Newspaper of Evening Star, July 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 24, 1855 Page 3
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"EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Citt CorwciLS.?In the Board of Aldermen, the Chairman (Mr. Clarke) laid before the Board a Mayor's communication ooveriug one from the commissioner of the western sec tion of the canal, asking for an appropriation of >250 for the repair thereof; referred to the c mmittee on the canal. Mr Dove presented the petition of Robert Earle and other*, for a pavement on the west eide of Twenty-first street, between F and I street? : referred to the improvements commit tee Mr. Marks presented the petition of Wni. ?tuinand, for refunding iieense paid for a wagon . referred to the ciaims committee. Mr Houston reported back from the finance committee, a bill authorising a spccial tax fun 1 and a transfer from the surplus fund. The question being on its third reading? Mr. Bayly opposed the said bill, as it pro posed to use for Corporation purposes money which was practically in the keeping of the Corporation on trust; it not being the property of the Corporation, but of peiaons whose prop erty haa been bold for taxes. A debate on this bill then took place between Messrs. Houston and Pepper for it. and Mr. Bayly agaiust it. It was read a third time and passed. On motion of Mr. Houston, the bill reported by him from the joint committee on the Vasl ? ington and Alexandria Railroad for permission f>r the extension of the said railroad from the loot of the Lung Bridge to the Baltimore and Ohio de]>ot and to the Washington city canal, was taken up. Mr. Houston proposed an amendment pro viding for the laying of a rail track of this road from its terminus on the canal at Seventh street along the canal to Fourteenth street west. After conversation between Mr. Dove, urging the necessity of amending the bill so as to c?<ia pel the railroad company to lay the track at such distance from the wharves as the Mayor may designate, and Mr. Houston, suggesting that the company would make no objection to this additional provision in the bill. Mr Pcar a >n explained tnat under the charter the com pany would have no right to lay the rail* within eighty feet of the water edge of the wharves. Mr Houston then moved to amend his bill so as to meet the suggestions of Mr. Dove, which being agreed to, the said bill was duiy passed Mr Pepper reported back, from the im provement committee, a bill to change the width of the pavement on south D street oppo site squares j72 and 573 to fourteen feet, and repealing the former act with reference to the said pavement ; passed. Mr. Busey reported back with an unfavora ble recommendation, a bill to amend the net orgar.iiing the police system of the city, the * lid amendment being to repeal the provision of xhe law requiring ]*oiice magistrates to reside in the wards for which tbey serve in that ca pacity; third reading refused. Mr. Smith offered a joint resolution auihor iiing Massrs Rivers and Deriou* to exhibit their circus on Centre market square, the said joint resolution being accompanied by a peti tion in its tavor from sundry citizens; passed? yeas 10. nays 1?-(Mr Bu-ey.) Mr. Popper reported ba.'k from the improve ments committee a bill providing for the grad ing and paving of the alley in square 570 passed. Mr. Pearson reported, from the claims com mittee. a bill for the relief of Ten Eyck and Palmer, appropriating $300 for them ; laid on the table until Monday next. 31r Busey offered a joint resolution fixing 6 p. in., of Monday. July 30. for tue two Board; to meet in joint meeting to elect police magis trates ; passed. Mr Miller offered a resolution directing the police committee to examine into an I report the defects of the present arrangements for lighting the street- with gas. and to inquire an 1 rep* rt why the streets are not lighted after midnight, and what it will cost the corpora tion and th-j government to keep the rtrtets lighted some Lours Inter. Mr. Miller advocated this resolutior. ex pi lining that in dark nights, when the moon pets, before midnight, and always alter mid night. the city is in darkness, which should not be Mr Busey moved the reference of this so lution to a select committee. After conversational debate <>n this bill in which Messrs. Pepper and Miller participated, the motion of Mr Busey was not agreed to. and then the said resolution was passed. Mr. Magruder introduced a resolution re quiting the Mayor to inquire of the corpora tion physician tor the Fourth Ward, whether he retu-eJ to attend a pour man namei' Thos Creagher who fell from the fourth story of a house on one day last week, and resnles on square X>> 527; anl if so. the reasons for his said refusal. Mr Pearson was opposed to tho passage of thi- resolution; thinking it proper that the men should make his complaint directly to the Mayor. Mr Magruder explained that the man was now n?>t in a condition to make a crmiplaint. Hi- iriends. however, were inv -ighing against the physician in question. His propisal was to give him an opportunity to vindicate him self; resolution parsed. Mr M:;rks reported back from the public schools committee, a biil creating the nice of Superintendent of the Public ?>ch<iols, to be fiiLd by election by the public school trustees, the salary attached to the office to be SI.000 Alter debate between Messrs. Bu^ey for SI ?>00, and Bayly, Pepper, and Smith for a larger compensation t >r the said superin tendent. Mr Pepper moved to strike out $1,006 and insert in lieu thereof SI.500; not agreed to, yeas 6. nays 7?as follows ; Yea-.?Messrs. Bayly. Miller. Pepper. Marks, Srn.'h. and Claike. (President)?6. Nays?Dove. Magruder, Evans, Tretler, Houston. Busey, and Pearson?7. Mr trnith nioveJ to make it SI,-100, but subsequently withdrew the motion. Mr Bayly moved to make it SI, 1500. Mr Clarke moved to amend the amendment bv adding a clause providing that tue said su perintendent shall not engage in any other business; agreed to. The amended amendmeut being next agreed to, amended, the saiu bill was paired. Tae j >int resolution requiring the joint com mittee to at'end to the interests of the corpo ration before Congress to ask for certain amend ments to the election law, was taken up und referred to the police committee. Mr Evans moved to reconsider the vote by which tLe bill troiii the lower B ..?rd to change the site of the First Ward mark t-h?.uje had been rejected. Mr. E said he had been called on Ly citiiena of the wind, who assuiod him that the change proposed waa desired Oy a ma jority of the ward. ^Mr Dove said that he knew the parti.--< well who nad made fu^h representations to Mr K. In i: e fir-t place, he knew that the leader in making them was a property holder contigu ous to th? place propo*ed?to be occupied hv trie buiidi'g. He conceived that i: woul i be iti just to the higher bidders f? r the work to make this change without again issuing pro posals for the work. If such prop?? be ad vertised for, much of the inducements for the change w uld be done away with. Tho dele gation" in both Boards from the ward were op posed to the proposed change, and they were the best judges of the proper l<>caUon Mr Magru ler also op(>o*ed the motion of Mr. Evans at some length ; not reconsidered? yeas 5, nay * 7. Mr Busey wa' then appointed by the cha r a committee of one. to superintend on the part of the board the erection of the Fifth W ard market he use. Mr. ?initb presented a petition of Duke and Mechlin, for the remission of a fine; referred to the claims committee. A bill from the finance committee, providing for the payment of intercut on over drafts was taken up and passed. A lower boaid's joint resolution making the Mayor and one member of each board a com mittee to superintend the erection of the North ern Liberties engine house, was paise 1. The board then adjourned. Common Council.?The Beard met at the nsu.iI hour. Tae following petitions were presented and referred'?Petition of John Trader for the re mission of a fine : L ly*?es Ward for permission to set a curbstone on N. between 8th and 0th greets J Keppet for the paving of footwaik on square fr05; Robert Devereux for the ie mission of a fine ; J Apler for the same Sir Clements, from the ways and mean* -oramittee, reported a bill laying a tax of 5 cents upon the $ 100 valuo of proporty, to be devoted to the purpose of schools Mr AtLee, from thecommittee on claims, re ported adversely upon the petition of J ohn Van Home. Also, from the same committee, a bill to pay to Henry Saunders $425. for the expense of replacing the wall, steps, coping, Ac., of his remises on K street which were destroyed y the alteration of the grade of said street. L:iid orer. Mr. AtLce, from the committee on elections, submttted a written report in regard to the contested seats from the Fourth Ward con cluding as follows : ' " In conclusion, therefore, your committ ee beg leave to say that they believe the late election to have been conducted in all respcets in accordance with the requisitions of the city c larter, and the laws enroled in pursua:r< e thereof: that tho commissioners of election in the Fourth Ward discharged their duty on toat occasion justly and uprightly; and that the entire proceedings, up to the final procla mation of the Mayor, were legal, regular, and respectfully submit the following resolution, and recommend its adoption." The resolution declared A McD. Davis, J. T. Clements, and John Ball justly entitled to their seats in this Board as representatives from the Fourth Ward. Mr. Jtfferson wished to state that tho pro tests of the contestants from the Fonrtb Ward wero banded to him to present to the Board, and that he had not appeared before the com mittee as an advocate, as he might have been called upon to act as judge upon the issue. He had called upon one of the contestants, and was informed by him that he supposed that the affidavits and other papers which wore used in the Board of Aldermen would also be used in this Board. Mr. J. then proceeded to read a letter which be had received from J. A. Kennedy, when Mr. Davis objected to the further reading as being insulting and disre spectful to the Board. Tiiechainnan (Mr Lloyd) stated the reading was out of order. Mr. Jefferson was afterwards permitted to read the letter; as follows : Washington, July 23, 1855. Sir : As you are the member through whom the petitions of myself and oolleagues, viz: Noble Young and .John L. Clubb, have been presented to the Board of Common Council, I therefore consider it to be my dutv. after consultation with mv colleagues on the sub ject, and from what has transpired in the Board of Aldermen, on the petitions of Gideon and Fitipatrick, there is but little hope that justice will be done in our cases. However, if the opposition have any desire t > give the subject a fair investigation?the evidence is within their reach?it may be found in the Board of Aldermen, where it wa* filed in the case of Jacob Gideon Tho evi dence is there produced by affidavits, to the number of at least 55 legal votes, which were offered for ???, besides many from the list pre sented by Thomas C. Dor.n, Esq., one of the commissioner*, all of which were illegally thrown out of the ballot-box on the 4th day ot June last. In our opinion, there now remains nothing m*>re to be done by us. We fully believe we are justlv entitled to our seats mem ber* of the Board of Common Council, and sbail leave tho matter with our friends to do as they think fit. i or myself, and in behalf of my colleagues. I subscribe myself. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. J. A. Kennedy. To F Jtflerson, of the Board of Common Coun cil, city of Washington. Mr. Jefferson, in closing, offered a resolu tion requesting the lean of all the papers on file in the Board of Aldemen relating to the contested election of Aldermen in the Fouiih and Fifth Wards. Mr. AtLee objected, on a point of order, that tho resolution offered by the committee w.:s before the board, and had tho priority, 'lhe chair stated that such was the case. Mr. Jefferson moved to suspend the report ol' the committee for a short time, to have the sense of the Board taken oa his resolution ; which was as follows : ttesolvrd. That the Secretary be directed to r-quest, in behalf of this Board, from the B >ard of Ald.jr.nen, the loan of all the affi la vits presented u> that board in relation to the late election in the Fourth Ward The motion to suspend the rules for the con sideration of this resolution, was lost Mr. Abert stated that as the committee pro fessed the utmost fairness, it would reflect a higher degree of praise upon them if they would consent to the production of the papers desired, it wus due to the contestants and to the committee, and should be allowed. Mr. Abert then moved to lay the rej>ort upon the tabic for one w>_ek. with a view that these pa pers m:ty be obtained and shown. Mr AtLee stated he wa? willing to afford every opj*>rtunity to all who would treat, the board and committee respectfully, but to per sons who insulted them he did not feel willing to extend any courtesy. Mr. Walker, although ho despised the char acter of one of the contestants, was willing to give additional time. Mr. Fuller, as one of the committee, stited that he thought that the parties had had time enough to prove their claim4 if they could, and everything they done was entirely fair and well di-po-*?d towards the contestants. He did not think more time ought to be allowed, and desired to have the matter settled to I night. Mr. Jefferson had no personal interest in the event, but acted upon the views of Mr Ken nedy, w ho w:.slred a thorough investigation. Mr. AtLee was opposed to any further time being allowed them. Why did not the parties appear before the committee and ask for a post ponement? We were waiting for them. and w >u!d have granted it. Mr. Abert then stated if the gentleman really thought that the parties knew the pa pers presented in the upper board were not in the possession of the committee, he Would with draw his motion. Mr. AtLee stated that thero was nothing said about these papers in the memorials of the contestants. Mr. Jefferson stated that in conversation with Mr. Kennedy, he (Mr. J.,) told him that pa] crs presented to one Board were not taken totheothci, a^d that Mr. K had better at tend to the matter, which he promised to do. Mr. Davis stated that affidavits wore of no jse where the living wituess can be produced, and that this was a well known rule of law. The parties knew it. He. however, would like to have some of those affidavits explained, as one of them stated that the subscriber wa? ?? u]H>n the poll list, ' and two or three lin -s below that he " was not upon the poll list.'' Mr. Abert's motion to postpone was lost? yeas nays 11 The resolution from the committee was th en read, and Mr. Jefferson moved to amend by adding, " the contestants of the scats having failed to come forward with proof of their title to taid seats.'' This amendment was also lost?yeas 7. nay The original resolution wa* then adopted. Mr AtLee thanked the minority ? f the Board for sustaining the report. Mr Abert then stated that he was not to be considered the advocate of the gentlemen whosi petitions he had prcseuted, and hoped they would attend to the matter themselves. | This, we suppose, refers to the Fifth Ward cases J Mr. Kuff, from police committee, reported a bill which was laid over. Mr. Peters, from public schools committee, introduced a bill m.ikiug an appropriation of rlij.400 to pay the salaries of the teachers for the year ending June 30, 1856 ; which was passed. Mr. McCutchen, from the committee on.the eligibility of assessors, stated that tho protest of R B.Owens was improperly before them? that it whs a question, and moved to refer it to the committee on elections ; which was done. Mr. Fuller, from the delegation from the First Ward, to whom the matter was referred, re ported a bill altering the gtade of Seventeenth street west; which was passed. Mr. AtLee moved that the vote rejecting the re-olutiou which repealed all laws prohibiting members of the two boards holdii.g the office of police magistrate, which was h ?u last Mou dav, be reconsidered. Messrs Clements, Ball. Jefferson, and Orme opooeed the motion; and Messrs. Towloand AtLee favoring it. A motion to ^o%t^on? by Mr. Lloyd K?t, and the yote was reconsidered and the resolu tion pw?pd?yoM 11, nay? 9. The following bilLi were received from the Board of Aldermen: A bill granting license for the exhibition of a circus to Rivers and Derious ; parsed A bill grading adcy in square 570; passed. A bill to appoint a superintendent of public schools; referred. j Mr. Walker introduced a bill to grade I Twelfth street, between Virginia and Mary- 1 land avenue?; which was passed. A joint resolution to go into an election for police magistrates on next Monday, was passed A bill authorizing the Alexandria and Washington Railroad to lay a single track from the foot of the Long Bridge to the depot of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, through First street and Indiana avenue, and a lateral branch from the corner of Seventh street und Maryland avenue to Canal street, and thence along Canal street to Fourteenth street, came from the Board of Aldermen. A lone discussion ensued, in the courso of which the following facts became apparent : I That the Corporation were interested in the r lilroad to tho extent of guaranteeing the pay- I ment of $60,000 in bonds; that they had a deed of trust upon all of the property of the rail road as security; that the railroad was entir >- I ly in the control of the Corporation of the city. I and they could regulate the speed, Ac., at will; that they had already granted them a right of w;iy through the city from the Long Bridge to I the depot. '? by the nearest practicable route; " j that tail bill was merely mentioning the minor I details of what had already been granted tka I in general terms, and that a portion only of I the guaranteed bonds had been negotiated. The only opposition to the pas.-age of the bill WM, that as it was an important subject, it !i"ul.l be well considered before passing it; ihat the speed of the cars through the c ity should he first regulated, and that the author it}' cf the city to grant a right to cross Penn sylvania avenue was questionable. Tho bill, however, passed by a vote of 16 yeas to 2 nays. After which, tho Board adjourned. Great Bask Robberi- in Washington? ARREST OK THE PeRI'KTKATOB?KeCOVKRV OK the Booty. Ar.?Some days ago the proprie tors and employees of the bank of Kig^s & Co., in this city, became aware that a bag of ^ >ld. containing $5,000, had been stolen from die vault, and also about ?5.000 in coupon bonds. Ofli -er Handy was employed by Messrs. I Kiggs & Co.. and he at once engaged officer I IJvss to aid him in discovering the thief and I recovering the booty stolen. The officers fixed their suspicions, after looking into the circum- ! -lances, on the porter of tho bank, a young namod Charles Louis Chapman, a Chilian, who 1 ''ami to this city s .mo years since with Senor L'.irvalio, on the advent of that gentleman as I iue Chilian Minister to tho United States. He I icnriiued in Mr. C.'s employment until the I conclusion of hi4* mission, and having the nt- j most confidence in him he gave him the ree- I .?lumendation which obtained for him the place 1 of wr.tchmnn and porter in the bank of ltigg3 I t Co. j Yesterday morning, on the advice of the | officers, he was sjnt out as often as before to assist the runner of the bank. and. on his re turn. ho was arrested by Messrs. Handy and | L?.?ss, and n(vu?ed of th?! robbery. At lirat. h i boldly denied it, and threatened Rigg? A. 'V with a suit for defamation of character ilut. while holding him at the bank, the oth searched his premises, and behind a wooden *? utition. about the tire-place, they found th missing coupon bonds rnd bunk books. sln.w i..g that he had deposited within a few dollar oi tiie missing five thousand in three banks in Baltimore under fi.-titi us names. On learn ing of this discovery, he at once confessed his c;iine. Tliis morning he taken to Baitim >re. ?<n?l (we learn by telegraph before going to press) ai led the officers in recovering f>r Hi^gs C>. the whole amount so deposited, wi.ich h-is beet- acc mplished. The ?.thcers, of whose perseverance and r.'lroitnoss in managing the l>usi?"-'s entrusted to tlieir sagacity and en ergy. Mcssr*. Kiggs k Co speak in the h'gl>?- t reap between them a reward of *1.6o0. Chapman not long since married into a w >r thy family of this city, who deserve tho com miseration of all. Tnere is a question whether ?.is dishonest act w:is a crime in law. or a breach of trust merely. It is supposed to hnvi ) ? en committed when aiding the teller t > de posit* cash in the vault, by slipping a *0.000 bag out of the hex, and hiding it temporally l.-hlnd furniture near the vault door; and then removing it from the premises at night when a.-ting there a-1 tho watchman. The Merhy Bachelors' Excursion and Pn KiC-?Thursday next will be a gala day oj tho Potomac and at the White Huuse: foi t itn will ??oonie off" the excursion and pic ni< of that agreeable, interesting, and fum us brotherhood, " the merry bachelors.7' Ar rangement* have been made on the most lib eral and magnificent scale to render the oc -a sinn one of unalloyed delight, Many of the ni'?st charming belles of the metropolis will ^rx<*e tue company with their presence. Music. : -oth and cotillon, of the most exquisite kind will enliven the sccno; and there will be a superabundance of the choicest refresh ments. Many novelties of the most unique ;;i. 1 attractive character, will mark the d ty. one of which only we shall mention : and that i-. the presentation of a handsome gift to every 1 .dy in attendance. Tiie boat* will make tw,> trips. See the advertisement in another col umn. Pl.eak.vnt Parties.?On yesterday, m.'DV parties of ladies nnd gentlemen from this city a d the surrounding <country visited Arlington Springs, and passed tho day merrily, indeed. One very largo company of ladies and gentle men from Alexandria, Va., arrived by way of tne canal. Tliey had a band with them, and were prepared with everything necessary to make their sports delightful, and tho day pa.v> agreeably. Some of this company appeared to grieve because of the short time they could re main at this delightful spot, which i.s always made more pleasant by the presence of the venerable (3. W. P. Custis, Es<j., the proprie tor, who is best pleased when the young are happy, and is sure to add to the pleasures of the day by his interesting and instructive con versation. That he may live long to receive his young friends at Arlington Springs is doubt led* the wish of all. Charles Parker, a young man employed by ilr. tiattrebb, a butcher, who has a stall in tho Centre Market, was taken suddenly ill while passing through the fish-market, aii-t fell in the gangway. The bystanders inioie diately conveyed him to the trial-room of the guard-house, where every assistance was ren dered for his relief. After several hours of MifFering with cramps of the limbs and intes tines, he recovered sufficiently to leave for a more comfortable place of repose. The Hon Law and Interference.?Yes t *rday. tho police of the Seventh District were performing the very unpleasant duty of en forcing this law. assisted by their dogs, they .-cued upon twenty large hogs and convoycd them to the work-house, where they wiil re main until reclaimed and purchased by their owners. A colored man name I Aatho ny Bias finding the officers about to seise upon !.is employer's hogs, made an attack on the togs Mud saved some of the swine. For this interference Anthony will probably have to pay dearly. Criminal Court.?Yesterday. Win. I> Bell was arraigned and tried on two indictment ? to hiibe Milton Johnson, in ottering him $20 t > burn tne -1 nighter-house of Otho (iattreil, on the 16th of June 1S63; and to bribe Richard T. Jones, rffjring him $10 to burn a house the property of l>r. Henry Hawe, on or about the 16thof Juno, I8a3. Mr. Key for the piosecu tion, and Mr. Carrington for the defence. In each case the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. Assault with Intent to Kill.?A. Larkin was arrested by officer Koese, yesterday. for a??ault and battery with intent to kill John M ack, by striking him on tho head with a briek, indicting a very sevsre and dangerous wound. Tho witness being unable to attend, Larkin gave security in the sum of $o00 to ap pear before Justice Offutt for triul on the first of August next. The Centre Market was superabundantly supplied with vegetables this morning. It was what house-keepers call " a fine maiket. The prices for the former kind of fjod wjie low : but the same cannot be said if the m >re substantial descriptions of food?' bread and meat.'' Watkrueloss ?Fruit bearing thw name was ex|?>g*?l for sale in the Centre market thi<? morning; bat, from their appearance, t? judge they were plucked before they were I-ill-grown, and were emphatically green Good health is not likely to be promoted by an indulgence in that species of vegetable It is good, however, to promote cholera (yap tOT*1S. ? ? ~ - 1 RkoHh^hl Ball ?We hare been request ed b^r Capt. Davis, the Treasurer of the late Re ^mental Ball, to state that a meeting of the

executive committee will be held at Flint's Hotel this evening at 8i o'clock, anil it is ne cessary for every member to bo present, as this will be the last meeting. * Titos. Fitzherald was arrested la*t night, by officer Smith, for fighting. He was taken to the guard-house, and, after examination before Cupt. Birch, was committed to jail for comt. He was, at tho time of his arrest, we are informed, under security for court in a similar case, which is rather a bad recommen dation. Capitol (Jrounps.?In reply to the inquiry of a correspondent, we state that the design of the frame work skirting the main walk of the ground- is to prevent person* from making ?'sheep-paths" of the beautiful grass-plats. In former years, in the absence of such guard, t'ie latter were intruded on by pedestrians, contrary to rules. Thf. hell of the Perseverance Fire Com pany?the mode of striking being altered? wa? tried by the members last night. Notice hr.ving been given to the firemen, the sound of tho boll creatod no alarm, notwithstanding the ery of fire was raised by the boys. Ppblic School Examination.?This after noon, M rs. Randolph; female department second district school; second district school house, Jadiciary Square ; by the whole Board. The Washington Highlanders announce their grand excursion for the first of August. Tiie advertisement in to-day's Star gives the particulars. WATcn Returns.?Susan Taylor, colored, disorderly, workhouse thirty days; London Shields, alias Jnmes Bell, colored, out after hours; six lashes. FOR SALE AND RENT. I^O R R E iS" T?A COMFORTABLE COT ? tage. with * rooms and cellar, on 10th street, between D and E strnets. Possession given on 1st August Apply at the Coal and Woodvard near ly opposite. 8. S. HARVEY. jy&? [OTS FOR SAL E.?TWO OR THREE ?* ;rood Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on ttn years1 credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. Jy -21?tf (^OR RFIXT-A TWO-STORY BRICK House and bark building, containing eight rooms and cellar. surrounded by a Large yard, with pump, and stable, situated on th? south side of Third street, Georgetown. To a careful tenant the .ent will be rnodera(p Aj'P'v to C Cropley. on the premises, or to HENRY KING, At the Potomac Insurance Officp. jy 21?31 T^OR SALE ?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE ? and Lot, No 50 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment Also, u three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High street. Georgetown, Lot 'it> feet front by 1W> feet deep; will be sold low and on a long cmlit. Applv at 4b Louisiana avenue. jy 20? tf O R R E N T?A NEW THREE-STORY Frame House on L sire*J. near L5th, contain ing six rooms and a kitchen, all neatly finished. To a good tenant the rent will be 812 per month. Inquire of J. 11 DRl'RY, City Post Office. jyPJ-tf ; I^O R REN T?A TWO-STORY FRAME House, with basement, situated on Prospect Iiill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful view of the Potomac river. Apply to T. O Donnoghue near the Catholic Church, or R H Trunnel, No. 7:1 Frederick street, Georgetown. D. C. jy o I^OR SALE?A LOT ON CAPITOL HILL, containing 12,500 feet. It can be divided into halves. Enquire of il. F. QUEEN, 7ih street, near the Northern Market, jy 11?2w FH)R RENT.?A handsomely furnished Hotise I near the Public Department is ofleredfor rent. I o a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate. The House contains a bath room and gas fixtures. Enquire on the premises, No. 270 H street. Jy 5?lm* C*OR RENT ?THE BUILDING ON D ST , l near the corner of Twelfth, is for rent, either in part. or whole. Apply at the Star office, je 20?tf ^iiRR ENT?SEVER A L H AN DSOME P A R l lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap ft?11 i WANTS. "XT7*ANTED?A TEACHER WELL QUAL V V illed to act as an assistant in a Select Classi cal and Mathematical Academy. P. A. BOW EN, jy 21?dtf Georgetown. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY* CAN BE fur 1 \ nished with a large pleasant fror.t chamber, together with board in a private family Location two squares north of Pa avenue, and equal dis t.i?K.e cast of the Treasury Building. Address Box 271 City Pi?st Office Reference given and r , .ned jy 24?(W UrAN TED?A YOUNG MAN ABOUT 1? years of age as Salesman in a Grocery Store One acquainted with the business and who can bring *;ood recommendation, address "C. E.,*' through the Post Office, immediately. jy 24?3t* WANTED?A WHITE WOMAN to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a moderate Mzed family To one competent good wages will l?e given. Apply at No. 71 Montgomery street, Georgetown. jy 21?2t TTTANTED?A GOOD NURSE. VV Apply at 332 C st., between 4 and 0th sts. jy WJ~ANTED?BY ELVANS <k THOMPSON, VV 320 Penua. avenue. Cash (or notes at short dates) for accounts due and rendered in full to J il ly 1st instant. (Organ) jy23?3t ^I\ GOOD STOUT BOY'S WANTED?TO work at the harness trade. Applv to the un dersigned DAN CAMPBELL. Saddier, 1'a. avenue, near National Hotel jy 23?ttt* TTT AN TED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG VV Woman in a private family, as plain scam st.ess, ch:wnl>ermaid. and would take care of chil dren or aid in doing the ironing work. Apply to '?Ann,'' at this office. jy 23?2t* UJA N T E D IMMEDIATELY?A YOUNG and healthy Wet Nurse, for a baby2 months old. Apply to Dr. J. F. MAY", C street, from 3 to 4 or 7 to b p. in. jy 20?tf \\T ANTED-EMPLOY MENT BY' A YOUNG VV Man as Assistant in some counting room, offic e, or store, where a good penman and account ant may be wanted. Address ,;W. B. Claget," Alexaidr a. Vu. jy 20?it* VI/"ANTED?A WOMAN (GERMAN PRE T ? ferred) to do the work of a small family. In quire of JAMES OWNER, A street north, tietw. otli arut t'-th streets east jy 17?tf ll/AN TE D?EVERY BODY' TO KNOYY* that vY they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet de**p. tor the low priceof i?7o? payable#3a month without interest. Apply at thellnion Land office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap2S?;:ir? JOHN fox, Sec. BOARDING. Rare chance.?A new brick hoi se for sale or rent, situated on the corner of Mas sachusetts avenue and loth street, containing ten rooms with cellar, and a pump of goo-^. water in the yard The house is ouilt in the very best manner. The terms will be moderate. Apply to geo. T. LANGLEY, on L street, between 9th and Tenth, No. 504. j> 24-1 w* Board, 4c?MRS bates,on the s. yv. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her witu tu?nr patronage. apfl?tf No. 329] MANTILLAS. [No. 328 IT is our pleasure to announce to the ladieg that we are now selling very pretty new styles Black Lace Mantillas at ?2 '75 Liack Silk Mantillas at S3 Black and colored Lace and Silk Mantillas W Black, white and colored Lace and Silk Man tillas, from 95 to ?15. We invite the ladies to call and see the display in our Mantilla Room, second story. MAXWELL k BRO., No. 32?- Pa. avenue, bet. feth and 10th sts. jy 21?eo3t AUCTION SALES. Bv GREEN A SCOTT. Aueti Handsome HocteuoLO kiicIihi Farnltnre at AactUa.-On MONDAY, the 30th )n*tant. we shall *cll. at the residence of Geo Butler, Esq . near tbe Navy Yard, on Soath Carolina avenue, and near Pennsylvania amuve, between 6th and 7th street* east. at We^ler* a. m . an excellent assort meat of Furnituf*. vit: Mahogany aptiiiK "?*t Divans, Lounge*. Ac. Do and alnat Parlor Chain and Rocker* Do do Sofa. aide, and centue Ta ble* 00 do Bureaus and Badftradi Walnut and other Wash stands and Wardrobe* Chamber Seta, cane and wood seat Chair* Walnut extension Table Mahogany Secretary Thies-ply, ingrain, passage Carpets Hair and shttefc Mattrws Feather Bolster* and Pillows Girandoles, solar. hall and other Lamps Mantel Ornament*. Glass and Crockeryvrare Refrigerator. Uriliw s make. Settees M m Sdiool Desks Office Tables and Chairs ? Cooking and other Stove* With a good assortment of Kitchea Requisite* Term* : l" nder INS cash; over 925 a credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed. bearing interest. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 24?<1 Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers 17?R AME HOCSE AND LOT at Aartlea ? On FRIDAY. the 27th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m.. Lot No. 5. in Square No 99, fronting on New Hamp shire avenue, near the corner of alst streets, betw north M and N streets. The lot is large, mete* and bounds of which will be shown on tne day of sale. Also, the improvements, which are. a good two-story frame Dwelling Houso. stable, milk h< use. and a pump of excellent water on the prem ises. Terms : One-third cash ; balance in 6, IS and IP months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. If the purchaser should fail to comply with the term* in five days from day of sale, the property will be resold, at the risk and cost of the first pur chaser. bv advertising three previous to such resale in the National Intelligencer. GREEN A SCOTT. jy*24?d Auctioneers By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. PUBLIC SALE OFI AR6U OF ANTHRA cite foal.?The subscriber will sell, at Pub lic sale, on account of whom It mav concern, on THURSDAY, the 2fith day of July instant, at6 o'clock p.. m . on board the Schooner Devothea Haynes. lving at Riley's Wharf, a cargo of An tbracite Coal, containing ton*, in good order. Terms oa*h. JN'U. W GEORGE. Master. GREEN A SCOTT, jy '21?d Auctioneer*. 0 By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer KE OF THE BEST GROCERY Stands iu the City at Public Sale.?On THURS DAY afternoon. July 26, l6^. at f. o'clo k. on the premises, Lshall sell that valuable prope.ry situ ated on the corner of B and 12th stress, near 12th street bridge, formerly kept as a Grocery -tore by Seugstack 4- Clark, and late by Wm. H Clark With u sutUcient capital to ex'end the business to a wholesale as well as retail business, more par ticularly in the feed. Hour and bacon trade, no lo cation in the city offers greater facilities The \*aretiouse is of brick. 2J" fwt front bv 50 ft. deep, iwo stories high, and built of the best mate rial in the most substantial manner. There is al so attached a lot in the rear 23 by 75 feet The premises can be seen at any time by appli cation to C. P. Seugstack. on D. between 12th and 13th streets. Immediate!v after, I shall sella lot fronting 21 feet on south D, between 12th and 13th *ts., run ning back HI feet to an IS feet paved alley. Terms: One half cash; residue iu six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months, satisfactorily secured, bearing Interest. J. C. McGUIRE, jy 21 ? d Auctioneer By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers Household and kitchen firm. ture at Aaction ?On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, we shall sell, at the house next door to Mr. Purdv. on the north side of Pennsylvania av enue, l>etweeii 1st and 2d streets, at 10 o'clock a. m., a good lot of household Furniture, vii: Mahoganv Sofa*, Chairs and Tables Maple and cherry high and low post Bedsteads Manogan'- Bureaus and Stands. Union Chairs Feather Beds. Bedding and Mattresses Cane-sfat Chairs. Wash stands and Wardrobes Parlor, |>a*sage and chamber Carpets Moreen and other Window Curtains Fine Cooking. Radiator and Airtight St*ves Crockery Ware With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums of and under cash ; ever |2S a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest GREEN A SCOTT, jy'2l?d Auctioneer*. By J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. 1MIREE NEW THREE-STORY BRICK Houses in the Northern Liberties, at Public Sale.?On TUESDAY afternoon, July "24th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lots 2 and 3. in Norman's subdivision of square No 309, fronting on 9th street west, at the corner of N street north, running back 91 feet 8 inches to a Hi feet alley, with the improvements, consisting of three new* three-story brick Dwelling Houses, with back buildings, containing 7 rooms each, with wood sheds, Ac. The corner building has a store attached which is now occupied as a grocery, and is doing a first rate business. Terms : One-third cash : residue iu 6, 12. IS and 24 months, satisfactorily soured, bearing interest /AS. C McGUIRE, jy 17?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A 8COTT, AUli??, \TALL ABLE ULILDING LOT ON CAPI lol Hill at Auctiou.?On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we shall sell, on the premises, atfi o'clock p. m.. Lot No. I. in Square No 7.76, front ing ?2 feet on C street north, between 2d and 3d sts east, running back 100 feet. Terms: One-thud cash; the balance In 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale A deed I'iven and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 19?d Auctioneers. BY J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ItRl STEE'S SALE OF YALl ABLE IM. proved Ileal Estate.?Bv virtue of ade^d of trust, ltearing date the 20th dav of May. A. D. l?>4, and duly recorded in Lit>er J A. S , No 79. folios 242. 243, 241. 245. and 216, one of the lands records for Washington count v. in the District of Columbia, we will sell at public sale, in front of the premises, on PR IDAY, the 3d day of August, lw. at6>i o'clock P. M.. a part of lot No. 10, in square No. 297. in the city of Washington, in said District, and iieing described as follows : Be ginning on the line of rsouth D street 81 feet and 3 inches from the southwest corner of said square, and running thence east on the line of said street 25 feet to the eastern line of said lot ; thence north with said line 100 feet; thence west *25 feet; and thence south 100 feet to the j>taee of beginning, with the improvements. The lot is improved with a neat cottage house. Terms of .sale : One-ftiird in cash ; the remain der in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured by a deed of trust; the terms of sale to l>e complied with in five days from the day of sale, and upon default there in the trustees re?-rve the right to resell the prem ises at the cost and risk of the first purchase* All couveyttfK'ing at purchaser's cost. W II WARU,jT J.Y.DAVIS, \ ,rUs,w* J.C. McGUIRE. J)'20??07t Auct'oneec 1 By J A?. C. McOUIRK, Auctioneer. nt the corner of lUthand K sts. at pnh l?c Sale.?On WEDNESDAY afternooi , July 25th, at 6^| o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell I*ots Nos. 'Si. *21. and26, of Davidson's subdivis ion of Square No. 2^5. situated at the corner of 12th street west and K stmt north, the whole fronting 7s^ feet on K street, by 97 feet S Inches on 12th street. These are probably the most eligible and desir able building lots for sale iu that delightful part of the city, to the sale of whicu especial attention is invited Title indisputable. The property will be sold entire or In lots, as de sired. Terms, One-third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 month*, with interest, satisfactorily secured J AS. C. McGUIRE, Jy 19?d Auctioneer. By GRKEN A SCOTT, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTYea the Islaud at Auction*?On WEDNES DAY, the 25th Instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p in., in front of the premises, part of Lot No. 1 in Square 463, having a front of 51 feet on Virginia avenue, running back 111 feet to south C street, with the improvements, which are two good brick and one frame House The brick houses contain six good and conveniently arranged rooms and kitchen each. They will oe sold separate. The above described property is handsomely lo cated on Virginia avenue, between eth and' 7th streets, and presents manv inducements to persons wishing to make a good investment, as it is In the most rapidly improving part of the Island. Title indisputable. Terms * One-third cash; the balance la 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing Interest from tbe day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, jy 16?d - Auctioneer*. telegraphic news. The Cholera Miodlbtown, Owe., July 24?Thrae -rrtt of genuine Asiatic Cholera. *?rt reported in Portland yesterday and om in thin town Wew Or leant Farkiti New Orlkais Jul*. 21.?Salea of cotton during the pa?t week 7^00 bale*, closing at *a. decline Receipts 7.3*5 bates agamst 3.000 hales during the enrrcspondbiMrenklaatyaae. Decreased recipu at this port. 182.000 bale* stock, 45.000 bale*. Sale* of coffee during tbe week 46.000 bag* at lOJallc., atook, 10,090 bags. Sterling exchange, 94*9) Baltimore Market*. Baltimore, July 24 ?Bettor qaalitiee ef wheat hare advanced 8c to 5c Bale* of rad at $1 57aS1.76, and white at $1 75a*l 8T. ordinary. $1.40a$l W Sale* of ll.SOObbb City Mills floor at fb 82a$>8.75. Oorn is aoaree and in demand; white Rye, $1 10. The weather U close and eultry Ther mometer 83 Hew York Kirkatt. New York, July 24 ?Flour baavy and ? >tt?M. Sale* Of 4,0t?0 bbla. at $8 26a?8 87* for Weatern , axlei of 500 bbla. Southern at *10.25. Wheat ia alightly higher?aalea of *15.000 bushels Southern whita at $1 97f? Corn firm?s*le? of 30.000 baahela at 90*o. Bet f and pork ateady. Whiakv taair aalaa of 250 bbla. at die. Stock Market New Vmrk. July 24 ?Stock are earier. Money unchanged Erie Railroad 574; Cum berland Reading b9i; Canton 27i; Virgi nia 5'a, 97*. * , ADMnilTRATOR'l SALE. BY virtae 0f aa order of the Orphans' Court of Prince George's County. I will expose to pub lic Sale, on FRIDAY, the tfTth day of July. In* , at 10 o'clock a. ra.. if fair, if not. on the next Mr day thereafter, at Ellavtlle, near Blade*?bu,, tbe residence of Douglas Vase, derated ALL THE PERSONAL ESTATE left by him at Lht time of Uis death, consisting of 35 share* of Stock in the Bank of Washington, D. C.. and a large quantity of Household and Kit>'hen Furuiture The household Furniture ia nearly new, ha> been purchased but a short time, is of tbe moet moderu and fashionable ?tvle, has >>een selected with considerable taste, and those desirous of pur chasing are particularly requested to attend tbe aale. Terms: For all sums of and tinder 810 cash; all sums above that amount six months credit will be given, with notes, with approved saenritv, bear rug interest from the dav of sale N.C STEPHEN, Adm're. t a . of Dmiglase Vaa?. deceased Jy 14?cots By J. C. McCUIRE. Auctioneer ^IRMTI KK AMI HOCSKliOLD EF L frets.?(?n thursday. J uiv Wib. at 10 o'clock, on the sonth side of E. between Vth and loth streets. I shall sell the Fun. it are and Effto-u of a gentleman declining housekeeping, compris ing? Mahogany hair spring Sofa and Chairs Marble top centre and fancy Tables Rush and cane-seat Chairs. Whatnot Mahogany extension dining Table Walnut refreshment Table, rout Table Mantel Clock Girandoles Three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths Straw Mattings. Rugs. Drugget Walnut and maple Cottage Bedsteads Dressing and plain Bureaus. Washstanda Hair ana husk Mattresses. Toilet Sets Dressing Tables. Wardrobe Cooking Stove and Fixtures. Refrigerator Excellent Tin Safe, Buckets. Tubs, Ac. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. T^rma: #83 and under rash; over that aura a credit of i aad 4 months for satisfactorily endorsed notes, Uwlag interest JAS. C McGUIRE, Jy 1?-A Auctic F By J . C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer rTRlSTtr S SALE OF V ALL ABLE AND 1 Ileantifnlly sitaated Ball<lla? Let en Thf'd street west, between Pa. avenae aad C street.?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the 2oth day of February. 1*53 and re corded in I.iber J A S No. 52. folios 3tw, 3UU, 3M. the sulsicrlber will sell at public sale, on WEDNESDAY afternoon, August 1st, 1855, at 5% o'clock p. m., on the premise.*, Lot No. 11, in reservation No. 11, fronting 25 feet on Third street west, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, bv 150 feet deep, to a 35 feet alley. The a1>ove property is eligibly situated in a most desirable part of the city, rapidlv enhancing in value, and offer* a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build or invest. Terms cash; and if not complied with in three davs after the sale the property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of pun baser CHARLES 8 WALLACH. ""ruste* JAS C McGUlAE, Jy 12?eoA<L* Auctioneer By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPI.RTV ON tbe Island at Auction.?On THURSDAY afternoon. July 'iftth. at 6 o'clock. 1 shall sell, on the premises, jart of Lot No. 7, in Sq??are 363. to gether with the improvements thereon, consisting of two^wo-story frame Houses, in one of which there Is a store, which is considered a good bust - i.ess location. In the rear of the store there is a large, convenient and substantial two-story brick bake-house. This property is located on llth st , (the princi pal thoroughfare to the steamboat wharves) betw. i> and E streets south Term*, Oae third cash ; residue in 6 twelve and eighteen month*, with interest, secured by a deed o( trust oa the premise* C W BOTELER, Jy 10 eafcds Auctioneer C WARRINKR. watchmaker, N? 330 Pa. arc nee, bftvfrd 9tk and. 10(4 itr?<n, WASHISeTON. U. C. Pivoting. Jeweling, and every kind of repair* to Watchea jy 17-im < OAL! coal: THE undersigned is prepared to deliver COAL* of the best quality, at 86 50 per ton. H. C HARROYER, 3d street. 3d door south of Pa avenue N B ?I give 2.240 pounds to tbe ton Jy 13?lm St HI TTER fc KAHLERT, ARTISTS. FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING - Orders left with Baldwin and Nenning, Arrbl tects. corner Penn avenue and llth street, will be promptly attended to. Jy 11?la* SEALED PROPOSALS FOR FUEL, OFFtC* O* U. S PK!ftTK*rtABT. > Washington, July 10. Jt>56 J ^EPAK ATEJPROPOSALS will be received a! thls^oiilce until noon of the lirst day of August, 1S55. for furnishing the prison with 125 cords of half seasoned good oak Wood, of me dium sire, and free of lop wood 20 cords good pine Wood 50 tons red a*h anthracite Coal. The wood to be delivered npon the Penitentiary Wharf. and the coai in the prison vard THOMAS THORNLEY, Jy 11?eotAugl Warden LIME! LIME! LIME! Great reduction in price:?Best quality wood burnt Li tee at ElGfiTY cents per barrel I am now veiling the best quality of wood burnt Lime iu Washington at eighty cent* pel barrel at the kilns and eighty-live cents delivered In any part of the city This is twenty-five per cent less (ban the market price. LA WTON P HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, one square south of the Lower Bridge, Georgetown. Jy lfr?eo3w (U nion, O rgau, I nt?1) CUKE for hot WEATHER. ARNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for Which be was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, is highly recommended for tbe shore Will be *ent to anv part of tbe Disfrict free of charge. Send your orders to ei" Bridge st., Georgetown. Jy 8?eotf GENTLEMEN'S I'NDERGARMENTS. WF have a large and tne assortment ef Silk. Gaure Mer&o and Cottan Undershirts, lin en and cotton Drawers, White and colored Shirts, Hosiery, Ac , which we are now otfering-at very low wfcas WALL A STEPHEN*. 323 Pa. ave , next door to Iron Ball Jy 11?tf [News] ICE?ICE?ICE 1 CHARLES WERNER, on Pa aeenne, oppo site Browns' Hotel, will keep, threaghout the season, an ample supply ef Petilbone's best ICE, which he will sell, on call, In any qnaatitles tbe lowest possible rates. may 99?dtSep jg