Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING R WAS HI N 0 T 01? CITY: trii)jrr*DA* afternoon Jaiy 35. JOB PRINTING. W? are mo?ing our presses into a fine new JltMl room, where we will have greatly in creased facilities for the execution of Job J**r*TiMQ. Our ether facilities for the neat. ?xpeditiour and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost every description, have, likewise been greatly extended uf late So we are row prepared to give satisfaction in that lino to all. Counsel before the Court of Claim? will find to? &tsr office the best place in Wash ington for the n^liate and correct execa iion of ihcir i*ruitirg\j?bs Sire us a call. agents for tu5 *tar. Thr foil -*?ing person? are authorised to con tract f,?r the publication of &drcrli?taeut9 in the Star: Philadelphia-?V. B P vlmzr, N. W. corner ef Third and Ch* mut streets. New York?S. M PettisgillA Co., Niweaa ftreet. Boft^t?V B. Talke*. SoeTIay s Bui'ding 2?Tisx*E5ts should be handed in V7 12 o'clock. M , otherwise they m*y not ap pear 52til tie next day rp12.IT os the MOByur? press! The Union dcScr Gon. Barilcger, of North Carolina,to produce anything worthy of being dignified with the name of truth, to substan tiate his allrged declaration fiat the Pope's iNuncio in Madrid told him (Gen. B ) before the presidential election, that it wus arranged between the Catholic hierarchy in thi? country and Gen. Pit-r.e, to appoint the present incum bent, the Hon. James Campbell, of Pa.. P??st rc aster General. The editor. in the course uf Lis remarks say;?: *'If, however. Mr Barringer shall presume to enter upon the very delicate anU by no means enviable task of attempting to report a conversation between himself and the Nunci>>. which transpired more than two years since, for the purpose uf proving the truth of that j^rtiDn uf the calumny which ha< as it now appear-, beer, circulated by hi> sanction, we hope he will be explicit and distinct in reject tu the date of the conversation, the circuin Et*nces under which it was introduced, the ?ame of the Nmuio wi:h whom it holden. the language m v.-hicn it 1cm carried vm, the words used, and the name^ ef the pereons pres ent. it any. be die himself and the ambassador cf the Pope. It i.-> not too much to ask. in ad dition. ul Mr. B., that he state why it is that ?n authentic iccount of this bugbear 'conver sation has been withheld lur so long a tune, and why it was found convenient to herald it to the woild in s:i iu-i?o.-.;:ij? a form, at a litne when it was impossible to relate and denv the coirectness of the inferences drawn therefrom before the day of the North Carolina election." He also feels sure that* il the name uf the Hon. James Campbell ws- ever mentioned in Madrid in connection with the Postmaster Generalship before hi? actual appeuntineut, it was only after the Washington letter writers had connected it with the position, which it will he remeui! .;rcu they did immediately after Mr. Buchanan and his friend.- begun to take Interest openly in securing for him the position. The Union, in the course of this article calls attention to the fact that while Gen Scott was courting the -rich Irish brogue," and the ?'sweet German accent, *' Pierce was being abused soundly for the existence ef the " Cath olic disabilities " clause of the New Hampshire Etet" Constitution, for wh:ch h',> was held re eponsible by many uf the very mon who at this time unde: take to vary their mode of electioneering against him; accusing him of bargaining with the Hierarchy in the United States, tos.ll us all?body and breeches?to the Pope By the bye, ihere is much indeed in the Union's desire to kn< w in what language Bar ringer coiiveieed with the Pope s Nuncio, in Madrid Barriuger spe ?ks the English lan guage only, and the chance-- are twenty to or.e that whoever the Nuncio wa*. if he spoke half a dosen language or more, English was not cne ff ? heci. Ihere is a whopj>er out anaon/ them, and the onus of disproving that it lies at his d>_jr. certainly rests on Barringer. The JnteUtgtncfr contain? a long synopsis cf the re^.rte on the surveys 0f the different Pacific r ?i!r~>ad rout: ? explored not lung since fcr the government. They wore 8 in all No. 1 by Got. Steve t'j : No. 2 by Capt. Fremont; Ifu. 3 by Capt Stansbury and Lieut Beck wirh; No. 4 by Capt. J M. Gunnisson; No. P by Lieut Whipple; No. 7 by Major Emory, Lieuts V.'illianis. Pa ke. and Cap!. P.-pe; No. fc by Mai< r Em^ry No. 7. frtui Eulton. Ark., tc san ErancLsc >, is the -no most approved bv the Secretary of War It i? 2 *24 miles lorg. C>f the .-chune. the Intelligencer savs r '! Considered in a national point of view, in wnica only we consider it i or duty to look at It, the n, ,t important ques'i 11 to' be decided is the building a road on any of the routes If the w-.-rk is to be a national one, to be paid fur out of the Treasury of the United States, the cos ij rot w?rth a inounut a consideration, xvery route becomes practicable when the jueani to iojk? it=o are.,deqaate. There mav be vanoua corSicting private interests which would either be advanced or left umff< -u-dbv the selection of a particular route . but we' re ga.r-1 Uie greur i^Lercets uf ine nation i?ara iscunt to all other considerations, and we have ^-"7^ ^caoiun* beretof re exp.e^ed our h? Sese be emincntll promoted btrw ? n \'lUieDt ?U k a to,il'nunicatior V - [>I a,"i lhe r *c'?c ocean CijU ^plated roa.1 would open. We fchould regard it as literally adding bands V> the many ties that now bim] the United Eta'es to?'etner It would open ne * source o! comae*reril inieroourse, both n,?-mal and cT. temal, whi-.i would ui a s n>?!e y?ar afttr its com] :eUon. restore to the Treasury everr dol the Wes- V^tlf W 'iiId br:"K th<' ai?! i;l V a." r J'th ^ loe ^ '"it into one in. d^;. dufcle fraternity of iuierests." PoTATor.s.?At Syracuifc potatoes are selling Jor uijnt'j-st cm etn*- a bushel. WeW that ore uf our householders has conn a. ? .? j r his puta'<>ee I >r the coming year *Tjjt"n f l*r l,u bel ?Fyracust Stand Ar \ we ire i .f .rt ie 1 t!:at a partv in thi *' la IL : thoLsar.d bu h I:;,," tk , '' ,in,-v ar cents per i- fa' r a i "'** ' h,:h l'r,,H'4 I'fvLfionS J- fas. pnwing -??r ?Ab-anu Ex^trw B*Ec Co?in0 D,w> _beoi |g j j , down' in V* \,.rk X,,. ' JJ come. ,n when it is under-t.,,l tha' it i- ,UW coming down the Had on river ^B.ston LV The Bee aiaylaagh again. wbe?i, i*a?aM)d that price, a.? well a. the beer" are -omi^ dowi^ Bead the eattle market r, j?rt A a;? we were parina at the rat.'- oi $12a 514 per l.andred, at the Bull # Head Now lair 4utJiti> can be had at S3 a *4 le,. That is Oouiug u^wn?i it it '?.V J L'zpro* Wheat i n Ekiort ?Thefir-t freight cn *??'?<?? ??-? export Mnco fir,,,. o/ Z'lLWTr T1" "ru juiy km. ,% ..r',n j*'; '?? <? WASHINGTON NEW8 AND GOSSIP. Tho Fraud* in the Late Washington Mu nicipal Election?Wc find the following let ter in the Organ of the day before yesterday : To the Editor ?/" the American Organ : Sir : The report is generally prevalent in the community that I was to be indicted by the Eand inuuest of the nation, for a violation of w in reference to permitting a voter, and that voter my son, to cast a ballot at the election in June. Said voter was born in this city up wards of twenty-<?ne years before said election; had scarcely ever been out of said city, resided in the ward in which he offered to vote, was registered by the assessor, and had paid his school tax; and ira* a free white wuilc citizen of the. United States, tva* neither a vagrant ttor non compos menti?, or had been conrtef td of an infamous crime, and. I might a id, never hore the name of a roirdu. In accordance with the rumor, pn Friday last I was arraigned as foreshadowed. I have, in my capacity a* a justice of the peace, maJe many arrest*, and agisted in arresting jterson.-*, when sticks, stones, pistols, guns ami knives have been brought in requisition, but never be fore had l' any tear; this time I admit that I f nailed my adversary. In the other knowing my men, I boldly met them : 'it-* here was a sneaking cowardly rnffiim Touching behind the grand jury, sending a trip of paper, with the name of tbe witnesses, hu* endeavoring to stab my reputation in the Krk, and send foithtothe world that I was ii'licUnl for frauds at the election , but. thanks o justice and right, I came off unscaihed. not vrAsUaiding the feeling of a portion of the finest es arraigned against me. As I am en kavoring to ferret out the man who moved in :his> ina.tter. in which I have hopes of succeed ?g. 1 will at pre-cnt defer any other remarks, tut thall at some future time come before the public vnth a full statement of a!! the matters :onnec*ed with my acts a. commissioner of elec tion, the result ol which I fear not. Tuomas C. Dosn. The writer of this lettei has long held his prc-cnt office of justice of the peacc in this com munity, and has before acted as one of the jjnnuiasioners of our municipal elections. It *ill therefore be evident to all that he must luc ki'.own the qualification with reference :o age nfeessary to make one offering his bal ot a legrl voter here. That qualification, in he plaia letter of tho law. is, that he must ihvc been twenty-one ye^rs of age on the 31** >f JJectmbrr nextprectditig the election There - no our *ion whatever a* to this requirement. ?o one having ever disputed it legally, and it liaving been iifihmed time aud again by all 1c ^a! authorities. It will be perceived that the writer of this letter avoids tho true issue, and about his son's haviag beeu " bor^ in this* city np trards of twenty-one years before *aU elec tion " Tho: e iamiiiar with the plain require ments of the tbarter in this natter, will understand at a glance that thus to attempt to change the true is-ue i- to essay to deceive the public, t > whose sympathy the appeal is made. We are curious to know who had the \ uth in question fraudulently to the i. setior as eligible to be on his poll 'fiat.. His name never would have been found iherc, as a matter of course, but through a misrepresen tation of his apt-, which (his age) the father i :u t have known well. To believe that the lather did r.ot know that the fact t'aat he had l'2ca so returned on the poll book <11 xl not make btiu a kjjftl voter ia Washington if iiot tweaty ? ?ne years of age 011 the *'l?t < f December next preceding the election, w ill bo to Relieve him. under the circumstances of his connection with the Administration of the law here and of hia previ< us service as a commissioner of elections, utterly non compos mentis. \Y e congratulate him on tho adjournment of the grand jury before, rather than after the ap pearance of his letter printed above; other wise, the effort to indict him of which he speaks so indignantly, might have resulted ve ry differently indeed. Whoever the j*rsoa may be who called tho attention of tuio grand jury to the case in point, atter the uppearance of this singularly impotent effort to justify hk reception of his son'e vote under yuch circum stances, that per.-on can hardly fail to receive the thanks of the most of those in this commu nity whose g^xi opinion is w<>rth having, how ever much Mr. Thos. C. Doan may be enraged against him. The letter itself tells the tale of t c manner in which the Know Nothings car ried tho recent election hure, in terms practi cally quite as strong as any we have felt it our duty to use sirce the fourth of June, ultimo. If is to be hoped that more of the Know No thing commissioners of th< late election will make a eleua breaat of it, after the same fash ion. The Fcvot at Forts'j.ou^h, V? ? Since th<? Star went to pres? yesterday, we have ascer ?ainc1 that there nee.l bo no dread of the spread of tbe yellow fever now existing at Portsmouth, Va., beyond the limits of the por tion of the (Gosport) watl of the town in which it prevails. Tbe cause of the disease?the :ro j oiler Ben Franklin?wa.* promptly tent back to quarantine as soon as it was discovered that she continued to be infected, and tho street or street wherein those attacked were, were at once so bh>cka<led as to prevent all not ah S"lutely necessary communication from with out Some half dozen persons have Jied with the disease, all of them being of the very poorest and most exposed class, residing, hud- I died together in filth, in immediate proximity *ith the ship when it import.*d the infection. In such a season a?* the present there is no fear of the spread of the yellow fever on shore around Norfolk, ?hero the physicians and -aaitory boar-is have mueh experience in its uianag?-m??nt Our Labors Telling.?Wc present the read er of the Star with two letters that reached u.-, yesterday. They are samples of a class vl eorrespun leno? with which we are becoming quite familiar of late We shall try to deserve many more of Ihem t Wabkexto*. Va . July 19. 1855. Sir: I send y? u b} Dr. throe dollars and fifty rents for one year's subscription to tho daily Star I am au old line Whig, who kn<ws not how to change his tiolitical faith, and s?nd this sub f'riptioii in trinute to thi spirit ?f manly lude j endenee that ha- marked your articles a-painst that disgusting moral leprosy of Knon Nothing isin. which has so suddenly seized ujkju the bo lv-jN>litic. I am, Aerv respectfully, #' ? * WiLMiscTo.v. N. C , July 2.1, 1S55. Mr. Editor : You will please send your pa oer to the followinga ldress, viz J . Esq., Long Creek ]>o't <>tficc, New Hanover countv, N C Inclosed you have the amount of sui^. scripth-n for one year. In the winter I sent the amount of my subscription for the prc>eiit year # ? * * Allow me to express my gratification at. the bru&d-ajre manner in which you lay on the s-hi'ulder* of" the ancient (') inhabitants of Nineveh! May you. in your future excava tions, he equalh a-s successful, if not m-T** so. Your*, truly. # # ? N. B?Please be punctual in sending the Star ; ?- a go?nl man. and true ?J The Proposed Chaage in tho Police Ma gilt rite LaW ?As the law now stands, no member of lii? Board of the Washington Coun eils ean l>e a polw* ruagisttato This provision >*'.* >5W .*> hi 4ihi Iki Know Nothings of the Councils, however, ara determined to do away with it for the benefit of Mr. John L. Smith, of tho Sarenth Ward, whom thoy intend to reward with a police ma gi>trat?'? office. ? Special legislation, or the alteration of whole some general laws to put money in the pockets of any particular individual, is the bane of modern legislation, and is greatly to be repre hended The times and barefaced shameless frauds have put our municipal affairs in the hands of men who remain bound only by the unlawful < atbs they take in secret conclave. So we m iy not b? surprised at such legislation as that to whjch w e refer above until, alter the 4th day of Juuc next. Eleteorolo^y of the United States.?From reports mnde to the Smithsonian Institution, the following table, showing the meteorology of ih3 United States f >r the months of 3Iav and J une, is prepared : Plate. Tt mperoture. Ratn. inches. ' Junr. Ma y Jvn->. St Ma;*ing,Can E. 56.8 62 4 1 1 8.4 Perry, Me. i 45.4 56.7; 5 0 8 5 Uurllngton. Vt { 57.3 64 5 03 ' 6.4 57.7 C6.5 19 4 1 53 8 64 5 3 2 52.9 ?l , l.i ! 3 2 53 1 60 ! >2.0 ! 3.2 57 63 ! 2 9 51 64 3.6 Springfield, Mass. . N tw Bedford, Mass. Princeton, Mass . Pomfret, Conn .. Lodi, N Y Spencertpwn. N. Y.. New York, N. Y....! 59.2 66.3 4.9 iilooinfield, N. J.... 59.3 67.1 -2.6 o'J ) 65 3 t 3.4 61.7 ; 71 s i 2 7 Sd.5 67.5 4.3 63.8 | 67.3 1 7 5.7 6.S 5.8 4.4 8.8 6 7.5 7.7 Morrisville, Pa. Philadelphia. Pi... Norristown, Pa Gettysburg, Ta Harrisburg, Pa ; 65.1 ! 71.5 I 2.9 i 8.5 \Yashingtou. D. C... 61.5 71.1 1.4 I 5.0 Alexandria, Va. ' 64.1 ' 71 1.4 6.3 Ashland, Va 63.5 68 3 1.7 5.3 ! Aiken, S C 72 3 ! 75 8 ; 5.6 4.8 Camden, 8. C j 71 0 j 75 0 5 2 7 5 j W'accainan, S. C...., 70 6 75.2 0.9 7.1 ' Sparta. Ga. ; 71-5 7*1 4u 4 9 j S ivaunah. Ga I 74.1 77.5! 59 j 1.9 | G'?*en Springs, Ala Oxford, Miss 2.7 t 73 7 ' 1 Orange llill. Fla 1 75 71 s -2 9 80.1 ; 79 5 1.3 I 4rt ' 5 6 5.2 3 1 3.9 8 1 . 5 4 Manchester. Ill 64 5 7(1 3 0.4 ! 2 Fort Madison,Iowa . K4.7 72 4 8.0 i 5 1 Heloit, Wis. 60.1 03.1 , 1.7 P? usacola, Fla j 75.7 ^9 ( 0.9 Clurksville, Tenn. ..' 66.1 ? f>9.7 3 8 IN-rrysburp, Ohio. . .1 #43 5 j 0K3 3 0 Battle Cretk. Mich . 60.9 01 5 ! 1.4 4.6 A Permanent Quartermaster for the Ma r r.o Cori s.?We take it for granted from all we can learn on the subject that Capt. Liudsay. , A distant Quartermaster United States Marine , C >rps, will he permanently promoted to fill { the vacancy occasioned by tho death of the ! gentleman (the late Major Nicholson) next above Lini in tho staff of the corps. A How Conditioner of Pensions ?We have every rca on to bolicvc that the Presi dent yesterday determined to appoint Judge 31 inot of N. li., a very competent gentleman in all respects, to succeed Judge Loren P. Wal- ! d ?, as Commissioner "f Pensions. Judge M. j i- at present the Fifth Auditor of the Trea-urv i P. S.?Jude Minot's appointment as Cum missioner of Pensions was made tut, to-day. The Superintend ancy of Public Schools.? A : quizzical as the idea is, we have evciy rea ?n to believe that the present Know Nothing Washington city public school trustees design making Alderman Peter M. Pear-on the super intendent of uui public school?, under the law now in progress of enactment to that end. l)ou*t all laugh at once! The Oswego (N. Y.) Cugfom-Hous9.?The proposals for the construction of this import ant work were duly opened to day, at the Treasury department. The award will be male in a day or two, we anticipate. Appointed.?Dr. John H. Drake ha? b^en .'.ppoirted Register of the Land Office at Dan ville, Illinois, vie* William P. Davis, re moved. The Current Operation* of the Treagury Department.?On yesterday, the 24th of July, there were of Treasury WairenU entered on trie books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... S373.794 24 Ft the Interior Department 11,024 *7 For the Custons 55,8.?(3 61 War Warrants received and en tered 57.175 20 Drawn on account of the Navy... 105,936 50 Covered in from lands 4,77*3 6S Covered in from miscellaneous eouroos 7,78J 10 PERSONAL. .... Hon. Bedford Brown, of Va., and Jo! n Cochrane, Esq.. Survevor of the port of New Y rk, are s opping a* Willard.?' hotel, lion M.k- Walsh, of New York, is at tlie National 1 tel. ^ All these gentlemen arrive*! in thi.- citv yesterday. .... Col J C. Fremont i? now at Siaseon?et, !? lutueket, wi*h a party of friend*. Bishop Hughes, of New York, and Bishop Porter, 01 bii'?. ;ire at Newport. .... Ji"tpph Blunt, Esq.. of New York, and u- 1). Culver, Esq., Citv .Judge of Brook - I have been appointed by the Governor of .New York to be a=sociated with Attorney Gen es a! Hoffman in the trial of the Lcmmon slave Cil3C. , Judges Hoar and Fletcher, of Ma_:sa **?'1 *-t'i refuse to accept commissions under th ? Per onal L'berty Bill. Tbi- makes four d clensions out of the twenty-three api-oint a.onts. ....Mr. Brownell Slocum, of Portsmouth, N II., aged about 70 vear?, perished in the fl<? i?:c?* of his dwelling. which vag consumed on I '?iuday at about 12 o'clock. .... Dr. II. Howard, pastor of the Second II ptist church, in Rocboster, N. Y., leaped fi m hi* carriage on seeing a runaway hoisa a .proaehing, a few days since, and broke his ?? r just belo-.v the knee The runaway pa-s"d b< tween the doctor and his carriage, d"ing no 11 jury to either, .... Mr*. Mary Channel, a 'nember of the I lited Society of Harvard, and who wm one of the choir singers that welcomed G^n Wash- | ?i '?ton \v Harvard, died in that citv a few days i a .0, in the 91st year of her age. OLD POINT CORRRE3P0NDENCE. Will san'a Hotkl. ) Old Point Tomfout. July 23, 1555. \ Old P< int Comfort is full, with a mure bril li.iut company of ladies and gentlemen than h 'M ev r before been congregated here. The Sec retary of State arrived here yeaterday. via the l> y. and. like tho great and good Chief Justice ! T.i tey is rt -np- rating on piscatorial daintier i a ;d th*4 salt hath. There arc many distinguish** eo gontlei'ieti here fn?in all parts of the coun trv. This i^ not a mere loeal Witering pi?<???. It is ? minently co<moj>olitan and elegant. Mr. ' Caleb Willard ha-* made Old Point not only an ! attractive, but u fatuous place. All who leave j In re do so with praises of the table, the atten- ' fence, itnd all the accompanim"ubi of tlie ho t 'l The assemblage of female beauty is really remarkable. The Evening Star is eagerly sought upon the ; arrival of the Baltimore bout, at live in the n.orbiug. for i' gives us all the latest and fresh- | ? iiows and go*-?ip of the metropolis Bm!iij, the publisher of eity views, guides, and governor, ha- .-harge of the newspaper department of Old Point, and give? decided - lis! act ion. His superb likeness of Governor If. A. Wise is ' going off like hot cakes." <'rlern com? to him even from old Ma<sa?hu tetls, an l irom the far West. Wuun Ark U*A8 ?A letter to the editors, dated Camdcu. Arkansas, June 30, savs : " There are 10.000 bales of cotton iu our warehouses here Ti-er*; is th? prwi nfVrors of a?l -0rt? *Kdt,d&r OFFICIAL. Franklin Pierre, President of the United Statu of America, to all whom it may eoneern : Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Floba*t Mblikf l as been appointed consul of the Netherlands for the States of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, to reside at Cincinnati, 1 do hereby recognize him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and privileges as are allowed to the con suls of the most favored nations in the United States In testimony whereof 1 have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, the '>01 h day of July. A D. 1855, and [L. s.] of the independence of the United States of America the eightieth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. Py the President: W. L. M a rct. Secretary of State. ?PIC NIC.?The children of St. Vincent's Day School will start on a Pic Nicon THURSDAY MORNING, the26th ins'ant, from the School House at 7 o'clock a. m. jy 25?H J ATTENTION. BEN FRANKLIN tar. get Cor.ipany.?Von are hereby notified to attend a meeting of the Corps THIS (Wed nesday) EVENING, Julv 25. at Harmonv Hall. A TAIT, Capt. \V. H Fansixg.O S Ll_ ^PUBLIC SCHOOLS ?An examin?t<cn of five select bovs. from each of the male departments of the four district schools, will ?ake 8lace on Thursday, the 26th. at 3 o'elock p m . in it room adjoining the large lecture room at the Smithsonian Institution The medical faculty, teachers of schools, and all who feel interested in public education, art re spectfully invited to attend. By direction ef the Tru .'ocs: jyi5?2t GEORGE J. ABBOT, Sec'y ?-rS2s?THE UNION ASSOCIATION of the Seventh Ward will meet THIS EVEN ING, at Potomac Hall, at 8 o'clock Hjv WM COOPER, Sec. SION.?An Excursion for the benefit of the Catholic Frit-nd's Hocietv will take place on THURSDAY, the 9th of Au gust. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 2-5?3t ,TIIE GERMAN YAGERS take pleas ure in announcing to the public that thev will give an Excursion to the WHITE HOUSE August 13th. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 21?co3t Keep it before the people, that

LAMMOND, 7t it street, is selling Fancy No tions and Toys suitable for presents, at very low price* l>*25?3t DRUG STORE FOB SALE?AN OLD ES tablished stand in or:" of the best locations in Washington. Address ' Druggi st," Star office. ? * Jy 25?3t \( ARD.?The subscriVr informs his friends and the public ttiat he is now a hi." to a.tend to his business. He can t>e found at his old stalls. Centre Market, readv to wait on them, a* he always has done heretofore. The !>e?t of BEEF always on hand. J NO. WALKER, jv" 23?tf Victualler ri-.KN DOLLARS HE WARD.?Lost, i*?tween X th<- hours of i 1 la>t night and 2 this morning, a BLUE DRESS COAT It was rather warm, and th-' owner encamped on a block of granite, back of the old depot, and took oft' his coat tor a pillow. Any information of it will be thankfully received at Pennsylvania avenue. WARRANTED TO ? I RE. in flvt days, a sure and speedy cure for a certain Disease. ? ). addle: ? Doctor" (stampenclosed) (jeorire t?>wn Post Office. It is very pleasant and has ef fected a cure, when everything else has failed, jy 2.5?:it ' PASSENGERS FRO!! WASH1NGI0N TO CAPE HAY! 0\ THE GREAT EXCURSION TRIP OF SATURDAY NEXT, will be conveyed in the Company's cars fkku of ruABGK from the Washington dep<?t. Camden Station, to the Phila delphia railroad de[?ot, President streK. Baltimore. A Ladies' car will accompany the train ; and the sxperb ladies' saloon on the magnificent stcainlmat General McDonald, reserved exclusively for them, jy %>?3t. fiREN'H DRAW I NO PFMCILS from the severid manufactories of Bausch, Hardmuth, Walter and Ccntee, imported direct from the ma kers in Paris, by FRANCK TAYLOR. jy 25 HOWARD'S I'. S. SUPREME COURT Report*, vol 17, just published and for sale bv FRANCK TAYLOR. jy 2> TUIIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub scril*:r hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the person al q*tate of Ann Mortran. late of Washington coynty, deceased. All persons having claims afainst the said deceased. are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the twenty-fourth dav of July next; they may otherwise by law be ex cluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this ylth day of July, 1-53. NEAL MORGAN, jy 25?law3w Administrator. CHEAP MUSIC. (*0\ SI STING of Songs, Durts, Marc1ies,Quick ?J steps, Waltzes. Ouadrilie*. l'olkas. Slazour ka;. Schottishe,. Gallops, Dances, Guitar. Piano forte, Vocal and (iems of Sacred Songs, all from the most celebrated authors, both ancient and Modern The above music will be sold at g?> at!y reduced prices ai SHI LLINGTON S Cheap Periodical Dt^ >t, Odeon Building, corner i'a. av and 4u st. I'M I'USIO N OF THK NATIONAL GUARD, TO PIXEY rot XT, On tlllRSDAV, August 2d, 1S53. 'P!IK NATIONAL GUARD lake pleasure In A uiinomtcina to iheii friend - and _ _ .efi""**'' a tv ?? public gener.iilv tLa* they have chartered the swift and commodious mail steamer VOL'NT VERNON, for the purpose uf giving a i Fxcursion to that favorite watering place. Pl NF.Y POINT, on THURSDAY, Augusta, Ie.., This Excursl >11 oiler?; attraction to all classes? the invalid, br.siness man, vo ingand < Id. lad and lr ss, and they are most cordially invited. togo with tl.e Guard and enjoy the delights of a pure salt water bath, feast on the many aquatic delicacies ol' the Point, or mingle in the enjoyment of the merry dunce. Being desirous of rendering this Excursion one of unalloyed pleasure to our fxietnds and patrons, the numb, i of tiekcts will be limited, and the Committee have detc. mined o > no account to per mit auv improper persons on ti e coat. The ooat will leave the Wha f at the foot cf 11th street, pre> i -ely at 7 o'clock a. in. and Alexandria at 7)* o'clo. k, and arrive at the Point at an early h .'ir, remaining there several hoars, and return to th ? city about li2 o'clock p. m. it being important to save time the beat will n >t sto[ at the Navv Yard. Arrangements have, h ?wever, l>eeii made to have omnibuses in waiting to convey passengers from the Navy Yard to the beat, also for their conveyance to their homes on tht r< turn of the boat The price of t; kels have been fixed at the low rate jf TWO DOLLARS for the trip?ad mi ting a gentleman and ladies Frosperi's full Band is enjLag?Hl. K efreshmcnts, including lirmer and Supper, will be provided by an expei'enced caterer, "Sir H imuierfcly, at city prices. LIEUT E. S. ALLEN, SOT C R. BISHOP, COttP'L L JONES, Jv ?*??td Committee. ONE HUNDRED MORE OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will be received this season, they are cured in Man land according to the old home stead receipt, the quality of which is unsurpassed if equalled, by any other ever introduced here. To b: had only at my store. Also, a fresh lot of that peculiarly fine selected and standard Bla :k Tea at 50 cents a pound, which 1 have introduced. It is sold only bv myself and is now extensively known in the District. New comers and others who have not yet used it are re ferred to the leading members of the Facult" of Washington and Georgetown Samples furnished gratuitously. Bay Water at 25 cents per l?ottle, oi S i 75 per dozen. For bathing purposes it i-> as cheap as common spirits. Mint, Lavender, and Blackberry Cordials, the very articles for the prevailing epidemic. Maple Sugar, Fre-h Prunes, Ac., with unsur passed varieties of choice family Groceries. Z. M. P KING, Few steps northeast Jack<on Statue. JyJ5^ COAL!COAL! THE undersigned U prepared to deliver COAL of the best quality, at ?4 50 per ton. H. c. harrovr?., f, ~ fNo. 5M ] By th? PrfiUfBl el the United Mate*. IN pursuance of law, I, Fxaxelix Pikecx, President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public sales will be held at the undermentioned land offices, in the Tbkkitokt of Mixmsot*, at the times herein designated, to wit: At the land office at Bxowxsvillx. commenc ing on Monday, the twenty-attend day of October next, for the disposal of the public lands situated within the undermentioned townships and frac tional townships, exclusive of the islands in the Mississippi river, xlz: JWorth of the base line and west of the fifth printipal meridian. Fractional townships one hundred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three, one hundred and four, on the main land, of range three. Township one hundred and one. and fractional townships one hundred and two. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and one hundred and live, on the main land, of ranffe font. Townships one hundred and three, one hundred and fonr. and one hundred and five, of ranges fire, six, and ?fr<* Townshl|w one hundred and one. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and one hundred and five, ol range eight. Townships one hundred and one. one. hundred and two, one hundred and three, and one hundred and five. of ranee nine. Townships one hundred and one, one hundred arid two. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and on*- hundred and Ave. of ranges ft*, eleven, twelve, and thirteen At the same place, cotnmcnclnc on, til* fifth day of yov<mb*r next. for the disposal of tue public lands within the undermentioned township*., to wit: North of the base line and west of tlu fifth principal meridian. Townships one hundred and hundred and two one hundred aiid three, or.c hundred and four, and one hundred a;id *ve, of range four. **en. Townships one hundred and three, on* hun dred and fo'ar, and or.t hundred and five, of range fifteen. ?Townships one hundred and one and one hun dred and five, of range sixteen. I >wr.ships one hundred -nd one. one hundred and two. and one hundred and three, of range seventeen. Townships one hundred and one. i ne hundred and two. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and one hundred and Ave. of nnges ei% teen. nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, and tw-.ntu fteo 7 At the same place, commencing on Monday, the nineteenth day of November nez'. for the di-po-al of tlie public lands within the follow a. named townships, viz: .Worth of the base tine and west of the fifth ^ principal meridian. i-iwnships one hundred and two, one hundred and three, one hundred and lour, and one hundred and five, ox range fu\ niy-thrte Townships one hundred and one, one hundred and two. one hundred ar.t three, ont' hundred and four, and one hundred and five, of ranges twnty t-Uf, tw- n ty-fi re, tir nty-s.x. twenty-seven, and 11nty-right. Townships on" hundred and one. and one hun dred and five, of rati ye twenty.nine. iown^hips one hundred and two and on- hun dred and five, of range t/.ir:y. Townships one hundred and one, one hundred and two. and one hundred and live, of range thirty-om, At lite land offit* at Wixoxa, comment ing on Monday, the tw*nty-n*nth d^y of October n^.rt, for Hie disposal of the public lands within the und thh tiiioued townships and fraction:.! town ships, exclusive of the islands in the Mississippi river, to wit: North of thi base tins mi west of the fift\ prin cipal meridian. 1- ractional township one hundred and *-ix, or< the main land, of range fice. Fractional townships one hundred and six and one hundred and -even, on the main laud of ranee ax. ^ Township one hundred and six. and fractional townships one hundred and seven ar.d one hun dred ai.d > ight. on the main land, of range s? cen. townships one hundred ar.d six and one hun dred and seven, and township one hun dred and eight, on the imia land, of ranees ti&tit ind/IINr Tow;iship> one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, at.d one hundred and eight, of ra .ges ten. eiiri * ticelrt, tk i r tctn, fonr teen aud ft, *n. Township one hundred and ?ix. <f rau're <i* fee*. " Townships one hundred and six. one hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, and one hun dred and ten, of range </rrafrts. Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, one hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, ar. J one hundred and ten, of rauire eighteen. At thi ?axe place; commencing onMondar. the twelfth day of A'ctvwiher Kt/t, for the d; - po?alof the public lands within the following towaships and parts of townships, viz North of the base line and west of the fifth principal meridian Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, one hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, and one hundred and ten, of ranges /iinr.teen and twenty Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, and one hundred and eight of ranges twenty-one and twenty-two Townships one hundred and six, (exr pt sec tions su, seven, eighteen, nineteen, and thirty, in \\ inneb&i?0 reservation,) one hundred and **'v< n. (except sections six. seven, eighteen, nine 'c>''? thirty, and thlrtv-one. in the reservation.) and one hundred and eight, (except section thirty one in the ne rvation.) of range twenty-three. Township one hundred and eight, (except sec tions thirty-one. thirty-two, thirty-three, thirtv lour, thirty-live. and thirty-six, in tie Winneba o reserve, ot range twenty.four Townships one hnndred and sic. one hundred and seven, one hundred and tight, and one hun dred and nine, of ranges iwent y-ei ghi and firoify nine. Town?.hlps one hundred and six, one hundred aud nine, aud cue hundred ar.d ten, of lanire thirty. s Township# cne h"ndred and six. one hundred and ;,even. one hundred and ei^ht, one hundi.d and nine, and one hundred and ten, of ran^e thirty-one. At the land office at Red Wis a. commencing on Monday, the twenty-ninth day of October next, for the disposal of the public lands within the fallowing named townships and fractional townships, exclusive of th- islands in the Mi- is sippi river, viz: North oj the ba*e line ond w>st cf the firth principal meriiian Fractional townships on? hundred and "hirteen and one hundred ami fourteen, on the main laud of range fifteen. Township one hundred and thirteen, and frae lioird townships one hundred and fourteen and one hundred and fifteen, on the main land, of ran^e sixteen. J ow nships one hundred and eleven, one hun dred and twelve, one h"ndred a;:d thirteen and Jiie lr udredand f??urteen, and fractional township one hundred and fifteen on tue ma.n land, of ranges serentet.- and eifh'esn. Townships one hundred and eleven, one hun dred aud twelve, one hnndr- d and thirteen and hundred and fourteen, and fractional township one hundred ani fifteen, of ran-res nineteen ar.d twenty. Townships one hundred and thirteen and on hundred and fourtee?., and fractional township htindri-d and fifteen, of ran^e twen:y-one Townships oio liuudred and fourteen and one h .ndred aiid lit teen. of range ficmr^-rtco. Townships one hundred and thirteen, one hun drt d and fourteen, and one hundred and fifteen of range twenty-tk'ce. Township one hundred and thirteen and one hundred and fourteen, of ranje twenty-fmr. Township one hundred and eleven, of ran re thirty-one. ? At the land office at Minneapolis, commencing on Monday, the twenty-second d. y of October next, for the disposal of the public Linda situated within the undermentioned te-wnshirs and frac tional townships, viz : North of the base Hn- and west of the fifth principal nieitdian 1 ractional tow'iiships one hundred and sixteen and one hundred and seventeen, west of the i crt knelling reserve, of ransre twenty-one Townships one hundred and sixteen and one hundred and seventeen, of ran^e twenty-two. At th? same time asd place, for the disposal of the public lands in the following named tt wn ships.(exclusive uf the i^landv in the Mi?-i-M!>i i river.) of which the portions situated within tl'. former military reserve at Fort Sneiling are to b. sold, in accordance with the provisions of the act of 'Jtlth of August. 1-52. entitled - An act to re duce and define the Mundarie* of the milita: v reserve at the St !Vter ^ r;Yer. In ti e Territory of Minnc-ota."' and which are not sui)j"Ct to pre emption claims, to wit .\ort/i of the base Jin; and west of the fourtt, principal meridian. I ractional townships twenty-seven and twenty eight, west of the Mississippi river, of range 'W' nt y-two Fractional townships twenCv-seven, twenty eight, and Iwenty-nir.e, west of the Mississippi river, of ranges t'uenty-tkrrt and twenty-four At the landofficeat Sit u Raj-ids, commcni ing on Monday, the fifth day of November ner>. foi the disposal of the public lands in the Allowing named townships and fractional townships, viz: North of the base line itnd west of the fourth principal ..itridian Towniship forty, of range twenty-eight. Township thirty-five, of range twenty n>n Township* thirty-six. thirty-seven, and thirty eight, of range thirty ? Township* thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty, forty one, and forty-two. of range thirty <hu. At the land office at St illwa ran, rommowlnf on Monday, the twelfth day of November next, for the disposal of the public lands within the undermentioned township!* and fractional town ships, to wit: North of the bat* li? and tout ?/ th* fcmrth principal meridian Fractional township forty-one, we* of the St Croix river, of range '?*'?? Fractional townehip farty-ooe. weet of the St Croix river, and townaAlp forty-two, of rang* seventeen. _ . ^ . Fractional townships forty, west of the St Croit liver, and township forty-one and forty-two, of ranee eigkt'en. . . . Fractional townships thirty -eight, thirtr nine, a^d fofy, wot of the St Croix river, of range nineteen. . Island on lot six. of section thirty-two, in town ship fcventy-nins, of range tvnty-two i.?\vn?hlp fortr, of range Item ry-?re<?. Land* appropriated by law for th#" use of schools, military and oth*r purpose", trill be exrlnded from tie tmfet. The offering ?f the above lands will be commen c on the days appoiut? d. and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised. with all con v ni<>nt despatch, until the whole f-hail have born oTe,ed and the sales thus closed ; but no sale shall bo kept open longer than two weeks, and no pri vate "fltrv of any of the Und? will be admitted un til after the expiration of the two weeks Given under mv hand, a* ti.e ritv of AY ashing ?on. this twentieth day of Julv. anno Domini on# thousand eight hundred and llfH-flve. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President ? JOHN HOOD. Ac'ing Commissioner of the General Land Offic? NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANT?. Everv person entitled to the right of pre emptier, to any cf the lands within the t swnships ar.d partt of '.ownshios above enumerated is required to es teM?sh the"*tme to the satisfaction of the register aad receiver of the proper Itrsd oSce, and make p Tnent tlereaf oj .??4 practnii>lt xtur t*t~ \r" this nor, c j.nd 'Vfore the dav appointed for th? commc:ia:ment of the public ss'e of th^ land> e-rbracin? the tract clalmcd; otherwise such cairn will be forfeited JOHN' HOOD, Acting Commissioner of General Land Office, jy 25?law 12 w THE FAUQUIFR WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS \RE now open for the reception of Company, and In a far more attractive condition than they ever have beer.. A ;;ros?. m ?t:.-.j'.;un aralrist them? l.ii/ing beenprbr <Led in the Petersburg Intelli 'rfneer and BaJ?:more Sun to the effect that they were clov d for tLe season is now traced to an ir responsible source uuworthy of no?ic It is proper to state that there I ? no shadow of f j indation for it. TUe <ubscril:er trusts that he will not be made the victim of such malignity, and the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transferrin* it to their * oltiiuns will disabuse the public mind '.broaj b thu -ainemedium ALEX. RAKER. jy 13?2m OTRATED OR STOLEN rrom the sub * scriber. a liay MARK, with grav Lairs ,7V - on the butt of her tail. When she left she v had a halter on. Any f ?on giving Informxtion, ?.. '11 be liberally reward*d by Michael MunU.O street, No.681, WasL.ngt">n, D. C. .<>'21?3t* VLLSTRANGERS " visiting the Cit ?? stonld see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities cf the Patent < ?ih< e. Ai i'?. hi* Inscription of Powell's Great riituM. HUNTER 1? to be seen at 460 TeuU. stroet. may 31?3m* UPEl'IAL NOTICE.?To tho?e of orr cu?to * mers w iio have not vet settb-d their acconnt> to tl.<- 1st inst . we beg h ave to ?av that it will be < onsid?r- d an especial favor if the)- will, wthout f ;"ther notificatieui, attend to the ?am* imn?od:. .. lv All bills Ivinu over ou ihe 1st of A.igust \\ ill oe a^ain render-d EI.VANS A THOMPSON, 336 Pa avenue, between tfth and l?ith sts. jy [Organ] Medicines suitable for the Sea son. Mabler's Diarrheea Cordial Rowind's Con.pound Syr p of Blackberry Root Brown's Hss^iice of Jamaica Ginger Just received and on sale bv Ford a rro, Druggi.-ts, corncr 11th at. and Pa. a\*e. Jy ??3t JOHN E. Dl GAN, / 'LOCK MAKER, F street. I^tween Fonrtocntb \J an<! Fifteenth sfreMs. Wasliineton.D.C ?? \'l kindv ,.f t'lork? carefully Cleaned and) h'epairfd at the shortest notice Pe.-sonsl wanting their Clocks repaired will pkasel leave their address, and they will be attended to a: their residences. jy 23 l\r* N?. 9?T] NEW SHOP. [No. 587 THE subscribers have entered into copnrtnei* 6hin under the firm of Summers A ?Wsf^rd, at No. 5e7, Seventh street. Island, near Maryland Avenue, for the purpose of manufacturing $AD LLES, BRIDLES. TRUNKS. HARNESS, and>1hing In that line of business Having laid in a good stock of materials, they desire to notify their friends and the public generally, that thev are ready to serve them with any articles in their'line a' short notice, as good and as cheap as any other e tablishment of the kind in this city JAMES H SUMMERS. GEORGE A SLSSFORD Jy 22??w ]VTE\V WALTZ.?Just published by the tub 1 * fcrP ers. the '? Multlf."ra Waltt,'" composed and dedicateil to Miss Sal!;e Driach. of LeeaDore, Va., by Prof J. A. Young H1LBUS A HITZ Jy 2' Maalc Depot tLUtfiS: CLOCKS! IF you want a cood honf^t Clock?one that will a!v\?w. give you the correct time. dro. in at G. FRANCI?, tyf' Seveiith street He has Clocks tl at cannot be etcclled?handsome and pood time keeper*. He sells low, and every Clock is war ranted. jy 21 AND Bedford pure and fre?h j jst received, cn sale by fORO A BKO , Dnigglsts, t orner llti st and Pa ave jv 23?3t F'llST WARD LIVERY ANO SALE STA. ll LEV f \ announcing to the pub ic of Wash n^ton that * I have taken nowe-ision, by r'irrhast, of th-* xho' >;a' its. on tr Btirc1. near the War liepartmen* (lat? lv occupied I) A Sekoutt.) 1 wish to lor them n will l?e entirely cond ??t?d bv in* self, i:.d that al! orders ft upoi ttie premises will l? attended to punctually with elegant Carriage, and areful drivers The Riding ?* hool will be con ducted by a professional e^uestt .an and jierfectly docile horses, having stated hours for lady eques tr tns, in priva e or public, as thev may p-efer Particular attention will be p_id to 'horses kept at Livery In his establishment. Persons requiring open barouches or familv car ri*:'?s, can oe satisfW-t^rily accommodated, aa well as those desiring ri ling horses for gentlemen or ladies FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER, jy 21?3m Agent I in RE DISH COVERS, Round ard Oblong, * ? from 6 to IS inches, cheap, at G. FRANCIS'S, Jy *> 490 Seventh st. HOOT AND S1IOF STORE REMOVED. /"*LORGE BKEMLR hai. removed his well, va known Gen'!, men s BOOT AXD-.A., SARATOGA, BLUE LM K. ^ \A aters. pure and fre? h j *t II^IVB VLi?i .hi. fit >1IOF Sto. ? 1 i'aetorv ffcm lith Jtreer. j btewt-'i I'a avenue 2!id II 'treet. to Pj avenue, af .-w doorcabovt AA illardi' Hotel He is prepared iu his new premise j to . ive sa'.* fa. -ion to all. G. B has by din* of iTrtn* - are In pun having his st> k. employing none Dut A No. 1 workman, a^d bv iiis rapacity to fit his c^'tcmers so as to have his we:k set very easy on the- foot, while it al ways tvhtb;ts the inc^t fa* hioeable st\le. eart? d a reputation ? in his business second to that < f no other custom-wor*. boot and shoe maker in the Union. He solicits the p?trona?e of all, and his terms will be moat reasonaole to all. IMPORTANT NOTICE. TO those of oh: fiimds a:.d customers who have so promptly comr fo;wa:d and s?tt!ed >h? ir accounts a> r? lid. ed i ? 1st Jul ,w icndt i .?hi viacerc thanks, ami *hall be read at all iIum-> to serve thetn upon !.ie terms. Lojln t thereby t ? ruerit an increased continuation of their patron a;e. To those who have neithcr settled, nor called to -av wh<jn thev ran. we resp. otfullv urge th* necc? si.yuf thtir doing so wit. out further notice; as w?" lllu^t in'<i^t upon all bills being closed in some manner dating the month of Aiurust COLLEY A SEARS, No 523 Tth st., 3 doors north I*a avenue. jy 23?eo". t ATTENTION, C OAL < i?NSl MI RS^~ IVE arc nowdischarninE: Coal from vcast.s, anl * ? will i>e for the next three weeks. All pe' -o:.s wishing to lay la th?ir winter supply w. uld do well to give us a call, a* we are de:< rmined to -?*L1 as cheap, and on a? ;:ood terms as any ether d-aler.-. t>ur coal is of the best quality, loth White ami Red AHh.suitabl-for Furnaces,Stov?* and Range* WASHINGTON A KEYS, Corner lltn and C streets, near Canal. Jy 13?F.SAeott DENTISTRY. DR V SHIN N, G. ad ate of the Philado! Collejj*. of Dental Surgery. resj?rt' fidl, iulotuik th? re*ideii!? of Goorge . town and Its vicinity that he lias lo<-a- ? - , , - - u<d himself uqio?*??C?bem for the purpose of pr?' rnmi