Newspaper of Evening Star, July 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 19, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, PI BLI9HED F.VKKY A VT tR NOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) ?t lhaSttr B*ildnw*,rorn<T of Pinn^ltama avenue m-l Eitventk strut, By W. D. WALLACH, WiU be served to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A yUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers senred In packages at 37# c*its per nvwtb. To mail subscribers the ?nb n-ripOon price i* THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year ?* adrtimee, TWO DOLLARS T?r six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; f<* ?e"* than three months at the rate of l .'K cents a week . yy SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JULY 19. 1855. NO. 792. DR. L. II. WRIGHT'S UOTAILING "SCB0FUL0U3 ANTIDOTE," For tk' Permanent Cure oj CO NSUMPTIOX ?nd all other forms of SCKQFULO US DISEASES I^HIS Medicine is prepared by an eminent phy sician of eighteen years practice in .New York city, during which time he has constantly used it w:?h the most unbounded success, and created for it a reputation in private practice,' urfequalled in the history of medicine, ft act*Immediately upon th* blood, cleansing it from all scrofulous humors or imparities, renovating and. by its mairic now ers. IN VIGORATE TflE W HTOLE SYSTEM in proof of which, hundreds of respectable wit nesses from the doctor's private practice have <nv fn in their testimony, and entreatjthose suffering from any scrofulous affection, to call *{>on them Blt'l Kltl'Jjf tkrtmrlvrS. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseases can be had gratis at i RINCI1 AL 1IEPO r. 4U9 Broadway aud at Drug Stores generally. CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington. DR. L. B. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS "LIQULl) CATHABTIC." OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS ? the BEST. CHEAPEST, and MOST EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PL" KMC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nau seating ettect of Pills. Oil. Senna, Ac..) and pro ducing no griping or other painful effects. Unlike ail other purgatives, it searches to the bottom of the disease, thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leaves the bowels entirely free from costiveness NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Children drink it readily and without forcing and NO MEDICINE 1* MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give it a trial and then judge for yourselves. It can be had wholesale and retail at E. H. STA BLER A CO S, Baltimore, or C1IAS. STOTT <St CO.. Washington. D. C 1>R WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 J]roadway, where the doctor enn be consulted daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p m Without charge. je 13?fan PROSPERI'S CORNET HAND, rpills Rand is suitable for any and nil purposes. 1 ami is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may 1* pleased to engage them, either a Brass. Reed. or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians tu be had at the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!, Leader, at Taltavilli's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks. V R ?Orders left at llilbus A HiUsMfctic De pot will be promptly attended to. may 23?im "LENWOOO CEMETERY, Office No. 292 Fa. ove.. corner lath street, (OVKR THS -AVISO'S BASK.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of th?- celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and sifiated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol? North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have se< ured a charter from Con gress. appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which is of vast im|>ortance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have piared them, for it lias Itecome a custom in ail other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purj>o>es, to sell it, and throw the d*-ad proiniscou.s!v into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles nre given to the ground. N. B ? OfLt- open f-om 10 to 12 o'clock a m , where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By laws, and a Map of the Grounds, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F Harvey. No. 41o Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je i^_iw SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL. HAMPTON, VA., ?S situated within two miles of Old Point Com -k for*, with which place hourly communi- m cation is had by a neat and comniodious Om iiibus. of ttie most modem style, also by Boats. Hacks, arc. The Hall will be open for the recep tion of visiters on the 11th of May, at which time the proprietor hopes to be able to'make comforta ble and happy the stay of all who may be seeking pleasure or health. Many improvements have been added, such as cottages for families, play gror.nd-s for children, shade tiees, Ac., indeed every thing that can con duce tw the comfort of visitors. For hcal'h and beauty of location, this place is "tiswpassed. There is daily communication with the st?aroers of Richmond, Norfolk and Baltimore,. Ttrins, perdav oil Terms, per week 11 Terms, per mouth, (per day)...* 1 2a je2*-? ^ R G. BANKS notre to the t keditors of hall A- BROTHER. B ARlCii HALL, surviving partner of Isaac Hilll. Havi'll/ AH tka ? J... ? having on the 2-th ?lay of February, lrjj .assigned to the undersigned all the stuck in trade and d-b's of the hrm of Hall A Brother, to i '^e satisfaclloii of certain debts, Labilities, and engagements of said fi.-m of Hall A Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rateably among such of the leinaining cred itor: of-aid hrm as shall within six mouths from said 2"th day of February, l%i5, execute and de liver to said Barucli Hall full and absolute re leases of ail indebtedness to them respectively by said ihiruch Hall, surviving partner as aforesaid. Not,(_e is therefore Lereby givcu to r>uch credi tor* of said Hrm of liall Brother, or -aid Bar ich Mali, surviving partner, as may desire lo partici late in tne beueiit of said assignment to execute - id deliver to said Baruch Hall fall and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the period of six n.ouths from said 2-th day of February, l-.ia RICHARD nVaLLACH, Trustte. II?eo:Aug2;th CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on hand, and constantly finishing, ?k a very lar^e assortni"ut of Pleasure ? aud F ami ly C A R RIA G ES. of t h? ??, the late.stUK-=H^= fashions, which 1 will s?-ll as low as the s'ime ipiatity ot work can l*e sold iu any of the principal luarkets of the L nited States Tue subscriber is now dealing exclusively in ^-arria^es of his manufai ture, and all work sold by him will be warranted, and coin pare favor *biy with any work iu this market. As 1 always keep a huge assortment. I invite purchasers aiid others to my stock before purchasing else where r a Carnages built toord?*r. Old Carriages taken in cicuaage, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 4JW Pa. aveuue and 43^ street. Jhiy 1? S?'OR POOH and laboring men. ?'ALL lit ILDING LOTS of IU feet or more, >n various parts ?>f the City, aud Georgetown, a low prices, uiii terms to suit. LLOYD A CO. .. ?H ILDING STONE, . .J"''* ' deliverable ;tt the Canal, or Wharves, : ** ashiiiytouj Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD A CO. street, ?pp. Treasury Department. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAklNG I P HOLSEREEPING. LKSONS ieiuov.ii/ f rom the city aud wishing Jo dispose of their Furniture aud llouseki ep j-i>? I t?-nsiis. Ac., without toe trouble of sending ueui to pnblie aiM'tioa. can do so by calling on us ? onr store, fl. Pa avenue, comer of 9th street, J"' ar** pre,<ared to buy all such goods as may be offered / is i Housekeepers and otb.-r- will do well by calling on us. a? we will pay the high?*st cash prices for such goods. ^ WALL, BARNARD A Ct?. ? ?2m :}|7 Pa. avenue P GREAT BARGAINS I nih^vIKw GENTS'. MISSES' A CHIL * URKN > BOOTS ANDSIDlES.?Tbe?rtL? suWrilier has r>-inove<t to the stor^^Mi theSflJ ? "'ii?-r of rw' utieth street and Peiinsylva- f liia avenue, where he is soiling his pioseut well-assortrd slock of BOOTS A SHOES at gn*at ;V, r7 " ^ Ail piersons in want of tho-e :*'N 't to their ad /autage tocaB before P'irchasing elsewhere. ? . A. H. SLOAN, . !Tn?T of '*>lh N,reet avt n ie. uiay i?Jm PHILADELPHIA LAGEK UEElt DEPOT, W t>* <*c,HUe. (return* undHtk Stt. V/U .'iu** the best PHILADEL Iturwf r 1 BEER on hand, and oiler I,JIT vU".for ** V aud iu Huart bottles ?"? ? j jo p?r dozen. c.f^ e COfct to aB parts of the . Many physicians have recommend?,d this ' a3 one of the best remedies for weak stoni u-liu* JOHN R. ELVAN8. WILLI A* THOMPSON. ELVANS A THOMPSON, DEALERSIN HABDWABE, COACH TBUfillNGS, &c, No. 326 Pennsylvania arrnur* bttwten Ninth and Tmth its, Washington, I) C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver. Albata and J^lver Pla ted. Tea. Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass. Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, "NYutile irons, Sad Irons Maslin and Bell Metal Kettles, Fnrnaces, Grid irons. Ovens. Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage. Closet. Cupboard,Chest. Till. Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges.Screws. Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs. Door Springs. Handrail Screws, Door Knolis Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venitian Blina Hooks. Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Cotlin Handles and Screws. Diamond Scrcw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes,'Saws, Drawing Knives. Spokeshaves, Chisels and Gouges, Plane irons Augers. Braces and Bitts. Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS. Black and Bright Springs. Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes.Hubs. Bows. Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Urass Bands, Stump Joints. Stump Collars. Top Prop* Curtain Frames. Lani|>s, Inside Linings, Lining Silks, Damask, Seaming Cord.; Tufts, Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Lock, ami Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck. Enamelled leather. Dash Leather, Ac. ELVANS A THOMPSON, je 1?fun Pa avenue. CANAL PACKET LINK TO POINT OF ROCKS. THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired and pnt^yfif^-^grrrrr in first rate order (the mat hinen being removed and horse power substituted) con t in ties making her regular trips between George town and the aliove plai e. The Boat will leave the wharf of W 11 A if. <? Ritterfo. Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, WED NESDAYS and FIII l?AYSat7 o'clock a. in: and the Point of Kock* for Georgetown on 'I CES DAYS. THURSDAY Sand SATI. RDAYS at th< Name hour, stopping at the ditterent landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, goiui; and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a in., and arrive at the head of the Great Falls at 11. Seneca at 1. Edward's Ferry '?!%. Monocacy 5J*. Knowlan's FeiTy 6. and Point of Rocks at 7 o'cl'k {> in. Returuing, leave l'oin! at 7 a. m . Kuow an's Ferry at 7)$, Monocacy ?, Edward's Ferrj 11, Seueca 1, Great Falls3j?, and arrive atGeorge town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way S2 M?*als served regularly on board the l>oat at mc?d erale prices. CHARLES MERRILL, Ca]*. je '?>?dtf PEEL'S LONDON GREEN GINGER \\ INE Manufactured from French GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, SEV1LLE ORANGES. Ac.?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest favorite wherever it is introduced. It is equally palatable, more whole some. and not half the price of other foreign wines. Many physicians use it exclusively, ana recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debility. Cramp-. Diarrhtta and Dyemery. Persons subject to Chills, or living i?4 districts where Ague or Cholera prevails, lind its occasion al use a pleasant and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little iced-water. it forms the most refresh ing and wholesome cooling drink in warm weather that can '?c taken. Price o'a cents j>er bottle, *5 per dozen N B. Country Druggist*. Grocers. Ac.. Aid this Wine an advantageous addition to th?*ir stoc k, it's a tirst rate article, sells well, and gives great satis faction A"ents. STOTT A CO.. Washington; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexaisdria; C1SSEL.Georgetown; J. BALMER,Baltimore. jy 6?tf DENTISTRY. RU. DONALDSON. Dentist, late of the lirm of ? Hunt A Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautifulj ? ? ? i norcelain teeth, with or without gums. r<>r specimens of which (made and deposited I., the late firm) was awarded the lirst premium at the Mechanics' institute Fair, recently held iu this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit eac h particular case, and their resemblance to the neu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to iiUing and pre serving the uatural teeth. Charges moderate, and all operations warranted. Olfl^-e southwest corner of Seventh.and D streets. Eentrance on D. mar CI?Gm DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectlully calls public atten tion to his new. patent and jreat ly IMPROVED method of setting Ar tiUciai Teeth, with Continuous Hum the very PERFECTION OF THE ART. Thi> stvie of Teeth has the following advantages o\*r all others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vM?g with Nature in these resj>ects. and in some oth. rs excelling. Public inspection is respectfully solic ited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION ?No other Dentist iu tie- Distrit t of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Office and house No ifiJk E street, near tat tin ner of Penna. avenue and 11th street. ap 21? tf A IAKU. MRS. E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth strict,. Iietween G and H streets, desires to iufvrm the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that she Is now prepared to give Instructions'on the PIANO FORTE. She has taught music in some of the principal cities of the Union and has testimonials showing that she is fully com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with their )>atrouage. Terms; *lu for 21 lessons, at her residence, or SI2 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eo3iu* LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j walker and loi is janin have formed a co-partnership under the firm of ''Walker A Janin," for the management and argument of cases in the Supreme Court of th?? United States, and before the Court of Claims at Washington City. Address Washington, D C. may 10 -en Jin (No. ilti j VUTU E OF THE DlSt ONTlNUANCE IN of the United States Luid Olhee at Delianre, in the State of Ohio.?Notice is hereby given that iu pursuance of law. and in view of the report of the land officers at Defiance, Onto, that the va cant land lu said district is reduced below one hundred thousand acres, the Srer- tary of the. In terior has directed that sa.d land office at Defi ance be discontinued; an<i that the lauds remain ing unsold at the time of the discontinuance be made subject to sale and entry at Ciiilmcothk. the only remaining land office in the State or Ohio. Lands remaining unsold and unappropriated by law, and subject to private entry at the laud office office now discontinued, will cease t??be subject to entry at said office from the date of the receipt of this notice by the rt^ister and receiver thereof, ami the laud officers at Cuillicotiik Will give public notice of the day on which they will l>e prepared to receive applications for entries of any such land - at their office. JOS. WILSON, Acting Commissioner lien'I Lai d office, je 23? lawow ' REESE'S EAGLE Ptl.MBIKitt AND GAS FITTINO DEPOT. fllHi; subscriber respectfully announees to his i- friends and the public In -'eneral that he has received the lirst lot of the celebrated DODGE S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SI LVEll MEDAL at the late Fajr of the Metropolitan Mechanics* Insti tute, and is now prepared to furnish all who tiiay favor him with a call. His stock of GAS FIXTURES are unstirp.issed iu the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides himself to till any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and despatch {[/" All work done warranted to ^Ivc coin) Icte satisfaction JOHN REESE, uw) '<i?4 CWUCi out at. and i'a uvvuuc. NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, T WASHINGTON, D. C. !*'' tblrty-fourth annual course of ues will romm^n,e on MONDAY, the 22d of October, lb55, and end on the 1st March, I806. _. m faculty. ?n"pR"^yM " ? PnA?ltomy W* p. Johnston, M D., Professor of Obstet rics, and Diseases of women and children. Joshua Riley, M.D., Professor of Materia Med ica, Therapeutics and Hygiene Jno. Fred May, M. D., Processor of the princi pies and practice of Kurgerv. Grakton Tyler M D.. Professor of Pathology JH^ePraC medicine, and of clinical med '"t^'Lysv51 l'rofe?o,orcw'"" M v' rro**'<" ?*?>* THOMAS MILLER, M. D , Dean. Like most similar institutions in Kurone the desks from which the regular lectures areTiven the simeTa?8 cl,nicaI instr?c"on are under The entire expense for full course lectures. .??> (mi i,? .iCa/ Anatomy by the Demonstrator 111 (*i Matriculating Tee. payable only once 5 <*. Uradriating expenses 23 (M; Admission to the medical and surgical clinic with out cuarge. evlnini^n ?riWil1 lf,^iven ,n the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those en^ed in busi ne*s during the momingWs to aUend r or further information address THOMAS MILLER, M. D., v ii vt i? i Dean of the Faculty. wiirfJ . . * . nts tlesiring situation's as resident student in tbe Washington Inflrmarx lfoffCVnlj?^Inkal d,'Part,"pnt of tlie National" Mf^u al Coilege.) are requested to make appliea ri vvy t , ,?Hhua *ile>' M D , Curator of the W ashington Inlirmary who will give any in formation that may be desired. It is unnecessary to state tbe great advantages of ?vlT1 al\osP5^ for clinic;;! instruction I hose making early application will have ?,r., e dence. fcix are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc oL>ef- jy ?eot N ovl 100rU00 COPIES!! ~ Sttamboat Disasters on tae Western Waters an-l Steamboat Directory. THK ,lTnd*>rs|Jf>?Hl have now in course of prena- i * ration a new STEAMROAT .,11*? DIRECTORY, which will be U-J^-' " i* ft i .?Vn next,i,th* ,K)ok wiii^u^iVTvrr two hundred paws, illustrated in the best style and neatiy bound in a durable manner It w'tr i 1 ?koxk or THK MOST INTERESTING noons fyeh !>l BMSHEIJ. and will In- a book that will be inter- 1 ml?S?r. .?W TUe STKA;^ >? 'AT I.. ?>R\ will contain acomplete li-t and description of all the StramlioaN now atioat in rl . U , stern and Southern waters The length, model h,r^P?Wtr M?d ,,oni'a-'e of eac!) boat: where and by whom built, the uaine of the boat, with the idjde she is in. Also, the names of Caifein ; and officers her age, Ac, Ac. The Directory wlllcon ?n .ia vi ,ry ^^"iboats and Ste;un?H>aiin on the W estern waters, since the application Si r ul"uf ! 3 ske,rh of the boat built for the Ohio River, with the name of the builder, com mander and owner. ' The RI VER DIRECTORY will contain a list and description of all the steamboat disasters that have occurred on the westkrx and south ern waters, beautifully iUustrated, with a list <?F ALL THOSE WHO HAVE PER1-HED BY THEIR Bl R XI HO . S INKING AND EXPLODING, Oil the West ern and Southern waters. The Directory will " ontain Map of the Ohi?, Mississippi. Missouri Illinois. Arkansas, White, Red, Oua.hita. Yazoo' and other hi vers, with the Towns and Cities la:d down, with correct distances; also, many other K iver and Commercial items of interest to the peo ple at large. The book wiil contain the crds ?.f the various U. S. Mail Roots, with the trade th?v are 111, Ac. Acc. The Directory will also contair a complete li>t of all the responsible Steumljoat licensed Officers. their places of residence Ac.; tl?e new Steamboat Law. its requirement with comments, showing wherein it b.n-hi< the iH'omprttm vjfictr, and the toUin,.t.* cj/ictr, & r and uil the important V. rv Sn pieme Court steamboat Decisions np to date' the Kates and important Commercial Privileges, Kills of Lading, important Decisions of the various l Courts in re-ardto Freights Lost and Damaged" .n ' Wlth Inanv other tilings of interest ' I he Directory will l?e illustrated in the 1 est sty le, and printed iu the liest manner. The au thor has for s;x years been gathering together all the facts and items in regard to the numerous steamboat disasters on the Western and Southern waters, and now intends publishing them in book form. The price of the work will Ik- put at the <>w sum of <W Dollar Ten thousand copies will i?e issued for the boatmen; all others de>irui<s . f ?Mil'v^brng, will have to do so at once, as none \nll lie pnnted unless ordered in advance Tt ? FirHTV^'ors'l'v^6 a "ver MUH r\ 1HOL SAND copies, as ft.e i> 1 'i.she * are receiving large numbers of sub^cr'tiers. i?'r nia;l. irom all fiarts of the country, daily. Some of the oldest boatmen, as well as scientiL'c inen of the times, are contributors to the Steam li.iat Directory. The Directory will be issued in October, and ill be an ornament to the parlor as %v?:ll as steam boat. BV remitting One dollar (postpaid,! vou will receive a copy of the above work All communications and letters should he ad dressed to JAMES T LLOYD A CO. i ? ,iJ?st Ruilding, Cincinnati. Ohio, jy 7?im SEWING MACHINEAGtXCv7 T"E '"'dersigued. having been appointed soie M. Agent for the snje of Wheeler, Wilson A Co' ? ew ng Machines in the District of Columbia, r. - sj?e? tf.dly notilies the f..ibiic that he is prepared to furnish any number that may be ordered at sh .r? uotire, anu tt? guarantee the instructions that loav U: n?c?!ssary to enable the purchasers to work them to their entire satisfaction, and to k.-ep them hi order. 1 These admirable machines, having uniformly received the highest premiums wherever thev havi Ueen exhibited, can be contidently relied on to do all the varieties of family sewing, as well a.s those ol tailors, clothiers, shirt makers, nuuituamakei-K. -^VLr?Ma( hi"c? have becn ""^ssfnlly and satisfactorily used by several families in tliis citv for some months past, to whom the advertiser can refer those who may desire further information in r*ra. tb<*?n, he deems the hiuh reputation which they sustain in the Northern cities now fal ly established here also. l ite price for a Machine, complete In all respects has been reduced to $luo. W Jy 7?TJtawyw P. J. STEER, Washington Place, Seventh street. 0\?f A LEX A NOKIA Ac WASHINGTON UOAlN. '"^11K Steamer UKORGF. WASHINGTON will T leave at the following hours. *> Fare 12^ cents. AjwEmA. The THOMAS COLLYER, when not otUe. waysengaged, will make trips on the route at al It-ru iY<> ternate hours. heave Washington at tt, b, 0%, liX5??; and 7. heave Alexandria at 7, 9, 1U>$, lj^, 1\', and P. S.?The lloat will le-ave Alexandria at p. m., or immediately on the arrival of the cars, jy 7?d JOR CORSON, Captain. CARRIAGES. [H A V1^ on hand some handsome light and con venient family Carriages and R1 tg V ' ' - * '? .t?X' gies. A iwo horse Carriage and 'agon. Those desirous of puri-liasTTer any press Wagoa. Those desirous of purc uasm^ any of the alsjve descrilied articles ch?*ap will <lo well to call on the subscriber immediately, as I am de termined to sell low for cash, or on accommodat ing terms. All work warranted. Repairing done at the shortest notice and in the

most approved manner. S. FLYN N, r No. 3Uo D st., bet 12th and 13th, jy 9? 1m opposite the Kirkwood House. PIC-NIC RASKETS.?Jnst opened a variet / of Pic-Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Rackets. Also, a lot oi Fresh Perfumery, from A polios, St. Harrison and Jules llauel, Philadelphia; Combs, Rnishcs, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases, Porte Monnaies, Jet Goods, Pocket Cutlery, Cages, Music, Musical Instru ments, Stationery, Ac. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. av., betw. Ninth and Tenth sts. Je S?t i U K1 TT AN NIA AND PLAN ISH ED W A K E. rilEA and Coffee Urns, Cotiee Greques, Cort'et X Riggins, Coffee Filters, CoQ'eepots, Teapots, Tea Sets, Egg Roilers, Chafing Disht*, Imperial Dish Covers, Soup Tureens, Castors, Pitchew-, Cu|>h, Lamps, Candlesticks, Segar Lam|>s, Spit toons. Ac., at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 4tM> Seventh street. GEO. FRANCIS. Jy^ o YOU WANT FIRST KATE ICE cream ? Goat once to ARN Y. Rridge street, Georgetown, he was awarded a MEDAL by the D ' i ec - n ? ??, ? ? ? * " ? i u. ,\Rtro}>olitaiiMechanics' Institute,for ice creams, w.k f J-i? and may '-ii?totf EXCURSIONS, &c. r?wL. GR^1TD EXCURSION. rpHt I EACHERS of ST. PETER'S SI N A DA\ SCHOOL respectfully announce to the citizens of u -j i ington, that they will give their wonaexcurMw to the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY, July 30 1 he safe and splendid steamer George Wash ington lias been chartered for the occasion The boat will leave Seventh street wharf at and Navy \ ard at 9 o'clock a. in.: returning be fore dark * Weber's Band has been engaged for the occ? si on. Dinner and Refreshments will be served at city prices. 1 Tickets f 1. admitting a Gentleman and Ladies; single tickets 50 cents; children 25 cents?to l?e had at John F. Ellis' Music Store, Dr. Walsh, Navy V ard, and at the boat on the morning of the exc uraio" jy 16?eotd EXCURSION. TO FORT WASHINGTON, *c. "OUR CLUB,' OF GEORGETOWN, D. C., RESPECTFULLY announce to the Citizens of Georgetown, Washington and Alexandria that, having chartered safe and commodious Steamer ALICE (Capt. Samuel lJaker.) they will make an exeur , sion down the Potomac, on MONDAY, ti#e 2:kl of i July, ls55. leaving Georgetown at 7# o'clock a j m ; 4'age's Wharf. Washington. at8)$: Navy Yard at 9; Alexandria at 9% ; stopping at Fort Wash ington, thus atlording those who desire an oppor ? unity of visiting the Fort; then proceeding down, will land at Captain Marbiirya vVhuf. ivinaininti several hours. After having gone below Indian1 Head they will return to Georgetown at a seasona ble hour. The Committee have endeavored to render this one of the most pleasant excursions of the season. Refreshments and Dinner will l?e served by a well-known and accommodating caterer An excellent ltrass and String Hand has been en gai!?*d for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gentle man and Ladies?to l?e had of the members, or at the l?oat oil the day of excursion. Omnibuses will leave the corner of 9tli and L Streets and the Capitol at Hjf o'clock, to convey passengers to the t?oat. Also, will l>e at the wharf oh the arrival of the boat. Fare l'2% cents. C'-mmitttt of Arrnn^i in- nt *. A. W: Waul. S. L. Davis. A. K. Stevens, E. H. Shekell. jy 9-17,'21 * LL STRANGERS visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue o? the curiosities of the Patent Office. Al so. his Description of Powell's Great Pictures. HUNTER is to be seen at 450 Ninth street, may 31?3m* NOTICE. rpilE firm of Williamson Jc Osgodby havin" 1 Wn dissolved, the undersigned has taken ?i Shop in the immediate neighborhood of the for mer place with a view to permanency in the trade. 1 hankful for past lavors so lilnrally bestowed o.i the late firm, he solicits a continuance of a share ot tL??- patronage heretofore received. N. H.?Shop on 12th. between Pa. avenue and E street. Residence on loth. ?>etween G and H sts.. No. 4I.J. J NO. D WILLIAMSON jy l??eofU# COFFIN WAREROOM, Ic. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ? KERS?residence 418 Seventh street, between G and H streets _ J Interments procured inanyground 1 1 1 or cemetery Coffins. Caps. Shrouds. Carriages. Hearse, find every article for interment- of the i? quality furnished at short notice, on the ino>t reasonable terms, and at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead for any length of time. jy li? | y BRILLIANT SAILING MATCH. fPHK lovers of this bemitiful and entertaining A sport are hereby informed that the subscriber contemplates getting up, on the -th of August, a GRAND REGATTA. 1 wo chased Etruscan Silver Goblets will con ite the prizes. The most\aluabletobeaward ?*d to the most rapid boat ia the race. The next li.-st to !?? ar ?>!? the second premium. The match j- to lie between boats belonging to Washington, G? orgetowa and Alexandria. Koats having decks over 25 feet are ineligible to entry. The proprie tors of Ixwt.s must bear in mind that they cannot | enter any boat not owned in the above placcs at this time. Many \nxit owners are now preparing for the sj ort or.ike place on thetfth August, and. from the apparent interest taken, it promises to be one of iLe most entertaining and rccJureMc affairs ever <? fore offered to the lovers of boat chasing in this cii y. 1 he following craft have already entered for the contest: KNOW NOTHING. WILL WATCH, (the light-heeled craft that bore oa the pitcher last season triumphantly.) SKIMMER. 1 ' MARTHA GENERAL JACKSON. A large and beautiful steamer will be chartered lor the occasion, in order to afford all who desire to witness this beautiful sail an opportunity to be hold all its various incidents. Owners cf boats, and others, desiring to enter their cralt, or learn the manner and intention of the Regatta, or terms of entry, can be gratified in any manner by ? ailingat the City Restaurant,cor ner of p. nnsylvania avenue and 13th street. Fort Washington will be the distance designed by the undersigned and returning to the point of starting. Price of entry to depend upon [hounn^rof con testant* W Al L. JONES, City Restaurant, cor. Pa. av. and 13th st. Je 29?2iwtf CABINET Ft 11NITURE AND I'l KN I.MIING OOODS?Very Cheap'. fnil E Subscribers would call the attention of the A public, to the fact that they are selling*?* their Goods at greatly reduced prices, andV^L purchasers will tind that they can save at |Vl least 20 per cent by giving us a call. Our* " ? stock embraces every"article (both new and second hand) usually kept in a complete House-Furnish ing Store. Furniture bought or exchanged. Repairing and Varnishing promptly attended to. BONTS5 A COOMBS, Cheap Furniture Dealers, No. ai>9 7th st , Jy 6?lw between 1 and K. TAKE NOTItE. WE wish to keep it in the remembrance of our friends and the public that we have now on hand is tine a stock or Fancy Goods, Perfume ry, and Millinery as is to be found id the Distriet, all of which we are disposing of at prices exci-ed ingly low. in order to reduce our stock in some measure. We have Leghorn, Neapolitan, Crape, Silk. Lae,? and Straw Hats of the latest aud most fash ionable styles. Also, Silk, Linen. Paper, and other Fans. Combs. Brushes, and Toilet articles generally. French, German, and American Per fumery. Flower Vases, India Rublier Goods, .Vc , to ail of which we would invite the attention of ihe publh- generally and the ladies in particular, and would most^espectfully request thcin to give us a call, when something in our line is wanted, and we will make every endeavor to supply them to their satisfaction, both as regards to quality aud price. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 510 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th streets. _ jy 11?St SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKISTON'S PAVILION will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5th of Julv. The proprietor's table will be sup plied with the delicacies abounding in the waters adjacent to Blakiston's Island. He hopes his endeavors to please will insure him a share of patronage from those seeking health or a little quiet from city bustle. The Steamers Maryland. Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landiug. Terms for one week or more, cd 25 per day. For a shorter time SI 5U per day. GEORGE W. BLAK1STON, je 26?lnv* ^ Proprietor AMERICAN HOTEL, -*r Fn. avenue, betwtt* i un-l 6rA struts, S. HEFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETII,, -? PROi'RiKTOKS. jyd?tilll MOREDUN; A tain?claiming to be by Sir Walter Scott, 50c. Abbotfs History of Napoleon, 2volume*, octavo Constance Herben, a novel, by Miss Jewsbury, 37e. The Controversy between Senator Brooks and Archbishop Hughes. 25c 19- * RAiNCIt TAYLOR, EVENING STAR. FEELING HIS BUHPS. Our neighbor, Colonel S , tells a capital story of * certain waj; in Erie. Pcnn., n jolly publican. who contributes a good deal to the t'fe of that plea?nnt. hot sometimes very obrti nate borough. One morning, a traveling phrenologist arrived at his iun. and took lodg logs. The next day in the village newspaper appeared an advertisement stating that Prof. I>?? had arrived in Erie, and would make, " for a collide ration." examination of the heads of citizens, and accompany the same with accuratc, reliable charts of character. For two ?>r three days the calls were ?]iane; but on tin* tilth day. there was a rush of five or six to the apartments of the Professor. One morning a countryman entered the inn where the phrenologist had his rooms, and said to our 1>i ml lord aforesaid : 44 Is this the placo where the phrenologist ' hold? out," who can tell a man's karactcr by tlie 1?limps onto his skull ?" ' Yes, answered Boniface, with a reserved an<! dignified maimer 11 Wal. I want my potato-trap looked into a little. Where is the man ?" 141 am the man." said the landlord. 44 Oh ! you be, eh t Wal, put in; feel o' my lumps, and gin us a map. What's the swindle ?** 44 There is no swindle, sir; phrenology is a S'jieikce, sir?a. liberal Kcienee. 1 4* Oh. yes?'xpeet so; but what's the price for feelia' a feller's head ?40ne dollar, with a chart." 44 Wal, ico it: what do I du '?lie down, or sit up ' l>o"r it hurt Jf.'t in the least, sir; take your seat in that Chair." ? There were tour or live niorniug-loungers in toe tavern, who checked a laugh, as the coun tryman to -l? his seat, having first, as request ed, removed his coat; vest, and neck-cloth. The w.ig of a landlord ran his hands through the hair of the 41 patient" fer a moment, anu then said to his bar-tender : ? Mr. F lipkins, t.ike a sheet of paper, draw our lines down its whole leogth. and put lown my figures under the heads I mention to you." it was done. *? Jl ivc you got it ?4Yes; all right. 44 Very well." And tin landlord went on with his exami nation, which was rather rougher, perhaps, than there w?i-' any necessity for. ?? Put down Piiiio-progeuitivenes, ur'v. ?4 Down, sir.' " Very well; Revcreuce, two." 41 B ?okcd. sir." 44 C mbativ ness. two //undreA ' 14 What's thtU ?" said the \ictim. ? 2i<> matter sir; you 11 see it on the c'rart. C ration. u/t> ; Credulity, four hundred ? What - that last lump asked the ya tient. "ftcver mi ml, now; you'll understand it by-ar.d-by. A::d n >w, (t? the bar-keeper,) I Mr. Flipkins, you've put iu these separate col | umns, as ? Yes. sir,"'' '? Very well; adl 'em up!" '? At' ! 'err. v >'-/?-/>."* exclaimed Ihe phren iMO-ne:.l ?uV?j?et : " is that the way you do ' "0i co-u-fg-e! How else could we get your balaii'.'C of mind?of intellect 4 Wal. go ahead 4* ll'.iw does it daholl, Mr. Flipkiu?? ' ? Tim three column* arc equal?they foot up p.ceisely the -an10 The Iun l! ?rd looked solemnly and sympa thizingly t ward, his subject? ?4 It i very strange. ' -aid he, 44 but it is to. Phrenology never lie*. You have no pre dominant character, .-ir: you have no intcl W'tual tutus ; yc.u don't know anything, sir. Excuse me, sir; but I mu^t state the truth, whether you take a chart or uot: but, sir, il tLoie is any tiuth in phrenology ; yon art a cttr&idfool'. Lnder the circumstances sir. I can oarcely expect you to desire to keep the which y>u have contracted for; that if a matter of .-null consequence, as it will be a valuable illustration of a unique species, which 1 e?n nee in u.y lectures hereafter. 1 authen ticate all my l.-ctures, sir. with real name and residence. Tile charge ol deception, in -ci cnee, i- one which was never hiought against me, sir. and never fill be. sir?ttccer 4-Uh! nevermind; give us the map," said the subject; "here's the swindle, for it is a swindle ; but I'd rather pay it than t > have you goin' around the country mnkin' a fool of me everywhere else, as you have here, you blasted phtl* progenitive humbug, you V With this explosion, the fubject retired. The Murder and S uicide at St. Louis. An iaei lout oi a most painful and interest ing character has just been brought to light, the murder of a sister by the hands of her own brother, and subsequently his ewn self-destruc tion. it will be remembered that oa M Mid ay morning wo noticed the fact that a youug man by the name i'. F. Blessing, was found doud iu his room at King's Hotel. Aler circum stances that led conclusively to the belief that he had Committed suicide. .Such, indued, turned out to be the fact, and the circumstan ces connected with it and the murder which preceded, are of a nature intensely interesting. 'i'ne name of the unfortunate fcirl was Emily Blessing, who having no parents, was left to the guardiaushipof lier brother and a married :-i.?ter who lives in this citj*. We do not pro fess to be strictly accurate, but arc informed that site was placed in a c invent in this city, from which place .-he frequently escaped, and gave such evidences of a dissolute life as to render her relatives exceedingly unhappy.? Young Blessing, her brother, was particularly alloc ted by her behaviour, and for some time previous to liie dreadful occurrence, seemed at times low spirited On the aftern??ou of the fatal day. he got a buggy and proceeded t-? a house ou Fourth street, well known for its bad repute, and there ?.iw his s.hter, whom he pre vailed upon to take a ride with him. Ui-< manner is represented as having beeu quiet aod exhibiting no sign of the terrible resolu tion he had evidently coucealed in his heart. The brother and sister left tllat house to gether. It is known that he went up the Bell elbntaino road with and returned without her lie came back to his hotel near du>k. where he was j >iued, we arc told, by his brother anil brother-in-law, with whom ho spent the even ing in his own room, they little dreaming of the dieadful act he had committed. Mis con duct. in fact, appeared mthergay, ni.d ho sent for a, bottle of champagne, which w is drank in the meantime he occupied himself in writ ing a letter. After an hour or so thus spent, they left, and in the morning, as before re corded, he was found a corpse The fact o;' his having takea his sister on with him and returning without her, and his well known sensitive nature, created a suspi cion that he ha i killed her as well as himseii and accordingly search wa?< made in tie direc tion which they hod gone, and yesterday morniag tho body of Emily Blessing, his sie t.-r, was found ne:?r the Wa'kins read. In tho wood*, in what is known as the Lower Colum bia Bottom, about *ewn miles from the city Sue had on a pink mucli..dress and straw bon net There ?4r? two bullet hides through hi i head?one above the right temple and tho other jn-t below the chcek bone, tlie ball pac ing out through the left ear. Upon the 0?ir? nei's investigation it was proven oy three wit nesses that oil the evening iu qsesiL n live #u^ees??iTepistol phots were heard. There w*< a fence near by, ami a close examination of the load led to the belief ttiat he had hitched his horse, and taken her distance of souio thirty ynrds in the wood*, where he perpe trated the.act. The repelled firing can only be aec >uuUd for from the fact the saw his i?ui - pos; t,o late, and resisting, seme of the bar rel- missed Ihv coDcia?i'JU U tj vur THE WEEKLY STAR Jul* flffHwl K?WOt? ???* kvwe Jvtu*?l?UI*. Uialiiy A greater T?trie?vof io(<-re??ingr??d i?s tban can he found in any other?U published on Satui - day morning. Single copy. per annum II i* to rLrsv, Fire copies *5 W Ten eople* * w? Twenty copie* 15 IW inrCAiH,t!iVAiimi in tmsct. |]jT single copies (In wrapper*) can be proeumt at the counter, immediately after the issue of Ui? paper Price?Titaxa Ckhts. PoiTHatTta* who act as agent* will be aMowied ? commission of twenty per cent. mind, from his subsequent conduct. that he intended killing not only her but himself there, bnt his weapon was exhausted in sacri ficing his ?i?tcr, ami he was compelled to re tarn to the city without putting his fatal reso lution in regard to hie own life into effect. Certain it is that a few hour? afterward*, with his own hand, his ?oul was released from ail earthly trouble. ..nd sent into that world where the soul of his sister had ju?t preceded hiui Let the mantle of mercy fall upon this brother ai?d sister. None but th??se who love ami value the honor of a -ister can. in common charity, extenuate Li* came. Dreadful a> it is. and with all the consequences it entail*, he has been driven by a Keen reuse of honor which is entitled nt least to respeet, to sacrifice his own life and that of his sister, rather thau live to see her disgraced. Mr. Blessing was a young man. only about twenty-three years of age. an engineer on the river, and was much e&teemed by every one who knew birn his sister was but a few year* his junior.?-.Sf. Louts, Krpnb/icaH, July 11. 'Blood Tub*" and "Buffer* The streets were the scene on Saturday night of as disgraceful an exhibition as has been witnessed in them for a long time. A gang of young rowdies, calling themselves "Copper heads," that have been disgracing the city abroad, returned home on Saturday night and were received at the wharves l?y several kind red organizations. The participants, who were generally boys from sixteen to twenty {?ears of age, w#re dressed in the most ridicu ously fantastical custom. Some were opeuly armed with swords and axes, while the great majority were doubtless provided with pistol*, knives and slungshot The deviees exhibited abundantly testified the character ami objects of the clubs. The lanterns bore such names as ''Rugs.-' -Buffers." "Bloud-tuba" ani ?'Copper-heads/' \\ c never saw a worse looking set of young1 cut-throats than took pnrt in this masquerade: their faces sufficiently indicated their brutal instincts, while their conduct left no room t-> doubt their real character. Most of the row dies were drunk, and a* they reeled blaaphu ming through the street- decent people shrunk away in disgust. The police picked off indi viduals from the line at different print-*, but* there was no general and coirbined i ff >rt mad?* to scatter the blackguards, though they para ded the .-treefe during the entire evening. As might have been expected, outrage and violence resulted from ibis exhibition. As ono of the clubs was pn??ing down Eighth street, below bhippee. juei. belore 10 o'clock, a mu latto, about the age of twenty-five year-, nam*l William Mauley, was stabbed in the right gr<.in and stomach, with a dirk, by somn person not yet identified The wound in dieted was about ;m inch an 1 a quarter iu length Manley in.raediatelv cried out that he wan stabbed, un l fell b.icK. He was conveyed to the Pennsylvania ilosnital. where he wiu still aiive this morning, llis chances for recovery are slender. Two y ?ung mes. were arrested, suspected of being concerned in the perpctm tiou of the deed. They were taken to tho Hospital, to ee if Manley ootid reeogni?o either of thein ; but the sufferer could not <ay positively as to their juilt. Tliey were com mitted f->r a hearing Manley was following the club. Although he did not ,s>em to b* ono of the gang, an op? n knife was found in his pocket, leading to the svpnositiou that his in ter.tioi.s \?er<* no better than they should be He is a cartcr. and h;u> been in the employ of Henry Scfcaifer.?I'iula. UulUtiH. A Sets* .not i> i?t. Bills ?*>. C Bmiface, a ineml?er of the theatrical profession, aud at one time a resident of this city, was arretted iu Cleveland, on Friday night, on a charge ot aedncticm. It appears that Mr Boniface *n-l Muss tteddeck. aged about fourteen, being enamored of eaeh other, adopted a plan tj se cure a clandestine interview, which, though after the mo.-t approved plans of getting up a ?? scene" on the .-tAge, was not exactly c; ?so nant with the rules of society, or with tho girl 's mother1* idea of propriety The young lady, whether aided by her lover or not doe* not appear, disguised herself in citizen J dress, ?o as to appear like a:i actor who was well known at her mother's dwelling and during the evening passed out oi' the hou-o without attracting any attention. and pro ceeded to meet the expected rwain ?t the ap pointed place. About one o'clock the mother \fx< apprised of the absence of the daughter, and making inquiry and patting this and that together, arrived at the conclusion that alio had. under disguise, gono to enjoy the com pany of Mr. Boniface, if not to leave tho city with him. She immediately waited on the Mayor and had a warrant issued for Mr. B.'s arrest. The girl was found during the night hy tho police, fa?t asleep in h carriage .-landing ? rt the bank at the foot of Senesa street, and ac counted for her pre.-ence there iu the following way: '"She had returned home in her man s attire at 2 o'cloeh and reached her rtJom with ont being seen, an I bting aware of the grief of her mother. re-drc:-ed herself in her own clothes, and made her escape by the ba^k do>>r, and reached the foot of the street near tlio Lake, intending to drown herself, l ut think ing it a m::tter worthy of a second considera tion. had i-tepped into the carriage, aad being overcome by the arduous duties of acting a Juliet s part in a Borneo's attire, had falleu asleep.'' Mrs KedJcck, believing that Bou ifacc had seduced her daughter, had him ar rested. but the charge was uot pressed, and ho was subsequently released, and so the matter ended.?PiUtJmrsf Dt*p>Uch, June 30.} A Mblascholv Occirkkjkb?We learn from the D.iuvillc Republican that on Frid ay afternoon, Cth iu?t., Edward Bryant, a y .uth of about 14 years, sun of Ktv. Samuel S Bry ant, wag uroWi.ed under the followingoircuin slauces: He and a young ladj, Miss Sheltou, set out on Lliat d^y to go to tiermanton. North Carolina, where his father lives S ?>n after leaving a heavy rain fell, from which they took shelter in a house near the road. After tho rain had ceased they went on ami in a few hundred y.tnl- eame t * a .~iu.ilI spring branch, which w.u) sw dlen t > a veiy great height, though not so much a- to : v, iiu tbeir horse or float their buggy, as they thought. They en tered the stream, and. at that moment, some heavy logs wore drifted against the buggy, up setting it. and throwing them both out into tho water. They were b'?th washed off by the ra pid an l angry current and young Bryant wa* never Been afterwards. Th y unglady, for ty or fifty yards below the ford was s j fortu nate as t<? ciit -h liel I on a ou-h. bnt even with this aid she could uot ^et out, encumbered as she was by her weiclothing, aad she h*d th? presence of mind to divert herself ofhei dress es with one hand whilst she clung to thai bnsh with theothcr. She supp-scs .-he was in tho water at least a half i?n lionr, **nd was iu a s'atc of eomplet ? cxha j t on a hen she got out; and reajhod the bou? she had just left. The body ??f young Bryant had not been .ouml at the p.ceounts He wellknewe iu Dan ville. and a m?*t pmmitdn^ and sprightly boy. Hi? rnolam-hoiy death will long be re gretted b>- his numerous acqnaiutances and acb'Kd-feliowrs ly The Syracuse Chnni le says . A gen tleman who was paying a viiit U? a well-known dotnieil in Orange street on Thursday met with quite a misfortune Huiiag the shower a flash of lightoiag .-tiujh his cairiage which stood at the door, and shivered it into tr?* meuts. The electricity p -ssed in a. Vl"1 ? circle ol flame completely arcuml eaeh wnec and flashed up.n the wh-4e ir ?n work OI tho wagon a momentary glow of lire. ?>c the warning will be bee led, such a e*U. should lead cveu \ hardened dinner to mend his ways'' while the carriage makci weatU hu w ijon."