Newspaper of Evening Star, July 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 23, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR "local intelligence. ?-* ;'t Pbblic Schools.?Thfe following medals and p rcmiuuis will be distributed <?u the 3<)th and and 31 st instant, at the anniversaries of the public schools: One silvcr medal to the bc?jt: scholar; in awarding this prixe, conduct, punctuality, improvement, and prcSciency are all Uiken into consideration. Five premium*- to those pupil* whoeo conduct ha ? been m >?t exemplary Fire premiums to those pupils who have made such*-improvement and proficiency in study aj may entitle them to be thus honor ably noticcd. . A premium to every pupil who has been punctually present every day throughout the school year. *???' The names of those pupils. n ?t exceeding five. who have been most punctual in their at tendance and faithful in the petfonnanee^-of their school duties. will be reported. In each department of the district school, five diploma.- will bu awarded to deserving pupils; in each uialo primary, four, and in each primary, three, in addition to the pre miums abeve named. Eight conies of Meyer's Ur.iverwm have been place?l in the hauds of the trustees, by one of the earliest and best friends of the pub schools, for presentation 4i to the most mcr irbrious pupils in each of 4he district school*.'' Tho teachers of the district R-hools will report, f<>r this priie, the name of one pupil from the male and from the female department. The anniversary of the first district will t iko place at the Smithsonian Institution. July ?"?Oth at b o clock, p. m ; and that of the fourth district at the same place. July 31st. at b o'clock, p. m Remission or Pijushmkst?Three or four weeks "ago, we published the petition of Rich ard Biddle. Samuel Kays. David Hazard. and John McNenny. to the President of the United States, (through their counsel. Col. Charles Lee Jones.) setting forth the facts and the law attending their trial and conviction, by naval courts martial, of ?? mutinous conduct and lan guage. and of ?* mutinous conduct and deser tion." and of their confinement in the peni tentiary of this District, United States sailors asserting, for reasons stated, thit their imprisonment in that institution was illegal, and submitting their dearest rights'and honor to the adjudication of the President, promising, ?hould they receive their liberty, to ?? display their gratitude by orderly and honorable de partment in the sen ice of their country.'' The proceedings of the court* martial took place in the month of February. 1354. The petition was referred to the Attorney General of the United States, and on Saturday they were, by order of the President, dis charged from the penitentiary. We obtained this information on that day, but not until after the '? St^r"' had been put to pres. In tho afternoon thf>M? sailors left the city in the railroad cars, jojful on their waj in search of employment. - We here repeat what we have heretofore as serted, that suits for false impris-mln^nt, claim ing very heavy damages, have been instituted by their count* 1. Col. C. L Jones, against the 1 nited States Marshal for the Diftrict of Co lumbia. The Fcseral or Mr. John H. Edwards took place, yesterday atternuon, from his l ite ruai lunce in the First Ward. Tho proeesrion was large, composed ia part of five companies of firemen?the Union, Western Hose. I-rank liir. NoHharn Liberties. and Perseverance? and ooe military company, the Washington Lbht Infantry, under th? command of Capt. J i. Davis, aud accompanied by Prospori's band. The deceased had been an active mem ber of th<" Union fire company, as also of the Infantry, and the other companies participated to pay the la?f tribute of respect to the mem ory of a young friend. He was buried with the usual military honors by th>; Infantry, the band porf- rmiiig a -robmnly impressive dirgw composed by Prosperi. Ia addition to the companies mentioned and m >u:uing relatives, there wi< a large number of friends and ac quaintances in the line. A noo, supposed to b? suffering with hydro phobia. was killed this lao.ninsr in the north err. part ? f the city, ncur Siztu >trect. The dog ran into a <rentleiuar.'t> honsc and among Lis family. Suddenly leaving the lowr h< started up the steps to the second story, where he wa- taken with a convulsion, and relied down the =teps to the brrrer floor After he recovered, he ran Into the street and wi^ killed. A Good Result.?Theodore Acton was nr re<ti d yesterday for aou irg his fAmily. Offi cer Wi.-e took him to the guard-troupe, whore he was cue fined until thi- morning, when lie was tried and h dd to security to keep the peace in thrte cases. Aftar the trial wa? over no owore that he would not diink intoxicating liquor lor five years. The Arttli ery Corps, a notice of which appeared in the Mar a few Jny ?? *ince, is rap i-lly organixiug. So far they have determined to follow the army regulation* as strictly as p?s.-ible. The ariuy uniform has Wen adopted, i:nd the company lias dceiied to take no other name than their r ummer iu the lire. The ofi> cex? of tLo corpa have not been elcctcd. RtrkeAKlto?Since Saturday afternoon, our citizens have been blessed with copious shower?, which hare hat' the effect of not on ly benefitting vegetatiou, but enabling hu manity to ??breathe freer and deeper;'1 truly a delightful relief fror: the late almost in. up portable hot weather. f Wasum<iT05 Tyler, the nesrro. convicted r>f obtaining groceries under false pretenecs, has been sentenced by the Judge of the Crim inal Court to oue yeai s imprisonment, "at labor." in the Penitentiary of the District of Columbia Judge Crak u?The physical condition of tbi? aged aud universally '?sleei.o d gvnib 111:111 has much improved within the last two days, lie has been confined to his b<-1 for ?'owe week* past. Cot'RT or Claims.?This tribunal, 011 Satur day, a Ijourut-d until the 17th of October next, when they wiil hold their sea?iona in a room to be prepared, meantime, in one of the new wings 01 the Capitol If' MKRors C\ses, United Stato?, of course, were taken before Justice I>>?nn thi.- morning fjr exaiiunation. Some were tried, and oihers p?*tponc(l. Toe tiRAVi> Jiky for the County of Wash ington ha.-been di.?charged fr? m fusther at tendance on the Criminal Court ICOVWrNlfATED. Rlmei y r ?E Dysentery?Mr. EiHToR I hope ibnt thpiugh the c??Iumns of your valua ble paper y .u will make known the following altuvu isiUlliblc recipe for curing dysentory. which prevails tJ #u *h an ularming eatent throughout the city at this time. Take ou* table -p >onful of :?M* t.ilt. and two of vine gar, nour up?in it half a pint of water, (hot oreoM will answer, only nrink cnul.) take a wtnegiaa* full every half h^ur, or, i< ihu rf"iu i<h ia nau-eatod, every hi>ur. For a cfcii 1 the qnanlity ?b> uld be a 1*** spoonful of :jit aud ouo 14 vinegar in a teacup luit <4 Wui- r. Let none doubt the efticacy of this re?"??dy on account of its simpitrtti/. I know by experience, and five ye-*rs practice in my own as well as in other families. 1 coub! nwDt|..a rbiaeroa> instances; 1 will name one. Five years ago, when the disease prevailed latilkj here, a liule daughter of mine was taken and was v< ry >11. Having never known anything about tki* dii?-:?^e. 1 tent for *a phy -Iciar : b- attended faithfully for tiro days. the child was no better, nor the disease abated At th'S time an aged relative was taken with it, and remembering the recipe, .-he zainaediaicly look v doso and was instauily relieved. 1 then trie i the nuiedy on my lit vie nrl. and in a quarter of an hour she was relieved of that agouizing pain which al ways attend- tLis complaint, and wolj in a lew days. All th< other ehiblron ha?l it and I u*ed no other remedy. It does nn!y check the disease, but carries it off in the form of a gent'e purgative. Witch Retirx*.?D. llardington. diaoT ?lerly, jail; John L Love, throwing stonec, fine and costs , James Drudge, prcfanity, do.; dioordeily,do.; J. Berry, d do ; it Mile?, do , do., C Kellan, do., do.; Vu fioi* av., 40., g. L?rd, do, do 1 or THE MIS. SOdCTY OF THE FIFTlf presbittcriax ( Hriit u, AM'dtfKted to b* published bp tk* Soritty y % Hkhos Roox< ) ' Fifth Presbyterian Church. 5 THE nineteenth regular monthly meet In- of va Jnhfor Missionary Snei~y was held >n fhi* room, Sabltalh afternoon. May do jhss . ^ciu"' Jorrdanm^(lnX ** Wlth Wcr Mr The proceedlags of the last meeting we* read and approved, the roll called, and 5 colKn UiSt^eS00* g 10 (%3 70) ?^don^rid UmtaflblpT f?"OW",fc' '*'n"'n' M'" CMb*??< Wen,,,, n?d v-rii . Ci^,:irx reaf* a notp 'r,,m Mr. J. T Hoo tt. (late 1 resident of the Society) a? follows : Ju.!|i?rr^7,^nt' StTretary. ?'??! Members of the ScllSr'* w'of"" futh Fifth PiwhiTI 'n^icted by the Session of the ?iS rtt ^lCh"rCb' " ? member of the ^-1 &S3.?m "y '"""??I''??y MV ith due respect, yours, 4c ISM,. "JT.H00Vt.K-. !f~y 21"?* "? '"''""I"* rwolWIon : rk V n*1 * Committee of three ?*> ap the s?,Si JP,,*i,d'nt- to ex"m'n?* Hie books if trn^i ^ y Treasurer, and that thev >?e in ciety 10 r<,,H,rt at lhe ae*1 ??*ttngoftheHo su^n^S'L"*!* hilid ,h,s' a* an Implied cen he i<ecr^"Y and Treasurer; that SSt1?^ TumnKi ** lbe of the ti^Cf0:?*' Khl'had no*hlng *0 do with thrtrTSX?, W.?,,1iI not ,iave ?? transcended their legitimate duties as to make this order SdVlS BOgan' \Lk? ^ r^"1- he in knrw . n,^raJK?mber of lht* ^"'on. if he mhTomLv hls matler "nd whether any ir It ad ^*en 8iven by the Session ' replied, that the matter had been be fore them, and they hr-d so ordered flrme.lirinrV lVrn ?'fnBrked' ,hat th,? ??>en eon nrmeu all, and, as he never sought the office of treasurer, nor did he have any use for Its funds fri-Vin r ,n,Sh! Vf directed by the Society, and now ? . ,,iat a s?^P>cion. at least, is in ih^nV ?? cf1 00 fhe oth ers of this Society. I think the resolution should pass I am very sorry Mr. Car others Is not present I r,.8^%C?U '1 *** if hw wlsh^> ?" ** is in the likJ fZ^ILv tr?'r8"*01 ***** as 1 wonid * ''f1 1 have to **>' 1 want to say to him ? ir. there is no person in the city for whom I haT*5"tr*aif*,<l ",orr rexP,%ct and kind feeling: -ui.I there is no penon for whom 1 would >*> more .'Jl ?l.a*Lrvej have,*'**?) to do a kind art: and yet he has done Indirectly what he nor his Session dare do directly. I cannot for the life of me imagine why he should do so If there is any ^xlreason why this monev should not come Into he Society, 1 should not object. I do not want the money, but. sir. I am entitled to it as Treas urer, and will have it. I will Inquire of Mr Clements, if he. as a member of the Session, knew anything of this matter, or the order of the Session, contained in Air. Hoover s letter ? Mr Clements -aid he was sorry his friend had called on him. as he must be aware of his utter ignorance of (he tran-netio'Vis of the Session for sj>me tune jvast: that, in former times. he was in the>es>ion. and knew of its doings, but of late Ses?ion meetings were called, o, business tran at teti by >essi,??. of which he had no knowled-, wnatever; that Mr. Drvjan liad answeretl for tile v? !2n '?of il',e k?ew nothing, aa there h?id beeu a .. *7 ?*"cJn?Ung proce.vs.or something else, d alt out towards him. for what he knew not, nn less, indeed, it were that he would not s.itfer hiiu s?!f ?otr niade the too! or lacquey of any man : ai!?l. tr he had l.-^n consulted, could never hive sanctioned such a move. Tliequc?tion then reenrmd on the resolution of j i ,>* *ir Henry, and it was unanimously adopted. 7 The President appointed Messrs Dove Sher ??nd t) Hrieti the Coi'imlttM: Mr flntire then otTered a resolution that tlw President of the Sori.jtv eidl on Mr Hoover, (lute I rps.d. iit.) and r?-ou?-Ht hirnto pay over all moneys hi his [knv,>i.>o ljeionyiiiy to the So? ioty. to the ^;3C ri-tary. Here a debate arose in which Messrs llenrv Sherwood, and Clements, jr . partici luted ; Clem *[ ' Jr.- ^marking that he nor his had ever be^n ct,ari;ed. nor had they ever squander^l or mad" u>? or. for their own beneht. funds not proiw rly t<ieir owit; and he h'?t?-il the Ses ion could ?av a ?J* 1 *rach ?^rid a*l of tin in^rvihr* He then went into a hUtorv 01 the formation of the >abbath School and the selection of its offi cers; also.projx^ition from the pastor to him to I mi a Missionary S<jcietv. iht object Uiri" to ma?-e Mr. .ItNeil librarian of the Sabbath School, andmake hlmSc* ;etaryof the.Mis-ionnryS.? iety Mr. bogin interrntited him. by saving thai hi had si rn.lert . .Mr t ar.Hhers. li,e pastor, a d the proeeetfin-s wen- outrageous; that he was iruiltv of slindcr; was a *l;i:nl *rpr. Air Cleiiit nts, Sr . rose and s?id that hecocld 2J H|t.V ^ ll*rAT ,1,s ""n luemljrr of the C hurch) cadeil a landerer ??v a inemtx r ?>f the Srssion : that what he said wax true. Mr tnterrii|>tlng. It is a ?Under. Mr. CieiiK-ut.. Jsr , replied It Is false; it is I.d?e I acts, or a statement of Sm a-. ,;o *lai. The resolction was then ad .{ .xl, wl k h th- S^>ciL-t> adjourned by sia ?|,. , ?he Rixolrxrv . t AH A ^ n' r11 j'P ^ ***W-n? ? J. r. CtkME.NTs. Jr., S^vreta/y. Se*3IO\ Roof, t Fifth Prenhvierlan Church. \ The twentieth regular monthly meetinic of di. Junior Missionary Society was held in this room Sabbath ofierms n. June 17. 1-*S5. The r>j.:i^ty was call?i to order, the Vice Presi dent 111 the chair The meeting was opened with pray?r by Mr. larother*. The proceeding* of the last meeting were read Slid approved, and the roil <^ll(xi The committee apixdnUd to examine the Wks of the Secretary ami Treasurer. re|iort that they li*ve made a careful and minute examination ol the books of the Secretary, and that they are correct; and they flnd that the Secretary has paid into the Treasury about (*!l) fourteen dollar more than the books hold him responsible for. Mr. Henry asked the committee if they liad called on the Tieasurer ' The chairman replied that they had. and found all the money in his hand* Mr Ilenry said : Having offered the resolution appointing the cotumuu-e, the re|*>r! of which had Just been read, 1 wish to make a few remarks. Mr. Presldcat. I am very sorry that anythiny should have occurred that would compel me to offer such a resolution; but there had l>een an im plied censure, a reflection, cast on the officers of this Society, by the Se^vjoti of the Church. I could not let i? p by unnoticed 1 thought the *""*t plan would )?? to have a eonunittee ap|mint ed ; let them examine the lss>ks of the S?s*retary and Treasurer, to w e if thfy had squandered or miMuscvi in any wiy the moneys Ijelonyiny to this So? iety The committee have made that examination. e??d repon that the Se< retary has (>ald overall mo neys tiu,t hnve come into his hands. They not only Und the Secretary honest, but more, that be has paid into the tr>?xury some four teen dollars more than the books hold him respon sible for The Secretary, who the Session of this Church would cast a censure on. and would prevent the money of the Soeiety from coining into his hand has |Kiid over fourteen dollars that lie could have put into his own j?ocket, and the Soeiety could never have known anything about It. I will state that, since our last meeting, Mr Ho >ver has paid over all the money that tie had in hi-s hauds 1 repeat, 1 am sorrow that anything should have oc<urnd that I thought was no essary to trouble the Society with proceedings of this kind, but it was a matte, personal to myself and the Secre tary. Mr. Carothers said : Mr. Chairman, the Session of this Church have decided that no one shall l>e m< mtter* of this S??ciety who are not pew-hoider*. members of tLe Church, or counected with the Sabbath School, or the Children of the same, and they further decide thai the offices of this So ciety mie vacant In acordatne with this decision the otfhers will vai ate their seat* (Mr. Powell, the Vice Presi dent. occupying the Chair in the abtMOc* of the President, Hupposin*. what his pastar *ald w;;s law. iaiined' Hi ly left his chair.) Mr. Carothers continued by saying Major liagon will be chair man of this meeting ; Mr. Uogan at the same tline t tking the chair Mr. Carother* then -aid: Mr. Chairman, the Section of the Church liave agreed to offer the fol lowing resolution: Rrtoimt, That Milton C I>ove, AVm. I! Pow ell. John K O'Urieu, K. S Jordan, and Mr. K II RawUngs lie declared offict rs of this SJt>? iety to till the vacancies. .Vr.d stated that 110 one would bealtowe<l to vote Wbo did not come uiideT the decision of the ScB "iou. Mr Henry. Mr Chalrmau, I protest agsiitst any such proceedings 1 protest, as a member and an officer of this Society, against any such action on the part of the Session of the Church 1 deny the right of the Session of this Church to have any control over, or right to interfere with this Society other than they may be individual me inl?ers. What, sir, the Session of this Church to have any control over, or right to interfere with this So ciety, after having paid my money, as reauired by the coiii?titut>on, and having be*w mane a life member by the subscription of two gentlemen, of N 50 each. Why. sir. 1 am astonished ' Youeertalnlv enn t wh be la evucst uWvat the matter. It were so fttiSS^ Lhe P?%vr>r- 7*1?lch"of course I 4tny,) 1 fx* ?h'?k you would exercise St. 4n,f\i'a,V of Church; men Protes u!L v .l -v' Eldersand l'astorof the Chnrrtt. who ba\eth^ e<*od this Ch"rrha! heart, to come ju here and interfere with mr peaceable and rtorr Irtung little Jmdor f||?iih?narv Socicty What *v 'e >'uU '?F do'1^ ?o ? If *? rood one. I Will join roar Mr. Carodiers. Wt have no reasons to give. ? i^?!l?ri-' sir. you h^.ve no reasons to g?v<?: I thi :k y&i ire right. You Lave none It ?"i. ' arry out ihat vind'ctive nnd overbear)ng splr.. yon have cIwpvs ethibifed In your transac ts with this church. XV{:XlC s:ri y?" nwiy cru?h out the raemliers of our himh when yon want?you m^y '>ii your ? >"(??*, find It will I* done?but you cannot crush me out or th;s :>ociet,-. Sir. It U unkind Now, y?'' u?ay do wrong, and not know if. Allow me to ^ive you n litde advice. Let fh!< matter lay over for one month. Think about It t my over it Talk i' over with yourselves. And jneu ,r you believe you are rigtit, Insist on It. Ur li yon Waal to change the constitution, niske your let it l?y over until the next meetine: and if it can be adopted. I will bo satisfied Ve^WU *ver res '1 the constitution ? Mr. wrothfrs. I do not know that I have. Air Henry. I should judge not; for it so plain that he that inns may read." The ninth article says tiny ome may become a member of this .society by paving the sum of not less than three cents per month. Any om?may ?* come a life member, A c. Now, sir, under this clause I became a member of this society, paid my im ncy, and yet you, the Session, would say 1 am not a member It is so absurd that really It seems like a joke?a trick. I will state a case Suppose you three gentle men,who constitute the Session of this Church, were not members of this Society, would you have any right to come in here, and make a motion or address the President, unless you were invited? Certainly not. And yet you claim the right to come here and declare the offices of this Society vacant, sir, you have your right here as a member of the Society, and nothing more. Now, sir, I know it is not pleasant to bark out. but a good run is lietter than a bad stand. Rut "o on?I shall not regard what you do. 1 will say ?his much however; Iain Treasurer of this So ciety. and shall remain so. Here is the money i*-longing to the Society that I brought with me for the purpose of laying it on your table and re signing, but I shall not do so now, 1 assure you. The question was then put, when some Ave or six voted in the affirmative, and some fifteen or twenty in the negative. Mr Bogan stated he did not know whether it was carried or not. when Mr. Carothers remarked that It was tarried of course, for those vAo voted against it r?ere not >n-mbers of the Society. Mr. Henry asked Mr. Bogan if he could sit then- as a man and a Christian, a- an Klder of the < liurcli, and dec ide llit* rcsolut ion carried ? Mr Bogan said he had not decided, when Mr. Carothers said of course it was, for those who voted against it were not members of the Society. At this time Mr O'Brien offered the followin** resolution: ** Kcsalctrf. That the moneys new in the hands of the late Treasurer be appropriated, one-half to the Foreign Missions and one-half to the Home Missions, and the Pastor of the Church >ie re ourstcd to forward said moneys to their respective destinations. * Chairman was ul>out to put the question. Air. Henry rose to a question of order, and wished the Chairman to decide whether the tlrst lesolution was carried or lost The Chairman, Mr. Bogan, said I expect it was. The question was then on the resolution offered by* Mr O Brien, Air. Carothers having demanded previous question. Some two or three voted l'-r it, and some ten or more voting again -t it. H hen Mr. Carothers called on tne persons pres ent whose duty it was to keep order, to do their duty, (those voting no having voted rather loud tor ihi. pastor.) and asked tha* the question be taken over, and said he hoped that all in the room <c?ul<l ntt hj>. that it ten* all /or t/ir good of Hit (? h i*rrti h, inyisttd that nil thou.'d get up. when some fifteen rose. There being no votes <'jin*t it, it was decided carried. Mr. Carothers then moved that the Society ad journ : which was carried. He then dismissed the meeting with prayer C \V SHERWOOD. President. J. Tmos. Clement* Jr., Secretary. The 31st regular monthly meeting 0f the Janioi Missionary Society of the Fifth Presltytcrian Church was held in front of said Church on Sao Iwth afternoon. July 15, IS.S5. The Session Kooin usually occupied by the ^o eieiy being closed, Cte wasi;ahr*d ord#,r the President, be occupying ?^e step on the t^st side of the Church fron<<ng Fif.h ? ireet I'iie Se^Tetary road the proceedings of th - lT?t meeting, whi?. u wa ap| rov d, and ord<-Td to be fworded. A motion was then made to dispense v'lh e;ill ing lhe roll; which was ar ieu. ^ Mr. ileury then sl;Ued that l"' liad rev ived ? letier from .dr. Carother.-. since th?* Jast meeiinti, which he thought It Ids di:ty to read. The letter v.'Jj *? follows ; Washington, I> C.. June 18. 1S5S. M> Di: The Junioi Missiouiiry Scvletv. of which yo! were the 1-'" Trea>ijr r. 1m* ,h f":'r..,u me ol the ol'the ioliowiu;? lenlu /.' .o. i rd, Thai lhe ino.ifys now i : the hwnl of ij.'- late Treas irer \>o a; propriated, c ..e-?.ait io tl ?*for?ign .?li->ion>. a<?u one-liaif '?> the iioiue .M ?^j mid thai the i'jnm oI the t.'huich be re S *?? d to l"i v\ aid s.tiil ioone^ti-tn ;ir ie>i etli v? destina'ioiis. In order ?o ?imply with s.t.d reque.-t, said s tan 1 e lefi ai my study 'o-moiTow, ?I ui"":;r g, ill in i i. itctweeii nine and t'>< Ive o il?>' k, where yo i will ree* i?t propei r< < for t tn uic, ti .nil tl '? gt iiaiuidu w'.o w>.iy rt ctdvi from you lhe .said moneya liesjiccU'uIly> A. U LAUOTilKRs. 1'astor. Jamea Uexcv, Esq. l o which ue replied as follows: "Washington cirv, June IS, iSM. Mv Drab Sir: Vfturs "f this evening (!wth) h i. Uen received and contents noted In repl> 1 woald say. \o ir h tter is <i>r<1??? 1 to rue, >> it .in it refers to ii?.t''ei s relaliug ? ntirel) to the late Trea ure/, I d?*-m if iumeces*ar, to notke it forth-r t' .an u> a friend to give von ;mv information I .nay have, so that yon may direct your communications prmierly. The lato Treasurer Is Mr. O. (? Wunder. and f<M b ar you may b?: laboring under a misappre hension of the facts in the ? a?e, from the ovt i e\ ctled state of your mind for the last ft-w days, I v* ill refer joii lo the procet dings of the Uih regu lar meeting of the Junior Missionary Sof iety of Hi' Fifth Presbyterian Church, In Id in the Ses sion room of the Church on the lUth day of No vember, I.-51. Von will there find that they proceeded to the election of otlicers? f the So? iety for the ensuing V'-ar. and at thai election it was the pleasure of the Society to elect myself their Treasurer, for one year, which time will not expire until the month of November, ia55. 1 was there informed by Mr. Wunder, the late Treasurer, that he had some money in his hands b-longing to the said Society, which he would lake the first op]x>rlutiity to pay over, w hich 1 am happy lo state, came into mv hands on the 10th day of the present month, for which I gave a 1 am also inclined to think thai all the money IWonging to the Society is iu my hands, the pres ent Treasurer of the Society. Hoping this information may be of service to you. I will *ub?cril?e myself. Yerv respectfully, your obedient servant, JAMES I1EN K V, Treasurer of the Junior Missionary Society of the Fifth Presbyterian Church. Rkv. A. G. Cauotheiis Mr. Henry then offered the following preamble and resolutions: Whereas, An uncalled for. and unchristian-like attemjH has been made by the Session of this Church, (the Assembly s. late Fifth Presbyterian Church,) to crush out or break up our very fiour 1-hing Missionary Society; And Whereas, The fact lieiug well known, that the Pastor of this Church, Kev. A. G. Carothers, has taken the entire control of said Church, in every particular, and that he seeins to feel the i'ilit^ thus skouldertd, resting on himself, may succeed in preventing the Society from carry ing out the objects for which it was formed?there fore Hnolced, That the Secretary of this Society furnish the Treasurer with a list ot the members and contributors to this Society, with the amount paid it by each nu ml>er or contributor, and that the Treasurer refund said members or contributors the amount paid in by them. And further? Kfiolced. Thai the proceedings of this meeting, together.with those of the last two regular monthly meetings be published, and all moneys necessary to carry out the above resoli'tiou. lie paid out of the funds of the Society, The resolutions Wing before the meeting, Mr. Henry said: Mr. President, thi* is the day that our Society holds its regular monthly meeting. A notice has been furnished the Superintendent of the Sabbuth School to tie read, also a notice had placed as nsual In the pulpit, but Mr. Caroth ers, the pastor, refused to read it. I called on Mr Prentice, the Treasurer, and one of the Trustees, to know if they had ordered the doors to be closed, lie iuforined me that the Trustees had talked the matter over, and that Air. C irotkers had informed them that the Society was broke up. Acting on this Information they' had concluded tbut the doors should be closed. The result is that we nave to hold our meeting on the outside. Mr. President, this Society has been in existence twenty months, and until three, months ago there wa* not one act, word or deed that had taken place to interrupt the quiet proceedings of the Society until Mr. Carothem, the pastor of this Church,

who professes to be a Christian and a Minister of tlie <iospel, <o far forgot his calling as to g"' meddling with lhe btMiaeM of the Society, by as suming |>oveer and authority that did not belong to him. and would have prevented moneys coming ^uo i&c Society pwpwiy tl*crc. Sir, what right has he fo take upon himself so much* He Is only a tenant at will. Ifrie OA. Wb do -s not belong to him. The nifiw to be that there baa l?eei? an assatiH mmtc on Mr. CaiothTs Sucb Is mil the fact. The n>?s.niH \va? first made by Mr. Ca ro'.liers hiutMiif. m hi? 'in- for and una-uhor ized Interference in coat'oU'.njr the fund* or ?be society, l>v trying to prwprt them frotu comine into liM proper oncer h bauds W io?e duty it it to keep them ; thereby < asting a censure on those of lifers. What h;us been dme waa done in self de Imm I have more self-respect thftn to commit an as sault ;>n any minister, but I wili liot allow him to place*me in a false portion. The responsibility rests on him for the course we are compelled to pursue to-day. The Society is not'"-nice up, as ha* lieen stated by Mr. Carothers. and he knew itat the time Ills eTident that we v. Ill have to bring matters to a close, and Mr Carol hers and his Ciders are en titled to all the credit of bringing about so glori ous and Christianlik* resnIt. Now, I propone that the Society do one of two tiling* That the Society either refund the money, or appropriate it to the United States Home Mis sionary Society. I care not which. I want the Society to decide for themselves. Of course those who wish to appropriate it will vo*? againM the moticn to refund. The question then rerurred on the resolutions offered by Mr. Henry, which were unanimously adopted. Air. llenry then stated, that at the next meeting be should introduce a resolution instructing the. Executive Committee to collect all the facts in re gard to the conduct of the Pastor and Session of the Church towards this Society, to have them pn-sentod to the Presbytery at their next meeting J . T. Clements, jr., moved that the Society do now adjourn to meet on the 3d Sabbath in August; which was carried. CHAS. w SIILRWOOD, President. J\o T CiEJtss rs, .In., Secretary. july '?i? It OJ" Special Notice !!!?Ladies and Gentle men of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria, are hereby informed that Pkof. Chas. DkOrath, of Philadelphia, will lie in Washington soon to attend himself to any difficult nnd paim/nt cotum. and he desires all who v. lsh particularly to see him in reference to the action of his celebrated '? Electric Oil," to drop a line to him at the Na tional Hotel, and he ftrill call on sueh as early as his prior engagements will allow?this applies ns irrll to those who here ns to those who hnve not tried the Oil?as he wishes to be of all possible lienetit to suffering humanity, without any expense to the party for advice. SPECIAL AGENT, National Hotel Washington. July 23. IMS?St. :iy~XIr. Marey's Corns?The present Ad ministration and the "Electric Oil.1'?Some say the Administrati'-n have '? zonr. dotfn"'?even ?oine editors (the orach's of popular opinion) per tinaciously assert it. Prof. Chas. DeGrath never asked an editor for a favorable opinion. All re spectable Doctors consider it altogether infra dig to advertise in a paj?er, yet they are very glad to be noticed by the editor of a respectable journal?provided it cost him nothing. Now, this obsolete idea is fast decaying. If a man. in whatever position, makes a discovery, he is coming out lablled in English. If this treads 011 nny body's corns, they can be relieved very soon at Messrs Siott's & Co.'* drug store Just fo ?ee the crowd come for it, and to bear the exultation of the relieved?some with painful swel lings reduced, and limbered joints ; others relieved of Neuralgia in half an hour. But all cases are not al i ke. Some req u ire a little longer time t ban others. CISSEL, in Georgetown, also keeps it. jy ?3t _ 117- It Does it::: ?Prof. Charles DeGrath's " Electric Oil." from Philadelphia, is already -polten of iu Washington as I wing what it claims. People hourlv come into the drug store of Messrs Stott A Co. with a chik' h 1 Ad. a cured font, vio lent Neuralgia suddcilv relieved, a sv.--!lin/ re duced; and they ?ay I' is woudaful.?Messrs. St ?tt A Co. are daily witness to ?^es-* facts ; and as th -y have, within a fe vdays, retailed over SlUU worth, they have had frequent opy >rt?aillles of learning the cffee'.s of -his great reirfdy They wo aid not f-'l it if It w re not good The same opin'on prevails In every plare where It ha been introduced ; and !i PI i adelpliia they rely on it altogether to RtLiF"F. P I.M. Price?.' cents, '5 cents, and *?1; large bot ties uiucl" tbu ch-apest? >111 ev a a s.nall l*otUe is cliee^forC^.nsiiloje; alstfor Ear-acheand Tooth a-he. Jy W?It J17" Letter from Hen. Jonn Elinor Notts of Virgm:n. R cHMoNn. July 9, 1355. Messrs Wm. S. Beers A Co : Gents?Consider ations of du'.y 10 the . fflicted alone prompt me to -end vhi this voluntary testimonials tfc,: jr oat vftlue of "Carte.r's Sjt<in''k Mi ctutc, for that almost incurable disease, Srrofitl 1. Wiihout being disposed or deeming it nee>*ssary to "o into the particulars of the case, I can "ay that the astonishing results that have l>ecn pro duced by the use of t'.iat medicine < n r. member (J* my own familv, and under iny own ol?ervation 'Oh! superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians bad been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed., fully justify me In re^oin ir^nding its use t?? all who may b;* Buttering from dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford tK* ss;rne relief in all cases; for, of course. 1 < an know nothing about that?but of what 1 have seen of the effects, 1 would not hesitate to use it, in any and ? .cry ease of Scrofula, with persons for v. horn I felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise influence orcoutrol. Respectfully, your Jso. M. Botts. JJjT Premiums at the Fairs?Whitehnrst's still in the ascendant ?The juries of each of the la>e fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, awarded their high test premiums to J 11. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and L>aifiiereotyi>es exhibited. Mr. NV.also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New Y ork. Also, the tirst awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery In this city is on Pa ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Slith streets. feb 17 in" Or. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration. Yet it is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low, nervous, ana irritable he may be. the cordial prop erties of HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-beaded monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je"^-3m 1 ?/? Noah Walker A Co., Marble Hall Clothing Emporium, under Brown*' Hotel, re spectfully announce thai their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection comprising an assortmeut of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. 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For all diseases of the Female System It stands pre-eminent. A Clergy manjust informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desjs>rate character?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? By its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys, wili cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma. Bron cbial and Lung Affections, Pains in the Back, Side and Breast. Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints. Piles, Worms and Nervous Debilities? with all diseases arising from impure blood, and is the greatest female medicine ever known. This ^valuable medicine is working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Bal timore street, Baltimore; J04 Broadway, New York; CHAS STOTT A CO., J. B MOORF. D. B CLARKE. CLARKE A BOWLING, W EL LIOT, and H. McPHERSON, WasLington: also, by R S. F. C1SSELL, Georgetown; C?C. BER RY; Alttomliidj ajtd by Prugj(i?u everywhere. AUCTION SALES. Bv J is C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer OKC Ol THE BEST GROCERY Mn^i in the l ily ml Public Sal*?On THURS DAY afternoon. Julv<rt. 1855. at 6 o'clock, on the plenai* s, I snalltefl that valuable propyl v *Ku ated on the corner of B and 12th street*. near 12'h street bridge. forme. lv kept as a lirocety store b> >engstaik 4c Clark, and late by Wm. II. Clark. With a sufficient capital to ex?eud the b?v??eas to a wholesale -s well a* retail bas'aea.-, more par ticularly in the feed. Hour and bacon trad*, ao io ca: 'on in the city offe?-= greater acilitlee. The warehouse 1* of brick, * ff1 fon' by Sw ft deep. two stories L./h. and built of ti.- best mala rta' in 'he n,.*t substantial naa .net. Then i? al so attached a lot in the rear 25 by 75 t. Tilt premises can be ?cou at ~riy time by appli cation to C. P. Senzstac*. on D, between !2th and 13th streets. * ' Immediately after, l shall sell a lot fronting 21 f-^eton south D, l*t* -n 12th and 13th sta , -on n?ng back *1 feet to au If feet navcJ ? Tauw: One half ca-h; residue In six, turel-e, eighteen and twenty-four months, *a.factorny secured, beaiiug imervst. J. C, McGUIRE, Jy ?1?d A xtioneer. By GREEN .v *001 T Auttl^neeti HOrSllKM It %M? KITCHEN FURNI. tnre nt \? t!on ?)n FRIDAY, tne27tk instant, we ?l>a!' -??II, at t'.e house rrrt d<v,r to Mr. Purdy. on tl.e north side of Pennsylvania a? enne, between M and *<d .-treets, at 10 o'clock a. m., a nood lot. of hoqsehold Furniture, vix: Mahogany Sofas, Chairs and Table* Maple and cherry hi<rh and low post Bedsteads Mahogany Bureaus and Stand*. Union Chairs Feather B*ds. Bedding and Mattresses Cane-seat Chairs, Washstands and Wardrobea Parlor, pa^saue and chamber Carpets Moreen and other Window Curtains Fine Cooking, Radiator and Airtight Stores Crockery Ware With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms All sum* of and under 985 cash; over *23 a credit of tin and (*i davs, for note* satlsferto rily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 21?d Auctioneer*. By C W BOTELER, Auctioneer SALE OF A VALUABLE LOT at Auction. On FRIDAY afternoon, Jnly 20th. at t? o'cl'k, I shall sell, on the premises, part of 1/Ot No. 7, In Square No. 4^, fronting 35 feet 2 inches on north Sstreet, lietween 13th and Hth streets west; depth 121' feet to a 3n foot alley. Terms: One-third cash: Italance in A, 12, and 18 months, with notes bearing interest, seemed by a deed of trust on the premises C. W. BOTELER. jy 14?eoAds Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Three new three-story brick Houses in the Northern Liberties, nt , Public Sale?On TUESDAY afternoon, Jul* 1 24th, at f> o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell I Lots 2 and 3. in Norman's subdivision of square ] No 3t?9, fronting on 9th street west, at the corner i of N street uorth, running back $4 feet 8 inches to a in feet alley, with the iinprovoments. consisting I of three new three-story brick Dwelling House*, i with back buildings, containing 7 rooms each, l with wood sheds Ac. Th<* corn?T building has a store attached which is now occupied as a grocery, and is doing a first rate busin?*s. Terms : One-third ea>h ; residue in 0, 12,18 and 21 mouths, satisfactorily seen red. bearing interest J AS. C. MeGU IRE, jy 17?4 Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON CAPI tol llili at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 21th instant, wc shall sell, on the premises, at 6 , o'clock p. m . Lot No 1, in Square No 75f>, frout | ing 32 feet on C street north, between 2d and 3d st> east, running back 1(10 feet I Terms: One-third cash; the balance in Sand : 1"J months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, I Jy 19?d Auctioneer". Bv J C. McGUi RE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALI. OK VALt ABLI. Im proved Ileal Estate.?bj virtue of a deed 1 intrust bearing date tfce 2"Hh d-y ufAiay. A.D ; ? >31 and duiy recorded in Liber J. A S., No. TP, folios25-5. ?*?'? JJ7. and 2>-. one c,' the .. ' Urecords fijr W ashington ccu;iiy. i.i the District ol Co. im bla, wc villi sell at publl' <a'e. in front ot the ! premises. FRIDAY, the 3d day of Argust. i ?"?. ai 0 o'clock p in , s part of Lots No? I ? ai.d i II, in Sqnure No. >:ir in tbecl*y of U.-.hingron in did l>istric;. n.nd bting described rs Bcrinnine on the line <?f south D str?et X feet a?d three in- h? lbesoi thw?? nrner of said 1 s-iiiar". and: ronuini; tht.nee eas" with raid street 2-? feet, thence uc?r*'a teet, tbenc** west 25 leet, i aud thence sou ;i 100 fee* to the place t**inning. I with the Improvements. The -aid lot Is we'l improved with a r.^at Cot 13?IJOU^ Term of sale: One-third in cash, and the re i mainder in two equal payments ?tsl< and twelve , months, with Interest, to lw secured by a deed of ? tr*Thc terms of the Bale ko be complied with In five days ai'd upon default therein the I ruste-'s re j -erve the ri"ht to reseil th^ premises at the cost and risk of tT,e nr-t pmchaser. All conveyan< in_' at pi rchaser's cost. } W. H WARD, > Trll<.? J YD WIS, JAS. C. -VcC i 1I? E, jy 2n?eoTt Auctioneer. BvJA^. C McGtIRE, Auc?l?ttee;. rrillREE VALUABLE BUIT.DIN? LOTS 1 Ht the , orner ot 12th and K sts. at pub li. Sale On WCDNEM?AY afteiaoon, Jalv ?25tb. at f.?4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall se I Ijots Nos. 21, and20, >f Davidson s subdivis ion of Square No. Miuated al lh- uu;?eroi 12tli street vest and K street north, the whole , fronting7f.'| feet on K street, >?v97 feet t Inches on 12th street. , . . The*e are probably the mo-i cligiole and cl- ir able building lots fo -sale i.i that duljibtftil jjart of the city, to the -ale f w. : h esnerfal atuation Is invited Title indlsput The propert' vult kk'IiI ci>ti'?nf In lots, a? W "'Terms, Out--.uird ca^n. tne resldae in ?? and 12 mouths, with inter st satisfa. '?rlly area. J AS. C. McGUIRE, jy 19 -d Auctioneer Rv OR F.F.N A SCOTT. Auctioneers VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY V the Island at Auc tion.?On EDN r-S 0AV, the 25th instant, we shall sell, at 6 o cloc k p m . in front of the premises. |?rt of Lot No t In Square 4t?i. having a front of ol feet on Virginia avenue, running back ill feet to south C street, with the Impruveineats, which are two good orlci and one frame House The brick houses contain six liood and conveniently arranged rooms and kitchen each They will be sold separate The above de*cn?>ed property is handsomely lo cated on Virginia avenue. l>etween Mb and ah streets, and presents many inducements to pereons wishing to make a good investment, as it is in the most rapidly improving part of the Island. Title indisputable. Terms r One-third cash, the balance in 6 and 12 months, foi notes inaring interest from the day of {}lP Sill?. A deed irlven and a deed of trust taken. A deed given ana oRHEN & scoTT, Jy 16?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT A net ioneers TRUSTEE'S SALE Ot LAND IM? ASH inyton * ounty. District ef Celumbiu By virtue of a deed ai trust, dated November 3d, A D- 1851, and duly recorded in Liber .1. A. r , No. ti?, folios 257. 25H. 259 and ?t|, one of the land records for Washington county, in said ^s^|ct we will sell, at the auction roon^,^,oTnA Y the in the city of Washington, en THl'^RSDAY,the ?d day of August. is55, at 5 o clock p ni-.U^ 1?, In the subdivision of a part called Granby, in the county of Washington .the s lid lot containing tive acres of land, more or less^ A plat of the subdivision will lie exhibited at t!'Terms: One-llfth cash, and t^e remainder in four equal payments, at one. ,w?iJhJee years, with interest, to be secured by a deed of trust. . All conveyancing at purchaser s coit_ . . The above mentioned property Is handsomely located In a very elevated nlanding view, about three miles from Washing ton, northeast of the Capitol, on the new cut Bla * biStEk,* ?'Tr. " green A SCOTT, jy 20?eo&ds Auctioneer. By J. C McCU IR E, Auctioneer^ FM'RNITURE AND HOISEHOLD KF 1 fects On THURSDAY, July at ? o'c lock, on the south side of L. between 9th and 10th streets, 1 shall sell the coinnria* of a gentleman declining housekeeping, cotnpris Mahogany hair spring Sofa arid Ckiai" Marble top crt.ire atKl fancy Rush aiui cane-seat Cliairs, ^N hatnot Malioir.tuy extension dining Tairte Walnut refreshment Table, rout Table Mantel Clock Girandolws Three-ply and Inyrain Carpets. Oilcloths Straw Mattings, Ruus, Walnut and niaplc Cottage Bedstends Dressing and plain Bureaus. Washstanda Hair ana busk Mattresses. Toilet Sets Dressing Tables, Wardrobe Cooking Stove and Fixtures, Refrigerator Excellent Tin Safe, Buckets, Tubs, Ac. Together with a general assort ment of Rite hen Utensils. . Terms: 925 and under cash; over that _7"~* * credit of 2 end 4 months for satisfactorily endorsed ?otes, beenng interest |AS. C. McGUIRE, i Jy,!*-* . AUCUV?C?. TELEGRAPHIC NBW6. REPOETCP FORTME I VEM^fl AH. MaUaSaly Accidsst Cat* Iiul*k?. July 23 ?A party of seven p?r*?n?, on Satnrdny l?*t wwt on a sailing excursion from Somen' Point to Beetelej'a Point. four mike up tb? Tack shoe River, I he h-at w*3 uf*et and Cve )?erw>n< droiri.H. via: G. Tally, Ckarie- P Wit*.?, ?lth hit itifi uud child, of C.-mden, nud L Y?un?j. of Philadelphia. Two men wen- found yesterday Hlrgitg to the botUn; of the boat. ??wnl Aaho*e n vK. July 28?The ac'tevoeer Co luuous. fror- Plymouth, *X 0, lor >'?wTou( with dim! is tuthoio m D?il Bern i, and is gcug to pi m *. Tha ? w w^rc **?? 1. The vessel u anin?nr d. 3altitncr? HiHcki. Baltivorb, July 23.--Plow and aorr ?r* urchanftd, wah *g<od ujp.y a, d active d<; mand. Wheat hn? advaa- Jd * par Lot).el Hew York Market* N*w Yoaa. July 23 ? Plorr hai ndra: eoi ljc. Sale* of 4 0?< bbls at H4?a$9. Sale# of 3.5ttu Mf ;x>uiber?i wt *1#.ST. Wheat firmer Co*r fi-n . >*!?* ,f m) 000 bu?be> at VOo B.?et and pork *? a-'y. Whisky rteady at 41e. Stoek Hsrkot. Near York, July 2.1.?stocks ape lower. Money In moderate request. Sale.* of Erie at 511, Cumberland. 28J; Readily 90J, Canton, 27; New York Central, 101 J. H? By BREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers OlIS AND LOT ON THE I ALAND nt AmiIh?On MONDAY, the *Jd instant, at 6,)| o'clock, p m , we Khali aell in front of the fitemizes, part of l?t No 9, in Square 5S7. front ng 33 feet on south E street. t#(w?m 3d and streets. west. running hark about I Of) fret with the the Improvement", which it a comfortable frame House Term? One-third cash; balance la ? aad 11 month*, for note* bearing interest from the day of the ule: A deed riven and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 1??eoAd* Auctic BY J C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S KALE OF VALUABLE IN. prsvetl Krai Estate.?By virtue at a dead of trust, hearing dau tbe'Juth dav of May. A D. IHS4. and duly recorded in Liher J . A S.. No. 70. folio* *242, -J 13, *244, *245 and *246. one of the laud* records for Washington conntv, in the District of Columbia, we will well nt jmtiltc sale, In front of the premises, on FRIDA Y, the 3d da v of August, IVw. at 6% o'ch" k P M , a part of lot No W, in square No *AI7, lit the city of Washington. in said District, and being described as follows: Be ginning on the line of South D stn-ct -rl feet and 5 inche* from the southwest corner of said square, and running thence east on the line of said street *25 feet to the eastern line of ?uiid lot ; thence north with said line U?' feet, th- uce west '25 feet. and tbencc sooth HNifeet to toe |4are of beginning, with the improvements. The lot is improved with a neat cottage house Terms of sale One-third in cash ; the remain der in two equal payments at sli and twelve months, with interest, to b? secured by a deed of trust; the terms of sale to becomplied with in five days from the day of sale, and upon default there in the trustees reserve the right to resell the pretO so at the cost and risk of the ftrst jmreLaaes .Ml c\>nTeynncint2 at purchaser's cost. W. H WARD,/Tnltl(tal J. Y DAVIS. {"Uatta*. J C McGUIAE. Jy <0 ?it Anctlwwr. NOW IS THL TIME TO LAY IN YOlK FIF.L. THE undersigned will n>w de'iver food Oak Wood, it.e cords or upwards, at 56 60 p?* cord, cash. 1 am now la* Jing a car*? ofdr ? qoJitv red ash COAL. ."*hich i Wi!l deli ver flvi ton or upw?-d*. at 5? |-r ?on ; White Ash at ** *?5. < ash; or 1 wli. deliver l?th -mid r.nd ' -^1 at half dol'ar cdvsnce on th - ab've prices atdgivr th rty days' rradit, but ,io' ove. tk.l ''iw to T-ll b|e persons in order to sell at the abuve low pri c~< the ca>h; be -Hoofed c" jijq^ *t lv, ,h'Je who purchase Tor rash, -*"ill no* tr charged f om tlfteen to twent^--tTr pe. c_ot. i.s * < offset for bad deLis Call and leav? vour orders, bv doiii/ so you iTW secure your luei againa' its t tklng a nae T^DIu'RY, lft5 Pa. ave . bet !Tth and l^th sts , a. ?ld? Jy 17?eo3t* VARNELL A MANRINsT H0FSE, SIGN, A2TD FANC7 PAIKTE&8, WOULD respectful';* c* 11 the stiention of the pubUc. to their specimens of Fancy Singa, to he seci at all times at their ettabllAurnt. Glaas ?ign*. w 'h black, blue, ureen, oranvcol o.ed gro jid. with silvor or gold letters, as persons may desire; *.id vve guaranty to trot up tb?se si^tts etieupor than auy other eaiablishment ihia side ~f Ne\*\ork Si ens oeatiy framed, with riugs complete A call is respectfully solicited M.op on -x>.:l<iaiia ave.iae, between Sixth and Seventh streets, No. 6?^. jnly 17? BANKING MOrSEOF FA1RO A NOL RSE, lirt>03II* t'S IT EP STATU* TREi?rt. I>o\|)s, STOCKS, AND OTUEB StCUK! TIK>, P urhasca nnd Sold Interest, at the m:e ot sli per <-ent per annum, allowed on drpos U when 1^ for thirty dayn or longer. Jan 24?<Jni ^ LAND W4RBANTS LO? ATFD. THK subscribers v? U locate 'and WaiaLti either in Ohio. Indiana, lllinoi.sor Iowa, "id and g'ive a correct des'*riiH|o? of th* lar d ~*at*u If, upon examination, this description pn ve" in ourec', the> will themselves :aWetl ?? l?.hd gl*iug for it anc'.her warrant for the s?n?e? Ja*?ti*v On" of the lirra reside* in the West,. nd ?Ul give the business bin persoe-?l ? oefiui?-n< in* e M1LLEK A BKOWN, 7th st ., oppo"'.tt I'M Oi.i, Was? in^ton. jy 13?eo3m TO THE PF3L1C (?RAY'S NEl TRAI.IZINU (ORDIAL! THE GREAT BOTAX.C REMEDY' II^OK DiarrbQja. Dvsenter and SununerCom . plaints of Childr *n can i? had at CHARLES STOTT A CO.'S, Pennsylvania avenue. This preparation it unsurpassed for the above diseases No family should oe without it during the summer season, when the above diseases are no prevalent. It Is particularly m i-miuended for children. Price 25 cents per bottle. Prepared and sold by JAMF.S GRAY. No a Water street, Baltimore, Md jy^l?iw 373] IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. f?7* One Dollar's werth ef tieeds far T4 cents S AS we contemplateenlar^tng and otherwise im ? \ proving our store, we wul commence from this date and continue until tbe ltlth of Augu?t next (at which time tbe improvement is to com mence) to sell our large and beautiful assortment of Lawns, Tissues, Bareges. Gentlemen's and Boys' wear, and in fact our entire stock of SUM MER GOODS at greatly reduced prices far cash We have also on nand a complete assortment of Indies' and Gentlemen's Summer Gaiter* and Fancy Shoes, which we are disposed to sell at least is per cent, lens than our usual prices Persons wishing to save money would do well to give us a call as tbey may confidently rely on obtaining GREAT BARGAINS K B HALL, No. 373 North Seventh st., one door above Jy 13?eo*2w R G Hyatt's. GEORGE F. KIDWELL A CO., DEALERS IN ALL KIKD8 OF COALS A!TD WOOD, Fourteenth street. (*pp*nf Fr?nk I in E*gi*t Houte.) have now on hand every article in their line, which will be sold at prices to suit the time* They solicit a share of public patronage, pledging themselves to give satisfac tion to all. N. B.?A cargo of White and Red Ash Coal (afloat) will Ite sold low if ordered from the wharf. jy 'JO?col in* _ ice?ice-ice: d^HARLES WFRNF.K. on Pa avenne. oppe V/ site Browns Hotel, wiU keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettioone's best ICE. which be wifl sell, on call, In any quantities, at the.lowest possible rates may '25?dtSep 9t' PERSONS WITH DEFEC TIVE VISION are invited to eiamiae my extensive stock of all kinds of SPECTACLES and EYE GLASS ES Glasses of any kind, such as Cataract. Para bola, Periscopic. Double Concave., Double Can vex and Colored Glasaas, put in at abort notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses Bia v be sure to get thoae which benefit the ef* lfr Circulars Defective Vision" gratis at U H SEMKEN>S, 380 Pa. avenue, bet ?lh and l?h mar 30 LAND WARRANTS. f AND Warrants wanted at the ?(*??{V** ** JLl KELLER A McKENNEi , l?th street, opposite Uf Treasury. Jj*-im*