and are offered for sale on pleasing terms. Apply to H. C Matthews, corner Washington and H c*t t-treets. or to P. T. BERRY A SON, jy 12?co3t Wa;er st , Georgetown. Hair brisiies and <ombs, Bun ? Tricorherou*. supciior Ox Marrow l'omade, Cologne. Bay Rum, Ac., at LAMMOND'S, ly ScntiiUi st. OHIBTS MADE TO ORDER?Gentlemen's . ' best quality of Shirts made to measure and warranted to tit. at the lowest New Vork prices. WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa. aveutie. next to Iron Hall " jy 12?tf (News) 'pilE LONDON STAGE 4 vols, octavo, eon A tainiug about two hundred of the Iwst play* id the language (exclusive of Shakspeare's ) A few sets or the altove?second-hand copies, new oner being unobtainable?-i:rat imported from Lon don. Price $8 30. FKANCK TAYLOR jy 12?tf SlIllTTER A KAHLERT, RTISTS. FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and - every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING Orders left with Baldwin and Nenning. Archi tects, corner Penn avenue and llth street, will be promptly attended to jy jj ]?,? GENTLEMEN'S LNDERGARMENTS. WE have a large and fine assortment of r*llk. Gauze. Merino and CoUon I ndershirt*. lia en and cotton Drawers. White aud colored Shirts, Hosiery, Ac., which we are now offering at very low pnees. WALL A STEPHENS. 342 Pa. ave., next door to Iron Hall. jy II?it [News] COFFIN WAREROOM, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ? KERS?residence U? Seventh street, between G and H streets. Interments procured In any ground or cemetery Coffins, Caps, Shrouds. Car riages, Hearse, and every article for interments of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right at Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep fhe dead for any length of time. Jy i|_T|y CHANDLER'S ORATION on the I^ndinv of the Pilgrims in Man land, pamphlet?-5 cents. H. W Billiard"! Speeches and Addresses one vol; 8vo ' Kinran's Letter* to fhe Right Rev J no Hitches Life in California, .Mountains and Molehill? bv Frank Marratt : ' Straus's Life of Jeans Frank Le?dle*s Gazette for July s? Harper's Story Book do J>U 1KA.NCXIA VLVk. A'