Newspaper of Evening Star, July 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 16, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligence. The Sale or Handsome Oil Paiktikci*. by Mctiuire, auctioneer, which have been on ex hibition over Farnham'e bookstore, commenced on Friday afternoon. About one-third of the catalogue was got through with, and about one hundred paintings and .ill of the engrav ings remain to be sold, at the sale to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon. We give below a por tion of the pictures sold : -44 Harvest Day," by A. Van Willis?pur chased by O. D. Fowle for $41. "Coast Scenery," by Thayer, jr.?Mr. Walker, $3b. 44 Canterbury Meadows," by Van Willis? Wm. II Dougal, $'J0. '? Roadside Inn,'' by tfce ?ams artist?<1. D. Fowle. $t>7. 4,Landscapo and Figures"?Samuel Bacon, $15 44 Marine Piece," by Marsh?Samuel Ba con. $14. 44 View of Havre,"' by Birch?Willian J. Thomas, $20. 44 Musical Party,'* by Melino?Mr. Chap man. $16- . ? 44 Land-cape and Cattle," by Renegale?J. F Cojle, $35. ?4 Repentaut Magdalen," by Mola?John Wagner, $19. "Scene in New Hampshire," a beautiful picture, by Watterson?J. F. Coylc. $55. 44 Banditti Caronsir^?Wm. H. Thomas, $22 "Fisherman s Wife," by Poole?Wm. H. Thomas, $22. '-Coast Scenery," by Shayer?Saml. Bacon, $41. 4; Landscape and Cattle, ' by Londonia?J. F. Coylc, $65. 44 Landscape and Cattle," by Gainsboro'? Wm II Thomas, $17. 44 Fruit Piece"?Wm. II. Dougal. $30. 41 Landscape," by Poussin?Willi-in H. Thomas. $21. " Interior," by F. Hydcr?Wm. II. Thomas, f27.75. "Head of Philosopher?Jno. Wagner, $15. '-Flemish Interiors," by Harriman?C. W. Bottler. >69 each. A number of others ranging from $5 to $20 each. Mus E H Pendleton.?This so liberal and popular Washington lady is not passing through Europe unheralded, it seems. We quote from a northern exchange an account of her visit to the Pope at Rome, which will be read with scarcely less interest by our fellow citizens generally than by her own especial protegees, the gallant f* Columbias,*' of Capi tal Hill: 4- Bedini. last month, presented to the Pope Mr?. E. H. Pendleton, of Washington, and Mrs M. L Barr. the daughter of the lament ed Senator Linn, of Missouri. Cardinal An tonclli first received the ladies as expected guc?ts. and with great cordiality devoted his attention to them, in the most varied and pleasing manner; he showed them, amongst* other things, the m<*t superb specimens of marble, brought from every part of Europe, and the rarest collection of precious stones, in cluding a black diamond ; a crystal ease of antiques of various kinds was examined and greatly admired by the ladies, who expre?scd their pleasure at this distinguished evidence of the Cardinal's attention. A signal from the chamberlain announced his Holiness as ready to admit the party. The Pope stood near a table, at the end of the long room, robed in a dress of white, with crimson slip pers, on which .-parklcd the gulden cross. M. Rodini introduced the ladies to the Holy Fa ther. as Americans ; he gave his hand to them, while a warm, benevolent smile, played over his expressive fa*-e, as he welcomed them to K"ine. On taking leave, his Holiness said he gave the hi-m esj e.-ial ticking, and again prof fered hU hand. Fr*DAY A*r.?EinwT?.?Our city, usually quiet on the Sabbath day, is beginning to be pestered by lawless youngsters from other cities, who comc hero exacting to practice their belligerent science without feeling the hand of the law. In addition to these Sabbath day emigrants, a numerous body of 4- cent ante"' gamblers occupy the unguarded public squares, and lose their fips. but claim to be w?.ll rewarded bv g? tting drunk. These go to thoir homes at night, bawling and screaming, to the great annoyance of the peaceably in clined. One row came off in an alley, usually called Soap allev, situated between Sixth and Peventh streets, near O. Some of the party were arrested, but being least in fault were let go. Another came off in the eastern section of the eity. What was the cause, or who the parties were, we have not learned. Coirtof Claims.?Additional attorney?con tii:u*. to be admitted to practico in this court. A question having been raised on Friday as to whether the solicitor or the counsel for the petitioners should hold the affirmative on a demurrer, the court resolved that the opening and clo>iug belonged to the solicitor. The court also resolved that a brief in such cases Would not be required. The court ann< uuced the following modifica tion of the second rule : That the u;tition. be fore l>eing filled by the clerk and entered in his general docket, must be sworn to by the claimants, or, where there is more than one claimant. b> one of them. or. in either case, by fvme credible person. Axotueu Robbery.?Saturday night or Sur.| day morning, some persons entered the tailor ing estahlisnment of Mr. E. C. Eckloff. on Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, and r bbed it of about tw;> hundred and fifty dol lars' worth of clothing, finished and unfinished, aad of other valuable g-?>ds. The robbers likewise entered the cigar-store adjoining, and helped themselves extensively to all they c >uld lay hands on. They obtained ingress to the latter (kept by a nephew of Mr. Eckloff) thr u^h the door of the partition dividing the two establishments. The rogues must nave operated by means of a false kev, or a bick pick No clue has been obtained as to their I*rsons or whereabouts. Fibemiss New Hat.?There was shown to us. this morning, a handsomely painted fire man* hat; the work executed by Mr. John 0 Brion Or. the front is the representation ?f an eagle, holding in his beak a flowing ?ernll. r? I. with ^ilt letters composing the words ?? \\ estcrn llose Company,' and in an oval enclosure the figure 1. On the back of the hat are the wards ?? Justice to All," 1S55; ?Oil on the crown a dedicate gold wreath, the ,m)ials ?f the name of the owner of the artk-lc to be Maertcd within it. The hat is painted a deep claret color, with a narrow band, iu g"ld, above- the rim. The body of the hat ?a# nuaufaetured by Mr. Remick, of George town _____ ' *"perty S\i,e ?Mr McGuire. auctioneer, 'eeenlly the whole of s<|uaie .i03, b<>unded *7 ,Vh- J2,h v :*u<* w streets, for $2 OW. A ^ purchaser. Also. |,,t N? 22. in square 411, corner of ghth M1'd I? street*. Island, for 17ic. . |p* a ''"use and lot on south B street, Cap '; 1 lull, between New Jersey Avenue and ?"><#treet east, for $2 100. The adjoining lot or ? cent> per square foot. The next lut for CfBts jk t foot. A lot in the rear fronting on alley, f.jj in cents per loot. ?tro*g Cikci*xstaxtial Evideice.?On ',nrday night a gentleman, somewhat tired probably a little tij?sy. laid dowu in the *r*et, under tho eye of a friend. au<l fell ** erP W hile in that condition his friend to notice him. and saw a man with a ?We ia hand standing over him. Upon ex ^-ing the sleeper he found his watch-guard "ff and his watch gone. Complaint was ??uc at the guard-house, but the suspectcd )*r?- n had escaped. T?ie School Examinations. during last week. !"r* w? learn generally satisfactory to those a'jse butiMH it was to conduct those proceed and afforded a pleasing evidence of the and value of the system of public school ruction T -morruw afternoon, second district, senior *<ii#triet school, second district school ase' ?r T M Vil^m, teacher, will be ex tned by the entire board. I>AK;KRors Put ??A colored woman on ker r? mm Irom her church last night, lell into a Weil on iMaware aveuue, near the Capitol 'lhe ai'iiiiu was not hurt, but badly seared I be welli- dangerous, because ifithe way. and ivrertd with Mi vld dwr CONTINUATION or THE SALE OT P.VINTIXGS and Engravings.?In addition to the paint inga offered last week is a beautiful picture? subject: 44 Shylock and Jessica,'' from Shak speare's 4> Merchant of Venice." painted by GustavusE. Sintiinick This is, without excep tion, the best p ainting we have ever seen on the subject. The head of the Jew is life-like and full of character; the hands are painted to per fection; the coloring is clear, beautiful, and harmonious. The scene is well carried ?>ut. without being crowded with detail. "Jacob and Labun," painted by Nicholas Poussin. This is, indeed, a splendid gallery pioturc- the figure? being painted with grace and case. One of the pictures (a shepaerd) seems to stand off the canvas. Tho compo sition is truly fine. Many additions have been made, which will be found worthy of attention, and we learn the whole will be sold without reserve. The engravings, comprising over 1.000, very rare and beautiful, will repay a visit. They were collected by one of the first connoisseurs of America, the late E. D. Graham, of Phila de phta. . Cumstian Associationp.?A general con vention or conference of delegates and mein era; ol all ^oung Men s Christian Associations m all parts of the world, will bo held in Paris on the 20th of August next, and the second annual convention of Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States and British Froyinccs will be held at Cincinnati on Wed nesday, September 19. The List op Premiums distributed, on Sat urday last, at the Academy of the Visitation, Convent Place, the Kcv. J. B Byrne dispens ing them, will be found in our columns this afternoon. The institution is highly popular with our citizens, and therefore everything connected with its proceedings mu.-t provo of interest. The FrNERAL Services attending tho death of Charles B. Masi, an amiable and respected youth, in the hftecnth year of his ag*>, were celebrated this morning, in St. Matthew's Church. The Scott Guard, of which he was a member, attended in undress uniform. This is the third death in tho corps within the past year. . False Pretences.?A negro has been de tected in getting groceries under false pri - tcnces, but has not been arrested. He would go to stores, order a large quantity of goods in the name of some distinguished person, and direct that thoy be sent to the house, not for getting to relieve the porter of his task by him self walking off with as much as he could carry. Lost Child.?A little girl, named Iriana Marshall, w.ts missed this morning about 12 o'clock. She is about six years of age, and was dressed in black, with a leghorn flat trimmed with black. Any one taking her to the dry-goods store of Win. M. S buster ?fc Co. will enter a favor upon her father. Thomas Marshall. * Corporation Cases ?The following cases were disposed of by Ju-tice Bates: George Me Dell a and Sam Ford, drunk; workhouse 60 days : George Juniman selling liquor on Sun day, fined S10 ami costs ; Amanda Koby, open profanity; fine and costs; John Clark, and Jo seph Jenning. bathing in the canal; workhouse seven days ; Mary Custis, drunk in the streets; workhouse sixty days ; Owen Magcc, selling liquor without license; case dismissed. All ar rested by officer Wise. The Seventh Ward Union Association was re-organized on Wednesday evening, and the following (>fficers were elected: Presi dent?James Espey; Vice President?Samuel S. Taylor: Recording Secretary?Win. Cooper; Financial Secretary?John T. Cas^cl; Treas urer?John T. Bradley. An Invalid Pimp.?We have been requested to call the attention of the commissioners to the condition of tho pump on the corner of K street and Connecticut avenue, which is sadly out of repair; among other things, the handic ii broken ob. Our correspondent insist-- on re pair, t??r the relic! ol suffering humanity. Criminal Court ?Charles Tasker. a colored ?oath, convicted of an-aggravated assault on Thomas Butler, of his own complexion.?.?ul ting him through the cheek with v. knife, the instrument also wounding his tongue?has been sentenced to six month s imprisonment in tl.e county jail. ? Health of Washington.?It appears by the report of the Board of Health that the number of interments in this city for the mouth of June wa; ninety-four; of which there were those of forty-two persons who died five years and under of age. Concert.?The lovers of vocal and instru mental melody must not forget the entertain ment advertised for this evening, at Odd Fel lows" Hall, for the benefit of Geo. W. Taylor. Match Returns.?Yesterday morning the only case on the docket for trial was Thomas Manly, accused of fighting. The case was dismissed. This morning a young man was brought out for trial, charged with ill-treating his wife. He denied any knowledge of his marriage, and says it must have been consum mated while he was intoxicated. His state ment was plain, and induccd those who heard it to believe he had been imposed upon. He was held to bail for pe:ice?a stranger to him going his security. John Phillips, colored, out after hours ; fine and costs. John Lucas, colored, disturbing religious worship; fine and costs. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, July 13. 1S55. The following business was had under con? sideration by our City Councils on Friday last: Mr. Osborne obtained a suspension of the rules to enable him to projtose a message to the Board of Aldermen, in relation to a joint meeting of the two Boards for the election of two persons to assist in codifying the laws <f the District. Mr. Bangs, from the committee on streets, reported back, without amendment, an ordi nance from the Board of Aldermen providing for Opening and improving Sesond alley from High to Congress streets, accompanied by re monstrances against said improvement from Jos. N. Fcarson. John Marbury. trustee of the heirs of John Carter, Philip Gorndey, and others; and the same was rejected Mr Bangs, from the same committee, re ported back, without amendment, a bill from the Board of Aldermen for the improvement of a part of North street; passed and signed. Mr. Bangs, from the same committee, to whom was referred a memorial of sundry citi zens residing on Market street, reported an ordinance providing for the improvement of the ftiotways on the cast side of said street, from Bridge to Fourth street; passed both Boards. Also, resolution providing for certain foot ways ; which was laid over, the third reading being objected to by Mr. Welch. Mr Bangs, froin same committee, reported back, with sundry amendments, bill from the Board of Aldermen providing for tho introduc tion of gas into our streets ; which was passed, and the amendments being concurred in by the Board of Aldermen, it was signed. Mr Mi-Can. from the committee on police, reported back Aldermen's bill in relation to swine, with the recommendation that it do not pass. The recommendation was concurred in. .\fierwards a motion to reconsider was carried, and the bill will be taken up again on next Friday evening Mr McCan, from the same committee, to whom was referred a resolution in relation to dogs, offered by Mr. Edes some two weeks ago, rej?ortcd back the same with the recommenda tion that it do not pass The recommendation after some discussion was rejected, and the resolution passed. Mr Myers, from the committee on claims, re-reported a bill appropriating ?200 for the benefit of Lewis Smith, which was passed and transmitted to Board of Aldermen. Mr. Osborn presented the claim of W illiain Jewtd. amounting to S303 50, for services ren dered the Corporation, Ac., referred to the com mittee on claims. A message was received from the Mayor, covering the account of Win H. Tenny, for *14 yi. and S. Boots, Corporation Surveyor, for services rendered, amounting to ?100 ; re ferred to committee on claims Mr Edes offered a resolution, whi>sh was passed, appointing Robert Ould, David Eng lish and Evan Lyons, Esq*., Coiuuiiicioners to represent the stock held by our Corporation ,a'i, of the Che?apcake aur Ohio Canal Company. Mr. Edes. from tho committee on commcrco. reported an ordinauce appropriating 51,00(1 !or deepening the channel ef the Potomac \v "ir Wr.'lC^ WM Passed ; i*nd Mayor Addison. W. H. Blc* ami George Water?. Ksqs., weru appointed a committee to superintend the same. The B iard of Aldermen passed a bill appre ciating S2S.30 for tho benefit of John M. Botcler; also, bill for tho r?-!iefof It. I*. Dodg?*; rcierred to appropriate committee" of the council. A message was received from Board of Al dermen in reply to message of council, in re lation to the election of codillers, declining to accede to the projections contained in the same. A petition signed John Darncs, president of Star oompany, wm read, requesting that per mission bo grant id to boys to run to fires, with an engine provided at their own expense ? re ferred . Mr. Myers offered a resolution, whi3h was passed, asking the Mayor to furnish the coun cils certain information in relation to the sale, ?sc.. of tho property Known as the tobacco warehouse, Both boards then adjourned. An ugly fracas occurred on Saturday night, at a house on Water street, occupied by an in dividual by the namo of Causcen. which re sulted in two or throe of the parties concerned in it bclug badly wounded. It appears that Causcen, anticipating an attack, had prepared himself with weapons for self-defence. When hw assailants arrived, thej forcibly entered his premises, and as they came liij he struck a young man. named Hillinry IIutcMngs. with an or axe-handle, which felled him to the floor. Jle then inflicted a wound upon him with a knife, which his attending physician, Dr. Itiley, thinks is almost certain to prove fatal. Uuite a large company went with tho Vigi lant Fire Company, this morning, on their ex cursion to the White House Pavilion, on board the fine steamer George Washington. Probably thooldost person in our community ne\ er saw sush an abundant supply of fine veg etables of every description in our market, as was there on Saturday last, and prices wo are [?lease to say. have coinc down to a reasonable standard. One of the most important articles, potatoes, have fallen in price from 52 50 to SI. Cabbages, beets, Ac., there is no end to them, and at prices as low as any ono could ask them. No change in the flour or grain market since our last. SrECTAToit. _ ICT'Sy philis, Scrofula and Diseased Blood. I-or the cure of these terrific diseases CARTER'S ? PANISH MIXTURE is the only specific The proprietors have in their possession over one hundred certificates of the most extraordinary cures effected by it. \Ve refer to the certificate of Richard Adams, late High Sheriff of Richmond, Va., E Burton Commissioner of the Revenue for Richmond: Uen \\ elch. of the Mammoth Circus; Dr. Hendlev, of ?V ashington city; Wm A. Matthews and C. B Luck. Esq., of Richmond. Va.; F. Boyden, Ex change Hotel, Va.; and a host of others who have seen rases of the worst description cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture. They all certify that it is the greatest purifier of the blood known. *#*See adveitisemcnt. 1D~ Neah Walker Co., Marble Hall Mothing Emporium, under Crowns' Hotel re spectfully announce that their display of Sprin" and bummer Clothing is now ready for inspection eomprising an assortment of Coats, VesVs and 1 antaloons of the newest and richest designs jn iriaterial, trimming and workmanship. T<T '?en tlernen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se ? 3 offered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered in this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 A Phenomena In Medicine?Bronchi tis, Cough. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Scrof ... . <liseasesof the Female System t stands pre-eminent A Clergyman just inform-; as it has cured him of Bronchitis of a deviate character?particulars hereafter. ,HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? y ,ts "V,1'1 action on the stomach, liver and kid nejs will cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma, Bron chial and Lung Affections, Pains in the Back. . Hie and Breast. Consumption. Scrofula Rheu matism, ?io?t, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints. I ile? Worms and Nervous Debilities? w ith all diseases arising from impure blood and IS f he greatest female medicine ever known | ? js Invaluable medicine is working wo.uler* 0rv,n the human frame. ' , Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY. 110 Hal. ' ^'"??restreet, Baltimore;:??? Broadway. New ork; I C \< STOTT A CO., J B. MOOR I- 1) B ! . VM 'i CLAKK,: * BOWLING. W IIL Lior.and II McPIIERSON. Washing 1; ' ? ( ISSELL, Georgetown; C. C. I'-KR ll> 7 Alexandria; and by Druggists everywhere. -? ' Dr. Hooflnml's Celebrated tirmiAM Hitters. ?Weak, nervous, depre>-ed in spirits and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration. Vet it is absur.i for him to despair. We care not how weak, low nervous and Irritable he maybe, tl.e cordial prop erties of IIOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTER* prepared by Dr C M. Jackson. Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preiing upon his body ami mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure See advertisement. je 7?3in * ID" Premiums at the Fairs?\Mii tr hnrsfs still in the ascendant ?The juries of each of the l ite fairs at Baltimore. Richmond,and New \ ork" awarded their hightest premiums to J II W for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Datruereotypes exhibited? M r. W also received two medals at the Woild's J-air, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace IN ew \ ork. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa. ave nuebetwecen Four-and-a-half and Sixth .streets, feb 17 DIED. On1 the 15th Inst . in the triumphs of the Chris* Han faith ELIZA SANDIFORD ANDERSON Wife of Mr. Charles A. Anderson, and daughter of the late Thos. Sandiford of this city I he friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock. On the I Ith inst., WILLIAM SI1UGERT in rant son of Anthony and Elizabeth J Buchly a41x1 5 weeks. 3 9 His funeral will take place this afternoon at 4 v reskhnfe of Mr. William .Mar tin. -No. .{!*(, D Streets. ?>etween Sixth and Seventh ? V. i . friends of the family arc respectfully to attend. 1 * y On the llth inst., OVID V., infant son of James > and Elizal?eth J . Holland. ,5th year <?f his age, CHARLES BRAD I < utp, son of Seraphim and Catharine Masi. WANTS. WANTLD?A BOV, BETWEEN TWELVE * ? and fourteen years of age, to attend in a gro cery store. He must come well recommended or he noed not apply. No salary will be given the tir>t year A note addressed to "MM," No. 101 Last Capitol street, Capitol Hill. jy l?_it# VVANTED?AT NO 208 N. YORK AVE f ? nue, between 4th and 5th streets, a white oman to do the general housework of a small iamiiy. To a competent jierson good w;ures will given. jy io_u# WAN TED?A SECON D-H ANDED IRON Safe, fire proof. Apply to G. T MASSEV, Jy_'l 4<Si Thirteenth street WANTED?A FEW GOOD WAITERS for Old Point Comfort. Apply at Willard's IIo tel jy 13?2t WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A COM FORT able two-story Brick House in the neighbor hood of the City Hall or Capitol. Apply at SCHWARTZE 4 SON'S J 10 1co3t St?re' next to u 8 Hotel, Pa. ave. IM/-ANTED?ON RENT, A HOUSE, contain ing ten or twelve rooms, situated ln*tween 5th and 12th streets west, and Pennsylvania ave nue and G streets north. Possession to be given prior to September. Address Box 023 City Post jy 11?eo3t* WANTED-EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of ?75? payable S3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap33?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. B0ABDING. ATOTICE?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND 11 Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths, and every attention to render it most agree able to her boarders. Mr*. P. G. MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenu?aud4k st. ap 23?3m -MRS. BATES,ON TIIES. W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared to accommodate geutlen>en with room-, with or without board- Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf B' FOB 8ALB AID RENT. For RENT A TWO-STORY BRICK Dwelling on II .treet, n?ar iwh street. No. 2T0, pleasantly situated. with a tine enclosure and con venient outbuilding, furnished or unfurnished. Apply at t!ie premises. jy jg tf FOR RKFT-A BRICK IIOUSeT containing six rooms, situated on the south side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between 12th and 13th streets For terms apply at No. 451 Thirteenth street, be tween fi ana F. jy 16?Ot# For rknt?a two-storf and attic Brick House on il street, between 12th and a id UiCa streets. containing eight rooms and cel

lar is fur rent. Enquire of J W. BARKER, on II street, next to the Lutheran Church. jy eotf For ren t?a two-story frame House, with basement, situated on Prosjieet Hill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful \ iew of the Potomac river. Apply to T. O. Douno^liue near the Catholic Church, or R. H. Trunnei, No. 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C. Jy 11 For rent?a tiiree-storY house, with basement, on I street. between fi and Ttli south side, newly put in complete order from top to bottom, with e rooms Splendid yard 120 feet deep to a thirty feet alley, well paved, cowhouse. <*c. For terms apply to CHARLES KEEN AN. Collector for Gas Company; or Mrs MARY ANN NALLY, corner of 0th ahd G streets. Rent will tie *'M). " jy 11?3t? For sale?a lot on capitol hill. containing 12.500 feet. It can lw divided into halves. Enquire of E. F. QUEEN, 7th street, near the Northern Market. Jy 11?2w For rent?two new brick houses on N, between 12th and 13th street* They contain two parlors. Ave chamber", servant's room dining room, kitchen and double cellars, with convenient yards and out houses. The buildings are located in a lien 1 thy and rapidly improving part of the city. Rent &21 per month. For fur ther particulars enquire on the premises, jy <?co3t# FOR RENT.?A handsomely furnished House near the Public Department is ofli-red for rent. To a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate. The House contains a l>ath room and gas fixtures. Enquire on the premises, No 270 II street. Jy 5?lm* For rent ?the building on dst., near the corner of Twelfth, is for rent, either in part, or whole. Apply at the Star office. je 20?tf For sale.?a small frame house and Lot. No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment. If not sold soon it will be for rent. Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown. Lot '20 feet front by 160 feet deep; will be sold low and on a long credit. W ANTED?A few shares of Georgetown Build ing Association Stock. Applv to E K. LUNDY, No. 123 Bridge street, Georgetown; or No. 400 E street, Washington. je2I?tf^ Rents reduced to suit the times #150 a year will be received for the rent of those n'-w and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, w??od shed, and otjier conveniences attached. Puinpsof pure water are near the door, and communication h had with Georgetown by wavof II and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at tlie usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate ap/ilicaiioii must lie made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after otiice hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of residences will be sold on libe ral terms. WM. ST IC K N E Y, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly in advance. ap9?eotf For rent?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SM1TH 'S, 233 F street. ap 0?tf Homes fOR all ?beauti fully and healthily located lluilding I/Ots, 24 feet front by 130 deep, or graded streets, can, until spring, be boo-. ht at (lie exceeding low price of $73, pay able ' i per month. Tille indisputable. Union I.and OlUce. Seventh street, above Odd Fellows'Hail. JOHN FOX, Secretary, jan 9?'ha UK ILL! ANT SAILING MATCH. riMIE lover* of this beautiful and entertaining A. sjK?rtar<? hereby informed that the snh scrilier contemplates pelting i'p, on the 25th July, if practicable, a GRAND REGATTA Two chased Etruscan Silver Goblets will con stitute the pri/.es The most valuable to lif award ed to tue most rapid boat in the ra< e. The next ix .t t<< !>e::r off the se? oi>d premium. The match i.- to be between boats belonging to Washington, ? jt^Tgetown and Alexa ulria. Iloats having decks o vi i ?_j feet are ineligible to entry. The proprie ?ors cf boa's must l>ear in mind thai they cannot enter any boat not owned in the above places at ihi-s time. Many boat owners are now preparing for the sport to take place on the 25th July, and. from the apparent interest taken, it promises to lie one of the most entertaining and<rchr a flairs ever before ottered to the lovers of boat chasing in this city. The following craft have already entered for the contest: KNOW NOTHING. WILL WATCH, (the light-heeled craft that bore off the pitcher last season triumphantly.) SKIMMER. MARTHA. GENERAL JACKSON. A large ami beautiful steamer will be chartered for the occasion, in order to att'ord all who desire to witness this beautiful sail an opportunity to be hold all its various Incidents. Owners of boats, and others, desiring to enter their craft, or learn the manner and intention of the Regatta, or terms of entry, can be gratified in any manner by calling at the City Restaurant,cor ner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th street. Fort Washington will be the distance designed I by the undersigned and returning to the point of starting. Price of entry todepeiiduponthenn?ji*rof con testants. WM. L. JONES, City Restaurant, cor. Pa. av. and 13th st. je 20?2awtf DENTISTRY. DR V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully Informs the residents of George- k town and its vicinity that he has loca ted himself amongst them for the purpose of prac tising his. profession Office 121 Washington st., above Bridge street, Georgetown, D C. je25?d'imAeolin* TAKE NOTICE. WE wish to keep it in the remembrance of our friends and the public that we have now on hand as tine a stock or Fancy Goods. Perfume ry, and Millinery as is to l>e found id the District, all of which we are disj>osing of at prices exceed ingly low. in order to reduce our stock in some measure. We have I^eghorn, Neapolitan, Crape, Silk, Lacj and Straw Hals of the latest and most fash ionable styles. Also, Silk, Linen, Paper, and other Fans. Combs, Brushes, and Toilet articles generally. French, German, and American Per fumery, Flower Vases, India Rubber Goods, Ac., to all of which we would invite the attention of the public generally and the ladies in particular, and would most request them to give us a call, when something in our line is wanted, and we will make every endeavor to supply them to their satisfaction, both as regards to quality and price. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 510 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th streets. jy 11??t WlllLEMANY OF OUR MERCHANTS are complaining of dull times and tell us they have more clerks than customers, G. FRANCIS, 190 Seventh street, is rapidly sellingott'every thing in the way of Housekeeping Hardware, and al ways gets the money, lie thinks the times are certainly improving. The truth is. he sells low, ahd the people are beginning to understand it. If go. si articles, low prices, ana every effort to please will suit purchasers, he is determined that his customers shall be satisfied. jy 10 JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, f FREDERICK COUNTY, VA?Opened on the 15th of June. From Baltimore, Wash ington or Cumberland i nearly morning trains to Harper's Ferry, thence "by Wine beaten a? Railroad to Stephenson's depot; from depot 1^ miles in coaches to Springs in time todinesanie day. Rice's cotillon band engaged. Sulphur baths. Medicinal effects of water well known. E. C. A R. M. JORDAN A BRO. Jy 6?eofiw WATCHES. JUST received, a large assortment of Ladles and Gentlemen's fine GOLD WATCHES of every size, style and manufacture. The above is by far the best and cheapest ever offered to our customers. M W. GALT A BRO., 321 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th eta. je <1?tf LAND WARRANTS. AND Warrants wanted at the highest rates by l KELLER A McKENNKY, 15th street, opposite the Treasury. Jy 9?1 in* CUMBERLAND COAL.?For sal* by th? cargo or boat load, bv HOWARD A POOR, je ?<??voot Alexandra, Va L AUCTION SALES. By GRF.KN k SCOTT. Andiowm PRAME HOI SE AND LOT 4fh ilml, I bftwrrn Ma?Mirhn?ftlt avenae an<t I nertli. at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 2l(th instant, we shall sell, at o'clock |> m . a good Frame House and l^ot. situated on Fourth street west, t?etween Massachusetts avenue and I street, (the flay will designate the house ) Title indisputable. Terms : One fourth cash; balance In <5. li, and IS months, for notes bearing Interest from the day <>f the sale. -V deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN A; SCOTT, Jy 16 ? n Auctioned!*. By JAS C. McGl'lRE. Auctioneer VrALlABLE IMPROVED I'ROPFRTV on near Iwth street* at I'nMic Sal*.?On FRIDAY afternoon. July 20th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall s^ll 'parts of Lots 12 ~nd II, in square 112. fronting !?' feet on north G, between 18th and 10th struts west, running hack 6- feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two-story artd attic brick dwelling house, containing in all thirteen rooms. This property is very desirably sltnated for a private residence. Title indisputable. Terms: One fifth ensh; residue in 1,2. and 3 years, satisfactorily secured, hearing interest. J. C McGU IRE, jy 16?d Auctioneer. By GRF.F.N A SCOTT. Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY on the Island at Auction.?On WKUNK)> DAY, the iith instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m., in front of the premises, part of Lot No. 1 in Square 463, having a front of 2>1 feet on Virginia avenue, running back 111 feet to south C street, with the improvements, which arc two good brick and one frame Hoase. l'hebiick houses contain six good and conveniently arranged rooms and kitchen each. They will he sold separate. The altove described property is handsomely lo cated on Virginia avenue, Wtween 6th and 7th streets, and presents many inducements to persons wishing to make a go?xi investment, as it is in the most rapidly improving part of the Island Tille indisputable. Terms ? One-third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 16?d Auctioneers By J. C. McGU IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Im proved and unimproved Real Estate.? In pursuance ot a decree of the Circuit Court of the District of Cotumbia, sitting in chancer)*, passed in a cause wherein Levin M. Powell and Jeannette C. Powell are complainants, and Win A. Bradley, Sydney A. Bradley, Chas M Thurs ton, William* Thruston. Horatio Gates. Eliza. Jeannetteand Dickerson Phillips Thruston; Sarah Thruston, Charles M.. Helen h . and Thomas W. Thruston; Fannie C. Thruston, Jeannette B. Alfred 11., and Sydney Thruston are defendants, the undersigned trustees. ap|>oiuted under said deAee. will proceed to sell at public auction upon the premises, to the highest bidder, the following described Lots and Houses, situated in the city of Washington, viz: On THURSDAY, the 12th day of July next, at 6 o'clock p. in., the whole of square 528. This square is bounded by Third and Fourth sts., be tween 11 and 1 streets and Massachusetts avenue, and will lie sold in lots suitable for building com fortable dwellings, and each lot separately. On FRIDAY, the 13th July next, at 6 o'clock p. m., original Lots 6, 7. and S, in Square num bered 600. A portion of this property is improved by good substantial houses, the rest is unim proved On MONDAY, the 16th of July next, at 6 o'clk ni . lot 18 and part of 19, in square numbered 6. This property is eligibly situa'ed on K street, near the lower Georgetown Bridge, and is im Eroved by a well -built three-story brick House, ack building and stable. The terms of the said sale shall be as follows, to wit: One fourth part of the purchase money shall be j?aid at the time of said sale, and the Ital ance in equal instalments, at 1. 2. and J years, the purchaser to give for said deferred payments his bond, with sureties to i?e approved by the trustee*, or such other security as the trustees shall deem sufficient. 1/ the terms of the sale are not complied with in four days, the trustees reserve to themselves the right to sell again, at the purchaser's risk and cost. All conveyance at cost of purchaser. W B WEBB, , JOS H. BRADLEY. Jr. J 1 rut'w*'* J AS. C. McGU IRE, je 18?Iaw3wA12,t3,l?>July Auctioneer. G By J. C. McGU IRK, Auctioneer. (CONTINUATION SALE OF II. !*. BAR law's < ?ilert2on of OiJ Paintitiss.?On TUESDAY afninooii. Jalv I7tl?. at o'clock, at ihe Saloon ever Farnliam's Hookstore. 1 shall sell, without reserve, the Paintings remaining un sold from th?* on the 13th instant, consisting of about one hundred rare ind Ixautiful specimens of art. by ancient and modem masters. Also, .limsit 1.00 beautiful Engravings, purchased at the sale of;h** late E. D Ingraham's collection Catalogues will lie ready for deliveiy on the morning of the sale. The sale will be continued by gaslight until the whole is disposed of. Terms: Sltm and under cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGU I RE, JyJl?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McCUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VBLUABLE Fann situated at Ball's Cross Roads.? By virtue of two deeds of trust, duly made and recorded anions the land records for Alexandria county, Virginia, and by instructions from the parties interested, the suliscriber will sell at pub lic auction on THURSDAY. July l'.nh, at 12 o'clk m . at the auction rooms, a valuable tract of land, containing 122 acres, adjoining Ball's Cross Roads Raid tract ljeiris; a portion of the "Glelie Farm." formerly owned by Gen. J P. Van Ness. It is proposed to divide the farm into four lots each containing a fair portion of oj?en and wood land, and to lie sold separately, with the right to one half the growing crop. One of the lots con taining^! acres, has a good substantial farmhouse, overseer's dwelling, barn, and other out buildings on it. A plat of the subdivision may be seen at the Auction Rooms. Terms : One fourth cash ; residue in twelve and eighteen months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGU I RE, Jy 9?eoAds Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT on ?th. be tweeii H and I streets at Aaction ?On THURSDAY, the 19th instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. in., in front of the premises, a handsome building Lot, situated on the east side of Seventh street west, between II and I streets north, having a front of 17 feet 10 inches, running back to an out let to a wide alley, 100 feet It will be divided in lots to suit purchasers or together. The above described proj?erty is on an elevated situation, and considered very desirable for any kind of business pur|>oses, l?eing nearly opposite the wagon yard, in the most business part of 7th street. Title indisputable. Terms : One-fourth cash ; balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 13?d ' Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT on 19th st. west at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 17th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6^ o'clock p. m , Lot No. 1, in Square No. 121, having a front on 19th st. west of 59 feet \ inch, running back 155 feet 10 inches, between north I) street and New York avenue, containing over 9000 square feet. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash ; balance in 3, 6, and 9 months, for nobs bearing interest from the day of the sale: A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 11?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE improved AND UNIM proved Property at Aactiaa.?On WED NESDAY, the 1-th inst., we shall sell, In front of the premises, at 0 o'clock p. m., part of Lot No. 14, in Square No. 455, having a front of 28 PPet six inches on north G street, running back 121 feet 3 inches to a wide alley, between Gth and 7th streets west, improved by two brick Houses, 14 by 31 feet, each one story. Terms: S500cash; SI,100 payable In monthly instalments of &30 per montn, without interest; the balance a credit of 6 and 12 months for notes bearing interest, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, properly secured. Alsa, at 7 o'clock same eveaiag, we shall sell, in front of the premises. Lots Nos. 3 and 4. in Davidson's subdivision of Square No 161, having a front of 28 feet each on north L street, running 130 feet to a wide alley. Title indisputable. Teroto: One-third cash; the balance In 6,12, and 18 souths, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale. A dead given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy ??d Auctioneers. BANKING IIOISEOF PAIROA NOURSE, OPPOSITE UNITED STATES TEEASUBV Bonds, stocks, and other securi ties, Purchased and Sold I***"!, at 'f1* rate of six per cent per amuim, allowed 00 deposits when left for thirty days or longer. ? TELEGRAPHIC ITEWS. REPORTED roR THE Ev?^wo ITAR. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP ARAQO Four Dap LaUr from Kara^f. Sam?y I?,k?e, July 16 ?The ?eaiucr Arag*>. from lltvrc. hu arrived. I>ringing Lim^wi date? of July 4. Xh? news geueraliy it an important. Raglan w dead. Oen. Simpson suc ceeds him as cumma&dsr-izj-ehicr uf the tu^ li?h force-. Nj important event had occurred bef-ro Sebastopol up w the sailing ?f the Arag... A disturbance had iwurrrj in Lond'w in oonaequciice of the Sunday trading bill, which had Wen nb^taatlj withdrawn. MARKETS Liverpool, July 4?Cotton is dull, and price? of some grade? arc {d. lower; sab? t.*r thcna*t three d.?y? of 1V.000 bale*, i-cluiu ? j.OOf to sj?eculau>r? and 2.0no to eE)*?rters Breadstuff* ire dull and slightly i-wcr. C-jnsuU closed at VljaVli. Later from sierra Leone Naw \oaa. July Id.?AJviccs fix m bierro Leone to June 3d state that the Engli?h eape lition against the native Chief, on W..ilagi.? a River, had met with a (iuuMritii defeat. 30 Laving been killed and captured Among the killed was Quarter Master Andrew, of the -teauicr Teaser. British subjoct* had also been seizod by the native* on the Rio Mines. The sloop-of-war Ferret had been sent after them Destructive Fireg. Manchester. N. H., JuJy !?.?The Man Chester Corporation Mill. No. I, was nearly destroyed by fire yesterday, involving a low of S230,000, upon which there is an insurance for & 100.000 By thi? calamity five hundred pen?on9 aro thrown out of employment. Twanty-two stun - and dwellings, including Tatuey's block, wero also eoufuni.- l. Low $-100,000, which is par tially covcred by insurance. Fire aad Logs cf Life. Bckfalo, July 16.?Jas. Thompson's house, in the village of Brant, was fired by inecn diari.-m on Saturday uight, and Mr Thomp son, with his three daughters and twj grar.d danghters perished in the flainer. The thermometer, yesterday, stx>d at 96 Hew Line of Steamers. New York. July 16.?A letter from Havana states that Edw.ird Jenk?, of Matantas, is about to ttart a line of steamers between Ma tanias and Philadelphia. Riot at Toronto. Toronto. July 16.?A mob on Satarday night, attacked the circus company, destroy ing their wagons and fixture.-. Firearms wero used an! several persons badly hurt, but tho police finally quelled the disturbance Hew York and New Orleans Markets. New \urk July 16?Cotton is in (united de mand. at unchanged rate*. Flour dull?sale* of 4 250 barrels $H.63aSif.62: <ales of 700 b li re Is of Southern at tl4 Wheat is unchanged ?sales of 2.2.'?0 bushels at 52.50 for ?uthem white, and SS.3V1 for red Corn i? bixh^i?? sales of 60 000 bushel* at SJlo. Bed an J k. unchanged. Whisky firm at 41c. Nrw Orlcax*. Julv 12 ?Cotton is unchang ed?iales of 3.000 ImTess Flour Curn So.'. Stock Market. New York. July 16 ?Sites at the first beard of Erie Railroad rSi, Cuuib^-rtiind C??l Company 2*i; Reading Railroad V4|; P.-nu rylvania Coa'. Company, llOi; New V..rk C tral H si I road, 101; Michigan Southern Rail road, 104,;. By J C. McGUIRK. An?-tion?er TWO DKSIRVKLE DWELL I Mi Hontfi l ill the First Ward at Pnb!ic**ale.?On WRDXESDAY afternoon. Jnlv lwth. at o'clk on thepremise*, I shall sell hot No 23 in square No 10,. fronting oil north I. ntwt. between l~th and l'Hh Greets vest, with the improvements con sisting of two good and well finished two-story and attic frame Dwelling Houses. one coutainini. ?seven and the other ten room*, with stables, wood sh<*d?. and other necessary outbuildings. Tertns: One-third cash ; residue in 6, 12 and 1 months. with interest, secured by a deed of trust ou the premises. JAS C. McGUIRE, jy 11?eo&d* Auctioneer. NOTICE. THE firm of Williamson A O?godby having lieen dissolved, ine undersigned ha* taken a Shop in the immediate neighl>orhood of the for mer place with a view to |termanency in the trade Thankful for oast favors so liberally bestowed on the late linn, ne solicits a continuance of a sharo of the patronage heretofore received N. B.?Shop on 12th. tietween Pa. avenue and E street. Residence on loth, between <i and H sts . No. 413. JNO. B WILLIAMSON. Jy 14?eo3t* ORANGEk ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SOUTHEKS MAIL LINE! rpWICE daily between WASHINGTON and 1 the SOUTH, ria ALEXANDRIA, GOR DONSVILLE and RICHMOND?no night line on Sundav. I^eave Washington before 6 o'clock a m Leave Alexandria 44 7 "a ni Leave Washington " 7 41 p m Leave Alexandria 44 8 44 p m FAKKS BY NIGHT LINE. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gor dons ville ?3 25 From Gordonsville to Richmond 2 25 Travelers will find the morning Line the cheap est, nn?t pleasant and expedition* route to tiie Greenbrier White Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur. Warm. Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Warrenton, Charlottsville. Staunton. Stra*burg. Winchester. Harrisonburg, 1^-xiugton, Weir ? Cave. Natural Bridge, Luray, New Market, Mld dleburg, Ac. FARES BV *ORXI!*G LINE t Frum Alexandria to Warrenton, - ? #2 00 " ** Gordonsville, - 3 50 " " Charlottesville, ? 4 50 " " Staunton, - - 6 (U *' *' Strasburg, - - 3 50 " 44 Winchester, ? ? 3&i " ** Luray, - - - 4 25 ? " New Market, - 5 ?? " " Middle burg. - - 2 25 OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey passengers and t*ggage to the Steam)?oat, for ALKXANDRI A, a distance of 6 miles, allow ing ample time for meals. H W VANDEGR1FT. Jy 14 Gen, Sept. SEALED PROPOSALS FOR FUEL, Officeof U.S. Penitentiary. > Washington, July 10, 1856 \ SKPARATE PROPOSALS will be received at this office until noon of the first day of August, 1M55, for furnishing the prison with 125 cords of half seasoned good oak Wood, of me dium sire, and free of lop wood 20 cords good pine Wood 5Ji tons red ash anthracite Coal. The wood to be delivered upon th? Penitentiary Wharf, and the coal in the prison yard THOMAS THORNLEY, jy 11?eotAugl Warden. ^HIRTS MADE TO ORDER?Gentlemen's ?5 best quality of Shirts made to measure and warranted to It, at the lowest New York prices. WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. JylO?tf (News) CHANDLER'S ORATION on the Landing of the Pilgrims in Maryland; pamphlet?15 cents. H. W. Hilliard's Speeches and Addresses; one vol. 8v? Kirwan's I<etters to the Right Rev J no Hughes Life in California, Mountains and Molehills, by Frank Maiyptt Straus's Life of Jesus Frank Leslie's Gazette for July Harper's Story Book do " jy 11 PRANCE TAYLOR ICE?ICE?ICE ! CHARLES WF.HNER, on Ps sveaue, oppo kite Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the .e map ply of Pvttlboo*. s best ICE, i an ample supply1 which he will sell, on call, ia any quantities, at the lvwt?t possible rate* uwy ^