Newspaper of Evening Star, July 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 18, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. "local intelligence. The Late Attempt to Dm* Gr ace CHntcH. The many inquiries which have beeiu made of ututo the a't?mpt, on the night of tho 11th inst., to burn Grace Church, and tho wide ?prea<l interest which is felt upon the subject, hare induced us to make inouiry of the pas tor. Rev. Alfred Uolmead. who has kindly lur r.Hh*d u? with the fallowing particulars': "That Grace Church was fired on the night of the 11th, is lamentably true. That It was the act of some incendiary admits of no doubt. That the incendiary act was fully premedita ted and most carefully devised is e iua'ly cer tain. The point at which the cumbu.-tible ma terial was deposited must have been selected in the day-light. On either side of tho church there are fix wooden buttresses. The case ment to these, with a single exception. reaches the ground, and could, therefore, ufford no convenient place of deposit for the combusti ble material unless the earth beneath was re moved or the plank forming the casing torn, in part. away. Unfortunately, however, in a single instanco the casing did not extend to the ground, by some two or three inches. This point, therefore, was selected. A ball of can dle wick, thoroughly saturated with turpen tine. was inserted underneath the casing of this buttress and lighted. Thi3 ball of wick, r.nd a portion of the paper in which it was wrapped is now in the i*>sscssion of the vestry of tnc church. *' The flame thu? lighted in the buttress, quickly communicated with the laths and other wood work at the southeast corner of the church, and in a few moments the destruction of the whole building seemed inevitable. But in the good of God, by tho active exertion of a few faithful men, the flames were kept under, until the firemen arrived, when they were exlingui.-bed by the almost superhuman effort - of those brave men, and best guards of ?ur eity welfare. As to the motive which could have instigated so diabolical an act, it is, al most, impossible to conjecture. The rector, vestry. and congregation of the church have given no cause tor such a display of fiendish ness on the pnrt of any one. The acceptuble mmof the services of the church is fully attes ted by the facts, acknowledged of all, that here, up?>n the Island, where a few years ago. but some three or four church families were t< und. without a place iu which to worship, now a 4? beautiful und holy house" is teen, with one of the most important congregations, certainly the second in size of the six well or ganized and in active being So far as is known, with all these we have lived and moved upon the mo?t harmonious and grateful term.-"- Never, to our knowledge, has one act been done, or one word spoken by us. or our people. to give offence or to create heart burn ing The work of God has been dene by us and our people, quietly, peacefully, and lov ingly towards all. To our brethren of all other denominations around ui. we hesitate not to make the open appeal in behalf of tho truth ef the above statement. Had the work of the incendiary been accomplished, to the full ex teat of his hellish purpose, and our church burnt to the ground, our conviction is. from the tokens of sympathy already in our iiossescion, that^the other congregations on the Island, without a -ingle exception, would have fell the shock of the sad event equally with our peo ple '? But will the fiery blow whieh has been struck be repeated ? shall the flame again be Hghted? We hesitate not to say we have our fears and misgivings. On Sunday last, just bcli re the church was lighted for evening ser vice. and while our heart-strickcn people were making ready to seek God's altar, already de faced and charred by the flames, the chancel windows, by # me ruthless hand, were par ti*?.!y destroyed Up*>n the assembling of the e mgx^ation, when this second outrage w.xs kn< wn. the righteou-- indignation of the peo ple could scarce be suppressed. The perpe trators of this second act of vandalism, it is believed, may be discovered. It is also thouaht that the ball of wick, together with a portion of the paper in which it W!?s folded, may yet lead to the detection of the church burner, for whose arrest and conviction the most searching investigations are already en foot. One cannot help connecting the firing of the ehurch with tho breaking of the windows ?f God s sanctuary under sueh ?ggravatid circumstances. The result may yet declare that to one and the ? tme sonree they are at tributable. Tho prayers of all good people will be for the detection, arrest and conviction ef doers of deeds so foul.*' . Excrasio*.?1The Good Will Club will give '? their first grai.d moonlight excursion and pic nic" to the White House Pavilion, tomor row. They have chartered the steamer George Washing; >n, engaged a superior br.-t.-3 and t rin* band, and provided for refreshments and supper being furnished by an experience ca terer. The reader is referred to the advertise ment in another column, for other particular'', t'uch an excursion will be wolcoma to those w jo wish to escape from the almost intolera ble heat of the city, to 44 breathe freer ai.d deeper": the cooling atmosphere of the Poto mac, and to enj"y a lew hours in pleesant com r*nj- * Bible Presentation.?Pr??eeeding? of an interesting character took pM?~e last night at Temperancc Hud. A Bible was presented to the Northern Liberties Division. S. of T. Al though notice of ih'j contemplated event Was published from five of the city pulpits, and by advertisement in the newspapers, not more than twen'y persons were present?one-half of them ladies. Suitable speeches were made. It is to be regretted thst the nuuiber of audi t >n was so-small. Either the weather was too warm for our citizens to attend, or there is a prevalent indifference to the good cause. We inspect that both these causes operated to keep people away. ? Mr-sir.?Professor W. H. Palmer, the dis tingui*hed organist of St. Matthew's Church, beitg now absent in Europe, the congregation or that church were delighted, on Sunday last, with the performance of the accomplished Mrs Blanchard. who presided at tho magnificent "rgaa. accompanied by our iellow-citixen, A. T. Keickhoffer. Esq., one of the first amateur vtohuUt. in the country. The xuu-dc for the *oca<ion wa< Htydn's celebrated third mass. Mrs. Blanchard. vre learn, has kindly consent* *d to pfrivnr. every Sunday during the al *?nce of Mr Palmer. Pcblk S bool Examinations ?This aflcr ^r*>n. the pupils ..f the fir.-t district school, Mr. > v. teacher, will be examined by the *hol?? board The ?eb'?ol house is situated at the corner of 0 Fourteenth streets. ?n the instant, the scries of publio *1^*' e*au:'n^tions will be concluded. The distribution of medals, premiums, diplo mas, an-1 the delivery of an annual addres*. j | will take place on the 30th and .Hist of AXt* Mjutvrv Corts.?We learn number of cur citizens have ^teraiiu?? organizing a luilitary company to be uii< both infantry and artillery exercises. Cjuq>a:.y is to be composed of men over & inches in height. It such a corps can be or ganized, of we have no doubt. u ia.tke a fine addition t> the regiment. ?? have heard t.f sever;.! who have enlrt" the uciertaking. The Ret. Mason Noule "f this city, has g>ae Usea, as the chaplain of the frigate Con gre-1- It was his de-i^n to preaih a lareweli sermon to his congregation last Sunday week, tut this he was prevented from doing owing to his cos;'t uiv-nts in the Go\crnuient service. He uie the well-wishes of not a few of our cit izeus and persons! friends lor his welfare during hi- absen e fn m them in ?? the deep, deep sea." ? Ccnsixg (?prENi?cii. ?Ye-terday. Xsck B^ach was taken bet >re Ju^tire Bate--, charged with prof u:ity: Zack. as usuul. pleaded guilty, and prayed for the lowest fiue. If he dnl not pu. it* ? 'tis cour-*e. the frequency of his offen ce* ? make his co^ts amount to a c<m?<I ?Mble sua But Za' k is ". ha rp. ' as tht hoy? fej, aud &ave? his dimes l?y losing only a tow *t a time lie was fined S2 and costs \ 'JvFirERS Kle? Ttn ?At a meeting of t!?e W a*Uonal Club, held on Tuesday evening, the f folLwtng otheera werrs elected ?V B luineir, pre>ideDt J T Shipley, vice president. J T Clements. Jr secretary; E L Johnson, treas U;-r Rorbebt?Tilts morning. about 2 o'clock' ;omc daring thiet climbed up otic 01 ih<: pillars .-upporting the roof of (lie porch in front of the rr^ideice of Mr Win. Hopk.n.-. ioi the li/m of Hopkins L Butt,) on C street, between Four and-a-half and Sixth streets. Having reach ed the roof, where be had near aeeesj to the ohambvr of the jeeond story, he cautiously opened tie blinds, which were merely bowod, and standing on tho outside, took from the gentleman's pantaloons, which were lying on a chair within immediate reach, a pocket-book containing S22o. The noise occasioned by the jingling of of the keys in the pocket? of the pantaloon*' awoke Mm. Hopkins. anil sho alarmed her husband, who at onto struck a light, but was cnaMe to see the causo of the unwelcome disturbance. On looking out on the roof of the porch, he fir^t saw his pocket-book, and after wards, wonderful to tell, hi.-j money, lying sev eral feet from it! Mr. Hopkins would have put n ball from his revolver into the intruder ha I he seen him. having a five-barrelled ihooter within reach. It is supposed that tho money, for the most part gold, dropped out of the i?ooket-book as the robber opened it, when hea.iug the alarm from within, nc precipitately fled. Pcbhc ScnooLS.?The senior division of the male department of the second district school, under tne care of Mr. Wilson, was examined yesterday. There wero present Mr. Pearson and the Secretary of the Hoard of Trustees; Messrs. Henshaw and Lindsay, ex-teachers: Misses Milium. Middleton. and Lowe; Messrs. J. E. Thompson and J. ;Sinith Thomson. The examination was chiefly conducted by the teachers above named, and Mr. Richards, who has rendered valuable assistance. The school appeared to advantage, especially in the more advanced parts of arithmetic, problems in in terest, the extraction of root*, in proportion, itc., were worked out with much facility. Court or Claims.?louring the sitting, yes terday, several gentlemen filed motions, under the new rule, for requisitions upon the Depart ments for papers, Ac., to be used in cases now on the docket of the Court. The docket was then taken up and examined a? far as No. 60. The Court decided to adjourn over to Thurs day for the purpose of taking time to look into the papers of the respective vases. On Thursday, if gentlemen are then ready, arguments will be heard. Is Demand?lee-water, pnlrn leaf fans, umbreilas, and patches of shade in the public thoroughfares. Passing along, you are fre quently reminded that the 4i weather is warm ?very "?as though this were not a fact to any save those who repeat the intelligence. Peo ple are so much engaged iu desiring their own comfort that they entertain no sympathy for those who are engaged iu the broiling sun. at their mechanical toil, or digging away earth minus an awning to protect them from the de bilitating effects of the solar ray*;. Gr.NNlNG ox Tin: Avexik?On the4th inst., a young man nsiued J. liranustick amused himseli by shooting pigeons on the avenue west of the Capitol. He may have been ignoraut of the law. hut could not plead ignorance as an excuse. The fnct war proven before Justice Bates, who ordered him to pay a fincoi' * a and tho costs. Shotting pigeons on the r-treet* i? dangerous sport, ani very cosily in the Fifth Ward. ? Cross Firing axd Noruixo Shot.?Yester day Honry Penny, Priscilla Evans, and Vir ginia Evans, were taken before Justice Clark to answer charges made one against the other for assault. The squire, a usual in such eases, saw at a glance how affairs stood wiih the coni [ lainants. and dismissed tin* cases on the prom ise of Henry Penny to quit theircompary, and the promises of the women to let him alone. Race Coi'rse.?Some gentlemen have been trying the speed of their trotting nags on the Avenue iu the afternoon, at the time when la dies ami children are moet frequently pajsing from one ?ide to the other. No doubt it i: best suited to their feelings to drive fast, and turn the Avenue into a trotting course. But we WL-uld intorm them that our city laws imp<*e a tine for fast driving, and no one likes to pay it. The MaxACIM of the '?* Orphan Asylum 'of this city gratefully acknowledge the receipt of fifty dollar , through Be v. 1*. D. Ourley, from ?? a stranger. '1 Wvr. n Returns.?No ca .es fur trial thi mornuig. Troible 15 Nineveii.?M.-. Editor - I nm a member of the Know Nothing } arty, as it i-= called.- I joined it eighteen months ;;go. and I do n?t believe I have been among them more than three or four times since, and if 1 keep my right mind. I never wi!l l.c seen in one of their lodges again. As s .me <>i their members are trying to do all they can to eru-h me r.r.d mine in my business. I fi-tl it to be my duty to come out from :;mon^ the wicked and lire separate from them, and sit not in the seats of the 8'ornful- I am an American by birth, and joined the Know Nothing organ isation under tho impression that ail Ameri cans in it w >uld have the same privilege as I had to join it. Finding that there are some of them?'jf those in this party?that are not friends to their country and their God, who boast of what they will do for their country if they can get into power, and thi n turn round and try to cru-h and blast their brother, injuring and ruining him in the e?tim?tion of hi? friends. I feel it a duty tin' I < we to my and my country to leave the party to which I now belong. I have no desire to re main any longer wi'h them. The President is, therefore, requested to take my name from his books. 1 ask, this as an especial favor f.nm him. Of these serpents, to whom I have refer ence. I may say that one of them is a Judas, who cares more for thirty pieces of sil ver than he docs for his soul, his trod, or his country, either: and another one of the party i" a Benedict Arnold, who would, tn-day, sell his country, if h.* could pin the act on some one else; yet he still cries aloud th;?t natives shall rule America. All he wants is another place under the Senate, or close by the Senate chamber. Another on.? of the party wears his hair very long. an l t ikes great delight in going round and meddling with everybody's bu siness, and endeavoring to iijure all persons who do not think as he does, lie is a member of the party, and. at this day, he is the won't man in Washington city, for the devil himself has not a worse heart. Now. sir, here are three men that belong to the Know Nothing party. A# far as the party is concerned, I know very little about it, as I have taken none of their degrees. They profess only to oppose foreigners, yet I would like to know who they are in favor of. July 18? It D. A. Small wood. MAKKIEU. On I lie Ic'li inst.. bv the Rev. Dr. J. C. Smith. Dr.DANIKL Mr FA (I LAN to Aliss MARY A., daughter of W. \V. Aiuore. Esq., all of this city. In this city, on the 17th Instant, by Kev. Air French. Captain GEORGE \V. LAV. U.S.A., to IIEN ItI ETTA. daughter of Hon. J. A Campbell L. S. Supreme Court. DIED* On toe 17th, lust . WILLI A M C. I., aged nearly I.'months, mii of Lieut. John J and Louisas. Guthrie iJjr* 11i* funeral will take place this (Wednes day) afternoon at 3 o'clock p. ni . from the resi dence of hi* fitfher. No 51 Frederick *t., George town. The friend* of the t'ainilv are invited to at tend without further notice. # On the lithiiiHtaut. DANIEL PARKCR POR TER, of the Treasury Department, in the <>7th year of hi* age. ? , m jjjr The friends of the family are.particularly invited to attend hi* funeral from the residence of Mrs. James, So. *291 F htreet. between 12th and LUh streets, this (Wednesday) Hve o'clock. In Alexandria, on the 17th instant, of con^nmp tioiK after loiti? muttering unci patient re*i^nation. ELIZABETH REBECCA NElLE. only daugh ter of Juo M and Laura S. aged l'J years a: id 7 month*. . , \ljr The funeral will take p!*ee from th?? resi dence of h"f father, Wolfe ?treet. Alexandria, to morrow (TLurnday) afternoon, at 3 o el ?jt* f\0 which the friend* of the family are invited. On the 17th Instant. PHI Lit* HOPKINS. In the loth year of his age IIANKINO HOL'SEOF PAIHOIt XOIRSE, oeeosiTK trsited jiaiui t?ea?cri OO.NDH, STOCKS. AND OTHER SECURI r> TIES, I'urchased and Sold Interest, at the rate of six per cent per annuiu, allowed en depo .lli when left for thirty day* or louver. jaa'H?Cm V~r Don't (To it !?TLe stomach wi. not In tended for an apothecary's ahop. Don 't "use physic nor any weakening internal medicine at this hot s?*a?on especially. For nil local disorder# Rheumatism where Prof. Chas. DeGrath's ELEC TRIC OIL from Philadelphia, can tt*rh the rase it hasadlrectand specific action, arrddoes not im pair any function of the bodv like all internal mcd icihes. Many of these remedies profess to cure all things, but the'-Electric Oil" does not. Sold by Droggista. N B .?Keep the bottle well corked. Rub quick ly. .. jy 1??3t IT/* Letter from lion. John Minor B?tts, ?I Virginia. Richmond. July 0. Ic55. Messrs. Wm S. Beers A Co : Genu? Consider ations of duty to the aillicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to t,.e grea' vaiue of liCarttr'a Hputtisk Mixture," for Unit almost incurable disease, Serofmln. Without bei undisposed or deeming it licce-sary to go into the particulars of the case, I cruisa. that the astouishing results that have bet a pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of niy owni family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the ix?*t physicians had l>een exhausted and ull the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who ruay be guttering l'roin that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will att'ord the same relief in all cases; for, of course, i can kuow nothing about that?but of what 1 have seen of the etlects. 1 would not hesitate to use it, in any an-l every case of Scrofula, with persons for whoin I felt an interest, or over whom 1 could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, " Jno. M. Bott3. fjjr" Premiums at the Fairs?Whltehnrst*? still in the ascendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore. Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes aud Daguereotypes exhibited. Air. W also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palac e, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. AVhitehurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-haif and Sixth streets, feb 17 ID* /? D. Oilman, Druggist, has removed to 528 Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Hank, and is now prepared to nil all orders for Medicine Paints. Oil and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will l>e paid to physician's pre. scriptions at all hours of the day and night. TLe night bell is on the right of the store door. ap It Noah Walker At Co., Marble Hall Clothing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re spectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection comprising an assortmeut of Coats, Ve-ts and Pantaloons of the newest and richest design* in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tleinen who study excellence with economy in fashionable article* of dress an opportunity for se lecting is ottered from one of the largest ami most attractive stock of goods ever ottered in this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap (7 JJj* Ur. lloofland's Celebrnted t.erman Bitters.?Weak. nervoi'S, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils. the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration * Yet it is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low, nervous, ami irritable he may be. the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson. Philadelphia, fire stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his lx?itty and mind; and if he < house* to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je 7?3m ?7" A Phenomena in Medicine.?T^roncbi tis, Cough. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints. Scrof ula. Ac. For all disease* of the Pemalv System it stands pre-eminent. A Clergy mm just informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? By its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid nevs, will cure Dys|>epsia. Cough. Asthma. Brou dual and Lun" ? "4 " , - . ??v? i?5ITUlH lwumaes with all diseases arising from impure blood, and is the greatest female medicine ever known. Tlil irivaluable medicine is working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER tr MOWBRAY, 110 Bal timore street, Baltimore; at>l Broadwav. New York; CHAf*. STOTT A CO., J. B. MOORE. 1) B CLARKE. CLARKE A BOWLING, VV EL LIOT, and It. McPHERSON. Washington; aNo. '?v R. S. F. CISSELL, Georgetown; C. C. IiEIi RY, Alexandria; and by Drmrgi-ts everywhere. JJ7* Unprecedented Success.?The excite ment in l>ehalf of Baker's Premium Bitters, con tinues to increase in Richmond as well as t!iro.>_h oi.t Visginia, as a cure for Dyspej>sia, Torjhtii, < t th? l.lver, Sour Stomach, Nervous Headache. Agic ami Fever. Ac. To be had at the principal Ding Stores throughout the city of Richmond and the: State of Virginia. Orders promptly attended to bv addre*;s}>rr E BAKER, Richmond. Va. Church Hill, Richmond, Feb. 10, 1fc51. Dear Sir:?Being satisfied that my wife, who has suffered very much for several years from neu ralgia, has received great t?eii"llt from Baker's Pre mium Bitters, and having used them with great success in cases of summer complaints with my children, I take great pleasure in recommending them to the public as a valuable family mcdi< ite. From Rev. Reubin Ford. Mr. E Baker, Proprietor. Richmond Post Olttcc. Feb. !('?. K">1. This is to certify that ! have used Bak r'> i're mium Bitters in my family, which I dud to be a very valuable medicine in loss of appetite, and giving tone and strength to the whole system. I a a/uc and fever, wl e-e I have administered tiiem. they have never failed to make a perfect cure. As a family medicine they stand unequalled. F. \V. DaNFOKTH. Tiiev are perfectly harmless, and may betaken at ail times by adults or children. Price 50 cents per bottle. To lie had of CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wash ington. D C.: CAN BY A HATCH, and SETII S. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. eo5t )U~ Ayer'a Cathartic Pills. ?Pills iknl nn Pills'?Puof. Hayes, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz: Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Suprtme Court of Mass. Ekory Washbcks, Governor of .Mass. W. C. Plcnkett, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Edward Everett, Ex-See. of Stateand Sena tor U. 5. Robert C. Winthrop, Ex-Spcaker House of Reps., U.S. A. Abbott Lawrence, Minister Plenipo. to Great Britain. f John B. Fitzpatrick, Catholic Bishop of Boston. MEN TltAT ARE MEN ! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costiveness, Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising f<om a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels aud pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency. Ia>ss of Appletite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacnant medicine, Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not l>e supposed they could reach; such us Deafness, Partial lSliiiduess, Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement <>f the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, aud other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the body or obstructions of its functions. They are the 1?e?t Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will but need to use them once to know it. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass.. Hal 1 ?\? tti'Mri- r?*.rwi/.I^LL? .1-...- * / 1E1IENT, PLASTER. If AIR. Ac. " ' Also, constantly on hand n splendid article of Cement, Plaster. Hair. Ac., all of which we are selling very cheap. LA WTO N P. HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns one square south of the Lower Bridge, near Georgetown. iy Hi?eo3w (Intel.Organ,Union) PAINT AND OIL STORE.' WINDOW Glass, Ac., Camphene, Spirit Gas, Sperm, Solar and Lard Oil Lamps, Clocks, Brushes. Ornaments, Girandoles, Shades Ac. J R. McGREGOR, Successor to C. S. Whittlesey, jy ic?eoiw 5ol Seventh st. DENTISTRY DR V. SIIINN. Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect full y informs the residents of George-1 town and its vicinity that he has loca-' ? ted himself amongsi them for the purpose of prac tising his profession. Office l'-Tl Washington st.. al>ove Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. je25?d'.'m&eolm* COAL!COAL! HE undersigned is prepared to deliver COAL of the best quality, at 5o per ton. II C HARROVER, 3d street, 3d door south of Pit avtn ae. jy U-dU} T WANTS. WANTED?TWO GOOD STEADY HANDS to work at the bottling business. Such a* Have a knowledge of the business preferred Ap |iy iuunwliaUly to ARMY A SHINN, - Ne 57 Green street. Ge#n?t<wii. D C. ? jy 18?It ? WANTED?BY A MIDDIJJ AGED Woman, a Situation a.i Wet Nurse. Address a note to ,:M S." at this office, and It will be attended to. jy ?It* HORSE WANTED ?A GOOD Farm Ilorse

wanted. Apply at this office. j v_l7??t? Wanted?a woman (German pre fened) to do the work of a small family. 1 n quire of JAMES OWNER, A street north, betw. )th and 6tn sheets east. jy 17?tf WANTED?A NUMBER OF HORSES TO pasture. The pasture is excellent, and has plenty of shade and water. Terms, live dollars 5>r month. Enquire at Tennallytown for TRI'E AN S. JONES. - jy it?3t* WANTED?ON RENT, A HOUSE, contain ing ten or twelve rooms, situated between 5th and 12th streets west, and Pennsylvania ave nue and G streets nortii. Possession to be given prior to September. Address Box 623 City Post Office. jy 11?eo3t# WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot '24 feet front by 13U feet deep, for the low price of *75?payable ?3 a month without interest. Apply at the I"ninn Land Office 7th street, above Oda Fellows' llall. ap '2b?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. jVOTICE.?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND is Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths, and every attention to render it inost agree able to her boarders. Mrs P. G. MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and at. ap 23?3m Board,tc?mrs. bates,on tubs. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is f-cjwd to ai-comiuodate gentle o>en with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?-tf FOR SALE AND RENT. 4 GOOD CHANCE ?LOTS 23,24 . 25. aad26, /a. in square 512. are offered on a credit of live yea*s. Tnese lots front .UK) feet on 4th street wot, and 1UU feet on O street north, and offer an excel lent opportunity to any person wantinn a large garden near the markets: and the rapid improve ment in the neighborhood warrants this offer as an opening to a ixreat speculation. For particulars inquire of JXO. B. K1BBEV A CO., Real Estate Agents, Louisiana avenue. next door to Sweeney. Rittenhouse &. Co*s Bank, jy is?3t I^Oil KENT?A NEATLY FURNISHED two-story Brick House, in a desirable neigh \K>rlio<>d, near the War Department. To a respon sible tt-nant the rent will l>e moderate. The owner of the house would board with the family if con venient. Enquire at No. 197, II street, south side, between 1-th and 19th. ' jy 17?2t* I^OR SALE?ON LIBERAL TERMS, A U?w two-story brick House, containing six rooms and cellar. No. 355 Thirteenth street, betw north L street and Massachusetts avenue. For particulars enquire on the premises, or of W. II. SI BI.EY. No. lTi"i Thirteenth street. jy 17?3t* IT OR RENT A TWO-STOItY BRICK Dwelling on 11 street. n**ar 13th street, No. 2?6, pleasantly situated, with a line enclosure and con venient ortbcildmgs, furnished or untarnished. Apply at the premises. jy 16?tf r^Olt RENT?A BRICK HOUSE, containing six rooms, situated on the south side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between l*2th and 13th streets. For h;rms apply at No. 451 Thirteenth street. l?e tween E anaF. Jy 16?3t* FRAME iv 11 f|l O L E T?A COMFORTABLE II It 1 C K A Dwelling, in good order, containing 8 rooms, si United on the we*t side of Oth street west. betw. G and II streets north. Rent $15 oer month. Ap ply to J. C McKELDEN, jy 17?eo-it * No. 416 F street north. t"?OR SALE?THAT LARGE AND WELL ? built Frame Dweliing*House, with a brick basement, No. 418, situated on the east side of ? 'h street, between F and G, containing 10 rooms, with porch aad pantry in the rear. For terms, which will be easv, applv to CHARLES F. WOOD, 41? Ninth street, between E and F sts. jy 17?eotf I^OR RENT?TWO WELL FURNISHED Rooms, in a healthy and respectable location, No. 171 II street, between 9th ana luth streets. Term? moderate. jy 17?eo3t FOR RENT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brick House on II street, between l*2th and and !:lth streets, containing eight rooms and cel lar is for rent. Enquire of J .AY. BARKER, on II -1 rr-1. next to the Lutheran Church. jy 10?eotf 1 VALUABLE LITTLE FARM FOR SALE. Tlse subscriber will sell at private sale his lit tle Farm, known as Sterling Cottage. ui?.?n whi< h i r now resides, situated in Alexandria county. Va . lysir Ball's ?y. Roads, four miles from George town, six from W ashington, eight from Alexan dria. and will lie but one mile from the Loudon A Hampshire Railroad. The tract contains acres. 15 of which is under heavy timber, the l>al an. e is under a high state of culti vation, with good -ing and a never failing stream of water run ning through the place. 'Ihe improvements are a very neat story and a half dwelling, with a brick collar under it, and outhouses, consisting of a barn, icehouse, meat house, corn house, hen house, kitchen, aud house tor servants. The yard is very large and shady, and decorated with the most choice tiowers, and a well of the most excellent water near the door, the ba< k yard is enclosed by a beautiful cedar hedge, arid the front by palings. There is also a beauti ful chestnut grove standing in front of the yard. The lands adjoining are those of Col. W. Minor S Minor, Dr. Wonder ami Mr*. Gardner. Its lo cation is convenient for churches, grist and saw mills, post office, Ac. The above property posses ses advantages which will l>e apparent to all who desire to secure a pleasant ana valuable country seat. A great >?argain may lie had by an early applica tion, as I am desirous of moving to a larger farm, jy 9?iiwlm MOSES A. FECREY. Rents reduced to suit the times. S15'J a year will lie received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and communication is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon. at the usual fare, fbr the accommodation of clerks In the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, imtntdiate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on lite ral terms. WM. STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly is advance. ap 0?eotf For sale?a lot on capitol hill. containing 1*2,500 feet. It can be divided into halves. Enouireof E. F. QUEEN, 7tli street, near the Northern Market. Jy 11?2w I^OR REST.?A handsomely furnished House near the Public Department is offered for rent. To a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate. , The House contains a bath room and gas fixtures. ; Enquire on the premises. No. 27U H street, jy 5?1m* I^OR RENT ?THE BUILDING ON D ST., near the corner of Twelfth, is for rent, either in part, or whole. Apply at the Star office. je 20?tf rvjR SALE ?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE ?T and Lot, No. 50 I Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment. If not sold soon it will be for rent. Also, a three-??tory Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown, Ix>t *26 feet front by 100 feet rteep; will be sold low and on a long credit. W A N T ED?A few shares of Georgetown Build ing Association Stock. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, No. 1^8 Bridge street, Georgetown; or No. 400 E street, Washington. je 21?tf I^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also. Tuble and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233^F_?treet. ap ?-tf Homes for all ?beautifully and healthily located Building l?ots, '24 feet front by 130 deep, on graded streets, cau, uutll spring, be bought ai the exceeding low price of #75, pay able *3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, Seventh street, above Odd Fellows'Hall. JOHN FOX, Secretary J4U V?4)111 AUCTION SALES. H By J. C. McGl'IRK, Anctionm. A>DV)>tn BI)IU)IK6 LOT AT AVI. tiou.?Ou THURSDAY afternoon, Julv 18. U 6 ^ ?'Cloak. on the premises, 1 ?ba? sell part of Lot 2So. lo, in Square 181, fronting 1? feet on 5tb street wwt, l^tween M and N streets north, and running back 9.1 feet 4 k inches. This lot i? handsomely situated with the grade, and is very desirable for building purposes. Title iudisputable. Teruvt: On^-tbird cash; residue in three and six months, satisfactorily secufed bearing interest J AS. C. McUUIRE, jy 17?<1 Auctioneer L rr By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneer. UMBF.R AT Al t TION.?ObTHURSDAY I the 19th instant, we shall *11, at I o'clock p. in, a larye lot of Lumber, lying on the Govern iu< ni square immediately north of the west Capi tol Gate, and near Pennsylvania avenue, consist in j of Joist, billing, Scantling, Boards. Terms: ?25 and under cash; over that amount a credit of ou ami s?j days, for notes satisfactorily etidorscd, bearing interest. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 17?d Auctioneer. By J C McGT'lRE, Auctioneer rriHREE 1EW TI1RFE-STORY BRICK 1 IIou?e? in the .Northern Liberties, at Public Sale.?On TUESDAY afternoon. July ilth, at 6 o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lota laud 3, in Norman's subdivision of square No 309, fronting on 9th street west, at the corner of N street north, running Iwick 91 feet 8 Inche* to a 10 feet alloy, with the improvements, consisting of three new three-story brick Dwelling Houses, with back buildings, containing 7 rooms each. With wiKxi sh<-d*. Xc. The corner building ba? a store attached which is now occupied as a grocery, and is doing a first ra'e business. Terms: One-third cash ; residue in 6, 12. 18 and vM months, satisfactorily secured, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE. jy 17?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer, nvo DESIRABLE DWELLING lleases . in the first Ward at Public Snle.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon. July lKh. at 6^ o'clk ' dn the premises, 1 shall sell Lot No. 23 in square No. l<b, frouting ou north L street, between 16th and 19th streets west, with the improvements cou si.-.ti;ur of two i>ood and well finished two-story and attic frame Dwelling Houses, one containing seven and the other ten rooms, with stables, wood sheds, aud other nccessarJ outbuildings. I Terms: One-third cash ; residue in6, 12 and 18 | month*, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE. jy 11?eoAd* Auctioneer By J. C. McCUIRE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE Farm situated at BalUs Cross Reads.? By virtue of two deeds of trust, duly made and recorded atnon^ the land records for* Alexandria county, Virginia, and bv instructions from the parties interested, the subscriber will sell at pub lic auc.ticn THURSDAY, July 12 o'clk ni.. at iue auction rooms, a valuable tract of land, containing 122 acres, adjoining Ball's Cross Roads siid tract being a portion ofthe "Glebe Farm," formerly owned by Gen. J. P. Van Ness. It is proposed to divide the farm into four lots, each containing a fair portion of open and wood land, and to be sold separately, with the right to one half the growing crop. One of the lots con taining 31 acres, has a good substantial farmhouse, overseer's dwelling, barn, and other out buildings on it. A plat of the subdivision may be seen at the Auction Rooms. Terms : One fourth cash ? residue in twelve and efghtei n months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, jvfl?eoAds Auctioneer. i \ By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. I^RAME HOUSE AND LOT on 4th street, between Massachusetts avenue and I street north, at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 2?'lh instant, we shall sell, at 6)$ o clock p. m . a good Poci? Iloiise aud lx>t. situated on Fourth stre?t we-t, between Massachusetts avenue and 1 street, (the tiag will designate the house.) Title indisputable. Terms : One fourth cash; balance in 6. 12, and 1- mon'bs. fornotes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a d?ed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 1')?d Auctioneers. < Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 7ALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ?s G, n-rr |fctli street, at Public Sale.?On FRIDAY afternoon, July 2?Hh, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell parts of Lots 12 ana 13. in square 112. fronting 15 feet on north G. between l^b and 19*h streets'west, ramlrtr back 63 f?*et. v ith the improvements, consisting of a two-storv and attic brick dwelling house, containing in all thirteen rooms. This property i* very desirably situated for a privrtte residence. Title indisputable. Terms: One fifth cash; residue in 1,2, and 3 years sati-ftctorily secured, bearing interest. J. C. McGUIRE. { jy 16?d Auctioneer. Bv GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. \CALLABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY an the I:* I a ii :1 nt Auction.?On WEDNES DAY. the 25th instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock () m.. in front of the premises, part of Lot No I n Square it t. having a front of 51 l'eeton Virginia tavenne. running back 111 feel to south C street, with the improvements, which are two good brick end one frame House. The brick houses contain six j>ood and conveniently arranged rooms aud kitchen each They will oe sold separate. The a*x>ve described property is handsomely lo cated on Virginia avenue, l>etween 6th and 7th street-, and pns?euts many inducements to persons wishing t<> make a good investment, as it is in the most rapidly improving (tart of the lslaud. Title indisputable. ! Terms* One-third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes beating interest from the day of : the sale. ! A deed ^iveu and a deed of trust takeu. o KEEN A SCOTT, ! jy 16?d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer rrr.i stke-s sale of building lot 1 IMUr the Circle.?On WEDNESDAY af | ternoou, July lw. at o'clock. on the premises, ti.e subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, by virtue of a deed of trust record ed in lllier J . A S . No. 78, folios 80, Ac., one of the land records of Washington, in the District of I Columbia, I,nf numbered E. of Isaac Pollock's i subdivision y>{ square numbered fronting on : north L street, >>etween 23d and 24th sts. west. Terms. 130 o*sh ; residue in 6 and 12 mouths, with inteiest, satisfactorily secured. T1IOS. J. FISHER. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, jy 12?eoAds Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT on 7tb, be tween II and I streets at Auction.?On I THURSDAY, the l!?th instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m.. In front of the premises, a handsome building Lot, situated ou the east side of Seventh street west, between 11 and I streets north, having a front of 47 feet 10 inches, running hack to an out let to a wide alley, 1U0 feet. It will be divided in lots to suit purchasers or together. The above described property is oil an elevated situation, sua consideied very desirable for any kind of business purposes, being nearly opposite the wagon yard, in the most business part of 7th street. Title Indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6, 12, and IS months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 13?d Auctioneer*. ? f By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIM T proved Property at Auction.?On WED NESDAY, the 18th inst., we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 0 o'clock p. m . part of Lot No. 14, in Square No. 455. having a front of 26 feet six inches ou north G street, running back 121 feet 3 inches to a wide alley, between 6th and 7th streets west, improved by two brick Houses, 14 by 31 feet, each one storv. Terms: *500cash; #1.100 payable In monthly instalments of (00 per month. without interest; the balance a credit of 6 and 12 months for note* l?earing interest, tne purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, properly secured. Also, at 7 o'clock same evealag, we shall sell, in front of the premises. Lots No* 3 and 4, in Davidson's subdivision of Square No. 161, having a front of 2? feet each ou north L street, running 130 feet to a wide alley. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash; the balance In 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing iuterest from the dav of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy ft?d Auctioneers. A t'ARD. THE firm of Williamson k Osgodby having been dissolved, the undersigned will remain at the old stand, northwest corner of E and 12th street, where he hopes to meet a share of the pa tronage so liberally bestowed on the late firm. jy!3?tf Til OS. W OSGODBY. CURE FOR HOT WEATUER.~ ARNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, fur which he was awarded a Medal by the .Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, is highly recount,ended for the above. WiU be sent to any part of the District free of charge. Send your orders to 81 Bridge st., Georgetown J/j^-<*uif TELEGRAPHIC HEWS. nfcPttRTiu rati ihi m?wiTtit. ^ - - - Arrival of tfe* bteamer Canada IIai.ii av, July 18.?Ike steamer Cmttui with Liverpool ?dvice* of tbe lib hs? arrival and her news will be at hanJ Tiie Kinney Expedition Wracked New York. July 1*.?The schooner Eninu, bound hence for Central America, containing Col. Kinney and his expedition. wa* wm-kel no Caicos Reef, ou the 18th of June. All hand' were saved, and taken t ? Turk?- I?'an-l. Co1. Kinney ws? in got*! spirit*. aud wum gotiaiirg for another *-e*#*-l to carry the txj* dition to Nicaragua Ht tost. however. %l| L?t baggagv and equipment*. Sailing of the Amer*ca Bo'tox, July 1 Stla.?The steamer Awe:** sailed for Lirrr|?el to-day. with I7-? pa^oeu gers. and $800,600 in .?pecie Charleston Market. CnARi r.sTox.Juiy 17?CoUou u liru with, sales of .'Mm bales at 'Ja! lie. Baltimore Market?. Baltiworf, July 18.?-Sales U-day of 2?** bid-. Howard street flour at *?.87a510 ; City Mill* iV.jfl. Sales" of li.OOO bushels of wheat at 5-1 90 a $2.10 for white ; *?!>" a S-2 for rod Sale* of ft.000 bushels corn ntflOSaH *!:. f.?r white, and 'JS a USc. for yellow Kaxsa* LrGisi.^Tt re?By an exir* from the office of the Kan?;t* lit> aid. published a I Leavenworth July 10. we learn tnat the oft ccrs of the Legislature (which we mentioned on Wednesday, hud been organited) wcro equally distributed on both sides of the Kansas river. The Governor's message war to havo b^en delivered on Tuesday J 0th) at uoon ? ?Thus far (s?iys the Ileia!d?* extra) every thing has pa-sed off sm<?othlv and (juietly. without any disturbance or difficulty. Th-ne gentlemen wh<? anticipated a row have Wen disappointed. They have found the pro-slavery party to be composed of men actuated and gov erned by principle and justioo.*' The Tlfrald of the 7th fays, that when Kan sas applies for admittance in the Union, sho will inevitably do so with a constitution pro viding for slavery. The Legislature will prob ably at once pi? scni2 enactments to protect slave property.?Si. Louis Intelligence/. Well Mkr!tei? Reward?In December last Captain Dearborn, ot the ship Ileury Keid, from ti e p--rt of New York, was up the river Scheldt in order to make the harbor of Antwerp, when his ship got aground and was placed in much peril. Abe was relieved from danger by the exertions of the crew of the Netherlands pun boat. No. &4. commanded by Lieutenant Yander ilaak. amongst whom the insurance companies in Boston and New York have lately distributed the sum of 210 florins, as a reward of their gallant conduct, through the Minister of Marine a* tbe Hague. Captain Dearborn s|?aks highly of the art ion of the friendly foreign xeamen in hi? rej?ort of the matter.?JV< ir York lit raid. Fvi.TAt.rTV axoxo Fisbks.?We learn from the bc*t authority, that for miles in the wat?r< of the Beech Fork of Salt river. Ky., the fish are dying by thousand*. Tbe shore i* covered with their dead bodies to such a degree that the atmosphere ii loaded with an offensive smell. The h< gs havo been turned lo^se t? feed upon thciu. No reason can be given for this fatality. Every kiud of fi-h ever awu iu that region, with the single exception of tbo catfish, has been found killed. Can our wi-m wife once give a rcas'U.'?l/ulinnanolt* h tinel. WHILE MA^V OF OCR MERt HiXTI are complaining of dull times and te'l usthey have more clerks than cu4oam, U. I' R AN CIS-, <yu Seventh street, Is rapidly selling off everv thing in tbe way of Housekeeping Hardware, and a!, way* gets tue money, lie thinks the time* are certainly improving.' The truth is, he sells low. and the people are beginning to understand it. If good articles, low prices, ana every etfortto please will suit pur< baser*, he it determined tl at hit customers shall be katisfied. jy 10 XOTHE. THE firm of Williamson It O*;rodby having been dissolved, tbe und?-r>ignr*d ha? taken a Shop in tbe immediate ueigbl>orbood if tbe for mer place with a view to permanency in 'he trade. Tha.ikfol for past favors m> lilterally bestowed o?i the late n riu. he solicit * a cuutinuauce of ashai* of tbe natrrmntre heretofore received N. B.?Shop on Pith. Iterwevn I*a. avenue and Estrwet. Residence on huh. between G and H sts.No.413. JM> B WILLIAMSON jy 11?-eo3t* PERSONS WITH DEFECTIVE VISION are invited to examine iuv extensive Mw k of all kinds of SPECTACLES and EVE GLASS ES. Glasses of auv kind, such a? Catara< t. I'ara t?oIa, Peris4-oplr. Double Concave. Double Con vex, and Colored Glas>?*??, put in at short note.*, with jrreat ?are. and person* in want of g1a**e>? mav *?e snre to get those which lirnetlt the eve. if f Circulars "Defective Visiou" gratis at H SEMKEN'S, Uj? l'a avenue, bet. inji and Joth aU. mar 30 SEALED PROPOSALS FOR H EL, I Ofvicx or U.S. Pkxitentiaut . Washingtou. July 1U, ItvWV SEPAR ATE PROPOSALS will lierwe;vwlat this otfice until noon of tbe first day of August, 1855, for furui?hiiig the prison with l'JJ cords of half seasoned -:??od oak Wood, of me dium sire, and free of lop wood ?JO cords good pine Wood 50 tons red ash anthracite Coal. The wood to be delivered ujion the Penitentiary Wharf, and tbe coal in the prison vand THOMAS THofcNLEY. jy 11?eotAugi Warden ]\'OTI( E IS IIERERV (ill EN THAT V shaU apply to the lippartment of the liiteri<* for the isstie of a duplicate I .and Warrant. No. lUMtiu for M? acres, suppb mental to Warrant No 33 tri5 for 40 a( res. iwued to Piea>?ant I*ary. witli a blank assignment on the ba> k thereof, which wa? purcliascxl by me of the said l-acv. and forwardxl to a irentlemati iu Washington C*ity, ou the llth of May last, and which has not been received by him. G. D. NEAL. Pittsylvania C. II , Va , June 16, 1?55. je 2t^-lawt?w? CHANDLER'S ORATION on the Laadin-' of the Pilgritus in Marjland; pamphlet?la cents. H. W. IIilliard's Speeches and Addresses; one vol. 8vo Kirwan's Letters to the Right Rev Jno Hugh** Life in California, Mountains and Molehills, by Frank Marvatt Straus's Life of Jesus Frank Leslie's Gazette for J uly Harper's Story Book do Jy 11 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE LONDON STAGE. 4 vols, octavo, con taining about two hundred of the best plays id the language (exclusive of Shalupeare's ) A few sets of the above?second-hand copies. im>w oner being unobtainable just imported from Lon don. Price |ti 50. I RANCK TAYLOR, jy 12-tf W GENTLEMEN'S t NDERG AR MENTS. E have a large and fine assortment of Silk, Gauze. Merino and Cotton l'nder*hirts. lin en and cotton Drawers, White and colored ShirU, Hosiery. Ac., which we are now offering at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa. ave., next door to Iron Hall. Jy 11?tf [News] THE FAUQUIER WHITE SI LPHt K SPRINGS A RE now open for the reception of Company, -fa. and In a rar more attractive condition than they ever have been. A gross misrepresentation against them?JEj& having been published In the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Son to the effect that they were closed for the season ia now traced to an ir responsible source ?? wort by of notice It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it The aut*tcriher trusts that he will not be made the virtim of such malignttv; and the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transferring it to their columns will disabuse the' public mind through the same medium. ALEX BAKF.R jy 13?Siu M HtTTLR * KARLKBT, ARTISTS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, an^ every deacriptlon of ORNAMEN'Al. PAINTING Orders left with Baldwin and Nenulng, Archi tects, corner Penn avenue and lltfi street, will promptly aiieaded to )V 11?iBT