Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY AFTERNOON jmiT 30. |~y-APTKKTiswEBTg should be handed in by IS o'clock, M , otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. agents foe the star. The toliom ing persons are authorised to con tract for the publication of advertisement* in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B Paliter. N. W. corner of Third ?f.d Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. PettixcillA Co , Nassau ?treet. Bortoi.?V B. Palmer, Scollay's Building. JOB PRINTING. We are moving our presses into a line new press Dcm. where we will have greatly in creased facilities for the execution of Job PaixTiso. Our other facilities for the neat, expeditions, and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost every description, have likewise been greatly extended of late. So we are now prepared to give satisfaction in that line to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims will find the Star office the best place in Wash ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Give us a call. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union rejoices over the decision of Judge Kane in the Wheeler slavocase, where in that distinguished jurist holds that there is no statute in Pennsylvania setting free the slaves of citizens of other States in transitu through Pennsylvania, and that any such statute would be unconstitutional if enacted. The points decided by him are as follows, viz : " 1. That I kuow of no st. tute. either of the United States, or of Pennsyh aria, or of New Jersey, the only other State that has a quali fied jurisdiction over this part of the Delaware, that authorise* the forcible abduction of any person or any thing whosoever, without claim 4>f pr-perty. unless in ai?l of legal process. 41 2. That I know of no statute of Pennsyl vania. which affects to divest the rights ot properly of a citizen of North Carolina, ac quired and asserted under the lawj of tbat Mate, because he has found it needful or con venient to paas through the territory of Penn sylvania. " 3. That I am not aware of any such stat ute, if such a one were shown, that could be recognized as valid in a court ot the United States. '??4. That it seems to me nltogether unim portant whether they were slaves or not. Ii would be the mockery of philanthropy to as sert that, because men bad become free, they might therefore be forcibly abducted." The Judge further imprisoned Passmurc Williamson for contempt of court, in swearing falsely in the answer he made to the pro cess allowed at tbe instance of John II Wheeler, whose negroes Williamson assisted to abduct. Th* Union al90 chides the southern Know Nothing* for essaying to conceal the fact thai Salmon P. Chase is the regularly nc-minateu Know Nothing candidate fur Governor oi Ohio; and publishes niacy accounts of with drawals from Know Nothing lodges at tbe South. The Intelfig'ncer moralises over the East ern war, of which it cannot torsee the end. and regrets the failure of the Austrian proposition for pcace. of Coant Buol, a.d th.nks the Allies are to blame for it. The editor says that fr>m 1793 to the Pacification of 1815, none of the great w*rsotf turops in that time, ever inspired so deep an interest as is now concentrated throughoutchr^tendom upon this Eastern war, Ac _____ Catholi*S"3ks. We art irdeble I to Taylor 4 Maury for co pies of the fuhowing recent works, xreeb from the prolific pr^ss of Murphy 1 Co.. Baltimore, via.: Growth ia Holiness, by Father Faber; Vindication of th? Catholic Church, ly B'sh"p Kendrick ; The Immaculate Conception, by l!?]ath"?rne; aQd the Blessed Sacra ment, alio by Father Faber. Theso books are standard publications of tbe Catholic Church, ?written by three of its most distinguished theological writers who use the English lan guage They are eminently devotional, as well a- polemic. We need hardly call the attention of devout members of the Catholic Church to them, as that class of our fellow citizens are prone to seek with eagerness any thing from the pens of these sincere Christians and able men. To those who have fcrmed their estimate of C&thoiieum on the Maria Monkish publications of the day, tbe printed bob-goblin stories of bitterly asti-Cathoiii co tempoiv eous historians, and the ravings of the Leahys, Cassallis, Angel-Gabriel:, and Gavazsis, who are now on anti-Catholic eru eaoLes. we heartily recommend the perusal of the wprks mentioned above ; wherein, though they iikJ much doetriue they cannot receive, they will nod faith, hope and charity Incul cated with earnest eloquence and power, farely rarpassed in thuolt-^ie'al writings of the times We know nothing mofb essentially anti-Chris tian than the Labit of judgir-/ men and oroads by what their enemies bitter- prejudiced, and nncoui promising, 6ay of them?nothing. The system of this country is founded on the on the idea tbat all our people are devoted to the jo :intainance of tbe eternal principle of justice in all icings, which must t>e observed or we rnnst cease to be a free and so prosper ous people; as n.> people have yet re mained free and ;>rosp?rous for any considerable time after they h^ve become radically unjust. Be lieving as we <K> that the existing n iticnal cru sade ag-:in?t our Catholic fellow citizens, man ifests an alarming propensity of large masses of oar people to throw ju.-tice to the wind1 wher. it stands in tbe way of the gratification of bad p-'SsioLS icd principles, we hope sincere ly that sober second thought will ere long in duce the veiy general reading of Catholic bt*>k?. tha* the C;ith< lies of the United States may be ja lg^d fairly by their anti-Catholic fel low citizens. Yxt^o* Fever at Gosport?A corres pondent pf the Baltimore American, dated Saturday m'sj* '??*? aavs: " To this d.iUf *here have been thirty-four caaes of fever, an j eighteen deaths, in Gosport. Not a eaj"s has occurred but what is traceable to Gosport. Portsmouth acd Norfolk are en tirely ex mpt from the du*?a*e.'' At New York, it has been decided to quar antine all vessels from or stopping at Norfolk. Harper's Misaziko fob Ai'Gcst.?A copy of this popular periodical has been sent tb us from the periodical establishment of Joe ShU lington Its contents are, as u*ucl, interest, inf, *nd illustrated by engravings. There are about onotbou?ar4 men em- 1 ployed at the Philadelphia navy yard on the Jew steam frigate and other publis work. ry'Tbc yell fev->r u increasing at New Orlean*. the deaths last Wt.ek from it uumber WA8HIHGT05 IfEWS A WD GOSSIP. Governor Seeder's Removal.?We are sat isfied that after w$ went to press on Saturday, the Preeidtnt transmitted to Hon. John L. Dawson, of Pa., a letter, tendering to him the position of Governor of Kansas, made vacant by the very recent removal of Governor Ree der. The intelligence of the appointment of Gen. Dawson was unexpected in political cir cles here, though all careful observers around us were satisfied that She Exocutive would find himself constrained, by a sense of duty, to re move Governor Reeder. We are unable to day to discuss at any length an event of so great political importance, but shall take oc casion to do so at another time. We regret the exigency that has seemed t President Pierce to demand the removal o Gov. Reeder, although we are free to say that we do not perceive what other course coul have been taken. For reasons not to be con sidered in a hasty paragraph, because the} are connected with every item of the histor\ of the organisation and growth of the territory of Kansas, a dead-lock has occurred betweei. the representatives of the people of that terri tory and the Governor. The whole legislative business of the territory had been brought U stand still. It must be apparent from thi. fact alone that the day of Governor Reeder'* usefulness to the territory of Kansas, passeu away with the occurrcncc of that event. Wise policy, to say nothing of duty to thai young and growing community, would thu seem to demand that a trial be made of a new man in the office of Governor, of one known t< the country as a sound statesman, and as om devoted to the constitutional right of all and every section of the Union, Missouri as well a.* Massachusetts. That has been done by the appointment of General Dawson. Imperial Library of Franco.?In the l.;3* number of the London Athenetum wc find ai. account of the catalogue of the Imperial Li brary of France, which contains much inter esting and valuable information on this sub ject. Immense libraries are doubtless acquisi tions to any country, but it would be well t< consider wbit an enormous expense is involveo in the mere preparation and printing of a cat alogue. In 1S38. the French Government ap propriated 1 264,000 francs, or $237,000. to b ? xpended in the preparation of a catalogue t the printed books in the Imperial Library After the lapse of twelve years?that is, i 1850?a commission was nomiated for the pur pose of inquiring into the progress made in th work, and the time and amount of money thai would be required to complete it. The chie officer of the catalogue department male a re port upon the subject in June, 1850, wherein he stated that the number of titles prepare.) for the catalogue of prir* d books was 171.190 that ten years would ?>e required to complett it; and that it would not be possible to com mence the printing until 1852. lie further undertook to prepare titles at the rate oi 140 000 a year In this he failed, however and resigned his post, confessing his inability to advance more rabidly. In June, 1852. i. was found that 250,660 titles were prepared. The commission in 1850 named twelve yean as the period within which the ratalogue of printed books would be completed, and eigh teen years for printing it, and estimated the number of volumes in quarto at from sixty five to scvenly-two. M. Taschereau adopts the number of volumes, promises the com pletion of the work within the twelve years and anticipates that the time for printing cat be curtailed. Tbe Athenaeum remarks tha? '?energy and determination will work marvels, but there are limits which even these noble qualities cannot exceed. The Emperors N* polcon the Fir-*t and Third have accomplished great things by a determined will; but they never nnde a catalogue, and we strongly sus pect that M. Taachereau, as his experience en Urges, will be induced to moderate his prom ises." In addition to the catalogue of printed book-), there are in course of preparation those of the manuscript-, of the medals and antique-, of the geographical collection, and of th? prints. Altogether, this scries of volumes, i properly executed, will form one of the urns important aLd extraordinary works that ever issued from any press in the world. Only one volume has yet appeared?which contains 16,036 entries, and relates to French history. Email Aran.?k It stated that at the United States arsenals tho manufacture oi small arms (f 10,000.1)00 worth of which we art said to have on hand, is suspended.) until it i. aocertained what are the last French anu PruMii+n improvements?experimenting with which is pn by Colonel Huger of the ordnance ?Bolliiuurt Sun, July 28. The above paragraph is cnl^ one of the many silly stories with which the newspapers are tuemiug, and which it takes much of our space to corrcct. 'the idea that our government has suspended the manufacture of arms until it can ascertain tbe Prussian improvements, is too" preposte\^ w bel>e*ed hJ au* one at all conversant witn :ur public attain The fact is (we have been at som 10 M certain it) that the Secretary of War, so*. cousiderable time since, took under considera tion the subject of our small arms, and became sa'isfied that the day for tbe late models had passed by, and he gava instructions to have the system thoroughly examined and new mod els prepared. Experiments were thereupon instituted, and the result has been the pie ducti< n of new models, which it will be diffi cult for the world to beat. The new model arms are all on the grooved principle, and an* adapted to the Maynard system of priming. Since the manufacture of the old model arms was discontinued, (30th June last.) ou/ national armories?not arsenals, as stated, have been fully occupied in preparing the new models, and in altering our well-tried Harper's Ferry rifle to the Minie principle, and arranging them for sword bayonets. This Minie principle, by tbe bye, is not generally understood by our peo| le. The arm itself undergoes no change except the sight, which ba^ to be arranged for long distances, from 100 to 1,000 yards, the gr*;at difference in the range being duo altogether to the manner of preparing tho ammunition. *1 he elongated ball, adopted for our service, differs from the Minie ball, but the principle is the same, the ball being expanded to fill the grooves of the barrel by the explosion of the charge. We may recur to the subject of our small arms again in a short time, having merely al luded to it for the purpose of correcting any false impreseion which might have been creaUd by the paragraph at the head of this article A Needed Invention.?The present " heat ed term" brings forcibly to our mind tho faot that the world is greatly in wiuit of a fan, to be worked by other machinery than that of | the elbow. One thousand such machines, not to cost over ten dollars each, could he sild to day in Washington, even if so decigned as to fan only a tingle person at a time. Our idea is to hare clook-work drive a light racket, moving a very light fan with a surface of rom one to two square feet only, the whole machinery not to be heavier than a medium dzed Yankee clock, and to be movable, so as o run when placed on a table, in a chair, on the floor, or wherever the convenience of the user may require. It strikes us that with very little more labor in winding than is nocessary with a Yankee clock, such a machine may be made to run twelve, if not twenty-four hours. Whoever takes out a patent for a successful invention of the sort may realize hundreds of thousands of dollars from it during the next summer. The Weather Abroad.?From the scientific journals, just received from Europo by the Smithsonian Institution, we extract the fol owing : At the Horticultural Society's Garden, near London, the mean temperature of the mouth of May was 48.88 deg. Mtan temperature of May, 1850....50.07 Mean temperature of May for the last twenty-nine years 53 72 Mean barometer 29.774 Average amount of rain in M:iy... .1.85incb. This shows the month to have been uncom monly cold, nearly five degrees lower than ihe average for twenty-nine years, and lower than that of any May during twenty-eight years of observation. At Arbroath, Scotland, during the year 1854, ? he thermometer was highest at S| a. in., on the 23d and 25th June?69 deg.; wind west; was lowest on 3d January?18 deg.; wind northwest. Thermometer at 7J p. in., was highest on 22d July and 27th August?wind southeast and soathwest Coldest day 2d January; thermometer was 23 deg. Hottest day 27th Vugust, when the average was 67 deg. Cold st month, January; hottest. July; wettest. -Vovenber; dryest, April. Mean temperature ?f the year, 4G.3; mean temperature of elevei. years, 45:6. Tho General Land Oif.ce.?We, a day o< ;wo since, contradicted the story that theeom uv.ssionerehip of this office had been tendered to some one from Illinois, referred to in the correspondence of the Baltimore i<un. To-day, >ve hear the rumor repeated on the Avenue Vo such thing has occurred, we are satisfied. Che only tender of this position, since the re ooval of the late chief of the bureau, occun.-' ?rhen that event took place. We here refer > the tender of the permanent commissioner ship to our fellow-citizen, Joseph S. Wilson, tSsq., the so accomplished, experienced, and asct'ul chief elerk of the bureau. We are persuaded that nothing but his rc ationship with the removed Commissioner in terfered with his acceptance of tho position and regret sinecrely, on account of the public ? torcst. that he felt called on to decline th. tender which involved the highest possible c .jnpliment to his ability as a public officei tt>at eould be paid to him. Ihe Wheat?in this region of country, turn out much less to tho acre than we anticipated before the crop was harvested. Tho 4i winter .tilling'' did more harm to the stand than could oe perceived on the edges of the fields. The stalks that flourished, however, were much more prolific than ever before (within our observation) around Wa-hington. The aggre gate yield is hardly greater than that of the 'ust previous season; as though many plantoii tore acres than before, some who suffered much from the joint worm last year so?r ? I nuch less than on that occasion or none, on that account. Awarded.?The contract for the construction <>f the custom-house to be built at Oswego. N Y.. has been awarded to Mr. Edwin B. Soule, of that place, at 577,255, he being tho lowest bidder for the work. The Current Operations of the Treaaury Depai tment.?On Saturday, the 28th of J uly here were of Treasury Warrantd entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... * $3,902 85 cor the Interior Department 92 929 53 For he CustonB 21,820 9<i \lax Warrants received and en ured 35,970 84 War repay warrants 34,220 84 Covered in from Customs .. 1S9 50 On account of the Navy 61,730 00 PERSONAL. .... Hon. James Campbell, Postmaster Gen eral of the Unitod States, viaited the navy yard Philadelphia, on Saturday, accompanied by Captain Day, Navy Agent, and several personal friends. The customary salute of I ixteun guns was fired on their arrival at the yard. Commodore Stewart, (old Ironsides.) tlapt. Lee, Lieut. Gordon, and other officers, accompaniift the judge through the yard, aud an entertainment, opportunely offered in the hospitable mansion of Lieut. Goidon, was par taken by the entire number of gentlemen, at the closo of the entertainment. ...( At St. Paul, Min., on Saturday, the Free Soilers nominated W. R. Marshamm, and ihe Democrats U. M. Rice, for Congress. .... Among the Americans in Paris, on the 7th inst., were Col. Joe Shilliu^ton, aud Mr*. Pendleton and Mrs. Burr, of this oity. ,... Hon Preston King, of New York, is at Willa^' .... The Marquis de Turgot, French ambas sador at MadriJ, has been recalK'd. He is suocetded by M. do Moustier, from Berlin; Mr. ?1? Moustier ii succeeded at Berlin Oy M. | Adolphe Barrot, from iiruweis; and tho Baron le T; takes M. BarroiV ^laco at the last mentioned court. .... Mrs. Masterson, v.-ho accidentally ahot ! and killed her husband, a few days ago, at I Jersey city, has been insane ever since. * .... The sentence of Mrs. Robinson, the no- j torious "veiled murderess," has been com- I muted by Governor Clark to imprisonment lor life. ....Princess Nathalia, daughter of the! Prince Gregory Ghika, has been exiled to a : nunnery for five years, in consequence of her i coquetry, which caused the recent fata^ duel in which the Austrian Count Stolhert killed Count Bulche. son-in-law of the Prince of Mol- i lavia. The Prince is 20 years of age. ? Yankee Kkicknacks is Exuland.?Tho London correspondent of the Boston Trans cript says: " American wares are fast getting into re- i [>ute here, and they are sold in most of the cities and large towns. American wooden ware astonishes our English cousins, by its lightness, beauty, and low cost. American : trunks and axes are advertised in the English papers, and I was greatly amused at reading a dealer's description of a lot of Connecticut clocks, which had 'decorated faces, a mirror in front, and denote tho passing hour in hril' liant cathedral tone*,' and all for less than four dollar* federal currency." Acquittal of Du. Steiner.?The Hunts viilo (Texas) Item, of the 14th instant, says: We see that Dr. Steiner, who killed Colonel Arnold Korno time last year, haa bean acquit ted by tho district court of Hill county, and a | troop of fcoldiers, who were in attendanoe to , arrest him on leaving the oourt. were prevent ed f,-om carrying out their orders by a party of m Oil who carried the prisoner off to a placs of safety. Hampton asd Old Point ?These popular places of resort are culminating beautifully fn gayety and brilliancy at the eeaeon ad vances. "ViiitOT* are arriving ahnorft hourly from all quarters of the country; the Balti more and Richmond, and Norfolk steamer* stir I continue to carry crowds. 44 from morn till DOon. j from noon to dewy ere." And with the lux I urious shades, the roluptnous bath, the brac ing breeze, huge bog fish and exquisite mint juleps, to be found at either place, even the adamantine heart of an anchorite should beat hitch with health, and hope, and joy.?NorfoU News. , >CAMP MEETING NOTICE.?There will be held a Camp Meeting in connex ion with the Methodist Protectant Church, in the Wood* of Col. Wm Minor, Alexandria county, Va., commencing the 2d August Citizens of Washington wi?hlng to attend will find their best and most direct road by way of the Long Bridge and Ball's Cross Roads, or through Georgetown, crossing at the Aqueduct or Litut Falia bridge. R L BROrKETT, Col. WM. MINOR, OLIVER CUX, Committee N. B.?The Committee having obtained the right to the grounds adjacent, do most positively prohibit all kinds of huckstering, and hereby for warn all persons that they will enforce the law upon every intruder to its fullest extent. jy 28?2t __ ^CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE Fifth Ward ?Notice is hereby given to the parties contesting the seats of the incumbent members of the Common Council from the Fifth \Vard of the city of Washington, D. C., as well as to those persons whose votes were rejected at the Municipal Election held in said city on Mon day, the 4th ultimo, that a hearing will be given in the premises, on THURSDAY, 2d August, at the Council Chamber, in the City Hall, at 4 o'clk p. in. SAMUEL YORKE At LEE, Chairman Committee on Elections Board of Common Council. Jy 27 ?dt Aug2 ? ,THE GEORGE WASHINGTON Club of Georgetown take pleasure in announc ing to the public generally that they will give an Excursion to the White House Pavilion on 15th of August. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 26?lw (^HEAP BROWN, PULVERIZED, POW > der?d, Crushed and Clarified Sugars. Best Black Tea 50; Superior Gunpowder and I mperial 75cents. Fresh Butter. Bacon. Lard. Potatoes, Sec. JOS. AV. DAVIS, jy 30?1t# corner ttth and E street. STRAYED AWAY.?On Saturday morning. July 28, two Horses straved away from the Lumber Yard of t he subscriber- at the nth street bridge, and have not sin^e been heard of One was a dark hay, with heavy bodv, short black legs, and black mane and tail, about fifteen hands high, a natural pacer The other was a white colt. thre. years old. well grown, alwut as tall as the horse, and a natural racker, had some hair rubbed oft"about the breast and neck. A lib eral reward will be given for their return. CRIPPS It WALLER. IUST RECEIVED AT SHILLINGTON'S *1 Periodical Depot. Harper's Magazine for August P.ttman's Magazine do Godey's Ladies' Book do Graham's Magazine do 'lousehold Words do Harj?er's new Story Book for August Frank l^lie's Gazette of Fashion do Panorama of Life and Literature do K new Magazine published by Little, Son & Co; Ballou's Dollar Monthly do

\ew York Journal do Yankee Notions do JOE SHILLING TON'S Odeon Building, cor. st. and Pa. av. Jf? oil RAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. IN order to make room fhr our extensive fall sup plies we shall commence to-day and continue until the last d.iy of August, selling oft' our entire stock of Fancy ?olored plaid, strijied and figured Siltcs, Bareges, Tissues, Lawns, Scarf*, Shawls ind Silk Mantillas, all at rout f r rash. and all other Summer Crouds nt greatly rtduced prices, to clo*e them out this season. We have also in store very many desirable staple irticle*. viz: Superfine Linen and Cotton Sheet ings, Table Dia?<ers, Napkins, Toweling, Fine aid medium Shirting Linens and Cottons, ail of he best brands, fine White Flannels, plaid and pliin fambric. Dotted and plain Swiss Muslins. A large lot of Hosiery. Gloves and Embroideries. Ladies and Gentlemen's Genie Merino Vests, suitable for the present hot weather. ?~7" Pure hasers . re cord'ally invited to call and examine for themselves, a> we will offer all aiti cles at less than former prices. COLLEY A SEARS, ^ No. 323 Seventh st.. north Pa. avenue, jy 30?eo2w LAST CHANCE. IF there is in Washington. G?o'getown or neigh borhood a person who intends to purchase a Carpet this fall now is their time to buy it at a price certainly less than the same quality can be purchased six weeks hence. We are willing for a few weeks longer to sell legant b??st quality Inmerial Velvet Carpetings at ^>1 50, and best 3-cord Tapestry Brussels at 1 12#; will be worth $2 and Si <>2# in the fall. Also, Ingrain, Three-ply and Veuitian In pro portion. The prices at which we are now offenng Car peting* are less than the same goods would bring it aiict on in New \ ork to day Terms for the (jcods. cash oil delivery. J ust received and on sale Linen Sheet*, rich and superior Floor Oilcloth, also 10 d zen low-priced; all in new and designs, and very cheap Also, in store an elegant stork Linen Sheetings. Pillow Linens. Table Damasks, in cloihs, nap kins ai d pieces Splendid assortment bathing arid toilet Towels, both ough and soft Marseilles (guilts, both colored and white, Al lendale do. for summer use. Also, Dimities in great variety. And all other Furniture Dry Goods necessary (pr the comfort and convenience of housekeeping, at very low prices. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. jy30-d2w first ghandIpbize excurTion OF THE Ben Franklin Target Company. The members of the ben frank lin COMPANY most respectfully announce to their friends and the public in general, that they intend giving a grand Prize Excursion to the ARLISUTOy SPRINGS, on MONDAY. August 6th, upon which no pains or expense will be avoided, to make this tk* ex cursion of the season. The Committee pledge themselves that proper order p.nd decorum will he maintained. A Magnificent Medallion is announced as the Krize for the best shut for the Ladies. A valuable reast Pin as the Gentlemen's prize. The edibles and refreshments will be in the Lands of an experienced caterer. \ full Military and Cotillon Band is engaged for the occasion Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting one gen tleman am' two ladies. The Boat will leave the Fourteenth street bridge at 7# o'clock precisely. Committee of Arraig'mtnts. Capt. A. Tail. Lieut. E. Ecklolf Lieut. J. Williamson. Lieut. J T. Eyans Sergeant W. Fanr lng. Sergeant R. Eckloff Corporal Wm Hevl. Private G. Edmondaon. Private H. K. Schieble. Private A. Ecklott". jy JO?t>t J JEST GRAND SOIREE AND PIC NIC OK IHK BOONB CLUB, ON TUESDAY, AUGUST ISM, a T spk ing ga n nnxs, (Formerly occupied by A. Favier. situated on M street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth.) THE BOON CLUB take great pleasure in an nouncing to tneir frienus and the nubile gen erally tnat iLey iutend giving their first Grand soiree and Pic NIC at .he above named place, commencing at 4 o'ckx*? p. IP- and ktj>t ap until 1 a. m. Being desirous of rendering this Pic Nic one of unalloyed pleasure to ou friends and patrons the number of tickets will be limited, and the Com mittee have determined on no account to permit anv improper persons on the Ground The price or tickets have been fixed at the low pi ice of 50 cents, admitting a gentleman and la dies. ? Committre of Arrangtments. F T Wilson, Thos Dewduey, R L Masten jyJO-d District of Celurabin, ? , Washington Cocnty,J10 w"' I HEREBY certify that James A. Dean, of said said county, brought before me the subscriber, a justice of the peace in and for the said county, this 88th day or July, >?55, as estray, trespassing upon his enclosures, a dark brown horse about 9 or 10 years old. about 14 hands high, no shoes on his fore feet, the hind shoes much worn, switch tail, trots, canters and paces. No gear marks or or other perceivable marks. Given under my hand JOHN D. CLARK, J. P. The owner of the above described horse is re quested to prove property, pay charges and take him awav. J AS. A. DEAN, jy 30?4t* Columbia Mills, Rock Creek. pLiSTIC AND MOROCCO BELTS, Elas Tlf tic Ribbon and Cord, superior* Ox Marrow, Cologne, Bav Rum, Hair and Tooth Brushes, Transparent Soap in bars. Ac. at Jy w?3t LAAXAIOND'S, 7th street. FACQUIS* WHITE SrLPHl R KPRISG8 A CARD ? Having wen a communication cir culating In the newspapers throughout thi countrr. to the effect that some malignant diseaM at this tin* prevail*at the Faoquier White Sul phur Springs, and in the vicinltr, we think 11 proper and clue to th? proprietors of this waterina Clace to state, that we reside at Warrenton, d>. int about six miles; that we have practised at the* springs for the la?t sixteen oreignteen v r* and within that whole period we do not remem l?er that neighborhood to have been more perfectly healthy and exempt from disease of every kind than at the present time The report referred to must have originated in a malignant design tn injure the proprietors JOHN A CHILLON. M D SAMUEL B FISHER. M D jy30?2w NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON Printing Telegraph Company. HOUSE LIKE. Kamker ef Wards increased to Twenty. MESSAGES INSURED. a Tariff of Charges, to go tuts effect Aug. 1,18S5 First20 Eachadd'i From? words word New York to Patterson 30 cents. 1 cent. Do. Trenton 35 ?' 1 " I)o. Philadelphia.... 40 44 2 44 Do. Wilmington Go " 3 " Do. Baltimore 75 44 3 " Do. Washington Htl 44 4 44 Patterson to Trenton 35 44 1 44 Do. Philadelphia 40 44 2 *4 Do. Wilmington tiO ,4 3 44 Do. Baltimore 75 44 3 44 Do. Washington *U 44 4 Trenton to Philadelphia 30 44 1 Do. Wilmington 40 44 1 Do. Baltimore 60 44 3 44 Do. Washington .... 75 4 4 3 44 Philadelphia to Wilmington.. 30 44 1 ?' Do. Baltimore 40 44 5! 44 Do. Washington,.... 50 44 2 44 Wilmington to Baltimore 35 44 t 44 Do. Washington 40 44 - 44 Baltimore to Washington 3? 44 1 44 tn* No Charge for Address and Signature. REPEATED ANdTnmJRED MESSAGES The public are respectfully informed, that in or der to provide against mistakes in tbetransmlssioi of Messages by the New York and Washingto; Printing Telegraph Compnny. every Message o Consequence ought to be kepe\tfi>, by bein. sent i>ack from the office at which it is to l?e p the office from which it is originall sent Double the usual price for transmission wii. be charged, when a Message is so Repeated and ? Report made, by special Messenger, to the pari tending the same whether it has l?een received b the party to whom it was sent, and if not, why net Or fifty per cent in addition to the usual rates wil. lie charged foreither Repeating or Reporting onl, The ComjJany will not be liable for any loss ?? damage that may ensue by reason of any delay o mistakes in the transmission or delivery, or fn?n non-delivery of un-repeated Messages, but only m ga^e to use reasonable eti'orts to secure the service of competent and reliable employees, so as to hav? their business transacted in ^ood faith Nor will the Company be responsible for mi? takes in the transmission, nor for delay in tb transmission or deliver}, nor for non-transmission or non-deli very of any Repeated Message, to a:. , er.tent beyond ten dollars, uuless it l?e insured Correctness in the transmission of Messages, be tween any two offices of this Company, can I* in snred at the following rates, in add.tion to th? charge for Repeating and Rejiortint; as above For any sum up to one hundred dollars, one dol lar : and one dollar for every one hundred dollar? or fraction of one hundred dollars, above that sum And the Company will not be responsible fo any amount beyond the damage sustained by re* son of the error ordelav, and in no cast for an v sum exceeding that for which the Menage is insured and the rates pre-paid : nor in any case for delayr arising from interruptions in working their Tele graph. Notice ?Messages destined for any plaep be yond this Company's line, will be delivered from the terminal office to the proper parties there hav ing control of the further means of forwarding tlu same, but the Com|>aiiyin no case hold themselves responsible for the correct transmission or Prompt delivery of any Message beyond such terminal of llce. The Company's offices will be open dailv (Sun day excepted,) from * A. M. to 10 P. M. On Sun day from 1 to 2 P. M., and from 7 to t P M. jy30?2t F. MORRI>. l'ns.dent. Magnetic Telegraph. MORSE LINE. ~ BETWEEN NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA BALTIMORE. WA'HINtfrON, AND INTERMEDIATE STATIONS. Six Wires and Two Lines of Poles the En tire Di.tance, aud Seven Wires betwee . New York anJ Philadelphia. Hates Eeduced and Messages Insured. Shorten Dispatch incrtascd from 10 tj 20 Wordt. I THE Mop?e Line of Magnetic Telegraph,from Washington to New \ oik. is the first Compa nv Telegraph Line ever constiucted in this coun try, and believed to be the most efficient workin line in the world. It has more wires ai.d greate. facilities for Tflc^rapning than any other in tij> United State*. With a view to render it eve. more reliable, the limit to the shortest dispatel has been lixed at twenty words, instead of ten a heretofore, thus removing the inducement of i ho using the Telegraph so to abridge! heir di -|?atchc as often to render them unintelligible These un due abbreviations often have ltd to error in the transmission of dispatches, resulting in lo>? o lb interested and in discredit to the Telt^jraph, whicl is loo frequently charged with the errors of careles< writers and bad chirography. TARIFF OF CHAKGEH First 20 Each add'! From? words. word Waahington to New York.... cewts. 4 cents Do. Jersey City.... 80 44 4 44 Do. Newark bO 44 4 44 Do. N. Brunswick. 75 4 4 3 44 Do. Princeton 75 4 4 3 44 Do. Treutoa 75 44 3 44 Do. New Hope 75 44 3 '4 Do. Philadelphia.. 50 44 2 44 Do. Wilmington.. 40 4 4 2 44 Do. Port Deposit.. 35 44 1 44 Do. Ilav. de Grace. 35 44 1 44 Do. Baltimore .... 30 44 1 44 iHT" No charge for address and signature, which it u desirable to have full and complete. MESSAGES IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE OR CIPHER All messages written in whole or in part in a fo-elgn language or in cipher, or composed wholly or in part or words, figures Or letters intended to convey a meaning understood only by the [ler-on* who invent or a^ree to use them, will be charged fifty per cent, above the ordinary rates. I" igures are allowed only In the address and sig nature of a message. All numbers in the l>ody of a message must be written in word# at full length REPEATED AND INSURED MESSAGES The public are respectfully lnforiued, that in or. derto provideaguiust uiistakes in the transmission of messages by the Magnetic Telegraph Company, every Message of Consequence ought tobe Re peated, by being sei.t back from the office a* which it is to be received to the office from wticL it is originally sent. Double the usual price oi' transmission will be charged when the message is so repeated, and a report made by special in<-> sengcr to the party sending the same, whether ii Las been received by the party to whom it wa? seut, and if not. why not' or fifty per cent in addi tion to the usual rates will be charged for eithei repeating or reporting only. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage that may ensue by reason of any delay or mistakes in the transmission or delivery or fron non-delivery of unrepeated mesnages. but only en gage to refund the amount paid. ?nd to use rea sonable etTorts to secure the sen-ices of compe!en and reliable employees, so as to have their busi ness transacted in good faith \ur will the Com pany be responsible |or mistakes in the transmis sion, nor for delay In the transmission or delivery nor f.>r non-transmission or non-delivery of aii\ repAted UWKC to any extent beyond ten dollars unless it be insured. Correctness in the transmission cf message be tweea any two offices of this Company can be in sured at the following rates, in addition to the charge for repeating and reporting as al>ove For any suin up to one hundred dollars, one dol lar, and one dollar for every one hundred dollars, or fraction of one hundred dollars above that sum. and the Company will not be responsible for any amount beyond tue damage sustained by reason o'i the error or delay, and in no case for any sum ex ceeding that for which the message is insurod. and the rates paid Nor In any case for delavs arising from interruptions incworking their Tele graph. Notice ?Messages destined for any place be vond this Company^* line, will be delivered from the terminal office to the proper parties ther? hav ing control of the further means of forwarding the same; but the Company in noca?e hold themselves responsible fo: the correct transmission or prompt delivery of any message beyond such terminal of fice _ _ ~ ~ ,Sun , from r I, to April 1, from 8, A. M. to 10, P. M On Sundays they will be open twice, namely, from l to 2, t*. M , and 7 to 8,evening. ID" The above regulations to go into effect on andafter the first day cf August, 1&55 Jy 30?3t WM. M.8WAIN, President. BLANK BOOKS of all kinds and sues for sale at unusually low prices, jy 2t> FRANC* TAYLOK. Bee. The Company's offices will bo open dailv, Sui days excepted, from April 1 to November 1, fro: 7, A. M. to 10, P. M , and from November I, i a ii a -A o a aa ?a ?* - ' GRAND rOJTCWT AND BALL. AT THE PARK GROVE. ?n 7th Btw?t, npo COME OPF ON MONDAY AFTEF I NOON, Julv?th,atJo'clock The nine But* that played at the tawthwr. .1 Institute for the National Fair (Mf. Bergmei leader) it engaged. . ... _ . . ? Mr. C 8HU9SLLR, the proprietor, ha* buill splendid saloon for the occasion in the grove The public and all loven of mualc are invited Mr. C 3 will servethe beat of retfreahroentaat confectionery on the occasion. Admittance SO cent* for gentlemen; Lad:r? fre Jy tg7?3t RIVERS A DERIOCr GRECIAN CIRCUS! Newly Equipped fbr the Yew 1B,C6. WILL EXHIBIT AT W ASHINGTON, Ob July ?S, SO, and 31. and Angnst 1 and t This immense esiabll*Lin^nt cost the proprietor over dO,000 DOLLARS. The Company la composed of THIRTY-FIVE PERFORMERS. Of the most talented that can be had either In En rope or America, namely : Madame Camilla Gardner, the Parisian Eque* trienne; Madame Wood, the great Kngllsh Equea trienne; Mon* Paul Cane, from the F reneh arx German Theatres; Signor Blitz. the Italian J gler; K. Derioua, the American Scene R ider , K ftivers. the Unrivalled Principal Act Rider; E Wood*, the great French Scenic Rider; Maste George Derious. the Wonderful Hurdle Rider Mr Geo Sloman, the Acrobatic and Gymnasti< Performer; Master Charles Rivers. Genend Ride ?.nd the greatest Tumbler in the world ; Moucha ^how Pedro, the youthful boy of many forms tfons Geronie. the Sam|?son or the W^rli; Mons La Borde, K. Lewis. T Rivers, T Nambe. R Bugle, H Hague. R Thompson, N ?pr:r.^er ar?< amnerous auxiliaries S1G ANTONIO CAPELENO, who ha* Jtisi arrived from Russia having been engaged a' a! jnormo?ts expense will make his tirnt appearand n America with his GREAT lit SSI AN BEARS. Theae wonderful animal performaurea through ?ut France and Russia have astonished every be tolder For full particulars of their perfornian-'ei ee the bills. Messrs R Rivers and E Derious beg leave t< inao ince that they have brought from Russia ami r ran<*e some enure new performers. Also, new omir afterpieces, never before f?erform?*d in thii ?ountry. This mammoth concern comprisea me Hundred and Numit Men ard Korsca. The gorgeous proces>ion will - ater town or citj ?very morning ai it) o cloc k. led by Mr. Withers New York Brass and Pandean Baud boors open at 2 In the afternoon ar.d at 7 in th? evening Ticket* 25 cent*. No half price. Jy -SO?lot C. W. FULLER, Agent. Hj" The above Companv wili exhibit at ALEXANDRIA, .?? THURSDAY, the 2uth. and FRIDAY, tb? Z7ln instant. Also, at GEORGETOWN, on FRIDAY, the 3d of August. ^PRATT'S PATENT LIGHTNING RODS. 'DH05>K In want of those invaluable conductor*. A are informed that they ran be obtained from ?he agent for the District of Columbia. Maryland, and Virginia, by leaving their order* with Mr. Walter Howes, No. 372 Exchange Oficf. Penn sylvania avenue, next door to Hrosn s Hotel. 01 through the Post Olllce. directed to Jy <&*?3t* C W HEYDON. STRAY HORSE?*10 REWARD ?Strayed from the Farm of Mr J B Kibbv, a. Kibbv, ^ apitol, sLa> nd "iSlJSSL about three miles north of the Capitol, on Wednesday morning la*t, a roan colt, about 4 years old. one hind font . white. Whoever shall return the said Colt to the Metropolis Livery Stable*. D street, near MIL st , will receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. jy ^ 3t* STRAYED OR STOLEN f*m the subscri ber, living on Washington Bowie * Farm, on the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike, a gray Mare with a brown stripe across the shoulders, and a br.sby tail. She flings ou? her hind legs when walking. I will give **Jb re ward for the arrest and conviction of the thief, or a reasonable reward for the horse, jyDAVID DILLON FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTICLES, Ac. t irE invite attention to our large stock of Combs, ? ? Brushes. Pomades. Extract*, Cologne. Bav. Water, Ac., which wt art; lo olfeT at greatly reduced prices. Also, constantly on hand a general assortment of fancy Goods, tana, Gloves. Hosiery. Ac., to aether a fashionable stock of m'liiuerv. to which additions are constantly U-ing made of the I'west and most desirable stylos '1 h attention ?f the 1%dies is particularly invited to this depar'. "?Bt ?*,our business, which is under the charge of ?i?a Thompson ? HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. jy tf 310 Pean ave . between *h k liKbsts. V I /} RE\t ARD.?Straved or stolen from the subscriber's stable'on the night of the 211 a instant, a siuall black Mare, a *tar on the foreuead, a while mark ou onfTThcr Uiud legs; when walking she her htad down. Any one returning the said animal will re ceive the above reward and thanks of the owner. N. BAUF, Jy ?7?if 2d street, Seventt Ward. NATIONAL HOTEL. HAVING leased the National Hotel, and in or der to enable it to be made more com fortable, to alter, improve and re-furnish, it will be clotted on the 1st of August, and re-? opened for the accommodation of the public on the September next. WM GUY Jy 27?'Of DVSENTERY, DI ARRHCEA. and (.11 bow el diseases, can be effectually cured and avoid ed by the uae of my Blackberry Elixir Try it. J. B MOORE. Druggist, Pa ave.. opp Seven Buildings lLT DeGrath'a Electric Oil for sale as above, jy ^7??t (Organ) ONE HUNDRED MORE OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will l?e received this sea~on. they are cured in Maryland to the old hooie stead receipt, the quality of which is un>urpa^s'-d if equalled, by any other ever introduced here To be had only at my store Al>o. a fresh lot of that peculiarly fcne selected and standard Black Te* at 50cents a pound, which I have Introduced It is soid oaly by m\selfaud is now extensively known ia the District New comers and other* who have not yet used it are re ferred to the 1 ading members of the Faculty of Washington and Georgetown Samples furntshed gratuitously. Bay Water at 25 cents per bottle, or S3 75 per dozen For bathing purposes it Is as cheap a? com*non spirits Mint, lavender, and Blackl?errv Cordials, the very articles for the prevailing epidemic Maple Sugar, Fresh Prunes. Ac., with unsur passed varieties of choioe Grareries 7. M P KING, Few steps northeast Jackson Statue, jy 25-tf coal : t oai. : THE undersigned I* prepared to deliver COAL of the best quality. r.t )K> 5U per toa II. c. harkoykr, 3d street. Id door south af Pa. avenue N. B.?I give 2,*10 pounds to the ton jy 13?lm 4 CARD?The subscriber informs hts friends a and the public that he is fc0w able to attend to his business He can be fauad at h's old ataiU, Centre Market, ready to wait on them as he a ways has done heretofore The best of BEEF alwiVsonhand JNo WALKER Jy &5?tf Victaalier. CHEAP MUSIC. /CONSISTING of Songs. Duets, Marche*,Qid< k V>/ steps. Waltzes, (Quadrilles. Polkas. Mazour ?^a*, Schottishes, Gallops I>ances. Guitar, Pia?? forte, Vocal and Gein* of Sacred Songs, all from the most celebrated authors, both ancient and modern. The above music will be sold at greatly reduced prices at SHILLINGTON'S Cheap Periodical Depot, Odeon Building, corner Pa. av. and at THE FAl?tlER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS VRE now open for the reception of Ccmpwi)", and in a tar more attractive condition . ^ than they ever have been. CT? A groaa misrepresentation against them J" * having been oubllshed in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Sun to the effect that they were closed for the aeaaon i* now traced to an Ir responsible source unworthy of notice. It 1* proper to state that there is no ahadow of foundation for it. The subscriber trusts that he will not be made the victim of auch maligr.uv; r od the respectable journals which have gi -en currency to the rumor by transferring it to tb*ir columns will disabuae the public mind through tbo same medium. AI.F.I p a KM ? jy 13-Sm