Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Cor*ciLS ?The Board of Aldermen met yosterday afternoon at the usual hour, the President in the chair. A communication from the Mayor concern ing one from Dr S. J. Ratcliff. physician to the poor for the Fourth Ward, in reply to the resolution of tho Board of tho 23d Instant, with reference to the manner in which he dis charged his dnty on a certain occasion, was laid before tho Board. In this paper, Dr. Ratcliff May* : ?' A man called on me on Sunday aftcrno-m. July 15th. and asked me to go to *ce * man who fell from a building a day or two previous. and not being satisfied that he was a pauper and entitled to relief from the Corporation of Washington, as he had been regularly at work up to the time of the accident, by this man a own statement, (considering it my prerogative to decide in wch caoes,) and ho having a physician in at tendance. al?<> by his statement, and consider ing it a breach of professional decorum to in terfere without said physician's request, I de cided to attend him on these grounds. A due regard for the interest of the Corporation, as well as respect for true ? medical ethics,' gov erned me in the matter, and the result was a declination;" laid on the table, and ordered to be published. Also, a communication from the Mayor cov ering one from the city surveyor replying to a resolution of inquiry concerning tne cause of and a P**-per remedy for the inundation on the corner of Twelfth and (i streets; referred to the improvements committee, with instructions t*? inquire into the propriety of raising the grade of Twelfth street at that point. Mr Pepper reported from the committee on canals a bill appropriating S250 for the repair ?f a breach in the canal, near Twelfth street west; passed. Mr Houston introduced a bill to pay A. J. Larner for his services as clerk to the commit tee on elections. Mr. Smith moved to fill up the blank in the bill with Mr Miller explained that the services ren dered were intending four sessions of the com mittee?y?> for an hour and a half, and the others fr>r le-s time, down to fifteen minutes, and Snaking two copies of the report of the pieceedings of the committee. After dcbite, in which Messrs. Smith. Pep per, Evans. Miller and Houston participated, on motion of Mr. Miller, this bill was referred to the finance committee. Mr. Smith callcd up the lower Board's bill to repeal the law providing tba* no member of the Councils ah all hold the office uf police magistrate. This bill having been read twice. Mr. S. ex plained that ibe charge made in the Star some time since, 'hat this bill had been gotten up for hi; benefit, was not true. He was not de sires of being cd'?cted a police magistrate. Thi? would be apparent to all who reflected eu the fact that his term of office expired in April, and that the President would then fail to reappoint him a justice of the peace. He thought hard of the editor of the Star, his old schoolmate and personal friend, for permitting the paragraph, to which he had alluded, to go into his eolumrs; as he conceived that he <the editor) must have known at the time that the story, out of which the paragraph bid been framed, was untrue. The purpose of the bill was for the public g<?od only, a* the Ward required a police magistrate residing therein. There was no other commissioned ju;t ice of the peace, except himself, residhig in bis ward. His colleague. Mr JVter M. Pearson' was fx officio a justice of the j>eaee un der the charter, a?Vu it was that gentleman that was to be ^'ected under the bill. Mr S. argued at *Ome length to show that the Alder men of ?V ashington were full justices of the fesfce. whether commissioned by the President or not. Mr Busey held that this was not so, and that it would be detrimental to tho public in terest to repeal th? l.i w forbidding the junction th? alderman and police justice in one man. He would not sustain the bill to reward one of bis political friends through it, nor would his friendship for any uian induce him to sustain a bill fraught, a* he believed this proposition to be. with so much that was likely to prove injurious. Mr. Smith again taking the floor, went on to show by many casus instanced, the absolute nece-sity tor making ? police officer for the ward who resiled and held his office within it* limits. These circumstanccs superinduced *he intinduction of the bill. It was not con eriveij to reward a partisan, or for any other imi,ror>er purpose whatever. Mr. S. again nr^ued the question as to the eligibility of an alderman to act a.- a full justice of tue peace, though Dot commissioned as such, and so in sisting and contending for tho consequent eligibility of an alderman, the two boards con senting. to be elected a police magistrate He further averred that Mr. Alderman Pearson, though he had consented to serve as police magistrate, if elected, was n >t awaro of the purpose of electing him to the place when ho ;Mr. Smith) wrote the bill and got it through the lower board. Mr Busey. rejoining, held that the circuit e idrt bad decided that an alderman is ineligi ble to serve as a police magistrate, and that this fact should prevent the Councils from en deavoring to put the discharge of such duties in the hands of an alderman. He conceived that thf? fact that Mr. Smith had himself declined the place, wae proof of the un soundness of that gentleman ? idea that the election of a police justice residing in the Sev enth Ward was a matter of great public im portance. The debate on this bill was further continued at great length by Mr. B and Mr. S ; the lat ere intending that the former Mayor of Qeorge town, Mr. Cox, and, he believed, the present Mayor of that corporation, acted and act as police magistrates. This, he thought, would not have been done if the circuit court had made any such decision as Mr Busey had rep resented. If it had been illegal for them so to act. he felt sure that long mice appeals from their decisions would have been made, and the circuit court would have upset their action, 4c. Mr Magru ler taking the floor, describing the history of the existing law on the subject, said that gentlemen who were magistrates were Elected to this board, and by improperly using Jbeir influence here got theioselvcv elected po lice magistrate-; and as such had tried all the corporation cases, and when prop >*ition. to remit fines or otherwise reverse action of such i-olicc magistrate*came before the Board, they nave invariably opposed them with great pertinacity Ihe court had time and again decided that aldermanic urig'-'iiatcs. being a portion of the corporation, w< rc not eligible to try corporation eases. L'nder these circum stances. the Board had applied to Congress t< amend the charter so that members ol the Board cou'.d jv,t thereafter act a.- police magistrates. ' nder these circumstances ?lso. the existing act had pa-eed providing the aldermen should not be placed in the position of police m ?gis 'k*'68 ihe joint thatw.thout the passage ot th;? bill the Seventh Ward cannot have a police jastice residing wi:hin its limits, he had no confidence in: as there were many citisens there not only competent and in all respects fit U. discharge the tunctions of the post, who Would gladly be commissioned by the Execu tive it petitioned f->r by the residents of the " ard, any one ot whom might theu be elected bv the councils. Mr. Pepper advocated the passage of the bill at some lengtL The uuettion was put on the third reading cf the bill; which was not ordered yeas 5. nays 7, as follows : itas?Menrs. Evans,Trctler,Pepper, Smith, Clarke. (President)?5. Nays? Me-'brs D< ve. M igruder, Bayly, Mil ler, Houston. Bu?ey. M irks?7. Ou motion of Mr M trks. the lower Board's bill appropriating 5,' 6.416 for tho ptyment ot the teachers of tne public schools for the cur rent fiacal year, wm referred to the publie schools committee. On motion of Mr. Smith, ths lower Board's bill to gride and gravel Twelfth street, west from Virginia avenue to Maryland avenoe, (annropriaung $76,) was Uken up and passed. llr. lioastoa reported back from the finance oemmiuee ths hUl to pa J ?. J. Lamer for Mr ?us* rendered by him as clerk to the Botrd't ?iecuon committee. <SJ0 ) One or two bills from the lower Board were then taken up and referred, among them being the annual appropriation bill. Mr Marks reported back the bill to pay ths publto school teachers for the (present) year cftCing Jun? 30. lb#?416.41$; patted ?.? sported back from the police witJl. a faTOrah,e recommendation, toe bill instructing the joint committeo of the two Boards to attend to the interest* of the eorporation before Congress, to urge on that fody the amendment of the oharter so as to obtain additional powers to oonduct (faailitate) elections: paused. Mr. Pepper reported a bill for a pnvement *nd curbstone on Virginia avenue on square yuo : passed. 1 Dove presented the petition of George ? tuart and others, with reference to an alley in square 317 ; referred. Mr Bust y introduced a bill for the erection or a wooden footway across Tiber creek at its entrance iQ the canal, (appropriating S25.) biH ^ explained the provisions of this Mr Pepper objVted to the introduction of this bill, as the subject had been referred to is commit'cc and by that committee referred to him. He was opposed to the bill, as he was, an? tl?uS ?ho sort on the pro *ituy 'r> i T- .?vorrimcI,t' *^he Commissioner ?>i tho I ublic Buildings was the party to build the proposed footway. If he reported for any such footway, it would be at Third street' wr14 WaS nut Government's property. He felt aggrieved at Mr. Busey s effort to take his business out of his hands. Mr. Busey explained that he had only ex creted his right as a member of the Board. Mr. I epper had not done his duty in this case baying neglected to report anything with reference to this bill, because, as he had al leged. he was opposed to any aetion whatever on the proposition. This he conceived highly improper conduct on Mr. Pepper's part. The proposed location of this footway was not on pr?pertJ ** Mr p ^ ?> leged. but tho location of Mr. P.'s proposed splendid bridge to be built by the corpora tion. was Mr. B continued his remarks with reference to Mr. Pepper's conduct upon thi ol" with great severity. Mr. Pepper rose to teach Mr. Busey a leu son : that he should not set himself up a-> the regulator of the manner in which members o! the Board discharged their respective dutio His remark with reference to his refusal to re^ port on the bill had been misrepresented He meant only to convey the idea that when he did report on it he would report against the proposition referred to the improvements com mittee. Mr Smith moved to excuse his colleague. Mr. rearson, lor his absence from the board to-day, as he was engaged in the discharge o his duties as a public school commissioner. Mr. M igruder opposed the motion a3 out of order; insomuch as to excuse him. if not sick, or absent from the city, required the enact ment of a joint resolution to that end The gentleman's absence proved the impropriety of putting any other duties whatever, for or under the corporation, in the hands of a mem ber of this board. A debate here sprung up out of order on the propriety of adopting the previous que Uon as one ot the rules of the board, between Mr. bmith indirectly fur it, and Mr Magruder against it; when, on motion of Mr. Magru dor, 2.?0 copies of the existing rules of order oi the board were ordered to bo printed The j >int meeting of the two boards for the election of police magistiates for the several Wr?.31 lhe.c,ty then took place in the Board ot Alderman b chamber with the following re sult, vis: s Mr A McD. Davis, of the lower board ?laving been chosen chairman of the joint meeting, they proceeded to ballot for police magistrates, when the following named per sons wero elected : For the Second Ward, Paul Stevens; third. John S. Hjllingshead ' fourth. B. K. Mirsell; fifth. E. H. Bates sixth, James Crandell. The election of police magistrates for th? rirst and Seventh Wards, respectively, wa^ postponed. The bu.-iness for which the two boards had assembled, having been accomplished. the joint meeting was dissolved, and then the Board ot Aldermen adjourned. Common CouncilThe Board met at the usnal hour. Mr Jefferson moved that the journal of the proceedings of the la.*t meeting be corrected; and, id rising, wished to state that he did not desire to impute the lea>t intention of wrong on the part of the Secretary of the Board, that he had known him ptigonally for tiianv year4, a?- Re^t>r found him acting upon anything which woul i be in the least inconsistent with the highest degree of honor. These correc tions he desired made without the leapt com plaint being made as to the Secretary. |The correction a-ked for. besides a slight one, was to have all of the journal which gave a synopsis of the debate, otherwise than a strict journalising of the proceedings, struck out; which was carried. J Mr Dav< presented the potiiic.n of sundry liquor dealer* for a reduction of tho license tee paid by them; which was referred to the committee on ways and means. Mr. Walker, trorn the improvements com mittee, reported two bills; one to grade the alley in square 529. which was laid over, and one to set the curbstones and pave the foot way on the north side of square 905, which was passed. Mj . AtLee, from the committee on claims. ai-kwJ to be discharged from the consideration V?,P^it,on".of Messrs. Wright and Klopfer, and William Moore; which was agreed to The committee also reported a bill to pay Mrs. B. H. Cheever ^425. the expense of re pairing the damages occasioned by the chango of grade on Twelfth street. Mr. Walker stated that this money would into the hand* ot Caleb Curbing. who has a dee i of trust upon the premises, and the me chanics who performed the repairs had not yet been paid, and if this bill passed never would. He desired that it rni^ht be so framed as to insure their pay to them Mr Bayne moved to lay the bill on the table; which he withdrew, however, to allow Mr. Jef ferson to remark, that he was opposed to the departure trom tho usu.i) ia(>.le of framing '?ills, and that this was without precedent I he motion to lay on tho table prevailed by 16 yeas to 4 nays. Another bill, reported by the same commit tee, remitting a fine imposed on J F King was recommitted, but one refunding to John trader, taxes erroneously paid by him. was passed. Mr AtLee, from the committee on elections, asked to be discharge 1 from the consideration ot the protest against Win Douglas as assessor f;r the Fourth Ward, made by K B. Owens Ihe Board refused to discharge the comuiittte. and the case will probably be considered ori Tliursd iy, when the committee meet. Mr. Huff, from the police committee, re ported adversely upon the petition of suudry eitnen? for a change in the location of the n>h market, giving as a reason that tho whole market was to be reconstructed, and the addi tional expense of changing this location prior t" the reconstruction was inexpedient. Mr Peters introduced a bill to pay T. W. Jones for services rendered ; which was passed. A single bill came from the Board of Alder meu. appropriating *250 for the repair of the -anal wall near Twelfth street; which was re ferred to the committee on canals. Mr. Davis offered a resolution, that when the Boards adjourn, it be till the first Monday in sent ember. J Mr. AtLee desired reasons before voting for the resolution; to which Mr. Davis replied that the zeal of the new members was very commendable, and hoped aud thought it would continue to b-> so; but it was not comfortable to come there n tho severe hot weather; that the bills already passed would exhaust the revenue for the year ; that it was usual for the Boards to have this recess, and the city would not suffer by it. Mr. Clements was opposed to the resolution at this time, because the appropriation bill, which provided for the payment of the sala lies of the public officers, had not yet passed the Bjard of Aldermen, and it was necessary it should be before this adjournment. Mr. Davis then withdrew the resolution. tK Jefferson introduced a resolution to sot ? curbstones and pavo tho footway at two points on Massachusetts avenue; referred ^?' * resolution instructing the oomauttee ^ Corporation before Congress. t ?P*nin8 of Massachusetts avenue adopted W?**rU boUQ<l*i7 ficinja portion of the dutUeofiseamen; Also, a resolution authorising the secretary to reouest, on behalf of this board, the loan of the alfi iavitc and other papers relating to the oontested election in ths Fifth Ward, which are on file in the upper Board, and that they be referred to the committee on elections; which g*Te rise to a long disoussinu. Mr. Jefferson stated that he hod baan writ tan to by one of the contestants who wished this dona, as there wm no other way in which they oould be brought before the committee on elections. Mr. AtLee opposed the resolution, desiring ti see the witnesses in the case, in parson ; but did not want a lot of miserable affidavits forced upon biin. Mr. Bohla>cr desired al?o, a? on? of the parties interested, that no affidavits should be allowed before the committee?he wished to see the persons who had been deprived of their votes, and have them examined. Mr. Abert desired that the resolution might pass. On these papers the contestants base their claims?let them have their evidence that they rely upon. It presents the appear ance of more fairness, and is duetothe board, the committee, and the contestants themse'vi s. Mr. Clements was opposed to its passage, and thought he discovered the true reason why it was so strenuously insisted upon. Th<* people outside havo said: "You have not done your duty.'* and "a fight must be got up " to satisfy them. Uc moved to lay it on the tabic. Mr. Abert repelled the charge indignantly, stating that no outside pressure could oblige ' him to swerve from the line of conduct whi;!i he had marked out for himself through life, and should vote probably for the report of the committee in this case, as in the former one of the Fourth Ward, the circurastancca being the s:ime. Mr. Jefferson stated that his friends had approved his conduct in the foimer cise. and he had not met one who condemned him. The motion to lay on the table was lost? yeas 8 nnys 12. Mr. AtLee ? ow hoped the Board w >ulu re ject the resolution. ll? did not coniidci L.: e affidavit? as any evidenec at all. Mr. Lloyd agreed with the remarks of his colleague, and should vote against it. He saw no possible good which was to result from it. Mr. Fuller was in favor of the resolution. The contestants are very anxious we should see these affidavits, and he was for letting them have it. The discussion was continued for a long time by Messrs. Clements, Lloyd, AtLee, Towles, and the President, against it. and Messrs. Mo* Cutchen, Jefferson. Abert, Walker, and Orme f >r it. At this point Mr. Lloyd moved to postpone for one week ; which was lost?yeas 9. nays 11 Mr. AtLee moved tl at a committee he ap pointed t<i notify the Board of Aldermen th t this Board was now ready to go into joint meet ing for the election of police magistrates for the city, which was agreed to; and Messrs. Orine and AtL:e appointed the committee, ind the Board met in joint meeting. The Board returned after the joint meeting, and the question being taken upon Mr Jeffer ?.on:s resolution, it was rejected by a vote of 1U yens and 10 nays. The bill from the upper Board paying A. J. Lamer 520 a? clerk to the committee on elec tions was passed ; and the Bourd adjourned. The Annual Distribution of Premiums to the pupils of the first and second dist.ict f jhools took plaee yesterday afternoon, at the Smithsonian Institution. Tho room wa< dense ly thronged with la lies and gentlemen, togrth ? ?r with a very large number of children, who were neatly dressed, and evidently d-dighted with the exercises. The board of school trus tees were in attendance, superintending the proceedings. Suitable aldrcsscs w?tc deliv ered. and there was pleasantly cx.iting music l>y the baud; and not the less welcome eii'ging l.y the children. The premiums are ai fol lows: FIRST OISTUICT SCHOOL. Milt. Department. Medal t> J imes Southeron. Me yer's Univcrsum to the most meritorious pupil. Hanson E. Weaver. Pr miums for exemp ary conduct to James E. Given. E Murand, i? Schall, Alonio Wea ver. P. McCauley. Premium- for improvement to W. T Given, Vf. Schall. C. Burjh. W. Oit. L. Sotheron. Diplomas to J. T Sotheron, W. Schall, E. Schall, 11. Weaver. E. Ouraad. Female Department. Medal to F.innio A Middleton. Meyer's Universuin to Sanh V. Triplett. Pr? miums for good conduct to Misses M. A. M icaLoy, M. J. Miller. C. E. Bouvet, li. J. ."^piliuan, M. V. Anderson. Piemiums for improvement and proficiency t) Mis-e* A. M. Mcintosh, M. F. M icaboy, 1,. A. Leckron, A. J. Dercmer, S. M. Matson, M. A. Triplett. Diplomas for deportment to Misses A. E. Hagerty. M V. Goodye?r. A. M Spilman; f<?r improvement to Misses J. F Middleton, E. M. Towers. Premium for punctuality to Miss E. E. Tucker, not having mic^ed a single day during the year. Honorably mentioned?Miss M F. Macaboy, having lost but one day; L. A. Leckron, two (lays; L. E. Martin, five days. Mile Primary School. Medal for superior merit to Tnos. F. Hark ness. Premiums for good conduct to J. L. Adams, J A. Daw, G. D Speliman, J. T. Spebmat., T. Rifles Premiums for improvement and proficiency to J. L Adams, C L. Little, E. U Brown, O. P. Little, (J. F. Graham Premium for punctuality to J R Quinter. Diplomas to W. L. Rider, J. W. Moss, S. T. Graham. W. II. Fearson. Honorably mentioned?W. L Rider, J. W. Moss, S. T. Graham, W. H. Fearson, J. E. Gaithcr. Junior Department. Modal for superior merit to William Bruff. Premiums for good conduct to W Quinter. A. Sioussa. J. Baird, J. Hughes. R Sinclair. Premiums for improvement and proficiency to W. II ark ness, W. Higgles, G. Little, G. Evans, P. Kelly. Diplomas to N Adams, G. Permelion, A. Whildin, J Curry. Primary School No. 1. Modal for general merit to Columbiu Maddox. Premiums for improvement to C. L., L. B. Allen, J. E. Sessford, S. Cook. M K. Kelly. Premiums for correct deportment to C. F.?w l?r, L. B Allen, C. Esselburgge. J. Hilbus, C. Breeun r. Diplomas for deserving pupils to Anniu Scrii bier, M. J. Allen, S. rarkhurst. Honorably mentioned for punctuality?J. E. cssford, J >anne Hilbus, M. Koily. Pnnviry School No. 2 Me lal for superior merit to M try E. Boyd. Piemiums for exemplary conduct to E. J. Bnl nd, S. A. Rodier, T. N Poor, S. A. El lin. C. Frank. For proficiency?to Ann E Ilnys, M M Siualiwool, E F. Morgan, M Ruggles, M MeGlue. IVeniiuin for punctuality to Catharine V Riggles. who has not lost a day lrom school in lour years. Diplomas to deserving pupils L. V. Browne, M. A. Gray. L. Miller. Honorably mentioned for punctuality. M iry Worth, J. o. Parris. A. Gallenson, M. Walker. Junior Department. Medal for superior merit to Sarah Morgan Premiums for exemplary deportment to J. Boyd, A. T. Frank, J. Dean, M Haigbt, M. M Higgles Premiums for proficiency to M Turton, S. C. Goodyear, F. Thompson, M Brown, M. Mcllington. Premmm for punctuality to U. Tucker; not having lost a singlo day. Diplomas for deserving pupils to M. E. Richards, E. Kelly, A. Reed. Primary School No. 3. Medal for general merit to Hannah Cun ningham. Premiums for correct deportment to M. J. C ut. L. V. Punt, L. CUrk, W. H. Fill, C. H. Coburn. Premiums for proficiency in study to L Shedd. M. V. Contnor, L. Creager, F. Hill, F Smith. Diploma* for deaerving pupili to H. J. Free, W Donn, G. King. i Premiums for punctuality to J. J. Ski-ring, J. ? Goddard. ^ Honorably mention ad, ?. R. Ggddard, J. B. tfoylt. Junior Department. Medal for >uperior merit to Jfi* Sarah E. Goddard. Premiums for exemplary conduot to A. Fow

ler, H. C. Coburn. M Crpm*y, A. Bom, M. Sotheron Premiums for improvement to V. Drew J. R. W. Gray, M. Lindsay, A. McGonigel, A Stewart. Diplomat to deserving pup Ha, A. Lepreru, W. Traoy Beatty, Ella Donobo. Primary SeJiool No. 4. Mednl for superior merit to Elisabeth Grill*. Premium for (food conduct to S. Collins. W. Herbert, J. Anderson. E. Griffin. R. Banister. For improvement?V Herbert, A Bnnister, A. Cumberland, A. Collins, W. Herbert. Diplomas to Alice Athi, M. J. Collins, J. Collins. SECOND DISTRICT SCHOOL. Mult Medal fof greatest proflsicncy and exempla ry conduct to J. C. Douglas. Meyer's tJniversum to the most meritorious pupil. J. !tf. Mi gee. Premiums fur exemplary conduct to J. W. Falconer, A B. Scrivner. S. H Wright. S. W. irgeisol, J. N. C. Campbell. Premiums for proficiency and improvement to R B Wright. W. D. Lindsay, F. Etcheu son, J. Tolaml, R Etohenson. Diplomat for punctuality to T L. Wade, S B. Ci'-monts, J. T. Ford. W. N. Dalton, U. Thorn. Honorably mentioned?J. T. MoKean, D. Davidson, J. W. Wise, J. Berkhcad, S. A Da vis. Junior Department. Medal to Julius A Kaiser. Premiums for good conduct to Joseph K. Wlight, A. A. Bacon, II J. Bucte, J. A. Cl:irke, G. W. Fiaser. Premiums for impr ?venientto D. L. Hazard, J. M Davis, T. F. MKem. A L. Reed, S. C. Bums. Premiums for punctuality to G. W. Lewi', J. A T. W .de. Diplom-ia to deserving pupils T. H. David j. 11. Rittar. II Iddiiu. /vrt i'.t Dtpu rt niftit. M lal to Mar? ret J. Cj'er. M yer *> L.?iv?:r cm .by Uto-it meritorious punii -. Pr-uuua: 'oi ru eta. i ?? to Elizabeth W. Ford. Premiums for correct l^portment to E II. iMiiips. S L" wis, M. J. S?ilcrt, E. Beardslcv, mil M. E. Fowblo. Premiums for improvement to M. J. Iddec, L. A H irkness, M. S Keek, C. F. Ilazan', and M A. Bacon. Diplomas to R R obinson, M A. Clary, E. Sige, M. E Flenner. and L. V. Littleton. Mllf Prtnuiry Sr/'ioot. Medal for superior merit to Jas. K. Moore. Premiums for good conduct to J. T Poine roy. C. Zimmerman, W. Pomeroy, J. C. Row land. and E. Owens. Premiums for improvement a id proficiency to J Holidge. E Mvers. H. F. King. J. h. Douglas, and H. W. fta wiings. Diploma for improvement in writing and arithmetic to J. E. Douglas. For improvement to N J. Smith. Good conduct to Birkhcad. General improvement toG. T Wale Honorably meutioued for punctuality to J. A. W illiams, anil G. T Wade The former having lost but two days, and tho latter but two and a half days Primary No. 1. Medal for superior merit to M. Prather. Premiums for exemplary conduct to J. Mi ?uire. E. Angel. L. Prather, M. Turner and C. Thorn Premium-* for improvement to K. Hopkin*, S. Ba.-ou, J. Polkiahorn. J. Pywcll, and a' Pywell. Premium for punctuality to John M iguire. who not 1-gt a single day. and been all thai a t> a-her could wish, and* more than any would expect, and who ha^ received the -iiver medal ev. ry year siiuc his entering the s:hoo!; lor this rea on it i? given to the next be.t s.-ho!ar Diplomas to C. M:Connell, M. Mullen, ai.d M Smite. H morably mentioned N. Todd,C. Bacon. J. Bacou, and C. Bucte. primary No. 2. Medal for suj>erior merit to Snsin F'enner. Premium for punctuality to L. FiwVe. Premium-* for correct deportment to 3. J. Ingersoll. V L iagley, R. Weaver, M V. How ard. aud M. Schligel. Premiums for improvement to A. Stor?. R. H .iri-on, W. Herbert, T. M.Cartby, and E. Fl** ner. Diplomas to M. Uastecamp, F. Pope, and C. Garner. Junior Department. Medal for superior merit to Edw rl M. L ine. Premiums for good conduct to M. Greer, M. C. Stone. L. Wallingsford, L. Fowble, and J. Croggan. Premiums for improvement to E 0 Connor, A. Ilutehins, l'.. 0. Connor, J. Talty, and T. Humphrey. Dinlomas to desorving pupils. M Moulder, G. Hutchins, aud G. A. Dalton. Honorably mentioned S. Fowble, J. Becker, G. Farijuhar, and F. Farquhar. Primary No. 3. Medal for superior merit to Catharine Wer ner. Premiums for good conduct to V. Morand, M. Morand, H. Conner, M Sellm in, M Baker. Premiums for punctual attendance to J. Mo nacy, L. Keenan. Premiums for improvement to E O'Brim, M Dtviers, L. Deviers, J. M.Cutehen, It. O'Brien. Diplomas for deserving pupils to U. Mag;u der, J. Biasley, G. Beasley. Pri nviry No. 4. Medal for general mi'rit to C. A. Mpullat. Premiums for good conduct to E ilutcbir. sou, M E. Crane, M P. Hoover, H. Greer, M. A M<>or. Premiums for improvement to E E. Ho? '|> M Hoffman, M. L. M/ore, W. Hi rbert, 'l! Robinson. Premium for punctuality to E. F. Ledn an. Diplumai to G. F. Ballmger, C. B.own, i:. Forbes Honorably mentioned?11. T. Lawrotc*, E. J. R. Woodruff, W. Herbert. Junior Drpartmr)it. Medal for general merit U> Mary B. Moore. Pnmiuuis f.?r go<Kl conduct to C. Wirheraw M. Vr. Adams, F Gordon, J. Djyle, C. Wi - liams. Premiums for iraproveiueut to D. Duvall M. A. Lowrey, M Clurke, E. Campbell, h' H<gg. Premiums to Arthur Hoover, Catherine Her bert. G. Hoffman. tor deserving pupils to V. Eajrlc ston, S. Dig^s. E Essex Honor bly mentioned?C. Herbert, H. Ma gruder, R. Brown, W. Hurut. Tho annual distribution of premiums to the pupil6 of third and fourth d:stricta will take place this afternoon, at the SmithsoLian Insti tun je, at lour o'clock. The Cikcos Company of Rivers k Derious is> in "the full tide of succcs^ful experiment'' on Centre Market Thousands of per sons nave bien delighted with the varied anti exciting pertoruianccs. The pavilion is a lit tle too much crowded for ocmi'ort, but this it t> lei able in view of the divcrsons i;ff >rded, in cluding the witticisms of the clown, whokei p the spectators in a continual r? ar of laughtt r. A fuunv fellow that, and indispensable in a circus. The music is good, and the airs re markably enlivening. We had proof of the i.ict this morning, for the band stopped bef< re tne Star office, and complimented us with a scrouade, for which we tender our thanks. Warlike Invention ?For several days past officers and men at the United States Arsenal have been experimenting with a newlyr-in vented cannon shot. It is of an elongated, oonical form, and so constructed with flangct on the surface as to give it a rotary moiior while on it? voyage of destruction, it is the u.vei.tion of a gentleman who is here superii - tending the expeiim ;rts. We have hfi-rd n< pinion expressed by those oapible of judging ??f its utility, but the inventor is confident m -access in proving to the government the u.-fc tulness of the ?hot as a warlike implement. SrnDEN Dsati ?We are informed that Mr. Dennis MoCurdy, long known to oor oitiseca at a tohool teaoh?r, died very suddenly yes terday morning on the atMuner George Page, of which beat he was the ?lexk a4 Ike tee of his death. ?? ? ? OotnrTXKniTt.?Note* on (he bank at fair* mont, Va., altered from $6's to t20's, are in circulation- The bare mentioning of this fact is enough to eau#e o^r citizens to look out for the* Military Ft serai.. ?The Montgomery Guards. commanded by Lieut. Wh. Teeny, paraded vesterday afternoon to aU?od the fu neral of Mr. Thos. Galllvan. a derese^d tnetn ber of that oorps. The death of Mr Oallivac ?u quite md len. He was tak-n ill on Sat urday eveting, died on Sunday, and was buried on Monday afternoon. The W,\$mfr.TO> ni?nnA*neRa' Kxrrnato* will take place t<?-inorr?>w. (?ee adveflament ff>r pirtieulirs.) th* steamer George Wa?hf ig ton having I run er.gnged for thnt purpose The pcrf<> mer on the b:?gi?ip^s will b'eua iLe music of that ir.stium<?nt with that of FischerV popuhr ban.1. We dovbt not the programme will delight all the participant* in the excur sion. .. Tnr Orpha*.?M'-wr?. Rirrrs and Dorion*. the proprietors cf the Circus have invited tl" children of the two orphan Msyiutrs to attend the performance*. Those of tho Wthingtoi City Orphan A-ylum intend, we learn. ?nil thrtii?e!vos of ?h?' generosity of the p* prieior> to-iuorr >w afternoon, at three o'clock. Corporation Cases ?Justice B-^tcs di* p^se I of the folk wing corporation caw-i yes terday : Jim. Allen, keeping *f??ma!e mi iui of ll*?- d<>? kiii ? without, finel Sin ?m! costs; Susan Mills. pmf.ii.ity. fined S? and co*t*; Ucnry P. Booth. do. do. Watch Rrttrss.?Ja-?. Oreen, prnfari'y. fine and cost* ; Geo. Humphreys, non-rcid'-nt. dismissed. Several lodger* were le^istered. but discharge 1 at au early hour. AUCTION SALES. By .1 C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. F^xfiitok s sale or firmti rf i Hod Onn?rhold E* feels ?OnTHURSDAY morning. August Jd. at Hi o'clock, at t??e re*i ii^nco of the Rev .1 \V. Wmanv on tl dr-et K fwwn tv*t?i and S:Uh streets. I n.l! ?v or de* oft he Orphan's Court, ah Us llouvL ?|.-f tf coinpri-Siif? Mi*.hagai?\ ?prir?'.?. j <??,ie-s?-al Chain \\ il.ii t cent ? Tab!*. s'tl rabies Mahogany ?; ing *f Ht aii.l? an^-scat Itnrk*r^ Do match dining and hr? akf.t-r Tablea Do J^ rHary and B<tokca?e, I^o^nge Antral I .am p. ('lock Wir.d'jw Shad* a Carpets, Oilcloth. Curt-tins Walnut and maple cottage Bedstead* F rather bed* Bolster* and P'tlows \\a?h<iai>il?. Toiln Sets. I .ookin '-c'.asses Center pane*. Blankets. She~ts A Conking Stove and Fixture-, Kitchen Utensils Ac ra"": OV,r ,L*1 * credit offii and "0 dav ..for -ati.f..ctorily endorsed note*. bearing Interest IV S.?The housed for rrt. Inquire next door J R NOI'RSE. Executor. . . J AS C Mc'iUIRR. jy 3 d Auctioneer. By GRF.F.X A SCOTT, Auctioneers" jrpWO TWO-STOKY FRAMK HOUSE* ; -7L ,a"d Lot at An li ,n ?'On TUESDAY, the . ?.h of August, we shall s 11. in front --f the prenii ; seni, at f? o cleck ?' M . half of Lot 4. In .q i*re No , 3r., fronting ?> f<-ef 9 inches on tifh street, west, between \'?w York avenue a"d K street north running lark !*i feet 9 inches, with the imnrov* - merits, which are tw.^.??od two-storv Pram* if Ji^es. containing thre^rooms each. Ac F^i h hou^e will be sold separate with the lot on which it stands Terms ; One-third ra?h ; balance in six. twelve and el-ht-en months, for notes bearing interest froiii day of-ale. A dee,i y| *rti and a deed of trust talren k1l , OKKtN A SCOTT, jyji?a Auctionem. Bv JAS. C WrGl'IRE, Auctioneer. TRl'STKFS SthE (IE a valuable A Farm kitunted at ItaH'?l ro?? Koud.._ By virtue of t v.i d -ets of ?r<ist. d il- made a^.d re cord.<d amon^ the land re*ord? for Al-?xardr*a c?umv, Virginia, and bv instracti ?ns from tb parii-? ictere-t. d, th subwrib r *-i!| sell at public au. tionon9 \ ruilUAt , A, -.,,, I o'clock l .M , at the auction rooms, a valcahl* trac ol land, containing P2i acres, adj >inln.> Ball's Cro.^ K 'ads. ?a d tract being a portion ? f tr:e " Gleb" h ar ii," formeilv owned I.: (j. n J P Van .\e? It is p o|>os. il to div de th?* farm intj four lots cachconta nln,'af.iir proportion of open and wood land, and to i>e void seoara el<-. with the ri"h? to one-half tiie I'mwluj crop. One ? f the Ht*?con taiiuiii; :?? sere*, l a-? a i;ood ?jb-?an'ial ranu house, overseer's dwelling, i.urii, ; nd oth r out buildings on 1' A plat of the eubdivi?ion mav be seen at the Aut tlon Rooin^ Term? : < ?n -f.?urth cash ; the residue In twelve and eighteen months, with Interest, !>ecured bv a deed of irust wn the pre" i?es. , JAS. C. McUUIRE. Jy Jl-eoAds Auctioneer. By C W BOTKLFF. Auctioneer CALL ok VALi ABLE PKOPEtt TY 0% t he Ulaul ntAn ti?u ? on ri'RS|)\Ytf ternoon. July Bat. at 0 o'clock, I %ballseUon th# pr-mise?, pan ?f lot \0 7. lh square Jjl. to--thei j with the improvernent* thereon. c? n>lstiri" of tw j two storv Frame Houses, in one of which there i I a store, which is considered a go d busin^xs loca tion. In the rear of the house there is a larjre con venient. and substan'lal two-storv bake-honiie This proftertv is located 011 Eleventh street, (fh? princljKil tiioroiiL'I'fare to the steamboat wharves | between D and K streets south Terms: One third ea>h ; i^ldue In *1*. twelve andei'/hteei months, with interest. ??cured by a detd of trust on the premises 7 ^ c. \V. BOTEI F.R, 1 _ Auctioneer. ByOREF.N A SCOTT. Aiictior^ni. Groceries, stork fivtiris. ac.. " at Auction tin \VEDNF;si?A\ , the (M of August, we shall sell, at the 0 ocerv Sto e of .Mr Lewis I .epreux at the corner of 11 th ar.d P street nfr?h. all the Groceries and Flxturen of the Lj lablKmuent, vii: Tea. Sugar. Coffee. Spikes, Starch Crockery and Mouewnre Liquor. Mola-ses. Vinegar With a general asaortmeut of other articles un nec-ssars to enumerate Also the Store Flvrures, Scale- and the unex pired Liquor License Terms All?um* of and under #05 cash - over a credit of t>0 and t*J days, for notes sttisfacto rily en dorsad GREEN A SCOTT, j> a Auctioneers ARXAFD A CO , Auctioneers ^LtDL TOP BlCttY t AKKIiCC a* Ai?c 0 lioa.?On TL LSD A Y afernoou, 3u>' las'an'.. at 5 o c ork, we will sell in front of our More or.e got d slide top Bis ?gv, which i? in good order and verv Niiltabie for family use or for u plnslclan Terma at the sale. h ' wall, barnard a co i?? . . , , Auction^ -s. I he Vehicle is for private lni,u ,Un, ,, our Store comer 9t't st. and :'n. avenue. ' j>' 27-sjt ^ W B A CO T'n J C. .\lcOU 1 RE. Auctioneer. K18TLCS ?*LK OK VALUABLE 1*1. proved Ken! Estate?B> cf a deed of trust, bearing dale the jnth dav of Mav, A D ! 1351, and dulv recorded in Liber J A Js . No 79 folios 2451, *213. JO, v45. and ?ltt. one of the land records for Washington county, In the District o? , Columliia. we will sell at public sale, in frout <>J 'he premise*, on F R IDA Y, theriddav of Aulmm-i l?5o, at t>^ o'cl<H'k P. M.. a part of lot No 10 h souare No 'JO?, In the rbv of Washington in nairi Lilstrict, and t?eing descriln-d as f. Ilov ; He -.inning on the line of South D street hi feet and 1 inches from the southwest corner of said square and running thence east on the line of said^tit.'t feet to the eastern line of -aid lot , theme nonl Aithsaid line I (Si feet, thence wtkt 'A feet ? and I thenca south 10" feet to ti.e rla. e of beu.uuiu.' with the iinprovein?nt6. The lot is improved wiu. a neat cottage house. Terms or sale: i?ne third in ca*h , remain der in two eaual payments at ?lx B..d twcl\-? t'ontbs, with interest, to *>e sectored bv a deed 01 'r ist; the terms of sale to l>ecomplied with In ' days from the dav of salt, and upoti def.iiit there in the trustees reserve th.- right to m*. il the rrem ?e* at thecoht and o/the tirst pun hases All conveyancing at purchaser s cost W. U.WARD.) T J Y DAVIS, j TrusHea i ?? _ i C.McGUIRK, Jy 80 ?7t Auctioneer. 0? By JAS C. McGtHRE. Auctio?ieer. WE OF THE BEST OROtERY Stnnd? in the City at Public Sale.-On TrfURS DA\ afternoon. July 36, is*i6. at 6 o'clock, en th* premlsea, I shall sell that valuable property situ ited on the corner of B and I'Jth streets, near I2tl, street bridge, foimerlv kept as a tirocery store b. Sen^stark A Clark, and late by Wni II t laia With a sufficient capital to ex end the biiKires-. 'o a wholesale is w -ll as retail business more pi r rjcularlv in the f.**d. U<>;(r ?? d ha^on tiade. no lo itli>n In ?he r-it. ofl'-tv ^rerner fac'|-?iei I he watt-house i.? of t>rl? k. ?> iront by 5i! f> deep. iw?> stories Ijlgfi, and b ill: of tf,r best nut* riol in the most manner There - >0 attached a lot in the rear 'J5 by 11 feet TLe be*?eo at anv Hn?e' b>. nuiu, ?Ith0^f. S??^t^k, ou D, between litth anc 'JfZZOSfn 1 ,hail ? l0* fronting i> .wiCon aooth D, between :-2th and Uka au , nia ?SLSSf^ o ^ ^ 16 feet paved alley. . ? Oo'UJouh ; raaldue la tlx, twrie%. 2?25?sn^s?irn?"1* ID* The above mU? la postponed la UBt^ TUESDAY afUiaoen, July Slat, aaxoe hour and place 4 M9 C. McGt'IRE, TELEGRAPHIC NEW& RCPORTEMOR THE RIHIM ?Til l*?er from Ha-aaa CtaaLtiro*. July 29.?The rtearaer Taaba baa arrived with Havana dates of Wwdneadsy. The cholora waa racing at Havana?nntn*r ?n? d?ntfce bid occorred among the military a id ei?itcrt?,o*et a)a~n. existed. Off ifwl. an cxtenive planter. *u reported u> have failed for near f 2 000,000. Qoorier, ft friend of Pinto, bid been itn? priaoned for bring c-nt+roed in making a butt fur the latter. Rainires bad bo< a banltbed tc Caeta for tix ye- <*. Two bundiea CLineae eniigfaotj had arrived ??n 'bo I?lan<f. Suxar? w-re active, aud had adva* o<d w b % fpecuU'ive drtnirJ. M daase* firm * d sjir.-e. Ltrd iu b!4?. IGjc.; iu k?17al7;*' freight* dull, l.x 'h. n^r on Liudt. Kjtl# (>rcuiiuui; on X w V ?rk 2a2l diuou* t New Yorr Markets. Ne* York, Jn'y 31.?Flour i? flm ; ?a" i ?f 000 bblj?. a? hi 2i>** M for Sf*?e , aalea ?f j(KI hhlj, Southern -it Wbe't * atifftft; saVj< ?.f H 000 bushel-. Corn i? low* ?i: anlea of 4<t 000 bu-tb"Is At 8iic. P^rk aal (foci firu. Whisky 41c. Stock Market. Nkw Voiik. July vl ?Stocks af* w*tire iale? of Er'e st 41'; Cumberland. 29; ing. W;; Pennsylvania Coal C mp iuy. ill. Virgin a 5's. 5>7j. FACQI'IER WHITE Sl LfHl It ?HKIV.? VlARD?Ha>1af see-i x r>>n?)ini< jt*ina (ir dilating iti the n^tr^pt r* the rotiotrv, to tii" ?-fIWt (bat * une malignant diw-a-e itthlktiiiif^fMilsit I!* fiwjuiiT ^V)titr S?d* phi.r,.l in the r.cinily. we think >t [?roper and d<; ? to the- pr>pri? *crs of thi* waterli.^ place to Mate. that we re-nie at Warrei ????. d Nnt aimuf *;x mile? that we have prat''? ?ed at ihe^e *nrltt|ta f >r tb la?t s. ?teen orei^hl "t? v r?. Hiid within thai w i.< le fier.od wr do n?K imhi '#r tiiat iiel rbi?irb>? d to hav?- 'w??n more [v rfectlv ocakhv and e etiij'* f.-om d.- xw of eve . kind :han at the i>-e<??:?! The n,p>>' '-f-mtl to m-ist biveorl. " ?-i;od in a malignant d<* -n ,r> 1 ''j re the p;..pneton? J??il \ V. f'HILLOV M D SAML'tL. U FISItKK .'v! D jjr 9w District of < ?Inm^ta. ) . Wa?hixotom CoPstt i J HKR FB V certify that J;.n#*A De.-n. of w1l ? *a:d co in'y. hrou^ht oefore t??e the ?>. *>*cnb' , aj Mire of th?> iwaf e in and for the ?? i thi?*.6thdav ef J dy, ISi5 a* est-ay, tre-pea^ ? * i{jon tiis en'-hMi;ren n dark brj*vn hor?.e al^out 1 ?>r M) vara old. ?l?out 14 hand* h'trh. no ?hue? ci :ii?> for* feet, the bind shoe? much vorr. \WiUfa 'all.'rota, enter* and |>ace* No b^bj utaiki or .?r ntber pt-rceivai?|e nii'ka. Oiven under mv ha <d _ JOHN n CUR\J P The owner of 'he ?L:?e described (jw e n ra P'eated to prove proper v. paV char-e^ v.d aLt jlinawav. jA!* A jjFaV j> 3u-ate CoJombia .UilU Rock C-eek BvJ C M< OUTRE. Aoet .n#? 'PRt'STEE S RAFF OF V4LI ARf.L A*D 1 Beuatifull> mtaat d IniicMr* Lit ot Third street we?t, betweet Pa. trrr<kr and 'J atreet.?Bv virtu- of a deri lutruat. ^<*?'iTi -late on the -isth da? of Febri u-> 1853, and ;e orded In l.lber J. * 8 N*? foiio- 302. > the atibv r'??tr ?* 11 n^L a. put lie *ale. on W KD.NKfJL'A * aftirnton, Ai?^unt l??, at ">* o'clock p m . on the p*emi*e?. ?.ot No II In -enervation \'o 11, fronting 25 feet ca Third a?.ret ?**e?t. t?etw<x>n Penaailv&nia avenue and C atieet rtonb, bv 150 feet dee^? to a 35 feet allev The altove property la tlufiblv ait-ailed in a nos?desirable , art of the city, rapidlv entian'lug in value, and otTera a rare o'ppoitunity tc? per?ona J?*fring to build or tnv??r Terms ra*h; and If not rompJ'ed wltL In three la\-? after tl.e ?;tie the property will be reao'.d. at he rl?k and f < penv of the piu-chaaer, upou one A-eek s notice Ail con\'e\r 'lr.ij tt the einen** of n?irrha^?? CHAWLESS Wai,LAC?I. r.*iu?e. ? JA3 C'lKh, J> 12?eo*da A w'loneer B" J C MrCL'IRK. A i-tloneer FI!*E RLOOPtD RROPI) ?tR? ? alt at Aurtina.-On f TKSDA V. tne Itat instant, at II o'< l^ck a in . In frr>nt of tLe Aueti >n Kootn. I abail sell (M<FAN A. a tone bnond imre. atii b?r colt. "Ml" :> ha La." -I e<t u. vlr Clark Mi U-s sj^-did p a*nea-a; i.? 1 I his i> o k I* wr tii\ ?bea tent of pur^ha^er*. TLe n.are I* v< ijr ai.fiMe for a do< *or'? . arr^i 't or any light wa^or uae. and -U?d>ar1tho thit h !nK J. C Mclil'IRF, jft??FMATu Auctioneer. Bv OKKF.N A SCOTT. Auctioneer* rPWO?ITOR If FRAME IHI|SFA>U LOT 1 ut Aoctiou ?On TFKSDAV, the Inat , ?**e aball se'l. In front of the premises, cart of I .at Jb. In Square No 5*5 fronting on 4th street we~? etween K and I. atr-^eia north, on which 1? a ^o>id 'wo-atory Frame Houae. containing five good r<h?nia. Tue above dear* )i"d property In baudsoinel^ lo cated In a rapidly .mpcovini: part of the flty ferma Hi? cash , Mlanoe in monthly pm met.'* >?f #8 pw ?Lftltlh, t Hilv ^Ctir*d t?KKFN A 8t OTT, J* Ao tloneer* RIVLR8 * DKRIOli GRECIAN CIRCT76! New j Equipood for the Year 2i'^. WILL tSHIRIT AT WA9lil*<;TOX. On Jnlf W, 30, and 31. and Aagaat I end 9. 'rUi? ??'UnuLiiufo: c?*t Uie prr prle'.ora ovw f'O.OOo HOLLARS. The Cm( aay la coitpoaed ot THIRTY-FIVK P?KF0X*K?? O the moat talented that can be had <f!lber in Eu r????># or hwi rlca, namely: .Madamet ? ilia t-aroner, the Parls'an *Sque? nienne, Madsine V j?h1, the i^reat Fn^lisi. ^ 1*" rleiiue; Mont. Peul Cane, from the Fr?*nc^. sue '?erman I'beat.'es; Bllu the liaila i Juk' :ler; L. IVrl.. ? tl.e Ameriy*. Scene M:d?>r, P Iti vera, the t iiival'ed Priii*.f*l Act RlU*r; K VVcoda. tba^rut Krench Scenic Rld? , Master ?^orife lieiio'i*. tLe Wnndcifdi Huddle Rider; ?tr Geo Sloinab. the AcrolMlic an<? Oy?iaadl< I'erformtr; Master Charl* ? K:vera. Oewral K ;dei ??>d the Tumbler '.?i the world , Moucha how Pearo. the \outhf?l bov of noanv forma, Moi.? Ucrome tte Sain neon of the Worid, Mon> Borde, E. I.ewia. T Rivera. 1 > btribe, R H Hevie, R Thomp->oa, N Spr.nijM aid lunteron* au> I'lartCk SHi ANTONIO CVPELENO, ^aa Juat irr.' od from R uaala Laving been en^a^ed at en '(?ormoiis expenae will make hla Drat appearance in A me lea wilL hla (.BEAT RIMIAK BLA F 9. TLe>e woude:flil j rrfoitnance* tLroacb mii Kniui-e?wl Koaila have aatoniahed evtr oe ?oiaer l"or full pa ti ulars of their perfo"> i-n.?p -ee the Mll? Meafcrp I' h vera r.nd G. Derloua btg i?*ave to innonnco that thev have brought fron. Rc <!a r.oJ ? raiice some entire neu petfoniei? Also, otw ouuc ?/terDiece^. never before periormod ir thw ountry Thia mammoth conr?'n comprlaea One kendred ana Ninety Hen a .a Herat* The gorpeoua procession will enter towr. or cltv -yen morning at 10 c> clock, 'ed by Mr lthera* New York Brans and randean band Doors open at 2 la tl ?. afternoo.i a >d at ? in the -vening Ticket* 25 centa N'fl half prlre. *-B???tot C W Ft uLE*, Agent The above Companv will e?hl 'It at t>i:oX(>tfoM>, on FRIDAY, tue ?d Ot Auguat lime: limes limf: /^nrAT BbDLCflo.S. J\ PRICE ?Ben. *? uallty wood burnt I u,. at EIOHTY < ent? {?er barrtl. i am now Belling the te--> quaJily ?<f wood bum' l.iuie in Washington at el^btv c?-nts per barrel at h? kilns and eii;ht\ >tlve cent* delivertsi to an) part of the city This la twenty-five pt cent laoa L an the market prloe LAW TON f UOOVFR Potomaa Lime Kilna. one aquara aowth of tU L#owwBftfpjGeMyMova Jy" ~ JCK-10WICK> pHAELW WERNER, ea Pa. V a lie Browna' Uotol, wlU ha^ ample ai. pp.y at Frttfbot which ha wlHaaU, on pall, la A? the Urwmt |iiwlkli nia>