Newspaper of Evening Star, July 17, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 17, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: ?s ? ^ * TUESDAY 1TTERJIMJI .July 17. AGENTS POR. THE STAR. The following persons are authorised to eoo* timet for the publication of advertisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Pauses, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pittisoill A Co., Ni Boeton?V. B. Pauhss. Scollay's Building. ADry.RTiSKuawTS should be handed in bj 11 o'clock, M , otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. SPIRIT 07 THE HORNING PRESS. The InUllig?ne*r discusses somewhat joooee 1 y the philosophy of political platform build ing. as illustrated by recent constructions of the sort. The Union glories orer the eloquent and em phatic opposition of James B. Clay, Esq., to the Know Nothings, and jokes over there-nom ination of the Hon. T. ii. Hunt for Congress, by the Know Nothings of New Orleans. WASHINGTON NEW8 AND GOSSIP. The Election Frauds.?The contests before the Board of Aldermen of this city for the seats in the Board fro-? the Fourth and Fifth Wards was finally disposed of last night, at li p. in., by decisions in which the Know Nothings of the Board manifested all the peculiar charac teristics of that political organization. We have no space in which to comment, to-day, on the extraordinary doings of last night, in the City Hall, of which we remained a spec tator and reporter until half-past 11 p. m. We transfer to our news columns our report of a portion of the proceedings in question, because they involve outrages on principle, common honesty, self-respcct, and, indeed, on the ca pacity of men who so conduct themselves as our Know Nothing Aldermen did, last night for self-government, which cannot fail to lesions, deeply into the minds of all who value the privileges of American freemen. Mr. Houston called up the special order?the resolution from the majority of the election committee declaring Samuel C. Busey entitled to the seat from the Fifth Ward to have been filled at the late election. Mr. Miller, from the election committee, then read a minority report in that election case, closing with a resolution, as follows : Resolved, That Samuel C. Busey was not duly elected as Atdermau for the Fifth Ward, at the electiou held on the 4th of June, lbio ; but that it is clearly established that eighteen Uwful votes, which were tendered for John C. xitspatrkk, ??q-, were unlawfully rejected, and which said votes ought now to be counted, thereby entitling the said J. C. Fitzpatrick to his s?at as such Alderman in lieu of said Busey. Mr. Busey called for the reading of the rec ord of the proceedings of the committee. Mr. Miller remarked that the record, as made up by the clerk, was incorrect, insomuch as no notice was taken in it of resolutions offered and voted down, Ac. Mr. Smith thought it strange that the record should be questioned, as the clerk to the com mittee bad been elected by the majority. Mr Bayly remarked that ail this trouble bad grown out of the illegal and wholly un justifiable action of the board in carrying on this investigation in secret, in express oontra vention of the letter of the charter, and in hur rying the matter through in too great haste. Mr. Evan? protested the rectitude of his con duct on the election Committee, and said that be had refused to permit a reporter and spec tators in the room, from no improper motive. Mr. Bayly explained the charter, wherein it expressly provided that all the acts of the board of officers should be public. He argued to show that it had been predetermined to commit frauds in the election, and described the gross partizan and fraudulent acts of the Know Nothing Commissioners on the Saturday night before the election; in rejecting good votes which more or less of them had received without protest, when previously aeting in a like capacity; and in the case of one of the commissioners in receiving the vrte of his own eon, whom he knew not to he of legal age to exercise the franchise here. Mr. Miller, in answer to a query from Mr. Evans, calling on him to say whether all things had not been fairly and honestly conducted in the committee rooin; said that he had been courteously treated there, and that the ques tions jrut, had been fairly put. It was then voted to read the record of the proceedings before the committee, and the Secretary commenced that reading from an unofficial copy handed to hini by Mr. Busey. Before be had proceeded far, he was inter rupted by Mr. Miller, who protested that the pretended record was not a true one; as it differed in the words of a resolution offered by himself, and a vital one. It also differed from his copy, also furnished by the clerk, wherein the said resolution was corectly reported. Mr. Smith objected to any alteration of the record. Mr. Magruder explained that this garbled record, and the effort to insist on its standing in its erroneous language, against the proUst of the author of the resolution himself, backed by the copy also furnished to him by the clerk of the committee, were commencing to prove up the purpose of the ref usal to permit a re porter to be present, to take down for publi cation in the newspapers their proceedings. He trusted that what was subsequently to be done in the case would not afford additional proof that the purpose of the majority, in ex cluding reporters and the public, was only to have three witne-ses (the majority of the com mittee and their partizan clerk) against one. Mr. Evans asked Mr. Magruder for a cate gorical answer to the question, whether he had intended to charge the majority of the committee with perpetrating fraud, Ac. Mr. M said, in reply, that he had stated fact* which were undeniable, and left inferen ces to be drawn by the public. Mr. Evans gave all present notice, that though the oldest man in the board, and had refused to notice personal imputations on him ?elf up to this time, hereafter he would pre vent any su^h treatment of himself by any body, *t the peril of his life?if he spilled every drop of his blood on that floor, he would do It: w submitted in silence to the assaults on the majority party (of which howasa member) up to this time, but bis forbearance was at ?n end. He would no longer submit to be bullied after that fashion. Mm party were patriotic?stood only on the eoMtitation of the United States. He did not h. re to be rode over rough-shod?be had character at stake, and should yield to no man. ^ir. P. then went on to discus* the provisions 0 f the charter with reference to who has th?" right to rote in Washington. Mr. Magruder remarlcedthat, so?linw, gin ger beer and pop tcould explode in very warn' weather, thus accounting for the ffoth mani fested by the two gentlemen?Me?n?. Bran? and Pepper?on the other tide. Ha had not ap plied to the Know Nothings the terms Godlesss. Christies*, Lousey, Ac., of which Mr. P. had complained. He recollected that Mr. Pepper himself had denied his identification with the{a and deneunoed them in his hearing with oaths and imprecations against them, when their candidate for the Board of Aldermen more than a year ago,?(alaugh.) Mr. M. explained at some length the protestations of Mr. Pep per, that he was not a member of the Enow Nothing organization, when he was the?T al dermanic candidate, producing much merri ment. Mr. Pepper explained that he had made the denials ip question, because the order to which he belonged was not the "Know Nothing" or der; that name being given to them in eon tempt and hostility. Two or three members of the Board pro tested against the reading of the unofficial pa per, on the ground of its unfaithfulness and wholly unofficial character. Here arose a desultory and heated debate upon tho propriety of reading, as a record of the proceedings of the Board, a paper unap proved and not certified to, which differed from other copies of the same paper furnished to individual members of the Board by the clcrk, in the handwriting of that individual himself; there being vital difference in the said eopies?Messrs. Bayly, Magruder, Dove, and Miller contending for the reference of the pa pers back to the election committeo to have them signed or certified, and Messrs. Houston, Busey, Pepper, and Smith, for going on with the reading of the record before them, as the correct record. Mr. Smith moved that the papers purport ing to be the proceedings of the committee (which were in the hands of the Secretary) be received as the official report. Mr Bayly moved to add the words, "wheth er they be correct or not."' Mr. Miller moved to lay the motion and amendment on the table; which was not agreed to by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Dove. Magruder, Bayly, Mil ler?4. Navs?Messrs. Evans, Tretler. Emery, Pep per, Huustou, Busey, Pearson, Smith?8. Mr. Busey read a note f rom the clerk of the committee, protesting that, with one exception, the copy of tne record he had given to him (Mr. B.) was correct. Mr. Miller stated that this note from the clerk did not stute facts, as no member of the committee would say that they had approved the record made by the clerk of the proceed ings on the last day. Mr. Bayly withdrew his pending amend ment. Mr. Miller asked if he had the right to enter on the journal of the Board, at the proper time, his protest against the reception of an incorrect copy of the committee's record, as a fair record of their proceedings??and was an swered by the Chair in the affirmative. Mr. Smith. Mr. Miller and Mr. Evans again discussed the propriety of accepting and read ing, as the true record of the proceedings, an uncertified and unattested copy, differing from other copies of the same paper furnished by the clerk. Mr. Bayly urged that the haste manifested by the majority, under the circumstances, was indecent, as they were for acting on gar bled papers, while he was for referring the paper back to the committee for a correct ver sion of it. Mr. Magruder remarked that there were three copies of the paper before the Board, all in the handwriting of the clerk, and all differ ing in material points. The clcrk of the committee here came into tho room, and on being questioned stated that his record of the last days proceedings had not been approved by the committee. The question being on agreeing to the motion of Mr. Smith, to receive the copy found among tho papers as the official record? Mr. Dove moved to amend that motion by adding the words "notwithstanding it is neither certified by the clerk or signed by either mem ber of the committee." Not agreed to?yeas 4, (anti-Know Noth ings,)?nays 8, (Know Nothings.) Mr. Bayly moved to postpone the further consideration of the subject until Monday next, and to refer the papers back to the election committee for verification; not agreed to, by the same vote as the last. The question recurring on agreeing to the motion of Mr. Smith, the clerk of tho commit tee made some remarks to the effect that his record was a correct one; which was denied by Mr. Miller, who said he spoke from his notes, which show that the clerk had failed to record certain motions made by him, which were im portant to be recorded, a* explaining subse quent resolutions. Mr. Miller asked leave to have placcd on the record a protest signed by himself, as fol lows. viz : "The undersigned begs leave to protest against tho reading or adopting, as official, the papers laid before the Board of Aldermen, as the proceedings of the committee on elections, for the reason that said papers do not come to the Board with proper authority; and that they are not a true record of the proceedings of the committee." The question on the reception of this report was discussed by Messrs. Miller and Houston for it, and Messrs. Smith and Pepper against it. Mr. Magruder explained that no member had the right to object to the protest of another member, unless upon the ground that its lan guage was disrespectful. The Chair (Mr. Pearson) thought that the Board had no right to permit an entry of a protest on its journal, which stultified it, (the Board.) Mr. Emery objected to its reception. Mr. Smith said he objected to tho reception of the protest on account of its last line. Mr. Emery withdrew his objection, and the said protest was then unanimously received. Mr. Bayly moved to adjourn?not agreed to: yeas, (anti-Know Nothings,) 4; nays, (Know Nothings,) 8. Mr Bayly moved to postpone the reading of the proceedings of the committee until 5 p. m. of next Monday evening; not agreed to?yeas 3, nays 8. The Clerk then, on motion of Mr. Smith, proceeded to read the alleged oopy of the pro ceedings of the election committee. In the course of the reading of this docu ment, Mr. Miller pointed out various mistate menu and omissions found in the paper. Mr. Pepper objected to permitting Mr. Mil ler to eomment on and explain the incorrect ness of this document. The readiag"*as then continued without in terruption. Mr. Busey, (the member interested,) ad Ire ?sod the Board in favor of the adoption of the report of the majority of the election com mittee in hi* fhvor. At the conclusion of the speech of Mr. Bu wy, he wm replied to by Mr. Miller, showing that Mr. Busey had rested his case wholly on a repudiation of the authority of the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Columbia in the matter, by which, ho conclu ded, it was the duty of all food citizens to be governed. Mr. Magruder then reviewed at length the action of the majority of the election commit tee and the speech of Mr. Busey. Mr. Dove offered the following resolution : Resolved. That Samuel C. Busey, the sit ting member in the contested eleetion caee of the Fifth Ward, having been heard in behalf of his right to the seat now held by him, as a member of the Board Aldermen,Jit is hereby ordered that J. C. Fitzpatrick, the claimant for the said seat, be heard in regard to the said seat on Monday evening next, at 5 p. m , before the Board of Aldermen; and that the secretary of the Board be, and he is hereby directed to notify him to be and appear at the time aforementioned, if he should aesire to do so. Not agreed to?ye w 4 (anti-Know Nothings,) nays 7 (Know Nothings.) The question recurring on the resolution i (minority,) reported from the clcction commit tee by Mr. Miller declaring J. C. Fitzpatrick and not Samuel C. Busey entitled to the scat in question ; it was not agreed to?ye as 4 (anti Know Nothings,) nays 7 (Know Nothings.). The question being next put on the adoption of the resolution of the majority declaring S. C. Busey entitled to the seat; it was agreed to?yeas 7, nays 4-^-as before. Mr. Evans moved to take up the case of the contested election from the Fourth Ward. Pending tho consideration of this motion? Mr. Miller moved a resolution to recommit the report in that case for a certified and prop erly authenticated one. A question arose as to the precedencc of thcte motions? W hen Mr. Dove moved to adjourn; not agreed to?yeas 4. nays 8. The motion of Mr. Evans to take up, was then agreed to. The question then arose on Mr. Miller s mo tion to refer the report in the Fourth Ward case, back, Ac.; which was not agreed to? yoas 4, nays 8. Mr. Bayly moved to adjourn ; not agreed to ?yeas 4, nays 8. Mr. Bayly moved to postpone the subject for two weeks; not agreed to?yeas 4, nays 8. Proceedings similar tc the above then took place until after la. m., the minority essaying to stave off action unfil the board were in pos session of a copy of the true record of the com mittee in the Fourth Ward contested election case, and the majority endeavoring to rush through the resolution of the Know Nothing majority of the committee affirming the right ol Matthew G. Emery to the seat in the board to which he had been returned by the com missioners of election, without the exposure of the entire disregard of law and the rights of the citizen, which would be incident to makiDg public even the garbled record of the com mittee's proceedings. Much debate was interspersed with the mo tions made and votes that took place, in which Messrs. Magruder, Bayly, Dove and Miller, exposed the disappointments with reference to office under the Federal Government of some of the Know Nothing members of the board, .is well as the entire want of principle and dangerous tendencies of the Order. At about half-past one a. in., the anti Know Nothing members retired from the chamber, when the Know Nothings passed the resolution in question, Mr. Emery voting in his own case, in the negative, to make a quorum. The Board then adjourned. Dr. Win. B. Magruder.?This gentleman closed the debate in the chamber of the Board of Aldermen, last night, upon the propositions of the Know Nothing election committee to consummate the frauds perpetrated on the 4th of June, ultimo, lie spoke for an hour in re view of the original frauds, and the part of re sponsibility for their concoction which rests on the Attorney of the Corporation of Waking ton. commenting, in plain terms and with crush ing force, on the want of entire intogrity of pur pose manifested in the conduct of that function ary, in egging on irresponsible and ignorant individuals to set at defiance the decisions of the Circuit Court for this District, to vio late tho rights of their fellow citizens, in order to carry out the bchesta of the Know Nothing lodges, and at the same time endeav oring to throw the just responsibility for such acts on the individuals thus advised, rather than on himself, who had oharactcr and position to lose by such conduct. Dr. M. based the right of the contestants on the decision of the Court, and eloquently ex emplified tho tendency of setting it at naught for partisan ends; and also criticised, with great effect and severity, the attempt of Dr. Busey to strengthen his own case, by seeking to influ ence the action of the Board through inuen doef against the integrity and the rights of the defrauded voters, whom he had not ventured to question before tho election committee of the Board, the proper parties to hear testimony bearing on such points. We havo rarely listened in either chambcr of Congress to a closer, more effective, and more statesman-like argument than that of Dr. Magruder on this occasion, which would have extracted justice for the contestants from any others than men secretly sworn to carry out the orders of their party managers over the law, justice, the courts, the rights of their fel low-citizens, and their own obligations to ad minister their public trust fairly and honestly. His excoriation of Messrs. Pepper and Evans, which kept even the friends of those gentle men in a roar of laughter, drew from the par ties themselves the most ludicrous manifesta tion of rage we ever witnessed. Bemoved and Appointed.?Mr. Wm. D. Crampsey has been removed from the position of a watchman in the Treasury Department building, and Joseph Williamson has been promoted to fill the vacancy thus occasioned. G. C. Ashton has been appointed to the under messengcrship made vacant by Mr. William son's promotion. Land Warrants.?Up to last evening the to tal number of applications for warrant* under the bounty land law of 1855, had reached the enormous aggregate of 191,500?900 of whioh were received yesterday. We precume few, very few, indeed, of these applicants will be rejeoted, as the law grants the facilities of ob taining a portion of the public domain to all who ever handled a gun or sword for a fort* night for theircountry's protection, or even her pretended protection. Not one acre in one hundred to be given out under this law, will be settled on by the warrantee or his heirs. The speculators being the parties in wboee fa vor the patents must be issued. On* has bat to be in Washington for a brief season to un dentand how completely the speculators came " the poor old soger" over Congress, accom plishing the cnnctment of this bill. "? ?? Light House Keepers Appointed ?At York Spit, Va., Joel D. Ashberry, at $500 per an num. At Wangoshance, Mich., Joseph Blanch ard (reinstated) at 9400 per annum. At Exe i cation Rocks, N. Y., (assistant keeper,) Un derbill Lookwood at $300 per annum. Removed.?Messrs. Win. L. Marshall and E. C. Caldwell, second class (91,400 per an num) clerks in the office of the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury, have been removed. | Appointed.?Mr. Phineas D. Ourley has been appointed a visitor of the Government hospital for the insane, in the District of Co lumbia, vice John C. Rives, declined. List of Patents?issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending July j 17, 1855?each bearing that date : Chas. F. Brown, of Warren, R. I.?For im proved mode of mounting ordnance. C. II. Butterfield, of South Lancaster, Mass. For improvement in lanterns. Washington li. Bixler. of Easton, Pa.?For improvement in nut machines. Benj. Eastman, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in invalid bedsteads. i Jacob Edson. of Boston, Mas*.?For Im proved method of operating valves of pumps. Edwin Klls, of Anwuiin, Conn.?For improve rnent in machines for forming metal tubes. John Fraser. of New York, N. Y., assignor to Logan, V ail & Co. of same place,?-For im provement in adjustable rises. William Gourley, of Clarko county, Va ? For improvement in harrows ' John K. and Wm. P Gamble, of Pbiladel Jhia, Pa.?For improvement io safety railroad raw bridges. Francis Blake, cf Needham, Mass.?For im proved rosin oil lamp. Joseph C. Gartley and Jacob Fox, of Phila uclphiu, Pa.?For fan blower. i L. A. Gibbs, of Washington, D. C.?For ex panding auger or bit. John B. Holmes, of New York. N. Y., as signor to A. R. Pratt, of same place ?For im provement in ship's capstans. j J. Carroll House, of Lowville, N. Y ?For alarm bedstead. Aaron G. Ileekrotte, of New York, N. Y.? 1 For improvement in railroad car coupling. . Tyler Ilowe, of Caiubridgeport, Mass.? For improvement in bedsteads. Jules Jeannotat. of Paterson, N. J.?For im provement in bottle fastenings. Harold Kelsea, of North Branch. N. H ? For improvement in trealing a tingle strand and twisting sewing thread. J. S. Morgan of Highland, 111.?For wind mill. Edward Mingay, of Boston, Mass.?For im provement in derricks. David Matthew, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement io apparatus for heating feed water to locomotive engines. Jos A. Peabody, of Lowell, Mass.?For machine for morticing window blinds. S. T. Parmelee. of New Brunswick, N. J.? For improvement in attaching metallic heels to India rubber soles. Oliver Palmer, of Buffalo. N. Y.?For wreck ing pumi>-rotary. John Ryan, of Wilmington, Del.?For im provement in railroad car coupling. Frederick R. Robinson of Worcester, Mass. ror improvement in guides for sewinjr ma chines. John B Stott and Alex. Ferguson, of Troy, A * ??For improvement in crosshead attach ment for working steam engine valves. Matthew Ludwig, of Boston. Mass.?For machine for sawing down treep. Otis Tufts, of Boston, Mas?.?For improve ment in constructing iron ships. Enelish nat cnt dated April 2, 1845. F Wm. C. Worthen, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in metallic blinds for doors and windows. Willard M. Wheeler, of Upton, Mass.?For water wheel. Moses D. Wells, of Morgantown, Va.?For improvement in churns. Edwin Williams, of Covington, Ky ?For im proved excavating machine. Edwin D. Willard. of Washington, D. C.? tor improvement in gas burning gridirons Edward Wood, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in looms. David Watson, of Petersburgh, Va.?For im provement in harvesters. Chas. Waters, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For im provement in lanterns. Henry Van De Water, of Troy, N. Y ? For turbure water wheel. James Dickinson and Oliver White, of Rich mond. Ind.?For selt regulating wind mill. John Pepper, of Franklin. N. H., assignor to the 1" ranklin Mills of same place ?For im provement in knitting machines. Albert Reinhardt, of New York, N. Y., as SI.fPor Nus Schlumberger A Co., of Gueber wller, France.?For improvement in machi ""J wr preparing wool for oombine. W. H Elliot, of Plattaburgh, W. H For improvement in devices for sealing preserve cans. John A. Reynolds, of Elmira, N. Y For improvement in fire arms. John A. Reynolds, of Elmira, N. Y.?For 'irn>r?Ve^ ftPPar8ta8 ^'r cocl"u& repeating fire lle-isMies ? Cyrus J. Fay, of North Lincoln, J4e.- JJor improvement in cotton presses. Pat ented January 31, 1854. Delia A. Fitigerald, of New York, N Y , asMgnee (through Josiah Pierce,) of Jesse Fiti gerald, dec d. l?or improvement iu machinery 1849 W1Ug tr<Hjnai,s- ^^nted August 28, Additional Improvement.?Lorenzo D. Gil man, of Troy, N. Y.?For improvement in screw wrenches. Patented May 27, 1855. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 16th of July, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $2#,331 69 i t'?r LIC *uterlwi" Department 22.921 23 wlJ\rCu!iU,.ns* ???!???, * 59,923 85 War At arrants received and cn tered 28,886 29 Covered in from miscellaneous ^ wurcfii).. 24 400 94 (. overed in from Customs 58*233 73 Drawn on account of the Navy... '789 00 PERSONAL. .... T. S. Piggot, Esq , Agent of the Asso ciated Press, South Carolina; Commodore Jones, L. S. N.; Hon. J. R. Powell, of Ala bama, and Hon. D. Outluw, of North Carolina are at the National Hotel. ^?rouna, ....It is stated that ex-GovernorFoote, for merly of Mississippi, has joined the Know No things in California. ... .Rachel Cohen and Joseph Cominis, of Washington, are announced to leave New iorkfor Europe in the steamship Herman this afternoon. ' ....Mrs, Piatt, "Bell Smith," Miss Kirby, her sister, and Mrs. Valentine, accompanied Tk j Wheelock. ot Boston, left Paris Thursday evening, June, 14, for the United states. There was quite a gathering of Amer icans at the depot, to say farewell to the fair travellers. 1 ....The New YorkTribuno says: A melan choly accident occurred at the encampment of the National Guard at Kingston, on Friday?a woman and her child being shot by a ball from one of the muskets during the mSrninJ parade. The affair wm purely aocidentol. .... Mr. S. Osher, of Connecticut, publisher a communication in whioh he states that by keeping a finger on which there if a felon, in hot water for along time, the pain will be removed. The water must be kept as hot as it is possible lor the person to bear; in this way, these most troublesome and painful pests may be success fully managed. ....Mr. Overbury has been renominated by the State Temperance Convention of Georgia, as their candidate for Governor. ....The Richmond papers announce the death of Dr. R. L. Bahancm, Pmffwr of Oh stetrie* in the Medical Collega of Virginia. He had reached an advanood aga. ....A man named Maybury wa? hung by a mob of raftsmen at Zanacvilla, Wisconsin, late ly, for the murder of one off their comrades, fn the legal Court thccaaeagain?t him failed through a defect in the indictment: but the mob took him from the Sheriff. ....Lieutenant Marcy, son of the Secretary of State, is attached to the United States fri gate Congress now ready for a three years' cruise in the Mediterranean. ....On Wednesday last, a number of citi ?ens of Norfolk and Portsmouth, and the vici nity, paid a congratulatory visit to Hon. H. A. wfae. He met them at Onancock, where breakfast was prepared for them, after parta king of which, they spent the day at "Only," Mr. Wise's residence. In the evening they left for home, highly pleaeed with the kind and unostentatious reception they had met with. ,UNION ASSOCIATION WILL meet at Harmony- Hall on THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 8W o'clock. By order of the President: _ C. P WANNALL. O. E. KIRK/Sec. jy 17 it ?-^5?THE UNION FIRE COMPANY take (Treat pleasure in announcing to the pub lic that they will give their first grand Excursion and Pic Nic to the WHITE HOUSE on WED NESDAY, August 9, 1S.V5. Particular* iu future advertisement jy 11?at* U u SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION !?You Q ? ai* hereby ordered to appear at your armory n rjol! TO-MORROW (Wednesday) EVEN iLlXG. at 1 o'clock. In full summer imifonn. to pay the requisite funeral honors to your deceased comrade, Charles B. Mam. B. A. JAMISON, Captain. John Ketwqrth, O S. Jy 17?lt? Washington. Jnly 12th, 1S55. (EDITOR OF THE EVENING STAR: Dear Sir :-<-PI??as?? (five the enclosed a place in vour paper, and oblige your obedient ser vant, W.H.KENNON Washinoto!?, July 10th, 1H55. Sir :?Upon dne reflection, I am forced to admit that 1 acted improperly In handing you the note 1 did on the evening of the 5th inst. It was such a note as should not have been handed to one gen tleman by another. I did it without due reflection, and ax you have cast on me an imputation which is injurious, will you not after this concession re move it or give irie the author's name ' The fact of your having been ponied was no act of mine, but was done solely by Mr. Mackay. Your obedient servant, W.H.KENNON. July loth, 1855. As my only object is to set myself right, and a> Major Chace declines handing yon this. I trust you will excuse me for sending it by a servant. 1 hrive added to my original note the tart that I had nothing to do with your having been post?-d ? Major Chace told me vrrbnUy that you wished me to do so. I hope this will be satisfactory Your obedient servant, W. H KKNNON. Capt. G. W. McCekuen. National Hotel. P- S.?Please sead your answer to No. 113 thi? hotel W. H K. Washington, July 11th, 1SSS Sia :?I have just received your note of the lttb instant,"With postscript of the same date. In this note you say, " on due reflection" voi are forced to admit that vou "acted improperly'' in handing me the note of the 5th instant-that ??ii was such a note as should not have been handed by one gentleman to another,'* and that you were not connected with the posting of the 6th'inst. Insomuch as the fact that \ou brought me the note of the 5th. and mv l>elief that vou were a partv to the posting, were my reasons for introducing vour name into my card of the 6th instant. Your letter justifies me in recalling the imputations cast upon you in that card, and 1 hereby recall them Your obedient servant, GEO W MeCERREN. To Mr W. H. Kexnon, Washington City. jy 17?it __ _ NORTHERN LIBERTIES' FIRE Company will meet TUESDAY EVEN ING. at their Engine House, at e o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested. jy 16?at J T. IIALLECK, Sec. ?THE MONTGOMERY GUARDS re spectfullv announce to their friends and the public generally that thev will give their third Annual Excursion on THl*HSDA\ , the 2d day of August next. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 1??at ,B7U~"( H~ F.) C. A?Capitol Circle B U. give an excursion on TUESDAY. August 7th. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 14?4t? ?THE EMPIRE CLt'B TAKEGREAT ? pleasure in announcing to the public that their Second Annual Grand PIC NIC will take place at the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY. August 0th. 1855. Particulars in future advertisement. DANIEL MACARTY, Pres. 8. Lewis, Sec. jy 14_3t ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT ed Guard?You are hereby notified to at tend the regular weekly drill at the armon". ton TUESDAY EVENING, July 17, at 7k o'clock. P. S.?Commissioned and noncommissioned of ficers are particularly requested to be at their post. B v order of the Captain. J. PECK. W. H. Hatwaed. O. S. jy 14?3t ^CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE Fourth Ward.?Notice is hereby given to the parties contenting the seats of the incumbent members of the Common Council, from the Fourth Ward of the city of Washington, D. C.. as well as to those persons whose votes were rejected at the Municipal Election held in said city on Mon day, the 4th ultimo, that a hearing will be given in the premises on TUESDAY, the 17th instant, at the Council Chamber, in the City Hall, at 4 o'clock p. m. SAMUEL YORKE At LEE. Chairman Committee on Elections, jy 11?dtl7 Board of Common Council. Lost, on Monday afternoon, be tween Messrs Gait & Bro's Store and the cor ner of 7th street and Maryland aveuue, a GOLD BREASTPIN, net with pearl. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at the Store of JOHN II. SEMMES 4 C(Jk; corner 9th street and La. avenue. iy 17 lii LOST. ON SATURDAY EVENING LAST between the corher of Pa. avenue and 11th at and 14th street bridge, a pair of Gold SPECTA CLES in a black ease. The tinder will be reward ed by leaving the same at this oifice. jy 17?3t* C. WARRINER, WATCHMAKER, No. 390 Pa. avenue, UtieeedQtk ami 10(A struts, WASHINGTON', O. C. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kind of repairs to Watches. jy 17-3m NOW IS THE TIME TO LAY IN YOUR FUEL. THE undersigned will now deliver good Oak Wood, tive cords or upwards, at >5 50 per cord, cash. I am now landing a cargo of first quality red ash COAL, which 1 will deliver flve ton or upwards, at *6.50 per ton; White Ash at S3.25, cash ; or I will deliver both wood and coal at half dollar advance on the above prices and give thirty days' credit, but not over that time to relia ble persons. In order to sell at the altove low pri ces the cash system must be adopted, consequent ly, those who purchase for cash, will not lie charged from fifteen to tweuty-five per cent, as an offset for bad debts. Call and leave your orders, by doing so you will secure your fuel against its taking a rfte. T. DRURY, 165 Pa. ave., bet. 17th and 1-th sis , ?. side, jy 17?eo3t* M. LINDSLEY, DEALER IN REAL ESTATE ANd LAND WARRANTS, SAINT PAUL, MIN TERRITORY. Lands bought and sold through out THE TERRITORY. Taxes paid. Collections made. Drafts cashed, and the highest Price# given for Land Warrauts. Government Lands located with much care, and if desired, the profiu and losses shared equally at ( the expiration of five >ears. The Land at that time to be sold, unles* otherwise agreed upon, and one half of the current value of the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of the expense of locating to be deducted from the subscribers' interest. To persons wishing to locate Warrants entirely on their own account, the charge will be, for forty acres SI5; eighty acres, Sat); one hundred and sixty acres. f?5; and will receive with their title, a plat and description of the land. REVERENCES 5 Minnesota?Gov. Willis A. Gorman; Ex-Gov Alex. Ramsey; Hon. J. T. Rower, Sec. M. T.; Messrs. Ames & Van Elten. Attorneys at Law; Messrs. Morton & Pace, Wholesale Druggists. Baltimore?W. P Preston, Esq , Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, Esq., Com. Merchant; Messrs. Deur, Norris k. Co.; Messrs McCleese k. Ham. Washiroton?Hon. W. W. Seaton ; Hon. J. T. Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J. C. C. Hamilton, Esq.. Attorney at Law; Col. Wm Hickey; Col. J. Kiley; Messrs. Taylor A Maurv: Messrs. Lewis, Johnson A Co., Bankers; G. C. Grammar, Esq., President Patriotic Bank. jy 17??o3m ro THE LABIKS OP W ASHINGTON HI ttf SLEEP WELL!" all uvwb* um Protean* I Char leu DeG*AT?s " tLECTRIC OIL from Philadelphia. Do you know thai nrotrarte wakefulness |? the most prolific canae or Innate Give one all iMersMry ?lrfp and laaaaiTT cann< occur. The faithful mother's ear is ever open t the cry of a fretful child. Irritable, becaase aci rtuxo either from teething o? "t!.?r cauae*. aa up *be rises from her glee; ?rd bed to relieve b< child, until hbb ows Nervous System and Vlti Apparatus become generally deranged and prat trated. A child free from P*?n aad Uneasiaei seldom reata badlv or gives trwble. All this cj be aveided. and a world of griff and anxiety ml I gated if not wholly cured, ny tbe use of this d< llghtful " ELECTfclC OIL,^ leveled aad pr. pared by a Doctor of eminent experieaoe. A tru will cost but a little Come to the National Hat at 5 p m . or at the Drug stores N" B?Keep-the Bottle well corked, and ni quickly. Otlce, M South Eighth street. Phi Li del phi a ___ Jy lfi-3t SELECT CLASSICAL * MATHEMATICS SCHOOL FOR BOTS. CEOItirnWK, B. c. THE third Annual Examination of tbe pupil* i this Institution will commence on VVednei day. tbe 1?th instant. at ? a m . and continue ui til Thursday 3 p m . at which time tbe diatribi tioo of premiums will take place. Tbe patrons < the School, and all who feel latere**ed in tbe edi cation of youth, are respectfully invited to attem P A. BOWEN, Principal jyJO?3t (Intel) GOOD MEWS FOR THE PUBLIC. ON hand and for sale in addition to a genen supply of the bent FAMILY GROCERIEl together with Hardware and a variety of Notion Ac.. Ac.; a lot of Beech, Oak and Pine Woot The Pine i* very extra. All of the above will be sold to sutt tbe preaei hard times. Purchasers are requested to call an see how very cheap thev can buy at tbe Storehow near the Navy Yard bridge. G. A. BOHRER. N. B ? 1 have received a few cheats of tboi cheap and aery rare Tea*, heretofore advertised I other parties. jy 16? LIME ! LIME ! LIME ! f^REAT REDUCTION IN PRICE:?Be VJ quality wood burnt Liu* at EIGHTY cen per barrel. I am now selling the be?t quality of wood bon Lime in Wa*biugton at eighty cent* per barrel i the kilns, and eighty-five cents delivered in at part of the city. This is twenty-five per cent le than tbe market price. LAWTON P. HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, oue square south of ti I?ower Bridge. (Georgetown Jy 1??eo3w (U nion,Organ.I ntel) FLORENTINE. MOSAIC, AND OTHEI RICH JEWELRY. ^ GALT A BRO. offer a large aasortinei , . , lorentlne. Mosaic. and other rich Jew elry including Diamond. Pearl. Emerald an ^>pal Bracelets, Brooche*, Ear and Finger Ring! Persons having precious stone* in old set tine may have them reset in ail the more modern stv^ at short notice. 7 M w GALT *? BRO., . ,?".Pa ?Tenue- be,w *li and luth streets. jy itf?<?t FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN IZED V ' ^ ? completed all mv arrangement ?7vn .* flrBt Te "KAf* AND COTILIxr P v *m 1 ,he ""?i''*' <* the public t( tftend Excursion Parties. Exhibition*. Parades ? ic N its. Balls and Grenade* All tLose in fk ?* <* citizens' band are respectfully invited to en ourage our enterprise, here in \\ ashinjfto., citv P. FISCHER, leader P. S.?This Band, under my direction, is rem larly uniformed, and from a practice of over iwen vvw> 1 can give satiation to every one Residence, Pennsylvania avenue, north side he "on Ilali"'11 an<1 TeIltL *,rwU> flnrt door west a) Order* left with Mew*. Hilbus A Hltx punctu illy attended to Jy H_iiJe \?"H AMERIC AN REYIEW FOR Jl. CONTESTS. The Club* of London American Society; Gymnastics Mount Lebanon. Ix>rd Carlisle * D.ary J rivate Life and Household of Charlemagne Persistence of Physical Laws Recent Records of Travel Art, its meaning and method Worklngman's College Criticism*. New Publication* Published quarterly for *5 per annum. ? lt}-~ FRANCE TAYLOR. TO THE PUBLIC. GRAY'S NEUTRALIZING CORDIAL' I nnnw G*EATBOTA SIC R E ME It \ F?JLSSS^.S^1 *nd s'mirT*r | a. plaints of Children can tie had at CHARLESSTOTTA CO'S, T. , . . Pennsylvania avenue ? "n"urP?^ for the those diseases No family should be without it during the summer season, when the above diseases a? ^hfflrJ?eilt partlculAri>' ""'??Hill for Price 25 cents per bottle. Prepared and Mild by JAMES GRAY, j ,4_ So * ^ street, Baltimore. Md $20 R ARD?above reward will he SffT l*ld for ,he apprehension and coovictlon Pe?0? who, on the nyfhts of tbe nth and Lith instant, maliciously destroyed tw Excursioo Bill* of the Good Will Club^ L THOMAS, WM EL WOOD. G DUBANT, J FRANKLIN, , ? ^ ?? MORAN, * jy H?Jt Committee of Arrangement* hops: hops: hopsT " OOl R baies first sort Hop*, growth of l&ttaad ,, fpr *aie much lower than the usual price if applied for at once. ^ . . WILLIAM M CRIPPS, j li_?[ av , betw 6th aud 7th *U. SUPERIOR ANTHRACITE C OAL?S6.40! W CHEAPEST Jy THE CITY ' E are now delivering Coal from the vessel at the above low price 0r$?n ^ at tLe Yard- ?ih and U street*, will receive prompt attention jy 14?3t* J. E. SHIELDS k CO 4 liA!?,?,TT0.,h0,,e our cn*tomers who have a fh.r flla^.mem to 'lieir account* rra t? T?ntuh u> rpturn our thanks. All tho*e who have not yet settled will Ver>',inuc,lb> doin? so a* soon as passi ble, either with cash or notes at short dates a? it i? I"1 portant that we have all accounts now due us ? losed by the 1st of August, jyl4^A<iErT' N^WTON' MAY A CO. 40 BOTTLES SOLD IN ONE DAY!" 1YOES IT DO ANY GOOD, THOUGH' RRAD 1 ^/ipKATH, Philadelphia?Dear Sir? " Electric Oil" gone of the S3UU worth re ceived a few day* since. Send me S5?io more ?: s;une rate, and 1 will pay for it on receipt i ours truly, SETH S HaNCE. It*; Baltimore street. READ' . till more cceks performed in our midst It Professor Charles DeGrath s SUctric Oil M' Conrad Schuler, of Mulligan street, cured of a *? - vere pain in tbe side and breast, pronounced l>y three physician* to be consumption. Mr. Oscar M Wood, music engraver. 14 Low street, cured of severe pern and loss of ine use of uis arm Fullv restored bv the contents of asinrie bottle Hundreds cured daily. Come to Itr Baltimore strewt. and see the proof in writing He careful not to forsret there is a saving of about ?ifKJ i?er cent, in taking the large iioftle* over tIk small ones. There is also a considerable saving :n ' the 50 cent size Sold wholesale and reta.l Same selling in Washington at tbe rate of 20 * d*r jy 14 * PAMILIAR QUOTATIONS.?A collection A of h amiliar Quotations, with complete Indi ces of Authors and Subjects. SI ?^r,n?rle8 ** Vo"tl1 Md Manhood, by Sldne* Willard, i vol*, ft-j Elite; or the Human Comedv. bv John Ede? ' ^?)t',,?aulhor of v'?V??ia Comedians The Prophets; or, Mormonism Unveiled, wttfc illustrations. ?1. TAYLOR A MAURY'S Jy ^? Bookstore, near 9th CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER fJENTLEMEN wishing to consult eronoiuv V* having their Clothing made to order are in* t-d to visit our salesroom, where they willl* e very variety of I" ine Cloths, Ca*?imeres. Doeskin* ' I^rapetes. Alpacas. Tweeds f<^ortd Linen Drills. Russia Ducfc? w l" ^an<i colored Marseille* Vesting*.* Making the largest assortment of fashion*6* piece good* to be found in any one house intl" which we will make to order in the most perior style of workiuan*hlp and finish at a *sv.:i* of at least twenty five per cent, to the purchaser WALL A STEPHENS 322 Pa. avenue, next door u> Iron Ha-; jy H-3t LAND WARRANTS LOCATED ^TMIE subscribers will locate Land WW"-, X either in Ohio, Indiana, IUinoisor l<m ?* aud give a correct deacription of the land !??"? If, upon examination, this description proves - correct, they will themaelve* take the land. for it another warrant for the same quantity 1 One of the firm reside* in the West, and *"1.. give the buaineas his personal superlnteadance MiLLER A BROWN, 7th st , oppoaitc Post ORce, Washington jT U?eojnal m

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