Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINOTON CITY: TUESDAY AFTERNOON Jaly jj. |y ADVXBTISXIf 15T8 should be handed in by 12 o'clock. M , otherwise they inay not ap pear until the next day. A6E*TS FOR THE STAR. The following persons are authorised to eon tract for the publication of advertisement* in ftfce Star: Philadelphia^-V. B Palme* N. W. corner ef Third and Chestnut streete. New York?S. M Pxttuaill A Co., Nassau Street. Boston?V. B. P axiom. Scollay's Building. JOB PRIIVTlIfO* "We are moving our presses into a fine new press room, where we will have greatly in creased facilities for the execution of Job Pmixtisq. Our other futilities for the neat, expedition*, and economioal execution of Job Mating, of almost every description, have likewise been greatly extended of late. So we are now prepared to give satisfaction in that lice to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims will find the Star office the best place in Wash ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Give us a call. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PBE88. The lntelligenctr continues its discussion of the right of a State to leave the Union, in which it ha* been engaged for some time past with the Fayettville (N. C.) Observer, saying. in the course of its remarks: " In our reply to the remarks of the Editor of the Observer on the topic of 4 Retaliation,' be supposes that we understood biin to main tain the doctrine that a State ? had a constitu tional right to secede peaceably and to this he answers: 4 We hold no such doctrine. 4 Peaceable secession is a humbug. But we claim the right to stay in ihe Union on equal terms, or, these denied, to to out of it by re sistance to oppression.' We understood our friend exactly a.- he has now frankly explained hi? doctrine; and it was because we knew him to Ie honest and sineere in his belief that his doctrine was true that we endeavored to convert h:uj to a different faith. We drill think that, in bis chivalrous readiness to resist oppression. be mistakes the oppressor. Ho blames the l nion It r conduct "hargeablc only to a sifter State. Seceding from the Union, if such a thing were admissible or practicable, whether pea e ably or by force, would not remove the came t>f comp an t that either has against the other. They would cherish the same opinions, speak of aai act towards each other in the same manner when sovereign independent States as now that they arc both members of one su preme Government. We asked if the South would be more likely to recover fugitive slave. from a foreign State than from a member of the I nion. The Union had shown itself competent and willing, we said, to enforce its owu law>, and we expressed a belief that this would a - ways be tn? case under any President. We l^ever said or thought that ttoe Union could si lence the grumbling and discontent* of its members; m r do we think it any pait of tLe duty of the General Government t?. iuterfeie until callcd uj>on by an aggrieved party, it will be time enough. we think, to talk about secession from the Union, peaceably or forci bly. when the Chief Magistrate of tue United totatei shall neglect or refuse to see the law* ot Cocxress executed. In the mean time, we think it would be decidedly more for the in terest of any State that may think itself ag grieved by a particular law to bear with pa tience the temporary inconveniences or eviis it may bring upon them than risk greater evils "J * rnuloilM whWh ovmbl aniUr no otiouiu stances be succes-fui.'' The Union !s exceedingly gratified with the practical demonstration (in the way of ntw subscribers) of the public's appreciation of its course upon Know Nothingi?m; and argue? with much force against the Maine liquor law. The Elections.?There are to bo g'-n*ral elections iu five Southern States in the month of August. Tennessee and North Carolina hold theirs on the day after to-morrow?Thur day. In the first they elect a governor, mem bers of Congress and the legislature ; in North Carolina, members of Congress only Ken tucky, Alabama, and Texas, elect on Monday nsxt, the 6th proximo, in all of which, State officers, members of Congress and legislatures are to be chonen. In all these five States the question mainly in issuo is Know Noth inginn PERSONAL. ....Hon. Wm. Prick,judge of the Superior Court of Baltimore, died at the Warm Sulphur Springs, Virginia, on Sunday last, whither he went lor the beuefit of his "health, lie wa aged sixty-five years, and had speut a large portion ot his lilo in prominent public posi tions. ....Judge P. A. Rost, of Louisiana, is stop ping at }Villard'g hotel, in this city. ....The Paducah (Ky ) American of the 11th inst.. bouts the names of Garrett Davis, of Kentucky, for President, and J. Broom, of Pennsylvania, for Vice President ....The London correspondent of the New York Snipping List say,: There are about thirty American ships in port to-day, exclusive of the Kew York packet ships. The masters all attended Mr reabody s great diuner on the 4th of July, and worthily represented the Sreat nuvagaton interests of our country. o class ot our countrymen do us more crcdit abroad than our shipmasters. ....The Boston Transcript of Saturday say*: '? Mr Abbott Lawrence is a little bettor to day The indications are siightly more favo rable. and the hopes of the family and friends are aga n more encouraged Tiie disease is evidently 4ibni.i>biDf, m d tLo <jaesiton now is. whether there is strength enough in the cor s'.itution to sustain Mr. Lawrence until the disease shall be gone, ....Mr. Henry Ihapin has bcYa appointed a commissioner under the personal liberty law of Mas. achusetts, and he accept.-t the office He will take the requisite rath to support the constitution of the United States; and i*i the discharge of his duties he sayB he ?d,*il not ?top to inquire whether the la* iacon-utution al or not, because if it is not, it ou;!it to be. The St. Louis Intelligeocer. of the 26th inst , advertises for a foreman, assistant fore man, and six compositors, at the established rate of wages. Rtssia* Spies?The British army corres pondents report a good deal of excitement in the allied camps about Kussiau spies; several were believed to have been prowling about, and one had been captured, tried and shot; two others, who rede about, one as au English amateur, the other as a French officer, narrow ly escaped. Such watchfulness is n >w prac ticed in the allied camp, that their own officers are sometimes arrested and marched to heai quarters before their sure characters are as certained. Several Greeks, in the service of the allies, have been arrested on suspicion of being apicJ. fyThe beneficial effects of camphor aa an antidote to strychnine, are illustrated in a cam reported by Dr. Tewkesbury, of Port land, Maine. It appears that a boy was seized with convulsions, and it was ascertained that he bad just eaten a biscuit picked up at the door of an eating house, that was made for the purpose of killing rate, and eontained about one and a half grains of strychnine. The boy's spasms were so severe that imme diate death was inevitable though all the usu al remedies were resorted to. Camphor could not be introduced into tha stomach ca aotount of the continued lock-jaw. Accordingly itrtog injections of camphor were used, and the body immersed in a hot camphor bath, and 1a ft few boon the boy was compartively w#ll. ???????I WASHINGTON NEWS AND eOSIIP. Our Publio School* ?Among the most com mendable incident* whioh it has been our good fertune to witness for some time past, was the very great interest manifested yesterday, by a large number of our fellow-cif iiens, in thi ceremony of presenting the premiums to the most deferring pupils of the first nnd second districts of the Washington public schools. ai account of which, more in detail, will be found in the Starts local columns to-day. Old and young, wealthy and poor, the highly educated and those without that so groat blessing?all the grown persons who were there?as well a.? all the groat number of children of both sexes present, were more absorbed in the cercmonier than we never before Baw so vast a throng on a similar occasion. This is a sign of increae ing public interest in these institutions, upon which the future character of this community mainly rests. In this so great interest displayed, it struck us that we ?aw a promise of emulation on the part of all classes in this community to maki these schools institutions from which youtl may go forth to take part in the business ol lifo much better prepared than is ususil with graduates of such establishments. That is. really stocked and stored with much usefu' information applicable to one's every day af fairs and duties to society, besidosthe primary elements of nn English education?reading, writing, and simple cyphering?which, for tht most part, make up the acquirements of chil dren in public schools throughout the United States. Dreading imperfect education as be ing almost as bad as none, we look forward t< the day with great hope, when the public will accord, without direct charge for the service a substantial and varied education to all youths of both sexes who chose to avail them selves of so great an assistance to the succcs> of one entering on life, and blessing to those thrown in contact with such a person. The First Know Nothing.?An old Metho dist I'rieud of our?, who holds llunyan's " Pil giim's Progress'' next in his heart to the Bible while he looks on Know Nothingi-m as a de vice of the devil to cheat American inankini. out of all the elements of vital and truly evan gelical Christianity it now possesses, has founu in Bunyan, the real founder of the family he so reprobates, and accordingly sends us the fol lowing : " Much speculation has been indulged it with reference to the original stock, and from which the present delectable Know Nothing family spr&ug. Its origin is not very honor able, if we are to jud^e the family by th< Company in which it io found. Bunyan make, mention of old grandmother ' Know Nothing in his Pilgrims Progress thus: 'But. whei. Timorous was got home to her house, she send tor sumo of her neighbors, to wit: Mrs. Bats cyes. Mr Inconsiderate. Mrs. Light-mimi and Mrs*. Know Nothing.' This was a ' eoui. cif convened lor the purpose of condemninr the coursc of Christiana, the wife of Christian, who with her children h;id that morning start ed on a pilgrimage to th? Celestial city." The United States Sloop-of-war Cyane Stephen B. Wilson, commander, was at Vera Cruz on the 29th June, ultimo, according t< advices received this morning at the Navy De partment. Pr"m the tenor of the letters, it i judged in the Department, that all were wel. 1X1 k??r<l U?? Cymm at that libk<, uuj thut u> noteworthy casuality had occurred since la?t previously hoard from. The Secretary of the Navy.?Recent ad vices from this gentleman, now at the Red Sulphur Springs, Ya.. represent his health a considerably improved?his friends will be glad to hear. List of Patents?issued from the United State? Patent office for the week ending July 31, 1855?each bearing that date : John 11. Atwater, of Kalamazoo. Mich.?For improvement in washing machines. Nelson Barlow, of Newark. N. J.?For im proved method of feeding planks to planing machines. Simon Barnhart, of Chillicothe, 0.?For fan blower. Oliver D. Barrett, of Fulton. N. Y.?For im provement in washing machines. John Ericsson, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in air engines. John A. Elder of Westbrook, Me., and John Kichard-on, of Portlaud, Me.?For improved machine for ruling and paging paper. John A. Elder, of Westbrook Maino, ard Ephraim Wood, of Winthrop, Maine.?For im provement in ma.-hicery for sizing and diet ing warps. Frederick Field, of Toledo, Ohio.?For oros - cut sawing machine. James llairison, jr., of Milwaukie, Wis.? For improvement in vault covers. James Harrison, jr., of Milwaukie, Wij.? For improvement in sewing machines. Livera? Hull, of Charlestown, Mass.?F-r machine for sawing rattan. Solon S. Jackinau. of Lock Ilavcn, Pa.?For improvement in machines for compressing pud dlers balls aud other ina-ses of iion. Josee Johnson, of Washington, D. C.?For improvement in washing machines. Fielding 11. Keouey, of Newport, Ky.?For circular-saw mandrel. Stephen Meredith, of Meadville, Pa.?For improvement in distilling coal with hydrogen gas. Fred Perry, of Newark, N. J.?For im provement in cut-off valves for steam-engines. Wiu II Rhodes, M D., of Beniu, N Y.? For improvement to artificial legs. Win. Sellers of New York, N. Y.?For im ^r?iV?iaoiit in % ClltIl*lt1ll?? tlflti. Isaac M. Smger, of New York. N. Y.?For improvement in sewing machines. Paul Stillman. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in water gauges for sttain boilers. C. Salisbury, of New York. N. Y.? For improvement iu excluding dust from rail way cars. iieo. S. Shepard, of Canaan, N. H?For improvement in musical reed instruments. C. C. Taylor, of De'abcld, Wis.?For im proved bucket for water wheel. Antou Van llaugen of Cincinnati. Ohio.? For improvement in soap-cutting machines. Ni-rman W. Wheeler, of Ciuciimati, Ohi i.? For method of operating steam valves. Ante dated March 1 1665. llenry R Wortbington, of Brooklyn, N. Y.? For improvement in direct acting hydraulic steam pumps. Wm. G. Wolf, of Philadelphia, Pa.?Foi improvement in writing desks. .Samuel M Yost, of Connersvillc, Iud.?For improvement in washiug machines. Luciau N. Bigelow, of Cuba, N. Y.? For improvement iu seeding machines Samuel A Bri 'gs, of Providence, R. I.?For improvement iu hot air furnaces. John P. Hayes, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in oveus. Design.?Nath'l P. Tvichardson, of Port ' land, Me.?For design for Franklin lire places. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On ye?? onlay, the 30th of July, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.$6.559 26 For the Custons 9,901 08 War Warrants ieoeived and en tered. 930 26 War repay warrants received and entered ISO 26 For the Interior Department....* 117,328 53 Interior repay warrant* 4,450 95 Covered in from Customs 1,229,320 1* 0- account ci the Nary ?. 76,9*1 35 ^ * M >?quitoes.- it is stated, were never know n to be so numerous ^ud troublesome at j New Orle as, ai they are this season [COXMUXICATED. Brovnson'i Eev'ew Mb. Editor: I have been Mtonifhed the4 the friends of civil and religious liberty, in dif ferent parts of the country, should so long bar*1 permitted the writings of the era:k-brained ohilosopher Brownson to be used by the Know Nothings without making known th.e fact that his d?>ctrine3 are disavowed and condenmed by every intelligent Catholic. A number o! the bislmpsof the Catholic Church, s^me year since, recommended his periodical to the pat ronage of their flocks; nince that time his writings have become so much at variance with some of the doctrinee-of the Church tha' he has been compelled to publish the following card, which will bo found in the la^t page ol the April number of his review : M We notice with pain a disposition among >ur Know Nothing writers to hold the Bishop? whose names are on the cover of our Review ri ?:>onsiblfe for whatever sentiment or do .-trine i. f>und in our pages. This is wrong The Bish >ps have kindly encour ged the publicationo >ur Review, having confidence in uur loyal in entions and believing it upon the whole use ful to the c mse of truth, hut ti.ey endorse no -entiment or doctrine \%c advance. The wholt responsibility rests upon the editor? alone, and no Bishop i? responsible for anything that ap pears in our pages, and every one is just as .rec to controvert or condemn anything in oui pages as he would be were his name nut on the jover. We beg our opponents to be:ir this it. mind, and to remember that our Review doe? not, in any sens^whate?cr, speak by authori ty of the American Hierarchy, and has no other endorser than its lay editor, who is free to write, and publish, simply holding himseU responsible to the proper authorities, what he pleases. The merit or tlie blame, if either, in ill eases belongs to him. and the public cannot justly hold anybody else in any respect respon sible." Brownson is now admitted by all discrimina ting readers to be deficient in that important ingredient of mind, common sense. But hi? writings it seems suits the Know Nothings ;?d nirably. liis speculations, mystifications, and [ .idiculous fooleries, meet with a hearty wel some from them. lie proclaims that th< Pope has power to govern the United States md make slaves of us all-*?thcy ray amen. :all upon all good Americans to unite in pre venting him from so doing. !? is said that ?<? >opular ha; Brownsou's periodical bccom imong the Kaow Nothings a an electi??n*ering iocument, that they are subscribing f ?r it b\ he hundreds. But sensible people will recol lect that Browns*>u"s doctrines are not tin loctriiics of the Catholic Church, and that Brownson himself declares ?? that the merit 01 he blame, in a;l cases belongs*to him. and hat no one else can justly be responsible." GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gkoroktown, July 31. 1855. On Friday night last, Evan Lyons. Esi| . re signe 1 bis seat in the Board of Aldermen. Mr. E ha* served his fellow-citizens long am. iithfully in the capacity of a legislator, and is resignation, which was unavoidable, ht >eing ut to remove his residence beyond ?ur Corporation limits, will doubtless be r. ^retted by all who have the interest* of oU. i >wn at heart. Au election to fill the vacancy ?vill doubtless be ordered by the Muvor. ?? i ike place some day next week FrouTall w Jm gather, wo think it reduced to a certainty hat George W. Be-ill, E-^., will be thec u.di lite of ;he aiti-Kuow Nothings. Mr. B i ?nc of our iuo.-t useful and popular citirei.* ind wc feel satisfied that in him "Sam" wul tind a foemui; worthy of his steel. On th. ?ther hnnd. we have heard tlnee gentleiuei ?poken of?one of whom, it is said, wili to the Know Nothing candidate; but having nothin_ lefinite in relation to the mutter, we refrain their uauus. y> e have heard it hinted severol times te oeutly, that it is likely we shall, ere long, nave located in our city one or more extensive joal (Cumberland) tradii g companius. We aupe it may be so. But whether this ruuioi be oorrect or not, we feet satisfied that those companies which have already located tiiem -elves elsewhere will, oro long, lind it actually necessaiy, to the saving of trouble uiid ex pense, t? make our city (the only natural out let for this article ol trade,) their shipnin point. The stock, receipts, nnd trade in Flour con tinues light. Sales yesterday of 100 barrels new extra brands ut 59. which appears to be the ruling price; old held this morning at *9.75. H heat SI 6o.ol 75. Sales of a cargo of white corn at ilaSl.04 Spectator. How wk Mistake Ox-: Another ?An Eng lish lady writer says: ?'i was going toward the hill in Wales early 0110 misty morning. I saw something moving on a mount.tiu side -o strange looking that 1 took it for a m >nstur. When i came nearer to it 1 found it was a man. When 1 camo up to him I found he w:ib my brother.'' Properties or Chakcoal.?Wood charcoal possesses a high!/absorbent power for runno uiaeal gasses. sulphurated hydrogen, fulphu rous acid. Mnd carbonic acid gos. Thi* prop erty perfectly adapts it to the absorption ol putrid exhalations from decaying animal ho lies, a layer from one to two inches in thick ness being sufficient entirely to absorb the effluvia from large animals. From d< ad do -s 1 hus covered no elHuv ia were perceptible, white the decomposition of the bodies wn- accelerated. This arises from the fact that absorbs and oxydiae* the efilu.i*. which, under ordinary circumstances, would bo evolved di rectly into the air; but within the pores of the ?h?r?oal they are brought into contact with condensed oxygen, and are thus subjected to a species of low combustion, their carbon being converted into carbonic acid, and theii hydrogen into water. Charcoal, therefore, instead of being antiseptic, is precisely the reverse. ITT* Letter from liou. John Minor Ifotts, of Virginia. Richmond, July 9,1S55. Messrs. Will. 8 Beer* Ac. Co : Umu Consider ations 01 autv to the atllieted alone prompt ine to ?end you this voluntary testimonial to the gr<-ai value of "Carter's Spanish Mixturefor that almost incurable disease, Stro}\.i<t Without beingdisposed or deeming it necessary logo into the particulars of the case, I can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a ru*ml)er of my own family, and < t.d^-r my own observation and 8U|teriiitendfence, alter the skill of the be>t physicians had been exhausted and all th? usual remedies had failed, fully iustify me in recom in -ndlng its use to all who* may be suiferino from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to *av that it In adapted to all constitutions, or that it will affo 1 the same relief 111 all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effects' f would not hesitate to use it, in any and every case of Scrofula, with persons for whom 1 felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise Influence or control. Respectfully, yours, J no. M. Botts. JET Noah Walker he Co., Marble Hall Jlothing Emporium, under Browns" Hotel n ?pectfully announce that their display of Sprin ? nid Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection oinprising an assortineut of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in naierial, trimming and workmanship. t?T iren lemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se lecting is offered l'rom one of the Ltr-rest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered iu this citv at a very reduced scale of prices. ap (7 117* A Phenomena in Medicine?Bronchi tis, Cough, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints. Scrof ula. Ac. For all diseases of the h emale System it stands pre-eminent. A Clergyman just informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE T1NCTURE By iu inild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys. will cure Dyspepsia, Couch, Asthma, Broti ehlal and Long Affections, Pains in the Back Side and Breast. Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints, Plies, Worms and Nervous Debilities with all diseases arising from impure blood, and is the greatest female medicine ever known This Invaluable medicine la working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER * MOWBRAY, 140 Bal timore street, Baltimore: 301 Broadway, New Ycrk CHA9. ST6TT & C6.,J B. MOORE*D B* CLARKE, CLARKE A BOWLING, W El i LIOT.and H. McPHERSON, Washington; also by R o. F CISSELL, Georgetown; C*C BEE ICY , Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere. ET To Mother* and Women Generally? No Blkkdijio, Voxitiko, PtT*0l50,0* Bl? TIBI59 ? My Electee Oil it a perfect charm in It* action upotflhe absorbents, which It excltea to tske up and carry out of the svstem all swelling*, and allay* all pains You may physic till you are poor a* a snake, and still the swelling* remain. All local derangements require a specific applica tion My Electric Oil is that very beautiful rem edy, good for little children, as well as old people, and it pleases everybody Come and see what a ^ure was just made in a distinguished family in Walnut street. Price 50 cents and 81. See my written npme. Profew>r De GnUh, Sonth Eighth street. Philadelphia, on all the bottles Messrs Stott & Co. alone have retailed about <200 worth in a few davs?and some of the most wonderful cures have been made here in Wxsh ington that was ever known. jy 27?3t Attention, >lont*r>merjr Guard*?You are hereby notified that a regular monthly meeting of the Company will be held oh WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 1st of Au gust. Punctual attendance is n^^ssary. as'lnipor tant business for the Company will bo transacted Bv order of the t'aptaln jv 31?2t WM. O. SULLIVAN, Secretary. ?-^2=?CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE >"-2* Flflh Ward ?Notice is hereby given to he parties contesting the seats of the incumbent members of the Common Council from the Fifth Ward of the city of Washington, D. C., as well is to those j?ersons whose votes were rejected at *he Municipal Election held in said city on Mon? iay, the Itli ultimo, that a hearing will be given iu the premises, on THURSDAY, id August, at 'lie Council Chamber, in the Citv Hall, at 4 o'clk p. ni SAMUEL YORKE AtLEE, Chairman Committee on Elections Board of Common Council. Jy 27?dt Aug2 ?-^2aTHB GEORGE WASHINGTON Club of Georgetown take pleasure in announc ?ng to the public generally that they will give an Excursion to the White House Pavilion on 15th of lugust. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 26?1W THIS IS TO CERTIFY that Bridget Camp,

liell, my wife,left mvbed and L >ard without f.nv lust caii-^e or provocation; I thereforeforewarn ill persons front trusting her on my account, as I *'ill pay no debts contracted by her j> 31?"Jt* JOHN CAMPBELL. pi)\V LOST ?Straved or }>erhapsfr-^r..*p? " J stolen ai>out the middle of June, a, Dark Brown Cow, who has had a calf \ ?v' this time. One of her ears w?re torn J?y dogs, md the other *| lit. I will give S? tt- any cne re turn mi; her to ine on 3d stru t, tietwee.i ?? and 11. jy3l??o3t REDMAN BURKE. ('iOH LOST.?Strayed or stolen, onr? J I'.IJ 1 ? * r . L _ %? I ?-?? J Friday last. froiii the Monument 1?r a - square. a Bla'k Cow with a white ba< ?rid lielly. and a star on her forehead. Anyone returning the cow, or leave information so I ca i >* t her. will receive the thanks of the owner, and -r.i reward. PATRICK RAG \ N, 13th street. Jy 31?It* FANCY HAIR ORNAMENTS. HSEMKEN. JEWELER, ? No. 331 Pa aw. bet.9th and !0th sts., is prepared to make to order anv device that may be suggested such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets, Breast Pins. Ear Kings. Chains, Crosses. Rings, Chartelaius. &c. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale. (J7/* Persons may rely upon their own hair be ing mod. jy 31?tr NEW JEWELRY.?Just opened a ca?e of very ri< h Jewelry. consisting of Diamond. Pearl, Opal, and Florentine Mosaic Brooches. Earrings, md Bracelets. Ai-o, a beautiful collection! f the plainer styles, wLi ii we o.Ter much lower than the usual rates. M. W. GAI.T Ac BRO. ?T.'J l'enn av between Mb and 10th streets, jy 31?6t II J KW ELK V. SF.MKLN. JEWELER. 330 PennsUvsnia ? ? avenue, between ??tu md 10th streets, has just received a new * ipp'v of i'*blv-chased Fruit md Leaf Jewelry.con- sling of Pin and F.arR'ngs; itso. a variety of ma nitlcent Mosaic and Cameo jewelry, which heotT-'.-at "rea'ly reduced prices. {l_/~ Diamond* remounted, Jewelry of anv de ception made to ?>-d**r, Enameling done. G>?ld ['ens repointed, Coat of Arms and Crease* engraved on stone a;.d uietal Jy 31?tt "I.M SAI.K. Hv v<rtiM fYm writ nf pI V6 issued bv B. K Morsell, Esq., Justice of the Peace in a-:d for the county of Washington. D. C., *.rilu^t 'h-j good* and chattels, lands and ten ements. rights ?nd credits, so far as the same are ti..t exempted by law, of Silas Tucker, I have eUed and h vied on one frame building, together with the lease hold ri^ht of thesaid Silas Tucker, In and to the use of the ground for about two year*, used a-id occupied by the said Tucker, situated on tis -tree', west, near Maryland avenue, on part of lot No. I ., in square No. IJ3, fronting on said 7th >trect about seven feet, which I shall expose to Cnblic sale in front of the premises on SATUR AY, the Itii day of August 1--35, at 5 o'clock In the afternoon, tosat'sf. a debt due by said Tucker in favor of George E. Kirk. Terms of sale cash. jy 31?It# C. II AI.STIN, Constable STRAYED OK STOLEN from the subscri ^ her, living on Washington Bowie's ? Farm, on the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike, a gray Mare with a brown stripe across the shoulders, and a bushy tail. She iiings out her hind legs when walking. I will give 820 re ward for the arrest and conviction of the thief, er a reasonable reward for the horse Jy'<te?* DAVID DILLON. IL ST RECEIVED AT SHILLINGTON'S ? " Periodical Dep ?t. Harper's Magazine for August Put man's Magazine do Godey'a Ladies' Book do ** ?iraham's Magazine do Household Words do Harper's new Story Book for August Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashion do Panorama of Life and Literature, for July?a new magazine published by Little, Son A'Co; Ballon's Dollar Monthly,for August New York Journal do Yankee N otlons do JOF. SHI LLINGTON'S Odeon Building, cor. 5 k et. and Pa. a*. Jy3o LAST CHA*CE. IF there Is In Washington, Georgetown or neigh borhood a person who inteuus to purchase a Carpet this fall now is Iheir time to buy it at a price certainly less than the same quality can be purchased six' weeks hence. We ate willing for a few weeks longer to sell elegant best quality Imiierial Velvet Carpetingsat SI 'xi. and l?est 3-cord Tajiestrv Brussels at 1 Eiv will be worth *?'<! and 81 <52,V in the fall. -tU*o, Ingrain. Three-ply luid Venitlan In pro pyl t ion. The prices at which we are now offering Car peting* are less than the same goods would bring at auction in New v ork to day Terms for the ijoods. cash on delivery. Just received and on sale Linen Sheets, rich and superior Floor Oilcloth, also In d< *en low-priced; all in new and l>edutif.:l designs, and very cheap' Also, in store an elegant ?t?v k Linen Sheetings' I iilow Linens, T^blu Damasks, in cloths, nap kins and pieces f Splendid assortment bathing and toilet Towels, Liorh rough and sr>ft Marseilles ?iuilts, both colored and white. Al iendale (lu. for summer use. Also, Dimities in great variety. And all other l* urniture Dry Goods necessary for (he comfort and convenience of housekeeping, at very low pi Ices. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. Jy 30?d2w FIRST ANNUAL GRAND HILITAiiY, CLUB & CIVIC EXCURSION OF THK Washington Highlanders. TO THE WH 1 T E HO USE PAVILION, W LDSESDAY, Aug 1, lfoS. ' hc Washington Highlanders re spectf.iily inform the public that thev will tive th-ir lirst Annual Excur-Sss^feljl sion on WEDNESDAY, August 1st. The swift and splendid Steamer George Wash ngton Will make two trips on this occasion. She will leave ?t the following hours, viz: First boat leave Georgetown at 9 a m; Washington, at 10: Navy- V ard lu^ and Alexandria at 11 a. in. IL/" I n consideration of the reque it of numerous friends in the Government Departments, the "se cond boat" will leave Washington at 4 p. m. and Alexandria at ljf. Returning, leave the White House at 7 and ii o'clock. ITT Fischer's celebrated Cotillon Band Is en. ga-ed, who will be supported throughout the day and evening by the Company's Highland Bag Pipes, lately imported from Scotland, in the hand of a skillful performer. As the Piper will be dressed In full Highland costume, It is requested that all members of the Cainpany who have their uniform complete will dress in the same manner Columbus will serve up Refreshments in his best style at City prices. Dinner 50 cents; Supper *5 cents. Coaches will be at the Wharf on the arrival of each boat to convey passengers to the citv Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a rati*, man and ladies; to be had of the members of the Company and at the boat on the dav of the Ei. curs Ion. 7 ? _ Committti of Arrang'.mtnts. Captain, bgt Bain Mr. Plant, cJol Sgt Plood. ' a ?, 9 W FLOOD. T 44 44 Magnetic Telegraph. MORSE LINE. BETWEEK IflWTOBK, PHILADELPHIA BALTTXOBE. WA^HIVGTWf, AND INTER MEDIATE STATION# ?k ? - Six Wire* and Two Lines of Pole* the En tire Distance, and Seven W irM between New York and Philadelphia. Rates Reduced and Messages Insured Shortest Dispatch imeremstd from 10 to SU Word* THE Morse Line of M.ipnHif Tflfvrtph,^" W ashington to New \ orlt. I* the timt Compa ny Telegraph Line ever constructed in thisroun try, and oelievod to be the most efficient workin, line in the world. It has more wire* and greaic facilities for Telegraphing than any other in tb< L'nited States. With a view to render If evei more reliable, the limit to the shortest dispatcl ha? been fixed at twenty words, instead of ten a heretofore. thus removing the inducement of tbos? usinu the Telegraph so toabridgethelrdispatche as often to render them unintelligible These un due abbreviations often have led to error in th? transfhisslon of dispatches, resulting in loss to tii> Interested and in discredit to the Telegraph, whici is too frequently charged with the errors ul carele* writers and bad chirography. TARIFF OF CHARGES. First s Rarhadd'l From? words. word Washington to New York.... cents. 4 cents Do. Jersey City.... 44 4 44 Do. Newark. K0 " i " Do. N Brunswick. 75 44 3 41 Do. Princeton 75 14 3 44 Do. Trentou 74 44 3 44 Do. New Hope..., 75 44 3 44 Do. Philadelphia . SO 44 2 Do. Wilmington.. 40 44 it Do. Port Deposit.. 35 44 1 Do. Ilav.deGrace 35 4? 1 44 Do. Baltimore .... .10 44 1 44 No charge for address and signature. whicL it is desirable to have full and complete. MESSAGES IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE OF CIPHER. All messages written in whole or in part In : foreign language or in cipher, orcompowd wholl or in part of words, figures or letters Intended t< convey a meaning understood only bv the |ten?on who invent or a^rec to use them, will be cnargeii fifty per cent, above the ordinary rate*. I igures are allowed only in t headdress andslg nature of a message. All numlier* in the body ot a message must be written in words at full length REPEATED AND INSURED MESSAGES The public are respectfully Informed, that in oi. d*Tto provideagainst mistakes in the transmission of messages by the Magnetic Telegraph Company, every Message of Cokseqvesce ought tobe Re peated, by l?eing seiit back from the offi< e a: which it is to lw? received to the office from which it is originally sent. lloul.'.e the usual j?rice oi transmission will <Se charged wiien the messag< is so repealed. and a report made by special me? sender to the party sending the sariie. whether 1, b;isbeen received by the party to whom it wa sent, and if not. why not ? or tiftr jwr cent in addi tion to the usual rates will be charged for eitbei repeating or reporting only. The Com)cuiy will not be liable for any loss or damage that may ensue by reason of any delay ot mistakes in the transmission or delivery or fr*?u non-delivery of unrepealed messages, but only en gage to refund the amount paid, and to use r?-a sonable efforts to secure the services of comjieteii and reliable employees, so as to have their busi ness transacted in gbodfaith. Nor will the Com pany be res|tonsihle for mistakes In the transmis sion. nor for delay in the transmission or deliver\ nor for non-transmission or non-delivery of am repeated message to any extent beyond teii dollar? unless It lie insured Correctness in the transmission of message* be tween any two offices of this Company (an I* in sured at the following rates, in addition to the charge for repeating and reporting as above. For any sum up to one hundied dollars, one dol lar, and one dollar for everyone hundred dollars or fraction of one hundred dollars at>ove that sum and the Company will not lie resj>on-jh;e for an< amount beyond tlie damage sustained by reason oi the error or delay, and in no ca?e for any sum ex ceeding that for which the message is insured and the rates paid Nor in any case for dela. arising from interruptions in working tluir Tele grapli Notice ?Messages destined for a ly place be yond this ComiKinv s line, will be delivered fron the terminal office to the projier parties th*-re hav ing control of the further me?ns of forwarding th? same; but the Company in no case hold themselve responsible for the correct transmission or proir.p delivery of any message beyond such terminal of ei ?j . The Company's offices will l?e oj?en dally. Sun day* excepted, "fmin April 1 to November I. fron 7, A. M to 10. I'. M . and from November 1.1. April I. from K A M to 10, P. M On Sundays they will be open twice, namely, from 1 to 2. p M . and 7 to 0, evening iCT" The above regulations to go into effect on ami after the first day cf August, I >55 jy 30?3t WM. M. SWAIN, President. NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON Printing Telegraph Company. HOUSE LINE. Number of Words increased to Twenty. MESSAGES INSURED it 41 41 44 44 44 44 44 Tariff of Charges, to go into rjfect Aug. 1. 1?55 First20 Each add i rriim- Words. word. New \ ork to Patterson 3u cents. 1 cent. Do. Trenton 35 44 l Do. Philadelphia.... 10 4? 2 44 Do. Wilmington Ui <? 3 44 Do. Baltimore... 75 '? 3 ?? Do. Washington ? 4 " Patterson to Trenton 35 44 i Do. Philadelphia 40 44 2 Do. Wilmington On ?' 3 Do Baltimore 75 4? 3 Do. Washington ? 4 Trenton to Philadelphia 30 44 l Do. Wilmington 40 44 | Do. Baltimore 60 " 3 Do. Washington 75 44 3 " Philadelphia to Wilmington.. 30 " 1 -? Do. Baltimore 44) 44 2 " Do. Washington 50 44 2 ,4 Wilmington to Baltimore 35 44 1 ?< Do. Washington 40 ?? 2 44 Baltimore to Washington 30 44 1 ? lL/~ No Charge for Address and Signature. REPEATED AND INSURED MESSAGES. The public are respectfully informed, that in or der to provideagainst mistake# in the transmission of Messages by the New York and Washington Printing Telegraph Company,every Messaqe01 C.isit^LEXCK ought to repeated, bv beint sent back from the office at which it is to be re ceived, to the office from which it is original^ sent Double the usual price for transmission wil be charged, when a Message is so Repeated and Report n?ade, by special Messenger, to the part , sending the same whether it has been received b fllc J!?rt-V lo wLom il and if not, why n't ^-r nfty per ccnt. in addition to tin? uauhI r&tn wiL be charged foreither Repeating or Reporting onl> The Company will not be liable for any loss ?1 damage that may ensue by reason of an\ delay o mistakes in the transmission or delivery, or fron lion -delivery of un-repeated Message*, but only en gage to use reasonable effort* to secure the service of competent and reliable employee*, so as to hav? their business transacted in good faith Nor will the Company lie responsible for nils fakes in the transmission, nor for d?-lay In tb? transmission or delivery, nor for 'ion-trans*missloi or non-delivery of any R-peated Message, to au extent beyond ten dollars, unle-* it !>?? insured ' Correctness in the traiismis-ion of Messa e? l>e tween any two offices of th's Company, can lie in sured at the following rates, in addition to th< charge for Repeating and Reporting as above For any sum up to one hundred dollars, one dol lar and one dollar for every one hundred dollar* or fraction of one hundred dollars, above that sum And the Company will not be responsible fu any amount beyond the damage sustained by rea son of the error ordelay.and in no casefor anv sun exceeding that for which the Message is insurer and the rates pre-paid : nor in any case for delay, arising from interruptions in working their Tele, grapu. ^ Notice?Messages destined for any place be yond this Company s line, will in- delivered froni the terminal office to the proper parties there hav ing control of the further means of forwarding th< same, but the Company in no case hold thems.-lve responsible for the correct transmission or promts delivery of any Message beyond such terminal of 1 he Company 's offices will be ouen daily (Sun day uxcepted,) from 9 A. M to lo P M. On Sun day from I to 2 P. M , and from 7 to * P M Jy**-* - F. MORRIS, Presdent. rrfinw'** PATENT LIGHTNING RODS. fTMlOSE in utuu 0f those invaluable conductors f are ^informed that thev can be obtained from 1f?! w D,ls,rict Columbia. Maryland. \v.u , & ' bX leaving their orders with Mr Walter Bowes, No. ^ Exchange Office, Penn 8vlvania avenue, next door to Brown's riotel or through the Post Office, direeted to ? Jy'???3t* C.W HEYDQN. SJTRAY HORSE.?$10 REWARD ?Straved from the Farm of Mr. J. B. Kibby, ^ about thr^ miles north of the Capitol % on Wednesday morning last, a roan jHA ??l\\ ab??lv4 years old' one bind footj^fli white. Whoever ?haU return ths saidp!?t^rf^ Metropolis Li very Slatte!D su!m SaSTuS ^ of the ? Jy 28?3t? RkANK BOOKS of all kinds and Mies for sale -*-* at unusually Jow prices L I*9* FRANCK TAVLOK. I WANTS. WANTED-BY A YOUNQ WOlfiir^ situations* ?ham>?ermaid a.h ? _ nff of ? family. Apply at No. 34, O ?voa JZ1' between flth and 7th street! jj, 3; * TTTANTED-A RESPECTABLE write W woman to take charge of a child two old. and to do the plain sewing of a small fiirtu* Vpply. with reference*. at %0 Be,, north r tJ. 'ween 3d and 4 s$ street*. south side, on \\ dav morning August 1 at, between the hour. of <, and K? o'clock. Jy3l?tfts I VAN TED-A SITUATION BY A ft hie voting Woman aa Cook, woiid hav?n objection to wn?h and Iron Ctaron^M ? romniroded Address "Id K," at tbta ott~? jy 30?*? iir a n T rn-nv a young wo\u\ ; If Situation to do the ? haml?ecwo?-k or *rw >fa family. Apply at the corner of *Wond >.J? D street*. I?lana j->. WANTED?A LOAN (IF ONE THOI'SaXB dollara. to be si-cured by a d?ed of trust uc Real Estate. Particular* at Cll A J* WALTER S imfT Offlc, SSS Seventh street, opp. Centre Market * if- ? UTANTED-A TEACHER WEI.I. 4JUAL IBM to act aa an assistant in a Seleet Claaeli cal and Mathematical Academy. P. A BOWEN. ]y tT?dtf Ufor^towi WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOWq^ they can get a lot <4 feet front by 1J deep, for the low price of *75? nayabie t3a month A-itLout interest Apply at tbeVnion Laud (??-? 7th street. above Odd FeJIowa- Hall. ap:K-4iai JOHN FOX, See BOARDING. BOARDING ?MRS DUVALL,No 321 fenrw s\ lvania a'.tme. opposite Browi'k II.?M |,U wveral lar^? and desirable room*. suitable fur families ?>r single gentlemen. which "he will rest with board at in<?lerate prices. She can also i*_ -onunodate sis or eight table boanler*, I Jy au-tf VGENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN RK fur. niched with a lar^e pleasant front rhamber. ogetber with board in a private family. I.<* atloa wo squares north of Pa avenue, and equal dis ance east of the Treasury Uuildiug. \ddre*? lax i'.i City Post Office. Reference given a 1.4 required Jy*? Iw RARE CHANCE ?a NEW BRICK HOI>E for sale or rent. situated on the corner of ,\|a?. ?achuaetis avenue and lutb street. containing ten ooins with cellar, and a pump of good water in be yard. The house in built in the very hear nanner The term* will be moderate Apply to iEO T LANGLEY. on L street betweiir, md Tenth, No. SM. jy 24? j *??? Board.Ac ? mrs baths.on tbks w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Mb *tre?t * prepared to accommodate gentleman with -joius' A*fth or without board. Every efior* wiU tie made 0 render those comfortable who may favor h??r sitb their patronage. 4p^ ^ FOR SALE AND RENT. 4GOODCHANCE ?Fof Pale, a n-w two-story brick bouse.containing aix r<*m?aid cellar >n l.'latreet weot. near north L street. No;ii5 Tli? erniN will be ma<b- to suit the purchaaer, by pax. .ng a small sum in baud. * Al*o, two desirable vacant lot* pleasantly l?ca ~d? For particular information, Inquire on the premise*. jyUl? L^OR RENT-THREE ROOMS ON THE 1 second floor, unfurmahed Price, i*r month. For addreas apply at thla oitti e jy 30-31* L^OR SALE?A LOT OF VALt ABLE^LR. A vaiita. yoang. sout d and Ue^libv 4iEO T MASSEY, Jy T??3t? tfc ThirteentL at t> R SAL E?TWO HUNDRED LOT? Price f75 each Two years' rrvdl! or i?> per eut discount for cash Appl\ at :Le I't ion Land Oiflce. 7tb Street, above Odtl Fellows HaU jy 2t?:1m LOT;* FOR s A L E ?TWO OR THREE yood Building L??ts in a rap'.dlv impronnc ?ei'^b frbood for Mile on trm yrtr*' c'rtilit APP?> to J. H DRIRY. Jy ai?tf F^OR SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE and l?ot, No. A) l<ouisiaita avenue. W&hing . .14 ? i*re opportunity to a person wishing to make a ^ood investment ri i*?" 4 Brick Hoiiw and f<ot. No 57 liigb street. Oeorgetow*. Lot * feet front by 1M feet deep; wiU be sold low a;,d ou a Ion* cred:? Applv at 46 Louisiana avenue jv jit tf P^R FAltF?'THAT LARGE AN!) WELU , hui.t 1 rame Dwelling House, with a brick basement. No 416, altuated on tb?- ea?t of ??th street, between K and G. containing 10 room*, ^rith porch and pantrv In the rear For terma, which will be easy, apply to CHARLES F WOOD, 419 Ninth atreet, between E and F at*. Jy 17?eotf 'PWO VERY PLEASANT ROOMS. COM rounicallng i on the second or ttiird floor of a new brick bouse, may be had. furnished or un furnished. and with or without board The Louse is situated contiguous to the most elevated par: of Vias-achusettk avenue, and will 1?* found lu everv respei t desirable. Enqiure at this office, jy 26?eo3t* POR REN T?A NEW THREE-STORY a. h rame House on L street, near l >th. contain mg six rooms and a kitchen, all neatly UnisbM, ro a good tenant the rent will lie fit? per month, inquire of J H DRL'RY, City Peer office Jy 10?tf ' P11^ RENT.?A handsomely furnished House ?- near the Public Department Is ofteredfor rent. 10 a responsible tenan* the rent will be moderate. The House contains a bath room and gas fixtures. Enquire on the premise* Mo. ?7ti H street Jy 5?im* I? ?UR REN T?A TWO-STORY FRAME ? . House, with baaeni?nt. situated on Prospect , t?eorgetown. commaodlng a iteautiful view or the Potomac river. App,- to T. O lioiinoubue near the Catholic Church, or a H TrunaaL Ns. 73 I- rederl' k atreet, Georgetown i> c Jy 14 6 For rent?sever a l h and&vme pak lors and Chaml>eni, with B??rd Also, Table and Transient Board Inqilre at Mra SMITH'S,233 F street. ap>-?f C. WARR1NER, W A T V II M A k E R , Aro 330 Fa. mrenmt, b'lwftd Hr* aid 10f4 strNd, Washington, i. c. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kind of repairs to Watches. 1 jy |7-W STRAYED AWAY. ?On Saturday morning, - July two Horses stra\ed away from ,7V-? 'he l<umber \ ard of the s il?x riber- at the Itii street bridge, and have not since Vws n heara of. One was a dark bay. with heavy is?dv. sljort '?lack legs, and black mane and tail! aoout tf *n iiands hiifb. a natural pacer The other a A'hite colt, three years cud. well grown, about as ah as the horse, and a natural re. ker. Lad vine hair rubbed off about the brea-t and ne, k A lib eral reward will l?e given for tlieir return. jy 3t??3t CHI PI'S A \\ ALl l'.R , D_? W'Hl'TTER A KAHLERL 1RT1STS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, aai PA INTiN J^rlpt'OU Uf ? R N A M K N f A L Orders left with Rr-.ldwln and Nerni;:g, Archi tect*, comer Penn avenue and lltn *tr?*t, will bt prompil) attended to jy u^ini* ?^IO l>.?S'ra%ed or stoleu froui th , m V.*"l*crt|?er'? staiile ou the nV'Lt.TV^ >f the 24th instant, a small black Mare, a <>ar on the forehead, a white mark on one of her uirid legs; when walking she carries her Lend down Any one returning the said animal will re ?:elve the above reward and thanks of the owner. . O- ^ N BALF. Jy 17?4t? 3d street, Seventn Ward H NATIONAL HOTEL. A V ING 1 ascd the National Hotel, and ia or der to enable it to be nuuie more com Portable, to alter, improve and re-furnbh. it CI will be closed on the 1st of August and re jpened for the .11 comniodation of tbe public ou the 2wh September next. WW GL Y Jy27?IUt* nVSEXTERI. DI ABRIKEA. andalll*w ??-e el diseases, can beetl'ectuaih <-ured andavoid <*1 by the use of my Bla< kberry "Eli?ir Trj it. J. B MOORE, Druggist, Pa ave., opp. S?-ven Building*. lL/~ DeGra*h"s Lie?-.'i <iil for sale a? a's?vc. jy 27???? tOi^aii) I^LASrir AND MURIII I 11 BELT*. EU? ?4 tic Ribbon -md C\?rd ?u, > (;'f O* klarrow, Cologne, Bay Rum. Ilair <u.a Tooth Brushes, Transparent Soap in ben. Ac. at Jy 26?3t LAMMOND S, 7th m?-l pEXEXT. PLASTER HAIR. Ac. vy Also. coMktauUy ou baud * splendid article rf Ceint.u, Plaster, Hair, At., a- uf which we are aelling very cheap LA WTO N P HOOVER, Potomao Lime Kilns oiie square south nf 'he Lower Bridge, near Geoigeiown Jy 16?eoCw (law,Organ,Union) WIRE DISH COVERS, Round and Oblong, from * to 18 inches, cheap, at G FRANCIS'S, Jy?0 WSe^Mitk ,