Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1855 Page 1
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> THE EVENING STAR, ' FIBLISHEU EVERY AFTERNOON, (except sunday.> At tki s:*' rorn,r Of Penntvlvanta and EUrtMtk street, B J W. D. WALL ACH, Will 1* served tosnbwrlber* bycarriars at six AND A ql artek cents, pavabla weekly to tha Agents; paper* nerved |n package* at 37% rents per month To null <uWrihers tha sub a-r. prion price is THREE dollars and fif TY CENTS a year i?admnte. two dollars for six months, ami one dollar for three months; for le*s than threa months at the rate of \l\ cents a wk. |y>INGLK COPIES one cent VOL. VI WASHINGTON tor. FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1855. NO. 793. DR. L. 11. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING "SCROFULOUS ANTIDOTE," Fjt ikt Pirmantnt Cure oj COXSUMPTIO.V an i all other form* of SCRO FULO US DISEASES. fpHIS Medicine is prepared by an eminent phy 1 sicisui of eighteen years practice in New Vork rltv during which time he has constantly used it with the most unbounded success, and created for !? a reputation in private practice, unequalled in ihr history ?f medicine. I tacts immediately upon the biood. cleansing it from all scrofulous humors or imparities, renovating and. by its jv>\v p-r# 1 >VIGOR ATE TflK WtfOLF. stsfEM, in proof of which, hundreds of respectable wa ne*-** froui the doctor's private practice have driv en in their testimony, and entreat^those suffering from any scrofulous affection, to call upon, them a?4 tkrmulres. \ Treatise on Scrofulous Disuses can be had Kr*t.* at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 4W> Broadway, and at Drug Stores generally CHARLES >TOTT A CO., Agents for Washington. dr. L. 11. WRIGHT'* TAStELLSS '? LIQUID CATHARTIC," OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. THlSl?theP.F>T. CHEAPEST, and MOST EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FF.HEU TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nan seating effect of Pills. Oil. Senna. Ac..) and Dro during no griping or other painful effects. Unlike all other purgatives, it searches to the bottom of tLe disease. thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leives the bowels entirely free from cowtiveness. FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Children drink it read'.Iv and without forcing, ?'id Nt' MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED bv the MEDICAL FACULTY, liive it a trial and then jud^e for yourselves. It can be had wholesale and retail at E. II. STA BLER A CO s, Baltimore, or CllAS. STOTT * CO.. Washington. D C. UB WRIGHTS PKI NCI PAL DEPOT. 4ny Broadway, where the doctor can be cousulted jlaily oo diseases general'v, from 12 to p in , without charge. je 13?6m ? ~ PKO&FER1'* coknet hand. THIt* Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give 'satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either Da Brass. Heed, or Cotillon liaiwl Any number of musicians to be had at the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER I, Leader, at Taita villi's Store, opposite tte Marine Barracks. US B ?Orders left at 11 iibus A H itz's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. may 45?4m GLENWOOD CEMETERY, UUice N?. Pa. a?e.. corner lUth street, (OVER THK -AVINvi'S BASE.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New* York, aad t."iated on the high ground distant one and a charter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress. appropriating their ground forever to burial purpose*, making a fee tit> to the purchaser, and p-onibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have p.aced them, for it has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell if, and throw the dead promiscou>ly into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles n;e given to the ground. VB?Ofllce open f..>m 10 to 1*2 o'clock a. m., aber* Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By laws, and a Map of the ti rounds, and all other in formation. can be obtained. t All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey, No. 41V seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly a'.Vuded to. je Is?lw SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL. HAMPTON, VA , IS situated with in two miles of Old Point Com fort, with which place hourly communi cation is had by a neat and commodious Oin- ???! nibus. of the m">t modern styie.aiso by Boats.JtJ Hacks, ic The Hall will lie open ror the recep tion of visiters on the 11th of May, at wnicb time the proprietor hopes to be able to make comforta ble and happy the slay of all who may be seeking i pleasure or health Many Improvements Lave been added, such as Cottages for families, playgrounds for children, shade trees. Ac . indeed every thing that can con duce to the comfort of visitors. For health and beauty of location, this place is unsurpassed There is daily communication with the steamers of Richmond, Norfolk and Baltimore* Terms, per day S"?i Terms. j?T week 11 (Ml Terms, per month, (per day). 1 Je'iS?eojl R G. BANKS. NOTICE TO THE 4 RED I TORS OF HALL ' A BROTHER. BARl CH HALL, surviving partner of Isaac Hall, having on the :?-th day of February, ls55, assigned to the undersigned ail the stock in trade and debts of the firm of Hall A Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction ?'f certain debts, l abilities, and engagements of said tirm of Hall A Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute raftrably among such of the remaining cred itors oi sa.d firm as shall within six months from ?aid t?-th d-iy of February,, eiecute and de hver to said Baruch Hall full aud absolute re leases of all indebtedness to them respectively by >^id Baruch Hall, surviving |?artaer as aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such credi tors of said tirm of Hall A Brother, or said Baruch H^il. surviving partner, as may desire to partici pate in the benefit of said cawugnment to execute ?ad deliver to said Baruch llali lull and absolute releases as aforesaid, withiu the period of six months from said ->th day of February. 1*55. RICHARD WAl.LACH, Trustee. Jell?eotAug-^th __ CARRIAGES _t HBIIBIt 1HAVE now on hand, and constantly finishing, a verv lar^?- assortment of Pleasure and Family 0 \RRlAGES.of the latest fashions, whu h I will sell as low as the same quality of work can b?* sold in any of the principal markets of the I nited States The subscriber i.s now dealing exclusively In Carnages of his own manufacture, and all work "*?id by kim will be warranted, and compare favor ably with any work in this market. As I always k*ep a Ur/e assortment. I invite purchasers and others to examine my stock before purchasing else where carriage* built to order Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. ItW Pa avenue and street. ?uy 1?eolni K?R Pt)?K AND L % BORING MEN. W^ALL Bl II.DIMi LOTS of 10 feet or more, w in variou* parts of the City, and Georgetown, k. low prices. u;?d terms to suit LLOYD A CO P _ BUILDING STONE, the Canal, or Wharves, In W tohmgton, Georgetown. or Alexandria LLOYD A CO. ^ ^ ^5th street, opp. Treasury Department. IMPORTANT Tl? PER MENS BREAKING I P HOI >t.K t* Kl'l Nt?. removing from thecity and wishing lodis{>ot?e of their F urnitiire and Housekeep iij( l ten?ils. 4r . without the trouble of sending theni to public auctioii, can do so by calling on us at our ?tore. 317 pa avenue, corner of !Hh street, a* we are prepared to buy ail such goods as may he offered Housekeepers and other-, will do well by calling us, as we will pay the highest cash prices for ?d ?uch ijoods WALL, BAKNAKD A CO. Je7?2m 317 |>a. avenue I OR EAT l* ARG AIN? N LADIES' GENTS". MINES', A CHIL UBE.N S BOOTS ANDSHOES ?'The? ?"??scr.tier has removed to the store on tbeBHl corner of fwtSlMkstMSl and Peuusv lva- j ala avemi^ wnere he >elliiii; hisBNMSl Weh as?,rted sto< k of HOOTS A SHOES'at great ly redu< ed prices All in want of those article lt to advantage tot all before purchasing tlarwl-ere. A. II SLOAN, Coruer of 'Arth stieet and Pcnua avtnue. niay 1?au? PHILADELPHIA LAGLK BEER DEPOT, Pa aetaau, umd OlM sit. \VK0h.?Te *f *U times the best PHI LADEL PHI A I.AGER BEER on hand, and ollVr now fi?i fcaie for Ki per kea. and in quart bottles for 91 iu per dozen ^ c U a seud the beer trtti of cost to all parts of tha . ^ Many physulans Lav* recommended this u oa< the l*>t ivuiodies for wtwk stoin ?JOHN R. ILVA1S. WILLIAM TII0JIP?0!*. ELYANft k THOMPSON, DKAltas IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMMINGS, &c , No. 3:36 Pfuaiylvanin avenue, htlwt ? Xi*tk and Trntk 11.\, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISH INK HARDWARE Britannia, German Silver. Alhata ami *>Ulver Pla ted. Tea, 'I'ablo and Dessert Spoons Carvers ami Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Fork* Brass. Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle stic k*. Shovel and Tongs, Wallle Irons, sad I rous Mas] in and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid Irons, Ovens. Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet. Cupboard.Chest. Till. 1'ad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges,Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad > Shutter Screws and Stubbs. Door Springs, Handrail St rews, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, he. CABINF.T MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth. Curled llalr, Moss, Giuips, Sofa and Chair Springs Venitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Hilda Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screw*. Diamond Screw Plates, &c. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes. Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshaves, Chisels and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts. Boring Mai bines, Ham mers. Hatchets, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guages. Axes, ?\p. BLACKSMITH A coacii MAKERS'GOODS Bla< k and Bright Springs. Axles. Felloes, Shafts. Spokes, Hulis. Bows. Poles sleigh Runners. Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars. Top Prop* Curtain Frames, I.amns. Inside Linings, Linin^ Silks. Damask. Seaming Cords Tufts. Tassels, Buttons. Tacks, Fringes, Laces. and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Du< k, Enamelled Leather. Dash Leather ELYANS A THOMPSON, _Je 1?6m 33i Pa. avenue. CANAL PACKET LINK TO POINT OF HOCKS. f|MIE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been X thoroughly repaired and put^^^^rrrT iu Unit rate order (the machiuervl^3? 1!*! i lieing removed and horse power *u i>s ,Tt iltea)lTi? - tinues making her regular trips between George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W H A II G Ritter for Point of Rock* on MONDAYS, WED N ESDAYS and FR I DAYS at 7 o'clock a m: and the Point of Rock* i',?r Georgetown on TUES DAYS. THIRsDAYS and SATl RDAYS at the sam* hour. stopping at thediL'erent landings alon ? th?- line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a m.. and arrive at the head of the Great Falls at 11 Seneca at I. Edward's Ferry 3j*. Monocacyok' Knowlan's Fern* 6. and Point of Rocks at 7 o'clk i?. m Ketumiiig, leave Point at 7 a. in., Know lan s Ferry at 7^, Monocacy -. Edward's Fern 11, Seneca I, Great Falls 3^, and arrive at George town at 7 p. m. Passage through either wav ?*2. Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod erate pries. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt je M?dtf r PFEL'S LflNDON GKCliN GI NGEK W IN E Manufactured from french ".RAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, S?K VIIiLIi ORANUKS, Ace?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest favorite wherever it is intriKlii" ed It is euuaily palataMe. nm e whole some, and not half the price of other foreign wines. Many physicians u>e it exclusively, and recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep a. Debility. Cramps. Diarrhea and l)\-scnterv Persons subject to Chills, or living in districts where Agiie or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al use a plea-ant and admirable preventive. Mlxt d with a little iced-water, it forms the most refresh ing and wLolesomecooling drink in warm weather that can W taken. Price <*' cents per bottle, S.1 per dozen. N B Country Druuuists. Grocers, Wine an advantageous addition to their a first rate article, sells well, and gives greu^BB* faction. Agents, STOTT A CO., Washington ; PEEL Ac STEVENS, Alexandria; ClSSEL,Georgetown; J. BALMER, Baltimore. jy 0 tf destisthvT RB DON ALDSON, Dentist, late of the lirm of ? Hunt A Donaldson, < ontinues to ^ -'r manufacture and insert those beaut .fiulkadSuL porcelain teeth, with or without gums, for specimens of which (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium a' the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate, and all operations warranted Office southwest corner of Seventh/and D streets. Eeutrance on D. mar 21?torn Dfc!STISTKY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent and great ly IMPROVED method of setting Ar-) tlfli al Teeth. with Continuous Gum. the very PERFECTION OP THE ART This stjle of Teeth has the following advantages over all others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN - LIN ESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vicing with Nature in these respects, a id In some otto r-> excelling. Public Inspection Is respectfully solic ited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION ?No other Dentist In ihe District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth N.B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life office and house No E street, near the cor ner of Penna avenue and 14th street. a p 24 ?tf A ( AKD, MRS E PHILLIPS, No 401 Sixth street, between G and H streets, desires to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give instructions on the PIANO FORTE She has taught music in some of the principal cities of the Union and has testimonials showing that she is fully com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with their patronage. Terms: !?lu for '21 lessons, at her residence, or *?P2 at the residence of her pupils. je 1*2?eoJm* LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j walker and loi is j win have formed a co-partnership uud?-r the firm of "Walker \ Janin,' for the management and argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the I nited States, and before the Court of Claims at Washington City. Address Washington, D C. may 111 ?eo-'Jm [No. 5lu J jV'OTICE OF THE DISCONTIN U ANC E i s of the United States Land Office at Defiant e. in the Stale of Ohio.?Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of law, and in view of the report of the land officers at Dkfiance, Ohio, that the va cant land in said district is reduced lielow one hundred thousand acres, t\r. r rr tin y of tht In terior has directed that said land office at Dkfi axck be discontinued ; and that the lands remain ing unsold at the time of the discontinuance Ije made subject to sale and entry at Chii.licothe, the only remaining laud office in the State or Ohio. Lauds remaining unsold and unappropriated by law. and subject to private entry at the land office office now discontinued, will cease to l>e subject to entry at said office from the date of tin; receipt of this notice by the register and receiver thereof, and the land officers at Chillicothe will give public notice of the day on which they will be prepared, to receive applications for entries of any such lands at their office. JOS. WILSON, Acting Commissioner Gen'l Land Office, je "23?la wow REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. riMlK subscriber respectfully announce: to his X friends and the public in general that he has received the first lot of the celebrated DODG E S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics7 Insti tute. and is now prepared to furnish ail ho may favor him with a call. His stork of GAS FIXTURES are unsurpassed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen bepridea himself to fill any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and despatch 1 ?y Ail work dona warranted to give complete satisfaction JOHN REESE, nay J?tf wruer t>ifc it. *nd Pa. av?uue, NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, washington, V. C. TIIE thirty-fourth annual course of Lectures will commence on MONDAY, the 22d of October, 1?555, and end on the 1st March, 1858. FACULTY. Thomas Miller, M. IV, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. Wm P Johnston, M. D , Professor of Obstet rics, and Diseases ot women and children J os h i a Riley. M. D.. Professor of Materia Mcd Ua, Therapeutics and Hygiene Jno. 1" red. Mat. M. L)., Professor of the princi ple* and practice of surgery Geafton Tyler, M.D., Professor of Pathology and practice of medicine, and of clinical med icine Lewi* H Steiner, M. D., Professor of Themis try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scoit, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER, M. D .Dean Like most similar institutions in Europe, the desks from which the regular lectures are given, and the words fur clinical instruction are under the same roof. The entire expense for full course lectures. 00 Practical Anatomy by the Demonstrator 10 (Hi Matriculating fee, payable only once 5 Hi Graduating exiienses 23 oo Admission to tue medical and surgical clinic with out charge. The lectures will l>e given in the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those ennaged in busi ness during the morning hours to attend For further information address THOMAS MILLER, M. D , * Dean of the Faculty. N. B.?Medical students desiring situations as resident student in the Washington Intlriuary. (Which is the clinical department of the National Medical College.) are requested to make applica tion by letter to Joshua Riley. M. D., Curator ?>f the \\ Hsliington Intirniary, who will give any in formation that may in* desired. It is unnecessary to state the great advantages of a residence in a hospital for clinical instruction. Those making early application will have prece dence. Six are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc tober. jy 9?eotNovl 100,000 COPIES!! Steamboat Ditasurs on tk?? Western Waters,ami Steamboat Directory. 1MIE Undersigned have now in course of prepa ration a new STEAMBOAT _ DIRECTORY, which will be sued in October next; the book wlfTconfafifovvr two hundred pages. illustrated in the best style and neatly bound in a durable manner. !r will BE ONE OF THK MOST INTERESTING BOOKS EVER published, and will be a book that will lie inter est ingto all classes of people The STEAMBOAT DIRECTORY will contain a complete list and description of all the Steamboats now afloat in the \Vextern and Southern waters. The length, model, speed. power and tonnage of each boat, where and by whom built, the name of the boat, with the tradv she is In. Also, the names of Captains and others, her age, Ac.. Ac The Directory willcon tain a History of Steamboats and Stcamboatin on the Western waters, since the applic ation <If sfeam ; also, a sketch of the tirsf l?oat built for the Ohio River, with the name of the builder, com mander and owner. The RIVER DIRECTORY will contain a list and description of all the steamboat disa*ters that have occurred on tlie western and south ern waters, beautifully illustrated, with a list of all those who have perished by their Bl RN1N-J SINKING AND EXPLODISO. on the West ern u,.d Southern waters. The Directory will ?.obtain Maps of the Obi?, Mississippi. Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas. White. Red, Ouachita. Yazoo, and other Rivers, with the Towns and Cities laid down, with correct distances; also, many other River and Commercial items of interest totheneo ple ?t large. The book will contain the cards of the various U. S. Mail Boats, with the trade thev are in, Ac., Ac. The Directory will also contain a complete list of all the responsible Steamboat Licensed Officers, their places of residence, Ac., Ac.; the new Steamboat I .aw. its requirements, with comments, showing wherein It Z*n*Jits the inconipe t*nt ojfictr, ana \njurts the officer, Ac., Ac., and all the important IT. s. Su preme Court Steamboat Decisions up to date; ti:f Rates and important Commercial Privileges. Bills of leading, Important Decisions of the various 1 . S Courts in regard to Freights Lost and Damaged, Ac., Ac.; with many other things of Interest. The Directory will be illustrated in the best style, and printed in the best manner. The au thor has for six years been gathering together ail the facts and Items in regard to the numerous steamboat disasters on the Western and Southern waters, and now Intends publishing them in book form. The price of the work will be put at the low sum of One Dollar. Ten thousand copies will be issued tor the lioatmen , ail others desirous of subscribing, will have to do so at once, as none will be printed unless ordered in advance The work is destined to have a circulation of over KKitlTN THOUSAND copies, as the pubiisheis are receiving large numbers of subs' riin-rs. per mail, from all parts of the country, </aWy Some of the oldest boatmen, as well as most scientilic men of the times, are contributors to the Steam l?oat Directory. The Directory will be lssu<xl in October, and will be an ornament to the parlor as well as steam boat. By remitting One Dollar (post paid.) you will receive a copy of the above work. All communications and letters should be ad dressed to JAMES T LLOYD A CO.. Post Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio. Jy7?lm SEWING MAt H1NE AGENCY. THI!E undersigned, having been appointed sole ?i- Agent for tile sale of Wheeler, W ilson A Co s Sewing Machines in the District of Columbia, re spectfully notifies the public that he is prejiared to furnish .inv number that may be ordered at short notice, and to guarantee the instructions that may i<e nscessary to enablethe purchasers to work them to their entire satisfaction, aud to keep them in perfect order. These admirable machines, having uniformly received the highest premiums wherever they have ix-en exhibited, can be confidently relied on to do all the varieties of family sewing, as well as those of tailors, clothiers, shirt makers, mantuamakers. Ac. As these Machines have !#?en successfully and satisfactorily used by several families in this city for some months past, to whom the advertiser c*n refer those who may desire further information in regard to them, he deems the hi,;h reputation which they sustain in the Northern cities now fid ly established here also. The price for a Machine, complete in all respe<ts has been reduced to jjdOO. IV J. STEER, Washington place, Seventh street. Jy 7?otawJw ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON BOAT*. f|MIE Steamer GEORtiE WASHINGTON will A leave at the following hours. _ ' ? Fare !??!>, crnts. ' ? j * The THOMAS COLLYER, when ,?.t StheT ways engaged, will make trips on the route at al ternate hours. Leave Washington at6, 9, 9?, 11K, 3 if, 1, 5 W. and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 9, PJtf, 1*. 3*. 1\, and P. S.?The Boat will leave Alexandria at 1 \ p. m , or immediately on the arrival of the cars, jy 7?d JOB CORSON. Captain. I AKKIAGES. Ill AVE on hand some haudsome light and con venient family Carriages and Bug gies A two horse Carriage aud Ex - press Wagon. Those desirous of purchasing any of the above described articles cheap wdl dv> weU to call on the subscriber immediately, as i am de termined to sell low for cash, or on accommodat ing terms. All work warranted. Repairing done at the shortest notice and in the most approved manner. S. FLYNN, No. 305 D st., bet lvith and 13th, jy 9?lm opjiosite the Kirkwood House. Pit -N II it ASK ETS.? J ust ope acd a variety of Pic-Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Tov Baskets. Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollos. St. Harrison and Jules Hauei, Philadelphia; Combs, Brushes, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases, Porte Monnaies, Jet Goods, Pocket Cutlery, Cages, Music, Musical Instru ments, Stationery, Ac. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa av., betw. Ninth and Tenth sts. J? 9?t BKITTANNIA AND PLANISHED WAKE. fl^EA and Cott'ee Urns, Cott'ee Ureques. Cott'ee -1- Biggins, CollVe Filters, Cotfeepots, Tea pots. Tea Sets, Egg Boilers, Chafing Dishes, Imperial Dish Covers, Soup Tureens, Castors, Pitchers, Cups, Lamps, Candlesticks, Se^ur Lamps, Spit toons, Ac , at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh street. GEO. FRANCIS. Jy*-* DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE cream ? Go at once to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, he was awarded a MEDAL by the M ?tropolitan Mechanics' I natBute, for u k < r k a m * , WATSA 1CM) mJ ?&-VJ14 EXCURSIONS, &c. PIC NIC EXCURSION OF THK "Merry Bachelors!" TO THE WHITE ROUSE PAVILION, JULY 2b, 1*53. THE "MERRY BACHELORS" respectfully nrillOUfli'tf* In th# nnKll/? tKot 3 X announce lo the public that they will have a Pic N'ic on the titith In-, j stunt, at the White House Pavilion, and beg leave to extend to their fellow Bachelors, both old and j and to the r st of mankind in general, an i invitation to accompany them on this occasion, and help to make up a jovial party. i The line Steamer G*o. Washington has l>een i selected to take the Excursionists down the river, j and will l?ave Riley's Wharf at 9 a. in .; Navy : VardatU; and Alexandria at a m. In the af ternoon a second l>oat will leave Riley's Wharf nt ?}. and Navy Yard at2\ o'clock. One boat will return to the city at sundown, and the other at 10 i o'clock p. m [ Tk kefs ONE DOLLAR ; to l>e had of the mem ? hers of the Club and at the boat on the day of the i excursion There will I** music and the dance, gay hearts J nere win i>e music and the dance, gav hcati and bii^ht e\es. on this, the first Pic Ntc of ?? THE MERRY BACHELORS " ! jy li??d (?KAXl> FIREMENS' A XU CIVIC MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OV THE Western Hose Company. ! 'H11E WESTERN HOSE COMPANY respect -J fully announce to the citizens of m #[p' * ^ ! V. ashiugton, Georgetown and Alex j andri.i. that they have chartered the swift and ? splendidSteamer GEORGE WASHINGTON for an Excursion, on MONDAY AFTERNOON, ; Jnlv Aid. lo the White House Pavilion. Tlie boat will leave Georgetown at 1 % o'clock; I Washington at 2; Navy Yard at 2,if; Alexandria I at:}; returning she will leave the White House at i a seasonable iiour. and touch at theal>ove places. ! The Committee have made the most extensive arrangements to render this excursion one of the most pleasant of the season. The Refreshment department will be conducted by a competent and accommodating caterer, Wm Coke. Fisher's Band has been engaged for the occa sion. Should the day prove unfavorable, the excursion Will be postponed until further notice. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gentle man and I tidies?to Ik* had of any of the Commit tee, or at the boat ou the day of the excursion. Committee. Edmund Flenly, Jas. Linkins, P. Holtzuian. jy t??eotd* CHAVD EXCURSION." flMlE TEACHERS OK ST PETER'S SL N -l DAY SCHOOL resi.ectfully? announce to the citizens or Wash ington. that they will yive their second, excursion to the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY, July JO The safe and splendid steamer George Wash is .t on has been chartered for the occasion The boat will leave Seventh .street wharf at and Navy \ aid at y o'clock a in.; returning be fore dark Welter's Hand has been engaged for the occ? sion Dinner and Refreshments will l?e served at city prices. ' Ti< kets ?l, admitting a Gentleman and Ladies; single tickets SO cents; children 25 cents?to be had at joha F Kill**' .Music Store, Dr. Walsh, Navy \ ard. and at the t?oat on the morning of the excursion Jy Id?eotd ILL .STRANGERS f*- visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities or the Patent Office. Al so. his Description of Powell's Great Pictures. HUNTER is to be seen at lot) Ninth street, may 31?Jin* NOTIt1. ^IMIE lli'm of W llliaiiiMUi Jc Osgodby having ? been dissolved, the undersigned has taken a Shop hi the immediate neighborhood of the for mer place with a view to permanency in the trade. I'bankful tor past favors so lil?erally bestowed on the late firm, he solicits a continuance of a share >>f the oatroiiage heretofore received. N. B ?Shop on 12th, between Pa avenue and ( street Residence on 10th. between G and H sts . No lia. J NO. 11. WILLIAMSON, jy 11? IOFF1* WAREKOOM, Ire. I WILLIAM PLANT A CO, UNDER 1'A Ivl'.RS?residence 11H Seventh _______ street, bet ween G and 11 streets Intenneuts procured in any ground ^ or cemetery. Coffins, Ca}>s, Shrouds, Carriages. Hearse, and every article for interments of ihe best quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the ni_Mit. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead lor any length of time jy II?ly COLL MBIAN COLLEGE, Washington, 1> V. Rev J C, Binnkt, D D . President and Profes sor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy \\ ii.i.iam Rcoglks, LL.D , Professor of Mechan leal Philosophy and Astronomy. Rev. A. J IlD.N riNuToN. A M , Professor of the iireekand Latin Languages CiiAKLKsC Jewett, a!m., Professor of Rhet oric and Belles Lettres. Li wis II Steixek. A M . M D . Profe&sor of t'liemistry and Natural Philosophy. I. I Ukistok, A.M., Professor or Mathematics. \\ li l.u? E J ii.I.son, A M , Professor of Modem Languages R. t Pox, A B , Tutor in the Greek and Latin Language s J ( m Nash \ M . Teacher of the Preparatory De partment. rjViE next session begins on the last Wednesday ?- iu September. and continues nine months, until the last Wednesday iu June. Candidates for admission may l>e examined on Monday and Tuesday preceding tlm o|>ening of the session. Tue regular i-'nil^e Course requires four years for the degree of A. 11 Those wishing to do so may omit the au< lent languages and pursue a scientific course three >cars for the degree of B.P. An ad vanced course is also provided for the decree of A. M Students may pursue any particular branches where they can do so profitably, and will take suf ficient studies fully to occupy'their time, and re ceive a certificate of actual attainment. A Preparatory Department is established under tie general siqwrvision of the Faculty, with an able and ex|?erieiiced teacher, and special attention will be given to fitting pupils to enter College. ith a full and able Faculty, students are with confidence invited to the usual lieuefit*. of our l>est institutions, with those advantages peculiar to the seat of the lieneral Government. CirciilaTs. with all needed information, may be received by applj ing personally or by letter to the Pies,dent jy 7?2aw3w FI\E WATCHES. AY ing mailt- a considerable addition to my Stock or gold hunting pat ent LEVERS,and LADIES' WATCH ES of first quality, heavy 1? carat eases Also. MLYER WATCHES for boys. ' oiler them at greatly reduced prices. The movements are selected with great care, and every Watch is warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. II. SEMKEN, No 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and loth sts mar 30 II 1 B FAIR HILL HOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, S'inily Spring. Montgomery county, Md. M1K ninth term of this Institution will coin L itieuce on the luth day of the ninth mouth (September) next. Circulars containing the needfid information in regard to the School can be obtained by those who desire it, by addressing, at Olney Post Office. Montgomery county, .tfaryland, R. S. KIRK, or WM H. FARqUHAR Refer to Jno. T. Towers, Lambert Tree, W. D. Wsularh. je 30?2aw9w SUMMER RETREAT. LAKISTON'S PAVILION will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5th of July. The proprietor's table will be sup plied with the delicacies abounding in the waters adjacent to Blakiston's Island. He hopes his eudeavors to please will insure him a share of palrona^e from those seeking health or a little quiet from city bustle. The Steamers Maryland, Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landing. Terms for one week or mo-e, 551 25 per day. For a shorter time SI .r?0 iter day. GEORGE W. BLAK1STON, Jej26? lm? Proprietor. AMERICAN HOTEL, No. 43b Pa. amine, betureem 4^ au<i6tk streets, ?? HLFLEBOWER & L. T. LOVETT, r&oraitxoft*. Jy 6m EVENING STAR. A QUAKER JUMPING A DITCH. Hezekiah Broadbrim was a fat Quaker in the Stat?' of New Jersey, who told molasses, codfish. china. earthenware. clothes, and ali sorts of liquor?. We like the Quakers, indeed a- well as in name. au<1 Hezekiah was a Hick ory Quakery. He was somewhat of an old bachelor, uud hud a sister that was somewhat of an old ui.iid ! But she was the best crea ture alive; straight as a candle. blooming as a nee. and smiting as charity. Her name was Dorcas. Hezekiah and Dorcas walked on one Sun day afternoon, in the blooming month of Slay, to breathe the fresh air, and view the mea dow- The walking was smooth and delight ful. with no manner of obstructions, except here and there a ditch full of water, spanned l?y a few hedges, and t<?o wide for a man of ordinary jumping capacity to crcms at a single bound. But Hezekiah valued himself, a.- fat people ceuimoi. y do. on his agility, and in stead .if walkiuj; a few rods for the sake of a bridge, he must needs leap every ditch he came to. |4 The I bettor not try that, Hezekiah," said hi- kind n:id ?* -(deratesister. 44 Never thee mind. Dorcas. ' replied Heze kiah. "there's no danger; I've jumped a big ger ditch when 1 wasn't hall my present size.'" 44 All that's very likely. but recollect thee's grown exceedingly pursy hi nee thee was a young man ''' 44 l'ursy ! Well, if I have, that's no reason why I -hi'uld i.t be a- agile as before; I tell the:, Do c h. I "i,n jump '.his ditch without as much ii- toucbi: : Hi gcr " 41 Aye. but tnee'l! touch thy feet to the bot tom " Thee's bu' i wcuiai:, Dorcas, and thy fear* iu:.guity tht- uit-h eveu to a uvwr. Now* Maud thee aside th -t 1 ,..*y have a full sweep, ac cording t?? my ibilities." " Nay. brother H z kish they'd better not. 1 he <litch i.- wid" aji! th* bott<in muddy? and thee II a-surcUly }?oil thy Sunday clothes, if no w>rse." " U. fudge f.?r y..ur feats, girl; they shall not stay mo a j t N;.y, do not hoid me, fir I am resolved to jump this ditch, if it wen merely t?> convince thee ?i my agility."' Accordingly, H'Zekiah went back a few yards. in order that he \.ight have a fair iup and thut the impulse thereof might carry over. Having retracted far enough, be came forward witli a momentum proportioned to bis weight ai 1 velocity?and foui j muisi'f i; tho ditch The water splashed around on all sides, and be potted the Sunday cloth s of Dorca:. who eon Id not, with all hirQuak r s* briety and kinl feeling, nelp Lurs'i a loud laugh ' There wa> H< zeki ih showing hi- agility. and t) >ut.deiing in the mud like a whale! The water was not so deep as to be dangezous?and the scene was too irresistibly comic for even a s.?int to abstain from laugh ing. though oji the Lord's day. At length. when her risibility would allow her power ?>f speech. Dorcas kindly held out her band, and aid : '4 C me hither. Hezek:ah, aud I II help the" out."' " Well, well returned the flounderer. in a tone ot vexation??? thee U<>es well. Dorcas, to stand there and laugh at me?as though it wero in?*r?'*oori to see me stick iu the mud and water up to mv very middle '*' Nay. nay. Hezekiah, theo ha.- shown thy agility marv< 1 UMy that I could not help beiig |-len.-e<i tor the life of me?aud n<?w 1 t;ike shame to myself tor opposing thee so strenuou !y. ?r lor having dounted thy caj.a city for jumping But if thee's satisfied with ti,y exploit. and ready to come forth, I will lei. I thee a hat. I t help thee out.'' Thu- saying. Dorcas drew near the ditch? hut ilezekiau ha\?ng got himself in oy his unaided power, declared he would get himself out iu the same way. But the mud was deep and adhesive; and as be got one foot out he got the other in : and thu> he continued to la bor and plunge till he was satisfied his own ability was better oalculntcd to help him in than to help hii ? out of the ditch ' He grew wroth, and so tar forgot the plain language that he exclaimed, ,4Sy"? 44 Don't thee .-wear, brother Hezekiah."' in terrupted Dorcas " Swear!" roared Hez.Ktah. 44 thea d swear too it theo was in here !" "Swear not at all. ILzekiah. t'at even me thy hand, and I'll use my ability to pull thee out, according t ? tho scripture, which sayeth?1, thine < x or thine ass fall iuto a ditch <>n the sabbath day? "Now. -isWr Doieas. thee is too bad. Verily theo should :i .f make me sn heavy as the for mer animal, nor s?* stupid as tho l'uttcr." 44 As totiiy weight, returned Dorcas, "thee must be pretty well satisfied by this time; and ms tor thy -iupiility. it were indeed unsi-terly to likeu theo tothe long eared animal Hut if thee is satisfied on these poii.ts. and wiil forth with reach i ;e thii.e hand. I 11 do as much as in me Keth to bring theo sale t, 'ind " Hezekiah was pretty well convinced I y this time, that hi- own ability would never fetch him out ; wherefore, humbly reaching bis hand to Dt reas,! said??? verily, sicier I will accept thy aid. inasmuch as my own ability hath deceived inc.'' Dorcas kindly lent her us-istance ; and, pull ing vigorously, i.e/^kinh at length came to land. Shaking otf mud and water like r sp!ini?':, l:e retained u<;me , hut charging his sister by the way never to mention how he came to his catastrophe. Dorcas promised, of c'-im -e ; aid as she was a girl of truth and kind feelings, she was as gih-d as her word Hut once or twice v. lieu they were in compauy with -u. iry other (Quakers, discoursing soberly about matters and things, Dorcas looking archly at another girl, merely said?44 Did 1 ever tell thee, Kachcl, how brother Hezekiah one*? llezekiah turned an embarrassing and iin ploiing look towards her, and she eaid : "Nay, nay. Hezt_hi:*b. 1 m not going to tell?hut merely ? if I ever had told how the show j.? t !* v :?gilitv oo? Sunday, and jumped iu the mi :He of a ititch !" Witty I'k.ople.?A writer in the Southern Quarterly It*.view has the following sensible remarks ?oi wit.- '?y proto-ion: 44Thc witty person, who is not spoiled, is the most agreealde character in <-v;.ety. I'nfor tuuately, however, the :cwards of wit are ?o great, it is s<i admired and appreciated, that few wits have heads strong enough not to We tempted into catering for admiration, trying to bo witty. If a man says one or two ^ood things, makes a few sparkling retorts, forthwith he b ? that must unfortunate reputation?the reputi tion of a wit?and halt the people he meets are perpetually trying to draw him >nt. throw ing down tho gauntlet for him to lake it up by some brilliant repartee. And bow string the temptation to try to fulfill such compli mentary expectations; aud th^u ho in iy be auiusiug bui he ceases to be agreeable, and he w ho triis to be witty is just aa sure to tail often, as the corners which most papers of the day reserve for funny things, arc sure to con tain a great many stupid anecdotes. Theo dore Hook w as what we might call an amusing man. Charles Lamb an agreable one. Two Sioes to a Bargain.?When Bishop Lcighton was one day meditating in his own sequestered walk iu Duinlelane, a widow came up to him aud said that it was ordained that he should marry her, for she bad dreamed three times that the was married to him. The Bishop answered, very well, whenever be should dream thrice that he was married to her ho wcj'd let her know, aud then the union would take place. H Ay Wuuld ladies mak? better traders and pedlars thau men ' Bevause they never get t/iaved. the weekly star Thin ?x^U?>t Katollr and New* Joiwnai?con taining a Jrwater variety of Intereattng reading 'ban can be foi:nd Inujr other?1? published on Satnt day morning tun. Single copy, per annum 91 <5 TO CLCBt ? Fleeeop'.r* 9i * Tea copiee * ?* Twenty rople* 15 t*> H7" CU??, l*VA*UBLT IK aDTaVCS SingleropW (In wrapper*) can be procured at the counter. Immediately after the l*?ueof lb* paper. Price?Thkek Canta. Po?TM*?Tia? wboav s*ag-ntawUl be flowed a commiwdon of ISMUjf |* r c?*nt new York correspondence. New York. July Id, 16i4, flow glorious is a sip of the morning air There are many thing* that we hav* to the full, as uucontaminateu here, u ptrttoi hare in the country?the grand old arrh thrt eu?<~. pies mther earth is the same U> u? all; and in my heart I accorded with bits, when a friend, the other dsr. Iibly rejoiced that " God di<l nt iuea*ur* ? ff i?id M^ae t d wa." W e have the same radiaat, ,roseate .aorbiug*. the same gorgeous sunset. , th? wr* jj. blush as beautifully ia their i .u.ility here ^ side their brillnnt compeer# as on t* "u. -vff woo.'. land lake- and the o'? r ar*" sV is ,? brightly blue over our I, Is a? ove ,ost ="0 tho country liut. alter .. ;. ti.e is oalv lh? drapeiy that relieve- 'i<s ^ctu ? we or .J yon Villa and meadow* ar. ? tree* . fi'; u*. tho canvass Wo enjoy our ;?!' . . , t, h<"?!r ?r, amaxingly; and measuring } ur fa, u.y l.v our appreciation, in thi- wis*. ,he.. little i* desiruble. must be dolt ible By-the-way. I approv i of t^eGeor-*Curti** plan of traveling cqjoyn em. uotimc ? rrilunt " llow.idji," of j. yo&r or t?r , ,< and approjKM <.f that, nrfwt we twiug* to our iuiagi:iati<?u. or b??r.\>w hi* a tak \ oountry walk before th. t.,wn ? ... UJ( ,y0 saall enjoy aotne advaut tl .i verita '? rusticators can t boast ; ^.r it dat ;e. re rh. II come home with dry -lipp*-? . and u* Jrabbled skirts. which, as ojr ujj jniot . n?j Bloomers. we probably sb< ul l?. .? * j v ,%r+J in the grass Our cuipl^,^ m ill tot *un. . trom t?>o free apalwd ?u . f sunshine. and out fingers will nut be torn picki: ?- berries How fresh it.>d r.>? **?.? Ul Tniix* Listen' Did ever Jenny ur Albeol or 'in i rival the music of ? be tree* ' 11 .w * t4ght fully the leaves qoivv. .u tl ? sunrise ' A?.d that field of clover?it waves *, gr?cefull>^ tragrant too?>w et a> the muruing b'e'aiii that mecU it. H..w clear *he water is. and how it *p rLiea and murmurs like a chime of tiny l>etis i rcmrmb' i now 1 used tol< .e I ?. .i ?n.-v f-r i,ul??ng ?>fl .-liue? and toekings and w -ling iurough it now 1 u-^?i to then Ar ?eo there, ?4j upoulo; .jj i?e.vb those big, Sla k. luscious Im!.-',.;. Tempting' aggrnval.'.*,' Du* j iu.-i'ii Li 'l^p-ilt-d If not ?. ai? .-uch berrie. and t?? fi?d them luur eap .<? the m*rk~:< I'a.* ^ ??? -y way ei>j > ing ih ? dcii^Lin ?f t' e cou. try B*i" in the N w 1 >?rL r* trke may now 1 ?-? foui. J t^uauti.j c( gi?id thi. ?rafpb* - res, gooee ictiicd, whwrU?-t>erri6- inu4, onerrio* u ar ;?s, il <ai, m. ana; pit ar mies, melons, -lie st a'! ot'>er ki .soft - tru!'? th?t y. , CjtT) 9 t t <Tnfy vai oi uufflf ve * Is*, a ? well .' mi? j in every orm?. ?h. ?. hhe leu ai.a -he. ss, i - cludii ? lob ter-?in.lcc ! a!m >-t eve.vtl -g tLo: an enie re . -tj S .ma ? Woa' .> tiu-.-ing if 'ho * ir inesuftbeeot - try m y n< ; M in iWImm ^igit j u,^> thi good t tu ed 1^. ?ui u'ksU. w mon wr f- o .tsi ip j?a gc at-? u? witu (be croM oac Ti. .r scoldir , relieves thorn .u fi^it?:y, .il.J i< ??in ? mu ng. hj d??es ? r ci _| t 'lernte yj a nutsanco *?' Wa*l?iugt? i M irketT I. b *,-o~ to-.t il can b ?? -* tothiBf .refutable, ouch a tumble-du .rii lu.?aing p.ace ! und so*h smells ! aud. l.y rhc-by ?u nr|, axe ,,t all tined tj ?!;at p j.ce la. pj j.^rs taia of ?? clean i-treeL-. I cannot ?.?? th in ; ,\n .nie ,t Why do not tue ? C rnui? . ft*?>ui rols." v they are now cnlled.) or th ? ? ffi > _* wh ha.e tbis thing in h'r^*-, f*>r do s<<rp?tbirg sensible ' 1 wish tu. iii to undergo nu 'sstcr penalty for neglect -.f duty ban an hourly d??ae of the delei-ta<>le c >m|?<w>d '^at their ??areltssnesiJ foroec n ? n ..ur <>llact< nes. 1 ?m pondering th" pr >, iCty A portable re.** - voir on the priin 4,te of the diving belU, to be attached ?omethiug -it;- r the fp<hioo ??! a d -g's muzcle. Speaking of dogs, teminds me that *hc dog law is in force. The dog days are coming, a id mistress's j?et and master's point?r. alike with tho scavengers cur. are amenable to any dis regard uf the stnngeut enactment. Dogs o-* cordingly perambulate with wired noses And that is the way our laws are enforced. The littlo dogs, that may get sick an I bite dome one. are attended to; the dem>>D that cotnes at u? oj>eu m .uthed. with the undis guised design of devouring us, is received with due courtesy?he hold- the interest* of a moneyed aristocracy (') The prohibitory law is r.iircly iuoperativa beie. There are as many " rum blossomed ' faee*s. and a- many .?ibiri .g decanters. a> ?ver; and every department of the ^ity jver^aieut virtually acknowledging opposition to the whole spirit of the enactment, it u> as mu?b disregarded us if it h.-.d i.ever been made In Bnviklyn there is a decided offoil to u.mmisb, with legislative aid. this ?.ue fruitful >uree of " pau[>erisin and crime," ai: 1 ??f eou. e the sue- ess will be proportion*; but singularly enough. m-'St of iu ? aire ted d.-vo tees of Bacchus are afflicted wlti. u . >us memories?the* " don't know Waore the . ^et tho liquor." Many e?f our citisens are out ui t??wo. ar . many more are to g>>, but the city seeui* scarce ly con.iciouf ? f t<ie diminution Th.,- clatter ?>f omnibuses is ju-1 a* e*easeless, tb" morning a;id evening currents down t?-wn and up ju>t a great, the throb of busine>s and - art as per ceptible. the loungers iu the Park cad t'.ong the promenades as numt-rou ? the ho*?ls are not. apparently. Ieth.?r?ic; ?. 1 -n enough places of ?m^*iiif..t ?'I?ea to *; - pleasure seokers in that ,rt *i..n. c . tho whole. I don't see but N'ew i'or?. e >nt ies to look like itself Tnere jr* niL -.'icur sions out of town f ?r tho?? *h ? lu . thom, t . the sea shore, the fishing Hanks u_ th' river, and all about?and very plci..- ^ts'me .them are. too. For the evening . ? are P, ;ie m l Harrison's OjK-ra troupe -t N?'??!-' . J'.r ?d Mrs. barney Williams et i'ie 3roa??a., \ new a?*cession of r.egrj . in->li ls wrb the bearded laJy. the F? j-a tnern * id, and o*'ier monatrositie:, as w, 11. > the ?.? ..., ; '!,0 gal. lerv of beauty at ii.t..,u us Julien is * <i 1 to . .mir^s ^ain '??? n. and Rachel, t..j 1*iviK u ti^ 1 , h ivci iisvd to be here ^bou* ?!.; I^t of ntci; >ei *? is ru m jred by l*a;i?t o..r > .iv.i..1u i. thnf sh? wan sue -' * " rival'' . there ^v the it tlian F is tori, and. of c t,-e. tnai is chi. 'rine : ar being eeiipse I. butth.*truv c.iuse i? herde'iro to sec thi? ' ?i.*j?uldicai Em??ir~ tV'.e Oanlei, the ????'? 4' so many u?ji. iu b-.^, is i.b ut tj 1 ?? ti .ir.sto-^ic 1 into" ar. mi grant depa; ?nd th. -aarv cb.-inges are new progressing The galleries and cats r main ?ncha -ed the . untr a uodei the don ^ has been resi vd. abnmiai r c<>.%v. ei ?e f' ?' bkthinj provided. -.1 i...r -tb ? cmig: its ou or t J^icj ne .r-leai ?.f tT xam iu. *r T lyticiai il quo-t;. '?'I . 1,1(< name, ? est n:.;tk>Ti "ntans i i*>p<?.40., 'Tir vi *<f willi p -j.- .{j. k- : <ape, receives rh: t Jr>fom it;-n v. 3 ^e... jud ia re^dy t go on . -->y r joij?ng he ti re C'lpes th" ir^p siti 1 of . -<it dei. Ticket uge a*, .yr -aa witlii'j th^ g un..? till the time o hi d ;?srtu.e. j\ Is tc- an noy ace i. .d r s- ility . d' jonest boai .inp oouse keeper* h.. '!i.a< a* 1 carmen. Ti.e w< - .nor oe ii.?j is c? iif .ratirely cool, anothe- .-oa'tii 4 ' '; . ir *urity ever?gii.? about bo d? ;r? s fcuiienoe.i , nd to ouoto fi. m fli? TuBes's utoi .!, i* is 1 '?keiy we shall iniarffir hi -id tcim. when alt 'he toe bergs in the Atl:.tic pet Celt00 T*).ri(t*?. IJT If*"1 ba.rt a* ' ?l> .t'ting" are cut it length by a circular Soft eUvl saw. The iron lo be cut is to be presented red hut to the saw, which rotates at .? high velocity, and u kept jool by its lower part p ?sing tb' ?ngh a trough !ontainlLW cold watei A l..rg?- bar of ir?4) :an thiu be cut through in a few *. eoads.

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