Newspaper of Evening Star, July 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 28, 1855 Page 2
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evening stab WAiHINQTON CITY: lATdlDAT AFTERB^OW Illy 39. gy Apvxhtisshbjits should be handed in fey 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. aoEXTS FOR THE STAR. The following persons are authorised to eon* tract for the publication of adYortimmenli in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palvxx, N W. corner ?f Third and Chertnut streets: New York?8. M. Pxttixoill A Co., Nassau Street. Bostoc?V. B. Palmbb, Scollay'i Building JOR PRMT1R6. We are moving our presses into a fine new press room, where we will have greatly in creased facilities for the execution of Job Panrme. Our other facilities for the neat, expeditious and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost every description, have likewise been greatly extended of late. So we are now prepared to give satisfaction in that line to all Counsel before the Court of Claims will find the Star office the best place in Wash ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Give u* a call. THE WEEKLY STAB, for this week, is a rich, racy, and truly valu able number, embracing a variety of items to mit every taste and condition. One among other evidences of the popularity ??f the paper Is its rapidly increasing subscription. We daily receive letters. enclosing the ca?h for it, from far and near; and even send a large number of copias to the Pacific coa?t. includ ing Oregon and Washington, the people of whieh Territories have a proper appreciation of the good and indi?peu?able things of life in ihe newspaper line. Subscription price 51 25 per annum, or 3c a single number. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Intelligencer is devoted to new? and literature today. The Union copies from a Georgia paper h strong letter from the venerable ex-Gov* rnor Troup of that State, against Know Nothing ism, and counsels a union between the ilards and Softs of New York. WASHINGTON HEWS AND GOSSIP. Wholesale Falsification?If those who in dulge in such practicescruld be made toblu?h by what would make an honest-hearted man flee his country, the rebuke which Barringer ha.- accorded to Kayner would bo apt to put a stop to tbe wholesale manufacture of slander* *>n the President, the Cabinet, and the Catho lics, which, just now, make all the staple of Know Nothing argument. The Buffalo Com mtrcial Advtrt\*er, emphatically an 'all-thc decency" paper not long since, Is quite a mendacioui ami a little more adroit than Rayuor v?. in its efforts in the same line; as it takes care to avoid referring to particular Individuals as having been guilty of the enor mities it charges on the bishops, priests, and members of the Catholic church. It invent* a story, (based, evidently, on the statement.* of Rayner, which Barringer pronounces false.) pretending to give an account of incidents in the last Presidential election, in Pennsylva nia, wherein the bishop?, clcrgym-sn. and members of the Catholic church are represent ed to have entered into a con^pirncy to defeat General Sett, which it says they carried out by secretly voting against him to a wan?Cath olics from the border countics of New York going over and voting in Pennsylvania : Now. the truth is, and the BjtlTalo Silver Grey organ knew it well, the treachery which Scott expe rienced came from the immediate coterie of that journal, and all they could control. All versed in polities are aware that the Silver Greys played false to Scott, and that from that day U> this, because they did so, the dominant (Scott) wing of the Whig party throughout New York win have nothing to do with them It puts the boot of sccret plotting to bring about the defeat of Scott on the pait of persons p?>fe?*ing to be hi? frieuds, on the wrong leg, at it fits its own better than that of any other. The Catholics voted ac all others do, as individuals, chooeing for themselves; and they were, for the moet part, sennihle enough to vote for no one who might be ac cused of being even remotely under Silver Grey influence, which will sell its soul at any time for thirty pieces of silver, and stood ready to larter adhesion to proscription of the Catho | cs, for a chance for power, as the result prove?. The Catholic people, who ate a? tenacious of their rights guaranteed in our constitution and laws as it becomes freemen to be, did not re quire the interference of their clergy to in duce them to do ao, and all stories setting forth any plot or plot* to that end or any such combination whatever, are simply barefaced falsehoods, dentate, utterly destitute of foun dation in truth. But *ome how or other the ?oncoctors of such man nests slwaysmanag# to overshoot their mark, and thus exp.,-0 tfcem aelvis, as in this instance, in the following clause which we find in the article on which we are commenting: ?'He [Ju'lgo Campbell, Postmaster General] was then sent to a Jesuit institution, educated in their scholastic a* well a* their aoclal tenet and came out a tiniihed lay disciple of tfiat aeademus, the walls ci which are bla**>n*?d with such mottoes a? ? The end juitifi?s the mean?,*4 D-. evil that good may follow,??Men tal reservations are to be practised in commu nicating with the hexetio,' and tbe moral teach ings Now, if the editor of the Buffalo Comw t%al Advertiser will bring proof that such mottoes are on the walls of any J?*uit or other Catholic College is the United States or have ever been on then, we wil] take all the rent of his numerni- falsehood* in the article, for truth. But the fact is. he quote*, ^ inscriptions on the walls of Catholic college- in the United States, the very mottoes on which the Know Nothing principle aud practice b founded as avowed by iU leaders and teachers, many of whom justify themselves in inculcating p*ni. lentiary morality to their followers, on the plea that it is necessary to fi^ht the devil with Are?to u*e againat the Catholic- the weapons, for using whieh. they *ay the Catholics ahould be made, by law, a proscribed and Inferior clatd in this country. Their notorious practice on on the dishonorable and dishonest mottoes. Ihlsely charged above a? being poeted on Ue walls of Catholic colleges, it ia, which iu a great measure induces the wall informed, hon est hearted and patriotic portion of the Amer ican public to look upon Know Nothingum fts j the moral leproey of the age. As for the portion of the Buffalo Commercial AJvertxtfr't stories which have reference |o the Postmaster GeneraJ personally they are one and all, so notoriously false as to be un worthy of notice. We can attribute them to no other cause than a desire to weaken the contrast between the integrity and efficiency of Judge Campbell'i administration of his trust, and the notorious habit of Postmaster General Hall in bartering the interests com mitted to his charge (as Postmaster General) for temporary favor fbr Silver Greyism. During nearly all the time Hall held the office, it was notorious among the members of Congress1 that he was baying and selling in the discharge of his duty; the purchased commodity being promises of affection for Silver Greyism, (the quinteeweoa of corruption in American public affairs,) the price paid being office under the Pott Office Department here and everywhere else, special eofttracts. extra allowances. Ac. Tillibuateriug Journals ?The New York Sun is a very capital sort of a paper, though it has a habit of defending and glorifying ev ery eonceivivjde scheme of piracy on land. We are expecting daily to find in its columns warm arguments in favor of the entire propriety of the slave trade, notwithstanding its late frcc 1 soil proclivities. The truth is, it is so bitten ! with the Cuba filibustering mania, as that it cannot distinguish wrong from right in connec tion with anything in the shape of au effort on the part of North American* to appropriate lands the property of others, without as much a- ?aying. by your leave, sin Tbi? tendency on its part it exceedingly unfortunate, as itg conductors will realiie if they live to grow much older The Effing Fmt, too, that, not long since, mm i><"iouiK'ing Walker?of expedition fame? a T". b?r ami pirate, is now the chief de fend^r and ~l'?rifter of the Kinney expedition. Wherein do they differ ? For the life and soul of uk. if they differ in a single element or partic nlar, we cannot discover in what. Walker's i exploits in Central America are now we'll ku<>wn to be precisely like which ren dered his name taiuou? (or rather infamous) in Mexico. He robbed. jlundered, ami murder ed both sexc*, all ages. and burned some house*, and under c?ver of the smoke of the tire <'1 them, he stole a wihooner and escaped? runaway' If the pet of the Evening Tost, the kinney expedition, numbering some nine teen similar customers, all told, succeed in getting to Central America, the probability is that they will be hung before they can get an opportunity to piny Walker's game; as we know that ample preparations have been made at San Juan del Norte, and. indeed, all along the coast in that quarter, to give them just the reception which it would have been well for the cansc of humauity if it had been accorded to Walker and his companions the instant they set foot on the west coast of Nicaragua. We fancy that no right-principled man in this country, who is aware of the conduct of those pirate* there, doe? not regret that they were not ''strung up" within half an hour after they landed. Very Curious Disclosures?There is much conversation iu diplomatic circles here, in te speot to certain recent emi-olhcial public,( tions in the French Monittur, disclosing the views and plans of the Count de Vergennes. It ?wms that, so long ago at* ?4. the period of our Revolutionary war. there was ? utertained I in France great jealousy of the progress ol' I Russia on the side of the Back Sea. That was I before the Russians had driven the Turks out I of the Crimea, and re-annexed that pcnisula I to the Muscovite Empire. At thut time Eng I land held back, and France was unwilling or J unable to act alone agjiinst Russia. We have 1 come across an item of old American diplomatic J history, which iscalculatcd to breed reflection. | While Mr. Jay was at Paris with Dr Frank I lin and Mr. Adams, regulating the treaty by which Great Britain acknowledged the inde pendence of the United States, he wrote to I Gouvemcur Morris, under date of September I 2L 17S3. from which we extract the following 1 very remarkable expressions : "You have heard thnt the Ottoman aud I Rus-ian empires are on the point of unshcath I ing the sword. The objects of the contest are I more easy to dircern than the issue ; but ii I Russia should extend her navigation to C??n I ??antinople, we may be the better for it. That circumstance is an additional motive to our I forming a tieaty of commerce with her. * * But, wliatevei we have to do abroad, it is of I little consequence when compared to what we I have to do at h? m** f am perfectly convinced I that no time is to be lost in raising and main I taining a national spirit in America." I Sonir people may think that what Mr Jay I considered good doctrine in 17b3, may not be I bad in 1855, whether as applied to the foreign I or domestic interests of the United States. Way Letters.?Persons who arc in tho habit J of sending their letters to depots rather thin I to pout offices, to be mailed, run the risk of a I delay of at least a trip in their arrival at I their destination. Tho route agent's uuty is I to assort and mail, while the train is in motion, j the letters reaching tho post ojjiee after the I regular mail bags are closed. These, on in** I portent routes not unfrequently number so many as to leave him little time to mail those I that may be dropped iu the pouch at the cars, j He is then obliged to deliver such letters at I the post office at the end of his route, where, I the chance is, they are not received iu time to sond them forward by the mails by which they J are designed to be sent. Tbe Post Office Dr I partment is abused roundly for the detention of thousand- of letters growing out of the in crease of the habit of unnecescarily omitting to pool them in regular post offices, and then rushing them in haste to the car? as they aie I about to start. Gutta Percha.-?A board of United State* I Cavalry officers, consisting of Colonels Sumner J and Johnson, and Lieutenant Colonels Johnson J and Hardee, recently in session at the War I Department iu this city, have reported in favor of equipping the men of their arm of the ser I vice with a talma made of Gutta Pcrcha, reach ing down t<? the knee. Thia is. it strikes u?, I following '.he very sensible custom of the Texas J Rangers, who cannot be persuaded to carry I overcoats in any weather. They make a slit I in the blanket, (Mexican, or American when they cannot procure the former.) and slipping it over the head, ride in it in stormy weather with the ends hanging to or about the knees. I The talma, thongh a lighter coat, is a covering J cut on the same principle , and while, if majle of Gutu Percha, it is a positive insurance I against wet < r cold upon the body, it permits I just as much circulation of air around the per son as the weare r pleases, and also leaves the arms perfectly at liberty. The proposed change cannot fail to be a capital one, and the troopt will, with one accord, thank their officers foi bringing it about. The WMhingtm territory Boundary Dis pute.?We understand that the President will targe on Congress to provide, immediately af ter they come together, the means of making th? tfurvev, on our part, necessary to establi^, beyond future cavil, the boundary between our territory of Washington and that of Van couver'! island, and the rest of the possession* of the British Hudson's Bay Company lying contiguous to the territory in question. The House, last session, passed a bill" to that end, which was defeated in the Senate. Recently, the difficulties growing -.ut of misunderstand ings between the people and authorities of the two Governments, in that quarter, vith reference to the precise locality of that boun dary, have increased so as t?? be most harraFs ing and perplexing to both?thus proving the pressing necessity for the survey the Senate refused to order to be made. It is sinrcrely to be hoped that Congress will promptly legislate in this matter, and thus ptevent the recur rence of international bickering? in that quar ter, that can do no good and may be produc tive of much harm A Roorback.?The story of the Washington correspondent uf the New York lleralJ. tell ing of the ajceptance, at that point, uf a des patch ^rom Mr. Buchannn, recounting the particulars of an extraordinary visit to that gentleman of Lord Palmcrston. and the lat tcr'i desire to make confidential and unofficial disclosure? to hiin on some unknown subject of great interest to the United States, is utterly without foundation. The story ol' the visit in question originated in the brain of soma one of Kossuth's men in London who wrote it to a sympathizer here, by whom it was dressed up in its present habiliments to suit the wonder uiongering taste of the Ilcral;l'}> readers. Such is its true history. The California Mails.?Our jcorrsspoudent in San Francisco, who have complained thai 'hey arc unable to answer letters hy the fir=t return stsamer?the schedule being arranged for the departure of the downward steamer on the l*t and 16th of the month, often before the arrival of the Atlantic mail*?will be pleased t> learn that thi> inconvcnience is hereafter to be obviated by a change of the days of depar ture from Sau Francisco to the oth and 20th of each month, which are the day.* of departure of the California mails from New York. When the 5th and 20th fall on Sunday the miils will leave the day following. A Mistake ??' Ion, ' the Baltimore Washington correspondent, u-ually well-in formed in such matter?, has bcei> misled by the person to whom he is indebted for the in formation on which he ba.*:d the following paragraph in his letter of this morning " The post of Commissioner of the Land 0; fice has been offered to a .suitable pers ?n and declined.'' We have satisfied ounelf that no .-uch offer has beeu made Appointed?Mr Francii M: Ducm- has been appjinted (to undergo the customary examination first) to a temporary (51,200 per annum) clerkship in the General Land Office. The Current Operations of tho Treasury ^Department.?On yesterday, tho 27th of July, there were ofTrca?ury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? ?orthe Treasury Department.... f 73 04.} ."??> For the Interior Department 14;72?'? F^r the Custons y,66.*5 7S On account of the Navy 5,000 00 Covered in from miact-llantou-i source-1 20,0mi 00 Covered in from Lands 323.224 tJ5 War Warrants received and en tered 37,723 91 War repay warrants 11,302 04 OLD POINT CORRRESPONDENCF. Willard's Hotel. ) Old Pot!*T Comkokt, July 27?. 1^05. { Mr. Editor : In a late number of the New York Herald a lengthy communication appears on watering places, which makes out that all arc but poorly supported, and attempts to ex plain the why and wherefore. Had the Her ald s corrvspoudent at this place been posted up ne would have mado an exception of Old Point, t??r never before has the establishmcn bad such a crowd as have been here since about the 1st of July; and a more fashionable and finer set of people I have never seen together at any one watering place; I will n'>t even exeept Cape May in its glory. There are a few f.tmiiies here that have come from Cape May and other 'laccs, and daily new names anu new faces rom all parts of the South are added to the already large company. The house is exceed ingly well kept, and the table is better by f tr than that of the United States Hotel at Sara toga, which heretofore has had the reputa tion of having the best at any watering place* The frigate Potomac, Capt. Paulding's Hag ship, has been towed down from Norfolk, and now lie* anchored off in full view. There are a large number of the officers of ihe new regiment quartered here, and their bright uniform (for they all dance) of an ??veil ing adds much to-the brilliancy of the ball n?om. There is a parade in the fort morning ^nd evening, and this attracts crowds, partic ularly wheu the new drill is being gone through The niott sedate faces bavo to relax at a sight of this grotesque performance. This exercise?new only in this country?is borrow *d from the French Major Garnett seems to be the professor in this particular branch. Col. Wright, who L- in command of the new icgiment quarterod here, is very jiopular, and *?as by his gentlemanly demoanor won the es teem. I can sal'eiy say. of all civilians. . The new Government \tharf now in course of construction under tbe direction of Col. Smith, will be, when finished, a very complete ai.d substantial t-tructure, and what has long been wanted. It ia surprising that there ha* ?iot been better tacilifles for landing long be fore this at a post where so much money has oecn expended in fortifications. Another thing ha.- been l<*t sight of: What would this ?? stronghold" do in ca=<j of u war and it should bo beseiged. There is not enough water to supply even the few that are now quartered nere. The complement of men to man this post is five thousand There was. some years iince, an artesian well commented, and, f -up oose, want of funds is the cause of its not oeing completed. Ex-Pre-sident Tyler ha* been sojourning here .or a low days, accompanied by bis amiable lady. Mr. .viUrcy here also, and oceupie* a iiiiet cottage near the hotel. This is hi^ first visit to Old Point, and he comes here for a few lay's quiet repose. No place has a more de lightful climate, and is more free from all local ;MUte for disease All tbe daily papers of the principal ci'ies we receive here, and the little Stair is much nought alter for its reliable news from head quarters. * A Visiter. IdTWe have received from Frank Taylor, Pennsylvania avenue, a copy of a handsomely printed and bound work, bearing the title of ??Mary Lyndon; or. the Revelations of a Life." i he story is represented as being of great in terest?the subject, woman s wrongs. The characters aud incidents arc drawn from real life. ? ? ?? ? ?? m Yellow Fsvkr.?The report of the sana tory committee of Portsmouth, Va., show- that for the twenty-four hours preceding sunset of Wednesday last, there were three new ca^es of yollow fever aud one death. patches of snow still remain on tbe north-eastern slopes of the White Moun tains. On Mount Jefferson, there is a snow bank some four feet deep. At this place, snow Ua3 remained In former years till the middle of August On Mount Adams, snow is visible from the northern side, though the quantity is less than on Mount Jefferson.?Boston Tran tcrtjjt of WtdHuday. FtKSOlTAL. ... .Ex-Senators Jeremiah Clemens, of Ala., and Henry 8- Foot*, of Mis?., now in Califor nia, have como out full-blown Know Nothings Thie has been anticipated by their former po litical friends in this cji^ They had been for a year or two out of tlfflQ^exnoorfttic organita lion?that party, in thoir respective States, having declined U> givo them office after their trial of them and its results. ....Major Brown, of New York, who has been in the employment of the Emperor of itusfia as consulting engineer on the St. Pe tersburg and Moscow Railroad, died at Naples on the 2ftth nit., where he wm staying for the bone fit of hi* health. .... Among tho arrivals at Newport. R I., we notieo the names of Baron Orabow, the Prussian-Secretary of Legation, and Chevelier George Sibbern, Minister Resident from Nor way and Sweden. A party of 500, from New Bedford, Ma&*., spent the day there on Wed nesday. ....M ile Rachel is announced to appear iu New York in September. ....Miss Makeah. the actress, is, according to the New York Times, to be married to Geo. Vandurkoft . ...Wc undi-rr-tand that Mike Walsh is go ing to Europe in the steamer of the eighth of August. ....Rev. Samuel Mcrwin, of Connecticut, i* at Willard's. and J. M. S. Causin. . of Maryland, at the National hotel. Tni: Drowning *t Coney Inland.?The New York correspondent of the National In tfllityitcer says : 14 We have got a beautiful beach for bath ing at our nearest ?c?*ide resort, Coney Island, sotnc ten or a doieu miles distant, but at some parts of it a treacherous '?undertow" ocea sionally prevails, and yesterday if was the <?ccasiou of a most melancholy tragedy. Five persons were carried out by this current be vond their depth^ and, owing to the total ab -ence of all provisions to guard against such a ca-utlty, two cf the party (the Rev. John Elliott, of Williamsburg, a Methodist clergy man, *nd hid daughter) were drowned. The ?>thcrs saved themselves by means of doors of b?thing which w^re torn down and floated out to them. It is stated that the affi anced hu-band of the young lady swam to her is.?istai:ce and t-ucceeded in supporting hrr for a time, but finding at length that they were both sinking, in a spirit of devotion she disen gaged herself from her lover and sank to rise no more Mr. Elliott sacrificed his own life in hia efforts also to rescue bis child.*' What a Man of Sknse Says.?A larg inerch mt and importer siy? we are paying more duty on artificial flowers than ou rail road iron. He say? tho women are not odu ?atcd right. Th?y are going to bankrupt the country unless there i? a chaugs." More io thought of show than substance. We pay -cores of millions annually for ladies' orna ments which ape of no use. We cannot afford it. It is worse than sinking the gold in the sea OFFICIAL. Franklin Pierce, Pretidint of the United States of America, to all whom it may concern : Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Cha E Wendt has been appointed consul of Brunswick and Luneburg, for the States ? ?f .Michigan and Iowa, and the Territory of Min nesota, I do hereby recognize him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such f'lnc '.ions, powers and privileges as aie allowed to the consuls of the mostfavored nations In the United States In testimony whereof 1 have caused these letters to be made patent, and the eeal of the United states to l>e hereunto affixed Given under inv hand at the city of Washing ton. the -26th day of Julv, A D 1^5.5, ard [i.. v] of the independence of the United Stales of America the eightieth FRANKLIN PIERCE. By tii" President: W. L. M abcv, Secretary of State Fmnh'.in Pierc. Prt*id nt of the Vnit-d Statef of America, to all iciom if may concern: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to ine that Wilhelm Finkler ha? >>een appointed consul of Nassau, for the State of Wisconsin, to reside at Milwaukie, I do hereby recognize him a? such and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, power* and privileges as are al lowed to the consuls of the most favoied nations in the United States. In testimony whereof. I have caused tlfcse let ters to be made patent, and the *eal of the United Stales to be hereunto affixed % Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton. the '&>th dav of July, A. D. 1x55, and [L. s.J of the independence of the United States of America ibe eightieth. I KANKl.IN PIERCE By the President: W. L. Marcy, Secretary of State. ,CAMP MEETIXO NOTICE ?There will be held * Camp Meeting In connex ion with the Methodist Protestant Church, in the Woods of Col. Wm Minor, Alexandria county, Va . commencing tlie 2d August. Citizens of Washington wi*hin<; to attend will find their best ami most direct road by wav of toe Long Bridge and Ball's Cross Roads, or through (ieorgetown, crossing at the Aqueduct or Little Falls bridge. K L. -BROOKETT, Col WM. MINOR. OLIVER COX, Committee. X.B?The Committee having obtained the right to the grounds adjacent, do most positively prohibit all kinds of huckstering, and hereby for warn all persons that they will enforce the law upon every intruder to its fullest extent. jy 28?2t . THE UNDERSIGXED. REPKE sentlug the Interests of Dr Gamaliel Bailey during the absence of himself and family from the eitv. returns his heartfelt thanks to the firemen of Washington, the kind neighbors, and the citizens generally, for their generous services yealerdav afternoon, on the occasion of the tire on the premises oTDr. B., on C street. jy 29?It* 3j^-r^\T A MEETING OF THE BOON Club held last evening, t lie follow! nu of ricers were elected: Ed Handy. President; Thos Dewdney. Vice President; Thomas May, Treas urer ; F T. W ilson, Secretary. They intend giving a Pic Nic the flrst week in August. jy ?It# ?^^^^XOTICE.?The Booksof the Columbus iKjSi Building Association are yet open, and will remain open until August 20th, 1855. Persons desirous to subscribe for shares can do so by making application to the undersigned. G A SCH WAR'/MAX. Sec , No. 15 P. O. Depart . or 410 Ninth st. jy '2s?w'aw ^f^^GRAND FIREMEN'S AND CIVIC Excursion ?The members of the Frauk 11ii Fire Company respectfully announce to their friends and the public that thev will give an )Sx cursion and Pic Nic to the White Huuse on 23d of August, which they will endeavor to make as gav and pleasant a* any of the season. For particulars see future .advertisement. The Committee of Arrangements are notified to ni~et at the Engine House on .MONDAY EVEN ING. at 7 o'clock. jy28?it ,CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE Fiflli Ward ?Notice is hereby given to the parties contesting the seats of the incumbent members of the Common Council from the Fifth Ward of the city of Washington, D. C., as well as to those persons whose votes were rejected at the Municipal Election held in said city on Mon day. the 4th ultimo, that a hearing will be given in the premises, on THURSDAY. '2d August, at the Council Chamber, in the City Hall, at 4 o'clk p. nri. SAMUEL YORKE AtLEE, Chairman Committee on Elections Board of Common Council. Jy 2T?dtAng-2 y^THE GEORGE WASHINGTON Club of (ieorgetown take pleasure in announc* ing to the public generally that tbev will give an Excursion to the White House Pavilion on 15th of August. Particular* in future advertisement. jy tfi? lw ,(.RAND MILITARY AND CIVIC Excursion?The members of the Ben Franklin Target Company most rcspeotfully an nounce to their friends and the public generally that they intend giving an Excursion to the Ar lington springs. Particulars In future advertisement. By order COM. ARRANGEMENTS. ?w 0* l?^sn1,1I? AlfD MOROCCO BELTI, Elas tic Ribbon end Cord, superior Ox Marrow, Cologne, Bay Rum. Hafr and Tooth Brushes, Transparent Soap in Wrs, Ac. at Jy ?-3t LAMMOND ?, 7th street.

LIST OP LETTERS R> m+mtngin th* Post Ofift. Washington. D C-, Julv 98. !?55 [Ordered to ba arow?d In th* '? Ettn,nf ^Tnr," agreeable lo the fallowing action of tha Post Offlce Law?it being th* newspaper having the largest circulation or any daily paper pub lished in Washington: Sec. 5. And be it frtrth't fn9rt((f. That the lis1 of letters remaining uncalled for In any post office In any city, town, or villagewhere new*, paper* shall be printed, shall. herrafter. be pub lished once onlv in the newspaper which. being issued weekly, or oftener, skn'f A??-e eirrnlntien within the range of ihe delivery of said office, to be decided b* the- postmaster at such office ] a^Peraou* applying r-<r letters tu die f<Br"*tfic li*t, will plea** *4} tbsy at* ApvkHTrakc. LADIBS* LIST. AnMraat. MM* Mary a Browt, Ml** Nnm Brown, Mr* Sarah A Bar?tn, Mm Sarah B"wmvi, Mr* Ha rah D Known, Mra Ann Bevan, Mr* M 1,'nita, Mr* Martha J roalmoo, M' *> Col'a Crawford, Mia* Mary Curtain, Bri lj-rt CVirueilla, Ilia* K If Croatian, Mary Conner, Mia* Itlles Dars&lt, Mr* K Dsrby, M r* L Koriebrtgl.t, Dim U C K'.na, Mr* Agi ** Kva .a, Mr* Matilda Kvan* Mr* Farali 7 Kit.cpatrt.rk, Cat liar tp* Ptll.n*. Mary K r> ul<l, Mi** Mary E Oip?on. Mu th* Ann Greaney, Miry fljrrlvtn, Mr* Jitlia A n*-e, Mia* Martha Ha'tl?y, Mra n*lh?rtn* Harr??, Mart Uarriaua, Mr* N K J.?.!?*. Mis* Vlrelnt* Jolinaou, Br, C Johnson, Mi** Ann Kirs, Mr* Anna M Kn ott, Mr* Jan* M K? iau. Mr* Knott. Mr* Mary Ktrby, Mr* EKaa K* trtii-y, Mra Mary T tivijc, Ml** Arrsiia A t**?, Josephsne Leo, Mary Lemear, Mrs Mary K Ly-n*, Mr* M?rjrar?? l.?: tai.f, Mra Marian* l.?w!?, MU* Kiatn* A Lewi*, Mr* Atiua S Lackay, Mary Jan* SUM*, Mi** Mary Jan* M ??* l.ydta A Mcvia. Mr* W'm Mi">re, Ml** Mai ilia UENTMCMKV3 L1?T. M iaftiH: Mr* 4 T Mcruell. Mr* H try Mattel, lata* M .. Murray, Mr* Qr~ ifr n Native**, Mr* Hu*ati Miliar. Ml** J.*eph<n* Mall!??<??. Hartt*i M. N<?.*>?*. Irt Mart WcPuaM. Mia* Ann OdraicoL Mia* M??r O" Nellie. Mir* K Peir*..n, Mr* CatUaiin* P .any. Ami P?rt*r, Mr* M*ry A I'mnrnjf Mr* Mary Ami Elirti. Mr* T ? Ku3m. Mr* C*.i>*rin-. R"f*ra, Mr* Olivia Kile*. Mr* Pcl'y Wt?i S< ph1* Smith, Mf* Sl<u H Kim*. Elica Jaa? frlrong. Mr* Sarah fltroni:, M t** S-rati Mm**, V:?# E'IhI?iH fiinuh. Mia* Martha !ej?e?. Mr* L<-ui*A Mra R St?i?r4. Eliza Ue*?"H. Sarah Su'lt"*1'. K-if Kflttim*.-*, Mi?? >i'pM? f *t?pt \ Dorin^ ?iN-t. Miaa Mary f) Srhiie.1?r. Vtria O Tl.' BiK, MU* Mary Ttrser. Mr? He-irv TV Thotnaa, Miaa Tnt?iu*. Mra R?tl> Tlj ;n?p" 'U, SI!** A E *???. Mr* VnqpsS* Wfbh, Mi** Anna Wno<t, Mis* Martha W?rU^ Mia* Ann Waltafa, *|t* Virginia William. ??. Mr* Wal-r?, Mr* Mury .? William* Ml** Ei'ra)>*th L W.iir. SMa* H?rri~l Woiwlyard, Mi-? JuJia Va(?r, Mr, M A r?i y, Col W W Atmi'la, W H An<l?t*on. T W Alrtridjfa, Tho* Arr.aa. Jama* T All urgor, )?*.!? Ailani*. O't" M A trvin. M II .%'I^ina, Al?* Bank*, Win C b >?rra?i, W L Bfkn%p, W W 8r<iwii. Win M Fenian TVt Bri'-l'rli k, Th"? Karrait, Tho* Bo,prt, S(ep'.,?-n Bailey, <J* at St Bu'h* m A Kin* 8-Her. Cnl J M Hr'-^tou, ism*! C 8oyl? JaniM Buik*. Jainr* Brsnnnn. W Bowii, Butlar, 6?o BaMer, 0?n W Bji-ctt, R?\ if* Bai uaa, Q?<. M Rlanrbai d, 6m Bnttnn, ??? K B.ak?, F B Be> k, Franc!* Bruirn, E H Br'-wn, L T R*j'ne?t, DC tiemley. Cb?* Br-.-Ae, Lt R f. Ba*h*r, A *i bramafil, H?ury Brown. W o Carroll. W H Clarke, Wrn 2 Cow en, Wn Co*. Tho? Cox, S S Car no, U l, Cary. S Ci**y Htchard rui'lnan, Patrick Cria*a, PeUr Cahan. Mr Far*)uliar, A M Fa'rh, Q"* A Wm t-irtrne*, Win L ?iriiitni. R H t?!o?er. Rlclia: ?i firxnlstw, /as C Wlotrfttirc, Jo* tirunt. J R ftarr iai>n, Jamas Gt?l*y, O*-' V< Otbson. Frank Ote^M, Frank fliftn, O C Hunt. Wm H Mlcke;' Oot W V llir. 1*, * He'l*ei-,?ck?, o q U->lbriv.k, M J Hunter, Mr Hot y, Mr Hiket-y, Lo?M* Hurl J-hu ' 1 Bnll ?*n, <5? i Jo* Henrtrk, J B Huthea, Jo* Hall. / A W Hei4iu-B, J F R*rr*y, J DO O B?yM. Jno Hilton (t?.i K BardiMUor., Paul Rod^rt, Banj Bawkes, B F MclAia, J 1 M-Co\, Martlr M^-Xelr. Wm N>rl*y, Jno W Ncwjuao, John Xicltola, Ju* S: j**, Oeo H Naiaon, l.t A II ?>Klo, W C Ohara, Win 0< ft*. W m O'Velif, J no O ?MTott. Col * f uk?r, S*in'l Pai r"tt, faw'l For b?*e, M W E Parui?rl?*. John B P"lt?. Ji * Fiiillipa. Jn < W Frioe, Capt Jno Pbalpa, J?k> B P t,e. II L KJH":, !" P M^'ie*?*y, R O Boat. P A t U<xl?-li a, J?r? K*11, J .inf R .twrt*. lectin Read. Jaw?t H- ?*?, Jafei'a Kee*. J?<-ob K'viu^ r?, Jawe* K rkw?l|, CC Rv?bet t*. M I J Bicknian Anthony 3park?. Wnt 1 Raacall. A P Joliuaon, Tb<?oi :* tniiaach, J Johuaoti. R W Jam**, L W John*'-!.. J Q A Jou?a, J L Jone-. J Fl^-vl Je? nto^*. H s ? r ? ? Jutiie*. Cb*rle? Ke:.<r. C B J Ki-rr, W K'os, Tho* B 1 Reiir'elv, B Kuuer, BmSolph Kospp. I, K Crow'ey, J*r?-m* H Kannelj J?it>e* Covper, Jo* W C'-eaver, James "? nktin, hi*' C:i ?'?y. J mi** W Cia bornn, Jno C<>lt laser. Jug Con ?ly, Jro Co!l ana, J F '')Wan, Hurb Ont'e:, #*o W C.'* u? 0 C*I*b C?rt*r. C H <"?r'k. H F Du.Yv, O E Da H l>, O S Ilitly, Mir'; Itoncbo*, it 1 - j>-1 IV?r?ut, John P X?e Vaughn. J M UicklMavn, j I. i) .ri,igii*y, Op<j t'arr. E K D?-t rlea, Capt Ealin. Jam- a Enatiiiaa, Jno J Elliot. Pi or J B..,-d Erichaoo. 'nlin* E v. Jno R 3 E-isoii, J E E-hnorid, O B Etion, a Farloti, Jno Flnka. Juo W F*y, E H Kre-lerirk. EmM Fit/biirh, I) C K'ltufti *r. Q U?, Capt 8 J L*n*dale, Pli'ilp Ly->n*, Pa?rt'-> Lt: feeti. t,?icfari1 LU*rute. Jeo U B Lyn._h, Jaroe* Btttftt Jt.oE I.aeanit -et E J Lt>v*ntce D T L'-mni'L1 A Cit**V) T>j!%ik. ,' Lc-anger. Bertr sa4 tin :r H W LRrj, A ran Tr?i?, r ?? Marshall. *'rn I, T.'man. DO; M*.id< nba!t. W P Tay c C Hpeuce, Ttotn** 3 Sl>iU, I' rn ta'ood, R S-nrtti, Mr f?ta wart. 1^.1 S intliard, Ja"n?? D ??l|Mpaort, Jntl-l; 3 Sin 1 <^.o, It**<- B 1 Khlvara Jatne* ??ra th, J a* O Smitu. J? * 8i a.(T?r, Jno S. .lOeld, Jno ?<tte''. J?me? t. S?e*ie. J ?r>?. Smith. G?v J SMltt, ?* R 8 *.n It U. H a St'-eio. t B SpadCes, K T i;*n4?, l.t 6 F R*wy?'. A "?ilL-PIK?*, **??! t>tak?. A K Temp>m??i. S w T; :e* * iM<l!t>iiCv Te-rp'*t in. P li r *> ivi .jo. Maury, T J Molcny. P?frl*k M. or. Mr rrt? Ma*,er, Jam^^ 3 Mllbsru. Juo R, Juiiua K M.?ri-, OM J B M<'r*e. i*a*r X Marrhanit, L* J B Maa*. J-hk * M"Ml, Hnfh M' livy, Utr*:4 Ma*.>11, E R Morao, Cornelri* Mitcb.MU C A M Merrt. k A I? M< [aoimell, Alan A MrCarty. Psmal MrCrea, H^nry M' Piier* in, J B MrDnDeld, Jama* INITIAIJ* >'*v?| LyrcuM ? Topptiaa. C I' S'nr To. a J T~i;ii mt, Tb"* J W I la t**|, ^?Tn"l Wrtk '<?, R H H o .a.i * JcoT W^lfcer. Jon T wt:n?E. 1, j**?i? W1 phc. J11 1 W Waitar. J?hn Wadan-nrth.l' i II X t Wa-I* M t'o W ,rd, fj S W?:i*r?, tim If Maid, li t, Walter, O?o B Welia, IImet Wtihelra, C P Waita, C A Weba??r, Ctiaa While, Arrhei E-liior ..f the ItTm Peopln'* A<ta-<>;-ate. lor ; Editor o| o?r KU*; Ca| t*lu of th- Alo e C Price ; a. variiaer ; R A L.; Pa*>or Melr?;i I'tnn MeM>?4lat C?i m li J'?!y > JAMK.S BfeKBET, P. M. vv REMOVAL. F. BAYL\ ha* reinovfd to the corner of > 131 it street and Pa avenue, over R. Twe? dv's Grocery Store, where he will lie ^lad to w his fi lends and customers who want STATION ERV and FANCY ARTICLE'* AT COST PRICES. jy'>?eolt (Uni on.I ntelliffenceric News) SPRATT'S PATENT LICJHTNINCi RODS. THOSE ill want of thost in valuable coi?d'icl<Nr.?, are informed that they can be obtain'ft from ihe agent for th?- District of Columbia. Mar .land, aud Viryiuia, by leaving their orders with Mr Walter Howes, No. 372 Exchange Office. Perui sylvania avenue, next din?r to BroAu n Hotel, or through the Post Office, directed to jy 2^?3t? C. W HEYDON. STRAY HOR^._siO REWARD .?Strayed from the Farm of Mr J. B Kibby, about three miles north of the Capitol on Wednesday morning last, a roan colt, abont 4 years old, one hind foe. white. Whoever shall return the said Colt to thf Metropolis Livery Stables, D rtreet, near lithst will receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. jv ?*-?3t# STRAYED OR STOLES btr, ? from the aubseri , living on Washington Bowie's Farm, on the \V a.,hiu^ton and Baltimore * rurnuike. a gray Marc, with a brown stripe ac ro^* the shoulders, aud a bushy tail. She rtings out ber hind legs when Widking. I will give re ward for the arrest and conviction of the thief, or a reasonable reward for the horse, jy*-* DAVID DILLON. FANCY r.OODS, TOILET ARTICLE*. Ar. 11/"E invite attention tooi r large stock of Comb-, Brushes. Pomades. F^xtracts,Cologne. Bav ater, 4.C., which we are prepared to otit-r at greatly reduced prices Also, constantly on hand a general assortment of Fancy Goods, Fans, Gloves, Hosiery, &c to gether with a fashionable stook of millinery to which additions are constantly being made of the newest and most desiraole styles. 1 h * attention of the ladies is particularly invited lo this dn?art 1 i!f,OUT bu,lu***> which is under thet har -e of Miss i iiompson. fe ? ,r O, "LT^HlN?ON & Mt-NKH. 31<} P?on ave., between i?th A loth sis United Stnt-? Patent Office, Washington. July 37, 1^55 QN the petition of Pearson C*os?i, of Fndo ?^Ji? u'-prayiu? for 'he extension .f *Patf"t>r7mtpd "htm on the 3d day ol Novel., oer, ltM 1, fot an improvement in -Saw Mills r>< M i " ? ?,! ?" for seven years fiotu th Tvi ??1 i I Patent, which lakes |4ace t n the 3d day of November. 1=55: m i? # tfle said petition i>e beard at L^li !e.o ??cl ?? Monday, the 2?d of Octob. next, at 12 o clock m.; and all persons are nutitied to appear and show cause, if any they have, wh said petition ought not to be granted. I ergons opposing the extension art* required to 10 lhe Patent Oilice their objections, spoclallv set forth in writing, at least twenty day* ti-for'? tne day of hearing: all testimony Hied t?y either patty to be used at tne said hearing must be taken and transmitted ia aecordaiiee with the rules of the ottice, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be rlos*-d on the 12th day of October; depositions aad other papers relied upou as testimony must be hi- d in the of Hce on or before the ntorning of that day; the ar guments, If any, within ten ilaya thereifter Ordered, also, that this notice be p tblished in the Union, latelligeacaraadEvMiiig \Vuh. ington, I> C ; Republican, Baltimore Eveno?. Argas. Philadelphia, Pa ; ttciautttlc America.. New York; and Port, Boston, Mass.: t nee a w^k for three successive weeks previous to thJ *M^!e Gctober iSxt, tha day of heirtng C *2d of S T. iBHUGI RT p. ? -p. Jtfnsrssrsg uLANK BOOKS of all kinds and iijM fa mu V w unusuaUy low prices ? fRANg* jaylum. GRAND CONCERT AND >AU. AT THE PARK GROVE on 7tk Stroot, IX) COME OrP ON MONDAY AFTLR 1 NOON, Jolv 30th, ot 3 o'clock The tame Hand that plnred at tL- Spalthwoolan Institute for the National F?1r (Mr lender) Is rDncfd. , Mr C PHL'Wr.ER tl?e proprietor, ha* built a ?p.?ndld saloon for the occasion In the gmrm The public and all lover* of music are invited Mr. C. !l will *4.rve the best of refreshments n 4 eonfeetlonery on tbe ores*ion. Admlttaace 3? eenU fbr it uUemee: Ladies free RIVERS* DLRIOVI1 GRECIAN CIRCUS! Newly Equipped for tho Year 1M6. WILL EXHIBIT AT K AHHINGTON, Om Jmly 2S, 30, aiul 31. mm4 A*??*t 1 aad 0. w H This Immense r?tabliithment coot the proprietor" over *0,000 DOLLARS. The Company 1* composeSTof THIRIT-FWE PERFORMERS Of the most talented that can be bad either In Eu rope or America, namely: Madame Camilla Gardner, the Parisian Eques trienne, Madame Wood, the treat English Eques *r>enne; Mmi* Paul Cane. from the Frrnrfc and <**rman Th**tre? : SIgnor Blitz. the Italian Jug gler; E. Deriou?. the American jAceae R ider , R Rivers, tb* ItrtltlM Principal Aet Rider; E. Wood*, the great F rwh Seenlc Rider; Master George Dei loos. tho Wonderful Hurdle Rider, Mr. Geo, Sloinan. the Aerobstte. and Gvn?na?tVc Performer; Master Charles Rivers, Gewersl R >der ?nd lb** greatest T*nUrr in the world ; Mnneha chow Pedro, the youthful bov of mar.vfr.rm>. Mons Gerome. the Sampson of the World, Mon* ! ?a Horde. E. l>ewia. T. Hirers. T Nam be, R Bugle. II. Ha^ue. R Thompson. N. Sprlngter and numerous auxiliaries. SIO ANTONIO CAPELENO. who has Jn?t arrived fron Russia having been endued at an -normous expense will make bis first sppraratt' e n America with his tiREAT RI'ftSIAN REARS. These wonderful animal performances through out Fiance and Russia have astonished every ne holder For full particularsof their performances -cc the bills. ? Messrs R Rivers and E. Derlons be;r Leave to announce that they have brought from Rtma and t- ranee some entire new performers Also, new oTiiic aftei pieee*. never before performed in this ountry. This mammoth concern comprise* One Hundred atii N.rofy Ken and Horses The gorgeous prof ession will enter town or cttr '-very morning at 10 o'clock, ted fry Mr. Withers* New York Brass and Pandean Hand Doors open at 2 in I be af'e'uoon and at 7 In the vening Tickets 25 cents. No kalf price Jy-JO? lot C W F CI.LEI, A pent. l?7* The above Compenv will exhibit at ALEXANDRIA, ?n THURSDAY, the *th and FRIDAY, the i th instant. Also. at GEORGETOWN, ?n FRIDAY, the 3d of August. wl(| R E W A R D.?Strayed or stolen from the "J? subscriber's ?tal ie on the night of the 2ltb instant, a small black Mare, a *!ar on the forehead, a white mark on one of her hind legs; when walking she carries bor head down. Any one returning the said animal will re ceive the above reward and thanks of the owner N BAIT. jy 2??It* 2d street. Seventh Ward. NATIONAL HOTEL. HAYING leased the National Hotel, and In or der to enable it to be made more com fortable. to alter, improve and re-furnish. It will be closed on the I t '<f A ,?t, and re . opened for the accommodation of the publte ou ? he 2uth September n*-xt. WJH Gl'Y JytT?lOtQ DYSENTERY, DIARRHOM. and all bow. el diseases, can-bee ffeet nail* n ed ai d avoid ed by the n*e of my Blackberry Elixir Try it J B. MOORE. Druggist, Pi. a\e , ?pp. Seven Buildings IT7" DeGnfhV Electric Oil for sai? ?* aliove jy 27?tit (Organ) ONE III NDRRD XORE OF tho*-* superi ?r Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that vill be received this *ea-<m they are cured in Maryland accordin? to the old hoine ?t?-ad receipt, the qualitv of which j? iro?<irr 4???-d if equalled. by any other ever introduced here To be had only at my store. Also, a fre?h l'?t of that peculiarly fine selerie<| and stTndard Hla> k Tea at 90centsa potind. whicli I have introduced It Is sold onlv by myself a.u<l is now extensively known in the District. New comers and other- who have not vet i:?ed it are re f< ired to the Uadlng members of the Faculty of Washington and Georgetown Samples ftirnit>hed gratuitously. Hay Water at 2." cents per bottle, or #2 T5 per dozen. For bathing purposes It is as cheap a? common spirits. Mint. l.avender, and Blackberry Cordials, tho very articles for the prevailing epidemic Maple Su^ar, Fre?h Prunes. Ac., with unsur jwssed varieties of choice family Gro- erte*, Z M P KING, Few step* northea t Jackson Statue jy ?-<r COAL!COAL! THE undersigned Is prepared to deliver COAL of thebe*t qualitv. at .V) per ton H. C HAR ROVER, M street, rid doar south of I'a aveuue. N B ?1 give 2,210 pounds to the ton Jy 1-1?lm V CARD.?The sub?criber informs his friends and the public that he is now al le to attend to his business He can be found at his old-tails. Centre Market, r^-adv to wait on them as h?i always has d '?? heretofore Tbe **est of HEEF always on hand iNO WAI.KKK . Jy '2a?tl Vietualtrr * HEAP MCSIC. C^ONSTSTIN'tj of Songs. Durts, Marches.Qiik k J steps, Waltzes, qnadrilies, PuIIuk. Mazour kas, Sf hottishcs, Gallops, Lance*. Guitar. Piano forte. Vocal and Gems of Sacred Songs, all front the most celebrated authors, both ancient and imxltrn. The al>ove music wil? lie sold at greatly reduced prices at SHILLING TON'S Cheap Periv-Jical Depot, Odeon Bulldlnc, corner Pa av. a:Mi Ik s{. j / -^-tf THE FACQCIER WHITE M LPHl'R SPRINGS 4 RE now onen for the reception of Company, - " and in a tar more attractive condition than lhey ever have been. A gross mi>repre?entatioii rcainst ' > m? having bocn ntiltli?bed in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Haltimore Sun to the ?liect that they were closed for the season is now traced to ui ir reqsmslble source unv^orthy cf uotiee It is proper to *tate that there is no shad-.w of foundation for it The subwriber tinsts thM he will not be made the victim of ?uth malignity; and the respt- table journals which have jim currency to the tumor by tr:iii?f?tTin^ It totbeir columns will disabuse the public mind throrrh 'b? same medium. ALEV BAKER jy 13?2m ( LL STRANGERS visiting the City should see Hunter's Cats louueof the curiosities of the Patent OUi< e Al so, his Peseriptiou of Powell'* Great Pictures HUNTER is to be seen at 460 Tenth street, ni&y .11?3m^ SPEt I AL NOTICE.?To those of our custo mers who have not yet srtlW their acco"nt?i to Ihe 1st lust . we be<r Ir-ave to *av that it will b - vonsidered an expeclal favor If thev wl'l. without further wotilicarion, attend to thy'same 1 mm<di ;itelv. All bills 1> ing over on the 1st of Augu t will be again rendered EL VAN? A THOMPSON, 33T> Pa avenue, between 9tli aiid 10th sts. Jy 23?fw [Organ) JOHN E. DIG AN, C^LOCK MAKER, F street,between Fourteenth 5 and Fifleeuth strv-^ts, Washington. D C b;i All kind - of Cits ko rar?A 11\ Cleajuxl <mdj Repaired at the shortest notice. Persons wanting their Clock* repaired wli j.^as- L - leave their address, and litvy Will be atiejded to at their residence*. jy 23? lw* j\TE\\ WALTZ.?Just published by the sub* a v ?crlbers, the ,<Muitiliora Waltz, ' composed and dedicated to Miss Bailie Driach, ?<f Leon^urt: Va., by Prof J. A. Young. MlLSUS A HfTZ Jy 81 Music Depot. CLOCKS! CLOCKS: P 7?" w*?t ? ^ Clock?ot t that Will FRANC!**, itu &eveuth hU?H. he uii Clocks that cannot o? excelled?handsome ti*d ifood tlma H. KJUlow, ?i..i??r>Tlogu5?! r&ntsd ? Jy?l_ paENCH DRAWING PENCIL ? fr^m iha * several tnanuiactnries of Bauseu Hiudmu'h. alter and Contoe. imported dirort ft >m 'he ma ' ^ PMa. hy FRAVCK TAYLOH J V