Newspaper of Evening Star, August 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 1, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINQTON CITT: WEDNESDAY AFTERS?OS....A?ga?t 1. ty Adv?bti8EMB?t? should b? banded In by 13 o'clock. M , otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. AGENTS FOR THE STAR. Tlie following personi are authorized to con trac for the publication of advertisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmkr, N. W oorner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pettisgill A Co., Nassau Street. Boetot?V. B. Palvkb, BcolUy's Building. JOB PRINTING. We are moving our presses into a fine new press room, where we will have greatly in creased facilities for the execution of Job Prutisg. Our other facilities for the neat, expeditious, and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost every description, have likewise been gTeatly extended of late. So we are now prepared to give satisfaction in that line to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims will fiud the Star office the best place in Wash ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Give us a call. SPIBIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union replies to the jcremaids of the K?.w York Evening Post over Judge Kane's decision in the W heeler slave-stealing case The point essayed to be made by the Post, is that it virtually affirms the supremacy of the slave-holding States throughout the north? that it makes such of their laws as bear on slavery operative in Pennsylvania, over and ag.iinst the will of the people of that Common wealth. Of course the Post holds that the act of taking slaves in transitu into Pennsyl vania make? them free, and quotes Goodell and Wheeler's compilations (garbling*) of law. to show that such have bceu the decisions of the courts of Louisiana. The Union's point Is to discredit the quotations in question: which it ilofs by giving the portions omitted by Good ell and Wheeler, bccause they show that in the cases referred to. the question was with refer ence only to slaves taken to non-slavehnlding fctates to reside; not in transitu. The Union shows conclusively to our mind, at least, that the law, as it interprets it, has always been the settled law of the land. The Intelligencer deprecatcs the "mis cbievious idea of legislative retaliation." That is, of legislation on the part of the slave holding States, in retaliation for the nullifying acts, Ac., of Northern Stato Legislatures in violation of their obligations under tho Con stitution of the United States with reference to slavery The editor thinks that the South can a only embarrass and injure itself by any such action on its part. W ith due respcct for our extemporary of the Intelligencer, we ask leave to s-y that its syren song, in this connection, while it has utterly failed to influence the Couth, has long encouraged tho Abolitionists in their unconstitutional and revolutionary conduct. We never read in its columns an apology, direct or indirect, for Abolitionist and Abolitionism without more regret than we can express; as we sincerely believe that the weight of its character is doing incalcula ble mischief in the way of keeping up the prevalent impression at the North that the uth may be relied on to stand, patiently, any changcs in the Government of the United ?. tes. that Abolitionism may fancy to under take with the view of the administration of its (the Government's) affairs according tothe pe culiar constitutional readings of Messrs Sew ard. Chase, Hale, Sumner, Wilson <* Co. PEE80NAL. ? ?..Mr. Harri", U. S Consul at Ningpo. is at Willard s, and Hon. A Kencher and fami ly, of X rth Carolina, and Rev. J. Morsull, of Maryland, are at Brown's hotel. ....Hon. U. W. Hillard. of Alabama, ha: been cht *cn President of the Emory College at Oxford, Oa . vice Dr. Means, resigned. ? ....George Cop way, the Chippewa Indian, has taken the stump in Kentucky, in behalf of the Know Nothing cause. George is a Me thodist preacher. ami a native of Canada. By the tenets of the proscriptive order, he biniseii wf u'd therefore be excluded from office, even that of a scavenger. ....Miss Porter, the daughter of Judge Por ter, who died at Cape I-lan?i? on Saturday was eighteen years of age. A lew days pre vious !-he accompanied her father. Judge Por ter. and a sick sister, to the island, and on Fri dav appeared among tb '?athers in the lull vigor of life. While in t! e surf, or soon after Teaching her hotel, she w^s attacked with the rramp. and died on Saturday. The deceased was much beloved among a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Her remains have been taken to Easton, Pa. ....L da Montei, of erratic celebrity, prior to leaving California, is said to have made her will mease of accident, leaving all her prop erty to Mr. Heald, the only man, ?he asserts to whom she was ever really married. .... Ex-Rev Cbauncey C. Burr. Esq., has ttarted a new ma-aiine in New York, called The Nation, with a view to a fusion of all I niou-loving conservatives for the next Presi dential campaign. ....Col John H. Wheeler, United States Minister to Nicaragua, is in Washington. .... ? Married, in Baltimore, on the29thin J"ho a John had an economic eve; So, in his metrimoiiial frat. He Afiry-ed on?* that could supply The nerevary household Meat .... Irving'*'? Life of Washington' prais ed by the English reviewers One of them re marks " Englishman can heartily appreciate the greatness oi Washington , for w.'.g he not oj our blood '?and now that the a.-peritics of content have been removed, we can acknowl edge the justice of his cause and the heroism of his actions." The Fever at Norfolk. A res,dent of Norfolk, Va? who is evidently In a very j^rturbed state of mind, indeed, with reference to the fever, writes to hi* friend in this city as follows: i. Tii? w ii * N<?RK0Llt- July 30 7855. The yellow fever is racing to an alarminc extent here, and in Barry's Row, I expe-i there are present upwards of fiftv eaaes u?e doctor says he has fifteen cases under hi? treat ment Two died last night The Catholic priest says he can show plenty of case? I understand ho has offered, that if they would ?t a h-spital, he would, with the .Sisteis of Chanty, attend to them. I understand they are trying to do something in that way. The people are very much alarmed Robert War atree?'^ * * 0,1 s?turdaJ eight, on Main ?A5"0*1"" TOLRc.lls--We are acquainted with a printer *ho is so cntha.iastic in his business, that he never sits down to dinner '*? p"d ^ A man was sent to jail on Fridav for tw?nty-eigbt day. by an A!derm in 0f iW burg, for uttering twenty-eight oaths in the Alderman a presence. ?i?^ Six bushels of new Illinois wheat were sold in St. Louis on the 23d ult for 51.10 to *1 30 per bushel U,t WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Col Whe?ler and the Fiilibuateri ?The Journal of Commtrc* k oorreot in refusing to credii the silly story of some one in Granada (Central America) accusing Col. John II. H heeler, U. S. Minister to Nicaragua, of .-jmpathy with the late Walker expedition. W e know from free conversation? with that gentleman, whom we know as college mates know each other, that no one in the public service is more fnxjous than he is for the en tire triumph of the policy of his government with reference t<? filibustering. If Brissot and Hurnsby, who were killed in the last fight of the Walker expedition, were inclined to filibuster when they became members of his suite, the Jouriiul of Commerce may relv on it, they took good care to keep the fa.-t Iroiu his knowledge; otherwise he would not have touched them with a fifty foot pole. Men like B. and H.?American adventurers in Spanish American countries?are the most sjk. cious customers in the world. They are the men of all others to deceive a high minded, frank ami generous gentleman like Col. Wheel er, who suspects no one, until after experience, in his want of character. Boundary Line between the States of Ala bama and Florida ?Some thirty years ag), General Coffee, in executing surveys in Alc bama. adopted a line as the boundary between Alabama and Florida, aud, subsequently, the puMic surveys in Florida were closed upon it accordingly. By an act of Congress, in 1831. it was made the duty of the United States Sur veyor General of Florida to run the line on the thirty-first parallel of latitude. What is known as Whitner's or Ellicott's is now held to be the true boundary between those States. About a year ago, a contract was made by the Surveyor General of Florida with S. J. Perry, I nited states Deputy, for the survey and con nection of the public surveys on the Florida side Complete returns of these surveys have just been received at the General Land Office, and from them it appears that some one hun dred and sixty sections of public lands, which, according to Coffee's line, fell within the lim its of Florida, are now ascertained to be in the State of Alabama. We learn that such of these lands as have not A-eady been disposed of will soon be brought into market. Defects in the Laws.?In the law- of the last Congress dividing Ohio and Illinois eaoh into two United States judicial districts, it was neglected to provide where persons should be confined who arc comicted' by United States courts of penitentiary offences, there being no penitentiaries within the limits of either of the new districts made in the two States named above. I nder these circumstances the new courts find themselves unable to carry out the laws in such (penitentiary) cases. In Chicago a criminal has been convicted who must legal ly b - confined in a penitentiary, but he cannot be sentenced for the reason set forth above. The I nited Stales c? urt fritting recently in Clc; land, Ohio, has adjourned, in order to avoid the trial of tuch ca-es which are on the doc!"' t. which cannot be disposed of until after Conjrti^ thail amend the laws in question with ut getting it (the court) into a similar dilemma. Island* in the Mississippi, in Minnesota Territory.?In the case of a call for the sur vey of certain islands in tho Missis-ippi falling within the territorial limits of Minnesota, the General Land Office has directed that applica tion be made to the Surveyor Uenei il at Du buque, Iowa, who has been authorized to sur vey all the islands in his surveying district, except sue h as are very .-mall and not valua ble for timber or agricultural purposes The latter, however, may be surveyed by the United States deputy surveyors at the expense of applicants for the survey, who have to ruu the risk of becoming the purchasers thereof at tho time of sale, their applications for the sur vey, and the payment for that service con ferring on them no advantage whatever over other lemons at the time of the salo of the islands. The Fever atGosport, Va -We understand that tli* recent application from the authori ties of Portsmouth, Va., for the use of the Naval Hospital of the Norfolk station in which to place and treat the patients suffering under the fever now raging in the Gosport Ward (of Portsmouth.) were promptly an-wcred affirma tively by the Navy Department. All the ex penses of the arrangement are, of course, to be borne by the town and its citizen-. The Current Operation* of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 31st of July, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of tho Department? For the Treasury Department.... Sl.O.iO 00 For the Interior Department 675 0U War Warrants received aud en tered 124,Mil 80 War repay warrants received and entered 02.115 U'J lnteiior Warrants received and entered. 10^.285 03 Covered in trom miscellaneous sources 16 Oj On account of the Navy.... 73,110 73 Earthquakes ?The following circular has been distributed by the Smithsonian Institu tion in reference to the recent earthquake at Baltimore : The Smithsonian institution is desirous of collecting information in reference to all phe nouiena having a bearing on the physical geog raj hy of this continent; and. in behalf of the Board of Regents, it is rcspectfuliy requested that you will furnifh us with any information you may possess, or be able to obtain, in re gard to the kartuquak k which lately occurred in your neighborhood. It will be interesting to determine the geo graphical limits of the disturbance, and to as certain whether it was confined to any partic Inr geological formation If the direction of the shock were observed at a few places, the centre of commotion could be determined ; aud if the time were accurately known at dif ferent points, the velocity of the earth-wave could be calculated. An answer is requested to the following questions, viz : 1. Was the agitation felt by yourself, or by any other person in your vicinity ? 2 What w?s the approximate time of the occurrence ' 3 What was the number, and duration of the shocks' 4. What was the direction of the motion ? 5 What was the character of the disturb ance ??was it perpendicular or longitudi nal??was it an actual oscillation ??an up heaval and depression?or a mere tremor' 6. Was there any noise heard ' and if so, what was its character ' 7. Was the place of observation on soft ground, or on a hard foundation near the un derlying rock.i of the district? 8 Were any facts observed having appa rently an immediate or remote bearing on this phenomenon ' 9. What was the intensity of the force in reference to producing motion in bodies and cracks in walls' Notb?Please reply to the first question, if to no other?for an answer to it is necessary, in order to determine the limits of commotion The direction of the impulse might have been is .cri.uncd by observing the dilution iu which molasses, or any viscid liquid, was thrown up ascainst the side of a bowl. The remains of tne liquid on the side of a vessel would indicate the direction some time after the shock occurred. Goversor Rekt'kr.?A despatch from St. Louis, dated July 30, states that Gov. Recdcr, j of Kansas, has published a copy of his answer to Secretary Marcy's last letter. lie savs, in relation to the charge of having purchased half-breed Kansas lauds, that he has purchased 110 cuch lands. He thinks he has been treated very unfairly, because the President has called upon him for his defcnce, against charges of violating rules whiah are not specified, and ?is iks for their specification. !V1ARRIED. On the 30th ultimo, by Rev. E. P Phelps. Mr. JOHN W. IIOUCK to CATHARINE M. PKR R1E, all of I his city. DIED. On the 30th ultimo. CAROLINE. aged 1 year* 10 month*, daughter of J. Bayard H and Henrietta Smith. At I o'clock, a. m., this morning. HENRY TAYLOR, son of Juhn H. and Margaret Thorn, a Ted 2 years and 5 months. His funeral will Jake place to-morrow morn ing, at 10 o'clock. fr?>m the residence of his pat ients, Eifth street, to which the friends of the fimily are respectfully invited. Near Georgetown,"this morning, August 1st, after a lingering illness, SARAH HOOVER, wife of John Hoover, in the 5~th year of her age. She died, as she had lived, a Christian For thirty years past she was a member of the Metho dist Episcopal Church. Her funeral will take place at the Methodist E. Church. Dunharton street, Georgetown, to-ruor r?iw (Thursday) morning, at 10 o'clock, where her friend* and acquaintances are invited to at tend without further notice. In Kins George county, Virginia, on the 2.1th of July, ISAOEI.liA HaLlis, eldest daughter of Kenjamin Hales, aged 10 years, 8 months and '24 ? I ijs, in full hopes of the enjoyment of a blessed i.umortality. She leaves a large circle of friend to mourn her loss l>oih iu this city and in the former place ,NORTHERN LIBERTIES' F I R E Company.?The regular monthly meet ing of this Company will be held at their hali 1HIS EVENING at S o'clock. Members are .equested to be punctual. au 1?It J T. IIALLECK, Sec. ^X^AT A MEETING OF THE MERRY ^ Bachelors, held on the evening of July ?II, 1855, J no. N. Claphain was expelled from the Club by an unanimous vote, for non-payment of d ies and lines. By order of the Club : JNO. D. BRANDT, au 1?3t# Secretary ,TO FARMERS AND OTHERS ?At a Fair which will be held on the J}e! lemonte farm, Broad Creek. Piseataway district, Prince George's county, Md , on THURSDAY, h of August, at which, amona other things, tiie Morgan horse Vonng Gitl'ord, Cows, Sheej?, and ' i oat s. a pai r of family carri age horses. t h ree second h md carriages, and a variety of farming imple ments, will be sold to the highest bidder, au I?lw i| f ATTENTION, GREY S ?The regular f.i nmonthly meetinir will be held THIS (\V?l t| \Tnesday) EVENING Punctual attendance ?, Jit? reqnested, as business of interest to the Company will be brought forward au 1?It* JAS. STONE. Sec. n ? ATTENTION. GEORGE WASH ING flgton Target Company.?You are requested to rir7a!ten<l a speci;d meeting to be held at lie ??Jillallon Sixth street, between Massachusetts avenue and K street, on TIH'RSDAY EVEN ING, August 2d. By order of the Captain : au 1?It* S. GROVES. Sec. A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE Northern Lil>erties Division Sons of Temperance, will be held at Tt mperance Ilall oil Thursday evening. August '2d, for the purpose of taking intocrnsideration the propriety of surren dering tine charter, and dividing the funds If ten nicml>ers will come forward and pledge themselves to enter upon the duties devolved upon them. if will be glad tidings to the true friends of i uis or der. The officers have all l>een elected to fill the several stations, and have failed to < ume forward and be installed. It is absolutely necessary that something be done, or shut up, arid f< Id our arms and say our work is done au I?2t WM. H. SIBLEY. Acting \V P. ii i. Attention. Montgomery Guard*?V A X are hereby notified that a regular rnontl H H meeting of the Company will be held It ill WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 1st of A Attention, Montsomerj Guards.?You monthly oh Au gust. Punctual attendance is necessary, a?'impor tant business for the Company will l>e transacted By order of the Captain. jv 31?'2t WM O SULLIVAN, Secretary. >-^2^CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE ^?S> Fifth Ward.?Notice is hereby given to the part ies contesting the seats of the iiicuinbent members of the Common Council from the Fifth Ward of the city of Washington, D. C . ;is well a; to those persons whose votes were rejected at the Municipal Election held in said city on .Mon day, the 4th ultimo, that a hearing will be given in the premises, on THURSDAY. 2d August, at the Council Chamber, in the Citv Hall, at I o'clk p.m. SAMUEL YORKE AtI.EE. Chairman Committer on Elections Board of Common Council. Jy '27?dtAug'2 ,THE GEORGE WASHINGTON Club of Georgetown take pleasure in announc ing to the public generally that they will give an Excursion to the White House Pavilion on 13th of August. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 26?lw IOST. ON THURSDAY MORNING, July i 23th, a Brass Scale, laid ofl in I in. and 10th in on one side, and 1 in and 5t?th on the other side; supposed to l>e lost near the A F A Capitol, on A street north The tinier, by???>?? leaving it at the Star Ortice, will be suitably re warded. an 1?lw ^CITABLE FOR PRESENTS?AT LA.M k MON D'S, Tth street, can i?- found a iarge and U*autiful collection of Fancy Notions and Toys, and at very low prices. au 1?')t I'CBLIC BATHS. \1"RS SAUNDERS respectfully informs the 1*1 public that the BATH HOUSE. No 35n C s reet. in the rear of the National Hotel. wiU t>e k-pt opeu for the accommodation of those who d-sire to avail themselves of its remedial agency. For the accommodation of Ladies she has set apart Monday and Thursday of each tween the hours of 12 m. and 6 p m , for their ex elusive use. at which times they will receive the lfention of co.npetentTemale attendants. Single Bath, "23 cents?tive tickets for ?1. Thankful for the patronage extended to her late husband, she respectfully solicits its continuance, au 1?eo3t* ODD FELLOWS HALIZ ~~ ELEVENTH ANNUAL VISIT OF KliNKEL'S OPERA TROUPE! Who, in addition to a most successful and per feetly organized Ethiopian Corps of (OMEDIANS, VOCALISTS, k DANCERS, now include the highly celebrated infant prodigies THE WELLS CHILDREN. This joint combination renders their portraitures I NEQUALLED IN TALENT They will commence on MON DA V EVEN ING. August 6th Admission TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Doors open at 7, commencing at 8, and conclu dng at lit o'clock au l-6t JNO T. FORD, Agent DELIGHTFUL EXCURSION. rpHE YOUNG CATHOLIC FRIEND'S SO a CI FT Y, inform their friends m ^ and the public, ttiat they have char-^jjJ^y^gg tered the much eulogised steamer GLORGf! WASHINGTON for their annual excursion tothe WH I T E HO USE PA VILION. on T H U RSD A Y, !>th of August, for the beneJit or said -oeiety, who clothe and school nearly one hundred poor chil dren. The committee assure families and individuals who may favor them with their company, that no pains will be spared to insure their comfort and pleasure. Webber's cotillion band isemployed for the ser vice of those fond of the dance. Dinner, supper, confectionery. Ac., furnished at ' m derate prices by an experienced caterer. The boat will leave Georgetown at 7\ o'clock, I Washington at 8 o'clock, Navy Yard at 8.^, and Alexandria at!) o'clock. A. Ai. The boat will make a second trip from the Washington wharf at 2 o'clock, P. M. Returning will leave the White House at 5 and 10 o'clock P M Tickets admitting a gentleman and two 'adies, or children, SI; to be had at the Music Store of J. F. Ellis. Penn. av , W. A. Kennedy's book store, and J F- Callan'sdrug store, 7th street, Wash ington. J. L Kidwell's drug store High street, Georgetown, and fro.n members of the committee aud society. Committee of Arrangements. Thomas 11. Burche, Frank McNorhany, George Savage, Noal Kellev, R. B Owens, Wm. Flakertv, Peter McGennis, Nicholas Callan. Lewis Newtou, R. Eichorn,] J Feudal! Kain. au 1?WSMAW SECOJID GRAND EXCURSION To Cape May and Return ! No Interference with Business Hours! Fnre only Four Dollar*for the Round Trip! ALTERATION" OF TIME! Leavinc Saturday Evening at p. tn. Reaching home by 6 o'clock on Monday morning. fedSe !N order to accommodate manv who were unable to procure Tickets on Saturday last owing to the limited number being sold previous to starting ANOTHER EXCURSION has been arranged, leaving the Baltimore depot. Washington on~ SATURDAY AFTERNOON.at4* o'clock, 1st the Regular Mail Train, connecting at Balti more witb the Special Express Train, which will leave the President street depot. Baltimore, at 7 o'Vlk precisely, for New Castle.Delaware. reaching there at to o'clock, p. in., where they will take the Company's swift and double-engine steamer ROBERT MORRIS, aiul proceed down the Del aware Bay to CAPE MAY. arriving there at I o'clock a m . in time for EARLY MORNING BATH and BREAKFAST ON THE ISLAND Returning, the Robert Morris will leave Cape Mav at6^ o'clock. p 111 . Sunday evening, and arrive at Newcastle at 10^ o'clock, connecting I with the Express Mail Train from Philadelphia, reaching Baltimore bv 3o'clock a. m., and \Yash inirtoji at (5 a. in. on Monday. An elegant B real fast. l)inn-r.n,id Supper will lie served up at the Merchant's Hotel, Cape May, for the Washington passengers, at 50 cents cacti meal. {H7* Ticket* positively liniittd to fifty passot l- rv fr0lll Washington, ANl) NO MORE WILL BE SOLD THAN ISSUED. I are FOUR DOLLARS for the round trip. ID" NO BAGGAGE CAR attached to this train. Passengers will be allowed to carry an ordinary Carpet lias or Valise J TICKETS can b? had at Brown's hotel, and, if not previously disposed of, at the depot, on the afternoon of the excursion. au 1?3t Jt* S T R E ?: F. I V E D PER SCHOONER Fairfax, from New York? I5u barrels brown Sugar -0 do powdered, hard and soft crushed Sugar 200 do Connecticut river Herrings, bright and handsome 45 boxes scald'-d Herrings 35 barrels Mackerel, No 3 1425 packages fresh Tea 75 boxe-* ground Coffee 3 ' i sacks line and G. A. Salt ."it! boxes fresh Salad Oil 30 boxes Cheese I O.i boxes dark Soap 125 dozen brooms Go dozen Cords and Lines 1<*? gross Matches 10 dozen Buckets JlO'iO pounds soft shell Almonds ltrtio pounds Cream Nuts 125 iiushfls Ground Nuts 3 quarter ca*k* old Martell Brandy 2 do Port Wine, pure juice 10 barrels old Family Whiskey 7~> boxes Tobacco. For sale by MURRAY A SEMMES. an 1? Jt&eofit

T"l'"ATCIIES.?Our assortment of Watcher, V ? comprising all the more desirable styles i-.nd best makers, is by far the largest ever ofl'ered to our customers. Purchasers in want of accurate time keepers, at low rates, would do well to examine our stock M W. GALT A HKO 345 Penn. av between 9th and 10th streets au 1?6t SILVER WARE. IJ SF.MKEN. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9tli and II* loth streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee ami Tea Sets, complete. Sugar Bowls. Cream Goblets, Cups. Sjjoons and Forks. and a magnificent assortment >1 richly cha-st d fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at reduced prices Persons in want of unv of the aliove articles are invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. 117- Silveiv.iru of any design mad" to order at ~liort notice. Particular attention is paid in get ting up Testimonials, l'r? miums, Ac. an I?tr \f ARY LYNDON; or. Revelations of a Life, t'" A Visit to the camp befoie Sebastopol New Hope ; or. the Rescue A tale or the Great Kanawha i he \\ itch Mian, bv the author of ihc Lunplighter Doesticks r t'leve Hull, a new work, by Miss Sewell n ?? Heiress ef Haughtou Trial and Triumph, or firmness in the household by T. S Arthur The lati*st London Papers All the newest aad most popular works constant ly on hand and f r -ale at JOE SHI ISLINGTON'S, Odfon Building, comer 1)4 st and l'a. av. au 1?tf SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S HA IK EEST0KATIVE. fFWS preparation, although less than two years A before the public; owing to its wonderful ef fe- ts u|x>,i t?>e human hair and scalp, has already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly i:n paralleled. It lias without theordlriary appliance ioed for such purposes, won its way, ard been h'-artilv welcomed to most of the cities ami towns ill the United States, the Canadas, and the West India Islands. Nor is this result surprising when it is remembered that its popularity is based upon Us merits, solely as er-tahiished by actual tests. ? hat this preparation will actually Res.orAgray ilair to it- Natural Color, produce a luxihrlant .'rowtli upon the heads of the hal.l, prevent the hair fr-uii falling otl. and when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual tiow of the natural fluid and trur render the hair soft. gl >ssy and wavy, destroy diseases of the scalp, and expel dandruff, -'he certificates of distinguished gentlemen and i"Miles hi every part of the country who have fried it. and therefore sj?eak what they know, most ful ly attest. That by a profier use of this Restorative til" hair tan be made to attain and re tain its natu ral color to almost any age alotted to humanity, by removing tlie causc of disease from the scalp ? n?> matter how long standing the concurrent tes timonials of the press and the certificates of nu merous respectable individuals of both sexes, to the use of this curative, as well as of the recoin ir e d uions <.f editors and certificates before allu ded to, can l?e hail of all agents. Biiooki IKLD, Mass , Jan. 12. KV5. :-of V. ood-Dear Sir?Having made trial of your Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say thai its effect has b en excellent in removing in flammation, dandruff, and a constant tendency to 'V'ij,'"1 w 'b which i have l?een troubled from < hildhood. and has also restored my hair, which was In-coining gray, to i<s original color. 1 have used no other article, with anything like the same pleasure and profit. Yours, truly . J K BRAGG, 1 astor of Orthodox Church Brookfield Cahlylk, 111.. June37, 1?53. I have used Pi*of. O J. Wood's Hair Rela tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of his ''Restorative" it has resumed its original color, and I have no doubt permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United States. Prof. Wood :?Dear Sir?My hair commenced falling off some three or four years since, and con tinued to do so until 1 became quite l?ald. I tried all the popular remedies of the day, but to no ef fect. at last I was induced to use your celebrated Hair Restorative, and am very happy to say it is doing wonders | have now a fine growth of young hair, and cheerfully recommend its use to all similarly attiieted A C WILLIAMSON, 133 Second street. Address O. J. WOOD A CO , Proprietors, 316 Hroadwuv. New York, and ill Market street. St Louis. Mo C. STOTT A CO , wholesale and retail Agent. Washington r. \\ . D\ OTT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia. Pa. au 1?ly United State* Patent Office, > Washington, July 30, 1*55. J ON the petition of J \mks Gamble and Joseph S Hir.i., of Cincinnati. Ohio, praying for the extension of a patent granted to them on the 30th day of December, 1S11, for an improve ment in ?? apparatus for moulding candles''for seven years from the expiration of said patent which takes place on the 30th day of December! 1855? It is ordeied. that the said petition be heard at the Patent Otlice on Monday, tlie luth of Decem ber. 1-55. at 12 o'clock, in.'; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Oflice their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before th**day of bearing, all testimony filed by either party to l?e used at the hearing must lie taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the of fice, which will be furnished on application The testimony in the case will be closed on the :i0th of November; depositions and other papers relied ujion as testimony, must be filed in the office on or before the morning of that day; the ariru meats, if any, within ten days thereafter Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer, and Star. Washington D. C ; Republican. Baltimore ; Evening Arirus' Philadelphia. Pa.; Scientific American!^ Yortt' and Enquirer, Cincinnati. Ohio?once a week for three successive weeks previous to the loth of December ne*t, the day of hearing S T. SHUGERT, Acting Commissioner of Patents 1 "??Editors of the above papers will please copv and send their bills to (he Patent Otlice, with a paper containing this notice. uu 1?law3w Elft. TREASURER'S STATE* Showing th* amount at hi* credit in the Treaiury, tnth assistant treasurers and dosifrotrd depositaries, and in the Mint and branches, by returnt revived to Monday, July 25. IfeiA . t/u amount for whi<* dra fts hare been issued but trere then unpaid, and the amount then remaining subject to draft. Shmring, also, the amount of future transfers to and from depositaries, as ordered by the Secretary of thi Treasury. In what pln^e Amount onDe positf ;D aft? hereto fore driwn, Arooant ??h r\nt \H * .. *_ but not yri paid, though payable Treasury of the United States. Washington. D C Assistant Treasurer, Boston. Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer. New York. New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans Ixwiisiana Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis. Missouri.. Assistant Treasurer. San Francisco 83$?,U67 U? Depositary at Buffalo, New York Depositary at Baltimore. Maryland. Depositary at Richmond. Virginia De[>ositarv at Norfolk, Viiginia .99.491 5) Depositary at Wilmington, North Carolina Depositary at Savannah, Oeorgia Depositary at Mobile. Alabama Depositary at Nashville.- Tenness<-e Depositary at Cincinnati. Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Depositary at Cincinnati (late) Depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Rock. Arkansas Depositary at Detroit (late) E. Rood Depositary at Chicago, Illinois | Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida j Assay office. New York ] Branch mint, San Francisco, California Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Penn Branch mintof the United States, charlotte. N C.. Branch mint of the United States, Dahlone^a. Ga Branch mint of the United States. New Orleans. La .. J *63.419 76 2.-50.966 45 2.695.945 51 192.735 91 >-7.23? 13 379.11* 3s 2.954 91 763,562 95 45.141 09 51.227 45 31.003 75 '2t.-l.Vl 10 34.463 75 H-,3iy 33 47.514 *7 3i.l3>- H5 12.317 63 20 39 -5 92,589 90 6,995 3R 70.653 fifi ? 167,610 23 41,**9 It) 3,744,500 00 761.7-3 06 2.063,354 16 32.000 00 27.U50 (13 3,210,44- 06 916.532 14 25.5117 76 Mi.0011 23 ?,,909 25 *.613 32 105,971 41 3l3.li5r? 01 1,091,630 3*. 21.4*0 76 4:l,lKi ?yt . 2.U* 15 -90.525 25 3 .65*7 14 1.H.6 45 16.516 <?> 3,007 36 4,-20 91 1.101 1* 112,679*22' 15,759 > '39.647 > 106.196 20 9.9IM 12 30.000 00 Deduct overdraft. ?3b5,&r- ?0 06.9*6,614 0;j j 2,675.963 51 Add difference in transfers... Net amount subject to draft. Transfers ordered to treasury of the United State-; Washington. D C Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer, New Y?:k. New \ ork Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer, Charle-; m, S. C Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer. New Orients, I Louisiana Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer, St. Louis. Missouri Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer. San Fr. in isco, California Transfers ordered to depositary. Norfolk. Virginia Transfers ordered to branch mint of the UnitedS'ates, Sau Francisco, California. Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts. Transfers ordered fiom assistant treasurer, New \ ork. New York. Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, St Louis, Missouri... Transfers ordered from depositary at Baltimore. Maryland Translers ordered from depositary at Dubuque, Iowa. Transfers ordered from depositary at Detroit. Mi? hii:an Transfers ordered from mint of the United States, Philadelphia, ject to draft. *46,917 c: 2.S34.4,*- 6? 2,P? 336 M 1W.-26 6<i >-i 273.470 94 2.640,4'J- 90 ii.Nii'ji 132.-94 T9 60.129 3U 90 32,647 3? 71 ,HRf 41 44.527 31 30,317 91 10,916 45 20 :w 71.,124 6.1 76.-40 52 0,995 30 37,1415 ** 61,414 <0 31,965 9s 3,744,5?n oil 76*. 7-3 ?6 2.063.354 l(i 32.000 on 27.950 (CI 3.210.44" ?1 l-.70ti.?l!? 4J ?>5,5>" 9fl hJM^SI .W M.??i (Hi *1-.006.6.10 N?UM) Ml 1.25)1.000 (HI 25.Mil (Ml lOO.OOO Oil .'*10 (Mi (III 1,346 .Mm mi 172.(100 (Ml 200.1100 00 #3.f-93,ono 00 Pennsylvania 1.111.5rio oo 1.624.500 on 735.000 (ill lKMio oo 50.000 t?i mi 50,(110 i?l August 1?It *3,607,0M? 1*1 VLLSTRANGERS visiting the City should *?*e Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities of the Patent Oflice. Al so. his Description of Powell's Great Pictures. HUNTER is to be seen at 460 Tenth street, may 31?3m* A CARD.?The subscriber informs his friend* and the public that he is now able to attend t< his business. He can be found at bis old stalls Centre Market, ready to wait on thern as L< always has done heretofore The best of BEEF always on hand. JNO WALKER, j V 2.1?if V ictualler REMOVAL. F BAYLY has removed to the corner ol ? f ? 13th street and Pa. avenue, over R Twee dy "s Grocery Store, where he will tie ::lad to *e? hi* friends and customers who want STATION ERY and FANCY ARTICLES AT COS! PRICES. jy 2&?eolt (U n i on. I n tell' fencer A N ews') PAINT AND OIL STORK. WINDOW Glass. Ac , Camphene. Spirit Gas Sperm, Solar and Lard Oil Lamps, Clocks Brushes. Ornaments, Girandoles. Shades Ac. J. R McGREGOR, Successor to C. 8 Whittlesey, Jy IB?eo2w SIM Seventh st. AND WARRANTS BOUGHT at the high L est rates Sii^ht drafts remitt??d to persons at a distance ?ending me Warrants, on any city they may des ignate Stocks bought and sold on commission HAMILTON' G FANT. Banker, 4X Pa. avenue, Washington, D. C jy 1*5?lmeo&WSlt (Intel) JUST REC EIVED AT SHILLINGTOVS Periodical Depot. Harper's Magazine for August Put man's Magazine do ?odey's Ladies' Book do Graham's Magazine do Household Words do Harper s new Story Book for August Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashion do Panorama of Life and Literature, for July?h new magazine published by Little. Son A Co; Bailor's Dollar Monthly, for August New York Journal do Yankee Notions do JOE SHI LLINGTON 'S " Od?on Building, cor. Ik st and Pa. av Jv 30 STRAYED OR STOLEN from the subscri ber, living on Washington Bowie's Farm, on the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike, a gray Mare, with a brown stripe across the shoulders, and a bushy tail. She tlln^s out her hind legs when walking. 1 will give ?*J0 re ward for the arrest and conviction of the thief, #r a reasonable reward for the horse jy'js?? D A V1 D_DIL LON_ LAST IHAN1E. IF there is In Washington. Georgetown or neigh borhood a person who intends to purchase a Chrnet this fall now is their time toouy it at a price certainly less than the same quality < an be purchased six weeks hence. We are willing for a few weeks longer to sell ele?/ant best quality Imperial Velvet Carpetiugsat ^1 50. and l>est 3-cord Tapestry Brussels at 1 12 will be worth #2 and *1 t>-3% in the fall. Also, Ingrain, Three-ply and Venitian In pro portion. The prices at which we are now offering Car petings are less than the same goods would bring at auction in New York to-day. Terms for the Goods, cash on delivery. Just received and on sale Linen Sheets, rich and superior Floor Oilcloth, also 1<? dozen low-priced; all in new ami beautiful designs, and very cheap. Also, in store ail el^rant stock Linen Sheetings, Pillow Linens, TaMe Damasks, in cloths, nap kins and pieces Splendid assortment bathing and toilet Towels, both rough and soft Marseilles (guilts, both colored and white, Al lendale do, for summer use. Also, Dimities in great variety. And all other Furniture Dry Goods necessary for the comfort and convenience of housekeeping, at very low prices. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. jy 30?d2w (^JTRAYED AWAY.?On Saturday morning, *5 July 28, two Horses strayed away frotn ?jN__ the Lumber Yard of the subscribers at the Hlh street bridge, and have not since been lieara of. One was a dark bay, with heavy body, short black legs, and black mane and tail, about fifteen hands high, a natural pacer The other was a white colt, three years old, well grown, abouLas tall as the horse, and a natural racker, had some lutir rubbed off about the breast and neck. A lib eral reward will be given for their return. jy30?3t CRIPPS A WALLER. BOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED? QEORGE BREMER has removed his well known Gentlemen's BOOT AND, SHOE Store and Factory from 11th street,] lietween Pa. avenue and E street, to Pa.| avenue, a few doors above Willards' Hotel He is prepared in his new premises to give satis faction to all. G. B. has by dint of great care in purchasing his stock, employing none out A No. 1 workmen, and by 1*1* capacity to tit his customers so as to have his work set very easy on the foot, while it al* ways exhibits the moMt fashionable style, earned a reputation in his business second to that of no other custom-work boot and shoe maker in the Union. He solicits the patronage of all and his terms will be most reasonable to all. Jy IS?tf C. WARR1NER. WATCHMAKER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, betweed Otk and 1U<A struts, WASHINGTON, D. C. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every klud of repairs to Watches. Jy 1 ? *?3m SCHUTTER A KAHLERT, 4RTISTS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwin and Neaning, Archi tects, corner Psnn avenue and 11th street, will be promptly attended to Jy 11?lm* NATIONAL HOTEL. HAVING leased the National Hotel, and In or der to enable it to be mad* more com- ^ fortable, to alter, improve and re-furnish, it will be closed on the 1st ef August, and re- Jl"'? o|tened for the accommodation of the pubPc. oa the20th September next. WM GUY. jy 27?lot* Magnetic Telegraph. MORSE LINE. BETWEEN HEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE WASHIlfOTOH. AND INTERMEDIATE STATION'}* Nix Wire# and Tw o Line* of Pole# the En? tirf Dittancr. aud Seven Wires kflwfii New York and Philadelphia. Bates Beduced and Messages Insured. Skortttt Dispatch d from 10 to at Words rpHE Morse Line of Magnetic Telegraph, from A \\ ashington to New \ ork. 1* the tlrst Com ca ny Telegraph Line ever constructed in this coun try, and l?eltevtd to be the most effi< ient working liiie in the world It ha* more wire* ;fnd greater laoilities for Telegraphing than any other in the I'nited State With a \ iew to render it ev?*n inore reliable, the limit to the shortest dispatch has been ti\ed it twenty word*, instead of ten a* heretofore, thus removing the inducement of tbo?e ii?itnr the Telegraph so to abridge their dispatcher as often to render them unintelligible These on line abbreviation* often have l?d to error In the transmission of dispatches, resulting in loss ?o tl?e interested and iu discredit to the Telegraph. whi< h s t.H.frcqu-ntlyct ai-ed wr h the error* of carrle*. writer* and bad chirograph)*. TARIFF OF CHARGES. F ir*t 20 Larb add'I F rom? words word. Washington to New York.... PU c?wita. 4 cents l?o. Jersey City... Mi ? 4 " Do. Newark. t#? 44 4 44 i Do. N Brunswick. 75 44 3 44 Do. Princeton .... 75 44 3 ?' Do. Trenton ...... 75 " 3 " Do. New Hope.... 75 " 3 " Do. Philadelphia . 5<? 44 2 44 Do Wllmlugton.. 40 44 2 4? Do. Port Deposit.. 35 44 I ** Do. Hav deGrace 35 44 1 44 Do. Baltimore .... 3ll " I 44 ID-No charge for r.ddresn and signature, which it is desirable to have full and complete MESSAGES IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE OK CIPHER All messacrs written In whole or In part In < foreign lang'!a^eor in cipher, or composed wholly or in |?art of words, figures or letters intended to convey a meaning understood only by the fierson* who invent or a^ree to use them, will be charged iiftv per cent. a>K?ve the ordinary- rale* Figure* are allowed only In theaddre** and slg nature of a message. All numbers in the body of a message must lie wr*t:eu iu words at full length REPEATED AND INSURED MESSAGES The public are respectfully informed, that mor derto provideagainst mistake* in the transmission of message# by the Magnetic Telegraph Coni|iany. every M KssauE or Cosuyrcx t ought to be Rg. peaied, by ?>eing ser.t back from the othce at which it is to l?e received to the ?Aoe from which it is originally sent Don Me the usual |?riee of 'ra:iNNii*sion u ill be charged when the message is so repeated, and a report made by special mes senger to the party sending the same, whether it has been received by the paitv to whom it was sent, and if not. why not * ortlftv |?er cent in addi 1 tion to the usual rates will be -.harmed for either ' repeating or reporting only. The Company will not be liable for any loss or j damage that may ensue by reason of any delay or ? mistakes in the transmission or delivery or from ' non-delivery of nnrepeated messages, but only en gage to rei uid the amount paid, and to use rea sonable ettorts to *ecure the servj. es of competent and reliable employee*, so as to have their busi . ne-s transacted in good faith Nor will the Com pany l>e responsible for mistake* in the transmis sion. nor for delay in the tran*mi**ion or delivery, nor for non-transmission or non-delivery of any related message to any extent iieyond ten dollar* ! unless it be insured. Correctness in the transmission of message* l?e tweea any two offices of this Company can ?* in sured at the following rates, In addition to the charge for repeating and reporting as above. For any sum up to one hundred dollars, one dol lar. and one dollar for every one hundred dollars, or fraction of one hundred dollars above that sum. aud the Com|>ariv will not be responsible for any amount beyond the damage sustained by reason of the error or delay, and In no case for any smu ex ceeding that for which the message is insured, and the rates paid. Nor in any < ase for delays I arising from interruptions iu working their Tele graph. Notice?Messages de*tin?xl for any place be < yond this Company's line, will lie delivered from the terminal office to the pro{?r parties there hav ing control of the further means of forwarding the *aine; but theConijwny in no case hold themselves | esponsible for the correct transmission or prompt delivery or any message beyond such terminal of llce. The Company'# offlce* will l?e open daily, Sun days excepted, from April 1 to November I, from 7, A M. to 111, P M.,aud from November I, to April 1. from S, A. M to 10, P M On Sundays they will be open twice, namely, from i to 2, P I M .'and 7 to 9,evening. J?7~ The al*?ve regulations to go Into effect on ? and after the first day of August. 1*55. jy30-3t W M. M. b\N A1N, President . 'PUIS IS TO ? ERTIFY that Bridget Camp A bell, my wife, left inv bed and board without any just cause or provocation; 1 thereforeTorewam ail persons from trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts contracted bv her jvJl?3t* JOHN CAM PBELL. FAN4 Y HAIR ORNAMENTS. SEM KEN ? JEWFLEK. No. 3U?I Pa av.. bet 9th and 10th sts , is |?rcpared to make to order any de\ ire that may l>e suggested such a* Flower Bo'.ijuets. Bjacelets, Brtast Pins. Ear Riii;;#. Chains, Crosse*. King*, Chartelainv Ac Also, Jet Ornaments ft.rsale \\j~ Per? -us may rely upon their owu hair lie "V, u?ed. jy31~U jVEM JEWELRY-.?Justoj* ..?daca*ecf ver/ * rich Jewelry, consisting of Diamond, Pear'., Opal, and Florentine Mosaic Brooches. Earrir--, and Bracelets Also, a ?>eautiful collection of the plainer style*, which we ott'vr much low* r than the usual rates M W . GALTABRO .124 Penn av. between 9th and 10th streets J f 31?ttt DYSENTEBY, IHAKKMCEA, andTlFbow el diseases, can be effectually cured and avoid* ed by the use of my Blackberry Elixir Trv It X B MOORE, Druggist. "? **e , opp Seven Build ncs JD" DeGratb's Electric Oil for sale as aboSe ) y27-?t (Organ) II