Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1855 Page 1
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the evening stab, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tit Star Buil4i*?*,rorn?r of PintuflvmU metnve amd Eleventh strtet, By W D. WALLACH, Will b?served tosubscriber* bycarrier* at SIX ASTi A (Jl'ARTER CENTS. pnyabls weekly |o :b? Agents; papers served in package* at 373^ (fai9 per month. To mall subscribers the sub tef.ption price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year ??ndrnntt. TWO DOLLARS fornix months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of jjij cents a week. p-SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. H. LISDSLEY, D5ALEB IX BEAT. ESTATE AND LAND WAHRAVTS SAI\T PAUL. MIS. TE R KITORY. - L*\nr* BOVGHT AND SOLD Til ROl'GH Ol T THE TERRITORY Taxes paid Collections made. DrafTs cashed, and the highest prices ^iven for Land Warrants Government Lands located with much care, and If if ?i r<"d. the prints and fames shared equallr at the expiration of five yearn The Lana at t'nai time to be sold. unless otherwise agreed upon, uud one Lalf of the current value ^f the Warrant at the time ot entry, and half of the expen?e of locating jo be deducted from the sube-ribers' interest t5> persons wishing to locate Warrant* entirely ?n it<sir own account, the charge will be, for fortv acres f 15; eighty acres, ?A?; one hundred and sixty acres. g'i">; ai.d will rei-ive with their title, apiat and description of the .and. REFERENCES: ?t!*!f*?oT*?Gov Willis A Gorman; Ex Gov iin Ramsey; Hon J T Bwser, Sec M. T.; M^n Ames ft Van Fltfh. Attorneys at Ijw; .Messrs Morton A Puce. W hc-Jesale Draggfets. Baltimore?W P Pr*stc-fl, Esq.. Attorney at Richard C. Howie, Esq , Cora Merchant ; Sles.?r? l>eur, N*orris A Co.; Means. McCleese A Ham Washisgtos?Hon W W. Sealon ; Hon. J T Towers. Mayor; Hon Judge J. Hrv-p; J. c. C Hamilton, Esq . Attorney at Law; Col Wm Hickey; Col. J. Kiiev; Messrs Ta>lor V Mnury; Messrs. Lewis, Johnson A Co . Bankers; G C. Grammar. Esq., Prcsideni Patriotic Bauk jy 17?eoJm OLENWOOD CEMETERY, Office No. 292 Pa. ave.. corner 10th street, (OVER THE SAVING'S BANE.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated G reenwood. of N ew \ ork, and situated on the high ground di-tant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured acharterfrom Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed them, for it has become a custom in all other cities when thebnrial ground becorftes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscouslv into one lars/e i*it, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles are given to the ground. N B ?Olfice open from 10 to 12 oVock am, where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, Bv Laws. and a map of the ground, and all ether in formation. can l?e obtained All orders left with Mr lames F Harvey, No. tlOSeventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je 19?ly THE FAIQIIER WHITE SILPHUR SPRINGS ARE now open for the reception of Company. A and in a far more attractive condition tfran they ever have Wen. A gross misrepresentation ajrainst them? ta?in^ been published in tne Petersburg Intelli ?en<er and Baltimore S m to the effect that they were closed for the seas n is now tracud to an Ir responsible source unworthy of notice. it is proper to sta'c that there is no shadow of foundation for if The subscriber trusts that he ril' rot W> made the vk'irn of such malignit' sua the respectable journals which have given currency to the -timor l?v transferring it to ?heir v*ijn.!is will disabuse lie public mind tLrointh the turieinediriu ALEX. BAKER jy 13?:!m tt> AL: CO V.L ? THK laderslgi >1 Is | rejaHto deliver COA1 ?fuebpt qnal!'". at *?> *? per tf?n H C HRROVKR, "id-sfreet. 3d door south of "a avenue N B ?1 ^ive 2,^40 pounds to me jy 1J?lnf JOHXE EtVANS WILLIAM THOMPSON. EL VANS V THOMPSON, DEALERS ix iiA?,3VAi'.E. COACH ntlKICr^vrS, *c.? No. 3-o Peuusyirao?a avenue, '* Kiit* and I mm fts, D. C. ROrSfi FURNISHING HARD W ARK. Britannia. German Silver. Vlbata and liilver 11a ted Tea. Table and De^ ^eit Spoons Carvers and Corks. Steels. Knives wilh and wlth Brass?Br ian^a, Block Tin ^ndl^ sticks, Shovel atid Tongs, U utile Irons, ^ad lath/and Bell Metal Kettle?; Furnaces, Grid irons. Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATT.RIALS, Rrral Cottage. Closet. Cuptjoard Chest, r:U. faa and Trunk Lo? ks .. , Stuttle. Door, and Blind Hin-"s. S^rev.t Cut and Wrought N ails. Bolt-* ? . Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs. Door ^ prings, Handrail Screws. Door iviiolw Beil P lis. Door Sheaves and Rail. Ac. CABINET MAKKKS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa una Verttian^BlinA Hooks. Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Bwkets. Furnitur'' Nails d.wv Glue. Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond ^.crew Plates, Ac p?rpf\TFRS' GOODS. Plants. SaVi Drawing Knives, spokeshave.. Chisels aiKl Gouges, riane Augers. Brakes and Um* Horing Machines, Him mers. Hatchets. D*Vt,ls Bevels Scuares, Guag^? Axes, AC BLACKSMITH A -,IA( H MAKERS GOOD Buck and Bright Springs, Axles, t elloes, Shajts, uub>. Bowh. Folen Sleiirb Run^^7Silvtreil and tfVa*s Bands, wtump Join**- Stump Collars, Top Props Curtaic r"ram?*s. L.jrap*, Inside LintngS, Lining " Silks, DauiasR, Seaming Cords T'jjU. Tassels. Buttons, Tacks. I- rintres, Laces, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass R issia Dack, Enamelled Leather, lush ! eather, 4c ELVANSA THOMPSON, je l-?m ? Pa.avaiuc. COFFIN W ARE ROOM, Ac.* I WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA J* KKRS ?residence 41^ s^-uth it'trt, between G uud 11 streets __ Interments procured many ground ?r cer.ictery Cotfias, Ca;>s, shrouds Uiria;/' Hear-e. iuui every article fur mtermeats ol tne best quality furn -Lied at snort notice, on mtst reasonable term and at all hours of tL liLht Having the exclusive r ght of l - Piteut Corj>se V re server, we gi.araatee to leeptne lead for aiiy lenjitii of time. JY FOR POOR AND LABORING .HEN* jMALL BUILDING LOT** of in feet or more, S m v-arious parts of the City, uid GeorgHown, U low prices, and terras to ?*\lqYD & co builuing stone. For sale, deliverable at the Canal, or NNharves, Washington. Georgetown, or Alexandria^ lith street, opp. TrtaVlry L?epartm- nt Jy OLSTISTR*. . . D B DO N A LL'St).M, Dentist late of the flrmja Its Hunt A Doa*lds?n. . ontinurs ? uian .lecture and ins -rt ih"?e bea.ntifiu Done ain teeth, w-th or without goms, e".nenT..? whi< h ( andrtepoBitedbv ? e Jre ftrm) was award, d ih* Urst preramm at the Meruanjca' Institute Fair, recenUy held in teetn are carved a id >h id-d to suit each Dartw iiar 1 ?He and ffaeir resemblance to the uatu SJ ^ perfeci. as to d-exve the most orac ri-J ular a-'-ntlon also paid to ftilmgand pre ^oLvS^SdeSteTSd al-operations wwranted i'*'\Tonl7*t COrU^ ^ DKMTISTRV. DR MCNSON respectfully callM pr.hl.c at'en tlon to hU new. patent and grw. lj IMPROVED method of setting titcUl Teeth, with Continuous Gum/JU I the ?ery PERFECTION OI'1TU^^1?t1tve_ 0y "r *Vk<rf Teeth has Uie following ?1 ?UKKAT TRKNUTHI XKAN LL>HS?, COMFORT ai d MKAU fT. ?ith Nature in these re^p^U and In ?"?? excelling. Pubbe leepectlou Is respectfully souc Please rail and see specimens. . CAUTION .?No Other Dentut In the District W Columbia has ? right to make this *tvle of tt*M. N. B?Teeth eon-titutlonally healthy, pi 'o-.e* nil warrirted for tif*. .v_ 'r%<" and house No 23% 3 street, neai thecor ner of Penna. avenue and 24,h street. ap >i-tX VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. T WEBKR S RAND. ill I r5 old established aud band fm ?1- nish music usual for Kxcnr4oo!> gre nades. Pio Nics, l'ariie*, CxbiVtioaH.&c., ?c. Orders may be 1? it at Hilbos & Jiii/'n Music De pot, Ol at the residence of Mie leader. four doors east of Gpner?.l ilendeison's residence, N avy Va/d. jy FISCHER'S BAND FI LLY ORGANIZED. I nvivc 8 *tt- . ramuiiinpn, ntrades, Pic Nics, Balls and St enades. All those ill fla vor of citizens' band are respectfully invited to en wuragc oui enterprise, h??re in Washington city P. FISCHER. Leader. P. S.?This Band. und-r my diiectimi, 's regu Utrly uniformed. and from a practice ol o .er twen ty Y'ears 1 can j^ivc so.tisfcMti>n to every one Residence, Pennsylvania avenue, north side, he tv.-een Ninth and Tenia street?, first c'oor west of Iron Hall. Order t lef! with Messrs II llbus 4 Hitz nunc'u ally attended to. ' jy 14?lm* PROSPER I'S ( ORNET BAND. THIS Baud is suital-'e for any and all ourposes, and is warranted to gure satisfaction to ;dl those wLo may >e pleaded to engage them. either *? a Brass, Reed. cr Cotillon Band A.ny r? :nVer of musicians to be had at the short est nctice, b,' applying to FiUiDKKIP PROSPERI, Leader a* Taitavuirs S ore, opposite the ,'Iarint "lrrrrk* N. B ?Orders left at Hilbns & Hi./'aMusic De cot will >>e promptly attended to. rru>.y 25?4m Sl'M^EP. RfTRI. \T. >LAM8TO!H SPAVIhlON will M open frt > the reception of vl*tton am the 5th of . . ^ Juiy The proprietor talie wi!i t>t sup- \ .rm: plied with the delK^ci^-i.iK?m diii in ii. f> _ _ - ?? ? am : ?'i I II writers adjacent to Ulakis on - L-;?ind lie ho;x his endeavor to please will in- .?r?* him a ?; .?tronage from those ~eeki?! healtn i a litt.r piiet from city bustle The Steamers >Iar\ la-id e< * ~ a M'ff C t'rice stop regularly at hi> iaudit* Terms for one week or more. ? I 95 pe di'V For a shorter time ?1 "A) per dav GEORGE W BLAKI<T??N, Je 26?3m* Proprietor I^HE LONDON STAGE. 1 vols. octavo. con taining about two hundred of the best plays id the language (exclusive of Shakspeare's.) A few sets oi the al*ove?second-hand conies, new oner being unobtainable? imported from Lot don. Price S-j 50 FRANCE TAYLOR, jy la?tf AMERICAN HOTEL. No. 456 Pa artnue, betteetn A% anrlGtk streets, S HKFLEBOWER A L. T LOVETT pavraiaxoss Jy 6?Cm REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the public in general that he ha-* received the tirM lot of the celebrated DODGE"S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCF. PUMP, which received the SILVEK MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolii mi M? ch mics' Insti tute. and is now prepared to furnish *al' "hf ma*, favor him with a < .til H's stor k of C-AS 1 f X.TUR h s arc 'tasarfassed in he District H'lth his < >rp* of compete1 t woi-HRei? he prides Liir^clf to till ii.;.v r- i. th?' Ft '.".Mi!lNG \ND l?.i.s-FI TTING wi'h promptness and le*[Ttcb. All work done vtrr:jnt?' i to i-'ve romplfie c. i*fact?on Jf'li.\ KiiESE, uuv3?tf corner <>tu st a;.d Pa. avenue. I ...ii n ? ?? I v?iiitnt family Ca*.ia^? ; id Huu *j ;ie? \ t-.vo h ir^e t>rria. e : nd I"x ?ress Wagon Those d^sirui* of purcha'iug air, )f the above de^rlb-.d ar i< >-s r vil! d<? rrcfl o call on tLe ^ibs. rlber ;n..iied'at*fy, a> I s'm dc :??tmined to sseli lov* f^r ca-h. or o^ a^commo',ai Oi: terms A'i W"rk warrar.t?*4 R^pniring don* it the shorte*-t r. >ticf a"d *n tbr most -? prcvei : ia -n r S FI.V.NN, No. Jl'5 D -t , bet l^th and l?b, Jy 9? lm opj-fsiie iLt K*?-VweM House Hrt (TTANNIA A >D I ?S?ILI> *?\ AKL ri^EA aRd Cofl> ' I rns. ?'M? t <if> u'it*s. t'ott'-* A Biggins, Coffee Filters, Coffivp 'sr Teai?ot> Te tSets. Kgj; Boilers. ?'hatJn' M-Nhes. 'mp?*ri?l Dish Covers. Soup Ti'reens, Castors. I'if^hers Cups, Lainp^, Candlesticks, S^- ar ?.a np>, Spii toons. Ac ,atthe Ho's^kt'.'j-crsV u' 'shin. Store, ?9u Seventh str et GFO. FRANCIS. ha?tf CANAL PACKET Ll>K TO POiNT OF ltO< KS. tPHK ^aual Packet CONGRESS having bee.i X thoro'igLly rtpetr?d pu'^afet-j/TTn--* In flrr t rate o.der (tue mac hi iergf?r~vm removed and iiOr ?? pi>'v?-r siT7stit!r>-il,> coa ?m -?s miking h^r regular trips between George town and tlie above place. The iioa' will le.u>- the wt.arf of W. 11. & II. G Ritter for Point if k.-. ?.n MON bA^ S, WED NESDAYS and KRlDAYSatV o'clock a m; md the Point of Rtxks for Georgetown on TUES DAYS, THURSDAYS .-md SATURDAYS it the san?e hour, stopping ;it 'iieditt'ereni landings;do.i^ the line for the reception ami landing of pnsseiig^r > and freight, >;oiny aud returning. The Boat Will leave Georgetown a 7 >Vlookr.. in , and arrive at the he.*.d of the Great Falls at 11, Seneca at 1. Edward's Ferry 3^. .Mo: ocacv . Knowlan's Ferry 6, and Point ol Roc ks at ? o'cl'k p. m. Returning, leuve Po.nt at 1 a. in.. Know fan's Ferry at Monocacy s, Edward s Ferry 11, Seneca 1, Great FaiLwi^, arrive at George town at 7 p m. Passage through either way S'2. Meals served 'e-^i larlv on l>o?rd 'he boat at n?od erate prices. CllARLES .^lr-KKlLL, Capt. je2S?dtf eroi;e becomt^ luc g"e;-ust f;r. orile wherever it is n.drced It l?< inally pa alibi*, aore whole ?sorae. ani not hall the price of otuer roreif'u wines. Many physicians u?e it ewla> vet., and recoci ii" id it to ad t'or.'ilcJ with Flatu ccy, Dyspcj. sia. Debilitv Cramps. i?terr"uwea : .d Dyaentery. i'e ?orii subject r*> cbuls, or tivib, in distri ts uhere Ah w or Cholera prevails, iind its i,-c.casio.i ti. sea uu-Asiuit aiidadiiiiralt prev.utivt Mi reed witL i little iceu-'.va't-r, it form- the iiio>t iefr? ^L sud whoie?omecoolin^d.iiikii< \sa:iu>v?..,her t'rsat can be taken P: ce 50 cuts jje r hoLtlc. ?5 per d<>*ei. N B Countrv Drui.. !^1 Grocers,4 '?Vm- a.1 odvan ageousadn.tion ^otU,it's a first rate ijticle. seU- well u'.d i i? s at sat.s fctiOii. A-ents, STOTT a CO . \Y..shii.'.,'oii, PEiiL Y STEVENS. A**v.. litia, l i 2. i ?, ietown: J BALM KB l<alilm"K jy ???tf IMPORTANT TO P?.HSON> ItKEAhl'MG I P IIOUSKKEEPINH. IPERSONS removii tromthecitv'.ird wl ui I to dispose of their F trnitiire ,:' ii l. n se\?-ep iHl Utensils. Ac , without the trotible of scudiuv them to public auction, ran do >o becaii n^on :it our store, 317 Pa avenue corne of f>ti. as we ire prepared to buy uil such goods .ts m. v *?e li ousfkeepers and others vill do well ?yc: llir;. ?a as, is we will pay th highest cash prices loi -ill such goods. WALL, BARNARD A CO Je7?'2m 3i? i'a". a venue GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES'. GENTS', MISSES'. A CHI I I DHKN'S BOOTS ANDSHOES ?Th*- <i v iljM riber has removed to th^ store on thel corner of Twentieth s'nvt aud Penn?ylva- (_ nia avenue, where he Is sellini* his p'r-sent well-assorted atock of BOOTS A SilOES at great ly reduced prices. All persons in v-an^of those articles will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. H SLOAN, Corner of'^Uth street and l'enua. avenue may 1?3m CHANDLER'S ORATION on the Landing of the Pilgrims in Maryland; jxamphlet?15 cents. H W. Hllliard's Speeches and Address*#; one vol, fcvo Kirwan's Letters to the Right Rev. Jno Hughes Life in California. Mountains and Molehills, by Frank Maryatt Straus's Life of Jesus Frank Leslie's Gazette for July Harper's Story Book do Jy 11 FRANCK TAYLOR. LAND WARRANTS. LAND Warrants wanted at th?* liiube.-t rates by KELLER AMcKESNEY, 15th street, oppo#i?e jhe Treatury. ?0 \ T. THAT VAijTIE I" n? iihht. tT.cjy llflSHhs to call the attention to ail ma* s ;ffci \r w:th defective sight. caused l*y a'e, si< k ne?s and particularly from gi.-v-v m ?? V'r iou.-Iy selected to his supeior SPECTACLI? and | i GLASSES carefully gro .oii bv nims< If to i true j spherical accuracy, and brilM.'nt tr.vwparciiey, i s-iited precisely slid Ixneficiaily to the wearer ac "ord'ng to the '?oncavity ot convexity of tl>? e\e Very numerous are 'he ill effects caused to ?!?<? prec!ou? or.'ati of sight from the conimeiceme t >f using glasses in not bein*: precis Ij suited, by tl ? line of an Ontfiii^trr: an.l tne prv'f ice of many yearn, enables him to mea? t the f>>f *U d:s-*s-e -f the eyes, and such <;lasse- thatre absolutely re quired will uc furnished with precision and s"tic r^.cHon. J . T. acknowledges the very lil>eral en> ot.ra<r< - "dready obtained, and f irther solicit- the pa trouacp nf those that have not vet availed lL< m selves 01 tils aid Per.tou* thai cannot conveniently call, >>> ?'er.d Ine the glasses in >'-e, :md -tatfn ' how tiiany iurhe? Uiey can read this j rii.t with the r spectn cles, can be supplied with s-tch that will improve ?Le'r Inr.umeiabie testimonials to ** en ? md tefer en' cs jiven to rr.nnv *ehobav?*derived th< ^nta'.e . t ease ai?.l eon'fort from his glas^i-,. Circulars (o be hn l jUs. at his nUice, No 51V Seventh street, three doors fro'n Odd Fellow - Hall, up stairs. Norfolk. September?. 1554. .Sir?The Specta< les you ni .de for me suit ven *??7] Mids< rinto hive improved n.y uiort 'ban nny othi*r I have latel. tr>d I. ITT W TAZFAVFLL. I li^ve tiled a pii'of S.?e<ta le- obtained from Mr Tobias, and Hrd M < m -f as?i?tanee to in? -krht. uid corresponding with III d of'he focus 1 recoil sriei-d Mimas;'. ?k!lK'il opii ? clan. bh.NR? A. \MHI Mr. .1 : ^Ir?The pairof Specta 'es \. r riished i i< 'esterd.: \r? oai'icuta-l,'satbfa* iorv to me. Tney are v? rv decidedly tiiC he.* I ho-m-vs. and i am the ov. of eiglu c.r l. lie pa'r. "arefullj * d in different plac > aud from op ;i ".ins re-commended to me on <tccon:>i -f the; ?? iV> . >uai Ktandin^ in l.ii .land, F?a.? e.i d lu I u --il stattI have l?een also pleased with vont remark;* an?l directions on the treatment ol he for the pnrpos??of preserving; and mprov i?^ the !?ii;ht ReNiHs tfiillv. yours. LHAS CAl.UWF.LI.. Professor of M. C., Louisville. Ky L^XCUBfRG, Nov 10, 1S54 Mr. John Tobias having Airnished me with Glasses, by which I have 'jefii greatly aid?d (m, vision having snft'ered jrreatlv from reading at ni.'ht in my earlier life) it atlords me the hi'jli*'st pl"asnre to say that 1 r onsider him a skillful prac tical optif ian. and well prepared to aid tho-e who may need his professional service*. W.M |{ KOUZIK, Elder of Methodist Conference WiLMi>r?ToN. N . C.. Jan. *27. Ii-.>1. Mr J. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to sav that the S|>eeta' les which I obtained from you hot we?*k areentirely satisfactory Front an inequal ity in the visual m???'.* of m\* ?" *<. I h for*- fonrid ^reat dillh ?:??? I" * i. w- ?>f th proper T'lal dis'snce. I. ct1'ou'> ii " pi<\?>tir? tat:*?ha? hv t?-." nul of von' op'oreeU" t!i*-? ??'ti IBl'y hi' een happilv <)?"*?',ited *?? t! ..t they!as: e /:>u firi??-.t-e(l it hr^d- uh^'ly ? ? ^ t<r -t (l^ii'ii 'o DHv f -es '?f any 1 K-ve ever yet u^'.'d Very respee'iully. yours. n. h in? vn Rertor of S? Ja? i^?' i'arl h. D'-parftrenl of Irter'or. M y 7. lwi" I"-om- I'mal ?kfe ti and nneqri'l ran:;eof | It ?'? :. I t.avi ??'rv'l-d ? <_,?i . ?v?,c. Four rr.nntb - -iur'^ .?lr 1* ?airs especially ior ni?? wh ? h i haw found 1 ? i"rve m" perfertly. Py the iso of bi- <?pioiiie*"r K> is enabled to ads'pt H' ?s rr'nntf Iv-*o? most chcerfutiv r-rommend Mr T" ts'riii i IIIVTI 1/iiV C lliu> ' ftunivui-. ?*. - * > ' saving or ? io 11st j/lcv >?*. and b'.'^i y '? s'.i r.'.o.ij c\ fo h:. ?klP.*-,s ?.pt>'rn i?t \tf\ k ij \i,mviv, 4. *i?t. y ' "It*a l?:'"'l '>'? ?i njit". Jy i?-tf FI!VE V4TI HF?. HAVIN'C n"?d" * ro is!d' -aM- add-non to my ittrh ?f UOLI> RUNTIMi PAT K\"l LEV KH ..i'ki L ' l?l I>' \ \ T'*|l E**. of first onrdity.? v' ? i -ira* ? *. ^1 A'l-o. ?!!A EH WATCHES for i. 1 otl**r th"m ^t gt?allv r^tm-ed pric-s. I'l. m'wiwms ar - ^e'e' ted with </1eit r\. ? and every W;i;i 1. '7AP3rrr,i P. '"-oiis i'l '"?:nt tf a tine time* -per are invited lo examine mv ortrnci:t h pf.m::k.\, No. 7W Pi ave.iue, bctw. (Kb and l??tb sts. mar 3U 0 FUVKKS lOMPI^:Tt> I?L >1 t'i.IEHF very numevus en^ravinirs, 2.1 Consuelo, by and 3 vols, very nume ral s engravings. * I l'hvsiolwie dn ??' out. par Eril'at-Savarin ; very jy lj " FRANCK TAYLOR. Laiteft States Patent Office f Washington. July I"2, J ON tn- neiitlo-, of Bs.xj T.uiia v. of S York, ai.d Oho \ . Tax il am, of Philad* Iph'i. j>r.: v - in ' i?n the e,tension of a patent granted o tin ia on the lit! d.iv of October. 1 ? 11. for ;"4 hn; rove me i: !>? Uki hinery for irriaing pip*-* or toi?es of lead. tin. aiKi ulht-f me .dlic substance*, for seven years fi >m expiration of aid, which take* place on the i Itii day of ()ctob?-r 1-')* flls ordered, that the >aid |ietition be heard at the Patent ? >?hce on Monday, -he 'M h of s.-j 'em t*r next, ai 1'i o'clock, m.; an?t all |>eraoiis are notified to a( lH-ar and show, if any they have, why said petition ou??ht nut to l.e t;ranted. Persons oj?pj>in^ the exte.i^i"ii required to tile in ttie Patent (Jilice their objections, specially se? forth in vvr;?irig, ai le.tsi twentv davs bei'or'. t be day of hearing ; all testimony filed by cither party to be i.?ed at the hearing moM tn.- taV> it Ti.iiiinit'ed in a> cordance with the ru>>ol' the of fice, %vhich will l?e furulsl f a >?.i appli< ati?<:i The ?'?stimony in iLt < ase will lx- closed on th 14th oi >*ptemh'ir; ?t'j|K>>U.o'i? ai.d pajs.-rs reiied .ipo:i as tes'imo'iy, must >?? nictl in th< oilice on or >?efore inoraing of thaL day; tne argu ments if any. within ten da ?? thereat'tei Oulered aNo, tliat this noth e be published in tue I'uio.i, luteliigei!':er. and Star. \Vashingtoa, i) 0 ; Republican, liaitimore ; Penns...aaian. !'i.i]adwl| hia. Pa.; Scieutinc American.'N . N ork; Courier, i?ut!'a' >. N. V stud Post. Ration, '-la-. . ?nee a w?*ek for Iht*-* i^-iv- we? ks previ?>us ? be iiih of Septen 'a n ".i t1 d.<-. oi' h^ariii^. s r sui'Gi'.R r. VC'iu^ Coiiimi sionei ol Pa'.ciits. P S.?Ed'.l.'fn of i:.' .. ove paper- w;ll j?'? .<? aad r?-id their bilh to lln Patent *-ihce. w?!b a paper containing tlil. i.otice. jy i >?iawtlw MiALLU PKitPOilLS FOR ft EL, Off!CL . rl!. s P; sn kniiarv. I U' >1 :. ,u ^ July 10, h.V> \ SEPARATE PKOPOSV1 S wii: received a' tin o ah:* uuul n>K);i oliLe first day of Au?uft, >5. for furnishing the p: i^i?n with i<5 cords <i1 ha. ^e<..-or.'. Ji isl ?ak V.'ood, of me dium >1-*^ and free ?1 lop wcod *2>i trd.s jrood nine Wood ?>>) tous vf;d asn anthracite Coal. The wood fo bt delivered upon tt^ Peiiitertlarv \\ harf, and Lfce coal in ?he prison yard. THOMA-* THORN LEV Jy 11??otAuj;1 Warden. DENTISTRY DR V ?HI\N, Gr.;du#'f of th* Philadelphia College of l)tj,?a!Sn;gcrv,rv pt t- ?* fully inform^ the residents of tM-o.-^c-ftyg:; 4 town and its vicinity that he has l<>ca- *LiX/JjL r tijd himself amongsf tbem f>r th<j purpose of prac tising his proi't^sloii. Omce 1*21 Washing ion st.- above Hildge street, (ieorgetown, i). C je 2J?d^mieolm^ OENTLt >f EN"S LNO tROAR HUNTS. \MTE have a large and tine assortment of Silk,

TT Gauze, Merino and Cotton Undershirts, lin en and cotton Drawers, White and colored Shirts, Hosiery, Ac., which we are now offering at very low prices. WALL & STEPHENS, 322 Pa. ave., next door to Iron Hall, jy 11?tf [News] WHILE MANY OF OlR MERCHANTS are complaining of dull times and toll us they have more clerks than customers, (i FRANCIS, 4IH? Seventh Btreet, is rapidly selling oil" cverv thing In the way of Housekeeping Hardware, and al ways gets the money lie thinks the times are certainly im|?roving. The truth is. he sell-, low, and the people are beginning to understand it. Lf good articles, low prices, and every ettort to please I will suit purchasers, lie Is determined llat his I customers shall to aaUsflvd. Jy 1) EXCURSIONS, &c. FIESX URAND PRIZE EXCUBfTON OF TEE j Ben Franklin Tar&et Company. 'put: MEMBERS OK THE KEN FRANK COMPANY roost respfctfullrannounce t > th*ir fiit ads ana the puoilc In general, tint thpy Intend giving a j.rand Prize Excursion 'o ihe ARLINGTON SPRINGS, on MONDAY. August 6m. upon which no pains ?r excuse will h.- avoided, fo make tLi-- th* ex cursion of the rea-on The Committee pledge themselves that proper o-der ar.d decorum will be maintained. A Magnificent Medallion i.> announced as the .itize fnj the best shot for th*? Ladles. A valuable I?r"a>; Pin a> the Gentlemen's prize. The ed'bles rjnd refrch merits will >>e in the hands r?l an experienced caterer A full Military and Cotillon Lard is enraged for the ?xea<'on. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting on? gen ii-man and two lad its The Boat will leave the Yourtefcnth street bridge at '.'j o'clock precisely. CommitUt of Arrange trunts Capt. \. Tait. Lieut. E. Eckk ff. Lieut. J. Willi.imsen. L*eit J T Evans. Ser^eon* W. Uann'ng. Sergeant R EcklofT. Ooiporai Wm. Htvl Private P. Edt .ondson Pr .ate ii. 1\ Selueble. Private v. Kt Molt. jy Jtl?tit FIRST GP.AND SOIRt-t, AVD PIC NIC OF THE BOONE CLUB, ON TI ESDAV, AUGUST I*55, AT SPRING CAK DFX*. (Formerly occupied by A. Favier. situated on M .-.tret-:, fit* ween Seventee nth and Eigh'-entli ? '?''HI" BOON CLUE r.ike L're-t rleasure in an- , I nouncing to their friend- ?;nd the public <re-i- 1 erjUy that they intend, ^ivintr their iirat tit . d Soiree and Pic Nic a ihe :.bove named place. < o- ,iii?-ncitig a; ! o'clock p. in. and kept np until , I m. iMnv desirous of rendering this P.o Nic on. ei miailo-, dpleasmetoou rl pud patrons the u!iiii1:pi of tit kt'is will be limited, ri"d .he Com ? i: tee Lave determined on no to permit j p,f , in.proper p*?r-on* on tl.e t> r:d Tlie ??ret oi (itke's have b<?sen n>ed at tL?' low I j ; e .a "HI cents, adm ttitijj a gentleman ai d ia- . 'tk'< n. I'oniifit't*' or Arrang e'nts. T Wilson, Tin s Dewdnev, R L Masten 1 JO?d ! ?XI I IISIO > OF THE NATIONAL GUARD, T(J PfX/iV POINT, I On THIRSDAY. August id. rilllE NATIONAL GUARD take pleasure in -I announcing to their friends and ' ^ ^i tLe public ?euerally that they piT^ rhartered the swift and commodious mail steamer .MOUNT VERNON, for the purpose of giving an Excursion to that favorite watering place. PI NEY POINT, on THURSDAY. AnsustS. 1-55. Tills Excursion otters attraction to all classes? i the invalid, business man. young a>>d old. lad '?d ; la:- . a *1 >h? v | ve m11 Rwallrlnyited'o gowiU i tie lj'-,->rd uiid enjoy the <'< li. hts <>? a pure s-.'t | vv.'*er,*i!h. feast oi: *he many : ]"atlc icies I ,r tb<? Point, or mingle In thBC^jojwnt of the ' Hi " . d;: :ce lbmsr desirous of renderin;r tliis Excursion on*? ' if unalloved pkawie to our friends and patrons. I li? t:i'??d it t-f ti? kvts will be lui d. ?" d the | UoinmitU" h;i\- de?? 'mined oi no accoun'. to jier- ' nr;i' pisy imprope r per-or.s t;t? 'he'xfct '^he Moat wi'1 lr;ive tlie Wharf a' the fin;' of lit]- I street, precis- 'y at T o'e; tV a ni. n ?' M^x^ndria ! it cY1?m k. and arrive at tji~ 5'oint at . *, .^e',i?b^t wm! lot stoj at the Navy Ya.d. Arrangements liave, . Ijowever. n made to ?<aveonu.ib.tses in v.aitin^ | o convey pa^'^n^er from the Na?'y \ ard to !ht ??: also for their conveyance to their homes cn i - "turri of the boat. The pi i e f tickets h iv- be?*n fixed at the low rat? of TWO DOLLARS for ?ie ro ad trip?: d nil;.5a /entlt man and Indies iVo-peri'- f.ill Band * engaged K?>fres?imeats, ln^ludin/ ?tinrer an<l Supper, Ai?l be provided by an experienced caterer. >lr. ! fs v. a'- f'ilv pri^e I.TEI r. E S ALLEN, St^F U R. BISHOP, i CORP'L L. JONES, jy 23 ?d Committee BRILLIANT SAlLl>f> V \T? H. rHE lovers of this l>eai:ttfi'l and entertaining spor ar? Lerrby i.iforrr-'*d iu. t H c sui'-^'tit'-r contempldtea netting up. on th<- t*th of Au^ii-t. a OR AND REGATTA. Two rbased Etrtsr.^n Silvtr (ioblcts will ron KtiMte the prize:.. Ti e most valuable to ^ award id to the mo,t rap'd bf>at in the race Tu? next tsest to bear ott" the second prfcmium Th?- match is -O l?* between boats neloin^iii^ to ahhiny'.on, l'eor^etowr. and Alexandr a. Boats nav ?- . d? * over ^5 feel are ineligible to entry. Tl.e proprie tors of l>o-its must bear in mind .h i? they cannot Fi'te* any boat not owned in ihe above places at this time. . , . Mrvboat owners are now prej-arinu for the sur o take place on the i-'h August and fromtbe ar;?'.r.'iit interest ake:i, it promises to be one of the u-ost ei.tertaining f.nd k rtfte ad:?!rs ever before .'tiered to thufovera of boat chasing m this t ltv i he following craft have ahead/ en'ered for -he coalest: KNOW NOTHING. , v WILL WATCH, (the li^ht-heeled craft that bc-eott'ihe pitcLe; la t season triampLaut'.y ) SKIMMKK. MARTHA. GEN KRAI JACKSON. A !ar</e and beaititnl steamer will be < hart--red for the occa-ion in order to aM'ord aH wuo desne 'o witness Ibis beartiful sail an opportuniiy .o be hold all ils various incidc.rts Owners of boats, and others, desiring to enter ? heir ci f. or learn the manner a d int-ntion of the Retnitta, or tenrsuf en'rr cat. be uiatitieil in any iruTnner by calling at the Citv .ant.cor ner of IVnnsvlvania avenac a;.a nib street. Fori Washington will Ik- the distant <* designed by the underrigiii d and reti ri.ittg to the point of atarflnv , . j'ricv; of entry to depend npou then" rb'ro T coil teslunts ! JONES, Cliy WfjtnaTuut, rnr. 1'a. av ;?nii i:Uh st. je 'N-'Jawf uUANP CIVIC f- T*1LIT A.F-Y EXCURSION ??r THE Montgomery Guards, TO THE WHJTK HOUSE VAV 1H0K> On THVnSllAY, Angast -1M1E MONTGOMERY Gl AH US .c-jkxmlly i announce to their friends, civ >? n a > and mil.uirj', l^ey ^viil giye-jrjj* i fhird Grand Excursion to the Lite Hou?e on THI RSiiAY. August 'id, Lf >3 Two heeu ci ariered t ?r fh?; ?? as;on, the hr.->t l>oat wiii leave Ueotgetown alS ..lock tn the morning Washington at&>n. Navy Yard at t), and Alexandria at 9K. TUe ?-eeond lx>at \? ili leave V.'as'uiagton at i p. m a d pro'ted directly to the Win e Home. f he first boat will leave tue U l.ite House-at 7 o'clock, and the ?eco id at 10 or p. hi. Ph h^r's excelien: C->t;ilon Band is ent,ag-d for the uasion. Coli'"ih'ts w<ll serve "\eellent l?:.?nci ai cell's n head, and refreshments a? oUr prices. i'tckcts*l? admiring a gentiemun and ladies; t, >.ad of the Committee, or at the Boat on the ~ iv of 'he Fxcurs'.on. ( ontmuut of Ar-wgemr-v:*. 1 .lent Redly, Lieut Fee-ay, SJt McEniry, "arJ; , F-lvate Wall, Private Maioae jy<l?d'.e ??i. TO THE PUBLIC. ?r*HK STEAMERS MOUNT VERNON rnd 1 UALTIMOivLl will stop at Al ex indria both day and nlgl t, andsSiinBK*i ?it tije landings on the Potomac river ; fare by these boats, via : To Alexandra , To | To Cockpit Point 1 fo { ~ To sandy Point ' ' To Aquia Creek - - Excursion tickets to Aquia Creek aud return, in cluding dinner or supper, $2. A deduction on thiscliarge will lie made to parties of ten or more, wishing a daylight or moonlight Excuraion This will afford to our citizens a pleasant recre ation from the heat and dast of the city at very moderate rates. I' REYNOLDS, Captain, moaeraie raies ^ M1T0HELL. Captain. Either of the above boat* can be chartered for Excursions, Towing. Ac., by applying to GEO. \LATTINGL.Y, Superintendent of ihe VV i,,n and Fredericksburg Steamboat Co?F??y. Jy 'J4?COUw EVENING STAR. A BIOLY O'c COLT S EEVOLvEA. An Irishman, formerly well kmwn as one of rh^ choicest spirit? in Tnnity Coli,.-e. Dub lin. but wh<>, owing to th* dilrnidat? J fw tune? "f his ancie>t funnily. cxpatri- V-d hiui self soma few years since and entered the Turkish ;hjj, wrote a iettcr <?r rather j< urnai, n Idressed to a fri- nd. nbr>u4 i jcar since, of which tlie following is an extrac*. It may suffice to ftate that he was engi:.,ed in the Turkish campaign in Asia, an 1 during a e" ver" eng tntnt. was wrunde*'. in th" heights of Ra'cb-Ki.kik-Lar After having deserioed the horrors of the fi?'Id and hi? na. ow ?.-"?ajH.-s in two wi thue skirmishes. he gave he details ( f I.!? sufferings l>r a day n\d two iig:.t du rinjr which he lay expose** among the s!ai > and wounded on the field of battle The storr of ti e ^ittaner o his e cape from tv.*'* plundet eis, ??r camp follower?. by means of a lev ?lv 'ng pi?tc-!. it ?o curious that yre make no apol ogy for exiractin" . . mewbat i?-i. Mhv j.?s >a^e. \\ c commence the na..auvc -ibou-. tne Ui. Iuln of th<j : All had been l??ng Silent. ?ave occasionally a gro.iii tr?m some poor creature wmnd?.d like me, perhaps dying, and the howling ot the Wolves fiorn the forest skirtiug the field of bat tic?i pretty port of w -ke for n decent Chris tian Turk, and ?or e by li-tanci \ I *an tell y*'U, icy dear , than Pat Il^ul ?gan's grandmother's screeches the nigh* w? .-n' '?ed Tier bin ou the moor after that f.mou; day -> Snir>e shooting. when th?'y t'dd n'm out 5,3 they said ** ?? daeent wid tl;c pi 'jc 00 hi* chest. tr.< spalpeen.' Well,.10 return fn ui fhis 1.. grcssion. 1 felt how fortune it wa.? That 1 1 .v so near the uiiddie of tho plain?a sort of crtre dish y>u see?since otherwise I wouid Lave boon torn hy some savage beat* ?r otl.-r, before any one would have b._-?n likely to in <tuiie into tho precise zoological natu.e 01 my <? -e.uc. i knew very well tLt ue^i .a >rni. g J w aid ->e rescued. 13 I could see that the Kussiar* were retiring. their tires beiug a'l out the night, and I ha I just said u> uiyscli Ja*.k. ii if ?*li light, jou wiil bo e.i?v and c*>mi'ortablc vith your litub elegantly band aged to-morrow.'? and J actually tried to w : 1 i.-tle " Tiie B^lls <?f bh:*ndon. ' and " Rory 0'M"r andoneor twj?-thcr tun<4s to keep up uiy spirits. It was rather a fa dure both in tx cut ion and intention, 1 w ill own. Aud now for a "bvcriptior. wnicii our old frietii Chariey L*.-ver might ao justice to. On a leafl'-ss tree near me i?a' -ix or seven huge birds ot prey gorged with their h trrib!e repast. I knew they were not likely to t-juch uie whilst I remained livng?I cannot add, lively: but I suddenly saw u Jr.. lilting to and tro, like the ghost of my aunt ? a O'Vi'-ioiiilly =t .oping a? if engaged in scai" i thee ofniercy. ard thereby new and then los* aiitong tiio broken grouj-s of men. horses. . heaped upon the pain, an 1 no"- and theti emerging int ? '.he '?i isrht lignt ot the m?>on a"1 it o.*iuc l'ortb iiom behind th? d:irk Diwcve of el ?u?ls tiiiit <joea?i tiially objured the tenth!. Iands*ape. '? What i* it ?" say 1 Present ly i became aware of the existence <?f 1 ur or tiv> other figure? similarly emj<loyed. Atone trn*?. I thought they w re worn* n, and then prie ts administering c<-n?ola*ion and aid. I StSs t 1 y came fr-.yi Tnen all kiii*'^ 01 strange thougtit.- of gho~t? and vampires th< very ?leatloiw of the country I was iu; sutge.-'-d tiiemseives t-j my imagination I gaz??d until I could g?zc no longer at tbeir f? rms. which seemed hardly to . pproach nearer, and a? length fell ba 'k. c nt -uiplating a Mvcry halo t tii>-i the uif'on. which nut u." in uiind ot the Cove ot Cork aud Lucy M , me darli- g I might have eontirueu tnus about hal: aii horn, when asouud caused ine to tun: ar nnd, jnd 1 beheld asigiit that filled me with h rror. A figure like ono of th> witches in M icb- in was -t,op'ng o%er and grappling w^h the w'-midi I Kussian General, who lay some ten paces distant troiu me. I could bear e.ery breath ano moren:ent of the pair is the vete 1. u struggled with his fiendish a>-ailant. There was a lea??ul siillue-> S'Viout the dec '., f 'r the victim utt red not a word, probably in iisdain of his faic. After a desperate effort he succeeded in holding <-ff her skinny and uu-anguined aims, and wb'lc doing utterci it few words in Russian which I could not ua ler-tand. Finding hev task difficult, he gave a hiss like a serpent, and presently i> male t atederjtte lo iking like Rarke or Ha-^clothed for an A lelnhia melodrama such a- I have *eer in L nu< n, stole to her assistance and de liherately p tsseti a long knifV int?? the bosom rji the haj le s Russian. I heard the sound of it. and the low deep groan that ioll"\>ed. Vaiidy had I endeavored to shout, in orier t 1 scare these ii^nds fruiO tiieir prey; but my U-!!guc clove to the root ot my mouth. I w.:6 lik" or - under a nightmai j. Su 'denly tiie inoo'j dived beneath a cloud Mhe?? it ean>' oat again, the sj- aleis of th field of death had finished plundering th< Russian genera whose white aair, livid features, and starting ivc-baila I could plainly see, a.i l were e gaged in uividingor securing the bo<?t\. The glitteiingoy^a of the wrinkled .gara. for -u.h she was. then Lumed r??'U m<- It *as from their expv< ssf-n that u y tun w. s at hand. A tumult of thoughts agi t.?t( d my breait. T'? die thuf, alter escaping with hie from the events ??! the week! It was hoiribi?. Already I lelt the el?itch 'f Lhote bird-iik? finger? at my throat. Already I fancied that bnt< her-!'.ke knife, led irorn a hundred murder.-, ami warm fn m the old i?eneral> side, slowly pwinc into my '? east. L vould ..fikr i?o resistance. My >fi .".ai w.i< b'oken?ravwikie twisted?my strength utter ly gone. I raised Miysclt partly uj>. ?i?in hideous deliberation the p. ir cautiously ap proaehed, one on each side. What vi<>ui l I 'iavc g'ven at that m -meat to l>e hoadiogftj " forlorn Hope;"' to be struggling with tisc | breakers at wh"n lately wrecked'?n the -'orniy C. spian: to b'- 'landing opposite the fcc--t saxv u lidle ; -.o- in the e unty tia^ .vay ; to he h<>b n bbing over my father s claret, in my giand tv -r hoUte, ?vith the blackguard attorney who mined us all; to b? lisVning t< the un .ni-iat a'de refusal t?- marry me <?* the only girl i ever loved, or to be airested by a dirtv UmI ?r on tb" eve of a steeple cha-'e, in wh'cn I was tt\c favorite gentleman ri Icr. l>m> t'aucy thai I thought of all tbc??c things at a linn. though i never thought so much ir a year as I did in those lew moments. The uglv Jewish feature.- ot th<? man ap io- ucd?tne v.i*h the fascination ot a serpent, i twisted it "self round to meet the c>till aaote fiendish glua>.-e ot the woB&n. They rcareu me. The c'ut. h of the hag ie airoady at my throa?. The knife of the man is upraised. Suddenly the :ords of speech were loosened, and I screamed?screamed like a horse in the middle of the baitle-field. I shall ueve for get the sound of my own vo;ee iu that un earthly cry. The monsters drew back but it was only to look at each other At that in tent I thought of something?with my r'.gut hand 1 drew forth my Colt's revolver. I re member distinctly, during tho instant it took to pinck it forth, all the incidentsof the two days previous?each time IJiad fired it, and that there were two charges left when I w;i? shot down from my horse To Miatcu it forth, cock it. level it to pull the trigger, was the w >rk of a second. I>own went the man. a filthy corpse upon the ground. I remember seeing the shadowy forms of the obscene birds grouimd cropful iu the solitary tree near me lazily extend then wings as the sharp report ranir out. The ha^ Hod a half a doien paees, like a startled ghoul; but she wa* burdened with spoil, and her foot caught against tho very oorpse of him whom she had assieted to murder- Before she could rise, I bad covered her with my pistol. One ' two ! three ' ;Sae has it!" I cried. But it was not fated that she should enjoy the privilege oi instant dea h. THE WEEKLY STAB. Thla excellent Family tad Ffewi Journal- -oaa* talnlng a greater variety of Intereattngrea* ngthas can be found la any other?i$ published oo V.ti day mora log Single ropy, p?r annum fl i) . to ctraa Five copies m Ten coplea S M? Twenty ropfe* n i*j Caaa, ikvakublt m abtakcv. .C^ SinK|*copies (in wrappers) can bepror i?M at the counter. Immediately after the latue of the paper Price? Thick Cents. PosT?A<Txaa who act a* acent* will be allowed aromm<?aian of twenty percent Sbe fell wtunded and crippled Her moans and malediction* w^re horrible. I haj .-truck her, I bi'l^ve, in the hip Joint. At le-.gth. i f onceiv*. f the idea of dragging n-y>e?t from ti *t a; nailing Vicinity ; f<?r thee* two v reic'wv ha ir.a le the aocrs ?med s?rht* and sounds ni the rvt?e-Se!d I'emii ir *nd en dur; bTe by e . puiisor with their oe. 'h? ;b-od ?ither in lif" or d? ath. I was not listarbed "ffi" that night, and indeed do no' remember mucl more until I tound myse'f < a a litter, and among friendly face? looking f^b, I was borne sway. I mw one sight in all tha? gh?s?!y ?.r deMh* I? was t .e o'd 7' ?grtra > eorpso. Plundered in tnrn bv my so^aicrs. it lay naked, stripped of gM><ly r. p. niHl a m >nstrous vul* ure had selec ted u f . hi- prey. a* something more corrupt than all that !*y around Mjr faithful Aobuct told ??? that r?tr hour* af?<? t?i'y r^ uic lie car Id not Mv-cd in gr'ting u;<- to ;ola\ u.y ^rij 3 >u my Ct Its pis t<d. If I sar.ive these w?r?, and ever I a respectable citizen in 4,oi;"?i Ireland." .train, ?hat Wc.,i#n sh-dl be a preciotr Leirhiom to bird d< w ? :uy children's children a# the u.stiu'ncnt ol mr prudential escapc trom f uch a death. An Indian at the Ora-e of hit People In riding, some few day? since, in one of die ?&?ine? through which flow the limpid rivulet* r>,at spring fr -m numberless prairie forn?aiis v> here th** traveler can pause t'? drink sweet waters. wL'ie he rer\ics his vi i??p with tac boundless and glorious panorama of hill and dai ?, ar.d spreading plain, which reaches far. a- .^mc vast wa ^uuued with woo.-Jcd i?le*. ? : tiu? npon the boidei of a dell. whose quick descent wrv* so precipitous that I wa? obliged to dismcnat and letd my horse Turotigh tho lense growth of tree* an! dirub . whoso loughs had intertwined for age--. I discovered u ~nd alino.-? imperceptible trail wMch bore tresh imprint* of the m<? casin X)tby the proniptirg* -f cari ?fitv. but rather'is: Vst nep" 1 fullov ed it. It led ?? a sinuous coui>? J >uie hundred paccs and c me to an abr.tpt .i-'-ont of what -.emtd to l e a mound, but nhose n'gu'ar circumference fattened guve it the 01 a r Vf!l column, whose top might hare once upheld the an-ncs of the ^ky, and whose sides wem covered with the natted mosses ?>f the growth of certnrie? 'ji> tb * f: :^T:.r?>;t 'tiid immovable ts if sculp tured, s..l au Indian betweer t!.r?e ti muli? small and in tri;tn?ular ar- jy. elb.-w9 weie upon hi* knees, his chin upon hi clasp' * hands and his ey?s fi.ved upon the rotting ?unf which then, like a criin-on gl >te upon tho eernlenu held, just rested on the horii<?n. in silent cont -mplation I observed him till tuo s?n went down Then he gavo thr fir-* ftw nioiis'rftior .f vitality in the brt ?thii.g of a l?<ng >ad iigh. I!is forehead fed into hi* h inds, aad he wrpi?wept bitterly and in an guub f..r hi- whole tirme shv. ^ as wkh a convulai<?n I sp<>ke to so- th him. but ha started n? if my voice had been a rifl< fhoc th.-'t struck bis ear lie da-bed the tears aw ?y, and drc himself tu his fud bei^Lt. ard looked upon mo -..d.y ar^ defiantly Then pickiug up his bow and arrow.-, an l f')?din? his blanket ^**>d hiiu Like a mantle, btrtroda solemnly and di. ntly a'faj 1^ a 1 - ui tnHTtll^'T f ITTU intrusion and I shjuld not have understood hie uialect. 1 have bee.1 there ?ince 1? s-so him. I%nr be is <5. nc, perl.ans fore\er, nod waJ th- n taking a last lareweil of the grxrea ot* h" fathers. I w md not, if I could, st le my emotions of ?'vinpathy for this urtor unato r ^e. Like ail oeuigs. they m.<> err; I it let us corrcct them in mercy .?St. Lou t> I*. yub~ lieu A Beautilil bentioien'. ?? The moon lacks c*Ln!y dawn when nan Is dy i?M4, The earth still holds her way; Flowers breathe their perfume, aud the wind* keep^hlng; Naught seems to pau!?e or stay.-' thy hand- meekly over the still breast ?they ve no m?re w >rk to do; c! >?e the wea ry they've n^ more tears to ^hed. part die damp loeks?there's no more pain to bear. Cb>-ed is the car alike to love kind voice, and calurny - st.uging whteper. O. if in that stilled heart you have ruthless ly plauUd a th rn ; if from that pi-jadir.g eye you have careleeslvturned away ; it y?nr lov ingglaace. and kindly word. an?i clasping h.iud.havconie??/// too tate-^thenti<Ki f rgivo j ? >u No frown gat tiers on tha' marble brow as y*"1 gaze? no scorn curls the chiseled lip no flush of wounded feeling mounts to tha blue-veined temples. God forgive .v- u ; tor y""r feet, too, mu<t -brink iipp.ilied tr<'m d,-a<li s cold river?your i.titti'iijg tongue a?ks; "Can this be 'lea:^ * \ ?ur fading eye lingers lovingly on the -unny ear'n; y?'ui cl.imniy hands yields its la*l fee ble flutter. U. rapacious grave! yet another victim for thy voiielees keepii'g ' V hat' no words of greeting from the household sleeper ' No waiin wcIcomc from a sister s lovng lip.1 ' Na throb of pleasure from the dear mateniul bo 3 -m * Sitrnt aft! O, if tie s? br- ken limM were never gathered up' If beyond death ? -willing flood tb ^ were no eternal shore! If for the struggling t,a k ther?* were no port ?f If that lowering cloud sprang no bright ci promise! Alas for love If this be all. And nana lit 5xyond?on earth ! Prevextion or Drowmso-W* are re mirt.led of an incident which occurred in our neighborhood a week since, in which io? presence of mind at:d heroi-m of a i.itiy caused a drow ing mar., who had ventured beyond hi- depth while I athing. to be rescued from a. watery death. "The ludv in qntauon, whoro t;?milv occupies a suu. ae.' rt.; ic-oe near tho sh- r on the Sound, some forty miles from tho City ILdl, i?ia-ica, as she sat on the piatza, th ai she he trd a voice ca'hng for help, and l? Aing t. war is the beach she , aw some boUy struggling in tne water. There was no man nc ir. and the next neighbor was too far ofl to call upon in t>uch an emergen.y so with tho ouick instinrf: of a woman, she ca*.ct'. oer two female servant"1 and ran down to the siv. ie, bat the drowning man had sunk, and hia form could be dimly -een lying on the bottom. The lady immediately pluugcd into the water, a -'dv;" l>v the ha??M one^wf the girls, wh?? be la c.: -- *.hc hiind of the other one, and ?hue they formed a chaiu, so that the rerojc wonian, an extremely delicate and gentle itereon, by wading off until the wntex reached her she alders, was enabled to ju-t touch tho hHnd of the drowning wretch Ii was sufl. cient, however, to save him, for they dragged him ashore, and procured a blanket and a bou.le of brandy .mu the house, and by rub bing hi* body a pouring some liquor lown hu throat, he was restored to life. Of course, the lady who perfv rUietl ^ humane act ot noble daring, would shriuk *rom ary thing like a public recognition of her heroism. A modern bf.o ehe de'erves to be called ; out, if thero were a Humane Society to bestew re wards upon thofe who idscue the live, of their fellow creatnres, si e would be e??it ed to tho highest medal that such ser^ces have ever been rewarded with . ^ The rescued man, in thm case, proved an Irish laborer, who had f?nVXJtij?.WffS for a bath, and beiag ^able to sw^^ad ventured beyond hia aepth ?iV- *? Siu?? ?? I *0, will nlwaj?udw?jok? -