Newspaper of Evening Star, July 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 28, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. V _ ? . | I I Contest with a Barrel or Fi.<*-r.?We were much amused yesterday afternoon. by an occurrence iu the Northern Liberties whieb, although trivial, served the purpose of hearty laughter on the part of those who, notwith standing the hent of the weather, were dis to he diverted. - A black fellow was engaged by a grocer to take a barrel of flour to a customer: but. be fore entering-upon the important errand, he swallowed a quantity of whiskey with a view that the strength of the liquor might be in* eorporated with his enervated frame. The draught, however, had a contrary and weak ening effect, especially in his knees; and, therefore, tt was as much as he could do to preserve his b<?dy in equilibrio. However, he undertook the work Seixing the barrel he made various attempts to transfer it to his wheelbarrow, until, pitching a little too much to one side of it, he lost hi* balance and fell upon the pavement, the barrel rolling upon him' N<?t conquered in the contest, he re sumed bis operations, but with no better suc cess than before. In the struggle With his inanimate companion, his ebony visage got thickly powdered with the floor which had been jolted out of the bairel; and the ap pearance uf the man was now rendered more ludicrous than at the commencement of the extraordinary and fatiguing exercises. Perseverance, it U said, conquers all things, and. acting on tbi* motto, he triumphed. The barrel was now on the wheelbarrow, but the t*?k remained of trundling it home. So. with it h? staggered first to one -ide of the pave ment and then to the other, and came near precipitating himself and the flour down an open cellar. Among other mishaps he lost his way. taking a direciion opposite to that of the purchaser of the flour A scouting party was sent out in pursuit. Wc have not heard the result, but presume that the search was crowned with success. Robrert Avn Arrest.?Spabling C. Moore and John W. Moore wer? arrested last night by the auxiliary guard and conveyed to the guard house, charged, the former with receiv ing, the latter named with carrying away, dry g?wds, the property of William R. Riley, a merchant. The value of those found in a trunk belonging to John W. Moore, is thought to be near five hundred dollars Spalding 0. M^ore is the father of J W Moore, who has been employe! in the store of Mr Riley for months pact, and keeper of a store iu Mary land The goenls taken consisted of valuable eilk? and fancy articles, such as would sell readily and rapidly anywhere. The case ex cited a great 'leal of sympathy as well as cu riosity among the crowd of persons usually xcar the guard home. especially on market ?lavs, most of them pitying the young man. while few expressed a sentiment favorable to the parent. Both were committed to jail for a further hearing by Captain Birch, and an frder issued immediately to search the pre mises of the father in Maryland, and proper officers selected for the purpose* This descrip tion of robbery, which tne policemen call " weeding." is thought to have been carried on, at the expense of Mr. Riley, for nearly _ twelve months. The C'irccs has Core !?This morning, a procession of the e>tablishment of Rivera A l>erious. preceded by a baud of music, passed through tne streets, serving as a locomoting advertisement Horses, ridden by persons con nected with tLe equestrian corps, and a large number of wagon*, containing the fixtures, drawn by quadrupeds, esteemed, probably, ni^reon account of their pulling properties than for their anatomioa.1 beauty, formed the cortege. Iu one of the closed carriages were the two Russian bears, which exhibited their noses at the window whilo inhaling th? fresh mir Crowrls ot boy* kept pace with that pari of the establishment, for a bear's snout, even, in the?e days, serve* to gratify juvenile cu riosity for strange sight.-*. Hundred* of other lads followed the procession, highly delighted and excited with the scene. The pavilion is pitchcd. and ready tor the varied sports. Liabtmng Effects.?Last right, during the prevalta*ve of the storm, the lighting struck the southwest corner of the store of Clagett. Newton, May A Co , sweeping away two dozen Or more bricks. Fortunately, no b"dy happened to be passing there at the time c?f the occurrence On Thursday, between one and two o"*cl?ick, three persons, in the Seventh Ward, were sen sibly shocked by tne electric fluid (nul Dr Do Wrath's.) and had their clothes torn by that tearful agency, which likewise struck a cedar j?..<t. ending splinters from it across the street A* Extensive Levy!?A constable of this county, having obtained a judgment against aii"thei persou, and being unable to collect the mut ant trf the debt or the costs, went on Thur?iay last to the debtor's bonsc to seise on his. lumiture No resistance was made, and *he offi cer quietly took possession of the fol lowing named uiticles. all that he discovered on the premises: A child's rocking chair, broken : an old willow basket; an earthen jar, and a pi ug of tobacco ! Wc presume the "agent of the law will give speedy notice of his intcntiou to sell, as all such articles are in de mand in this g -odly city?children's rocking chairs eepecially, and the Indian weed partic ularly. 1">oste.ntatioi:s Chaiutt.?Thomas Car berry. E*q.. treasurer, received, on t&e 14th lutant, fiity dollars, as a contribution to St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, undtr the direc tion of the Sisters of Charity, from "A fctranger " Thi gratifying fact has, we be lieve, been fcere.dore published; but it is worthy of reprodr ;tion, ami should serve as a:> example to those who have an abundance ?f "this world s g?>ods"' to contribute to the relief of the parent! 3ss ones. Tbe Concert, this afternoon, at the Presi dent's Grounds, will doubtjfs* attract many listener*. The following is the programme of the pieces to be performed by the Marine Baud Grand Italian March; overture, La D^me Blanche. Polish National; medley, Mary ?>f Argyle. Spanish Walts. Russian National, Lo Tre Notse S.hottisb; medley, Kathleen Mavoarneen: Pepita Polka; Auld Lang Syne, ud Yankee Doodle. The Scholarship ih Columbia College. We are reminded of an error in our account, yesterday, of the. examination of the class of t' T! from the four principal public sshools, with a view to select one of them tor a scholar ship in Co'umbiaCollege. Tne medical facul ty of tbe National College, and not the Medi cal A yxia* ion. should have been mentioned in that connection Dr Miller wit there |?re*?ut, as dean of the faculty, to make the a* leetion for the scholarship. The Evi r r?iom of the F and Seventh streets Presbyterian choirs, yesterday, to tbe White H u-e was highly gratifying to tho"*e who were privileged to participate iu the proceed ings The company was not su large as anti cipated. considering the excellent music al t'-rded, aud the object of the excursion, vis ; the payment of a debt on one of the public missionary churchet of our city?that of the liland Market Thieve*.?On Thur-*lay a lady had her pocket picked, in Centre Market, of seven dollar-, and yesterday, some light-fingered rogue relieved a laly in the Northern Liber ties Market of twenty-seven dollars. We men tion these occurrences as matters of news, a? well as to counsel marketers to be on their guard against the plunderers who infest the markets. ? Fire - The alartn of fire yesterday was c\used by the burning of the roofs of two ftables in the alley nearly optswite the City Hall and b< tween Third and four-and-a-half ?treets. The firemen were out, as usual on oecasiuaa of danger, and worked hard to save the property The stables are upun the premi ses wf Dr. ?*il?y ami Mr. Siinwa. The Exci rsio* of St. Peter's Sabbath ?chool will take place on Monday, (see adver tisement.) The steamer George Washington has been engaged, and the principal scene of tbe enj .yment is to be at the White HoR-e?a place popular and delightful to all excur sionists .. Ire. Great Rajlro*j> aid SteaxruAT Ex ccrjios to Cape May will duuLUeM be exten sively patronued The pleasure seekers of the city will take passage this afternoon in tfeo *xr* for Baltimore, on their way thither CharLotTi Jack sow, ? married womar, ?enr young and good looking, was arrested by offieer Simonds this morning, and taken to the office of Justioe Batss. She was charged with indecent exposure, a violation of the Corpora, tion law, and the magistrate sent her to tho werkhouse for thirty days." She was a!*> charged with threatening to poison her ha? band, which is an offence tinder the United States law?, end take? the prcecdenee of the Corporation case, but it wa* not insisted on and she was sent to 4< the farm." Rum A WAV.?A hor?e. attached to a bnrrsrv, belong t > Mr. J L Heis*, got frightened this morning, on the Avenue. and started off at a rapid rate, occatoning much excitement and uneasiness to those on the street for the safety whJ tt^CUpan!i th? ba,f?ri a small boy, who strove and succeeded in keeping the tightened animal clear of the crowd' and ob struction* on the street. Fortunately, the harm done amounted to but little. ?T"e C? Market was this morning, as ?? j ??.b?ffda7 preceding, abundantly sup p led with the good things of life, especially in crK K^t86! I V"' ?'entJ wa? everywhere exhibited, and the prices were moderate, and ia some eases remarkably low as contia ted with former rates. BVARDJ31 Maxaokrs of the Protestant Wa.-hington City Orphan Asylum, gratefully acknowledge the following donations sinca their annual meeting in January trom Mr. Nathan Hu e's children S3 oo -Miss Piittcrson. a?, tir T >00 M ??????? 5 00 i u rk city 20 00 Vr ? ?? t*ideon, in groceries 20 00 Mrs. W. T Carroll .... so no Mrs. Henry A. Wise 2 M Mrs M*ynard j? j* *,ad? 5 ?0 Mrs. freeman 2^ no Miss Coleman 5!, A friend ' , A little girl liino Mrs D1 Hamilton 2 00 Mrs.Ann Smith,by Rev. Mr. Sunderland 10 00 Miss Betty Blair i0 no 1 00 Mr. lowers (amount of a bill for pub \Jishwg) 20 no MissHoodbury 20 ()(> Miss Harriet Clymer 1 on Left at the Asylum by two ladies 10 00 Mrs. Thornton 5 00 William Alfred Lee 75 Mr Washington Berry 5 00 * frie?d 5 00 Mrs. Hummer ??, a child ; ? Mr. J. U. Thompson 5 00 Mrs. M?nris ] ()l, Mrs. Pcttigrew 1 00 Tlirough Rev Mr. Pyne 50 on Mr. Van Zandt "... 0 (ll, Mr. Kichord Cuts's children 2 oO Dr. Mabt^r 5 ?o Mr Wendall j 10 00 Miss Julia Selden 1 oo Received from the estate of Mrs. Eliza Trego, by Mr Kenneday 100 0o By order of the Board : SiSA* R. CoxE,tSec'yO A. . Watch Reti r.vs ?Pe er Fanning, drunk in the street; dismissed. This was the only case under the municipal laws registered this morning GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, July 2S, 1865. The following bills passed bvth branches of our City Councils last night : A bill, reported by Mr. Welsh, appropriating <110 to remunerate Smart (clerk of tae mar ket) fur lighting, and cleansing the market hou?e for the y?*r ending December 31, IK55. A resolution offered by Mr. Bang* repealing a portion of an ordinance providing for the introduction of gas lights into the streets. A bill offered by Mr. Bangs requesting the M.iyor to furnish the Councils with er-rtain in formation in relation to the taxes bv the fir-t of September. A resolution offered by Mr. Bang- authoriz ing the Mayor and Recorder k> sell or lease to R. P. Dodge, Th<;s. Brown, and E. G Brown, the southern terminus of Lingan street. An ordinance authorizing the changing of the grade of Washington street between Bribe and (ray. An ordinance authorizing the collector of taxes to allow a discount of six per cent up<>n .?ill taxes for 1855, paid within twenty davs from the passage of the ordinance. An ordinance authorizing the improvement of the foot-ways on the north side of Beall street, between Congress and Washington. An ordinance for the benefit of certain per sons therein named. This ordinance appro priates SI 10 for the benefit of S. Boot*, town surveyor; S33.26 for M. Terrill; and $24.75 t'\r " Tonny; also, bill appropriating $303.50 for .the benefit of Win. Jewell, and SO for the benefit of John Buothe. An ordinance appropriating $45 to pay ju ror* for services in condemnation of streets. An ordinance authorizing the fixing of the grades of certain alleys; also, fixing the name of the one from Washington street, parallel to West street; as Orchard alley, anu the one High to Congress street, parallel to Bridge, a Oak alley Also, an ordinance appropriating S100 for preserving the health ot the town. The Board of Aldermen returned to the Council the following bills passed by them : An ordinance in relation to dogs?prohibit ing the shooting of them, and requiring that all that are suffered to run at large to be muzzled. An ordinance appointing Commissioner? to represent the stock neld by our corporation in the Chesapeake and Ohio canal. An ordinance appropriating $1,000 for deep ening the channel of the Potomac. Bill for the benefit of Lewis Smith, and one authorizing the improvement of the tout-ways on the east side of Potomac street. They also passed an ordinance appropri ating *160 for the Clerk's contingent fund, and *150 for the Mayor's; referred to commit tee of ways and means in the ouuncil. Several communications of minor import ance were received from the Mayor and Clerk, and at lli o'clock both Boards adjourned. The Irishman, William Kinny, who was drowned in the canal some nights since, did not fall off the packet b>at, but u freight boat We saw. this morning, at the warehouse of the Messrs. Dodge, a freak of nature, the pro duction of a common hen belonging to Mr. Shoemaker, which, so far as our knowledge and observation has extended, caps the cliin <x It eon.-ists of a perfect egg within an egg; the external or outer one being of an enormous size for a hen's egg, measuring nine inch*; around the long way, and seven and three fourths the shert way The inner egg appears a- perfect as any other egg. and is fully as large as ^ny ordinary hen's egg. 1 he offerings of beef cattle at the Drover* Rest r^alts. this week, have amounted to about 350 head?150 of which was sold at price; ranging from S3 50 to $4.50, outhe hoof, equsl to S7a?9 net; 50 of tho remainder wa? left over, and the balance driven on to Baltimore Old sheep and lambs $1.50a$2.75. The flour market is very unsettled. The stock continuing iight, hol lers demand prices which are above the views of purchasers, ex cept for immediate r? tail purposes Held nominally at $9 50.i*lo. Wheat Sl.fiOaSI .70 for white and red Spectator Je>5v Lihd Goldsciimidt.?We have been shown a letter, says the Hampshire (Mass.) Gazette of July 24th, from Madame Gnlds ehmidt, addressed to a gentlcmau in this town, dated 4>Ems. (Nassau.) 21 July, 1855." I?ri vate in its character, the seal of confidence must not be broken, and the public may not aee it. Breathing noble and lofty sentiments, pure as the soul of their gifted authoress, in culcating a truly christian spirit, and so child like and unstudied in the sweet simplicity of its utterance, that letter is one which the re cipient may cherish forever. The slanders sometime since in circulation relative to difficulties between herself and hus band, are most satisfactorily refuted by the true and womanly affection which marks all allusions to him in the letter. They, or rather her husband, has been carrying out her plans for the establishment of schools in Sweden ? Walter, her first born, claims the loving eulogy of ? mother, at once touching for its beauty of expression and depth of sentiment. Mr. and Mrs Goiuschmidt from ? residence in this town of some months, are both remembered b v our citizen? with warm interest. They will spend the winter ia Roins LJ~ To MothfMan4Woraf? Generally.? No Blseuixo, VoMiti*e, Purojso.or Bli? Electric Oil in a perfect charm in it* action upon the absorbent*, yrhich it excite* to take np and carry out of the system all swelling*, and allays all pains. You may physic till you are poor as a snake, and still the swelling remain All local derangements require a specific applica tion. My Electric Oil is that very beautiful rem edy. good for little children, an well as old people, and it pleases everybody. Come and see what h cure was just made in a distinguished family in Walnut street. Price 50 cents and 31. See my written name, Professor l)e Grath, South Eighth stieot, Philadelphia, on all the bottles Mttssrs. Stott & Co. alone have retailed a>?out ?200 worth in a few days?and some of the most wonderful cures have been made here in Wash ington that was ever known. jy 27?3t 1X7" Letter from Hon. John Minor Bolts, of Virginia. Richmond, July 0. 1855. Messrs Wrm 5?. Beers & Co.: Gents?Consider ations of duty to the afflicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to tue "great value of "Carter's Spaanh Miriurtfor that almost incurable disease. Scrofula. Without being disposed or deeming it necessary to go into the particulars of the case, I can sa y that the astonishing resnlts that have been pro duced by the u*e of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that it is adapted to all , constitutions, or that it will afford the same relic? in all cases; for, of course, 1 can know nothing about that?but of what i have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use it, in any and every 1 case of Scrofula, with persons for whom i felt an interest, or over whom I could influence or control. Respectfully, yoHrs, J NO. M. Bott*. in* Noah W alker & Co., Marble llall Clothing Emporium, under Brown;.' Hotel, re ->p^( tfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tlemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se lecting is offered from one of the largest and mo .t attractive stock of goods ever offered in this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 p* A Phenomena in Medicine.?Bronchi lis, Cough. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints. Scrof ula, &c. For all diseases of the Female System it stands pre-eminent. A Clergyman Just inform is it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate ' haracter?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? By its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys. will cure Dyspepsia, Cough. Asthma. Bron chial and Lung Affections, Pains in the Back, Hide and Breast. Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints. Piles, Worms and Nervous Debilities with alftiiseases arising from impure blood, and is the greatest female medicine ever known. This invaluable medicine is working wonders upon the human frame Sold by MORTIMER &. MOW BRAY, 140 Bat u more street, Baltimore: 301 Broadwav. New Vork; CHAS ST0TT tc CO , J B. MOORE. D B CLARKE. CLARKE & BOWLING, W EL LIOT. and II McPHERSON. Washington, also, by R. S. F CISSELL. Georgetown; C. C BER RY, Alexandria; and by Druggists everywhere. U7" Premium* at the Fairs?Whitehall's still in the aacendant.?The Juries of each of the tate fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their hightest premiums to J II W for their su|>eriority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daguereotypes exhibited. Mr. W.also received two medals at the World"-. Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace. New York Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past WhPchurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa ave me. betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, feb 17 Z. D. Oilman, Druggist, ha* removed to !rJ^. Seventh strett, opposite the Patriotic ilank. and is now prepared to fill all orders for Medicine Paints. Oil and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's pre. scriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night bcH is on the right of the store door ap 14 j[j" Ayer's t'athartir Pills.? PilL* thnt nr. Ft 11*.'?Paor Ha yes, State Chemist of Ma??a chusetts, says they are the best of ail Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr Hayes kxows, viz: Lemubl Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. r.xoRY Washbtrn. Governor of Mass W C. Plctiicktt, Lieut Gov Mass En wa r o Evkbktt, Ex-Sec of State and Scna tor U.S. Robert C. Wi.nthrop, Ex-Speaker House of Reps., U. S. A. Abbott Lawrence, Minister Plenipo. to Great Britain. floH^B. Fitzpatricr, Catholic Bishop of Boston. MEM that are *ei! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with a- - touishiug rapidity, we may mention Costiveness, Bilious ComplaiutSj Rheumatism Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency. Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evamant medicine, Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure main complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach ; such as Deafness. Partial Blindness Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low sta'e of the txniy or obstructions or its functions. They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and yon will but need to use them once to know if. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mass . and -old by every respectable drutr^ist. Sold bv Z. D. OILMAN, Washington, O M LINTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg je 17?2m [rj* Dr. Hooflaud's Celebrated German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dysjiepsia, is indeed an object of coinmisseration. Yet it is absurd for hiin to despair. We care not how weak, low, nervous, and irritable he may be, the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson. Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and if be ? booses to try them, we will insure a speedy curt. See advertisement. je 7?3m MARRIED. la Washington, oil the 19th instant, by the Rev. Mr Israel, Mr II. BIRCH, of Georgetown, to i*i> PAMlLlA JONES, of this city. On the2??th Jnly, by Rev Mr. Duncan, GEO. E. KESSLER, of Frederick county, to Miss AN - NAG JARBO, formerly of St Marys county. Md. On Ihe 2ith July, bv Rev John C Smith, Mr JOHN T CHANCEY to Miss EMILY JANE KEKNE, all of this city. DIED. On the morning of "Ath July, Capt WILLIAM MORTON, in the 73d year of his age in?" His fantral will'tak" place to-m rrow af teruoon at 5 o'clock, from bis late residence, near Georgetown. On 23th July. ELBERT, aged '20 months and 11 days, son of F.lijsh and Mary Edmonston On the 27th Julv. in hope of a blessed immortal ity. Mrs. ELIZABETH PENNINGTON MAR TIN, in the 70th year of her age On the 20th J ulv, CA THAR1N E \ IRGINIA only child of E 11. Edmonston, aged 8 months aud U davs. TO THE PUBLIC. fPHK STEAMERS MOUNT VEBNON and I BALTIMORE will stop at Al e.anona, inrtb day and night, unil|jj ? , ,* , at the landings an the Potomac river : Fare by these boats, viz . To Alexandria .....$0 l*2j? ToMarbury's. 1 on To Cockpit Point 1 50 To Quantlco 1 50 To Sandy Point..,.. 1 50 To Aquia Creek 2 00 Excursion tickets to Aquia Creek and return, in cluding dinner or supper, 82. A deduction on this charge will lie made to partie* of ten or more, wishing a daylight or moonlight Excursion This will afford to our citsxens a pleasant recre ation from the heat and d^st of the city at very moderate rates. L. REYNOLDS, Captain. WM. MITCHELL. Captain. Either of the above boots can be chartered for Excursions. Towing, fcc., by applying to GEO. MATTING LY, Superintendent of the Washing ton and Fredericksburg Steamboat Com^nny jy 24?eo3w MRE DISH COVERS, Round and Oblong, from 0 to 18 inches, cheap, at G. FRANCIS'S, jy 20 . . 490 Seventh st PAINT AND OU. STORE. WINDOW Glass, Ac., Camphene, Spirit Ga?, sperm, Soiar and l ard Oil Lamps, Cloek*. Brushes Ornaments, Girandoles, Shades j r. McGregor, Successor to C . 8 Whittlesey, jy if?eoSw KM Seventh st. W > WANTS. ~ Xl/ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED LAUN v ? dT*? None need apply unless wrtl reopm mended Aho, a eolorrd Waiter, one accustomed to tak ing care of horse*. Good recommendation* re quired. Apply at SO Montgomery street. George town jv?k_2t fir AN TED?A LOAN OF ONF. THOUSAnI) t T dollars, to be secured by a deed of trust on

Real Estate. Particulars at CH AS. WALTER S Agency Office, Seventh street, opp. Centre Market, jy ???41* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A VOUNG Man as waiter in a hotel or private family he ha? noobjecMontodrivlnga carriage <?ood re ference given. Address UW M. ' at this office jy 27??t* INFORMATION WANTED of Elisabeth Carter, widow of William Carter, who served i>n l>oard of United States ship I^evant. on Coast of California. JOHN D CLARK, jy 2>?It 527 Twelfth at. west. WAN TED-A TEACHER WELL QIJAL ifled to act as an assistant in a Select Class! ;al and Mathematical Academy. P. A. BO WEN, jy21?dtf Georgetown. OIX GOOD STOUT BOYS WANTED?TO work at the harness trade. Apply to the un dersigned. DAN. CAMPBELL, Saddler, Pa avenue, near National Hotel. Jy23?fit* * UrWTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, convenient House, in a gi>od neighborhood, either in Georgetown or Washington The ten ant will be punctual and probably permanent, and will t*ke {possession in Octa'l>er. Al^o, a respectable middle aged woman as housekeeper and seamstress, services required im mediately. Address 4'L," at this office, is fl-intf URANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that ? hey can get a lot 24 feet front by- 130 feet deep, for the low price of *75?payable S3 a month v. '.tho-it interest. Apply at the Union Land (ifflte 7th sheet. at?ovc Odd Fellows' 11*11. aj?2c??ia JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. 4 GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE fur nished with a large pleasant front chamber, together with lior.rd in a private family Loc ation wo squares north of Pa. avenue, ande<)ual dis a;icc cast of the Treasury Building. Address Hot 271 City Post Office Reference given and required. jy 21?lw Rare chance ?a new brick house for ssde or rent, situated on the corner of Mas -ar hi s 'Us avenue and KHh street, containing ten r<K>nis with cellar, and a pump of good water in the yard The house is built in fhe verv t^est iiatiner The terms will be moderate Apply to UEO. T LANGLEY, on L street, between 9th ?nd Tenth, No. 501. Jy 24?lw* Board Ac ?mrs bates.on thes.w. corner of Pennsylvania avenu?? and 9ih street ?? prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, 4 ith or without board Every effort will be mad t to render th<?se comff;r,Hble who may favor he, with thwir patronage. apfi?tf FOR SALE AND RENT._ IT* O It SAL E?TWO HUNDRED LOTS Price S75 each. Two years' credit, or HI per ?"ent discount for cash Applv at the Union Land Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows* Hall. jy Im Lots for sa le.?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale ou ftn yt'irs' credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. jy -Ti-tf POR SALE ?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE I and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue. Washing ? ?n. It presents a rare opportunity to a person vishiug to make a good investment. Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 ilii^h street, Georgetown, Lot '26 feet front b ir.c feet <l?"?p; will be sold low and on a long credit Apply at 4ft Louisiana avenue jy 20?tf |7 o R R E N T?A NEW THREE-STORY I Frame House on E street, near 15th, contain ing ? ix rooms and a kitchen, all neatly finished To a _'ood tenant the rent will lw? #12 per month. Inquire of J II DKLRY, Clt" Post Office, jy 1'J?tf J r,*?OR RENT A TWO-STORY BRICK Dwelling on H street, near Hthstreet. No. 278, pleasantly situated, with a line euclosure and con venient outbuildings, furnished or unfurnished. \pplv at the premises. jy 16?W&Stf 'PWO VERY PLEASANT ROOMS. COM A munlcatiug ; ou the second or third tloor of a ?iew >?rick house. may be had. furnished or un : imlshed, and with or without board. The house is situated contiguous to the most elevated part of Massachusetts avenue, and will lie found in every respect desirable. Enquire at this office, jy 2l??eo3t* VVALUABLE LITTLE FARM FOR SALE. The subscriber will sell at private sale his lit tle Farm, known as Sterling Cottage, upon which i?e now resides, situated in Alexandria county, Va., near Bail's * Roads, four miles from George own. six from Washington, eight from Alexaii Iria. and will be but one mile from the Loudon A Hampshire Railroad. The tract contains 4llij teres 15 of which is under heavy timber, the bal ance is under a high state of cultivation, with good fencing and a never failing stream of water run ning itirough the place. The improvements are a very neat story and a half dwelling, with a brick cellar under it, and o.ithcu*es, consisting of a barn, ice house, meat house, corn house, hen house, kitchen, and bouse for servants The yard is verv large and shadv, and decorated with the most choice tlowers, and a well of the most excellent water near the door, the back yard is enclosed by a l?eautiful cedar hedge, and the front by palings. There is also a beauti ful chestnut grove standing in front of the yard. The lands adjoining are those of Col. W. Minor S. Minor, Dr. Wonder and Mrs. Gardner. Its lo cation is convenient for churches, grist and saw mills, post office, Ac. The above property posses ses advantages which will be apparent to all who ?1 sire to secure a pleasant ana valuable country teat. A great bargain may be had by an early applica tion, as I am desirous of moving to a larger farm, jy 9?>awlm MOSES A. FEBREY . OR R EN T?Til E TH R EE STORY STORE JF and Dwelling, No <*> Bridge street, George town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confection ery. Apply to ARN Y, next door. try 25?lawtf FOR SALE?THAT LARGE AND WELL-* built Fmrre Dwelling House, with a brick basement, No. 416, situated on the east side of Cih street, between F and G, containing 10 rooms, with porch and pantry in the rear F01 terms, which will be easy, applv to CHARLES F WOOD. 118 Ninth street, between E and !? sts. Jy 17?eotf I^OR KENT ?A handsomely furnished House near the Public Department is ottered for rent. '! 1 a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate The Iloirse contains a bath room and gas flxt"res. En :uire on the premises, No. 270 H street, jy 5? Ira* L'OR REN T?A TWO-STORY FRAME ' House, with basement, situated on Prospect Hill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful v;ew r.f thi: Potomac river Ap; .y to T O Donnoghue near the Catholic Church, or R H. Trunnel, No. ; i Frederlck street, Georgetown, D. C. jy i* ff^OK RENT?SEVER A L H AN DSOME PA R - r lors and Chambers, with Board. Ai 10, Table and Transient Board. Inouire at Mrs. SMITH S, 233 F street. ap 9?tf 0 WARRINER. WATCHMAKER, No. 330 Pa avenuty bttwetd 9th and lOf A strut*, WASHiNGTOJi. D. C. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kind of repairs t<> Watches. ? jy 17?am S< HUTTEP. k KA1ILERT, \KTISTS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwin and Nenniag, Archi tects, corner Penn avenue and 11th street, will be promptly attended to. jy 11?lm* LAND WARRANTS BOUGHT at the high est rates. Si^ht drafts remitted to persons at a distance sending me Warrants, on any city they may des ignate. Stocks bought and sold on commission. HAMILTON G. FANT, Banker, 432 Pa avenue, Washington, D. C. jy 19?lmeoAWSlt (Intel) THE WESTERN ACADEMY. <,'th'T ScrtnUentk and I strt/.tty Wasjutmia* VSELECT SCHOOL will be opened on the first Monday in September, for boys. . N umber limited to twenty-five For particulars see circulars at the Bookstore, or call ar the School Room after August 22d jy 2H?eoOw* 8 L. LOOMI9, A M ICE?ICE?ICS J wwhi, An ampie supply w i cvhwmv o which he will sell, on call, In any quantises, at the^owest poMihl* rates, may ??dtbap 90 * AUCTION SALES. s By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer iALt OP VALUABLE PROPERTY ON the l?land at Anrtlen ? On TUESDAY af ternoon. July 31st. at (5 o'clock, I shall tell ?n the premise*, part of lot No 7, lh (quire 353, toeeth*r with Ihe improvements thereon, consisting of two two story Frame House*. In one of which there it a More, which 1* considered & good business loca tion. In the renrof the housetbere is a large, cot> venient. and substantial two-st<>rv bake-house This property is located on Eleventh street, (the priorip&i thoroughfare to the steamboat wharves.) between D and E streets south. Terms One-third cash; residue In six, Iwel-re, and eighteen months, with iuteresJ, secured bj a deed of trust on the premises. ? C. W BOTELER. . jy 2h?3t Auctioneer. By GREEN & SCOTT7Anctl7n?mi. / JROCERIES, STORE FIXTURES, Ac., at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 1?t nf August, we shall sell, at the G'ocerv Store of Mr Lewis Lopreux. at the corner of 11th and F streets north, all the Groceries and Fixtures of the Es tablishment, viz: Tea. Sugar, Ooffee, Spices, Starch Crockery and Stoneware Liquor. Molasses, Vinegar With a general assortment of other articles un necessary to enumerate Also, the Store Fixrures, Scales and the unex pired Liquor License. Terms: All sums of and under *25cash: over *"23 a credit of tjo and W days, for note* satisfacto rily endorsed. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy ?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALI ABLE BUILDING AND t OTTARE Lots at Auction.? On MONDAY, the 30th Instant, we shall sell, on the premises, at oclk p. m , a valuable building Lot, desirable for a business stand, fronting 2S fret on D street, bv 90 feet deep, adjoining Fov's Hotel, immediate lvop posite the Railroad Depot Immediately after tne above we shall sell, on 'he Capitol Hill, fourteen Cottage Building Lots fronting on Third street east and E street north. In Squares 754 and 755. from 16 to feW tacn, run ning back from 90 to 100 feet, overlooking the cliv in a healthy location, and an abundance of t"X>d wa^er /rom numps. Term?: One-fourth cash; balance in 6, 14, 1H. and ?4 months, on notes bearing Interest. heed given and deed of trust taken to secure deferred payments Title Ind'sputaole. A plat will be exhibited at sale. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 27 ?d Auctioneers By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers SLIDE TOP BIGT.Y IARRI AGE at Auc tion.?On TUESDAY afternoon. 3lst instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell in front of our store, one yood slide top Buggy, which is in good order and very suitable for family use or for a physician Terms at the sale. WALL, BARNARD A CO. Auctioneers. The vehicle is for private sale until that time, at our Store, corner 9th st. and Fa. avenue. jy27?3t W.B. A CO. By JAS C McGUIRE. Auctioneer ONE OF THE BEST GROCERV Stands la the City at Public Sale.-On THURS DAY afternoon. Jul- 2?;, 1S55. at fi o'clock, on the premitew, 1 shall se ll that valuable property sitr ated on the corner of B and 12th streets, near l:aa street bridge, formerly kept as a Grocerv "ore by Sengstack A Clark, and late by Wm H * Cla-k. With a sufficient capital to ex'end the business to a wholesale as well as retail b .siness. more par ticularly in the feed flour and bacoif trade, no 1' cation in th* city offers greater facilities The warehouse is of brick. 2t feet front bv 50 ft. deep, two stories high, and built of the oe-st rnate rlal in the most substantial manner. Theic is al so attached a lot in the rear 25 by 75 feet. The premises can be seen a? aii\ time by appli cation to C. P. Sengstack, on D, between I2th and 13th streets. Immediately after, I shall sell a lot fronting 21 feel on south i), between 12th a id i?*tu si?., run ning.' bark S* feet to an Id feet pa ved allev lediit. One i.ulf ; re*id'ie a ,ii. twelve, eighte*? and twenty-four months, satisfactorily secured, bearing Interest. J. C McGUIRE, Jy 21 ?d Auctioneer. The above sale is postponed in cense ouence of the rain, until TUESDAY afternoon, July 31st, same hour and place. JAS C. McGUIRE, j>' 27?d Auctioneer. By OH KEN A 3?'"TT, Auctioneers. Two-story frameh^ih.ot at Auction.?On TUESDAY, tnedlst juit., we shall sell. In front of the premises, par. of Lot 2h, in Square No 515. fronting on tth street wes-t between K and L. streets north, on which is a good two-story Frame House, containing live i->od rooms. Tli i above de*cril>ed property is handsomelv lo ca'c-d in a rapidly improving part of the city. Terms fcloo cash ; bal ?nce in monthly payments of per month, satisfactorily secured GREEN A SCOTT. Jy?-* Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers WD SO ME HOI ShilOLD aad Kitchen Furniture at Anrtion.?On MONDAY. | the 3i?th Instant, we shall sell, at the residence of Geo. Butler, Esq., neai the Navy Yard, on So'.'th Carolina avenue, and near Pennsylvania a.eju*-, between 6th ai.d 7th streets east, at 10 o'clock a. m . an excellent assortment of Fumiture, vir : Mahogany spring s*-at Divans, F.ounges. Ac. Do ' and Walnut Parlor Chairs and Rockers Do do Sofa, side, and centre Ta hles Do do Bureaus and Bedsteads Walnut and other Washstands and Wardrobes Chamber Sets, cane and wood seat Chairs Walnut extension Table Mahogany Secretary Three-ply, ingrain, passage and stair Carpets Hair and shuck Mattresses Feather Bolsters and Pillows Girandoles, solar, ha!l and other Lamps Mantel Ornaments, (jlass and Crockeryware Refrigerator, Larabee's make. Settees Lot of School Desks Office Tables and Chairs Cooking and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisite* Terms: Under S25 cash; over $25 a credit of sixty and ninety days for note* satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing Interest GREEN A SCOTT, jy24?d Auctioneers. Bv J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ItRllTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND Beaatifully situated Building Lot on Third street west, between Pu. avcuue aid V street.?By virtue of a deed intrust, bearing date on the 2sth day of February. Its53. and re corded in Liber J. A. S. No. 52, folios 3U2. 3in 301, the subscriber wi'J sell at public sale, on WEDNESDAY afternoon, August 1st. 1955. at 5% o'clock p. m., on the premises, Lot No 11, in reservation No it, fronting 25 feet on Third street west, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, bv 150 feet deep, to a 35 feet alley The above property is eligibly situated in a most desirable part of the city, rapidly enhancin. in value, and otters a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build or invest. Terms cash ; and if not complied with in three day* after the saU the property will be resold, at the risk and expense or the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All con*-evancini: at the expense of purchaser. CHARLES S. WALLACir Trustee JAS. C McGUIRE, Jy 12?eo&ds Auctioneer. BYJu McGUIRE, Auctioneer RLSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM. proved Real Estst*.?Bv virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date the2??th dav of M?y, A D 1854. and duiy recorded in Liber J. A 8 . N- ~9, folios 242. *213. 244 , 245. and 246, one of tne land? records for W ashington county, in the District o4 Columbia, we will sell aijtublic sale, iu front of ?hc premises, on FRIDAY .the 3<1 day of August. 1*55, at6^ o'clock P. M.,?. part of lot No. 10. iu square No. 297, In the "ity of Washine'ou, in said District, and being Oescrlbed as follows: Be ginning on the line of South D street si feet and 3 inches ftom the southwest corn, r of -aid square, a:.d running thence east or, the ane of saiu street 23 feel to the (astern line of said lot, thence north with said line 100 feel; thence west 25 feet; and H T thence south 100 feet to the plaice of beginning, Willi the improvement*. Thelot is improved ?s a neat cottage house Terms of sale : One-third in cash ; the remain der In two equal payments at six and twelve months, with lr'erest, to be secured by a deed of trust; the terms of sale to lie cm plied with in live day.* from the day of salt, and upon default there in the trustees reserve the right to resell the prem scs at the cost and risk of the tirst purchases. All coaveyancing at purchaser's cost. ^W.ll.WARD,) J.Y.DAVIS, t lruMm J. C McGUIRE Jy 20 ?<71 Auctioneer BOOT AMD SHOE STORE REMOVED. GEORGE BREMER has removed his well known Gendemen's BOOT AND, SHOE Store and Factory from 11th street,] between Pa. avenue and E street, to Pa. avenue, a few doors above Wlllards' Hotel. He is prepared in his new premises to civ* satis faction to all. G. B has by dint of great care la purchasing hl? stock, employing none Dut A No. 1 workmen, and by his capacity to fit hie customers sen to have his work sat very easy on the flsot, while It al ways exhibits the moot JtshioaahU styls. earaed a reputation la his huMness second to that of do other custom-work boot and shoe maker la the Union. He solicit* the patronage at all. *n4 his terms will be most reasonable to all Jy 18?tf . j TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. *v*wix? iTa. Cbablkktov, Jniy J7.?The brig Bleek Swnn is eehor* on Gaoifelowu bar, etd it ir feared will prove n tcul loss. Baltimore Virkiti BalYiMOU*, Julj 5S.?Wheat lo-day b*? ad vanced M) cents. owing to light receipts Flour ha# declined 25 omU Sale.* of He ward ilx+tl at S8 TV Charl atton Xvketi CrAFLtfcTOi*. Jnly y ?CottoB M unsettled ; sa'od of the week l.CKh) bale* at Willie?r? ceii>U 1,027 bale*?stock 3 170 bales R?c? quu t, rales of l,iid uerceJ at HaGe Freight* dull Chabi ertow, Ju!e27 ?Cotton ia trm?sal<* of 3'JO bales at llallfc. * Hew Orleans Barken New 0*lc*v?. JuIt 26?Cotton if un changed?s.\Jtsof 1.700 halei Sugar is a shade higher, fair, !>4e?j. Flour bigber; Ohio *a 2 > Mess pork *1*. G I the grasshopper* and locusti are the crop* to an aUrming extent. cau-in* tn? peop.e to feel greatly disparaged The nesr rlL<.PfflJ^r0|S WtLh they CM P^are ?Up. d ?anf Pi B*rn*rd,,,?- *'*??* hundred m.|? dis ant. Flour is selling ?t 5? per hundred ,nJHtH " Wi,,.b* * **?? M of ?uffer K?t i* W1? " ^ ?migration from the . ?l?eadj on the road to the lake U vers 4*iS<5? of tWr,T^ arrivwl here on thl itb n their way u> tne States Thev csrne er the northern route, having crowid the " 10 *he ,4,t*r P*rl of April. They ,?d fine wither during the journey and re Krt fifty men on the road. and that rix bun * dred to one thousand wiil return over the or*r land route this season. The eastern mini *r rived on the 6th. Tbore was no overland emi gration on tli or-ad to California and Oregon - H.n John M Bernhiscl. late delegate to C-tn^re-s from I cab. arrived at his home on vhe 5th June in good health. D Bnghjm YottUg, who had just arrired at Salt L*ke frjm a jaunt through the country delivered an address wherein he advised & faithful to take short excursions with their families to the interior Young acknowledges lb* possesion ot ninety wires and of children thelJhTUi!r* a'^ hw If't!*" ltwould Promote tfteir health ard cheer them up to oamp out. whpb 4he Proj?s doing, with a portion of ' .to. lor a while. The nt of California for the month of Jun* wa* *3.89? W5 ? ' ^fc^sui ULFV1IOUU < L.HfcTERY, OifAce Xe. 29^ Pa. are., <ersrr 1' th street, (ovtt rue saving's ba*k ) TM^KM Tt:PV f* '?ld out on the >laa of 7" .'becelebrated ?ireen wood, of N -w V and *Hnated on t'.e hi^h ?r? .nd dist. it one *nd a V ,r "i11** north of af CapiuJ?.N ?rth Cauiol street lt cdin^ d' rectly to the ga'ewa* This Coui^y have secured * . barterfry? 'on gresf.appir.prta |.i,, "..Jr : forr to I i*I pur^^ making a f~ ti*r t.,- pJrcha*r A d pnhibltint; all en< roa -..ents frt n ejrl.lafion . - who wish their dead to rroop. .vnore ?bev have placed them, for ii h*c ujcr-me a cna >tu in alJ oUier cities wueu tiie uu<.dl ground tje ? n^ vali' a" .?foi other porpo?e?, "? w>K .i, ?? 4 thi-wr^ - i^?d ^romi' u*ly into one *arce j .anti ..^ri measure- ca;...ot prevent it. as no title* a' to thr ^roiind. * ^ ? ?-0dice open from loto 12 o>lo? v t. m where Pamphie*<i. containing the Chart' r Kv ,w">. au*i * iu*j< of th? ttruund, and all o i^et In forma ion, can beobuii.^d ,*}} ?*d?? >n with .vlr. lies F Uarvoy. No * 10 Seventh street or any other undertaker. will be promptly attended to. j? tfe jy LIME! LIME! LIME! RFAT REDUCTION IX PBr('t!-E?f p?iS:V ^ Lltneat cents ^the be?t qurlitr t wocd burnt .ime in a?hh Hon at eig'?} oer.u per barrel at r? rtr'iw *r flTr cent* delivered la any part ol: the c.tyv Tlii. is twentv-Sve per ccnt leM than the market price. O- .. LAWTON P HOOVER, Po?oiDac Luce Kiliw, one square auuth of ?be Lower ilridge, Georgetown jy , (U nion, Or^an, 1 ntel) T? _ IMPORTANT IVOTIt'E. ~ O t io*e of o,ir friend* *?<d ?*'; iomer? wbr* have no promptly ?- ,ine fo.*a.d and settled ?ht-ir ar<'0'iiu<? as n nd-red to iKt July, we te-idrr our sincere thank*, and -ball be re?d'- at aU^a lo serve ih*-m u^on the be*i terms, hoping thereby to merit an increased continuation of their watton To those who have neither settled, nor called to sav wh?>n thev ran, we respectfully urg? th?- necc >-.V of their doing ?<f uithout further notice: as we must insist upon all Mils being clo?*)d In some ti.anner du-int; the month of A'*?i* t COLLLV & SEAR8, Mo. 523 7th st., a doors north Pa avenue. j> n?eoot H . LMDSLEY, naaiaa m REAL ESTATE AND LAND WAEBA1TT8, SA1XT PAUL. MIS TERRITORY. Lands bought and jh>ld through. OUT THE TERRITORY Taxes paid Collections made Drafts cashed, and the highest Prices given for Land Warrants Government Lands located with much oare. and If desired, the profits and losae* shared equally at the expiration of five years The Land at that time to be sold, unless otherwise agteed upon. *iiri one half of the current value?* the Warrant at the wme of entry, and half of ihc expense of i<> atmg to be deducted from the suba-ribers' interest To persois wishing to locate Warrants entirely on their own account, the cba~*e will be. for forty acres #!5; eighty acres ?*?; one hundrrd and sixty acres, 9$5 : and will receive with their title, a plat and description of the .and lEriKKXCBS: Mijixisota?Gov. Willis.1. Gorman; Ex-Gov Alex. Ramsey; Hon J T Rosser. ftec M T. .Vessrs. Ames * Van Elte?, Attorneys at Law: Messrs Morton A Pace, Whdesale Druggists Baltimoei?W P Prest-n, Eaq , Attorn*;- af Law; Richard C Bowie, Esq., Com Merchant z Deur, Norris A Ce.; Messrs McCleese * Ham. Wa?hix6Tox?Hon W W Beaton; Hon J T Towtw, Mavor; Hon Judge J. Brvan, J C < Hamilton, Eaq . Attorney at Law; Col Wm Ilickey; Col J. Riley; Messrs Taylor k Mauri, Messrs I^ewls, Johnson A Ce.. Hankers: G C Grammar. Esq., Pretident Patriotic Bank jy 17 -eo3m *?. 5*7} NEW SHOP. (Ne. 'I^HE subscribers aave entered !nto copartner A ship under tb<- Arm of Sumni- ?? A Seaaford at Xo 5t7, Seventh street. Island near Manlar i Aven"e,for the j poae cf tnanuftu-turing F AD DLES. PSIDLK&. TRUNKS. HARNESS. a ?d everything in that line of business. Having laid in a good stock of mater.als. tb? uesire to notifr (heir ft lend ? and the public gen rally, that they are ready to serve them with any articles in their line at siiort notice, as good and as cheap as acy otL*w establishment of the kind in thisef'y JAMES H SUMMERS, GEORGE A SUSBFOliD Jy 2w FIRST WARD LIVFRY~AND SALE ST A BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington that I hrvetaken possessio. .by puncha?' the above Stables, on 6 stree* neii uie W*r Depaiiu-uit, (lately occupied JJPVf by A. SchWiLrtx.) I wish to inforrr^St*? them that it will oe entirel, ronducted hy ...'-seir, and that all orders left < j*?n the premises wiU M attended to punctually elegant Carriagesa-d c ju ei'ul drivers. The R iding c( hool w* i be ^r. - duct ^ by a piaftulonal eques rian and uerf?x tly docile Ut ""x, having stated hours for lad. eque* trisns, in prl.-^te >-r public, as they mav pilfer. I articular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establish" it. Persons requiring open b^rouc hes or family car riages , can De aansn< torny accommodated, as well as those desiring riding horses for gt allwinen or ladies. FRIEDERECK LAKEUEYER. jy SI?3m Ageot PERSONS WITH DEFECTIVE TISIO* A are invited to examine toy extensive stock aU kinds of SPECTACLES and EYE GLASS ES Glasses of any kind, such as Cataract, Para bola. Periseoplc. Double Concave. Double Con vex. and Colored Glasses, put tn at short aotfc ?, ' - A -M ?S ? *CA. ?aaava uwvxvu Uiussna, ? with great care, and person* in want of glassss mav be sure to wet those which bedeSt the eye. ItT Circulars "Defective VU^os^yist ? 360 Pa BVMue, bst ?a end 10th ?S mar 10 . . . HOWARD'S ?. S. R.P-", ^ "? nEiScf tK JoiT "jr*5