Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1855 Page 3
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\ EVEN ING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. WA?HI!tfiT05 ANl> ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD.? "We learn that Judge Tyler had dissolved the Injunction. ?everal days since granted. to re atr&in the Company from extending their road through the lands of Major Tochman, as it pwented by the last named gentleman. The work of graduation has been completed, ?with the exception of two small points of the route. Befor-" the cloae of this week a mile s length of rails will have been laid down. Cr.'ss-ti?s. iron, timber, etc., are all delivered find distribute ! alnn^ the road. The work, according to our information, wiU l?e finished in the course of two month*? the di-tance from Alexandria to the Baltimore and Ohio railroad station being seven mile*. The engines are now in process of construction in Richmond, Virginia Cape Mat.?A fine opportunity is afforded to our citizens for a cheap and pleaaant trip to t iat popu'a: watering pla?"<?the fare being only fonr dollars to aud from Cap." May. Leav ing Washington on Saturday afternoon. the party will return on Monday morning at tt o'clock, having all day Sunday to enjoy the attractions there presrnttd, including, of course, the sporting with '? old ocean - f amy lock? The convevaocc is both by raiirusi and steam boat They who have never had a full view c; the Atlantic e*n m.w V -ratified An esc?*Mi from the metropolis, even for so short a period t,; time, at this season. i& the general d? sire; t."A here is a means to indulge in the flight. We doubt not that hundreds will bid farewell ic. our bricks and mortar, and Avenue dust, cr. Saturday, in order to breathe purer air and to luxuriate in the refreshing waters. Trx Regatta.?Mr. William L Jones, the projector of the rcgata. which L advertised to lake place on th?> o'h of August, has received the f .'lowing letter, containing propositions of interest t > the sportingcomiuunity, but which, it j?: pear*. from what we have heard, arc not tdffi<MetitIy expl:-it to warrant aa immediate venture oY --urplu- change : V? isnr.CTOX, July 24, 1855. M r Jottes-?Sir lining much experience :n b at-ma'ches. and Wing conversant with the qua! tie- c| five or six boa'- which have ? utered i"?r th?* ri jratta. I am willing t<? l>a k uy judgment ?n the following manner : I will i';.ig *I'M! thHt 1 ean nnino the firsi boat in the content : secondly. I will vager ^200 that J ean denominate her sec nd best: an 1 thirdly. 1 will bet *3W that 1 can n:imc her the third J* at winning The whole of the !><?:?? must be taken or none If you ci idp in contact v, ith hvy ore who will take the ah ve wagers- you are at liberty to communicate my name. A< Your*. Ac., A l')ATER Thi? note i- interpreted by ??knowing ones" t roan that ,h?- first boat in the contest" t .il win the other pr posed beta. Du mber Di3ti r?eu.?This ui -ming. be tween - and 4* o'clo. k. a middle-aged man wa-? discvcn-d. sleeping gently as an iniant, ? ?n a batcher s -stall in the ('?"?niro market. It at first ai "eared a.- it" then w:i- a subject fir an ja?|*iest*of the cor??ner. Swarms of tlics. in clcding thoy of the blue-bottle order, were f?" ??niiijr upon lusfa..e: but this did n?>t in the lea-t disturb him; nor did the insects. ? :. f in aud out of iiis mouth, uiseomfort him. Ji' I. ti-t hjive I ???en uiueh f.itigu*"!. i>"or lei 1< v It nn certain he ??.; choice in his cham ber ?mil; dati< ns. having selected ?hr h>.u- k? < ;? r- <*a'l a ?? r> >my apartment," with (j ra <l<>ors and gabli? - to allow a free cii.-ula ti n of th?- ltttlc air a? that time prevalent. A j-.dice officer -o >n ascertained tnat the indi vidual v..?? not <i ad. but merely slept. "lfae In ter *a- somewhat frightened on being aroused, and wa- unneccrsarily fearful that he W'juld be conveyed to a certain country retreat &ear the margin of the La-tern branch. f Hi.oRoroRM.?A la ly. fp>m Mississippi, re cently stopped at one of our hotel-, while on a tour of the* country She was taken with a eevere hea lac he. to which she is subj^t; hut i^tead of applying her usual remedy in suer case?. sh?? by mistake applied chloroform, a bottle of which happened to be in her po-sea ?ession It was not long before the effects of that preparation became a^j.are!.t. and it was only ov pr mptlv summoning a physician that ehe was relieved from all danger. Ihe lady ha4 sufficiently reeovc.- d to re.'uine her jour ney Warned" by this mistake, person8 should be eareful in applying t!.? proper remedial agents, leaving nothing to char.?e or careless ness Election. I O. O. F.?At the annual meet ing of the Orsnd Eneaiupment of the District of C'>!unibia. held la-! night, the following par ? I gentlemen were ejected officers for the fu-uin,; year: Charles Calvert. Grand Patri arch . Wm I> Steuart. Grand High Priest: i' Henning. tirand Senior Warden; A II. J'>nes. Grand Junior Warden; Wm C?>opcr. Grard Scrib?: .1 H. Bartlett. Grand Treasurer; Andrew Jac/r- Ti, Grand Sentinel ; Richard A lain.- GraLd Marsha! Thoma- Rich wa eleL-'ed Graml Represi-ntative to the Grand Lvlg?* of the Uniiel S:ates. (which will me?-t L. Baltiroore on the last Monday in S^j.tember next for the term of two years A Rt*5AWAT ?Yesterday afterr.o -n, four horns, attache 1 to a baggage wag >n. standing on Seventh rtrec* near the canal, got fri^ht e:.? d and arted off ?t a :apid rate toward the river. Tne held th?dr way as lon-? a-1 th*v t-uld be s?>en from Heveii'h -treet bridge. We L>ve mt htar<l whether ar.v injury was ;uf !ere?l bj the horses or persons on ihe streets. Rvr-es. unless properly guarded or secured, titouid never be le:t standing iu the ?trcets. W ISPINGTUN Nation\L MoJU MtC^T.?The United S'ates Me*lical Asa- ^iation intend con t.'.hu'ir-r a block to tli? Wa hington Monu li.%2t; an 1 it is proposed that a r? presentation of Hippocrates refusing the bribe oe put np -n i: liippocra'.ci. on beinjc s?-nt fer by the king of Pi.-ia to be the conrt nhysieian. replied I itk "Tell your n. aster that I am rich ei.arh?that honor v. ill not permit mo lo suc c.i the enemie? of Greece Vkoktables.?Mr W G W* Wbitr will ylease accept < U!' thanks for ? bisket of fr?-h vegetable?potatue*. corn, cymlins and r-i *.%rhe;?produced in ni< garden, near the ?r?t toll-gate plank oad They are inc spc cimer.s of agricultural fruit, and will doubtless e!i- t ud-'iiri., commenu<?tion after being ta'f>?eeted t<> the cti'.ir.aiy pr""cs?. Cho!>? Firing ?Ann Jeffers Elizabeth Cal ve:' in 1 .'nn I Neal w..r? before Ju; Bat< - ? -rii'" ''?r fi^ht.::g threa's. Ac. j ?' tr - ???,?> i!!? le h\ tht n',l^bV???r^ an-t *-? ' . ;-i ? b< ?? r -? ffi.Ier*. the justice held *i- fa tv T ? .urity lor peace CotHT.?The tilal of four ur five w l . ?? r r; ip.di?-*. 1 for creat ng a riot on !.':i c.f May la-t, a' Forrest Hull. George ^ t- h the doit d people s ball at thut 1 ?> " *3- ?r 'k?*n un ?v.ns th?* morning in l: -- Ht tii ? criminal court A->v it ?M -rri ; nor arreted, 1 r I *v k.;.l r iki n b t->r-j J*'?W B.-tr- lur a - ..Mi * I wifr. The ju-ti>o heard the ( ?4 ? . : i ? i ? tf?I . * , ? ? ' 'r t<) r' ? l.'\ f U !.;t\ i ?r R< ?< i ir. At;:OAt? ?Mr. Eiutom Wi.l you If kt 1 t" *. dl th< att. iitionoi our police t f. ?: ,n ..four N Mthern Lib.-rtre# ax: u kf' A | li -.* ofii -er i- > Id .iu or ever seen ?n t*. . -ir. rf 1 p rtion of ..ur city, alt iough t ...r - -rv?..s^ .in- ??s r iucb nee le i th? re a., el-twh-re Fr ?ui -unri-? till rumet. during ?h- ?'. ft<i say i- thi'.ig of ih?- Imlance ol ? . j, t iir iiii'.i^"! h"U it < cti,h ?..r I. < . . With hoy- ?i. all maimer ol 1 ? HarkM-hoOM, pri? .U* b >c : . mt ?. ,r UmIMl.abn- cv?deut.;_ ? ? Ik Bauer in v.H-h they are ?mpi y ? k ? r m" , n,' f t 11** -j* age yel.s, t.i' ? > t ai.d pfd^i.e laiigu ig' htari. Uu'? :ir.. ?' un u.ce? U? our .i':zens. Be si. ? . it U really dangr. us to p?* .b-"g the-tr at mi 1 1 *v on ounl a the mi <.??le# t?a? ar Ujo.g m :-.ll lir. -ti. :.s I certainly W*? tr. ? o:u.t i U.r ,-di-e.lo no: vwit this portion ?' ur cit\ ut cist th*.^ *e ?r tj do tueir u } ?. tet ooavthe uff?i.dei-/ belong to some ot our ? ie*M.u".,'am...* the l?" toafe # #-% t . .?? ?I ' min H?E D^T'0!*nLi CtlARn w'l* m 'ke an excur sion to Ptney Point. on Thursday, the se^nd ot August, ID the Jtffimt'r Mount Vernon. Corporation Cases.?Julia Gant. profani ty, fine and costs; Ann Thomas, disorderly, case dismissed; Jco. Carberry, disorderly house, case dismissed; Julia Adams, disorderly, secu rity for peace. The Fight Between Pillow and Donclson. A correspondent of the Nashville Union thus describes the recent rencontre between these two gentlemen at a political meeting in Colum bia, Tennessee After commenting on the pre vious speeches of the day, he ?ays : Major Duncls-.n then got up. and wheezed and blowed through. J|0 it a ilaf. dull -Weak er, and male no character. Just before he closcd, he came down on the Nashville Con vention with the sweeping statement that h? had at the tnne denounced the members of that body " as traitors.'' General Pillow beinz in the crowd, promptly replied, 44 Yon tie yon t , sir For a moment Major Don. lson wa< disconcerted, bui rallied, and replied, ?n arrl ?,n ,mPertinent fool/' General Billow rusned towards the stand, but wa.- ar rested by the crowd. Grea-. excitement pre vailed Major Bonelaon a^ked for a stick, which was handed to him, and he present!* eame down from the stand in the direction of '.neral Pillow, but th*re were munv p* rsons between them and unices shoatine " L:t Gen. Pi'icw got to him.' This being prevented Major Dcnebcn again took the stand. At this point thera wore iLaf emng cheers for Gen. Pillow; and th.i con tinned for son:* tiu.c, 50 tbnt Major Doncls^n was unable to prococd, and Genera! Pi'.low re quested the crowd to hear him through. Si l-nce b,in , restored, the Major proceeded. He slid he did not mean to charge all the iacm ??ers of the convention with being traitors, but in thi4 ficdbiioD he di?l uut '.mbracj Gou. Pi! low t?en Pillow then <i?n<? ant d htm fierce.*'u at a liar, a.11 a traitor to the Dtitinerary awl to the country; and rushe I a' the eland, but was arre-ted. When Major I) >nvL-on elos. I Haaeral PQtow wmi gfcovtod for and mount-i tae stand He said he did not get upl > ^p'-a'i, but to apologize the crowd for interrupting tfte discussion. It was tbo fiist time he had ever done such a thing in hi- life, but he whs denounced a- a traitor, and if he had not re -ented it. he ww'd have oeeu ashamed of him s*dt a- a man and h- a pitriot. lie wa- a member of tijc Na-h\ iiie convention. It was we:I known tha' tho Tenuossea delegation. ot *h:eh he was a member, disapproved of !hc union of tho ?vaj??ritv >f tlie c invention. and Withdrew from it Tnc charge made by Major Umclson was general, a d tjuhraeed all the numbers of the convention. The charge of Major Doncl-on was, that it the urn* the con ' thtiQn was sitting* he i Ih-uelson) denounced tac members of the convention ?s traitor*. Gen? ra! Piilow aid to Major Donels <n ? 4- // yon charge or i istntciU that yon then di Hounrel thtm as traitors, or if' yon now male the charge, it ; < fihe '.?it t s false, i r A: thi-? point Maj r !>. struck Gen* ral Pillow 0.1 the arm, and General Pillow gave him a b;ow on the head. They were then -" srated. After great excitement'General Pillow a aiu took the stand and finished his remarks. Gt'AXo IN- Am.NMsr E ?Con-u!?rd? =w. < l.< C>'niiuanicated to the 13ritish lJ.'rtr J of Trade eince ihe I-t of January ia-r. sluie that depo sitee of giiano have been dis. 1 in tli?> i-iaii-l- composing the canton of St. Andre-1, in the province of Carth ?/ei>a : in the islar. l !>? l -nging to the Ecuad r. oil i!>?-c ast .-f ;he jn i vinve ot Mauibi; in an island called ?? II.t iryst"' s Itoeks. situated near the idand of Nankahiva. in the Marqm sao group; on the ?asl eud of the is and of Giia-lalviipc . on .--t. Mark s island: in the pr x'mity ?-t the J J ay of Sr Bartholomew, on a -mall "rx-k ne)ir"the s mthweat end oi the i--u:i i . f Nu-.avida I ; on the Maria is! ?nd. The government ? f Caitl .1 s; n;t have )aoi..bited the exportation of guano fr in the is!and of ,<t. Andres.? Phila. Xoith A uteri can. Of Another slave rescue o?'curred in Phila delphia on Monday morning. A slave boy, 18 years oid belonging t?> a Cuban gentleman. arrived from Cardena-, was ceiztd and carried off by a party of free negroes on the wharf, while g'-ing to a Lolcl to his m ."<tr-r in company with the captain of the vrwi on which he arrived. The negroes told the -lave that h? was free, but as h?> did not understand English they forcibly carried bite aw Ay. Yorvr, Bovapakte i> the Crimea.?Mrs Le Vert, of Mobile, writing fi >m Paris ilius speak;- of young Bonaparo*. late of thi - citv '? Tell M that his friend Jerome Bonaparte ha" jrreatly distinguished himself, an I ha? great honor to his West Point training. He is the aid of one of the Genera!*, and is 'he medium of eommurication between the French and English. a< he speaks the two lan guages equally well. He i- always in the midst of the battle and ha- had two horse shot under him. but as ye: ha* escaped a wound. LJ~ Uon t Believe It! -Jf any int?'reM?-<l one tells you that physic, iodines, guiacum blcedini;. and a hundred other injudicions means will iclieve rain lik- my 44 Electhic Oil." don't you believe it. The simple proof is daily mad- evident in tn!? citv, by the undoing of the previous bad man agement of the moat severe ca.s??'s ever ! rd of in thi* country or any other, by the use of iny Electric Oil. from 39 South Eijjhth street, three doors be low Chestnut. Philadelphia ^?An ^*periencedphvsirian in attendance ] Caution?See rnv written signature. jy -21?3t PROFESSOR C DEC RATH. * IYjT rroleisor DeUrnt h's> 0 ?r;t oil," is the most astonishing rerned> to act cn the ab sorbents that was ever discovered It reduce sw?-.Jing* in an incredible short time, allays ul patn. relaxes the joint?, and soothes the nervous system It has stood the various tests of the med fs^.ilty: and here in V ashinglon is used bv several Doctors. S<-nie very rapid cures have bei:? made. Enquire at the Dru^' stores, or at the .Na tional Hotel. jV j| gj ?J~ Special Notice adie- and Gentle men of Washington. Georgetown aud Alexandria, are hereby informed that 1'koi- Chas DkGbath, of l'hil-uielphia. will be in Washington soon to att- :d himself to any tiijfirut? ntij jainfuI cases, and he desires ail who wish particularly te see him ia reicicnce ?o the action of his celebrated ?? Flertrtc Oil," to drop a line to him at the Na tional Hotel, and he wi!f ca!l or. suc h a- early as hi? prior engagement* w ili allow?th:s applies a* u>tli to ihose who hare as to those who have ;<c? t.ied the Oil?as he wishes to be of ;?11 possible benefit '?> suffering humanity, without any expense to tue pa..u for advice SPECIAL AGENT, National Hotel Washington, July -J3, J- >6?tt L'7* >'"ah Wnlker A- I #., .''larble Hall Clotliing Kiiitx>riom. uuder iirowns' Hotel re sp^-.faliy announce that their display of Spring and !suininer Clothing i-. now ready for i^t. >u comprising an assortrn-ut of Coats, Vests .md Pantaloons of the newest and richest d.-si-Mix in m ttcrial. tririiniing and workmanship TiT - en ticiut-a who stody ? xidlcn e with ecouomy in f.:shioi.alile arti l?*s < f dre--> an op[K>rtunity for sc i- otfer? .1 from one of the largest and irio^t aur.iciive stiv k of gods ??v? r o?Iered intiiis citv at averv reduced scale 1 f puces. i,,, f ? I a 4 !. - t ffcwiMfiaia XHkiM, Broa lis. t ough Dy*j*-j?Ma, l.ivcr Complaints. rof tila. S< K?-r a', diseases of the Keinah* Sv-n-.n it stands pre-eimuent. A Clergyman just mfoims n- it hits ? ured bun of Bronchitis of a desperate 1 tiura? icr?particulars h?*i?aJ"fe. 11A M PTON S V EG KT A B I. K T1N CTl' R K? i'v it - mild action on the stomach, liver and kid i>e. - will cure Dyspepsia. Coimh, Asthma, l?ron eliiai and l.ung AH' ? Uoiis, I'ains in the li :ck, side aid I5re-?>t (Tonsumption. Scrofula. H'.ci: iiont. Neuralgia Fistula. Ho\.-el t'orii plaints l'ilex. Worms and Neivous l>cbilities? with all diseases arising' from impure ol-"H?d. and is 1 oe ^r?-ate?r female medicine ever known. This invaluable miilieine Is working wonders upon the Lamna frame Sold by MORTIMER .V MOW BRAY, U?i Bal timore ?trtel. iialiiuM'.-o. Joi Bioadway, .New York CHAS ST6TT \ CO J H MODRE, 1? H Ci.AtkK. CLAKKE a BOWLIXU. W F.L ll'u*?-# *."sri*inn.Utc, it. 1 C7* Letter from Hon. John Minor Bolts, ?f VlriinU. R'cnMoriD, Julv 9, 16S5 Messrs Wm. S Beer* .V Co : Gents?Consider ations of dutv to the afflicted alone prompt ine to send you this voluntary testimonial to tlo crcnt value of "Carter's Spanish Mixture," for that almost incurable disease, Scro fula Without being disposed or deeming it necessary to go into the particulars of the case, I can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of my o\vn family, aad under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians hid been exhausted and all the usual reini'dlet had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to ali who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. I dnot mean to' say that it is adapted to ali constitution*;, or that it will afford the same relief ( in all cases, for, of course, I can knew nothing about that?but of what 1 have seen of the efl? cts, I woti'd not hesitate to use it. in any and every i use of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt aii interest, or over whom I could exercise influence ?.t control. Respectfully, yours, * Jso. M. Botts. in* Pri niinms at the Fairs?Wiiltehnr ii'? still in the ascendant ?The juries of ea< h of the late fairs at Baltimore.Richmond, and N> w York awarded their h?ghtest premiums to J li \V for t h< tr superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Dajuercotypes exhibited. Mr W r?T>o received two medals at the World's Fair, London. and a premium at Crystal Palace, | X ew York Al-<?. the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past Whitehurst's G*il?ry in thl* city is cn Pa ave nue, betwceeti Four-and-a half and Sixth streets feb 17 2. TL Gilman, hr.s r.-moved to Seventh street, opposite the Patriot:* and is now prcoared to 2111 all crden for Mod:cino Paints, Oil and OIac.s on accommodating tcrius. Sirictattention will be paid to phv-ici&h's pre s ans at all hoars of the dav ? nd ni<*ht. TLc ni^nt Uil i~> on the ri^h: of tLc ^U?rc dovr ap U \T7~ Aver's Cathartic I ills.?Fills that ar Fills!?Pno?. iUvir.. State Chemi: t of Mas?*t chuse?*s, savs they are the be ! --f all Pill*, a: d ati n?xcd are the j>ersons who "-^.Ty that l)r '11a; es k io?.\s, viz : L.KMIEI, Sh.aW, Chi^f Justice of the Supreme Court of .Mass Choky \Va nnr?.is. Governor of Ma s W C Pl.CNa.KTT Ijeilt. Off* Mass. BtWAU Bl 1 UTT, Ex-Sec of State fl&d SeMk t t U. S. Robeht C \V isiheop. Ex-St-eaker House of Heps., lT S A. Abbott Lawrsxck. Minister Flenipo to Great Britain. t John B Fitzpatthik, Catholic Bishop of Boston yir.y that are yes ! Anions the disuses th'.< Pill lias cured with as tonishing rapidity, we niav mention C ?stivenes>, Bilious ( omidaints, Ilhe*ism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Hoadac ne ari in-* f on a foul 9 ooneh| Nkms, Indlgnthn, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pom arising therefrom. I ittu 1' m'-v. I,os ; rf Appetite. all Eleerous and Cntane ts Diseases, wlli !i require an eva?- 'ant m<i;; :r??. r .f.'la or Kind's Evil. They also by purifyi r: th>- Mood and stimulating the system, cure man', complaints which it would not be sumK> ?d' could reach ; such as Deafness, Partial blindness. N?irai^ia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys. Gout, and other k;n d -cd comprint s arising from a low state of ih? b <lv or obstructions of it- functions. Thev ate t!.e b? -it Purgative Medicine ever disenyered." and V- i will but re- d To u?e th' in onoe know <t Prepared by DR .Ct^fcVEB. Lowell, Mass.. a id ? ild by ever.' r * dru^jist Sold by 15. D OILMAN, Washington, O M ElNTlli?'U.M Georgetown; JAMES COOK \ CO., Fr dericksfcmn. Jo 17?2m J)"7"Er. Hoofl.tnd's Celebrated <?rrmnn (fitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, anl a prev to innumerable mental, as \v?li as phv al evils, the vi'Tmi to d\?;?t'psiH. is indeed an of ??(?mmisserat .on. S el ii is absurd for him to desi.air. \Ye (are not how weak. low. n-TVOiis. and irritable he inav be. the < ordial pro,; e.':-s ?.f i 1 UOl*LAND'S tiCR.MAX BIT J flUS p ;? by Dr C. M . Ja it-on. Philadelphia, .i.'e stronger than the mauy-he.uled mounter, \\nitu 1-^ proylny upon h.s boily and mind; and if he c.oos to trv them, we w.U insure a spwly rare. >ee ad.'erti.semcnt. je 7?3in \TP More F.videnee.?\Ye have jus t b? "n in fc" i?n d bv a i'eiitleinaii frtun th< counlr- with a hii^efiiii!; that he has had a great many at:a<k <?: Summer Complaint, b-at not in one i?4an?-e :iu lie fall'-d in maV't jh rfe<~? care in l< < ill"> .i h >urs. witn BA rv i .'l< .-s PKK.MILM BITl'liltss He believes al-o. tiia. S-5U would nor ha\-; uaal tii^ d octor's bill w iinou*. the Bitters. He f.avs r.c n ver ii tends to do without it i i his familv His na*ne will l>e used if required, but not wishing it pu; llsj.ed Price oft cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT ?k CO . Wash ington. D. C.: CAN BY 4 HATCH a?d Sl.TH 9. rIANCE, Baltimore; and by Drtiggists eve- - where. coat MARRIED. On the 19th instant, at the residence of Z 'A* MeKnew. f>q , bv th" Rev. tsideon II l*ay. Dr KLISHA J. COOK, of New Windsor, t'arroll cr-unty. Md . to Miss MINERVA McKNEW. of Howard district. Md (Bait naper> please copy) DIKD. <tn the 21th Instant. CUARI.ljS WINDSOR soa of Kdward and Jane Donlan, aged 1 >ear. 6 Hi" ttlis and 11 d iv's \YJ' Hi ? fiin< ral will tak^ place this afternoon .it <? i?:k. from his late resident e, corner .With Capitol and G streets * t>n the 1'ith Instant. Mrs. REBECC \ C. i'i' V VEK. :u;ed til years wife of Mr P. Craver. for iii il\ ofSt. Mary's county, .Md.. but f<ir the last tvsv \ear-; a resident of W;ishin^ton. BOARDING. 4 GENTLKMAN AND LADY CAN BF. f ir . * uished with a large pleasant frort chamle-r. together with bo^.:d i:: z. private family L < aion tvo s jtiares n'?rth of Pa avenue, ana eqoai dis tai'e east of th?? Treasury Building. Address Box ??1 City Post Otfice Reference given .and required jy'^?lv I > ARE CHANCE ?A NEW BRICK HOCSC II for s^leor lent, situated ? n tli? eoriierof Mas sachusetts avenue and 1'ith flieet. containing ?e i rooms with cellar, and a pump of ixofxl wafer in th" yeid. The house is built in the *ery b<-s manner. The terms will be moderate AppH t" Gl'.n T LANG LEY. on L st.-c*. betweesi'.'th and Tenth, N o 5o4. jy 21?1 wk Board, Ac?MRS. bates, on the s. v\ corner of Penus lvania aveiue and 9th stii-cl, ispitpared to a< commodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every elf'it will b? oaade to render tlu>se comfortable who may favor her with tut ir patronage. ap&- 'f 3 7 3] IMPORTANT TO TI1F LADIES, [j? One Dollar's worth oi Got Js lur 7o cents : VS we contempl'.teenlargir i!;<l otherwi' r iin proving our s'.ore. we will vomnie'n-o f- Jin 'Ms date and continue ^atll t l^.hof A . .v, next i at which tiii'.e ilife Improvement Is to erno meiitt; to sell our targe and beautlf'il ass?-it!?!t t of Li?.>*'ns, Tissues. Barege-. Gentlemen'r asul Boy? wear, and m iatt our entir- st? ? k >f SUM MER Gt'tilJSat greatl\ red ic.d pr'- e->i' 'r ? :<rh. >\'e have <dso on hand a comph assortment ol L :dics' and Gentlemen's Summer tiaiters and Fa y Shoes, which we are disposed to sell at 1 '.a-.t 'ij ptr cent. le>s than our usual pri-'e*! Persons wishing to"'. lu jiiev would do well to r;i ve us a <-ili a? thev may ? onlideutly rely on ohuinitig GREAT BAllGAl.\>. K B. HALL. No 3T.I North Seventh ?t., one door above jy 13?co?w R. G 11att s J'lUDA.VS W HITE SI LPXII R SPRINGS, |7?UKf)KRlf iv COUN TY VA.?Opened on the ? i."?th of Jen ? i'roin Baltimore, Wash- : : ! r Cumberland neertrewelagtrains CttO li ;? - I ? rr\. tlietice oy WincLea'e:mlA-Jim I'aiirnail to Stephenson's depot; from depot I), md -s in eoacbes to s.^rings in time to dine same ii.iv Riee's cotillon band engaged. Sulphui baths. M- <li? inal etfects of*r well kinwn E C A- R M JORDAN ii PRO jy h?eo<>w (CEMENT, PLASTER. llAIR, Ac. J Also, constantly on hi>n<l a splendid article of Cein -nt. Plaster, llair, 46., ?ili ot which we ate selling very cheap. * LAWTON P HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns one N jua:e south of the Lo.ver Biid[:e, near Georgetown. jy 18?eo-'lw (Intel,Organ,Union) St III A KAHLCRT, \HTISTS, FRESCO. DECORATIVE, imd - every description <-f o R N A M E N T A L PAINTING. Orders 1. ft with Baldwin ai.d Nenning, Archi tects, corner Penu. avenue and llth street, will b? promptly attended to. jv II?Im* ?.!:>TLKMIIN n l NDERGAKMENTS. UM- have a lar^e and line asMortinent of Silk, tiauzc. Merino aiwl Cotton Underahirts, lin en and cotton Drawery. White and colored Shirts, Hosiery, .*c... which we are now ottering at v?-ry low price* ^ WALL ic STEPHENS, Pa ave , next dooi to Lou Hall. Jy IF-tf [News] ice -it r.?iciTT ("MIARI.LS WERNi^R, on Pa avenue, oppo ^ sue Browns' Hotel, will kt*p, thronvhout the ?r#; it fiklCB, ?aV: J?-?<? r.- y 4 3j WANTS. TNFORMATION WANTKD of Elizabeth

X Cnrter, widow of WitRam Carter, who served ' ^?i'cd States ship Levant, on Coast of California. JOHN D CLARK, jy??It 527 Twelfth st. w?t IirAN'TKD? A SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE, ? ? either furnished or unfurnished. north of K, between /th and 15th streets?a coturc house pre ferred Address, post paid. "X Y," statin* terms an 1 ligation, through the City Post Offlcr jy 95-3t? WANTED?TWO HOUSE CARPENTERS who fully understand their business En quire at tills r>*f\rp jy ?5 |{ \\TANTED?A PARTNER TO FNfl\GE Vt in the provision business. Address f,J R" at this office. jy 2." 3t? TTTANTED-A TEACHER WELL QUAL V? ifled to act as an assistant in a Select Classi cal and Mathematical Aiademv. P. A BOWEN. jy 9 1?dtf (Jeorijetou n WANTED?A YOUNG MAN ABOUT 18 y?ars of age as Salesman in a Grocery Sto-e One ncyainted with th*> business and who can ii'ood recommendation. n^dreis "C li.," through the Post Office. Immediately Jy Jt* WANTED?A WHITE WOMAN to di the If ronVing. wishing ?nd ironing of a moderate sized family To one competent good wages will be given. Apply at No 71 Montgomery street, GemgetewB. JjnM?fll TTTANTE^T ELVAN8 & THOMPSON, ? V .">*5 Ftnna avenne. Cash (or netes at short di e:; (oraccouatidoeandreadcrad inf ill to Ju ly i.-: i-xuaat. (Or^aa) ^ jy si?3t WANTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, coaveaieat House, in ? good neighborhood, either in Georgetown or Washington^ The ten ant will tc punctual and orobably permanent, and wjll t?ke i c>- <esiion in October. Ai. o a resp<' table middle aj/ed woman a? hoa-ekeeper and .eatastress; servis.' -i re^a: rt.d im ni< di-iiely. Address 'L," at this cilice, iv 2^?Cawtf VJ5X GOOL STOUT BOYS WAX rT.f>- IO 1 ' vvor-; the Lame- t!jdc. Apn!'-to the ua de.:.i-ncd. DAN. CAMPBELL, ^jidler, Pa. avenue, ii'.ar N.*:onai Hotel, i- :~i?i,t* \\r.\ N Ti; P IMMEDIATELY?A YOUNG ? f u'td healthy Wet Nnr-o. for a ba'*v<J mr-nth* t !. A,;'" to I)r J. 1". MAY, C street, from 3 t 1 ?.- 7 to b p. m. jy a?>?tf Uf ANTED?A WOM AN (GER M AN PRE f-rred) to do the wo.k ? f a -mail family lii a iire of JA.MKS OWNER, A street north. tv vh and ? th streets east jy 17?tf \V v>TED-l'.VERYi'.OD . TO KNOW that ?* ili". < in ^it a l?t M fcetfroal ??\ liofcei d-ep, !?.'r the low price of ?..i?pavnlh?&3.< mouth v. itti "it iate:c\?t A:>r!v at the ? nioii Laad Office 7th street. jj?w>ve Oil i'iHi'W-' 71 ail *pW?3m* JOHN FOX, Sec. FOR SALE Aim RENT. I.F.T?A TIIRI'.n-STORY IKX'SK ON 1. 1 ?! ween 6th and 7th strecis. 'contain'.n*? ?? T?i iooin*. It has lately been put iu coiniikle nrder, 'i , f rom top to bo'foui The k* >r will he found n xt d-.or \ . 1"o: particular? ir.rjnirc of Mrs. A. i:y Ann Nallv. or CII MILES KEEN AN, jy "J>? ?3t ^ corin-s i'ih and G sts. J,V> 1? R E N T?A COMFORTABLE COT j ?n c, ith * rooms and cellar, o:i Uth -treet, 1> ?????i D !i -tr? <'; i'os.-.! sion ^Iveiton l>t A ii' < -f j ly at the Coal and Wood Yard near ly opp.i-ite " s. s. HARVEY s h ts for s a r. i: -two on three I i good Building Lot is a ra|'id!y iapnvjag nei_'ub.?iL?x>d f. r salt; < a :nt jkih' r'n-hr \| !-l ? 'o J II DRURV. . jy--? J^OR S W.E ? \ SMA! !j ? ?'AM': HOI'SE ? and Lot No 50 Louisiana avenoe, \\ a*?:iiMg U't? It presents a rare op|>ortuuitv to a |*vrson Ai-i to make a g?*Ki ln' ?*:tmen* Ai a.) a three-r.tory Brv k llraise and Lot. No .77 H:uh --;reet. ?iei>r<^<~t.->vv!i. Lot (e^t front by |rtn f? ?'t d'^p; will l?e sold low and on a long erf dit. Apply ut i'i Louisiana avenue. j>?tf I^OR RENT?A NEW THKEE-PTORV Frame lloii-^eon L street, near 15th. rontain in ; -liroorn* ;?:id a kltchcn, al! neatly finished. To a yood tf>n?.nt the rent will be Sl-? |?-r month. I nq"- of J 11 DHL"it Y, City Part Office, jy i-?tf ... I^OR RE N T?A TWO STORY FRAME House, with basement, situated on Prc<p*ct H'11. t>< irgKown, commanding a beautiful view oi the Potomac river Apply to T O Donnoghue n-ar the C-itbollc Church/or R H Trunnel, No. 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D C. IAOR SALE?A LOT ON CAPITOL HILL I ?? ?SPMI^ 11,'r-' fW? 11 C2I! tx- >11vld? 'l into Lai.? En quire of E. F Ql/EEN, "th .street, n^.-.r the Northern Market. Jy U?9W I^OR RENT A TWO- STORY BRICK Lwi-'i:n^on II street. n?*ar t**ih street. No.'270, -:itl v situated, v 1th a fi?ie enclosure and con v? ai? n* outhnildinos, furnished or unfnrnM" il. A j'piy at the pr? mises. jy Ifi?Wt^tf j V.ift BENT- TH E THREEf^TORY STORE I and i>w? ilin^. No Bihlge ^tre<.t. t-iwn. o' ii pied ps Enunert's Conftstien ^r-;. A ppi ,? to ARN V , next door mv ?tawtf K ENT?A handsomely furnished Hou?e 17 ii -;:r Public Department is otl^redfor rent. To a r?--sponsible tenant the rent v^ill t>f moderate T il.--(scc-?i?ta'??? u bath room and uas tivturcs. Esiqii r>!i the jccniise-;, No J7ti H street. Jy 5?tin* it KNTS REDUCED TO sl'IT f Ii 1. TIM V c!5<t a year will be received for the rtnt of th^se new aiid convenient Coto ;es at Kendall Green, with two acre- of gronnd, stable, wood saed. and otheroonvenieacesattached I'limj-^ of pure water are r,-ar the door, and communication is hid with Georijetown by vyr; II and Seventh .-jt'eeis <i:id Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoo:i at the usual fare for the accommodation of cleric.> i.i the Departments To secure the advantage of this trmit reduction "frcnt, application must be made to iifc undcrsi^i.'ed, either by letter or at fc'is house at <btll l.-reen after otline hours. whe*"e the kevs ii. ?>'had and the houses in-pected <tt any tirrte r veral of i.iese res;d*nf.? ^ will he sold on ljj^j WM ST1CKNEV. No. 4 Eenda.ll Green N. B?Rents paid qua.terly in ajvamu ap 9?eoif I^OR RENT.?THE BLMLDINTTON^DTst , A near the corner of T L'th, is f?r rent, either i.i p ir', or v/huie. Apply at the *?tar office. je 2.)?U _ MOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR ? h-rs and Chambers, with Board 4 so. Table and T-ansient Beard. Ir-quire at s SMITH'S,9*1 F street any?ti Tfcl" By J. C. McCUlRE. A ctione-r (-"?I UNIT L re A NO xIOL'SEIIO LP LF I (ecu.?On THURSDAY, lily ?th, at 1Q 5 - lock. th?' s-jutti side of E. between ?th and 1 rii *. ? ! . hall <e!l the Furniture and EiTerts i i ntleman d-xlining housekeeping, compris iiMr? i. :^a!*y i- iir spring Sof> ??nd Chairs Marble top centre and"nacy Tables Ruth and cane-scat Chairs, Whatnot Mahogany extension dining Table '\ .i.1 nTi? refre-hinent Table rou* Table Maattl * M'k (Jirandoles rtii?: plv and ingrain Carpets, Oilcla'hs ? -tt". ?l<ittings. Rugs, Drt'irget W -'r i u:??! maple Cottage B"dsteads 1 -r i::-.- and plain Bmeans. Wash-stands I! iii and hu-^k Mattresses. Toilet Sets Dr* '-mg Tabl . Wardrolie i Hikin;; Stove a:;d l ixturn, Refrigerator L < < Heat Tin Safe, Buck* t.>, Tubs, Ac T'--''?ber with a general assortment of Kitchen U I, -; 1?. 'IVrniH: Q'iS and under cash; over that stun a credit I months for sati >f?ctorilyendop*cd uoi-s, "^arirg interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, jy 19?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. qUUSTEE'SSALFOl LANI? IN WASH ' i-!?ton County, District of < olumbiu.? liy virtue of a deed ot trust, dated November 3d. A D. 1851, a::.l duly recorded in Liber J A.S, No. **9 folios iii7, 2-M? and one of the land records for Washington county, in .-aid District, we will sell, at the auction ro >ins of tireen A* Scott in the city of Washington, on THURSDAY,the :d d ty r?i August, 1so.j, at 5 o'clock p. m . Lot No. Ki. in the subdivision of a j>art <>f a tract of land called Uiunby, in the county of Wash'n^'on, the aid lot containing live acres of land, iu>>io or less A plat ol' the subdivision will L< exhibited at tae sale. Terms: One-fifth exsh. and the remainder in four equal payments, at one, two, three and four years, with interest, to be secured by a deed of trust All conveyancing at purcha.ser s cost The almve mentioned property is handsomely located in a very elevated position, with a com manding view, aoout three miles from Washing ton, northeast of the Capitol, on the new cut 11la- ? lei;-bmg load, past Mrs. Pearson's Mill. fii fjls*' - AUCTION SALES. II < By GREEN A. SCOTT, Auctioneer*. OUSE AND LOT ON THK ISLAND at Auction.?On FRIDAY the 27th instant, at C% o'clock, p m., we shall In froat of theprem i?es part of I.ot No 3. la square W7. frosting 33 fe* on south E street, between ?d and streets, west running hack about 100 feet with the im nrovemebte, which it a comfortable tYam- houae Terms Ona-third cash; fiance in 5 and 12 months, for n'^tes bearing lntereft from the day of A deed given and a deed cf tr *t taken A 11 GREEN A SCOTT, jy 25?eoAds Auctioneers By JAMES C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer* TWO SMALL FRAME lioi srs nad lot* nulhr I? Innri ?t pi:bllf ?alowW?o?t re serve On F R I)>A V sp^ncon. Julv27'h, *' r,l: o'cl.vlr. on the premise*. I sl^all wtt pa>i ^ N>> 4, in >i, *itratfd rear the corner cf D and First Mreet, wet. fronting 10 feet on D street. Imwwed by two small t-'rarm Houses ea'-h friirtinK 5W feet wi.h an alley between; the?* I- also a 12 feet alley in the rear S*!e without reserve Terms: One-third cash; the residue in * and 1months with interest, secured by deed < f tru*i cn the JAMES C. McOVIRE, jy 25?d3t Auctioneer By C M BOTELF.R, Auctioneer POSITIVE SALEOF A * AI.l \BLK lot at Auction. ?On THURSMA* afternoon. Au g 1st 2d, at (?)* o'clock, 1 shall sell on the premises the west parv of lot No. 1, in square No t.?. front ing t- fee' rt 'nc^e* m Sor*h 11 street, betwrea Tenth and Eleventh sttcei east, depth 'A feet, con Uiuiag 2.rVZ -quare feet. 1 rrm; : Oi:e-*-e!f ta-b, bilince on a credit of *nd 1- months fo. notes ix?-iiao intere-t secured by dv-<-d oa the pronertv C. M EOTF.LE?, jy Z5?rids Audience" Bv GREEN i SCOTT, Auctioneer*. H^NDSO 'IE HOUSEHOLD a=d KtU-heu Furniture at ArcMon.?tV? .MONDAY, the Xth instant, we Khali sell, at tfc* residence cf C.o Butler, Esq.. ne~r the Navy Yard, on ^o*th Carolina avenue. ?n?l near Pfnn?)iv?nia a*?nue, b -twrasn er,| 7th streets e--t. at l'.? o'clock a r \ . ?r e\."*il< a-sctrvent of Furniture, vit: Mai: '? :>rr-*p"i'v* '-a*. Divan*. I.ouPge?. See I>o ??il Walnut Parlor Ciiaira and Rockers Do ?i<> isrtfa. side, and ertrtre ta ble* Do do Bureaus and R-d-'eads Walant and othf Wa-' tint's and Wardrobes ( :iH!Ti'rt?r S-t*. cane and wood teat Chr.irs Walnat c>f*nilon Table Mahnganv Seeretarv Thiec-plv, injrnin. pas?agf and *ta:; CarpKfe lltb and ihitck M-ittre- ? ? f-ather Bob.?er?and Pillow* O'ratidoles, so 1 ir. hall and other Lamps Miutd Ornaments. Giiss aud Crocken ware Kcfiiterator. I .arabee's make. Setter ! >t of School D'^ks Odice Table* and Chair* ' C ejkius' f?d other Stoves I U iiu a j.?vd assortment of Kitchen Reqtdsitea Terms: Under **5 ua.h; over <??> aTrditof ' 1 \i. and iii!:' d <vs, for m-tt o wn*I"?f^ to: >' en <i'tried, beari:; ' interest. GREEN a SCOTT. I jy 21 d Auctioneers By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneer*. I/BAME liOlsK AM) LOT at Auction ? On FRIDAY, the 27th insii?t. we shall sell, 1 in fr?>nt of the prfmi*?-s. at t? o'clfvk p. m.. I."t J No. 5. in Square No ??, fronting on New Ilamp s'lir- avenue, near the corner of 21st -treets, ttetw I ii .nh M and N strerts The let is larte, mete* a ;ii b.);inds of which will i?e shown or the day ft ' s .lc. A!-o. the improvements, which are. a yood two-story fr:tir** I'welliiin llouso.>!>', milk honse, and a pump of excellent water oa the prem ises. . , J Terms: One-third cash ; balince In 6. 12 and 1 ironths, the purchaser to (jive notes f<?r the de ! f? rred laymrnN, bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a de. d of trust taken. If the purchaser should fail to comply with ti.e tc, uis iu ftve days from day of sale, the proptrty will ltt- f*--t.ld. at the ri-k and cost of the an<t pur cllaser, bv adveriisinv three time* previous to such itsale in the Naii jnai I nt? I?;*. GREEN a SCOTT, jy -21 d Auctioneer* By JAS C McGFlRE. Auctioneer ?NE Or T1IF. BT^T GROCFRY Stands ' in the < it> at Fuhllc Kale.???ii THURS DAY afternoon. J?1v 26. l-o.". at ?? o'? l<xk, on the i? -Mr.'-:i;s I sh^ll seO that valuable property situ .t!cd <>n ?h'' ci rner of li and 12th streets, nvar I2th stre?'t bridge, iormerlv kej.t xs a Grocery -tore by S- ii''stack & Clark, and late bv Wm II Clark With a sutttcient capital to extend the business to a wholesale as well a^ ret-vil business, more par ticularly in the fw<!. flour aiid bacon trade, no lo cation in the city offers greater facilities The warehouse is of brick, 28 feet front by 50 ft. d-ep. two stories high, and built of the best mate rial in the most substantial manner Thee Is al so attached a lot in the rear 25 by 75 feet The premh^Lcan be seen at any time bv appli cation to C^^Jwig*ta-k, on D, between I2th and 13th streets^^^^^ Immediately after, I shall sell a lot fronting 21 feet on south D, between 12th and hhh sts , run ning back s? feet to an 1- feet paved alley Terms; One half cash ; residue in six. twelve, eighteen and twnty-four moirhs, satisfactorily ^..-ur'-d, beaiint: interest. J C. McGTTIRE, Jy *21 ?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer IailHEE VALUABLE Bl ILDINO LOTS u at the corner of liiiiand K st*. at pub lic Sale?On ni;n\i:SDAY afternoon. Jul-. 26th. at 6'% o'c!<v k on the [ircnises. 1 snail sell Lots Nns. 24. and 2fi. of Davidson's *nbdivis io.i of Square No. ">5. situated at the corner of l*<?th street west and K street north, the whole fronting 7^>j feet on K street. l?y ti7 feet ^ inches ?n 12th street Tuese are probablv th^ most eligible and desir able building lots for sale in that delightful nart ? >f the citv, to the sale of which especial attention is invited Title indisputable The property will be sold entire or In lots, as de sired. Terms. One-third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, satisfactorily secured JAS. C McGUIRE, Jy 19?d Auctioneer By GREUN A SCOTT, Auctioneers VLUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY on the Island at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY, the '^Sth instant, we shall sell, at t> o'clock j> m . in front of the premises, jiart of Lot No. 1 ia Square ivi. having a frc n* of 3! feet or. Viririnia avenue, running bai k 111 feet to south C street, w th 'he improveiiientii, which*.etwo go<^l or'< k ai d one frame Hotr e The brick house* contain -ix g^od an J coovenlently arranged rooms and kite hen each. They will be srild aepcrate Th? above describe?l property is handsomely lo cated on Virginia avenue, between 6th and 7th v.. ts, a?;d presents inducements to [>ersons wishing ! i make a good luvei?tment. ?s it is iu the in -t rarid'.y improving part of tho Island. l'itle indisputable. Torpi'i One-third ce^h: the balance In ^ and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of tbe ale. A d? cd j'iven and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT. jv is d Auctioneer*. B,- J C "VT. CUIRE, A'rctio.ieer 'lIRl'SltL'S SALK OF \ ALlAliLE ?A1 1 )?r ?ve?l ileal Estate?11 v virtue of a deed in bearing elat< tbo 2(!th day of Alay. A. D. l-.M. anil di-lv recorded in Liber J. A S . No. 78, fol-o* _Ji?. J37. ^nd one of the land records ?'.?r Washington county', in the District "f Colom bia. w? will srll at public sale in front of the premises, on FRIDAY, the od day of A igu*t J-V?, rt t> o tic k |>. ni . a iiart of Lots Nos !(' and I li. in S-jnare No. 297. in the city of Washington i i;t said District, and being descri>?ed as follows: j BeiJimiag the line of soutn D street 5S feet md three~ncLes from the southwest corner of *aid i <<jiiare, and running *hfince tawt with said street ? 2o feet, then, e north HD feet, thence west feet. ; and thence south It-") f-t< to the place beginning, ; with the iaanMMti 1 The said let is well improved with a neat Cot i House. Terms of sale: 0;:e-third in cash, and the re mainder In two equal payments at s!x and twelve j months, with interest, to be secured by a deed of trust. The terms of the sale to be complied with in fl\e days, and upon default therein the Trustees re serve the ri^lat to r-'sell the premises at the c^t , and risk of tlie tlrst pur? baser. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost W. if AVARD, iTrllHfeM J.Y DAVIS, J Trustee* JAS. C. McGUIRE, jy -20 eo7t Auctioneer.^ By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneer* Household am? kitchen fi rm ture ut Aactian ?On FR1DAA , the~/th instant, we shall sell, at the house next door to Mr. Purdv, on the north side of Pennsylvania av enue. between 1st and Vd streets, at 10 o'clock a m., a good lot of household F nrniture, vir : Mahogany Sofas, Chairs and Tildes Maple'and cherry high and i??w l^ist Bedsteads .Mahogany bureaus and Stands, U nion Chairs Feather Beds. Bodding and Mattr?**seji Cane-seat Chair*. Wastistands and Wardrobes Parlor, passage and chamber Carpets Moreen and other Window Curtains Fine Cooking, Radiator and Airtight Staves Crockery Ware With a gen>d lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms All sums cf and under *25 cash: over *25 a ' jedtt of 60 ami (JU cLys, fjr notes sat<sfario V TELEGRAPHIC news. REPORTED FOR TMV V?r>.?Aa*< LATER FROM C AJLIFORKIA. ARRIVAL OP TEX STJJIO T THE WIST. New Tom, July 26 ?The steamer Star of the West arrived here thia morning, bnngt^ $^55,000 in apecie, 303 passengers, awl Cah forr.ia dates of the 1st. Her news is inter estiig The r?mocrmts nominated BigW for Governor. and Purdy for Lient Oorernor. The Di>*? from the mince ? as eneoarafii.* The vi' a;* of <"amp Anrel had br *n de stroyed by fire The steamer * noeriea, with three oo?t.aa:cs of Initrd States troopa r.i l*e-d, had b- n burnt at Crc?;ent city. The troops were taken off. ard no lives lost Th* steas: r va- valu 1 a ; $140,000. Warrant were issue 1 a* Sen Franciseo for the arrwst of David D Page, bu- he eaea*>?d in tbe jfsaer A naval batt'?? was reported to have Oocarred off San Diogo between tbe Kusian fngat? Wilhelmins and the French corvette Egalite. la* French commander, "rather than strike, jumped inic th& powder iragazine and blew op the t-Y.ip. with a!! on board The Russian f.igatehtdfiS killed ead 15C wounded. Ill* v hole mry is doubled. A.\ m Au*.u3 la 4 ix^* a c-arsc of fraul fcStin.t hi- jartners, Wood A Ha ke!! j The Indiana on th? Klatrsth were eoromit ; t.rif mo.J.ers ar.d oulia?cs They had killed j a par'y ef 13 The ?]>ecio by the Star of tLe ^Veit is can signed a? follow* Drexei & Co . 525,000; Me tropolitan Da^V. *130,000 At. order hal been i tied a^aiu-t Coheu, the receiver of Adam* A Cj , in eome juence of incorrect accounts The reported t-weUof Sli5,?M) arc liii.-tmg It is repor'cd tha' tbfr,> w- re serious fraud* in the account* of Fagc X Bacon, an! variants "ore Issued f??r Mr. Page on the day the steamer mailed The Freaiout caxi will be takeu up in the Supreme Court mq a bill of except ion? Alarming difficulties tad occurred in the Illinois valley, and the wluntcer companies had been ordered out. The United States Reamer Massachusetts left ^"u Francisco on the 21st on a cruise J. P. tSrilts. associate justiee, and J L. Hay W'trd, marshal of Utah, with Or* r Hyde, hal arrived at Placcrville. Col Steptoeand troops remained in Carson Valley to recruit An immense Know Nothing meeting had been held at Sacramento, at which Dr. Mc M'-aas, State treasurer, presided. Speeches w>r? male by Henry ?. Footc, Edward C Marshall. Bailie Peyton, aad other di?tin gi i^hed men The Legislature of Oregon is Democratic throughout. Lane's majority for Congress is 2,WO. Mining and agricultural prospects wer*good. A Free Soil convention atOlympis had nom inated Joseph Cviimau for Congress. The Democratic State Convention of Cali fornia had adopted the Democratic platform of 1S52, with an additional resolution denounc ing the Know Nothings. Dates from the Sandwich Islands are to tho 221 of June. The sloop-of-war Decatur wai lying at Honolulu The English ship Men arch, of 80 guns, bad left Petrcpaulowaki. The wine bill had passed both branches of the Legislature THE MARKETS. Sax Fravcisco ?The markets are dull Hazall flour. $12 40; oiear pork. $24; < xtra clear bacon, 15c; lard, lftjc: Laskawaao coal. S2w. End of tho Wolkor Expedition. Ntw York, July 25.?The Star of the Wert brings advices that the filiibusteriug expedi tion under Walker had b*cn defeated at Rivm, wi'h the loss of 20 men. All the native re cruits deserted Walker sought refuge in flight, and, being hotly pumed, threw off Lie coat, containing important letters and docu ments He passed through San Juan on t.^e mght ol the 1st of July, with the remainder ?){ his force, and. seizing a schooner at the wharf. sailtMl for part.* unknown Sailing of the Pac lc New York. July -5th ?The steamer Pacific ?ailed for Liverpool to-day. with 175 pa*en gcre and SOO.OOO in speoie D Pear sal! g<>e8 out in the Pacific a^ bearer ?f despatches to Turkey. From the British Provinces Rgstoji, Julv 25.?The St John's papers state that the Rear Admiral Fanshawe had ad* verti-ied for tenders to convey 500 troops from Halifax to England. The Tops throughout Nova Scotia and Ne* Brunswick are abundant. Charleston Markets Charleston*. July 23.?Cotton is at a stand still?sales tc-day of ouly a bales at 90c. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, July 21 ?Wh^at opened *his morning ut Sl.SOaSl ba for white, and SI.70a SI 7a for red ; receipts lb.000 bushels White cern SI 02?S1 05, yellow V8e No tales of fl'?ur: Howard street is offered at SMaf9 25, iiid City Mills at JS 75 Bye and oate uu Jarged. Rev York Markets. l\t* York, July 25 ?Flour is heavy at 2oc. decline. Sales oi 4.750 bbls. State at 53a *>0 sales of 500 bbls Southern at heat is lower. Western whito at $1.30. ? urn firm?sales of 10,000 bushels at felo. ftoet erd pork unchanged. Whisky tteady st 41c. Stcok Market. - July 25?-Stock are dull. _ ties o. Ene Rallreud 51j; Cumberland. 27 Keadiug btf; New York Centrsl Railroad 101 j. Uy ORkki.N & SCOTT, Auctioneers S,AL!!:0rtAR0U OF ANTHRA rite ?TLe subscriber will -el!, at Pub conmn. on I", TUIKSUAY. ?U ?H. day oi iSrSSSH'JH o clo< k p. m . on twurd the Schooner I)evothea IUj ues."lying at Riley a Wharf, a carroof An thracite Coal, containing 90 tons. In r.w,d order lermscaih JN<? W. GEORGE, Master Iv 24?d GREEN A SCOTT, jy Ji?n Auctioneer*. ptKSOXS WITH DEFECTIVE YlSloif .. . arT to ?*amine my extensive ?Ux k of of SPECTACLES and EVE GLA8S I w . t?lasses of anv kind, such as Cataract, 1'ara | oola. rerlscopic. Double Concave. l>ouUe Con vex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in u-*nt of ^la*see mav be sure to get those which benefit the eye. I!/* Circular* "Defective Vision"' gratis at H StMKEN'S, 350 Pa avenue, bet. 9th and ]0th sta. mar 30 HoTfoK THE bl Rl^t.S:_"per?on* who rontemplate a journey to the springs, sea-side, niountains. or tbe country, should not neglect to call at 30? Pa avenue, and get their stock of hair, tooth, nail, bathing and clothes Brushes. Dreas mg, side, puff. neck, fine and porket Combs, flne Pomatum, H&ir Oil, U?y Water, Cologne, Ex iirn ts f?r the Handkerchief, H<*p, Toilet Boxes and Powder, traveling, pic nW\ work, and card Ha-dtete ><: at the Piano, Music, Stationery and Vtr'e+v f JNO. F . EbU^.. ? ? jjf V'V