Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. X0&HSE 8 "PRAYER UT BATTLE " The following beautiful translation of Kor tter's "Prayer in Battle." is from "Leisure Hour* with the German Poets," bj A. C. Ken drick. Father. I rail to thn ! Roaring enshroud* ine In the din of battle ; Round me like lljfhmiru? the leaping shots rattle; Leader of battle. I call to thee! Father, thou lead me ' Father, thou lead me I-*wd roe to victory, lead me to death : Lord, at thy pleasure 1 offer my breath ; l.ord, ulh thou wilt lead, so lead me ' trod. 1 acknowledge thee! fjod, I acknowledge thee ! A* when the leaven of autumn are shaking, when the thunders of hattle are breaking, Father of grace, I acknowledge thee! Father, thou blew* me ' Father, thou bless me! Into thine hand I my being resign ; Thou didst bestow It?to take itoe thine. Living anddyittg. oh, bless inc.' Father, I honor thee ' Father. I honor thee ' Not for earth's riches unsheath we the sword ; fls our hearths we protect; 'tis thy temples, O Lord: So, foiling or conquering, 1 honor thee I To thee, God. I yield me * To thee. God. I yield me! Round roe when d-ath s fiery tempest is rushing. When from my veins the red currents are pushing To thee, O ray God, do 1 yield me : Father. 1 call to thee ! LITE AS IT 18. Let us make an excursion down the street, and pee what we can learn. Yonder is the wreck of a rich man '* son H? was permitted to grow np without employment, went and rame a- he pleased, and spent his time in the ?ratifination of spontaneous passions' desires, and inclination?, with no one to check hint, when his course wad evil, or encourage him in the way.* of wisdom. His father was rich and for that reason the son thought he had nothing to do, no nart in honest labor to perform. WeH. tne father died, and the son inherited a portion of his abundant wealth, and having never earned monoy by honest toil, he knew not the value of it, and having no knowledge of business. he knew not how huw to use it, so lie gave lou>e reins to his appetites and pas sions: and ran at a rapid pace down the broad Toad of dissipation. ?*ow behold hitn?a broken down man, bowed with infirmity, a mere wreck of what he was. both physically and mentally His money is gone, aud he live"# ?>n the charity of those whose hearts are open with pity. Mich is the fate of hundred* aud thousands that are born to fortune. And there, on the opp<i*ite side, in that com fortable mansion, lives the son of a poor cob bler. Fifteeu yean? ago he left the humble roof of hi? parents, and went forth into the broad world alone to seek his fortune. All hi? treasures consisted of his chest of tools, a good knowledge of hi* trade, honest principles, in dustrious habits, ami twenty-lve copper*.? Sow he is the owner of that elegant mansion, la doing a thriving business, possesses an un broken constitution, and bids fair to live to a jpM?d old age Such is the lot of hundreds and thoasands. who never boasted of wealthy pa rentage - <io into the city, and you will almost inva riably find that the most enterprising men are of poor parentage?men who have had to row against wind and tide?while on the other hand a majority of the descendants of the me di?<crity in talents, live a short time like drones, on the labor of others, and then go down to untimely graves. What a lesson should this be to those who are by all means, either fair or foul, accumu lating treasures for their children. If tha rich would train up their children to regular habits of industry, very many of them would be saved from intemperance, misery, and an untimely end. A Can* or the Old Block.?Among the Kinney expeditionary party ia a y ?uth ouly hi teen years of age. a grandson, we believe, of Daniel Webster, and named after him. How he behaved during the shipwreck is thus told iu a letter from one of the party: The only one who seamed to have no care at all on his mind was little Daniel Webster, who whistled and sang as if he was in his clement, to the great horror of one of the more sober minded. who recommended him toconfino hiui .??elf to saying his prayers and othor exercises appropriate to so solemn an occasion. This conduct, however, wad entirely consistent with his behavior throughout the voyage, for Dau had acquired from hi> boating excursions iu Marsh field harbor, the exneitwetM and freedom from fear from an old salt. Even in the af ternoon previous, a* we were running direct upon St Philip's Keys, he was sitting high upon the cross trees, coolly surveying the dan fess. when., had we struck the rock, he might ave been pitched fifty feet into the water. A woman will cling to the chosen ob ject of her heart like a possum to a gum tree, and you oau t separate her without snapping strings that no art can inend; and leavings portion of her soul upon the upper leather of your affection" 8he will sometimes see some thing to love where other? will see nothing to admire; and when her foodnees is ouce fas tened on a fellow, it sticks like glue and mo lasses in a bushy head of hair. MOVEMENTS Or OCEAK STEAMERS. Sam* Letves For Daf. Atlantic Liverpool......New York.. July 14 Washington..Bremen ..New York..July 1* Asia Liverpool Boston July 21 A"el Havre New York..July21 North Star New York Havre Julv 21 Pacific New York Liverpool.. J uly Si II?" The California steamers leave New York on the ?th and 2uth of each month. arrivals at principal hotels. B re was' Hotel?r r. 4 ? uows B M Rhode*. Md J L Bartlett. 8 C P Haoaay. do Miss Bartlett. do H A Goodrich, N Y Master Bartlett, dj T 8 G i is world. Tenn J K White, do D W Morns, NY G L Mitchell and fam T N Jolimtou Va ily.Vo C A Davis, Mo J A Bennett, do J S Rockwell. NY Miss Bennett, do C Wallach, Tenn P A Brawner. Md C R p H Binkiev, Ohio <? W Y oung. Pa W E Jaines. Iowa K T Spencer Mo A H Scogglns, Vt O Glen, and daughter, M P Scoujrins, do N C J F Joihm N Y J H W hippie, NY XV P J one*, do J L Radcioe, do Mr Plnmmer and son, A G Brawn arid lady, Md M Mortimer, do W Gerirer. Mich Jo* Polk. Va J R Gerger, do B V Hartinger, NY Misa Bucks, do W W Clare and ladv. Miss M Bucks. d? N C Mai i. W Fesaett. N 8 B C Sand ford, do MC W C Young. Md C Graves, NY Wtllards' Hstrl?a a. A i. c. willaid. II Havden Pa T M Semroea and ladv FDorry, NY Pa C C Gooch Va Misa J Soctero. Cuba M Hews. Md Mrs 8 Co*, O Dr E Marks and fam- G Duncan, do Hf.*C H J Red field. NY O Morgan Pa Capt Roberta, U 8 A Mrs 1) J Morgan do J p Devercux, Kv Miss E T W at?ou, do Mrs M A Marks, do G A Lester. Mia. Mrs N P Aathony, do P Soeetero, Cuba " Natleaal Hetel?i.s. willabd. 8 Bechtole. jr. Pa F. E Lane. N C G Simmons, Md Mrs L Lane, do 11 F Hollsday. Va P H Bradincpon. Mich E Sanllard. Oa J J Smith and fknulv A M Harris, Fla Pa 7' W Leach. Pa L Pope. Tenn ?aiUiman. do LDHiU, Va J 8 Wright, Quebec J Minor, Len R 8 Waters. Md Capt J W Hall, Md II J M11S. Pa ; Eirkwaad Ilea**?j i.4i. xibkwoop. J H Storgaon, Miss XW 8 Butt, do C 8 fi mly, do j j Laadson. La Wm Reynolds, O PPJaat .O R Hieks, do R n Marear, Mo T V DUoa. Mass J \T Breedlove, La C C Sholsa. Wis M Lmdar do ? ? ABaa Ho EH Bartholow. Md W 1 Page, V? Aatrlui ?staUiifiisswri A loviti r* * fcdf. IU Col Laurence, do iCCWaat do Wan P Biakny, Va 8wift, Va R D L age*. Bali MaGowu.Bali 8 ? ia^h/d AMBaxww, yt >ohn 8 Barbour, Vh ?ohn Mwore, V? 0 J Swift, do S Ksaaedy BaU J H Jiobmsoo, do Medical. CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THB GREAT PURIFIER OF THR BLOOD! AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula. King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutane ous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustule# on the race. Blotches, Boil*. Chronic Sore Eyes, RingWorm or Tettet, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bouts and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers^ Sy philitic Disorders, Lumbago. Spinal Com plaints, and all the diseases arising from aa in judicious use of Mercury, Imprudcnce In Life, or Impurity of the Blood THIS VALUABLE MEDICINE, which has become celebrated for the mi miter of extraor* dlnarv cures, effected through its a,cencv. ha? In duced the proprietor*, at the urgent request of their friends, to offer It to the public, which they do with the ntinost confidence in Its virtue* and won derful curative properties. The following certitt cates. selected irom a large number, are. however, stronger testimony than the mere word of the pro prietor*: and are all from gentlemen well known in their localities, and of the highest respectabili ty, many of them raiding In the city of Rich riiond, Va. F BOYDEN, Esq , of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond. known everywhere, nay* he ha** seen the Medicine called Cart?> Spanish Mix twbb, administered in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for which it is recommend ed, with the most astonishingly good results. He says It is the most extraordinary medicine he ha? ever seen. AGUE AND FEVER?GREAT CURE ? 1 hereby certify that for three yearn I had Ague and Fever of the 'most violent description. 1 Lad sev eral Physicians, took lame quantities of (Quinine. Mercury, and I believe ail the Tonics advertised, but all without permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually cured me. and I am happy to say 1 have baa neither chills or fevers since. 1 con sider it the best Tonic in this world, and the only uiediciue that ever reached mv case JOHN LONGDEN. ISR&VKK Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Rich mond, and for many years in the Post Office. lia? such confidence in the astonishing efficacy of Car ters Spanish Mixture, that he nas bought up wards of x bottles, which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Luck savs he has never known it to fail when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGE. a practising Physician, and for merly of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he has witnessed in a number of instance;* the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says In a case of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed. SAMUEL M DRINKER, of the Ann of Drin ker A Morris, Richmond, was cured of Um Complaint of three years standing, by the use of two bottles of Carter s Spanish Mixture. GREATCURE OF SCROFULA ? The Edi tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant employed In their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, which en tirely disabled him from work Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture mail-a perfect cure of him. and the Editors, in a public notice, say they ? cheerfully recommend it to all who are afflicted with any disease of the blood." STILL ANOTHER CURE O FSCRO FT'LA I had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture I consider it truly a valuable medicine JAMES M TAYLOR, Con d<tctor on the R F. and P. R. R. Co., Richmond. Va SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STAND ISO CURED ?Mr JOHN THOMP SON, residing in the city of Richmond, was cured by three botues of Carter's Sj?anish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians of the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure is most remarkable. WM. A. MATTHEWS, of Richmond, had u servant cured of Syphilis, In the worst form. by Carter's Spanish Mixture He says he cheerfully recommend* it, and considers It a very invaluable medicine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the reea nue, savs he has seen the good effects of Carter*a Spanish Mixture in a number of SvphlllUa <wei, and says it la a perfect cure for that horrible dis ease. WM. G I1ARWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old Sores and Uleers, which disabled nlin frotn walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's ^punish Mixture, and was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a short tiiae permanently cured. Principal Depots ntM WARD, CLOSE A CO., No. 8>? Maiden Lane. New York T. W D YOTT A SONS, No I? North Second street. Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEERS, No. 125 Main slreet, Richmond. Va. And for sale by CHARLES 8TOT T, Washing ton, D. C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere. Price ?l per bottle, or six bottles for f5. sepUl?ly INHALATION FOB TBI CriK OF A8THHA AND CONSUMPTION. NEW AND VERY WONDERFUL ! ! HYOSIAXA Breaght hone to the deor of the Million? A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been 1 *- made by Or. Curtis, of this citv. in the treat ment of Consumption. Asthma, and all diseases oftbeLnngs. \vereferto Dr CURTIS'^ HV GKANA or INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRl P With this new me thod. Dr C. has restored many afflicted ones to health, as an evidence of which he has innumera ble certificates. Speaking of the treatment, a phy sician remarks, "It is evident that Inhaling?con stantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?the medicinal properties must come In direct contact with the whole arrial cavities of the buigs. and thus escape the many and varied change* produced upon them when introduced into the stomach, and subject to the process of digestion ." The Hyge ana is for sale at all the Druggists throughout tne country.?N. Y. Dvtckmaa Jo*. II. The Inhaler is worn or. the breast under the lin en, without the least Inconvenience?the heat of the body being sutth ient to evaporate the fluid Hundreds of cases of cures, like the following, mii;hi be named On* package of the Hygeana has cured mc of the Asthma of six years standing. J. F. KEE3BKRRY, P. M. of Dunuftnnon, Pa. I am cured of the Asthma of ten years' blanding by Dr. Curtis'* Hvgcana MARGARET EASTON, Brouklyu, N Y MRS PAU L, of No 5 Hammond street. N. Y , was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hygeana My sister has been cured of a distressing cough of several years'standing, and decided to be in curable by the physicians. She was t ured in one month by the Hyg?-ana. J H tiAUDCRT, P M Ruhmond Me. The Rev Dr. CHEEVER. of New York, testi fies of our medicine in the follow ng language : Nkw Yohk, Nov. 15, 1*51. Dear Sir: 1 think highly of Dr Curtls's Hyce ana as a remedy in diseases of the throat andl.u^r* Having had some opportunity to testify its etb* a cy, I ain convinced that it is a most excellent rem edy. both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof S. CENTER writes us as follows: Gentletnen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup mid Hygean Vapor, in a ca? of < hroslc sore throat, that had refused to yield other farms of treatment and the result has satis fied me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excel lent remedv 1 wish, for the sake of the afflicted, that it might be brought within the reach of all. DR JOHNS, one of the in<>st celebrated Physi cians in New ^ ork writes as follows: Dr. Ccbtis? Dear Sir?Having witnessed the excellent effects of your Hygeana or I uhaling Hy gean Vapor and Cherry Syrup, In case of Chronic Bronchitis, and beirm much in favor of counter Ir rltatiou in atfectious of the throat. Bronchial tube* and lungs. 1 can ther^ore cheerfully recommend your Medicated Aparatus as being the most con venient and effectual mode of apolying anything of the kind I have ever seen. No iioubt thousands of peraons may lie relieved, and many cured, by o-fng your medicines I must here he allowed to confess that I am op Ct>sed to prescribing or using secret compound-! it this little neatly contrived article, ana it* ef fects in the case above alluded to, have induced me to speak in its favor You are at liberty to use this in any way yon may think proper. Respectfully, yours. Ac , C. JOHNS, M D , No. MO Houston street. N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Suid by CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD * PAUL, It# Chambers st., N Y. Four packages sent free to any part of the Uni ted States forh?n dollars N B ?Dr Curtis's HygeanaIstheORlGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE, all others are base Imitations, or vile and luxurious counter feit* Shun them as you would POISON For sale In Washiagtoo by CHAS STOTT, Pa. avenue, near 7th street, and J B MOORE In the Firat Ward may 22??m SBJRTS MADE TO ORDERTlluentleinen . best quality of Shiru made to measure and warranted to fit, at the ioweet New York vru** WALL A STEPHENS. 323 Pa. avenue, next to Irm Mali. ij (N?ws) Medical. DOCTOR HOOFLANO'I CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS, VRKPARID IT Or. C. M. JACKSON, Philadelphia, Pa., WILL EFFECTUALLY Cl'll LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEP8 IA, Jaundice, Ckronie or Nervous Debility, Dis eases of tk? Kidneys, and all Diseases arising from a Disordered, Liver or Stomaek. Such a* Constipation, Inward Tile*, Fullness, or Blood to the Head. Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea. Heartburn, Disgust for food. Fullness, or Weight in the Stomach. Sotir Eructations. Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach. Swimming of the Head, Hurried and DifBcult Breathing, Fluttering ot the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Defi ciency of Peritpi ration. Yellowness of the Skin and Eve*. Pain in the Side. Back. Chest, Limbs Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. rIMIF. PROPRIETOR, in railing the attention 1- of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adaptation cf it to the diseases for which it is^ recommended. It is no new and untried article but one that has <tood the test of a ten years' trial before the Amer ican people, and its reputation and sale Is unri vallea by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most promi nent and well-known Physic ians and individuals, in all parts of the country is immense. The fol lowing from North Carolina is respectfully sub mitted. referring any who may still doubt, to the ?'Memorabilia,'' or Practical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis of ail the Agents for the German Bittei*. Principal Office and Manufactory, 120 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA Certificate of Dr IP Smith,pf Pine Hill, Ritk mond County, iV. C. Pixk Hill. March 1. 1S54. Da C M Jack-o*, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst form, for the last live years. Such was my condi 'ion for twelve mouths that the physicians and all who saw me said 1 must die. While in this con dition I was carried to the watering places in Vir ginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, but was not l>enetilted by any water to which 1 was taken. While on my way home 1 stopped a week at Ruth erfordton, a small village, in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalvheate water in that place. About the last of the week I went into a drug store to get some medicine for mv child and mvself. There were several of the village physi cians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in mv case. and. after asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic and had been greatly benefitted by the use of HOOF L.YNDS GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by you. and he insisted that I would try the Bitters He also called the next day at my room, and in sisted so much that I would try them that I asked hi in to get me one bottle. He did it. and I com menced*taking it as directed, and 1 was more l>en efltted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken After reaching home one of my neighbors came to m< for a prescription and medicine, (h?- a dys l**ptic.) and 1 gave hiin nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good In his case He has often called on me for more of the same kind of medkine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get any more for him or myself since ; will you, therefore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as possible. Respectfully, yours, W. SMITH. D R. HOOKER. Roger's Store, Wake Co., N c . October 34,1H5.1. says: '?Having experienced very great benefit from the use of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS in Chronic Dysentery and functional derangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a Quantity of it for the benefit of my community. \ ou will, therefore, please send a lot, Ac., Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM J. ATWOOD. Hcstsvillk, Yadkin Co., N. C. ) November 1st, 1855.) Dr. C M Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to von mv sincere thanks for your discoveir of a medicine which, to say the least of it. has ef fected a cure that all oth?*r medicines, that I have taken, have entirely failed todo. IIOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS liave cured ine of the most stubborn and aggravated case of the pilks that, perhaps, evt r feli to the lot of man. My case is not a stranger In this community, as I am well known in this and the surrounding counties, and can truly say that my recovery has astounded all my friends and relations, as 1 nad tried everything recommended, and nothing did me any good un til I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You are at liberty to make any u?e of this communica tion for tbe oeneflt of the* afflicted, you may think proper. Truly, yours, WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely vegetable, they Invig orate and strengthen tbe systei/if never prostrate it, and can lie used for infants as well as adults. For sale bv respectable dealer* everywhere, and by 'A. D. Gl 1.1NIAN, Washington; J L RlD WELL, Georgetown, and j! R P1ERPONT, Alexandria. mar 1?ly PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE philosophical' VIEW OP MARRIAGE, BY M. B. LA CKOIX, I>1. O.f ALBANY, It. Y.y 250 Tage* and 13*1 Fine. Plain, and Colored Lithographs and Plate?. Trie* only Twenty-Five Cents. Smt Free of Postage to all pnrts of Ike Union. CMIEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? > and containing nearly double the quantity of read ,ng mat'er in that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which destroy the - physical and mental pow- N ers. with Observations on " ? ?? ? Marriage, its duties and disqualifications, and their remedies; with Lithogntpns, Illustrating the Anatomy and Physiology, and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sexes, their structure, uses, and funcuons. A popular and comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causaitics of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infertile ones?their obvi.ttion and removal,? important hints to those contemplating matrimony, tnat will overcome objections to it; none, however, should take this important step without first consulting its pages?commentaries on the diseases and meaical treatment of females from infancy to old age, each case graphically illustrated by beautiful lithogra phic plates?nervous debility, its causes and cure, oy a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual t.liat failure Is impossible?rules for daily manage iiihu'?an e-say on >j?ormatorrh?*a, witn practical ol>servaiions on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re jilting from empirical practice?an essay on all diseases arising irom indiscretion, with plain and ?imple rules by which all person* can cure them s?*lvis without mercury?remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truth ful adviser to the marri-d and those contemplating ma.riage. Its perusal is particularly recommend ?-<l to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health, happiness, and privileges to which every human being is entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per cony, or Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed free oi post age to all parts of the United States. N'. B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mail. Medi> cine sent to any part of the Union according to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from all observation Address Dr M B I.A CROIX. No. 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Otfice Box 579, Albany, N. Y. Olttee op?*n daily from 9 a m to 9 p m., aiidon Sunday from 2 until 5 p. m. \uT Otfice REMOVED from No. 56 Beaver st. to 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. dec 7?y WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, fe. M . W. GALT A BRO. are constantly receiving large Invoices of the al>ove, end offer every article in their line at the lowest rates GOLD AND SILVER WORK of every de scription made to order, such as TESTIMO NIALS, richly embellished, with appropriate de signs, SILVER TEA SETS, DINNER SER VICER, Ac Precious Stones bet In every style, however elab orate ARMS, CRESTS. MOTTOES, Ac,, cut en stone M W GALT A BRO., 3*1 Pa a*., between Ninth and Tenth stt. Je 14?tf Fans, perfumery, toilet arti cles. Ac.?We have now in store a large vari ety of fine and common Fans Harrison's and Lu bia's celebrated Perfumery. Brushes, Combs, vis iting and playing Cards, Tooth Powders, Porte Monnaies. Cijrar Cases, Card Cases, Baskets, Ac., all of which We are selling out at low prloes to suit the times at the Piano, Music, Stationary, and F ancy Goods Store of JOHN F ELLIS, *J6 Pa. avenue, bet. Wh and 10th ?ts. may IB?tf Miscellaneous. PROPOSALS POR STATIONERY. D?ARTXaNT O* T*? IKTIEIOL ) Washlngton, July 9, Ai. j SEALED PROPOSALS for fumlshS| Iht tit tionery of this department for one year, ending the 15th August. 185?}. will be received until 3 o'clock, pm, on the 12th day of August next Thoee unaccompanied by satisfactory testimo nials of ability to fullil a contract will not be con ?ivlered All the articles must be of the very beat quality, samples of which must accompany the bid*; and the department reserves the right to retain such sample* and pay for the same at the prices stated in the offer, or return them, at its option. Each proposal must be signed by the indlvidnal or Arm making it, and must specify a price, and but one price, for each and every article named In the schedule. Should article* be required not enu merated. they are to be furnished at the lowest market prices according to qnality All the articles to be furnished and delivered without delay when ordered, and to the satisfac tion of the head of the office for which they are re quired The department reserves to Itself the right of or dering a greater or less quantity of each and every article contracted for, as the public service may re quire. Bond*. with approved security, to be given by the person or persons contracting, and In case of a failure to supply the articles, the contractor and hi? sureties shall be liable for the forfeiture speci fied in such l>ond as liquidated damages. The subjoined list specifies, a* nearly as now can be done, the quantity and description of the arti cles that will ne wanted, viz : 15 reams folio nost. satin or plain finish, faint lined. and trimmed, to weigh not less than 17 lbs., per ream 50 ream* foolscap, hand-made, faint-lined, and trimmed, to weigh not less than 12 lb* , per ream 10 ream* foolscap, plain, machine, faint-lined, and trimmed, to weigh not less than 1 i lbs., per r?-am 10 reams foolscap, blue laid, hand-made, faint lined, garden pattern, commonly known as despatch or consular paper, to weigh not less than 1(3 lbs . per ream 150 reams quarto p?o%t, hand-made, plain, faint lined three sides, per ream 1'25 reams quarto nost, machine, plain, faint lined four sides, per ream 5 reams quarto p>st, hand-made, plain, faint lined four sides, per ream 5 reams quarto post, French, faint-lined three sides, per ream 15 reams note paper, gilt, per ream, large size 5 fearns note paper, plain, per ream, large size 10 reams note paper, gilt, per ream, small sire 5 reams note paper, plain, per ream, small size 1*20 reams envelope paper, yellow or buff, rovai, per ream B0 reams envelope paper, flat cap, white or blue, per ream 10 reams large brown envelope, per ream 20 reams blotting paper, royal, per ream 25 dozen patent blotting paj?er, per dozen 20 sheets drawing paper, antiquarian, per sheet 25 sheets drawing paper, double elepLant. per sheet 50 sheets drawing paper, elephant, per sh?*t 50 sheets tracing paper, largest tize, French, per sheet 21 sheets drawing paper, roval. per sheet 5,000 binders' boards, by irt \ inches, per M 450 dozen cards Perry's best metallic pens, per dozen cards a5ii dozen cards of all other manufacture in use, per dozen cards 40 gros? metallic pens, per gross 15,000 quills. No. 80, per M 10 dozen ever-pointed pencils, silver, per dozen 10 dozen ever-pointed silver desk pencils, with rosewood handles, per dozen 40 gross of leads for ever-pointed pencil*, as sorted sizes, per gross 75 dozen Contee's \>estblack-lead pencils, grad uated. per dozen 100 dozen Monroe's or other manufactured, grad uated.per dozen 10 dozen red-lead pencils, per dozen 3 dozen drawing f?encils, assorted, per dozen 2" dozen folders, ivory, 9-inch, per dozen <MK( dozen red linen tape, assorted, per dozen 60 dozen silk taste, assorted colon* and widths, in hanks, per dozen 2 dozen pounce boxes, of Ivory, per dozen 1 dozen pounce boxes, of cocoa, per dozrn 20 dozen pajwr weights, assorted, per dozen 1 dozen quarto portfolios, with locks 1 dozen cap portfolios, with locks 1 dozen cap portfolios, without locks 5 dozen best gold pens, with silver cases, per dozen 12 dozen sand boxes of cocoa, per dozen 10 dozen sand boxes of tin, per dozen 15 dozen wafer-stands, or boxes, cocoa, per dozen 1 25 dozen erasers. Rodgers A Son's, Ivory han dles, genuine, per dozen 30 dozen penknives, Rodgers A Son's, four blades, buckhorn handles, genuine. i?r dozen 5 dozen desk knives. Rodders A Son's, one blade, ivory handles, genuine, per dozen ? dozen wafer stamps, Ivory handles, per dozen 5 dozen wafer stamps, lignura-vlte handles, per dozen 4 dozen office shears. U incho*. per dozen 4 dozen office scissors, per dozen ; 12dozen inkstands, Draper's patent, movable tops, per dozen 4 dozen inkstands, cast Iron, large, double, p*r dozen 2 dozen inkstands, cast iron, large, single, per dozen 600 bottles int. black. Maynard A Noyea's, In bottles, per quart 75 bottles Ink, black, Cooper A Phillips's, or equal. i>er quart 300 bottles ins. red. Arnold's orequal in k-r'nt bottles, per bottle 1 * 120 bottles carmine ink, small size, French, or equal, per 1>ottle 8000?> wafers, large red. for office seals, per M 1<?9 pounds wafers, common size, red, pr pound 150 pounds sealing-wax, best extra superfine, scarlet, per pound 50 pound* sealing-wax. superfine, per pound 15 pounds sealing-wax. black, per pound 40 pounds India rubber, prepared, per pound 5 pounds India rubber, unprepared, per pound 3t*' quarts black sand, per quart lrt ounces pounce, jier ounce 1 dozen India ink. best, per dozen 2 dozen camel's hair |?enclls, assorted, peT dozen 2 dozen sable pencils, assorted, per dozen 1 dozen Osborn's best water colors, per doeen cakes 400 pounds twine, linen, per pound in" pounds twine, cotton, per pound 50U00 pocket envelopes, of white or yellow paper, of the following sizes, viz : by 3^ In.] per hundred 30000 nocket envelopes, letter size 6dozen rulers, mahogany, round or flat, per dozen 2 dozen lignum vitre, round, per dozen 5 pounds sponge, best, per pound 10 pounds gum arabic, best. i?er pound 10i*) white card envelopes, plain, per hundred 5>X"0 small size whit? note adhesive envelopes, per hundred 5?W0 large size white note adhesive envelope* rer hundred 1 ' 1 5000 letter size adhesive envelopes, per hundred jy 10?lawlw I'M TED STATES MAIL. FLORIDA Post OrrirE Departmevt. July 9, 1855 PROPOSALS for"carrying the mails of the Uni ted States from the 1st day of October, 1855. to the 30th day of June, 1^.">9. inclusive, on the fol lowing routes in tbe State of Florida, and in the times herein specified, will be received at the Con tract office of the Post Office Department, in the city of Washington, until 3 p m , of the 20th Au gust, 1835, to I* decided on the next day : 1 rom Camp Izard, by Hoinosassa, to Bay Port, 45 miles and back, twice a week, in two-horse coaches. Leave Camp Izard Wednesday and Saturday at 5 a m Arrive at Bay Port same days byft p m Leave Bay Port Tuesday arid Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Cainp Izard same days by 6 p m 1^55 From Long Pond, by Clay Landing, to Wau keenah, 100 miles aiid back, once a week Leave Long Pond Monday ai 6 a m Arrive at Waukeenah next Wednesday by 6 p m ' L^ave Waukeenah Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Long Pond next Saturday at fi p m For forms of proposal, guarantee and certificate, also Instructions and requirements, (embracing conditions to be Incorporated in the contracts, to such extent as tbe department may deem proper ) see advertisement inviting proposals for mail ser vice in the Southern States, dated January 12 IS55 JAMES CAMPBELL,' Jy 11?lawlw Postmaster General. BEST QUALITY SOLE LEATHER, Trav eling and Packing Trunks, Hat Boxes, Val ises, Carpet Bags, Satchels, Ac ?We have this day received a large variety of all kinds of the above named goods, which we are prepared to sell twenty per cent, cheaper than any other establish ment in this city. WALL A STEPHENS, 32f Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall Jylfc?3t CHANDLER'S ORATION oo the Landing of the Pilgrims in Maryland; pamphlet?15 W. Hill lard's SpaeehM and AddiHw; one vol, Svo Kirwan's Letters to the Right Rev. Jao Hughes Life in California, Mountains and Molehills, by Frank Maiyau Seam's Lifts of Jwus Frank Leslies Gazette for July Hwwr'a Story Book do ttU FRA.NCK TAYLOR * Information for Travelers. BT BAILBOAD DIRECT TO THZ WEST. TlM bctWM! WuhlP(t?n WhNlli| kit 17 % h*ir?! Running Tine between Waahington and Cincinnati 27 ho art ? BAD IX WASHmSTO*. miiE Baltimore"akd ohio *aii. X ROAD having greatly improved Its Western connections. now offer* the fullest Inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALT1 MORK, and all portion* of the WEST. NORTH WEST, and the SOUTIIW EST. The connect ion betweeu the'! rata* from Wiub Ington and the Trains bound West from Balti inore Is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore This is the only change of car* required between Washington and the Ohio river Baggage is chwked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there. twlth the passe ngrrs) without charge, for tho?e homing Through Ticket# for points he vond. The connecting Trains leave Washington daily at 6 a. m and 4^ p in. On Sunday* at the latter hour only. At WHEELING dirttt Is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Bellalre, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge;, Z&uesvllle, and ,\ewark, to COLUMBUS. These trains conimt at Newark with the cars of the Newark. Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C O. Railroad trains cor nertwtth the fa*t trains of theL?f/4? Miami Rati road to Xenia, Cincinnati, Lo:iisville, etc At \ENIA (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is f.irmed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian spoils, Terre Hatte. Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Ix>uis, etc. JT7" Passengers holding Through Tickets for Mtmphif. Ytrksbttrfi Natrh'X, JV'tr Orltnn% etc., which a re also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on tbf Ohio. Ticket* for Evansville, Cairo, and S' Louis are sold hv this route. ID* For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo. Detroit. Chicago, etc., ticket* are sold, when the Ohio Is navigable between Wheeling and Wellsville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while thl" is the only route affording Through Tickets and Checks in Washington, it is also the *hort?**:. most speedy, and direct to nearly all the leading points in the great West The distance from Washington to Cincinnati Is but 653 miles, bein^ about loR miles shorter than by any otheT route ! FARE, BY THROUGH TICKET, PROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling. >9 30; Colum bus. >13 05; Dayton. >15 50; Cincinnati, III 00; Ixmisville, by railroad. Sis? 05. bv steamer from Cincinnati, >19 U0; Indianapolis, ?1? 50; Cleve land, >12 50; Toledo. *15 SO; Detroit. >15 >Ut Chicago. >20 65 and >19 50; St Loui?, 90 aLd $25; Memphis, fJG: New Orleans. >31; etc. 'h- FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER S FERRY. MART1NSBURG. CUMBERLAND. BERKLEY SPRINGS. BEDFORD SPRING**. PI EDMON T, OAKLAND, and F A1R.MOUNT. passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m or 4% p m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a.t m. train from Washington CZz" For towns to and from Baltimore, Anapolis, etc .. see special advertisements. JET"For further information. Through Tickets. Ac .apply to THOMAS H PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN H DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore may 3?tf ORANGE A ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE'. rilWICB dailv between WASHINGTON and 1 the SOUTH. ri<i ALEXANDRIA. GOR. DONSV1LLE and R1CHMOND?no night line on Sunday. Leave Washington \ before6 o'clock a in Leave Alexandria 44 7 *? a m Leave Washington % 44 7 " p m Leave Alexandria % " 8 4.4 p m F A a &* BY SIGHT LI**. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gor donsville >3 25 From Gordonsvllle to Richmond 2 2-"1 Travelers will find the morning line the cheap est. most pleasant and expeditious route to thr Greenbrier White Sulphur. Fauquier White S:il Phur, Warm. Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, vVarrenton, Charlottsville, Staunton, Stra>b:r '. Winchester, Harrisonburg, l^exington, Weir * Cave, Natural Bridge, Luray, New Marke*. Mid dieburg, Ac. fAlll BT MOBXISO LIS! : From Alexandria to Warrenton, - - *2 01) ** 44 Gordonsviiie. - 3 5m " " Charlottesville, ? 4 $0 " " Staunton. - - * OP 41 41 Strasburg, - - 3 50 :i " Winchester, - - 3 5t? " " Luray. - - - 4 25 " u Neu- Market, - 5 00 " " Middlcburg, - - 2 25 OMNI BUSES and BAGu AGE \VAGONS will lie at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey ne-nenger* and batrgage to the Steamboat, for ALEXANDRIA, a distance of 6 miles, allow ing ample time for meal*. H W. VANDEGR I FT. Jy 14 Gen. Supt. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUTE. rnWICR DAILY BETWEEN WASHING i ton and the South via Fredor- _ irfiTll" N i^ksburg, Richmond, Peten?buri:.|B^3i?iat*i. Va , Weld on and Wilmington. S. C, to Charle* ton, S C., and Augusta, Oa. 1 he travelina public is hereby informed that the swift and ^onifortable steamer* BALTIMORE AND MOUNT VERNON leave the Steamboat Wharf at Washington dally atfl a m. and T p m . arriving in Richmond at 1 p. m and 3am, and at Petersburg at 2)?' p. m and 5 a rn The following Through Tickets can be obtalntd on board the boats: To Fredericksburg >3 AO To Junction of Virginia Central Railroad ... .4 To Richmond, Ya 5 5o To Norfolk, Va 6 on To Petersburg, Va 6 u To Weldon, N. C 7 t? To W liming ton . N. C 11 U> 7 A KH OK POTOMAC R1VKa. For each passenger. as fblluwt ? To Alexandria 25 cents, and baggage 12 U cents To Marbury's ' >1 0" To yuantleo, Sandy Tolnt. Ac 1 5?> To AqiiiaCreek....' ...2 0i< Meals and Stale Rooms extra For further information apply on board of th* boats, or to GEO. MATTlNGLY. Agent )e 30?2w Washington THE POTOMAC RIVLK STEAMBOA1 COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE C.PRICE CAPT SAMTEL BAKER, W,LL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIX o'clock a hi ,and ALEXAN DRIA at 7 o'clock, a tn? On TUESDAY MORNINGS ?For Mattox. Currioman, L. Machodoc, Piney Point. Kinscle, and Cone. On FRIDAY MORNINGS?For Chapel Point. Wicomico, Leoriardtown, Piuey Point, St. Mu.ry's, and Cone. On WEDNESDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a m , for St. Mary s, Piney Point, Leonard town, Wicomico, and Chapel Point On SATURDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 ? clock, a m , for Kmsale, Piney Poiut, L. Ma chodoc, Currioman. and Mattox. The A C. Price will call at the usual landings on the river when signals are made. By order of the Board; JAMES P SMITH, President Alexandria, Va., June 1, lo55. Je 15?if WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. OB 0 CHANGE OF HOURS.?On and after Mon J day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 and a. tn., and 3 and 4* p. m On Sunday at 4 % p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4 if and 9% a. m . and 3 end 3if p in. On Sunday at 4 a m ap 23?tr T HP ARSONS. Agent FOR THE ORANGE AND ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS. THE Subscriber's Coaches will call for passen gers wishing to connect with the above railroeds. My fnarh??<. connect with tho Steamers GEORuE wash INGTON or TH OM AS COLL YEK. which leave Washington at 6 a. m. HIT" Meals fun.ished on the boats. Persons wishing the coachcs to call fot them can leave their name and residence with Mr John T Killman, near the Capitol gate: Mr Butt's drui; store, comer Pa. avenue and 12li> at.; or at Geo A Tho* Parker A Co 'asuwe. Coaches can be had foi Pleasure Trips may 20?2m WILLIAM \\ HALEY. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARs AKR1V Ing In Washington or Alex an- f drla ?The Steamers THOS. COL-?uy^|J YER or GEORGE WASHINGTON wIH make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a v., for the Orange and Alexandria Cars, and con nect with the same train on their arrival' R" MEALS furnished on the boats. e Boats connect with all the trains from Bal dmore SAM'L GEDNEY. Oaptaiu. may 17?tf ' mfE&rOIRS OF THE doUNTfiSS OF BLES 1*1 ?Ihgiou, by R. R. Madden M R I A, iwc voli, FgANCK TAYLOR. Information for Travelers. 1CW ROUTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAV ELERS. DIRHCT FROM NEW YORK. PH1LADBL PHI A. AND BALTIMORE. TO NORFOLK, WELDON, WILMINGTON, RALEIGH, CHARLESTON. AND AUGUSTA, MOBILE, AND NEW ORLEANS SUMMER A \I> FALL ARRAN'OEMEIfT Daily, (except VIA RAY I.lNE.ard SEABOARD A ROAN OKE RAI I.ROAD, to tb? ibovc mentioned place*, the Scbedidt: bring so arranged that the Traveler u no* subjected to my niirnt trural no the Railroad from Sew York to Wilminrtaa,in North Carolina. throcgx TirauTf. From New York to Wilmington SIS 50 Do. Weldm IS 0-J Do Norfiik and Portsmouth P SO From Philadelphia to Wilmington,N. C....14 00 Do. ^00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 6 SO From Baltimore to Wilmington, N. C I* 00 Do. W rid on 6 00 Do. Norfolk and Portsmouth 6 00 For further In far mat! on and Through Tickets, in New York at the New Jen** Railroad apply (lake e, foot of Courtland street; in Philadelphia >U th- Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad Oftw, in Liberty street; In Baltimore at the Oflka of the Haltimore SUam Packet Company, foot of Union Dork. or on board of the Bar Steamer* Omnihunes and Baggage Wagon* are ptwridrd on the Line, by which passengers and their hs? L'age are oonveyed throiigh Philadelphia and Bal timore free of all expense, and Baggage Conduc tors whoae duty It la to glee information and check (he baggage to the several point* on lhi* route, accompany the passenger* Pam-ngrn* from New York and Philadelphia will have their bar*r*ge checked to Baltiiuorr and 'hence on board the Bay Boat* to Norfolk, Porta month. Weldon. 4c., Ac. The new and *pl?*nd>d *t*amer LOUISIANA, 1,1'JU ton* burthen, repletr with even- comfort and ?onvenience. ha* l*-en added to the line. TH E LI N E BEIN G N O W COM po*ed of the splendid steamer*gS'L jSftLA LOUISIANA, t apt George W Russel. and NOR'l'll CAROLlS A. Capt Jayif* Canon, hav ing unsurpassed Stale Kocuis and Berth Accom modatfon*. The Norfolk or Bar Line Steamer* will lea*e the CnmpuvN wharf. Union Dock, foot of Con cord *treet. dailv (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, p m . <?r immediately after the arrival of the E? pre?s Train which leave* New York at 8 a. m , and Philadelphia at 12^ p. m. The following la the schedule: l?eave New York at 8 o'clock, a. m. Leave Philadelphia at..?.lt^ o'clock, p m. I/?*ve Baltimore at 5 o'clock, p m Leave Portsmouth at o'clock, a m. Leave Weldon at 14 o'clock, noon. Leave Wilmington at 9% o'clock, p m For Austria, Charleston and the South, via the Manchester Railroad, now finished ID" Passengers for Richmond and Petersburg, or any other points on Jan:** R iver, connect wl?tj theJame* River Boats early next morning after leaving Haltimore. ID" All pa>surger? for Edenton. Plvmoutfc, Newbern. Wa^liln^ton. Weldon, Go;d?bon> , Warsaw. Raleigh and Wilmington, N. C ., or any ott;erpoint on the S?*i::o;d and Wilmington Roads, will find it the most pleasant and agreeable route. M. N. FALLS. Agent. Baltimore. May 17, 1?5 FOR PHILADELPHIA. m PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON A BAL TIMORE RAILROAD ?Pasaenger train* lenve Baltimore daily (except Sundays) f\?r Phila delphia at 6.30, (Express) and 11 a m . and 7 p. m. For Havt^ de Grace at P.30 and II a rn : 6 3ll (Havre de Grace Accommodation Trains) a.?d 7 p. m : 7pm train runs every night, thi* being the only train on Sunday. 11 a m tra.n ha* a *? oud class car attached ; fare In it to Philadelphia f*2 No SECOND CLASS TICKETS acid in the cars. TBAtKS roB BAlTIXOKI. Leave Philadelphia r.t b ?*> a m . (13 45 Express and 3pm Steamboat) and lip m Leave Havre de Grace at TJli a. m ; Havre da Grace Accomtnoda.ion Trains 11.45 a. in , 3.15, 6.56 p. on , aad - U5 a rr. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. Baltimore, April 3t)?tr THE NEW YORK AND LIVER POOL UNITED STATES ISMAIL STEAMERS., '?MIL SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE X are the ATLANTIC. Captain West, PACIFIC. C- pfain Nye, BALTiC, Captain"Comatork. ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. These Ships hare been built by contract, expre*-. Iv for Government aarvice; every care ha* be?a 'aken In their construction. a* in the engine*, to insure strength and and their accommoda tion* for i?*sengers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. From New York to Liverpool, in ftratcabin, fltt SeaaaS ot'iln, ...... 70 Exclusive uae of extra site state room*. - From Liverpool to New York. - x30 and i.'JU An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K COLLINS A CO , 8K Wall street. New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO . Liverpool. E 9 ROBERTS A CO. 13 King's Arms Yard, London. 'OBN Mt'NROE k CO . 98 Kna Notre Dame de* Victoire*. Paris. GEORGE H DRAPER. Havre The owners cf these *hl|* will not be accounta ble for i,oid, silver, bullion, specie, lewelrv, pre cious s-tone" or u. -tats, unlt<*? bills of lading are *lj;n?-d thm-for. aad tke value thereof therein ei |?rt-s^ed dov l^?ly MOTT BEDELL'S LINE. MEW YORK, ALEXANDRIA. WASHING TON CITY. AND D laTRICT O F COLV M BIA PACKET* 'pill* LINE OF PACKETS RAILS WEEK A LY from pier 14 Ea*t river. New York, and "ftener If nacaaaaxy. ard ia composed of the fol lowing flrst-rlaa* veesela: New ach'r A V Brdkll, Bedell, master New ach'r Mott Bedell. A. V Tiedwell. Sth'r Asm D , Wni Oliver, master. Sch'r Volant, L. A. Smith, maoter Sch'r CovMi9tDxs-!!t-CaiKr, Woglum, master. Sch'r Gfeksway, Wilson, master These vessels are all fast sailer*, and the master* are men of experience In the trade mid the only regular line of Washington City parketa. MOTT BEDELL, Wall street. New York. S. S MASTERS k SONS. Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?6tn Washington and D of C. FOR MOI NT VEIINON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FARE, round trip, SI; from Alexandria 5 cents ?The steamer THOMAS. C??Ll.YER leave* Washington at i?. and Aie*an dria at o'clock t'oaches leave the Capitol for the boat at * Ig o'clock Coach fare 10 cents Per sons wishing the coache* wiLl leave their peMdence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. oct as?tf SAM'L GEDNEV, Captain FOR PHILADELPHIA. (MTIZEN'S INIO N I.INL ?The Steamer / OHIO. Capt. Trlppr. will com- r J7*'*a mence running on this I ~nj taV f ll?hed route, for Philadelphia, on MONDAY, April a. leaving Union Dock, foot of Concord st , Baltimore, daily iexcept SundaNa) at 7 o'clock a. m . stopping at Fords Laudi.ig and Port Her man. Fare Cabin passage 9*2 50 Fare Forward Dec k I S?l iCTiiREAKFAST and SUPPER provided ou Board WM CRAWFORD. Ageut Baltimore, Match 41?tr SEA HATI11NU AT OLD POINT lOM FORT. ONE OF THF BALTIMORE STEAM PACK ET CO 'S STEAMERS will leave the Union Dock, fin>t rf Coti-? cord street. Baltimore, daily (Sunuiiis excepted) at 5 o'clock p m . for Old Point Coiulort. IH7" Fare there and liack $0?giving the f>a?sec gera the privilege to remain the uhole ?oa>on. M N FALLS, Agent B. S. P Co. Baltimore, June 1?tr PI AN Ok?PIANOS. VLrE respectfully ieque?t the attention of f>er-?'n? f f who purpose purchasing Pianos to our eery extensive assortment now in store, consisting of Pianos from the old and celebrated manufactories of Hallet. Davia A Co., Boston , Bacon A Raven, New York; Knabe. Gaehle A Co , Baltimore These Pianos we guarantee in every respect lo be inferior to none others. We take old Piano* l?. part payment, accept fc-*?d endorsed note* for 2. 3. and 6 month*, m faci tuakt almost any anangemrnt to suit puieha-sers We have aim* several second hand Pianos !?t tale low and upon easy terms Also, Guitars, Violina, Flute;, Accordet a* Ala* ?it. String*. Ae Persons can have their Piano* tunad and repaired by leaving their names wuh ' JOHN P ELLIS, je 30? 306 Pa. aveau* NEW Ml SIC1ThePresident'sMour.tedGuard (Quickstep, composed by Robert HeUar. has Mist baeu publUhed by tLe subscribers. TLo page i> moet tisniulv etnbellisLed. HILBl'S A FITZ. ^ Miulc|Psbliahera Dap<* la S+; RaSdlr.(f.

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